Nevaeh is 4 years old! And is a very very smart dog! She loves playing fetch and tug-of-war with her siblings! Very smart breed
Duke loves to sing when he isnt being a plant.
Drago loves to sleep and play fight with his Dad. He loves his treats and chasing the ducks out of the yard.
Boudreaux loves kids, other animals. His favorite toy is “Baby Shark”. He loves long walks, chasing his own tail. He’s a big baby when it comes to children. He loves to run and jump and play 💖
Sandy is a very lovable dog. Loves her gourmet cookies and her stuffed toys!!!
Zaxton Kai
Zax is a 9 week old Cane Corso. He loves to snuggle, roll in his bed, eat dandelion fluff, and go for car rides. Zax hopes to one day be a PTSD service dog!
Sophie is a fun loving dog. She likes to play with her brother dogs and one brother cat. She is the best little girl you could have.
Wilson came to us a year ago next month. He is 8yrs old. His "human" mom passed away to cancer. We were blessed to asked to take him. He has an autoimmune disease and has fought his battle all year.
Blaze is 11weeks old and loving life so far! He loves running around outside playing with his 3 human brother and cuddling up with mom and dad💙
Hi, my name is Malibu! I am a Pug, Pomeranian, and French Bulldog mix and I am 4 months old! I really love my parents, my sissy, and all my fur siblings! My best friend is Mya; my mom’s black lab. I like to jump on her and tug on her ears! I love meeting new because of the attention but sometimes I get stranger danger! Overall tho, I am a fun, loving, playful , and energetic dog!
She is sweet as sugar and loves chasing squirrels.
Dixie is a 1 year old Merle Yorkie and has so much energy. She loves to cuddle and meet new human friends! She follows mommy everywhere she goes and is always making her smile.
Something about Nala well where do I start?! I rescued her from a neglectful and abusive home in OKC, OK along with the black little one in the pics. They are both thriving and doing very well. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. Really loves to meet new people and animals....the rabbits don't like her cause she wants to play with them and they don't, lol. She likes to play fetch and go shopping weather at tractor supply or Petco. She always takes toys off the shelves to try them. She thinks she needs to try out the treats too but I take the bag from her before she can tare into it, lol she is my baby girl and she knows it too.
She’s 10 months old, loves to cuddle, go on walks and make lots of friends at the dog park. She’s kind and loves her sister
Tina is obsessed with cheese my son once found a stash of 6 cheese packets that she hid
Mookie loves to cuddle. He is a mixed breed(mom: Australian shepherd & Golden Doodle, Dad: Black Lab & Pointer)boy. Very friendly and loves playing outside.
Milo is a very happy, out going, energetic 15 week old puppy! She loves to play with stuffed animals, cuddle her family and play with them. She loves to go outside to sniff around and play!
Dad to all our “Kids”. Great Boy!!!
Hellooo I’m Harley, I’m a 4 year old German Shepard. Time flys having fun with the family. I love running, sleeping, playing, treats, stealing my moms softballs and etc.
Freyja is a 3 month old American bully who love's relaxing on the couch and playing outside!
Weslie Thomas
Weslie is a fun loving St Bernadoodle. Hes 100 pounds and the center of my world
I love Cuddles, doing zoomies and greeting everyone that comes to my mamas door! My favorite food is chicken and rice! I have a favored toy bear that I like to chew on and toss around.
Hi my names Piper, I’m 9 weeks old, and I live with my mom and dad! I love cuddles and giving kisses. I am kinda crazy at times I love to chase my tail, and to run my mom to death in the front yard! If I win and get this money, it will help my mom with her college tuition! Please vote for me! roof roof🐾🐶
Frosty Copper
Adopted my 2 year old best friend.He loves everything and everyone.
Dozer is such a sweetheart, he loves cuddling, playing, and getting treats.
Asha is five months old and a very fast learner. She love bones, dresses and chasing our cat. She also likes to go shopping with me 🥰
Alfie Bear
Alfie Bear is a gentle giant weighing in at about 130 lbs and turned 2 in Dec. He is a floofy loving goofball adolescent dog in a huge body that is more agile then you expect from a big dog🐾
Casey is a well-behaved 4-month-old German shepherd he loves to play fetch and he loves going to the park and running and he protects and looks over his owners he is a very good dog loving and caring
Apollo love his family and ripping up toys , dog toy Oo and treats all that treats
Loretta Lynn
Sweet baby girl
Max is a loving boy, who loves to go for walks and play with his friends at the dog park. He is 1 1/2 years old.
Ronald Reagan
Reagan is my best friend. He went blind at 6 and though we could tell he went black because he always liked to run on the ocean and then one day he just sat there. He’s still ongoing at 12 and if God granted him the ability to talk and Reagan used that ability to tell me “I Wuv you” I would tell him to shut up because I already know. I love my boy.
Buster is 10 wks he loves to play with his toys hes a great pup
Trouble is a spunky malamute mix who loves to cuddle. His favorite activity is runninv and playing with his sister and dad.
Full of energy, puppy kisses, and cuddles.❤️
A bundle of joy who loves to chew on everything! But you cant get mad look at her🥺
Ducky is a 3 year old English bully ... she loves car rides and donuts ... and loves to hangout with her humans ☆ each day is a new day of love and getting fat.... we love our ducky
Oogy is fun and good with children. Is fast exspecially when theres a rabbit involved. Likes to play fetch with the kids.
My Harry is a 5 month old Chihuahua. He loves to give kisses and play. He loves his treats. He sleeps on my head at bed time. I am so glad that I got him, he is my best friend. I love him so much
My name is Taz and I've been told that I'm one of the sweetest derpy-est goobers around!
Zeus loves playing with his big brother Whiskey, eating everything and sleeping. He likes to update his FB followers 😉 He thinks he’s a celebrity.
Nova Belle
Nova is about 9 weeks old. She loves playing with her toys and being with her mom and dad. She is super sweet and already knows how to sit on command. Her favorite toys are her owl and monkey. She is so cute and loves meeting people
Marry loves to play fetch and hike during her free time, she cant say no to a treat,she definitely must show you her ball about 10 times just to be sure you saw it, and if she whips you with her tail that means she likes you!
He loves playing with his sidekick older sister and older brother , please vote for my fur baby he’s 8weeks old
This is Bentley, he loves playing ball and loves giving kisses! 🥰🥰
Allie is very energetic she loves running around, jumping, loves cuddles.