Big baby scared of thunder ,loves to play red light green light,country dog,loves to play with her chicken,fav treat hotdogs ,she will give kiss to go out.great dog she will take up entire bed and take covers.
Son of min pin and welch corgi .born 10years ago fun loven . Loves storms , chases bottle rocket.all around a great buddy !
Hi, I’m Mayhem! I’m a super energetic, loving puppy!!
Boede loves his blanket and his ball. Carries them everywhere!
Baloo is the best dog & friend. He's always there when your sad or happy. Its like he knows what type of mood your in & his personality adapts to that.
She is a very loving, energetic dog. Best friend and protector of our 3 kids. Loves everyone she meets.
Savage loves to go on walks and car rides. He loves playing in the ocean and chasing the fish. The sweetest protector you’ll ever meet!
Lyly is an escape artist!
Colby Jack
Colby Jack is full of energy! He loves to snuggle and play. He loves puppy ice cream and his favorite food is CHEESE 🧀
Titan is a chocolate lab, born on July 13 2022. He is a spunky and sweet, yet very stubborn little fella. His favorite toys are the ones that make the most noise and his teething toys, although he loves to play with EVERYTHING, including his new big brother and sister!
This is Nala, she is my service dog in training and is currently 6 months old. She loves to run and play with any toy she can get her mouth on. If you want to follow her, you can do so on instagram @service.princess.nala
Charley is a fun loving dog who love to play with his toys and run around playing He also knows a few tricks like roll over and others. He is loved by many
Raider is a purebred German Shepherd. His right ear has a tear from when he was born. His mom reached down to grab him and it tore his ear. He isn’t in pain but it fits in with the rest of the family. Just a little different.
Princess Skyye
Princess Skyye is the newest member of our family. She’s loving, cuddly and playful and brings us smiles daily. She loves to play with her two big brothers, Diego (2.5 year old German shepherd) and Rico (4 year old Yorkipoo). She’s not all cuteness, though. She’s smart too! After 3 nights of being home and at 10 weeks old she already learned to pee on her potty pad. We are so happy to have this sweet Princess in our lives!
Nala is a great dog who hasn’t always had a fair life and is untrusting of humans at first. Once she lets you in this you have a best friend for life. At almost 11 years old she’s still a little spitfire when her arthritis isn’t acting up.
Hi my name is Foxy I’m a big baby that has separation anxiety from my humans. I am blessed to have these guys as my humans. Normally it would be humans rescued me how ever I was able to rescue myself by finding these wonderful humans. I am pretty laid back most times but do get excited also. I don’t like to play much at all.
Theodorable Von Pei
Theo is very playful and he gets ear drops daily but is not a fan of them so he runs circles around the dining table until we catch him.
She loves to play with stuffed animals and to instigate a playing game with us!
Hi my name is Xena my human parents got me at 8 weeks old and I was so thankful!!! I love to be played with and cuddle with mommy. I am a very happy hyper dog who loves to play fetch loves water I honestly love just about anything!!!!
Jasmine Faith
Jasmine loves toys with squeakers and her favorite treats are cheese and hot dogs. She loves to play and is very gentle and lovable with kids. She knows lots of tricks sit stay lay(down) and roll over. I found her at the humane society on July 5 after her owner surrendered her on July 4. She helps me and has learned to adjust to me and helping me due to the fact that I am in a wheelchair and she is 10 years old and what she does for me is more than any person could do.
Matilda is a Pit Bill, Lab mix and was a rescue puppy from Georgia and was known as the Wild Child of her litter. She is as spunky today as she was the day we got her and love to talk to you, cuddle under the blankets, and lick you endlessly. She’s the sweetest girl and her and her 90lb. German Shephard brother are inseparable.
Damon is a German Shepherd, Lab mix that was from a litter my husband’s cousin’s dog had accidentally. He was one of 10 and they were all boys and all black. They mom is a blond lab and dad is a standard German Shepherd. He is the biggest baby, but beyond protective of his family. He sleeps out side his human sister bedroom and does perimeter checks all night long. He’s only 5 but has old man face as we call it due to having vitiligo. We think it makes him look handsome. Lastly, he’s the best big brother to his little sister Matilda.
Nani is a very smart dog she is my emotional friend
Emily is the sweetest!!! She loves the water and her favorite is eating ice cubes!
Zeus is a loving doggy he lets kids lay on him and lets them put toys on him too.
He is a lover, not a fighter. Looks like a mini Lhasa. 14 lbs. Loves bully sticks and going for car rides and walks at the dog park. Loves all dogs.
My beautiful ladybug love water rope toys she loves chasing flies everything about it
Alpha is a very cuddly, she loves her my mommy, she also can not live without her brothers.
Gizmo Soto
Gizmo likes to take long walks, loves being in car and going for rides, and loves cuddling with his mommy..❤
Bella (black) alongside her sister and best friend, Biscuit. They love to play and rip their toys to shreds. They are small but mighty.
Koda is the sweetest boy. He loves everybody he meets. He was a rescue pup, and we think he’s actually a black lab and basset mix. He looks like a lab with short little legs. 🐾🤍
Jazzie And Emme
Jazzie gave birth to 4 beautiful toller pups on May 24. Emme was the pup that we kept.
Max likes to sleep ...walk in the park. My nap buddy.
Big D
Big D is a mini, but with big attitude and a big heart. He loves to go for walks, snuggle and watch movies and he is amazing at doing tricks for treats. For such a little guy he is my biggest protector and follows me everywhere
I chose Annabella to keep my other Cavalier company. She is the smallest of the two but definitely the boss. She is like a Velcro dog, always by my side. She loves people and dogs and barks at everyone to get a “Pat on the head”. She is just lovable and a snuggle bug♥️
Yeti Michelle
Yeti Michelle is a registered Emotional Support dog. She loves everyone and loves to ride. She is my best friend
Dexter Zazueta
Loves long walks at the dog beach and strolling through Balboa park. Loves treats. He’s learning commands and will give you a kiss if you vote for him. Loves his tia Nancy.
Gemma is a sweet and sassy little girl! She loves going for walks, playing with her toys and cuddling with her momma. She's been my savior these last few months since my husband passed away. She knows just how to make me smile again ❤
Hoss loves literally anybody! He loves to chase his tale and LOVES to chew on ice chips! His favorite thing to do is have the zoomies and immediately pass out afterwards!
she likes to take walks she loves to be loveable shes most loveable dog
Hi, I’m Oliver! 🐾 I am a 1.5 year old Yorkie from Crossville. I love sour cream and onion chips, strawberry Popscicles and goldfish! My favorite hobbies are snuggling my momma, going on walks, and bird watching. 🐦
Kukito is a very good boy, who loves taking pictures.
My name is smokey I love following my momma around the house and sleeping on her pillow why she’s not looking I hate baths when I’m in them but once I’m out I run around the house like a crazy person
Energetic and fulll of kisses. Loves evenig walks and enjoys her breakfast eggs scrambled
Dash is a 1 year old Blue Tick Coon Hound. We adopted him from a rescue. When they rescued him, he was a stray puppy from Texas until 4 months old. He’s a playful loving puppy
Giavanna is so loving and caring!! She loves to go on car rides, loves to snuggle but most of all loves everyone one...from children to her boyfriend who is a Frenchie named Gizmo🤣🤣