This is friday. Friday was rescued by us from an abusive owner a few years ago and is now living his best life. Friday is very happy now and is being treated with lots of love. Friday is very spoiled and is a good boy!!
Handsome and humble.
Sweetest girl in the world.
Simon the stud is a blue Merle bernedoodle born on New Year’s Day, he’s a playful loving little fur ball
Brindle is a huge baby. He wants nothing more than to be held n rocked. He absolutely loves to go riding in our truck for he knows he gets to go inside rural king n pick out a toy. His favorite snack is kraft cheese. Brindle never meets a stranger but beware he will protect this mama. Ive never seen a dog such as brindle who will bring stray kitten home n love on it as if hes the dad. Brindle is mixed boxer n pit. There is a sad story that follows brindle. A year ago in November his vet gave us horrible news. She said brindle had a rare blood condition & a very rare type cancer. Brindle had not shown any type of issues at all. My heart was broken to hear this news. Vet said only thing possibly be done was go to va tech for surgery but even after that he would have to go chemotherapy n radiation from then on. This type cancer doesn't go away just keeps spreading to other parts. Vet said if he didn't have any procedures he possibly could have 2 years. So far its been a year. After long consideration n 2nd opinion our conclusion was to leave it be n let brindle live rest days happy n playing until he begins to show declining in health. At moment no one could see he is sick. He still plays as though hes still pup n eats n runs. But once he shows signs of pain n decline health ill spoil him even more N love n cuddle until the day i have to lay him to rest.
Nanny Marie Cook
Nanny is a 2-year-old Pitbull she's my emotional support dog if you hadn't been for her she saved me from a lot of turmoil to myself she's lovely she's a good dog she'd rather kiss you and lick you to death and bite you she wants you to play with her with their toys play tug of war she wears me out I'm 67 years old but I love her to death I wouldn't give nothing for her
My little Pittie in Pearls. She loves cuddling with her mommy
Runner and gets the ball right away as soon as its release, sociable and very friendly. He loves kisses and attention and definitely bark if you don’t say hi to him.
This is Stella! Fun loving frenchie! She loves everyone haven’t found one person she doesn’t like yet! She loves kids and cats too!
Bailey Dog is very playful, full of mischief and always seeking attention
Ceecee is a Shiatsu-Toy Poodle mix. She is quite the spunky lil pup. She loves playing "peek-a-boo" and getting belly rubs. Ceecee is very loving and will keep you smiling ear to ear! :)
Star is the sweetest girl, who gives you hugs right when you walk in the door! She loves giving kisses to show you she cares about you.
he’s a very friendly and loving boy!!!!❤️
Avalanche loves snow, steak and cuddles
Molly is a rescue we adopted. She is very sweet and is now in a loving home. She loves to play with her squeaky toys and stuffed animals. She loves to go to the park to run and play.
Prince William
Prince is so charming!! Loves to be around his family and home, beautiful soul inside and out!
Very good dog ,sweet and cuddly ,with amazing eyes❤️
Peanut is a loving dog once she gets to know you. She's smart and knows so many commands. She also likes someone once she learns their name and she does remember. She loves her Mama 💕 unconditionally. Her Mama loves ❤️ her the same. She loves to be outside and loves to fetch and catch and chasing her tail. She is loved ❤️
Ludo the little brother of Rock .
Rock the older brother of Ludo.
Storm love to cuddle, he is super sweet, dose not like cheese, and hates cold weather and to run.
Coco is such a a small lil girl with a big heart. She loves her mommy and daddy.ahe wants in our lap all the time but her lil 4 pound body is spunky
Alastor is only about 4m old. He loves to chew on his bone and Mr Gator toy. He also loves to snuggle
Chanel is a 2-year-old Yorkshire Terrier. She is energetic, smart, and so much fun to be around. We actually don't know what we would do without her. She is just a joy to play with and such a well-behaved little dog. Her favorite thing is playing ball and she retrieves the ball for hours at a time.
He is a very good pup who loves to bark and give lovings
Dakoda is a catahoula leopard dog that loves hunting! Her favorite food is sardines!
Buddy is very energetic. He loves his pontoon rides because he sticks his head out the front of the pontoon and lets his ears fly. He loves his cuddles and playing. He is a black mouth cur/fell terrier mix. Remember to always put food high up on the counter he does steal your heart and food.
Itsy Bitsy
She is so loving. Very smart loves to cuddle. She loves to play with her toys. Cold not ask for a better fur baby.
Bella Boo
Bella is a sweet yorkie and love toys and loves to love on u and chase after toys
She loves to cuddle, loves to be cute and she loves everyone she meets 🩷
My Psychiatric Assist Dog, My whole world. On a mission to make people smile. Silly, Attention seeker. Loved by so many.
This is Duke. He’s 1 years old. He loves cuddles, car rides, smiling, and showing off his tricks. He is the sweetest boy <3
Chevy is always up to playing with his stuffed babies and being rotten! Always up for some cuddles and loves his treats.
She is a very playful dog. She loves to play with sticks! She is my first dog and she is very loving and caring. Right now she is having problems with her bladder but she still playing with her sticks!
He likes to play fetch with sticks
He plays soccer like pele
Sweet Pea
Sweet pea loves soft fuzzy blankets always wants to be wrapped in hers or scratches for me to pick her up and put her under mine
He’s a fun, loving, a cutie, snuggle bug he loves water, cuddles, running,playing fetch, and other dogs
Cozmo loves to give me hugs very lovable
Roxxie is a puggle she's 6 months old
She is a rescue I rescued last May that is full of life. She loves to play with her friends at the park. She is so loving and cuddly to her family. She has a way of melting hearts. I know she melted mine. She never let her start in life take away her love for life, play and people. Please vote for Destiny 🐕
Buttercup is very playful, and she loves her squeaky toys, but she also loves her naps with her momma
Milo is a chow chow pit. He is 1. He’s super friendly and loves people!
Wynter is really shy. But when she is with her friends, she is playful.
Kota is a chihuahua/ sheperd mix rescued at 6 months old from Puerto Rico. She is the most loving, intelligent, gentle soul. She loves cuddles, chasing squirrels, ice cubes, and her dog brother Milo!
This is my baby bro Festus! He turned 1 year old today! My mom has always been a cat person but became Gram to my fur babies and decided she was a dog person too! Festus is her 1st dog! He is her baby! He hates wearing clothes, chews up his blanket and humps her arm! Hes a very sweet boy though and very handsome so he needs your vote so we can pay to send him to obedience school lol. Then he will be perfect!!!!!! Festus is the bestus! Please vote for him! Thanks!
This is Harley Quinn! Some say she was a foster fail but we call her a foster win! I got this gorgeous girl when she was 5 weeks old and after 3 days she had found her forever home! When she was a baby she would throw her head back and say woo woo woo like a wolf and chomp her teeth together like she was tough. We decided she needed a name that showed that toughness so that is how she became Harley Quinn after the character from Batman. She is my shadow and my best friend! She loves wearing clothes and giving kisses and belly rubs! She can do circus tricks and loves playing with her brother Mugsy! She was and is a wonderful addition to our family! Please vote for my baby! Shes the prettiest girl in the world! Thanks!