Marley is a huge bundle of joy! He is very loving and has an amazing, unique personality!
Gummy Worm
Wormy loves to sun bath, play with his bones, snuggle under the covers with his mama and papa, and absolutely loves car rides! ESA certified and the best ham bone around!
Puma absolutely hates having his picture taken. I was so thrilled when I captured this adorable photo of him.
Capone is about 9 months old. And my best friend. He has soooo much energy. We have a good time together
Bailey is so loving and very active she loves to play fetch and bring back the ball to you. She is very protective about my grandchildren. She is just a loving puppy.
Puma is a American Pit bull terrier who loves to play and cuddle. His favorite thing to do is go on walks and play with his big sister. Right now he’s in the process to be trained to be my emotional support dog.
My Senior dog....11 years old despite his health issue with seizures he has always been there He loves walks for dressing up
My wild child
Hello my name is Zeus!! Im a pure bread Staffordshire Pitbull. I love playing with my kong toys, running around outside, taking walks, and spending time with my loving family. I am also very very smart and I know lots of cool tricks! I am always such a sweet and loving smiley boy!♥️ Winning this contest would help my mom and dad out tremendously!!
hi my name is jace! i’m a catahoula leopard dog, and i just turned 1! i enjoy car rides, walks through the country, and playing fetch! i’m very smart and the most loving boy ever!💙🐶
Buddah is a 3yr old 3.7lb Yorkie who is obsessed with her mommy and loves to grin at you when she does something she is not supposed to do . She loves her 6 fur siblings and her 3 human siblings but Don’t want them by her mom. She loves going out side to sunbathe and to bark at the birds . She loves car rides and snuggling to her kitty sibling. Her favorite snack is pepperonis and her favorite food is moms home made chicken and carrot casserole … her older sibling Lottie is her mentor and she does everything Lottie tells her to …. She is an amazing companion and a great little sister ….
Lottie is an 8 year old babydoll who loves attention, Car rides, Socks and her 6 other siblings, She was a rescue who had a very rough life that she fought 6 months to keep and Now has a home to call her forever. She has 6 fur siblings and 3 human siblings she will protect no matter what . She is the most loyal companion and without any training has became a seizure alert for her human mother all on her own… she is the perfect pet and would do anything she is able to show you what you mean to her …
Lolo has a character thats all him. He loves ribeyes lol. And he loves his mommy
Cain is an all white maltese. He loves to play and likes to cuddle.. He is always full of energy & likes to get into things.. He’s a very loving dog..
Karly is an all white maltese. She likes to play sometimes, but she mostly loves to be held and cuddle.. She’s an amazing and loving dog..
Ivory is a very good girls she love kids and loves to cuddle
He’s very playful and loving! Loves to give kisses🐶❤️
He's a pure blood blue pitbull, He looks feirce and mean but he's the most loving and wants to give kisses
Remi needs your vote!!! She is sweet, playful and a light that shines bright!!!
Daizy Mae
My name is Daizy... mom calls me babygirl alot. I love going for rides, walking around at the park and sun bathing.. Mom and I have a great understanding relationship, i bark, she feeds
He had his own personality. He's defiantly the prince and he knows it.
Brady rescued us in Jan 2011. This sweet, loving boy loved kisses and cuddling. Unfortunately, Brady crossed over the rainbow 🌈 bridge last week at 14 1/2 yrs old. He gave us 11 years of unconditional love and will forever be in our hearts 💕
Hi!! Im Willow, I absolutely adore when my owners grand kids come over such as the one that enterd me in this, you can here me a howling to say yhere here there here!! I love playing fetch but not bringing the tennis ball back. I love swimming but dont like baths, and i love my little ducky squeaky toy, you can see me carrying it around when i have it!!
Kiki is very loving and likes to cuddle with her big brother. She is the sweetest puppy.
Hello!!! My name is Kiko, im known as a Deer Head Chihuahua, and i love to travel. I also love posing for pictures, my daddy always find great spots for it. Im a sucker for treats and love cuddles.
This is Dakoda Weatherby but we call her baby Koda! She loves water! Ponds, lakes, rivers, rain and even snow!
Millie is a sweet girl who is extremely energetic and loving!!💖 We got her as a stray at a shelter in our area. We saw pictures posted online of this sweet pup and had to put in an application for her!! She is said to be a Collie Mix - we are thinking with maybe shephard of some sort and husky 💜 Poor girl is teething so bad right now, but we are doing our best to spoil with toys to sooth her aching gums. Mommy and Daddy love you so much, Silly Millie! 🥰 We are blessed 💖
My name is koda, im my humans bestfriend. I like to lick the walls and the ground for fun. I dont catch if my human throws me treats i let it hit my face. However i love to roll over and shake and love swimmkng and long walks
We rescued Saxe from an abusive home 2 years ago and he's the best thing to ever happen to our family. He's a loving, funny, energetic dog who is our kids best friend.
Chevy is an half chocolate lab half pitbull master of lazyness he loves taking toys from other animals but he also loves hanging around his people
Hi my name is stella, im a blue heeler and im almost 7 years old. I LOVE water, water hoses, water buckets, rivers and creeks and my swimming pool. I also LOVE to talk! I have alot to say and so many things to herd! I LOVE LOVE to chase cows but i was never taught how to do it correctly so when my human mom tried to get the cows in i always take them right back out! Unfortunately i was demoted to the rat assassin and im the best rat assassin around!
Hey I’m Maverik! I just turned two and love spending time with my siblings and my mom. I enjoy daily yoga stretches on mom and lounging around. My favorite toy is the Kong frisbee! I also love to sleep on the stair and be in everyone’s way. I love adventures and making new friends!
Logan Paisley
Logan is a wild card she is in tune with feelings of us but she would rather lat by herself. Loces walks and going bye bye
Playful pup how likes to play out side and with his stuff toys. But when he wants to go in he pulls you in literally 😂 🤣
Baxter Peyton
Baxter is a loving baby he loves cuddles and kisses. But he can also get agressive when it comes to his toys
Blue loves kids..and loves going on walks ..Hes only 2 so hes still learning alot of things loves chasing after balls and wrestling around qith the boys.
Zion is a force and a famous one at that. He has a slew of human admirers who must say, “Hi, Zion!” each time he’s out and about. He’s the strong, not so silent type who loves hiking, people watching, and chasing squirrels.
Blue is my emotional support dog I never knew how attached you could get to an animal until blue he's always there my good and my bad days I can always put a smile on my face I love this guy More than words
Wilson is a three month old dachshund who loves to play outside, pick up sticks three times his size, and take lots and lots of naps.
she’s a husky german shepherd mix
Hello, my name is Tripp! I enjoy whipped cream, peaches, and being held like a baby.
Hi, I’m Wilder. I’m my mommy’s shadow where ever she goes. I am also a PRO in cuddling. Aren’t I just the sweetest with those big curly ears 💕
Dexter is a gentle giant. He loves to rescue baby birds and insects. His absolute favorite thing to do is roll around in the grass and dig very large holes uprooting all of the trees in the garden.
Teddy is 11 1/2 weeks old Teddy's right front paw looks like a bear claw it has 5 toes and his left paw only has 2 toes. Teddy loves to pose for the camera. Teddy also goes by ready bear. Teddy got his name by the look of his front paws. Look at his cute little bear claw grabbing his toy.
Bella loves to chase cats & play fetch with balls and loves whipped cream and eating meat & she especially loves and sleeps with her human momma every night of the week/ weekend! Bella also loves to play and run at the dog park and go for long walks.
Keno is the caboose to our family. He was born on Valentine's Day and is such a good cuddle buddy.
Sugar is a one of a kind puppy dog :) she is Papillion part chihuahua. She likes car rides with mommy and daddy. Hanging out with grandma and grandpa, and she loves hanging out with her other 3 siblings as well :)
Bailey, came to me when she was about 2 months , I think. She is very lovable, loves to run and chews all her blankets up. Loves cuddles and loves other dogs!!