Kali is a very fun dog to be around! She LOVES her toys and definitely loves her water bottles. She also likes to go outside and run to chase squirrels ❤️
Lucy is the sweetest pup youll ever meet. She loves to snuggle, play with her toys, and get belly scratches! She is a 2 year old Silver Labrador Retriever who is just FULL of love. She is quiet and gentle! She loves to give and get kisses and hugs. Shes our lucy-lou and we hope you love her as much as we do!
Beautiful girls.
She loves to play very loveble always exited if she’s not playing she’s naping
Stella is a very cuddly pup and will do anything to be under the covers all snuggled up with you!
A day after I posted Milo on here, he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away unexpectedly on March 22nd. He was only four years old and had so much more life to live. Please consider voting🤍
Yogi is a funny dog. He loves everyone and he likes to go to the metro parks with me. He loves car rides. He is loud. He also goes into the kitchen every time for a treat when I’m in there and barks till he gets his way! He loves my dad too. He is so sweet.
He’s the most cuddly, SMART, loving puppy! He’s a total Momma’s boy🐶🤎
Raider Bear
Raider is a very energetic dog that loves people, and other animals. He is a loving Rottweiler. And a certified service dog, he helped me come a long way. He loves to go on walks, hiking, and loves the water. my favorite thing about him is that he'll comfort you and be there for you no matter what you're going through. He feels every emotion you have and just wants to be there to help you and make you feel better. I have a better Rottweiler.
Rafaelo is a smart cookie! He loves outdoors and water while getting a bath. He loves spending time with family while playing with his bullystick! His favorite part of the day is when mommy comes home from work. His worst part of the day is when mommy goes to work in the mornings. He loves broccoli and loves to check out what family members are snackin’ on. He loves to play fetch with grandpa and going for walks! He becomes a protective puppy dog when he sees neighbors pass by and shows off his puppy big dog barks!
Dozer is thee most amazing dog. He hates confrontation but he protects his mama (me) when it comes down to it. He LOVES babies! My fave was when NY friend brought her newborn over for me to babysit & at the end of the night another friend of ours came to pick the baby up & because Dozer had never met her & KNEW she wasn't the baby's mom, he wasn't gonna let her take the baby.
This is my baby,he wont let me out of his sight
She's one awesome little girl. She's very laid back and loving. She has the prettiest blue eyes. She is spoiled but she should be.
CASH is very special to our family. He was rescued on January 16,2024 when his family abandoned him at 10 weeks old. He now has a warm home and a loving family. He enjoys walks and playing with his siblings and traveling. Cash is a music lover and loves to dance. Very smart at 20 weeks old. Jack Russell Terrier.
She's a Chihuahua and Jack Russell terrier mix. She loves car rides and treats. She loves going out side and running around. She gets the zoomies alot and loves baloney. She's very protective of the ones she loves. She's very goofy.
Lucy a human in a dogs body, she enjoys sleeping, snacks and traveling the country with her mom and granny. She is my best friend and I couldn’t do life without her ❤️
Koral Marie
Well, we live on the river and Koral loves her dolphins, she hears them coming before I do looks at me as if to say let’s go mommy, so I get up I follow her down the dock and she is in front of me the whole time looking back, making sure I’m following her and we stand there very quietly, watching the Dolphins playing in the water.
Tinker is very active, loves to play and go on car rides. Loves people
Bella has been an amazing little girl since we first adopted her. She seemed to understand everything I say to her from the start. She recognized her toys by name and she has had many! But, the most amazing thing about Bella is that she saved my life when she was six months old. She always liked to sleep on my chest close to my heart since we got her. But, at six months she kept sniffing at and gently pawing at my left breast! I sat her down and did a breast exam on myself and discovered something not right when blood came out of the nipple. I went in immediately that day and was checked! It was cancer. They did surgery within the week. The surgeon found the cancer in it's own membrane and were able to remove it all! The doctor told me since it was found so early that my little Bella probably saved my life! She is still watching over and protecting me.
Puddles is spoiled! He's very friendly and lives attention. Puddles loves his cat toy and his dad.
Sophie Hardy
My sweet girl is always so obedient very well at behaving and when i feel bad she always knows how to do things that always picks up my spirits.
She is very playful and friendly.
This is sweet quavo he’s 4 months old an 13 days old he’s the sweetest/goofiest merle xl/american bully you’ll ever meet full of love an he’s my sons best friend sense day one! thank you for voting!! 🥰❤️
Teddy is an energetic and lovable Pomeranian. He loves attention and loves to give attention to everyone he meets.
Kelcey is an energetic and lovable bullboxer. She loves attention and loves to give attention to everyone she meets! She is a rescue and we couldn’t live without her 💕💕💕
Al Capone
Please vote for my Al Capone he's 19 and doesn't have a tooth left in his head he's still my sweet boy! If you knew him when he did have teeth he thought he was Al Capone!
Hello, everyone, I'm gypsy. I'm brand new to this world and I'm loving it.I have an older cat for a brother However, I still don't understand why he never throws the ball back. He just sits there and looks at me... on that note. I'm really glad for my mom. She plays with me all the time. Especially when she's taking a bath and I throw my toy in it. She seems to love that a lot. I'm a really sweet girl and I can't sleep unless i'm laying on top of her ♥ .. I love playing from the minute.I wake up to the time I go to sleep, I wake my mom up by gently trying to take her earplugs out of her ears 😂 hey im just trying to help! I chose her just as much as she chose me.We belong together!
Havoc loves car rides, pup cups, playing fetch and any squeaky toy he can get his paws on…he’s super friendly and the quickest dog I’ve ever been around…most of all he loves his mama 💯❤️🥰
He loves to play cuddle and give lots of kisses
Maverick Chase
Super energetic good puppy. Loves attention and is eager to learn. Loves everyone he meets!
We adopted Lola back in October and she has been the best addition to our family. She loves snuggles and her.home made treats. She enjoys chasing the cats around even though she always tends to loose that battle. She is definitely a mamas girl but looks forward to getting her sister off the bus every day. She's a ball of energy but we wouldn't want it any other way.
Magic loves to herd me and play fetch all day long and is the best cuddle bug since my husband passed a few months ago.
Mary is 4 years old and loves sun tanning in the sun. If she’s not sun tanning she is chasing chickens on the farm and playing with goats. Mary loves going on walks and being a momma to baby chickens.
Bear King
Bear likes to play with other dogs and he likes to ride in the truck he is very well mannered and loves to play fetch and he loves his family
Coco is 5 years old and lived in the streets of Mexico, before joining my family now he’s very exited and lives in every moment. Coco has such an outgoing personality and loves to play with other dogs.
Rufus loves to play with his toys loves mommy to rub his tummy and sleeps with daddy
Storm Nado
Storm Nado is a year old . He is very energetic. He loves the outdoors and will stay outside all day he also loves the pool , his favorite toy is his alligator that has 32 squeakers.
Bella Blue
Bella Blue loves the bath tub. I fill ot she climbs in the water
Buddy Lou
Buddy saved my life. He is my Emotional Support Dog. He pushes my emergency button next to my bed to alert Ambulance help for me.
Millie is 2 months old and is the cutest American Cocker Spaniel who is super playful and loves to cuddle!🤗
Mila is a Frenchy that’s full of energy and such a lover and cuddle buddy she loves to play with her toys and bug the bigger dogs of ours lol
Ace is a very happy and hyper puppy he loves to play fetch and he has lots of puppy friends who plays with feel free to vote
Sunflower 🌻 loves to climb trees and chase squirrels. Loves to go to Dutch Brothers for a pup cup. Sunflower is a very happy dog and loves her family. Sunflower 🌻 has been with me since she was 8 days old.
Tuesday is our lovey baby girl, shes hearing impaired and she ABSOLUTELY LOVES to "rodeo" with the laser pointer
Wilson loves his sister Tuesday as you can see by his arm around her in protection, shes his hearing impaired baby sister
Bitsy Marie
Hi my name is Bitsy! I was a rescue! You see i was thrown from a moving car... so yea my head is always sideways like that but it doesnt bother me. Im also blind in one eye lol who needs to see the world anways. Im a bossy little lady and i dont care to admit that. Everyone says im the sweetest chihuahua you'll ever meet! And i mean look at me, im darn cute. I love cuddles with my dad. And pretending to sit for a treat. I get the zoomies quiet often and it makes my mom laugh. Outdoors isnt really my thing honestly. But i do like going out on the town for some pets and snacks.
Hi my name is André! I think, thats what this lady keeps calling me. Im new to the pack here actually. My mom got me off the side of a highway a few weeks ago. I was skin and bones and i had been shot. Im still healing from the gunshot wound. But im pretty handsome huh? I must say i like this thing they call the "couch"! Ive figured out i LOVE "toys". My favorite trick to do for these things she calls "treats" (which btw are amazing) is sit and "cheese". So i show my new mom all my teefs for a treat because she thinks its hilarious.
Charmen Lily Aka Charm
Hi my name is Charm! Ya know 3rd times a charm right? Because i have 3 legs? Lol. Anyways im a rescue! My mom pulled me from the euthanasia list at the shelter. When i arrived at the shelter i had a broken back leg and a fractured front leg from being hit by a car. I would love to say im all better now but unfortunately im in heart failure from the accident. I LOVE treats! And my favorite thing to do is cuddle up with my mom and dad. Im living whatever time i have left to the fullest! I love playing with my siblings and going for car rides! I even love the ladies at the vet because we visit them so much! Im the sweetest girl ever says my mom!