My foster fail a few months back. Loves to play with toys and give you a million kisses. She loves hitting the road in the car and loves going on walks.
She loves to go for walks / runs
Toby loves walks, barking at any delivery company and enjoys pawtastic pawdrinks 🐶🙃
Hi, my name is Daisy and I have a wonderful family. I am a very smart dog but I have my flaw’s. I swear I am afraid of a lot of things like a grocery bag or any weird noise I don’t know, but other than that I love my big sister Arizona who is a Australian Shepard. Sometimes we play and sometimes Arizona is a brat and snips at me because she is so over me. I am a very smart corgi who loves to learn new tricks. My favorite tricks is pretending to go night night, dance and spin. But all in all I love my family and just love to curl up by them and get pets and cuddles. Oh yeah one more thing, it’s weird but I just love to get pet on my head by my hoomens feet and chase a Laser light.
He's such a sweet boy, loves to play ball and loves his affection. He's 6 years young this year loves everybody and all animals even the smallest one's. These breeds are so misunderstood and given a bad name because some people are cruel, its all on how you raise them not how you can show them the bad things their capable of given their horrible reputation!!
Hi I'm Loki I'm a 6month old American blue pit and Dalmatian. My favorite thing to play with is mom's socks. I love to run and jump out doors and play with the neighborhood kids. I absolutely love chasing bubbles. I don't leave my mommy's side who broke her ankle. I snuggle, shake and give lots of kisses. Please vote for me 😘😘😘😘
Rebel loves his pillow, marshmallows, and his roommates!! And FOOD...
Storm is lovable! He’s alert and on guard when it comes to protecting his owner, he’s fast, smart and active while outdoors and vocal. He likes to run, play, talk, play with squeaky toys, tennis balls and play fetch. Mostly likes the outdoors.
Sir Clyde is a giant alaskan Malamute
Oh our archie, he is always down for it all. A car ride to the bike trail or just to the dog park. Hes definitely your best friend for some food too
A friend of mine gave me Ziggy he is 10 years old he has food allergies he cannot have no red dye and he's been with me for about 3 years now he does really good he minds really good he's spoiled very spoiled he has so everywhere I go when I get out of my sister's car he starts crying for me so he's my little buddy he goes camping with me he's got his sister he's got two brothers and two bearded dragon Brothers he's got like I said he's got his sister it's a cat so yeah he minds really good he lives is really good and he's turning 10 years old
Hi I’m Jada, I love playing ball with my humans and herding my moms daycare kids!! I am so loving and snuggly, but need work on separation from my humans.
Miss Bambi is the sweetest most loving mommies girl. She loves running and playing
Charlie Rae
Mallie is a very hyper active-cuddle bug who loves playing catch and playing with her best friend abbey and loves exploring new things
Abbey Road
Abbey is a very hyper puppy who loves running around with her best friend mallie and loves learning new tricks as long as she gets her treats lol
The crunchiest boi around! Recent Puppy Star Grad 🎓 Fang Morningstar Crunch
Echo is a wild dog whos sole purpose is to play all day and to spin tornadoes all night with the occasional nap.
Trigger is the biggest baby and loves his momma endlessly! He truly is the best dog
Lemon Poppyseed
Lemon is an 8 week old Golden Retriever. She loves water, dirt, and cuddles!
Chavie is like a sour patch kid. He gets moody but then he wants you to pet him. He also plays rough and is always biting his sister's ears and paws so she can play
She is a fun, loving, loyal, very obedient 5 month old puppy. She came into our lives when we most needed of a character like her. I thank God for putting her in our family’s path, she is the joy of our family. Your vote would mean the world to us, as well as we would give a vote back and support others competing.
she like walks playing in water and love sticks lol
Charlie is a very sassy puggy who thinks he is the alpha pug of the grumble. He loves his mama more than anything else and his favorite things to do are eat and snuggle. Charlie also loves to give hugs!
He's a big spoiled rotten baby, & he likes going everywhere I go. All I have to do is say, do you want to go bye bye.
Bentley is a Maltese/Shih Tzu. Loves playing fetch, taking naps with ya, just loves being were you are. Loves going to the dirt track races.
Cash is a st bernedoodle. Loves to play, likes cold places to sleep, going for rides in the car.
HoneyBee is our guardian, our counselor, our mediator, and best friend! She loves all of her toys and her puppies! She had a litter of 4 pups on May the 24th of this year. She's the best mother. She sleeps in our bed, loves peanut butter, steak, Unicorn popcorn, and her favorite Dream Bones!
Reno Larouche
Mama's completely spoiled 12 years old sweet giant baby boy! Stole my heart the moment we met on mother's Day 2010. He was so little back then 5 weeks old and the head a size of an apple! He fit in one hand and looked as if he would tip over when you set him down because his head was so big compared to his body. From day one it was apparent he was smart as a whip! But also very stubborn and definitely food motivated! Learned his first trick on sit and stay in the matter of a few hours the second day we were together. It was rather easy to train him using food motivation thanks to his kryptonite... cheese.
Roxy Loo
Adopted as a rescue from the Pima county animal shelter when she was 3 yrs old. Now A 9 year old bluetifulll gentle soul, she's happy to just be petted, have her belly rubbed and fed snacks. A daddy's girl to the core, she misses her favorite person who recently passed away, but she loves her mamma and her big brother and little sister. She doesn't know a stranger and insists to be petted and aknowleged by every person she encounters!
Coco Bean
Coco Bean is a very loving sweet girl loves to cuddle and nap with her nanny
ChipChip is very cute but rambunctious always wanting attention and very playful
Mimi is an American Eskimo Spitz. She's now at the rainbow bridge at 8 and 1/2 years old. She crossed over July 17th 2022. Mimi loved chicken!!!! She loved going for car rides and walks and loved her family very much. She had the sweetest face in the sweetest disposition of any dog I've ever had. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out! Love and miss you boo boo!
Loona Rose
Loonie is almost a year old mix of American Bull Terrior and Pocket Bully I've had her from 6 weeks old She loves to play with her squeaky possum her favorite toy. She is also in traing to help my pops around his place when shes with him- open doors (CPR) well she likes to jump on your chest with her two front paws like shes doing CPR when you're asleep. At least she does it to my pops
Lollipop is such an Angel!! She is my Blessing. She never leaves my side & helps me so much with my PTSD. She loves to give kisses & she will cuddle up for warm snuggles. She may only be 4 lbs but she has a huge heart!!!
Gizmo loves his family!! When we adopted him I think we saved each other!! He loves his squeaky toys and treats!! Loves to snuggle and lay in the sun.
Ziva My Diva
Ziva was a rescue pup! She has 2 big brothers a golden retriever named Cooper and a chocolate lab named bear. She loves to play with them even though she is so much smaller that doesn’t stop her. She loves camping and playing in the river. She is a chow hound whenever food is on the table she thinks she needs what is being served. She is a momma’s girl but loves her daddy’s beard.
Saké loves to sleep but will bring her food bowl to you if she is hungry. She is loving but never hesitates to let you know what she needs.
Reba is sassy & smart. She has a couple of nicknames "Wolf Puppy" and "Love Bug". Her favorite snack is Cheetos. She's full of personality & keeps her humans amused on a daily basis 🤣 🥰
Joker loves to play with his siblings! He is very energetic and loves being outside💚
Stella Barrett
She loves playing ball, great with kids and well natured all around for a lil girl we took out of a bad setting shes really come around and youd never really know it.
Fable is an absolute clown anytime we say the word groom she throws herself on the couch and plays dead. She always makes us laugh and would cuddle all day long if she could
Sophie is a little baby. She knows she is cute and uses that to her advantage. She loves playing in wet grass and with her little sister Dixie. Sophie loves her family and loves watching strangers but she is scared of them. Every evening she loves running in the fields playing frisbee and tug of war. She definitely knows how to get her way.
Ace is extremely hyper and friendly. He gets a sniff of someone new and automatically wants to play with them. He’s well potty trained and listens very well. Ace also loves to cuddle and show affection. He is still teething so he does bite! Ace is the best campion a owner could have.
Chubs E. Carpoochi
Chubs loves to be cuddled. He’s his own dog. Very attached to me loves human attention. Sweet as can be. Soft fur which everyone loves.
The Mighty Quinn
The Mighty Quinn got his name because he is a survivor, a lover of life and his nose is magic (it has changed from pink to black over the years)! Quinn is sadly the product of irresponsible breeding. Quinn is a double blue border collie. He was born deaf and vision impaired. He has trouble seeing from his right eye and his eye sight is poor when the sun is bright. The breeder thought that these challenges meant no one could love him so they decided to place Quinn in a kill shelter. Fortunately, a rescue in Illinois decided he was worthy of a loving home so they plucked him from death row and placed him for adoption. At just 6 months old Quinn's forever family found him and he has been living his best life for over 4 years. He has 3 human brothers and parents who love him dearly! Despite his challenges he LOVES hiking with his family, playing with the neighbor dogs and walking his brothers to school daily. Other pastimes include eating pizza left on plates, cleaning up whatever his parrot brothers drop on the floor and keeping the backyard safe from dangerous species such as mourning doves, squirrels and rabbits. The Mighty Quinn adds so much light to this world and reminds all of us that LOVE cannot be seen or heard, but felt from within!
He is very sweet, funny and smart..He is our baby.
Hello my name is Stella. I am 10 years old and loves people. I am so friendly. I loves to make sure My mommy is okay.