Jaxie briggs💖 the sweetest boy on earth and LOVES pup cups.
Cali has completed our family after the loss of our old dog. I got her when she was just a puppy and now she will be 7 October 9th! She loves her toys, napping, and trying to take food when someone isn’t looking. This girl keeps me on my toes, but she’s worth every second.
She loves to fetch ball and cuddle and give kisses and do tricks for treats
Lulu is the most loving and social Shar Pei and puts smiles on peoples faces all day long. Lulu is a registered emotional support dog and working on becoming a service dog. She loves to go jeeping with her peeps and play with her toys when at home. And we can’t forget her cuddle times.
diesel is the most loving dog.He talks like a human.He sits in the corner while people are eating dinner.He also loves piggy back rides and to be lifted up like an for diesel🖤 he loves to be a race dog.He also loves to have drawn eyebrows on his face.
A rescue that has had a hard life, she brings love and joy to everyone she meets
Hi, I’m Bubbles I just turned 4. I have the biggest personality and an even bigger attitude. I love toys (while certain one,) I love cuddles, I sleep in until 10, and love any treats. I am outgoing, lovable, fun, and my parents call me “pretty girl” because I’m pretty. I like to leave my white hair around so no one can forget me. My favorite color is pink.
Lizzie Lou
Lizzie Lou is a mommas girl. She loves to go for a walk. She loves to chase after toys and bring them back. She really loves playing with her big fur sister Maggie may. And she really loves her human sister.
My 9 month old wild boy has been my lifeline since I've gone thru the hardest days of my life recently..I just want something special to happen for my boy 💙
Hogan is so smart and he likes play whit balls And he likes ice cream 🍦 he is very excited when see the kids But I don’t know why he not like cats 🐈‍⬛ He likes go to the park to walks He likes whach tv
🐾🐾Hello! I’m 17 weeks old and I’m a Great Pyrenees! I love SNACKS 🍗, swimming in my pool, playing with tennis 🎾 and sleeping in my super comfy dog bed! My mom likes to take me to stores and give me treats for being a good boy! I protect her yard from moles and leaves! If we win any money mom and I agreed we’re gonna donate the monies to a great pyr rescue! 🐾🐾
Hawkeye is the sweetest pup ever! He loves to play ball and is great at sleeping.He is one of a kind
Scout is a fun loving pup always smiling and eating furniture we wouldn’t trade him for a million bucks
Taking a long maybe permanent break on this platform Ty for all your support
Danno is super sweet and just wants to be loved a packed around like a baby. He loves rocking in the rocker with momma.
Riley is the sweetest little guy ever, who loves nothing more than to give all the kisses, wiggle his little butt and follow mom EVERYWHERE! Well, and chase his sister, his liter mate around the back yard! He's sweet but can also be fiesty and just look at that face! I swear he's always smiling aka Smiley Riley. ☺️
Cash is a blue eyed puppy. He is a rescue. Cash is a loveable, playful, fully energetic puppy. He loves getting the zoomies then plopping on the couch for a lil snooze. Who can resist those beautiful blue eyes. Please vote for me♡
Emmit may only be 2lbs but he has the heart of a great dane. He rides in his stroller and barks to let everyone know that size is not everything. He thinks he is giant
Lola is a 2 years old Pinto Husky. She is very active a loving. We love going to the beach and she is learning to swim. 💞
Loves to swim and you will usually never find him with out a tennis ball in his mouth. Even when sleeping.
She’s a big baby loves her belly rubbed she’s very playful is great with children and other dogs
Hi ! I’m Leroy but my human sisters call me yoy-yoy because they can’t say that yet. I am a German Shepard blue heeler mix. I am also a tripod so I am unique. I love to snuggle with my mommy and daddy under the blankets every night. Oh and I love to give kisses
Kahlua(or Lu as we call him) is an absolute joy. He has the sweetest most outgoing personality. Loves mom and dad but is definitely a momma's boy. He spends his days playing with his dane brother and sister.
He loves to have his belly and behind his ears rubbed. He thinks everyones bed is his. At 10 weeks he has learned to give paw for his treats.
Bravo is a rescue Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix who we adopted when he was 9 months old. He is now 5 and serves as an emotional support animal for someone in our family with PTSD. He is the best!
A simple dog who enjoys the finer things in life like fine dining, relaxing walks, and sleeping for 2/3rds of the day.
Rex is the cutest little spoiled chihuahua he has a very unique personality you could be having a bad day and he always knows how to put you in a better mood and makes your days better watching him hop around like a rabbit is cute and when we take him to stores he gets so much attention due to his cuteness etc he has definitely brightened our lives
Full Bloodhound Loves to plays fetch and howl
Reesie Cup! She loves to cuddle & play! Always enjoys a treat & watching tv with me. It’s the funniest thing when she barks at the tv because she seen another dog. 😂 Love her to pieces! ❤️ we thank you for your vote! 💕💕
Vote for Sammy! Samson’s favorite things are cuddling with his mom and dad and sleeping his troubles away! His little brother Whiskey likes to drive him crazy but he’s a good big brother who will indulge his baby brother in whatever game he wants to play.
Vote for Whiskey! He’s 70lbs of fluff and love that barrels towards his mom and dad when we come home! He’s an expert at the Aussie Sploot, loves to chase toys, and his favorite game is tug!
Chiquita is the most sweetest dog. She loves stealing everyone’s socks and hiding them under the bed. Her favorite food is pizza, and I mean FAVORITE! She howls soooo cute when she’s excited! Vote for me! 🥰
McGee is min-pin jack russel. He was so full of energy from the moment he was born. I have never seen a smaller dog with as long of legs as his. I call him him my giraffe. How many toys does one need? I dont know. Ask him? He gets a new one every week and he plays with them all. Just look at that kennel. He brought all those in himself.
Kirby is a corgi Chihuahua mix. I adopted him in January. Love at first sight. He loves walks he loves being outdoors. He loves snuggle time. He’s got the best personality and I couldn’t have found a better best friend.
Willow loves to be okay with her toys she also loves to be hugged..She listens and obeys. Willow loves to go to the dog park and go on long walks..
Skye Crank
Skye is the grand dame of our household. She's given us nothing but joy for nine years! She's a playful, loving good hearted dog and she adores children, cheese, bread, running and her pack. Her nickname is Skittles ;)
Henry is 1 years old and is a Great Bernese, Great Pyrenees, and Newfoundland. He likes getting all the attention and car rides.
His family and his brother and sister Ricky and Lucy. Toby's 11 year old Springer spaniel. He is very laid back and enjoys just being Toby laying around the house and taking it easy.
He loves kids playing with any type of squishy ball and he loves any type of potato that's why he looks like one.
Roxy loves to play fetch and she loves to chew on her toys and trail walks and going to the dog park
Reasons to vote for Autumn. She’s the one dog you wanna pour you’re heart out to you and her response is shaking her head and giving you kisses. Also she can say I Love You. A true best friend and a family member you can lean on when you can’t trust anyone else.
Reasons to vote for Akiza. Akiza has This huge heart that will make you keep on you’re feet. she is a service dog just like her brother. Also vote for her so she can beat her brother.
Reason why you should vote for talon. He’s a service dog and he loves people. He’s a good boy. Also so he can beat his sister Akiza.
Axel is a three month old Boxollie - A cross between the playful Boxer and the clever Border Collie.
Jude Claire
4 years ago, this magnificent beast and I rescued each other. Nothing has been the same since. 🤍 🐾 🤍