Gizmo is full of life….he loves kids and to go absolutely everywhere we go. He daily hobbies consist of looking out the window, and playing with his toys. Snuggle time is his favorite!!!
Sassy is a playful Pug who loves to play ball she will be 5 years old on Christmas Day
This is stitch stitch is a really cute sweet adorable funny puppy he is 10 months old and he loves to play with ropes and chew toys . If you let him go when you are holding him he will start climbing on your shoulder 😂
Angus is a mix of an English lab and a redbone coonhound
Ma’zie is a loveable 4leg human lol He knows so much he a protective feisty lil man. He is so picky at eating omg seems like a little kid if it don’t look good or smell good he is not eating that. Lol who else feels me He eats with us go in the restroom with us making sure where safe .❤️That’s our lil man
Copper is super sweet he thinks he’s a lap dog of course he likes bath's long walk’s he know lots of tricks he listens well and he knows how to say mom
A rambunctious paper shredder little 4 year old Lemon-Drop Dalmatian, high energetic and sociable
Rascal Loubet
He loves his ball and any toy you may get him. Loves his belly or chest scratched . Rascal loves to hunt mice,squiral and lizards.Rascal loves hugs and kisses he also has to sleep with Mom and Dad.
Bonzai is such a sweet girl. She loves to cuddle up, go for long walks with the occasional zoomies, her sploots are on point and if you don't give her the attention she wants, she will put her paw on you. She's definitely a sassy queen!
Bohemian (Boh) is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. He loves cuddles, and family time. His favorite snack is anything that taste like cheese. He gets the wiggle butts when he misses you.🐶💕
Gizmo is mixed chihuahua and papillon. He is a lover and loves playing ball.
Stella is very smart! She loves walks, ppl, and her laser pointer!
luna is so sweet and cute and loves .she like to lay with you and follow you.she is super cute.
Milo is a crazy, happy, and energetic dog
Hi I’m Stella. I just turned three months old I have a best cat friend at home named maxine and my job is to corral the cat inside from running away. She always makes funny growling noises at me and pats my head. I guess I’m being a good girl! She’s not getting passed me! I hope you smell like other doggies and kitties! I love my sausages. People think im a boy so my mom makes sure I get to wear lots of pink. I get lots of fun everyday with my little brother and our parents. Did I already say sausages? I’ll do some spins! I can’t wait to go to the park today and do the frisbee! I’m just waiting for my moment to reach the top of the dining room table.
Jax is the sweetest & most silly boy! He loves cuddles, car rides, & naps!
Hazel loves greeting everyone in the office and she especially adores cats
Leo is an 8 year old cockapoo! He was rescued at only a year old and loves to hangout with his mama! He has 2 kitty friends that he loves to play with as well
Little Gurl
Little girl doesn't believe she's a doggie she is human lol. She sleeps with her blanket and my pillow at night. She wants to be tucked in. She loves to play with her babies and run as fast as she can doing her zoomies. She is definitely one of a kind who we love very much..
Baby Girl
She is a very sweet and loving fur baby very smart and loves playing with her toys
She Is a Digger/Hunter by heart. Super Intelligant. She also gets her feelings hurt easily.
You can’t help but to Love this sweetest, funniest, demanding 4-legged fur-baby! Archie is very vocal, LOVES FOOD! Your life will be much happier, and fulfilling with a HOUND in your life… ♥️ARCHIE♥️
Buster loves to make friends and go to the dog park 🐕. He is a little trickster so he’ll trick me into thinking he needs to go outside to use the restroom and he’ll take off running then come back in 20 seconds😂
Kinsley is a sweet girl…… loves to play and cuddle with people…….little girl with a huge heart
This little handsome is dramatic af, and always wants his way. But he’s just so handsome, who could resist! He has some many little quirks, from having the cutest little head tilt, to giant “ear-planes” to an obsession for lamby toys (lambchop). He steals the hearts of everyone he meets!!!!
Molly was the most loveable, selfless dog you could ever wish to meet. She was shy and reserved if she didn’t know you, but with her people, she cuddled like no other! She would always put her peoples needs first and sit in uncomfortable positions just to be close to those she loved. She had a zest for life, walks and ice cream! She was an expert food scoundrel….finding foods she shouldn’t on many occasions. She passed from hemangiosarcoma this past summer and she has left a molly shaped hole in all our hearts. She truly was the sweetest pup ever!
Baxter has been in my life for 12 years now, he has enriched my life in sooooo many ways, he is my only son and my best friend. All though he is getting older he still has spunk in him, he still likes to play catch, run around in the yard. He snuggles up with daddy, also mommy and shows love with grama. He loves his Beggin Treats, he loves his chewy sticks. He always seems to know when your having a bad dad because he will snuggle even tighter with you. I just want to say that Baxter has saved my life more then once and if it wasn't for him, I really would not be here typing this and asking you all to vote. As gray as he gets, I will love him always and forever. Thank You All and please continue to vote.
Juno is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix whose favorite passtimes are napping on a pillow, wrestling for her toys and playing half of fetch (she usually just runs after the ball and then just keeps going). Juno loves laying her head on your lap and telling you about her day with noises that sound almost like a goose honk. She's never met a person or dog she didn’t like!!
Bonnie is the sweetest most caring dog. She is very protective and loves playing ball and shaking around her stuffed animals. She is so smart, and knows so many tricks.
She loves to cuddle and she likes her belly rubs. She is my protector, she does not like anyone messing with her mama. Lol Harley knows when somethings wrong cause she will make sure to try to make me feel better and she usually does. She's definitely got some sass in her but mama loves her pretty girl!☺️
Lucy is a 2 year old husky mixed!! Her favorite things are snuggles with mommy playing outside with the other dogs and taking naps!! Lucy loves to give kisses and snuggles
She was a happy loving dog. She was my best friend. She was very smart. She loved her squeaky toys loved going bye bye, loved going on walks.
To Protect and to Serve!
Sassy loves attention and loves to see people looking at her saying oh how pretty
About Skittles, Skittles was attacked by another dog when he was a baby. He now only has one eye.
Loves to play around with her brother and sister. Lovable loves kisses
She is a great grand puppy !
Rosie loves to be with her family and do agility!
Bibiiii boyyy is 3 pounds and 4 years old. He is super loving & super effectionate and just super super sweeet. If he ever sees me crying he knows and is so quick to lick all your tears away till all your tears are gone. The moment you make eye contact with him he knows, and just cant help to bow down infront of you sticking his butt up in the air with his wittle tail waging oh so fast waiting for a buttt rubbb!! His little personality is so excited to recieve any sort of loving effection. Not one person walks by him without the tempatation to say hello. He makes everyones day that walks by him. He looooves making new friends leaving his paw prints everywhere he goes. He is super gentle and super happy and understands everything you say. He is truly one of a kind.
Brooklyn Harper, our favorite furry girl. Her dad adopted her when she was just a puppy. Brooklyn also started her enrollment at Harper's University around the same time to get the top notch training to be the most well-mannered doggy that she is. Brooklyn loves long runs and enjoys sneaking into the trash when noone was looking. Another one of her favorite things to do was sunbathing. She loves to dress up in cute costumes, get groomed, and enjoys outings to new restaurants and parks. She is a fierce protector of her siblings and would quietly sleep outside of their doors at night whilst they slept.
He is soooo handsome !
Miss Sassy
She has alit of personality and attitude. She prances around and gallops like a horse. She is very loving and friendly.
His is a big goof, that has souch energy. He has his ball from sun up to sun down, and then he's down for the count till morning to start all over again.
Fun and full of cuddles. He loves chasing the fall leaves falling and blowing in the wind.
Hollie his girl is definitely one of a kind. We also got her as a puppy. She was the first of the two. So she thinks she runs the house since she’s been there longer. I believe we got her around this time last year. Fall is her favorite time of the year, well I’m assuming that she never really told me. Be when we go on walks around the time of season she love playing in piles of leaves, she will literally hide until we find her. Really don’t know where that came from but it’s funny to watch. And since I have Bentley the wife has Hollie, couldn’t ask for it any other way.
He is my saving grace, saved him and he saved me, cant bad with his goofy butt around.
Buddy’s story is nothing less than a miracle! I rescued him from a California desert and he was severely emaciated and full of dust! He somehow survived out there for close to two months eating grass or bugs or whatever he could find! He had been hit by a car leaving his front leg badly broken and his hips out of alignment. I also noticed his lip was bleeding. After a 9 hour drive to bring him home, I took him to the emergency vet where they discovered he had eaten rat poisoning and would most likely not make the night. I was devastated at the news, but at four in the morning I received a call from the vet saying Buddy was possibly going to make it! His young age played a huge part in that outcome. So I nursed him for four months setting up an X pen with all of his needs and sleeping on the couch during that time to take care of him. The vet was shocked to see his X-rays and his great condition. He was a healthy, happy boy each time we saw her, which was frequently. It was a long four months nursing him back to health but I didn’t want him to lose his leg! Buddy decided at this point he was home and I was his Mom! He has been a healthy, happy boy ever since, and I discovered what a great dog I had just rescued, so smart, such a fast runner, so happy, and absolutely beautiful!!! He is such a devoted, loving companion and a total miracle! Buddy loves to swim, shake soft toys, fetch sticks, chase squirrels, and is a natural at learning agility. He truly is my miracle baby boy!!!
🐾Harley🐾 is a big love bug and loves to cuddle. She loves playing tug a war and loves her squeaker toys oh and loves to chase bubbles!! She is a happy girl from the minute she wakes up to the minute it’s bed time, and not a mean streak in her!! She LOVES earning treats!! She’s our 🐾Harley🐾Girl🐾