mollie is such a sweet little princess
He is so loveable .he is like mikie he loves to eat .he is a big baby .he would have made a great dad .he likes to chase squirrels
Midnight is a labdoddle she is lovely
Izzy is an outgoing high energy bichon mixed with a toy poodle she loves her squeaky toys and putting them all out on display threw out the house
Sahsa is a mommys girl. She loves car rides . She is 11 years old .
She loves everyone and her favorite thing is to look for frogs at night.. she is very sweet and loving.. her favorite food is whatever you like
Buttons is a fun puppy .she lives with 3 pitts an she keeps them on their toes .an she loves some Dunkin Donuts.
Raven is so gental an loving .she would have made a great mommy .she loves to lay with u an cuddle.
Ryder is a rescue dog. He was saved from a bad family who abused him. If you knew his story and how far he has come, you'd be proud. He loves people, and even being 7 years old now, still plays like a puppy! He enjoys napping and food, and gets treated to a pupcup quite often. Although he is totally blind now, he still manages to live life happily and loves everyone unconditionally. He's my best friend
Willy is a Cavapoo. Loves to cuddle and play outside. He is only 5 months old and is so smart.
Daisy Mae
She loves her cuddles and quite a rambunctious girl that loves keeping us on our toes ❤️🐾
Diesel is the sweetest boy, he is a red beagle with baby blues, he loves to play fetch and take naps
Vote for Koda
She loves to tell stories.
As we just got Jarvis on Sunday, we have come to learn that he loves to play tug of war, go after our shoe laces and most of all cuddle!
Duke is a coonhound mix that loves snuggles, playing with his sister Daisy, food and is a complete joy!
Daisy is a foxhound/Eskimo mix. She is Smart, playful, loves walks, playing with her brother Duke
Georgia Nicole Hill
Georgia is a very sweet girl. Definitely a mamas girl. She is always wanting to love and play with anyone. She has such a personality 🤣. She loves to go on car rides and play with other animals of all kinds. God definitely knew that I needed her. Please vote for my baby! This is our first time.
Apollo Burns
Apollo like to run and hunt Play with his puppies and kids
Charly is very spunky and sweet pup .. she’s currently 8months old. She’s just like a teddy bear 🧸
her name is luna but we have many names for her like lulu, lulu lemon, luna mae, she loves running around the house with her bestfriend oakley, she loves doing circles on your head when she wants you to get up. she always loves dragging around socks and anything else she can find
to run around the house with socks in his mouth. he also loves tummy rubs but also hates covering and and being told it’s night night. he’s so protective but one of the sweetest dogs ever
Cinder was a rescue that my youngest son got me for mother's day about 4 years ago he thinks he's a lap dog loves to snuggle and watch tv. Cinder became my support dog after I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and he tries to stand on my shoulders when my diabetes is out of whack. He loves his toys and loves his human food
Daisy Mae
Daisy enjoys cold weather and being outside. Daisy’s favorite thing ever is SNOW! Daisy is 4 years old and is a complete daddy’s girl! Daisy loves to show off by giving hugs and high fives!
DO NOT vote PAST the end of my contest ( unless it is agreed to) if you do they will be considered gifts. POST YOUR VOTES DAILY!!! Too many are not returning votes anymore!! Please DO NOT vote a bunch of days ahead it makes it hard to keep track of votes!!! Make 1 post please and continue posting comments under that 1 post. Making single posts daily makes it hard for others to find their posts. **If U R voting daily VOTE EVERYDAY and please post votes DAILY. ALL votes not agreed to will be considered GIFTS.(example: if we agree to do 10 daily and you do 20 we will still do 10 and your other 10 will be gifts) This also includes days that are before requested start date and days voted way ahead of time that go beyond the contest dates. So please confirm so you do not lose votes!!!!!!There are only 2 of us so we cannot keep up with 4/5 people voting the same day. Lilly is a sweetheart! She likes to prance around and play with our other dogs. She is shy when it comes to picking her up, but she loves to be held once you catch her. She loves to play fetch.
12 years old.❤️ Obsessed with mom and dad. Loves to play with tennis balls and lay around a cuddle with mom and dad❤️
Charlie is a happy-go-lucky guy! From therapy dog to other sports, he enjoys being around people!
Maisy Pearl
Maisy is a recuse. She survived living on the streets last winter until she was recused by Blue Angels Rescue. We adopted her in July and she is adjusting very you can see lol.
Sophie was a rescue about 8 years ago and Since day one has been my best friend she’s a happy girl and always ready to go anywhere Especially to grandpas and grandmas
Athena is a 6 month old English mastiff St. Bernard mix. Athena is a the most lovable dog. Size does not matter to her as she she sits in your lap and loves to give kisses
Tally is a 2.5 year old rescue Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She loves to swim in the pool and stalk iguanas.
Daisy is a mix breed between Boston Terrier and Shitzu and she loves to cuddle and ride on the boat. She loves to suck on her blankets. She loves to play with her friends.
Buddy is our year old bulldog who is Sassy, Lovable and sometimes very demanding. But I guarantee you, once meeting him is all it takes to fall in love with him!!!
Lil Bitch
Shes only 2 months old but shes got attitude for sure and her own personality she love dog treats and toys and playing with her siblings
A little about Daisy she is a one year old rescue adopted on July13,2022 she is the sweetest pup.Daisy loves to cuddle, jump and play with her favorite stuffed animal a bunny. Daisy is very obsetvant loves to be in the mix in everything.Daisy loves the beacj snd is very protective of mom and fad over all dhe is so cute snd very happy.
Luna is my emotional support dog she is laid back and fill of love please vote for luna
Faith is a puppy but love pictures and outdoors! She is very active and love to give kisses ! She excited me everyday with the stuff she learns !
Louie is a outgoing ,lovable “lap dog”. He loves his mom, toys, treats and going to the beach. His attitude is just as big as he is.
Louie is a outgoing, lovable “Lap dog”. He loves his mom, toys ,friends and the beach but most of all he loves his treats.
Sterling is the sweetest little guy who loves nothing more than to give all the kisses! Well, and chase his great dane brother & sister! He's sweet but fiesty and just look at that face! I swear he's not a boxer!
Hi My Name Is Chiquis I Just Turned 8 years September 9th Am Loving Caring Adventure everywhere I love to find lizards am protective over my loved ones I love to play I love walk Am fun outgoing bright dog please vote for me thanks good luck to all the paw pups nd doggies out there 🐾💋
Meet Ruger he is a 6 month old German Shepherd pup ! He loves kids the most loyal and protective to his family and learning daily
Oliver Is a 4 year old Siberian Husky he’s a good boy and loves his family! Oliver is high energy talkative and the star of the show in life
Reesy is a fun, loving girl who just loves her ball.
Kiba is a fun, active, hyper boy but he is super sweet and loves his squeaker toys.
Mavis is a fun spirited dog and loves giving kisses.
She loves to play fetch and loves to stand on her back legs she’s 9 years old and still thriving oh and how she loves to cuddle and lay on your pillow like she’s a little human please vote for daisy❤️