Baby Stories - 48


Meet Nala! The 50% Labrador Retriever, 25% Pitbull, 12.5% Tai Ridgeback, 12.5% Chow Chow, and 100% love-able Pup! Nala loves running in the snow, swimming, playing with her friends, and of course, cuddles. The definition of “the best dog ever”!
Lucy is a mixed breed rescue! If she isn’t snuggled up on the couch, she’s outside chasing the squirrels out of the yard or stealing toys from the neighbors.
Remi loves nothing more than her tennis ball and a good afternoon nap.
Ryker is a frisbee loving pup, who loves to cuddle and play fetch for hours.
Jasper loves to run and play with his other friends!
This beautiful boy was dropped off in the middle of no where and we happened to be at work and he walked right up to my dad and I. I decided to tell my husband and we brought him home. We gave him a second chance that nobody would. We brought this stray home and we gave him the love he deserves. He is such an amazing dog.
Hi I’m Diesel! I’m very friendly. I love to play fetch and swim in the pond. I take up the whole bed so mommy put me outside😥. I just wanna cuddle.
Hi my name is Hazel! I am a Schnoodle. My dad is a schnauzer and my mom is a poodle. Together they made me! I’m more timid around people I don’t know, but if I trust you, I will warm up to you. I love to have my ears scratched, it gives me a sense of relaxation. Treats will never be turned down and peanut butter is my favorite. My main love on this earth are TOYS. I LOVE toys!!! Right behind toys, jeeping is the next favorite. My family loves to jeep and I am always in the backseat with my tongue out. My nickname is Lonnie.
Hey y’all! My names Boo like the little girl off of Monsters Inc. My momma named me after her because I was her first child. As you can see I am a corgi, I am a Tri color and I have pretty blue eyes that will take your breath away. I am very outgoing and love to play. Most importantly I love attention, if I’m not getting loving from someone something is wrong. I have two other siblings one Big little brother and mom just brought home this other pup. I wasn’t big on them at first but they are growing on me. I like to think I’m the boss of the house hold. I gotta know everything is okay. I really don’t have an interest for toys most the time, but if I see a bone it’s definitely in my mouth. I like to go on walks and enjoy the nice breeze in my fur, after all it gets hot with my thick luxurious coat. Outside I like for the neighborhood to know I’m out there. Sometimes I even like to howl like a little wolf! Even though I’m the smallest of the pack I like to know I’m top dog 🐶
Hi my name is Lois and the world’s sassiest pug! I love to play with other dogs and I’m very outgoing. I love to eat, like LOVE to eat and I’m very attached to my mom. You can always count on a butt shake when I meet you because I love meeting new people. Everyone loves me too :)
He’s a good boy. A big Crybaby when it’s bath time. Really playful loves to go swimming in the pool.
Hi my name is Gary!! One of my sisters is a big reader so my middle name is Paulson. Gary Paulson is my full name! I have a STRONG love for food and I’m the happiest boy ever. I don’t do well in the heat so winter is my favorite season as I love to army crawl through big drifts of snow. I love meeting new people
She loves to play and is the sweetest fur baby ever. Gets home cooked meals and sleeps in bed!!!
Valos LOVES chasing his tail. He loves being cuddled and carried like a baby. If he sees a hat on your head, he will not leave you alone until he gets it. While he is the most handsome dog, he is also the most stubborn dog there is.
My name is Bear! I am a 5 month old German Shepherd! I love to bark and play with my friends! I was surrender to a small rescue but the owner loved me so much that she decided to keep me for herself!! If we win my mom will use the money to help many dogs in the rescue!
Jerry is a 2 year old lab mix who made his way all the way from the streets of Texas to Wisconsin. He is now seeking his fur-ever home while he gets spoiled here with me in his foster home. Jerry was set to be euthanized at animal control in Texas and is so thankful for life and dog rescues like ‘Saving Sully’.
Im Pookies ❤️ I am a teacup chihuahua! I love to snuggle and love all your attention. I like chasing my tail and going on stroller rides! I love to nap and watch Netflix.
Hi friends! Though it LOOKS like Brewtus is ready to drive to the nearest dog park to sniff out some ladies and new friends, he can’t. Why you ask.... WELL, Because HE IS A DOG... But His Human Mom (I say human because he still lives with his bio mama and younger (by a few moments)brother Jude) likes to bring him on lots of adventures, we go to tons of places and parks, but one of his top 5 favorite spots to stop is to snag a pup cup and a magic with his Human Boy before school in the morning. But he is the MOST Handsome && the GOODEST Boy around town and appreciates your votes!
Mando is a rescue that stole my heart immediately. He LOVES snow and being outdoors. His favorite things include long walks and throwing those famous husky tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. He’s the best dog a girl could ever have <3
Our big boy RJ loves chasing our kids around with his toy in his mouth, he enjoys the cuddle time he gets from the kids even if they fall asleep on his head, he’s a very hyper dog who can’t help but play hide and seek from you
Lotus is a pit bull mixed Labrador who loves to eat snow until she’s freezing! She eats carrots like a bunny and goes to sleep in the most quirky ways! She loves to play with her big brother and gets more rough than him! She’s an absolute cuddle bug and either wants to sleep with you or play!
My name is syla, I love the snow I love long walks. I enjoy chewing up my new toys in 2 seconds. I love bones and treats !
Kilo is a German Shepherd and a Blue Nose Pitbull mix. Always extremely happy and ready to play. Loves new people and new doggos. Likes to chase shadows, waves, and anything you can throw.
Meet Maximus! Our fun, happy, loving boy. Max loves to play with his kong toys, chow down on some delicious kibbles, zoom through the house on occasion, greet mom and dad with a large pitbull smile, and he will never turn down snuggle time with Mom.
Kane is a big 90 pound bully who is the biggest sweetest baby who loves people and loves to play!!
Riddler is a 1 year old Male Aussie. He participates in agility, dock diving, barn hunt, disc, and tricks. He has his CGC and TKA.
Enzo is the sweetest little Yorkie Bichon you could ever meet, he is 9 pounds and loves nothing more than to be held and dressed in his outfits! He has a heart of gold and loves to tackle his little brother Arlo!
Arlo is a little Yorkie Bichon, who weighs 5 pounds and loves to play! He spends all day playing with his big brother Enzo, and cuddling! His favorite toy is a little duckie and he carries it all over the house, showing it off to everyone he meets!
Cyena is such a loving smart girl. She is 9 weeks old and is absorbing the world like a sponge.
Mayanthechi On Ig
4 yrs old 2.8 lbs ig: @mayanthechi loves to cuddle and take naps Loves the Camera! Will pose for a treats! 🐾
My oh my there is so many thing I could say about my little beaudi. He is such a loving smart little. He is officially a year this month. He never seems to amaze me with how intelligent and smart he is. I work in construction and I love to take him to work with me. He was just what we needed to be apart of our family.
Emma is a retired Show Dog and Servie Dog. Loving yet a bit of a snob.
Magnus is just a puppy.. Very cuddly. His mom is austrailian shepard and dad is boxer.
Lulu has a wiggly butt and runs sideways ❤️when she’s excited she pounces like a deer it’s cute! she is so sweet and leans her whole body and snuggles up with you when she meets you! And when you touch her she feels like a puppy she is so soft! Lulu is a rescue they told me she was a spaniel lab mix. 🥰 She is all black with a little of white on her tummy and light piercing brown eyes. And she is 4 years old her birthday was February 8th! 🎂
I saved Solvos when he was just a few weeks old as his mom and littermates had all died. He weighed 2.8 lbs at 5 weeks old which earned him the nick name Tiny Smalls. Now everytime i say his nickname he will dance.
My names Oliver, I’m 2 1/2 and I love my boyfriend Milo
Frankie is not only the cutest dog ever, he is a good boy! He’s a sucker for all the belly rubs! ❤️🐶
Gucci has never met a stranger! His big smile greets friends and he’s a sucker for all the loves!!!
Buddy Joe
Hey! I’m Buddy! I’m about 18 weeks of age and full of energy! My sister Daisy and I love to play and run around the house! My mom is my best friend! I love to cuddle and just be around you! Please vote for me or swing by and vote for my sister Daisy!
Loves to work, play, ride & snuggle!!
Daisy Mae
Hi! I’m Daisy. I’m a 1 year old pocket beagle! I may be smaller than most beagles but I’m just as loud! I love to play with my brother Buddy and I’m very attached to my dad, although I love my mom too! Please vote for me! You can also swing by and vote for my brother too!
I am a pure bred Weimaraner. I am currently 12 weeks old and full of energy! I love to cuddle up with mom and dad and annoy my sisters. I am training to be my dads hunting partner when I get older! I am a big lover!
Please vote for Darla she is 4 months old. We rescued her about a month ago. Darla is such a smart puppy. She knows sit, give paw, lay down and give kiss. We appreciate everyone that votes for her and you can vote for Darla more then once.
I was going to be put down at 8 months old for a crime I did not commit! My parents took me in and saved me and I love them more than anything! I never want them to leave me or I cry the whole time! I love to play and run and chew on sticks. Well chew on anything actually! I scare a lot of people because I’m sooo big but I just want to cuddle! I’m 1 year old now and 100 pounds! And when I stand on my back legs, im as tall as daddy!!
Loves to play in the water. Favorite thing to play with what ever she can retrieve and bring back for you to throw again. Just as stubborn as she is beautiful...
Peanut loves to sun herself outside in the summer, sit on my lap and sleep under the covers
Smith is just a ball of energy who loves to play and meet new people. He will answer to Smith, Smitty, or my personal favorite Smitty-Doo!