Baby Stories - 4


Dustie loves kids and likes to play with any animals that comes in our yard. He always sits at the front door and waits for his friend to walk past the house. He loves to sleep all day if you let him
She is very hipper loves a lot of attention. She loves her toys. When she gets outside she’ll stay out till she’s ready to come in side.
She’s a one year old pitbull, she loves to exercising and she loves chewing up her toys!
Luv Luv
Luv Luv is a sweet lil pug pug . She loves her clothes . Silly personality. Vote for Luv Luv
Piper’s first 9 years were spent as a breeding mama in a puppy mill. She was rescued by some wonderful people who convinced the owner of the puppy mill to turn her (and some other dogs) over to them rather than euthanize the dogs that were no longer profitable. We were so grateful to be able to adopt her six months later. Piper still has issues, it's likely she always will, but she has absolutely found her bark and she has without doubt, become the boss! She's slowly learning how to be a dog and to trust other people. Her favorite person is my mother and her most favorite things are food (particularly treats), scritches (especially belly rubs) and being outside on cool, crisp mornings. She's now 12 years old and is bossy, funny and an absolute joy. She makes us smile every single day. We love you so much, baby girl!
Chief is a blue nose/German shepherd mix that LOVES his "sticks". He also loves playing fetch, taking the squeakers out of toys and cuddle time on the couch with Mama watching TV 🥰 vote for my big baby and we will return the favor 😊🗳️🐶🐾🥰😍❤️❤️**EXCHANGE WELCOME**🗳️🐶🐾🥰😍❤️❤️
Jc Mosley
JC is the best dog ever very protective loves to run ,play woth all the other dogs hes smart as a whip,works cows when asked and will back off of them with only one demand,u can tell him one time to do something and he does it ....
Thalia is a sweetheart and loves to talk she loves trying to help me do everything, she’s a multi purpose service dog and very good at her job she loves working and her favorite toy is her tough rabbit she’ll carry it around with her almost everywhere.
She is my "Beast's momma. Loves peanut butter and belly rubs lets only me do her nails .
I love walking in the beach!
Loves to shop/ accessorize 😁🤣 or just tolerates it Follow on tiktok @pippinthebulldog Instagram *pippinthebulldog*
I'm a fluffy, lovable golden retriever-collie mix who loves to go on walks. I have a half-tail, but that doesn't stop me from having double the personality! My favorite snack is a turkey club (and socks). Vote for this crazy love bug!
This is Thor. Thor is a 9 years old pomeranian. Thor loves going for rides . Thor is such a happy loving dog. Thor has allergies, so he takes a pill daily to help him.Thor does a great job reminding me , when his medication is due at 5 sitting at end of the sneezing until I wake up. Thor loves posing for pictures, always posting on Facebook. Thor loves his dog treats. Please help me get those votes in for Thor. Thank you in advance for your vote.
Bru is momma's magical potent!! He's all about giving sugars, playing ball and riding around with Momma!!
My name is AbbeyGail and I am a very sweet girl but at my House it's all about me! I'm the Boss!
He's such a funny guy! Loves his toys so much he actually counts them!
Hi this is Duke. I am a beagle dog that loves to play especially with my tennis balls. I love going outdoors also. I am a very friendly dog to be around.
Hazel is a loving family dog! We were told she was a Bull mastiff pit mix but I believe she is a pit mixed with a whippit! She's got this biggest smile I've ever seen!
Zelda is one yr old and she is my diabetes service dog. She loves to take care of her mommy and play in the SNOW.
💕💕Mama Squad💕💕 Apollo is a loving and brave dog. He fathered 11 pups . He is the family dog ❤️❤️❤️
Chachi is a very family loving dog. He loves to be around family and especially his babies(my grandbabies). He is small in size but will let you know if he hears anything that isn't right.
Casper the Friendly Pup here. I love my tiny mailman who gives me all of the hugs and chases me. I love my brothers, Captain & Norman.
Captain America, reporting for duty! I love walks, hikes, dog parks, and playing frisbee! And the T word.
Norman Pineapple Mango Smoothie here. Toy Australian Shepherd. I like treats, kisses, and car rides.
Athena she is very Hyper and Loving , loves to cuddle and loves attention
She was recently registered as a emotional support animal and she loves to cuddle, and lives to give love to everyone she meets
This is Loki. he loves his toys. he loves pup cups. he’s very spoiled. he loves his hoomans and most importantly he loves his daddy❤️
Nico was born on 9/8/21 and has made it to the teenage phase 😅 He throws the worst tantrums! He hates being told what he can’t do and will fight you over things he’s not supposed to have. He knows several commands and does well with other dogs. He’s a monster but he wakes me up with kisses so he makes it hard not to forgive him 😂💕
Miss Quinn, or Quinnifur Lopez as we say, is a sassy, loving, silly girl who loves to play and give hugs to everyone she meets! She loves having conversations with her owners, and dancing when she gets excited 🥰 #WiggleButt
Finnegan Baer
Finnegan baer is 13 years old and has lyme and bladder stones and a leaky heart and one eye and can't see out of the other one and loves to swing and ride in his truck
Leila is not in contest at this time!!! Leila is the sweetest, most energetic, playful, psychotic, loyal, loving and beautiful Baby Girl❤️❤️❤️ I have had her since she was 4 months old and it has been a wonderful 4 years. She loves all animals (except cats) and humans. She loves to play tug of war with her rope toys or anything else she can grab on to and loves to ride shotgun every time the wheels move. She is a pillow hog and loves to sleep with her head on my pillow. She is not my dog, she is my daughter ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
💕Mama Squad💕 Bear is a sweet loving puppy! He’s almost a year old! He loves to play with his brother and sister! And he loves lots of cuddles!
Colby is a rescue from Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue. He is a therapy dog and loves his job. His favorite thing to do is visit seniors in assisted living and memory care. Colby is loving and goofy and just a good boy all around.
Mercer is a standard poodle ,who is a SDIT. We're training him as my service dog with Layla who is my previous one. She's mentoring him they both are amazing. I couldn't be more blessed.
Samie is a rescue from the SPCA. She’s a sweet and shy girl who loves belly rubs and Dutch Brothers puppicinos. Samie loves to “talk”, as Huskies do, to tell you what she needs or just to chat about her day.
Jericho is a 1yr old border collie/mountain feist mix. He is my personal service dog. His favorite thing to do is train and work on his block command. When he has a day off he spends it relaxing and playing with his favorite ball.
Hi my name is Luna I am an old gal I was rescued from a Amish puppy mill in Ohio when I got out of the puppy mill I was very pregnant so luckily I got into a foster home and had my puppies there and then I got adopted to the best home I could ever ask for and I have a loving mommy my favorite thing to do is sleep and cuddle with my mommy I have the best life please vote for me I know I am old but old is cute right?! ☺️
Mosley is 7 weeks old. Lab mix. Super sweet loves his humans and his fur brother.
Smokey is a border collie/ blue heeler mix. Loves to play and spend time with his big brother max. Constantly has energy and gives plenty of hugs and cuddles.
Hi, I'm Nova, the most lovable and playful dog. I love to annoy and antagonize my older sisters Bella and Sadie. I'm very smart and love meeting other dogs. I love toys that squeek and I love to play fetch.
Jax Williams
Hewwo Friends! My name is Jaxson Jay! I will be 2 years old in April! That’s right Fwends. Im an Aries. Ladies Im Single and ready to mingle! I is a heckin good time. I can do a sit, highfives, sit pretty, paw and I also sing the song of my people. Im also an expert jumper. I can jump from da couch over the prison gate into the kitchen. And ladies, The kitchen is my crib when Mommy and Daddy aren’t home. Snow is my favorite. I like to run and jump and flip it with my snout. My home boy Mr Squeakers is my favorite toy. I love food!! Doesn’t matter what it is, I love it. Unless its them heckin nasty red balls with slimy guts inside.. yuck! Vote for me!! Pwease.
Hi! My name is Tug and I am a rescued AmStaff mix. I enjoy long walks, going to the park, playing fetch and (my favorite) tug-o-war. I love all people and animals, alike.
Ace is 6 months old and loves food. He also loves to cuddle and play. Sweet sweet baby boy.
Bella is a Cane Corso pit mix. She loves cuddling. She loves giving kisses and car rides! She's very loving, sweet, and active! She's always running and jumping!
Duke is an Aussie Shepherd/Rottweiler mix. He is almost 6 months old and loves to play! He knows how to give you both paws, and a high-five! He loves attention, and he’ll hold a conversation with you like I’ve never seen!
Adeline is a friendly loving girl. She has DWARFISM, so she is short and stocky. Her leg deformity doesn’t keep her from having Zoomies, jumping into the couch, or giving everyone a hug when we get home. She gives hugs! We love her to pieces. She is a rescue from GA. We adopted her when she was 6 weeks old. She was our Christmas 2018 present.
Gerogia likes to go on walks.