Baby Stories - 47


Little Mrs. Piglet is a sweet baby girl. Her hobbies include sleeping, eating, and following big brother. Thiugh she looks like a potbelly pig, shes all Pup!
PENNELLOPEA is a super bubbly, silly happy personality. She thinks she is a baby and won’t leave the hoise without a bow on.
Jersey loves to play, cuddle,kiss, and visit his other dog friends 💙🐶
Phoebes hobbies include: pestering her brother and sister, playing with all her toys, and loving on her mom and dad!
Parker is the most loveable dog he loves to play and bark at strangers!! He loves to tear up his toys and sleeps in our bed but has to have some part of his body on mine I have ms and in remission from breast cancer!! He is very protective off me!!!
Winston is a shorkie but didn't have that listed he loves to run outside but is a inside dog a coyote came up to our porch and he ran it off, he loves to give high fives and doggie kisses
Apollo is our 6 month Great Dane pup! He loves snuggles and is definitely a hand full, his favorite toy are tennis balls and always has to have more then one toy in his mouth never enough!
I saved Zeus from the shelter. When he arrived there he was is super bad shape to the point he had to have a blood transfusion and surgery on his intestines due to having carpet and rubber And a few other things making him puke and poop blood. He was dehydrated and very malnourished But looking at him today you would never have known his awful past! Zeus loves to be cuddled up on the couch but will go crazy for a ball or a rope In a tree. He’s definitely a keep to himself kinda dog! Everyone may say he’s the lucky one but no we are ever since he’s came into our lives🖤
I’m a Catahoula Leopard Dog and I love chasing squirrels, swimming, and just generally being outdoors! My favorite food is peanut butter and I love soft fuzzy blankets!
Hi ! I’m Buffalo! I love cuddling with my mom and running around the backyard. I’m really good at making everyone laugh! I’m definitely as sweet as I look ! Vote for me so I can spend my winnings on seeing my cousins in Oklahoma more!! I’d give you tons of puppy kisses if I could!
Agustus Mcrae
He has a very unique personality. Loves to argue.
Joey Alan Platts
Joey's our little old man who loves to snuggle. He never misses a treat and waddles to you as quick as he can to get yer love.
Gunnie is a German Shepherd Beagle Mix. She's 2 years old. She's the light of my life and she has my whole heart.
Penny is a sweet girl that loves playing outside and with her toys. She loves to sleep all cuddled up and is so sweet and affectionate. She literally steals hearts so please let her steal your vote!
Mattie James Platts
You'll never have a bad day when Mattie is around ! He will be the first to give you kisses and snuggle with you at night❤
She 10 years old and sweetest and my beautiful girl we love her so much vote for her cause can't resist. She gorgeous she has black 👁 eyeliner on both eyes that first thing i noticed about her when i seen her as pup i loved her before i took her home 🏡 😍 ❤ she always been my baby
I waited in a nice kennel for a long time. Puppies kept leaving. I wasn’t perfect. Then my mum came and I knew she belonged to me. She told me I was beautiful. I love to run and dance, go round & round, and snuggle. I chase Frisbee. Sometimes I bring it back ;)
Violet And Harley
Violet and Harley are littermates. They may look alike but they are so much different. Violet is very active and extremely hyper while Harley is just a lazy lover. She just wants to lay around and be loved on. They turn 5 years old in April and they have a another Great Dane sister (not by blood) that is 6 months younger than they are. Enjoy the pics of these ladies and please vote away.
Red likes to play with kids and other animals. He enjoys fetch n playing outside. He is a mixed breed between huskey,pit bull, Rottweiler etc. he is a very sweet boy and very good with everything. He is trained with setting laying down giving paw he even gives hugs n kisses
Ruby is a red fox lab. She is truly the funniest and cutest ever.
Moxley is a 7 year old, very spoiled, long haired chihuahua who loves belly rubs, butt scratches, and will dig at you with her little fuzzy feet until you give her the attention she feels a princess like her deserves. <3
Maggie’s a people doggie she’s a very old girl. She loves the attention and she’s an all around sweetheart and a good snuggle butt
Hippo loves to be around kids and run around the farm she’s always a sweetheart
Ziggy is an eight month old Aussie mix who loves to run and play with her tennis balls 🎾 she loves to snuggle at night and loves a good belly rub, too ❤️
My name is LuLu, I am now 8 months old. I adore my family so much. I love to play fetch, play with my siblings, and I love to eat, but most of all I love playing in any type of water.
My name is Princeton, I go by “ prince “ for sure. My name totally fits me in every way possible. I love my family, I love to play with all of my toys, & I love to soak up all the sun I can.
Hes very frisky luvs his balls hes very loveable
Huxley is 10 months old. He loves playing, going on walks, and going to the beach! In fact, he loves the beach so much, that when we leave and get home, he won’t get out of the car for 20 minutes because he is mad that we left! It’s so cute. He has to be involved in everything we are doing. It’s just like having a little human around.
Im a 9 yr old pitbull with lots of love and goofiness. I love spending time with my family and chasing squirrels. Please vote for me.
Loves to protect the yard from squirrels and bunnies, snackies and snowball fights.
I love Howling with my humans! LOVE water and eating! Sleeping is my hobby. I’m a basset hound❤️
Grover is an 8yo chihuahua who just completed radiation for a brain tumor! Winning this cash prize could sure help with follow up testing costs! Please pray that the radiation works - my sweet boy is such a fighter and deserves a long happy life! We will have a repeat MRI in January to see if the tumor shrunk - please keep him in your prayers!
Total goofball, loves swimming in the pool and wrestling with his sister.
Nova is a puppy from my Nelli. Her dad is a silver lab. It’s been such a pleasure raising her into the puppy she is today! So fun and playful. We can’t wait to see what her personality is like as she gets older. She is also known as a Dudley lab. :)
Nelli loves to snuggle, play. She is in a home with three children. She loves them all so much, she also loves zoomies. When we get her going she has hard time stopping LOL she’s the best dog we have ever owned. Very special to us. She’s perfect in many ways and very smart.
I’m junior I’m a chonky protective boy who loves cuddles
My name is Jerzey Lynn and I’m a toy aholic if you see me I always have a toy in my mouth and my tail wagging
I’m a 9 year old husky with a fun personality. I love talking to everyone and being out in nature
Rico Lee
This boy is the love of my life. I took this when he was a puppy with so much spirit and love for people. It kills me to say, but my boy was recently diagnosed with full blown heart disease. So, now he gets everything I can give him before his journey here is over. Dogs are truly angels and Rico literally saved my life.
Fat Boy
Hey y’all. My name is Fatboy. My most favorite trick is bowing for my mom. I also look like a bear and can even shimmy on command. A corgi and their wobble have nothing on my moves. Get like me.
Dolly is such a sweetheart. Super loving super cuddly and if your cold just put a blanket over you and Dolly and you got a heater and cuddle buddy!
She loves her toy piggy that oinks and loves little kids! She is smart and sassy!
Rolo is s full breed mini doxi. Rolo personality is his own. Loves to play with our 2 cats. You give him treats, you will find them in bed with you, under cover, pillows they are everywhere. Such a snuggle boy. Has brought so much joy and happiness to our family.
Charlie is a fun loving dog that wants to play 24/7. Like most kids he can’t take no for an answer. He will jump on you, lick you, bark at you, and bites you but in a playful way. But charlie is just one happy dog and is currently 1 years old
Oliver is a sweet 1 yr old Pomeagle mix rescue. Since I have severe depressions disease anxiety, Oliver is the reason I’m able to get up in the morning and have a purpose again. Best ESA dog ever!! He’s rescued me from a spiraling situation. Who rescued who, indeed!
Daisy Rose
Daisy is a English bulldog very lovely and very kind . She love kisses and hugs . She is part of a family with kids with disabilities and she bring a lot of love to our home .
Bender is of the course the sweetest guy. He moves through life not knowing how misunderstood his breed is. He is always willing to offer a hug and a kiss. The love he has brought my family is irresplaceable as is Bender aka "Benny". He was named after "John Bender" a character in the 1980's movie The Breakfast Club and just like "John Bender", our Benny might look tough on the outside but in the end he has the biggest heart and so much love to give. Benny loves Peanut Butter, Playing in the water hose, his chew toys and most of all cuddling totally underneath the blankets. We hope when you vote, you vote for our sweet boy but even if he doesn't win he will still continue to shine and we, our family, will have gotten to share with you the public one of the most precious souls ever. Good luck to our lil BIG Red Bean.
Beka, the sweetest, most precious girl you could ask for. Her big brown eyes would melt you and she loved to give me hugs. She was never without a toy in her mouth with her sister Maggie. Beka's wonderful, young life was taken when she just suddenly took ill. I had noticed her abdomen swelling and had her checked by her vet. She said it didn't appear abnormal but we know our babies. By the weekend it swelled so much against her lungs. We immediately took her to our emergency vet hospital, they felt her prognosis was not good, I am crying, not ready to let her go. They drained her lungs and started a regime of medication followed by trips to specialists in another state. They tested, scanned and kepted her for overnights trying to figure this illness out. We never found out for sure what was making her ill. Just watched her scared, at home she was fine playing, eating,acting her normal self yet you could see her body changing. She grew thinner, her abdomen would swelled from time to time causing the breathing issues. One day I caught her eyes looking at me and felt her asking me to stop and let her be safe and happy at home. This is when I decided to end the trips but continue her medications. She had a happy, safe and comfortable 2 weeks. The evening of July 20. 2021 she ran as normal to greet her daddy coming in from work. On her way back to me she collapsed, slightly breathing. We picked her up and flew to the emergency vet hospital where she was quiet, almost lifeless. The vet said she was almost gone. I held her and stroked her beautiful face telling her how much I loved her, how lucky I was, what a good girl she was. I kissed her forehead and promised to take good care of her sister, Maggie. Holding her close there were 2 last breaths and she was gone. My precious baby and I was devastated, The hardest part was someone else taking her away in a towel. Now all I have left of my baby is a box and precious memories.