This is buddy he like to drag himself all across the bed and his ears stick up when you say anything about food😂 (took the photo for a high school art project)
Ash was the best boy. He passed away last week but he was the biggest joy of my life. He loved eating anything I was eating (within reason) and his favorite game to play was keep-away and hide-and-seek. I miss him more than I ever thought possible.
Kuma is a very happy pup who loves to be goofy and play with his brother blue when he isnt wanting cuddles instead
Bocephus is my adventurous dog, he loves to jet ski, snowmobiling and kayaking
We named this guy Grizz because we thought it was very fitting. What a bundle of joy and holly terror wrapped up in such a cute package. He is incredibly smart and absolutely loves the water.
Buddy is a mama’s boy and he’s only 7 pounds and thinks he’s the boss of course
Sparky is the cuddly, handsome, playful, tennis ball loving spark everyone needs in their lives ❤
Beautiful boy. He is very intelligent and he loves to love.
Luna Grace
Luna is a sweet and sassy girl. She loves playing and running and giving side eyes.
Baby Girl
Baby Girl loves to dig and get muddy and also loves to jump in the pool for her toys
Luna Fourroux
Luna is a rescue from Acadiana Animal Aid in Laffayette, la. We adopted her when she was about 2 months old. I cannot imagine my life without this sweet girl and all the joy she brings to our lives is priceless! Wishing everyone good luck and positive vibes!!!
Bullet is so full of energy. He loves to play with especially outside, he loves his brothers and they are always 3 peas in a pod. He loves to lay on the back of the couch and look out the window. He is jus a little love bug!
Loves carrying his bowl and pillows.
Blue loves to play fetch amd jump into the air for frisbee's he also loves playing tug of war especially with his little cousins and his human papa
Bailey is so fun and LOVES to play outside. She loves her orange cow and can never have enough attention.
Mac is a gentle giant he loves swimming chasing birds and chewing on his basketball ball. He is a great daddy to our new kitten. Loves to be petted and cuddled
Lucy Lou
Lucy is a sweet girl that just wants to love on you all day. She loves cuddles, nose kisses and most of all she lights up when you enter the room and makes you feel like you are the best thing to slice bread when she is the one that is the one that lights up the room with her cuteness!!
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae is a 10 week old Mini Bernedoodle. She weighs 5 lbs and a ball full of fun. She is lovable, funny, loves to cuddle and loves to play. Maggie's best friend is her 6 year old human brother Brayden.
Chico is 6 months old and loves to play with his toys and brothers
Remington is 9 yrs old . He does not like his picture taken. Loves looking out the window for squirrels 🐿 and bunnies 🐰 . Goes everywhere with me. 🥰 He can Identify every toy he has. Very intelligent!
Coopers very active an energetic. He loves the water, and taking long walks. There is never a tired bone in his body so we’re always on a new adventure!
Mac Fleetwood
Mac is a friendly, loving, doofy, playful puppy dog who enjoys sunbathing and playing with sticks. But most of all and above all, loves cuddles and sleepy time
Ellie is a pitsky. she is a very playful puppy and she loves to play in water. when she gets excited, she hops like a bunny.
Bambi loves playing with her toys and napping.
Winky was adopted years ago after a mean man poked his eye out for running off from danny and rons rescue in the carolinas,he saved my life a year after he appeared when i didnt know i had diabetes and went down.he went n found help.yes he eats with a spoon and a bib standing just like this.
Finn is a Border Collie mixed with a German Shepherd. He likes treats and likes to play.
Meet Duke! He is a 4 month old yellow lab who loves eating,sleeping,playing,his sister, and of course his mom.
Petey is a Rescue dog. He is 8 years old and a dachshund/beagle mix. Petey is an Amazing dog and a definite part of our family. ❤️
Hi im Archer! My favorite things are going to daycare, swimming in the lake, and going hiking!
Pablo loves running around outside! He loves lots of attention and cuddles under the blanket.
Kida Jane
She loves people and expects them to pet her, she wants all the attention all the time. She goes hiking, kayaking, to the store, and has even been inaide a Dennys sitting at the table. Everywhere we go people love to say how beautiful she is.
Mini Me
Thank you.
My boy socjs is energetic he loves to play and run around outside he loves children nd other pets he is the very cutest little pup, he is a german shepard and golden retriever and he is such a sweet heart ❤
Hi everyone! Meet Ruthie. Ruthie is a rescue pup. Her litter was found on the side of the road with no mom. Ruthie now enjoys a lavish life of treats, belly rubs, walks, and cuddles. When Ruthie gets excited she has THE wiggliest butt ever. Vote for Ruthie!
Kota is a sweet and silly boy, he enjoys walks with me to the mailbox and loves car rides, if you say squirrel its a non stop howl session🤍 he loves to give kisses and snuggles.
Deebo is a rescue puppy. I got him at 6 weeks old. He loved tug of war and any toy that squeaks. He enjoys cuddles. Deebo also likes to watch me eat and give me goofy looks.
Millie lovez to lick she loves playing with her cat siblings and she loves making the elderly smile
You guys show my Mary some love and Vote for her
Millie came into my life at the right time. I've been wanting a specific dog and I found her. She's named after my great grandmother because they're both angels 💙She's a 7 month old, sweet, gentle, and the mushiest girl I have ever owned. She loves to be outside and bite her older sisters legs. We've been through some rough patches as a puppy, but she's getting there! Vote for my sweet girl, Millie 💙
Juno loves to hang out with her family. She goes everywhere with them, from 4 wheeler riding to softball games, shes there cheering the team on. She waves at them as they go out on the field and gives high fives when they're coming off. Shes very vocal, always letting you know what she wants.
Bane Antone
Bane is a awesome addition to our family. Hes smart loving and spoiled!
Colt is a trucker puppy that travels the world with his owner that is a semi driver & home to IL with kids on the weekend. Listens pretty well for his age & loves hiking with the kids.
Snoopy is a rescue. We adopted him in December of 2021. He was extremely shy and very afraid of people. Now he has all the treats and toys he can handle. He is well loved. And he is slowly but surely gaining trust in hoomans again.
She is a 5 month old puppy full of energy. She is a mama’s dog. Loves to be outside and play.
Riggley loves to play with brother ceaser. Ceaser is our little bunny. Riggley loves to take naps and go on car rides. He even loves to play volleyball with his sisters.
Mazzy Bougie Montoya
Mazzy is crazy...full of energy very curious. She acts like a opossum when she shows use her puppy teeth, which i cant wait for that stage to be over with... she acts like a sassy preteen when she gets corrected. She has no fear of heights, and loves toys, treats and paper towels...
Oliver aka Ollie is almost 3 months old. He is also a mix of Pit and Australian Shepherd besides his Rottweilerness. He loves to play with his brother and sister, but definitely loves bouncing around like hes Tigger from Pooh.