Baby Stories - 34


Allie Ann
She loves to play with her doggy friends! Loves to chase her daddy around! And most definitely loves to sleep! Only 8 weeks old and she is already sassy! Loves to go to the firehouse with her dad and meet everyone!
Bodi is a 1 year old South African Mastiff! He is the best dog ever!!! He is a gentle giant who loves to be with the family at all times!! Heloves being with “his children” which our my 3 kids and will look after them with his heart and soul! Everyone that meets this big goof just falls in love instantly!
Hi I’m GiGi I love snuggling with mumma and eating cheese.
Woof, woof, humans! Let me introduce myself. The name my pet human calls me is 'Kaysley'. Shh, don't let them know that they are the pets, we pets let them think what they will. It's a secret for pets. Now, as you can see, I am the most adorable little girl. I'm eight months young. I love to take car rides and stick my head out of the window and let the wind make my face look crazy. I have to have lots of love, attention and snuggles to keep my adorableness on point. My human mommy and daddy give me all of their love. I can't wait for the snow to come back so that way my human daddy can take me out to play in the snow. That is one of my favorite things to do but sometimes I just wish the snow could be deeper so my white fur and I could play hide and seek and win because I would blend right in!
Benelli loves spending time on the boat and learning to swim! She is a duck dog and has already started her training for retrieving. She LOVES cuddles and is such a loving dog!
Daphne is a big baby and loves being cuddled! She is the most goofy puppy I have ever had. She is very smart and loves to playing with her sock monkey!
Hello ! Im Rambo I am the cutest Shih tzu in the whole world! (I know corny :p) I love to play with everyone . I am very energetic but not irritating :) I love to “beg” for food whoever is eating :p I love everyone ❤️❤️❤️
Cinch is almost 2 she loves to swim and go on horse rides
This sweet beautiful creature is the light of my life. When the wind blows her hair just right, my whole world melts.
Arlo loooves breakfast sausage, toys & playing with his dog and human sisters. He’s our only boy and he’s absolutely spoiled and he knows it 💙
Zeus is a Catahoula Leopard dog ! He’s only 12 weeks old but he’s so spunky and smart. He loves to cuddle and run with you. He enjoys belly rubs and head scratches. Zeus is the best dog anybody can ask for 💜
Hi I’m Jetty, I am Puggle(Pug/Beagle Mix) I love to cuddle, run outside and meet new furry friends! When home I love to sleep next to my mom and watch movies all night:)
Roctavious is a Mastiff\Rottweiler mix he was horribly abused, and I adopted him from our local shelter he is the love of my life and I honestly believe he saved me!
I’m a big loving goof ball. I love to cuddle
Luna is cute, she loves to cuddle, she loves to go outside, and she can be a nut sometimes, and she loves the snow.
Loves sweeets and votes
He was such a good dog he loved to do everything as a family. We all miss him so much
This is our absolutely adorable Hank aka Hanky Panky! He’s 8 weeks old and has completely stole our hearts. We lost our sweet German Shepherd so we got this guy to try to fill the void. Although we miss our Zeus we are just smitten by this sweet little clown! If we win we are using the money for an in ground fence so we have piece of mind
Tucker is a 9 week old chocolate Labrador! He likes naps, snacks and playing with Mr.Pig
Hi my name is Chase! I love to run and play ball, and I am a huge cuddler!
A Shipoo, she loves zoomies!
Beau is a rescue from a dog hoarding house near Seattle, WA. I dreamed of having a pomeranian mix and along he came perfect as ever. Even though he has health issues due to his previous situation, he's thriving today and is our little angel pea!
Ruby Rhod
Ruby is a little Shih-Poo who loves to cuddle!
Dakota is a spunky 11 week out chocolate labrador! she loves water (what a shocker😂) and toys!!
Jake is our newest member of the family. He’s only 12 weeks old and full of energy! He loves to cuddle and play tug of war. He loves his mom and dad and sleeping in the bed with them! He’s the burst of energy this family needed!
A little girl who always wants to have sun ☀️ beaches 🌊 and belly rubs ❤️
Teagan rules the roost and when she tells daddy he can’t have his candy bar she means it lol. She is also a little sock theif monster.
The most loyal, loving, happy girl. Nala is the light in every room she enters. Those that meet her leave with a smile on their face feeling that positive impact Nala naturally delivers. She makes every day a happy day!
King James
King James Bluenose Brindle Pitbull Terrier 4 mos old very smart and loyal... loves doing tricks for snacks...getting puppy massages..playing tug of war... and being a cuddly pibble ❤
Maxwell Theodore
Maxwell is such a sweet pup. My boss got me him after I lost my beloved Chopper who was also a Dachshund. Dachshund's are so Humorous. I can't get enough of this little guy! 🥰Just look at his face. Casanova, I would say.
Drago is a year old pit bull! He loves to sleep and be very lazy but he also loves to run around and play with his toys! When drago was only 4 or so months old he got parvo and racked up vet bills and then he cut his paw open a few months later which caused more vet bills. This baby is a trooper! I would love to win and pay off his vet bills! Thank you!
Kloe loves going bye byes in the cars and going on walks. She is a lab border collie mix! She loves to snuggle and hog the bed
Calvin is Bloodhound Lab mix. We drove all the way to Texas to adopt him at 8 weeks old. Calvin is very sweet and very calm. He continue to grow on us 10 months at 90lbs. Calvin sleeps with my 8 year old son every night because my son has night terrors and with Calvin by his side, my son is able to sleep through the night. Calvin has brought so much laughter and joy to our life. Calvin loves his walks everyday, toys, bones and he is goofy, smart, & so lovable.
Toby is a very energetic puppy. He loves to tear up rugs, play with his toys, be outside running around, and sleeping. He loves to be cuddled up or sleep under the covers!❤️
Loki is 10 week old German Shepard/wolf hybrid has his own unique personality developing.
Lily is very smart, lovable and is going to make a great emotional support animal
Loki loves his kid brother and sister, loves squeaky toys, cold weather, snow bank, sprinting, and human food. Loki is fun and loving and enjoys life.
Phoebe loves to run and play with her toys. She loves to ride in her car seat and likes to lay on her mom's head while they watch tv
Nala is full of cuddles- she loves to chase her tail, give her parents hugs and give attitude when she is told “no”. Be very aware, she will smother you in kisses!
Abigail is our exotic princess! She is all glam and glitz but loves a good rainy muddy day!
Benjamin is one handsome guy who loves everyone and everything! He gets so offended when someone doesnt say hello!
He likes to howl and play fetch with his sister!
Winston likes to chew, anything he's a very smart boy
Oreo just LOVES EVERYONE! She is the most sweetest Maltipoo ever. She lets me dress her she understands Spanish and English. And when someone comes over she will bark but at the same time bring them one of her treats or toys to play with them.
My name is king I am a little over 4 months old I love to play outside chase leaves cuddle with my human love lots of attention doggy toys and treats
Skye is a pomsky! She is a very energetic dog and loves to run around! She also loves playing with his brother Bingo a lot! She is a big trouble maker as well!
Bingo is a white german shepherd! he loves playing outside with his sister skye :) Bingo loves his treats so much! He loves to run around a lot! Bingo also loves to go on walks! But most importantly he loves to sleep a lot!
Jax likes to play fetch and get belly rubs.