Luna loves kisses, cuddles and playing with her toys. She also loves staring into my soul. It was love at first sight when I met her!
I am a big lapdog😅 well momma don’t seem to think I fit on her lap anymore so I just squish her but I love belly rubs and playing fetch. I like car rides but I will attack the windshield wipers so don’t turn them on🤦🏼‍♀️ I don’t like storms😬
I love to dig for daddys socks in the laundry😈I like to sleep with all my toys on the bed oh and I do snore just like my daddy but I love to cuddle and give loves❤️ Daddys girl but I love mommas too😅❤️
Axle is a bubbly and playful pup, he loves chasing his brother around . He’s a big cuddle bug❤️
Mallie is a Yorkiepoo she's 1 1/2 she's playful has alot of energy & the most chill personality goes everywhere and spoiled. Everyone loves her.
Yeti is 4 years old and always keeps us laughing his favorite snacks are pretzel sticks or pretzel with peanut butter
He loves kids,FOOD,Drive-thru Gives the Best Kisses Right now he's missing his Grandma that passed recently
Maverick And Hope
He’s very playful , he gets along great with his older furry siblings. He sleeps a lot and plays a lot , he loves chasing his sidekick older sister Hope around and older brother Odie
Gizmo Bailiey
Gizmo loves his baby sister! He is almost 2, he’s such a mommas boy🥺 and I will hurt someone over my boy!!
Fiona is a two year old English mastiff who is so sweet and loves to fist bump and shake for anything that doesn’t eat her first.
Hello, I'm Livvy, and I like warm hugs!
Paisley is two years old and a on going pup full of joy and happiness. She absolutely loves toys and trying any food snacks you give her!
She loves to play ball, run, steal socks and her favorite treats are carrots. She’s one of a kind just like the dragon queen.
Milo is such a outgoing puppy, and loves to play with his siblings at home! 🤍
Bear loves to snuggle, go on adventures walks as well as just being around people. His favorite things to do are chew on rawhides, play, go for car rides and check on those he loves most.
Buddy is very smart loves to play and wants a treat giving to him by every person he sees lol. He was a special gift to my parent's when he was very small.. show Buddy some love, likes, and of course vote for him.. thank you all very much..
Guss man is full of energy and will do anything for a treat, he loves his frozen yogurt! His favorite thing is to walk the bogs and swim in the pond !
Rolo is such a joy and doesn’t meet a stranger. He just loves everyone and has such a wonderful personality. He has brought so much happiness in our life’s!!!
Wyffels is a 1 year old toy poodle. He loves cuddles, digging and creating messes for mom.
Stella loves playing fetch, playing with her friends, and belly rubs!
She is very loving, energetic, loves outdoors, chasing squirrels and eating just about anything! Loves her squeaky toys, old shoes and learning new things for treats!
Mila is something else she loves to go on hikes and cuddle in bed with her parents (us) she also loves to watch over her little brother Louie the bearded dragon and she likes to go to a local Starbucks and get pup cups!
Koda is a Great Dane pit mix and she was rescued when she was 5 months old. She has 3 cat BestFriends and she loves to go on runs with her mama ❤️
Zeus is beautiful boy that loves to meet people. He loves traveling and going into stores with me. He loves his squeaky toys and terrorizes my older dog with the squeaky toy. He’s the bestest boy!
She is a medical support dog in training to help her mommy, she loves to be places, travel, play with her brother and sister, loves walks, her favorite food is Hills science diet for chi’s along with chicken.
Stell girl is the most loving, cuddly pup you’ll ever meet. She loves all the belly rubs and she might just give you all the kisses in return. Vote for our sweet girl!
Macy is a 2 year old Australian a kelpie with lots of energy, she loves her ball and her toys and shes a sweet girl
Hello i'm Blackie AKA. BLACKERS I may look small but I deliver a huge bark whenever mom walks in the door! I love to dig, bark at random animals and most importantly protect my humans from any harm even if its a small insect... Nothing will get near my humans and I mean that!!
Tucker is a very shy dog till he’s with the people he loves! He loves playing with his brothers (cats) Chase & Smokey
Penelope is a sweet loving girl who can’t seem to ever run out of energy! If she’s not chasing you she’s running around with a toy hanging out of her mouth. She’s very vocal and will never be afraid to back talk. When it’s bed time she jumps right in bed to cuddle with momma. Small puppy big heart I couldn’t ask for a better little girl
Chunk is an amazing dog he's so smart he shakes bith both 🐾 speaks Lay's down and rolls over vote for chunk!!!
Zoey is a feisty Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix who loves to travel and play with her brother Ziggy.
Hi my names Skye and i love to go on walks and car rides! I love when my barkbox comes every month and all the new toys i get❤️
Apollo loves his toys, peanut butter yogurt cups, ice cream cones, trips to petsense, car rides, playing outside and loves his momma & daddy ❤️
Swayze loves treats, playing in the water and meeting new people. She is energetic and loves cuddles.
He is a fun loving boy... He loves to go riding around and going to the park... He loves to watch ducks and geese...
My ❤️
Alder is a 4month old male, very chill and minds well. He definitely thinks he’s a lap dog at 42lbs!! He’s so loving and loyal❤️
Fancy is a very energetic dog. She’s always wanting to play and jump. She is obsessed with her mama and will do anything to protect her mama and human baby brother Gracyn💛
Tucker is a sweet, and amazing pupper. He is mixed with German Shepherd and Lab. He loves kids and loves to bark and howl.
he is not normal
Hi my name is Charlie. I’m a shih tzu. I just turned 6 years old yesterday 3/28 and I love spending time playing and eating my cookie treats. I love everyone that comes to see me or I go visit. He sure is one little ball of pure love. Please vote for Charlie thank you 😊
Isabella loves to hug and give big kisses!!! She loves swimming and playing with her little doggy sister 💙Now she's a big sister to her baby brother, which she love just watching him 💕
I’m a 10 week old boxer who has a lot of spunk. I like to go outside and walk with my mommy, and rough house with my big brother onyx, but after I’m done walking/ using the bathroom I always ask mommy or daddy to pick me up so I can be carried princess style ! My favored toy is my big brother onyx’s ear! I also get to travel around the states !!
Bentley is a big baby that just loves to cuddle and get cookies!!
Winter Maree
I’m a MINI aussie. I’m only 1 Years old. I love spending time with my family. My favorite toy is a stuffed mini version of me! I love running, playing in the snow and mud, and sleeping!
Clyde loves car rides and walks in the park!! Also loves treats and cuddles with his parents! If there is a ball in your hand, be prepared to play fetch all day!