Baby Stories - 38


Hi I’m Tobee. I loveeeee food. I eat everything. I also love sleeping. I also love going on walks and meeting new friends😊
Sadie is a rescue dog. She came to live with us over a year ago. She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. She loves walks and loves to play fetch.
Thor is a very loving puppy.. he loves playing outside and taking walks.
she is the sweetest girl! She loves to cuddle and play with her brother!!
Tikaani is a Mallie that Will was n you heart over and put a smile on. Your face
Leo very spoils love his mom and dad and sister!!
Lisa loves People! She also prefers Chicken over Beef. And gets in chase mode when she hears or sees a chipmunk. She also gets excited when the neighbor kids come to play and they are 5 and 8 years old.
Freya, 12 weeks old and smart as can be. She can sit, paw, lay down, crawl and even almost rolls over. I don’t beg for food and I stay by mom and dad when I’m off leash. Look how sweet I am.
Kapper is a lab pit mix. He is 14 weeks old! He is very loving and a big cuddle bug! He loves to play and follow his parents around everywhere! He also loves car rides! He loves listening to music too
A big fluffy baby that deserves your vote.
Barney is the most energetic and fun loving fella. He loves "puppacinos" from Starbucks, parks, and Beyonce!
Loves to play and follow us everywhere. Has to sleep in same room as family.
Hi im Princess i'm 7 years old. I love belly rubs, and squeaky toys are my favorite. Especially when I'm playing fetch with the family. I also love running in any kind of grass preferably green,and to lay on my mommies chest and lap. I also loves my long walking outside.(So Refreshing) I'm a true outside dog. I also loves me some Aniyah, I'm her little protector. (Cant nobody touch her around me lol) I have an absolute love for carrots i'd actually prefer them more than my regular treats!!
Hi guys I'm Bowie, a Irish doodle! I like to est lots of treats and drink water. I have 4 happy cousins! Any votes areappreciated, bark bark! 🐾
Horace was rescued from a neglectful owner. He is enjoying life living inside now. He likes cuddling and chew toys.
This is Harvey! He’s 3 months old and named for the character on Sabrina the Teenage Witch! We rescued him and he’s been giving us so much love everyday.
This is Oakley! He will be turning one years old in November. He is a Texas heeler & he sure does have a lot energy! He loves going out and looking for antlers with his dad or going on walks with his mom!
Harley is fun loving puppy. She loves to cuddle and very energetic.
The sweetest dog you'll ever meet who always manages to bring a smile to the faces of those around her
Bear is a 3 year old PitBull/ Lab mix. I rescued him from a shelter after he was moved because they wanted to euthanize another Pit. He came from a broken home but he entered a house and made it a home. Bear is the biggest Mama boy, loves playing, walking, snuggling and getting the Zoomies! His favorite things are his dad, his burger toy and whatever scraps may fall off your plate. He is the biggest lover, and sweetheart. I couldn’t imagine life without Bear, so let’s show bear how valuable he really is! Send your votes to support my baby boy!
Mae is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd x Labrador Retriever, she came came from an oopsie litter, in my opinion the best oops ever. She loves playing with bigger dogs and acts as if she is their size. She may act like she is full of sass all the time but when it comes down to snuggle time she is always ready.
He loves car rides and is the friendliest dog ever!!!
Nikki loves to play, she loves to take you on walks..she grabs the leash and walks you.. she's the most loyal dog ever 😇
Bailey Mattison
Bailey is a very kind and loving dog, the other day she saved a kitten that was alone in the woods I think we should vote for a hero!!!
My name is Wolfe, I love playing and loving on people, my favorite toy is my ball, I love snack time and kisses. I’m a big talker too. I have 3 legs and it stops me at nothing and nothing i can’t do. Please vote for me and show me love
Meet Toby wan Kenobi. He is definitely a foster fail cause look at that face. He love chicken and playing with his papillon sister Pixie. SASS alumni of 2020
He's a lover n snuggler, n luvs to run, full of energy :)
Power Stoking Diesel is my name
Louie is a chihuahua mini pen mix he loves to play and he loves doggy cookies and playing with his pittbull best friend he is very playful and happy and loves on everyone and cuddles are his favorite
Ruby is a big cuddle bug she loves her best friend Elena who is a 2 year old human she loves naps and playing dress up with the little human she is a great babysitter and watch dog
Hi 👋🏼 I am Bruce, I am a very playful 10week old puppy. I love cuddling with Mommy and Daddy whenever I can. My parents are working their butts off working multiple jobs to keep us in our beautiful home. Winning this pageant would mean peace of mind for them, and it would help them spoil me a little more ☺️
Dixie is a full bred (Sable) Shetland Sheepdog. If I were to identify a boss in my household, it’s her. Although full of sass and confidence, Dixie is only 10 pounds — however, isn’t afraid to let the big dogs know who’s boss. She’s absolutely loyal and will do anything to make sure her humans are happy, and even though she’s quite the barker, she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. You can always count on Dixie for grade A snuggles — if she could crawl into your skin and sleep inside of you, she would. I couldn’t image a life without my Dixie Doo, she really is such perfection.
Jasper love to play, he can speak for a treat, he knows how to shake both paws and sit pretty. He’s a great puppy and we love him so much!
Cooper is an AKC registered (Blue Merle) Shetland Sheepdog, often confused with an Australian Shepherd. He’s my favorite adventure buddy, snuggle buddy, and best friend. You can often find Cooper waiting for you to throw the ball for him — in fact, he loves to play fetch, but he’ll make you chase him for a bit before he’ll just hand the ball over. Cooper is as loyal as they come and will stop at nothing to protect his humans — mom couldn’t pet another dog if she tried, because he would never allow it. He doesn’t share his mama, or his snuggles. Cooper is a bundle of love and sensitivity. He makes me laugh until my belly hurts with all of his quirks. Once it’s time to wind down, Cooper likes to be picked up and held like a baby so he can get maximum belly rubs.
The family changed when Blueberry was introduced to our home. He has a personality that warms our hearts with his kisses, licks, and his eccentric charm. He constantly wants to play, and cuddle with us. Seeing him protect his home from a plushie dog makes us laugh, and lightens our day. Blueberry is born to love, and be loved.
Our little water boy❤️
Toby is a fun loving corgi who likes to run and play outside. His favorite toy is his pink squishy ball. He loves to be around kids and loves to get muddy. He gives the best lovins 🥰
Knuckles is one of a kind! Whenever I’m feeling down he will come and comfort me! When I’m feeling proud he will stand next to me with confidence! He is lazy but a playful boy! He prefers pillows instead of dog beds and chicken instead of steak! He likes short walks and long naps! He does have one addiction and that is his peanut butter!
This is a picture of Ranger when he was 2 months old. He is a Lab mix (Chocolate Lab, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Shar-Pei). He is a super happy puppy who loves to play soccer. Find him on Instagram as @rangerpaw He is a lovable pup. He is 11 months now and weighs 85 pounds!! Cuteness overload! :)
Teddy, is the craziest puppy ever! He is 2 years old and the funniest thing ever! He helps me through the bad days
Otis is a lovable 9 month old lab mix!! He loves cuddles and watching movies!! Such a good boy and adores anyone that gives him attention!!!💖💖
She is a amazing dog I will be happy if I win and she loves to play with her sister ruby
Roscoe is all boy! Loves being outdoors, chewing anything he can, laying on warm clothes out of the dryer and giving the sweetest kisses. He is definitely a pouter and will side eye you if he doesn’t get his way. Roscoe is the best snuggler there is. He loves other animals and he never fails to meet you at the door. He knows where his bread is buttered but has the best personality and definitely keeps me on my toes and always keeps my heart full!
Jadyn has a personality of his own! He loves to go outdoors, swimming, camping, boating, and walking. He's a good listener and loves to cuddle. He turns 10 on January 1st and still plays like a puppy! ❤ He's always curious of new things and has one good hell of a nose on him...which sometimes gets him in trouble 😆 but not horribly!
He is a very lovable and playful puppy that loves to cuddle 😍
Sam is a 2 year old male Shih tzu mix, who is a little ball of fluff!❤️ He loves to play tug of war and snuggle on the couch. He has some ear problems, and it bothers him sometimes, but we’re treating it. He’s a hyper dog, but we love him!🥰
Bindi loves treats and loves to snuggle. She's a feisty little girl