Baby Stories - 45


My name is JaCKson. I am a Colorado Red Royal standard poodle, I am 8 months old, my weight is 74 lbs. My mommy says I am a savant. I am being trained to be my dads service dog as he is a disabled Veteran. Everyone Loves me 🤷🏻‍♂️🐾🐾❤️
Hunter spends his day cuddling and playing fetch with his squeaky toys ❤️
Eliza is a sweet girl who loves playing, running, and always sleeping with one of her toys.
I am a disabled Veteran and Bug is my hero, companion, confidant, and partner. I have PTSD and OCD and he keeps me from getting severe anxiety attacks. Even if he doesn’t win, he deserves to be put out into the world for everything he does for me ❤️ 🐶🥰
Max is a purebred english bulldog. He just turned one and is a super goofball! He enjoys sleeping, playing ball and eating everything in sight.
Quincey loves to meet other people and dogs- this pup will turn out to be a very loving and social dog as he already is turning out to be. He loves his lamb lamb and hakuna matata toys, sleeping by or on your feet, and taking great long puppy naps !
Milo loves going on walks, playing fetch and playing in water! He loves to cuddle with mom and dad and take up the whole bed. 💓
Echo is 7 months old and loves to play fetch and chase flies around the house if he sees one! He loves his big brother obo and hedgehog brother Leo.
My sweet boy is almost 8 and still loves his picture taken. He's so photogenic, he loves to swim and play with his little brother Echo and his hedgehog brother Leo.
Kiara is 4 months old she is a pitbull and boxer mix. She really likes to play and been active and always looking for cuddles. She likes everybody and she is shaking her tail all day.
My name is Kane. I will be one on November 11th. I am super outgoing and rambunctious but I know how to be a good boy when I have too. I love playing with my brother shadow and running around the house like a mad man.
I am shadow. I will be 5 years old in December. I am not completely sure when I was born as I was a rescue from the ugly place people refer to as puppy mills. Due to this i am pretty shy when it comes to strangers. But I love my parents and brothers and sister to death.
I am Chloe a 13 year old silver lab. About a year and a half ago i was diagnosed with cushions disease also known as hyperthyroidism. I am slowly loosing my muscles & hair. but i am still a spunky little girl who loves my brothers.
I am a three week old golden retriever born on September 11th. I am the sweetest little guy & look forward to going home to my parents who have recently lost their golden to cancer.
Linus is almost 5 months old. He was born completely deaf, but he doesn’t know any different. He has the best little personality and picks up quickly on hand signals. He has been a blessing.
Dexter Dwight
Dexter Dwight is 14 weeks old and a little 2lb fire cracker who loves attention!
Nemo is a spunky little booger who loves fighting over toys with his buddy Lucy or jumping on top of his cat friends as they pass by. He is also very fond of attacking and eating those pesky clumps of grass and wiley autumn leaves that dare to cross his path. He may be cute but don't let him kiss you, he may have just chowed down on some delectable poo.
Chapa is a 7 year old dachshund. He loves to cuddle with anyone and everyone including our 3 kids. He loves to wake them up in the morning when we tell him to get them up and he loves to play with them.
Zeus id a Huskey German Shepard that is 1 and half years old now. He is a stubborn little brat with the most beautiful blue eyes i have ever seen a pup to have! And the only thing that saves him is how cute he is lol. He loves playing ball and going on walks but most of all loves bugging his older sister stella. He thinks that any person he see is just there for him and an attention he get he will soak it up. Even though he is stubborn he is one of the most loving and friendly dogs I have ever seen.
Lily is only 4 1/2 months old and loves to play with other puppies and chew all mom and dads things! She is so loving and caring and is always looking to snuggle! Lily is also a rare breed Dudley Lab so she has a cute pink nose and green eyes!
He LOVES to chew. He also loves getting attention and get scratches on his back. Hyperactive, he seems like he has ADHD. LOL Very playful and likes to play ball and is very friendly even though he is a rottie. He knows three tricks so far: Sit, Handshake, and Lie Down.
Remy is fun she loves the outdoors and being around people who want to play with her , such a sweet pup she is ❤️
Bella loves to be around people, animals, and to eat. She is so gentle and loving.
Don't let Albert's sweet looks deceive you. He is spunky, mischievous and stubborn!. We wouldn't have him any other way. This little guy has brought us so much joy and love. ❤
Zeus is a one year old Siberian Husky-German Shepherd mix. He is super playful and outgoing and LOVES other dogs and people of all ages. Zeusy loves to play fetch, dig, smile, and eat! He also lovesss to give kisses! 💜
Prada has learned to ring a big jingle bell attached to a rope tied to the doorhandle to let us know shes got to go out cause she hasnt found her bark yet. Shes 8weeks old and very smart. If you have a toy with a sqeaker she turns into psycho puppy and viciously attacks the toy. She is quite the entertainer I must say.
Buster is a 4 month old rott/pit/lab mix. He’s loves playing with his sister and brother and mom. He favorite thing to do is take mommy chew toys from her and run around with them.
Sage is the ultimate protector. She is most definitely her daddy’s little girl, and will run you slap over to play fetch with her ball. Also, she loves boat rides!
Finley is an 11 month old French Bulldog. He loves meeting new people and dogs. His whole body wiggles when he greets you. He's loveable and great to cuddle with.
Susitna loves playing fetch and she loves fun adventers!
Family man
Abbey C Hambone
Abbey's favorite thing in the world is to go Jeepin'. She doesn't actually wear the glasses (they were a gift) but loves sunglasses. I bought her this Jeep in August for her birthday but she lets me drive it. She is a really special girl and she has my heart.
Sparkle is 2 years old and loves anything that squeaks and she loves water but doesn’t like her baths ! She is so playful!
Bubbles is really funny in a way you can't explain but she is really cute and fun to be around
🐻 is a very happy and lovable dog she loves to play with her toys and loves going outside
Baleigh is the sweetest doodle girl you’ll ever meet! She likes running with her mom, vanilla ice cream and absolutely LOVES cuddles and giving kisses!
Name’s Bruiser. He enjoys cheese. Who doesn’t love cheese? Seriously, It makes everything better, just like Bruiser. Vote for Bruiser and make cockapoos great again.
Shylow is 6 years old and still acts like a puppy, very protective I've the kids but very sweet
He LOVES bacon strips and he loves to be outside. He also loves playing with his piggy toy 🥺
Ella loves to snuggle and swim! She has managed multiple health issues like a champ, and loves life just the same.
He’s the best dog in the world 😂❤️
Apollo is a 6 year old German/Mal/Wolf mix!!!
Xena is a rescue Lab/Mastiff mix. She loves to cuddle, and she’s very protective over the family. She enjoys going for walks.
He loves playing outside and he’s just the sweetest thing ever 🥺
Hi, my name is Duke! My favorite activities include chasing the neighbors geese, playing with my God-Siblings, picking the pears from mom’s tree, and pretending to be small enough to be a lap dog. I am 6 months old and still have a lot of growing to do. My parents think I’m the smartest, most beautiful dog.
Gibson is simply the best boy. He loves treats, snuggles, and other doggos. He tries to lead mom to the dog park every time they go outside! Gibson’s weakness is stealing the hearts of every human he meets, but his strength is spreading pure joy and happiness :) please vote for this good boy!
Buttercup has brought so much love into our family. She’s loving, and caring. She’s such a Diva. Buttercup has a special gift she knows when someone is sad or upset she will go up to your chest to comfort you. She’s brave and always happy. Buttercup also loves taking rides in the car. She is emotional I have never seen a dog express so many different emotions. She deserves to win!