Baby Stories - 39


Ruby is a big cuddle bug she loves her best friend Elena who is a 2 year old human she loves naps and playing dress up with the little human she is a great babysitter and watch dog
Hi 👋🏼 I am Bruce, I am a very playful 10week old puppy. I love cuddling with Mommy and Daddy whenever I can. My parents are working their butts off working multiple jobs to keep us in our beautiful home. Winning this pageant would mean peace of mind for them, and it would help them spoil me a little more ☺️
Dixie is a full bred (Sable) Shetland Sheepdog. If I were to identify a boss in my household, it’s her. Although full of sass and confidence, Dixie is only 10 pounds — however, isn’t afraid to let the big dogs know who’s boss. She’s absolutely loyal and will do anything to make sure her humans are happy, and even though she’s quite the barker, she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. You can always count on Dixie for grade A snuggles — if she could crawl into your skin and sleep inside of you, she would. I couldn’t image a life without my Dixie Doo, she really is such perfection.
Jasper love to play, he can speak for a treat, he knows how to shake both paws and sit pretty. He’s a great puppy and we love him so much!
Cooper is an AKC registered (Blue Merle) Shetland Sheepdog, often confused with an Australian Shepherd. He’s my favorite adventure buddy, snuggle buddy, and best friend. You can often find Cooper waiting for you to throw the ball for him — in fact, he loves to play fetch, but he’ll make you chase him for a bit before he’ll just hand the ball over. Cooper is as loyal as they come and will stop at nothing to protect his humans — mom couldn’t pet another dog if she tried, because he would never allow it. He doesn’t share his mama, or his snuggles. Cooper is a bundle of love and sensitivity. He makes me laugh until my belly hurts with all of his quirks. Once it’s time to wind down, Cooper likes to be picked up and held like a baby so he can get maximum belly rubs.
The family changed when Blueberry was introduced to our home. He has a personality that warms our hearts with his kisses, licks, and his eccentric charm. He constantly wants to play, and cuddle with us. Seeing him protect his home from a plushie dog makes us laugh, and lightens our day. Blueberry is born to love, and be loved.
Our little water boy❤️
Toby is a fun loving corgi who likes to run and play outside. His favorite toy is his pink squishy ball. He loves to be around kids and loves to get muddy. He gives the best lovins 🥰
Knuckles is one of a kind! Whenever I’m feeling down he will come and comfort me! When I’m feeling proud he will stand next to me with confidence! He is lazy but a playful boy! He prefers pillows instead of dog beds and chicken instead of steak! He likes short walks and long naps! He does have one addiction and that is his peanut butter!
This is a picture of Ranger when he was 2 months old. He is a Lab mix (Chocolate Lab, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Shar-Pei). He is a super happy puppy who loves to play soccer. Find him on Instagram as @rangerpaw He is a lovable pup. He is 11 months now and weighs 85 pounds!! Cuteness overload! :)
Teddy, is the craziest puppy ever! He is 2 years old and the funniest thing ever! He helps me through the bad days
Otis is a lovable 9 month old lab mix!! He loves cuddles and watching movies!! Such a good boy and adores anyone that gives him attention!!!💖💖
She is a amazing dog I will be happy if I win and she loves to play with her sister ruby
Roscoe is all boy! Loves being outdoors, chewing anything he can, laying on warm clothes out of the dryer and giving the sweetest kisses. He is definitely a pouter and will side eye you if he doesn’t get his way. Roscoe is the best snuggler there is. He loves other animals and he never fails to meet you at the door. He knows where his bread is buttered but has the best personality and definitely keeps me on my toes and always keeps my heart full!
Jadyn has a personality of his own! He loves to go outdoors, swimming, camping, boating, and walking. He's a good listener and loves to cuddle. He turns 10 on January 1st and still plays like a puppy! ❤ He's always curious of new things and has one good hell of a nose on him...which sometimes gets him in trouble 😆 but not horribly!
He is a very lovable and playful puppy that loves to cuddle 😍
Sam is a 2 year old male Shih tzu mix, who is a little ball of fluff!❤️ He loves to play tug of war and snuggle on the couch. He has some ear problems, and it bothers him sometimes, but we’re treating it. He’s a hyper dog, but we love him!🥰
Bindi loves treats and loves to snuggle. She's a feisty little girl
I’m a loving and definitely confused on whether I’m a dog or human!! I love all the same comforts of my Mom and Dad like snuggling under the blankets, eating my made from scratch food off a plate like them, and even jump in my moms arms whenever I feel the scared or just miss her a lot.. which every day when she leaves!!! I just have sooo much love to give that I just cannot contain myself and cry with joy and tears when my mom and dad come home evry day!
Hello my name is Zoey. I’m 18weeks old I’m a mini pitbull mix with a hound. I am being trained to be a search and rescue dog.
Cerberus is an 8 week old, 3.5 pound ball of love! I have no children so Cerberus is the love of our lives! He is the prince of the house and he loves his nuby banana and snuggles with his mama ❤️❤️ One look at my wittle cerbabyy will have you falling in love! 😍😍❤️❤️
Bingo is very playful and is very energetic...she is a full blooded beagle and only a few weeks old❤️
A complete Diva but such a sweetheart!! She definitely completes our lives.
Gemma Daisy
Gemma is the sweetest dog. She is shy around other dogs but has tons of energy around people at least for a few minutes until she is immediately calm. My family and friends love her to death!
Chinook is a fun loving 10 month old. He loves running around with his kids. I say his kids cause he thinks they are. He also loves digging up the yard and playing with his friend Daisy next door.
My trig loves to be outside! He LOVES the rain and any mud puddle he can find ! He loves to play with his toys and he loves people no matter who you are ❤️
EL is such a sweet heart! She loves her mama and being loved on ALL the time. She thinks she has to be with my 24/7, I also feel the same way😭❤️ She loves to play with her little squeaky toys and to play in the grass!
Bella is sweet, playful very vocal.. loves riding in the back of my truck.. her favorite thing to do when she's happy she always puts something in her mouth.. she loves children..
Bailey is a catahoula lab who is full of energy, loves to be around everybody, and loves to give cuddles!
Ovie is a 5 month old, bernedoodle. He loves to chew bones and cuddle with mom at the end of her work day. His favorite thing to do is look out the window or sit in the sun.
Hi, I’m Bella, I’m a Chiweenie! I’m only a year old. I love to play with my toys, and take lots of naps. I’m a happy girl!
Luna is a Perro De Presa Canario. She is cuddle bug and enjoys playing with her brother. She is loving, quiet, yet ready to protect her family. We look forward to watching her grow as she is only 12 weeks old. Don't forget to show her love by leaving a vote!
Ryder loves playing with his toys and cuddling with mommy and daddy
Lily is an 8 year old min pin/dachshund mix with a whole lot of sass! She loves to bark at everything and everyone and has no apologies!
Carl is a French bulldog who loves to sleep and chew EVERYTHING. He is 6 months old and full of love. He enjoys playing with other dogs, acorns, and little kids. This little guys snore is louder than most human males! Vote for Carl!!
Pixie is a crazy little papillon who loves being the center of attention, she loves when people watch her jump through her Hulu hoop and she thanks them by cleaning their ankles.
His name is Reggiano but we call him reggie for short. He is 4 months old and he loves to give big kisses!
Peppa is almost 3 yrs old and she loves to give kisses
stormi is dachshund, lab, and cocker spaniel mix. she’s got super floppy ears and is super playful
Charlie is going to be 13 weeks. He loves to play outside all day and carry sticks a little too if for him. He’s my little (for now) cuddle bug!
Ollie (Olive) loves to bark at big dogs, frolics in the grass and is the perfect snuggle buddy! He isn’t shy in front of the camera either. 🐶
Hi my names Nila I am 11 weeks old and I love to eat sleep and play, I go on adventures with my mom and dad. My favorite treats are my Icelandic+ cod and shrimp bites. I have a kitty brother and a kitty sister and my mom and dad say I’m the cutest😉🥰
Zoey is a cuddle bug and loves her littlest human the most. She is just the perfect girl.
Hi I’m Pepper! I’m a 13 month old Australian Shepherd. I have a kitty brother and sister who I absolutely love. I’m a little ball of energy and love. I live to play ball/frisbee, I would play all day if you let me! Another favorite thing of mine is going on off leash hikes through Maine woods! I love other dogs and even go to work at a doggy daycare with my mom! When it’s time to settle down I love to give kisses and cuddle! I’m super smart, I learn quick and listen well.
Juelz is a rescue,she was attacked by her brother that results in her having seizures, she’s 5 now and loves everyone and playing with her dog friends
Hi I am Bailey. I was a rescue and my parents couldn’t pass me up. I love to play and give hugs. I have a little brother Lukus who is a Siamese that I love to pieces.
This is Luna, or better yet we call her “Looney”. She is a playful fur ball who enjoys all things water. She loves being cuddles and showing off those golden eyes of hers!