Xena Mae
Ms.Xena is 4 months old and is the happiest puppy you’ll ever meet, she’s always smiling from ear to ear! She loves to love on her people, being outside and her toys!
He has the funniest personality. He loves to be outside with my other dogs and he also LOVES barking at cats 24/7. He’s very photogenic as you can tell and he is very protective of his mom. He’s my whole world. I found him back in September when he was just a baby and I’m so glad I did.
Zoey (Zo-Zo) is young and full of spunk! Recently joined our family in the fall and is attached to her older sisters hip. Where ever her sister goes, she goes - whether Lexi likes it or not! She’s still in puppy mode and loves finding a little bit of mischief wherever she can…whether it be someone’s shoe or sock or the nearest corner baseboard. She’s been the perfect addition to the family. Loves to snuggle and be close to her humans just like her sister. ❤️🥰
My name is Bear, I love playing in the snow and taking baths! But I also love mud puddles right after I get cleaned!
Hi my name is Ava I am 1 year old. I love you play outside, chase all of the birds that sit in the trees in my back yard. I love to eat all of the time. I especially love the treats that mom gives me, I’ll give her both of my paws and I will sit real pretty for her. I hope to win! Good luck to all my fury friends.
Lexi Lou is the sweetest and most loyal companion. She loves to snuggle and to give and receive lots of attention from whoever will accept or offer it. She has lots of energy and can play for hours without napping. She loves to chase leaves in the fall and dig big muddy puddles in the spring. She loves simply to be with her family no matter what we are doing. If we are home she’s at our feet whenever we go. 🥰💛
Honey is a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon! She is almost 11 weeks old and already sits, shakes, points and fetches her toys. She loves to play, cuddle and boss her siblings around. She is the smallest alpha I’ve ever seen. She is not afraid of anything and loves to explore. She enjoys her treats and loves takes naps! We have been beyond blessed with our little bundle of joy❤️🐾❤️
Ellie Mae
She is the sweetest, cuddliest pup every and she wants nothing more than to please everyone. She is a total goofball!
She is very loyal. She loves to roll in a nice muddy pile of dirt. She loves her stuff babies and going on trips❤️
Hi i’m oakley! I am a dalmatian golden retriever mix. I love cuddles with my mom and getting night time snacks! I love going to the lake and swimming with all my other siblings. I love cows and ducks. my favorite toys are stuffed ducks and dinosaurs
Sadee Mae
Sadee Mae is a very active healthy fun dog loves her mom and dad and her to absolute best friends in the world are an orange cat named Kevin and her tail Lol
Little Bear
Hi my name is Little Bear I live in Marlinton Wv with my humans and my boxer sister. My favorite things to do are play fetch an play with my boxer sister but my most favorite thing to do is bite my humans panst legs an be pulled around the house. An the thing I absolutely love the most is my Pacifier!!
Ghost loves to run and play outside. He loves people and playing at the dog park. He is very energetic and cuddly!
Hello i’m Luka. I love cuddling with mom and dad. I love playing fetch and eating anything and everything that I find on the floor!
Pnutz is just a lil dog in a big crazy world, trying to be a pagent pup!
He loves to cuddle. He enjoys running circles around his sister Remi and going on trips❤️
Hi guys, I’m shadow Zeus sister, I am very energetic and love to cuddle and play
Milo Matthew
Milo is a very kind and loving dog. I struggle with ptsd, severe anxiety and depression. Milo never fails to cheer me up and can always tell when I’m about to have an anxiety attack. I am so thankful for him, he needs to have a big operation on his back legs because they bow out when he walks….
Hi, I’m Bear! I’m a husky/ doberman! I like playing outside and watching the birds! I’m not really a fan of water though.. I don’t have any fur brothers or sisters so I’m pretty spoiled😁
Ellie Mae
This is Ellie Mae. She is a 3 year old blue heeler. Ellie was adopted from the shelter. She had a not so nice life before the shelter but now is living and loving life.
Draco is a Aussie doodle! He is 10 months old. He loves to play with his sister Millie & be loving and hyper 24/7.
Tug of war with my brother Loki is my favorite activity next to fishing/ hiking. All shoes must be destroyed.
Millie is a 10 month old AUSSIEDOODLE. She is sweet, loving & very hyper!
Too sweet for her own good <3
Hi my name is Opie. I love treats, walks, and my humans. My human got me when she was in the 10th grade so we kind of grew up together. My humans are my best friends. I’ve had some struggles regarding some dogs in the neighborhood, but that hasn’t stopped me.
Reece likes to play in the lake and tear up her toys! She is well mannered and even knows how to give her mom a boop with her nose!
Hi my name is Zeus, I love to go on walks and play with my sister shadow I’m the biggest loving baby in the world, I’m terrified to get baths but will get bribed for a nice treat vote for me !
Malibu Mae
Malibu is a husky/german shepherd/lab mix who loves car rides, playing fetch, swinging & being outside! & shes a mamas girl for sure! ❤️
I’m Archie. I’m almost 2 years old and a mixed breed. I love playing in the yard with my brother. Chew toys and playing fetch are my favorite things. I love cuddles from my hoomans. My favorite season is summer because I love the lake and swimming!
I adopted Tinkerbell from BARCS animal rescue/shelter as a surprise early birthday present to my fiancé! Tinkerbell loves to play and get lots of belly rubs and loves cuddle time….one thing special about Tinkerbell is she has a small brindle spot on her belly shaped of a ❤️, I call that her beauty mark lol
Zeus is a 8 month old lab/pit mix. He loves the water, going for walks, playing with his toys and chasing his tail. He is the biggest sweetheart and is a mamas boy.
Ember is a pretty fox red English lab who loves her humans. She likes dressing up, chewing toys, and running around at dog parks. Her favorite toy is a sheep's horn, and her favorite food is peanut butter. Ember is a stubborn, doting, loving, beautiful girl who wants your votes! :)
Demon is a Siberian Husky and is constantly full of energy. He loves to go for car rides and also go for walks. He likes to run and play with his toys! His favorite toy is his stuffed hedge hog.
Zoey is a fun, energetic pup who can’t wait to get her paws on balls! She loves to play fetch, chase the squirrels with Cassie, and love on her mom and dad! Zoey is the best cuddle buddy to Cassie.
Even as an old girl, Cassie still has the spunk of a puppy! She loves treats of all kinds, and she always tries to get the squeaker out of toys. Not to meantion, she loves to chase the squirrels in our yard. Cuddles are a must and don’t leave her alone!
Hi my name is Cooper! My momma likes to call me a lot of different nicknames including: Mister Man, Coop-Dog, Scoop, Fluff-Butt, etc. I know my mom thinks I’m the cutest dog ever, and I hope you will too! If I were to win the prize, I could get any toy I wanted. I would probably get a new red frisbee, as that is my favorite. A few other things I enjoy are swimming, car rides, and singing with my momma. Thank you for reading about me! <3
Maya Lynn
This is Maya Lynn she is the sweetest girl, the way to her heart is to give her any kind of ball! She is the cuddliest girl!!
Nala is a super fun and crazy dog, she loves to chase animals in the yard and wrestle her sister Rue. She is very curious of shadows, even her own. Her favorite toy is a red and green rope, and she has a koala pillow pet that she always sleeps with. She also has a pink polka dotted sweater she lets us out on her and always loves to chew on it.
This girl has been through so much in her life. She has a slipped disc in her back. No more doggie park. She’s swallowed a need and had to have surgery. We are over those hurtles in life. Now she’s her human’s best friend. From helping momma with her MS to, not telling anyone her human’s secrets!
She likes to potty in the house, sqeeky toys, seeing what mom and dad are doing in the bathroom,she can sit and shake, stubborn doesnt begin to describe her. Menacing.
Jojoboy is mixed shizu,yorkie and datson.. I delivered him from womb,he was the smartest one from liter, rare green eyes! Hes only known PURE LOVE, and humans. His mom stayed with him many years. He knows key words well,obedient, funny, pouts,and is my ONLY LITTLE BOY MY ONLY CHILD..HES 10 years old
Hello, my name is Oakley! I’m a very smart girl and I love to play with my toys, be outside with my people and go for rides. I love to meet new people when I’m out with my humans, for a walk. 💞 🐾 🐾💞
Hi everyone, I’m Snoopy Lee Baker. I’m a 7month old Chiweenie mix with Maltese😊. I love to play fetch and chew up all my toys. I also love to follow my owners everywhere they go. 🐶❤️ Please vote me!
My little Drifter. She has defied the odds more than once. She is the only survivor from her siblings that didn't get parvo. She was bitten twice by a copperhead and survived being hit by a car leaving her with a broken front leg and spinal cord injury giving her partial paralysis. But my tough girl has fully recovered and is full of life and love.
Hello, my name is Luna! I am a very loving black lab who loves to play with my toys and run outside. I will lick you to death before i think you’re a threat:)
I am a senior dog that was in a shelter for 3 years, i was about to be put down but these 2 wonderful young girls came and showed me there was hope. I love my people, they made sure i was comfortable in my first month adjusting which was very hard for me. I love my food. My favorite place to be scratched is behind my ears. I love rubbing my face in the carpet with my butt up when im very happy. I love interacting with people and getting attention and scratches. I am camera shy because i fear im only being photoed to be put up for adoption again. I love playing fetch with my people. My all time favorite thing to do is go for car rides with the windows down and listening to rascall flatts. I frequently get spoiled every time im in the car with pup cups or ice cream. I dont get brain freeze and love to show off how much ice cream i can down at once and have no problem.
Winnie is a Boarder Collie Corgi mix. She loves bones and belly rubs. We adopted her from Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue.