The thing most chloe likes is when my wife teased her with her hand she goes crazy over that she is very playful and cute she loves to hug and kiss at times i think she's a human lol.she is just a handful of love.
She is very loveable, she loves to cuddle and she is a very wonderful companion and if you are upset or crying she tries to cheer you up with smiles and cuddles.
Hi everyone, I'm Carlos!! I am a pit mix and I am around 5 or 6 months old. I was rescued from a family who didn't take very good care of me and mistreated me. I am extremely happy now and even have a baby brother on the way!! Please vote for me❤ I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
Wrangler is 9 weeks old. He is very high strong. He is that dream country dog. Getting dirty is his favorite activity.
Lunah is my first baby I got her almost 4 years ago she is a rescue when I first got her she was malnourished and the owners were very rude about her but she is officially mine chipped to me and everything it’s the best feeling she is very spoiled I never walk out of petco or PetSmart under 150$ 🤦🏽‍♀️ Lol she has her own personal closet and everything shes very well trained gets along with cats and dogs and loves attention I don’t consider her a pet she’s my princess baby ❤️
stormy is a reschedule from being thrown in a ditch with her siblings. she loves cuddles and giving kisses. sweet girl loves playing with other pups and has a blast playing in water.
Buttercup is the youngest Merle pup in my pack. She’s small but packs a punch with her sassy attitude and “you’ll give me anything I want” puppy eyes!
Chai is our spooky child. We got him around Halloween and he’s been a little terror since haha his favorite things are car rides and Starbucks pup cups!
Hash Brown
I love being silly with my friends☺️ My favorite thing to do is play fetch!
Loves to cuddle with her mom. Very playful and protective over her mom. Loves kiss . She is very sweet and loving. We got her at 6 weeks old very skinny and not healthy now she is very happy and healthy. We love our baby sage
Maggie May
Maggie May is almost 8 weeks old, she is a silver lab. She is full of energy, very cuddly, and loves her big sister Chevy! Also just look at how cute her eyes are!🐾🤍
Chevy Diesel
Chevy Diesel is almost 2 years old, she is a yellow lab. She’s very loving, cuddly, and playful. She enjoys long days out in her fenced in backyard and acting like her brother (our cat) sitting on the couch!❤️
Sampson is a very loving but crazy doggo!! He is a huge talker.. “no” is his most persistent word along with “I love you”. His all time favorite thing to do is play with his hooman brother who is also 3 years old! Tennis balls are his weakness he will go crazy for one! If he is not playing you will find him snuggled up with one of his stuffed animals on the couch. He is a big baby that thinks he is still a little lap dog and will climb up into your lap when he pleases! Kisses and hugs from him will make your heart melt! We never knew so much sass could come from one doggo!
Jack is a fun loving family dog. He loves to go play at the park with all kids at the park. He Loves playing fetch and will do it until he can't run anymore. He's a very intelligent dog. Jack is my daughters' best friend and they will not go to bed without "Cuddles from Jack!"
Piper was rescued from a kill shelter. She became the greatest companion to our dad. They saved each other. The two went to the dog park almost everyday, where my dad was known as the “Pied Piper”. Piper loves to run and play with dogs 3 times her size. She also can climb a tree. She’s the epitome of a small dog (Pomeranian) with a big dog (Husky) attitude!
Willow is GreatDane/Alaskan Cattle Dog. Willow loves children and her favorite toy is her oinking pig! Willow will be Two years old June the 6th.
Biggest goofball in the world has an amazing personality and loves it when I come home to visit him, he cry’s when I leave and when I’m with him he won’t let me stop loving him ❤️
I have never met a pup that needs as much attention as Rocco! He is the biggest cuddle bug, loves to run & play. He also LOVES cuddling with my kitten, they are bestfriends! He such a happy dog with an amazing personality! Vote Rocco!
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae is a shepherd, lab, and blue heeler mix she is very energetic pup who loves to play, she is 8 weeks old and when she’s not running around after your feet she’s sleeping!
Josie will be one in August. She loves giving kisses and cuddling. She spends her days playing with her toys, playing outside with her sister, and loving on her mommy and daddy.
Dutchess loves her toy rope, her cousin tucker, and loves to be brushed.
Shes 9 years and she likes to cuddle and shes emotional support dog
Kind, loving and outgoing! Loves to cuddle and loves the sunshine 🌞
Bella is an amazing dog who believes she is actually human! She is so sweet and has never met a stranger! She gives the best kisses and is an amazing cuddler! She was recently diagnosed with Cushings disease so her life is about to change. She is my best friend and I will do whatever it takes to keep her as long as possible! Please vote for her and show her some love! Thank you in advance!
Koda is an energetic chocolate lab border collie mix who is living his best life with his two moms, and two fur sisters! He’s always down for a (long) game of fetch. He loves summer because that means swimming, camping, hiking and lots of dog beaches! ❤️
Halsey is a lovable coonhound heeler mix who is living her best life with her two moms, fur brother and fur sister! She loves summer because that means swimming, camping, hiking and lots of dog beaches! ❤️
Yang is one special, smart pup!
He loves life. And loves his daddy and mommy
Hi my name is Murphy and I am a tri-color bernedoodle puppy. I never meet a stranger and love all of the belly rubs I can get ! 🥰💕🐾
I have had bear since he was 6 weeks old and he is now 5 he’s impacting my life so much he is a certified ESA and has helping my depression so much he’s my best friend
Uma is a 2 year old american bully. She loves playing in the snow, and taking baths! Her favorite thing is when mama gives her a butt massage...also she loves to lick feet so watchout lol
Doc is a 16 week old corgi x blue healer mix who loves everyone and everything. He absolutely Adores his big brother who is a German Shepard.
Milo is a 2 year old Maltese. Here is a few of Milos favorite things to do. ~loves to play ~loves going on walks or a car ride ~loves snuggling up to his baby sister ~LOVES his mama Milo is always up for an adventure. He is a very good and well behaved dog. He is my little baby!
Rosie Hart
Rosie is a very lovable pup! She loves to cuddle and be outside. Playing dress up excites her!
Molly is a boxer hound mix and has the biggest heart, she loves taking her toys outside to run and buck like a bronco around the yard. She's a loyal, loving pup 🐶
Scruffy where do I start scruffy is my baby, and I love him so much he has been by my side thru thick and thin he’s my rock
Archie loves his moms, playing with his brother, & other dog friends. Archie also loves naps, snuggles, & playing with squeaky toys.
Jack is the sweetest pup you will ever meet. He’s such a ham and has the best personality. He’s a bit of a drama queen when he wants attention. He loves to sit outside and watch the squirrels. He is gentle and kind with other animals and he is great with kids. We rescued him but in all reality he rescued us. He has been a great addition to our Family and we are so in love with him.
Finn is very energetic when he meets new people. Otherwise he is a very chill dog and loves to lay in your lap. He loves to play with his toys and going on car rides. He thinks he is just as big as his 90# sister
Ellie was born with an autoimmune disorder and was not expected to survive. She is now 3 years old! She loves to cuddle and keeps us smiling everyday.
He is a rescue that loves his family so much. He had the cutest ears and the biggest personality. Vote for Oliver today, and his big brother Chubz
Holly is my new pup I got her 2 months ago from the shelter she is now starting to finally act like a dog. She loves the dog park and peanut butter an her stuffie she is going into her service dog training. She is my hero!
She is a championship dog winner. For Wanna Be dashhound racing.she loves her stuff babies snuggle time. Loves outdoors playing. Country rides, helping mow grass on rider, loves riding ATV, going out on the boat. Hanging at work with mommy and daddy.
My name is king, I love to play outside and inside I love playing in the water, I have a funny personality,I am sweet at times I’m a cuddle bug, I love love love to eat, I like to paw everyone and everything, I love bath time, I have the state of Texas on my chest.😊
Rebel is a big snuggle bug and a big momma’s boy! He loves brushing his teeth and playing with other dogs! We are still in the puppy stage so tricks are sometimes treats are always!!
Cloud is a 4 month old husky basset hound mix. He’s a happy little puppy and loves everything. From ripping up his toys and playing to meeting new people. He’s a very social pup.