Ryle loves to play in the water and go on long adventures
Our contest starts in a few days!!!!
faith loves playing outside, rolling in the grass and going on walks with her mom. she’s a sweet beautiful girl she loves to play with her toys.
Milo is the most lovable dog. He’s always a happy boy. He loves his treats and he also has the cutest overbite
Daisey J Or Dj
DJ is a Corgi Lab Pit mix she is short muscular and long. She’s my goofy baby and sorta looks like Doby from Harry Potter. She is the sweetest most gentlest goofy baby out there
Wesltey is the best puppy in the world. He is extremely smart and enjoys learning new tricks like spin and rollover! He loves to play fetch and be outside!
NovaLee loves going fishing with her mamma, long rides in the truck and anything to do with water.
Yes, Bimmer, like BMW ;)
Fin is a bundle of joy. She knows when I need extra love (cancer remission). She loves talking to us & can be the stubborn hardhead Frenchie she is. We love going to the doggie park to play with her friends. She is my soul dog! Please vote for my girl!
Coco is 3-4 yrs old and is mixed with Australian shepherd and golden retriever. She’s such an amazing, sweet, loving dog and has to always have her belly rubs! You can always see what her mood is or when she wants her lovings. She is so spoiled and HAS to be getting her full on attention. She’s the one who will always be there for you, whenever and when you need her. She’s gives the best emotional support ever and she will happily give it to anyone.
Princess is a sweet; playful little girl. She lives chewing on her toys and playing around.
Ash is a kind, loving dog. He is a blue nosed pit bull, he loves running in the yard, or playing with a rope. He will cuddle with you all day.
Bentley is an energetic love bug who loves to play and snuggle.
She is a loving little creative creature she is fun and playful a true blessing
Biscuit is a sweet dog. He loves to sleep, eat, and not look at the camera when I’m taking a pic of him! 😂💗
Loves soccer balls, loves walks, loves to run and cuddle🥺, loves to sit and watch tv with me and her dad Hates the vacuum cleaner.
Stella Blue
Stell Blue is a lovable, adventurous Vizsla who has stolen my heart. She is my best friend and my hiking partner. She is always keeping me moving!
Mindy is the best dog ever because she listens more than most people and she is devoted to her owners and is very loving and playful. She loves to play ball and with her toys.
Sadie is a 2 month old lab puppy that loves to play, cuddle, eat, and learn new skills!
She loves food playing out side and being bossy.
Sissy loves people her mama and food and playing outside.
She loves to nap and eat.
He loves sun sleeping, visiting the neighbors and he loves baby animals.💙💙💙
Prince is an extraordinary dog in many ways. He loves you, anybody, right away and unconditionally. He is very playful and sweet and can be competitive at times, but most of all he is a lover.
RJ was a rescue adoption, he loves digging holes and speaking his mind haha❤️
Zodiac is a service dog for Emotional support and just turned 9 yrs old and loves his Mommy and loves people I said he should have been a Walmart greeter. I treat him human and he's smart and thinks he's human..
a doberman and blue healer. very energetic and loving
Henry is a black lab mixed with a german short haired pointer, and is the sweetest, funniest boy ever!
Oliver is a 9 month old, pit-bull husky mix with an abundance of energy and love! He’s a team player at the dog park but when nobody shows up, he watches for his friend's arrival. He’s not very vocal but when he does talk you’d better listen! Oliver enjoys the snow so much that any amount of time in the wintry weather is never enough!
Blue heeler/jack Russell mix. He loves cuddles, hooman food and especially playing with his little brother
My names Chevy and i’m the baby dog of my family. I love cuddles and walks with my hoomans and frosty paws is my favorite snack!
Aura Theresa
Hello my aka name is Boopie mommy thinks it’s a good fit.I love all other furry friends and tall ones like my mommy and daddy. I am a yr old this month and love to tough house with daddy. My kitty siblings put up with me but they are old so mommy is always saying leave them alone they don’t want to play, so I try but it’s so hard!!!!
Willow is as much of a mutt as you can get, but she’s the most loving, sweetest thing. she has sas as much as she does class.
Dakota is a german shepherd wolf mix, and is the sweetest dog alive! She’s a giant teddy bear that loves running the yard and snuggling close at night
Bo Baby
Bo is an adventurous dog weve been on MANY adventures together ❤️ his favorite treats are cheese and bread!!
Hi im diddlebug! I enjoy pup cups and im just plain adorable. I love to play and give lovings but most of all im spoiled! Please show me some love by voting for me! Thank you!
Loves long walks and attention
Gomez loves playing with his favorite toys and flying the helicopter with his daddy!❤️
Cooper is a 1yr old shepski an the sweetest boy ever.He loves being anywhere his mommy is or his sister's. He is also a emotional support animal for me. He is very very smart an just loves playing an gives hugs an lots of kisses. He is a very big boy weighing 80 pounds. He just enjoys life all together. I would haft to say I couldn't imagine life without him, we are truly blessed.
Jetta is 8 months old. I have had her since 8 weeks old after a huge transition in my life. Jetta is very energetic and loves our morning and evening snuggle/ lap time. Jetta loves treats and being outside.
Molly Jean
Molly is a Great Pyrenees who loves attention,and is a sweetheart. Please vote for her
Axel is a little demon baby but is the love of my life and is very opinionated but loves his mommas this is his first pageant and I hope I can win
Diesel is a one of a kind special dog! He is always full of energy and cuteness. He loves his fizzbi, and outside time with his family.
Hi I’m Bailey, I’m 10 months old, my breed is pit bull. I’m a very loving smart dog. Sometimes when my mommy & daddy leave me I destroy there stuff. 🤣
My name is Duchess and I live in Monroe with my sisters Gypsy. I love to sit outside by my tree go for walks, I love bones and stuff toys. I am very loveable dog.
Odin is the most lovable dog I know , he loves people, socks, sticks, and cuddles he’s 11 months old and the happiest dog around!
She’s a crazy but adorable puppy she’s still learning she’s very smart and playful but she still thinks she can fit in my lap!