Evan And Roman
i just love them
Arlo loves his toys . He loves snuggling. He love going camping.
Buster is the most lovable & ornery dog! He loves attention and will make anyone feel loved! He is the mascot for Imagination Station Boutique & More located in the town of Shinnston WV!
He’s a good boy he loves his sister and his mama so much
I love people and birds I love to run and play and I normally have the zoomy‘s for like two hours
Tank is such an amazing Dog. I’ve had him since he was 8weeks old he is now almost 5years old. He absolutely loves children & is good with people. Please vote for Tank.
Diamond is a sassy little soul with a big heart, she loves to play and have a good time and love’s everybody.
Bonnie is very loving, energetic and sassy. The cutest thing she does is before she can sleep she has to have her stuffed animal
Cheyenne is lady’s dog she is very affectionate n loving n very protected too
Diesel is very active n very friendly he loves to run n take walks n jumps on people to play n he loves treats
He is amazing little fur ball
Hi, my name is Luna!!! I’m a lab retriever mix. I love swimming, playing with my brothers, car rides and bringing treats to my mommas front yard!!! I’m kind, loving and sweet and have been an amazing pet for my mommy and brothers!!! Come vote me up the money goes towards treats and toys for me and money goes towards helping animal shelters near me which is where I came from!!!
Ziggy’s a king long haired German shepherd. He loves car rides, going to the creek, playing fetch and his little 4 year old human. We’re so lucky to have him!
King loves the outdoors , car rides and is a loving cuddly puppy he turned 5 months today 10/5
Sweetie Pie
Sweetie Pie is our second golden fur baby. Nearly 3 and just as sweet as the day we brought her home. Well trained and loves everyone she meets. Toys and going for a ride are her most favorite things to do in the whole world. ❤️
Sadie bear is a very loving pup she loves to play she has more toys than probably any of my kids ever did she lines them up when I come home from work they’re all lined up down the hallway right to the front room. In the morning she always wakes up and gives me kisses and when I get home from work she’s all over me with kisses again she sleeps with her mom always has always will and she loves birds we had a friend that has a Macaw and she used to dance with that bird. And that bird loved her and danced right along with her it was the cutest thing I’ve ever saw in my life I recorded it.
Doctor Dre
He’s a Miami dog. He can stand on his hind legs and loves his freedom. He loves going for hikes and chasing squirrels, rabbits, possums,motorcycles, bikes, etc. very cuddly and loves body heat, especially in the winter
She is a golden lab mix rescued from Tennessee. She loves every kind of human good know to main kind. She is a very affectionate dog and very loyal. She also loves to give lots of kisses and loves playing in snow. She will cuddle with you and sleep with you, that is if she hears thunder.
I have had him for 15 years unfortunately this was my last day with him. He helped raise both my kids been there for ups and downs in life and the best friend anyone could ever ask for.
He loves to play and he loves to go for walks and he loves his family I think you should vote for him because he is lovable and sweet dog
Ser Raider Baratheon
Ser Raider is a big ol' baby who loves to be next to you, at all cost! A rescue at the age of 5yrs old, with major separation anxiety, this big puppy will make you feel safe and loved to no end.
My mom's rescue child. More of a rainbow healer. This sneaky lil thing will snatch and grab your snack like a ninja. But will melt your heart with snuggles. Just make sure she won't fly away with those ears!
Topper is a socialable beautiful boy who enjoy swimming, playing with his lamby, & ice cube snacks! He has a super ill sister named “Butters”
Butters is our sweet pup who we have recently discovered is very ill. She is unable to gain weight. Winning will help us with the medical bills. She enjoys squeaky toys & belly rubs.
Oliver aka Ollie, loves car rides and his toys butttt his favorites are hugs, kisses and cuddles 🙃❤️
Orion is the best dog in the world. He helps me with my depression, and other mental issues, and he gives me a reason to wake up every morning. I don’t know what I’d ever do without him. He’s honestly the light of my life, my best friend 💙
Chewbacca "Chewy the Chug" Chewy is a chihuahua/pug mix and is so sweet but lives up to his name Chewy he will chew on everything but he is so darn cute who can resist this baby!
She likes car rides,walks,she thinks she is a hunting dog cause she thinks she is a hunting dog she lokes to chase squirrels bark at deer and other animals
Everest, the prettiest dog there ever is. As a pup she would climb me and climb me until she perched on top my head!
Poppy was one of 10 puppies living in a horrible situation. 5 of her siblings died due to negligence. Ate up with fleas and ticks, anemic.. I paid for pet transport to get her from Texas to Tennessee. She is the sweetest
Hi I’m Buddy! I’m an Aussiedoodle! I love to play with my toys and nibble my parents hands. My favorite hobby is car rides especially with lots of wind! I am very friendly and lovable!💕
I adopted Neco from Homeward Bound Rescue. Neco was rescued from a high kill shelter in Arkansas. He loves to give his sad puppy dog eyes for sure. He secretly believes there will be another treat. Love my boy...
BoBo is an Australian Shepherd/Newfoundland Mix that will steal your heart with his cute face and his personality. He loves going on nature walks with his people and chasing turkeys out of the yard. He cuddles up with kitties after a long day of riding on the tractor and loves giving hugs.
Bigshot And Cosmo
BigShot is 8yrs old still young at heart, loves to cuddle under blankets and get tons of scratches from anyone. Cosmo is 2yr old but mom says “I’m just a Baby”, loves to play and irritate his older brother BigShot but follows him around like a shadow and can’t live without his big bro! Both are the biggest sweethearts 💕
Archie is such a fun loving puppy that has such an amazing personality. He loves his family and is definitely a mommas boy! He loves to play fetch, he dances, walks on his hind legs, loves his treats for rewards. He loves his car rides and gets so excited when we pick Natalie up from school. He loves to people watch and loves attention from everyone. He is definetly the best pup we have ever had filled with so much love to give us and an amazing family dog.
He is a sweetheart. Love to cuddle and take naps.
Luna is such a lover, she loves to rest her head on your chest like she’s hugging you.
Harley loves to run and play in the yard with her sister Luna.
HI THERE, I’m Mino I am a Pomeranian and Pincher mix. Im a very playful dog and I will love anyone to death!!
Hi, Im Pugi I like to be very independent and I have a mind of my own, what can I say I like what I like and I’m very noble dog.
Diamond Marie
Diamond Marie, is so loving and so caring she had one littler, she loves being a momma she loves to play she loves liking car rides and walks, and the outside. She loves the sun 💕
Huxley Lee
Huxley is a dopey lil, boy he loves sitting like a human and watching tv, he super smart and will bark if he isn’t out at the same time everyday, even if I’m a min late he loves just laying on the couch and getting loves, he loves to come running and bulldoze u in ur knee when he wants to play,
Meadow Louise
Meadow is a goofy little girl, she loves to be picked up like a baby, and loves sitting in chairs she loves other humans and most dogs, she a year old, she loves her cuddles and lovens
He can open every door in our house he is very smart
Jordan is very active, she loves to play catch and get her belly rubbed. She's spoiled..
Buddy is like my shadow. He loves cuddling, sleeping under the covers and playing with his babies.
Piper Gigi
Piper (on the left) is a rowdy little girl who loves to meet new people and rolls to her back for belly rubs. Gigi (on the right) is totally the opposite she will run under my couch and bark at new people, she’s scared of her own shadow lol but they love to play with each other. Gigi loves playing fetch with her green ball and piper loves chewing on her bone on my shoulder lol… They’re a little over a year old. I helped bring Piper in the world but Gigi got stuck so she was born at the vets. They are both so sweet and so cute please vote for my fur-babies TIA
Holly loves to get her belly rubbed she will roll over on her back every time someone walks by her. Holly loves everyone and she especially loves her spa(me) days. And with Holly every day is a "me" day.