Brody loves to snuggle, give kisses, and eat!
His friendly knows when I'm feeling sad. Loving the water since I got him.
Piper Jo Beatty
Hi! I'm Piper Jo ! My mom calls me her little miracle, I was born with a heart defect but thanks to her, my bio mom and our local Humane Society I was able to have open heart surgery and now I have a new chance at life! I love to pick on my kitty sister Libby. I have a new sister named Indie, Im not fond of her yet but when she learns I am the boss of the house I think we will get along just fine! My favorite thing to do is lay on top of my mom and watch Netflix! Please vote for me!!
Zoe Nevaeh Borne
Sweet calm precious all the time.
Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose loves to play outside with her toys! She plays hard and loves to nap after! She loves giving hugs and kisses 😘 Vote for our sweet baby girl!
This is Fletcher. I got him back in April 2021. He was born on nov 26, 2020. My mom and I rescued him from a rescue down in Texas. He had a 3 day car trip to us here in Olympia Washington. He’s the most out going and loving dog we’ve ever had! And we’d love for you to vote for him!!
Happy is a precious little doll baby. She lives inside her heart, which is a very big place to live. She is filled with nothing but manners, patience, and love. We feel so very blessed that we were able to cross her path and rescue her.
Brownie likes hanging out with family and greeting people at the door when they come in and showing them one of his many toys he loves to play with.
Si Si
Si loves to cuddle up with her covers. Loves the outdoors, would live there if we let her. More importantly loves mom and dad ❤️
Vivian is the most playful puppy. She love giving kisses and enjoys swimming the most. Her smile is contagious!
Is a absolute daddy's girl. Loves her bone bones and is the goofiest doggy I know.
Very goofy boy. Loves his stuffies and has to sleep under the covers
Hello, I'm Boots! I love my toys, my human, long walks and pup cups. If you ever run into me and my mom, you'll be sure to be greeted by my little nubby tail and a lick or two.
Scuffy is an English Bull Dane. He is a sweet boy, loves car rides, going out to eat with mommy, surely a people pleasure. Really loves the attention he gets from everyone whom he meets.
Luna loves treats and loves new people. She is loving caring and always full of energy and ready to play
Sir Oliver P. Good
Oliver is very unique to say the least, he is the sweetest, bossiest, funniest, little circus monkey bear piggy dog ever! He sits up and follows command like a circus bear, looks like a little monkey when standing on hind legs, is a complete piggy and loves to snack, turns his head in total shock when told he is actually a DOG!!! He just doesn’t believe it!!!!
He loves to snuggle and be on your lap all the time! He "dances" for treats ❤
Tank is a lover. He loves to play in water and play with his brother Zeus. He loves to eat! Tank is a very happy puppy. He is the cutest dog in the U.S
Zeus is a very loving and sweet dog. He is a doberman mix with a lab. He loves to hunt and run. He so handsome. He has long legs and perfect teeth. Zeus is the cutest dog in this world!
Baby Doodle
She is a very friendly country dog. She loves to play with all the other animals. She is a service dog for Anxiety and PTSD.
She is a one year old Chiweenie. She is a registered service dog for anxiety and PTSD. She is very sweet and loving.
Jack is a great young mix breed that we are not sure of what but that doesn’t change the big heart he has. We adopted jack from New England animal shelter and he is been the best desicion we made in a long time. Jack is great
Abby And Oreo
Abby and Oreo are sisters and are definitely two peas in a pod. Oreo is definitely the boss but the biggest cry baby haha
Sugar Bear
Sugar Bear has the sweetest and most adorable personality. She’s so loving and gives the best hugs! She loves playing fetch with any kind of ball or stick. She gives the best cuddles!
Hey everyone im Blue im a fun and loving mommy's boy i love to go to the dog park and play with all my friends and make new one's i also like to play with my human (aka my mommy)and i always trying to make her happy and keep her safe i love my mommy and she loves me too i also like to go on car rides and see new people and places i love going swimming in the river and playing with my favorite red ball i am always there for my mommy when she really really needs me also because she is sick and I let her know when she needs to get down on the floor and I will stay by her until her Seizures are over im also there for her when she gets really bad panic attacks ill always be my my mommy and she will also be with me and ill always be a good friend too anyone or animals well thats enough about me i love you all and wish everyone luck ❤️ 💙
Skye is the most playful cuddliest doggie you will ever meet! She LOVES attention & all the treats she can get.
Benji loves to play, nap, and cuddle his mommy! He is smart and such a sweet boy! He loves learning new tricks.
Gizmo is a self trainer seizure dog i suffer from epilepsy and Gizmo trained himself to go and get help when I'm having a seizure. He loves to play fetch and is very protective of our 1 year old daughter. He also love to run! Lol
Maximus is one of the best! He is loves to cuddle and absolutely loves his “baby”. (Stuffed dog toy) Maximus loves to eat too! All food lol. His favorite human his his boy, Elijah. When he sleeps he snores like a grown man! Gotta love him.
Maggie is my ol’girl! She is 9 and a loving, lazy and sweet. She loves to be with me 24/7 and go on car rides and eat whatever I’m eating. Her favorite is butt scratch’s and belly rubs! She is lazy most times but does have her energetic moments.
Maverick is such a loving energetic big baby!! He can jump a 6 foot fence with ease, and always wants to play. (With us and the other dogs and kitten) Maverick loves bath time and even gets in when there’s no water in the tub. His favorite human is his little girl, Mia. And his favorite toys… are Mia’s too! Lol
Molly is a loving and spunky baby. She loves playing outside and cuddles. She's been through a lot in her short life but is still happy as can be!
Stewie loves to think he is human and loves everyone
Gus is a playful pup who loves to dress up and meet new people 😊
Summit is the sweetest boy! He is so loving, protective and snuggly!
Chaotic Layla
She’s very friendly, active and lovable. Home trained and very energetic
Belvedere and his sister London came to join our family in May. He is a total snuggle bug and will do anything for a treat. He loves to swim and do tricks and hang out with his mama. He favorite toy is anything his other Boston siblings have, and he loves to ride in the car and go anywhere I go- especially anywhere where he will have people tell him how cute he is. He is just a big bundle of slobber and kisses and the sweetest little guy. We love him so much.
Novi is a 3 month old chihuahua. She enjoys wearing her pajamas, watching tv, taking naps and playing with her toys.
Truffles is my first rescue puppy … 7 months old and 7 lbs. She is so good as long as she is with me so we go everywhere together. She loves people and other dogs ! Vote for her because she is a perfect example of a reason to rescue!
Hi, my name is Remi. I am a Boxador that loves to run and play with my brother, Roman. I snuggle my mom any chance I get.
Gus absolutely loves to destroy every toy he gets and will play fetch as long as you will throw it he will play
Most handsome, googly eyed, pillow suckling , bed hogging, food stealing, Freddy Kruger pawed sausage dog around! #topdog #loveapitty #adoptdontshop
She climbed up the rocks at Garden of the Gods solo! (Well, maybe she was lifted at times, don't tell her she's to short!)
A fiesty little confident terrier who was going to make herself known and I couldn't resist. A multiple DNA contributer to help all pets. It takes a village. If she makes the cut all proceeds will go to help other dogs.
Yoshi was welcomed to our family on Mother's Day five years ago. She was a gift from my husband and children to fill the void left in my heart after losing my dog the previous year. She immediately filled that void and has since brought our family joy. She is a great love bug as well as a guardian. She spends every night in my son Chase's bed. She has our undying love. Please vote for Yoshi.
Bear is 1 1/2, he is sweet and gentle, and he LOVES to be outside especially if there’s any type of water he can play in. When Bear is not outside he loves to be cuddled up in a blanket.
Casanova is a spunky puppy he loves keeping mom up all night and chasing his brothers and sisters around the house he's got the energy of a toddler and loves exploring the outdoors chasing leaves and tasting the grass
Sammie is pure love!! This sweet girl is a rescue. She is full of personality and boy does she love to talk! She loves going to the park to people watch, and she absolutely loves snuggle time!! She has the kindest soul about her and she is truly one of a kind.