Mara is the sweetest girl you’ll ever met, she’s so full of love.🥰
Phoebe Louise
Phoebe Louise is super smart. She loves giving paw, high paw (high 5) and taking a bow. She loves her family especially her favorite kid my 9 year old daughter. She loves to cuddle and steal all the blankets. She will not go to bed without a toy and she loves to run. She is also absolutely crazy about peanut butter! Every year we celebrate her birthday with her very own Pup Party, we have hot dogs and carrots, cup cakes and icecream in little cups and Phoebe gets her own plate of carrots a nibble of hot dog her own special doggy cup cake and pup cup.
Prince is the definition of a loyal companion… he loves to snuggle next to you no matter the day. He’s a ray of sunshine packed into a furry body. Prince loves long walks and just like me gets a little carsick. He’s the best furry foot known to mankind.
He has this stuffed bear he carries around n will not chew up. Every other stuffed animal he takes all the stuffing out and the squeaker. WHAT’S BOOMER'S GO-TO TREAT? Anything WHY SHOULD THEY BE THE FAVORITE DOG? Because he is a mean looking lover he has to have hugs and b next to ur face cuddling
Bruno is a very happy good boy he loves to go to doggy daycare and play with all of his friends, he loves kisses and playing fetch, he’s very smart and loving
Bucks is a tri-color brown Chihuahua who is only 4lbs. He loves to play with his little sister Dunkin and run as fast as he can in the yard. Bucks loves his pup cups from "Starbucks" too, hence his name
I love to play fetch! I love my family! I’m very sweet. I may look vicious but I promise I’m not.
She is 9 weeks old beagle cocker spaniel mixed already knows her name and she comes to me if I clap my hands
Barron is a loyal companion who loves entertaining, cuddling and kissing. He is the most affectionate companion and is a ray of sunshine who will warm your soul!
Treat's sweet babie likes everyone he keeps on me that is me he has never been anybody he is a sweet sweet dog lovable
Misty it's a extremely loving dog that we got when my husband came down with Alzheimer's she took care of him and now she takes care of me
She’s the most loving dog ! loves to play loves meeting people, is amazing with other dogs. Very photo genic. For a lab she is so calm .
Kenna is a princess and loves to show it off! She loves everyone! She loves to give kisses!
Zoey is a mix of a beagle and jack Russell terror.Her favorite thing to do is walk or play with her toys
Keira is a four month old Alaskan malamute, husky mix. She is a sweet, cuddly and talkative pup!
Dreama is part husky and pit bull a pitsky she is full of energy and loves to play.
She is the most laid back chuaua youve ever met but dont think she wont get fiesty sometime ut she is my miracle she save me like i saved her
Kira and I were homeless this summer it was 115-120 we both had extreme heatstroke. we would have died but somehow we kept each other alive
Hi my name is Bucky I am 17 weeks old I love to have fun and play with my sisters and go see my mom and my other sister and Grandma I'm a little Hellion for my mom and dad and I love to get into everything just like a puppy does and I love to play video games with my daddy to
Hi my name is Phoebe I am 17 weeks old my dream is to become like my mom and my grandmother to help my great-grandmother by becoming a support dog I love helping people I love to cuddle and I love it when you rub my belly vote for me thank you 💖💖💖💖💖
Melting hearts wherever I go, my mom says I am the sweetest boy! I love to snuggle (chew on) my squirrel, and any toy that squeaks! When I run fast, my ears flop in the dad jokes that I may take flight, if I go fast enough (is that possible?!?). I love treats, my family, and everyone that I meet. Apparently I'm a French Bullhuahua.....whatever that means!
Pucca is an energetic border collie/lab mix that loves to take run and be crazy!
To say the least, for only being 10 months old she already has quite a few nicknames… aka Skunky Monkey, paper natzi, skitzo, lol! She always has to have her nose into everthing. Our maids adore her! She always runs off with their cleaning towels, which she is ALWAYS doing with is as well. If somethings drops on the ground or is even within reach she is sure to run off with whatever it is!
Bailey Jo
Bailey is my dog. If I am going out somewhere he thinks he can go to. If I go out in the garage for 3 minutes, he thinks I have been gone for a week. He just can’t wait for me to get back inside to give him some love.
She is the bigger sister but she lets her sister have her way. Very loving and likes to cuddle.
Roxy loves her toys, full of spunk and likes to cuddle. She loves her sister but they have their daily fights.
This is Blue he's a big baby who deserves love he loves outside playing tug a war and with the other dogs he's a big baby and a cuddle buddy he's a red nose pit
Hokey Pokey
Hokey Pokey loves to play in the snow a pile of leaves with our grandson during spring and summer he loves going to the park he loves watching the geese and ducks. Hokey Pokey has a huge heart he seems to always know when I am upset he always lays down beside me
Very spoiled and loves to snuggle and loves her treat
She’s a 1 year old German Shepard and love to play
Sadie was born November 24th 2015 she's a female she's the sweetest loving Chihuahua Fox terrier I just love her with all my heart she's got the biggest heart amen
My baby girl Samantha.... Passed away. She is very sadly missed. 💔
Frida eats toes 🤨
Rocky loves his treats and laying on the recliner
Wiley Coyote
Wiley Coyote is very loyal to me. He is everywhere I am and I love it.. He speaks to me with very soft uff to get my attention to play or get a snack... His favorite things to do is lay in my pillow on my lap, on his back, just so I can gently squeeze his nose while I say Noot Noot.. Wiley Coyote also loves me to gently squeeze his paws as I say Paw Paw. He is my heart.
Shiva Jean Hinshaw
Shiva is the softest, most kind and gentle furbebe i have ever had in my life...... She also loves to kiss and hug.. And Shiva Jean talks alot, as if she human sometimes.. Shes amazing..
Sasha has not just a blessing but an angel since I brought her home. She is by far the most loyal, loving and well mannered pup. She is and will forever be my best friend, she has gone through so many things with me and always remains my shadow ❣️
Maverick is loveable and loves to kiss. He sleeps all day and is my best friend. He is always by myside . He is the most loyal pet. He loves snacks and treats and ice cream. He also likes to take pictures
Princess is a lonh hair Chihuahua and she is blind but she is really great a navigation
Bear loves to play with his little human and his best friend mango(Bearded dragon)
Boomer is an Australian Cattle mix. Very high strung but super enjoyable and lovable! He loves to play with cats and other dogs! He gets super curious and anxious around new people but will be your lap dog in seconds!!! 💕
Crazy little girl. Queen of hide and seek. Master of zoomies. Cuddles and kisses is her great accomplishment. Elsa makes everyone she meets feel good and safe.
Roxy loves to give what I call puppy dog eyes. She gets her way 1,000% of the time with just a look. I love her so much she’s honestly the best dog, adopted her was the best decision i’ve ever made.
She is full of nothing but love, likes to play fetch, and loves to stick her head out of the window. I call her my supervisor because she does not miss a move I make.
Ginger is such a sweet girl! She loves to sing too! ❤️
Harley Girl
Harley is a rescue dog and had 6 homes before mine,she loves guarding windows and is smart and beautiful.
Dakota is heart angel heart devil and makes my heart smile he wants to make yours smile too make him famous please he's such a sweet baby
He's almost deaf so you have to yell at him. He's a great dog that loves to be snuggled. He's the only one out of 4 dogs that plays with a toy.