Baby Stories - 43


Woof woof! I'm Hayzel I love to sit on dogs bigger than me! I love to run and play in pools and have lots of fun. I was recently adopted by my mommy and daddy not to long ago.I have a better lifestyle and lots of area to run around and be happy! Vote for me I'm such a good pup!
Picasso is a 12 week old Border Collie that loves learning new tricks every day. He has a best kitty friend that helps him get into trouble and keeps us entertained. He is learning to herd ducks and sheep.
Reyna is one of the most companionate dogs there ever was! She does nothing but attack you with kisses and love!
Basil Hazel
Basil is a dapple dachshund. She is a little over 2 months old and she loves naps on her back, playing in the leaves, and blankets!
Maui is a cutesy little red golden retriever puppy. He is named Maui because we wanted a God like name but not a super common one. So we got a demi God name! He's got 3 big siblings and loves his pizza chew toy. Show Maui some love!
Hi, I'm Bella! I am the most beautiful, independent, snow-loving mutt you'll meet. People have speculated how I might be part Pit Bull, Vizsla, Rhodesian Ridgeback, maybe even Husky, but nobody knows for sure and I think I'm a one of a kind pup! I love spending the early mornings cuddling my parents, then quickly getting bored and rushing to the window to stare at trespassing birds and bunnies. Meeting new people is my favorite because they always compliment my eyes and "eyeliner". New friends are almost second to new treats. Thank you for voting! :)
Gucci loves people, his squeaky toys, rice with his dog food and of course Mama. He enjoys car rides and his morning walks with Mama. With his expressive face, a lot of people told me that he should be in a dog food commercial.
Cram is named after a police officer that passed away and left a message on everybody he crossed paths with.
She loves food, being outside and her stuff animals. also she loves to Cuddle, shes warm, and Chubby
Lux Walton
Lux Cru is a Mommy’s boy. He loves to Play all day and play tug of war with his mommy!
Let’s go camping!!!
She is just a lovable ❤ girl
She is 5yrs old, loves her belly scratched and car rides, dances for treats loves everyone
Dakota is one of the sweetest pups you’ll ever meet!
Kikka is our new fur baby. She is very playful and like to follow me everywhere I go.
Leila is the most loving dog. Who just loves to cuddle with her mom. I’ve never had a dog that was so sweet and cuddly.
Cuban Is 11 Weeks Old, Loves To Play With His Toys, Super Energetic & Super Loving Loves To Cuddle With His Parents 🥰❤️
Happy baby with a goofball personality. Loves chewing anything she can rip apart and loves to end her day sleeping next to mom
Bear loves the snow and outdoors!💙 if bear wins this we will be donating it to the human society🐶
I love playing in the grass and loving on my daddy! More pics on my insta! @themighty.zeus 💗🐶
This is Kiara a 2 years old puppy. Shes a happy girl she loves going to the dogs park. She is super friendly and of course she likes to chew mommy and daddy shoes.
Hi! I’m Piper! I am sweet girl with such a gentle soul. I love to play with my big sister and enjoy life. I’m always loving on people and I’m always happy!
Max is 2 years old he loves children and is just a sweetheart
Emily is a throw away runt pit bull. She is completely bow legged and pigeon toed. But this didn't stop this 5 week old pup from adventure making new friends and loving everyone. This little girl is out to change how society views the pit bull breed!
Spencer loves to go hiking with his humans, and play with his three kitty siblings at home. His favorite toy is his stuffed pickle.
Hoss loves with his 2 sister cats , and loves to play hide and seek with his human sister ! Hoss also loves nap time and cookies ❤
Baylee is a 11 month old Australian Shepard mix. She enjoys riding around and eating pup cups! She also enjoys playing outside in the nice weather with her collection of soccer balls. She loves to cuddle,play,and run around with her toy pig named Willy.🐶❤️
Mabel is a 5 month old mix..Lab/Husky/Pitbull/Boxer that we know of and even that's not certain..except the Husky..she has ONE blue eye and is a sweet loveable baby. She loves to snuggle, wrestle, give Hi fives for snacks, and stink my room up ! And we love her.
He loves long walks and snacks! Interested in female dogs! Likes all colors, shapes and sizes! Best friends with neighbor dog, not crazy about the mail man, and neighborhood cats.
She loves to give kisses and loves to be held. She also like to go out on the porch and be nosy. It sounds like she screaming when she trys to bark at our outside dog and the neighbors dogs. She thinks she a big dog but when any animal that comes up to her all she does is licks them and then play with them
She is very hyper. She does not like anyone mess with her while she sleeps. She loves to bark a lot. She is sweet and loves to play a lot.
She loves to go on rides. Very sweet. She thinks she a human sometimes when it comes to eating.
He is very sweet. He is our outside dog. He also likes to go visit our neighbors. Everyone gives him treats and sometimes give him left overs too
He 16 years old. He aways relaxing until he hears someone eating. He is very loving. He also likes to give hugs and kisses.
He loves to play a lot. He seems to have a lot of energy all the time. When he ready to sleep he likes to cuddle with who ever bed he is in. He thinks he a small dog. He is. Ery sweet and loving.
She is so sweet. Like to hide a lot.
Snowflake is very playful and loves to talk! She loves running in the yard and digging holes. She’s very sweet and loving.
Training with the AMRG Search and Rescue team
We got flora at 4 weeks old by accident. We were lied to. She was 3 pounds and now she’s 13. She’s now 9 weeks and loving life. When we got her she had worms and a lot of them, but now she’s worm free and Acting like a crazy puppy!
Hudson came to us as a Rehome and is a Loving, puppy loves to play, loves people, and water! ❤️ And this picture is with her older sister Cassie
Hank (named after Hank Williams) is a very loving and sweet pup. He will be two years old in a few months. He's very energetic loves running and playing with the kids. He loves going to the lake and swimming also. Hank is not our pet he's our fur child, he's family.
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn loves her little doggie that her big brother gave her the day I took her home her little doggie is the only way I can get her to sleep lol !!
Hello my name is biscuit and I love to chase my sister cat around the house at all hours of day and night! Anything that my brother does I need to do too! I love to bark at absolutely everything but I have learned to sit, lay down, get overly excited for my walks like my brother and I’ve stopped going in the house yay!!!!
Hello my names Buster and I love belly rubs at all times of day and night (yes I smile when I get my belly rubs😍), I freak out when I hear the word walk (that’s my favorite thing in the whole world) if my brother gets a bone I better get 2! 😊
Benji is a puppy who loves to be with the family. Wild and energetic, but you can’t help but love him to death. He will charm you with his cuddles and sweet side💗
This is my boy Charlie. He is almost 4 years old. He is energetic, very friendly, loves people and just wants everyone to be happy! ❤️
Bleu is a 5 month old sweet energize pitty who absolutely loves belly rubs and playing fetch. Bleu is 45 pounds blue nose pit