Baby Stories - 48


He loves going to work (to the veterinary hospital), hanging out with his friends, and lounging on the couch.
He really loves running around for 2 minutes and then sleeping for 2 hours.
Judge is a 3yr. old Rottweiler who is completely obsessed with water, he spends his days playing with the water hose or swimming. He is a gentle giant who protected me in the mountains last year by fighting off a bear, he's extremely protective of our family, friends and their children. Known around our county at several stores and almost all drive thru's as "the dog who hates leaving people"! His best friends are our 4 chickens and my cousins Great Dane!
Ella Rose
Perfect loving companion. Best friend to her Havenese brother. Calm disposition, very well behaved.
To be loved
Pepito was a christmas present 9 years ago. Best gift ever. He loves to ezzzzzzleep and cuddle. Believe or not he has 7 beds...also he loves to model always ready for a picture. Likes to dress all the time and love his toys. He doesn't like to share; there are so many of them but keeps a count and will know if he is missing any. Will look for it till he finds it. Loves giving kisses but at the same time very protective of mama
Face is self-explanatory just look at him he's a gorgeous sweet boy and he loves unicorns
He has a very active sweet Pitbull who obviously loves to run and he loves his mommy
1 year and 8 months old Cutest cuddle bug you'll ever meet 💗
Crazy wild child! Endless energy curious & clever!🥰
Dakota is a very loving boy who loves to have all attention on him. He loves to cuddle and play with his older sister.
Lucky is our sweet ten year old Yorkie. He loves to eat treats and sleep all day.
Kiya has quite the personality! She enjoys playing with her tire, eating everything in sight, and all of the cuddles ♥️ She can be a bit stubborn - but her cuteness makes up for it!
Hello everyone, my name is Kandi. I am a German Shepherd/Husky (just a little Husky enough to make me shed so my mom has to vacuum 3 times a day 🤣). I love my mom so much that when I walk behind her I am so close that i step on her flip flops🤣 I love going to the campground and the beach. I am very smart so smart that when my mom drives to the campground and turns on the road to our campground, I jump up and get so excited. I love to sunbathe just like my mommy. Beef Jerky is my favorite treat. Thank you all for voting for me!! 😘😘❤❤🥰🥰
Chance is very affectionate, smart, & playful. He will hold his snack in his mouth until I sit down, because he loves to have his snack sitting on my lap or just near me. He's very close to me. Chance is my comfort Dog. Chance's Birthday is 08/21/21 he's going to be 1yrs old.
Bisa is a sweet fun loving puppy she truly lives up to what her name means ..Bisa means strong woman and conqueror . She has such a beautiful personality and loves to play and get tummy rubs . She's is my best friend and I'm greatful for her she's truly saving my life ....
Mazey is the coolest and sweet lil girl, she knows she’s gorgeous with her 4 white feet so she prances her pretty self around for treats!
Ziggy is 8 months old and the sweetest, goofiest dog ever!! He loves everyone and is so easy-going!
Handsome Lucky. He's a pretty easy going boy. He has a tendency to greet you with his nose and there's never enough warning visitors! He brings much joy and love to our family.
I love watching anime and eating watermelon 🍉💕
Diesel is 2 & 1/2 years old. I rescued him & he loves chasing lasers like a cat does. He is so sweet and has separation anxiety so he doesn’t like when mommy’s not home
Roxy is a sweet crazy and fun puppy. She loves when mom gets off work to take her on walks so she can explore everything! A little over 3 months and almost 30 lbs! Roxy loves playing fetch and chasing the cats out of the backyard. At night she snuggles up to momma and dreams of chasing more cats!
Hi i’m Dax, i’m a full bred monster ;) I love water and eating at on-coming traffic, i’m quite the furry friend!
nola is a 1 year old duch shepherd. She loves running around with a stick in her mouth until someone grabs its. She makes sure your always on high alert. Very welcoming dog loves children babies. Loves talking.
Raevynn is a Parti Yorkie, she is 10 weeks old.
Bronson is super smart and loves to play fetch,he was named after Charles Bronson,and lives up to his name marvelously He has a huge personality
Gus is a rescue Pit, he has gone through alot of trauma,so hes kind of a big huge chicken,but as time passes he's healing more and more and becoming more confident in himself :) he loves cuddles and taking naps,he's a huge mama's boy, he enjoys going to the river,but isn't a strong swimmer so he prefers to just stand in the shallow water,he's a big huge goof ball,and my best friend! FUN FACT: he was named after gustav ahr
Hi I'm Angelina Rose! I'm 7years old and a Service doggy for my hooman! Vote for me!
Remy loves walks and his chew toys!! He is the most outgoing and loving dog. He loves to cuddle and absolutely loves attention!
Isabella Grace
She is just the sweetest little thing ever!💗 she is 4 pounds of pure joy an happiness!💗
Axle is a BIG OL BABY!! He loves to run and play, his favorite thing to do is play tug!! When he goes to bed, he has to be touching Momma! Lol! Such a sweet boy! Love him so good!
She is so sweet and protective! She loves sliding on her tummy down the snow hill! She loves to play in her pool in the sumner.
Lucy Lou
Lucy loves to cuddle and eat peanuts. She loves to play in the snow.
5lb loving, fluffy an playful Shorkie... She my Everything
Gadget is looking for votes‼️ Any and all votes are much appreciated! ❤️❤️ Gadget is a full brother to the late Gizmo who was lost in the mountains, he looks identical to his brother, very blessed to have both dogs as my friend! Gadget loves his milk bones before bed time and loves lots of kisses and hugs! He also loves to play fetch with most any toy and hates getting a bath but loves to lay in mud puddles when it is hot!
Sadie is one of the craziest dogs I’ve ever met! She was a rescue- got her at 5 weeks - all flea infested and underweight. Now she’s spoiled flat rotten!! She may be little but she runs with the big dogs! She also smiles on command.. so cute!
Rossi is my ride or die. He was abandoned on the side of the road. I drove to North Carolina to get him and picked him up on my birthday. We’ve travelled to 10 states in less than a year. I don’t know what I’d do without this tail chasing good ball.
My little ball of fun!! Always keeping me on my toes. He's my alarm system. It's really disturbing that #TWOB needed to steal my FB profile picture and claimed I stole it from her. She's a creeper. I'm tired of her internet bullying!!
Lilly was my first rescue many years ago. Lilly is my sweet snuggle girl who love bones and playing ball in the yard with the rest of the pack.
Sadie Mae
Sadie loves bones , and playing fetch.
Eleanor is an island girl who loves hiking, jeep rides, and swimming. Born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii the past 3 years. This girl has never met a stranger!
Layla is a loving, smart high energy girl. She loves her chicken sisters and loves to play all day!
Izzy is the sweetest pitty ever! She loves all people and animals. She has survived stage 3 heartworms and beat cancer TWICE! She loves car rides, laying around sun bathing and flopping over on her back on the grass to scratch it.
Passed away ---so sad made it to 14 years old .......sad....we love you buddy----Alabama boy --- born in 2006 so getting old won't be around much longer -----Has a hard time with his hips but he manages. We love him and good dog that lives in the country not no pampered city dog. Rough but does stay inside more than outside because it is hot and he don't like HOT. Fattdogg is half BULLDOG and half Red Heeler ----what a combo.
Fun loving dog. Loves his blanket and all his toys.
She's the hippies dog she love to play whith kids,dogs and her toys.she loves to walk.In less than 2 yrs I lost my 3 girls🐶🐶🐶 and when she came home I notice tha she has a little of my 3 dogs.I love her so much.❤