Baby Stories - 46


Eleanor was surrendered & left for dead after getting viciously attacked by a coyote. She has made a remarkable comeback & is the sweetest, well behaved sidekick I could ever hope for. As a disabled woman with a prosthetic leg and colostomy bag, she actually rescued me & is my emotional support dog. Her favorite things to do are going for a golf cart rides, taking a walk & playing with her neighborhood friends. Ellie is the true definition of a miracle.
He loves to ride in our truck, scared to death of a turtle and makes me hold his paw when we are next to each other. He thinks hes a lap dog and forces his way on your lap.
Moly is a cancer patient who loves people, chicken nuggets and sleeping 😍
Giovanni, probably the mushiest little man out there he loves being with his family! In his senior years he mostly enjoys eating, lounging around and going for walks with his mama! My very best friend and baby for 13 years :) <3
Dunkin is a goofy fun loving puppy who loves to join in on anything mommy daddy and his family is doing he loves to camp go on wheel barrow rides and slide down his slide at the end of the day it's all loves and cuddles
King Louie
Louie is a 2 month old Corgi who loves to play and chew on things! He gets so excited when momma and daddy come home from work and when he’s fed. He’s the first and only child so far and is so spoiled with love and toys. He is great in his cage, loves meeting other animals, and giving strangers kisses! His ears are perked up now and his one brown and one blue eye makes him so special you’d think he was a stuffed animal!
Finnley Alexander
Finn is a fun loving 9 week old pup that loves to run in the leaves and play with his favorite sheep squeaky toy!
My name is Frank. I love to eat, bark, and play with my German shepherd brother, Axel. I love to be shown attention and chew on shoes.
Abby is the heart of this family. She looks mean but is the sweetest dog she loves dressing up and being with people.
zeus loves to eat sticks, run around playing with his lab sister kali.. also like any puppy loves to chew on anything he can get hands on
Buddy loves car rides to anywhere, walks to wherever, loves cuddling, and his baby.
Sasha is an amazing 9 yr old Yorkie. She is such a Princess. She loves dressing up and has an outfit for every occasion. She loves her family as we do her. So happy she adopted us.
Bernard, Bubbas for short is a 6 y/o rescue from the streets of SC! We have been loving him for 2 years now. Bernard is moms Emotional Support Animal and he does his very best at helping her anxiety! He LOVES to run, and hes a BIG hunter! My favorite thing is to go on walks with my dad, he lets me explore! He is our best friend ♡
A rambunctious little puppy for sure! Loves to chew, and cuddle and is the perfect little model for mommy but only when treats are involved!
My name is Charlie but my mom calls me “boogie woogie”. I wont discuss my politi”tail” stance but I will say I support the “One Ear Up” life. My mom says I have a Panda Butt, but when I wiggle my tail (nub) just as much as your average 4 legged friend I tend to wiggle my whole body. ❤️ Smiling for my mom ❤️🐄 cowie my fav toy ❤️ My glow in the dark 🎾 ❤️ Herding the 🐴 & 🐐 It makes Gpa happy. ❤️ Stealing 🥓 & 🥞 when moms not around. Dislikes: uncooked 🥬 and my picture taken
Kobe is a personality. He is lovable and sweet and gets lots of attention everywhere he goes and loves it. He loves playing and loves being around people.
Axys loves playing with her sister and other dogs! She’s wild and loves all her toys
Poseidon is a Boxer-Mountain Cur. At 6 months he’s almost 50 pounds but loves his hugs and kisses like a baby pup!
Toby is a sweet, rambunctious ball of energy and love. He loves wrestling, chewing on his toys, and taking naps! #TobyTakeover ❤
Blu is a fun loving young man with tons of energy. He has been through a lot in his young life. With being diagnosed with Megaesophagus at 4 months and going for breathing treatments daily. This little guy is incredible and yes he does have bad days (not feeling) but he don't let it win!! As he would in the near future get surgery for his condition until then my job is to be the best Mom and give him an amazing life ❤ 💙🐾
A sweet cuddle bug, Grey loves to run and play both inside and outside. He loves to talk very loudly and at all times of the day. He loves his treats and cuddling with his little gnome. He loves giving kisses to anyone and he’s everyone’s best friend ❤️
Blue is 11 weeks old. He loves to play outside and play with his big brother Cummins. He will be a rabbit hunting dog! Blue is a big lover and will love on anyone he sees.
Otis is 2 and a half months old and loves to chew on anything and everything he can get his little teeth on. He enjoys doing puzzles and running around all day.
Candy loves to jump, play, eat and cuddle. She loves walks and wearing colorful sweaters!
Kamala is an 11 1/2-year-old Siberian husky although he is a senior dog he is still a puppy at heart to go outside and play with his new siblings
Skye is a 1 year old Westie who loves to play and going on long walks and adventures. She has a sassy personality, loves cuddles and belly rubs.
Bruno is 4 months old! He is the sweetest Pup ever! He loves kisses and playing with his big sister! He enjoys chicken and LOVES twizzlers! Lol Vote for Bruno!!!!
Chief is very loving and caring, he loves being around people, he is such a gentle giant. I think he actually thinks he's a lap dog!! He loves carrots as his treats!
She does not like the “Cone of Shame”! When she wiggled herself into needing TPLO surgery, one donut just wasn’t enough so she wore her brothers too!
Just came home September 29th!
Koda likes to make bear noises to get attention and loves running laps in the yard for hours on end. His favorite treats are apple slices and giant ice cubes.
Luchie is a fun-loving, rambunctious 4 month old yorkie with an amazing personality. He loves his treats, playing tag, and taking long naps.
Onyx is a very playful puppy who loves to play tug of war as well as have some Of her favorite treats
Thunder AKA Ton Ton is truly the heart of our home! She is so full of spunk and personality she has no doubt that she’s the queen of the house and is spoiled rotten to prove it. There is never a dull moment with this girl around she is always giving us a much needed laugh and is so full of love!
Hi my name is Casper. Im a 5 month old bully breed puppy. I am far from a bully though. I love to cuddle and play with my toys and i LOVE cookies. I know that when im a good boy my mom will give me a cookie! I love my family very much! My mom has epilepsy and has horrible seizures. I am currently in training to help my mom when she has a seizure so she doesnt get hurt and to help calm her down. By the end of my training i will be able to sense and detect when my mom will have a seizure, and ill be the super good boy pup that i am, and i will be there by her side helping her every second of her seizure. I love my family so much and there is nothing i wouldnt do for them and i know there is nothing they wouldnt do for me. Vote for me..... Casper the good boy super pup that loooooooooovvvvvvveeeeesssss cookies!
Willow spent most of her life in a shelter but now has a sweet loving home and a brother she adores. ❤️
I’m 6 months! I love to eat and play with my friends at the dog park!!
Diesel is an Aussiedoddle. He is a funny energetic dog. He loves kids and playing fetch.
Finley’s breed is a shorkie. He is the love of my life. He walks beside me with no leash, and listens to every command. He is definitely one of a kind, and I am proud to call him my fur baby. Finley is registered as my emotional support dog. He really knows how to take care of me when I am feeling sad or lonely.
Diesel is a brand new puppy 9 weeks old, and is trying to sniff around his new home. He loves playing with his brother Riley (which came from the same litter), loves playing with Finley his older brother, and loves chasing the cat. He is very active when he is not sleeping. And already potty trained.
Angel is the spoiled princess of the house, loves getting cuddles and eating chicken
Skittles loves food and playing with his brother! (his fav food is cucumbers)
Dudley is an American akita and German shepherd mix. He is almost 2 years old and is an amazing dog. His older sister Ava is his roll model and he loved wrestling with her and playing tug of war. His ears were down as a puppy and as he grew one never fully stood up so its a little crooked.
Ava ks a German shepherd and Belgian Malinois mix. She is a 9 year old puppy who is very active and playfull. Fetch is her life and she is so sweet. She was rescued frkm a busy street in California and when her owners were found they gave her up. She quicky became part of the family and will aways be.
Sophia is a 3 month old Chug. She is suoer sweet and serves as a therapy dog for our family
My name is Buddy! I just found my furever family. They love to throw my stuffed duck and lamb chop for me to fetch. My favorite spot is on the couch with mommy! I love treats and meal time is my favorite Time of day (next to play time!) I sleep through the night and hardly cry when they leave for work! Vote for me so I know I’m the Goodest boy!!