Baby Stories - 43


Cream can be friend with anyone ! Super friendly
Hi! I’m Oakley, im 10 weeks old and love to play in the grass with my toys, love to go out in my carrier and meet new friends! I love to sun bake during the day and cuddle with my mom at night 🥰
Jasper Paul
Jasper loves playing catch, he also love to cuddle, hug and give kisses. He is very protective of his daddy and I. He is 10 months old 47 lbs. and believes he is a lap dog🥰😃
She loves the snow. Loves to dig and bury her head in it and hates to come in.
Bella Luna
Bella loves going to grandmas house, loves walks and loves her baby bear toy!
Dolly is a one year old rescue and a demodectic mange survivor! She loves to play and cuddle her mommies!
Max Lewis
Max is a spunky boy who loves all dogs but especially big dogs!! His favorite food is rotisserie chicken and blueberry muffins. He likes long walks and he likes to wrestle with his big pit Bull terrier sister.
Rocky is a very fun loving gentle dog... He loves kids and he enjoys back rides...He is our own personal body guard because when anyone moves in the house he gets up and follow you everywhere...Rocky fits right in with our family...
Meet my sweet Layla💜 she’s 2 months old, she’s a yorkie 😍💜 she loves to eat & sleep🤣💜 she would love if you voted for her! This is her first contest 💜🎀
Roscoe is very loving & LOVES his photo taken 💙 roscoe is 4 months old 😍💙 & he would love to win! This is his first contest 🥰
Sasha is a daniff great dane mastiff mix hops like a bunny at 5 months shes 50pds an 4ft 2 on her hind legs loves.cuddles and loves to nuzzle into her fav peoples necks she loves to play in water all the time from.puddles to her waterbowls the one pic is of her an her bio mom
Shiloh is a Boston Terrier/blue heeler mix he has had a rough start to his life with medical issues and then last year he broke his leg in 2 places which he required surgery had to have a plate placed in his leg. No matter what he has gone through he is always smiling.he loves to be outside playing but his favorite place is snuggled up to his mommy. His favorite snack is peanut butter.
Ella likes short walks to food and long naps! She’s very sassy likes vanilla frozen yogurt. Best cuddle buddy you could ask for! Is amazing with kids likes playing dress up and goin for car rides
Daisy Duke
Daisy duke loves running and playing outside loves swimming at the beach loves sneaking snacks lol is an amazing Guard dog protecting her family
Hello! My name is Benji and I am a Austrian Shepherd mixed with heeler, and about 8 months old. I am a true Minnesotan! I love playing in the snow and during summer, oh! I love being outside and play around with my 2 other brothers. My mom and dad loves to spoil me with so much loves, kisses and toys but no matter what, I enjoy chewing on mommy’s shoes the most. I am good to mommy and daddy when I want my treats. I know how to ring my bell whenever I need to go potty or eat.
Molly is a feisty 2 months old that loves to run and jump and play!
She is a pit bull and she loves walks ❤️
He is really fun and fluffy and he wants to win! 🥺
Onyx Lee Riley
onyx is my 5 year old black labrador retriever who loves bones, long walks through the woods and playing with his football. his favorite season is winter. he loves to cuddle and share cheese 💙
I’ve had Rudy since birth, and he always goes back to my parents house to play with his parents such a funny thing watching that. He a very social, outgoing lab! No such thing as average in his vocabulary book because he always reaches to go above and beyond when it comes to me and my family ❤️
Boba Nai Cha
Boba is an old man in a puppy's body. He loves long walks, cuddles and pets, and waking his mom and dad up at three am with a squeaky toy. He is very shy around new dogs and will give them kisses to make sure everyone gets along.
Bear is still learning his favorite things to do but chasing the cats is his most favorite for now. He loves playing tug of war with the bigger dogs if he can keep up!
Maras favorite thing to to do is play outside in the snow. She also loves all her toys, although the green moose stuffed toy is her favorite.
Dee went from being chained the first year of his life starved to death and full of whipworm to a FL city life puppy ! He is the most grateful doggie and I’m so thankful for him.
Hey I’m Sander an ADORABLE good boy, my favorite toy is a red Kong with some delicious peanut butter,and a grey and yellow rope,what I most LOVE is my family they give me a home to sleep and play,they always tell me that I’m a good boy except when I try to sneak in the kitchen trying to find some treats or when I see a super mega pretty dog her name is Bella. Well I need to go get some treats
Ranger is a Aussie/Norwegian elkhound mix. He loves doing tricks and loves his siblings!
Has such a Spunken personally!! She adores her daddy & loves to jump around like a jumping bean!! She only weights 6lbs! She is an amazing medical dog & emotional support puppy for my self!! She is extremely protective of Mommy & Daddy!! She loves to play with her brother & sister!! Especially when I go do my treatments once a week! She is very photogenic as well! She is a phenomenal emotional support puppy & medical dog as well! Very very protective of her Mommy & daddy!! She loves going on a walk , running, very cuddly and listen very very well!!! We love her to the bottom of the ocean and back!!
Frida is the cutest pup you will meet. She loves chasing rocks, but won’t chase a ball. She loves playing outside but can sometimes be the laziest dog. She is 5 years but still acts like a puppy. Her favorite toy would be a little sheep. She has had it since she was a puppy and is now a torn apart. She is a really friendly dog and gets along with others. She also adores the snow. She would go outside and jump like a bunny all around. She would cry at night so that we take her outside. Frida is bilingual. She understands both english and Spanish. Sometimes when we are about to leave I say “ vamonos “ which in English means let’s go. She gets all excited and starts running around the house. She is my favorite pet and I hope your is to.
Weighing in at 6 lbs we have Toby! Nobody has a personality quite like Toby. Some of his favorite activities include: barking at random noises, prancing with his toys, giving hugs and playing with his baby sister, Chloe. Give him a vote if you think he’s a good boy! <3
Weighing in at only 3.2 lbs we have Chloe! Chloe may look tiny but don’t let that fool you, she makes up for it in kisses. Some of Chloe’s favorite activities include: eating treats, cuddling under warm blankets and playing her big brother Toby. She’s always excited to meet new people and would love it if you voted for her! <3
Giada is a rescue dog from the humane society, she is 7 years old she loves to lay in the sun she also enjoys golf cart rides
Lola is the most cuddly, loving puppy ever! She loves her hugs, treats and playing fetch. She weights 5 pounds but she thinks she weights a lot more. Cutest loving puppy!
Hi my name is Bambi and I am four years old and I have went through a hard past.. well even tho my mom took me in unexpectedly, I pretty much bite ,any new person I come in contact with . Despite that my mom still loves me and is trying new ways to find training to help me with my anxiety issues and that's what I would do if I won the contest thank you🤟🏼
I also love going to the dog park playing with my brother I love all dogs and long walks
Bear is a 9 year old Shih-Poo he is a spunky old man who justifies when bedtime is and controls his humans
Mocha is an emotional support/service dog. He’s sweet and loving to everyone. He loves his sister. His sister is 10 months old.
Tyson is a small pitibull who was saved from a bad area. Now he is super spoiled and loves to eat steak and help his dad hunt for deers.
Hans is a 7 year old Shepard mix that adopted from shelter when he was 13 wks old. He is still like a pup with so much spunk and is such an adventurous gentle giant. We love him so much and he loves everything!!!!💕💕💕💕🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾
Abby is and 8 yr old shar pei mix that adopted when she was 8 wks old from shelter. She has a huge loving and sassy personality. She is very loyal and was diagnosed with diabetes over a year ago and went blind over six months ago which doesn’t slow her down at all because she still loves adventures, and thankfully is regulating well on Vetsulin injections twice a day. We love her so much!!!!💕💕💕🐾🐾🐾🐾
Lily is the sweetest little dog who loves to greet anyone and thinks that when people come over they came just to see her
Hans is the sweetest Cocker you will ever meet! He loves to play with his favorite rope toy, and he can’t contain his excitement when I ask him if he wants to “go on a walk”? Hans is currently 12 years young (but don’t tell him because he still thinks he’s a puppy!) I hope that he will put a smile on your face the same way that he has made me smile and laugh everyday! He has such a sweet and goofy attitude and we are thrilled to have him in our family!
Stella Blue
Hi! Im Stella Blue! I was rescued in June of 2020 and am learning to find my confidence and trust in people again. I love to snuggle my family and kitty brother.
Malakai is a husky/Germain shepherd mix . He has the sweetest personality. He loves learning new tricks and he catches on very fast ! He loves hanging out at the dog park and constantly playing with his toys. This handsome boy gets a long with everyone even his cat sister. 🐾
Riley loves taking baths more than anything! He is a very friendly happy puppy and lives in Naples Florida! He really likes looking at himself in the mirror too and his favorite toy is his stuffed animal golden retriever.
Bear Bear
LOVES SNOW!!!! Constantly wanting to be outdoors, love this guy