Baby Stories - 41


Bubba Phatz
Bubba has always had his own personality am d he loves who he loves. He NEVER forgets anyone he had a connection with. He is his own guy with a lot of love in his heart for others. He is the best dog in the world.
Merle loves to be center of attention, he loves playtime outside or playing with his humans! He is such a sweet boy & steals the hearts of those who meet him.
Koda loves to run and roll in the grass. He always has a smile on his face and is a little trouble maker
Hudson loves to run around in the snow when it’s cold outside. His favorite toys are stuffed animals.
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ❤️❤️❤️Thank you to all who helped Oliver achieve 1st place! He could not of done it without all of you, all your votes and bonuses are what put him here🥰 Oliver is part of a team so this is not just a win for him it's also a win for his teammates Gucci Lulu and Steelie ❤️❤️❤️ Oliver is 8 pounds of pure trouble! He spends his time chasing the cat, chewing on anything and everything, and creating complete chaous! He is enjoying being a puppy to the fullest! Oliver is also 8 pounds of pure joy🐾❤
Harley was also a shelter rescue. He is loyal, good looking, comical, and protective. Vote for Harley!!!!!
She’s an apple head reindeer chihuahua a happy loving /sleepy head who loves cuddles all day long 💕 blankets are her favorite 🐾she’s very attentive with emotions and loves pretty much everyone 🥰 especially if you have cheese 😋🧀
Rocky was a shelter rescue and is our best friend and companion. He is a very happy 12 year old boy!
Shyanne is a shelter rescue. She is adorable and our best senior friend
Hi my name is mochi and I am 12 weeks old . I like to cuddle and take naps.
Zoey is a loving 🥰 caring dog who loves to play with lots of friends at moms work and loves her purring siblings Ollie and Lucy along with her 3 human siblings. Zoey is an out going energetic dog who loves all. She was rescued out of a poor living situation and had been abused, but is now living her best life free from most of her fears!
Roxy is a funny playful chihuahua that loves to go in the car she loves to give kisses and cuddles, Roxy always has a smile on her face 💜☺️
Oak is a bundle of joy and so thankful for his kind spirit and cuddles. Oak had to have heart surgery when he was younger or he wouldn’t have lived past the age of 1. I may have saved his life but let’s be honest he has saved mine.
Cairo is 9 months old and just started dock diving. He also likes obedience, rally and nose work. He is our first mixed breed.
Ivy is an amazingly loving and caring dog. She gets along with all animals. Ivy has been trained as an emotional support animal and lives up to her job duties. Please vote for ivy so we can have her certified as a service dog.
Duque is such a sweet and lovable dog. Loves to play and won't get tired! 😁
Tank is a sweet, lazy, big boy that loves food. He likes everything including peppers, chips, kitty litter, and dog treats. He is not a fan of lettuce or lemons.
We call her Chloe “Kardashian” because no matter where we take her she gets everyone’s attention and they all want pictures - she is the most gentle, lovable, and affectionate dog . You can’t help but fall in love
Hershey is a 10 year old toy poodle mix. He loves his mommy & daddy so so much. He was recently diagnosed with nodular sterile panniculitis and winning this contest would help pay for his medical expenses and expensive medicine which he will need to take for the rest of his life and we are hoping that is a long time. Herhsey has the best personality and is such a loving lil guy. We appreciate all your votes and wish all the contestants luck!
Rocky is the Dad of Delta Dawn
An angel that’ll steal ur heart (and ur food if she has the chance) with her cute big eyes and ears. She’s soft and likes to snuggle
Emma is a sweet, loving puppy. She loves to give kisses and play with her big sissy.
Shaaka is 5 months old and 53 lbs, just lost all his baby teeth and loves a good game of tug of war. Every morning greets his mom w a paw shake and a great big hug!
Honey loves to try and swim! Shes not very good at swimming but she gives it an hinest try, but she loves Pup cups from Starbies or even from 7 Brew! Shes the sweetest she loves to sit in the window and car watch. She loves her treats for sure! Shes one big ole baby!
Bear absolutely loves to play! Doesn't matter if it's a plastic bottle or a ball, he'll play no matter what
Cocoa came from a treeing walker breeding male, and a beautiful blue pitbull mother.. she is a big ball of energy.. she has her post surgery onesie on because she and her big brother Diesel (8 year old red pit) will not leave her wound alone after her Spying.. this is her third one in two weeks.. lol . She loves to cuddle and be the center of attention..
Diesel is the biggest Mama's boy and is where ever she is.. he is always up for snuggles and kisses. And snores louder than dad.. this is my favorite picture of him .. only because this is how he is most of the time.. his true nature. Lol
Skye is a rescue. She and her 7 siblings were abandoned sick and dying. She and 4 of her siblings survived. She is living her best life now with her 13 year old sister Abby.
Roses are red, Violets are blue. I like to eat ice cubes, And to chase birds too. 🐕🐦
Hi, this is my handsome boy, Archie! He loves running around, going for walks, and playing with other dogs! Archie loves to snuggle and wiggle his butt whenever he’s getting attention. Archie has one brown eye and one half blue eye! He sure is a cutie! Vote for him!
Bella is a lovable 3 yr old who loves all of her toys. She is an absolute joy and has such a personality. She wishes she could play with all the rabbits in the yard.
Truly True
Truly true loves baths, to play, and to sleep with her momma. She is 3 months old and growing everyday.
She has more attitude than and teenage girl, talks back often and has a wicked side-eye. But her love and devotion to her mommy and all children is unparalleled ❤️
King loves to cuddle and play with his stuffed animals. He is a rescue dog from the hurricane in Louisiana. Now he is living his best dog life ❤
My Haydes 13 yrs old, love to just be his self,sunbathing ,laying around,,food,chewys,and mommy. Haydes was actually on WRAL news for his picture and his beauty. He is my movie star
Lumbee Davidson
Lumbee is. An American breed of Doberman.He is mommys Duplin.He loves to smile at you,he is my sons baby boy.He loves chewys,frisbee,food and a total love bug.
Fiona Dixie
Fiona is 2 yrs old, She is very active,aggressive,only female in house ,and she assumes Alfa status.She is a Daddys girl.
Roman Reigns
Roman is 2 yrs old.He loves his chewys,frisbee and his mommy.
General Lee
He was born here,Novi Sad, Serbia .He was brought here to the US and delivered to me Sept 4 2020. He loves food ,chewys,frisbee,his momma.He is mommas hip baby.
Hi! My name is Mason! I love snuggles in bed, adventures to the park, and lots of snackies. Thanks for voting! 💛🐾
Everyone loves Claire~ she is a very special puppy. She loves every animal- her favorite stuffed animal, Papi the hedgehog 🦔 , the neighborhood cats, turtles 🐢 and frogs. They come out to greet her. She gives the best hugs, and most of all she gives love when she knows someone is in need of it. Claire is the sweetest puppy ever, and I am lucky to be the one chosen to raise her❤️
Scout is 9 months old, loves to play, is very compassionate with kids and newborn babies, Scott and my 4 year old autistic son are best of friends. He is a attention seeker, very loyal.
Marley loves her ball and she loves to tell us about it via all kinds of different noises.
Delilah is the a cuddle bug and spends most of her time upside down.
She’s the sweetest little girl ever 🖤
Just a (now) 80lbs big ole mutt (pyrenees, german shepherd, presa canario & lab) who loves lounging around.
Ollie the Snowbeast loves hamming it up for the camera! This sweet girl and her 8 brothers and sisters were left in a field in Tennessee (by who, I can only assume, was the Devil) at only a few weeks old! Scrappy little fighter that she is, she persevered, and I was lucky enough to tag along on the rescue mission. I knew the moment we locked eyes - this was my baby. She loves to play with her big brother Theodore, and her favorite game is “gnaw on big brother til he gets annoyed.” And watch out for the attitude if she doesn’t get her Solid 18 in daily!