Sweet Pea
She loves ropes! She is the best with children, especially babies! She loves loves food and loves to play outside. She’s real obidient and learns fast. And even better? She’s HILARIOUS.
Bella is a little over a year old she is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet she loves every person she meets and is great around other dogs she’s very smart and loves to play with her sister Ava and cousins scout,Zoe, and Dixie. She loves tennis balls and love play with squeaky toys
Beast is momma's boy. He loves kids to elderly people and fur babies. Very easy going personality. Has mom wrapped around his little paws.
Flynn is the definition of the goodest boy! Rarely barks, loves when you take his picture and brush him! Flynn enjoys going to Starbucks to get a pup cup!
Enzo is a Good boy, like the Rivers and love the parks he have 3 years only but he is a god boy!!! Love the toy its his passion
Rally is a 20 week old Pyrenees/Border Collie. She is such a smart girl, already having mastered many skills such as: ringing a bell to go outside to potty, sit, stay, fetch, release, shake, high five & walking proudly on her leash. She loves her teddy bear, treat puzzles, camping, hiking, kids & other dogs. She has had our hearts since she was 6 weeks old.
Madi Mae
Madi Mae is a beautiful almost 1 year old blue nose pit puppy.. She loves the outdoors. Playing with the grandbabies. Her favorite toy is a pop bottle. She loves soaking up the sun. She is spoiled rotten. Loved by many.
Zoey is an incredibly smart pit bull mix. She is about a year and a half old. We found her and rescued her from the side of a road when she was about 4 weeks old. She loves to play with her older sister Dixie and younger brother Scout. She loves to play with her tennis balls and could do it for hours. She also loves to take rides in the car, and cuddle all day. She is such a good girl!❤️
Skye loves to lay in the hammock with her daddy! Skye loves hugs and cuddles! Skye especially loves to argue if she doesn't get her way!! She usually wins!
Patches is a strong and healthy boy. In 2018 he was shot in the head by a .357 and is still going today he’s strong and he’s a big ol baby. He loves everyone and he loves cuddles.
Simon is a real gentle guy that loves to play with his friends and hang out at the dog park
Turbo is 5 years old he is the oldest of 4 he loves to play and is a real pack leader
Junior is a spunky little man with a lot of energy. He loves running outside and playing with his favorite toys! He loves his big brother and he is the best little man!
Hi I am Molly, I am a 3 month old bostie , I am number three of the family, I am wild, energetic, crazy, loving , and very outgoing! I love the tiny adventures I get to go in daily with my momma and dog family , my favorite is my monkey cuddle, my special chicken treats made by momma, and I love to eat . My love for my momma is unconditional she says she is lucky to have found me but in all honesty I am lucky to have found her !!
Mika is an awesome little dog, he detects migraines and low blood sugar, he does tricks and loves to play.
Chloe is a full breed Pom she is very sassy and loves to open her own mail. She is about 6 lbs and the kitty in her pic is Mittens her best friend . You can’t let Chloe outside because she is quicker than lightning. She can be the sweetest little girl or the baddest with the worst attitude it just depends on the person. she loves her treats and will get them herself but always shares with Billy and Tucker .
My smelly melly loves her blankets! She cant get enough! She loves to cuddle and snore right in your ear! If you give her the chance she might just steal your heart ❤️
❤️❤️Thank you everyone for voting for Trevor 🥰 We appreciate each and every one of you! May God richly bless you all. 🐾🐾❤️. 🙏. 🐾🐾. Stay safe and healthy and in Jesus precious name be blessed. ____________________________________ Trevor is a lovable puppy with a big heart willing to please and play. His graduation day was a joyful event with plenty of doggie treats. His favorite thing to do is search for small perch sticks outside and bring them home. He’s got quite the collection. 🙂Trevor is very adventurous with a great passion for travel. He’s a great little buddy during our (VGH) outreaches. Trevor enjoys giving hugs to everyone. ♥️🐾🐾. ____________________________________
Beau is a 4 months old lab. He is very smart and lovable. Loves nap time and playing with other dogs/cats. He is the best and completes our little family in the most ways possible!
She is spoiled love walks only if in her stroller she has a best friend and that would be kitty and she loves sqeeky toys
We named her skinny because she was skinny an then she became fat
I my name is Dolly,my nickname is bug I like to play with my toys and I love to eat and love to get treats and I love to sleep with mom
Chico is our security dog! He makes sure the cats don't scratch the couch!
Hi! I’m Duke! I was adopted at 8 weeks old and I enjoy all the mischief. My favorite things to do are cuddle and run with my siblings.
Digger is a Chiweenie, Hes 3 months old, Very Loving & full of fun
Rocky loves to cuddle and be around his humans.. He’s a very sweet and loving little man!! He brings sunshine to our lives everyday!! He enjoys being in the yard, and going for car rides, and going to the park! But most of all just being with us!
Bubba Jo
Bubba jo had a ver rough upbringing. Dad rescued him from a crappy home, he was a present for his new mom, the very best present she has gotten. He came home to a big sister and loved her instantly even when she tried to bite him the first couple of weeks when he would go near mom and dad. His dad got told he had bad allergies and his skin would flare up if not treated. Mom had tried everything from home remedies to all allergy medicines she could buy and nothing was working so he had to go to the vet. His immune system was down and he was diagnosed with 1 out of three types of Mange, the non spreading one thankful for everyone else in the house. He was prescribed with a healing shampoo and three different types of meds. It took mom and dad three months to get his skin and coat feeling and looking better. Now he’s a chubby daddy’s boy that loves naps, loves to cuddle his sister almost as much as he loves annoying her.
Mary May Jane
Mary loves her caring for her 4 little humans, loves them even more when they feed them their snacks. She likes to gripe at her dad when he tries playing with her little brother in bed. Dad got mom brother in 2018 and she took awhile to warm up to him being the only child for a few years beforehand but now she adores cuddles from her bubba every night, as you can see in photos. She has a fear of fidget spinners and last but not least she is a mommas girl.
My Maggie ann baby girl is amazing. She is very strong girl and a fighter. She had cancer a year and a half ago and beat it and is still going strong.
Buddy loves squeaky toys and treats!
Ace is definitely one of a kind!! He LOVES to give Lovins and is most definitely a momma's boy ❤️ He enjoys playing with his toy monkey 🐒 and his baby. He loves to go on walks outside and also likes to play little tricks on his daddy and mommy. His favorite snack is ice cream and anything he isn't supposed to have lol. He is our world and we would be lost without him. He's definitely spoiled rotten ❤️❤️
Johnny Cash likes to go fishing. He loves coffee, donuts and pork chops. Cash loves his naps and is 9 years old.
I’m the goofiest pup around! I love to chew squeaky toys until it drives my family insane. I love to bite everyone’s feet as they walk past! My favorite treat is the hard water cubes! I can roll over, crawl, give paw and sit whenever I feel like listening to my hoomam.
He’s all about not listing me, and leaving the yard to go hunt rabbits he’s a hand full. If you would have meet him as a puppy and know nothing has changed. He loves tennis balls
Jax loves pecans and almost everything else. He loves rides, but will only ride in trucks. The key to Jax’s heart is butt scratches.
Lola loves snacks, rides, and naps.
Hello, I’m Colt! I love to play with other dogs, I’m great with kids, I love tennis balls, and my mom she’s the best. She’s the reason for my smile💕
Roxy is a Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix. Sweetest girl loves to play with her sister Abby and steal daddy’s seat.
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae likes to play with her toys she likes to go shopping and ride in her stroller
Leroy is a very handsome and loving pup. He is always smiling. Leroy brings so much joy to life.
Just about the cutest little trouble maker around. Loves to run around and play with everyone she meets! Favorite activity: Sleep.
Jack is a very compassionate little guy. He loves everyone and is so fun to be around. He loves to play fetch and give hugs and affection.
He is rambunctious and very playful but as sweet as ever with his cuddles
Kiba loves anything food her favorite is peanut butter. She loves to talk especially talk back when she gets in trouble
She is the most craziest but the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. She loves to cuddle especially right in your arms.