Harley Dean
Harley dean is a 5 year old dachshund and Jack Russell mix.. she loves playing ball. And going for walks!! Loves to cuddle with Mom!!
Shadow is a five month old Goldendoodle who loves to give hugs and play tug a war he also loves playing in the snow and going for walks
Willow is a crazy little girl who loves head scratches, treats and her mama. 💕 I stumbled upon Willow after I had experienced my first severe pet loss, and now here we are kinda; we’re winging it in this new chapter.☺️
Mya is 8 years old. She is pit bull but we don’t know the other half. She loves laying in the sun. And she is a fool for some treats lol.
Ace is a fun loving pitty that enjoys being a lap dog and his stuffy. He would go every where with us if he could. He also loves cuddles and puppy cups
Very playful
Her name is Sophie. Is a baby standard poodle who is the runt. She can be sassy.
Sparky is playing with his favorite squeeky football, in his matching red sweater.
She is such a sweet girl! Everybody always says pittbulls are mean dogs bit she is one othe the most sweetest pits you will ever meet! She always cuddles gives kisses and always finds a way to lay and cuddle with me!
Chica is a 3 y/o female Miniature Pinscher. She is full of energy. Her favorite activity is playing frisbee. She will chase anything. She runs at the speed of light. Her nights are spent cuddled up with her Dad. Send her some love.
Ace is a very good boy! He loves to have little photo sessions whenever he’s feeling handsome😎!!
Zuffie is still grieving for his sister Zoey, we lost 6 months ago. But he still takes care of his mommy. He still is a blessing to me
Luigi is a fur baby who love cuddles and pets he warms up to people very quickly, he also loves playing with other dogs and rabbits. He loves attention and treats. I’ve had him for almost a year we saved him. He is the handsomest boy and you can’t get enough of him
Jumper was off the street to us. He was a very fiesty pup and a very faithful protector
Bailey is a quirky little silver and grey piebald dachshund. I got him to keep my senior dachshunds entertained. The father and son team passed last year in their mid teens. He keeps me company, loves playing chase with other dogs at the park and create a line of people wanting to ask questions everywhere we go. He is the most loveable, smart, and loyal dog I have had the pleasure of calling my kid with paws
So very smart and such a comedian
Jypsy loves Ivory she follows her around. She thinks she is a guard dog
Prissey's First Visit With Santa & Mrs.Claus Tonight Wearing Her Christmas Sweater❣️Prissey's Very Smart & Loves Giving Cuddles & Kisses🥰 She Had a Rough Life in a Puppy Mill & Wasn't Showed Any Love or Care😪Till Her Rescue & She Was Blessed With a Wonderful Foster Family & Then We Were Absolutely Blessed To Adopt Our Little Angel❣️Please Vote For Her, She's Absolutely Precious & So Deserving To Win Any Contest!!!💝🐾💖🐾💝🐾💖🐾💝 💖🦌🐾🎄💖🎅🐾💝🐾🧑‍🎄💖🐾🦌💖
Cookie is a sweet and loving protective litte cute girl dog....she loves his brother bolt (my other dog boy)...and she loves run and bark crazy in our get attention...from others dog neighbors...
A pup off the street bout 12yrs ago, found a great home, had 5 babies by accident sneaking off to visit neighbors, and is now a spoiled Diva. Likes men, not women and loves to eat. Loves her daddy.
Lil Dude
Lik dude is a miniture pincher
Our Sadie isn't a fur baby she is family..she gives us laughter everyday..
Lola loves her toys and likes to yell at her blankets. She shares a house with 4 cats who she loves to watch and investigate. She's loves the cold and likes doing tricks for treats. 🥰
AJ is the most wonderful dog in the world, he is loving, happy-go-lucky, loves his toys and loves to cuddle.
Molly lost a leg to cancer in September and after Christmas almost lost her life to pyometra. Yet she keeps her happy personality. She is a very special dog!
Sportster is an amazing little boy , he is definitely a mamas boy lol and is very smart. He loves cuddles ,treats and loves to play with his toys, run outside and chase his tail.Sportster has a dog sister and a dog brother Also a 2 legged kitty brother a, 10 year old dog brother abd 2 other kitty brothers who were all rescues.
Abby is a Shorkie who thinks she’s a cat. She’s the sweetest most snuggliest baby.
Winston is a Bernadoodle. He is a very good boy who whisper barks and loves to cuddle. He really got into the Christmas spirit this year 🥰
He loves his girl friend OPAL . And is just a great friend.
Mr. Frankie
Frankie was left to die with severe heart worms. He almost didn’t survive the treatment. Now he thrives with his brother Johnny and sister June! He’s finally home.
Roster is a big baby he loves watching dog shows and snuggles He loves kisses and get the zoomies one time a day he thinks he’s a little dog like his sister she’s a shitzu
Mozz is a sweet Cavapoo. Very active and loving. He enjoys just sitting on my lap.
He loves to play and he so lovable
He's a great OEB ... He loves his momma the most.. I would say he's a momma's boy! ... He loves his bones and most of all loves getting into mischief without any of us looking... He's a wonderful squishy potato as his sister calls him a potato! ♥️♥️
Introducing Dallas! Dallas is an only (spoiled) child, 2 months old, spunky, ornery, and such a smart & loving pup. Dallas loves to play outside, chew on mom and dad’s shoestrings, and LOVES his chew toys, especially the squeaky ones!! Dallas knows the sit, lay down, shake, and speak! The love we have for our fur-baby Dallas is unconditional!!💕
Appollo is my first service dog. He has always been there for me and others. He has even protected a cat who was being chased by a dog
My girl is a healthy happy go lucky baby. I raised her from the age of 3wks old because her mother got killed. She is so very spoiled and loves all the attention and to me I think that she thinks she is a human from the ways that she acts. She's 1yrs old and so lovable and cuddly
He is a healthy calm loving son, he loves everyone and just likes to sit on your feet or play with his toys. I have had him since he was 5wks old and he's my gentle giant. Please vote for my baby.
Danny Boy
Danny Boy is a service dog, but also has the ability to make a great therapy dog.
Chloe' is true best friend. She's a rescue dog, who since I have owned her has been lost, stolen, gave away by someone who I had I trusted to watch over her when I went out out town to the hospital. She's always seemed to make her way back to me.. she's such a little survivor..
Enzo loves to go for drives and hangout while working on vehicle's. Enzo loves going to day care while being very well loved by the coworkers. I am looking for some help to afford a huge surgery for him due to him only having one testicle he needs to have surgery all the way up his stomach. He is a very sweet boy and we love him so much.
Freyja is a 3 year old rescue from a kill shelter in Georgia, USA. When I first saw the picture of her, I knew she was the pup for me. So I had her shipped all the way up to me in Massachusetts when she was only 10 weeks old! She is a pitbull, Chow Chow mix. She is a very verbal little girl, many people have said that she sounds like a laughing hyena! She is very smart, loving, energetic, beautiful, and will do anything to please her mama..(ME!). She deserves the world, please help her win!
Kenna is a lovey doggy. Loves to play and eat treats!!!
This is Summer and Zion! They became members of our family at 3 months! They’re now 10 months old! Zion loves the snow and Summer loves napping between legs lol! They always bring smiles to our family and we’re blessed to have them!
The best therapy service dog in the world 🌎
Sadie Mae
Sadie Mae is a Rescue…. She is the Best buddy in the world….
Bentley loves to sleep a lot. He also loves playing with his toys—especially ones that squeak or ones he can rip the stuffing out of. He is the best cuddler!