2 month old havanese, discovering the world around her. She is affectionate and curious, she likes to play with her toys and walk in her mom's bag since she can't walk on a leash yet.
Sparky is a mixed breed Papillon/Chihuahua or a Pap/Chi. He loves to play with his little "big" brother (a 70 lb husky). He also loves playing with his toys, but his favorite is his ball. Everyone that meets Sparky instantly love him. He is truely every ones dog. He loves his treats and will wait patiently to get one. My favorite thing he does, is when he stands on his back feet upright, sometimes he even dances if it means he gets his treat.
Maxx has the most beautiful green eyes! Maxx loves meeting new people and making new friends big and small! Very easy going dog that loves life!!!
This is Kash - he's about 15 weeks and we are week two of puppy kindergarten. He's learned sit, find it, and he was the only one in his puppy class that didn't jump up when the teacher greeter him (while teaching what to do when a puppy does jump) he's pretty chill, until he gets bored and starts tearing apart his puppy pad and acting like baby shark (those teeth are VERY sharp!) he's such a good little boy though! It's like having an infant and a toddler all in one!
River is a four month old Bernese Mountain Dog! She is healing the hearts of her mom and dad who lost a Berner to cancer back in November. She likes snow, walks and playing with her dog sister, Chloe. She is gentle and kind and loves her family ❤️
We welcomed Biscuit into our family on our Anniversary October 6, 2023. She is an adorable yet feisty little pooch. We love her to the Moon and Back and she honestly completes our little family. She loves just about anyone who comes in the door and will always greet you with love and excitement!! If you ever need to have a good cuddle then Biscuit is definitely your girl!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Loakis Starblade
Loaxyiz loves to give kisses & he loves to sit on your lap & do tricks for treats & bark or whimper jus to get your attention.. he has 3 nicknames.. kiss kiss when he's sweet & loveable.. loco when he's acting Krazy.. & loki when he's being bad but.. he is jus a big adorable baby😊
Cronus Cornelius
Hello my name is Cronus Cornelius and I am a Great Dane/Hound mix. I had a pretty rough start in life as my siblings and I were found in a box on the side of the road. My mommy rescued me when I was just 12 weeks old and I’ve since been on one amazing adventure. I’ve traveled coast to coast, up and down and every which way across the US with my loving family. Some of my favorite things include running races with my mommy, going to the beach, making new friends, and playing with my younger siblings (just don’t ask me to play fetch, I’m not exactly graceful and I don’t like getting my pretty coat dirty.) I have mastered the important life skill of using my sad puppy eyes to get what I want. Please vote for me!
Lil Sweetie
The reason i named her Lil Sweetie is because she is just the sweetest most loving little dog. She will just rub her little face on you and she wants you to kiss her neck and her face. She loves it. She is my very best friend. I named her almost instantly. It was the perfect name for such a loving dog and for my best friend. ❤
Whatever you do, don't tough his toys. Sampson loves to be everywhere we are. He 3 years old and he is like Sadie on Facebook
Arrow is a rescue who was shy at first. He lived with an aggressive dog and this was why his owners surrendered him so he would have a better home and life. He is the sweetest, most gentle husky mix I have ever met. So blessed to wake up each morning with him by my side. We had a terrible scare when he was diagnosed with GDV (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus). His stomach had flipped/rotated and he had to have emergency surgery to save his life. We were lucky to notice the early signs that something was wrong. Of course, saving his life came with a cost. We had to put the expense of the surgery on our CareCredit account. We had to cover 60% of the $5k max. I had to call CareCredit and request to raise the limit so it would go through because at the time, we only had $3k line of credit available. We have paid as much as we can every month. Unfortunately, there have also been additional medical bills for our other pets this past year and our 0% promo interest will run out this March 2024. Votes would be greatly appreciated. The winnings would really help with all of our medical expenses. Thank you for your support!! 🐺💘
Bo really is my best friend.He loves getting his riding gear on and riding the Harley with me
Parton Me Miss Dolly
hi!! i’m dolly a 1 year old mini aussie!! please vote for me to help my mom buy me a automatic ball thrower !! playing ball is my very favorite thing to do !! i love the outside is full of new smells and all kinds of chew toys.
He is a 8 mounts old dog.
Beanie is a lovable rambunctious ball of energy covered in fur. He loves taking walks, belly rubs, and hanging out with mom and dad. He’s also an excellent watch dog. Don’t let his size fool you. What he lacks in stature he makes up for in love❤️
Roscoe is the youngest of our 3 dogs, he turned a year old on Halloween 2023. He has a one of a kind personality and is the cutest thing ever. Those beautiful eyes of his gets him out of alot of trouble. He can be the craziest pup or he can be a sweetheart and he's 100% a mommas boy.
Hiii, my name is Ryder! I am a little over 2 months old. I love to play with my big brothers, I love my lamp-chop stuffed animal (I picked him out at my first visit to the store). I also love the snow, mostly eating it of course (even tried eating the yellow snow…bad idea) and also ice from the refrigerator!!
He loves playing with his brother and food.
This is Amos, a 130lb fluff ball who LOVES sticking his head out the window in car rides. He loves to cuddle and he seriously loves his pond time.
Please give me a like! I'm hoping to win for my Mama for her birthday! Please vote for me! I am a very friendly social dog. I was abandoned at birth with my two siblings and the last to be adopted in the shelter the day of the adoption fair. My mama took me and I cling to her like she was my angel. So please vote for me to help me win for her this time.
She is a character of her own and definitely part of the family. She never let you be alone And she still thinks she's a laptop. And she loves us unconditionally.
Jax is a sweet little boy that's had a rough life. Jax is currently 7years old. He was born blind and he also has seizures. But through it all he is a happy boy that loves treats, spending time with the people he loves and getting belly rubs
Maggie is a 7 year old Lab mix rescue that we adopted in June. She loves to go for walks, and hang beside her family. Her favorite game is hide and seek under the blanket. She loves to show off her flying skills off the porch and her speed around the yard.
Goose is a 10 week old lab. He is super smart and is learning to talk with buttons and will do anything for dog food treats!
Hi, I'm Goose, the master of paw-sitive vibes! I will surely fetch your heart. Especially if I get a squishmallow out of the deal.
Lola is a lover! Forget the treats, forget the toys, the only thing Lola cares about is people. Her best friend is a horse named Mare. She goes everywhere and anywhere I go. Lola just turned 2, she's a great listener, and her favorite treat is duck jerky.
Peanut loves chasing chipmunks & is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. She makes new friends wherever she goes & no one can resist her charm :)
Bojangles loves everyone. He works very hard @ Arbor Trail Nursing and Rehab. Gives my residents smiles 😁.
Sparky Davis
He is such a young lil man too sweet 😍 he was the runt of the litter he is my cuddle buddy
Hi there! I'm Lily and I'm a 3 month old aussiepoo. I have three dog siblings, two kittens, a goat and a pig. We all live with our Mommy and Daddy on our families 130 acre hobby farm. I am new to this gig and although my mommy is in marketing this is our first endeavor as an influencer. We love all things with a neutral aesthetic. I have a pretty well rounded life and enjoying hanging out with my family whether it's at a cattle show or game night or shopping with mom at home goods and with dad at Rural King or Home Depot. I get to go to work with Mommy whenever she goes into the office. I can't wait for the weather to improve so I can start outdoor adventures like hikes and gator rides. I am a very photogenic and happy pup who would love to be considered for this great opportunity.
He has to have his ball when he goes outside to pee or poop. Loves his family
Romeo is the sweetest biggest baby. He is a mastiff Lab mix He loves to show how he is feeling an show want he wants with his eyes and expressions. He is such a ham. Can really play it up when he wants something or someone to feel sorry for him. Romeo is loved everywhere he goes and by all who meet him. He is super smart and was so easy to train. Romeo often is complemented in how adorable an well behaved he is. Romeo will be one in April.
Peanut is full of energy loves to cuddle and play. She loves eating ice cream. Never a dull moment with her.
Buddy Boy Preddy
Buddy is a German Shepherd who loves to go out with his ball. The more times you throw it, he will fetch and bring back to you and wait until you throw it again. This makes him very happy. He's a good boy!
Luna is my little Shelter dog that I somehow got lucky going to the animal shelter one day when I was really down cuz my little pup I had for 19 years that passed away recently and we clicked right away
Hazel is our 6 week old baby. We are so proud to have her in our home as our sister pup. She is so sweet and spicy. She is a lab/mastiff mix. We are just so happy she is ours! 💜
She is a very hyper and energetic boxer and shepherd mix. She loves attention and playing she is very smart for her age
Dune loves taking toys from his little sister and cuddling on the couch. He also loves going for rides in the car.
Delta is a talkative, friendly dog with an overwhelming addiction to T-R-E-A-T-S. She recently learned how to "sit pretty" and you can regularly find her near the treat jar showing off her new trick in hopes of earning a reward. She loves bully sticks, playing chase with her brother, and playing fetch.
Scout Bleu
Scout is a very loveable and playful boy! He'll do anything you ask for a treat. He has the prettiest baby blue eyes. He was born end of August 2022. 1 year old! 💕🐾
Ella is a Husky Wolf mix. She loves treats and her favorite napping spot is the trampoline.
Coney dog He's the sweetest boy. Called coney because he's from Michigan like Detroit's famous "coney dogs"
They say I'm a dog, but I don't believe it!
Oakley loves to play in snow, run as fast as he can, and to cuddle up under a blanket! Oakley is a very smart boy who loves to do and learn new tricks!
Luna loves to be the center of attention. She loves to have her tummy rub. She is the most affectionate and loving Dog. She is like this bundle of love, protectiveness and my very best friend ever!!!