Baby Stories - 51


This is Chanel! She’s a beautiful, playful, strong, smart red nose pit. She loves to eat everything that she’s not suppose to 😩. She’s 14 weeks old and full of energy. She knows how to do tricks and listens. Definitely loves to play fight and play outside. She is very friendly and loving. My sweet girl 🤩😍
Mila is a rescued American bully ! She was found abandoned and tied to a fence where she stayed for 3 months before an amazing dog rescue saved her ! Now she lives her best life and is extremely loved and her family helps more rescue dogs like her !!
she’s the best hunter! specifically squirrels, skinks, & rabbits!
Nanuk's favorite food is fresh salmon... He likes long walk's, playing in his pool, or with his human brother... He loves to grab are hand's and pull us to his treat jar and will start doing trick's on his own to get a treat... He's definitely to smart for his own britches... Nanuk love's to dig holes in the backyard and chase fireflies when it gets dark out... Late night he loves to lay on the deck and enjoy the cool night's watching the star's... He's one cool puppy and we wouldn't trade are little Huskaroni for the world!!!
He loves his Ball and his humans!!
Shtinky is only a few months old but he is so friendly with everyone he meets and loves to play fetch but forgets to give you the ball back.
Hazel what can i say? Im going to be honest when i first got Hazel by the way i named her after my great grandmother lol anyway il start by saying im not a dog person yes thats right im not! but i got Hazel for my kids and they lost interest fast as soon as she started pooping and peeing on the floors lol well im diabetic needed to lose weight was taking 5 shots a day i know and was going down hill fast with my health that all changed when Hazel came into my life! I took Hazel over.When i thought i was getting a puppy for my kids, no no didnt turn out that way Hazel saved my life! I took her for long walks, i lost 50 pounds my diabeties went into remission im now only taking one shot at night and i feel better than ever! Now i have had Hazel now for 2 years she is like a daughter to me , I love her i wouldnt know what to do without her!
My name is Jax! I like following my mom around EVERYWHERE! I also like getting my sisters toys that aren’t mine to play with, oops! I’m super snuggly and love to play!
Frost is my Christmas baby and was a rescue! He loves to cuddle and play with his kong ball. Speaking is his favorite thing to do. Also he is part Dalmatian.
Goofy and loving. Would spend all day napping if he could
Mr. Jack is our miracle doggy. When he was just a puppy he was thrown over a fence into a yard that housed 2 attack pitbulls. Luckily the pitbulls were inside the house at the time. Little Jack was discovered unharmed. Unfortunitly the owner of the pitbulls couldnt keep him so she asked my boyfriend to take him. So now hes our little angel. Mr. Jack is full of personality! He loves his spa days with our local mobile fluffy butts grooming. Hes so close to me we play together he is lots of fun. We even argue with eachother haha. He loves his carrot treats they are yummy and healthier than those store bought ones. His heart is as big as the sun. If you have a bad day or in a bad mood or are crying Mr. Jack will be right there by your side to help you through your issues. He loves to sleep with his baby. (Picture posted). Mr.Jack thanks you in advance for your votes.
Princess Munoz
Princess is a super energetic, loving, fast loving dog. She loves to play and sleep. She is her mommy co-pilot
Chloe was born on St. Patrick’s day and has constantly been a good luck charm for us! She loves to snuggle, loves to play outside, and loves to smile “show her teeth.” She’s the perfect mixture of sassy and sweet ♥️
Qupid Penelope
Qupid is a calm puppy that LOVES playing in the dirt and sticking her head out the car window. She’ll kiss you to death, steal your food and demand you hold her in your lap!
At 9 weeks and only being at home a few days he is the most loving boy. I can't explain how truly amazing he really is. I am truly blessed. His favorite thing to do is play hide and seek. :)
Mara Barker
Mara Barker is the sweetest, sassiest, snuggliest little girl 💖 she loves to play with all her doggie siblings and loving on her parents ♥️
Basil is so loving and an amazing little pup. He loves going for walks, playing with his brother and sister, and burrowing under the covers to snuggle when it is nap time.
Heavenly is just what named her the story of heavenly she’s the sister of my baby boy Yorkie I was looking for a female and 7 months after getting her brother a lady put her up on CL and I called after going to see her we compared the breeders information and they are the same age we discovered they are siblings from the same litter who would have ever guess me of all people would have gave her a good home and be with her brother she’s a true cuddle bug she’s smart and loves her family so vote for my heavenly she’s a beautiful girl
Max enjoys his favorite movie A Dogs Purpose, he likes to play fetch, and play with his talking stuffed French Bulldog.
Hi! My names Stella Boo! I’m an energetic and feisty little ball of fun! In my free time I love hanging with my brother and sister and playing! I am SUPER fast you should see me run! When I cuddle with my mommy I love to wrap around her neck and keep her nice and warm. Don’t mess with my siblings especially my older brother cause I’m always right behind him! Haha. Check out my sassy side eye in the picture of me and my brother :)
Juniper loves running around the yard and “herding” her human sister. She’s such a great puppy!
Hi! My name is Sheldon Boo! I’m a super sweet and loving little boy. My parents came to pick me and my sisters up all the way from Kentucky! I love to cuddle, give kisses, be with my sisters, and my favorite thing is to be held and lay like a little baby on my back. I hope I can catch your eye!
If I win I will spend all this money on treats
Hi my names Milo, I am the most playful and smartest pup in the world. No really. I am. Im part Border Collie, did you know Border Collie have the highest IQ! Im 8 weeks old and almost fully potty trained already!! I love my bones, and going on long long walks. My favorite thing is baths and getting clean and putting on a new bandana, my mommy got me so many and i love wearing them and looking so handsome. Please vote for me.
Rocky is a playful energetic ball of love and he just wants to make your day with lots of snuggles.
My name is Nugget! I am a wild fun loving puppy with a personality bigger than I am. I love to play in the morning and cuddle at night time. My favorite place to lay is under a blanket with my nose out. I act ferocious, but really I just want to love you.
Roman is a very fun loving boy. He loves to play with toys and go for car rides.
Lunas got her own personality, and loves to talk! She’s extremely hyper, and a great runner! She is a bit klutzy though ❤️
Paddy Pug
She is a nice pug!
Life with this floofer is never boring! She’s sweet, cuddly, stubborn, and lazy!
My papa thinks I’m sleeping, but I’m actually preparing my next sneak attack!
Caliybva Eleuterio
Hi I am Caliybva, a Husky. I am the first baby dog that my parents have. They sometimes think I am like a Dinosaur to the ways I act. I am really grumpy, if my parents don't put attention with me. I love to drink water, especially when its really cold. I love to eat meat, and bones, and play with them along. I really do not like to play with toys, but i love doing a teething by woods. I love to play, and run. I can run very fast for 2 hrs. I have a lot of friends but they are older than me. Well they act like a boss but I am very lovely and really patient with them. Do not forget to vote me please.
I am a happy and fun loving lil guy who loves kids and kisses and learning to play catch with mom all loving and belly rubs welcome ❤️
She’s so beautiful everyone who meets her loves Luna
I'm full of energy, super friendly and playful. I instantly make best friends!
This is Gypsy. She is a female pitbull. She is 2 years old. Loves her ball, outside and baths. Full of energy and love ❤️
Hello I’m Nala I’m sweet, sassy, & spoiled! I love to cuddle and watch movies.
Daisy Mae
Likes to play, run, play catch and go for car rides. Also likes to cuddle.
Beau is the sweetest dog. He is a charcoal lab who is 11months old and will be 1 year old on Oct 10. He loves to play “catch me if you can” and loves to snuggle. He also enjoys bubble baths.
Sassy is a black Mastador puppy with blue eyes. She loves to run and play.
Sargent loves to explore the outdoors. He doesn't leave a stick unloved.
Phoenix is a big ol goof ball. Hes loving and super energetic. Just turned 9 months earlier in September. And well, He will do almost anything for peanut butter❤
This is Ruby, she is a 6 year old rescue. She also comes to Boo, Boobear, and Awkward Chicken. She enjoys barking at absolutely nothing, hoarding toys like it's her job, and ruining any sort of fun her sister Trixie is having.
Luke is fun, loving and all boy! He loves to go bye bye with mom
Because he’s really smart and gives a lot of love to his family and we don’t put a leash on him in the front yard because he always stays next to his family always and plays a lot with my son
King Havoc
He loves to snuggle. His favorite treats are peanut butter and sweet potato. His favorite toy is his halloween spider named spidey
Nugget is a 2 year old pit-husky mix. We adopted him a year ago. He loves to go for walks and playing with toys. He also likes to snuggle with us.