Baby Stories - 36


Chewy loves to do tricks and go on walks! He is an energetic shi tzu yorkie mix who loves to be with his sister coco
Coco is a shihtzu yorkie mix who loves to play. She loves being with her brother chewy!
His name is Minnesota but we call him sota for short. He loves to play with other dogs and he LOVES cuddles. Please vote for him. 🥰
Cocoa loves to sleep, Walk, and cuddles. he loves to be included in hugs!! and he loves kisses!! he is very playful with other puppies!!
He is a Black Lab, Blue Heeler, and Hound dog mix. He was born on November 9th of 2020. He loves his momma (me) more than his dad. For sure a momma’s boy. He already knows sit, roll over, shake, lay down, and runs to you and sits when he has to potty or sees the leash. he loves playing with other dogs and pestering the cat
Sweat Beeee
Well she is my BFF because I have no real BFFs
My little jokerbutt and his daddy kratos hes all smiles
Arlo is a full bred Mini Australian Shepherd who absolutely his family. He is one of the biggest family oriented dogs i have owned. He is also one of the smartest dogs i have ever owned. He loves duck, buffalo, and sweet potatoes are his absolute favorite. He hates being inside unless he is tired or hungry. He knows what your gonna do before you even do it. He is the light and joy of our lives.
Our mischievous Dobie shepard loves his toys so much when we moved into our new house he searched through every box and 4 cans of paint to find them ... All of them how could we be mad about little pupy paint prints everywhere with a face like his:)
She is a really funny dog she talks back to u she does lots of zoomies she is very popular in our neighborhood
Finn is a 8 month old German shorthaired pointer. He loves to play outside and run. He also loves boat rides and fishing. I call him my Cajun GSP. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. Him and his human brother are best friends.
She loves to run and play. She takes all the time and loves agility
this is jasmine my 7 year old pup! she loves her car rides, bones, and most importantly her groomer colleen :)
Tikka was rescued from high water a few yrs ago as a baby she had been there for sometime and her time was almost up when she was found.Tikka upmost favorite thing over treats food toys is my husband .she will wait all day for him to walk in then she comes to life .He is her favorite .
Chico is a wise, 11 year old, deer head Chihuahua. He is at his best wrapped in his blankets, visiting his human family or mooching for a snack. Chico loves his fur momma very much!
Aija is a a beautiful fawn bully that LOVES her bones, toys and snuggles. She also loves her buddy, Opal, the kitty cat. Miss Aija will do anything (sit, shake, high five, lay) for a treat!
Serene is a year old and will be turning two in July! I named her Serene because it means calm and I have another German shepherd who is crazy wild! She LOVES to play with a laser, fetch, and me. She is a very smart and great listener
Malik is 3 years old and will be turning 4 in July! He was a lot of energy and loves to chase his tail. He is also very protective for me and my family. His favorite word is walk, he loves going on walks! He also acts like a big baby
Snicker is 6 years old from Kansas very loving pup, his favorite treat is buddy biscuits, his favorite toys are rubber ducky’s. He is for sure a mommas boy.
Ginger is a loving, playful dog! She loves to sneak attack you, or just to sneak your food and drinks from you! She has a banana as a toy as well. She’s learning to go on walks a lot now!
Butterscotch is almost 7 weeks old. She is a supper happy pup and her tail is always wagging.
Kors is a 4 month old Chinese Crested Powderpuff. He loves to play fetch and chase his toys.
Spirt is a lab and we are trying to make this money so I can buy her all the toys and treats In the world but times are really hard so all I can provide is food water and wee wee pads but we really want her to have fun and play all day so please vote for her
Snickers Doodle
Snickers is from kansas but now lives in kuntucky
Hi I’m Marshall! I weigh 120 pounds and I love to snuggle. Mom loves that I think I’m a lap dog. I enjoy running around with my siblings, eating and taking naps. ❤️
Chata is a 10 year old puppy who loves rolling in the grass and laying in the sun!
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan was your typical puppy mill puppy. We bought him at 10 weeks old. We had been mourning for 2 weeks from our maltipoo passing away. He brought joy back to our home and still does everyday. He's so smart and protective of us and loves anyone that comes to our home. He loves his playmate Abigail and all his squeeky toys
Abigail Rose
Abigail Rose was a very abused puppy mill baby. We bought her out of it at 2 years old. We've now had her over 3 years and we still see new things out of her everyday. We love her so much. She spends her days laying beside whoever is sitting in the couch or recliner. All she wants is love and to play with her buddy Captain Morgan. She loves when we take her outside to potty and the wind blows through her babysoft hair
Mayzee is a rambunctious lover who enjoys tormenting her fur-brothers.
Jaak is an almost 2 year old pup who is too smart. He can open doors and knows how to push the water and ice dispenser to get water or ice. His favorite things to do are carrying a squeeze toy in his mouth squeezing it while walking around and jumping on the trampoline.
Nova is a very loving, cuddling and playful dog.
This is Maximus Titus he loves to play in the water and earn treats. He is eight months old and is a great companion
Paisley is a 5 year old German shepherd. She loves deer, rides and naps.
Pepper is the sweetest cuddle bug. She really enjoys her naps and her treats.
She is 8 weeks 5 days she is a fierce fur baby and love to play
Deacon is 3 months old and loves going on long walks and car rides! He loves other dog and admires people❤️
Maggie loves long walks near the creek. She loves the cold spring water to frolic in and drink. She’s 9 weeks old and has already stolen our hearts ♥️.
Hi! My I love playing and sleeping! My mom rescue me she save me am so grateful ! Now I’m fly everywhere with her and enjoy the world 🌍 like my photos!!
Harley Quinn is the best cuddle buddy in history. She enjoys curling up under the covers and sprawling out in front of the space heater. She also loves her ball, like more than any other toy ever. Life is BALL
Mocha is a super silly, clumsy Frenchton (French Bulldog and Boston Terrier). She enjoys bothering her older sister Harley, whipping toys around so hard they turn in to weapons, and eating pretty much everything in site.
Yogi is A Teddy Bear Face Shitzu, who loves his squeaky toys and going for rides. I love bacon & peanut butter treats. Im 13 years old and I can still jump, run, and play like a puppy!
My name is Bubbles. I am a chihuahua mixed with yorkie. I love outside, treats, playing with my toys, dressing up, and singing with my mommy. I am very affectionate and love giving hugs and kisses.
This is Roxie the Doxie! This sweet girl was born blind in one eye and no one wanted to adopted her, but she is at her forever home with us and beautiful!
Willow Grace
Willow Grace is 2 years old ! LOVES sticks , anything that squeaks and water!
Hewo I’m Hamilton aka bigboihammy. I’m a Saint Bernard Great Pyrenees mix and I do just about everything with my mum!! I lub rides, rubs, walks, standing in water, and poopin in bushes. Vote for me my furriends
Hi, I’m Kiko and I’m a very spunky girl! I’m 8 weeks old and I love to play and chew on anything I can get my mouth around. I love playing outside and my favorite stuffed animal, Myla, is my best friend. Consider voting for me as I’m kinda new to the world and want to see what’s out there!
Don't let that cute face fool you, she's an