Very sweet, lovable doggy she loves to play. She loves to run and dig holes.
Murphy thinks everyone is here to pet him. He loves to play with balls. Loves to ride in the car. Very well behaved
Tony is super chill and the love of my life
Marley is an amazing dog , loves to play and LOVES to cuddle.
Ralphie is loved by all! He enjoys pets from humans, barking at other dogs at dog park and not listening to his Mom! He has a pit bull sister that he loves very much and enjoys snugggling on the couch.
Sidekick by day, cuddle bug by night! Spike is a playful loving puppy who just wants to spread his kisses to everyone and be every dog’s best friend!
Jagger is a funloving, goofball. He loves to play...and he has tons of energy. His favorite toy is a ball. The only toy he has not ripped to shreds. He loves bones and most of all he loves Pig ears!!...He jumps and runs around when he gets one and then he must show everyone in the house what he has proudly. He loves to cuddle and watch TV..his favorite is Dr. POL.
Jax is very social always says hi to everyone. Most loved dog in the 93306 area code by everyone . Friendly , intelligent , playful , energetic , creative , sweet , loving and funny . Jax loves nature and the outdoors . Usually up for anything . Jax is a very kind dog .Favorites things to do wrestle , keep always fetch, swim, dig , play with his cousins . Loves to be in the open field where he can run and hunt for rabbits .
Sweet and very loving will talk back if you tell her no when she wants something very happy all the time
Franklin will search out any nook of sunshine and always bring his favorite bone to nap with
A shi-poo that loves her yellow duckie, she skips when she walks or trots. She is the sweetest
Roxy is very smart oh so beautiful and loves her bones!
Minnie is a long haired Chihuahua. She is sweet one minute & sassy the other minute. I don't know what I would do with out her.
Kov is a very sweet dog. He sleeps besides me and he will not wake up if I’m not awake. The tricks he knows is sit leave it, turn around, roll over, bang bang, jump, under, center,go in place ,freeze, latest trick is he knows 1+1 and 2+2 by tapping me . He kisses me and my navel every morning. He loves to go shopping and he just stay at the cart 😃
Fat boy, head empty no thoughts, loves large stuffed duck plushies
He's a big baby, super fluffy, loves belly rubs
Indy is the sweetest & most loveable dog who makes me smile & laugh all day long everyday with his adorable personality! When he gets really excited he spins in circles several times then chases his favorite toy. If I don't play with him he starts talking to me with all these cute little sounds, stares at me & taps me with his paw until I play with him. He also puts one paw in his water bowl when he drinks his water then walks around the house leaving one paw mark everywhere he goes.
Nala is a 8 weeks old purebred pekingese, she loves to sleep and play.💖🌸🎀
Penny is a very sweet baby Chihuahua. She has a superpower of telepathy.
Roxy is a chiweenie she's my baby she's the best little dog
Winston Scott
He's 3 year old French bulldog well trained. He's bulldog so he has his moments lol. He loves playing with other dogs and being lazy at times.
He's feisty and loving all at the same time and he has his tongue out most of the time. He loves to lick without a liquor license. Gotta love Felix ❤️
Sophie is a loveable playful girl she loves children and loves her cat friend Lucy. Sophies favorite snacks are Bacon Bits and Gravy Bones she also loves to cozy up under the blankets sleeping all night.
He loves to play and jump and run all day. We got him from a shelter and he has been the joy into our life..He loves to play with his favorite toy that’s a taco and he enjoys nap times.
He is a true friend to me. He loves his Bally and his piggy ears. He loves to play, play, play. He’s also very smart❤️
I may have recused him, but he also rescued me! 🤗
I’m birch I am the most playful dog ever. I love to give hugs and jump around like a maniac. I am a crazy dog that will love you forever
Hey Bacardi here… I go by Cardi thought and I am a female dog. I have a really sad story I was at a 24 hour kill shelter when I was just a little puppy. I had 2 hours left when my grandma Donna picked me up. She took me to this girl named Olivia and I would do anything to protect her. Now I am in training to be a search and rescue dog. Olivia has to wait till she is eighteen before she can get her license for search on rescue. I will wait for her and I will be already trained. She will be my handler when she gets her license and I will be happy to walk beside her. Oh… one more thing I LOVE FETCH!!!
Hey my name is Remi and I am a female dog. I love people attention but my favorite thing to do is sleep. I also love the snow but I only like it for a little then I get cold. I have 5 dog siblings and 6 cat siblings. I LOVE CATS!!!
Charity Jayde
She don't like to got out in the rain. Charity is a diva and she will let you know. She is a mommy's girl. She never likes to be separated from me. Charity has separation anxiety when i am not near her. Very loving. Loves hugs and kisses!
Cutie is a sweet loving baby. Although he doesn’t like strangers at first, if we hold him for them to let he is good. He has alerted us to my brother having seizures so he’s like a service animal.
Griffin is by far the most loving and loyal girl. I've only had her since July 1st, but our souls connected the moment we hugged. It was like our souls had finally found eachother. She never leaves my side and is the most amazing service dog. She loves to stop and say hello to anyone who she sees is sad. I am the same way, but I don't always catch them. Griffin though will stop and sit and look at me. I can tell by her look that someone needs her. God blessed me with her. How could I not share her. I hope that you will vote for Griffin, but she will always be a winner in my eyes. She's my best friend and soul mate. 💕 Everyone will say soulmate? Dogs don't have souls. Yes they do and my baby has mine. She makes my heart feel complete. Thank-you for choosing Griffin. Be safe
Peggy is a rescue puppy. She loves to play with people, dogs and toys. She can be so sweet and loving. She has separation anxiety so she is always wanting to be by my side.
Buddy absolutely loves going to work on the farm. He loves all of the cows with a passion! He also loves to cuddle!
Coco Bella
Coco is 3 1/2 years old, she is my ESA and helps with my PTSD. She's a sweet Teddy Bear hybrid. She loves to play tug of war with any of her toys. When the weather's nice she'll play fetch forever. The craziest thing she likes to do is rearranging my living room, she'll push her bed and blankets all over the room, then knock the couch cushions on the floor.
Savage is very lovable and thinks he is a lap dog, he likes to play fetch but will never give the ball back.
Judge snores in his sleep, he loves playing fetch and is the youngest dog we own
He loves to play with his tennis ball, he loves to meet new people is very friendly and is a mamas voy
Loves to steal socks
Hope is a sweetheart, she’s a rescue puppy that our family got a few months before her 1st birthday. She’s sassy, and loves annoying her dog big brother. She’s the biggest cuddle bug ( she wasn’t always that way). She loves FaceTiming her nana and if you have a banana don’t even think twice about not sharing with her! Our girl loves everyone she meets and is so happy to meet new people. She loves the snow and cuddling up with her mommy and daddy!
Balto is a Australian Shepard mix with a Siberian. He looks his tennis balls and love making new friends.
Stella loves the snow. Shes kibd and very good with kids and other dogs. One morning when i got out of bed , she jumped right in my spot.
Beanie is a very small but mighty baby, she’s very shy and loves to be next to myself and her daddy. She also loves baths and getting groomed. Her favorite snacks are apples and peanut butter, She also loves to be cuddled in blankets.
Blu lies playing in the snow and cuddles