Coral is a sweet and loving , big baby. She loves cuddling and playing with the kids!
A crowd favorite everywhere he goes, Winston is a six years old AKC approved German Shepherd. His hobbies range from digging out flowers under the patio, to pulling kids out of the pool, to stealing raw salmon from the grill, to opening and locking gates, to pulling his owners around the neighborhood, and of course, being a picky eater. Since his arrival in his current home when he was just three months old, Winston has been involved in many fun activities! His favorites includes whale and dolphin watching on yachts, jumping around dog agility courses, being photographed by his sister, as well as playing hide & seek with treats.
Prince is only 10 months! He loves to go out to play fetch and he loves to cuddle!
Ace is very active..This boy right here love to have my attention n his rope..
Kyrie is a playful little guy, who loves to play fetch. He is attentive and affection and loves to play and spend time with his family! He loves to be rubbed on his belly and taking walks! He is full of energy and loves spending time with all family members in our house!
She's a Labrabull part lab and part pitbull! She's 9 months old. She's a fun puppy! She loves her toys and her momma (me) alot!
Tuckers favorite thing to do is play in the snow. He is a beagle/husky mix. He also loves car rides and is an ESA.
my name is gillie ! i love to play outside and i’m protective of my house. i enjoy going on car rides and getting a vanilla ice cream cone. i also really love taking baths 🥰
hello puppy friends my name is max . i love cuddling and playing outside and with my mommy . i get so excited to meet new friends ! please vote for me 💗
Stella loves playing with water bottles and chasing them around the house.
Lyra is a fierce loving protector who is actually just a big baby… she loves snacks, squirrels and her chew toys!
Very social, sassy, love bug. Loves to run and play with all her doggy friends.
Rio is the oldest working K9 for Rock Island county sheriffs department. He loves belly rubs and cuddles when he’s at home. When he’s working he loves searching for drugs, bad people and taking naps in between.
Lexi Lu
Lexi is little sister to our older Golden Tucker. She loves playing with him and playing with her favorite toy… a squeaky monkey! She also loves posting funny pictures on her Facebook page and stealing her Daddy’s socks.
She is an adorable dog, who likes to play, run and cuddle. She loves to be best friends to everyone around her. She has lots of energy!
Hi I’m trixie I just got adopted for Valentine’s Day and I’m the biggest sweet heart I love cuddles and to run and play and get on my moms nerves
Blue is the sweetest boy ever! He is always a good boy and loves to play and cuddle. 💙💙
Betty was born in rescue as a cleft palate puppy. She had to be hand fed to survive. Betty will use her winnings from the pageant to pay for her surgery. Please vote for Betty!
Luna is an emotional support dog and she’s always by your side no matter what😌 she does so many tricks 🐾and is verry smart😎 she is a cross breed between a toy Australian Shepherd and a corgi
Mimi is the most energetic , happy , loving dog ! 🥰 She listens very good & such a good dog !
Olive is a very active Doberdane. Her and her sister Beans love walks and wrestling every chance they get. If she isn't playing with her sister, she is trying to get dad to play.
Beans is a very sweet cuddly Doberdane. Her favorite things are walks with her sister Olive, food, and cuddling with mom.
Molly Jo
my name is molly jo!❤️ i love my chew toys, eating, and playing with mom & dad! i love to cuddle & take lots of naps🐾
Roxy is a miniature dachshund, she is one sassy girl she loves to play with her dinosaur toys and she loves chicken!
Sampson is a miniature dachshund he loves his sister and any kind of snack.
Red is the oldest of the 3 & loves to boss his siblings around 🤣 he loves his parents, but his daddy is his favorite 🙄
Fancy Mae is the family drama queen 🤣 she must have anything & everything HER way or she Howls as loud as she can!
Hank loves his sister fancy and following her EVERYWHERE she goes! ❤️ Hank shows his affection by jumping up and putting your whole hand in his mouth! That’s his way of saying I love you! 🥰
Hugo Bobe
I am fun loving, I like to play a lot. I know how to pray with my mom and I know how to snort at her when I want something. I also know how to cuddle her when she is stressed. I make an amazing friend and companion.
Bella is a fun loving loyal companion! She loves her people and loves to snuggle! She’s very smart and knows how to fetch, sit and shake so far!
Giovanna aka Gigi is my 2 year old Pitt Bull baby who is super hyper but is good when there’s a treat involved. She loves running and playing along with being outdoors. She loves her pink collar and cuddling under the blankets😌
Chewy is a huge snuggle butt and loves everybody he meets! By you voting for him it could help a ton with his Upcoming Cryptorchidism surgery!
Hi my name is Loki, but my momma calls me Roki ron rokerson or stink! I love to go on adventures and car rides! My favorite toy is a red dragon! I’m the sweetest boy and my mom says I remind her of Nana from Peter Pan! Whatever that means! I’m super sassy but only when I want attention! If I win I would love to donate to my local animal shelter!
Hi my name is Atlas. I am a King German Shepard. I’m 2 1/2 years old. I love playing with my pupfew (nephew) and papa. My favorite food is steak and cookies my papa gets me. Im very energetic and a giant cuddle bug.
Sir Frank
My name is Sir Frank. I’m very happy and I love my mommy very much!! Every time she comes home I’m so happy to see her I pee on her haha! I love playing chase with my fox and cupcake.. favorite snacks are sweet peppers
Chance Waldo
Im Chancey, my favor hooman is my momma. I love when dad feeds me his food. I love fishing with my family, an I like when we go to the lake and other hoomans pet my an tell me an tell me Im a handsome boy!
Hi my name is Timber a 2 year old Labrador Retriever! I am the best boy who loves going to work with Dad to be the best door greater ever. Trips to the park and going on hikes are my favorite. I love meeting new furfriends and visiting dog friendly stores and breweries!
Lona Mei
Hello, I am little miss Lona Mei. I love playing outside and snuggling. I want to be mommy’s lap dog when I grow up!
This crazy thing is Xena she’s a 3 month old Pitbull Boxer mix and is a hyper little monster. Loves everyone she meets!!
Odin is very active, he loves to play chase the most, and is just now learning to play with others dogs (which he is loving). He is so full of love and excitement. My favorite thing about Odin is when he gets the zoomies, he is just so funny and when he gets so excited when my husband or I come home. He loves us just as much as we love him.
Serenity is a cuddle bug! She loves walks and absolutely loves riding! She turned 1yr old in March and loved her birthday party and her party hat! No matter how small the space you can count on her climbing up and laying in the middle! She sure is a lovable doggo!
Hello my name is Mr. Hankie I love going outside and playing with my friends. I’m a spoiled baby when it comes to my mommy and daddy💕 I love to sleep and cuddles the most 🥰
My name is gunner, I’m a German short hair pointer golden retriever mix! I am 3 months old! I like long walks on the beach and sticks!
I’m Opal and love to give you hugs and snuggles every chance I get. I love my bark box, mommies, my sister and cheese the most!
Bear Dog
Hi my name is bear dog my nick name is shitty dog I live with my humans my mother brother and sister and my cat sister I love to lay around all day and bark at random things. The thing I enjoy the most is my human care taker