Baby Stories - 38


Gracie is a Bloodhound. She loves to play with all her buddies at doggie daycare.
Scout is a pout boy. He loves to chat and sing. But he is super sensitive and will definitely let me know with a pouty stare. Love this guy!!
Baldur loves to spend his time being as lazy as possible and enjoys the finer treats in life while still maintaining a full six pack. He will nibble your ear lobes and loves to snuggle. His under bite often catches the attention of all the ladies in town, he’s always rewarded with treats at the drive thrus! This guy is an all around love bug, ready to be your furever friend!
Marley Mae
Marley loves being outdoors and playing with just about anything, she loves being out with the pigs and chasing them, and when she’s tired she loves to cuddle and she’s very spoiled with many treats. She also travels a lot!
Biggie loves everyone and everything. He just wants to eat sleep cuddle then repeat !
Hi my name is Zeus and i am a Boston terrier. I am 5 month old how loves to play and cuddle....
Photo Timeline; Dottie-Mae as a pup came to us as a gift 3/2018 turns out she was real sick with Giardia per her doggy crate photo, her first Christmas, Rock Hunting in Nevada & Ghost Towns of AZ, up at O'Dark Thirty watching for the Troop's PT during our Camp Host time on Fort Huachuca, she loved to garden and smell the flowers. Dottie-Mae is a Full Time RV'er since she was 1 yr. old, she's both spoiled and loyal most of all loves her life and family!
Lil' Man Man
Lil'Man Man is the cutest dog, he has a personality that Ive never seen in a dog. He has routine's and when he goes outside he runs up his favorite tree. Runs in circles and barks at the squirrel's to say, "this is my yard". He is loving and very sweet, wherever my granddaughter and I go he is always there to go . Even though a knock at the door would sound as if there was a giant dog on the other side. All i can say is he understands what i say everytime. Definitely knows the word "Cookie"
Lillie is an energetic fun loving labradoodle that loves snow, fetch, and will take all of the belly rubs she can get!
Chico is the best. He thinks everyone loves him when anyone comes by they are there to see him of cosrse, he is the boss he tells me when its bed time, he high 5s he ccan run like the wind, he loves the idea of a bath until it happens. Lol
Marshall AKA Fetty Wap, is a 5 year old mixed breed doggo with one eye! He doesn’t let his one eye stop him from conquering the world! He loves to chase cars, loves to eat honey buns and absolutely hates water but will go knee deep in the pond to get a drink. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Please vote for my boy!
Meka is a 7 month old Labrador Retriever! She loves car rides, swimming in the pool, playing fetch, digging holes in the yard, eating the stuffing out of every toy she has and eating anything she can get her paws on! She has the best personality and is very vocal! Please vote for my girl!
Lela is a 2 year old (almost) Blue Heller and Pit Bull mix! She was a bottle fed baby at just a couple days old because her mother unexpectedly passed away so you can only imagine how spoiled she is! She loves car rides, swimming, getting new toys and Peanut Butter Beggin Strips is her absolute favorite! Please vote for my girl!
When you play with her, she's runs around in circles like a crazy pup and you don't even have to touch her. My daughter calls them, Lily's zoomies
Harry has a condition known as severe dry eye and has to have drops all day in his eye. He had an infection at 3 days old that has caused him several months of treatment this far. Every check up we hit small milestones on the development of his eye, however, there is a good chance he could still lose his eye someday. This has inhibited him from finding his forever home. Harry is very outgoing, sweet and super snuggly. Nothing brings him down. He plays super well with his sister and other dogs. Help Harry win to care for his eye.
Katie Rodriguez
Katie is a rescue dog. She was found at the side of the road very sick at 7 weeks old. We forstered to adopt her. Couldnt let her go. She is such a sweet puppy. Shes 7 months old and full of energ. She thinks every human or animal is her friend and there to play with her. She is always happy with a wagging tail. Katie is love. She likes to snuggle, give kisses,take walks, and play fetch.
The biggest goofball. He can zoom and jump like crazy, but he can also be a mush pile when you are ready to snuggle.
Wilson hands down have the most interesting sense of humor and personality!
Luna has the personality like no other!
Hi hi hi! My name is Mack-O-Man! My mommy found me on a rehoming website and brought me all the way from Alabama to Virginia! I wasn’t the goodest man at first, but I am the bestest pup now! I like to chase all sorts of animals, but not to hurt them just to sniff and play! My mommy is my favorite! I look at her with so much love until I fall asleep, and if I have a bad dream she cuddles me until am clam! A vote for me shows how rescue pups are just as good as show pups! 🐶
Hello my name is rainey. I love long walks, belly rubs and treats. I am a rescue and mom thinks im the cutest pup😉
My name is Moon, I am a 1yr old female dogo argentino/ pit mix. I love going on car rides. I love pup cups and turkey the most. I’ll walk with you through a nature trail any day of the week. Mediation music puts me right to sleep. Destroying toys is my absolute favorite way to kill time.I love to hog the bed I LOVE windows and just anyway to watch the world. I love kisses!! I’ll knock anybody right over for those😊 I will do Soo many tricks for treats. Anywhere with my family is the best place to be. Sincerely Moon 🌕
Baloo is a 4 lbs Havapoo that loves to play fetch, jump, and sleep. He is the most loyal of friends!
Milo loves to play with his BEST friend, “Bella” , ( Shes 1/2 black lab & Bull Mastiff) . She is his roommate! ♥️Milo looooves to go swimming , boating and take long walks. Milo is a Lover not a fighter...a complete ANGEL boy pup!!!
Nova is a 4 month old mini Australian shepherd! She is full of energy and loves to play in the water.
Im 1. I enjoy going to work with my mommy and daddy and playing with all my friends at the boarding kennel. I love water, my brother tut, and all my kitty siblings. Im a WILD child always on an adventure. I love my stroller, it makes me feels like a king 🤴
Ella is ❤️, fast as lightning ⛈ , enjoys playing catch and loves taking baths 🛀
Winston is our male Corgi. He is AKC and CKC Registered. He loves playing fetch and getting snuggles.
Penelope is a fun, loving day. She has so much personality and always makes you laugh.
Kai is an 8 month old Alaskan Malamute/Labrador retriever mix. He LOVES the water but also LOVES the snow. He’s one of the most friendliest pups you’ll meet. He is always smiling and greeting our clients at my salon (most people come in JUST to see him)
Gizmo is a sweet, ball of energy. He was found as a stray puppy and stayed in a shelter for four months before he found his forever home with us. He loves toys and a soft, warm bed. He loves to go camping with his family, and his partner in crime Rubee. He has a love hate relationship with water; hates baths but loves to play in the lake. You'll never meet a spunkier little soul.
Bingus is the best dog I have ever owned. He is very lovable, loves to sit in your lap and give you lots of kisses !!!
Cindy Lou
Cindy is a 2 year old, French Bull dog. We rescued her from a puppy mill, near Atlanta, GA. She was in pretty rough shape, when we first got her home. But now she is as happy as can be. She loves playing with her toys, running in the yard, playing with other dogs and cats, hanging out with the family. And most of all she loves food.
She had a hard life when she was a puppy. Her previous owner used her in dog fights. She has a hard time trusting men but is extremely gentle dog when it comes to babies, toddlers and children. She will have medical issues like arthritis and back pain when she gets older from all the beating and dog bits she had when she was a puppy. Ever since she has came in my life she lives the best life I can give her and she is my whole world.
Scout is a bagle hound (beagle basset) and he loves to cuddle especially under the covers.
Zuri is the sweets girl! Loves to be loved,but yet a worrior! Her face and soul just melts your heart💜
Daisy is a princess. She will follow me everywhere and she likes to sleep right beside me. She loves walks and shaking your hand.
Fuzz loves people He brings joy and smiles to so many who come in contact with him. Fuzz is a very special 🎁 gift from GOD to me❤. Fuzz also has his own Facebook and Instagram page for those who wish to view more pictures of Fuzz. You'll find Fuzz under Graceful Fuzz. Thank you all for your votes❤ ...
Belle is a Chocolate Lab who loves long walks and Pup Cups from Starbucks. She is very smart and lets herself outside to potty. She loves a good bone, but she will more than likely lose it in the backyard (accidentally on purpose).
This is our new baby girl Nala. She was adopted from the #AWL ON Saturday. She is absolutely perfect. She is fitting in and we are excited to have her as a new member of the family. She loves her odie toy, and her little treats.
Hey there! My name is Motley! My parents adopted me as a puppy and every sense I have had the best life! My mommy used to hold me when I was a little fluff and tell me she Loves me! Now that I am the biggest man I cuddle her and grunt to tell her I Love her back! Mommy loves it when I do all the tricks for her! I have birthday party’s every year and share my presents with my brother and sister! ZOOMIES are my specialty, but hide and seek with mommy is the bestest I can find her anywhere!
Frederick is a German shepherd/dachshund. He loves to snuggle and go kayaking.
My name is Maple I was adopted in Tennessee during a hurricane by my mommy and daddy! I was real sick when I was adopted, but my parents saved my life! I have been the Love of my daddy’s life sense the day I was adopted! Daddy and I love to cuddle and nap! I melt like butter for pets and belly rubs!
Mary Jane
MJ born a singleton loves entertaining herself by opening drawers and emptying them out for daddy to clean up. She irritates all the other brothers and sisters all day long. She bites at her bio-mom's legs and tail. She eats, drinks, sleeps most of the day! She likes to chase and smell everything when she is outside! She will be 8 weeks on 8/20!
Suede is a 5 month old blue fawn great dane that is the sweetest dog I've ever had and I've had some sweethearts. He just wants to love. Gentle and smart.He has everyone's heart that meets him. Suede recently hurt himself by falling of the bed. He's on the mend and if he won, the winning would be used for him to get better. He needs a brace made for his front paw. And has been put on a holistic diet with a ton of supplements and tonics to get him back up and running. He hasnt walked in over a week.
Best snuggle buddy and running buddy all in one. Either too hyper to stay still or too tired to move <3 Sarge is currently a year old!