Izzy is a very happy and playful dog! She loves to play with her ball and chase after squirrels!! She also loves to go for car rides and get pup cups!
Paco is the best dog I could ever ask for! Loyal is an understatement. He loves long walks through town, snacking with his mum, and taking naps together. He’s a rescue and deserves all the lovins!
Chewbacca AKA Chewy, loves to play, he is a 14week old Shitzu Yorkipoo and so full of life! He loves to steal moms socks and Hair Scrunchies. He just learned to go for walks and has so much fun exploring this beautiful new world!!! Thanks for my votes everyone 🐶❤️🐶
Laynes favorite things are snacks, snuggling her human mama, and playing with her doggy daddy and her sissy!
Lynyrd favorite things are hanging out in the garage with his human dad, playing ball, visiting with his Grammy, and his kitties!
Remi loves to go outside, cuddle, and play with toys. She is still learning commands, but knows the basics. Remi loves to walk around the block on her leash and go to the pet store for treats and toys!
Layla’s favorite things are belly rubs, snuggles with her human daddy, and playing with her sissy!
Roseanne Madeline
Roseanne loves the outdoors. She loves playing with the neighborhood dogs, but even more with her doggy siblings. Her favorite things to play with are her stuffed animals, but she hates when they come up missing. Roseanne’s favorite time of the day is bed time. She loves attention and will beg for it from anyone.
Jemma is a protective playful doggie! She came to our family at an unexpected time but she is one loved girl! Jemma loves to play with her toys, go outside to run, and she LOVES to go on car rides! 💜💜💜
Damarion is a Siberian husky we imported from Poland! His fourth birthday is April 17th and he's a great lead dog for our racing team 🥰 He's also an international champion! Besides his good looks he has such a silly personality, everyone loves him!
Hailey is a rescue puppy from Road Trip rescues. She is a border collie beagle mix. She is a snuggle bug!. She knows sit, stay and paw. Potty training is still a struggle but her face is so cute, you find it difficult to get mad at! She kinda looks like Scooby or scrappy!
Anubis(NoobNoob) is a year old Dobermann who loves long car rides and long walks in the woods as well as cheeseburgers from dad and naps with mom
Medusa(Medi) loves playing with her big brother Anubis and cuddling with her favorite people.
Stormi loves to run with her human brothers and nephew, she is also doing amazing with learning to ring the bell to potty, she sits and loves to play along with be very vocal talking to us already. She is very loved by her family
Athena is a very smart and loving dog. She loves to play with her older brother Cerberus and snuggle her baby brother Hudson 💙
Siren loves everyone and everything. Her favorite thing is to chase the quads around the track and be the best helper on the farm! She also loves to compete in dog sports.
Trixie is a Spunky little thing… from the moment we laid eyes on her we knew she belonged in our home! We kept trying to get her failing every time finally we got approved and brought her home… she’d never been outside she’d never touched grass she’s still scared to get in the car she’s such a great dog and super loving!! So glad I fell in love with her and she was able to come home with us!
Lola is an Adorable, Prissy, little Queen who has the Spirit of a GRIZZLY if she THINKS her people are being hurt!!! My entire family all agree that she has the soul of a human! She is so smart, the most loving, adorable fur baby I've ever known. She had a rough start in life. She was passed around from different members of a particular family, and was often left outdoors all day and night with 5 huge black labs to roam several acres in the Country where coyotes were seen on the regular! The one who had her before she came to her forever home with us, was a heavy drug user. He mentioned a time when a bag of methamphetamines was spilled on a table beside him where he fell asleep and lola ate most of it.. she was not fed nor given water a quarter of the time. Our girl is a fighter and she may have a weird issue with her food now (who can blame her?) But its easy to overlook when you're on the receiving end of this sweet little beauty's love
He loves his boy. This boy doesn't like to many dogs Remo stole his heart
Gamble was a pup we took in to rehome for a client of mine. Once we got him home. He adapted to our pack in matter of minutes. So he was part of the famly from then on. He is about 4 years old. Loves to hoard all the toys in the house for himself. He loves to cuddle and be pampered. But also thinks he is the gaurd dog of the house. He has the biggest personality i have ever seen. And wants to love everyone.
He is a super loving baby, he loves to cuddle under the blanket with you & he loves to take a ride! He knows a lot of little tricks and minds very well! Happy Happy Fur Baby!!
Harley is a sweetheart heart with a playful soul! She loves everyone
Violet is a sweet and cuddly love bug. She’s a water rescue dog so she loves the water, hiding and finding things with me, and carrying things around.
Hi! My name is Carmella Im a mini goldendoodle. Im 14 months. I love to escape as soon as the front door opens to chase these squirrel looking things. I enjoy all my treats especially the human ones, car rides, walking the beach and sticking my head out the window, as far out as i can, till my pack pulls me back in. I enjoy my new companion Maggie, shes like me, also a mini goldendoodle. I love to play, run outside and cuddle with my sissy. And steal socks and toilet paper together! She has been such a blessing and right therapy to the whole family.
Harley is a fun loving curious pup! She never meets a stranger and loves everyone!
Lily is such a sweetheart! She loves people and other dogs, she is very cuddly. She loves to be called poo bear. Also, enjoys eating tissues, socks, pretzels, and twizzlers 🤣😋
Bolt is a fun loving 7 month old Shiba Inu who loves attention and playing with his toys and running around in the backyard chasing leaves and my grandchildren.
Captain Jack
Jack is a goofy little ball of happiness. You can’t help but smile when you look at him. He loves play tug of war, swimming, and is obsessed with food. Jack is 7 years old and has brought so much joy into our lives in that time.
Otis is the Best Good Boy there is. He loves playing with his squirrel toy and chasing his tail. He is 3 months old and loves every person he meets. Otis knows no stranger. Everyone is his best friend.
Boot came to us as a rescue. She was about the size of my hand. But then she grew and grew and grew. We had originally thought that she was a Chihuahua but come to find out she's a mix breed. She was also part pitbull. A designer called a Chipitt and let me tell you that these dogs are amazing. They are very intune with their people and can be in another part of the house but still sense that something is wrong. They are very bullheaded and strong willed but loyal to a fault. They also love to make you laugh, the more you laugh the sillier she gets. I wouldn't trade her for all the money in the world.
My beautiful rescue. Best dog in the entire world.
Hi, My name is Minnie i love my daily walks, pestering my four legged brothers, and being loud.
Ziti loves making friends, going for walks and spending time with family
It’s actually a funny story how I got cole! It was my senior year of high school and the day of graduation they told me to take my nose ring out or I couldn’t walk so I gave it to my favorite teacher/coach to hold and forgot to get it back from her. So after graduation I go to her house and and I see cole I instantly fell in love with him. I could put him down and my coach seen how much I loved him and asked my if I would like have cole (by the way this is all happening without my parents knowing) and me being me I obviously said yes. Ever since then cole has been my best friend, he go EVERYWHERE with me. I don’t think I have ever loved a dog as much as I love my sweet cole! I hope y’all enjoy my story about my cole we would really appreciate your vote! 💛💛
Lucy is half chihuahua half Labrador. She is about a year old. Even though she’s small she can jump really high and she has the energy of a Labrador. When it comes to petting her she will automatically lay down on her back for belly rubs. She comes of as shy and timid but once she’s comfortable she’s the sweetest ever.
Dora loves her momma. She loves to go for car rides and she loves to cuddle. She also loves to sleep right next me. She’s my best friend.
Koda loves to destroy rope toys and then carry them around like it's his baby
Neo is actually new to me, he is 5 weeks old and I still have 2 weeks to go before i can meet him and bring him home! I cant wait to bring Neo into our family!
Taz is a 6 month old English Bulldog who loves to play with his tether ball. He’s very affectionate towards people and other dogs.
Luna is a husky. Luna is very nice. Please vote for Luna!
I am loyal,loving,protective,mushymamas boy boy Sassy bossy loves kids , other friends.
Scrappy doo is my best friend. I got him when i was 7, and this little dude has grown up w me. He stills acts and runs and plays like a baby, but his vet bills are getting pricey now :( i saw this and had to take my chance. ❤️ anything to try and help my momma help give him the best quality of life. ❤️
Nala is 110% daddy’s girl, loves to ride along everywhere we go!
Tinkerbell is our sweet old lady. I know there’s a lot of brand new puppies on here but our old girl tinkerbell is 15. now and still acts like a puppy. She’s a breed mix of German Shepard and golden retriever. She loves sleeping and loves going down to the parks and basking in the sun. She’s very athletic as well.
Jack is so funny, he is a character and he loves his new baby brother!
Marly saved my life when I saved his. I rescued him from an abusive home where he learned to trust nobody. It was a very rocky start to our relationship and introducing him to people again. We still struggle but my boy has transformed into the most loving, adventurous dog I’ve ever met. He’s fallen in love with the outdoors and is his true self whenever he gets the chance to explore. He now has a little brother that he couldn’t live without! Marly deserves the world, and he’s so dang handsome.