Kimber is a very loving dog. Loves to cuddle and destroys her toys but also loves to hunt.
Hank is an American pit bull terrier. He is one of the sweetest dog’s ever. He is deaf he is amazing tho and still listens very well. He loves to play. He likes running around the yard like a crazy person .
Brady and his brother were the only two out of eight to survive parvovirus in their litter. He came from Georgia and I picked him up off the truck to foster him. He is a very funny, energetic, loving, and happy boy, I thought when I decided to adopt him that I was saving him but it was the other way around! He’s the best little brother to my other dog Matilda! He had a rough time last year and blew out both of his back knees. Getting double knee surgery made him depressed for a while because he couldn’t run around with his friends, sister, or come sleep in my bed, he had to stay in a pen. But he is now fully recovered and right back to my happy, handsome (that never changed), and crazy boy. Treats are his motivation and kisses are his weakness. Also don’t sneeze around him, for some reason that is the scariest thing to him lol. I love my boy so much!
Cooper is a 7yr old weirdo that loves to lick everything, he hates the rain even though we live in Washington lol. He is a sweet boy that loves treats and i wouldn't trade him for the world
Molly is a mini aussiedoodle. She is 6 months old. She loves going for walks, especially to the dog park. If she’s not doing zoomies then she is eating or sleeping. She never leaves my side😊
My Big Boy is 125lbs, he enjoys Tug a War and going for walks. Loves water and taking care of our chickens.
Winnie LuvNstuff is such a loving rescue. Playful & full of Energy
Creed loves to play with my son Legend. They act like their both in there curious toddler stage with energy. Creed loves walks, ice cream & to sleep on his back .
The biggest cuddler! If she’s not cuddling… she’s booping you to play tug and fetch with her favorite toys.
Georgia is a five month old lab husky mix who loves pup cups, playing in the snow, and cuddles with her parents 🥹
Happy is a male Shepherd Lab mix who is 3 years old and has been with his family since he was 6 weeks old. He loves to play tug of war and play with big bouncy balls he's a huge love and is so spoiled that he has slept in bed with his owners since he was six weeks old and refuses to sleep anywhere else. He has a very sensitive side and will kiss away your tears when you cry. He has 16 names and an extra toe on both back feet.
Kalieah is a beautiful loving child of ours and she is 3 years old she was born on Thanksgiving day ..and we are definitely THANKFUL she came into our lives :) she loves her family but mommy MORE LOL she doesn't leave my side everywhere I go she goes she just had a litter of babies herself she had 6 9 weeks ago and she is a wonderful mother staying now by there sides :) as they wonder around she loves to come to me break and she leads the way back to whichever one is in need of help or just wondering off to far she has her own bountry lines for her babies :)BLESSED
Ellie Rose is a 14 month old red nose pitbull terrier she is so sweet and sensitive and loves everyone even other animals she just loves to play .
Rudolph is a cuddly goofball. One second he’s sleeping all cozy, the next he’s trying to use you as a chew toy. He has beautiful blue eyes and a red nose.
Hi im snoopy im a 12 year old rat terrier pup i enjoy long walks to the park chasing squirrels and love belly rubs. My hobbies include collecting my sister’s socks annoying my brother and warm cuddles. Ok ok i love. Food i eat anything:) Most likely melt ur heart but will get into an argument with other pups
Hi! I’m Memphis. Got any toys?
Sally (aka mini squish) is a five month old pug puppy that loves to cuddle her kitty & her mommy when she’s not protecting her mommy from the bathtub. She’s very curious & likes to adventure & see what trouble she can get into.
Elvis P
He is Havanese, a Cuban boy. He is fiery like Ricky Ricardo and he is a hunka hunka burning love.....for 5 months. He loves to run, bark, eat and get belly rubs. He is so playful. He has brightened up my life and I so needed him. He is a furball of fun.
Hi my name is Baby! My favorite thing is to go on a WALK. That’s when I get to see all my friends and I love to give everyone morning kisses! My mommy took me in last year and is lucky to have the most sweetest doggo come into her life. I’m the best boy she says. 40lb. 2 Year Old. Aussie/Keeshond Fluff. I love… Carrots🥕. Paddle boarding🏄‍♂️. Dancing💃🏽Salsa is the best. Dog friends🐶. Little humans👶🏻. My toy bunny🐇. Being read to📚. Being chased. 💕💕💕
Luna is a 4 month old mixed breed rescue who loves to snuggle and watch the hummingbirds in the garden
Luke loves cuddles and gives kisses all day, he loves to play and to be with his big brother. He is such a sweet boy ♡
Daisy is a 2 months old American Pitt loves to play with all her toys and gives lots of puppy kisses .She would love your vote 🐾She's kind loving and playful always .🐾
Sammy is 11 years old. She loves to lay on your lap. Her birthday is June 13,2011.
Zack is literally our baby, we got him as a present for each other last Christmas! It's the best way to start our year as a family of three now ❤️🥰. He's such a cutie and so sweet and never gave us trouble.. very behave kind of puppy and keeps us calm by only putting his head on our palm even without us saying any command, he knows what to do when we reach our palm to him. ❤️❤️
Sprouty Routy(Rowdy) is a rescue baby who I was blessed with 2 years ago. Don’t mistake this cutie as a puppy he will be turning 6 on Jan 30th! Sprouty Routy gets his name for being rowdy 24/7! He is the king of protecting his mommy and daddy at all cost from the big bad Amazon drivers! Vote for Routy on his recovery from trauma he needs all the extra love he can get.
Shandy is two years old, fiesty and playful outside, but the biggest cuddle bug inside!!
Lucille is such a sweet angel. She loves beating up her brothers & long walks to the dog bowl for food. She loves eating and snuggling.
I’m a Diva and love to cuddle and snuggle up close to my owner or like I say my pet, as well as give puppy kisses. I get excited and jump and bark when my pets come home. I just love attention. So please vote for me.
Bella Rose
Hi my name is Bella Rose❤️🌹I love to play in the snow☃️, go on walks, play with toys, Chase birds, play with sticks, and of course treats!!
Chuloo is a daddy boy. Loves to sleep, walk, play with his toys, and loves to be around his mama and dada.
Harleys favorite thing to do is to go on walks through the trails, Especially when it snows. After she gets all muddy, she loves to be clean and will clean herself afterwards. Vote for Harley! All earnings will directly go to her🖤
Ryo likes to go to bed before me and takes the entire bed.
Luna is our newest babygirl and knows she is thee princess of the house… she’s still very much allllll puppy with all the spunk, sass, & energy you could ever imagine and absolutely does not know a stranger! We love our sweet sassy girl!! She’s definitely the boss and totally knows it!!
Loves car rides and Dirty socks!
Rocco is 12 years old and was just diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma in his front left leg that will soon be removed. He is the SWEETEST dog you’ll ever come across. He wants to be friends with everyone. He has a thousand nicknames and answers to just about all of them. He LOVES a good cuddle (as long as he’s little spoon), tug of war and his favorite game “catch me if you can”. Couldn’t have asked for a better four legged best friend.
She’s an Eight month old golden doodle who loves to explore and go on long walks
Lulu's top 3 favorite things are 1. momma&daddy 2. daddy's lawnmower 3. peanut butter
Davidson loves to play, and cuddle. He is the most loving little boy. Until it comes to his brother then he like to put him in his place.
He is full of energy and loves to run and play
Truvy Pearl
Truvy is a wonderful dog and is a delight to be around, she loves everyone and everything that she encounters!
Calm cool and a beautiful awesome doggie
Dorothy is a strange but super sweet she enjoys treats and staring out the window waiting for a squirrel.
I am from Russia. I am a chihuahua that’s less than 5 pounds, I like to be carried in sweatshirts and in purses. I love food and I am definitely a man’s dog
Ariel is 1 year's old and she loves play with her toys. We adopted her from Lynchburg Humane Society March 17th 2022
He is a fun loving guy. He’s still a pup an learning his manners. He’s super smart an a great addition to my daughter an I family.