Just a pup ready to explore the world
Roscoe Pico Griffith
Roscoe … whew Roscoe 😂 he is definitely the life of the party and has more energy than any of us can handle. He is the first heeler we have owned but we love him so much. If your not giving him the attention he thinks he needs he will be sure to tell you all about it. He is a very verbal little guy but literally scared of his own shadow. He loves to run and play outside especially with his older doggie brothers and sister.
Reba Nell Griffith
Reba is a pure joy to our family and keeps us all entertained. She is full of energy and life. She loves her daddy (he works offshore and gone for two weeks at a time) she is a very smart girl and we love her dearly.
Rosco is an almost 4 year old wire haired terrier/ blue tick hound mix who is an amazing guard dog who loves his humans and playing fetch. He loves to cuddle and take care of everyone. He has a big heart and is very smart. He forgets how big he is sometimes and still tries to be a lap dog when he stands as tall as his parents.
Duke Griffith
Duke is the most loving dog I have ever owned. He loves to snuggle and sleep. He is a big 14 years old. I’m sure our time with our precious pitty is coming close to an end, but we will continue to shower him with love until the very end.
Cooper-Kai is half German Shepherd half husky.[ Shepsky ]he is 7 months old very loving and he loves to be outside digging in the dirt . He also loves his lamb baby .
Maggie has cat siblings. She thinks she is a cat and often sleeps in the cat trees!
Oakley is a catahola/German Shepard/husky mix who is full of energy and love for an 8 week old loves tugga war with her 4 year old older brother Rosco and is already a strong personality in our house hold. She loves cuddles and being outside.
Sienna Bizzy Blue
She is a ckc full blooded shihtzu all puppy, loves to play and cuddle. 9 months old
Sandy is a smart 8 week puppy who has come a long way from the hoarding situation she came from. Within a week she was potty trained and crate trained! She loves cuddles and kisses!
He's the most lovely baby,He loves to play with my daughter all day.
BlueLuna is our first dog. She is a talker. Loves ice cream the most. BlueLuna is funny, fast, fearless, ❤️🐾 she loves her yard. To get her to come in we say want some ice cream and boom she runs in. ❤️🐾she loves everyone. She is a good girl ❤️🐾
Jack loves the outdoors and he loves car rides!!
Maggie is a mini dachshund, she loves treats, belly rubs, and naps.
Fibonacci is a rescued mini bernadoodle and is 2 months old. He loves puzzle toys, practicing his sits and spins and chasing leaves! 🍂
Juniper Canyon
She is a feisty, fun, beautiful individual. Her favorite thigs are her bear and her daddy. She loves playing wiht her cat Polly.
Bella Rae
The silliest little girl, loves her unstuffy toys but loves me the most
She is just the sweetest ever. Loves everything and everyone. Especially treats and long park walks. Loves her toys and gets excited when she gets a new one she sprints across the room and turns circles to finally end up giving us kisses as her thank you❤️
Charlie is a real lover like to cuddle and have his belly rubbed
Cookie is a fun out going basset hound who loves her brother lil bit. She is about to turn 5 months old and loves her stuffed yeti. She loves to play and is very protective of her family and peers.
Molly is a snuggler and loves to play shes my best friend who has been with me through the worst of times and the best
Diamond Diane Aka Dd
DD is a mommys girl but we dont shower together like her mom Princess and Daddy do. She loves belly scratches and being called a good girl.
Harry is a photogenic dog. He loves having his picture taken and on days he will even pose. When it is time for treats he will be the first to let you know. He likes to play and jump around but when he ia tired he will be your cuddle buddy.
He's 7 weeks old black and tan coonhound. Likes play with his toys. Sit with his mom and going for rides
Princess Mila Mae
Princess Mila is a Daddys girl 100%. Her and dad play, eat and shower together lol match made in heaven:)
He is a very playful pup and loves to be on the move!
Deuce is very entergetic, very lovable, and a little bit sassy. He loves playing with all of his toys, napping on anyone that's available, and playing with his brother, Red, and his Uncle Brees. His favorite people are his momma, daddy, Granny, and Paw.
Basti is the most outgoing boy out there! He is so handsome, and has an amazing personality. He loves to cuddle, and he loves to be goofy. His favorite food is mini cucumbers! And it is quite a show to see him eat one haha! When he's not following his mommy around, he loves a great nap!
Lucy is funny outgoing seven year old dog that loves the residents she lived with .
Luna Brooks
Luna is a very beautiful smart loving dog.Her brother Zayn our pitt is her best friend.being a inside dog She loves her outside play time.One thing she doesn't like is to be bothered by Zayn at bedtime.She's like a grouchy old lady when she's sleeping.
VADA is my service dog she loves peanut butter and going for car rides. And playing tug of war with her rope.
Lulu is a playful Shokie yorkie shitzu she loves to play and her favorite snack is popcorn
Nala is the sweetest puppy. She loves her forever mommy and daddy. She loves to cuddle and play. When it’s bedtime she snuggles right between us. Her favorite thing so far is shaking hee paw for her special treats.
Ripley demands attention at all times. If she doesn't get said attention, she will give you sad eyes or mouth clap at you until attention is given. Part time beggar, full time snuggler.
Doodah is a pocket size American Bully. He is 6 yrs old. He can stand-up & walk like a man & he will spin around for treats. He is loving, cute, smart, funny, loyal & most of all he's my best friend.
He is only about 6 pounds but his bark is about 75 lbs, he thinks he's a big boy and he loves his spoiled life.
Scorpio likes to open doors by himself and to wake us up in the morning when he is ready for everyone to play.
Her name says it all she is just precious. she likes to play with her brothers. And she survived parvo
Dipsie Dimples
Dipsie dimples is a fun loveing dog. She enjoys cuddles and lots of kisses and love dressing up and she has to go every where the family goes...
Chiefy is the most precious dog I have ever owned in my life. He loves everyone and makes everyday of my life full of smiles
Him is a mixed breed loves to play ball and loves to give hugs and ride in my truck
Zayn Brooks
Zayn's is the sweetest dog ever.He loves everyone and all animals especially his sister Luna are Rottweiler he's just a very lovables pup.
Starla is a great pyranees. She is sassy, sweet, loveable, and full of life. She loves her mommy and protects us. Shes amazing.
Will say I love you shake your hand and rollover when ask
He’s the wonder of all walkers And the best friend I’m so grateful to have him In my life. Chapo which is Spanish slang for boss which he is. He’s my daily dose of Joy and happiness, I tell people he’s my dog son.
She is the one with the white face her brother is zilo and they are a packet deal. They are never separated