Baby Stories - 51


Rokie is a spunky, playful and loving boy. He is such a good big brother. He is so smart and loves to talk as well.
Rocco is a very lovable dog he love cuddling and playing in the snow. He also love getting pup cups and treats. He enjoys bath time🧼 and going outside and playing with toys 🐾
Andy is very playful and frisky. He's loyal to a fault, he's so well behave we don't have to bother putting him on a leash.
Belle is the most sweetest dog you will ever meet, she’s very cuddly and playful.
she loves to waddle like a seal when she gets super excited!! she also loves to cuddle and get pet!!
Honda is the best family dog anyone could have. He’s very gentle with our daughter and brings us all lots of happiness
Luna loves cuddles with her mama and enjoys playing fetch! Hands down the smartest and sweetest dog you will ever meet!
Java Chip
Java Chip is a person with in a dog. He has a very funny personality and also the most interesting looks. He like to be a couch potato at home but is always down for playtime with some good friends. He love little children because they are at his kissing level. He is Mr. Toy Distroyer, stuff animals don’t stand a chance. All in all, Java Chip is just a big old cuddle bear.
Freyja is a Treeing Walker Coonhound..she's about 3yrs old. 2 yrs ago I rescued her from a horrible abusive hm. She is so sweet & I'm so thankful to have her in my life.
Holly is so spunky and sweet! We love her so much. ❤️
Please help hunter beat his cancer and get his chemo! Hunter is my absolute best friend and my fur child. He has saved me more times than I can count and now I am desperately trying to return the favor and save his life instead. Please help us place high to get the prizes to help Hunter get his chemo treatments. Thank you all ❤️💕❤️💕❤️
Hello! I Am 👑Sir.Chub's, I Love to Eat,Sleep, Entertain with my Various Silly Pet Tricks 🤔😏🤣🤣🥱😴💤,LOL. I'm here really for you now to help me please and help me get the best chance to win BIGGER and win prize for the Ongoing VETERINARIANS EXPENSES FOR ..My 6 Sibling's and MamaDog Daisy too. It's not that easy to be a Happy Pup unless wer'e Healthy Pups! My Hooman Mum Dayla is a great helper and doesn't STOP on Us all 7 Pibble's here in our Shared Home for 4 years, 24/7 365 a years alot of Work but not really if your my Day Mum. She loved us all this time nonstop and if that's what a Hooman Mum doesn't Love us! TRUTH is? Well .. Than what else is it than? UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IT IS HONEST BETWEEN US 🐾❤👣 All the other things Fall into place if we're all just Healthy Pups and Looking forward to you all for your support VOTES/Gifts/Advances Time and effort it sure takes here now in Competitions we all know it too. Okay times up! Gotta go As Mum's saying it's time to let The Dogs Out to Poo/Pee and nibble and the snacking process is the Best for me of course! We're A BratPack Bunch of Luv PAWSITIVLY 7 PAWSOME R US PIBBLES AND WE KNOW IT. The Lucky "7"🍀at The Bates Dog House THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! 👑Sir.Chub's
Cooper the Golden loves to play fetch, and he enjoys treats! Cooper knows how to speak, shake, lay down, stay, sit, and roll over! He is the cutest Golden 💛
Zeus is the goodest boy you will ever meet! He loves to swim and play with squeaky toys. Zeus is very smart and can do many tricks! If you are lucky he will show you his handsome smile 😉🖤
Lyla Rose
Miss Lyla Rose will be 2 years old in a few months and she is so loving, goofy, affectionate, and very protective of her home and family! She loves walks(runs) through the woods, near water(not too close though, she doesn't like swimming), and through the block. If she's got your attention, she's got your heart ❤️
Zoey the Service Dog 🐕‍🦺 is a miniature Schnauzer with BIGGGGG personality! She loves to dress up and take pictures which led to her career as a brand ambassador for multiple shops on Instagram @zoeziewozie 📸 Zoey is the most perfect pup you will meet. She loves her toys and the outdoors but not more than she loves her mommy and family.
Lola Marie
Lola loves to play! She is always filled with joy , energy & happiness! She loves to be around others & really really enjoys belly rubs , cuddles & icecream :)
GG is mixed with Rottweiler and Lab but her personality favors the Lab side of her! She’s super sweet and LOVES cuddles! She also loves to swim and craves attention 24/7!
Stella Rose
Stella Rose is an Olde English Bulldog . She is a very energetic pup . She LOVES butt scratches , but really any scratches will satisfy her . She will let you know if you aren’t showing enough attention. She also really loves playing with her Great Dane brother , Poseidon .
Namaste is a very loving dog that loves to have as much attention as possible! A few things she loves is playing with other dogs, taking care of baby animals like they are her own, and getting her picture taken.
Maggie is my 5 year old Great Pyrenees/Husky. She is one of the most loyal, loving dogs you will ever meet.
MILO is a very active boy that loves being the center of attention !!!
Hank is the sweetest boy! He loves to play fetch, nap and play with his brother Milo 🐱
Beau was our first rescue and the pup who made us fall in love with rescuing. He is a beagle/chihuahua mix and just turned 1 January. He loves to go to the local dog park to make friends, go on outdoor adventures, chase balls but cuddling is his favorite pastime.
Hi this is Nachito he is a super loyal dog he loves his bone🦴he haves two cat 🐈brothers which he loves❣️So much thought they are annoying and steal his bed. I think every dog is ✨PERFECT✨ And they all deserve to win please help me to get this angel 👼🐶 to win with as many votes you can‼️‼️
Norman is a handsome, spunky English bulldog who loves food, farts and fun times with his family!
Cooper is a 9 month old Aussie who loves to meet new friends and give lots of kisses. He loves rolling around in the snow and getting his butt scratches!
Groot loves long walks to the mailbox, very short bubble baths, running and jumping in mud and snow. He likes to play with his pull ropes and chew toys and is the very best cuddle buddy.
My name is Moose and I love my hoomans! I enjoy cuddling, sticking my head in the snow, doing sit & paw, and playing fetch. I ring the bell for mommy & daddy when I have to go potty. I am pretty amazing if I say so myself- no accidents;) My best feature is that I am mommy’s emotional support doggy❤️
I’m Gunner I am 1 years old and I love to go hunting and I love to swim. I’m a little crazy at times but I also love cuddles at the end of the day.
Zeus is a love bug. His home away from home is daycare. He’s loved by every one there. Even the new workers. His favorite snack is bully slices from Petsmart. He loves to snuggle with me and loves his neck and chin rubbed. And I love his silky ears. Before I got Zeus I wasn’t a dog person. But the moment I brought him home he’s stolen my heart. He’s my best friend💙
A sassy queen, Who never goes unseen. A dog so feisty And yet plays so nicely. She’s not only smart, But also has a pure heart. At times a troublemaker, But it comes with her stubborn nature. Zoey loves to roll in puddles, But at the end of the day she cuddles. She’s loyal even when I’m depressed so in having her I’m truly blessed! ❤️
Hi! My names Bear. I like to play fetch and hide and seek! I'm definitely a LOVER!! Please help me out! I'm cute, aren't I? ❤️
Magnolia Jane
Magnolia Jane is a registered one year old Golden Retriever. She is very energetic and loves other animals and people. Her favorite doggo is her Australian Shepard sister, Josie.
Chloe is a rescue. She found her furever home and has been the sweetest sweat pea anyone could ask for. She love all humans and has to make her presence known whenever someone new walks in the room. All she ever wants is scratches and cuddles.
Hey y’all !!! A little about me is I LOVEEEEE my hoomans ... my mommy says I’m spoiled but I think she just loves me as much as I love her !! I’m a mama’s boy but my tiny hoomans are my favorite too !!! They go out right now and play in the snow with me and have fun with me !!! My girlfriends name is Beretta and she’s a Silver Lab ... she’s 5 yrs old but she plays like she’s my age and just a pup like me ❤️ #OlderGals 🤣 ... but all in all I’m still a pup and love my naps too I sleep belly up paws in the air !!! My mommy thinks it’s adorable ... I just think it’s soooooo comfy 🥰
Meet Groot!!! He’s a 12 week old black Labrador retriever who loves to play with everyone! His favorite things are sticks and being outside and going on walks with mom and dad!!! He soon this spring with start dock jumping !
Benny is a happy-go-lucky boy who loves to play with anyone and everyone.
The sweetest boy you’ll ever meet 💗
Maggie May
Maggie loves to chew on her bones and go for walks. She has such a huge personality and loves everyone.
Blaze is our Lil protector, always on guard for trespassers, loves belly rubs and lap time... Never leaves mom side.
Piper is the sweetest girl in the whole wide world. She’s 62 lbs of cuddles and kisses. Her favorite things to do are steal allll the lovins’ and swim any chance she gets!
Maggie loves to play fetch, speak, and (sadly) chew up allllll her toys. Her favorite days consist of running with the goats on the farm and splashing around in the pond.
Dash is a bundle of shenanigans. Always wants to play, loves lap time, loves treats. He's so cute too!
I love to be spoiled and my momma loves to spoil me. I get all the treats and all the love. I hate being outside unless im running around in an open field but i love being laid up close to my momma. I love my squeaky toys and i love my little humans that visits me often.
My name is Coraline, my friends call me Cora. My mommy rescued me ,I was a banded when I was only two months old. I love going for walks on the beach and Down town and In The Woods. I've been learning all kinds of new tricks and good behaviors. I am also going to school.. I am making all kinds of human friends and doggy friends. I enjoy posing for photos. Mom says I'm sugar and spice with the big pinch of jalapeño. I will not let anybody be sad when I'm around. I keep mommy laughing all the time. I also enjoy going for day trips in my big truck. I sit in my booster seat look up the window and explore the world.