Dexter is a rambunctious little guy with a personality that will charm the pants off anyone! He loves carrots, adventures in the woods, fishing with his mommy, camping, watching Live PD on A&E, rolling around in warm laundry from the dryer, cuddling, snuggling, and of course doing tricks! He is 6lbs and super tiny but has a heart of a Lion!💕🐾
Kaiser loves everything from babies, puppies, people, and even rocks 😂 He loves to carry rocks around for whatever reason, but it brings him joy 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ He's just an all around happy boy with endless love to give, along with plenty of cuddles 💙
Harley Quinn
She loves to cuddle, play with her toy duck and absolutely loves going for car rides. Harley is my best friend and she just bring out the best in people. Harley Quinn is my ESA ❤️❤️
Hey there guys, our beloved blossom just loves to cuddle and be held. My daughter gets mad sometimes bc she doesnt run around like she wants her to, but that is just the way she is. Oh but knock on the front door or ring the door bell, its like she tool a shot of courage and just goes off. Regardless she still gets spoiled just like her momma.😁
Sadie is a rescue and is one one the most moving and smart dogs we have ever owned. Not to mention beautiful.
Butch has been my little snuggle bug he’s a great dog he’s best friend is a cat named Milo butch helps me with my panic attack and is just the best thing ever
Zeus is a full bred blue German shepherd & will be 2 yrs old in august. he absolutely loves to run around the yard with the kids & he plays a huge part of our family
Roxy Star
roxy is a corgi and she is so sweet and she can be mean too. but besides that she’s a sweetheart
Tidus is a german sheppard/husky mix, he loves his peantbutter cookie treats, he knows where they are so he will just go and sit with the cutest face until i cave and give him one.
Chief is a rescued puppy. He was really bad when i took him in. He is a very good dog.
Willow is 9 months old. She loves to play with other dogs, learn new tricks and take up all the room in the bed!
Stevie is only 3 months old but is already stealing our hearts with her kind personality and cute looks. Fun fact she is named after the artist Stevie Nicks! We actually arent sure exactly what breed she is but we know she is an Australian Shephard mix.
Rico is a rescued dog, he loves his car rides and chasing the roomba around the house .. he loves the outdoors and just doing what Rico wants 😎
Hi, my names Billie. I'm a Mountian Curr, I love going for car rides with mom and dad. My favorite thing to do chase my chicken friend named Hoodini and play with my big sister Harley. I'm the best watch dog ever, I have to make sure my farm and family is safe from predators. I was supposed to be mom's dog, but dad's more fun and he gives me fresh beef hearts yum....
Ollie is a mixed breed red coon hound bull mastiff mix .. super smart and super sassy… … loves his toys 🧸… and just the cutest
She is very smart and sassy. Loves anything the squeaks. Water is her favorite thing to play in.
Sasha is a very playful puppy. She loves to play with her big sister and in the process of potty training.
She is the sweetest pup ever. She loves to cuddle….
Milo is year and a half. Loves to cuddle with me. Sleeps on the bed with at right next to me. Love to play and get the zoomies.
Phonie is truly a man’s best friend. He loves cuddling, stealing socks out of my laundry basket. Phonie loves kids and loves the attention when people come up to love on him. I must say he truly a protective dog an very lovable.
She's silly and loves to play.
Bentley is a 11 week old Peek A Poo! He loves playing with his mama and learning new tricks! He is such a sweet boy and loves cuddles!
Izzy is a well rounded dog he is a rescue dog he loves people loves treats he is being tranned for a service/theraphy dog loves to play and lazy loves kids.izzy also has 2 diffrent color eyes which is rare in bulldogs
Poon is a fashion icon who was once on this app. He was first in state and 31 in the U.S but then we got banned for no reason at all please bring back poons clout it’s his dying wish.
Yaya is a beautiful 6 month old puppy. She’s very loving and caring. She’s always giving hugs and kisses. She loves all people especially children
Princess Halo has the biggest soul trapped in a tiny 4 lb body. She loves the open water and enjoys sitting pillow top on the kayak. She’s the sweetest little girl unless you get close to the ones she loves.
Sadie, an orphaned puppy, 14 days old today! Loves to drink her bottle, loves to snuggle!
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Harley Davidson
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Bruno loves going to the park, car rides, cuddling and talking back!
Coco is a true white red nose pitbull terrier. She’s got ice blue eyes, with freckles all over her skin, she loves to swim, enjoys playing tug of war with her best friend, and coco refuses to go to sleep unless she’s under the covers with us. Best part she is a rescue as a week old pup not expected to make it and as she got older she was terrified of water, not friendly with other dogs, and didn’t play with toys. Now she is happy loving dog who has recently turned 2 years old.
Hi,my name is Thor I am a cuddle bug and love cats you should vote for me because most of the money will go to local shelters so that I can help and some of my treats to. Have a good day and let the best pup win.
Chucky is a frenchie with a big personality! He is a full-time truck dog who rules the whole 50 square feet of living space!
Dior is such a bright,& happy girl. Dior LOVES to play with her friends Menace & Shystie. Dior loves to run super fast around the yard & to chase her friends. She is such a fun crazy girl.
Menace is the rebel of the pack, but following right behind him you’ll find Shystie. Menace loves to play with his brother & absolutely LOVES to eat. He’s also such a sweet boy.
Shystie is the shy & calm one of the pack. He was the runt of our last litter & is our miracle boy, wherever you find Menace you’ll find Shystie. Don’t let all his sweet, & loving looks fool you. He’s still Shystie.
Khan is a sweet, lovable puppy that loves to play with his super chewer toys, run outside with his human brother, and hog mommy and daddys bed. He loves to watch outside for birds and people and loves to give lots of kisses!
Lily is a precious little girl, energetic and sweet! Her favorite things to do is play with squeaky toys and cuddle with her hoomans! Lily is a purebred Pembroke Welsh Cori and she’s always ready to go for walks and car rides!
Lady loves to dress up, go on adventures, she loves her sister's and she loves her treats! Ladys is the sweetest ever and she's our family 👪 ❤
Bear is very friendly, loves to play and loves to cuddle. He knows sit, lay down, shake, and speak. We adopted him from the shelter, his owner passed in a work accident and the person who took him after before us abused him. We rescued Bear and giving him the love he needs.
Lila Jane
Lila is a big fan of car rides, peanut butter, her mommy, and of course treats!
She loves her coffee and is very spoiled. She does tjngs that ar cut and funny. Loves playing wit her squeaky toy and giraffe rattle
Big Blu
He 2as a very loving pet watched out for us very protective and loved kids. When he was unside he stayed by me wherever i was at he was eopither by my side by my back or at mr feet dependin on if i was sitti g down or standin up. He woukdnot let anyone get close to me. Lived playing tug a wzr with his rooe
Nitro loves to play and run in his huge yard but when he’s worn out loves to cuddle with his daddy
My name is Cayde and i love to play with my brother broly and tucker
My name is Pinky and im a pug boxer mix. I love play with my toddler human Annabelle
She is the sweetest!! We call her boo chicken cause she is scared of everything the vicious put bull!! Lol
Huge Tennis Ball fan. Enjoys sleeping in 8 different spots a night. Needs 1hr of daily toddler time.