Baby Stories - 52


The Definition Of Goofy
Toshi is a 3 year old Shiba Inu, we rescued him from Huntington Beach, CA when he was 8 months old. He is a big boy, his favorite hobbies include taking naps, playing with his toys and barking at squirrels and deer outside. Hes a good boy!
Hi I’m Roman! I am free spirited, food motivated, listen when I want kind of dog. Hiking in all different places is my passion and giving my human small heart attacks throughout the day is my hobby. Before bed I like to grab my favorite toy and snuggle next to my favorite human before going to sleep.
Dixie was the runt of her litter but that never stopped her from being the most fun loving puppy. She loves playing in the mud and loves cuddling
Reggie loves to love. He is one of the sweetest dogs out there and just loves to give kisses! Please vote for Reggie 🙏. It would mean so much to him.
Hi there! I’m Baylee! My humans adopted me from a rescue when I was almost 5 months old (I’ll be ONE in June!) and my Mom says the minute they let me out of the big truck, she knew right then I was the one for them, even though I’d never even been on a leash before! Now I know all sorts of tricks and love going on walks. My humans ALWAYS tell me how much they love me, but my Dad doesn’t like that I still want to be wherever my Mom is, even though he’s the one who sneaks me snacks. They say I’m the best puppy EVER.
Loves to run and give you lots of kiss
Meet this fluff-ball full of love. The most playful puppers whose favorite thing to do is play with her big brother like grizzly bears, she also loves to herd him and her parents. She loves to give puppy dog eyes to get everything she wants, this is also after she goes running away with your favorite shoe. Car rides are her absolute favorite especially when she gets a puppuccino. Oh yes, zoomies she loves running full speed around the house at any given moment.
Papi is the most loving dog ever! He enjoys sleeping with momma, being lazy, and snorts like a pig 24/7. He is my best friend !
Swayze has the biggest heart and loves life! She is very intuitive with other animals and has made my life complete, she is truly my ray of sunshine.
Max is as sweet as can be! He loves to play with his siblings and go on car rides 😊 He also loves meeting new people too ❤
Kiwi loves to play outside, learn new tricks, and play with her older brother Chief, the Jack Russell. She is a goofy, loveable puppy!
Honey is a cute, crazy, character! she loves to play allll day. She loves hearing herself so she barks and barks. she gives so many kisses and is a great cuddler❤️
Roscoe loves his toys,loves to run and play with kids.💕He is full of love for his family.
Kaya is a Treeing Walker Coon Hound. She loves nose and belly pets, being in nature, doing yoga stretches, and avacados.
I’m a 3yr old lovable pitty, I enjoy running through the snow, but can’t stand baths. I love looking out the windows and daydreaming of my bones, and toys.
Kylo is a Snorkie (mini schnauzer and Yorkie mix). He is 18wks old and just sweet as can be! Perfect addition to our home!!
Daisy loves the outdoors, playing in the mud, and giving puppy kisses! (any proceeds raised from this would go to other doggos in need) - humane society or funding needed surgeries
Tank loves playing with his little sister Harley any chance he gets! He also loves playing out in the snow and really enjoys his bath time 🛁 He also loves taking naps in the bathroom (his favorite room in the whole house 🤣)
Harley absolutely loves cuddling any chance she gets! She also loves playing with her big brother Tank and going for car rides!
Scooby Doo
Hi Everyone! My names Scooby Doo Im a Purebred Great Dane Named after the famous Great Dane From TV. I love food just as much, I am a big frady cat too just like Scooby. My favorite thing is when my parents sing the Whats new Scooby Doo song to me. I also love Scooby snacks and lamb chops .
Chubbs is so precious. He is my baby
Louie is a 7 year old maltese shih-tzu mix. He is different then most dogs. He eats so much and i feel bad that he is getting large but he’s just so cute and i really want him to win something. He loves pretzels and sleeping and playing. He also talks when he’s hungry and he knows so many tricks. Everyone loves louie and i hope you do too!
Cookie loves to hike and herd the family chickens :)
Gizmo is bot the typical “yappy or aggressive” chihuahua . She loves licking people and you are there for the sole purpose of giving her food and treats, otherwise she doesn’t need you. This poor baby is almost 16 and has been disabled for 14 of those years as her cartilage has been disintegrating In all of her joints and especially her feet. But still she wakes up the happiest dog.
This sweet girl is scared of her own shadow which in turn makes for some “odd” behavior such as not coming through certain doors, or not being able to leave a rug as the carpet might be “lava”. But, despite those quirks, she is the absolute most loveable dog. She has to have her paw touching you at all times.
Foxy loves to do zoomies. She also loves her big German Shepherd brother and sees him as her protector. Loves to snuggle
Doc Emmett Brown
Hewwo. My name is Emmett, but you can call me Doc. My paw-rents are big nerds, if you can’t tell. But they always tell me I’m cute and give me lovies sooooo....
Hi y’all! I’m Rosie 😊 I love naps, being outside, cuddling with my mom, and going on car rides 🚘 I’m a beagle boxer mix & I was the runt of my brothers & sisters. I love the dog park where I meet lots of new pup friends 🐾
Boe-Boe is 7 months old, he loves to race car everywhere, loves his attention. He loves the beach and cuddles, he loves his hoomans, as well as his fur friends🐶 he loves to try and eat the air when sticking his head out the window, especially if it’s raining☔️
Olive is a spunky chihuahua, she loves the beach, and loves her treats.💖She is the boss, when it comes to the dogs, she loves to play fetch and tug-o-war🐶
Katie is as wide as she is tall and she loves her toys and her siblings. Of course her human mom is her favorite.
Milo has been my best friend since I was a little girl. He’s always been by my side and he’s everywhere I am. He loves to nap and eat. He is a very grumpy old man but still loves to snuggle up to stay warm.
She is a loving companion.
Nala is a fun loving pug who likes her bones her treats likes taking walks she lives her best life when her favorite humans are around she loves giving lots of kisses and loves
He is 4yrs old he loves playing with his toys ..Loves playing with the cats and is very smart.He like the outdoors and likes playing with other dogs..
Ace is the sweetest little pup. He loves snuggle time from his mini human! He enjoys playing outside and wrestling around the house with the kids.
Loves people and other animals she is truly my best friend
Luna she is 6 months old. She is such a doll
Gitche Gumee—is named after the great Lake Superior, but he’s taken on the name monster because he is a CRAZY, snorting, sometimes sweet little devil. Gitche recently had some major health issues and underwent emergency surgery and we almost lost him—he’s such a CHAMP and pulled through and lives every day to the fullest!
Charlie is now 1 and she is a love of different breeds. She is a service dog for emotional support and helps her owner if she would have a seizure. She is an amazing dog that loves her humans.
Rosie is the mother of Charlie. Loves kids and is one in a million. She’s the best dog anyone could ever ask for.
Prince is a happy, smart Aussiedoodle who loves everyone! He adores agility & treats!
Brutus is probably the happiest German Shepard your will ever meet. He’s just big and loving. He loves playing with his mom Sadie and playing tug of war!
Reginald Wayne
Reggie AKA Pig Boi. He’s so silly and so sweet. 💛