4 Months old and full of sass and kisses!
Coco is a 4 month old yorkie. She is spunky and loves life! Her favorite past time is playing with her big sister Ellie and giving mom and dad all the kisses!
Ace is an Awesome Aussiedoodle!! He loves to herd the cat around the house and get lots of belly rubs. Every day is an adventure with him
She is cuddly and fluffy and loves to go on car rides
Hi!!!! My name is Leo…. I’m 3 months old…. I love to go on rides in the car with my momma…and I love pup cups.I’m such a good boy
Jaxson is a chihuahua beagle and is very stubborn. He how’s like a beagle when he hears other dogs bark. Loves to snuggle.
Gunner loves playing outside in the wide open ranges..sitting with his favorite humans and eating potato chips,while watching a movie.. he is a hard working cow dog and would appreciate your vote.. thank you.
Romeo is a 12 yr old Cocker Spaniel. He has been with me since he was 6 months old. He is just as happy and energentic now as he was as a puppy. He loves going to my cabin and hiking with me in the woods. He would cuddle all day with me if he could. He also loves ripping out the squeakers in toys within an hour of recieving them. Especially the duck ones that honk. He's always been a lover but has on a couple occasions shown his fierce loyalty to protect me. He is my first dog and only dog and nothing could ever replace the spot he has in my heart.
Zoe loves car rides, jim n nicks brisket and she is just a lovebug !!!!
Kody is a pitbull mix he is a rescue from Texas he is about 1.5 years old. Kody is a sweet boy who likes to cuddle with his humans. He enjoys playing with his doggie friends at doggie daycare. He loves and protects his human brothers and sisters..
Jack is only three months old but has the heart of a giant. He is so playful and he loves to make new friends. He always greets us at the door with his wagging tail and a ton of kisses. I can’t see myself without him. He has stolen our hearts. ❤️❤️❤️
Roman loves nap time with Momma, loves outdoors, loves to play tug a war, and most importantly he loves everyone ❣️
Zelda in is 3 months old and love playing with her big brother Niko! She loves cuddling , and playing with her toys and going for walks. She's the sweetest girl!
Thor And Loki
Thor loves to just lay around and sleep! Loki likes to tear stuff up and play and run around! We got Thor first and we loved him very much still do and Loki made him be the dog he is!
Maxxs is very loyal best friend you can have he loves watching youtube dog shows he is very smart an a hunting dog. Loves kids.
Darla is a Black Lab mix. She is a wonderful mother to 5 beautiful healthy puppies! She is the sweetest girl and loves her cuddles!!
Boomer is our third boxer we have owned. He is a very energetic 6 month old. He loves laying out in the sun and going on bye-bye rides with daddy!
Indy was my very best friend and the best friend to everyone. She unexpectedly passed away a few night ago but I thought I would share my girl with the world ❤️❤️
Missy May
She's my baby dog nd I love her Soo much she gets soooo happy when I get home from work
Goose is the life of every gathering!!! He loves life and wants to make anyone he comes into contact with to live just like him!!!
Adopted Bucky September 8th! He is silly, loves the beach, is very smart, super playful, and photogenic!
He loves to run and play, and he loves to be loved on..he got ran over and had to have surgery..this picture is of the day he came home took his meds and next thing u knew he was wiped out awith his head in the bowl...soooooooo cute...
Nicole is a 13 year old rescue! She loves to run, play, and cuddle. Her favorite treat is a pup cup from Starbucks! If you met Nicole you would never know she was 13 she is still spunky and energetic!
Bella loves to play ball and chew everything up. She is 9 months old. She loves being with her mom and her sisters.
Sergio loves cuddling early in the morning. At night he loves to play, chew and cause as much havoc as a puppy can.
Cali is my husband's service dog but more than that, she's our daughter. She is the sweetest, happiest dog you will ever meet. She loves playing in the water from the hose, biting at the vacuum, and staring at "her" fishies in our pond. She is our world and everyone who meets her, falls in love with her. She's pure perfection!!! <3
My Tiny is so adorable she helped me through my chemotherapy and radiation treatments! She was always there she loves to sleep under the covers with me and cuddles all night!! She also loves to talk to you a lot especially when she wants something!! She’s so sweet to have around and a great companion!!💜💜😊😊
Mayzie is a Brussel Griffon/Boston Terrier Mix. She loves to "swim" across the floor when she gets excited. She has a big bark, but only to tell you that she wants to lick you! She also gets jealous if I give attention to my fish.
Tokyo it’s a lovely girl and really playful. She love barking toys, they only last one hr max 😂. Fan of humans food 😂.
Archie Bunker
Archie just turned one. Little boy gots a big heart in his tiny 7 lb body he loves to play till he can’t go anymore. He’s got two big brothers he’s always plays with. He loves all his babies ( toys). He loves outside and I’m thinking he’s living bath time too, seems to be getting them very often. Lol his favorite treat is ice cubes .
Bee is very very stingy, she is not a fan of sharing, however we are working with her on that and she’s made progress!
Heidi is my most recent rescue. She is so sweet. She loves running and playing with her siblings, Human and animal alike. She currently working on self improvement through training.
Lola May
Lola is 13 years old and she was diagnosed recently with Cancer lymphoma sarcomas it is Fatal, Lola is an amazing dog she has been our service dog for years! She’s very unique bossy Prissy and means the world to us!!! We don’t know how much longer we may have Lola please pray for our family and go vote for her to 🥇 #LolaMayStrong 💪
Maggie is a fun loving puppy who knows just how to win you over with her true puppy dog look.
Luna Bell Jenkins
Luna loves all treats and all people lol♥️
I got Draco at 12 weeks from a lady that was going to breed him. Whem i got there he was covered in dried up poop! Yes poop,and lived outside 😭 I knew I had to save him. Draco reminded me so much of eeyore, he was so calm n chill. Did he even know how to be a puppy? He loves playing with his kong, bones n jolly ball. My now 8year old boy is showing his age
Hi im Zeus im 5 months old i love to bite, go for walks, love to play in water and i love to put anything into my mouth so my owners can chase me around just to get treats to drop it
Bella Rose
Bella rose loves playing with her puppy friend simba, she enjoys being outside and loves everybody!!
Peanut is a lovable little girl that loves to get into mischief! She is our little princess.
This is my dog mars, despite her small size, she chases the cat and has no fear. Oh and she likes chicken and watching Ratatouille.
Toby is a sweet loving dog he is German Shepard boxer
Romeo thinks he is a pitbull, just doesn't have the size to back it up. but he is such a sweetheart when not being the alpha dog.
Duke is a catahoula blue pit mix. He loves being outside catching lizards and going on long walks/runs.
Papi is a loving caring little dude! He loves to play with his toys and hang out with his family! He love it when I take him to Starbucks to get his pup cup with whipped cream, and most of all he love when I give him his dog treats when he does something good!
Mara girl loves to play with the weight ball and her little sister buttercup she lives her mommy and being out side
Evan And Roman
i just love them