Bruiser loves to cuddle and even though he weighs 70 Lbs he thinks he’s a lap dog. He loves tug of war and does lots of tricks. He is well known at our local donut shop and gets very excited because he knows he’s about to get a pup cup ❤️ He is very gentle and loves riding in the boat and swimming in the river. He also loves when you say to him “ Oh, my handsome “ 😂😂
15 week German Shepherd puppy who loves playing in his puppy pool with his toys.
June is a rescue from a nearby shelter she loves her stuffed animals and adores her brother cash! She is super sweet and is a professional at sitting and laying down for treats!
He is a deer legged Chihuahua he is so loveable
Anubis is the sweetest pit bull! Loves people especially kids!! Loves playing with other dogs and playing fetch!!
Gus like long walks to the treat jar and snuggling with his mom...
Benji loves playing ball, taking naps and giving lots of kisses! If you vote for benji leave your profile link below and I will give your profile votes!! Thanks in advance!
Bennie loves kisses and being held like a baby. He is so sweet.
Bronx is a sweetheart. He loves cuddling and playing in the snow
Weenie is a sweet rescue dog that expects his morning hugs and kisses
Wally loves cuddling under the blankets and picking on the bigger dogs
Trapper is a clumsy lovable rescue dog that loves playing with his dad
Hunter loves riding the side by side and playing in water
Hudini was a pup I rescued from a litter a friend had, he filled me with his cuteness, we brought him home tiny as he was an placed him ins box till we could get his things in order. Every morning I awoke to him being out of his box which was way too big and tall of a box for him to climb out of it so I thought. I almost grounded my youngest child assuming she was talking him out of his box, until one early morning I walked in to check on him and there he was washing his tail free as a bird! He would wedge himself in the corner of the box and climb out! So hence his name became Hudini from them on out, he is a notorious snuggler and insist on being by my side at all times. He has made a wonderful addition to our furry family and we love him so much
Sadia is a 5 month old Labrador she is rescued dog, she is such a loving dog, she loves playing with dirt, plants, balls, playing with her brother Toto, and her human sister and her big human brother…
Toto is a 8yr old shih tzu that loves to play with his little sister sadia, Toto is a such of loving dog.
Helluvamuggs Addiction Aka Addi
Addi is a an Olde English Bulldogge, is almost 6 months old, and full of energy!!
Goldie is a loving toy poodle. She is very attached to her family loves going for car rides loves the grocery store and loves attention. Lol
Hayze Riley
Hayze is a sweet boy who loves ropes, anything that squeaks, and has an obsession for water bottles. He’s goofy as can be and when he smiles it can’t help but make u do the same. He’s 7 months old and growin by the minute! ❤️ Vote for my baby boy ✨❤️
Darth loves his mommy cuddles and playing catch with his mommy and daddy
BRONK!? a German Shepard Husky mix. crazy, energetic, and so loved with all the joy Bronk brings. he’s smart, nice, and a boy who loves to sit and play. he LOVES to give kisses and knows when its time to cuddle….🥰😇
Hi I’m daizey fun outgoing energetic love to do zoomies play with my momma and daddy I think I’m human
Sassy Cassie
Sassy is a very smart dog she can shake hands and loves to give high5s , loves to kiss us and me her. She will stay. And the cast is her favorite play thing.
Titus is my companion dog son he's very social love to go to the dog park and play with other puppies he let everyone know when this guy was having a seizure to get him help and he likes to eat his slim jims and everything else and especially cuddling with Mom!!
Zayra is a very persistent playful smart and fun dog! Her goal in life is to be just like our older dog Sampson who she works hard at doing daily. She loves to play and go for walks. Her new found love are rides she loves to go where ever you go.
Walks Sampson loves walks and loves prizes and as of right now cuddling with his mom
Daisy Mae Fite
She’s very spunky.
Bear is a fun loving, energy driven meatball. He LOVES kids, and his toys. He's a momma's boy, and is almost a year old. He is a huge part of our family and we love him dearly. As does anyone who meets him :)
She is our loveable licker in the family. She loves playing with her stuffed animals and lots of belly rubs!
Brody is a 70 pound cuddle bug who loves to play with his sister Luna 🥰
He likes to run around the yard, play with the cats, and most of all loves his family!
Holly Grace
She is 1yr 8 months old. She is the sweetest girl. Loves to play and run. Loves her mama.
Radar also known as George is our lovable, big, goofy dog that thinks he is a lap dog. He loves giving hugs and slobbery kiss, wherever we go in the house he follows you religiously all day long. He love being out side playing the endless game of fetch or tug of war. The days that dad takes him to work with him Radar is in his glory all dad has to say is “time to saddle up” Radar know that means he get to go with dad and boy he’s at the door barking ready to go with his tail just a wagging!
Goofiest dog I have ever had. She is constantly doing silly things.
Lola, is a lights, camera, action kinda of girl. She loves taken naps, laying around and watching her brother grow and learn how to do things but as soon as you pull out your camera or turn on your video she is front and center ready for her picture to be taken. She even will let you dress her up for a photo shot. This baby girl will do anything to get in front of a camera and have you snap her picture. She love to go for car rides, being with mom and dad, hanging out quietly in mom’s jumbo purse while she goes out and about on her daily errands.
She has a lot of personality, she loves to play ball. She loves getting good girl treats like puppuccino. She can be a little Sassy at times...
Penny is the sweetest pooch you’ll ever meet! She loves cuddles, walks and meeting new friends!
She is happy fun loving still puppyish after 8 years..she is stubborn but mindful..loves everybody including any animal .she talks ..very loving demands attention..I rescued her going on 6 years ago..she is the best dog ever!!
Scooter is very special he can not hold his tongue in it hang out his hair was so long we didnt see that when adopted him, but we love him, He touch everyone that know him, he think people come to visit him, he like to sit up to the table when people playing game. Can roll over for a treat. Like to sit in suitcase when your trying to pack, very smart dog will alert you and let you know something wrong. He a mommy dog, love fellow me room to room, He was 2 when we adopted him he now 11. Great with kids and a bless to all that know him
Brody is 4 months old, loves to eat, love toys & his big brother. Lover of attention from everyone he sees. He needs some love ❤️
Bruizer is very playful, he loves cuddles, he is very active and outgoing, he eats a lot ! Please vote for me because i’m the cutest !!!
Hi, my name is Arizona and I love to go for walks and car rides. All my mom has to say is “do you want to go for a” or she spells out ride and I get so excited because I can spell ride. Oh yes I don’t like the heat so I hog the air conditioner from my parents.
Rio Sébastien
Loves giving hugs, playing ball is his biggest thing he loves. During rainy weather he loves to lay and cuddle. Absolutely loves pup cups from Starbucks.
Georgie is a male Blueberry Yorkie that will be 2 this month. He loves chillin’ in the sunshine, car & boat rides, hiding bully sticks, and playing fetch & tug of war (sometimes I let him win) every chance he gets. He’s the sweetest boy. He wont even harm an ant…just gives them a sniff 😂. He looks at yapping dogs like there’s something wrong with them. We lucked out with this lil’ schmoop ❤️
He is very outgoing loves cuddles very playful and energetic loves to run around and play with his toy very smart and loving
Tucker is an adorable crazy French Brittany puppy. He is full of energy and yet still loves to cuddle and be by your side. He often has the crazy zoomies inside and that's when we call him Tucker Taz! When's he's outside he loves to watch the bunnies although he's a bird dog!
Freckles is my best four legged friend. She loves to go for rides in the car and walks to anywhere. She has 3 favorite toys, loves Greenies and her daddy. She has saved my life in so many ways. She is my angel.