Baby Stories - 46


Lizard hunting expert, cuddle extraordinaire. Never met a treat he didn’t like & always down for a good game of tug-o-war! Age is just a number to this guy❤️
Jackson is a full blooded black lab loves to play fetch and he is a very smart dog he is a great listener and does what you tell him to do he is a very friendly dog and loves everyone
Bernie was adopted from the shelter about 10 years ago. She is fun loving, very smart and full of energy. She loves walks, car rides and her other animal siblings. She is always by my side and is very spoiled
Kasey is such a well behaved 2 year old German shepherd. She loves her family especially her pappy. She loves to play with kids. She’s a water dog forsure. She loves her cookies. She absolutely gets treated like a queen.
Diesel is a 6 month of Chocolate and tan dapple Dachshund. He has 3 other 4-legged siblings and 2 human siblings. He loves to run around inside the house and make loud noises like he is a dinosaur coming through! He loves to cuddle with you and take naps.
Cora Lynn
Cora is the sweetest yet sassiest dog! She is definitely a girls best friend ❤️
Gibbs hobbies are running from one end of the house to the other with his kong paci in his mouth, chasing his sisters, and chillin' on his back. He's happy lil man who just happens to be my ESA and been wonders for my anxiety. He Better than any pill I could take.
Ebony is a full blooded black lab. We call her Ebby for short. She love to play outside, chew on your fingers or whatever she can get in her mouth. Ebby is the sweetest baby girl ever!
Hades is a handsome five month old boy who will be around 20-25lbs as an adult (currently 15lbs). Hades is going through what is known as the puppy uglies before his beautiful coat comes in fully (similar to a Pomeranian though he has no pom in him). He is very biddable, loving, intelligent, and loyal. Loves meeting new people, dogs, and horses. As well as all things edible. He is talkative, and has the best sweet temperament. Hades thanks you for your votes and time 🙂
Waffles is an 8 year young Shar Pei mix that just loves love. He loves roaming the beaches and finding the sunny spot at the barn, playing with children and snuggling with his cats. He is the bestest boy <3
He is a great pup full of energy loves kids he loves to play and run after his ball just all around great puppy vote for him.he ball full energy
She's sweet and spunky, loves her girls with all her heart. Loves belly rubs and visits from her college girl Drie. Shes the boss of the house.
When Duke isn’t being spoiled by his father he’s busy drooling and smiling for absolutely no reason! He’s only 10 months and he weighs 92 pounds!
He loves birds and squirrels and mom
He is such a smart puppy he very loving and curious about everything 💕
Ruth is a 3 year old Therapy Dog! She loves making people’s days by just being there!
Maya is a 5 year old rescue long coat German shepherd who loves her family and Swimming!
Jessica Day
Jess is named after the character Jessica Day from New Girl. Her favorite treats are chewnola’s and she loves to hide them underneath her beds. She naps almost all day long and loves to run in the backyard on warm days.
Gracie is full of energy, so sweet and loving. Likes to cuddle and play with her toys what a wonderful girl
My name is Journey! Im a very high energy, spunky, beautiful, long haired, mommas girl! Not only am i her protector, I also love helping mom care for familys with autism, as well as the elderly! In my free time i love hiking,camping, and fishing!
This handsome fella is such a cuddly Mama's boy ❤️ we rescued him from a puppy mill and count our blessings every day... This cuddle bug is such a lovable sweetheart and loves his photo taken all the time 💖
Gracie Mae
This beautiful sassy girl is a rescue from Alabama ❤️ she is a Louisiana Catahola Leopard... She is such a sassy spitfire, that yodels everyday when she wakes up her Daddy and she definitely rules the roost!! She loves playing outside and watching the Cubs play baseball with my grandma 💙❤️
Scouts loves cuddles. Very protective of his brother Deacon as well and mommy and daddy Love being outside
Deacon is a husky mix with lab He loves being outside and sleeping under the bed. Also loves to annoy his brother Scout
My name is Moon, I am a 1yr old female dogo argentino/ pit mix. I love going on car rides. I love pup cups,turkey but 🥓 takes the win .Mediation music puts me right to sleep as well as moms heating pad. Destroying toys is my absolute favorite, squeaky toy and interactive toys give me the zoomies! I love to hog the bed I LOVE windows and just anyway to watch the world. I love kisses!! I’ll knock anybody right over for those😊 I will do Soo many tricks for treats. Anywhere with my family is the best place to be!! Sincerely Moon 🌕
Mav is a Texas heeler and very active! He loves his babies! And he’s a very protective puppy!
Finlay Fox
Finlay enjoys swimming at the lake and running on his farm. He loves to cuddle and to give hugs to his parents and friends.
Kora Aurora
Kora is a blue merle australian shepherd with two different eyes going to be 1️⃣ year this month. She is extremely energetic, loves belly rubs, and will give you endless smooches💋❣
Playful loving mastiff/pitbull puppy. He loves to fetch and play with other dogs. Just turned 6 months old!
Milo is the sweetest doodle boy who loves chin scratchies, shredding paper, counter surfing, playing hide and seek, and his momma’s homemade treats! 💙🐾
Graham Cracker
Graham is a Pit bull/ King Sheppard mix. Is super friendly, loves kids, all dogs, and is happiest when someone is throwing a ball.
Hercules is a 4lb minature silky yorkshire terrier. He loves the ocean and his absolute favorite thing to do is go to the beach and dive for anything that floats. He is extremely intelligent and likes to use it to his advantage to get what he wants lol
The biggest goofball you will ever meet, he never fails to bring a smile to your face
Bella is 1 yrs. old loves mommy and daddy eats snacks every night with day ❤️ to cuddle and ❤️ baths
He’s my PTSD Dog and is my best friend he and I drive all over the U.S and take photos
Sarah is a deer head chihuahua who loves to Snuggle she often enjoys peanut butter as a little snack and does not like to go potty outside in the rain by her self so I have to go out there with her while she does her business! This dog is my saving grace, my Bestfriend and I wouldn’t change it for the world ❤️ When she eats her food she takes a big bite from her bowl and runs out to the living room where everyone is at and eats it she doesn’t like to be alone and oh ya she’s so loyal 🥺
Apollo is our friendly gentle playful companion. He has lots of personality and enjoys treats. He loves to be called "Good Boy".
He is the best trained dog around. Will literally stay all day in the same spot if told to stay. So dont forget to release him. He can swim miles on end and dont pick up a ball unless your ready to play. Can clear just about 6 feet, protective, loyal, and could be used as a search and rescue dog. His extensive training makes him a blast to be around and a great way to help keep an eye on kids too. 😀 Best snuggle buddy ever!!!
Sophie loves to run through the Blueberry fields of Oregon. She prefers the cool weather of fall and winter and is loved by all who meet her.
Jackson is a 6 year old mutt who loves to be loved. He’s the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet and loves giving kisses. He can’t eat your homework, though. (trust me, I’ve tried!)
Boomer was named after my son's favorite college football team, University of Oklahoma. He is a very energetic Catahoula. He loves to be a "lap dog" on mom and he pester his sister Patches as much as he can. He absolutely loves to go on car rides when ever we get a chance.
I found Chuzco at a Starbucks. He was with a couple, but sadly their son was allergic to him and I was able to take him in. Their loss was my gain. 8 years later he’s as spunky as he was when I got him. He is definitely spoiled (he deserves to be). He has put joy in my heart since the day I got him.
Ember is a small town chunky bulldog that just loves life and the hoomans in her life. She is a mix breed between a Boston Terrier and a Bulldog so we like to assume she has a Boston accent (bork bork)! She has two little brothers, cat (Chonky) and a rabbit (Marlow) who she looks after. She love to do zoomies in the yard and jump in the snow and leaves. Her favorite toy is her ball and she’s always bringing sticks into the house. Ember is the puppy who can just make anyone’s day! For every vote she gets a treat!! <3
Archie is an eligible bachelor that loves to snuggle up to mom and dad as well as retrieve waterfowl and all the balls!
Chica is a sweet little girl who we rescued from a abusive home she is one of the sweetest smartest dogs i have ever had .. And loves her momma now she is very spoiled , spunky and loves to play and of course always gets her way lol
She’s a beautiful baby girl she loves cuddles and belly rubs she also loves to dress up she has so many outfits we lost count.