Baby Stories - 45


Timom is a big chicken but has a bark to be scared of. He loves broccoli and his stuffed chicken toy. Loves to run around and play and will not come in the house when there is snow on the ground.
Moose is 15 years old and loves car rides. She's likes to be covered up and loves all the attention.
Fancy is 2 years old she loves playing and getting everyone’s attention. She is a very active dog and absolutely loves going to every motocross race with her family to support her kids and meet all the new people. Fancy wants to go in the car everywhere with us and she will just lay in the back seat and sleep or sit on the center counsel between mom and dad to watch all the traffic.
Rosie the therapy pup for my kids. She is half King Charles Cavalier & half miniature poodle. She look like a Teddy bear 🧸 and have those cute puppy eyes. She is so sweet and well behaved 🧁and love her family.
Rocky is a 9lb. Chihuahua, he is so loving and loves to cuddle with me, he also loves to play fetch outside or inside he don’t care. He is my four legged baby. Please share the love and give him a vote.
Heidi Ho
Heidi Ho is an 8-week old smooth coat red mini dachshund. She is a little love bug and all she wants to do is hug and snuggle with her hooman mommy.
Ylva is as sassy as they come. She likes to cuddle with and talk to mommy. She's being trained as a PTSD service dog.
He loves his family and toys. Very loving and playful!
Winkle is a 12 year old chihuahua who absolutely loves sunbathing, wants all the belly rubs, and is my little sidekick. We have been attached at the hip since 2008 & I was only 8 years old and she was 6 months... we grew up together — my little fur baby!
Bentley is a Jack-A-Bee and full of energy. She loves being outside and going on walks or runs. Her favorite toys is a stuffed bunny.
A small dog with an enormous personality! At 2 months old he’s learned so many tricks, loves treats and snuggles, and every animal and person he meets. My sweet pup I sure to melt your heart!
Sadie is a rescue from a north carolina high kill shelter... This dog is such a blessing to our lives. She has helped my mental health so much. She loves to play and even sleep under the blankets! She's the best!
Duke is my two-year-old little baby boy we have had him since he was only a few weeks old since then he has been the best dog we could ever ask for right now we're both laying in bed cuddling that is his favorite thing to do
Pico Ortega
He is the sweetest baby. He loves to give kisses. He is my emotional support dog. He loves car rides. He loves barking at the tv when there is a animal on tv.
Bentley is a Jack Russell Terrier and Pug mix. He is 4 months old and loves to play fetch. He loves everyone and learns very quickly.
Ollie is a spunky, fun, cuddly, and loving pup. He’s always ready to play and loves to pose for pictures!
Loki is a red Merle Australian Shepard. He is 7 weeks old and the cutest little fluff ball. He loves playing with his rope toys and annoying his new big sister Jimini!
"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich." This quote sticks with me because Nala has been the biggest blessing to wag her way into my life. She’s a sassy 1 year old German Shepherd who’s beyond stubborn but sweeter than pie! I have never met a puppy so invested in Soccer even if it’s just on the television she’s watching attentively, barking, and trying to get in on the action. Please vote for our pup and good luck to all!
Max loves everyone especially when they are playing with him! His favorite toy is his frisbee and he never gets tired of playing with it!
Smoke is a Australian shepherd he is the biggest baby! He has mild seizures called “chewing gum” but he’s strong! He Loves kids and loves his treats! He is the cutest you can say “outside,treat,or bye bye” and he’ll turn his head like “yes let’s go!” Such a great dog! VOTE FOR SMOKE! ❤️
Daisy Duke
Daisy loves cuddles, walks, and most importantly TREATS❤️💕🐾
Hi, I’m marlie! I love to play & nap! I play well with other dogs & my favorite game is sneaking out of the door when it opens and running from my mom (only because I like to see her try to chase me) and see how long it takes to catch me. Pstttt.....I think she hates it but it’s fun to me! I love cuddling & I know how to sit and shake! (Especially for a treat!)
Reggie is a big bear. He’s sharpi and chow. He has definitely filled out his wrinkles! He’s full of energy and loves to play and chew on his bones! He was at the shelter for 2 1/2 years (his whole life) and I fell in love with him online and knew I needed him💕
Bo loves to run and jump outside like a little reindeer. He is happiest when he is playing with his dog friends. He has a big smile on his face when he gets to see them.
Pug is the sweetest dog for me (by experience) and also the worst sleepbuddy! She only wants to sleep between my legs and on top of me and facing her butt!🤷🏻‍♀️ She is the best bestfriend In the world.
Copper is a emotional support dog he’s very loving an loves his attention
Turc was rescued from an abandoned trailer in southern Ohio along with 18 other dogs. He may not have had a great start to life but as a rescue, he has definitely been living his best life since then. He loves people, especially kids. He plays at doggie daycare with his friends and is bonded to our other dog Rogue. Together they help us with foster dogs. They do wonders to give other rescues the confidence to live their best lives too.
Zuri Bacon
Zuri is a wild girl who loves to be outside especially when it’s snowing. She loves meeting new people, along with other doggy friends & kittens! She hates the word no. She loves to eat anything she can get her little nose into. She may lick you to death upon meeting you! She recently learned how to bark, we went six months of silence. Stuffed animals are her favorite toys.
Ellie Mae
Ellie isn't just my pet she is my family. She has brought so much love & happiness into my life & I couldn't imagine life without her. She is full of energy & has no fear. Loves to play but doesn't quite know how to bark. She howels & talks to me when I am talking to her. One word simply sums her up..amazing!!
Rex is a 8 month old puppy. His front leg was amputated at 3 days old when his mom stepped on it. Rex was given to a family that abused him as soon as he was old enough causing his only front leg to need surgery because it was broken in 3 places. We’re raising money to get Rex the surgery he needs, help Rex get the praise and love he deserves while raising money for his medical needs.
This is rocky a very spoiled dog he loves baths,dog treats and being around kids rocky is my best friend he’s like my kid and an important member of my family we would really appreciate your vote🐾🐾
He is an Australian Shepherd Husky mix, he loves to play with kids and adults. He is one of the most sociable dog he loves to meet new people and dogs. My boyfriend and I treat him like his our own child he eats what we eat for most of the day but he gets dog food and if I can't eat the dog food I don't give it to my dog. He loves to sit by anyone one when he knows they are upset or sad of any sort of way, he will cheer them up no matter what it takes for him to get them back in to a happier mood. And he loves children to death he will protect them if he thinks the child is in danger or if a man is hitting a woman. He is on outstanding dog!!!!
Copper Jones
Hi, I'm Copper Jones the Bloodhound, and my hobbies include waiting to howl at the mailman, snuggling with my cat best friend, chewing on my toys and being the goodest boy on earth!
This is the goodest boy. He is beyond loyal and lives to hunt.
my name is pronounced ray-yuh, my nickname is bear, I love playing in the snow (as you can see) and my frisbees ALWAYS go outside with me!
I like to be called mavy, i love high fiving with my nose and if you have a treat in your hand i WILL find it!
Elias is a handshaking silly pup ! Elias loves to cuddle with mommy during the day and play with dad all night! Along side handshakes he also sits, rolls over and gives unlimited kisses. his current favorite activity is napping 😴 💕
Hi! My name is Mazikeen, I’m the most stubborn, funny, beautiful, and playful dog around! I love to eat, take baths, and bother my parents!
Tom Brady
Smokey is a 11 week old Blue heeler he’s fun loving and full of spunk! His unique face and color really makes him pop! We love Smokey the Bear🐶🤟🔥
Mable is the sweetest little girl whose tail never stops wagging and loves everybody she comes in contact with!
My name is daisy I’m 6 months old I love toys and treats and I’m very loving and funny
Brutus is a loving dog, he loves cuddling and taking up most of the bed and not allowing you to have any covers! He can be silly, and loves going crazy with his toys. He gets really sad when no ones around, but is so excited when you return. He lovings giving kisses and trying to eat your hands (playfully). Tug of war is his favorite, but he’s really strong.