Baby Stories - 5


It’s the ears for me💕
Avery is a very playful German Shepard pit bull mix, he loves to play all day long and always has a smile on his face.
My name is Rex. I’m very spoiled and loved unconditionally. I love to sleep, chew on my bones, walks and playing tug a war with my recuse brother Ben.
My name is Ben. I’m a rescue dog. My rescue family spoils me and loves me unconditionally. I love to chew on bones, play tug a war with my big brother Rex, play fetch and sleep.
7 mo. old Pomsky (Pomeranian/Husky mix) He loves: -peanut butter -watching momma play softball -belly rubs -giving kisses -chasing his tail -his stuffie, Mr. Moosey
Max loves to please his people! Right now he is in training to be a therapy dog and a search and rescue dog to see what he enjoys the most! I call him my little polar bear!
gizmo loves to bark and spin in circles, he has two brothers scout and moose (both husky’s) and he loves to run around outside
Well I loves playing outside playing with her owner and Loves to steal her owners cloves
4 year old loves her human mom. Loves treats, sleeping in warm areas. Loves visiting her sister Rosie. Likes walks but needs carried on the way back. Nickname Lizzard
Pugsley is a 1 yr old rescue he has 2 brothers and 3 sisters now!! He enjoys his swimming pool and playing with his best friend Stella! He has a lot of attitude packed in his little frame. And rules the back yard! He enjoys sleeping with mommy and cuddling
Oscar Meyers
Oscar Meyers is 18yrs old, and he still thinks he is Top Dog, he rules the roost at our house with the other 7 dogs we have. He is the boss!
She loves all animals, i think she thinks she is their mom. She also loves squirrels and she would like to have 1 as her pet.
Gunner is our new Fur baby, and stunningly handsome. Show him some love please. ♥️🐶 He loves playing outside with his brothers and sisters. He is a true sweetheart.
ryv loves to hunt, cuddle, andddd bark at the neighbors daily (which are cows)
Gable was abused before I got him. He was scared of everything and didn’t really like anyone but his story is not a typical one it only took him 3 short years to truly burst out of shell. Although it took him 3 years to warm up to others it only took him and I short couple hours. I fell in love with his heart and soul instantly! Unfortunately I lost my love last year in June! And it breaks my heart every time I think I about it. 😢
Roscoe is an English lab that loves water, duck hunting, and cuddles and thinks he is a lap dog! He is our big baby!
Bella is an emotional support animal who is very good at her job. She is not only a dog but our best friend
Hi I’m Moke, I am a wiener corgi pitbull. I enjoy barking, sleeping + chasing birds. I’m spoiled rotten and I LOVE when my mom dresses me up 🙃
‪Scout‬ ‪4 y/o (28 in dog years)‬ ‪Drinks Busch Light‬ ‪Catches any wild animal within 35 yards‬ ‪10/10 chance he’ll get lost looking for bitches ‬ ‪Still lives at home with his mom‬
Ellie loves playing fetch and meeting new friends at the dog park!
My baby Doberman may seem like a normal dog, but he is a VERY important role in my life. He is sick with cancer, but my baby is still going good and he’s going to make it through. I understand we won’t win the whole contest but just 5 votes will make his and my day.❤️
Rugar is 11 weeks old and loves to play! He is a mini aussie mixed with a cocker spaniel. Ruger has an umbilical hernia and I would use the prize money to pay for his surgery if he won!
hello my name is storm. I am a husky. I love to play with other dogs as well as getting belly rubs from humans. :) I am almost 2 years old. My mom says, that I am very smart and I learn very quickly. I do love to learn new tricks. I have a toy, * goatman* is his name and I refuse to leave the house without him. :) Hes my favorite. Singing and running * zoomies* are my favorite hobbies. Vote for me so my mom can send me for training to be a certified therapy dog for nursing homes and childrens hospitals. I would love it so much! I love to please people and comfort them! :)
Ahsoka is a very vocal sweet baby girl, she loves all treats and she is the light in the darkness
Gunner is a blue heeler and he has dwarfism ❤️
Apollo is the sweetest, most playful and the biggest cuddle bug ever, he loves playing fetch outside and playing with his sister until bed time comes
Pepper Potts
I’m Pepper Potts. I am 8 weeks old. I love snuggles and running around the yard. I have 2 older cat siblings I love to play with but I don’t think they find it very fun 😂
Pickles is still not aware she is a dog! She thinks I’m the dog and she’s the girl ... lol my best friend I live this fur baby
Camo is 2 year old very rambunctious German Shepard. He’s sassy but is also a big baby. He’s gentle, smart, and loving.
Tink is the best good mannered dog. She loves to go on car rides and loves apples and peanut butter. She loves to cuddle and play also. She dances and speaks for her treats every morning. If she thinks that it’s time for them and your still asleep she will definitely wake you up.
He’s an extremely goofy Rottweiler mix and can never let someone cry he’s gonna be in your face making you smile l, I think he’s one of the dorkier dogs that I have owned
Wolfie is a very energetic Siberian Husky! He loves the snow and playing fetch. He loves cuddling and laying on the couch as well as eating bacon and protecting his big sister <3
Lucky is a two year old curly hair Golden Retriever. Lucky has two siblings and loves to play with them. He adores being around people and food! Show some love for Lucky!!
Chewy is a pit bull mix. She is very energetic and playful. She is super friendly and just loves people! She loves belly rubs and also love stealing my clothes out of my room! Lol
Scrappy is an energetic love bug who absolutely loves people and other animals. He also likes to learn new tricks, getting new toys, running outside and to snuggle right up in bed at the end of the day with his humans. He’s a very smart pup and a goof ball at the same time! And well, just look at that face! 😍
Hello! I am a 9 year old Siberian husky. I’m very outgoing and I love my person with all my heart ♥️ I’ve seen a lot of the world because she takes me almost everywhere she goes. I also love the snow, but I love sun bathing in summer too.
Ava is an extremely happy and hyper pit bull mix who never runs out of energy! She has a big and unique personality that makes her one of kind
Billy is a Double Doodle. He is 64 pounds of floof!!!
Ryan is the love of our life. She loves to go for her daily runs and lets us know it everyday. She loves to swim, play in the snow, and camp. Her personality is so fun and we love to spoil her!
Nova is all about holding paws all day. She loves attention! She's gentle with elderly and children. She is so relaxed, walks on leash with a friendly smile and loves to swim. She is smart with manners and loves her big brother Rocky!
Rocky is a proud Great Pyrenees/Golden Mix. He's photogenic, loyal, kind hearted and he loves belly rubs!
Ruger loves to play with his toys and play fetch! He loves snacks and playing outside and he loves to snuggle with momma and daddy! He loves attention for sure! He is a very spoiled boy and very loved!!
Hi I'm Kai ya!! I'm only 4 weeks old. I'm gonna be the perfect fur baby cause my dad was. I found my voice at only 3 days old & have been working my way into my forever home from day 1
She is a big ball of floof, she is the mod happiest, loving dog you can meet! She is a huskiemo meaning she is part Husky and part Eskimo dog. She loves treats, cuddles, naps, the snow, outside, and sleeping with mommy
Raven is a one year old Shiba - I her spare time she enjoys chicken, cuddles, belly rubs, digging holes, and causing anarchy in the neighborhood.
scamp is full of life and has been through so much and yet somehow is the happiest pup ever! He thinks he is human as he thinks he is supposed to take a shower with you he will jump right in and just sit there! He is very very vocal and will let you know what he wants if it’s to play he brings his toys to you and drops them At your feet and will sit stare ignore him he growls not viciously of course more so trying to talk like hey mom play with me! He loves all animals and loves kids! As you can See he is ready to Go fishing like I said he is full of life and such a good boy if your wondering his breed well scamp is 25% rat terrier and the rest American pitbull terrier and American staffordshire terrier!! Although he seems to think he is a little pup and will try to climb on your neck and curl up to go to sleep! He is a bit of a baby as he has to be with mama or it’s the end of the world he loves to ride in cars if I had a chance for him to make a movie of him self he would honestly be a star he is just so much wrapped into one!! WE LOVE YOU SCAMPAROO!!