Baby Stories - 44


Lady Anastasia is a cavalier King Charles spaniel. She is a year old and she loves to spend times with her mom and her best cat friend!
She is extremely intelligent she understands both English Spanish and Portuguese she is a mini Australian. Knows all her toys by name!
Hi I'm Sammy. I'm 2 years old and I am a Retriever, Yellow Lab, Boxer mix. I was recently rescued by my family after I was found abandoned in a field. It took me a while to adjust but I love my new home and family. I love running around outside and playing with my human brother. He tells me I'm his best friend. I love toys especially sqeaky balls (the squeaker the better) and stuffed animals. I can't sleep without 1 of each to snuggle with. I also enjoy going for car rides and going for long walks with my mommy.
Im an Australian Cattle Dog // Dutch Shepard. My favorite thing in the world is run and stealing socks.
Mylo is so energetic ❤️ Everyone loves him he loves his Toys especially the ones that make noise lol ❤️
Sophie love to play with her adopted brothers a cat and her adopted brother Bo. Loves to snuggle.
Coder is a 1 year old Australian Shepherd. He is a red Merle coat with two beautiful blue eyes. His favorite things to do are playing tug of war, running in the yard with his brother, and eating snacks!
Nugett loves everyone!! Unless you smell like another dog.
Luna is a Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie) and is 9 months old. She loves the snow and chases our shovel. She loves squeaking her little yellow ducky. She is a very intelligent little girl. She know about 10 different tricks so far and are learning more.
Bentley is the most loving,compassionate and emotional best friend anyone could ever have!! His eyes will make you fall in love with him! He assures you how much he loves to be with you! #mybestfriend
Reeses Peanut Butter Cup
Recess is a very outgoing lovable pup. Loves to play outdoors with her little brother. Loves her treats
Hi! My name is Nala! I love everyone and I am never ever a bad girl… well except when I chew my humans shoes….😏 but I would appreciate a vote! Tysm and good woof to my fellow competitors and dog amigos! 🌸🌸
Zeus is almost 1 year old he is a pure Breed Silver Labrador he loves to play fetch and is incredibly smart
We had 3 dogs Sissy, Titan amd Mattie. They all passed away 1 year apart from one another starting in 2018. So we just couldn't believe our 3 babies were gone. So we started looking and came across this little peanut. She was so small and as soon as we picked her up the love she showed was instant and the breeder said OMG she has not done that with any other people that have come to see her!! It was like she had been waiting for with the help of our 3 babies in heaven. Lilly is the love of our lives and gives us such joy, happiness and LOVE!!!
Scooter loves to go for walks, meet new friends and get pup cups when mom gets her human cups 😊
I have had Rampage since he was 8 weeks old. He was the last puppy from the litter and the breeder was going to dump him to make room for the new litter being born. He has been the greatest companion to both of my sons growing up. There is only 4 months between him and my youngest son, so they have grown up together and have an amazing bond. My old man is for sure showing his age in the last year, has aquired a few lumps here and there, and sleeps more then he is active now a days. We are so lucky to have him as part of our family and lives for the last 10 years, and feel blessed for every single day he continues to join us.
My boyfriend rescued Skr from a homeless camp when he was just 4 weeks old, even though I was against it. Unfortunately at the beginning of the year, when Skr was just 4 month old, my boyfrend passed away leaving me so very lucky and blessed that Jake didnt listen to me and brought Skr home. In his short 10 months of life Skr has been through so much on top of losing his daddy, he has even already had to have a toe amputated due to a hystocarcoma. He is spoiled like no other now. He's my best friend and shotgun rider. He goes everywhere with me, his favorite place is the zoo where he can watch the giraffes. He loves watching any shows that have animals, Benji is always the winning choice though.
Brody is a Florida keys boy! He enjoys his friends and playing in the sea! Brody is 110lbs and 7.5 months currently. He’s one happy puppy!
Gunner is a 10yr old border collie x shar-pei. He is BALL OBSESSED! He’s extremely athletic but he’s also extremely snuggly. He has a silly personality and brings so much joy and excitement to our home.
He's the cutest rottie ever. At only 4 months old.
Ozzy is 1/2 Brussels and 1/2 Schnauzer. At only 10lbs he manages to hog the ENTIRE bed! Ozzy loves playing with his cat sisters and all his toys around the house. He is the biggest cuddle bug and just loves being held. His favorite activities are zoomie zoomies, eating, and napping
Milo is the sweetest dog who enjoys cuddling, back rubs, and playing tug-a-war with his toys. He is small but walks around as if he is the biggest dog in the room. He also loves the camera
Raptor is an 8 week old German Shepherd! He is learning so much and he is such a pretty boy, it’s hard for him to get in trouble when he messes up!
Pharrow is only a few months old, and acts like a big spoiled boy. When you attach a leash on pharrows collar he will immediatly flop on his side and lay down and play dead because he does like a leash. Lol...
Hi I’m Loki the white paw bandit! I love to play in the kiddie pool and bother my brother by zooming Back and forth
Neko is a purebred male Rhodesian Ridgeback and he's 1 & 1/2 years old. He lives in the Florida Keys and loves running in the ocean and playing with his brother Loki. He's a shy guy at first but is such a lover when he warms up to you.
Loki is a purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback and is two years old. He lives in the Florida Keys and loves running in the ocean and taking boat rides. He is the happiest boy.
Hi I am Minnie I’m a sassy pom who likes to go on boat rides and play on the sandbar with my sister daisy I love carrots and will even roll over to get one I also enjoy long weekends down the shore at the campground
Max loves everybody he meets. He also enjoys going on walks at night & cuddling with his adopted brother Mikey (a fawn pug).
Ziggy loves his swimming pool, and his humans! He’s the best car rider out there and has lots of love to give! He needs to always have a person in view or he isn’t happy!!
I have had him since he was 5 weeks old, he’s 18 but you would never guess…he is the most amazing little guy, he hugs and gives loves
Saylor is a fun loving high energy puppy. Saylor loves playing with his toys and always up for any adventure.
Queen of Speed! Zena has a heart of gold and she can run the backyard like she’s on a NASCAR track without missing a beat!
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday is an American/English Yellow Labrador. His parents are Kissing Kate Barlow and Bliss’s Billy the Kid. Doc has a sister named Bella Star Cassidy. He was going to be sent to a program to be trained as a neurological service dog, but when Covid pandemic hit us, the option was no longer available when I reached out to the Veterans services. Even without training, he has rescued me twice as I fainted, and always takes care of this doggy momma. Doc believes he is A BFF to everyone ❤️
Persephone is a good little girl. Listens well and Loves to cuddle. Her favorite things are, rolling down the hill in the backyard and getting tickled. Blueberries and watermelon are her favorite treats on hot summer days, you know a girl has to watch her waistline 😉
I do not own Velvet i am his pet sitter he is the most amazing dog i have ever met when i found out i had cancer i was devastated and that day all i wanted to do was be with him he knew something was wrong and he put his little head on my lap and i started to cry this sweetie got me through some of the worst times of my life he is truly Gods little angel with fur and i think he is the most beautiful dog inside and out
Marley is a lab/German sheppherd mix. He is playful, sweet, and loves to snuggle and loves to go for a ride
T'bear is a great big cuddly baby! He is sweet to all including our two kittens! He loves to give you his paw and to celebrate being told "good boy" he'll chase his tail!
Buster is an energetic, excited pup but also super affectionate and the sweetest you’ll meet. Every person he passes, has to give him a little pet!
Bella is a giant ball of love. She loves treats, toys, and her momma! She is incredibly friendly and easily distracted on walks by other humans she wants to be friends with. She many nicknames like babyboo, boo bear, chunky monkey, McNugget, baby banana, and chicky nugget. She responds to all of them.
💥🚨PLEASE LIKE MY PAGE 🚨💥Luna is a lovable puppy who loves her mommy. She is like my daughter. She thinks she is a human. She likes to walk around free outside.
Rocco is an amazing dog 🐕! He is very playful and lovable. He’s best friends with the Amazon driver, she’ll stop just to pet him and give him a treat. The UPS driver who use to be afraid of dogs loves Rocco!
🌈🐾Jezz says it all in this picture taken when she was just six weeks old!!! Not only is she an AKC Champion but a wonderful member of our family. She spends most days holding down the sofa lol but can turn on her inner working dog in a blink of an eye when she's on the farm. Unfortunately she passed away a few months ago leaving a huge hole in my heart. We all miss her daily💋💔
Hi I’m Zeus 9 mos. old Siberian husky. I love to play and im very friendly with everyone. I don’t know how to growl yet, I don’t have a mean bone in my body. My mommy loves me so much ❤️❤️❤️
Benji is a Red Standard Poodle. He is very calm and collected. He loves to cuddle, be held, play with his human siblings, and love on his momma 🐶
We call Cooper “super Cooper” he survived Parvo at just 2 lbs.
Puff likes to have his picture taken, he even smiles