Baby Stories - 40


He loves to cuddle, playing his toys! His a big teddy bear 🧸
Odessa is a Siberian Husky/German Shepherd dog. She's one year old puppy. She's really affectionate and loves to play with people and dogs! She gets along with all kinds of dogs. Shes very stubborn lol but she does learn her tricks fast.
I rescued Tesla from a shelter in Ohio! She is named after my late dad's favorite 1980s rock band. She is basically a chihuahua mutt! A whole 3.5 pounds when i got her. She is hilarious! She always sploots with her back legs flat behind her! She loves her toys, her bones, meal time and me!
Tucker is 9 months old and the sweetest boy!!! He loves everybody he meets!! Loves nap and chasing a ball!!
My junkyard dog. Junkyard momma dog had puppies and this one is ours! She’s all about love and cuddles 💜
We literally found this gem of a fur baby on the side of I-10 in Brookshire. Thus her name Brooke. She’s such a protector! Sweet demeanor and so lovable. 💜
Bella B
Bella B! What do i say? She has the most personality out of any dog I've ever met or had. I call her my Sour Patch Kid (just like the commercials, lol). She even knows when I spell the word T-R-E-A-T😆
Unfortunately freckles is no longer with us, last week he had a seizure which caused severe brain damage and he was also diagnosed with terminal cancer. We love and miss him so much 😢
Love to cuddle you and to be played with. She’s very loving and very protective. Loves taking photos
Vakita is a very loving pup. She has raised 9 kittens as her own. Her personality wins people over everwhere she goes. She means the world to us!
Hello my friends, my name is Jazmine, I just turned 9 years old and live with my daddy aka my best friend in the whole wide world! We do everything together, he never leaves me home alone for long and I always stay right by his side wherever we go. I love little kids, especially my two crazy little humans cousins and would protect those boys with my life! I love long walks on the beach, playing with my doggie friends, TREATS, playing fetch (dad says I can’t right now until my knee heals), car rides with dad and making my dad and all of our human family laugh when we visit them. I love almost all people and I wish so many people that don’t know me wouldn’t be a-scared of me just cause I’m a rottweiler, I promise I wouldn’t hurt a fly.
She is a three year old pomsky the best dog ever
Hi my name is Roman. I love to learn new things all the time. Playing ball is my favorite activity other than snuggling my mama and my sister Remi.
Hi, my name is Remi. I am a Boxador that loves to run and play with my brother, Roman. That and snuggle my mom and chance I get.
Remi is a aussie merle pit mix and a very special pup. She has been born with an extremely rare condition where all her joints in her body are wearing down and her liagments are very loose. Even though she has this condition she is a super happy, funny, free spirited, loving and smart pup. She is on medication to help her through this and hopefully i can find someone to help her that knows about her condition. For now i enjoy every minute i have with this little angel!
Hello, my name is ~Asha~I am a friendly Yorkie who loves attention and I will twirk for you when you greet me.
Hi my name is Dixie Im 2 1\2 yrs old I have a brother & Sister, who i love to tussle with. My hobbies include: laying with mommy, playing, hiding food from my siblings cause my big brother is hog sometimes. Lol, watching tv, going outside, cuddling & hiding under the covers when mommy decides to keep it like Alaska in the house.. Brrrr!!
Sniper is a silver lab. He is very gentle and sweet. He LOVES babies. Fun fact, Sniper is a dock diving master!
Penny is a perfectly playful pup. She is incredibly smart, gentle and loving. She loves to cuddle and be near her hoomans.
Jax is the boss but full of love. He’s the sweetest little guy, full of snuggles and hugs. When he’s not bossy and full of love, he’s a standup comic. Jax can entertain a crowd.
Cudi is my oldest boy and my sexy man. He loves to eat num nums and bark at any noise he hears. He is such a sleepy boy and is always happy to see momma and papa.
Cooper is my beagle boy and is the youngest. He loves to lay in my lap or in med next to me. He enjoys going for car rides and playing outside. He is very vocal and is such a momma's boy.
Chewbacca is super sweet and loves to lick anyone's nose! He is always wagging his tail and ready for a new toy! He enjoys laying in my lap under a blanket or being in the bathtub.
It’s Moose’s world we’re just living in it 💙
She has a great personality and is so loving!
Tucker is a rescue and such a sweet lovable boy. He loves to play with his tennis balls and his brother Max.
Max is a Great Pyrenees Mix and Ollie is his kitty cat. Max is the sweetest, most loving cuddle bug ever.
Sora loves chewing anything and everything! He also loves cuddling!!!
Memphis is a very sweet boy. He is a cross between a damation and an Australian Shepard.
He's such a sweet boy, loves to play ball and loves his affection! 7 years young
He is a trained dog and he likes food
Leo is our newest family member. He is only two months old and LOVES the backyard and exploring!
My name is Jaxson, I am 2 years old and love to take long walks anywhere. My favorite toys are tennis 🎾 Balls. I love to play catch. I love cuddling with my mom!
Jake is a Pomsky, he’s 1.5 years old and he is the sweetest, cutest little blue eyed Boy. He has an awesome personality and is extremely comical. I call him “tushy” a lot because he has a really Cute butt, and he responds :-)
Willow is a pure blood hound. She is a very sweet girl. She loves to give daddy hugs and loves her older brother Charlie. Yes, her ears are wonderful. She is 5 months old and weighs 52 lbs.
Kali is my wild child. A never ending fur ball of energy. She loves to play fetch and catch her Frisbee with some amazing jumps.
Annie is so sweet snd gentle. She loves everyone, but especially kids. She has chased a bear out of our camp, then came back to stay right next to my granddaughter. Herbest trick is saying "I love you"
Baxter is a mixed breed male dog. He is 1 year old Russell Terrier and Lab mix. Baxter can sense anxiety in humans and calm someone during a panic situation. Baxter can also alert adults if a child is in trouble. He is very well behaved with kids, adults and dogs. Baxter loves to play, sleep and travel.
Remington June
Remington is such a rambunctious, loving, and playful pup. She is so full of love and her markings prove it, as she's got a heart on her nose and a heart over her right eye. This girl loves attention and her bones are her favorite ❤️
She is to smart for her own good, but she loves my son who is,in the picture she has let him hold her like a baby since we brought her home at 8 weeks, total trust from this girl
He is a sweet boy, the chair he is in is his and he gets mad when his sisters take his chair he will come over and pout like he is saying mom make them move
Hi I’m Diablo!Aka Louis Vuitton…I’m 3 years old,I’m the chillest dude and my best friend is Lil Kitty.We should have a full 12 month calendar with all cuteness!I literally love every human and every animal that I’ve met,even ones I don’t know.I live with three rad ass kids,they think I’m The Godfather!!I like to ride on mopeds,dirt bikes and motorcycles..I enjoy living my best life:)PICK ME PICK ME!!
Marley just turns 6. He loves to cuddle, its his second favorite the first being outside. He lived on the streets for a few years before we found him at a shelter.
Bujee loves his brother Angus and chasing balls, getting sprayed by the hose and eating lots of treats.
He is a mamas boy. This puppy will sit there and actually yell “mama” from anywhere to get my attention. He absolutely loves his cookies as well! Don’t forget sleeping is his favorite pastime!
Tehidy is a Pomsky (half Pomeranian & half Siberian Husky). She LOVES doing tricks, going on walks and especially zoomies in the front yard as we check the mail. She is very sociable and is a star anywhere we go. She’s genuinely the BEST DOG. ♥️😍🥰
Brooklyn is a rescue dog. When we found her she was in bad shape. She was full of worms and way too tiny to be away from her mom. We were told her mom was hit by car and passed away. With the help of our incredible vet, she is now a very energetic and happy dog who loves everyone.
Max Ghiraldini
Max Ghiraldini is a silver papple dachshund puppy, with only 4 months, that has a lot of energy! Max loves being in the company of humans, his treats are playing with his toys! Max's favorite thing is to walk or just run around with his stuffed bunny around the house! He is a very loving and smart dog.