Baby Stories - 4


Lily is a sweet girl. She loves cats and dogs, just about everyone. She is also in her journey to find her forever home.
My name is Remmi, I’m a 5 month old corgipoo. My favorite thing is snuggling with mom and dad, wrestling with my older brother and chasing the fall leaves. I’m only 11 pounds but I don’t let that stop me from adventuring out into the world!
Hes 6 months he loves the kids he love to play
This is our sweet Dixie she is 2 years old and she is a mix between a husky and a Pomeranian
Hi I'm Luna, a 9 week old Goldendoodle. I love my human parents and my 3 human kids. I like to play in the leave and bark at my dad when he tries to rake them. Everywhere we go the strangers tell me I made their whole day. People often tell me that I don't look real and that I look like a little teddy bear.
*UPDATE* Dolly has unfortunately passed away from pneumonia, keep voting for dolly it would make her happy 😊 Dolly is a 11 week (almost 12!) old puppy! She loves her sister Presley Dawn. Dolly is named after the Dolly Partons Stampede in Branson Missouri, just like her sister who is named after the Presley’s Country Jubilee! Dolly’s favorite toy is her small elephant, she also loves leaves (as you can see in her pictures). Vote for Dolly! Leave her a comment to read later! 😊
Roscoe is 5 years old. He loves to play, eat, and sleep. His most favorite thing to play with is his squeaky pacifier but he also enjoys ropes and balls. He loves to go to the woods and ride on the 4-wheeler. He plays hard and sleeps harder. Roscoe is very protective of little ones and keeps an eye out for them.he loves his bed but he most enjoys sleeping in our bed on a pillow and under a blanket.
Waylon loves his mom and his pig#14 ! Hes loves people and wants love from everyone! He thinks he runs the house! His favorite pass time is sleeping on moms bed! Hes a sweet boy!
Roscoe Jr
Roscoe Jr. is a Saint Dane a Great Dane/ Saint Bernard mix. He is very entergetic and also lazy he loves running around the yard and playing tug of war but loves sleeping on his back and random naps in front of the door
Hes a small pup with huge personality! This pup loves duck treats ! Quack 🦆 He loves other dogs and to play tag , he is very sweet and gets attention everywhere he goes ! With this money he will get more treats , and a cool toys plus he will helps his dog mommy ! Ruff
Loving sweet pup who loves cuddles, being rubbed on and playing with his toys , very energetic and loves running around and being under a fan .
Sweet loving playful loves cuddles and his bed and warm weather
Angel's surgery on Friday went great. Praise God 🙏🙏🙏 . Her surgery was very intese, not only did she have a Tumor removed, she also had a hernia that had to be repaired. Also on top of that, Angel was required to have her uterus and ovaries removed 😪😪😪 Angel is back home with her mommy and daddy, and is required to wear a cone during her healing process of her incisions. Thank you everyone for your continuous prayers and thoughts. 😪🐶❤😪🐶❤ I want to send out a Big Thank You to everyone who voted for Sunshine in the hopes of helping angel with the funding cost of having her surgery done which is scheduled for tomorrow morning Nov. 20th, we're very thankful to all of you from the bottom of our hearts and will keep everyone updated with pictures on how Angel is doing after her surgery as she is going through recovery. We would also like to express how thankful we are to have such a wonderful friend like Stacy to do such a wonderful and blessed thing that she did to help our precious baby girl ! ! ! Again, Thank you everyone ❤❤ 😪😪**Update** 😪😪Angel has been diagnosed with a Mass Tumor in which desperately needs to be removed. Our Teammate Stacy C has her cat Sunshine and a friend's daughter in contest to help our precious Angel. 😪Everyone who wants to help Angel out may vote for Sunshine on Kingpet or Isabelle on Bidiboo. Thank you everyone!!!😊 🐶🐾. A house is not a home without a dog. I am a very special little girl who loves everything including my mommy who is my very best friend. 😇🐶🐾💕💖😇🐶🐾💕💖
Luna bug is an alaskan malamute
He is a calm, sweet, lovable, puppy!
Molly was abandoned by her owners with 8 brothers for a month. When I found her at the shelter she was 3 months old. At first she was shy but quickly grew to be the most energetic, loving dog. I can’t take a nap without her napping with me! She has become my best friend! Not only does molly love napping but she also loves the sun and tennis balls.
Stardust is a mini black and cream dapple Dachshund she loves playing fetch and going for walks
Moose is 3 years old! He loves to hike, play fetch and cuddle. He is a Border Collie Aussie Mix.
Cooper is a 9 week old Border Collie puppy! He loves going for walks, chewing shoes, and biting his mom's feet! Cooper IS the cutest puppy, and will definitely steal your girl.
Local rescue with a great personality! Loves napping, playing with his kong toys and licking mom and dads hair! We always said we wouldn’t be “those dog parents.” But sure enough he won our hearts and is just the happiest and goodest boy around!
She loves to cuddle & be outside. She a model & therapy dog. Big sister to a newborn baby girl. 4 years old, loving, fun & caring.
Pita is a good old dog. His mom was one of many animals in the big flood in New Orleans. He just loves to be loved. We have had Pita since his master passed in 2015 ( my moms brother ). He loves food. Just a good ol dog.
Fridget was born of 8/13/20, she is a shitzu mixed with Chihuahua, she loves to play with her toys, she loves to be held, she uses the puppy pads, she love going for car rides, she is so spoiled, she loves to give kisses
Gucci is a 6 month old Pomeranian mixed Shih Tzu Very playful an loves kids an cuddles.
Gus is a 4 month old Golden. He loves to play fetch and run outside. He will greet you with a butt wiggle and a smile like he has in this picture. Loves everyone and everything ❤
Esmay is 3 years old! We adopted her one year ago in October! After adoption we found out that she had severe heart worms and a low chance of survival...we have been helping our sweet girl fight and are going strong! We re test in early November and there is a high chance of her surviving!
Cannon is 14 years old! My fiancé has had him since he was a two week old puppy and they are attached at the hip!
Shweetie is an insanely cute and loving now nine year old female Blue Queensland Heeler. Shweetie is so cuteifull (a blend of cute and beautiful) and precious that I often ask her if she is going to the salon while I am gone? She is classic and enjoys sticks, balls, sunbathing, and unlimited pink belly pets with super big doggy smiles. I did not think I could love shweetie any more than I did when I first met her eating acorns with her brothers and sisters in the dirt, but I love my little shweet peets with scratchy feets more and more each day!!!!
Chance Ritch
Chance is a rescue fur baby, He was left for dead at a park I took him home and God joined my Husbands heart to Chances as well as Chances to My husbands Tim Ritch. They left him blind and he was only 2 months old. Scared and helpless. He now is spoiled rotten and is part of our life as our little boy. He is still blind but you would never know it. He is my husbands heart.They are inseparable. Love our little Boog
Zoey is a kind loving dog I found her on the rode when I was 9 and now I’m ten and right now I think she is going to be turning 1 in November 💞
Our silly Saddles is the most beautiful pain in the butt that i have ever met. She is a 1 1/2 year old German Shorthair Pointer that has a personality of her very own and does the cutest and silliest things, literally all day long❣ Just last Tuesday night she started whimpering in the middle of the night, waking me up to alert me that my mom's oxygen machine was acting up, allowing me to be able to correct it, and what i believe saving my mom. She is our superhero, no matter what. ❤
Hello, I'm Felix! I am a very lovable and spunky boy. I have a never ending supply of kisses when I am not carrying my toy around. I love cuddles but also love to play and go for adventures outside!
Lola is 8 weeks old and is a half short haired and half long haired chihuahua.. she is very playful and has a great bouncy personality.
Teddy Rion
We got him when he was 8 weeks old. He loves to play outside and meeting new people. He’s also ¾ Aussie and ¼ Bernese mountain dog.
Luna And Lizzy
Lizzy is our Corgi and she was born August 6, 2020 and she is a spit fire. Luna is our French Bulldog and she was born on October 22, 2019. She is our sweetheart. They are the best of friends and they are our lives! ❤
we had her since she was 6 weeks old
Toby is such a loveable boy. He's friendly, loves attention, and wants to be with anyone who pets him. He's a true sweetheart!!!
Fat, but energetic.
Enzo is a very mellow puppy that loves to snuggle and play. He is a beagle/lab mix and was born in august 2020, he was adopted from a shelter and is living life now
We got Sasha & her JRT sister 2 years ago. Sasha is the sweetest most caring dog ive every had. She loves all her her brothers and sisters and her two-legged sisters she's. Very protective over all of them. We call her mother hen. She loves to cuddles and play ball.
Oakley Mae
Hi my name is Oakley Mae I am 10 weeks old and I love to play in the yard! I am learning the couch is way more comfy than the floor! I am already spoiled and loved by everyone who meets me! 🥰😍🐶💕
Hello my name is tri I’m new to this world but I act like a human I can swim and open the refrigerator door to get me something to eat when I was 5 months this loving family came to get me from a banned house where me and my sister was save I was living at a banned house for almost 2 months with nothing to eat but now I’m living my best life swimming , gym working some more
Breezy is a very sweet and energetic puppy. She loves to walk outside and play outside. She is a very happy dog 😊
Flash is a high energetic dog with lost of love and goof to him. He is a healer mix with great Pyrenees, and smiles when he is happy. His best friend is a big tom cat. He loves to play soccer and fetch! Everyone who meets him tends to smile and laugh due to his personality.
Nala is 3 years old. She is super sweet and has helped me in so many ways. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes when I was 12 it’s been rough but 3 years ago nala came into my life and has helped me with it. When I’m low she wakes me up and doesn’t leave my side. She is full of energy and loves to give kisses. If nala were to win we would donate this money to my husbands mom who is battling breast cancer.
Max is a busy puppy, he likes to play with his toys ,and his sister Zoe.
When we went to see Chipper at the shelter he was a lot smaller dog than we expected or typically would rescue/adopt but he looked so much like our Storm (a mini me version) we just had to get him. He wouldn’t come near us the entire 1st week he followed Storm around (we only had her 8 months) he soon realized this was a real home (despite him chewing up every stuffy he could & furniture) he fast became a best buddy to our 15yr old cat Miss Priss. Loves to mix it up with our 10yr old cat Spit “Fire”. He taught Storm to find her true “BARK” (voice) he’s now learning that daddy isn’t to be feared & will play with him and looks to him for attention & loving. ( he’s showing Storm that you can play with daddy not just other doggies & daddy can be suckered into giving doggie cookies) he would run & jump off the back deck after Storm with his legs all out like Rocky the flying squirrel. But he has put on a few pounds so those landings are a little harder. We’re working on slimming him back down now that he knows he is fed regularly. We believe he may he belonged originally to an elderly person who mostly used an indoor turf & deck for potty’s. And that either they either were separated due to hurricane evacuation, from assisted living to nursing or passing & family or others just dumped him not wanting to deal with his not being completely outside potty trained. He’s learning the schedule slowly & slowly learning to give us a sign that he is wants outside either to potty or play. Yes we’re still working on fully potty training even after a year. We know Spitz can be stubborn, but I think he’s had hard enough life to earn our patience.