Baby Stories - 38


Vixie loves digging and sniffing. She loves cuddling and even loves her humans more . She’s a friendly dog, loves running around . Loves being chased
I'm a cute little boy trying to figure out the big world and make others smile
Georgia was unique. She loved all people, vanilla ice cream, camping and the beach. She went crazy for sand, sticks and tennis balls but wouldn’t play with any other toys and could have cared less for cats. She was loved by everyone who came into her life so I am entering her into this contest as a memory since she passed in September. RIP beautiful girl.
Hello my name is Yetti, I’m a one year old Dalmatian with a lot of energy and the biggest heart. I had surgery when I was a puppy, my elbow was shattered but I’m all better now. I can do anything other dogs can do. My favorite this to do is dig! My mom gets mad at me when I do it, but I just have to give her that face and she forgives me. I love my family especially my brothers and sisters. They are a little strange because there’s human but mom says I’m her favorite. I love to eat! I can eat everything and anything all the time. Dad likes to feed me scraps and mom doesn’t like it but when I’m alone with her she gives me them to. I love my family and they love me. Please vote for me because really I love everyone ❤️
Hi I’m Moses! I love the water and I’m a 4 month old St. Bernard pup from Maine! I love people and cuddles! ❤️
He is a big ol loving hunk of rolls. His favorite hobby is sleeping, but scratches, and eating treats. Lots of treats… Hes receives more smiles than a High School Year book.
Koda’s top three favorite things are cuddles, car rides, and getting muddy! He’s 9 months old and by far the most quiet husky you’d ever meet!🐾 He also has an Instagram if you want to check out more photos of his adorable face! @our_koda_bear
Cindy is a Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix that loves to cuddle. She loves everyone and is very good at comforting people. She loves walks, rides in the car, and sleeping/cuddling. Her old owner was my Grandfather and when he passed away we adopted her. If I win money from this it would really help.
Wrigley was born the same day our last puppy crossed the rainbow bridge. He was the runt of the litter and came very close to not surviving himself, but God brought him to us knowing he would heal our hearts. When he needs to go out, he will come get you, give a small bark, and motion his head to say, “come on”. He has been know to push his food bowl to you in the morning for breakfast. He loves to cuddle and is just a very good natured and lovable pup who loves to talk!! 🤣
Lilly And Iris
Lilly and Iris are very sweet dogs that love to cuddle. They love each other and like to be outside. They also love the snow.
Prim Rose
Took me a year to find this sweet soul. She loves playing in the fall leaves. Loves snuggling and giving kisses.
Oreo is a very sweet girl and very friendly, she loves her kitty friends too
Hello ladies! I’m Diesel, the most handsome pup you’re gonna see😉 my parents found me in the middle of a road at 9 weeks old and nursed me back to health. Since then I’ve gotten to live the best life ever with them and my big sister. My big sister has taught me how to be a good boy and to live life to the fullest! Mom says I’m the goodest boy ever! Help me prove to them I’ve got the looks to steal some ladies😘 🐾 Diesel
Calla loves her people and going for rides. Her favorite toy is a squeaky pop tart (called a toaster poodle). Her best friend is her sister, Dolly, who lives down the road at the in laws. Running, playing and taking up all the room on the humans bed is her jam.
Whiskey is the most loyal, sweet, ball loving dog who loves to smile. We took Whiskey into our home 5 years ago after his father left in an ambulance and never returned home. A dear friend of his father was taking care of him and knew that we would be a perfect match. Those who dont think dogs have emotions or real feelings haven't met this sweet boy. Everyday, after we brought him to our home he would find a way to escape and either show up at the local bar, the last job site his father took him to or his old house for his quest to be reunited with his father. Everyday we would go pick him up and show him what love he would allow us to give, also while giving his time and space to heal. Today he is the happiest boy and enjoys all activities. His favorites are playing fetch, paddleboarding, backpacking and snoozing on the porch!
Kymber is as loyal as they come and loves her people. The absolute best girl, who is always loving and super well mannered.
Kolby loves life and everything about it! Everyday is an adventure to meet new friends or play!
Samantha is 19 yrs old
Kash is a pitbull, he's the biggest snuggle bug ever! His favorite thing to do is sleep and cuddle.
Lady is very sweet 5 month on pitt. Shes adorable with hazel eyes and is super goofy. She loves summerssults in the grass and long walks. She cery good with children and is learning fast regsrding her training. Vote lady!
Hey Friends and Family!! Please VOTE for KODA! ✅ We entered him in a world wide online dog pageant. He is currently 289 in the world and 2nd in Idaho! Let’s show this sweet pup some love! Up to 10 free votes per person each day!! Share this with your friends and family! 🥰 ❤️🐶
Kujo is a 9 month old Rottweiler and Australian Cattle Dog mix. We got him back in May to help me through the hard time of my dad passing. Hes been such a great emotional support animal. He loves shoes, and barbie dolls. Always wants to be moving around and can’t sit still for more than 3 solid minutes. He loves belly rubs and his favorite spot is right on the one white spot he has.
Marley is a ball of energy. She’s a Pit/Catahoula mix. She was added to our family in January of 20’
Walker is a wild dog who loves to play. He is a mutt and we don’t know what breeds he is. We obviously have some ideas based on his appearance. I’ve uploaded puppy pictures and current pictures.
Shadow is a special border collie & blue heeler mix I traveled to get him from a sweet amish family 🐾 He is SO smart, I can hardly believe how fast he catches on to everything
Opie is my first husky, and my first love! He is my soul dog. Opie isn’t a normal husky tho, he doesn’t talk… at all! Opie loves to play in the snow and loves his neck scratches. Opie would like to say please vote for me! My mom and dad are getting me a human and I would love nothing more than to help out however I can. ❤️
Dodger Vin Scully
Dodger is my bestest friend, keeper of all my secrets and loyal to the end! He has a heart of gold and aims to please. We really don’t deserve a dogs love! 💙❤️
Romeo loves cuddling and being a mommies boy. He loves playing tug a war and being outside with dad
Very protective over her little sister Very lovable Takes up the whole bed Loves to play and chase the kids around
Soldier is the sweetest.. loves to play catch & go on walks .. he sits.. shakes & minds well 💙
His real name is Bjorn. He loves cuddles, and loves playing with our kitten Stevie. His favorite toys are stuffed bunnies! He is such a sweet boy. 💖
He loves kids he love going on walks also he loves baths
Sully is my 8 month old Bernedoodle! He’s a dream come true! 🥰
Whiskey Business
Whiskey loves sticks, the bathtub, jumping on you with joyous abandonment and cuddles ❤️
Marshmallow is one of the sweetest and most loving dogs out there, she’s a massive cuddle bug and loves taking walks and taking up more than half of my bed
Harley And Lucy
Harley is 8 and Lucy is 9. They are best friends. Lucy joined our family first at 6 weeks old and we've had Harley since birth. They are inseparable. So much love..
My name is Tito! I’m the sweetest little baby boy. I love my mommy & daddy unconditional. I love to snuggle and get belly rubs! Summer is my favorite time of the year. I love to get in the swimming pool and float around on my float with my sunglasses on.
Hello I am glad to have entered my baby into this competition. I think my mallow should win because she smart, a good listener. Mallow is 8 weeks old, she is a pit Chihuahua mixed. She's loves cuddle eat and play. She is very playful an amazing kids.
Romeo is my support/service dog. He helps relieve panic attacks/anxiety, helps me with PTSD, and helps me know when I’m about to get a migraine. He’s the sweetest, smartest boy ever! He loves people and other pups! I rescued him about 5 years ago and I really don’t know what I would do without him.
Hi, I’m Regal! I have three legs after being hit by a car in Texas but was sent to and rescued in Wisconsin! I LOVE the snow and cold up here! I’m a happy, clumsy guy who spreads love to anyone and every kitty, human, and dog I come across.
Milli is sweet, year and a half old, hound mix! she’s the sweetest thing ever, she loves new people, tennis balls and playing with her brother and sister! she definitely loves her daddy too! 😜💗
Theodore is a basset/beagle mix with full of energy! His hobbies are going to the softball field, chewing on my high heels, playing outside, and going to the local mexican restaurant for chips and salsa on the patio! He doesnt know a stranger and he loves kids!
He loves to cuddle and sleep in the bed with mom and dad! He has his own blanket and pillow. His favorite spot is sitting in his recliner looking out the window.
Hi guys! My name is Roscoe AKA Papi. My hobbies include bullying my freakishly huge litte brother Koda, sleeping on the couch, protecting the house, and being mommy's good boy!
He doesn’t love his Jammie’s as much as mom does but he is so cute!
She is crazy. Loves to hangout with her friends and bring home cows 😂😂 she is so friendly and loving my best friend
Murphy loves to give hugs! If you don’t want a hug he will give you one anyway. He also lets you know when you can stop petting him. He’s a little pushy when it comes to attention.
Hello friends! I'm happy to be in this competition with all of you dashing pups. A little about myself, I'm a happy pup from California. My family refers to me as he who should not be named. I don't really get it. My hobbies are terrorizing my 4 older but much smaller siblings and eating moms shoes!