Baby Stories - 46


My name is Macy aka “Macy Girl” and I am 4 years old. My mommy and daddy are my entire world. I love playing in snow, belly/butt rubs and of course Eating.
Mary Jane
Mary Jane is such a sweet girl! Her fur colors and her eyes are just so so cute. I honestly just adore her. She loves playing, EVERY DAY she never gets tired. She's protective over me whenever we go. She's just amazing.
Harley is such an outgoing little girl, she loves nap time and playing in the snow. One of her favorite things to do is talk back to mom and dad
Harley loves nap time, but her favorite thing is her moo moo stuffed cow.
Roo (Roody) was rescued. She cant see very well and constantly runs into things. She loves to be help. She also cant smell very good. Shes very sweet and quiet. She LOVES carrots. Shes 5 years old and 4 pounds.
Zara is a spunky little miniature dachshund who loves to run, play and give perfect puppy kisses.
Lucky is 2 years 6 months old Siberian Husky. 5 months ago he got seizures and we find out he is suffering from epilepsy. We do everything to keep him happy and stress less. He loves everyone, is extremely friendly. Likes to play. Help us with his votes so I we can treat his condition.
Shiloh is 6 months old and loves to dress up and play with her big sister a boxer 6 years old and to chase the kitty around.. she is very smart and knows several commands already! She is a wildflower chinese crested powder puff. She loves her mommies
Titan is such a loving and goofy dog. You can be having the worst day and the second you see him he will brighten your day! He completed our family ! He loves to swim, hang with his friends , and have his lazy days!
Lil Ann
Lil Ann the bluetic Coonhound loves naps and her tennis balls. Dislikes racoons.
I am officially 5 months in three weeks. I share a birthday with the world trade centers on September 11th. I am the sweetest little guy ever.
Hunter is the absolute sweetest and most loving dog I have ever encountered in my life. His love for people is out of this world. He’s a gentle giant weighing in at 98 pounds. He absolutely loves taking baths, playing with his piggy and chasing his brother around the house. ♥️ unfortunately we recently lost this beautiful baby to spleen cancer. It has absolutely been extremely difficult to go on without him to say the least. We are still struggling to pay his vet bills that tried to save his life & kept him here with us another week and a half. I ask that each and everyone of you vote for Hunter in hopes of winning this money to pay off his vet bills.
Will be 10 weeks old on Thursday, extremely sassy and playful, and loves to play!
Nola LOVES her pawrents so much - she enjoys sleeping on their heads and faces (see pictures attached) and getting as close as possible at all times. She loves playing with her toys, watching sitcoms, and chewing all the furniture. She is still a puppy - almost four months!
Oscar loves to run around chasing chickens and taking naps
Gus is a Border Collie/Australian Shepard mix. He is about 6 months old and is the sweetest pup and loves giving kisses!!!
Princess Kida
Spunky, rambunctious and cuddly. Honestly my best friend and dream dog. Most precious soul in my life
Ruby is goated now vote for her
She loves to cuddle up to you and run tight circles as fast as she can
Slash is our big eared, loud snoring, little ham cuddle monster. He loves to get scritches as often as possible and if he gets fired up, the zoomies follow.
My name is Zeus Floppy because my ears are always flopping around. I like to steal my little brothers toy dinosaurs and run away from them. I know I am the most handsome boy because my mom tells me so everyday!
Max James
My name is max, I like to play ball, tug of war, and I like to pick on my sister ruby❤️ My favorite treat is a cheeseburger, and I love cuddles with my mom.
Hello My Name is Barbi ....I'm Mixed with Maltese & Chihuahua so I'm a Maltchi :) I'm very energetic and I show lots of love and affection to my Mommy . I make her laugh because of how I jump around and show her excitement when she gets home . I love my Mommy for rescuing me .
Bailey is a loveable attention hog. She talks all the time and is the life of the party. She may not be big in size but she's big in personality! When she wants attention or is super happy, she shows a big ole ear to ear smile that'll melt your heart!
Pj Poo
Pj is a fun loving chill dog who everyone loves She is very obedient. Very lovable Steals the hearts of everyone she reacts with. She loves to snuggle go on car rides Camping hiking and just about everything .
Ruger is a playful pup that loves his little human and is very photogenic he’s a cowboy corgi 😊with lots of attitude for a small doggy
Milo is cute, cuddly & energetic! He is little but a big personality! Milo was the runt of his litter so he has a hard time eating for fear of not getting enough food! He is so playful. His favorite toy is a stuffed monkey & he loves to play fetch!. Milo has so much love to give & always gives kisses to ever everyone he sees! He loves attention & wants to be snuggled all the time. Milo has brought so much joy to house! We want everyone to love him!
9 Month old black lab and hound mix. She’s very loyal and protective of her owners, My husband and I. She’s gentle with kids and loves to get the zoomies out of excitement. So far she’s learned how to sit, lay down, stay, speak, give her paw, fetch and swim and play in the snow! She’s very loving, beautiful and such a good girl!
Max is a Schnoodle he so calm and relaxed he loves his brother Charlie. he is so cute! he is 3 years old I treat him like if he was a new born baby. Please vote for max, -love-max! ❤❤❤💕💕💕💕:):);)🐶🐶 some pics was he was a pup!
Norton is 5 he loves to sleep and snore all day his favorite thing to do is ride 4 wheelers and motorcycles
Hi I’m Scout, I eat like a horse and I’m only 3 months old! I love to play fetch and I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer because I love water! I’m definitely a mommas boy, and I love to cuddle! My day consists of eating, playing, going for walks and many naps! Vote for me!
Blue is an energetic 1 one year old! He’s half German Shepard and half husky. He loves his ball he brings it with him everywhere! But he also loves he’s belly rubs. Vote for handsome Blue💙
Minnie loves long naps, warm blankets, and her favorite chipmunk toy. She loves to cuddle and pose for pictures!
Bella sweet Bella 🤗 my baby has separation anxiety she loves to be under me. Very sweet and loves to cuddle. Her favorite treat is peanut butter flavored frosty paws. She’s very sassy and loves to play tug of war with her sister Roxie.
Precious Mae
This is precious she is a Chihuahua/Boston Terrior mix. She is very very sassy, loves playing with her sister, loves baths, loves chewing on daddy’s hair, and doesn’t like being told no!
Chloe Lynn
This is Chloe she is a Rhodesian ridgeback pit bull. She loves to play with her sister, watch tv, chew on mommy’s blankets, and loves to get baths!
Bristol Hope Wilson
Bristol is a little sister to Kuzy and If she wins anything her proceeds will go to her sick big brothers care. She’s a sweet Princess, and my mommy loves racing and named me after Bristol Motor Speedway!
Champ is a playful treeing walker coonhound pup who loves everything and everyone!
Timom is a big chicken but has a bark to be scared of. He loves broccoli and his stuffed chicken toy. Loves to run around and play and will not come in the house when there is snow on the ground.
Moose is 15 years old and loves car rides. She's likes to be covered up and loves all the attention.
Fancy is 2 years old she loves playing and getting everyone’s attention. She is a very active dog and absolutely loves going to every motocross race with her family to support her kids and meet all the new people. Fancy wants to go in the car everywhere with us and she will just lay in the back seat and sleep or sit on the center counsel between mom and dad to watch all the traffic.
Rosie the therapy pup for my kids. She is half King Charles Cavalier & half miniature poodle. She look like a Teddy bear 🧸 and have those cute puppy eyes. She is so sweet and well behaved 🧁and love her family.
Rocky is a 9lb. Chihuahua, he is so loving and loves to cuddle with me, he also loves to play fetch outside or inside he don’t care. He is my four legged baby. Please share the love and give him a vote.
Heidi Ho
Heidi Ho is an 8-week old smooth coat red mini dachshund. She is a little love bug and all she wants to do is hug and snuggle with her hooman mommy.