Baby Stories - 37


Bella is almost a year old. She appeared into our lives and captured our hearts exactly a week after we lost our 9 year old black lab, Jack to pancreatic cancer. We believe Jack brought her to us and we have no idea what happened to her tail or where she came from, but her "bone dances" and her loving, rambunctious personality tells us that she is right where she wants to be in Red Oak Texas with the Keefer family. She loves chasing squirrels, birds, and dancing when she gets bones. She does somersaults around the back yard when she gets cow ears or pig snouts and she barks at and romps around the pool chasing the "pool monster" aka the Polaris. Every morning she hugs you and she has the most fun loving personality in a dog that I have ever witnessed.
Hi! My name is snowball and i am two and a half months old. I love to play and bounce all over the house. My best buddy takes me outside and we run aroubd the backyard, my mommy and I love to cuddle and watch santa paws together. But my favorite thing is to take pictures!
Nala is a sweet, cuddly, loving girl. She was rescued in January of 2021 and almost didn't make it. Thanks to the rescue her and her puppies are safe and sound in loving homes. If anyone deserves to win its this girl! Show Nala some love
Zoey Ann
Zoey Ann loves motorcycles! Any time one passes the house she goes crazy! She loves to be held and carried around the house.
Lexy Lou
Lexy Lou is our little peanut. Weighing in at only 10 lbs. She has a cute spunky attitude and loves cuddles. She loves to be held and rocked like a baby.
belle is a sweet dog and loves to cuddle and very photogenic
I’m a tuff little fluff ball, my brothers are huge but I can take them on when playing, I’m 3 months old and love the snow!
I love cuddles with my mom, I love to sun bathe, my favorite food is bacon, I’m a tough little dog. I love to be brushed and love to chase chickens.
Blu is the sweetest most loving dog ever. She has a personality like a human. Loves playing with her babies and her human brothers. Most of all she is my best friend. She is also my support dog.
Binx is the most affectionate puppy you could ever meet!! He is such an energetic, loving sweetheart. He loves chewing on fingers and barking at other dogs. I love him so much and I know you will too🤗💞
He loves peanut butter 🥜 🧈and Cheetos (his favorite)and hugs🤗...he is very affectionate 😍and you will just fall in love with him❤️...he doesn’t like big garbage 🗑cans or finger 👉🏾pointed at him while disciplining him. and loves sticking his head out of the car 🚘windows to feel the wind 💨 ... he enjoys water of all sorts(drinking, beach, puddles,faucets,etc...)belly rubs puts him to 😴sleep lol very smart learns things if shown once or twice. Very humanistic..
Tiny is the sweetest most lovable snuggly girl. She is always by my side. She is also half Dachshund.
Millie is 6months old and full of energy and a very loving dog
Weslei Kai
Hi! I’m Mila. I’m a 12 week old Golden Retriever! I am a certified Emotional Support Animal, I LOVE the color pink, playing with my cat brother, loving on mom, and saying hi to everyone I see! My favorite foods are pumpkin, tuna, chicken, and blueberries. Oh, and ice cubes!!!! Is that a food? 😋 follow me on Instagram to watch me grow! @_golden_mila 💞
Roger Moonshine is a gentle soul who loves all other animals. Of course, that often means inviting his friends the opossum and the mole into the house for a little visit.
Maryjane is a chihuahua fox terrier mix, she loves going for car rides and taking naps. She would love your votes!!
Enzo is a crazy loving 4 month old that loves children and other animals and also loves to play with is favorite rope toys and hopefully soon will be a service dog 💕
Cooper loves to play with his toys take naps with his mommy and go for car rides. He loves everyone he meets and everyone loves him.
Im a esa for a special little girl.. i have many adopted sisters and one adopted brother.. i love my bedroom with my girl and love being under the blankets.. i love to run after chickens and they love to run after me..dont worry im aways under the supervision of my girl and my big sister is alway with us.. when the whole pack goes to dog park i just enjoy sitting on my girls lap..
She is a gentle, loving baby. She’s my princess.
Ace is a shihtzu.i named him ace because 1 of his spots look like an ace off of a card.He is 2 months old.He loves playing fetch in the snow.his favorite things to are sleep,go for walks,and cuddle.he is such a big cuddler and loves kids.He is friendly.Plz vote
He’s a mini pom with separation anxiety when I leave. He is the happiest puppy who loves to play.
Hi I’m Marley I love to play with my favorite ball. Kisses are my passion❤️
Golden Retriever/ 3 months old 🤍🐾
Chi Chi
Chi Chi loves to play and run! She loves people of all shapes and size but she especially loves kids! She loves going on car rides and can always tell when it’s time to go. She is 2 months old and is already trained with 4 commands in German. Her favorite snack is blueberries and Greek yogurt.
Kobe has came such a long way in the short time since I’ve rescued him. He used to be very unfriendly with other dogs & people but we have put in a lot of work together. He spent most of his life in New Jersey but is currently residing in West Virginia. We have such a bond that I wouldn’t trade for anything.
Molly is a funny little dog! She loves to play and sleep a lot! She is 5 pounds and 4 years old!! How crazy is that? Let’s vote to help Molly win! ❤️❤️
Harvey Mae
Hi my name is Harvey Mae I am working on potty training and I love to play with ropes and chew on bones oh and I love to cuddle with my mom❤️
Arya is very playful and full of love. Just a complete joy!
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar came to me from an overcrowded shelter in Arkansas. I was so very sad after losing my Loki of 9 years I didn't think I could love another. Then spiraly swirly butt came into my life with the help of Many Paws Global Rescue. He has been my source of joy and laughter!
Lily is a boston terrier pug mix who loves to cuddle and pose for the camera!
Bear is almost two years old. He is the snuggliest little guy.
Beau loves to go on car rides and lay around with his humans. He’s 6 months old Brantley’s biggest protector. Weighing in at 110+ pounds he’s really just a big cuddly teddy bear.
Wafer’s hobbies include, whining yo get his way, playing with his 4 brothers and sister and being spoiled rotten.
Delilah is 1/2 lab and 1/2 newfoundland. She loves sticks and making those around her happy! Her favorite word is good morning and loves to play with her husky brother Juneau all day long ♥️
Maggie is a fun loving energetic Faux Frenchie. She loves her family and her dog friends at the park. Maggie’s favorite things to do is eat and snuggle her chickie. ❤️🐶
Moose is a pure bred pitbull, he loves to play and suck on blankets he is the sweetest dog you will ever meet!
Chewy loves to do tricks and go on walks! He is an energetic shi tzu yorkie mix who loves to be with his sister coco
Coco is a shihtzu yorkie mix who loves to play. She loves being with her brother chewy!
His name is Minnesota but we call him sota for short. He loves to play with other dogs and he LOVES cuddles. Please vote for him. 🥰
Cocoa loves to sleep, Walk, and cuddles. he loves to be included in hugs!! and he loves kisses!! he is very playful with other puppies!!
He is a Black Lab, Blue Heeler, and Hound dog mix. He was born on November 9th of 2020. He loves his momma (me) more than his dad. For sure a momma’s boy. He already knows sit, roll over, shake, lay down, and runs to you and sits when he has to potty or sees the leash. he loves playing with other dogs and pestering the cat