I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and Clyde has saved me twice during seizures. He's not even trained for that. He's the best buddy that my husband and i could've ever asked for. His favorite toys are anything that has a squeaker 😃. For a dog he has such a caring heart and will try his best to make you feel better always 💙
She so playful and sometimes ugly
This is Ace he is a pug. He is 1 year old and he is very playful. He is the dad of Dot, and they love playing together. Ace loves barking at people and going for walks!
She is the joy of are life.
Molly Anna
Molly is a sweet girl she smiles when u give her hugs & she's a love hog
Zetterberg Jenzen
My baby is the love of my life. He was born Dec 26th 2008. I brought him home on valentines day 2009. I chose him from the others because he made me work for his attention. One little cuddle ball in the back. He was mine without a doubt. He has been the most spoiled furbaby everyday of his life. He is now 14 and in heart faliure. But, with love and other drugs. He is still with us. Some days, like a puppy.
Jack loves his family and spending time with them he loves bones n going on car rides n takeing his naps
This is Omega. One of the most loving and friendly doodles around. She has never met a stranger and absolutely loves everyone she comes into contact with! Everyone says she’s picture perfect and I would love to share her with the world!
Laia has so much personality and sassiness for being such a little dog! She is almost 4 years old and weighs 6 1/2 lbs! Don’t let her size and innocence look fool you…she is definitely ALL bark and no bite! 🐾🐶🐾
Milo loves jerky treats, hates kibble, eats meat And veggies, and he hogs the bed. He also has a sister mia who needs all her teeth removed. So we’re going to try to save her.
Penelope B
Penelope is a love bug! She is so spoiled and knows it 🐾🐾❤️
Archer is a happy 4 month old Heeler puppy! Archers current hobbies are playing fetch and chewing on a yummy bone!
Yoda is my babygirl i been having her for a year now shes very spoiled and loves Attention She loves to go for rides and loves to play outside
I got Chonk when he was just 6 months old! He loves to chew ropes , squeaky toys and jumping in any kid of water he can find. I thought he was the perfect match for my home. He is always the sweetest and most playful.
Aurora is a friendly and calm husky. Her favorite activities include car rides, getting puppicinos, and going to the dog park. She came from a home where she was being neglected and abused and is now absolutely spoiled and she takes full advantage of it! She loves her mom and gets along best with smaller dogs and cats although she absolutely loves everybody she meets! Anybody who meets aurora adores her and her corky personality.
Lila La Ru
Lila LaRu is a pit bull boxer and mastive mix. She loves to play, she is the best dog ever, I put the ru on the end cause I had to put down my best friend Roxi Ru on May 27th 2022 and Lila is my new best friend
Phoebe is my side kick, she mainly likes to play outside in the pool or follow me around.
Kato is the most expressive and human-like dog. He is always observing his surroundings and a mama’s boy through and through. Full of personality and the goodest of bois!
Don’t is a different kind of boy lol, that was the first sentence the breeder gave me to describe his personality and it is still true almost 5 yrs later. When he first came home I had 2 other boxers so I thought I knew what I was in for 🤦🏼‍♀️, boy was I wrong lol. He belayed needs attention 24/7 and will cry to get it . He and his sister Arlo live to play together when she gets on his way he just walks under her lol, funny that when I got her she could do that same to him. And even with how needy he is he brings so much joy and laughter to my home
He’s my big baby one of the gentlest dogs I’ve ever seen before he loves other dogs and kids he’s also one of the best cuddle buddy’s in the world
Karma is a 3 year old english springer spaniel with a smile all the time!! Karma is goofy and reminds me of a golden retriever! She is the best hunting dog and the sweetest!!
Arlo is the sweetest girl ever. I found her picture just days after losing another dog and I just knew she was mine and it was meant to be, she is always by my side and sometimes on my lap but at 135lbs she’s not really a lap dog( just don’t tell her that lol). She hates when I have to leave her she brings out one specific toy when she’s upset a purple withes hat that I call her emotional support hat, she gets extra love when she has it( I think that’s her plan) she’s a perfect addition to my family
Shasha is a well known straight up spoiled diva, and a certified service dog. She will not leave home without an outfit on.
Sily is alpa puppy ofMaxs!!she is so adorable ,This pic is with het dad!!
Hi my name is Nala I love going to Starbucks with my mom and I LOVE when my mom makes me homemade treats
Aggie thinks she is human. Her favorite person to visit is Nana! Plus she is an amazing big sister to Arlo
Trip is my 6 year old cocker spaniel. He loves to run and play! I work so i can spoil him❤
Hey everybody! I love playing fetch,tug of war,swimming ,riding around and spending time outdoors with my friends!
She is a fun and high spirited Corgipoo. She likes to play ball outside and she loves cuddling. Keeva is a friend to all big and small. She has cow friends and kitty friends. VOTE for her!!!
I’m Theodore. A four year old pug. I love going shopping to Marshall’s with my mom, listening to daddy Yankee and watching tv.
Nellie Jane
Oh my, what to say about my Nellie girl. This little miss has literally rocked my world in the best possible way! Shes the goofiest, sassiest, smartest, sweetest, quirkiest, troublemaker i have ever had the pleasure to love ❤️ Every day is a blessed new adventure with her
Winston Rue
Winston is an accomplished fetch player! He's sensitive, sweet, and one of the most animated pups I've ever seen!
Stella is a sweet five year old daschund and chihuahua mix. She loves to play with her toys, roll in the grass and sun bathe.
Promise is a 1year old puppy she loves toes and she also like to lay on mommy and she loves to go on adventures
benji loves going for rides in the car playing with his toys and running around like crazy when he gets the zoomies
He likes to play, run, and swim.
Shylah and i have been together since she was 6 wks old...she is now a spunky 10 yr old! Shylah is an amazing dog. She just had surgery to remove a rather large tumor growing on her liver. They were able to remove all of it! She is currently recovering very well! She's a survivor for sure. I can't imagine my life without her in it. 1h1 like
This is Lulu she is a 13 week old hound/pitbull mix. She loves to play and cause chaos.
He is a rescue and the sweetest boy ever
Ellee Mae
She’s the sweetest most loving and fun baby girl ever! 💜
Diablo loves car rides and his Auntie Bev. He likes to go for walks and playing with his traffic cone and his rope.
Nyla is very adventurous she loves outdoor activities such as catch, playing fighting with her brothers, and rolling in the dirt and grass she’s the biggest baby will lay and sit on you as if she is a lap dog she loves cuddles and treats and enjoys a good bath
Kobe is a very playful pup loves sleeping on his back and loves all the cuddles one is willing to give and more he loves the outdoors swimming,catch, and playing with other pups he’s all bark and no bite barks at everyone that is close or passes by he is one to devour doggy treats and run around the house with his favorite toy
Bella Vanella
Bella love to catch balls and loves playing Tug A-war!! She's the youngest out of our seven dog!
Hi!!! My name is SunChine. I am a very very hyper dog. Whenever my mom gets home, I run around and around and around the room. I also love car rides and wallering in the carpet(especially after a bath). Being curious gets me into a lot of weird situations, but luckily my mom is too busy laughing at me instead of punishing me.
Dutton is a crazy, sweet, devilish and handsome little guy! His favorite thing to do is dig for crickets and jump on them. His favorite food by far are strawberry pop tarts!
Remi is intelligent just has a hard head lol