Poppy is high energy with a great personality. The World is her stage and she is the ⭐️.
Lacy is 17yrs old Maltese Poodle, rescued at 2yrs old. She is very lovable, loves to cuddle. Pleae vote for the best most lovable dog ever.
Koda is a rescue. We have no idea where she came from, but it wasn't good. At first she was very shy, very unsure of me, a shell of a dog. Today she's a totally different dog. Today Koda is rowdy, rambunctious, and spoiled. She'll never know it, but she saved me too.
5# of love. She loves to snuggle and thinks she's a guard dog. No fear.
Thor Niklaus Safin
Thor has just recently passed away and i make this for him.
Midnight is very rambunctious and loves to play . He likes to irritate our big dog . They get along great . He loves the drink boost . He loves a sip of coffee also . We just love him .
Lil Monster
Lil Monster is named as such in the same way a very big guy is called tiny. She’s a sweetheart, loves jumping in the water and chasing the frisbee.
Roy is a yellow lab who at 8 weeks old and his first day at his new home did what came naturally. He loves to retrieve ducks and pheasants, but loves his dog bowl the best.
Jake Shorty
He's the best guy, does happy spins for potty dog!
Taco loves to dance stand on his hind legs walk backwards for a treat he loves to play
Loves to play with her bones and she loves attention.loves laying in your lap.
Sharkey is a beautiful boxer boy. He is full of life. He continues to keep ys laughing with his over the top puppy mischief. Sharkey is currently being trained as a PSA (psychiayric service animal) He is so gentle even my 2 year old grandchild loves to play with him. And his very best friend is tony Chihuahua name Minnie.
Sir Sullivan
A complete gentleman!
Panther is a handful he loves playing with his kitty sister he loves eating everything he is very loving playful and goofy he loves his toys and his daddy
Charley girl is my soon to be emotional support dog…she was a Christmas blessing after loosing our other dog chompers.
princrss is an american bully who loves her big sister 👧🏼 and she loves to play tug of war with her daddy. she’s very protective of her family and she loves any other animal she comes in contact with! whether they like her or not, she always thinks they’re playing 🤣
Meet Boots, the adorable Pomeranian Poodle with a heart of gold! Weighing in at a petite 4 pounds, Boots is the epitome of cuteness. With her sweet personality and affectionate nature, she is guaranteed to steal your heart. Boots loves nothing more than snuggling up with her favorite humans and enjoying a cozy nap.
Hey pawfriends and hoomans I’m Luna I’m 3 years old and of course I’m a purebred Siberian husky I’m Sweet as can be and very energetic I’m also escape artist but I’ll always come back for cuddles after I go on a run from you for an hour. I can unlatch the gate unhook my leash from my collar jump the porch fence and just about anything else the hoomans try to keep me home where I belong silly hoomans I’m to smart for them😂 I know most commands except roll over I don’t even do that on my own sooo I’m good. I love to fetch my ball and throw it at my hooman momma when she’s not focused on only me constantly,because why wouldn’t she be I’m all that should matter to her. Anyway it’s nice to meet you all and I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me
She’s the sweetest an loves to snuggle , she loves to play and loves children along with other animals , she’s always happy
Stanley is a loving caring big puppy! Hes full of love & energy! He loves his squeaky toys and will play with them all day and night long! Stanley thinks play time is at 3am haha theres nothing like being woken up from him squeaking his toys all night! I wouldnt trade it for the world!
By far the sweetest Rotty I’ve ever met, he loves to play and loves to snuggle
Gus is a 3 month old Tri colored, blue lacy puppy from Conroe, TX. He was brought to his forever home in West Virginia on Christmas Eve 2023 💙
He’s outgoing and lovable and he loves to play fetch
Daytona loves to play fetch, and loves to heard her kitten around the house. She loves playing fetch and her other favorite activities are probably walks and hikes. She loves the outdoors. Her favorite activities are probably hiking, Her treat puzzles and her chew toys, and barking at any and everything (she just saying how she feels about someone walking to close to her house) She’s a very loving dog when she wants to see attention. Her personality is like most other cattle dogs she’s very spunky and stubborn, very sassy loves to talk back and gives attitude (she’ll throw her toy in your face if you don’t pay attention to her) she’s an overall great dog!!
Monster Slimjim
Slimjim loves any kind of moose whether it’s a toy or a blanket or a coat he loves it. He is the absolute sweetest his nickname is Moo Moo Pants and he loves that to
She is the sweetest pup ever! She is my medical alert pup and is always getting publicity when in the city as she is a Dalmatian which most people find to be rare!
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae, is a very curious puppy, she wants to know about everything. She loves popcorn, she sits in front watching it pop when its finished poppin she comes gets me.
Willow is a sweet lovable girl who loves to play with her big sisters. She knows how to sit, shake and lay.
Jersey is 6 months old and i've had her since she was 8 weeks old. She loves following me, playing with squeaky toys, going for car rides, playing with other dogs, teasing the cats, running with me while riding my 4 wheeler, and being around my horses. She can sit, shake, and lay down. She knows what bye bye and go to bed means. She has helped me a lot after I lost my 3 1/2 year old German Shepherd female from getting hit by a car. She's currently in dog training classes and we are learning together.
Bentley is a 1 year old 10 pound miniature dachshund "weenie dog" who is a short legged, long body friend. He is a tiktok star and we are convinced he is starbucks pup cups biggest fan. He is not like other dachshunds while bentley is very quiet, loves literally everyone, and loves car rides. He will sleep on his back anywhere he possibly can. Sleeping crazy is bentleys full personality. Bentley loves to show off to anyone that he knows how to stand, bentley can stand for around 5 minutes straight. He knows he's the star of the show.
Norah is a shelter dog and we adopted her at 2 months old. She is a love-bug and super cuddly. She loves to play with her human siblings and chase her tail and fetch whatever is thrown her way.
She is a hunting puppy
Trixee is a very playful and sweet. She knows how to shake and sleep with you. She loved her toys.
Bella is ten months old. She is very intelligent and loves to play with her brother Butler. When it’s time to settle down she prefer mommy and a soft blanket.
Gunner is a great dog!! He loved play ball! He’s a gentle giant for 120 pounds couldn’t ask for a better dog!
He local American bulldog. He loves cuddling
Maya is 8 weeks old and full of life. She loves to play tug of war and chews on everything she can get ahold of.
Ocho is the sweetest dog and loves to interact with people. She loves to play catch with her toys and smoother you with kisses.
Fun loving, loves to give hugs, and play with her toys
Kane is the best friend u can ever ask for and he is blind and very sweet and very kind and he will always love you even when you don’t know what he wants or what he needs and he will never let you down or anything like that just because you don’t want him in the way he is not in your face
Daimond is the sweetest dog in the whole wide world I love her so much and she has such an adorable personality and she has the most beautiful face ever and she has so many beautiful puppies and you will always love her so very much and she will appreciate you and your family
Biscuit is a loving and playful dog she never sees a bad day always happy 😁 she loves her squishy
She was born on 4/20. When she was born there was a heart shape on her back. She is amazing happy loveable but very independent..she has the sweetest training to be emotional support dog
Milo is a 5 moth old Pit Bull who came into my life at a time I was at my darkest! He has taught me love and joy, but most importantly, he has taught me patience. I love him so very much
Toad, was a Rescue from the LHS. She is the most loving girl in the world. The minute i saw she i knew she had to be mine. She was a life saver. I had to put down my 2 fur babies, one in January, and the other in September. One was 10, the other was 17, i had them both from puppies. It killed me. So whenshe can up. I knew she was the right one for me. She loves love and affection. And i love giving it to her. She is very smart. An listens very well... everyone loves her.
He loves to be near me! He has one favorite stuffed toy! He is special!
Sassafras rules our household — she is 6 pounds of unadulterated entertainment! She loves antagonizing her brother (Pickles), chasing wildlife in the neighborhood, and must be attached to one of her humans as much as possible (she’s definitely a Velcro pup)! She brings joy to everyone she meets — and must be the center of attention AT ALL TIMES!