Ramona is a well trained lady she so bougie and loves people and never hurts nobody
Shilo is a different type of dog he’s loving . loves to fart and loves the attention.
Dixie is the sweetest girl! Our doxie passed away suddenly and our 4yr old daughter was crushed. She was obsessed with the movie “A Dogs Purpose “ and said it was ok because Buddy would come back to us but she hoped this time he would be a girl. That’s how we got this sweetie. She chose us and the rest is history. She’s so good with kids and protective of her people. She is very smart and always up for a game of fetch.
Monroe is a sweet loving 5 year old pit bull! She always finds water to play in and she enjoys all of her toys. She loves to play at the park with kids to occupy her time. She’s all around the sweetest girl!💗
He likes to play with his toys, he likes his treats and likes to play with other dogs.
Tulip is a feisty yet sweet little girl. She loves to go on car rides and trips to the store and Pupaccino’s are her favorite treat. When excited to see someone she likes she smiles
Rubble loves his little people and his favorite game to play is “rubble rocket ship”. The kids throw a ball and hang on to his harness and he pulls them across the hardwood floors like a sled ! He’s a big baby and thinks he’s a lap dog. Always has to be involved in what’s going on and loves to run!
Coral is a mostly blind rescue dog living her best life! She loves cuddling, car rides, and yummy treats
Molly is an affectionate 6 year old Yorkiepoo. She loves to cuddle, taking walks, and playing ball for hours! She really is as sweet as she looks! Thanks for voting!
Chase is 2 and is the best boy. The perfect cuddles and best companion. There’s never a dull moment with this sweet boy. He loves to play and chin scratches. He can sit and lay down on command and we are working on shaking!
Dottie loves to be a lap puppy. She’s the runt of the little and loves to be held.
Not just being a chocolate lab puppy. He loves being outside. New thing is getting a pup cup. Very photogenic.
My French bulldog puppy cookie is a Playful, and entertaining little girl! She is not shy and loves everyone! She loves playing with her big brother Charlie and getting into mommy’s stuff, she’s the perfect little pageant dog ♥️🐶
Dixie is a 3 legged pup who loves to sunngle
He is about to be a year old in May! He is the most loving and playful dog ever!
I adopted Zoey in January. She is an energetic puppy and loves to play and is a very good listener.
Mika is a pitt bull and loves to play outside and go on walks! She is very smart and loveable!
Ozzy is 6 weeks old and loves to play he is very smart and lovable he's love's all his hooman's but his favorite is mum 💙🤍🐾
I rescued Dixie when she was 6 months old and she’s living the best dog life possible. Even though I rescued her it’s more like she rescued me.
Vote for Duke! Need someone to talk to? With those ears, Duke is a great listener!
Lilo loves to play. She loves chasing after her balls and attacking her stuffed moose. She loves people, and cuddeling up next to you.
Pepper loves to play ball , going camping , fishing and playing in the water.
Piper loves to run outside and play with the older pups at the dog park, though she could hardly keep up! Morning naps and afternoon naps are a must every day! Her favs are belly rubs and her ducky chew toy! She just learned to sit and stay! She’s such a good girl and would love your vote!
Lily loves playing outside and swimming, along with playing fetch with her humans! Give this golden pupper a vote!
Ace is a spunky, goofy, love able little guy. He loves to eat and play with his sister! He is learning new things everyday and only 4 months old! Give this goofball a vote!
Bentley is a wild obnoxious but loving dog. he’s a big mommas boy and loves to play outside. Sadly he was recently hit by a car so i am entering this contest in hopes to buy him a few toys to cheer him up! :)
Ziggy is a 7 year old GoldenDoodle. He’s extremely energetic and runs like a gazelle. He is goofy and very lovable. He loves to hug his humans and play fight with his Papa. He stands on his hind legs and put his dukes up to box him. He has a loud bark but absolutely no bite!
He loves the outdoors. For a 4lb dog, he has a huge heart. Camping, hiking, hunting and riding in side by sides, lawn tractors, heavy equipment, trucks. He is an all around dog.
Sunday Rain
Thank you🌸💕☀️ We can give advances to be returned July 2nd ✨☀️
Hope is a great dog with a wonderful personality that my mom rescued about a year ago! She comes from a bad past before she came into our family but doesn’t let that effect her love to chew on her toys, catch treats mid air, and soak up the sun. Despite what she endured from her previous owners she’s never lost her ‘Hope’.
Rory loves to getting dirty in the mud! She is very protective and spends lots of time playing with her toys.
Trix loves to snuggle and loves to play with her brothers. She also loves to eat
Wallen loves to run and play outside, and loves playing with his big cat brother Fluffcat. He runs so fast and leaps in the clover tonroll around in it. He loves tk hold your face down and give tons of puppy kisses and snuggle for naps.
Oden is a very playful baby, he’s about 2 months old, he’s pit and bull mastiff, great cuddles and loves to sleep😊♥️
She is just over 8 weeks old and is the most happiest puppy I’ve ever had to join my family! She is full of love and energy!
Diamond is a very calm and collective dog. She is also a rescue dog who was beaten for 2+ years before I got her.
He loves to play with his donkey and his best friend my grandson he loves his blanket
Piper is 17 weeks old she loves to run and chase tennis balls. Piper is also training to mommy's service dog.
Jersey And Penny
Jersey and Penny are sisters. They are inseparable. They are 9 years old
This boy loves sticks and running around with his big sister Bella rose who is my 5 year old daughter. Otis is a Texas blue heeler.
Leia Marie
Leia is a princess to us she love cuddles and playing with her toys and eating pizza crust and she loves spaghetti noodles.
Boe is a 18 week old pup, he’s well behaved and loves his human brother and cats. He will soon be a service dog 🐕‍🦺
Oscar Mayer
What I like best: microwave warm packs, his dog brother and sister, and playing with his bestie, Piper ❤️
Axel is one of the best dogs that you will meet!! He has been able to do tricks since the day we got him when he was 2 weeks old!! he is a big baby!!
My Mindy has faced many challenges from living in a condo, to a kennel( I became homeless), to a friends place and then finding our home in Nyack. She took it all in stride
This is King he is 3 years old this year he is a pitt boxer mix, he is a funny loving handsome boy who loves to play and cuddle!🥰
Amor is a spunky outgoing sassy chihuahua! She loves everyone and will lay on her bag for belly rubs! Everywhere she goes people turn heads to look at her and pet her!