Neo is a pit bull and lab mix, still a puppy, super lovable and loves car rides, personality like a dog straight out of a movie. He lives people and will get so sassy if he doesn’t get rubs from every new person he meets. He is Dutch’s brother and is so sweet and fun and lovable
Came from a rescue in VA after living the first 10 months of her life in a backyard breeding enclosure… Now she spends her time rolling around in the grass, jumping in leaves, and learning how to do “dog stuff”. She loves to run laps around the backyard but also loves sleeping indoors now 🥰
He’s adorable and loves to meet new people and loves to be wild and very very affectionate
Rusty is a sweet boy who loves to play tuggy and is obsessed with leaves. He’s so excited about the world he often trips over himself with excitement….literally head over heels! Rusty loves to be outside and is always looking forward to a good game of chase on the grass.
Duke is a 7 week old Rottweiler/Border Collie mix. He is the clown in the household, always making us laugh, and has a supercharged personality.
She’s a bolt of energy. Loves people and other pets. Loves to be outside, kayaking, playing running, and Digging is a favorite pastime for her lol. She’s my traveling companion on a semi and loves her truck.
Tater Louise Wrenn
I love my heating pad, my treats, and my mom and dad!!!
Maxie is the sweetest little yorkshire terrier. He loves to run and chases anything thars get in his yard. But he also loves to cuddle like this. We couldnt ask for a more devoted little man ever. Hes just one of the family
I am 9 months old and i love my mommy and Treats!
I am an Amish puppy mill survivor i lived in a kennel for the first `10 months of my life, i was purchased as #21 at an auction in MO i am originally from Fredricksburg OH....a rescue bought me and my mommy got me from the rescue which she also fosters for thankfully i am living my best life now when i got here i didnt get off my mommys bed for 90 days i was scared of the floor, kennel, outside and fearful of people when they stood up but with patience and love i am now an active, ornery, fun loving pup with 2 fur siblings i love
Benson is a 5 year old dog who loves cheese and playing with his tennis ball.
Dolce is 2 years old loves to play fetch, swimming in the pool, going for rides in the car. And always ready to give unconditional love
Hi I’m Buoy! I love cuddling with my mom, playing with my friends and peanut butter! My favorite thing to do though is take out every toy after my mom just put them all away! You should vote for me because I’m the goodest boy!
Pommer A'Nian
Pommer is the most loving furbaby ever. He turned 6 months old on Nov 5, 2023. He loves having his picture taken.
I am Bella. I am a Mini Aussiedoodle. I love to play and cuddle! I love beef rawhide. I love my human family! I love jumping in and out the tub but sometimes get caught. I have 2 human brothers. I love strangers and my human mom say it not safe.
He was a rescue..had been chained to a tree because he would not stay in the yard..we took him ..this picture was the day i brought him to our house ..he is saying THANK YOU
Dude was the happiness pup! And such a cuddler. He knew when you needed a hug. He would love to dress up in halloween costumes and as you can see he would smile for the camera. I thought this would be a great way to honor him. ❤️
Tank is a gentle giant who loves to dress up and show off his Halloween costumes. His favorite thing in life is snuggling on the couch.
Bama is 1 year, half shepherd half husky called a shepski.
Lou Lou
Hi! I’m Lou Lou! But I also respond to Woo Woo, Wooster, Baby Dawg, Baby Dizzle, & Wiggle-butts! I am a 1 year & 4 month old, 65-ish lb., male, intact, American Pit-bull Terrier. I am super smart and can sit, shake a paw, lay down by being told verbally or by just a downward nod of your head, spin 360 degrees, stay, and my sniffer is so good that my mom can put a treat behind her back and ask me to “pick one” that I can smell which hand it’s in and pick that hand with my paw! My newest trick that i’m learning is manners. I have a 14 year old sister who I sometimes get too excited around. So my mom is teaching me “ladies first.” So whenever we get treats or go outside I wait at the stairs for Lily to get her treat or get down the steps and then it’s my turn! I’m still getting the hang of it though! My favorite toy is my ball and I LOVE when mom plays catch with me! She’s my favorit-est hooman ever! Oh and did I mention that I LOOOVEEEE beef jerky ?
Aspen loves playing outside with her friends. Enjoying walks and just laying and watching the geese in the pond!
Juliet is an Aussiedoodle who also goes by Jules. She is a sweet, cuddly, ball fetching girl. We love our fur baby!
Acer came into my life 3.5 years ago, a week before Christmas. I estimated his age to be about 1.5 years old. He still had baby teeth. But, he was emaciated, skinny to the bone malnourished. He honestly looked like he would die. He had collapsed in a ditch near a tree waiting to die. Along came my mom who got me to get him and here we are. He had never seen TV or slept inside. You could tell. I had him sleep next to me the first week. Then Santa brought him a new bed. He loves his new bed. He had belong to a homeless man and the homeless man either passed away or was taken away. But Acer, never had to worry about being alone or being cold and hungry now. He has a family. 1 brother and 2 sisters who are crazy about him and they are cats. Acer is a blessing.
I could say a thousand words about this little girl she was my world! Unfortunately she is no longer with me, and I'm so heartbroken and sad and I cry everyday, but I wanted to do this for her because she did so much for me.
Winnie is a sweet lily who loves to play and really like the dog biscuits from target!
Gigi is a very intelligent chihuahua Pomeranian dog , but she identifies as a Pitbull 🤣, she is very playful and loves her stuffed animals 🧸 and loves riding her car instead of walking 😉,howls every time an ambulance passes by and she is very protective of her owner 🤭
Hi! I’m Zena! I love cuddles, swimming and agility school. 🐶
Morty Moo Moo
Morty Moo Moo is a mischievous little guy. He is always finding something to chew up. He enjoys playing with his sisters and his mom. They wrestle and sound vicious, but they are just playing. Entertaining and adorable. Sweet sausage dog!
Felix likes meeting other dogs. Felix likes when we are out walking about he takes the lead, I happily follow where ever he goes I go. At the times I will pick him up I lean down to Felix and say, "Alley-Oopah", then he likes to jump up into my arms. Felix is a great buddy to have. I am grateful having friendship with him.
Holly is a playful dog, she loves to play with her owners and other dog friends. She loves going on walks in the desert, she loves chasing her owner on the four wheeler, and she loves chasing donkeys that hangout around the house!
Cece is so mellow goes with the flow, he enjoys tapping your face to wake up
Mia is a playful and silly dog, she loves to be around other dogs especially dogs that often get left out or dogs who are just really small. Mia has a kind heart and loves to be outside in nature.
He just loves his Steelers! And, is way to cute! Has a lot of girlfriends!
Meet Sora. Sora is a pitbull lab mix. She is sweet loving active girl. She has been at our shelter for quite some time, since 2021. She has hit 2 years at the shelter. She hopes she can earn some votes to make her feel better. @
Pipps is 5 years old and is sweet and loveable. He loves cuddles with his momma and my niece. He loves his sister's and his blankies. And hates bath time.
Roxy is a shelter dog in Fresno Ca. She is hoping to find her furever home an gain lots of votes this year! Roxy is sweet, loving, and smart girl. She knows basic commands such as sit, speak, down, and paw. Roxy is available for adoption @ (:
Atlas Sharp
Meet Atlas🐾 He’s our BIGGG BABY!! His favorite thing to do is nap in mommas bed….taking up the whole bed!! 💖💖💖
Hii I’m Baxter I’m originally from Ohio but my loving family brought me to Virginia where I’ve met my best friend Dexter and my Girlfriend Carley Mae I am 1 I love the snow and the cold I’m very energetic and love my toys and I love to cuddle my human friends I suffer from anxiety but who doesn’t but it doesn’t effect me when I get to hang around the people I love!
Mopsee is my fun loving, cuddling kissing baby. She is the definition of unconditional love & loves peanut butter, chasing lizards & lots of naps.
Nutty Buddy
Hi, my name is Nutty Buddy, and I go by Buddy. I love long walks to the baseball field so i can run around then I go home and my mother shares her french fries with me. There my favorite snack. After i eat, I go take a nap with my sister, but she is a cat. Her names Lucy
Max is a caring dog , he loves to play n he loves his cookie after he eats. He is so lovable and very protective
Loves playing fetch and lots of cuddles
Pork Chop
Pork Chop is a 6 year old rescue! She’s the most loving and caring dog ever ❤️
He is hyper most of the time but slows down long enough to be the most loyal , loving , caring boy I’ve ever owned.
Oliver is a one year old Goldendoodle. He is a lovable big baby that loves to cuddle and give kisses. He loves to play fetch and loves playing with his toy monkey.
Lil Miss
Lil Miss came to me to help me over come the loss of the love of my life Sophia. Sophia was my first Chinese Crested and I fell madly in Love with her the first day I saw her. She guided through life for 9 yrs when I lost her to congenitive heart failure.Heartbroken I was given my Lil Miss also known as my Nerdy Turd. She is a nerd of all dogs, she likes to do the nerdiest things a dog would ever do. She will literally stand on her head and try to beat me up she thinks she's the most fierce dog alive. She will bully large dogs or try to bully them. She will make my sister's pit bull/ husky mix female bowe down to her. To the point Holly girl will literally lay down on the floor, she weighs in at a big whooping 9 lbs she thinks she iron proof and made off steel. When she was 11/2 her best friend was a cat named Miss Kitty. Who had tore up a Shepard, a Put bull and a Lab, for coming into her home. She never allowed a dog to enter the house, until she met Lil Miss. A love at first site between the 2 of them. They would roll around on the floor together chase each other up and down the halls. And play for hours, When I first got Lil Miss I feared the worst that I wouldn't be able to Love her as I Loved my beloved Sophia. I was never so wrong, Lil Miss is not only my shadow, my best friend and companion but she is my whole heart. I take her every were I go doctors appointments, meeting, the stores, you name it she goes with me every place I go except to work due to the fact I work outside out in the open. There are no fences, boundaries that could contain her from roam away to far, she stays at home with her Grandma GG, not without a fight and a long day of crying. When we are separated,she will cry and howl all day long while I'm gone.She will get on Grandma's night stand and stand up to look out the window and will cry and howl all the neighbors know when Im not home.Cause they all hear her crying,and howling. She will cry and howl at the top of her lungs.