Baby Stories - 37


Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown is a sweet little girl who loves to be with you everywhere you go. She cries tears if you leave her alone. She's a sweetheart ❤️
a wild crazy looking fool who loves his sisters & dad, i like to bark & bark some more. catch me barking… always!
Mia is a sassy little sweetheart who loves nothing more than to be cradled in your arms cuddling up with her fur brother MJ
MJ is my little sidekick who never leaves my side. A true mommy’s boy at heart.
what’s it like in new york city
Loki is a funny, lovable cuddable playful pup who loves every dog he meets! He loves treats and will do all the tricks he knows for them. How can you resist this adorable face!
Ro is quite a special little guy... He actually picks up on everyones emotions and can change those if sad, into a happy smile.. Hes a ham and a super sweet boy. He loves to ride in my truck on the console where he can see the world as we travel.. He has the best manners and has brought me the most love while healing from lifes tragedies...Hes a total blessing and quite the looker when sporting his clothes.. Loves cute girls, kids, duck treats and traveling...Give us a vote, we appreciate you all..🐶
Diamond is a 8 year old, foster fail. She loves all things big and small. She's an ambassador for her breed, and loves to model in her spare time. Her giant ears and goofy smile capture your heart when you meet her. Please vote for us!
Oso anxious loves long walks no matter where, ear rubs and just being home with mom, sister, and his fur brodder, and cat siblings. He’s a big chicken but his bark is that of a titan. He’s the sweetest and most loving, but all on his terms.
Beast is a sweet very loved boy. I lost my youngest son February 2017, to rare Neurological disorder. Beast was 8 months old at that time. All I remember for next 6 months is my babyboy "Beast ", never left me ever. Bathroom couch bed he was right there. Still till this day same way. He has kissed my face with tears streaming like a flood diwn my face. I would appreciate your help in recognizing my Beast for his beauty inside and out. Thank you My doctor did help me register for a emotional support dog.
German shepherd mix shadow is a dog that loves to run play swim and laze around. She will hunt squirrels and she is also a hero blood donor trying to save other dogs.
She was found with two broken legs on a beach in Puerto Rico-she is the sweetest dog you’d love her.
Rider Rider Rider! He's is a mix of Lab and Buply Terrier. Hes is so fun and VERY energetic!! Love loves to chew on stuff. Loves fetch and hide n seek!
Temari is a high spirited dog who loves to steal her “big sister’s” toys and hide them. She will then go into the basement and squeak them until her big sister comes down and chases her. This can go on for hours as they run through the house.
Bear loves playing catch with his toys, and he loves to take long naps right after!
Cyrus is an American Eskimo/Keeshond mix. He loves sleeping and going to the farm with his momma.
I'm cutti boy
Piper is a 1 year old, loving, energetic Boxer. Her favorite things to do are spend time running around with her Husky sister Carly, going on walks around the neighborhood or nature or to lay around and relax with me! She loves all things toys and you can always find her with a bone or a chew toy.
He’s very lovable, affectionate, social & life of the party
“How you doin’” 😜
Juke is 130Ibs and scared of his own shadow. He loves to play on the trampoline & take car rides.
Vote for Smoke! Otherwise known as Smokey Boy. He is a pure “smoke show.” 😉 Smoke loves water, pointing at birds, running, and going to the pet store to spend all of his daddy’s money, but don’t let those eyes fool you. He is a HUGE baby. “Please vote for me. Roooof!” -Smoke
Hammy is very independent and outgoing. She loves the run around in the woods with her sister panda. Hammy loves treats! She is part husky and part Norwegian shepherd.
Riggs is an English Labrador Retriever. Riggs is a huge mommas boy who loves to lay around. He is 7 months old and weighs in a little over 80lbs. His favorite toys are his squeaky pigs where he has gotten his nickname Riggy Piggy!
I am the most loving girl but would protect my family. I love my mommy and daddy. I love to sleep and follow mommy and daddy everywhere. I love carrots well pretty much anything I’m aloud to have. -Princess Chanel
Buckwheat is a lemon spotted Dalmatian. He is very energetic, loves his momma, his rescued brother, & anything that squeaks 🐾♥️
Franky is actually a Sheepadoodle. I didn’t have an option for his breed. He is a very sweet and funny puppy! We just love him so much.
Thor is a very energetic shihtzu always playful loves everybody and every animal he goes everywhere with me and is a sweet heart
Motley Mcnabb
Motley loves the outdoors. He loves to swim, hike, run, and play. His favorite thing in the world is his ball. He is very cuddly and such a lover. Motley loves to go on road trips and explore with his humans. Motley is a herding breed
Kylie came to us at 3 years old. She is a very loving baby with lots of personality.
I am the most loving and loyal boy. I love to splash in my pool, play hide and go seek, and of course, fetch… (I just don’t like to give it back). Vote for me! Coal💙
Gigi is 11 years old. Very loving.’ & loves her Hoomans. 💗 She’s Definitely A Daddies girl ! But Sucks up to mommy when it’ comes down to having treats. 😂!
Rhette Swayze
My official name is Rhette. Mama calls me Handsome Pants Copper Bottoms, Handsome for short. I’m a strong 8 yr old toddler that owns my mama completely. We go on so many adventures, doing all the things. My favorite is camping! I get to explore and play in the river. Mama even lets me be in the tube with her. When I take mama for walks, sometimes we see other things. I think they’re called nutrias and goose. They seem ok. When we go on adventures in the car, mama makes sure I sit in the front seat with my most favorite blanket. It used to be mamas, but I liked it best. Sometimes I share. Mama tells me how much she loves me every day and I love her wake up face.
Sashá is an excited 4 month ready to take on the world with her killer smile and funny anecdotes
Railyn is a little diva. Shes got a sassy little attitude and LOVES all the attention. Shes a bit clumsy and trips over everything. She loves to take her brothers toys and keep them to herself. She will dig in her grammas plants and hide things grom her brother or put them under a pillow. Shes such a goofball with her short little legs she thinks shes so fast. Shes a snuggle bug and is such a daddys girl. Wherever he is she usually is too.
Kodi is a big ham. He loves his toys, to run around, and to play with other dogs. He is super smart and understands a lot of words like cheese, dinner, do you wanna, peepees, bedtime, nuh-nights and grammas. If you talk to him he does his signature head tilt and sometimes he'll even talk back. Hes such a goofy loving dog and the bestest boy.
Gucci is very affectionate and loves to lay right next to people, he also loves feet so you must look down before walking.
He is my best friend. Loves me unconditionally and is always there to protect me.
Harley is a great dog. All he does is run around an likes to be funny as in chase shadows. we rescued him from a friend of my aunts so we don’t know much about him. He’s around 3-4 years old
SissCee was born to ride (born in my car on way home from Vet.) My special girl. She made a miracle recovery from Liver issues in 2020
Nova is a 71/2 week playful puppy & loves playing with other animals. She loves going in the car for rides and giving lots of love.she loves going in the car and playing with her brother and our older dog.
Moe Moe
Moe Moe was a rescue dog. He is a smart boy. He loves to play with leaves. When he wants to go bye bye, he looks at his leash hanging up.
Hi I’m Mowgli, my favorite toy is my squeaky taco. My best friends are two outside cats. My humans take me everywhere, I get all the attention. I’m quite the ladies man.
Lobo is a month old , he loves to run , play with his teddy bears , love the water, and loves walks with his family at the park.
Static loves the water and is super friendly. He has a stubborn personality but uses it to be extremely cute 💙🥰
Hunter is a beagle chiuaua mix he loves chasing you around outside. His favorite thing to do is to play with our kitten. He's kind and loving he will give you kisses all night long.