Baby Stories - 39


Kris Kringle
Kris Kringle and Missy loving Christmas
My name is Mya and I am 13years old! I love lakes and car rides! My mommy says I'm spoiled more than my two sisters but I don't believe her
Tillie is 14years old. She loves slides and walks, she has 3 littles kids to play with that keep her young, Tillie is a very happy loving babygirl with two younger sisters (11) and (6) 🥰
Max loves swimming and camping. He's an extremely loyal baby and HATES being away from his mamma💕 definitely helped a lot of people through some tough times especially my sister. Max is my hero
Karamel is an Red nose American Pitbull. She is super friendly and loves to play. She is a big daddy’s girl. She also has hops and can jump pretty high. She enjoys laying out in the sun and playing with other dogs. She also very much enjoys napping.
He’s the best boy who loves antlers and all the walks in the world
I am an adorable black labradoodle with an amazing personality and an endless amount of energy.
Harley is a sweet sweet puppy who is down for anything! She goes camping, boating, car rides... everywhere! She never wants to be left behind. She is an amazing puppy who listens well and stays anywhere off a leash. Best dog ever!
Archer is the sweetest and most snuggly hungry toot potato you will ever have met!!! Either napping or exploring the sunny beaches of San Diego, this Hawaiian native can never contain his excitement to meet new friends and show you his sick tricks!
Lady Freya
Lady is a ball of energy!
Thor is a cute guy, he loves to grab socks and slippers and his super big tennis ball, if you got food hes right there to give you them puppy eyes, never a dull moment with thorosaurus rex
Bruno is a gentle and loving boxer dog that will be 2 in October, he loves to play with his toys and run around. Seeing people and other animals make him very happy.
Roxie is and adorable boxer dog that will be 2 in October she loves to snuggle and be the boss of the house. She is very smart and loves people
Miyuki Cooper
Miyuki is a good dog who has alot of energy. She love to explore and learn what the world has to offer. She love to go on long walks and motorcycle rides.
Where do I begin when I talk about my sweet Puggle who loves to Snuggle. To start with she loves absolutely everyone she meets ❤ when ever she goes out for her walks we always have to make special stops so she can say hi to our neighbors. She also loves playing around in her big backyard. Maddi's mom is a Beagle and her dad is a Pug..she most definitely has traits from both of them. But I would have to say that her number one ability is to eat just about anything (No lie). We've recently been talking about how she just turned 10 yrs old and still looks and acts like a puppy 🐶
Millie is our theraputic service dog. She keeps my husband, who served two tours of duty in combat in iraq, from sleep walking and calm hims during night terrors! After i had a stroke she now helps me by laying on my left side which is affected by my stroke and i suffer from Complex Regional pain syndrome also known as "the suicide disease"! We rescued her from the pound but she really rescued us!!!
Tiny but mighty. He is the littlest but always the loudest. Love cuddles, play fights and attention. And his name says it all. He is quite handsome. And he loves to dig even though he is an indoor dog. That just makes it even more hilarious
Pluto is very friendly to others and he gets very excited to see his old owners he loves his squeaky toys he loves pets he never can get enough of cuddles he loves when he gets attention he has this special side look he gives, and last but not least he loves to play
This rescue girl is spoiled rotten, she loves her family, taking walks, and doing tricks for treats. She is a bundle of love in every way!
The Most Adorable little Pomsky. Ball of energy and fur ready to get into some trouble.
Sweet, energetic 6-month old German Shephard puppy is the best addition to our family! Just another girl to join the bunch!
Hershey is the smartest, most loving and playful fur baby. He’s only 2.7 lbs but acts like he’s 20 lbs with personality to match. Now that he’s teething he wants to nibble on everything. He loves to copy everything I do and I just love it!
Leo is rescue dog from south korea!! I just start for leo youtube because i want to tell everyone. When You rescues dog and take care like family all of dogs are happy and getting good lookin. Dont buy $$$$ please adopted rescues. There are looking for home and family!!! Please. Search *LEO MeRong* at youtube.. you will see leo change... please dont buy!! Rescues dog!!!
Rider is a miniature Australian shepherd, he's a very sweet boy and loves playing with our cat, Loki!
Bear Roman Byrd
Bear was found by me on the street when he was about a month or two old. We have been inseparable since. He loves to play in the water, it doesn't matter if it's the pool or a muddy puddle. Lol!! And he is my emotional support therapy dog.
We found out at 11 weeks that Marley was born blind. It made us love him even more. He’s a very special dog💞
One of the things I Love about Maxi- Doodle is that he can flip coins☺! Maxi is also good children and is just a lil love bug 😍
Cooper loves going for car rides as long it's in town. He also enjoys making new friends.
Ms. Fritter is named after the bus in the children's movie Cars 3, a family favorite. 8 weeks old, pure bred. She is the sweetest, smartest, playful dog She is lighting up the faces of anyone who meets her. She likes long walks to the garden,then long naps, her partner in crime is a one year old lion head rabbit.
Bear Bear is our first puppy rescue and he melted our hearts from the start! Hes a 3.5 year old Chow/Golden Retriver mix. He loves his toys so much he never destroys them! He is also in love with our neighbor's chickens! He is the best puppers and a giant floof ball!
Lyrah is a sassy girl with endless amounts of energy. She loves playing in her pool and chasing water from the hose!
He never takes a minute to rest and he loves to give kisses 🥰
Eddie is a playful pup who likes to roll around and play with his sisters and brothers. He likes to explore the outdoors and enjoys his duckie at night time.
Dipsy Mae is the sweetest puppy ever! She likes to cuddle and give kisses. She wouldn’t play with her toys…but play with empty water bottles. We love a recycling queen! We got her from a breeder, and both parents are chihuahuas. Now for the love of Dipsy and God’s sake… vote for her!
Wilson is a little teddy bear who loves cuddles and giving kisses.
Chief is quite the character and full of personality. He loves playing with his people and K-9 brother. He is actually a Pomskie 75% husky and 25% pomeranian.
We rescued Odin through New Leash Rescue. Poor boy had a hard start in life but is now in his forever home. He enjoys trying new things and hanging out and playing with his people and K-9 family.
Declan is the sweetest boy ever. He is full of non stop energy and all he wants to do is give lots of love and be loved. He has the greatest personality. He is a complete goof ball. He loves his Rottweiler sister “Brannagh” and he loooves peanut butter!!! He is very much a daddy’s boy, but looooves his mommy. I loves being completely under the covers, and stealing daddy’s socks. Lol all in all…he is a total love bug!
Auggie is currently going through service dog training for my son that has special needs. He is a sweetheart and full of energy!
Hundley captures hearts wherever he goes with his cute two-toned nose, his soulful eyes, and his always wagging tail. He never meets a stranger he doesn't instantly win over as a friend. Just the absolute best boy!
Triumph is 18 weeks old. He has a great personality already. He loves his treats and loves to play with his toy's. Vote for my baby he is the cutest brindle baby ever!
Daisy is a princess! She runs the household. Her favorite passtime is taking a nap… anywhere! Vote for Daisy for a virtual kiss!!
Cooper is a big teddy bear! Loves his little brother Riley, who is also a Weimaraner! He is very protective of my son and loves to be the center of attention! He plays well with other dogs and loves birds!
misty: she is a small 2 year old bichon frise puppy. we call her rat.
Follow Dasher on Instagram and experience his cuteness! @dasher_gsd 🥺♥️
Olive is a rescue dog and will donate 100% of her winnings to @crossedpawsrescuegroup & @rescueadog
Sitka is a 4 month old Dalmatian puppy and the sweetest boy you will ever meet! He loves to cuddle, hang out with his friends at the dog park, and car rides!
She loves playing with her big brother and running around like crazy. She loves giving kisses and hugs