See is very lovely and friendly Goldendoodle are great dogs
Hazel loves cuddling she’s snores really loud and loves her mom and dad very much.Hazel loves pup cups
Rocky is a 5months old Border Collie.He loves chasing his tail.When he hangs out at Auntie's he surrounded by 5Pomeranians,so he thinks he is a tiny lap dog.Rocky is very special to me, I'm epileptic, about 2months ago he started picking up on my seizures. Before i even feel it come on, he runs over sits in front of me and barks. I have 2-3minutes to get in a safe place. At night if i seizure he will climb on my chest and push weight down to help bring me out of them. Rocky seems to understand that I have multiple health issues.His personality awesome, dramatic&mischievous,(like if he see his food dish is empty, he will roll on the floor crying or pick it up a bring it to me.) He's loving,sweet, and playful. But he is so smart, he picks up on training so fast. He is fully house broke, know sit, stay, walk slow,and be gentle. He responds to verbal and sign language commands & has also adapted to me being disabled, by get on a chair to get his harness and leash on because i can't bend.Rocky is 100% my dog, the connection was instant. The moment the lady handed him to me, he curled into me and has been by my side since. He good with other animals. He joined our pack of 2 dog Tippy(Spocker Spaniel)& Buster (Pomeranian mix) 4 cats Taz,Poo,Goo&Loo all 20-24lbs and 2 horses Baby&Morgan.He is good with the horses. He is great with kids. Can't wait to see what is to come with having him. I already feel safer knowing i wont fall and get hurt while seize with him around. But with every dog there is tiny naughty streak. He loves spreading paper and doesn't like when my mom has to give me shots.(He tries to nip her to make her stop). This is my favorite picture so far. I was sick that day and he laid there the whole day next to me, napping. He covered himself with the blanket cause i had one.
a very bossy girl that loves nothing more than spongebob and butt rubs
She is the Queen and deserves to rule.
Meet Benji, the fun, loveable Yorkshire terrier! He is a ball of energy, and loves to chase chipmunks and squirrel's! He enjoys playing with squeaky balls! His favorite food is smoked salmon, and chicken!
Bella Mae
Bella loves being scratched, and “talks” when she doesn’t get her way :)
i don't want to sound arrogant or Anything but i think he is Good Looking Dog and and lot of People usually stop us to pet him and say what a Good Looking Dog He Is . Got Him When i moved into My 1st Apartment . By My sister-in-law Sister
She is a blue nose brindle pit mix. She is a very sweet , adventurous, smart and sometimes goofy lol. She loves to cuddle and go for walks and rides in our WRX and meet new people and animals.
Boudan loves to sunbathe and argue.
Brutis Wayne
Brutis is our Big boy, his body size can be considered a XL.He's absolutely stunning. His personality is like a grumpy old man. Brutis loves to sleep, go for a ride with his human daddy. His favorite of all is to track deer for his daddy. He's a good boy
Max loves long walks and saying hello to every human or dog that comes his way. He’s very friendly and loves kids
She loves to go hiking. She also loves picking on her older sisters
I like being outside with my brother shadow! However, I don’t go visit the neighbors like he does! You should vote for me so I can buy new toys and more treats!
I like to be outside with my sister Izzie and visiting the neighbors!! You should vote for me, so I can buy new toys and more treats!!
Keefer Winston
Keefer is a sweet and energetic boy. Loves to play ball and cuddle with his mom.
Hi! My name is Dash ⚡️. I am 1 year old :) I love to play tug of war, get dressed up and most of all EAT 🦴! My favorite thing to do is drive my mom crazy 😂🐾
Ringo Oliver
ringo is my furry little best friend and Oliver he is my spunky little dude they r best friends wake up from a cuddle to start playtime!!!! I am so blessed to have my fur babies they bring me joy like no other
Rescued chance from the road he loves taking long walks , playing with mommy and his belly rubs and naps and puppachinos 🐾
Maisey is an 11 year old Labrador Retriever who loves snuggles, treats, and her stuffed ducky. She’s the best girl! She takes good care of her hoomans and is our best friend. She hasn’t met a person she didn’t love, especially the littles! She takes good care of the tiny hoomans, she’s so gentle and loving. Vote for our Maisey Roo!
Fern is a very special pup with a very big heart. We got Fern at a rescue when she was four months old. Fern didn’t have the easiest start in life, shortly after arriving at the rescue, Fern and her siblings were diagnosed with distemper. With Fern being the runt of the litter and also very young, her chances of survival weren’t very high. Sadly, some of her siblings passed away, but Fern put up a fight and is now a happy healthy girl! Fern is a shepherd/husky mix who loves car rides, playing with cats and snuggles 🐾
I rescued Ollie from a shelter in Florida who had found him wondering along side a railroad, dirty, and leaves all stuck in his long fur. One look at his big round eyes and black button nose, I fell in love! And ultimately, he rescued me from the sadness and grief of just losing my mother to brain cancer. He loves everyone he meets and makes friends easily. He’s the funniest, most energetic dog I’ve ever owned too. He loves to play fetch with a ball or his frisbee, and is always ready for a walk around the neighborhood. He’s incredibly loyal and follows us everywhere around the house. His fur is mostly white with some blonde and super soft! He tries to ‘speak’ to other animals he sees on tv, but rarely utters a peep out if he sees one in person. Naturally curious, he loves to explore the backyard. Ollie is living his best life along with his canine brother and sister, and he completes our little ‘fur family’.
Hello Friends, my name is Riley and I am 6 months old. I can be a trouble maker😈 but I love cuddling with my mommy❤️! I love playing and eating anything I can find and I sure do love car rides 🚘, and traveling to events with my parents🐾
Jax is a hyper active puppy, on the go at all times, but loves to cuddle on the couch.
Luna is a American Bulldog and Golden Retriever mix. She loves playing with her brother, Jasper and digging holes in the yard! She is obsessed with food and taking naps!
Loving playful and energetic Fiona brings so much joy to our lives with her big smile and kisses
Mavis Mae
Mavis is a sweet girl, she hasn't got a mean bone in her body. Mavis is full of energy and does some of the funniest things. She keeps us on our toes for sure.
Hi, I’m Capone! I’m now 6 months old, and growing very fast! I love running outside (sometimes I make my parents chase me) and I loveeeee to eat ! I’m a big baby and also love naps💜🐾 my favorite toy is a noisy chicken, and I love cuddling with mom and dad.🐶🫶🏽
Kelsea is a very laid back sweetie pie. She loves swimming in the ocean. She loves the winter snow is her favorite. She always has a smile 😁 please hit the like button and share this. Thank you
He’s the most loving friend anyone could ask for, he loves cuddling and sitting next to people.
He likes to cuddle and smile
She’s a very lovable and she has her own little personality. She loves to swim and loves going bye bye
Fred grew up with his papa louie for 10 years we lost him to cancer. Freds the sweetest kindest best kissing little man♥️He loves socks & brings one to the door to welcome all who knock!
Lily is a sweet and sassy girl. She loves snuggles and playing blanket monster. If there is a mud puddle near by Lily will be all over it 🤣
Nestlé is a loving friendly dog who enjoys water and loves bath time. He enjoys car rides and playing with his favorite toys. He also loves to watch football and movies!
He spent the first part of his life chained to a tree surrounded by filth 24/7. He was rescued by Meliissa’s Second Chance and thats where i found him!! He is the sweetest boy!☺️
Sweet and cuddly.Love to hug very playful
I rescued Sadie at only 5 days old. She was sitting in the back of a man’s trunk in hot weather. She was the most sassy little thing! Very loving and VERY playful! I took her everywhere, she was my baby. Unfortunately Sadie was diagnosed with Idiopathic Vascular Calcification, she lost her ability to stand up, run, play, or even use the restroom. Last month we had to say goodbye. She will forever be 16 weeks old… I wanted to sign her up for a puppy pageant before but never saw any, how’s the chance. Get her crowned in puppy heaven!
Diesel, despite the bad wrap his breed gets, is the most timid layed back pup.
Sadie May
She is the most playful dog ever. She gets so excited when she sees anyone, she loves everybody. She also gives so many kisses. Absolutely adorable!❤️
Hi everyone.First of all i’d like to introduce you 🐶Turka.We named her Turka (from 🦃)because we got her on Turkey day which is thanksgiving here in America.She is smart,playful and sweet.Please vote Turka Leslie.Thank u soo much.
He's lover. Not a fighter. Always your best friend. Up for any adventure. He's a hunter, anything you hide, HE WILL FIND... CHALLENGE HIM, I BET YOU WON'T WIN🐾
Freedom is a charcoal lab, her mom is a polar white and her dad was a black lab from Ukraine. Freedom has such an amazing personality, I swear she smiles all the time. She also loves to run by my plans and bite off my flowers and drop them on the ground, that’s not too funny! She loves to give kisses and was a Covid puppy so she is very much loved and loves attention!
Scout is a German Shepard mix. He was raised for part of his puppy life in the shelter along 5 siblings though he doesn’t have any contact with them now he takes any other doggie friends in like family. Scouts favorite things include running a big yard and night strolls around the neighborhood
Loves sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and cheese. Hates peanut butter
winston loves cuddling with his favorite blanket, he will do anything to go outside and play, he thinks hes bigger than any dog
Boo is my big baby Boo! If he cant find me, he.throws his head back and howls. He is a beautiful blue merle Shetland Sheepdog. He is 4 years old.
Hi everyone.. Im Chichi a 8mo old Chi that loves life. I am a ball of energy with a personality to match