Molly loves her siblings get her a bet toy and her eyes get so big and she pounces around the house wagging her tail and has to show everyone what she got .
Prince Dante
he is the gaurdian in the dark, that never leaves her side. He is the best baby monitor if she moves in her crib. With no doubt he is her knight.
Kylo is a 11 week old Australian Shepherd mix. He loves going on long hikes and taking naps with his favorite stuffed animals.
Oscar loves to cuddle. He loves to play with his best friend Max.
Cannoli is a English American bulldog, he’s super sweet and loves cuddles and treats.
Nigel is a foster fail! He had lived in an inner city in the North East for 4 years with no veterinary care. Surrendered to a rescue and fostered by me, his charming, sophisticated personality won my heart! He earned his CGC and aspires to be a therapy dog! Those eyes would heal anyones soul!
Meet Buddy, he is a jack Russell terrier mix. He is very special to my husband and I. He is 10 months old. He has been through a lot with us since we got him. We love our buddy
Bob was seven weeks when I got her. I was told she was a girl but after a week I thought she was a boy, So her name became Bob. I took her in when she was four months old to get her vaccinated and the Vet told me she was a girl and so her name remains to be Bob. She does like her name. She is very much a mamas girl and has became a very loving puppy. She Loves the people she knows. She Loves her Belly Rubbbed. She is now 1 year and three months old. Bob loves to Zoom Zoom and go get her stuffed animal monkey, her first toy. She has a sister who lives with her Dad who she absolutely adores and loves to play with her. They are. One year and. Four months apart. They have same Mom but different dad. Bob brings so much Joy to my life.
Hi my name is Tucker! I love to play with my little brother, Bear. We wrestling all day and love being outside! I am the sweetest boy to my family 💚
Kali is a 7 month old rescue golden retriever. She is loving and comical. Her favorite toy is stealing my dish towel or socks. Kali came up from the south and has been suffering with severe pneumonia since 12 Weeks old when we adopted her. Spending more than a week in the animal hospital in ICU, isolation oxygen tank and vet visits every 2 weeks for lung x-rays and blood work. She has been on antibiotics since we adopted her to overcome pneumonia. Throughout all of this she is growing and is the most loving furbaby and a strong love of life.
Kona, is our little sweetheart! Her name means Coffee and Lady in Hawaiian. She is a 10 week old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd 💙 and she is very unique with her split face. She is very playful and has a great personality! She gives the best kisses and cuddles and we just love her so much!
Skye is my sweet & adorable Bernes mountain dog/lab mix🤍 he’s such a sweet boy who loves to sleep on his mommas lap! He forgets to walk a lot and decided to jump everywhere instead:) he is mommy and daddy’s first baby🤍
Henry is a giant schnauzer. He is a huge cuddle bear and steals stuffed animals (he likes to them carry around). He has no idea that is as big is he is…like Ferdinand the Bull!
Hi! I’m Axle, my mom told me to say some things about me I guess so, first mom says I eat way to fast, and that I can slow down but what’s the fun in that?! I love chewing Cardboard and moms shoes, and her couch, and stealing the rabbits food, okay okay I may like to chew and eat everything but hey we can look past that, I’m still a puppy! I may be bigger then most adult dogs and but I’m only 6 months old, I mean cmon people what do you expect? Mom likes to call me a horse, whatever that means, I also like to lay around with mom all day, or follow her everywhere to make sure she’s not eating, leaving, drinking, or doing anything without me! I like to protect her! Oh and did I mention I love cardboard??
She is a rescue. She loves her toys. She sleeps upside down and she's very mischievous.
Hi! My names Jethro, My mom told me to tell you guys about me so here I am, I really like my treats, and going for walks, and swimming, and going outside, and going for rides and just about anything that has to do with people! I love my comfort blanket and toys, they make me feel comfortable around new people! Mom says that 76lbs isn’t a lap dog but I beg to differ! Oh oh and I love my face rubbed! Especially on my scar where I had what mom likes to call my cancer tumor removed, I felt really loopy that day! Anyways I have a tennis ball to rip up, bye!
Miss Mae
Miss Mae is our senior lab and she is sweet as sugar! Retrieving birds is in her nature but tennis balls are her absolute favorite! Our loving Labradore is Kind to everyone she meets. The perfect cuddle buddy and companion!
Marty will soon be 4 yrs.old April, I've had 8 Labs throughout my lifetime and I've got to say, Marty has been the biggest clown. We live right beside a creek and in the summer you can't keep him out of the water...he loves it! also he loves to eat vegetables... favorite veggies are green pepper, broccoli, celery and green beans and favorite fruit is bananas,apples, raspberries and strawberries. Both my boyfriend and I are seniors and partially handicapped we are teaching Marty to retrieve things that we have dropped and he's doing real good with that.
Dutches is a very happy, playful 8 month old pup that loves playing with her sister, tearing up her toys and snuggling she would love your vote🥰
Hayze is a 7 month old Maltipoo who suffers from separation anxiety. We are his 3rd home. My son adopted him with hopes to take him back to college as his emotional support animal. Unfortunately, Hayze could not move freely in the carrier under the seat on the plane. So, I would not allow Hayze to be given up on again. So, I decided to give him his forever home and work with him every day. Hayze is very intelligent and fast learner. He loves people, dogs, and other animals. I am looking forward to taking him camping this summer.
Miss Sly fox is a beautiful American cocker spaniel who loves her piggy toy, peanut butter, and walks with her mommy! If you meet her you will instantly be her best friend!
Stallone is a big momma's baby! He loves his toys, and he loves his family! He is very protective over his girls and momma! He is spoiled rotten! :)
Minwi is a 6th month old German Shepard mix. He loves playing fetch, interacting with other dogs, belly rubs and treats!
Little Bear
Little Bear is quite a character. From sneezing when he barks, to dressing up in all his fancy outfits. He sure to make your day just as unique as he is. He is sure to make you laugh. When you give this little guy a snack. He will put it on the ground to inspect it before deciding if it's delicious. His sweet nature makes him the perfect gentleman.
Shes also known as Pudgy Paws Prudence. She loves making new friends and her whole butt wiggles when she sees anyone. She loves her best friend Rat, the cat. She loves squeaky toys and lots of cuddles.
Tucker is a silly 1 year old Shorkie. He loves to wrestle with the cats, and he chatters his teeth all the time. He loves all treats, and loves to be outside
Leo moved from Michigan to Florida when he was 4 months old. Since then he has made friends with every human and animal friend he’s come across. He loves going to the beach so he can swim, going for hikes, and playing with his friends. Leo goes to daycare where he is known as the Rover Ambassador because he is the first dog introduced to the new dogs and lets them know how much fun they can have there! He especially loves small dogs and puppies. He’s also a big momma’s boy 🥰
Arlo is a well trained k9 and part of the police deputy. He is very kind and love kids and cats.
Cockapoo | Loves playtime and being outside 🐾 | GA 🍑
Jameson is a big sweet lovable Aussie puppy at just 10 months old. He loves to eat just about anything and loves his plush chuckle bear toys . He follows mom constantly around the house and never leaves her side. Jameson doesn’t bark or whine at all, instead for communication he boops you with his nose getting your attention and telling you what he wants. He’s a big gentle giant that will steal everyone’s hearts 💕
Mya is a Maltipoo and is 100% puppy. She loves naps, long walks on the trail and sun bathing! She is super friendly and knows no strangers, she treats everyone like a long lost friend!
Duke is a Catahoula who went from living on a ranch to living in a city and is now enjoying the same things but with added new adventures like beach walks!
She is wild, my sister brought her to Michigan from Pennsylvania as well, she was so scared at first, but warmed up to other dogs around her, and my sisters cat.
Hes top dog loves his walks runs toys spoiled rotton sleeps bed wth us hog bed hero saveing baby kitti mama left behind took in as his own beautiful dog loved much
Boss lives up to his name and loves to attack… with kisses! He is such a lover and loves anybody who he comes in contact with.
He loves to cuddle and snuggle but also is super hyper and loves play time
Rooster is a 3 legged friend, he loves to sleep with a blanket wrapped around him. He loves playing with his doggy friends!
River is joyful and has lots of energy. She loves to cuddle and chew on toy bones!
Midnight is a wonderful pet. She cuddles with you. She will stay by your side through anything you are going through. She is my best friend. I talk to her and she talks to me. I love her with all my heart ♥️
She's the best dog ever was ever has my side like glue shes playful and loyal
Kasey is a 7 month old and he loves adventures with his cousin t
Loves food and cuddles! Sweetest dog and cutest ever!
ENGLISH BULLDOG. It's Bonnie's world and we're just living in it. She's has a big personality and loves to go to retirement communities for lots of love ❤️.
Blue Boy
This is Blue boy He’s a five month old great Pyrenees puppy with a very important job. He’s a medical alert in PTSD, allergy detecting service, dog, and training. He had to fill big shoes with my Australian shepherd passed away, but he was down for the challenge. he loves to do agility courses, learn new things go for a walk with the horses and sleep with the sheep’s and cows
Lazer is 11 years old going on 2. Hes super special. He loves everyone and loves attention. Hes super healthy and we are so thankful after a nearly dehabilitating injury/back surgery when he was 5. We didnt know if he would walk again. It was a long process but hes back to telling off iguanas, tearring up coconuts and playing with his blue ball. Hes every bit as kind as those eyes say he is. Hes become quite a lover as hes aging. Hes truly the best. He has a brother Wullie who is super special as well. We just LOVE them.
Peaches is a sweet and cuddly puppy! At five months old she is beyond her years! She loves her boy and her balls! She is living her best life as a pampered Malamute!
Like each any every dog, Buddy entered our life and immediately became the light of our family. He protects, brings joy and second without him around feels off. He loves car rides, mangos, and wearing his outfits.