This is bishop he’s is the cutest brat ever I mean look at his face🥺❤️He loves cuddles under blankets and terring up toys but his favorite activity is getting out the gate and running away from me😂🙄he’s a sweetheart but gets too exited when given attention so he gets a bit crazy and loves jumping really high!😂
Leo loves to cuddle up with family and always enjoys car rides. He loves to play with his toys and siblings Maizy and Remmy. His favorite toy is pizza 🍕
He likes hair
He is a German shepherd coonhound smart and loving
This is lobo, handsome I know🥺 when we got him he had pneumonia and 20% chance of surviving and he did now he is full of energy loves digging holes to fill with water and roll around in🙄loves walks but most importantly he loves cuddles and snow!!! He’s a very good boy that loves to give big hugs❤️
Anna Marie Billings
She is a very special girl she is my diabetic alert dog she loves everybody and every animal that she has ever come across she loves to cuddle and just be by your side please vote for her
Elite loves to play ball, camp, and steal his dads spot on the sofa
Flynn is a super energetic dog who loves to play fetch outside but only if it’s his favorite ball! He loves kids and gives lots of kisses to everyone he meets!
Hi!! I’m Bentley!! I just turned 9 weeks old, and I love taking naps with my puppy.
Millie is a one year old golden retriever! She loves to go on walks, car rides, and cuddle. She is the sweetest ever and has a big personality! ❤️
hello, I am Sam I’m a very energetic dog and I love going to pet stores and going to the dog park
Olive is such a sweet chicken nugget who loves everyone and everything! She uses her cuteness to her advantage. She is currently in the process of being certified as a therapy dog to visit nursing homes and children's hospitals.
Whiskey is hard headed, he is lots of fun. He loves it outside. He loves his squeaky toys. He is spoiled rotten and very loved.
He’s a tiny little cute boy who loves treats outside and loves his toys and his bubba
Sallie just turned 6. She’s my baby, she may be a full blooded pit bull but there is not a mean bone in her body! She’s very playful even at her age. She loves to sun bathe and always wants to play fetch, but likes to play keep away at the same time.
Milo is full of energy, loves to play, eat food and take car rides! He’s very talkative and sassy, he’s the best cuddler. He’s also very smart and catches on to training very easily.
She loves to go on walks and ride around on the golf cart.
This is Joy! She is a German shepherd lab mix. She loves attention and to play with her toys. She brings her stuffed animals everywhere to cuddle!
She's old now, but when she was this age she was Queen of the Dirt Hill!
Hi! I’m Bjay and I love to cuddle, sometimes mom says I’m too big🙄 but she lets me anyways.
Hi! I’m coco! I’m 13 years old. I love to sleep and play with my humans!
Hi I’m Remmy! I go by MeMe and I love being distracting and I love being around people!
Hi! I’m Milo! I’m almost 4 months old! I’m very playful and I love to cuddle. I also love playing with my squeaky toys!
Benjamin “Tucker” is 3 months old and loves to run and play his favorite person is his mommy and he loves to travel!! One of his sisters is a pageant human so he wanted to join in on the pageant fun!
Hi, my name is Bentley I am 10 months old! I love belly rubs, cuddles, squeaky toys, and all humans! I am a service dog in training! Winning this contest would help me finish my training
Bella is a Mini Australian Shepherd. She's very friendly and loves people. I like to say she had ADHD because shes extremely hyper. But all of that energy is what makes her special.
Lady Mei
Lady Mei likes her squirrel stuffy. She also loves to chase ducks around the pond and her sister Meeka
Neve is the best rescue I've ever had. She's full of heart and loves playing with her newest sister Nala.
Nala is a 2 year old rescue, loves to play fetch and is super hyper focused.
hi, i'm jax! i'm an 11 week old pure bred golden retriever. i love playing in the dirt and watching yellowstone with my mom and dad.
Smokey is 2 years old! He loves any kind of ball that squeaks. He’s a very active dog & who love to play all day long ❤️
Astro is a Husky Lab , He is full of energy! He loves kids and loves to play with other dogs! His favorite thing to do is snuggle with mom & dad in bed!
Coco Chanel
CoCo is an almost 5 year old long hair chihuahua. She loves to go to work with me and see all the other dogs. If she could drink sweet tea all the time she would. She is the best dog in the world.
Archie loves going to the park with his friends, running, wrestling and cuddling. He is very determined to catch a squirrel someday, and I honestly believe he could do it! He also loves being adored by everyone who meets him and giving his mom peanut butter kisses!
Teddy was such a gift! He may be small...but he can hold his own when it comes to wrestling with his brother Shadow. Teddy is full of kisses... and will be sure to melt your heart!💕
I am very hyper. I love to play but i’m very sweet. I especially love my mom because she gives me lots of lovings!
Shadow has added such excitement to our life, both with his crazy amount of energy and the joy he creates. This puppy never slows down! He is our fun loving furbaby!!
Bear is 18 weeks, weights 60lbs and loves to chase leaves.
Mollie is an incredible, strong little girl with a huge personality! She's a longhaired piebald mini dachshund♡!! She had become paralyzed, but with determination and exercise she bounced back walking, running, in a year! She loves to run free outside and play 'see if they can catch me'!! We love her!!!!
Joey is very protective about the things he loves, including his family and his brother, Benny. he could play fetch forever.
Rudy is a stinker but i love him. he likes to chew up anything in sight.
Everyone loves Benny and he loves everyone. He's silly, and playful. Overall, a huge sweetheart.
My name is Cerberus my nana calls me Cody, I'm the lead patrol dog on our five acre farm, no predators come onto mine and my buddy's land our flock is safe, should come on and Vote it'll be lots of fun!!! I have passed away may 10
My name is Gus,I am a Grt pyr Anatolian shepherd mix, I am the father of 10 puppies with my girl and I'm doing this just for fun. I have passed away may 10
His name couldn’t fit him more perfectly! Mischievous and adorable 🥰
Dutton is 12 week old Lab/Hound pup! He is so smart and loves being center of attention . He loves taking baths and stealing everyone in the houses shoes!!
Bea is a mystery mix but the sweetest lil pup ever...had heart issues but this 5 pound gal is a tough cookie 🍪 😊
Leo is a fun, loving dog that loves to play with is best friend Charlie, but when he doesn’t have his best friend he plays with himself by throwing his toys in the air and retrieving them. Leo loves the outside when it’s snowing but when it’s summer and hot you can find him in the AC.