Shes loves to be free in the world of rabbits and nature. She has the strongest most available love to anyone around her including her brother and her sissy kitty. When your sad she will be the one who will give you kisses, she will be your support and your life. I couldnt ask for such an amazing, smart, beautiful and different babygirl
Jordan has a sweet temperament loves to hug cuddle and snuggle. She also loves to play peek a boo with the blankets on our bed!!! Yes that’s where she sleeps. She’d have it no other way and neither would I!!!
Handsome boy that is spunky and full of life. He loves cuddling with mama, playing tug with dad, and chasing his human siblings.
MY CUP RUNITH OVER. Louise is the happiest little dachshund. She runs from person to person young and old putting a smile across their face. Everywhere she goes she spreads a little joy to someone who perhaps needed it that moment.
He’s extremely smart, loves to play. An he loves his puppies 🐶
Sadie Blu
She is just a sweet girl. We have never had any problems with her. She loves belly rubs and just being with you. Very loyal.
Paisley is a lovling girl of 6 years old that just wants to sit in your lap and have all your attention. She has her Halloween costume on already and it says mommys little monster.
Rocco is a goofy 1 year old doberman whom yells at you if you don’t throw the ball fast enough. He loves to play fetch and barks at his own bark. Rocco has been recently diagnosed with kidney disease at 1 yrs old. All winnings would be going to his vet bills. And it would help out tremendously!
Duke is a 6 year old English mastiff he enjoys trips to the lake and mountains are his favorite place to be
He’s a full breed miniature schnauzer and is 14 weeks old and he loves to play outside and go on trips
Diesel Turner
Diesel likes to talk to you and his food 😂
She is a fun loving girl! She loves to play with her ball and will bring it to you to throw so she can catch it.
Olli is an Australian Shepherd and Husky mixed. He is 2 months old. He loves kids and other animals. He loves to play outside. He loves to shake peoples hands
Bella Rose
This is Bella she is a 9month old German shepherd pitbull. She is very playfull, she gets the zoomies occasionally. She loves her stuffed pig. She can b a pain in the rear sometimes but other than that she is a really good dog.
Brandee Girl is very smart and loves to chase squirrels, but she takes her time, she watches them for awhile before making her move. It's funny 😁 to watch.
Piper loves kids,playing with all of her toys especially her balls. She loves going on car rides and she really loves her Momma
Mayhem Jaxson
Mayhem is an American King pit. He loves to chase his ball and chew on his favorite bone. He's a huge bed hog, knows tons of tricks and when he's in trouble he loves to try and give you his paw to get out of trouble. He protects his humans and never wants to leave our side
Luca was adopted on December 13 2019. He loves to play with his kitty brother hades and loves butt rubs. His favorite thing is to howl at the alexa whenever music is playing.
Bucky is a Pitbull and bulldog. He is 1.5 years old and super sweet.
Louis is everyone’s favorite sidekick. He plays video games, watches movies, and snapchats all his friends daily.
remmi is a chocolate lab and he is 9 months old! he loves to play in water, cuddle with his human mom, play with the chickens. his favorite toys are balls that he can go fetch. you should choose remmi so his human mom can spoil him even more! he has the biggest heart and loves to be the center of attention.
Riley Nichole Williams
Raleigh Nicole is 15 weeks old she is a giant schnauzer puppy she loves to play and kip people on the butt when walking by her
Bear is a very friendly and lovable dog. He’s very smart and always tries to please everybody around him. I’m very lucky to have him! He graduated basic obedience school.
Bailey is a 2 year old golden retriever He is very obedient and loving He is the kindest baby ever
Neko is a 10 year old male Multipoo. He loves running, taking walks and taking long naps.
Freckles is such a playful dog & she & the kitty get along quite well.
Luna is your typical high energy husky she loves to run and play with her human brother. She loves snuggles and belly rubs and her favorite treat is peanut butter cookie dog treats. She loves making friends at the dog park and her favorite activity is car rides and her head being out the window.
Hera is 10 weeks old, and full of puppy love and energy! She loves chasing leaves, giving everyone puppy kisses, and mostly tolerates being dressed up in cute outfits. We adopted Hera from the Humane Society earlier this month.
Princess is the sweetest dog ever & very tolerable to my young daughter Haley who has Cystic Fibrosis.
Cooper is a 4 year old male Goldendoodle. He loves taking long walks, running, playing, golf cart and boat rides. He also loves snuggles and giving hugs & kisses. He is the best!
Charleigh is a 15 month old female goldendoodle. She loves taking long walks, running, playing, golf cart and boat rides. She is always ready to go on an adventure! She is the life of the party!! She also loves to snuggle and give hugs & kisses. She is the absolute sweetest girl!
Minnie is almost 11 month old Rottweiler she loves playing with her 2 leg siblings as much as her 4 leg siblings she is a smart beautiful girl that loves giving hugs an kisses an thinks she is a lap baby
Zoe Zoe is sassy as can be yet as calm as a cucumber. Loves her ball, loves to eat, thinks she is a lap dog and loves her barking post at the top of the hill. Zoey is Rocco’s biological older sister!!
Jack Daniel'S
Jack Daniel's is a 3.5 year old Chocolate Shar Pei who loves his naps, gives hugs when greeting friends & family, loves his kisses, and is probably one of the most genuine Shar Peis we have ever owned lol. He is very laid back, just all around he has an amazing bond with us, and really loves all walks of life 🤗❤️🐾. Sometimes I feel like Jack is my Soulmate 🙏🏼🐾❤️
Jamieson Pickles
Jamieson Pickles is a 10 month old Full Bred Mini Shar Pei who loves to do Zoomies, play with her toys, pat us with her paw when she wants snacks or attention, and loves to run and jump into peoples arms when she greets them lol. We call her our Hairy Little Raptor 😂🤣
He is 2 yrs old an he loves his toys and he is a huge mamas boy evry whare mama goes he must follow to make sure she gets there safely he had an older doggy sister that was 16 an she passed away in march 2022 an he took alil rough but he is starting to get back up an play with new doggys an goes for walks so this is his 1st doggy contest 💙
Scout is a fun loving dog. His favorite person is my autistic son. He love swimming and chasing birds.
Nico is very loveable. He loves to play a gives kisses and hugs. He is the best to cuddle with and he likes to watch tv.
Milo is a 14 week old St. Bernard. His favorite thing is belly rubs and running through the pasture! He has been a perfect addition to our family and is so stinking sweet❤️
He is an awesome little guy . He is either asleep or 90 to nothing. He is a Merle Yorkie. He has brought us lots of joy and continuous laughs
She’s Mixed breed her father was Great Dane and boxer,her mother was mastiff and hound. She love Running, swimming, jumping, sniffing, eating, rolling, lounging, playing, posing, or socializing and she is also loved unconditionally. She follows me everywhere, she has to be by my side pretty much 24/7 but that shows me I’m her security and I love her just as much.
There's never a dull moment when she awake. She's sugar and spicy all in one❤️
Django is very laid back loving and caring he love to take pictures when he is relaxing he loves his family and his favorite bone he is an all around happy dog he is 8months he is a German shepherd mixed with husky
El Jefe
El Jefe is a couple days under 5 month old curious fun loving tri with a lot of energy loves the outdoors playing with other dogs an eating of course napping is his favorite past time besides chasing the cat around the house an stick chewing also enjoys long walks an the park of course
Zeezee is the sweetest little bear❤️ She loves car rides and playing with her siblings This photo was taken when she was suffering through some vision loss. Thankfully with the help of specialists, and meds she regained her vision , and is loving life again❤️
Playful ,friendly,stubborn,skateboarding, riding his little wagon,long drives , sleeping