Baby Stories - 51


He loves to run and play and nip at your heels when you try to leave. He loves to snuggle and play fetch. He also loves belly rubs!
Moe LOVES to go for car rides, walks and runs in the park. He is a 13# watch dog and makes sure no leaf is left out when keeping his family safe.
She is very energetic, she loves her dad more than her food.
Mela has learned to chase chipmunks and stick her nose down every opening she comes across..shes crazy..makes her brothers crazy. She watches out the front and back doors for anything with 4 legs she can bark at. She also loves to sleep when its bedtime before 8am is to early wake her up too..
Einstein loves snow, rocks and his human mom and his brother Ted E Bear. Christmas baby and truly the sweetest boy alive. Juat a gentle sweet soul. Just loves rocks digging them, chasing them, chewing on them and laying on and rolling on them. Great sweet boy
Ted E Bear
Ted E is a dogs dog. He hates CHIPMUNKS, digs for days trying to get them. Loves people, loves his pool and just being a dog. Not picky about food or treats..just a happy guy best rescue by far..
Lilou is a lovable 4mth old multipoo, little fluff ball, is super smart and loves cuddles..
My name is Tootle. My favorite things in the world are treats, snuggles, and naps. My favorite person in the world is my mommy. I love her so much she is my best friend!
She was a rescue and she is the sweetest dog ever. She has the best personality and she loves everybody
Opal Mae
Our little firecracker was a rescue weighing only 2lbs 5 oz when we rescued her. Her mother lost interest in taking care of the litter. She is the youngest among her fur siblings ( Cane Corsos) and is spoiled rotten
Piper Rose
Piper Rose is a fun, silly, kid loving baby girl. Her favorite thing to do is run outside & give high fives.
Sable is a nearly 8yo long haired German Shepard. Best mama for all the critters and kids! She's saved my life more than once! Vote for my pretty girl
Dozer is a 3yo European boxer with a stage 3 heart defect. He's happy, energetic puppers
Loki is a 6 month old olde English Bulldogge! He's not as active as his brother, but he sure likes to test mama! He enjoys chewing pine cones and picking on my son's cat haha
Thor is an active 5 month old olde English Bulldogge puppy! He likes to get into everything haha! He plays with his kitty friends and his other doggy friends to pass the time
Dusty is a 4 yr old border collie who just loves to be with his family at all times, literally.
Roxy is a mini border collie & Australian Shepherd mix. She’s just the smartest little girl. She’s getting old (14 years) but she still loves her family!
Daisy May
Daisy May loves being with people. She enjoys going on walks and watches the birds eat birdseed from the bedroom window . She is trained to go potty inside and outside. She loves car trips and is also registered as a ESA member who goes to my doctor appointments . She is my companion and makes people smile when they see her .
BLU is a seven year old Husky/Bulldog. He loves kids and his family. Loves to take walks and meet new people. He is lovable and loves hugs and kisses.
The sweetest pup pup who loves her family named Rhea (pronounced rea) named after my late grandmother She loves to play, snuggle and kiss people in the face Lol, she has no comprehension of personal space and is pretty sure she is human and not a dog :)
Koiya is a very sweet pup. She loves to be by her human and loves training to eat all the treats! She's a little clumsy, but it's cute watching her trip over her own two front paws!
Mehlani is a big cuddle bug! She loves fetch, she can play for hours! This girl is here to please!
Meet Ava! She is a 2 year old Mini Goldendoodle, but she thinks she is human. She loves getting all the attention, sleeping until noon, and snacking on pepperoni sticks.
Remi 9 weeks old loves to play and cuddle!!
She is a loving, friendly, but shy little girl. Her tongue is always sticking out. She loves visiting people in Adult Family Homes getting lots of attention and scratches. She loves snuggling and going for rides!
I am a Goldendoodle. I like to throw up on car rides (in the car), I like to chew on expensive chairs, and I’m ugly when I get a hair cut.
Tate Tate loves to play fetch, run laps around the house, go for rides in the convertible and snuggle. You should vote for him because he is the best doggy ever!!
Lady is such a cute and playful little puppies!!!
Hi im Luna Im a syberian husky. I enjoy taking naps in the fridge and eating fruits. Love bitting on almost everything but I am working on just bitting on my toys. Learning how to say i love you... please vote for me !!!
Brutus loves doing bye bye loves to sleep and loves to play with my 3 year old son and loves snuggles!
Autumn is a beautiful Australian Shepard! She is a high energy love machine. She loves boats, long walks, and kisses. She will also leap into your arms from across the room if needed... ;)
Most clutzy dog I've ever known. Poor Duck. He makes me laugh every day.
Hi I’m Oliver! I’m 3 months old. I love chewing on sticks and playing with my brother and sister pups Tiki and Reno. I love when my mom & dad come home from work and I love all the treats and belly rubs I can get.
I’m a cuddle bug, who doesn’t need help putting a blanket on myself to nap!! #independentb***h21. I can’t control my tongue from licking. I’m very happy getting spoiled at my new home, because the last place they just kept taking all my babies and when I got sick they dumped me on the streets. But noww I live the life! AND I’m gonna be a big sister to a new little human!!
Oreo is a 1.5yo border-collie/Labrador mix aka a Borador! Full of boops, love and a ambition to create smiles. A true adventure dog; hikes, river dips and backroad exploring. He loves his sticks, bones and “stuffies”. Sharing is his favorite too(but only with other dogs). Oreos neighborhood best friends are a miniature schnauzer and a giant Newfoundland….clearly he doesn’t judge. Oreo came to us at 8months after being rehomed twice. We quickly learned why…he just needed to be in a home he felt included in: Oreo was just looking for his own “sheep” to protect and love and heck, I’m glad he chose us for that. Oreo is hands down, the dogs dog.
Berlin is fun, loving, sweet, & loves his treats. He is the neighborhood puppy & everybody Loves him 🐾🐾
Snoopy is a fun loving, very smart n playful pup. We adopted him a year ago n he is the joy of our lives.
Roxy is loving,smart and so adorable,she loves her walks chasing chipmunks, but most of all she loves to cuddle.
Tate was found abandoned and starving just 3 months ago. He is now a healthy and happy 6 month old boy who is a complete bundle of joy. He is a quick learner and happy to please us. He loves playing in the water and throughly enjoyed his visit to the beach, jumping and playing in the waves. Im so happy he found his way to us. We truely love him.
Paxton is a sweet energetic little guy he loves his teddy bears and his chicken nuggets almost as much as his family loves him
Freckles came to us as a stray and after 2 weeks of having her we found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to 9 little fuzz balls that were all healthy and happy. She was the best momma and loves nothing more than snuggling close and giving us endless kisses.
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius is a total mush and a lover of belly rubs and will come and claim them all the time. He was the last puppy born of a litter of nine in our house after we adopted Freckles the mother. He was a big surprise as we thought all was done after 8 puppies but 2 hours later he showed up.
Max is a 5 year old Husky/Shepard mix as far as i know! (i think he looks a lot like a tibetan mastiff) He loves to play with little tiny squeak toys and his bestie Penny. He enjoys car rides to Mcdonald’s and Starbucks! He loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy and when it’s time for bed he snuggles right up with us and keeps us warm!
Miss Aute is sweet, funny, energentic and lovable! Her favorite food is chicken & veggies. She loves long walks, ball & frisbee fetch at the parks and beach. She loves to give you kisses!
Hello, I'm Loki, God of Mischief🐕 I'm a 4 months old Maltipoo, I love to play and spend time with my parents 👩🏽‍🤝‍👨🏻🐶 You can check my Instagram page @Lokipoo_ Thanks for voting me woof woof 🦴🐕
Lola is a loving, engergic dog. Recently moved to Florida from the cold winters of NY and she is loving the walks on the beach and especially no snow. She loves to play, run, and especially loves to snuggle with you. She has no clue of personal
Chapter checks outside for werewolves every night. (Yes she knows the word werewolf.) She secretly loves her cat sister Jinx but doesn’t want anyone to know so keep her secrets. Also, she likes food a lot, like a lot a lot. She is also a former service dog. ❤️