Baby Stories - 47


Jeffy was a great dog. Very calm, loved me and just wanted to be with his family. Had the greatest personality and believed everyone was his friend. Always loved to take off and great the next person walking past his house.
Huxley is a 1 year old Cavapoo! His favorite things include: going on walks (especially up north), going to the beach and playing! He likes to play with his toys, but his favorite thing to play with is sticks 🪵 There are many times we find a piece of mulch in our house that he stole from outside 😂 He also loves to dig, he will “dig” and hide his bones/treats all the time, we can never find them! Also - Huxley is known for his “zoomies” - he gets very hyper and will run in circles around you until you stop him!
Travis is a rescue dog. He was found dumped on a trash pile with his four sisters at a deer lease. A vote for Travis would remind everyone that every dog has value. All rescues are just as lovable as any other dog and are worth saving. Please vote for my sweer Travis!
Toby was listed as a “bad dog” by the humane society. He was set to be “put down” the following week. For some reason we just didn’t see the “bad dog” and knew he has been misunderstood. We begged them to let us take him home, and after a few waivers, they agreed. He was 4 years old then, 9 now and is by far the “goodest boy ever”!
Charlee is a German Shepherd mix who is approximately 10-12 weeks old. She was initially found as a stray before being rescued from a kill shelter. She loves to sniff and see what her big brother and sister are up to (9 year old cats), but enjoys play time outside with her dad the most! 💗
Cleo’s hobbies include the doggy park, frisbee, ball, swimming, chasing the neighborhood bunny’s and cuddling with her new 4 month old hairless sister :)
Smokey is a rescue Noone wanted him but i am so glad he is with us He is a awesome dog. #votesmokey
Hello im Artemis, im a happy go lucky boy im 2 years old with the looks of a puppy and im fast as lightning. I love to play and im a mamas boy. I love going for rides while sitting in my moms lap, i think im smaller then what i am but she doesn't mind ill just give her a run for her money. I also got this mistaken identity thing going on where everyone i meet thinks im a Italian Greyhound but thats just my long sexy legs im actually a Chihuahua/ Schnauzer mix but that's between you and me thank you for checking me out if i was meeting you in person I would give you a big wet one. Don't forget to vote for me thank you.
Aloha I’m Chopper. I may look big & scary now but I’m a very playful pit bull who loves belly rubs & being cuddled. I am getting bigger by the day. And stronger everytime. I love to play with others. Enjoy taking naps. & Now I like to chew up everything cuz I can be a naughty boy at times. Not to mention when I’m very happy I wag my tail & give puppy kisses 🥰
She loves playing tag with her toy Minnie Mouse. She loves to run and go for walks. She has a great personality. When she doesn’t want to eat she Uses her nose to push it away. Commands on setting in laying down. You can’t say “go”because she knows what it means. She’s at the door jumping up and down and ready to go.
Sadie enjoys going to the dog park daily to get chased by her fellow dog friends. Sadie also enjoys sleeping, eating, and long car rides. She was a completely anxious dog when we got her. It’s been an interesting journey watching her grow and come out of her shell. 🐶
Molly loves to play in the water and go to the park to try and catch squirrels
My name is Chance and I love everyone! VOTE FOR ME PLEASE!!
Ebony is such a wonderful pooch. She is so carefree and loving. Ebony prefers humans than other dogs- the exception is her sister Essence.
He loves attention & to snuggle. He has a fun personality.
Chyna is an absoulte sweetheart. She loves cuddles. She loves going for walks as well as running those zoomies off. My puppy is her puppy and best friend.
Mary is a Malinois and German Shepherd mix. She is 4 years old and very sophisticated! She's very calm, observant and loves to snuggle!
Buffy Cricket Gordon
Buffy is very smart and has mastered over10 tricks. She loves snacks and sleeping under the covers!
Ishmael was rescued by a task force from a drug raid in South Louisiana! He is the sweetest dog and he loves EVERYONE and every type of animal! He’s a spoiled boy and his favorite snack is...FOOD!
Tootsie was rescued from a puppy mill at the age of 7 and she has spent the last 2 years making up for all the cuddles, road trips, and delicious human food she missed out on in the first 7 years.
Lucy is just a very good dog !! She loves to eat and play !!!! Loves her puppies 🐶
Gigi has a strong affection for ice cubes. It’s hot out here in TN and only the best girls get filtered ice. Ball is life and LOVES getting her hair done. Truly a quintessential Gigi.
Roxy is a adoptive best friend, rescued her from spca from a terrible situation and It was love at first sight
Max is an overly hyper ball loving pup.
Coal is the biggest baby there is. He loves watermelon and snuggling with his little humans. He is often found sun bathing in the yard or sleeping with the little ones on the couch.
Milk Dud
Milk Dud is hands down the coolest, sweetest, smartest dog you will ever meet. Milk understands English extremely well. Milk loves to do his backflips so show his excitement. His favorite treat is his pupperoni.
Every vote = 1 treat
Zurie is a Girly Girl! She has a huge personality and keeps me laughing all day.
Mamba K. Nuse
Mamba is a 4 month old German Shepard that has been house trained since he was 2.5 months old. He loves to watch tv, loves chasing his ball and frisbee. He is a very smart loving puppy.
Hank loves to sleep or eat treats! He loves his human and can always be found by my side!
Blazee loves to play fetch , &Loves to ride with her hair blowing in the wind (but only when we drive slow) , she’s a cuddler but once your sleep/stop rubbing she’s ready to get in her own bed 🤣
Charlie is very friendly and loves the meet new people! He’s a good boy and loves his brother Raider snd sister Maggie! He also loves to play outside alot!
Maggie is a very sweet dog and loves to meet new doggy friends! She’s very smart and loves children as well! She loves her two brothers Charlie and Raider
Raider loves children and loves to sleep with his favorite blanket pictured above! He’s a very sweet dog and also loves chew bone time!
She is the best doggo ever, lovable and sweet and sassy. Loves to tell her story 24/7. Very well mannered and does tricks on command!
Bentley is a 6 month old cavapoo. He is the most energetic, loving, loyal puppy. He loves his mom and dad so much and is so attached to us. His favorite toys are his blue whale🐳, brown bear🧸, and his toy ducky🐥. Bentley loves doing his tricks for treats, loves going on walks, and loves to cuddle at night. He is an emotional support dog and he is such a good boy in public and around others. He is the sweetest, most loving puppy and does not have a mean bone in his body. Please vote for my sweet boy🤎
Roscoe P. Co.
Roscoe is my best friend, he goes everywhere I go. I am a NEMT driver and my clients love him. He is the most empathetic animal I have ever had the privilege to know. When my clients are down or upset, he knows and goes right into love 🥰❤ mode...
Bailz is the sweetest labsky around and loves doing anything with her pawrents and friends. Big peanut butter fan and will NEVER turn down a high five. She can be found floating the Comal or people watching at her favorite spots in town.
This is Moose! He and his brother started off as my foster puppies. I remember when I got them cause it was on Veterans Day, 2020. I had the day off and was ready for puppy love! I thought “what better way to get that, than to foster?!” Moose’s foster name was Blondie. He was always my favorite, because of his calm demeanor. There’s just something therapeutic about him! His brother got adopted, but adoptions kept falling through for Moose… In the back of my mind I kept thinking, “maybe they keep falling through for a reason.” Later that night, the rescue called and asked if I was interested in adopting, as they could tell I really had an attachment. They wanted him to be a Christmas present to me. After some thinking, I decided to go for it! I was hesitant because it’s a big commitment, and people always have something to say about 20-something year olds getting animals. But Moose and I are both realllllly happy it worked out. Others may have not been sure about him, but I certainly was! I think the cat even likes him 😆 Moose and his 3 siblings were found on a reservation in Arizona. They were dumped at maybe 2 weeks old. He is now a crazy 9 month old puppy. The rescue estimated he would reach maybeeee 35 pounds but here he is, weighing in at a whopping 50 pounds! He is tall, loves his toys and is a really good boy. Can you guess his breed? He’s blonde brindle and has big crazy ears! VOTE FOR MOOSE!
Appa Leal Laboy
Appa likes walks in the park, toys at the park, and food whenever he can. Vote for Appa because his personality is bigger than our home and larger than our pockets.
Sweet Bea
Bea is a super sweet but fiesty West Highland White Terrier aka Westie. She is sort of like a Sour Patch Kid. Ha! She is our precious girl and always keeps us laughing.
Very sweet and snotty. When dreaming snores, besides napping she loves to chew on her bone. Very laid back pup. Last year she got bit by a snake and pulled through she's a tough strong willed pug
I love ice cubes, blueberries, and snuggles!
Essence was the runt of her litter and the last one to be united with her forever home. She was extremely shy and suffered from anxiety. In the past 13 months she has come such a long way.
Meet our boy Grant 🐾 Also known as Bo, Bo-Bo, handsome Grantsome, & of course mummas baby 😉💙🐾 Grant just turned 5 yrs old! He is such a smart, playful, loving boy! He is beyond spoiled (& he knows it) 🙄😂 He loves ice cream, treats, chicken nuggets also known as 'scoobies' to him lol & new toys! He loves going for walks & playing tug of war with his ropes, playing fetch with his dad, playing in mud puddles 🙄 & any water he can get into but insists on having his leash on when he gets into the water & has to put it in his mouth when he goes to swim out deep or coming back in, almost like a security thing for him 🥰 He is a very intelligent, mouthy 😉 , dramatic at times, very sweet & loving boy & we are so blessed to have rescued him (or as I like to say, he rescued me) ❤️ & taken him in when my little brother passed away, to love him & give him the very best life we could possibly give him, just as my brother did! 💙💚 Show him some LOVE! 💙🐾💙🐾