Rambunctious little Princess Warrior!
Bella Olivia Land
Likes to stay with dad at almost all times, enjoys a car ride, motorcycle ride and dining out. She Visits her friends, to play and they have fun together, she has a dutch shepard brother she plays with and a chuahuha older sister whom acts like grandma. Bella Loves cord style toys and plush toys, she really feels big inside, and always curious. Bella also has to smell everything you have. Bella communicates very well with other animals, and sometimes random aquaintences will come play until they have to go home. She is living life her way!
Funniest, loving mommas boy 🖤
Brenna loves playing tug, wrestling, chasing rabbits, kisses, and frozen peanut butter. But most of all, she loves cuddling right between Mom's legs every morning ❤️
Canela is a big cuddle bug she loves everyone. She was picked up as a stray and based on her breed she was overlooked. She is now my service dog
She is the sweetest girl
Nessi was a stray at my local shelter she was so scared she hid in a car. I know had her for over a year and she is the best dog she loves to cuddle super smart and alerts of any danger.
You wanna vote for him because hes just so d*mn adorable!
Kai is the biggest sweetheart 💕 He loves to run and play with his big brother outside and then crash on his bed. He loves getting scratches on his chest.
Pluto is a very special girl, she is full of love and surprises. She loves salmon, rawhide bones, anything that squeaks. She has been by my side full of love in my darkest times. She is My Best Girl
Harpo Fella
Harpo is an complete lover, very jealous and loves his raw Hyde sticks. Definitely not a children type because he thinks he's the one and only baby.
Sadie is so smart and loyal she loves water and balls and riding in cars
Rockko is 2 years old . I adopted him from the animal shelter he was once a stray dog with no family until I came along he’s very active loves to jump run and play he’s also very friendly and gives the best kisses .
Honey, is a diamond in my sky. She is always here to greet me when I come home. She expresses so much love, gratitude, and she’s compassionate with our family and friends. She is protective and also makes you feel loved.
Skye was a foster baby while her old owner was on a mission with the military! We were supposed to only have her for a few months, but we fell so much in love with her we just had to keep her! She loves heated blankets and loves giving hugs! She also loves to do her little beagle bark at the others! She’s always such a happy girl!
beau loves getting his pictures taken, he loves bubbles, bite pillows & especially working!
Prettys is a 2 1/2 yr old plott hound/beagle mix who loves to do anything outside. She has a tremendous amount of energy and loves to play with her toys. Prettys loves to snuggle and sleep late with mom and sister. Whenever she is away from her family or people she loves for too long she yelps with excitement when she sees them and always has to bring them a present with her adorable squinty eyes and waggy tail.
He is a weenie dog and a chihuahua mix so a chiweenie and I've had him for 3 years and he is my baby and I cannot imagine my life without him now
This little lady is a ball of energy loves to talk play and cuddle fetch is her favorite
Billie Ruth
She loves to play and is always animated when showing her love. Loves to go for rides and cuddling!!
Dot is a love bug who will do anything for some treats or belly rubs! She loves kayaking and cuddles on the couch! Shes a foster through Athens Canine Rescue!
Pearl is actually a rare breed of dog called a Mountain Cur so rare it's not even listed as a breed of dog. She loves being in the woods and hunting. She loves her treats and is full of energy. She also loves car rides.
Shes a sweet dog and she wants to play with mama and papa 💕
Why Wave? Cause he waves his tail to say hello! Wave is a loving, energetic, snuggly boy. He loves to give kisses and only asks for butt scratches in return. He loves Lamb Chop and anything that squeaks. Wave is the best walking buddy and loves a mid walk head scratch. He also makes us pay the cheese tax regularly. He can sit, wait, jump up, lay down, and give both paws!
Very loving pup that loves to cuddle. Her weakness is belly rubs and treats . Loves new toys and enjoys dragging them all around the house . Nap time is her favorite 🥰
Boomer is Mommas Boy! Loves to play tug a war and chase his cat siblings!
Daleysa is a German Sheperd Labrador, she’s 1 years old and very playful and loves to play and run outside especially in the snow!
I just adopted this baby from a shelter yesterday.. ❤️ She loves to sleep all day in my arms, she’s 16 weeks old. 💕
Roxy is new to the family, she is a very loveable pup. She loves attention and enjoys going for car rides to starbucks for a pupcup❤️
Minnie is a 1 year old pure Pomeranian. She loves protecting her family and running around in the park. Her favourite toy is a chipmunk and believe it or not but loves watching TV. Her favourite show is bluey! 😂🤭
Bo Duke
Bo Duke loved to be crazy, playing with his older brother and sister, and loved to bite toes. He can go from vicious and playful to sleepy and peaceful within a matter of seconds. He loves to run and be outside
Sophia Marie
Sophia Marie loves traveling she likes car rides, plane rides, and Hotels. Sophia also loves pampering and plush furniture.
Lincoln is a rescue dog. He is very protective of me. He loves to climb on my lap. He is just so sweet and has the most beautiful eyes ever.
Kora is a lovely dog,she loves to show affection for licking u! And she loves to cuddle,She will also sit on ur lap all day if u let her!
She is definitely a sassy gotta be center of attention little bundle of adorablessness
Meet Willow! She is a Toy Golden Doodle. She just turned one year old! This little girl has the biggest personality and is the most lovable companion. Her favorite thing to do is play fetch with her toys and when she finally gets tired she will snuggle in my lap. 🥰. Please give your vote to Willow, she wants to be a “popular” little pup!! 😊
Gus Bus
His best buddy’s are our 4 cats & he loves to hold your hand when he walks on his hind legs like a human
Cinnamon is a blessing. Cinnamon was my cousin's dog who died at age of 38. My cousin's Mom and Dad took care of Cinnamon then my aunt died 6 months after my cousin's death. My uncle didn't want to take care of her. I took Cinnamon. She loves to play and snuggle with her lambchop. Cinnamon has been a blessing. She gives me so much love.
Introducing Jax, the lively and lovable contestant! Jax is a bundle of energy and joy, always ready to dig holes searching for hidden treasures, chase his tail in circles, and engage in a spirited game with his favorite toys!
Amazing would be an understatement. This girl is full of love. Her favorite thing to do is socialize. She absolutely loves to meet and greet new people. Awesome disposition. Employees, in the area stores, always look forward to seeing her. Ty all and God bless
Azula is happy, she like to take walks and she love to eat and of course sleep. She’s my best friend ♥️💕🐾. She love to give me love ❤️. Also she like to watch tv and play with other puppies ❤️‍🩹😊
Frappe is a 12 year old rescue, who acts so much younger.He is a great watch dog, so loveable,. I wish more people would consider adopting a senior dog ,they have so much love to give.
Rosie May
These are male & female German Shepards that 3yrs old. They are registered full blooded blood lines & choose to be breeder's with the pair. They just had their first litter with only 4pups this time. Their being great with the puppies, surprised how gentle they are with the puppies. These 2 German Shepards are literally always together or don't stray far from each other
Lee Lou
Lee Lou is almost 3yrs old n recently had her first litter of pups. She's a great momma & protective. Also she's shy especially if she isn't familiar to you. But protective of her surroundings, her family and home inside & out.
He just had his first litter of pups & is a good dad to them. He's very protective, getting to be a bit territory also. If he doesn't know you he will pin his ears backp , bark and back up n act skittishness but doesn't take long to become friends with strangers he isn't familiar with