Ivy is 3 months old and she is a snuggly bear.
Journey Is a 2 Year Old But In A Teenage Body. He Will Shit On My Couch If I Leave Him Alone. He Vocally Tells Me He Is Hungry. He Is Spoiled Asf! He Digs 6 Foot Holes In The Yard .
Pokey loves treats
Gismo is a very happy puppy who loves to play and take napss. He is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Husky. He is a little guard dog who protects you from fallings leaves off trees and the trash man, but is scared of his own shadow at night. 🤣🤣
Luke is a Border Collie Great Pyrenees mix. He is 4 months old and is so big! He is a massive love bug and is so sad when people don't say hi! You can literally see the disappointment when someone walks by. He loves play time and takes lots of naps. Please vote for my little man!
Onyx is a frug aka french pug which is a french bulldog pug mix he is very smart and loves his mommy
Hank is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, he is 4 months old and he loves being active and loves nibbling on some yummy treats!!
Scrappy is a mix breed. He is German Shepard/Cane Corso mix. He is very active, loves to play ball. Scrappy is also very photogenic, will always stop for a picture. At 7 weeks ild Scrappy is housebroken, can fetch and bring back and is learning is sit and stay command now.
Lorrain She Is A Frenchton
lorrain is a french bulldog and boston terrier. She was a rescue from the paradise fire. She has a great funny personality and loves her pig and her ball.. i have only had her two years. I did not think she would fit in but i would not give her up for the world.
He loves playing fetch, he’s spoiled rotten. Loves to have all the attention and such a great boy💖
She loves to play with toys learns so much..
I love snuggle time with Mom & Dad and lots of toys to play with!
She is a 13 week old that potty trained in 5days. She grabs her leash to go do business only 2 accidents. She has learned so many tricks an hand signals already.. she has everyone's heart ❤ so sweet, loveable, smart and our baby girl🐕
We rescued Squeakers at a beach where she was abandoned at 4 weeks old. She could not see yet and could barely walk. She is now a healthy 16 week old spunky girl who loves to play with her brothers and sister. Squeakers knows no fear and think she is just as big as her a siblings. We named her Squeakers because that's all she did in the begin when eating, sleeping, walking and playing. She is the princess of the household!
The peace keeper
Mr. Petey Capone
Mr. Petey Capone is a lovable mamas boy but yet doesnt lack in being all boy. He loves digging and exploring, but aint afraind to snuggle and get lovies!!!
Mercy came to us severely ill and needed a lot of care in the hospital before he came home. We call him Mercy because God was merciful to us and saved his life. He’s all energetic and very loving now. Totally healthy and very playful!
Hazel has a growl to the tune of Jacob brakes. She’s sweet yet territorial. We all love her.
He loves belly scratches. Blaze loves to give kisses on the cheek. Blaze also loves cuddles. He is just full of love
My sweet baby Kahli :) Shes Husky, Catahoula and pit mix! Shes 1.5 years old and shes the cutest thing ive ever laid eyes on. If we win im taking this baby girl to the beach ! And id love to have her fixed
Miley Rue
I love playing with my friends and TREATS!!!
Mojo is a bundle of love. He loves everyone! He loves to snuggle! His favorite thing to do is play with his ball. He can hit a soccer ball back to you with his nose.
Pinky is a rambunctious girl who loves the outside and teasing the other puppers to play!
Jessie is a fun loving pup. She is learning her commands quickly and loves meeting new people and dogs. You can follow her Instagram Jessie_Boost to follow her life adventures
Joby is 10 years old.he seems to know where im going before i do.He tries really hard to talk.I think he says momma.
Spec is a frisbee fun loving girl who likes to be wherever I am. She is a cuddle bug and smart. She slowly learning some new tricks and commands everyday.
I’m a little wild, I love running around the house chasing after my brothers. I’m 2 months old, almost potty trained and cute as a button.
Gunner loves going for long walks on the beach and meeting new people
Maci loves to play! Especially with her big brother! She loves to go for rides! She’s very smart and learns fast! She is currently learning to skate board! But when she gets tired, she wants Mom to pick her up and hold her!
Phoebe Rae is the cutest corgi you ever did see! She will be 1 year old on Halloween! She is so crazy and fun! She loves car rides and snuggles!
Copper is the sweetest dog. You walk in the house and you will be greeted by a running copper coming to jump on you and lick you.
She loves her kitty friend!
Deebo is a very energetic dog who loves his family very much. He loves to play,run, loves long walks & loves to cuddle his human brother & sister
We adopted this sassy girl from our local humane society!!! She’s the best companion 💙
Princess Polly
hi my name is polly i am a girl a really enthusiastic one i love my family and love love love to play chase with my mom i love to eat kibbles i am my moms best friend and she is mine I also love to chase chickens at home its the best also go subscribe to pollys youtube channel
Tiko is the cutest little puppy ever. He is full of energy and the sweetest little fragile puppy. We love him! ❤️
Patch was a rescue, after my husband and I lost our 2 dogs in less then a month apart, we knew it was time to rescue an awesome puppy. Patch has been a great addition to our home. He is very playful and full of energy. ❤️
Tubs loves to run around, play, and cuddle. 10lbs is a perfect lap dog
Rocky is a 3 year old cuddle bug who loves to make everyone around him happy! If he’s not sleeping on the couch can find him chasing his tail until he’s dizzy!
Jake is our sweet rescue who likes to talk back. He has such a love for life and more importantly... squeaky toys!
She is the sweetest most lovable dog you will ever meet.
Journey is a BOSS & loves to play with her squirrels 🐿 and play fetch.
Coastie Champ
Champ belongs to a Coastie family. Because his hooman serves the USCG, we decided to have him known as Coastie Champ. He is a puppy that is very smart and loves cuddles. He is also a brand ambassador for several companies already ❤️ Vote for Coastie Champ
rescued from NC to see more of Frank follow us on IG @frankie.dankie.doo
Hi there Names Audi! I'm a Loving, sweet Ham of a Dog! I love Eating Bell peppers, and most veggies I'm a super healthy boy. I am also a Show dog and have my Ukc Champion already, working towards my AKC Ch as well. I also love to play with my sisters who are Aussies.
Harmony is the sweetest wienie youll ever meet. Run her her money and her votes!
Loves to play ball, Loves Swiss Cheese, and a fondness for chasing mice in the fields