Baby Stories - 41


Gigue is the butter to my bread and the best friend a girl could ask for. His favorite thing is car rides as long as he can stick his head out of the window 😎
Nellie is full of personality loves people. Wants attention all the time. Loves her bones. Enjoys being outside and watching people. Doest like water or getting wet.
Hazel is a Cane Corso/German Shepherd mix. Her favorite things include when Mom is sweeping the floor, playing with her toys, and following around her senior sister Punk. She likes to watch chickens out the window and also enjoys a good tv show. 😊
Cowboy is a sweet little puppy who loves to goof around with his older brother. He loves tug-of-war, walks and the dog park, he loves meeting new fur-buddies and just being clumsy. His new favorite game is trying to get onto the table to eat flowers while mom and dad aren't looking.
Sadie Bell
Sadie Bell is 2 yrs old and is a Schnoodle! She loves to be lazy and hangout with her Mom & Dad! In her free time she enjoys playing, going on walks, and eating treat treats 🐕‍🦺💓
Jonah loves all things water... rain, snow, or anything in between. He enjoys playing with his little sissy (Hadassah) and he is a kind and tender soul but is still all puppy! I almost forgot he will be 11 months old on 03/03/2021
Callie Rain
She loves playing, tug a ware, loves cuddling, loves water, she is very loving loves kids going on walks, she very social. She loves getting attention.
Marley Miles
He loves going on walks. He loves playing fetch. He loves sleeping under blackets. Hes the most loving sweetest fur baby. He loves water, camping, socializing with other animals loves kids.
Hadassah is all diva but we wouldn't have it any other way! She is a 7 month old chocolate Cockapoo. She loves playing with her big bubby (Jonah) and cuddling with momma and daddy.
Gable was a very bright and happy dog! He loved trying to pull things off the counter to eat and then when he got caught he would grin at you! It was so funny. I taught him to have staring contests with you and most the time he would win. He was my absolute everything, the one thing that made me the happiest in the world was him! RIP 6/1/2020
Kona enjoys chasing her ball, chewing her ball, dropping her ball in my lap, and encouraging everyone to play..(you guessed it)..ball.
Hi, my names Apollo. I’m a Shepsky and i’m a very playful, crazy and wild puppy! I have 2 mommy’s and i love them very much! I can be a good boy when i want but i’m also a bad boy too! welcome to my journey
We call this one Tinydog
Sir Smudley
He was a rescue dog. Loves to go for rides. He has a personality of his own. If he likes you, you will be his friend forever. The one thing I admire about him he loves kids.
Wilson loves to swim in our pool, going for walks and giving lots of kisses to his kitty sister. He’s a cuddle bug and just loves to be around people. You won’t find a sweeter cuddle buddy 🤍.
She loves to play and she loves to snuggle with you . She also gives hugs .
Pearl was found hiding behind a car tire in a alley way in the rain,she was scared but slowly came out to us,sge admittedly got excited wagged her tail as if she was waiting for us,i put up flyers,no one called,checked for chip,none,so after 2 months,we chipped her as ours. She had a back leg limp, at the time we were struggling finacial,but a great women offered to take pearl to vet to get her shots,registered,and hip xray,she needed surgery the vet said, I was so upset,then our angel friend said "schedule surgery ill pay, So pearl had surfery is doing well,still alil stiff leg at times but alot better. Shes going on to be 5yrs old soon, i could not imagine a single minute without her or can she without us..she has saved my life in many ways as we saved hers that rainy day.
Upgraded from foster pup to being adopted by me her foster mom lol Kiki is the sweetest pup ever loves to sleep and loves to cuddle next to you
Maltipoo that loves fashion and being fancy she loves to sleep and get belly rubs
Bella the silly husky mix that loves to play with all the puppies in the world!
Luna Marie is a 5 year old blue heeler! She loves to play and cuddle and spend time with her 8 month old baby brother!
Reva is an awesome sweet pitty. She is smart and loves to learn. She loves our 9 year old son. She would rather play ball than anything! She loves her brother bear. We have had her since she was 4 weeks old.
Rosco loves to adventure and play🐾
Mia is a mini schnauzer, she loves treats and to go on runs she is very energetic, loves water and loves to give kisses!
He’s such a adorable and friendly pup.he loves people a lot specially ladies 😜
Elsie is a mini schnauzer, she loves walks the beach, naps, treats and cuddles. She is the sweetest girl and loves meeting new people!
Zane is a loving and bubbly dog he loves playing out side and sunbathing
Bear is a sweet crazy boy! He loves to play with his sister liberty and loves cuddling his humans!
Millionaire Milli
She is my little survivor ❤️ She oinks like a pig and loves to get messy like one ! She snores and loves pets and cuddles ! She adores kids and tinkles a little when she is excited! Her fav thing to do is SLEEP and she loves her training treat cookies or anything to eat really lol
Rossi loves kids and treats of course he love riding in my jeep, and walks in the park
Bruce AKA City Bruce is best known for running the streets of Chicago. He’s handsome, street smart, cuddly, and loves a good patio or trip to the grocery store.
Benji is a 6 month old schnoodle who loves to cuddle and spend time with his mommy.
She not only is a family dog but she also tracks deer
Piper is a 3 month old Aussie. She loves running outside and sitting to watch the birds. She loves to cuddle and give kisses!
Elli is the sweetest, most loving dog you could ask for! Elli loves her squeaky toys and licking out spaghettio cans! And don’t forget chasing the cats! 😻
Chiquitín Enano
The name’s Chiquitín Enano (tiny dwarf), aka Chi Chi or Cheech. I give kisses on command and love it when you rub my belly! P.S. Peep these huge ears!!!
This is Minnie she love swimming, taking baths and has personality galore. She also loves playing in the snow.
Avery May
Avery loves playing with her big brother and trying to steal every toy he has! She can shake and loves to cuddle!
Psycho is 3 years old. He likes to pose for the camera. He loves cuddles and sunbathing in the backyard with his brother.
Jersey is the goofiest, most sweetest puppy you will ever meet. I know he doesn’t look like a puppy but he is just barely 7 months and is growing super fast.
Misfit is 5 years old. He likes to sunbathe in the backyard and sometimes he thinks he’s a cat.
Samson Ziegler
Samson loves his baby duckie, he has had it since 6 Weeks old ! Second he loves his pacifier, it seems to comfort him just like a baby. Samson can release and attack. Play’s dead, crawl, fetch, drop ball, sit, stay, lay down, seeks and finds, heel on right side, pays attention while walking, helps pull me when going up hills. He knows right foot and left foot.
Ranger loves to explore! Adventures are so exciting, meeting his fans and making new friends! But exhausting for a growing puppy! When not posing for selfies with his fan club, Ranger loves to sleep on Mom's foot and get belly rubs from Dad. He's looking forward to being a "boat dog" this summer, swimming and frolicking in the water while meeting more new friends! And he hopes to meet you, too! ❤🐾❤
Sophie is a princess. She plays on her time,she cuddles on her time,she does what she wants when she wants. Sophie is a dorkie. Dauschaund and Yorkie. Best breed and calmest ever!!She is sweet and always submits. Sophie is the princess.