Baby Stories - 37


Sassy is the most loving, energetic, outgoing dog you will ever meet. She fits her name perfectly when she talks back after being told no.
Remmie loves to play ball and to hide he enjoys car rides and loves playing in his swimming pool one of his favorite things to eat is ice
Kairo loves the ocean! He also enjoys any adventure that involves a car ride and a ball.
Tink loves car rides and the dog park :) he is such a sweet and loving boy!!! When he’s not running around with toys in his mouth 😂😂 he prefers to be in your lap. He loves to cuddle with his humans.
Dr Pepper
I adopted Dr Pepper when she was 5 weeks old out in Arizona. We have been on many adventures together and still many more to go. She is a boxer German shepherd
Love chicken and kisses lots of kisses
Sadie May
Loki is a 70lb pitty that will snuggle you to death. He likes going for car rides and getting Starbucks.
Paris Cherie
Paris loves to have fun in the sun and shes also a big fashionista
This is my lovely sweet girl Spaz. She is a shitzu/dachound mix. She is 8 years old. Couldnt ask for a better dog
This is Gizmo she is a lab\chow mix. She is an amazing girl. She is 9 years old.
This is my sweet girl Sugar. Her mom died at giving birth to her so she has been hand raised by me. She is going on 9.5 years old. And SO spoiled
Roscoe is a 3/4 board of calling and in a quarter lab mixs . He was born August 20th of 2020. What makes him so special as he was born on my husband and I wedding anniversary. He loves to fetch especially any any kind of squeaky portenos for tennis or brought any balls with holes in it. He also loads to Chase soccer balls and basketballs. 2nd favorite thing to do is to give kisses nonstop. Lastly hes a great hurter when our neighbors pigs get out he love to herd them home and make sure they get back in their pen.
Miss Bailey is a 1 year old American bull dog. We got her from a Rescue. She has a wonderful personality and she loves kids. Only thing we have to watch out for is she loves bikes and anything with tires that she can chew on. As you can see she's very gentle with other little animals and she also loves her little baby Harper. Give her a squeaky toy and she pounces and bounces around like a mad child
Peanutt is our little star. She recently got chosen to be in a coloring book for Praise My Pet and selected for a 2022 calendar. Shes one of a kind!❤
Luna loves to play fetch, and swim in the summer months. She also loves to snuggle in the mornings after her dad goes to work. She likes going for road trips in the mountain's, she rides where she can watch the trip through the front windshield. She pretty much goes everywhere we go as does her sister from Another mama dog, Dana, a Daniff and they do everything together. Luna got shot by my dads neighbor when she was 6 months old, thank god it missed all her vital organs and the vet was able to save her.
Dana is a giant love bug, she is a cuddler. She loves to play in the yard and go for trips in the car and play with her big sister Luna. She cant swim but she wades with us. Right after we adopted Dana she came down with Parvo, it was the longest lasting case of parvo I have ever seen, i didnt think she was gonna make it, but she pulled through. She is a joy to have with us.
He's a spunky Chihuahua that loves to cuddle and look daper while doing it! He's a keeper!
Sugar Bear
Sugar Bear is a Toy Aussie she loves to play with her brother and sisters and loves the beach and going to work with her mommy
Honeywell is a Red Heeler Mix. She is a year old and she loves to play fetch. She loves to give hugs and climb up trees after a squirrel. Honeywell also enjoys car rides and traveling.
Rocky is a very happy, go lucky pup. Though he may be 5, that doesn’t stop him from living his best life. He has recently been paralyzed but, he is still living to the best of his condition. Rocky is the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet, he’s all bark no bite. 😊
Oskar loves car rides where he can hang out the passenger side of his best friends ride! He gives the best hugs amd loves to cuddle❤️
Keylah Rose And Mika Jane
Keylah & Mika are both Rescue babies who love to play in the woods & eat pig ears ❤️
Zelda Rae
Zelda Rae gives the best forehead kisses 🐾❤
Raya D
So friendly and loving always a cuddle bug and loves mommy’s pregnant belly !
Indy is full of attitude, and so much sass. He loves sunrises on the beach, long walks, and even longer naps! He loves getting his zoomies out chasing and running with sticks of all shapes and sizes! Hes probably the weirdest, but cutest dog I know.
Stewie is a 8 year old yorkie who enjoys belly rubs and long naps under the blankets.
Drakemous Gizmo
My gremlin drake loves tennis balls and sticks or really wood if any kind I swear he's part beaver. He leaves chewed up stick rubble everywhere and I have to put up the kids crayons or colored pencils or else he thinks they are fair game. Ive had this old pup since he was 9 weeks old and next week he will be 11 years old. We have 3 of his kids in our home and of course his wifey. We love our whole dog family. He loves to lay around and cuddle and is the piece of the household that holds everyone together. My kids adore him and use him as a pillow often or as a comfort to lean on. Vote for Drake he is everything to me and my everythings
tilly LOVES naps and enjoys playing with her sister daisy!
i answer to “wiwi” , and “winniebin”. i am just over a year old. mix between lab and australian shepherd. i’m obsessed with my mom and dad and i’m a princess 🥰
Roxy Brooke Passmore
Roxy Brooke is a wild but lazy dog. She loves having attention from everyone around her. She loves giving you hugs and kisses. Although she seems like a big baby she is very protective of the people she loves. We would appreciate it if you guys could give us a vote🤍
He is my little badness! He loves to bite your toes so I have to walk around with big platypus slippers b/c he can bite through anything else.
She liked to play with her toy chicken and her baby’s
She’s a daddy’s girl who loves hunting birds of any kind,chewing on her deer antlers, riding on the pontoon and sharing milkshakes with her daddy. She’s a ball of energy, I call her my Tasmanian devil. 😂she’s actually a German wire hair pointer.
He is 2 years old and such a loving dog 🐶
The last of her litter she was looking for a family and we instantly fell in love, she is practically professional in tug of war and can already do all sorts of tricks. Kissing is a favorite thing to do and boy can she run!!!
Rambo is 92 lbs. of affection. He loves people and is always sitting down right at their feet looking up begging to be pet. He loves the outdoors where he can sniff every thing he passes and loves playing with his sister Tala. He LOVES food and there’s not much that he won’t eat.
Takoda is a gorgeous boy he loves to play in the water, play with all toys but also loves to chew on sticks and pine cones. Everytime Law and Order comes on he howls, he loves to take my pony tail holders out of my hair. He has created a very special bond with my husband and one of our other dog, Cheyenne. He went missing back on 6/16 so I'm entering him is this contest in hopes of finding him
Dozer is a Labrador Retriever and Dachshund mix. She is the sweetest dog and she loves to jump in people’s laps. She loves going outside and playing in the snow.
My name is Grimes and I’m a mommas boy! I’m 6 years old and I like to follow my human around every where she goes. I’m the biggest french fry thief that ever was! And even though my mom spoils me with toys and nice beds I prefer to sleep on the floor next to her shoes so isn’t able to sneak out and do things without me 😂
Mylio is the newest addition to the family! He’s 12 weeks old and the cutest thing! He loves playing with his toys and antagonizing my other 2 dogs lol. He already knows his name and will follow my son everywhere. I absolutely love the little barks when he wants to play. The cutest thing is when his ears try to stand up. One does and the other doesn’t. They’re going to get there eventually 😃
Tala is the most loving, playful Shepsky you’ll ever meet! She curling up in a ball next to you or even on your lap! Yes, she thinks she’s a lap dog. She LOVES running and playing in the snow during winter. She’s pawfect!!!
Shasta is a playful, energetic, loving and smart husky! She has one blue eye and one hazel eye which makes her super special and she is only 16 weeks old! She is the center of all our attention and we love her so much!
Nyla Grace
Hello everyone my name is Nyla Grace! I am a full bread Siberian Husky. I love to play ball and my favorite color is pink. I am 1 1/2 years old. Vote for me the most prettiest photo genic doggy in the world.
Nala Leanne Passmore
She loves to play tug a war and fetch and loves to run outside. She knows she is the boss and queen of house.
Hi everyone! My name is Sky! My mommy and daddy just adopted me last week. I am 11 weeks old and I’m super smart! I love my big brother and sister and am so grateful for my mom and dad for bring me into their family!
Diva is the absolute sweetest pup of all. She enjoys lots of running, playing catch with her favorite ball, cuddling under blankets, and most of all giving kisses 🐶