Josephine is the sweetest girl. she loves, car rides, walks, and cuddles!
Kittle loves cuddling, he loves to fall asleep in my arms. he’s very energetic and adventurous. he hops like a little bunny rabbit!
Mello is a extremely interesting energetic girl! She loves people and follows everyone around. She loves playing with other dogs and is always down to get chased!
Rambo is a wonderful toy poodle, he is playful lovable and loves people. He helped Me in so many ways. I was in a dark place And he brought me out of it. He loved me through it all. One look into his lovable eyes and your heart will melt. He is very smart And he makes a wonderful companion.I wouldnt trade him for all the money in the world he is priceless..
Bigfoot it's my impeller shih Tzu he is my son's service dog he's a sweet baby loves to go outside run and play he loves chewing on mommy shoes he thinks he is as big as my pitbulls and he is a lil thing lol .... Bigfoot goes almost everywhere we go he thanks he is a child not a pup !! And we trat him like one of our kids !
Charlie is a Humane Society survivor. However, I don’t know if I saved him, or if he saved me. You see, I had lost two Dachshunds within four months. I went into a dpression after losing them. I found Charlie at the Nebraska Humane Society and just knew, he wasn’t repacing my George and my Jack, but he was going to help heal my broken heart. I got Charlie Nov. 1, 2018. He has been my lifesaver, just as I have been his!
She’s energetic and loves treats. Her favorite place is under the blankets and cuddling with her human mom
Fun, energetic, adventurous, loves to dig and play with momma. Goofy of course but a lil love bug.
Queen is a friendly little dog, she loves everyone. She’s is 2 years old almost 3 in October! She likes to play, car rides, and walks.
Patch loves to play with his toys , loves to give kisses ,loves Everyone ❤️
Buddy Bud
Buddy is shelter dog was abuse by prior owners abuse him and bitten by a snake only food was fed to this baby was treats he had some medical problems but I wanted him he was labeled as rescue only bc he didn’t trust anyone he was abit of a challenge but I still took him spoiled him took care of his medical needs he’s a cuddle bug and spoiled I would adopt him 20 times over love this baby to the moon and back please vote for him winning I would pledge money to the rescue that gave him to me and donate for food thank you
Lucky is a very loveable pup. He is 8 1/2 years old and acts like a 3 year old. He loves playing fetch by him self by throwing his toys in the air and catching them . He’s my best friend
Prada is a blue Merle frenchie, she very energetic and playful
He loves to play. He is a talker. He’s very smart and knows he is the cutest
Butter loves everyone! I wished humans were more like dogs. They love unconditionally and don't have prejudices against race, color, or orgin.
She snorkels. Goes into a body of water dunks her head and blows the bubbles many times over
Tucker is one of kind he loves to play catch he thinks everyone comes to see him he sleeps upside down he’s backs up on our steps so he don’t miss anything coming in he loves to get real close to us on top of couch like a cat & also like to lay on top of our heads at night & sits in his chair like a person with style. That’s our tucker 🐾🐾🐾🐾💜
She loves to do tricks, she will do them even without treats. If my boyfriend hugs or kisses me, she jumps up to get some too! She doesn't know a stranger.
Bella enjoys the simple things in life. She is truly an amazing girl
Jolene loves ice cubes, laying on the porch and has a strong dislike for the fireplace!
Don’t let his cute looks fool you. He is truly the God of mischief
Tobin is a 2 year old rescue. He’s sweet, big and loves to cuddle. Tobin loves cookies and would choose a cookie over steak any day. He’s never met a cookie he didn’t like. We call him Cookie Monster and he is the love of my life. He’s a very special dog !
Bj is very sweet. He loves to play. Go to toy is a freesbee. He's a little disabled. But loves and happy life
She loves attention and snuggles
Digby is so sweet very loving. Loves outside and car rides
He loves to play especially with play balls. Loves rides in cars.
Bella Jane
Bella Jane is 14 months old she weighs between 70-80 lbs. she is an Ole English Bulldog. She loves to play with frezbes she fetch and bring back to me.
Tiger is a very friendly loving Caroline dog hes a senior and he is a fabulous companion He is my heart and soul
Sassy is an Italian Greyhound that lives up to her name! This past summer, after i would go out to pick tomatoes, she came running into the house and my husband yelled, "Grab Her!" I got her out of her kennel and inside was a large ripe tomato with 2 teeth marks and it completely filled her mouth!! Lol!!
Hi my name is Chase Luke. I have a heart on my head. I’m a true mama’s boy. I have an annoying sissy, Delilah Rose. We love to do everything together, she’s my best friend.
Hi my name is Delilah Rose. I have a heart marking on my butt. I’m sassy and always getting into trouble. My nickname is the sock theft. I have an awesome brother, Chase. We do everything together.
Little Man
Little man is a wonderful dog he has a lot of energy & loves to play ball
Sissy is a very quirky little ChiWeenie! She just turned 3. She likes to watch animal shows on TV.
Sebastian was born with a severely deformed right front leg, so he is three legged dog who was severely abused by his first owner and was forcibly removed. We adopted him underweight, scared and wheezing. It took him two years to wag his tail! But, Now he is happily living his best life in his forever home ❤️
River is a spontaneous outgoing 13 week old lab. With an outgoing personality and love for people she is currently in training to be an emotional support therapy Dog for long term care residents and kids with special needs.
Treat enthusiast, avid fly chaser, with a bad habit of jumping in Amazon delivery trucks.
Scoutt is nothing but a goofy spastic happy dog. She’s got so much character and personality.
Kiba is the most friendly Siberian Husky loves to play ball and eat apples he’s very energetic, he’s 1 year and 2 month. I was afraid of all dogs till I meet him I felt in love right away, I Cary him when he was 5 days old when my kids go to choose a dog he was the first one who ran to us!! I’d love at first sight 🥰❤️🐰
Buddy enjoys running outside & working in the garage! He has a handful of favorite humans. He’s really smart too, high fives, sit, shake, & kisses! There is nothing he loves more than to wrap the day up snacking on some treats & watching Netflix right by your side!
Loves to play with her toys and her big brother Buddy
Tucker is a mutt which is a mix between multiple different breeds, tucker likes to drink hose water & take walks.
Banjo is a chick magnet. He loves the ladies, they all love his smile when he shows his teeth. He knows verbal sit, spin, and hi five and also a loud bark and his inside lower voice. He loves to ride and his pup cup ice cream.
I was to Foster her for a few days and I ended up keeping her they say I'm a Foster fail, she has the sweetest best disposition I've ever seen in a dog not to mention her intelligence she always wants to please, I would love to get her certified so she could go to senior citizen homes and visit the seniors because she has such a loving demeanor Friendly to everyone and goes to anybody
Little Bear
She has become such a good dog, one of her first winters I let her walk out on in the snow, only one paw touched snow and she turned and ran back inside.
Shauna loves water and balls. She had 5 kids and was a great mom. She was very loyal.
Abigail is a therapy dog who loves life. She never met a toy she didn't like and her favorite food is chicken.
A lovable energetic girl who loves to play with her toys. She loves running and playing in the snow. Meeting new people makes her very happy as well as meeting new furry friends. She has a special place in our hearts and she is a very special baby girl!