My name is Xena. I like running, pooping, and chewing dad's shoes 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Lunar is a spunky girl full of life and adventure. She loves exploring, making new friends, cuddling, napping, and just being goofy.
Darcy is a spunky fur ball of personality. She loves long walks by the river, playing on ice and dashing through snow, and snuggling cozy in her queen size bed she shares with her human and feline sister. If you’d like to see more of these piercing blue eyes in action give us a vote and support us further along the way!
Hazel loves to play with others and loves to eat a lot lol but most of all loves to go to the dog park to play🥰
Scout is a fun loving big boy who loves to swim in the creek for hours. He loves his parents and stays by their side on the adventures with the horses and cows. He truly is the best boy!
Bo loves to play with his doggy brothers and run with his goat buddies. Bo is the sweetest and most precious little boy you’ll ever meet!
Gio Boy is very very playful and energetic. He loves to play at the park and the water!! He’s the sweet boy with the most curious mind! We love our gio boy and hope his cuteness will bring a smile to your day. 💕
Steve is a 8 month Lab and he's a sleepy head! Definitely food driven, loves swimming, super fast learner, likes to be near owners! Stevie is a sweetheart, everyone loves Steve! <3 <3
Frank loves climbing trees and chasing squirrels. He is full of energy and goes for a daily morning run
Tazzy loves carrots, rides & cuddles...He is a very independent & happy little dog!
He loves sleeping on the bed, going out and meeting new people. He loves, rolling and rubbing around. Loves attention and being pet 24 seven.
He likes going on walks swimming and going out riding with us on the horses. He likes cows and has many siblings. Loves going out to meet new people and dogs and loves children.
She is 1 old and we took her in as a puppy. She was going to be put down by her owners for her brain damage and neurological issues. She was surrendered to us to finish out her treatment. Eventually her unstoppable spinning stopped and her brain swelling went away. She is now a year old and is the happiest dog out there. She loves going on walks and going to stores even though she can’t see vary well she still make the most of it. She loves getting scratches and going swimming. We’re lucky to be able to give her a second chance of life. Looking at how happy she is I could imagine putting such a happy dog down. She has tons of animal friends from a pig,cats,horses and dogs friends that live with her. Even though dogs can’t smile I swear she has the happiest smile on her face.
Reese is an AKC Chocolate & Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Her coat is due to carrying the unique bb gene which changes her coat from a standard black & tan into a chocolate & tan. While Reese is fully AKC registered & recognized by the AKC, she is prohibited from being able to compete in dog shows strictly due to her coat color. She is not judged by her health, or her abilities or confirmation, she is banned because of the genes she carries. It is time Cavalier Lovers across the world show the AKC that chocolate Cavaliers are worthy of shows and should be allowed to compete alongside other Cavaliers!
Jax is a 100 pound pitt that loves fuzzy blankets n lazy days spent on the sofa
Lyon is very loving. Please support by voting thank you very much. He is a very playful, smart, adventurous baby. At 2 years old, he knows all his commands like sit, down, jump, speak, spin,wait, leave it 🥰🥰🥰. Birthday November 8
Coop is the one you need when feeling down, tired, and just not yourself in general! He will make your day better the moment you see him rather it be by lovings or the happiness just from seeing your face❤️ If positive thoughts/vibes had a name it would be his😊
Honeybear is an attention seeker dog! She does not want you to pet other dogs only her. She is a puppy 1 year old and acts like she is 1 month old 😂
Santana turns one in February. He loves to be outside and play with other dogs. He loves car rides and going to the dog park.
Kyah Jean
Kyah is a spoiled 4 year old princess! She loves car rides and snacks!
Hi I’m Chloe! I love to snuggle, play with my friends, and pose for the camera. I’m a tiny little love bug! ❤️ Please vote!
Tanner is a rescue from Moundsville animal shelter he has came a long way from not understanding how to be a house dog to learning how to play and loving kids!<3 His name is tanner an he is a husky an lab mix with both blue and brown eye to add to his unique personality ❤️
Daisy loves cuddles and playing fetch!
Boo is a rescue dog. He was a backyard breeder. He escaped from his kennel when owner was on vacation, and a pitbull got to him. Owner bred pits/minpins. Owner was going to have him put down, but girlfriend paid the $1,400 to get stitched up, then gave Boo to the IMPS rescue. I was looking for a 2nd dog, because my first dog was getting up there in age. For 6 months everday, I prayed for a dog that loves to cuddle. Now I have a rescue dog thats treated like a King. I saved him, and he saved me.
He is a very playful and lovable puppy. He also likes to lightly stick his tongue out when he's sleepy.
I love to sleep, eat & I’m a great lap dog
I rescued, or I should say he rescued me….he saved me from a very deep depression. He loves to help me work on my jigsaw puzzles by sneaking a piece and chewing it up! He insists on being carried to bed every night! He’s my ray of sunshine every day!
Apollo is a 6 month old Lab Australian shepard mix. He is very loving and love to play. His best friend is a cat named Chewy. He likes to go for rides, and meet new people when he goes to the store.
Sadie is an American Pitt Bull. She’s loving and caring. She loves to go for walks in the park. She is very affectionate.
He may be grumpy but he has depth. Like in his stomach. A spoiled senior citizen who constantly talks smack too his mother 💔
Taser works as not just a service dog for his mom, but also a cuddling crybaby who’s always ready too play.
Jax is a Pittbull mix he is just a mush. Loves everyone and his big sister Hazel girl. Loves to play and nap still since hes still a big baby!!
If swimming is involved, count Bogey in! He loves to jump off the docks in the summer, and swims in the ocean all year around. He is the most lovable, care free dog, we love him and hope you do too!
Arya likes to run in the yard with her brother Albert, playing with stash of balls, camping trips and long golf cart rides on the beach.
Loki is big cuddly bear
Hi I’m Harley! A 10 year old Labrador blue heeler mix! A love snuggles and fetch and play dates with my pupfriends! I am a big brother to 2 cats! A fun fact about me is that I was at my mom’s proposal! I can’t wait to be in her wedding too!
Ducky is a gentleman! He recently turned 1 and a 1/2. He loves playing with his ball, chewing his bone, and giving love to everyone he meets! Hugs are his favorite!
Loves his treats and toys.
Duke is a red and blue nose Pit mix. He is 9 months old and weighs 80 pounds!! He loves going to the park and giving lots of hugs and kisses. He’s favorite thing to do is smile at people and play with his sister Daisy.
Daisy is a blue nose pit lab mix. She is 1 month old!!! She loves playing with her toys and her big brother duke.
Alex is a beautiful dog. He loves to snuggle, loves his toys and likes to sleep with a pillow and blanket. We got him, and his brother Fonzie from a breeder in Wyoming. The breeder was terrible and we joke that we actually got very expensive rescues. His brother died in 2020, and he was very depressed. He is back to his jovial self, but he can drive you crazy because he is a typical barky terrier. He’s afraid of his adopted sister ally and he whines a lot when she is around. He looks a lot like a lot like scooby doo with his big square face, we don’t keep the typical Airedale beard and skirt on him because his hips are getting older and he can’t take the vigorous brushing. He loves playing with toys, especially his stuffed dog and blue bunny, he loves wearing his old man sweater in winter and he loves to lay outside in the sun in the summer. There’s nothing better than a 98lb Airedale in your bed at night to keep you warm, except he gets annoyed when you move around and wake him. Alex is a family dog, but unfortunately, he doesn’t like outside people. He’s very selective about the people he lets in the house.
Mama Dog
Just be old fat mamadog
Ally is a rescue. Her mom was a puppy mill dog and when she couldn’t have puppies anymore, she was thrown out with the runt of her litter. The 2 were found in a park in CT, so mangy they didn’t know their breed. Ally’s mom was put down because she had uterine cancer. Ally was brought back to the shelter after being abused and then adopted again and then was left at the groomer. It sounds so sad for her, but we wanted another Wheaton after ours passed away a couple of years before and when they told us she needed to learn to be a family dog we knew we had to have her. When we got her she was amaciated at 36 pounds, a ball of nerves and very angry and afraid of men. We stuck with her and would never return her. She has been with us for 9 years and she is so loving now, has become a real family dog and doubled in her size. She is crate territorial and food territorial which comes from being a stray so she has been known to scuffle with our other dogs, but it’s temporary and she always knows she has done wrong. Ally is a special dog, she used to be a stray, but now gets to sleep on a bed and gets a pillow and sleeps with a blanket and stuffed animal. She deserves it.
R Too
Her name real name it is R2 Not R Too. I can’t get it added correctly. R2 is ready to play however she is so tired here. I was able to make her name R too I can’t believe I can’t correct it. I will keep trying.
Yobo is the sweetest little🐶pup🥰He loves to run around with my nephews and is amazing with kids! He sticks to my side and is protective over mommy! Yobo is what my grandparents used to call each other and in korean means baby or love♥️