Claire is a 2 1/2 month old pup who loves treats and playing fetch. She's a happy playful pup who loves belly rubs and kisses. You should vote for Claire cause she'll melt your hearts away with her adorable eyes.
Tibble is a very active girl who loves swimming, camping, and just being outdoors! She’s very smart, as she is hunting dog as well as a natural beauty💗 Her favorite things are food, her mama, and assisting her blind brother throughout the day. Don’t get her wrong though, she is a party animal by night!
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels is super silly pup with lots of energy who loves walks playing and cuddling
Max is a 13 year old Yorky. Max still loves to play with his toys. Max is a gentleman and a scholar. Max loves everyone and everyone loves Max.
Oreo is a rescue and spent a long time in shelters. She was about 4 when i adopted her. She photographs like a model. Silly girl!
Ryvre is a husky lab mix who loves playing tug of war and eating salmon!
Vinny likes to be free even though I dont have a fenced in yard. He loves to run and play with his toys. He took off for a 4 day adventure before I was able to find him. He loves to snuggle and thinks he is a small lap dog. He knows when its bedtime and runs to my little ones room and jumps on his bed and goes to sleep. He also loves to steal my cats food. He will carry the bowl over to the bean bag chair and finish the food off at night. He is a rescue from the animal shelter and we dont know what breed he is but he is fast. Looks like a corgi and runs like a greyhound.
Milo is the fastest puppy I know. He’s funny and loves plush grass to roll around in and sleep. He’s a wonderful addition to our family.
Buddy loves riding in the car, snuggling, treats, laying on his favorite pillow while looking out the window, giving kisses, sunbathing, and sleeping.
Smokey loves to hunt rabbits and is quite the little lover
Gulliver is a retired stud adopted in Oklahoma. Hes travelled all the 48 states in the lower US as hes living his elder years out over the road in an 18 wheeler as mommy and daddy's spoiled truck dog. 🥰
Daisy is our daschund terrier mix. She loves to run and jump around. She also loves to give you kisses.
Lila K
Lila loves to be a lap dog she is very smart, she loves playing fetch an trampling thru my flower bed ❤️
Bella loves to watch dancing with the stars, and flirting with all the boy dogs in our neighborhood. She loves everybody
Buddy likes car rides, snuggling, sleeping, sunbathing, treats, giving kisses, and being under his blanket.
His name does him the absolute Justice! He def is our little shadow, very playful! If I am not on time for treat time he is! He sits, rolls over, and gives you paw (a doggie version of high five) Does very well during bath times, fur blow drying, brushing and essential oil spray!
Moose is a 9 week old golden retriever. He is already potty trained, knows basic commands and loves playing with his rope. Nothing excites him more than his little humans playing with him.
Pink Chambers
My Pink Is A Rescue Dog From A Shelter She Stuff From Anxiety But She Has A Beautiful A Family Now I Love Her Sooo Much She Is My Baby She Stole My Heart ❤️ And She Was Easy To Traning
Sophie is a loving fur baby she love just setting with you as long as she is being petted
My name is Winston was born December 11 love playing with my best friend Rosa we love to play tug o war and destroy our new toys and run around outside like crazy I love everybody like to make new friends I’m still a little hyper but that ok I’m just a baby
Mocha is a very happy energetic pup who loves to play! She loves to cuddle and sleep under your blankets!
Rocky is a rescue, he is 2 years old and the sweetest boy ever. He thinks he is a lap dog, he loves to play, run and give wet kisses. He loves his doggy sister Rylie and his human sister 4yo Caroline. He is mama's boy and daddy's best friend.
Baby Girl
Baby Girl is a very special chiuaua, because she is a rescue dog that had burns all on her chest and stomach when we found her in the middle of a hot street. She was very traumatized when we first found her, but she is the sweetest, lovable little dog now and is so playful and happy. She deserves to win, because she went through allot being in the streets before she got better and she is so beautiful:-)
Miss Laya May
Miss Layla may I have your attention
Patti my bestest friend, she is always here for me.She is comforting, loving and bossy also very protective 😆!Patti loves chicken jerky & bacon treats!She’s a very well behaved girl.She loves to go for car rides but hates her seat belt!Likes to watch the squirrels in the woods with her momma when we go camping!!Sleeps at my feet every night ,always has!❤️I love my girl Patti 💯!
He is full of energy and has no fear. Plays with all my dogs and cats.
Dutton is very energetic and loves playing with all of his toys. He is definitely a mama’s boy and loves everyone he meets.
Olivia is a rescue. I got her when she was 2 months old. When I had her for the first 3 days... she didn't bark, lick, or even play. After A lot of love and time and patience, she was very playful, very loving and kind of a little diva, hehe. If I'm sitting down watching TV, she will come up to me and stare at me... waiting for me to put a blanket on my lap for her to sit in. Lol. She also lets me love on her as much as I want and doesn't fight it 🥰 That's my baby girl! I honestly don't know what I would do without her! Please vote for OLIVIA! ❤️🐾💜
Gizmo is amazing he can say No,Mama also he will give you a high five . Gizmo is so loving to everyone.
My Roma is a happy girl full of energy! She loves meeting new friends and going out for adventures! She is my psychiatric service dog who just so happens to be my best friend!
1 year old, I Love to play & cuddle
Twitch is a Border Collie, totally into everything, loves to go swimming and she herds geese! She is starting agility training but is only 2.5 months old!
tuff is a husky mixed with an Australian Shepard. he’s a very smart dog and learns very easily. he knows how to sit,shake, roll over, speak, and many more amazing ticks. once you first meet him, he might act a little protective but once he gets to know you he's a very sweet, loving dog. tuff loves when people give him all there attention to him. hes also a very energetic and healthy dog. i think you guys should show some love for this amazing dog.
Bailey Sue
she loves playing with her toys
She loves to pick up rocks and bring them inside like her own little collection that her and my daughter play with
He heard blondes have more fun!
Lil Dog
Obsessed with her mama, Lil dog was rescued off the street 4 years ago where she was matted mess. She now sleeps in our bed and rules our home keeping the other dogs in check! She has 1 back tooth so her tongue always sticks out♥️
Moe is a 19 week old Stabyhoon . His breed is the 5th rarest in the world, he’s loyal, patient and loves his kids. Stabyhoon means “Stay by me dog”
Bandit is a big baby. He is a momma’s boy and is scared of a lot of things. He loves to play with his toys and chew on his bones.
He's the best Dogg living his best life and he loves to play with his Toys and kids.
Obi-juan Kenobi
He is a wild child in disguise! Energetic but a cuddle buddy at will. The Force is strong with this one.
Chico is fun loving boy who is loved so very much He is 3 years old
Izzy loves car rides and playing tug of war! She really loves cuddles and sleeping next to her dad. Never ever barks or growl’s and chicken breast is her favorite treat!
Hampton survived distemper when he was just a pup and has a neurological twitch and balance issues but he’s full of love
Rose loves to eat slim Jim's , she is very protective and she loves to run free and she is a explorer