Hi, my name is Finley Duke I am a five month old Australian Shepherd border collie mix. I am a very energetic little man. My mom likes to tell me I’m a Part-time model, full-time goofball. I love love love going on walks, playing frisbee/fetch, I wanna be a soccer player like my dad when I grow up❤️I also like to call my self a professional bone chewer. When I’m not playing alligator I can steal your heart within a matter of seconds with my beautiful brown and blue eyes, my wiggly butt, and my silly personality.
Freya Mae
Hyper active playful little girl, loves fetch! And definitely knows how to get in trouble and use her puppy dog eyes to get away with it!
Roscoe P Coaltrain is an 11 month old Mountain Cur. He loves to play catch with his ball. Even though he is about 50 pounds he insists on sitting on our lap.
Oslo is a two month old puppy with lots of love and lots of energy! 🫶🏽 he’s really growing into the whole “herding dog”
Beau is a 10 week old frenchie who steals everyone’s hearts who he meets. He is the sweetest little boy ever and he loves cuddles. He loves to play with his toys and explore outside. He also gets the zoomies all of the time! ❤️🐾
Keegan is so curious about the world around him. He loves to explore, play, and go for walks. He's sweet and mischievous all in one.
Diamond Rochelle
Very sweet loving dog she is lovable, active and get along with kids and other animals ahe loves to play fetch and.brings right back to u very smart
Bucky is part wiener and Chihuahua he loves to be silly and roll and pounce around
Farrah Gene Fielder
Shes a alaskan husky , she loves to run and play with other dogs
Bear is 4 years old, he LOVES toys and food, he’s the best boy in the world
Vada is super sassy and loves everyone! Such a cuddler but can’t wait to play!
Dog that is nice and will totally love you
Sweet loving dog likes playing with friends indoor or out
Aspen is a sweet loving dog she like to run around every day in side or out she will love meeting new people
Sadie is a pure bred mini Aussie. She is so smart and loving. Best dog ever. She loves to play. Learning to Hurd cows now. She’s pretty good.
Coco is a sweet toy chihuahua. She is my best friend and helps me with my anxiety. She likes to sleep a lot under any blanket she can find. She likes her treats and playing with her sister friend Sadie.
Avocado is my little yorkie bear. He loves to play, take walks and show you who’s house it is. Hey, at least I get to pay the bills 🤷🏼‍♀️🤭😬
Three is a german husky mix, he loves to play and run around & explore! and he’s the sweetest loving protective son !
Hi Harley is a pit bull mastiff (mixed breed) he just turned 4 and was born March 6th 2020, I got him Easter of 2020 and by far one of the amazing gifts ever and definitely my favorite person to talk to. Harley loves treats like most dogs do, loves cuddles, loves to go on walk, loves to play, he also loves ATTENTION, loves to sleep, he loves being outside, he love’s little kids and will for sure protect them no matter who they are, he loves to give kisses, he loves to hug people (by standing on his hind legs) and for being a dog he’s been through so much. He recently lost a loved one that lived with us (my dad) and for loosing him he’s still very strong for us (me and my mom) and he is there to support us. Without Harley I don’t know what I would do he sure is the best dog anyone could ask for when I’m have a tough day with my mental health he is there for me and ready to make me smile he always has and always will. I love this dog more than anything and wish the world that he doesn’t have to go through what he’s going through.
Roofus is a survivor, he was born prematurely and I had to bottle feed him. He loves playing with other animals(Dogs and Cats) he is a ray of sunshine.
He a Cocker Spanish who loves to be outside.
Little Bit
Little Bit gives hugs. Does 3 tricks sit lay down and rollover. Loves his ball. ❤️
Harley is an 8-year-old Borador that I adopted 6 months ago. He is so sweet and loving and playful He loves that little orange ball I try to spoil Harley because his master who got him when he was a puppy got rid of him because his new girlfriend wouldn't let him keep him when they moved in together it was either her or the dog. It would not have been a choice for most. I have him now, I love him and he deserves all the love and attention he can get. This goes to show that somebody elses trash is another person's treasure!!! Harley deserves to be the happiest dog ever!
Sunflower 🌻 loves her family, she loves to climb trees after squirrels. Sunflower 🌻 is a very happy dog. She is 8 years old I have had her since she was 8 days old. I have found that Sunflower has a natural instinct to detect people that are going to have seizures. Sunflower is an amazing companion.
Walter likes going for rides in the car. Favorite toy is a loud squeeky ball.
Hello my name is Ruger! I am 8 months old and I am 76pounds of love and support for my older siblings, I love hiking and turning around to make sure I’m being followed and watched, I love snacks my favorite are my “slim Jims “
Dobby is a sweetheart who loves to cuddle! He loves snacks especially bacon.
Tippy is a beautiful little girl. She is full of love as well as energy.
Tigger came into my life as a blessing. He is a loving pup who loves car rides and swimming. Hes my 12yr best Friend.
An energetic puppy that absolutely LOVES to learn! Loves his zoomies and likes to give himself a walk at least once a day.
Chewy is a fun and loveable puppy who loves socks and cuddles. His spunky attitude captures the awes from everyone.
Big is the biggest baby ,he's 11 months old and Waze 87lbs and stands over 3 foot on all 4's but he thinks hes still a little baby and wonts to be carried around
Booger Jones
Booger Jones is my heart ❤️ I can't imagine a life without him. I rescued him in 2009. He also rescued me. We have been inseparable since then. He will be 15 years old this year 💙 Mr Boogers loves everybody. Human and all animals. Please vote for him. 💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙 This baby is my world ❤️ Just look into his big moon eyes and you'll fall in love🩵💕
Kobe is a part Pitt part Rott 2 year old who is verrrry spoiled. He has such a huge personality, who loves his big brother Max who is a German Shepard & his two little kitty brothers Mufasa & Simba. Kobe loves being a passenger seat Prince when going on car rides, and is such a loving out going boy.
Stella Rose
Stella is the runt out of a litter of 14. A few days after they were born I noticed she kept getting pushed away when it was time to eat. She wasn't doing good at all, she wasn't growing like the other puppies and she was clearly not as strong. Concerned she wasn't going to make it and not knowing she was the one I would end up taking home, I went out and got supplemental milk and a bottle; I went to see the puppies multiple times a day and would bottle feed her whenever she would take it. After a few days of bottle feeding the person I got her from looked at me feeding her and said "That's your pup, she chose you." I had wanted a male but he was right, she chose me and I couldn't imagine my life without her.
Hes very loveableqnd enjoys cuddles.has so much playfulness in him.n he is very loyal.
Scooby Dean
Scooby Dean is a goofy boy. He’s an all around natural Doberman! With his cute ears and tail. Scooby loves his family and is such a good boy. He listens and learns so fast! He can do a pretty good number of tricks and has excellent behavior. The best trick I ever taught him was to “talk crap” on command and he just speaks away. He smiles for the camera and when he’s getting loved on. He’s just a happy boy and he’s so happy to be here with us. He loves me (his mom) the most I think. He definitely picked me to be his person and he’s never ever let me down. Vote for my goofy sweet boy <3
Marley is very outgoing and loves anyone he crosses paths with! His favorite toy is a little bouncy green ball and he loves playing fetch outside.
She loves the outdoors and loves to run everywhere she goes! She is a very fast runner!
Remy has a personality like no other. She loves her mom and grandma . She absolutely love car rides. Will only drink water from a water bottle . Remy’s nickname is peanut . She loves belly rubs, plays with her squeak toys And loves the attention she gets from everyone.
Hachi is a very loving playful puppy.He gets spooked easily .which is cute to watch him sit and bark at a helmet or even a piece of paper.Hachi has my heart
Stella Da Isabella
Stella da isabella is a 8 week old french bulldog that brings joy and laughter to ur life.
Tucker is so lovable. He loves to play and snuggle with his favorite humans. Tucker has always been a mamas boy since day 1. His favorite sport is to go outside and play with all the kids in his neighborhood. He loves everyone! He also loves water and loves to go for a swim.
Malu is very playful. Loves people and other dogs. She is a love and a sweet girl. She’s also a Steeler fan -Malu for Troy . Not to mention she is beautiful
Honey Rae Gillingham
Sassy, Cute, Loving, playful, loves her cousin that is an American Bully!
Grizelda is a 14 week old Fluffy French Bulldog (Lilac Creme Merle). She is fearless,takes charge and confident. Hence GRIZELDA lol