Ozzy is a clown and makes me laugh every day.
Bama Gage
Bama is a Boston Terrier, he is 8 years old and death, we communicate with sign language. He loves to go swimming, play fetch, tug of war and gives the best cuddles in the world. He loves cheese, His favorite meal for dinner is chicken, when I get him snacks he insist on having more than one and for such a little fellow he sure can take up the whole bed.
Joey is fun-loving pup who loves to run and jump and play with his humans!
Bear is a Cane Corso, purebred. He’s 4 months old, but has the power of a lion!!! He is such a little teddy ‘bear’ with his family, but watch out…. If he doesn’t know you or doesn’t like your demeanor, his bear claws will come out and he’ll protect his family!!! 🐻
This is Gizmo the one year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He is the sweetest little boy that you could ever meet. He is filled with a lot of energy and is a fluffy ball of fur. He is the best fury friend a girl could ask for!! Gizmo is my therapy dog. He’s always there for me when I’m feeling down and out!! Who could ask for a better therapy dog than Mo!!
Jade is a mini Australian Shepard, she loves her toy sheep, and loves to play outside in all weather
Kona loves to play ball and just run outside 😊
Peanut is a 6 month old shepherd husky/pug. She is the sweetest little thing you can imagine. So full of love and kisses for everyone.
Cyndarlinz love her best friends the Tom cats, she loves to spin around and loves her daddy n mommy!! Super sweet lil 2.5 lb firl
Her names Symone She’s full of energy all the time, she loves cuddles and going outside to burn off energy, she love chewing on things😌
Cooper is our sweet kind little dude he is playful,sweet,loves playing soccer to score, if somebody yells touchdown Cooper will bark as loud,he is older dog sister Sadie his older human sister and his older dog brother
Sadie is a sassy loving spoiled girl (for example Sadie won't eat dog food we have to feed her rancid chicken) Sadie loves her bed, meat, she was a model when she was a puppy, Sadie refuses to be treated like a dog, she sits on our couch and she doesn't let her dog brothers on the spot the 9 year old kid,me or my husband sit on her spot, she refuses to shake to get dry so we have a towel just for her, Sadie is the boss of the kid her dog brothers cooper and max and she is the Queen.
Jack loves to play! He is the friendliest most lovable dog!
Miss Mabel Mae
Hi!! My name is Mabel Mae, and I’m 11 weeks old. I am potty trained, I know sit, and I love to play fetch with my humans. In my spare time when I’m not napping, I love play with my big brother Zeus,🐾 and give tons of puppy kisses and snuggles. Vote fur me please🤍
Well on feburary 1,2024 doobie followed my husband home and we put him on Facebook and nobody claimed him he is young playful very smart loves people and other animals just wants them to be his friends he is very vocal and loves riding around in his bike trailer we built for him but also loves running besides us when we ride our bicycle and playing ball or tug of war he definitely found us and adopted us
Hank Lee
Hank is 9 weeks ole loves cuddles an playing with the other dogs! He is doing well with his potty training! I love him so much
This is my sweet crazy baby Koa 🩷 Koa loves to go to the beach ,act a little insane at times 😜and snuggle🥰
Giant cuddles who’s favorite thing to do is eat sticks and sleep next to all the kiddos!
Hearts is a special friend his heart is what he is a friend who loves his owner.
She is a sweet dog. Everyone loves her. She’s really not my dog she’s really my sister but I’m helping. My mom out
Willie Nelson
He loves to chase us around. He also loves to sleep as much as he can… anywhere. He has found himself on the top of the fridge before.
Max is my best friend, he's my service dog goes everywhere I go
Henry was the first born and he has been growing nonstop both in size and personality.
He is a friendly lovable kind hearted fur baby i think he deserves to have many votes he is a handsome little guy
Teddy is a 10 month old mini schnauzer mix who is all about his treats, likes to play with his toys and chase mommy and daddy around and he just got his first haircut on Friday.
Tinker Bell
Tinker bell is a great dog
Chewy loves to go for walks and he loves to eat.Chewy smiles for his pictures if you tell him “say cheese.”.Chewy also likes to play with his toys as long as he is the only one playing.
Meg can be a loveable dog she really love going outside and running and making you run around the yard with her and she will chase you and try to play bite your butt if you stop running she’s a really cool dog to have
Bear is a one of a kind dog before bed every night she’s got to back talk you before she will let you go to bed she loves to back talk people but is a awesome dog
Duke is the most lovable puppy that anyone can ever meet. He loves to sleep on his back and he loves to steal ur food 😀. Duke is a very smart American bulldog puppy where u tell him to sit he will sit and when u talk to him he will talk back to u
Hunter is an emotional support animal like his siblings. I am a funeral director and Hunter comes to work with me helping the family’s we serve. He is a the mellow boy of the bunch at home and loves his sisters Skye and Luna to pieces. Hunter will give kisses at any time of day, especially if a treat is involved. He has a heart of gold. Ny distinguished little gentleman 💛🐶
Luna is an emotional support animal like her siblings. I am a funeral director and Luna comes to work with me helping the family’s we serve. She is a wild child at home and loves her brother Hunter and sister Skye to pieces. Luna will give kisses at any time of day, especially if a treat is involved 💛🐶
Skye is an emotional support animal like her siblings. I am a funeral director and Skye comes to work with me helping the family’s we serve. She is a wild child at home and loves her brother Hunter and sister Luna to pieces. Skye will give kisses at any time of day, especially if a treat is involved Skye is 13 living her best life she does have cancer that we tried to remove but unfortunately they couldn’t get everything cause it’s wrapped around her tendons and they were afraid she wouldn’t be able to walk and play despite that, she’s living life like a 2 year old hopefully for a long long time to come 💛🐶
Precious was the best service dog you could ever want very loyal quick to learn and she loved going places and she also loved men which, left me out sometimes but, I didn't mind sharing. Her and her two brothers perished in my house fire two years ago that left me devastated but their memory will live on forever in my heart, and sole.
I like playing with my toys, begging for treats. I’m a very fun loving dog. I just have to be on my mom’s lap every time she sits down. My DNA test tells me that I am staffordshire terrior and chihuahua, all I know is I’m the luckiest rescue. My mom tells me that I was just what she needed during Covid lockdown. Please Vote for me.
Lil Bear
He loves to play and be a lap dog even thou he’s a little to big for that!❤️
She loves to play and make new friends she’s very loving!❤️
she likes small toys. she can be calm at times. a good protector as a dog. shes loves to give loves.
T Neg
T Neg loves to play with copper wire, also he loves watching his turtles friends eat his food.
Penelope loves walks on the beach and running in the water, she’s a sassy, loving and spunky ready for aything me and her do together she’s my best friend
This is my grandbaby from Capone and Madusa...just another gorgeous baby
Timo is a dog that was brought from mexico and is very nice and respectful, his favorite thing to do is go to the park and play far he has been a great dog and a great new family member and i hope that he can live for many many years.this dog means a lot to me and i hope i can watch him grow up.
Aries is a rescue and the greatest blessing to be brought into my life...
Axle is a very sweet boy, and he loves outside time, treats and snuggles
Jackpot is very smart he even knows how to spell words like walk filled treat cheese and quite a few more he loves to go to the field and run and he loves to go for rides in the car which he does with me every chance I like to let him go with me he's also very mouthy and has a personality of a human being when he gets upset with me he's pouts and you can tell by the look on his face he loves people and he loves you to come and see him he just doesn't like it when you go to leave he's a herd dog and he likes to keep us all together LOL hes my very best friend and we have been together 10yrs
Raven is very protective but also very affectionate. She loves riding in the car, playing with her toys and eating cereal.