Luna loves to guard the farm. She's out there protecting the cows from the clothes. In the summertime, she loves sitting outisde enjoying the sun.
Carmella is quite the little prissy princess, especially because she makes the rules, knowing that her daddy, Clarence, and mommy, Cindy, will spoil her all the way through, til the end, no doubt about it. She gets her way... and it has been that way since she was a baby. She's all bark... And lots of bite. But that's okay, it's all for the love of her family! 😉❤️
Trixie Pea
There are many things I could say about this sweet pea. I honestly don’t know where to begin. My fiancé was working for the city he did the dog pound everything. One day he came home an he said “ babe there is a dog at the pound I think you may fall in love with . “ I plainly asked him if he could take me to see the dog well the next day he took me to the pound an I didn’t know which one he was talking about so as I walked in the dog I immediately saw this small dog. She was scared she looked lost she was shaking.. I opened the gate sat in the floor patiently waiting for her to come to me.. she did I played with her bonded with her less than 3 minutes. My fiancé tried to put her back in the pin she wouldn’t leave my side she back up behind my legs an I instantly knew I wanted her. I wanted to save her. Her story is sad. She first got picked up by my fiancé because her “ owners didn’t want her anymore “ they told him that it wasn’t their dog but Trixie only went to them only went to the kids there. So one of the kids gave him Trixie. She was unwanted unloved an scared. Who knows what was running through her mind. Now she has a lovely home with so many siblings to play with an pick on. She loves belly rubs an to go everywhere mommy goes. She sleeps on mommy follows mommy everywhere. She’s my little bundle of joy..
Pixie loves to play with her cousins and though play with her human sisters
Monchi loves to attack his older brother. He loves to take all his toys an hide them from his other siblings. He also loves to not share food so he gets into the big dog bowl an lays in it. He loves cat toys more than dog toys. Mainly he loves go trick mommy an daddy by licking our face an catch us off guard an bite our noses he’s a trickster but he’s not only that he’s so intelligent you can tell him anything an he will do it for just being on 2 months.. he’s learned so many things an continues too. He’s very sweet but he’s also hostile. He’s kind of like a sour patch kid he’s like 5 dogs in one . But he’s the best little buddy you’ll get all of my babies are..
Rudy is a stinker but I love him. He likes to chew up anything in sight. He's a cuddler.
Rip is the new addition to the fam, but loves the camera and bird watching every morning! He is big and scary, but the biggest baby around.
Mango wants me to tell everyone he loves belly rubs, playing outside , slapping momma a daddy when we stop rubbing him, he loves his treats playing with his brothers a sisters an loves loves SPONGEBOB he’s an amazing dog. I wouldn’t necessarily call him my dog because my fur babies are my kids. They are so loyal so gentle a they really have a big heart. They are very intelligent an you’ll never meet someone with their personality..
Battle of the most outgoing friendly loving dog I've ever met in my entire life he touches everybody's heart that he meets
Everyone loves Benny and he loves everyone. No one thought they could love a dog as much until they met Benny. He's silly, goofy and playful. Overall, a huge sweetheart.
Marlie Bear
Marlie is my first ever dog and is the emotional support that anyone needs! He is very talkative and to smart for his own good!
People and a great friend to my husband and me!
Beans is the mother hen of the fur family and you can always judge her mood by the ten different ways she places her ears!
KING is a Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog that loves ❤️ life no dull days 💙
Grace was brought to me in a clothes basket with 7 siblings.they were just born there eyes werent even open yet i became momma to them all . They were found in a ditch off a dirt road . Anyhow i nurtured them and found forefer homes for them all . Grace was the runt and stayed with me. She loves to do things o do . If im putting on makeuo she wilm put her head in my lap and i must do her eyebrows. She eats w Off a fork her favorite people food is chicken nuggets and french fries from the cook out...and pepperoni pizza from any where. She has witnessed me being hit and has since became protective of me and our stuff. I feel as though having her as my bff and companion that she rescues me . When its like she knows when i need comforting and is always there to make me laugh .i since got away from my abusier and me and Grace are living in a motel .she is 9yrs young but she is still very puppy like and will always be my baby .
Very courage, she saved my Life... if she didnt bite the person that stabbed me and take a knife wound for me. I wouldnt probably b here today..😇❤🙏
Spiky is a very happy pup. He loves running and go to the park , he thinks all dogs are friends. He is a mommy's boy. He love to watch TV. He love pictures and take rides in the car.
Hi, I'm Lily! I'm a sassy, stubborn pup who loves my mom and my brother Toby. I love to run in the woods and I hate baths!
Scrappy loves walking, watching movies with his family, & he loves people! He’s always smiling & wagging his tail!
Lucky is very sweet and affectionate. He is an 8 year old black lab mix who is epileptic. He loves to lounge around in the recliner.
He takes after his mommy and loves shoes!! He got his name when mom said “you’re such a shoe bandit!” when he stole 5 pairs of mommy’s shoes and stashed them in his kennel
Onyx is a sassy pup who loves stealing your heart with kisses! She loves fresh snow and cuddling up to a movie, but don’t expect her to share the bed! She enjoys car rides and going to stores and giving everyone she meets a boost of seratonin. Her daily schedule includes gossiping, napping, playing, stealing the cats toys, being a model and being a passenger princess! She may not know how to say please, but she knows how to get what she wants!! Give this cutie a vote, or she may have to gossip about you next!❤️
Hes 3 yrs. Old. Smart . Loves his walks Goes to work with me. I work at a doggy day care. Loves people and most dogs. Hes a big baby.
Loves everybody , loves to play, loves the sunshine! He is a true blessing !
Nebula is the happiest puppy and she loves food and her favorite toy is her balls
He has a lot of love to give. Huge personality. Loves outdoors. Full of energy to play . And he loves warm baths
BAXTER is a little dog with an Over the Top personality. Known for treeing bears who trespass in his yard!! All bark and never a biter!!
Mako is a red fox lab❤️ Sweetest most affectionate pup there could be ❤️
Sam is a rescue who is learning what life is, walks, treats, affection. She is extremely intelligent with wonderful tracking skills. Her favorite food is ice cream.
So much personality and ready for any adventure. Will put a smile on anyone's face.
Rowdy Boy
He is very charming, lovable, not afraid to be himself, outspoken and very smart. When his dads blood sugar drops he helps me make sure he stays conscious for him to eat.
She's the most lovable puppy ever. She loves cuddling with mom. She enjoys puppy play time the other puppies.
Nobel is a momma's boy, he is energetic, doesn't think he is tiny and loves to play
Patches is a sweet energetic girl, she loves to play ball and she loves sunshine
Penny is 2 years old Dachshund she loves to fetch and loves food and is so loveable her heart will make anyone happy 💕
Full of energy always happy and loving taking walks
She’s a 7 month old red fox lab, loves playing with her toys, car rides, and cuddling
Harley Davidson
Harley is a black and tan old timer at 12 years young. Love him to love moon and back
Bella was a very special dog. Unfortunately she's been put to sleep but not without touching the hearts of the people who knew her. She loved to play fetch, she loved to argue, go on walks, watch tv, and chase cats and some other animals. She'll always live on in the hearts of those who love her. If you vote for her, you'll honor her legacy and make her owners the happiest people in the world
Woody Dangerous
Woody Dangerous is a 5 month old Dapple dachshund and he is to his famous shenanigans looking for fun!
He’s the absolute sweetest and cuddliest goofball ever. He is my best friend. I absolutely adore this puppy. His nicknames are endless but the main one has always been Guppy. He is a Shih-Tzu/Dachshund mix, super different boy. Very long and chunky with adorbly stubby legs.
Freya the floof is a spazz. She is also a parvo survivor. This pint size pup is really mad i put her in this outfit. But thanks Freya u look great!
Ajax is a loving and friendly boy, love to cuddle, and kisses Ajax love to play tennis ball inside and outdoor . Ajax also love to play water especially if the water sprinkler outside is on .
She is 4 months old. Her friend is Red and their pig. Loves skateboarding, chasing balls. So smart and already obeys 5 commands. She is a bullie, doberman mix
Cali Rose
Cali Rose is a 3 month old cheagle. PA-> CA. Loves snuggles, fetch and sneaking treats whenever she can!
Pepper is already a big piece of what I do at Rawhide Youth Services. She melts the hardest of young delinquent boys, and helps them to realize that life isn't as hard, if we can find something to love a little. Here, Pepper is at the end of a long day's work at the ranch. 😊