Mr.Marley is an exceptionally sweet soul with love to spare.
Hey Y’all, my name is Memphis Cash but you can just call me Cash💙 I’m a big momma’s boy that loves toys, balls, bones, baths, watching cartoons & cuddling with my momma!
Meeka is a Shepsky! German Shepard husky mix, and is the biggest ball of energy I’ve ever met! Her favorite pass time is chewing on my shoes, and stealing my socks!
Hankie was a rescue he was very shy and scared of everything. Now he’s a big goofy baby has to be the center of attention
Hi my name is Ripp or as mom & dad like to call me Mr. Ripper since I like to rip everything. My brother is Rye. Unlike my brother I DO NOT like thorn bushes but I do like wrestling my brothers and sisters. Especially when it comes to Lucifer my cat brother, whenever he’s sleeping I like to book his head until he plays with me! ❤️ Mom & dad say I’m the trouble maker but we all know I’m the favorite 🤩. I love peanut butter and I aspire to be just like my sister serenity! I love her so much I sit on her head every night for bed because it’s comfy and I’m a weirdo.
Hi, my name is rye. I like to run in thorn bushes because it’s fun. I wrestle with my brother Ripp when I’m bored because I can, sometimes I lay on him and my sister but I have to cover my nose because my brother farts are horrendous. I love sticks because mom & dad tell me to drop it and then chase me around for hours! ❤️💕 mom & dad are always trying to play tag I love it.
King James
King is 100% a ladies man! Anytime you call his name he will wiggle butt on over to you. King’s energy never goes away! King is an Aussiedoodle (half Australian Shepherd half Poodle)!
I love car rides and cuddling! I am scared of my own shadow but I pretend to be tough when I hear the door bell. I stay with my owner always, no questions asked. I’m pretty sure I was a human in a past life. My teeth get stuck on everything!
She is a very sassy and has a character of her own. She loves car rides, snausages are her favorite treats and she love to run!
To me he is the most lovable puppy and cutest . Win I get home he runs to my truck to greet me and goes crazy. He loves treats, doggy walks,toys treats,going to doggy park. He loves Cheetos and whoopers the candies. His favorite fruit is watermelon and strawberries. He wins most of the people who see him. He loves rides ,and even if he doesn't win this to me he is the cutest.
Punkn saved a man from drowing in the Ohio river.
Her name is Santana... but I call her Santani! She the protector of our pack, always watching over her siblings. At the same time she won't have it if they try to play with her toy! Lol! Stubborn as all Bulldogs are, but such a sweetheart. No one loves to give kisses more than Santani! We just love her so much!!!! How can you not? Look at that sweet girl.
We kind of recused Blue, he ran out in front of our Tahoe and just laid down and wouldn’t move so we picked him up and took him home. Blue is a gentle giant his best friend is a little Chihuahua, he loves to be the center of attention. Blue is so loving and kind all he wants is to be loved on.
Hi I’m Paisley and im a 9 year old Chinese Crested Powderpuff. I am battling mouth cancer and all the proceeds would go to help my owner pay for my vet bills! In my free time I like to snuggle up with my mommy and cuddle with my red teddy bear!
He is an amazing, obedient, teddy bear of a dog. He loves to be by anyones side and he really loves his walks.
Hi. My name is Dutton. I’m a 3 month old Miniature Dachshund. I’m the baby of the family and my Mama’s Pride and Joy. My favorite past times are chewing Mama’s shoes and playing with my Lamb chop. Daddy doesn’t like it when I squeak it a lot though. I also love playing with my big Bro PeeWee and chasing birds. My favorite time of the day is Knap time!
Loves his chew toys and very friendly. Loves to run and play.
Lord Vader
Vader loves to watch squirrels and birds, he is super sweet and loves to cuddle
Mocha loves to play!!! So much energy in this Shorkie (Shih-tzu/Yorkie mix). Such a loving doggie. Who loves to snuggle.
REMI loves running around outside and peanut butter treats and sleeping with his mommy! He is 8 weeks old and knows how to sit and fetch already !
George is the sweetest boy and loves to cuddle. He is a rescue and is now in a home that will never give him up. George loves every person and every dog that he meets.
Copper is a tazmainian devil. Always wound for sound And loves to get in trouble
Sully is like Alvin from Alvin and the chipmunks. Middle child! Very sensitive puppy. He loves to cuddle!
Tatar is an old man. He loves to be head one in the house for a little guy.
Sammy is a good boy! He will be 3 this year. He loves pizza and playing outside!
Oliver is a 9 week old Toy/Mini Poodle. He was the only one in his litter. Oliver weighs 4.4 pounds. He is very playful and cuddly. I might be partial but I think our Oliver is the cutest puppy ever.
Layla Jane
Layla loves cuddles , walks , toys, but most of all treats!! She is full of energy and love and willing to be everyone’s friend
Loves playtime with his Lambchop squeeky toy & burying himself in blankets
Baby is the family bulldog. She is very sweet, loves to cuddle, and loves to eat Oreos.
Fun loving and always full of energy! Loves to play ball, give kisses and is a great watch dog. He tells us every time something moves in the yard!
Bucket is loved by literally everyone who meets him. He’s so goofy and sweet, a rescue, and my best friend
He’s a momma boy very good with kids
Nyla loves car rides,playing with her favorite toys she also enjoys the outdoors, She is a 3 month old Siberian Husky! Please vote for me💜
Hans is a happy boy, loves his humans. Setting on top of the couch looking out the window is his favorite thing to do. Just wants love and snacks.
This is Floki he is 4 years old and he is my ESA fur baby He loves to play with his alien toy or toy chickens and loves his walks he gets every day. Floki says vote for me and Have a blessed day
Merlin is a loving puppy that comes and cuddles up to me while I’m sleeping. I wake up every morning to him asleep along my side or laying on my legs. Even so, he loves having his own space and you can often find him curled up in his dog bed snoring away! ❤️💤
Hello, I’m Mari. I love to steal socks and All I think about is what I’m going to get into next.
He’s a sweetheart….he has definitely brightened up our home !
Hello, my name is Frank! I love to eat, play with my toys, sleep, oh I can’t forget I love to cry.
Hi my names Otis, I love to lay outside and sun bathe. My favorite this to do is sleep! I love my mommy
This is Dakota! He’s a big boy with LOTS OF fluff at only 4 months old. Dakota’s favorite thing to do is play with his best friend Betty (also a BMD pup) and eat of course!
This is Oakley!! She is a 1 1/2 year older Bernese mountain dog! Oakley’s favorite thing to do is rollin the grass and play with her human and puppy friends!!
Bella is super sweet and super sassy. She thinks she runs the house. But she is very playful and loves to be pet. If your not petting or giving her attention she will make sure that you end up doing that.
She loves belly rubs and she'll dance for her treats. She's so loveable. By far the best girl ever.
Bandit is a 12 week old husky pitbull mix. He is lovable and cuddly. He live to play and run. The sweetest little guy youll ever meet!
Twilight is an absolute love bug, who likes to run crazy around the house. She loves helping out with our foster puppies and just having a good time.