Arya is a special little princess she is so loving and smart when she really wants something and you think she should not have she will study where you put it and the next things you know she figured how to get it. Really keeps you thinking you gotta love her
Joy is 6 months old and very sweet. I so love how she wakes me after a good nights rest. She comes up and gives me sweet kisses. She loves peanutbutter and crinkly toys. Her favorite thing is to get dressed on Sunday morning for church. Joy is one of 5 fur babies and enjoys going outside and playing with her litter mate. She was also one of four from a litter I was blessed to bottle feed. She is Gods gift to me since the first 4 weeks were touch and go. She was sickly and in the vets office many times before her 1 month birthday. She was given oxygen and managed to come through. Joy sences all my moods and is very comforting in stressful times. She also sences anxiety stress and sadness in others and always trys to make them feel better.
Fletcher is the best boy! He loves everyone and brings everyone treasures he finds everywhere.
Fancy is just what her name says. She is a lover of spaghetti and she loves to read her paper
Keelie is a 9 week old Dutch shepherd! She super smart and loves working on her commands and snuggling with her kids!
Kodak is a 12 week old german shepherd, located in Michigan. He LOVES playing in the snow, tug-of-war, and very food motivated.
Baby is loving and very sweet he is registerd as my emotional support he loves to play at the complex he is loving to everyone he is loving at the times i need it the most he loves to greet people he is friendly and loves people he is quick on his toes everyone falls in love with baby he is my gift from my creator.
Dakota Skye loves playing with my cat. His favorite toy is a Star shaped chew toy. He's just the cutest and sweetest puppy ever
UNO is a puppy model for 4 companies . She loves the camera and demands her photo shoots in her photography room ,I have videos of her bringing me her dresses and her refusing to leave her photography room..
Buddy Edwards
He loves to cuddle and give kisses. Hes been through so much, but is one tuff lil man. Treats and car rides are is favorite as well. Hes super smart, and gets along great with cats. He is truly a special baby.
Phoebe is what I’d call your typical couch potato. She’s always down to play as long as you throw her little green cactus toy for her. She’s just a happy, hungry, hippo who loves to snuggle.
Loves her cat Greysen!
Ruger became my service dog at the tender age of six months old he is super smart he opens the door for me and closes it as well he is now 20 months old just a young man but will always be my baby he loves to play fetch with anything I throw for him he will go get it bring it back to me his favorite snack is anything I am eating he has to try it too he loves to swim in the lake you just have to make my baby a star cause in my eyes he already is one so vote for Ruger
Bonnie is a playful, loyal, and beautiful 11 months old collie. She loves to sit on a chair at the kitchen table instead of sitting on the floor. She is very special to us and has helped my husband when he was diagnosed with anxiety.
Hi my name is Dakota and I’m the goodest boy ever. I love to play and cuddle with mom and dad sometimes I like to be little spoon. I am afraid of a trash can,laundry basket, ups man etc. Yes I’m a pit but I wouldn’t hurt a fly😊😊
Oreo is my baby boy he loves cuddling playing with his chew toys and he loves to take his naps
Phoebe and her new sister Winter 🌷
Hey, my name is Nala I love to play go on walks and play with my best friend legend aka the baby💙
Bella is a very sweet Siberian Husky. She is almost 5 months old and is very loving and snuggly. She desperately wants to play with our cats, but they don't want to play with her. She is very gentle and never hurts them. For a husky, she is very mellow.
We rescued our sweet, big headed girl 2.5 years ago! However I’d much rather say she rescued us. Zella gives us high fives, sits so pretty, and even “woooos” with excitement. I never thought I’d be welcomed in my home every day to a tail wagging, blanket stealing, bed hogging dog but Zella is one of a kind and I’m blessed she picked us to be her furever parents. Just look at her smile! 💕
Bella is an attention whore, she must always be acknowledged
Skaði is a beautiful American Eskimo. She is very sweet and loving. She has her very own unique personality. She is very playful and very smart. Skaði knows when you are not feeling good or when you are hurting and she tries her very best to comfort you in her own way. Her favorite treat is pup-peroni and she loves all types of dog toys.
Apollo is a 6 year old mini Aussie. He is my best friend and he loves everybody. If your in a sad mood he will make you happy always. He is very smart and loyal.
Byron loves snacks, people and squeak toys. His favorite games are fetch and lifeguard (he loves protecting his family & looking over the pool.) His only dislikes are the mail man.
Very loving
Bougie loves being the center of attention, his favorite things include chasing a tennis ball and long good pets. He loves socializing and meeting new people on walks and showing friends and family his speed and agility in games of fetch.
Coco is a rescue dog. They said he was part black lab and American bulldog when we adopted him. Coco loves to play, take car rides, go for walks, eat Puppyshinos from Starbucks, going out anywhere with us, and will do anything for frozen blueberries!
Most loving dog ever. Always happy and full of life. My Angel
Hera Von Den Mächtigen-knight
Hera is a bold, beautiful Sable german shepherd who is overly excited to eat, loves to be in charge, and is incredibly smart, she's loves to work but also has an off switch. She's currently training for the AKC Star Puppy Program, then the CGC, and she will being service dog training soon after that. She is constantly improving and learning and I am excited to see what her future holds.
Wonderful, loving pet. She loves to play with my grand baby boy. Cinnamon loves outside running and playing. Most of all she loves her family.
Bunker loves Long Beach walks and kissing people. He loves to snuggle and is the best puppy ever.
Ginger loves playing with her toys and going on car rides
I'm 12wks old and I know to switch paws when I shake your hand I learned very quickly I really done this with my mom showing me in 3 minutes of her time and I'm learning to bring my ball back to my mom but I kinda like hanging on to it though I'd rather just keep it if you know what I mean
Pomeranian,loves treats,playing and beautiful little girl.Very loveable and has her own little additive.
Kendy is an amazing dog, she likes people but she loves dogs! She as the ability to make the meanest dog fall in love with her. It is really something to see. Her favorite thing is snow.
She loves her sister Lola, loves to run and run and run!! She can be a lottle diva, very spunky , always wants a belly rub, she puts a smile on my face everyday ☺
Hi! I’m Cookie my favorite thing is snuggles!! I’m very skittish because of a bad past but it gets better with love so love me pls!
Hi! I’m Harley I love digging and playing and chewing on my hoomans fingies!
Luca is a 6 month old micro bully who God graciously dropped in our laps. He has the biggest personality out of all 9 of the dogs we have and he is clueless as to how heavy and stocky he truly is. He is loyal, snuggly, and so hilarious to watch grow and explore.
Ladii has had a rough life until I got her. Unlike crybaby being lost she was just left with her brother at a homeless encampment I was living at. She's living her best life now. She has a new big brother named crybaby who she lived to annoy and play fight with. She loves to play fetch and catch with any of her favorite balls she has. She could play for hours and hours. He favorite thing is to walk up to anyone even a stranger and she'll just throw the ball towards their feet. " Like here you go to throw it please"
Baloo is a pure bred Goberian (Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Mix). He loves to cuddle and play in the snow and eat lots of pup cups. He is 3.5 months old and weighing in at 26 lbs. I was born in Kentucky and am always a southern gentleman.
Toby And Zues
Toby is maltés and Zues is American bully They play all day sleep together when Toby eating zues is close when Toby go it’s time to Zues eat the food Toby don’t want.
Crybaby found me when I was rock bottom in my life. I was living in a local homeless encampment and crybaby was a lost dog left in tent city. He found me and the rest is history and that was 2 years ago. He loves riding in the car. He makes the best road dog literally. He likes the simple life of just playing with an empty water bottle. Crybaby does have separation anxiety big time but hey who can blame him. So he always likes to be around someone. Crybabys a big brother now to his sister ladii. It's a real love hate relationship. He loves her to pieces but then hes always growling at her when she lays on him so annoyingly.
Beamer has the zoomies for attention
My girl Cali . She’s the sweetest smartest little girl who’s brought so much joy to my life. Pure PERFECTION
Cruz is a bundle of joy . He’s so inquisitive and such a lover. He’s PERFECTION
Milo loves to play he’s two months old nd the cutest golden ever go vote for my baby🥹
Rowdy is a very sweet, lovable snuggie partner. Very protective of his human parents. He loves without conditions. He loves his (real) kit kat (cat) and he loves walks in park with us and he is just the sweetest thing.