Boreas is a Siberian and Alaskan husky. He is 10 weeks old and he loves being outside, water, playing with people’s toes and loves his toys. He is very playful and lovable. He also is like a teddy bear very cuddly
Hi 🐾 I’m Layla! I am a 1 year old firecracker who loves to play, cuddle, and of course SNACK! I love to lay out in the sun and chase my two cat brothers around the house. But really my favorite thing of all time is to chew on anything I can get my paws on! Oh! I’m so sorry I only have one eyebrow in my picture, mommy snapped a picture before I was finished with my makeup!
Lola is a one year old jorkie with a ton of energy! She is the sweetest little puppy you will ever meet and she is very well mannered! She will definitely steal your heart if you ever get to meet her! She’s a lover and a very great companion!❤️🐶
She loves to play outside and loves to chew on socks. She loves peoples feet and she loves to talk!! She is so sweet and she loves her car rides!!
Moon is an albino, deaf and partly blind
She is such a wonderful puppy we love her so much. Very smart loves playing fetch.
Oreo was the first puppy we adopted from the shelter. He stole our hearts the minute we adopted him and changed his life. Oreo is spoiled all the time and just recently we got him another playmate, Kobe!
Kobe has the biggest heart a dog can have. All he wants to is PLAY,PLAY,PLAY. He loves playing catch and can eat his food faster than you can blink.
he loves sticks and the water. now that hes older hes happy to lay in the front yard and watch the world, and just enjoy the fresh air, and lots of belly rubs.
Hi my name is Precious and I am the only girl in my pack...that's why I feel like a princess...
My name is Hennessy but I go by Henny or Chicken. I love Cuddles with mommy, playing with my Sisters and cousins. I only bark when I need attention or want the food my human is eating. I am super lovable and my mommy says I’m the sweetest girl.
This is our sweet little jack Pepe, she is 9yrs old. She loves to be outside playing soccer in the sun. She’s always the life of the party wherever she goes😊
I am a 4th month silly husky who gets overly exicted about the world. I will try to eat everything I see and will sing your favorite song with you while making funny faces.
Cooper is such a ray of sunshine. He is a JackRussel and will be 1 year old on Aug. 4th 2022 . Cooper loves to play and be surrounded by his loved ones. The moment he can't see you,he is barking for you to come back. He is so full of life. Being someone who suffers from mental health,he knows when im having a rough day. He will stay with me and (I truely believe try and comfort me with his love and kisses. Some of his favorite things to do are tug of war,ball,hide and seek(with my 4 children)baths,and food. For such a little guy he loves his food and treats;)His dislikes are car rides. Work in progress) He has brought so much joy to our family and I couldnt imagine what our lives would be without our Cooper boy.
Roxie is a fun loving energetic pup! She has 2 older siblings that she loves to play with. Enjoy rolling around like a crazy sunbathing
Bear is the sweetest puppy...he is a real teddy bear...he is so squeezable and kissable...once you picked him up you can't put him down...
Hi, I'm Porkchop! I'm a 3 year old German Shepherd living in Philly. I love to talk, woo woo! I also enjoy agility or playing with my two shepherd sisters.
Another picture of my sweet Rhodesian ridge back. You can never get enough of her big brown eyes 🥹
Sadie is a Rhodesian Ridgeback that I rescued from the humane society. She is spunky and full of energy . Sadie also struggles with anxiety from the past homes she been in, but she is definitely one of the most kind hearted doggos.
He is so big loveable. With everyone. Makes me smile.
He loves hanging out at the lake staring into the water looking handsome. But he does not like getting in the water unless there is nobody on the bank with him then he’ll get brave. What he likes most is bacon bacon bacon. He loves riding shotgun in the truck he has his own little piece of carpet on the dash to keep him from sliding when he’s looking at the window. Oh yeah did I mention he loves 🥓 .
Pico loves smiling with his bottom teeth!
Harley is a big Teddy bear he loves to snuggle and loves to have attention. It is cute when he takes his paw and pats you when he wants you to play with him. His favorite thing to do is play with his water bottles and of course the rug that he stole from me lol.
She is an amazingly behaved dog. She loves to play with other pups but is a very lovey dog. She lovessss people.
Coco is a completely addicted to her Daddy, she loves sharing human food and loves babysitting the little humans that come to her house. Pup cups are one of her favorite treats. Truck rides in the front seat with her Daddy are the best!!!
Luna Of Hyrule
Luna makes people smile wherever she goes and her favorite toys are an acorn and a bottle
Millie Stambaugh
Millie is a fun loving wild child. She's black lab/german shepherd mix. She's 2 years old and is definitely a daddies girl. And FYI she covered herself up in the blanket.
Reuben is a special boy 🥰 He is the most attentive, smart, protective, yet snuggly dog I have ever experienced. He LOVES river swimmies! Reubs is known for his ferocious barking when anyone pulls onto the property. He lovvvvves his little sissy Letty (English Lab) bunches and he gets SUPER excited when him AND Letty are both allowed to jump off the dock at the same time into the water!
Marill loves to run around the dog park with the other pups!
Dee Dee
Dee Dee is a smart dog does tricks ..dances, rolls over, gives paws, loves getting dressed up..loves walks and cuddles and getting her nails painted..
Meet Buddy Brown! Loves napping with his favorite ducky toy and watching squirrel videos on the tv. You can catch him splashing in every puddle.
June Carter Drews
June is a crazy energetic puppy who loves to run and play outside with her 3 year old human. June is not fond of squirles but loves to watch for birds. June loves long walks and is currently doing the Walk 30 miles in 30 days in the fight against cancer fundraiser
Marshall An Chase
Meet Alexa's puppy's Marshall & Chase. Yes they were named after Paw Patrol which plays at our house all day long lol. These two fur babies were our missing link. They love cuddles and naps in the shade. Following Alexa is a job but they give it their best shot. They follow her everywhere and even like riding in the dump truck. They love waking her up with their puppy breath. Vote for Marshall & Chase they are our miracle puppy's. I'm sure you will love them as much as we do.💗💗💗
Fizzy Pop
Fizz named himself the day i was bringing him home. I opened a can of pop and he sniffed the bubbles snd sneezed.the name fits his personality perfectly!
Diva is one of a kind dog she’s very energetic loves to play loves to snuggle! She is also sassy!!
Oaklynn is a German shepherd, lab and bull-mastiff. She is very sweet and loving pup who loves to cuddle. She already shakes peoples hands when she meets them and just loves to play with others
General is about a year old! He likes puppy things like playing, running, pooing, and laying on humans!! Not to mention he's absolutely STUNNING!!!
Hi I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!! But I prefer food, treats, and all the chew toys! I love people and always excited to give you kisses and bring smiles to your day!! My little brother Sven is the same!! You’ll find us side by side 24/7 on all of our adventures!!
Bubba Dave
Bubba Dave is a rescue. He is trained as a service dog for his human momma. He detects gastro issues and low sugar. He loves to meet new dogs and loves to go for rides.
Winter is a Doxie Shitzu mix that was rescued as a baby. She is deaf, being a white albino pup. She is house trained and a very good girl! She is loved by our entire extended family!
Dippy is a puggle, part pug and beagle. He loves to play and has a favorite stuffed fox that he drags all over. He is super sweet and loves people!!
My name is AJ im chiuahaha shitzu mix, I am a good boy and love to give kisses. My mommy is my go to, but daddy is my calm.
An amazing loving dog i am so blessed to have her
She is the love of my life. She is such a great friend.
Stella is an English Black Labrador Retriever. She is a fast learner and not scared of trying something new. She was born the runt of her litter so she will most likely be a smaller sized lab when she is an adult.
Zoey just went through major surgery for cancer. This was her post op picture when she started to feel like herself again just a couple days ago!
Peewee is a 13 week old Chaipin (Chihuahua Minpin mix) she is smaller than a teacup and Cooper is her full brother And they both love to play outside