She’s a beautiful lab. Does what labs do and is always retrieving something. Loves everything that has to do with her family from running, to car rides or sharing a bed with someone.
bunny loves to go to the lake and ride on the boat and she loves to play with other dogs and loves fetch
Lexie is a shichon. She is just a lovable baby, loves giving kisses and hugs. I'm training her to be a hospice dog. To bring joy to everyone she meets.
She a rescue. Abandoned and Abused. She was completely shaved. If you went to pet her she would shiver. I called the Vet and ask if her hair would grow back. Was told she was pretty tramatised. That was two years ago. Most gentle and loving dog. Everybody loves Lucy.
Gwen is my unicorn! She was a semi feral stray that was on the streets for months! She was camped out on a busy highway and had no issue running down the middle of the road! With the help of rescue and a perfect stranger, my girl was captured! She's now a quirky, sassy, diva princess and every *normal* thing she does is a milestone that makes my heart happy! It's a miracle that she is alive and she reminds me of it every day!
Moe is a total sweetie. His favorite toy is his soccer ball
Zues is a very kind and energetic dog. He loves the lake and camping!❤️
Optimus, there's so much to say about him. If you meet him, you will immediately fall in love. He's so sweet and gentle and anything scares him 🤣 He's such a sweet soul.
Rocko is a 5lb loyal 1 man cuddle bug he love to play with his toys and he is really good at protecting his daddy
Rocky is a sweet boy and is very smart. He learns very quickly whether its to open the door (which he does) He loves letting others have whatever he has first then have whatever is left. He knows when something is wrong with someone or something
Pheonix loves to be playful with her toys and siblings. She is a gentle loving dog. She loves to be silly and give everyone kisses when she sees them. She thinks she is a kangaroo when she tries to jump really high.
Dunkin was a grumpalump. He was my foster dog and was dumped because he had severe kidney failure. We took him in and got all the vetting and meds but his time came and we made sure he knew how much he was loved and how much joy he brought to me and my girls. We love and miss him so much 😢😢❤️❤️❤️❤️
Luna is Very hyper and a spoiled dog. She loves her food and toys. She loves to play with the other dogs and will nibble on your finger when she goes to sleep.
Tank loves to give kisses as soon as you wake up in the morning. He is a cuddler and when he wakes up he will get a toy out of his toy box and carry it to you as a “gift” He is a playful loving dog who mostly cuddles and sleeps
Charlie is a sweet little girl who loves snuggles and playing with her human baby brother.
Bentley was born in January of 2019! We rescued his mom off the street and found out she was pregnant in December. Once January came around, so did Bentley and his 6 siblings. He’s has grown to be over 100 pounds and loves toys and playing in the water! He’s very lazy but loves to run and play when he gets excited
Berger was to be euthanized 6 years ago at our local shelter. He would cower in his pen and shake all over . I walked him during my Christmas break and on the 4 day he meet me at the gate door. He was mine from then on.
Bowie Barraza
Bowie loves spending his days playing with his girlfriend Marshmallow. He loves playing soccer
Teddy is a 1 year old Terrier mix that loves to play ball, loves walks and the kiddo's. He os also total mama's boy!
Viv is a sweet little angel who loves to play all day!!
KJ loves riding side by side and 4 wheeler. Loves riding in truck. Loves playing with her squeaky toys. And loves being around mom and dad anywhere they go.
She's a small lamb with sass to spare!
💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 Linkin is a red Merle mini aussie. He loves playing with his sister and brother and cuddling with his mama!
Opie is a very calm dog and he loves treats and toys.
Izzy is a very sweet loving girl! She loves snuggles and swimming and going in boats
Reece is a loving, goofy girl. She is a Husky and Australian Shepard mix, full of energy and love! ❤️
Lilah is 13 years old and has had epilepsy her whole life. She takes medication for it but still has seizures occasionally. She is the strongest, most loyal and loving girl. She nonstop licks us. She is my best friend. Thank you for checking out our page ❤️
This is Henry! He’s my grandparents dog and I put him in this contest to raise money for his doggie school!!
My dog is so sweet. She's very lovable and loves for people to visit her. She chases you for fun. Shes a very sweet pug
She really is the best dog. I should’ve named her shadow she’s always under my feet always looking to watch the next very inquisitive and she watches TV for sometimes 20 minutes at a time I can’t believe it she’s like a person.
Pistol Pete
He is lovable he loves cats and he loves to cuddle he is a really good boy and he love everyone
He’s about 6 months old, extremely hyper 💀
Faith is 5 years old she has one blue eye and brown eye. She is very energetic and thinks shes a lap dog🤣 She just got a new baby sister husky named Harmony. Faith is still getting used to not getting all of the attention anymore🥰But they are getting along great❤
Beau is a energetic Morkie who loves going to doggy day care, running around the dog park with his friends, and lounging on the couch with his mommy! 🐶❤️
Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Loves to Travel & meet New friends & take his Polar Bear with him, he loves walking at the coast, playing in the snow & just loves car rides with Mommy.
Nova Grace
Fastest dog I've ever seen
Scamper is a 6 years old border collie, Australian shepherd mix. He is a retired service dog that loves to dress up and pose for pictures. He absolutely loves his spa days and searching for treats.
Cooper is a fuzzy, sweet boy! He loves to play, snuggle & give kisses. He knows how to sit and give paw. ❤️
Lynsey is a sweet loving little girl who loves to be with people. She always wants to be involved with what ever is going on. She loves the small hot dog treats and will do anything to get one. Loves to cuddle and play with other babies.
Lily is stubborn ,shes a smart dog but has a very hard time listening. She loves adults and babies,she isnt fond of the bigger kids. She likes to play with her brother and get him in trouble because he is alot bigger and could hurt her, she loves toys and playing with the indoor cat. And she loves to bark...
Princess Piglet
Princess Piglet is 10 weeks old, and is an "english cream" golden retriever. She is training to be my next service dog for cardiac alert and response. She loves to cuddle and play with her toys. Her favorite activity is exploring in the yard.
Luke is the most friendliest dogs i have ever owned. He loves to play with everyone and everything,he picks on his sister alot she is alot smaller then he is. He gets the zoomies alot and it makes everyone laugh.
A word that describes Ebony, is energetic. She is a very playful and friendly dog. She enjoys playing fetch the most.
Webster Wayne Bevel
He loves to play basketball and he loves baby bottles he wants to win so he can get his first Box cause he loves checking the mail
I was blessed with Bali in Orlando by a woman who was on bed rest and had a dog who had babies, bali was the runt. The man who had seem to be taking care of her seemed to be abusive with the puppies, bali would run from him so fast he couldn’t even get her for me. The moment he picked her up she pooped straight liquid on the floor, it was terrible!! My heart broke for this tiny 3lb baby! Now she’s so happy the cutest little joy!! She runs soo fast and sometimes I think she’s knows more than anyone will ever think. She’s THE smartest dog in THE world!!