Baby Stories - 40


Sky is very friendly and energetic dog. He loves his milkbones and dog toys. He also loves to run around very fast and takes his naps
Polo loves hanging with his brother Chase and eating! He's our laid back boy, loves to relax.
baby drako has neurological problems 🥺
Sawyer LOVESSS rolling around in the snow! He thinks he’s a lap dog, and is always down for cuddles.
She’s so ugly she’s cute she makes really weird faces! She loves to play and cuddle! Ellie is 8 years old and haves lots of sass Her favorite movie is Shrek and she loves to snack on Doritos!
Wonder Pet
Wonder pet was a rescue from the shelter on Valentine’s Day back in 2014. I was hesitant if he would be are good dog, and he was and more! He’s sweet, couch potato and loves to love. He was there in my darkest time to the best of times! He’s truly a girls best friend. So the real question is who saved who?
Hi I am Teddy.I loves to meet new people and make them smile😍❤️Please help me Win 🐶🐶
Hi guys! I’m Emma, I may be small but These three pounds are packed full of adventure! I love camping, hiking, white water rafting with my mom and dad and basically anything that gets me outside!
Baxter Gregory
Baxter loves playing tug of war, walks, playing in the snow, he loves people.
Koda is a 14 week old German Shepard who traveled upwards of 600+ miles to get to his furever home! He is an esa for his mom and enjoy chewing socks, feet and waking mom up in the middle of the night to cry about silly things
Sasha is 9 weeks old and has a huge personality and loves her momma!
Freya is a goofy German shepherd who loves her tennis balls. If she gets a squeaky animal toy she will definitely rip its limbs off first. She loves to give kisses to everyone she can. She will jump or tackle you to kiss your face. So full of love and energy, don’t forget the belly rubs please!
Lainey Lou
Lainey Lou is a mini doodle who loves to chase leaves, snuggle with her hoomans, and protect the house from squirrels. She has the biggest heart and greets everyone with kisses and bunny hops
Pippa is a Anatolian Shepherd/Pyrenees mix. She’s a happy dog and loves to play.
This little 12 pound Miniature Australian Labradoodle is full of sass 💁‍♀️ silly as can be 😜 but smart as a whip!👩‍🎓 Best of all, she’s as sweet as candy🍬to her baby brother and always watching over her big brother! Check out her story: @minnie_the_labradoodle 🐾
Gia is an 8 month old Norwegian Elk Hound - Fox Terrier Mix. Her favorite hobbies include playing with her soccer ball in the snow, stealing socks, and giving everyone kisses!
I like grass
Hi my name is Drake! I love swimming in the lake. Getting belly rubs are good too! My favorite is playing fetch I could play ALL day long! And my favorite toy is my duck 🦆😆
Hi I’m hale! I’m a German Shepard who is obsessed with water! I also love to play with my mom and dad, chase squirrels, and of course nap on my mom and dads bed!
A year ago I was shot in the leg And was taken to animal control right before the shutdown I was worried that was not going to find a new home. As this family was moving They came to the shelter I was not letting anybody touch-me-not even the officer they came for 3 days straight to see me and to claim down On the 3rd day my new mommy in my new little sister adopted me and remove the bullet from my leg have been unseparated ever since.. its now been a year and my mom trains me everyday and I enjoy it very much... I help around the house with feeding the other animals that i helped saved and helping my mom with other chore. Such as shopping, laundry, dishes and if there is a medical issue, im there...i enjoy everyday of my new life and help that my sisters and mom are helping me find my new gifts in best friends are my family, and the kittens and chickens that i helped saved..
Burkley is the true definition of a wild animal. She is very passionate about all kinds of foods, loves to snuggle when she’s sleepy, loves anybody who shows her attention, and LOVES to howl and cry when she is expressing her love to others. Everybody who meets Burkley falls in love with her beautiful and lovable self.
Duke is my best friend. She loves every one
This is Callie Mae she is 4, 5 in April. We had rescued her in Oregon April 19th so she has been with us for nearly a year! We are her 3rd owners that we know of, she couldve had more who knows. She is so sweet, has a beautiful personality, but skiddish to someone new. She was very scared of us at first but once she knew we were her last and forever home she had softened up to us. Callie loves sleeping, posing for pictures, and LOVES the snow and to roll around in it. She is just the sweetest girl with the biggest heart. We love her. ❤
Adaline aka Addie is a hard working pup! She is constantly busy working on the farm, going to work with mom and playing outside! Addie wants to be a therapy dog when she grows up working along side mom in her equine therapy program!
Kuzco will be a year in March. He defiantly keeps our lives interesting & is very spoiled! He has the biggest personality & LOVES to talk. He can shake and open doors. He’s our crazy loving pup!
Bella is our special runtweiler. Sge is 4 years old and is less than half the size of a full grown rott. She has a huge personality and is super loving.
Callie Jo
she is the sweetest girl you will meet! she loves running and playing with her siblings and loves napping with her momma, she is very smart and silly and will do anything for a treat!
She is my little baby girl. She loves to play and run. She loves her mommy and daddy. She is so sweet and loves everyone
Hootie is a 6 year old golden/lab mix. I adopted her from the Guide Dog Foundation as a puppy. She has idiopathic epilepsy but thank God her meds keep it under control. She is a sweetie who loves cuddles.
Boone is the sweetest bloodhound! He loves going for rides in the truck, and playing fetch outside. Please vote for Boone!
Luna is a spunky & lovable little girl! she is obsessed with all her squeaky toys & a complete mommas girl♥️
Chewy is a shichon who is a spoiled mommas baby and loves treats everyday!!
She loves her booties in the winter to keep her paws dry and clean! Also, loves toys, treats, and is beyond spoiled but we call it loved❤️
Tippy is my new spunky little shih tzu! She is lovable and so tiny.
Kota loves treats, toys and playing with her cousin! She loves to sing and talk back. She is full of energy and loves to get scratches.
My name is Maci. I love playing in the snow and cuddling. My favorite thing to do is play with all my toys and going for rides in my daddy’s truck. Vote for me!! :)
Roezie Rae -loves Chick-fil-A nuggets -spoiled -loves to get the squeaky out of toys -sleeps in between her mom and dad -loves to smile -biggest BABY ever ❤️👑🐶🎀
Willow Armadillo
Hello my name is willow I am 9 months old I love to make trouble my favorite thing to do Is chase birds and chew up all mom and dads stuff I am a German bird dog with tons of energy and plenary of room to Run and play with the other dogs
Bandit has survied parvo but his siblings sadly didnt and he is a big teddy bear,and hes very intelligent
My boy Randy saved my life so many times due to Seizures I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for him he’s done so much for me Now it’s time for his recognition on how much of a beauty he is
Simba was born on my birthday at 11:24 at night.
Argos loves belly rubs, tennis balls, squeaker toys, and most importantly peanut butter.
Chase loves to hang out with his brother. He loves giving hugs and love, he's a very loving boy!
Puppy is a very unique dog. He is a 3 year old Pitt beagle mastiff mix. He loves walks ,, car rides and squeaky toys and his momma
Mishka loves stretching out in the middle of the hallway, in front of the cabi et or toilet, or on half of the bed! She also enjoys short walks in the park with her golden pal, Raphhie
Koda loves playing in the snow and sleeping in the weirdest places (bathtub, next to the toilet, and even in his water bowl)😂he always hates bath time, but likes sticking his head in the shower❣️😅
Nala, (nard dog) is a pitthuahua (Pitbull-chihuahua) who is absolutely the sweetest. She loves food, kisses, cuddles, and naps.