Baby Stories - 36


Little Dude
Little Dude loves to play with his toys. He loves his moose and his other stuffiest. He likes to nibble at your toes and cuddle around your neck. He likes long walks and loves to lay on you and give you many kisses. Little Dude and my daughter are best friends. He is a rare albino Chihuahua with pink skin and blue and pure white. He is smart, charming, and enjoys being trained. He was a rehome/adoption to our family and he has been a perfect fit ever since.
Just a playful and loving pup from Seaford, De. 🐶❤️
He likes to play on the water and chasing birds and squirrels on the yard, his very sweet boy
Hank was a stray that found me. After trying to find where he belonged, no one ever claimed him. I fostered him while looking for his owners or someone to give him his forever home. I was going through a rough time and he stayed by my side every minute. Love this sweet boy! Such a cute foster fail! His philosophy on life is, "just using the back door to the fence yard is not enough. There is s whole other world through the front door that must be seen a few times a day"
Milo is a two and half years old Pomeranian Chihuahua mix. He loves hiking, running, treats and snuggles.
I am a 3 month old black lab who loves going on walks, chewing on my brothers toys, annoying my other dog sisters and love night time cuddles with mommy!
I had a dream last night about my favorite bear bear
Kevin isn’t any ordinary dog. In fact, he’s a beautiful Rouen duck! Vote for Kevin! He loves treats!
Wigglebutt, tummy rubs, and crazy as crazy can be but cute to boot!
Molli is pure sass. She was the runt of her litter and maybe that why she rules the roost now. She knows she is in charge of the humans and other pups in the house. Molli would chase a ball all day long if we would let her 😂 and she always is the instigator of wrestling time with her chihuahua brothers. Her crooked nose and sassy attitude keep us laughing all the time. She thinks that if the front door opens, it means we are taking her on a ride and she will bolt and circle the car until we let her in.
9 year old Bulldog. Food, sleep, car rides, snoring, toys, attention and treats win her heart. ❤️
Lucky is a 4 year old rescue. He is a mixed breed. Lucky had a really difficult 1st year of his life. That's when we met and I knew he belonged with me. He just completed a board and train program so that he could learn to be his best self. While there he learned all his manors, and is now a perfect gentleman.
Capone is the sweetest boy ever! He is super smart and fun to be around. Don’t let that face fool you tho. We call him our little velociraptor!
Carmellow aka ‘Mel’ is a rescue that we adopted in 2019! He fit right into our family so quickly. He loves to lay outside and sunbathe. He is lazy, cuddly, and adorable. He doesn’t care to run and play, he just wants to be loved all the time .
Stella is feisty, crazy, lovable, stubborn, a little terrier (terror), but we love her so much!!
Jaxx is 2 years old. He is basically a human! Very funny and loving!! Jaxx loves to sit in the passenger seat when going places, loves big ropes and stuffed animals with a squeaker! My big big boy is a character and will surely make your day better!
Skunk loves everyone and everyone loves Skunk. He has brought so much Joy to my life. And he touches everyones heart. I rescued him from an abusive environment. And he rescued me. We are perfect 🥰together!
Jenny is a 2 year old English Mastiff! 150 lbs. of Love……. Her favorite things are her people, cheese and to play tug with her rope!!
Dolly is a 6 month old Border Collie - Aussie mix. She is the funniest and smartest girl ever! She knows more than 10 commands already. She's such a beautiful girl!
Sweet, energetic, playful Mama's boy that loves attention and hates taking a bath!
Romeo is a big baby. He definitely lives up to his name. He is handsome and loves all people and animals. His ball is his favorite toy and favorite thing to do.
Peanut loves to swim and going to work with his mom and dad. He is the employee of the month, every month! Peanut was born with a cleft palate and had to be bottle fed. At 2 weeks old he almost didn’t make it. Since then he has had 3 repair surgeries and lives every day of his life as strong as he fought to live at the beginning.
Dutch is a beaglier, his dad was a show dog. He does not aspire to compete at that level, however he loves to play with anything that squeaks & goes crazy for ice chips & snacks!
Blue💙 is very affectionate. Quite the picky eater too. Her favorite is fresh chicken, veggies & broth. Housebroken & knows several commands. She is as sweet as the Georgia Peach 🍑. Hide your treats though and Move over @latto777 😘 there is a new Queen of the South!!! 🐾💕
Buddy is my therapy dog. He is my everything. I retired from the military and have PTSD. He is my companion and keep me at peace. He know when I am happy and don’t let me get sad. He is my Angel from God my Buddy The Elf Urbaez💙
George is a Shar Pei/Mastiff mix. He is very laid back and loves to sniff you and snore!
Manny is a 4 month old border collie beagle mix. He loves belly rubs and squeaky toys. Manny is a very calm and sweet pup. He is in training for a service dog due to his personality.
Kona is a fun full of energy Boxador! She loves cuddles and playing with her humans and fursiblings.
Hi I’m Loki and I’m 3 1/2 months old. I like to chew on everything except all the cool toys my mom and dad buys me. I love when my dad takes me to run at the park everyday and get super excited when my mom comes home from work. I love being held by people and love to take lots of naps.
Cooper his such a good boy . He is very friendly loves kids and other dogs. He enjoys going for walk and the dog park. He cracks me up
Kona loves her scratches and enjoys a nice walks, but that golden stubbornness is prevalent as if she doesn’t want to do something she will not
Marvin is a 4 month old and counting 1/2 English Cream & 1/2 Golden Retriever living his best life at the Jersey Shore. Loves everyone and all his friends that he meets while camping with his mom and dad and his Yorkie brothers and sisters.
Blossom enjoys 2 thing's peanut butter and car rides
He’s a very lovable family dog he’s such a sweetheart love to fetch and play we love him
Abby is a three year old poodle schnauzer mix baby. Abby is the most loving girl ever! She loves hanging out by the tree watching squirrels. Though she is 25 pounds she thinks she is a lapdog. She loves to lay with me and be petted. We are so happy to have sweet Abby in our family.
He is the best guard dog
Archie is the sweetest, friendliest pup who loves tennis balls and bully sticks. High energy, but a cuddly love bug. He is a spoiled boy by his mom!
Ophilia is a super shy girl but ones she gets comfortable her crazinnes comes out. Super smart but demands attention 24/7. My bed is not my bed anymore.
Piper girl is my rescue foster fail. She didnt have the best first year of her life, but I intend to make the rest the best and spoil her rotten.
Xander is an Olde English Bulldog. He is super sweet, loves people and craves attention! His favorite thing to do is steal golf balls on the putting green at the golf course!
Landseer Newfoundland puppy living my best life with my mom and brother Drako (Russian blue cat). I love toys and sticks and going swimming in my water bowl! Chasing the cats is so fun to!
Candie is our little princess that loves to be in your lap. She is a Teddy Bear dog, a mixture of shihtzu and poodle..But dont let her 15lbs of cuteness fool you, she is the guard dog of the house and will go for the ankles of a stranger if not properly introduced. She loves her squeeky toys and will squeak them on your leg until you throw them for her. 😁
Bonbon is my 70lb lap dog that loves her zoomies! After a DNA test we found that she is several different breeds. Austrailian Sheppard and Pressa being the main two. She loves to run just for fun! She is always happy and loves anyone who will give her all the pets 🤗
Loves hanging outside and playing with kids and other dogs ! ❤
Bailey is a Labrador Retriever, 8 years old and she loves watching over the family & her sisters.
As a Healthcare worker working through covid, Thor has definitely saved my heart through such a tough time.
Sweet and Loving❤️