Baby Stories - 33


Brownie was adopted from the county shelter when she was approximately 2 years old. She is now 8 and living a great life with her two buddies Sweetie and Sadie. She loves walks, but that is about it when it comes to exercise. She is happiest just having someone love on her. UPDATE: Brownie had a 5 lb mass removed from her spleen back in August and is now completely healed and running like a puppy again!!
He love loves snow, he loves bones, he really loves to bark a lot and he hates baths.
Loving, loyal, and all about the outdoors.
She loves giving kisses, she loves sleeping, she loves treats and loves going on car rides.
She loves playing with her ball, she loves playing with cats, she loves tug a war and loves to run.
She loves pupachinos, she loves soccer, she loves treats, and she loves going on hikes.
Bear enjoy cuddles, walks taking selfie’s and nuggs and being goofy with his momma
Chinook is a Alaskan malamute mixed with Siberian husky. He loves walks, treats, and his Special blanket! Most importantly he loves his mommy and daddy (Zay & Jose!)
Gabby is a 3 month old rescue! She is super smart, sweet and sassy. She has beautiful blue eyes and a grey/brown fluffy coat. Her mother was a boxer, but it’s hard to believe it, because she takes after her dad who is an Australian Shepherd!
Hello everyone, my name is Kaia Gray! My favorite thing to do is go to the dog park and playing with my other puppy friends! Although I live in Florida, I’m still a husky and I LOVE the cold. On hot sunny days I love to jump into my kiddy pool and play in the cold water! I also reeeeaaally love to chew on ice, it keeps me cold! My favorite toys are tug-of-war ropes that I play with my other puppy sisters! I’m the sweetest girl in town and I love pets and belly rubs. If you see me in public don’t be afraid to come over and say hi! 💙💙 - Kaia Gray
Luna is a year and half old Shepsky, she’s a sweet & sassy little thing who LOVES to play, she’s very protective but knows when to back down and be a good girl! She loves to swim and meet new friends ❤️ Vote for this cutie ☺️☺️🖤
Champ loves to play. Hes very loving, and a great companion.
Luna Jean
Hi, im Luna Jean Lovegood (ravenclaw) i playing in the mud when in rains. Playing with my sister and my parents. I love chewing on my toy an playing fighting with my Chihuahua brother. My human mom is wheelchair bound and needs lots of emotional help an physical support im training for my fur ever job. ill lay on her legs when they are hurting or in her arms when she is alone. Im in front of her if she is trying to get up & Ill lay behind her if she is sitting up in bed. Im either beside or under her if she is in her wheelchair. when i can i try to get in her lap no matter how big i get. Im very vocal when i want my way and very demanding when im getting loved on.. ive learnt most of my job skills from my dog mom (she listens so good) and just being observant at home with my humans emotions and body actions . I have a long way still to go. Sit and stay are my hardest to listen and learn. Im very protective. My favorite part of every day is getting my morning kisses on my nose while my mom rubs my chest, belly an scratches my back..
Lotus is adventurous yet shy. She loves chewing on things she shouldn’t and gets the zoomies when she see mommy and daddy after a long day
He Is an energetic mini pin duchhound who helps me with my anxiety and depression he gives me high fives hand shake and loves to cuddles he's is such a good boy and he likes to sleep with his mommy's stuffed animals he's in needs of winter clothes and all the money he wins will go to him thank you ☺️
Very playful, Loves kids ❤️
Very playful and loves to cuddle 🥰
Scrappy is a rescue who has actually saved my life and my home. He smelled a fire before the smoke detectors could saving our home. He is an affection slutpuppy who loves everyone, one night while walking him a stranger started to cross to come by us. Scrappy went bonkers I took his lead and told the man he was a trained attack dog. 2 days later I saw that man's face in the paper wanted for rape. He may be a rescue but he has rescued me!
Leia is the most cuddly, energetic girl we know. She loves going to the dog park, getting loving from her Dad, going on runs with her Mama, and when the Texas heat is too much loves to cook off with the sprinklers!
Nova Marie
Nova was rescued from an abusive home, she’s warmed up and finally able to be herself she loves running around and wrestling and catching balls, she’s unique she has a blue half brown eye and an all brown eye.
Ivy is a very playful dog who loves her food very much:) Shes a big baby!
Big love bug who loves people, other dogs and chees!!
She is a very good dog and very beautiful!!
Miller is a sassy, loving, and spunky little Chiweenie. He loves eating, cuddling, and especially standing up on command!
Our sweet boy brought us 9 years of laughter and joy. Cancer got the best of him in 2019 but he will always hold a special place in our hearts.
Partner is a very vivacious dog who loves getting dressed up for walks. He loves drives in the car but most importantly he loves his many outfits.
Koda is spoiled 12 week old Rottweiler and luves Hooman’s, her treats, her walks and being a little stinker to her big husky sister..
Lilly is a very smart dog she will shake you hand and will bark when she has to go potty Lilly loves to play with her rope toy her favorite color is pink one thing Lilly likes to do is go outside and play fetch she is a Australian Shepard lab mix she is a very good dog and loves to play she is very active even Though she is 12 years old Lilly is also very social she loves to be loved and loves a good long nap
Otis is a charmer and is so smart and loving. He bows down for the kids in the hood to love on him. He places a gentle paw on his other fur siblings when they are out of control. He is so in love with his humans that he actually thinks he is one of them. Otis is in training to be a therapy dog so his mama who is a nurse can take him to visit sick kids, group home clients, nursing home residents, etc. Otis is full of love and companionship. Best dog ever! His winnings will go to the Great Dane Sanctuary to help feed or buy toys for his brothers and sisters!
Oakley is a playful, energetic little puppy that will give u kisses 24/7 and never stop loving you.
Toby Lagow
Toby is an Olde English Bulldog. He is 14 Months old. He loves to wrestle, play with toys, go for walks, and sleep. He is full of life, love and is always up for an adventure! 💙🐶
Kane is a big, loving horse boy. He’s clumsy, and he loves giving big sloppy kisses. He has a giant head, a giant personality, and a giant heart to go along with him.
Buddy is a rescue puppy. He is very friendly and we think he loves people more than anything.
Bailey Spice
Bailey Spice is an 11 week old Yorkie. she’s full of life && LOVES to play.! 💜
Bosa loves exploring hiking trails, indulging in the occasional “pup cup” from Starbucks + taking long naps snuggling with his mommy’s tennis shoes.
Jaxson loves going on vacation anywhere. Going on hikes, playing with his toys. Going on walks and be were his humans are. He loves playing in water. Loves meeting new people
Montana is a 10 month old purebred Siberian Husky with a wooly coat. We got her in January and little did I know she would help me through depression. She is very smart and loves everyone. She likes to escape her home every 2 months and give her mommy a heart attack. She has to go visit her Papa (a disable veteran suffering from PTSD) everyday to love on him and make him feel better.
Oakley is a 1 year old brindle pit bull. We have had Oakley since she was 7 weeks old. She is such a joy to have around the family and everyone loves her big smile.
Roscoe is a 8 year old border collie. He loves to help out on our farm and chase his ball. I got Roscoe two years ago when he was 6.
Pearl is a very calm loving dog who loves to do tricks for cookies and likes to go on walks with her mama and brother to explore the world.
Skyy is 9 months old. She is very energetic and playful . She cares and love all over her 11 year sister by cleaning her like she is the mother. She is very friendly and everyone loves her.
He's def a cuddler and loves to look outside and observe
Hi, I’m Teak.🐶 I love to play fetch and dive into the leaves outside!🍂 Fall is my favorite time of the year because I get to dress up in Halloween sweaters and pick my own pumpkin!🎃 I also love watching football with my dad!🏈
Dozer, much like his sister, Diva, has a very fitting name! His puppy mode is 100% full force activated and he will play so hard he plows into you and likes to doze off anywhere! We also fell in love with him when we got his sister and had to bring him home too, check out his unique brindle markings!
Diva is exactly as she is called, a true diva! She’s sassy and a bit of a drama queen at times but loves to play with her fur and human siblings.