She’s a little biting devil😈
He likes to run and play in the snow😁
Blue will always be my puppy because he thinks he still is! Very strong willed and a bit stubborn at times Blue has such an interesting personality. If there’s adventures to go on Blue is definitely ready same goes for snuggle time. If ever there were a doggie that loved to snuggle it is Blue! He’s the sleepiest laziest doggie there is until he decides it’s time to do doggie stuff and maybe start howling. The only thing Blue loves more than that is Butter!!! Not just any butter.. Unsalted whipped butter. Yes Blue is selective and we love him for that!
sweet, playful and a smart little girl
Merlin was a rescue at Acadiana Animal Aid. Found as a stray and not claimed, we brought him home to be part of our family.
She came to us as a rescue and is learning about being loved and well cared for. Her and koda are inseparable. She is a very kind and gentle soul and very smart.
Midnight is the cuddliest Pitbull. She’s all about playtime, hugs, and her adorable "talks". She zips around fetching balls, then settle down for snuggles, giving the coziest hugs as her way of sharing love. She is more than a pet; she is a true friend, filling every day with joy. 🐾💖
Echo is a 6 month old standard Australian shepherd with a huge personality! You can just tell by the way she smiles for the camera!
Kibbkes was found on the street after going home after seeing a movie
Dinkie is so loveable, sweet, fun, energetic!! You can’t be around him without laughing, he’s a goof ball!!!
Littleman loves to play frisbee and chase anything you throw. He has been an emotional support dog for me since I got him when he was 5 weeks old.
Pixie is a very small teacup chihuahua. She’s very playful and loves to kiss me all the time !
Cody is an aussiedoodle that will be 5 years old on June 1 He loves to play with his toys and loves treats. He is afraid of loud noise and storms. He loves everyone he meets
Jaxx is full of energy and loves cuddles. He loves to run and play.
Candy is a miniature poodle 3+ years old. I bought her a few months ago to ride with me in the car as I have sleep apnea. Candy helps me stay awake while driving cuz she has learned how to open the windows. Heater gets turned up and the windows come down. She has turned into such an amazing dog and awesome companion 😍
Luna loves belly rubs, kisses and lots of attention. She’s very playful and full of energy.
Papino is a very loving loyal dog who loves to play with his mama loves his squeaky toys to play fetch and loves to go outside and loves barking at planes LoL 🤣 what he doesn't like is when it's time to go to the groomer then.he won't even look at me for a couple of hours but he gets over it and is ready to play most important is he's my emotional dog helps me through some bad days thank God for him
She is a wonderful little mommy to her puppies.
She’s the most loving and sweetest girl we call her Molly but my dad put the boo in her middle name she loves to go shopping and loves to go on walks and definitely loves to watch tv and cuddle before the day starts with her mom and she amazing at doing tricks and she listens very well every time we go into Walmart or anything people always wants to greet her and pet her and they say she’s very well behaved molly is not just my pet she is my daughter and we just adore her my mom always gets her a Easter basket every year and a Christmas gift as well she is rotten she won the down town days in Columbia Ky first place a few years back Molly is one of a kind but she is definitely a mommas girl she goes everywhere with her mom she’s always there for me when I needed a friend I started having seizures two years ago and she was right there beside me she’s my blessing and my world it would mean so much to her and me if she wins she deserves this so much 🥰🐾
Puppuploves to play ball.I belong to HIM and he thinks no animals or children should be in my lap. LOL. He Loves MY with everything he is! He loves his treats and he loves to go for walks.
She loves cuddles and playing with me,my boyfriend and my sister. She is super sweet.
Dixon is my precious little Yorkie! He loves his toys and playing fetch! He also loves to go for rides with Mommy and Daddy!
Juniper is a Dachshund Pomeranian, she likes going on early morning walks and learning new things to receive her favorite treat; cheese! Her favorite thing to do though; is cuddle and give lots of kisses (I mean a LOT!) Most of the pictures I have of her are her sleeping because, boy oh boy she loves to sleep on my lap whenever I'm doing anything.
Daphne is almost 5 months old and is a fuzzy lil thing. She is very hyper.
Mooshie just loves people she is very affectionate toward everyone even strangers. Her favorite snack is carrots. Her birthday is on May21,2020 she will be turning four years old.
Bluey is a service puppy in training! Loves to run is absolutely the greatest pup
Thor was adopted April 1st 2023. He is a character. Loves to be outside and sun bathe. Loves to play with his many toys. Knows quite a few tricks. Loves to cuddle at night. And lovessss treats!! 🤍
She is a little busy body she loves to hide her favorite toys from everyone and she loves to go outside and watch the birds even though they scare her! She is a mommas girl and has to follow me everywhere carrying her favorite baby of the day. She has 7th grade science teacher eyebrows and walrus whiskers and she is the most adorable girl ever.
Oreo is a very awesome lovable dog that came to be a part of our family that a good friend of ours gave her to us to give her a good home she is well loved and she loves everyone she loves to play and talk to you lol
Energetic and playful, but loyal and protective. She loves bacon treats and going for long walks. And mud puddles, even if she finds the only one in a 5 mile radius, she will find it. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Maddie Boo
Maddie Boo was my emotional support dog. She could do tricks & loved her Momma. She hated thunderstorms. In this photo shed been out playing in the dirt good times.
Huey Lewis
Huey is already showing so much character from his puppy kisses and constant cuddles to his spastic rushes of energy. He loves chewing on his bones and chasing his tennis balls but is always down for a cuddle. He tags along with mom to work everyday and is a very good boy♡
Bear is a chocolate husky, he is 2 years old. He loves the snow and running around. He loves to swim and he’s friendly with all animals and people but of course he’s a protective dog. He loves going on walks and traveling to new places, he loves the beach but he loves the mountains more, please choose bear!
Oliver Ft Buttons
I love to play outside with all my friends. I love my treats.
A sweet, sassy 5 month old puppy with a lot of attitude!
Marshmallow is a sweet spunky puppy loves only females. He has a lot of energy and is very handsome and is ready to win!
Im very smart funny and love to be with my daddy all day
Im going to be a mommy soon but love all the Attention of my new Family that I saved me is giving me
Daisy Maisy
Daisy is a Chihuahua and Jack Russle mix. She is turning 3 years old in may and loves to be out in the sunshine. She has been so brave and strong and has survived much more than she should have ever had to. Please vote for my sweet little baby girl... ♡"Miss Daisy Maisy"♡
Ruby is a 10 month old Australian Boxherd who loves treats, belly rubs and protecting her pawrents! She’s a cuddle bug, has a ton of energy and is super smart. She would spend her prize money on treats, treats and more treats!
Bosco loves peanut butter, cuddles and long walks!
Butters is a puddle of love who is fiercely protective of his mama and sister, does not enjoy cold weather, and practices intermittent fasting (does not eat in the morning).
Peanut is the perfect mix of sugar & spice, has a trot like a pony, and could be in the Fetch Olympics!
Im sweet and snuggly as could be but a full load of 2lbs sassy when I want my way!
Ranger is the sweetest guy! Loves car rides, being with mom and dad, treats (esp. peanut butter!), and playing in the snow! His soul purpose in life is protecting, and loving his humans. ❤️
He is an amazing pup loves his toys and time spent outside!
Trixie has a very interesting personality! She is absolutely the sweetest and loves cuddles! She likes to sleep on the bed and loves going in the car to see my mom and sister!