Baby Stories - 4


She's a very loving girl. Always makes my day when I get home. Loves to share hugs with people. Newly mother of 9 adorable puppies.
Hazel May
Hazel may loves cuddling, treats, and cookies. She is wayyyy too spoiled and LOVES car rides. Please look through her photos ❤️😊
Buttercup is a five month old Morkie Shorkie puppy who loves to run and play fetch! He's smart, curious, and fluffy. He loves his squeaky toys the most and knows how to swim!
Ellie loves to play! She is always up for an adventure! She is also a cuddle bug 💜🐾💜
Athena is a four month old pup - 1/2 Rottweiler, 1/2 Husky, 100% trouble maker! Her nickname is the "White Walker," if you're a Game of Thrones fan you'll know why!
Groot loves everyone, and everyone loves him. Hes kind of a giant at 6 months weighing in at 100 lbs
Lunchbox is the whole snack and then some! He is 9 months old and he loves belly rubs and cheese. I call him my puddle puppy because when he lays down he melts into the floor.
Onyx loves running as fast as she can, playing with her dog friends and doing tricks for treats!
Madi is a blue nose pit puppy. She is spoiled rotten. Loves attention. Napping and cuddling. She's a big baby. Beautiful eyes.. Loves kids..
Boomer is the light of my life…. He’s brave and thinks he’s much bigger than he is😁 he loves to give kisses and be right next to me all the time!
Winston Loves his stuffed puppy and his Momma!
Gus loves family time and the lake!
Under 1 years old.
Loki, 5, loves all things but vacuums, water, noises, and mornings.
Oscar is Lab/ Hound mix, he’s loves kids, loves playing in the water and chasing is toys around. He loves cuddling and given kiss. Loves playing with other puppies.
Frankie is a English bulldog that loves the beech and loves hangout upta camp
Raven is a wooly coat Siberian husky aka my fluffy bear. She like to chase ball and watch the birds 🐓
Hello, my name is Zuma"Pebbles". I am a shy girl but love my hoomans.. I love being with them where ever they go.I am loved so much and make my hoomans lives more fun. Even when I do something I shouldn't.
Hershey Bear
Hershey is a 6 month old Australian Labradoodle who loves hugs and kisses. He demands attention when someone walks in the room, in his mind it’s, “all eyes on me.” He’s very intelligent, he’s learned to communicate with his humans with his recordable buttons, so far he’s learned, “go outside” “treats” and “pick me up”. Hershey Bear is fully house broken but can not be left to roam his own castle, simply because he’s faster than lightning and loves socks and he’s been known to make a sock disappear faster than Houdini! He’s such a joy!
Cecelia loves to love life! Happiest pup around with a silly sense of humor and intuition that would put even the best dogs to shame.
Penny is a rescue dog…8 years old …love to play with her toys and her favorite thing to do is eat
The photo shows Cammi’s rescue ride home with me. She had a horrible first year of life but you can see her smile and trust that the rest of her life will be amazing!!
Hurley is a sweet lovable boy. He is a pretty boy for sure having two different colored eyes makes him extra special. He loves to play and roll around in the grass on a beautiful day. He also loves to cuddle and lay his head on you.
Abbie is very smart and energetic! She just turned 1 year old and her favorite thing to do it play fetch! 🎾
Mia Pia South
Hi my name is Mia and I have been Mamma Mia to 2 litters of puppies 🐶. So I am a mom of 11. The vet told me I can not have anymore after my mom almost lost me while having my latest litter. I love to G-O in the car and to ride in my mom’s new Corvette. I love treats. I also can’t stand to have my hair up in bows and my mom continues to have bows put on my head every week!
Zeus is a true miracle. He has Addison’s disease, bloat survivor, and currently being managed by cardiology for CHF
Hi everyone my name it princess as u can see I am very sweet but I can be very sassy and I love ❤ getting my pictures taken
Hobbes is a happy 2 yo Great Dane. He is full of love, energy, and kisses (which we call “assault licks”). He lives life and everyone he meets!
Wooof! My name is Muggzy! My parents rescued me when i was six months old. I love chasing balls and frisbees. My folks take me everywhere. I especially love camping! Usually my bff Bandit a big shepherd comes with us. We love wrestling with each other. Mostly i love laying around getting belly rubs!
Tootsie is the proud mommy of 4 dachshund boys. She enjoys destroying toys and taking care of her son Charlie.
Charlie was my son's best friend and the best boy ever.. Charlie got sick in April and spent 5 days in the er vet before he got his wings the day after my son's birthday. Winning would be amazing Ethan could get his cuddle Clone. I'm still in 5k debt from trying to save him which i would give up everything to have him here
Charlie is a 10 week old dachshund who likes to get into trouble. He loves playing with stuffed animals and stealing big dog food.
Hi my name is Honda I am 3 years old I love my family and my blankie! It goes everywhere with me! I am a very special dog! But also very happy!
My little Izabella! She’s a tough little pit mix. She was rescued from being tied to a tree with no shelter, water nor food. She didn’t handle the shelter life very well. And was labeled dog aggressive, men aggressive and child aggressive. I started working at the shelter and something just pulled me to her and her to me. I started working with her spending as much time with her as possible. She started to calm down and not focus on the other dogs anymore. So one day I brought my two dogs to the shelter to meet her. She wasn’t aggressive she just didn’t know how to react or play. My other dog Panda taught her. So I couldn’t say no when the manager asked if I wanted to adopt her. She loves other dogs and children. She can be very protective of me now but never towards kids. She’s been spoiled and so happy. Unfortunately she did have an accident where she completely severed her Achilles’ tendon on her back right leg. She had to have 2 surgeries to get it to reconnect. She’s now doing really good. And she is happily playing with her sisters again. And being my little cuddle bug!
Eva The Diva
I am Eva The diva. I was born with sass. I love my mom but daddy is my favorite. I may be small but I am mighty.
My name is Cotton. I am super smart andove my mom. I have learned lots of things and love to learn new tricks.
Casper The Ghost
Hi Im Casper, I love running and playing outside woth the little hoomans. I also love to be groomed and love when mom dose funny cuts.
Zoey Angel
Zoey loves all people and animals and she loves to cuddle.
Cleo Mae
Miss Cleo is an adorably sweet puppy. She loves going for walks, and getting her baths. She loves playing with her sister, and taking naps all day long.
Hello, my name is George. Aka Lazy George. I’m a service dog in training. I’ll be working with my new mommy. I absolutely love my family and I absolutely love playing with my toys.
Hershey is a loving goofy and smart. Once you know him he will steal your heart.
Hi! I’m Ryder! I am 2 years old I am 100% Siberian Husky. I have one brown eye and one blue eye. I am absolutely crazy and sometimes I think I own my humans instead of them owning me. When they tell me to do something I like to roll over on my back and just lay there hoping they will forget what they told me to do!!
Fiona is the sweetest, most lovable baby! She loves to suck on her stuffed monster or care bear.
The most poiniant character about Scarlett is that she's never met a stranger. She loves and cant wait to meet the next person who comes along her path. She brings a smile to everyone she encounters with her enthusiasm and joy. Scarlett has endless energy! She loves to play fetch and play fight. Shes a bit of a Diva and never lets you forget her bowl is empty! She is the best at cuddles and will sleep until you are ready to get up! When she is bored, she likes to steal things like toilet paper and other paper items to rip them to shreds while you were busy doing chores! That will teach you. Better pay attention to her instead of..... anything else. 🤣😆
Duke LOVES to swim, he’s a little ditzy, loved just about everything and everyone (even a leaf blowing in the wind)
Mr Big Stuff
Mr Big Stuff is a very special boy!! He was found running down a busy street running back and forth looking for help!! My daughter is a firefighter and saw him from the fire truck! I got the call and went to bring him home! After some trust building and a large vet bill he came home for good!! Everywhere i go he goes!! He loves to go camping!! He hates thunderstorms!! Our house is so much better with him in it!
Hello! My name is....BALL?! Oh no no, sorry, my name is Lance, I got a little distracted out there. My mom says I’m cute enough to win this thing! It’s been a little difficult finding out that at 4 years old I have to change up my life a little bit, you see, mom and I used to play Ball, ALOT, but because I like to use my little legs to get up high and get that ball I developed what my vet calls hip dysphasia. But don’t worry I’m still getting all the love and attention my heart can ask for 💕 anyways! VOTE FOR ME 🐾
Portia is a sweet and funny pup who loves to snuggle and play with her dog siblings.