Buck a very shy and cute puppy. Who loves to play fetch and also bite peoples toes on the occasion.
Heaven is very fiesty...she wants all the attention...she is very playful and you can see...they wear themselves out...Heaven is on Left and Cage is on the Right....Brother and Sister ❤️!!
Cage is very active...he was running around in the dirt with his sister...He is fun loving and very attentive...he loves kids!
Ella June
Ella June is a sassy and sweet 1 year old Sheltie. She weighs in at a whopping 12.7 lbs and is the smallest Sheltie I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. She absolutely loves car rides and playing with the cats. She is very talkative, like a Husky, and it’s quite funny listening to her change tones and draw out her barks and growls like she’s trying to form words. She’s pint size with a punch of attitude and spunk 😁She brings so much sunshine to my days and is my precious angel that came into my life when I needed her the most. We would love and appreciate a vote from you. Thank you!
Sonny loves to play outside! You should vote for him because he is the cutest, cuddliest, playful dog ever! Sonny loves to run, catch his ball, and spend time with family. Sonny the sweetheart deserves your vote!
13 years old, and still full of life. Loves running around the yard and soaking up the sun during the summer. Won't eat her food until she levels it out first, if she doesn't succeed she'll tip it over and walk away. Such a silly pup.
Bear is a 6 month old Mini Aussie mix. I rescued bear (and his sister Bella) when he was only 5 weeks old and he’s been my baby bear ever since. He’s so friendly and playful, full of energy and love. He loves cuddles and kisses, and he’s amazing with kids. He lost his sister to parvo shortly after we got them but this little guy made it through, he’s definitely a tough boy.
6 year old lab. Enjoys cuddles and being center of attention.
Jax loves living on the farm and running with animals
Buddy Boo
Buddy is actually a beaglador body of a beagle all the marking a lab. He found me, he was a stray, i tell everyone he went from the street to the sheets. Yes, he actually does sleep this way. We will donate the winnings to stray rescue so please help us help other fur babies like my buddy.
Penny loves snuggles ❤️
NuNu so far loves her dog treats & her brother Jadon. She is learning quick to sit on demand. She’s very playful an loves outside running and playing.
Our little guy just turned 8 weeks old. So much personality already! He’s a sweet cuddler and ornery as ever when he wakes up from naps. Proud to be his momma.
Mack ia 6 weeks old and he is a mix of Great Pyrenees and Catahoula. Mack loves to be held and falls asleeps in your arms. He loves to sleep on his back . He is thr sweetest pup ever.
Tank is 6 weeks old is a mix of Great Pyrenees snd Catahoula. He loves his belly rubbed and enjoys his toys. He is the sweetest pup.
She is fun, kind, smart and the best puppy we have ever had. She's training to be a seizure dog for my disabled husband. She works hard and plays harder!!!
Zeus may look big but he’s a big teddy bear. In Zeus’s free time he enjoys long walks with his owners, cuddling with all people, and playing with his toys.
Jax loves to travel, his favorite place is New York City because of all of the delicious smells and all the places to pee. His favorite meal is spaghetti and he has to have sauce, no plain noodles.
A Biewer Yorkie and is very ornery!! But a cuddle bug ❤❤ he is 9 mths old weighing a whopping 3.8 lbs
Hemi is only 7 moths old.... He is such an adorable little guy... Very protective... I like to call him Bubbles sometimes. Because he has a very bubbly nature. And is very energetic... He is very loving... He loves to fetch tennis balls. And loves to chew on a lot of things... LOL
Bella is very playful and outgoing she likes going for walks, and playing with her toys and playing with the cats.
Alita is a 4 month chiweenie she loves to spend her time terrorizing her toys and napping on our laps. Shes a very sassy little one and will give you a look if you annoy her
Im Hershey. A 10 week old chihuahua. I weigh 2.5 lbs now but im not through growing just yet. I like to play and bite and chew on things 😋 I am my moms first pet ever and she takes real good care of me. Please vote for me. 😁🐕🐾🦴
Boomer is an energy 10 month old pup! He loves his mommy to death! He is a big momma’s boy! He is truly my best friend. He loves his stuffed animals and playing fetch.
Shyla is the most caring dog out there. She loves the kids with all of her heart and loves us just as well. She is very shy around others but will warm up to you shortly after meeting you. She is current pregnant. And we all can’t wait for the big day to come.
Foxy Roxy is my little baby ❤ she's very caring and smart. She loves rolling in mud 🙈 and stealing food when I'm not looking.
Sushi is a service dog in training with the Guidedog Foundation. She is 5 months old and loves food, ice cubes, and playing fetch!
Chloe is a Morkie(maltese and yorkie mix) she's the sweetest, most loving little pup. She loves playing with toys and her favorite thing to do is cuddling❤
Daisy Mae
We rescued Daisy Mae on September 26, 2020. She has held a place in our hearts ever since, and we can’t remember what life was like without her. Daisy is a lover and hasn’t met a person or dog who isn’t her friend ❤️
Ranger is all about his Mom and Dad. He enjoys cuddles, ball, people, and all the dogs. 10 weeks old and the smartest little guy.
Lil Ann
Lil Ann likes giving kisses and cuddles more than anything, she enjoys curling up in fuzzy blankets and watching tv with her favorite humans
Loki is a service dog and a survivor, she was hit by a car a year ago and recovered from a collapsed lung, 16 inches of ruptured intestines, and 3 pelvic fractures. She beat the odds and came home to continue to be a service dog for her army vet. She loves playing frisbee and spending time next to her person.
He loves to play with his toys and everything else. He is 9week old Rottisky
Gizymodo is a fetchaholic.
Willow loves to play with her big sister Chica. Chica is a 4lb chiahuaha and she is 11 years old. Willow also has a big brother who belongs to my daughter, he is a 65 lb Blue heeler and they adore each other. Willow gets excited when he comes over to play. Sometimes they gang up on big sister. And she loves to go on runs with her dad. She gets up early and wakes up her dad to go running rain snow and sunshine she goes. She also came to us through a rescue group. Love her to pieces.
Jasper is a mini labradoodle and he loves his sisters and is very cuddly
Blaze loves to run laps around the house, having his paws rubbed, and chewing ice cubes.
Maximus, Max, Maxi… our baby love 💗 🐾🐶 He’s playful, fun and soooo sweet. He won’t only blow you kisses but also good at giving you real kisses! Must be “French” ! Loves to eat bananas and blueberries! He can be mellow and chill whenever we’re tired from work, but his endless energy is outstanding whenever friendly furs are over our house. At 3 months old, he had his first travel with us to the Great Smoky Mountains. He enjoys road tripping and playing with his toys. The best frenchie a human could ask for! Our baby boy, our best friend. We love Max so much 😍
My goofy girl came to my fiance and i almost 7 years ago from P.A.R.L. she was a super sweet timid dog who was afraid of everything and had been abused, she was afraid of men and labeled agressive toward other animals. Here were are a yrs later and she lives happily with our cat, 2 guinea pigs, and ferret and absolutely adores them! She snuggles our cat and she eats her daily veggies with our pigs every morning. Shes a big mush and all she wants is snuggles! She is the sweetest animal ive ever met, shes my soulmate and i couldnt do life without her.
Loki D. Karlin
My daddy gave me a name then he walked away....and in came his bleeding heart of a cousin to scoop up this poor abndoned boy and give him a new life, teach me some cool tricks and give me a new purpose. I'm as cool as the north pole. Not even a year old 90 lbs and still growing. Thank you humans for saving me too.
Chi S. Vincent
I'm kinda the daddy's girl around here....not that I don't love my bio momma Hope and my adopted human momma Tangella but I was kinda hand picked from the litter by my human dad, and I think I am the most gorgeous definitely most spoiled in the house. I am a registered emotional support pet and I dominate that job. Anyone around me feeling- sad- lonely just generally down or out and I'm on it. I will hug kiss and cuddle all their woes away. My guilty pleasure is playing dressing up to make sure I have all eyes on me!!!
He’s just a big cuddle bug. But Beau is actually a mix of Great Pyrenees/Lab as well. He is little over a year old and just the most playful dog I’ve ever had. Loves his stuff squeaker toys
Hope L. Hamilton
I came to my humans a tiny helpless lil needy thing. Only just six weeks old. I had a sister the people who took me from my mommy had kept. They gave me away to my human mommy when she was grieving and going through a terrible depression.They said I was too plain ....and also too needy, so they gave me human mommy and daddy tell me I'm beautiful and always remind me I'm thier only Hope. I have had two going on three litters of puppies in my life and they are all quite uniquely colored and beautiful too if do say so.... What do you all think. Am I too plain to get your vote? If so keep right on scrolling I know I'm kinda spoiled but a very sweet hearted dog. I saved my humans as much as they saved me.
Zero H. Hamilton
Another small package with big personality is my Zero girl aka ZZ. Someone had left this babygirl tied up for so long she grew out of or tore lose from her lead leaving a bad scabbed slit across her throat when I first found her, someone had dumped her in the gas station across from my house I'm pretty sure. I discovered her cold wet and shivering after some really bad weather the night before she was just running lose and somehow showed up outside my car door around the back of my house. After months of looking for her people to try to figure out what happened or reunite her with them no one claimed her so she become my newest puppy love.
Trixie is 2 years old and she is a chocolate lab. She loves to stay by moms side and never leaves her. Trixie loves to go on walks and she loves to meet new people.She is very proctective of who comes in the house or even comes near it.
Ellie is outgoing. She loves to play outside with mom and dad at the park she is a very fast runner. Ellie is 25 weeks old. Ellie loves go go on walks. She is very proctective of who comes in the house or even comes near it.
Pawsum S. Vincent
Hi I'm Pawsum, and awesome in all the ways I can be. I was the runt so my mommy's people kept me but how could they resist I have gorgeous blue eyes and am a big personality in a small package.
She always sits like this like a meerkat. She is a lovable dog and loves ice. I blow ice at her ftom my mouth and she catches it almost every time. She loves playing with her dad and loves rough housing. I guess you can say she is almost like a tomboy. Lol