Baby Stories - 53


She loves to sleep on top of me. So I have to use her as a work desk.
Boston Ego Odom
Boston is a fun, loving, crazy, spontaneous dog. He loves to eat carrots...loves them. He loves his kennel, always wants to be in there. He loves to play in the snow. He loves shrimp. He loves to play and give kisses. He loves to sit, shake, and high five. If you hit him, he will hit back. He has a unique original personality you won’t be able to find anywhere else.
Lil Burrito
Lil Burrito loves his family pup cups car rides and naps he loves his build a bear baby yum aka stitch
Pongo was rescued from being put down at the shelter. He went from being skin and bones and covered in fleas to a crazy happy boy who loves his brother.
Hello my name is Remmie, I'm a 5 years old you poodle, I loves to cuddle and follow my mom around the house, I get scared very easy, I'm only 8 pounds and will not get any bigger
Axl is a Mini Aussie and Chow Chow. Loves his big human sister Aria(Who named him Axl) and his kitty friends! He’s obsessed with stuffed toys and toilet paper! His first birthday is February 22nd 2021!
Sir Charlie Chaplin
His first time in the snow! We got hit with 3 winter storms, 12 total inches of snow and he LOVED it! He also enjoys watching the history channel show Alone! He is my service dog and I’d be lost without him.
Hi! My name is Champ and I am almost 12 years old! I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease as a puppy, but nothing stops me! My humans think I aged backwards! I act just like a puppy! I love to eat! French fries from McDonalds are my favorite! I loves trips in the car & am attached to my mama. I lost my brother last year and I have now taken over the roll of the “guard dog” Please vote for me!💙
Winter has such a big heart she love to argue and talk. she thinks that she’s always right about everything.
Winter has such a big heart she love to argue and talk. she thinks that she’s always right about everything.
Smudge is such a sweet heart and she knows how to cheer me up she is super active and loves to play
She is the cutest dog ever, and very sweet!
Never a dull moment with this little guy he is super excited to join
She so loving and bring happiness to me
Carlos is the sweetest boy. He weighs in at 3lbs 4 OZ. He loves small kitten toys that make noise & squeaker chickens twice as big as him. Carlos is super food & cuddle motivated. Please vote for Carlos ❤
Scout is a Australian shepherd! This handsome boy is very energetic and loves spending time at the lake!
Archer is a silver lab puppy that wants to please and is always entertaining with his goofy personality. So smart, he trained very quickly. Can't wait to take him on every adventure!
Hamilton is a 9 week Blue French Bulldog, he’s sweet and likes cuddles. He’s learning things everyday. He loves people and is super friendly
Sadie is the sweetest, most well mannered pup ever! She is so full of life! She loves to play and learn new tricks!
Boone is a wild child! He is a free spirit who gets the zoomies at least 5 times a day! Everyone that’s around him always has a smile on their face! Happy boy!
Millie loves rolling in the leaves, sleeping on dad and riding shot gun so she can look at the squirrels
She’s a very spirited dog and is very talkative! She likes to let us know when she needs something! I feel as if you should vote for her because she is absolutely stinkin’ cute!
I may be 9 but I act like i’m 2😂
Chance Mckinney
Chance is alittle sweetheart and loves to play ball and attack the pant leg when not getting his way. He sleeps on his back all the time and loves belly rubs. He likes to steal hair ties, socks and face masks oh and dryer sheets lol. He misses his cat sister who passed on December 23rd at the age of 17. Full of energy and loves people.
Cisco is a very out going happy 5 year old boy, he loves to jump and lick and just give lots of lovins to everyone, anyone who walks through the door he greets with some kisses
Reeses loves her sister snickers! She’s the most loyal pup i’ve ever had, she’s going to be 8 this year :(. She loves kids and being in the water, I can never get her out!
Snickers loves her sister Reeses! She’s a husky- german-shepard mix. She has tons of energy and thinks she can talk! Loves to go on hikes, playing the water, and most of all following her old sister anywhere she goes!
Ace loves to chase his older cat sister around the house for hours. He also enjoys biting his older brothers back legs.
Snow was rescued from an abusive situation. She had a torn eye, broken leg and bite marks on her body. She is now a happy healthy 4 year old American Bulldog/Pitbull mix. She is the best dog I’ve ever owned. 💕🐾
Nova loves to run around and she is overall a very playful, friendly dog. She knows a few tricks (sit, paw, and high-five.)
Mad Spaz Max
Mad Spaz Max “Max” or “Spax” was surrendered to a rescue for being “animal aggressive” and also because he had kidney issues. We came to find out he wasn’t animal aggressive he just didn’t know how to properly play which can cause a fight.. Max does indeed have chronic kidney disease and only has about 6 months to 1 year left to live. Max is not available for adoption and is kept in “The Pineapple Brat Pack” for the rest of his life. We aren’t sure how long he has left to live but he is a very happy go lucky boy!
The most calm German shepherd you’ll ever meet! She loves to cuddle and take naps in your lap.
Cream can be friend with anyone ! Super friendly
Hi! I’m Oakley, im 10 weeks old and love to play in the grass with my toys, love to go out in my carrier and meet new friends! I love to sun bake during the day and cuddle with my mom at night 🥰
Jasper Paul
Jasper loves playing catch, he also love to cuddle, hug and give kisses. He is very protective of his daddy and I. He is 10 months old 47 lbs. and believes he is a lap dog🥰😃
She loves the snow. Loves to dig and bury her head in it and hates to come in.
Bella Luna
Bella loves going to grandmas house, loves walks and loves her baby bear toy!
Dolly is a one year old rescue and a demodectic mange survivor! She loves to play and cuddle her mommies!
Max Lewis
Max is a spunky boy who loves all dogs but especially big dogs!! His favorite food is rotisserie chicken and blueberry muffins. He likes long walks and he likes to wrestle with his big pit Bull terrier sister.
Rocky is a very fun loving gentle dog... He loves kids and he enjoys back rides...He is our own personal body guard because when anyone moves in the house he gets up and follow you everywhere...Rocky fits right in with our family...
Meet my sweet Layla💜 she’s 2 months old, she’s a yorkie 😍💜 she loves to eat & sleep🤣💜 she would love if you voted for her! This is her first contest 💜🎀
Roscoe is very loving & LOVES his photo taken 💙 roscoe is 4 months old 😍💙 & he would love to win! This is his first contest 🥰
Sasha is a daniff great dane mastiff mix hops like a bunny at 5 months shes 50pds an 4ft 2 on her hind legs loves.cuddles and loves to nuzzle into her fav peoples necks she loves to play in water all the time from.puddles to her waterbowls the one pic is of her an her bio mom
Shiloh is a Boston Terrier/blue heeler mix he has had a rough start to his life with medical issues and then last year he broke his leg in 2 places which he required surgery had to have a plate placed in his leg. No matter what he has gone through he is always smiling.he loves to be outside playing but his favorite place is snuggled up to his mommy. His favorite snack is peanut butter.
Ella likes short walks to food and long naps! She’s very sassy likes vanilla frozen yogurt. Best cuddle buddy you could ask for! Is amazing with kids likes playing dress up and goin for car rides