Nova is the sweetest girl with a big personality. She loves to play with other dogs & all of her toys!
Evan is a good boy but very hyper.
After Zowye has the zoomies, next cones the crash. Snores hard plays hard.
I think Leo is a full blooded Chihuahua who likes to play A LOT! He loves to ride in the the car too. He likes to go outside! He just turned 8 months. He is a very rotten & a very energetic pup. He also loves to sleep with me. He loves his mama & his brother Kyle. I had to help Leo when he was just a small thing because his mama got into rat poison which she is ok now but Leo and his sister's had to be taken away from their mother at a very young age. Now Leo is my baby pup🐕
Kamo might be a big dog but he is a chicken when scared he shakes and jas to sit on your lap
Thor Dog Of Thunder
Thor loves to retrieve Amazon Packages 📦 😍
She is very spoiled barks at everyone can hear and smell things or people before they knock she loves to sleep under you she stands on two feet to open Our doors she loves to play and have us chase her around the house
Mntb strawberryshortcake is 7 years old but she don’t seem to know that the way she runs around the yard some time it seems like I have another 1 year old on my hands like her youngest daughter
Black Current
She is a year old pocket bully show dog who can’t wait to take her step in the ring like her sire and dam did
Dublynn is the most animated dog I have ever had. She is eight years old and still acts like a puppy. She will talk back to me.
Meet aria. She is a cocker spaniel husky mix she is so full of spunk and energy you can barely keep up with her! She is bonded with her sister they need to do everything together. She loves to swim and chase cats.
Petunia is almost 3 years old. She’s a shitzu mix!
This is my chiweenie Ferdinand! He was a pound puppy who had a rough beginning.badly abused and rehomed a lot he was skiddish and a shell of a dog. He has gotten better over the years his favorite things are food and his mama. He spends his days trying to steal food, begs for scratches, or sleeping under his blankets. I hope you love my boy as much as I do
Ella June
Ella June is a red merle Australia Shepherd pup born on September 22, 2022.
Faye is a Beagle,Doxie,Terrier mix. She is a rescue from Sunny Paws Rescue. She enjoys sunbathing on the deck. Loves hunting the chipmunks , birds & squirrels. She is an absolute snuggler and blanket stealing cuddler !!!
Loki is a sweet, silly, sassy little mischief maker. He loves kisses and playing with his friends at the park.
Beth adopted us about 3 year’s ago while my Husband was working out of town. Beth is a great dog. She is well behaved, always happy, took in a stray pup (Rowdy) as her own. She loves to talk to us, chew us out and talk back. It’s very funny when she does this over the phone. She loves to herd chickens. She’s teaching Rowdy how to also. She is also great with autistic children and she wasn’t trained for it either. Please vote for Beth, she is a talented girl!!
Rowdy is a rescue pup. He loves to cuddle and play fetch. In this pic it was his first trip to Alabama, and the beach. He loves the white sand but definitely does not like the water when it chases him. He loves his adopted mom Beth (our red Heeler , also a rescue) she’s trying to teach him how to heard chickens, like a cow dog. Rowdy is a super sweet pup, please vote for him!!
Gonzo Always poses for pictures. He will wear anything you put on him
Deckard Kane
Deckard is a Golden Retriever and German Shepard mixed puppy. Full of energy and love, maybe a little naughty. He occasionally gets the zoomies and throws his toys at you for “fun”. Lol
Baby Girl
Baby girl loves to be the boss over our other dogs and she is the smallest of them. Loves attention.
Little Bear
He talks. He talks back. He is a smart alek dog. He has seen me beaten and hurt badly. He is only 18 months old and has seen more life than any dog should. He is a master escapist but comes back if I cry. He never leads me astray and protects me with every fiber of his being. He is my best friend and my family. I recently taught him how to sing his part on “how much is that doggy in the window”! It’s like he studied a Barkley, though his vocals are a bit rough! He also is becoming more and more well mannered every day. Incidentally he has become addicted to bubbles! His face is so expressive, I always know what he is thinking and he love snuggle bears in the morning. I bought a clown nose and funny glasses just to see his face! He didn’t take it to seriously!
Mixi is 11 weeks old and full of energy. Never a dull moment always on the go.
Piper is a 5 month old Great Pyrenees/Black Lab mix. Piper joined our family by way of Sunny Paws Rescue. She loves playing fetch, taking walks and snuggling with her humans.
Capone is a sweet mellow dog who loves to chase chipmunks and snuggle with his mom(me).
Pearl is a very excited dog all the time. She loves to chew and eat everything. Pearl also thinks she can chase cows and get the chickens.
Luna Tic
I’m Luna tic and I’m super sassy. I love naps and water. Sometimes I even forget I’m a dog
Reina is a rescue that loves to play and snuggle.
Paige is a German Shepard Black Lab mix . She is a rescue pup from Sunny Paws Rescue . She loves wrestling with her fur sister Faye . Absolutely loves running around the yard with her humans. She is great at fetch!! She loves snuggling her humans like a lap dog !!
I love to play fetch and cuddle with my humans. My sister is a 4 pound chihuahua and I love to play tug with her, I usually let her win though. I am currently in a tricks training class and my humans say I am really good at it. Thank you for your votes! 🤍
Bubba is a caring individual he will protect anyone and everything. He hears a noise he will start barking:) He loves playing with tennis balls and most importantly likes chewing cotton off them🤣He cuddles up with you to keep you warm at night😀
She is not your typical weenie dog! WinniePooh loves to play ball all day everyday and can catch it better than any pitcher. She dreams of playing for the New York Yankees One day! She loves everyone including cats!
Blue Jackson
Blue is a Boxer Mastiff Pitbull. Dad was pure bred and mom was a Boxer Pitbull. He is almost 1 year old and is always very energetic. He loves going on car rides, running around, chasing his tail, playing with other animals and chasing the ball. He hates the rain but loves playing in the snow
My baby boy loves to play, enjoying getting loved on and LOVES to play with brother kitty and his brother dog. He is such a happy and loving baby boy! 💖
Leia is the funniest little dog. Leia is very playful and loves to play.
Remi is 1 yr old bulldog. He was bottle feed from 1wk old he is super special. He has unique personality.He loves everyone. He the greatest! He loves to snuggle!
Your phone is a rescue dog I had him for 10 years he was my service dog that's dog you could ever meet. I once was scared of pit bulls. Between volunteering at the Manchester animal shelter and working with this dog I realize there are amazing animals my best friend
Jyn loves to play and never let you guess she is the runt of the family. She was a adopted with her sister. She Also has a older pug brother he turns 1 years old very soon. The is the fisty and loves play time.
Hii my name is Dave! I love playing tug a war with anything I’m able to from my leash to my toy to a shirt lol. I also love sniffing my new brother that mom gave me, he is human too! My parents would greatly appreciate if you vote for me so they can buy me new toys and a new kennel for Christmas! So your vote is much needed, you vote for me I’ll vote for you💙
Yoda is 75 percent French bulldog, 25 percent Boston terrier. He’s a good boy, he does suffer from some allergies, if he wins will be using the money for vet costs.
Nala is a very energetic type a dog no matter what time or day she is always happy and wants to play but the best thing it that she’s always sticking her tongue out…
Tesla is the sweetest, most goofy dog you will ever meet. She will always make you laugh and stand by her owners side. She is loyal to her mom first but still loves her dad and grandma. She is a major pain in the butt but a cute one is it’s ok.
Definitely a comedian. Loves Breakfast In Bed. He even helps with the dishes.
Tucker Josia Matthews
He’s A Real Daddy’s Boy He is a Aussie pit which is a mix of Australian Shepard and Pit Bull
Kylo was helping in the front garden. He love rolling in it. Thank goodness it was the end of the season for my flower. I was pulling weeds. He sure made a intolerable chores tolerable. He made fun he made me laugh a lot.
Toby is a dapple dashund. He loves wearing his pjs and he’s such a sweet but energetic boy. He competed in the Dog-A-Ween contest in sarasota fl, and was featured in the Observer which is the photo above.
Bill is the favorite member of our household. He is LOVES food and thinks he's a lap dog. He also loves adventures with his dad.
He loves to dance