Nanny is an American Pit Bull Terrier she loves everybody thanks everybody supposed to play with her she minds very well loves her octopus she's just a good dog overall and I love her
Six years old. Cancer survivor 🥰
Halo loves giving hug, loves his red ball and very passionate about it. Every morning at 5am, halo will put his head on my shoulder to let me know he has to go outside for his potty.
Hulk is a 4 yr old pit/boxer he favorite thing is to go bye bye loves peanut butter and always gets excited to meet people tail wagging and waitng on loves and Scatches my favorite thing thing about hulk is when he howls sounds like a motor trying to start up and lets out a very cute howl he loves to snuggle with his mommy under the blanket with head on pillow and then i hear his cute lil snores or wines as he having his dreams ❤️
Annie Oakley
Annie Oakley is an YEAR old! Annie had a rough first year, she had to have emergency surgery due to a blockage & thank god we caught it in time or we probably wouldn’t have our Annie here today! Sometimes I tell my husband I think we got an Husky instead of a Poodle, Annie absolutely loves the outdoors whether it’s the snow, rain or just cold out. Annie is a very photogenic dog, she absolutely loves to have her pictures taken! Annie is very energetic and stubborn. She is very smart as well but I think most poodles are very smart. Let make Annie win so she can be displayed in the calendar! ❤️❤️
my girl Sweet Mishka! She is full of personality.Funny, loves to interact with people. Squeaky Toys football soccer & basketballs are her favorite yard toys. Love hunting small critters for entertainment.Her no.1 fav is riding in the car to see everything and walking daily at different locations. Mishka is part vegetarian loves raw and cooked meat. I cook for her .❤️
Belle is an Australian shepherd and border collie mix and is almost 12 Weeks old. She loves playing outside especially in the snow but also loves to snuggle on the couch. Belle has a great personality and loves her dog brother and sister and also her human sisters and brother. She is very loved!
She loves cheese
Rufus Howard
Rufus is the best little guy around.He is very popular and loves to be in charge. He is just so precious! Good behavior gets him extra treats! He is a very good boy he loves his mom and dad..
Charlie is a pitbull and Akita mix. Charlie likes to follow his older brother Frank around. He loves to steal shoes,hats, pants and shirts and spread them around the house.. he does not chew on them. He just like to be sneaky.
Milo Stinky. He’s the Baby & he loves being treated like one. He’s the sweetest boy & loves giving kisses & eating ice lol. He always wants to lay on me. Literally anywhere long as he’s touching. He’s my little clingy boy ❤️
Nova stinka-butt. She’s very energetic, love attention, & being up under me 24/7. She’s also very defensive. She hears or sees anything unfamiliar she’ll bark. She loves to sit by the door & watch to make sure no one breaks in lmao. She’s the middle baby. 🥰
He’s a lazy little boy & he’s very sneaky. He’s the oldest of bis siblings & likes to be on his own. But when wants attention he’ll sure know how to get it with his big ole eyes. 🥹
Riley loves to give snuggles and kisses he also loves going on long walks especially on the beach! He is such a love bug! He does love playing with his sister whiskey particularly pulling on her ears!
Shihtzu she loves riding in the car going to dairy queen for pup cup and playing dressup shes such a sweet girl with a personality that keeps laughing at the lil quirky things she does we love her with all our ❤️❤️❤️
Cody, a playful yorkie, loves chasing after bubbles in the backyard. His boundless energy and loyalty make him the neighborhood favorite! Cody also LOVES to eat Slim Jim's and Cheese.
Ace likes fingers he is playful and safe he is a Catahoula Leopard dog
Champ is a very loving little guy who loves kisses and hugs. Champ loves car rides and if he sees the keys in your hands he will be the first one out the door. Champ loves to follow those he loves around and Champ is the biggest cuddle bug you will ever meet.
Hello everybody my name is Carmelo I’m 8 months old and definitelya certified lover boy. I enjoys playing and oinking because i so excited im spunky with so much energy the unconditional love I receive from my owner is amazing
Sadie isn't just a dog.she is family makes us laugh and smile every day never has she not. Love her like my child .
Lila is so sweet. She is a very loving and nuturing dog. She is a special gift from God!!
BaileyBean is our ESA dog and she is the best friend. Keeps us happy. She is a JackRussellTerrier, Beagle, Shitzu Mix. BaileyBean the Bearrieritzu. Check her out on Instagram @BaileyBean6722
Shes energetic and hyper and loves to play and is sassy and does little toe taps when you tell her something
Quazi is a happy dog that loves to sleep, play, and eat carrots!
She loves nature swimming and playing frisbee
Bentley loves wearing shirts, baths, brushing his teeth, riding in cars, and his mommy! He loves playing fetch and doing zoomies!
Kane loves to swim and puddle jump, but hates the rain.
He's very smart . He's lovable and a ham.. not to mention he's a beautiful dog..
she is so lovable smart Love's playing with her toys she helps with my depression she loves taking pictures she has unconditional love her favorite toy is her squeaky toys and she loves playing ball and she very jealous of me in my husband if he tries to hug me she comes between us which is so sweet she wants all of the attention from both of us we love her so much and she loves given kisses and if she wants you to play with her she'll bring a toy to you and take her pile to your hand won't you to play with her when we go grocery shopping she always checks the bags to see if we have her something we always do she loves buttermilk she's had buttermilk ever since she was a baby
Hennessy is a very loving and caring dog she’s always happy to go outside on a walk or to get a treat she’s something very special. She’s a one of a kind dog❤️
Gizmo is the sweetest little guy you will ever see. He is very outgoing and loves to be the center of attention !
Bonsai has a BIG personality, she loves wearing clothes and running fast!
Gibbsy is a rescue from a puppy mill. He's overcome 4 episodes of IVDD paralysis last year. He is the most loving, loyal little guy 💕 He's overcome so much and now is my emotional support dog 🐕 💙 He loves playing with his sister Ziva and snacking on sweet potato chips!!
Cloey has been my forever love. She was abandoned and i took her in and give her the good life. She had been the best dog ever.. she loves to ride in truck and she loves all the attention she can get..cloey is one spoiled dog if i must say...
Snow is the most adorable cute little dog. He is 2 years old and loves to play and make new friends. He loves to cuddle and go for long walks. He’s an adventurist and an explorer. He’s the most happiest dog. His IG handle is @cuddly_snow_bear
This is Cash! He is a 68lb German Shorthaired Pointer, he recently had his first birthday in December! Cash’s favorite thing to do is play with his ball and swim in the creek! He loves his momma so much that he insists on sitting right on her chest... he thinks he’s a little lap doggie!😂 Please vote for Cash!🩵
Zeus is a loveable American bulldog he loves his toys and treats
She’s a character she likes to explore she likes kids and her big sister jasmine
He was adopted and brought to his forever land of opportunities! He loves to run his property searching every inch looking for anything that will entertain him!! He definitely keeps us entertained!!
Josie Mae
we’ve had josie for 3 years , she was a rescue dog and she is a sure pleasure to have!! shes a small fun loving dog who loves to lick and get her zoomies out when she plays outside💕
this is severus , he is around 16 weeks old and loves his brother they often do everything in sync from playing to sleeping i mean anything! they are truly tied together he loves sleeping and playing with his toys and the occasional stealing things that aren't his or dont need to be messed with, he is a joy to be around.
this is kane!! he is a sweet but crazy boy he has a brother named severus who will be in this contest soon, they are both around 16 weeks old although kane was a runt hes a spunky little boy who loves attention and messing around, he loves watching tv and listening to people talk💗
Daisy is a very intelligent, wild, playful puppy who LOVES shoes and biting toes. She’s best friends with the cat and her favorite toy is a squeaky alien that drives everyone around her nuts. She loves hard and is very much a “pack” dog, you will never find Daisy without her people and animal companions.
Cooper is a very happy boy who loves laying in the sun and snuggling with his favorite people.
Luna is full of energy. she loves to chase ice and take water bottles from other people!
Paco loves snuggling and bird watching. He is super friendly and loves meeting new people and other fur animals.