Baby Stories - 45


Abby is a three year old poodle schnauzer mix baby. Abby is the most loving girl ever! She loves hanging out by the tree watching squirrels. Though she is 25 pounds she thinks she is a lapdog. She loves to lay with me and be petted. We are so happy to have sweet Abby in our family.
He is the best guard dog
Archie is the sweetest, friendliest pup who loves tennis balls and bully sticks. High energy, but a cuddly love bug. He is a spoiled boy by his mom!
Ophilia is a super shy girl but ones she gets comfortable her crazinnes comes out. Super smart but demands attention 24/7. My bed is not my bed anymore.
Piper girl is my rescue foster fail. She didnt have the best first year of her life, but I intend to make the rest the best and spoil her rotten.
Xander is an Olde English Bulldog. He is super sweet, loves people and craves attention! His favorite thing to do is steal golf balls on the putting green at the golf course!
Landseer Newfoundland puppy living my best life with my mom and brother Drako (Russian blue cat). I love toys and sticks and going swimming in my water bowl! Chasing the cats is so fun to!
Candie is our little princess that loves to be in your lap. She is a Teddy Bear dog, a mixture of shihtzu and poodle..But dont let her 15lbs of cuteness fool you, she is the guard dog of the house and will go for the ankles of a stranger if not properly introduced. She loves her squeeky toys and will squeak them on your leg until you throw them for her. 😁
Bonbon is my 70lb lap dog that loves her zoomies! After a DNA test we found that she is several different breeds. Austrailian Sheppard and Pressa being the main two. She loves to run just for fun! She is always happy and loves anyone who will give her all the pets 🤗
Loves hanging outside and playing with kids and other dogs ! ❤
Bailey is a Labrador Retriever, 8 years old and she loves watching over the family & her sisters.
As a Healthcare worker working through covid, Thor has definitely saved my heart through such a tough time.
Sweet and Loving❤️
Meela is a Teacup Pom… She’s so sweet, and loves people. Meela has to say hello to anyone who enters the room by giving them lots of kisses… she doesn’t have a mean bone in her little body. My baby is the perfect combination of sweet and sassy as she is confident and loves wiggling her bottom with her walk. Please vote for Meela… all winning proceeds will go into the Give First nonprofit. ♥️
Kato is a very sweet loving boy! He loves to kiss people and just want their love. He is half pitbull half Akita. Kato has very soft and beautiful fur. He is almost 9 months on the 29th
DeLuca is a Silken Windhound that absolutely loves to run and play with other dogs. DeLuca loves his cat brother, enjoys hikes, and he makes a great cuddle buddy.
Sadie May
Sadie May is a little playful rat terrier.. She loves her toys and treats.. Her favorite thing to do after her long day of playing is snuggling in bed with her mom and dad.
Drummer is very friendly and loving pup. He is shy at times. Loves to kiss people. He loves his toys. Once you come home wants to be picked up and held.
Hodor is a mischievous little 8 week old English bulldogs who likes to play and bark at you if he isn’t getting your attention
Mazie is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She is a Rottweiler, pitbull, and akita mix. Shes an attention hog 😂. She loves to play catch, and going on walks. She is also a thearpy dog for my son who has autism.
Otis is a goofy loving boy who loves to play and go kayaking
Peanut is such a sweet man... He loves playing hard cuddles and making us all laugh with his goofy personality.... He loves to fetch with his toys. And he bed jumps through out the night to get snuggles in with all of us.... He has manners and listens well.... He is our family jester. We wouldn't give him up for nothin..
Kitana is a huge lap dog. She doesnt realize how much space she takes but is the sweetest big furry thg ever. She has her moments where she runs like a horse. When she lays on her back, her face wrinkles up like a bear and when she lays on her side she looks like a fish. We call her the Master of disguise. When she is tired, she will look at her Kong toy about a foot away frm her face and start whining for someone to push it over to her as she is too tired from running and playing. She loves to take her vitamins and chase them by drinking thru a water bottle like a baby, with a small drinkn hole on the cap; as if it were a baby bottle. She looks just like a baby too doing it. She is very funny n entertaining to watch. Kitana also doesnt realize thatwhen she licks her lips and closes her mouth after her lip gets caught in her teeth. With that i struggle to take her serious and burst in laughs as she sits there awaitn a treat. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Cocoa likes to play fetch and goes in circles as if chasing her tail, when she is overly excited. Its hilarious!
Chloe loves her ball, her Lambchop, her Lady (from Lady and the Tramp), her pink boot (that she brought with her from her first home in Texas) and all her other toys, and her mommy and daddy, she’s a service dog for both her parents! And she really loves your votes! She’s a great competitor and really wants to win! Please vote for sweet Chloe 💕🐶👍
Virginia as a fun loving dog that loves to eat everything her nickname around the house scavenger because if you’re not looking she will get your food. She is great with our daughter, they have girls night. She will go in my lil girls room and hang out, she will get in her bed and watch tv and eat snack with her. It’s the cutest thing. She loves to cuddle. She is a great sister to a cat. (Luke) She loves to give high paw 🐾 (high five) she loves loves to nap. She is living her best life as you can see in her pictures. 😁
Cooper is the coolest little guy in the world he is down for anything he is special because he was a rescue from the puppy mill almost dead now here we are nine years later and the love of my life my support dog Cooper and everybody's best friend everybody loves little Cooper and by the way he practices social distancing
Coco Chanel
Coco is a Rough Collie/Great Pyrenees mix. She is the sweetest little bean on this planet. Her favorite things to do: give kisses, roll around in the grass, bark at nothing, and meet new friends! 🐾
Lucky loves having a Puppachino from Starbucks to start his day!! Loves his family and still has his real dog family part of his life still. He has a new fur sister a kitty named Chanel who he absolutely loves to play with!! They became quite the besties!! He just started loving wet dog food since his sister eats wet food 😂 He’s loving all his extra treats!! The stuff his sister doesn’t eat 😂 Lucky is so loving and patient and loyal and cute!! He deserves to win!! Please vote for Lucky!!! 🍀❤️🍀
Kuzko is a 9 month old red nose pit. he’s very outgoing and loves cuddles.
Peppa is so sweet & smart....she's very caring & lovable....she loves belly time & very protective over me ❤️
Aresay is a cute Pom that loves car rides, playing with her toys, and taking naps. She is very little in size, but big on personality.
Hadley is a Mini Border Collie Pomeranian shitzu, she loves her chew toys, going for rides in the car and just being rambunctious.
Duke loves everyone! He is a stuffed animal hoarder. Duke has talent he can toss himself his own toys. His favorite thing to toss is a sports head band he holds it with his paws and uses his nose to make it go across the room or up in the air.
Bella is a sweet baby who knows how to make everyone smile!!
Tank is my 2nd Golden Retriever baby❤️ I adopted him when he was 2 years young and I am so thankful we found each other. It was love at first sight. He and Chief are my best friends and I’d be lost without them. He never leaves my side, he is the most faithful boy🥰
Maverick is a 3 month old New Foundland and Pitbull mix puppy. Full of life , goofiest little man around.
Breslin Sage
Breslin is a sassy fire ball who thinks she’s a pitbull like her big brother and sister! she loves bones as big as her, and being praised
Flexy is the man of the house and our baby. He’s amazing with our other dog, Mali, and loves his human brother, Isaiah. He is the truly one of a kind!
Hello there!,Bear is a two-year-old Border Collie who absolutely loves toys and is a reactive dog! He has an Instagram where he shares pictures of him stories and his everyday life its @ bear_the_reactivedog Please vote for bear and have a wonderful day!<3
Nala’s such a sweet and crazy girl. One of her favorite things to do is to chase frogs. She’s been caught a few different times with little legs dangling from her mouth.
Simba is cute little puppy and very friendly with everyone. He loves treats & playing with his toys. Fetching his ball and catching are his favorite games.
Twizzle is just the most sweetest laid back English Springer spaniel puppy ever… She is now 14 weeks old and loves water- especially going in her puppy pool… And loves going in the car for rides and going places… She is very well socialized!!
Future service dog! Who lives in Maine and loves going on adventures!
Harley loves.the dog park, long walks, his daycare and his mom ..He is spoiled by his Aunties.🐾.He loves playing with his puppy friends..Harley is a super energetic and happy boy . He is very loyal and loving and always puts a smile on my face. He is adored and loved by all.. 💖🐾
Karma is an almost 2 yr old Great Dane. She loves being out meeting new people and getting attention.