Baby Stories - 5


This old man is my very best fur friend. He’s been through everything with me. He turns 12 this Valentine’s Day. Help wish him a happy birthday by voting for him ❤️
He's 10 month old american red nose pit bull and he likes to play rough housing with his bis sister Tela plus play tugger war and keep away
I am a blue russian pit. I am 9 years old and I like to be cuddled and play when my joints/bones let me.
Lexi is a puppy still and likes to chew on everything. She is very playful and can jumps over things. Crazy dog.
Belle was found on a dirt Rd abt 6months ago starving and covered in fleas and ticks. She could barely move and was super scared of everything. We brought her home where she got TONS of baths and lots of love❤️ Now she spends the day tryin to keep up with her big brother and seeing what she can chew on🤣 she's a mini pup with the heart of a wolf🥰
Korben is a smart and cuddly Australian labradoodle. He loves fetch and watching football on TV. Here he is relaxing in the park before the next toss!
We adopted corby after he was brought into my work as a stray who was hit by a car. We had to amputate his back left leg, but for being a tri pod you would never know! He is the most loving, goofiest boy ever! He LOVES treatos, chasing his tail, playing with toys & running with his fur brother. We are so blessed!
*Warning* cuteness overload. Salem is my loving little girl. She is an 9 week old german shepard lab mix. She loves her Jack Skeleton toy, treats, cuddles, anyone she meets, water, and going on car rides. She is a sassy little queen. She is my favorite cuddly buddy. If this sweet face doesnt melt you heart I’m afraid its stone. But salem still loves you!
Curly is a corgi shepherd mix. He well be a year old at the end of this month. Well got him at the end of October last year. I got him to help me with my anxiety and my depression. Win I first saw him I feel in love. Win I first got to meet him. The guy that was in the blazer hadnhim tied to the very back window. Where you had to open the back to untie him. The guy also told me i could not give him back and then he (the guy) handed me a bag of treats and told me i was going to need them. We where also told that Curly dose not walk on a leash real well. But since he has been living with me and my husband. He has been doing real well. Hes doing good on a leash. Bit he isnstill scared of everyone and everything. It breaks my heart. Because a puppy should be filled with love and joy. Not trying to hide win they hear or see something. He also runs form people too. But he loves my husband and I. He well lay with us. Give us all the kisses in the world. He plays like a puppy should win he is in our home. But that took a few months because he is just now opening up. To tell you the truth i not want the money. I just want Curlys store to be other. Im not teyong to make hes old owns look bad. But at the same time I not feel like there telling the truth either. But Curly well have his best life bow that he is with us. He plays, sleeps in our bed, he jasnhis own bed as well, he has mean toys and he gets treats. My husband even want as fair as getting him dog cookies and chewy sticks. My hisband is also think about getting hom dog icecream. I feel deep down Curly is on a better place. Curly alsojust found out that he loves snow. This was the first year he has even seen or played in it. I was told by the last owns that he never got to be out in the snow. So this year he got to and its so cute on how he hopes around in it.
She's such a extraordinary friend. Loves playing in the snow and going for long walks. On a rainy day we watch tv and snuggle. I rescued her from shelter and at the same time she rescued me.
Atlas is little Newf with big dreams. Please vote for our little girl.
My name is River and I’m 2 1/2 Im a black mouth cur and I love to snuggle and play with my big brother. My humans say I’m super curious and observant and quite smart. PLEASE LIKE AN SHARE MY PAGE🎁🎁🎁🎁 are welcome
Teddy is one of kind. Not only is Teddy beyond adorable, he’s smart, tenacious, and funny! He loves playing with his snake 🐍, baby werewolf and baby hulk. He’s 50 pounds of joy in a 4 pound package. All he wants to do is give licks and cuddles 🥰
Even though she is a grandma she still acts like a little pup with her one and half year old sister Mabel. She is a great dog 🐶🥰
He loves to play and loves our cat and loves the lake and going for car rides
Bailey And Molly
They love to cuddle and sleep also bailey loves her toys ..
Gypsy the gentle giant and the queen of the house. She loves her family and her brother Otis. Aways getting rewards for her many tricks and the protector of the family.
Zero would like to thank each and everyone of you for voting for him, asks to please hit the like button below, and we vote back! 🥰 He's a 2 year old sweet German Shepherd that loves to play with everyone and everything. He adores his human baby sister and 2 cat siblings. He is super smart; knowing how to sit, fetch, lay down, stay, and handshake with both paws. His favorite toys are anything that squeaks. He loves going outside, car rides, and going for walks.
Kaze is a 5 month old puppy full of energy. She love to play fetch and keep away. She also loves to chase her tail. Sometimes she'll even tell you how she feels by grumbling and quiet barking. 😄💗
Bolt is a fun loving 4 month old Shiba Inu who loves attention and playing with his toys and running around in the backyard chasing leaves and my grandchildren.
Please help us welcome our newest addition to the family and vote for our boy Copper!🐕
Cooper loves to play and is such a sweet puppy
Just over 5 months old. Loves the zoomies. And Loves his fur sister gypsy. Loves outside and treats for being a good boy. Stubborn at times to listen on his own agenda, guess that's what you get when you have a rottski
Jessie is a gentle giant who loves to cuddle! She is the Yin to her sister Verity’s, a border collie mix, Yang. The only time this girl gets rambunctious is just before dinner time when she’s not afraid to tell you how hungry she is!!
Henry is the most loving and special dog.
Dallas is a five year old Chihuahua who was rescued at four and a half weeks old she loves to play and is a spoiled princess who loves to play with her brother. Dallas has suffered from epilepsy since she was 7 months old winning this will help pay for her medicine and the test she needs
Zena is going to be 4 in July she is a service dog who helps find lost adults and children.
Diamond is a 5 month old pitbull, she is a very sweet girl ❤️ who loves attention and loves to cuddle. she loves playing tug-of-war and she loves her treats.
Bullet is the most compassionate yet silly dog you will ever meet. He has become the best therapy dog as I battle stage IV brain cancer. He knows when to be silly and when to just lay quietly.
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Phoenix loves playing with his toys and tearing them up. He was given to our family the day he was supposed to be surrendered to the Humane Society. He doesn’t realize just how big he truly is, he is just a big playful baby
My name is Sadie I am 8 years old. I love my mommy. Love playing with Drake my human brother lol. I have serious melt downs when my mommy leaves me
Lollipop is a sassy puppy. She steals my The Terrible Towel, gets my attention & the chase is on! Easy to fall in love with Lolli’s energy, sassy side eye, that toasted marshmallow satiny coat & her playful freckles. 🐶
Ace loves to eat !! He loves the zummies !! And playing with his sister .
Molly is a sweet girl , loves to chase her brother and cats . She’s definitely the boss !! She loves belly rubs !!
Olaf is a little handful he loves to argue and knows how to howl I love you already. He loves really fluffy blankets.
Tinkerbell is the best dog. She loves to get in the clothes that come out of the dryer. She will jump in the basket of warm clothes everytime. Tink loves the sunshine and she loves to play with the bigger dogs!
Whats not to love about this 150lb rottweiler. The love of my life. loves to play tag with buddy. Loves to snuggle and think hes my lap dog. Lol
2 yr old rottie! Extremely spoiled and loves her momma and her balls and doggie teddy.. is a big teddy bear and absolutely loves getting lovings from any humans
Such a snuggler, protector, n lover. Loves to bounce in the snow. Loves to go for walks
An extremely outgoing loving and playful. Has the zoomies
Gracie is the sweetest,most loveable 90lb lap dog. She loves everyone but is a definate mama's girl. She loves to ride in the truck and snuggle. She doesnt even mind her hoody on cold winter days ❤
Baby is a rescue dog she is approximately 9 years old, who was on the euthanasia list. According to the shelter she tried to bite someone. This little cutie wouldn't bite a biscuit. She is a sweet little girl that has my husband and I wrapped around her little paw.
Ginger Dibbs
Ginger is our sweet pup that has tons of energy and loads of love to give she is a chocolate lab with a heart of gold! Please share in her happiness and vote for her thanks so much!!!
Orca is a sweet and loving Momma's boy! He loves to play, mainly with his Batman toy, and he loves snuggles! Please vote for Orca, so he can be even more spoiled than he already is!
Trump is a 7 year old pitbull who you would think was only 2. He is definitely one of a kind. He's definitely the most lovable Pitbull I have ever met. Chump was a good name for him because he always chumped on things. Especially when he gets happy or excited you'll find whatever it is like a jug or one of his toys and start chumping on it. His bark sounds mean but he is definitely far from it. He is my best friend 💯