he is the most sweetest playful loves to pick up anything and everything lol he barks on command and he loves love loves belly rubs and he’s a good listener and he loves toys and he would be perfect for a pageant if you love fur babies please vote for my Draco
Chase is our first furbaby and an absolute sweet heart. He loves to give kisses and hugs. He can sit, dance, shake with left and right paws, lays and roll over and gives high fives. He so smart and never has met a stranger. He's a hunter by blood and his biggest catches these days are flies lol he is very silly and the absolute best friend me and my husband have ever had 😭🥰😘😁 our boy loves to cuddle and truly is a remarkable mog (half man half dog) show our baby some love with your vote 🤗😘
A Good dog🥺🫶🏻
Juicy Blanc
Juicy is an amazing pup she’s full of personalities, she’s an family pup she loves to play and can’t stop eating food, she also loves to cuddle under my belly and feel warm I got juicy when she was only 5 days old and now she’s 21/2 months and very active more than ever most definitely loved by the family and she also loves toys.
Coco is living, caring, gives you her paw when she wants a treat. She is protective, quiet, just a loveable furbaby can't change coco breed
Yum Yum
Stella his baby mama 😍❤️😍the gray and white one is yum yum
I'm sorry this is coco don't know how to change her name.
Juicy Blanc
Juicy is an amazing pup she’s full of personalities, she’s an family pup she loves to play and can’t stop eating food, she also loves to cuddle under my belly and feel warm I got juicy when she was only 5 days old and now she’s 21/2 months and very active more than ever most definitely loved by the family and she also loves toys.
ZIVA is a 4 year old 33 lb Eski-Shepherd that looks like a minerature German Shepherd. She likes to pose for the camera, play fetch , and cuddle. Ziva is my Service dog. She receives compliments on her behavior and how she executes her command where ever we go, whether it be my doctors, grocery store or any place we go. Ziva lights up a room when she walks in and she enjoys bringing love to those who just need a hug at a nursing home or where ever she sees fit. She can put a smile on the saddest face. Ziva is quite the mommys girl and a very loving and happy dog. My baby girl!
Lilly love's to chase anything that will run, she's a very energetic, happy dog, she loves riding in our buggy and truck, running in the woods is her favorite thing to do!
Lilly Grace
Very loving pup she loves playing with her toys loves her picture taking
She is a very sweet friendly dog , she is very attached to her person. And we need help to pay her bills lol :) cuz she was in the surgery one year ! Now she is doing better. She is very playful likes other dogs as well.
Troy is an excellent guard dog. He is very loyal and loving to his elderly owners. He alerts us when someone is coming in the driveway wheather by vehicle or walking. He's super intelligent and is our constant companion. Troy alerts us by barking and running back and forth when my husband needs help. He has severe Parkinson's disease. We're so blessed to have him.
Gracie is 17 and loves her boat time ❤️
He is an amazing dog. Rescued and loving life. Loves all creatures and humans. Just an all around perfect dog. Love you Riley!!
That's Dutchesse with her sister Queenie but Queenie had passed on so I'm trying to do what I can to show her the best love she also has human sisters mj & Bella and a brother Tommy she’s 15 but acts likes she’s 3 she loves car ride and swimming in the pool
Woof friends! I’m very a mature and playful but I do model when my dad takes me to vacation! Sometimes, I go out with him to work as a service dog. Check out my modeling photos!! I like to spend time with cats, walk with dad, and stay next to him! I do have Instagram! Check it out @seojin.yi
Coco love to love on his family and he like chest chicken around the house
We got so lucky with our Miss Mya we got her right around when covid began and she just gave us a reason to keep going everyday she has a diva personality with all the toys and clothes,sunglasses, and Hats to match. She loves anyone and everyone especially toddlers💜 We call her our little land hippo because she is basically one big muscle but you wouldn’t know it unless you tried to pick her up lol she wishes she was a lap dog but oh boy is she not but we let her think she is because it makes her happy please vote for our little diva 💜
He s funny and a gorgeous dude
He loves attention and treats
⚠️⚠️⚠️☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️ Trying to get a trophy... Please help me!! NO ADVANCES! VOTE for VOTE Exchanges only. Please vote to 10. No KingPet space available. ☑️☑️⚠️⚠️⚠️ All votes for Sandi are gifts please unless you contact me first. We will exchange if you ask, but ask on Shadow's wall. Please give her a like. She loved to be by our side. We miss our Sandi a lot.
Max is a Labrador retriever, beagle mix who loves to play with his hooman babies and get all the cuddles from mom!☺️
Duke thinks he is a small dog. He tries to get in my lap while I am sitting in the lounge chair. He loves to ride in the car with his head in the Sun roof. Duke loves to give kisses on my cheek. He is my baby.
Flash is half Pomeranian and chihuahua mixed, 1 1/2 year old, we got him when he was 5 months old. He loves people, loves a lot of attention, likes to be petted all the time and very talkative. I love when him and his older sister dog Timber greets me every day when I cone home after work, they like to wait for me at the foyer (I believe they missed me). Flash is very particular to eat his food, he waits for his sister Timber to finish her food first then he will eat his. Also, he tells us when he wants to go outside to play or do his business barking at us. Oh my, i almost forget, he dances when he asks to give him snacks. He is very smart, loves to be outside and chases deers. He supposed to be attached to me but he got to my husband. Flash is our joy and he entertain us a lot and keep us distracted after our youngest son moved out. I know he loves both us!!! We love our little Flash very much!! ❤️🐕❤️
Bleu is a silver lab who loves his toys very much, loves his humans & the tiny humans as well. Bleu loves to get into trouble, but has the most gentle heart & loves so big !
Loves cuddles , playing with her favorite toy !
He loves to wrestle and play with his dad.
Bug is a diabetic shitzu who is in our senior dog rescue in pa EnVi dog rescue and animal sanctuary. He loves people and food! Winning this contest will so help bug and other medical dogs in our rescue!
Stewie loves to be the head of the pack. He’s very sassy and bossy. He loves to take pictures. He’s a star in his own mind. He’s been featured in 2 calendars and we are very proud of him.
Dottie is 3 years old. When she was a newborn puppy, we found her in a dumpster on a freezing night sometime in october. That night changed our lives forever. She loves to play with her brother axel, and hug her owners. She loves going on car rides. She recently lost her big sister Daisy (a blue great dane) from people opening our gates to her fence. This contest would help get her a better fencing area to play in and to keep it secure so people will stop letting her out and get her up to date on all of her shots and will get her in for check ups.
Cookie is a rescue pup from the amazing people at Paws Fur Hope in Los Angeles. She is about 8 years old and has pancreatitis, but she doesn’t let that get her down. She loves food and spins like a tornado when she is excited. It’s easy for her to get attention. All she has to do is sit up on her hind legs and make her little prayer hands and she gets whatever she wants.
Sammy is a huge momma boy if I leave the room he starts crying and whining until I come back and wherever I go he’s right at my feet following. His favorite thing to do is “play” with any type of ball which usually means see how fast he can shred it into little pieces. He may be 9 years old but he is a playful puppy at heart.
Zoe Belle
Zoe careies hwr babies around all day and she loves her alone time plays w everyone
Butterz loves to kiss you and jump on you when you are not looking. Loves to play and begs for treats
She is only 3 months but is the happiest,most curious,loves kids,and wants to be everyones pal. She stole my heart from just a picture from shelter.
Lilly Rose
She took a hole out of my heart when I lost my sixteen year old she is my whole heart
Pilot The Piggy Pup
Pilot the Piggy Pup, more affectionately called Pig, is a mushy, lovable cement truck! He enjoys playing with his toys from Bark Box Super Chewer (because he’s got jaws of steel) and tucking himself in. He also enjoys walks and romping through the snow! He’s got more personality than most people and is very protective of his mommy and daddy and is always on the lookout from the highest spot he can find!
She loves people and snuggling, she picks up sticks twice her size and shes very playful!
Trixie Dixie
Trixie is 5 years old..short legs..bumblebee butt and thinks shes just a lapdog puppy!
Kona is a 5 month old Golden-Retriever and a certified leaf, bird, and squirrel chaser🫡she loves to go on long walks, roll in the sand, and always does everything with a smile
Lil Bit
Loves his momma
Rosie is a double Merle she's blind but doesn't let that stop her she's very playful and loves the world she's a puppy mill rescue and knowns nothing but love she gives her human mom hugs every morning because she is so thankful she's living her life to the fullest she doesn't let her disability stop her if you met her in person you wouldn't even be able to tell that she's blind she's such a sweet girl her favorite thing to do is go on walks and do zoomies around the yard Rosie's favorite toy is a big stuffed orca that is the same size as her she likes to run it around the yard she is such a crazy girl
Mia is an 8 week old white pure German Shepherd. She loves to play, being outside, and fighting with her big sister Pepper! 🦴 She’s great with kids and other animals! Please vote for my girl. She deserves it 🩷
He is deaf, Love’s everybody
He loves to eat everything and is being trained to be a support dog for our 2 autistic boys.
Charlie is more human than dog he likes to sleep on pillows and under blankets, and he stands and dances for a treat
She my sweet little girl.She has teeth like a shark.And ske likes the way I taste. LOL