Baby Stories - 52


LB short for LeBron James (Go Lakers!) is a happy go lucky kind of dog! He’s a rescue dog from our community shelter and he’s has a heart in our homes forever<3 he loves to have fun while being slightly reckless, but at the end of the day Hes a good boy that gets treats:)
Tonka is an American Bully puppy. He LOVES to run as fast as he can across the yard, and play fetch with sticks or a flattened volleyball. His dad is a blue, and his mom is a tri-colored bully. Tonka has been a quick learner and so much fun to have around.
Jolene is one spoiled little Frenchie. She lives with 2 Pit Bulls but she is the boss. She loves spending time with mom, eating ice and playing Fetch
Prue is 13 weeks old. Loves to play tug-a-war, eat chick-fil-a nuggets, cuddle with her momma, go for car rides and attack her stuffed animals.
Remi is a fearless tank of a pup. He is 15 weeks old and 30 pounds. Remi loves everyone and everything and will do anything for food.
Zeus is 14 weeks old, prefers stuffed animals over rubber toys and is completely free range and stays on the property!
This sweet boy’s name is Bailey, a 10 week old Bernese Mountain Dog
Marley is almost 9 months old and is a Cockapoo. She is very friendly ! Loves going to the bar and sitting on patios. Loves getting pets, treats, chewing bones, going on walks. Will sit on command and give paw. Has a doggy boyfriend named Gordy.
Our little Chief baby loves to chew, snuggle, and go for walks! His favorite things are eating mulch and trying to escape the crate.
Our precious new addition to the family loves nibbling on toes and giving sweet kisses on the chin! I’m sorry, not sorry....he’s so stinking cute!!
Lace is a sweet girl she loves to cuddle and be close to us, she loves to get brushed and pose for pictures.
Kai loves swimming in the ocean and after a long swim, she loves her spa days.
I’m Easton! I love playing ball, being outside and being around people! I’m 5 years old! My favorite things I love most is snuggles, water, and my mama! Vote for me, I’d really appreciate it! 🐾
Baxter is a tiny chihuahua who loves people❤️❤️❤️.He likes snuggles,kisses,sniffing other dogs butts which is very wierd🤷🏻🤷🏻🤷🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻
Lola is a puppy mill survivor. She lived 4 years in an outside rabbit cage with 3 males. Since she the weakest link she didn’t get to eat food and ate mostly the boys waste, she lost all of her teeth after adoption. Now she lives her best life going on adventures and traveling to see all that she missed out on in the beginning of her life. She shares her home with other senior, special needs dogs just like her!
Harper likes hugs and she loves to play
Hi my name is Zoe, I’m a very spoiled shiz tu, poodle cross, I’m very talkative, I love belly rubs, I love playing with my stuff animals, I love being snuggled up with you as well as my clothing
Kitty is a Maltese-Pom , 3yrs old she is a ESA dog. She is great at comforting someone that had a bad day or just making someone smile. She loves sleeping, playing fetch and playing her sibling Nacho and Bella. She is also very photogenic and the sweetest dog you could ever meet. Please vote for her. ❤️
Echo loves her mommy and daddy. She loves to go swimming and try to catch fish. She loves to play with her brother and sister cats.
Novas such a sweet baby. Her favorite toy is her piggy. She loves to give hugs. Her ears are her unique aspect.
Sammy Doodlebug
Sammy was the sweetest and most amazing dog..he had a rough start after being attacked by another dog and they almost lost him but he fought his way back and we adopted him. He was the only dog in a house full of cats but he never seemed to mind. We sadly lost him a few years ago and now he is at the bridge waiting for us. 💔 My heart is still broken and I miss him everyday💕💜 We are trying to win to help with vet bills for his kitty siblings.😽💗
Dusty is our adorable bundle of joy!! He loves to play and snuggle! He is fiesty and definitely has a personality to win your heart!!
My name is Shyla! I am a one year old Lab Mix. I am also a super-mutt according to embark because I’m mixed with so many dogs. My mom thought she chose me at the shelter but I definitely chose her! I cried when she left because I loved her so much. But the next day she came back for me! I was so happy that I peed myself!! Mom eventually wants to get me a brother or sister. I love other dogs my size so much! I just hope she doesn’t choose a larger dog than me. They’re so scary!! I LOVE CLOTHES I get SO EXITED when mom puts clothes on me! I shove my head right in the head hole. And she buys me the cutest dresses!! She calls me spoiled but I don’t think I am.. Mom sends me to daycare once a week for more socialization. I hate to leave her but I have fun once I go in! I even got to ride the Doggy Shuttle!! The whole staff says that they love me because I’m a sweetheart. On the weekends I love to go to the dog park! But once I’m home I cuddle with my human. I love her. And she loves me.
Coco loves to play with kids.he loves to go for walks and also likes to cuddle
Bijou is a very adventurous pup with her whole life ahead of her. She plans on going to puppy university and getting her degree and wants to explore the world.
Chase loves his mommy and his kitty friends. He is cautious with strangers but get him outside and he opens right up. Chase is on the case for some fun outside, he loves to run in fields or dig holes.
Gunner was a rescue from West Palm Beach Florida. He is warm, sweet, cuddle bug that loves everyone and everything. Including his chickens. He doesn't bark or jump. His breed has a bad rap but let me then he has only love for everyone.
Thalia is a sweetheart and loves to follow me around and try to help. She will be a service dog in training when she about 3 1/2-6months old she’s very smart🐶
Kodah is a sassy pekingese and toy poodle mix. He loves early morning walks, car rides and his favorite toy, a stuffed yellow duck!🐥💛
Chase is an very active pup! He has a 4 year old boy that he absolutely loves! He is protective of his family. He loves to go fishing! He chases the fish and helps watch dad's fishing pole!
Charlie is a big ol' snuggler and loves to kiss people's eyes. :) She's very smart and knows when to be playful and when to be gentile.
Moose's favorite activities include tug-of-war and creating new gremlin noises. No matter how bad of a day I've had, Moose know exactly how to cheer me back up.
Penny is a chocolate lab/pit mix. She enjoys riding anything with wheels, boating, hiking and eating! She's the sweetest, coolest dog ever and the light of my life.
This Homer and Rosey. Rosey keeps the old boy young, hes getting to be 12 this year.
She's got a large personality bundled in a tiny sweet, super cute physique.
Nina is a honest sweet heart I don’t ever see a lot of pit bulls and I want to show ppl they’re not all bad she love to play fetch and will never turn down a good stick and loves going on walk she loves water but her greatest fran is the water hose who she has to follow any time it comes on
Jasper loves ice cream, cuddling momma, and playing outside!
Shadow is a 7 year old pug/chihuahua mix..We got her from her previous owner when she was only ten months old..She has the sweetest face & She is so gentle,sweet,& caring although she likes to lay around alot of times..She gets along well with all of our other dogs. She loves getting treats & Sleeps at the foot of my bed under the covers.. She's a pleasure to have around although she likes to bark alot & Doesn't like men very well..She loves giving & getting fur kisses..She is a medium sized dog but,thinks she is small lol & Will try to climb into you're lap..She's a huge blessing to have in our lives & We don't know what we would do without her
Piper is one of a kind, she loves jumping on the trampoline, running in figure 8's and finding pine cones during walks. She is the most lovingest and sweetest dog.
Lizzie is 4 years old & Weighs about 3 & a half pounds & Is the daughter to my Porsha..We got her from a breeder when she was just 8 weeks old..She's very active & Loves to play fetch & Gets along well with all other animals & humans alike & Likes to dress up..She is the sweetest fur baby..She loves getting treats & Giving lots of fur kisses..She sleeps curled up next to me in bed..She is a blessing to have in our lives & don't know what we would do without her
Hi am Gabriella and I like chewing bones and I like laying outside in the sun
Tux is 10 weeks old! He is a border collie and is full of energy. He stole our hearts the day we adopted him and are blessed to have him! He is so smart for a pup and is growing day by day❤️
He loves binkies and hims mama
Maximus is my 9 year old big baby that was just diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He loves playing with balls and snuggling up with the family.
“Take naps and stretch before rising” She loves running around the kitchen island counter, treats, and cuddles.