Bandit is 4 months He loves playing cuddling and being a crazy pup. He loves his Reese’s bear and treats.
She is very independent and very very smart she listens she sits when told to do so when waiting for a treat and she absolutely loves people and she dances on her hind legs
Coco Amelia Blue
Coco is the most precious and beautiful dog. She loves her human Daddy almost as much as she loves PupCups!
Happy, sassy girl loves to play in the snow loves playing with kids. She hurts the kids. She loves to hurt her balls all over the house. She has a beautiful, sassy personality very loving.
Garçon was the most beautiful dog in the world. He was my heart and soul dog and when he passed unexpectedly on February 2, 2024 I was devastated. He was pure love and I am entering him in the contest to honor him.
Junior is the sweetest boy his favorite past time is cuddling with mommy and watydog movies
Manny is the sweetest boy in the world! He loves car rides, walks and playing with his humans.
Nova is a rottweiler mixed with blue heeler, she loves to play around with other dogs and she is very sweet and a very pretty dog. Good with people, very smart, cuddles >> Play time all the time.
kory is a super energetic dog and loves to play, he is a full breed yorkie with the coat of gray, white and some copper/brown. Amazing with kids and protective when it comes to strangers.
Duce is four months old, he’s a very joyful and energetic baby. He is a breed of boxer, dalmation, and border collie. He loves Kory (my other dog that is a yorkie) and he is very friendly. And he is very smart and charismatic. Good with other animals and kids.
It’s a mix of Pekingese and Pug gorgeous mix called Pikapug
Duke is a Chihuahua × Jack Russel mix and he loves going to work with his mom every day and snuggling up to blankets on his lazy days.
Benny loves to say hi to every person and that he sees. Love playing with his toys. He also loves coming to work with me and saying hi to all my coworkers
Daisy And Precious
They are sister's that are working dogs in training for being seizure alert dogs and cerebral palsey dogs
She is my service dog for Military PTSD .. she is very sweet and lovable and is always there when i need her... she has been with me since the day she was born... She had her face taken off by a raccoon at 9 months of age and thanks to her veterinarian he did a marvelous job... She wants to thank you in advance for your vote. And God bless you all and ha e a bless day...
Daisy loves to play with her daughter Blossom. She also loves to swim but one of her favorite things to do is to get upon my lap and snuggle into the blanket and watch TV. She is very loveable and a very good mother when they are outside she makes sure that she is by her side or close by a all time. They are ny spoiled furr babies.
Rip is such the playful little pup and he loves chew toys. I think you should vote for little Rip
Panda is a playful, sweet little pup. She loves chicken and has so many toys!
Cheif is one of a kind! He’s alittle clumsy but that’s what makes him so stinking cute! I lost his momma very unexpectedly and that’s what made me decide that keep him. And I’m so glad I did! He’s the most loving dog I’ve ever seen! He always wants to sit in my lap no matter where we go. Every one loves him! From the day my granddaughter came home from the hospital he instantly went into protective mode, he slept right next to her and 4 years later she’s still cheifs baby and he still protects her! ❤️
Mikey is a German Shepherd and Puddle mix. She loves to snuggle and watch dog TV but only movies with turkeys.
Oh, my baby Chubby. Chubby is active, curious, and rambunctious. Chubby undoubtedly brings a lot of fun, joy, and happiness to my life. I wouldn't be who I am today without him.
Stripe is a very happy hyper dog he loves to dig he loves attention he plays great with the cats he's extremely smart and very loving.
Barbie was born in Jamaica and just recently moved to America. Her favorite snack is a bowl full of strawberries and blueberries. She loves going on long walks and her favorite chew toy is Octi the Octopus.
Jasper is energetic full of life❤️ he is an amazing dog with children he is playful at times he thinks he’s human 🤣
Isabella was a rescue puppy she loved to go for rides and dress up and wear sunglasses when we was outside!
my 10 week old rottie baby ❤️
This is Penny, Penny is a very special girl, and is very important to our family. My mom has been really sick, and penny doesn’t leave her side. When something is wrong she runs to get us and starts barking and crying until we get to my mom. ❤️ she walks beside her so she can be my mom’s support if she gets alittle unsteady. Penny is absolutely amazing and could not get through this hard time without her. Penny deserves the best and the votes from everyone of y’all! Thank you for taking the time to read this. ❤️
Harley always has a lot to say. She’s always giving her opinion whether you want it or not.
Liberty is my little love bug, she’s small but don’t let her size fool you. She takes on her brother and daddy like a boss and they know she’s in charge!
Poppy was recently introduced to her new family on 3/17/24 and she loves snuggling with her new family members, chewing on toys, and adventuring outside. Her family can’t wait to watch her grow up and develop her own beautiful personality. We love you Poppy!
Neiko loves to play tug of war, loves long walks in the neighborhood, and meeting new friends. His nickname is the smiling dog because he smiles when you greet him as well as his infectious bubbly personality
Sunflower Marie Minella
Sunflower is so sweet, funny & the best service dog. She is only seven months old. She loves to play & nibble on your fingers. She is also a fierce protector of her human mom. Sunflower loves walking around on her hind legs especially when there's treats to be had. Sunflower is a deer head Chihuahua with some mini pincher. She loves to chase children & cats for exercise 🤣🤣 please vote for my sweet Sunflower 🌻😁
Romeo is a small poodle that is about 17 years old leg problems but he still runs around and plays with the other dogs like a puppy. He loves treats and loves to play with squeaky toys and we got him as a puppy. They said he was supposed to be a teacup poodle, but he got way bigger than that but we still love him because he’s so adorable he is so loving and he barely even barks. He loves cuddling with the other dogs at night especially Roscoe, he used to love walks but since his legs got bad, we stopped walking him but he is the most amazing dog. Please pick Romeo. 👑
Benji is a very loving dog that we rescued and he is about two years old. He does not like going on walks but he loves treats. He is very playful and loves to jump around and he loves all people especially children. He mostly likes girls because from where he came from Guys always treated him bad So we saved him and gave him a better home. He listens very well, although he only knows how to sit when you tell him to. His owner, even from other people that live in the house if he thinks they’re in danger. he is a very smart dog. He gets along with a lot of animals, so please pick Benji.👑
Popcorn is a jack Russell that we rescued overtime he went blind, but he still knows his way around the yard and house, he’s so loving and friendly, and he’s almost 5 years old, we named him popcorn, because every time he got excited, he would jump up as high as he could, and it was so funny, he gets along with a lot of other dogs, but not really cats because he didn’t grow up with them. He loves treats and he hates walks, but he’s the cutest thing ever so please pick popcorn.👑
Roscoe is a Australian Shepherd mix, he’s a really nice dog he loves children, he does a lot of tricks, he’s the sweetest dog ever. He barely makes any noise but if somebody comes up to the house he barks his favorite word is treat, of course🤣 Roscoe is 17 years old or so but he still runs around and plays like a puppy. He is deaf and a little bit blind but he still figures out how to play with other dogs. He loves walks and going on car rides. please pick Roscoe.👑
Ruger is a very playful, energetic, loveable puppy. His intelligence level stuns me. He loves to cuddle and to be brushed. He definatley keeps me active. He loves to play in water and adores children. He really is just an amazing dog.
Cypher is a rescue who was malnourished and abused when I got her, she went from a solid pound to 6 since I’ve had her! Shes a sweet energetic little girl with so much love for her mommy! Her best friend is her cat sister Luna and her favorite food is anything mommy eats 😂. She loves spazzing around and jumping and running, and she loves her stuffy named kiki. She’s also mixed with Italian greyhound!
Tinker-bell is a female blue chow chow she is one and a half years old, she loves to run around and play with me and my baby cousin, she is a service dog and she loves to get on the trampoline. She loves the beach a lot. She is a really lovable dog and my baby cousin can do anything to her and she just accepts it. She loves kids. She is a little sneaky sometimes but every time I come in the house after she has not seen me in a while she jumps on me and puts her paws around me and hugs me, it’s the cutest thing ever!❤️ please choose tinkerbell👑
Greta Marie
Greta is a service animal and i'm very spoiled One.
Tuna loves to play,and strives for attention.He is very careing and loving ,he senses when other dogs are sad and he barks and paws at them to cheer them up.
Chevy has been with us since he was 9 weeks old!! He is 2 years old! He is the sweetest dog, he had entropion surgery thinking he was going to loose an eye, but thankfully he didnt! He is full of energy, always wanting to play and always expecting a toy or something looking into the shopping bags when we get home! His favorite treat is ice cream!!
Hi Im a pup name Biscuit.Im 15 weeks old , I love watching Bluey while eating my breakfast in the morning. I have two sisters name Kyla and Layla , Kyla is my bestfriend she picks me up and hugs me like a baby .My mommy is so nice her name is Precious, I love it when she gives me belly rubs . Everywhere I go people are always nice to me , they sometimes even ask for pictures .I enjoy taking walks with my dad , he calls it "bonding time ". Ive just discovered Cesar's puppy meals its my favorite meal of the day!!
Sir Maxwell
Sir Maxwell loves to take long walks and play with his neighborhood dog friends. He also like to cuddle and sit on mom's lap.
Teddy is very sweet and smart , loves to play with the kids and ride the side by side and loves playing on the beach.
Pablo Baby
Pablo is the big brother protector to all his fur baby brothers. Loveable love to cuddle and LOVES to be told how handsome he is. Especially when he gets a new collar or new outfit. Definitely has to be the first one to have the new toys. Great with little kids
Emma Gene
We got her from my wife's brother who passed .if we didn't she was pound bound .now she is the biggest part of are life she like bye byes running ..and she has to have a little bone to go to bed.