Baby Stories - 39


He loves to play and is a happy sweet boy !!!
Rosie is a rescue dog however she definitely rescued me. Rosie is my best friend she is what brought me out of my depression. Rosie is the most precious dog you’ll ever meet loves cuddling, loves the ocean an loves walking on the beach. she absolutely adores anyone she meets shy at first but once you sit with her she will be on your lap in know time. Rosie loves a million blankets just like her mom 💜
Very loving, her favorite person is my bf and can’t resist a good belly rub ❤️
Luna is a spunkie little fireball that wants you attention all the time. She always has to have an outfit on!
Brillo is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who was born without hair! He’s the only known hairless Chessie.
Khloe Belle
Khloe is a total diva and a Daddy’s girl!! She tolerates her brothers but prefers to be the center of attention! She never meets a stranger and loves to give kisses. Before covid, she liked to dress up and visit the residents in the nursing home and brighten their day.
Jax may be tiny in size but he is fierce at heart! He loves chasing a ball almost as much as he loves his Mama!
Nikko is the sweetest most loving dog you will ever meet! He loves going for long walks, playing with toys, and his mommy of course!
frank loves loves loves treats! He knows several tricks like roll over and play dead. I rescued him back in July, he is about 2 years old!
Buddy is an 83lb Teddy Bear!! He is a gentle giant who loves to shred toys, steal Daddy’s recliner and Mommy’s spot in the bed! He’s the sweetest boy!
Cleo 2 years old , she loves to cuddle and she has an attitude of a teenager but she’s my whole heart in puppy form💙
I’m 4 1/2 year old...and in my age, I call it Grandpa age. I love every little creature and my mom is my world. We adventure absolutely everywhere, and my favorite things on car trips is getting snacks at every drive thru window. 90lbs of love and lap dog right here.
Payton is a 9 month old goldendoodle!! Her favorite thing in the world is playing with other doggos.
Princess of my pack, and I beat up the big dogs 👑💖
Jazebelle loves to play and run very fast. She loves her treats, her naps most of all her momma
Lucy is 15 Weeks Old! She loves to cuddle & enjoys nap time!!
Libby is athletic, playful, and loves her toys! She enjoys running and playing fetch. She’s discovered snow can be so much fun too!
Darla Silk
Shes 1 yr and 1 month old. Shes a blunose pit with the most beautiful smile and heart❣️😘
Tygart The Tornado
A whirlwind of fun and destruction that steals your heart away
She likes barking and she has a sassy attitude, she loves her little toys! Although she’s only 3 pounds her best friend is a American bull dog!
Hey everyone meet my newest baby to the family he’s the most cutest funniest and playful baby you can want he loves kisses and hugs he act just like a baby with me waking up at 5am to play and feed him he loves taking long walks but of course he cruising in a stroller he’s so spoiled but I love every bit of him my baby boy Kobe I’m a fur baby mom 🥰🥰🥰
Max is the most loving fur baby anyone can ask for very playful and loves to cuddle...
When Bella was 4 months old she ran away from home when she was 8 months old she was hit by a car ! She now has one rear leg that doesn’t bend much ! This doesn’t hold her down ! She loves to hunt and play fetch and cuddle with her family member !
Bella is a pit-husky mix breed who enjoys laying around on lazy days but also running around like a crazy person when she’s outside. She loves other dogs, specifically her little cousin Gage who follows her around like a lost puppy when they are out together. She’s the most human like dog I’ve ever had, from watching anime to giving me lip about leaving for work every day.
Jypsie is the sweetest puppy ever! She loves to play and give lots and lots of hugs and kisses. This pup has seriously saved my life from major depression. She is loved and loves back whole heartily.
Hi I’m Aliya! I love to go on adventures with mom and dad, play in the snow, and bark at the tv while mom and dad are watching their favorite show. My favorite treat is pupperoni and anything else mom and dad drop from the table.
Caliber is a sweet little munchkin who is FULL of sass. She can either give you the best lovings in the world or give you the biggest attitude with the most dirty looks ever. She is truly a sweetheart.
Ruger was a rescue almost 4 years ago, he had terrible living conditions and was extremely abused, when he first came home he was very timid, but over the last 4 years this little man has turned into the sweetest most lovable little guy ever, he loves sitting in the bay window, and loves sleeping on his humans bed. He is actually a Chow Chow and husky mix.
Buster loves fuzzy things, cuddling, and things that look like strings!
daisy was rescued and didint have the kindest owners. her owners ohways left her outside all day and the very first time I saw her she stuck her head through the fence. she has multiple tumors on her stomach and I would like to raise money to get the surgery to remove them . my parents are under going a divorce and I’m only 12 but I am detemiand to help my dog. (she’s 7 years old )
Aurora is a sassy yet spunky little girl. She loves her chew toys and doesn’t like to share her mom. She is a lovable girl once she gets to know you.
Bear was a rescue from a bad situation then given to us to take care of. He has been glued to my side since we brought him home. He loves to cuddle and sleep on your lap. He’s the sweetest thing ever.
She was recently adopted out of a shelter. She is a loving, very playful and such a cuddle bug. She’s a big baby that will melt your heart.
Hello this is our meat head Prince! He’s a giant teddy bear and loves to play catch going for walks and being snuggled up on the couch! He’s also my son’s ESA dog🖤
Hi I’m sage and I like to run around and play with my Walter. I love meeting new frens and playing. I like to watch movies and sleep. I am 3 years old and full of energy!
Hi my name is Queen I love long walks, car rides, cuddles, & adventures with my mum. I also love to learn new tricks & play Witt my best friend Mj the kitten!
Spankie Blu
Hes a sweet soul with the beautiful blue eyes to match😍❣️ 8 weeks old
She is the most soulful animal I know! And smart! Loves Grandma, JC, and Dylan.
Hi everyone, my name is Bella and I love to play. I serve as a service assistant for my boy Jason. We love to spend time together and go to the park.
Hi everyone, i’m Boomer! I love to hang out with my mom and go on fourwheeler and car rides! My mom bought me a front carrying harness so I can ride without being held! My best friend is a cat! I would love if you all voted for me!❤️
Rocko likes to take naps, cuddle, and follow his human siblings around the house!!
Willow is 3 whole pounds of spunk, love and sass! 🥰 As you can see in one of her photos, she is always into something, but I love her to pieces!
Sky is very friendly and energetic dog. He loves his milkbones and dog toys. He also loves to run around very fast and takes his naps
Polo loves hanging with his brother Chase and eating! He's our laid back boy, loves to relax.
baby drako has neurological problems 🥺
Sawyer LOVESSS rolling around in the snow! He thinks he’s a lap dog, and is always down for cuddles.
She’s so ugly she’s cute she makes really weird faces! She loves to play and cuddle! Ellie is 8 years old and haves lots of sass Her favorite movie is Shrek and she loves to snack on Doritos!