Only snuggles and bones for this good boy
Petunia loves her treats, toys, and car rides
Millie Rose
Millie Rose loves to play ball, loves to try and catch dragonflies, bugs or anything that flies. She also loves to bark at cows and car rides!!
Harley is the sweetest girl who loves treats and would not trade them for the works!
Lacey loves to play, cuddle, and watch movies. She enjoys Wunderbar bologna, Vianna Sausages, and cheeseburgers. She is our Hunny Bunny Baby Doggie!
He loves to sleep and play with his boys along with running along side the 4 wheeler
Sweet and smiling pup. Live to catch and play fetch.
Millie is a one year old miniature dachshund. She loves playing tug of war and chasing the vacuum. Her job at home is to make people feel loved by giving cuddles!
This is Titan he loves playing with his toys and being outside he always bring something new in the house from his outside adventures. He absolutely loves people and gives you bunch of kisses!! I think you should vote for Titan because he the cutest puppers ever☺️
Loves loves to hunt, play ball and protect her family. Loyal and affectionate. Stealer of many hearts! ❤️
Journey Leigh
Bossy bossy, but loyal and loves everyone! Never meets a stranger! ❤️
Bailey loves to go for car rides. She is very energetic and loving. She loves to receive treats and toys all the time. She also has a very goofy personality.
Harvey is 100% a guard dog. He protects him mom at all costs! Love this kiddo!
Neo is the cutest and most sassiest dog ever!!! He deserves the vote just for being the cutest.
Pasley loves people car rides being fussed over and being outside
Pepper loves to be ourside no matrer what the weather is, she also enjoys car rides
Mia is a 3 month old dog, she likes to play catch and has lots of energy. The second you blink she would be there licking you with lots of love. I believe you should vote for mia because she is just the cutest and sweetest dog you will meet.
Maggie’s favorite thing to do in the world is bark at birds and nap.
you’ll always know if milos around, he’s got a big mouth. sweetest boy in the world. and he loves to sleep under covers ❤️
Lillie is the sweetest girl in the world! She loves going to the dog park, car rides and absolutely loves sleeping/cuddling!
Gold was found in a small of the grid town she was dumped and when we founded her she was starving and ingured so we adopted her
Treat motivated and loves cuddles 💓
Maggie is a mini australian shepherd. She is one of the most loving puppies. She loves to play with her toys especially fetch. She still is pretty new to this crazy world but she is learning a lot. She can sit, lay down, shake and is working on roll over. She loves the sun, car rides and going every where with her favorite human.
Bella likes running around with her brother and nephews! She is almost six months old and was born in November.
Bear is a berendoodle he is 13 weeks old he love running playing he loves is sister sadie.
Sadie is a English shepherd she love to run and play with bear she is seven years old.
Gibby is a cat but I dont know what website to find cat
Our sweet dolly girl is a 8 Week walker coon hound. She is sweet but can also be onery!
Benji is a sweet, loving pup. He enjoys the outdoors, ice cream, and cuddling.
Penny is a true lover. She won’t bite, but she’ll give you a good lickin! Always ready to share the crops from the garden and the fruit trees with her furry neighbor who lives close by.
Bella Blu
Bella loves to play fetch and greet anyone she comes across! Loves to go for swims in the lake!
Rambo is a spunky little energetic boy who loves attention and loves to play. He is 1 year old and his hair grows wilder every day. His mohawk, sideburns, mustache, and mullet make him the cutest little thing.
Paige is the Queen of the house! She loves her human kids! Loves chewing trees and going for car rides!
Buck loves to give Buck hugs and likes to bite your pants while your walking!
Colt is an amazing,sweet, Rottweiler Full Blooded German, He is 85lbs, beautiful brown eyes, glamorous white teeth and smile, and the best personality in a dog he loves to dance, hugs, his biggest enemy is cats and squirrels vote for my amazing dog so we can get him a home for his amazing sister Remmy who is stuck in the pound!
Hi my name is Bruno and I am 2 years old! I like toys, playing at the beach, and I like to cuddle.
Cleo is the most crazy but most loving pup that you could ever meet. She loves to take long walks and go swimming! Her favorite toy is just about anything the crinkles. Her favorite treat is her peanut butter mat or a bone filled with peanut butter!
Mystery is a sweet, loving and loyal 6 year old beagle. She likes to go for walks, cuddle with her mama and loves to eat!
Rosie is a Cavachon, and is the sweetest, most playful, smart little buddy, that just loves belly rubs!! One belly rub and she is your friend for life! ☺️❤️🐶
I think you should vote for Max because he is a beautiful and loving and caring animal. You don't see very many of this breed around anymore. He is a great survivor pet... See's one hurting and tries to comfort them... very intelligent and very playable... very easy to train acknowledge, shack hands, roll over, patty cake, and beg. Max loves most playing with his toys and going to Walmart meeting folks, and eating ice cream 🍨🍦. I love my Maxwell
Butter is a silly Chihuahua mix with a heart on her head and a little tongue she sticks out to taste the air
He loves camping
Broly is one of the most needy loving pups you will meet. With his stunning eyes and slobbery kisses this boy is loved by many. He loves chewing sticks and playing with mom.
We got willow at nine months old and she has just been the best. She had a little ruff start but im happy to be able to be the change in her life and to create amazing new and beautiful memories! Not only do i help her in every day life but she also helps me too, to become more patient and understanding, to show love even when love is not around. Vote for willow my life changing best friend :)
Karlie Mae
KarlieMae is a 1.5 year old frenchie full of sass! She is the boss of the house! She loves taking naps with Daddy and playing in her pool.
Ichabod is my baby. He will be 13 in June but still acts like a puppy. He loves is stuffed animals and going for car rides.
Apollo is a happy boy who always has a smile on his face! His favorite things are tennis balls, playing with his kitty sisters, and hanging out with the horses.