Dakota is a four-year-old Labrador Retriever that I brought up from Arkansas he is an amazing he's loving he's friendly with everyone he loves kids other dogs cats and as you can see from his photo he is my autistic sons emotional support dog and I wouldn't want it any other way
Minnie is a very loving and friendly dog who I rescued from NC with her two sister's they were severely malnourished flea and tick infested three different types of worms she has become my emotional support dog due to the fact that her abuser/neglector was male she is skittish with men now Minnie loves to cuddles in bed under covers with her owner she loves to give kisses and is great around kids other dogs and cats she loves her treats and belly rubs but has also become a great watch dog alerting me that someone is near by barking even in the house I just wanted everybody to see her it's not whether or not we win the contest I just wanted people to know her story and how wonderful she really is
Hi! I’m Slider, and let me tell you, there’s nothing better than being an Aussie! Lots of running, playing, and bouncing around! My favorite thing to do is talk to my mom while trying to get my older bro to play with me. My favorite treats are lamb lungs and I love love love the water! Maybe someday I’ll be a dock diving champ!
Adams family🤣he plays way to much!only thing he doesn't like is no sit down🤣 my dad died of cancer so its reaaly his dog! Adan is just my memory's of him(rip pops)
Oakley is a dachshund, mini pin mix. He’s 9 weeks old. He loves spending time wrestling blankets and having the zoomies. He was 5 weeks old when we got him because his mom was sick so he could no longer nurse. He was so tiny, so we fed him pet lac until he turned 7 weeks old. He’s grown so much within just a few weeks, and it was so cool to be able to watch him grow. He’s went from wobbling in the back yard to having full on zoomies. We could use your vote!
Lucy is a 7 week old Goldendoodle puppy! She loves sleeping, harassing her sister and playing with all her toys!
Sally is a 5 year old ShihPoo. She loves sleeping, laying in the sun, and long walks!
Benji is a very loving Mini Goldendoodle who is eager to greet you after a day at work. Benji loves car rides and pup cups, playing in the back yard with his lime green circle frisbee. He loves green beans, chicken and carrots. He allows his humans to sleep in his king size bed and is very protective of them.
Molly is one of the funniest, sweetest, lovable dogs ( kids) I’ve ever had, she is always entertaining the family with her hilarious behavior and when kids pet her they assume she is a teddy bear and they always give her a big squeeze and she lets them do it.
Steve is a 4 month Lab and he's a sleepy head! Definitely food driven, loves swimming, super fast learner, likes to be near owners! Stevie is a sweetheart, everyone loves Steve! <3 <3
Teddy is a 1 year old Maltese Shitzu mix. He loves chasing leaves, going on walks, playing fetch, watching motorcycles and airplanes!
Jasper is a 8 week old Mini Dachshund. He is the absolute sweetest puppy! He loves to play with his fox toy! It’s his cuddle buddy! He is full of spunk and has the sweetest little personality! Please vote for our baby Jasper!
Rascal is a baby lil puppy. He loves to play with our kitten they are like bestfriends! He enjoys running in the yard, an car rides. Hes also got two different color eyes make shim so unique.
Hi! My name is Teddy and I love hugs!
Abby is the sweetest little girl, anyone who meets her always ask what is she 🤣 because she looks like stuffed bear and don’t look real 🤣 ,anyone who met her by now say she is the sweetest dog they seen , she is so playful and loves everyone she met so far , she is so smart and learns so fast and have very good memories 🐶❤️
Caplyn is a very sweet boy, he’s 9 months old. He loves to play all day, and he is a cuddle buddy every night. His facial expressions tell exactly what he is thinking. He is a family member not a dog🐾❤️
Petey loves to play and steal things to hide in his bed. He loves riding in the car and going to the store!
Bear is a very good dog he dogs a lot of tricks and is super cute
Belle is the most loving furbaby and it’s hard to believe she was the small scared little puppy we rescued.She loves to talk to us and really fusses when we leave her all day. Belle loves to explore in the fields behind our house alone or with her sissy Ellie. Her favorite time of day is night time cuddles with mommy on the couch.
Little Bear
I love to catch bubbles that my human blow for me I will pop everyone of them and love my pacifier at bed time iam alot of fun
Ella Mae
Ella Mae is such a sweet & beautiful Pomsky with stunning blue 👀 eyes! Ella will capture your heart ❤️ she enjoys her outdoor activities when its not too hot! That's the Husky in her! She is very smart and learns something new each day! She is hoping to win her pageants that her NaeNae enters her in!! Please Vote for Ella Mae! She loves ❤️ 😍 lots of attention and Extra Treats Too!
Bear is a big playful baby who loves to lick you to death! He likes to be chased with his toys, he loves to be loved!
She is a fun loving husky pit mix. 4 years old, loves to run and play outside. Or just cuddle next to us.
Sir Theodore Gorden Bragg
Gordie was a loveable, stubborn Llaso Alpsa...He was like a child to us! He would do anything for a cheerio! He loved grooming day and anything ir anyone who would play with him!
Freddy found us 3 1/2 years ago. He was running down the road in the middle of the night in freezing rain, covered in his own feces, after a much needed bath (5 baths to be exact) and a good shave we decided we would legally adopt him. He has been 1 of the best boys ever. Very loving and caring, and has turned into Mommys baby boy and Daddys lil buddy. Freddy loves when he gets new necklaces and outfits.
Shelby loves to cuddle and play with her brothers. Shelby also loves wearing cute little dresses
She is such a love bug
King mamas boy . He loves cuddling and his human brother .Very protective over family . Loves car rides , walks and treats .
Hello, this is Bear Ann (Aka: Teddy Bear) She is an 8 month old Full Blood Pitty. She loves to go to the park and run around I swear she wants to be Flash🤣. I got her back in January of this year at 7 weeks old and within hours of having her we found out she had a broken back leg, and that’s how she earned her name(we set up a vet appointment immediately) because she showed how brave she was. Her best friend since a pup has been a male cat named Oreo. She loves to play in the yard with her best friend(it’s the cutest thing ever). since the day I brought her home she has been my best friend, she is very protective of me if me and her father were to play fight she right there helping me beat up her dad. She is the sweetest baby you will ever meet. It’s cute bc she will bark her head off to you and the moment you get close enough she will attack you with kisses.
Kodak tea cup pure breed chihuahua. Loves to fight with mama . Loves his human brother so much . Very protective of family .Daddy's boy
Sitka is a 6 year old hound dog who lives for the days he gets to spend out in the snow chasing mountain lions
Stella Blu , Bella Tru, pickles, Rolo Polo
Bubba is a sweet and loving English Bulldog who loves to spend time with his family and getting butt scratches! His best friend is a 5 month old kitten.
HIII MY NAMES COOPER 🐶🐾 I am a Australian Shepherd, I have one blue eye and one brown ! I love playing with all my new toys, playing catch in the yard, taking very long naps is my speciality & I have the bestest family ever !
She is such a smart loveable thing.
Emma is a sweet loving girl. She love her family and spending the day outside playing.
Gwen is such an an energetic dog. She loves to play with her siblings and is such a loving, caring, and fabulous dog to our family. We love her to the moon and back and brings joy to our hearts.
He’s full of love and is a sweetheart He’s playful and loves his momma
She is just the sweetest, lovable puppy
Angel Baby
Angel Baby is the sweetest, most loving, beautiful puppy and she was saved out at an oil field when she was just a baby someone abandoned her. :( She has now been in a very loving home for a few years now since she was saved and she is very happy, healthy and loved and she just had some beautiful black lab/brindle pit babies. if anyone wants a puppy, please feel free to message us on facebook for more info! 😊 (fb: Dustin Taylor Hill)
Kinsey has a reputation at the dog park as the dog that steals poop bags right off the back of other dogs and running away with them until they unravel getting the other dogs to chase him.
She’s 11 years old and has the energy of a puppy, loves playing catch and loved to cuddle
Roxy girl is a momma and she's beautiful and the smartest dog that I know, she listens to everyone she knows very well and fully understands. she's a great guard dog and an amazing cuddle buddy. 💗 Roxy had her puppies in June of 2021. We kept one of them, his name is Hot Shot and now he has puppies with our other girl, Angel. check out our profile to see all our fur babies! 🥰
Hot Shot
Hot Shot is the sweetest puppy ever. he's one year old! 🥺 he's a bully & brindle pit mix. 🥰😍 he just had some beautiful babies with our pit/black lab mix, message me if you're interested! (located in bartlesville, ok.) facebook/messenger: Dustin Taylor Hill
Kiki Bledsoe
KiKi is 3months old and a very playful girl. She love to go for walks, car rides and running and sleeping.
Maximus is a king German Shephard he is 7 years old and the most loveable reliable protective and gentle dog he is 156 pounds and thinks he’s a lap dog Max is the neighborhood favorite
Ramsy is a hot mess. 😂