Baby Stories - 37


Thor is a 5 week old cane corso who loves to play & cuddle.
Drusilla Marie
Dru loves the outdoors, especially the dog park. She enjoys walks, chasing squirrels and catching flies. She loves to be snuggled up under the blankets, nice and warm. When you are sad she will give you "hugs and kisses." Shes the best dog a girl could ask for <3
Gidget loves to play and especially with her soft frisbee. She is a Yorkipoo.
Miley Kate
Miley Kate is the sweetest little one, she is smart and loves her clothes! Her favorite things are cuddles, playing with her (way too many) toys, her hooman, and treats!! She’s so loving and I’m so thankful and blessed to have this little one in my life!
Bro -d is a gentle giant. He loves kids, cats, other dogs and smelling the roses 🌹.RIP
Baxster enjoys dressing up and being around his mommy and daddy. He never misses a chance to get in the car and visit his grandma!! He also loves to sing!! He also enjoys visiting with the horses when he goes for his walks. Enjoys being nosey with his cat brother milo!
Benjamin is a spirited and loving 3 month old. He is a freedom pup that was born on the 4th of July, and has two different colored eyes. He loves to play and hang out with his big sister. Ben is super intelligent, and loves sqeekers!
Peanut loves treats and is playful and loves to snuggle.
Julius is 4 month Shepard Lab mix. We brought him into our home when he was 6 weeks old. He is one of the most lovable dogs I have known, always giving hugs, loves cuddles, holding paws/hand. Loves getting treats! He even "talks" when you talk to him. He's a pretty special pup in our home. Recently he has discovered his tail and he loves to play fetch
Bella and her baby boy
Leo absolutely loves cuddle time and kisses. He loves to run and play with all the kids.
My name is RoRo, I got my name from my older brother (pup). His name was Oreo, he passed away in March of 2020. So now I’m helping my mom recover from the lost of my older brother & im here to love her furever. I like to go for rides, go for a swim in the bath tub, & I love to cuddle with my mommy. I’m 8 months old but I act like I’m 2. I get away with it because I’m cute & plus my mommy adores my puppy eyes.
Loki is Thor’s brother! He is the more loving sweeter boy but can get just as rambunctious when he wants to!!!
Thor is a 9 week old Pitbull German Shepard mix! He is Loki’s brother and he loves to play, eat and run around!
Hi I’m Annabelle, I’m a German Shepard Corgi, I’m almost 2 years old, I only have a on/off switch. I make mommy and daddy crazy from when I wake up to when I decide to go to sleep. My favorite things are car rides with dad and dog parks to see my friends. I even like going to work with dad when I’m being a good girl 😏... but most of the time I’m home watching over the house making sure mom and dad are safe.
Aurora is full of Joy, she loves to run and be free in nature. She enjoys playing in water and finding pinecones. Her eyes will take your breath away.
I’m 11 months old and sticks are my favorite. I like to go camping and hiking and my newest hobby is fishing but I just like to run in the water and I’ve found a love for ducks and hunting 🐶
Her name is Rukia which means Heavens Flower in Japanese. She's a Japanese chin. She's almost 8 months old. She is the most loving of all dogs. Gentle and smart. She loves playing fetch. She should win because she is Adorable and lights up anyone shes around with joy.
Nina is a loving 3 month old alapaha blue blood bulldog, she has one blue eye one green eye 🥰 she is incredibly sweet, she loves people as well. She loves running around, swimming, tug of war etc. Vote for this precious girl please
Kya is a rescue that's an 18 month old miniature Australian Shepherd mix. She is blind in her right eye after being hit by a car but doesn't let that stop her enthusiasm for life! She loves sleeping and being carried on her back like a baby!!!!
Mister Whiskers
Mister Whiskers, the fun energetic lil guy. He’s cute sleepy and likes to go on adventures he likes to go for rides and eat Icecream and his favorite treats are small treat squares
Lapua May
Lapua May loves to be the center of attention. She also knows just when you need that hug. She brightens everyone's day.
Ellie is a rescue and she is the sweetest, most loyal baby girl you could ever want growing up with your family. The first day we saw her, she ran beside my girls like she’d been with them her whole life. 🥰🥰
So picky about food😁 love walking and scrolling on the grass, and playing with my sister leash While running😂.so energetic and playful around with our mom❤️❤️
Bodie is 8 yrs old and full of energy. He acts like a puppy 🐶. He loves to fish for hours in our lake.
Luna Tuna
My mom is my favorite person! I like to cuddle and look pretty. I’m loved by everyone in the family. Did I mention? I love to travel too. Luna just recently got diagnosed with three tumors. She finally has been able to walk again some on her own but not fully. She is an absolute doll
Reese is an American Eskimo mix that LOVES to go on walks, cuddle, and play with her favorite skunk plushy!
Like to cuddle & go for walks. Welcoming all votes, exchanges and advances which will be returned .
hes a very energetic puppy who loves everyone,
Hi my name is shylow, i love to cuddle up next to you and climb under the blankets with you! I also love giving kisses and playing with my brother
Dexter is a 13 year old (14 in December) Schnoodle rescue from Arizona. We have had him for 10 years. Dexter has pretty bad anxiety and only eats with me in sight. He is scared of rain/storms, being alone, some strangers, loud noises, etc. His favorite activities include: complaining about not getting attention, crying for no reason, cuddling, stepping on your computer, and napping. He is most definitely the jealous type. You should vote for Dexter because not only will you make him the happiest boi ever. But you will also be showing him just how cute he is (he’s a bit insecure).
Big boy loves to chew almost as much as he loves running around and being silly. This little guy is full of life and energy.
Diesel loves to cuddle 🥰 he likes to play and run around with bubba
Ryla Jane
Ryla Jane loves to play! Her favorite toys are her stuffed bumble bees. Ryla loves to snuggle & loves belly rubs🥰 Her favorite treats are pumpkin zukes. She loves to go on walks at Presque Isle & always wants to play with every dog we pass on the trails 💕
Roxy is very playful🤪 she loves to go on walks and meet new people 🙃
Tinker Bell
She’s lovable and crazy lol but she’s the sweetest dog ever!! ❤️❤️❤️
Luka is a spoiled baby who only eats Purina wet food and loves to play with his XS Puppy Kong! He wears a ferret harness (Petco loved watching him try on harneses andnsweaters that were too big!) and needs to wear a shirt or sweater outside sometimes because his chest is hairless!
He has tons of Binky's cause he's a big Baby
Very loyal. Loves with kisses
Penny is s sweet, loves to be loved and has a playful heart
The cutest puppy . She is 11 weeks . loves to play . loves to give kisses .
He loves to play fetch loves talk and loves to play day are night he is the sweetest thing and I love my lil axxal
drexel loves hands and shoes, 10/10 the funniest member of this family
Kush loves to play with kids. He gets super excited by the sight of all kids!!!
He is the cuddliest dog you will ever met! His favorite thing is to stay in bed with Mom all day and cuddle all day long! He loves going on hikes and sticking his head out the car window! His best friend is our kitten Nella! He would love you me votes because he would test her be around people then dogs! So he would love anyone who comes by!
Joey, I love to play and sleep. Bed is the most comfiest thing but, snuggling with mom is better!