Chae Marie Wagner
Hi my name is Chae Marie as you can see it sounds like Shay or Shae I’m deeply loved by my family. I have a fantastic and funny personality. I just recently had turned 2 this last November.
Bailey is a rescue dog that I found wandering on the streets of Detroit, MI. After getting confirmation from an onlooker that she was abandoned, I took her to the vet and they proceeded to scan her for a microchip — no microchip! She was vaccinated and officially became mine. I’ve had her for going on 5 years now and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Vote Bailey!
Cody is a great pup.he is 16 months old. Loves playing on the beach friendly with other dogs, he lives with 5 adult cats and a kitten who he loves. favorite toys are his ball and his stuffy, favorite snack is bully sticks. Loves to smile at people but most people get scared cause of his size he is very intelligent we got him at 10 weeks old by time he was 12 weeks old he knew his name, sit, paw and up. vote for Cody ♡
Cherry Kola
Technically a dog, but thinks she’s human. Her personality is as contagious as her smile. Kola is the smartest lil snuggle bug who doesn’t meet a stranger. Oh and we can’t forget about all those kisses she freely gives. Keep Kola smiling with your vote!
Oliver is a Chocolate Lab, he likes going on walks, and playing with his toys
She spontaneously funny and lovable and photogenic.
Luna was rescued in September 2022. She is a black lab, but we believe that she is mixed with another breed! We are finding out soon & cannot WAIT to see where her traits come from.
6 month old big baby , that loves to be outside, loves being rubbed and cuddled. Big burst of energy and love
Prince’s favorite things to do are eat sleep and be with his human and bunny friends. He also loves walks, bird watching, car rides and ice cream 🍦
Stormee is so sweet & spunky. She loves to have her belly rubbed.
Woof! I’m Delilah, I am constantly attached to my hall and always playing. But when i’m not i’m snuggled up under the covers w my hoomans!
Baylee is a very energetic and playful girl who loves being dirty, she also loves greens and veggies are her fav, she is a supper picky dog who puts her nose up and cries at you if she doesn’t like something. She absolutely loves her humans and can’t stand being away from from them and always has to smack your phone or paper out if your hand if she feels you aren’t giving her enough attention.
Hi my name is Harlee. My hoomans say I’m the goodest girl who loves her fox toy just as much as she loves cuddles.
Hi I’m Bruno and I love to chew up your shoes. I’m also scared of teddy bears 🧸
Hi I’m brutus I love chewing on my bones! and playing tug-of-war! 😉
Hi I’m nipsey I love chicken
Casper loves playing with everyone and his toys. When putting on his leash he pulls with his teeth in order to walk himself. At nights he starts running and jumping around like he is zooming around the house.
Hi, my name is Tintin and I’m a very cute dog. Who loves to running around and roll over on the grass. 😘😘
Hi my name is Milo, I love going outside to play. My mom is working on potty training me since I just joined my forever home last week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Tork is a great natured dog ,he minds well and love alot !!! He is a part ,bulldog/bully- cataoula-curr,and Labrador.
My puppy has a very childlike face that is irresistible. He is so calm yet a little shy but breaks that barrier afterwards. He likes to cuddle, sleep, and loves being free to go explore. “Very independent 😂”
Hi I'm Loki a 8 week old pitty I love to play and nap. My mommy wanted me to join to see if I could win for cutest puppy.
He’s a sweet boy very protective loves to play with his toys
Bruce is an all white German Shepard
This little guy just joined my family and I'm so happy to a little pup like his he's playful and so freaking cute and tiny he was rhe runt i cant wait to see gim grow up!
Branch Perez
This is Branch Perez he’s an Australian cattle dog… he likes his toys and loves the outdoors:) He likes his moms cat antay;)
Nala is very loving and caring she loves to ball with her balls and she even shares with the cats. She loves her kids to death she loves to cuddle with me and she is my best friend
Calvin is a hyper, food loving pup but most importantly he loves to be with either his mommy or grammy
Calvin is a hyper food loving dog and enjoys to be with his mommy or grandma.
Gordon Gonzalez
Gordon is the sweet it dog ever , he love to play , be outside and take the sunlight, he is so sweet and grateful.
Maggie came to us after we lost our 11 year old Boston Terrier. She was a wonderful companion for our 16 year old chi Kiwi. We lost Kiwi a few months later. Now Maggie is a sweet sister to Piper. She loves to play outside and chase bugs.
Altan is a 1 year old Husky. He enjoys the cold weather and playing soccer/ball with his momma. Altan also enjoy singing along with car alarms and sires. He is also name after the famous Daniel Altan Wing from the hit book series "Legend" by Marie Lu
Maddie is a Long-Haired Rescued Chihuahua me and my grandma found her behind her store she had been out there all night in the cold rain, she was so scared and flinched every time we moved towards her. You could tell she had been abused by whoever owned her last. Thankfully she is now happy and healthy and no longer feels the need to be afraid of us or other house guest.
Bailey is freindly she love kids her favorite thing to do is foater puppys as she never could have a litter of her own.
Miss Ava Belle
UPDATED 1/17/2023 Hi Everybody!!! A Maste Tumor was found on my right ear when i went for my yearly chk up on Jan., 6th. IT HAD TO COME OUT....So..I underwent surgery on January 11th...In order to get ALL the margins, my ear had to be cosmetically altered. In addition, a hernia was removed from a node in my belly. At this moment, we a waiting on the results of how Aggressive the Tumor is so we can move forward with a Treatment Plan. In addition,I can not have my vaccines. I am healing well...I Stare at the couch and ottoman because I want to jump up soooo bad..but not allowed. Momma promised I will beable to soon. Please keep me and my Parents in your Prayers for a POSITIVE RESULT!!🙏🙏🙏 Thank you in advance 🥰😘Hello...My name is Miss Ava Belle. I'm a Sweet Little Girl...My Favorite Passion is People. I LOVE to LOVE with folks more than my toys. I Love to go shopping with my Momma. I am 3 yrs old..We lost our home to Hurricane (tornado) Laura so for now i hang out on a porch at our temporary home, which are Apartments. One day Momma says I'll be back chasing Squirrels, cats and raccoons again. I'll also be able to go back down to our boat dock and Roo Roo at the fishermen.Good Luck to everyone that is in the Contest. May Everyones Day be Blessed!! #Alwaysbekind💜💛 #MissAvaBelle #BelleoftheBall👑
He is a big sweetheart
Sadie loves treats and balls,her favorite pass time is to sleep
I'm an pure breed Italian greyhound.
Mazikeen is my 2 year old girl her name meaning "harmful spirits but shes far from it shes a lover, nanny and very vocal she gets excited when she sees her doggy friends she loves to go into work with me and entertain my coworkers and others around. She is also a couch potato or AKA Northern house hippo.
Stella is a rescue. Gave her treats she wasnt sure if she was fully committed from her place on the back of the couch.
She is super cute! Also she will lick everyone!
jordy is a rescue dog from georgia and he loves to smile, cuddle, and play
We rescued Cato potato when he was 9 months old, he was found on the streets in southern IL with multiple wounds. He is a big cuddle bug and knows no personal space
kasha is a german shepard and husky mix she is an emotional support dog and loves people and is so sweet
Mia is a very loving and happy dog she loves to cuddle and go down the shore. she loves having lots of people around her and is very very happy
Baskel and his big sister basil who passed away the 13th, baskel really misses his big sister.
Lily And Luna
Lily pictured on the right is Luna’s mother. Our original plan was to adopt Luna but when her momma became available for adoption as well we just had to keep the two together. Lily is an extremely affectionate momma and Luna is truly the class clown