Baby Stories - 34


He's def a cuddler and loves to look outside and observe
Hi, I’m Teak.🐶 I love to play fetch and dive into the leaves outside!🍂 Fall is my favorite time of the year because I get to dress up in Halloween sweaters and pick my own pumpkin!🎃 I also love watching football with my dad!🏈
Dozer, much like his sister, Diva, has a very fitting name! His puppy mode is 100% full force activated and he will play so hard he plows into you and likes to doze off anywhere! We also fell in love with him when we got his sister and had to bring him home too, check out his unique brindle markings!
Diva is exactly as she is called, a true diva! She’s sassy and a bit of a drama queen at times but loves to play with her fur and human siblings.
Ace is a little over one year old. He loves modeling but doesnt ever like to look into the camera. He is a rottweiler alaskan malamute mix and loves his bestfriend Quin which is a kitty.
Bruno is a loving 8 week old Pitt/Rot puppy. He is full of energy & attitude! He loves to play with his brother, toys, & to cuddle as much as he can! He is the sweetest, most sensitive little guy. ❤️
Charlie is an 8 week old Pitt/Rot puppy. He’s full of spunk & sass! He loves his toys, food & sleeping. 💜
Pepper Girl
She’s very lovable and love’s too be a baby belly rubs 🥰
Leo is a 3 1/2 month Golden Retriever who's favorite snack is crunchy leaves and favorite past time is chewing sticks, chasing bugs and following mom everywhere she goes. Vote this cutie pie!!! <3
Remington is 13 weeks old, he is German Shepherd/ Husky mix... he’s a very active puppy, loves his toys. loves playing with other dogs and love making new dog friends, he loves attention from everyone. loves his treats❤️ He learns new things everyday. He loves car rides and side by side rides!
hii this is Peanut ♥️ Her favorite thing to do is run around outside in the grass and play with her babies(stuffed animals)🧸 she loves taking long walks🌻 but don’t mess with her naps she’ll get very sassy 😌
I found Ford on an abandoned fire road during a wildland fire I was fighting in Yosemite, Ca. I kept him in my wildland jacket for three days before retuning to base camp! He is the love of my life!
Chiwee is a love to all she meets. She has her own special silly ways to show she loves everyone who crosses her path.
Leah Bean
Leah . Hyper Out going Dog . She Loves Family ! She Could Light Up Anyone’s Day 🧡
Hi my name is Reese, and I am a Catahoula Leopard Dog! I have so much energy I love to run around my yard and play with my human brother Ryder. I love my humans so much that when they leave I miss them soo much I find ways to escape the yard to go find them.
He ks 7 weeks old and my daughters best friend. He loves to howl at the door to go potty and come in. He is so adorable.
Our sweet 50# Juniper is a joy and love to have. She brings a smile to anyone she meets with her quirky personalities.
Zena loves to play with her toys, eat treats, playing with her sissy. She also enjoys naps.
Remi is a five-year-old Chihuahua/pug. He’s very energetic loves to play and go for walks and is very clingy and loves to sleep with you every single night. He loves attention and he gets along with other dogs big and small. He’s a very unique dog and I love him very dearly.
Cooper is a rescue from SC. He's now deaf and a gimpy little old man. But he's happy and a very good boy. He loves to sleep and watch the birds. He's the best companion I could hope for.
If you’ve ever met Lilah you know she gives lots of kisses, loves to play & travel with her momma. Along with that Lilah is the best to cuddle with❤️
Romeo is a 14 week old pomsky. He is such a lover boy and loves attention. A little ball of fluff lol full of energy.
I am training Sawyer to be my service dog. He goes everywhere with me. Whether on a boat, in a store or just hanging out, Sawyer is always happy, well behaved and lovable. He is the most chill dog ever.
Blue is 10 weeks old and is very adorable. He is a razors edge/gotti pitbull. Blue loves running in the yard chasing leaves and chewing on his toys. He os smart and loving.
Meet Trigger....he is a male and let me tell ya...this dog loves the water and is the co-pilot of the boat...hopefully his pictures will bring as much joy to you as he has done for me...thanks
Hey I’m Remi! I absolutely love playing ball and cuddling with my mom! I beat parvo when I was 9 weeks old and now I’m a happy and healthy boy! I’ll be 2 in November🎉
Little miss Minnie Mouse is the sweetest most loving furbaby ever! She is our heart dog ❤️She is smart and will do anything for treats! She also loves doing zoomies around the house and yard! She loves other animals , All she wants to do is play and run around! She also loves long naps 😂
peanuts an 8 week old pit pull, and she loves bullying our other Pitbull Yayo, she’s a little feisty thing
Hiii I’m Copper I’m getting so big now, but I love to chew anything that moves, I’m terrified of squirrels, I love long car rides & nap time is my favorite time I like to sleep on my back!🤗
He loves attention,baths n his favorite buddy zippy the cat...
Hi my name is cash! I like chin scratches & tummy rubs. I love to smile infront of the camera 📸 . Don’t be fooled By my size I love to give hugs 🥰 mommy calls me a teddy bear !
My name is Roxy. I love to cuddle, play and good with kids. When I’m not playing i love to pose for pictures.
Princess Xena Blue
She's the most loving , smart, funny & fiercely protective puppy you’ll ever meet. She’s only 7 1/2 months old. She’s absolutely spoiled rotten also. 🥰 We love her to pieces.
Hank is the most loving dog. Never meets a stranger.
Hi, I am Gates! My passions included retrieving ducks for my dad. I love to fetch. Like I love to fetch, I will literally bring you a toy all day everyday just so I can fetch. My mom thinks I am some sort of model, she says I have looks to kill. Anyways vote for me!
Duke learns anything with in minutes. He knows when you are sad and trys to cheer you up. We adopted him so we have no clue what breed he is, but we know that he was the best thing ever
He is one of the most stubborn dog i have ever met. He does not listen unless you have a treat. Lol he is the best cuddler and is always there. He snores so loud you eouldnt believe it!
She's a very loving dog and is learning fast and easy , i love her
I love playing ball with my sister Karma and going on walks with mommy. I also love morning cuddles with daddy.
Sophia is a precious 11 year old English Bulldog mixed with Pitt Bull. She loves to lay under you and cuddle.
Judge Dredd
Dredd is a very attentive smart little boy. Hes training to he a therapy dog. A month ago we almost lost him to parvo but this foghter pulled through! He loves life and is such a cuddle buddy!
Heyah! My name is Baja the Goldador! I’m 8.5 weeks & love to chase, cuddle and smooch my humans! When I’m not exploring anything and everything I’m trying to win out my kitty brother with my cuteness!!
This is Bennett. He is 4 years old and the youngest (but biggest at 135 pounds) of our 10 man pack. All his siblings are pomeranians but Bennett believes he is also a pom so don’t try and tell him otherwise. His favorite hobbies include sleeping, napping, and cuddling.
Hello my name is Enzo. I’m 8 months old. I looooove food. I love rolling on grass especially after my mama gives me a fresh bath. I like digging holes on the yard and chew on my toys and play tug a war with my sissy. I’m very snuggly and I love attention very much.
Dash is a loving, curious little pup. He is a full ball of energy. He loves going on rides and feeling the wind blow through his big bushy ears. Going on hikes, napping and playing with his friends are his favorite things to do. He’s the cutest pup in the world!