Baby Stories - 52


He is the most goofiest, smart, loyal, dog I have ever had. He is truly a blessing to have in my life.
Athena is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had. She is also very smart. She knows how to do many things including opening doors and getting into her moms stuff.
Apache Drake
Drake loves his cats and playing!!
Bella is an outgoing dog, she enjoys playing with toys, and running outside. She is almost 3 years old and is a sweet, comforting, pup♥️
Princeton loves to play tag, long walks and friendly play in the dog park. He enjoys relaxing in his Royal Bed and watching Dog Academy on Netflix.
She very sweet and love every body and love kids
Roxanne is mixed breed. Her favorite thing to do is play in water, mud and loves to play fetch. She can say “I love you” If you have a treat for her. Roxanne is very sweet girl.
Vote for this silly handsome puppy!
Koda loves mommy and daddy very much Loves sleeping on there bed all night long under the blankets. Loves going on car rides,adventures and camping trips!
Harley is loveable and loves attention! Hes a little rotten but thats okay :)
Slick is just that. Slick in nature, grouchy , very jealous. Lives in Alabama, country dog. Thinks he is big but maybe 15 pounds. Daddy was Luke a Roosevelt terrier, mamma is Sissy C chihuahua. Has a big family of 7 other dogs. 1 horse and 1 cat.❤✅👀🤗
She loves to play with her snuggle buddy doogie and her monkey she also loves to be held.
Chewy loves to play fetch, dig holes and playing hide n seek with his human. 🐾
She loves to cuddle and is the sweetest girl. She loves to chew on my watch. She thinks she has to go with me and is always following me around. Did i mention, she watches TV like a human.
My little 5 month old pup is definitely the most all American dog! Can’t ever say no to that sweet puppy face!
Hank never meets a stranger.
Milo is a husky that’s wired with energy and loves to chew anything up that he can get in his mouth!
Hope is feisty and loves playing!! She loves being outside and playing with Jasmine!
Jasmine loves being outside and playing with other animals!! She is spoiled rotten!!
Zeus is a very energetic dog that just loves adventures and always being around people, my best friend. He’s a little crazy but I wouldn’t trade him for the world!
Sir Maximus Wellington
Sir Maximus Wellington aka Maxx is full of puppy mischief! He brought laughter and love back into my home after the loss of my first chihuahua. He's stubborn, bull headed, razor sharp teeth, but he has stolen my heart and makes me laugh often.
Buddy Loves long walks, Bacon playing Fetch and digging Holes . He’s full of Energy with a tad bit of Classy
Maddy is a sweet puppy! She loves to cuddle and loves people. She has two favorite toys, her elephant and her monkey!
Flower is a older teacup she loves to stick her tongue out and play.
Nola loves playing with her big brother !
Silvy loves talking care of her foster bsbys!
🦊 Fox is a 2yr old Shiba-Chi mix and the latest addition to our family! He just joined us this last Jan of 2021, a rescue by the hands of my cousin Hailee after she found him outside a restaurant early morning - he was not fixed, no collar, had fleas and had just been fed by the restaurant staff. He was VERY lucky to have been picked up before the winter got harsh! Fox-boi is an official member of the family now but it didn’t come so easily. It took him about 6-7mos of being among us to truly settle in. He had MANY spats with his older, wiser and much grumpier brother Kipper 🐠 (my 10yr old chi) but thankfully patience, love and time has made them tolerate each other well. Our baby morkie Daisy Cakes 🐶 🍰 made him feel welcome though, being a half a year younger than him and just a sweet, spunky playmate at all times! 🥰 Foxy has overcome his fears of being in a car(I suspect that this phobia came from being dumped, poor babe) to go on 4mi walks with us! He LOVES it! 🤩 He’s the derpiest dog I’ve ever had😂 but he is just so much fun and always up for play! We love you Fox-boi!! 🦊😍🤩 P.S: Fox will leave everyone for my brother-in-law, that’s his ‘Papa John’, and his snuggles with John are just the purest love! 🥰
Norman is the best boy. Hes a wolf, husky, malamute mix and hes justbthe sweetest most protective dog ever. He loves treats or really eating everything, playing with his toys and keeping guard over baby sister.
His favorite toy is Nubbs and he will go get the toy when you ask him where he is! He can also high10, sit, speak, lay and stay, spin among other things....he is so intelligent and is pure bred pappillon which means butterfly in French...He is named.after the Patron Saint Eloi which was also my dads middle name.
Chloee Grace
Chloee Grace is playful,sweet and loves to cuddle. She is spoiled rottin. She is a great dog to have.
Kipper is nearly 10yrs old now, but he was a rescue at 4wks old and came into my hands from my late stepfather. My stepdad Jeffery had saved a tiny chi-mix from a belligerent co-worker, the other man holding a box of pups and threatened if no one were to take them he would DROWN THEM…! Jeffery said to ‘just give me the ugliest one’, and then a week later I was meeting my soon-to-be stepdad for the first time, and he was holding the CUTEST chi-mix puppy! He hadn’t even named it yet, but I took the little guy as my own instantly. Kipper is dubbed such because even as tiny as he was he trusted me, leaping off the bed for me to catch him! Like a flying fish 🐠 he was! So ‘Kipper’ he became! 🥰 Kipper is a special dog. He’s complicated even. 😂 A grump through and through, short with most animals and people. Children are a definite NO - he’s so cute though that all the kids want to pet him. 😬 And yet, he looooooooves his momma (me). He’s extremely protective of me, notices if I cry. Only true time you’ll see him beam a smile is on the walkies! 🐕 🐾 🤩 But Kipper had been through some of the roughest times with me that helped shape him into what he is. Into what we BOTH are! We’ve been through scary and uncertain life events, some even life-threatening. He’s been there fit me through it all and I wouldn’t change him for anything! From the ‘ugliest one’ of the litter to most handsome boy of all, that’s my KIPPER! 😍🤩
Pancakes is the best girl. She enjoys chewing on bones and laying around with her favorite toy ‘possum’.
Bera is a shichon teddy bear . She is so loving and playful. Bera prefers to always be with her mommy and really don’t like being alone. She gets so excited when other dogs or cats are near. Bera has never met a stranger 🥰
Dutton is a crazy comical boy who just wants to have fun 24/7. He is currently learning obedience and Scentwork.
Kotto is a very loyal companion. He is 9 years young from Czech. He loves playing with his 5 siblings and eating his peanut butter.
Tucker is always Tuckered out, and loves to cuddle and like to “bite” you while playing, doesn’t hurt because he don’t clinch, I guess it’s his hand shake 😂
Dollar was a beautiful dog. Was loved very much
Sarge is a very sweet boy. He has trained himself for my diabetes he stays by my side at all time when I'm home. He will wake me if my sugar goes to low or too high. He is the best dog he makes friend where ever he goes.
Jetta is a very Active.... loves her Mommy very much her best friends are Obi and her sister Tera.... she loves walks,sticks,loves to play ALL the time and her nightly greenie treats! She tells Mommy when its bed time She filled my heart with Joy after I had to put down my Bull Terrier 2 yrs before I Recieved her
He is a happy boy he loves attention, loves to play with his sock monkey toy and goes to his toy box and picks toys out. He doesn't like to be alone he is a big baby, and enjoys his sweaters in the winter and his pjs i bought him.
A rescue, turned registered service dog, Ciara is a ball of emotions. If you cry, she'll put her paw on your thigh and lick your tears away, because she understands. She is momma's girl and a sweetheart to all. And she can still run fast and catch better than the young pups.
Aspiring Cleveland Browns Mascot ..i love socks and my new baby human .. my favorite words are Outside, Walk, Ball, Grandma , the word Bath not so much
lucille loves to play fetch and thinks she is a lap dog!
Ms. Mando
Ms.Mando is almost 6 months old and she live to play with her toys and cuddle!
Toy sized aussie full of sass! Her favorite things are car rides and playing tug of war with her favorite toys ropes, tennis balls and crinkle water bottles!
Hercules is a Chorkie hes very outgoing and has a big ol personality he is the sweetest chorkie boy i have yet to encounter, he chooses treats over food lol help my boy out please 💖💖
Dozzy is a silly awesome rescued pup (4 yrs old)who loves tennis balls more than anything. She loves to sleep with her stuffed snake and cuddle with her mom and dad💜
Ralo a young stud in the making! A pied bald blue Merle is the color of his unique coat. Very playful and cheerful pup at 10 months old. 💪🏾🦍🐾 Best part about him is how sweet and cuddly he can be!