Stella the diva ♥️
Hi my name is Aero, as in “aerodynamic” because when I take off, it’s like a rocket! I love playing with other dogs, digging holes and snacks- of course! I may sound like your average dog but I’m really sweet once I let you get to know me and will be your most loyal friend. I do like to talk back though when I want some treats 😊. I love protecting my family and spending time at the park. Playing fetch is not my thing but hiding my bones in my parents laundry is my favorite sport 😊
Brock is a simple dog sticks=life and socks are a nice greeting gift
Chia is a rescue and is part clingy pitbull, part energetic cattle dog with a leopard coat. You always know when she’s around because of her strong wagging tail or her tiny, tapping footsteps. She’s an absolute ham!
Hi my name is Milo I am the most outgoing dog I am 8 years old and I love to play with my toys and be cuddled ❤️
Molly Lace
Molly is a 7 lbs , Brindle chihuahua!! She loves playing with her brother peanut & her favorite toy”monkey” Molly enjoys playing outside when it’s warm and going on car rides!
Money will be going toward a memorial of his life
At 1 year old, Winnie is a Texas Heeler and she loves everybody and every dog. Winnie loves to play, eat and cuddle. She also loves going on hikes and car rides. Her nicknames are Whirlwind Winnie, Winnifred, Windixie, Winston, and Win Win.
Lloyd is a fantastic Beardie boy who loves life and lives it to the fullest!
Pongo is a Mixed breed. He is a Cheagle, part Beagle and Chihuahua. He is currently 7 years old and soon to be 8 in May. He is the best dog. Trained very well. Knows tons of tricks from rolling over to playing dead. He has his crazy moments but he can also be lazy some days. He loves on everyone and his favorite thing is belly rubs and snacks. Pongo is THE cutest dog ever. How can you disagree??! 🐶🐾
Kongo loves to cuddle with his owners, play with his brother Migo , and loves play time with his family , calm yet lots of energy . 49er’s fan.
Hesse, first lost a ball at the ocean. And I was hollered "Get the ball - get ball" Flashback to "Castaway"- Tom Hanks, and I started yelling "Get Wilson." And that's how it started. Then Seahawk player, Russell Wilson left the Seahawks and went to play for the Broncos so "Get Wilson" gave another laugh and others as well.
Jayden smiles everyday she sleeps in my bed and when you pet her then stop she paws you to pet her more.
Little Finn just living his best puppy loves his new 4 footed sister and his favorite hobby is to eat
Cleo is the only baby to her mom and dad. She is very spoiled and knows it.😂
Star is the sweetest cuddly dog ever!!! Being a pitbull she is so under rated and they are the dogs that deserve to win!! The dogs being put down just because they aren’t papered, or just because some people bred them to be aggressive! Vote for star and raise awareness!!!!❤️❤️❤️🐾
She loves to get teached he loves to get pet and he loves to sleep and cuddle with others
Hello I'm kiki I'm a little pillow princess. I love cuddling up in a warm comfy bed
Loca Poca
Hi I'm loca I'm pampered big time I love my cuddles and I love my treats. I also love getting my nails done and my bath
Benny is a rescue from Paradise, CA. He loves to chase leaves, lizards and crows. He enjoys being silly and has many toys; but prefers his blanket.
Styles was rescued from an animal shelter and he is currently living as the spoiled boy he deserves to be. He enjoys lounging around, long cuddles, or destroying toys for us to clean up. He may look tough but he’s a big baby💜
This is my fur baby Snickers! I rescued him when he was just 10 wks old! He is my everything and helps me get through day to day. He loves people, children and all his toys that he gets from his momma! Please vote for my little man!
This super sweet girl is 7 months old and just joined our family last October and loves her 3 year old Aussie brother and Humans too. She is spunky and cuddly.
Harley is a new brother to 7 month old Nova. They are doing great together after their 1st 2 weeks. Harley has been sharing his toys so well. Harley loves to go for car rides and will watch tv sometimes. Harley is protective of his humans and loves to play.
Chloe loves to cuddle one look in her eyes and you fall in love
Trixy is 13 years old but acts like a youthful puppy. She loves her kids and anyone else that she meets! She runs our neighborhood, all the neighbors love Trixy! Vote for Trixy!
I have the absolute pleasure to introduce to you my BFF Louie. I brought Louie home at 8 weeks old and he boy let me tell you Louie was a cry baby. No one told me it was like having a newborn. My husband and I got no sleep but we would do it all over again, that is how much happiness Louie has brought to our whole family Louie has always been with me where ever i went, even to the walk in movies. I would put Louie in my Louie Vuitton purse and off we went. When Louie came home for the 1st day as a baby puppy i use to rock him to sleep so he wouldn't cry, i did this to his favorite song by Rema and Selina Gomez " Calm Down. I put that song every morning still today and when i get up to get in the shower for work Louie will run into the bathroom walk into my shower and Louie will start singing "Calm down" with me and Louie howls. No matter where Louie is if he hears that song he will get up and Look for me, to sing with him. Louie is 1/2 Husky 1/2 Shih Tzu and he has one Blue eye and one brown eye, Louie always looks like he is smiling and Louie has the most adorable eyebrows and face expressions that make you smile. I Love Louie as much as all my children and Louie Lets you know he loves you....once he knows you of course. Louie loves to play and he is so smart, Louie will get his favorite toy and put it in front of you and when you try to pick it up he will grab it faster then you, then he will give you another chance to get it before he does , he will put it down in front of you and look away, he pretends like he is not watching and then when you try to grab it, Louie will grab it before you even have a chance to get it before him😂. No matter how bad of a day you have rest asure Louie will make you feel Happy and he will take away any hurt you have inside and feel you up with Love.
Paisley is a rescue dog, I rescued her from a horrible environment where she wasn't taken care of right before COVID, she was scared and timid now she is brave and full of life! She is spoiled and goes everywhere with me! She loves playing with squeaky toys that are her size and that she can make squeak her favorite is lamb chop.A year later I lost my mom to brain cancer and paisley was right by my side, she is there thru the tears thru the laughter through everything. I might of rescued her but she really rescued me!
Mocha is a loving 7 year old shih tzu. He loves to take his picture every event that comes up. He’s very energetic and loves to sit by the front door and watch for dogs or people to go by. He is very protective of his mommy. He loves his toy pizza and his favorite treat is chicken.
Beau loves to play fetch. He starts running before the ball is even thrown!
Meet Chewbacca Max Olaf Hollman, the loving dog in a family of 11 kids! He is a 10 year old Aussiedoodle. Chewy is always energetic and ready to go on walks even though he gets so hot with all his fluff in Texas but nothing him. I love him so much and I do believe he is the best dog in the world or at least in me and my 10 siblings eyes.
Preston love playing, taking walk, loves giving high-five when we come home from work
Hola, me llamo Deseo. My name means wish in Spanish. My eyes will melt your heart and pierce your soul since one is green and one is light brown. My favorite activity is to chase squirrels and bunnies but when I get too close to them I get a little scared. I don’t know what I would do without my big brother. Vote for me!
Hey! My name is Dior and my favorite treats are blueberries and puppuccinos when mommy goes to Starbucks. My favorite thing to do is sleep under the covers with my mommy and play with my younger brother. Vote for me!
My little boy, though small in size, has the heart of a mighty lion. He adores being petted, and a groomer accidentally gave him a trim a year ago – his fur still hasn't fully grown back
Duke Joseph Miller
Duke is the absolutely the best dog I’ve ever owned. It has been a privilege to have raised him for 10 and 1/2 years. He is incredibly loyal to those he loves and loves nothing more but to snuggle up to you all day long. He loves being wrapped up and covered in only the softest blankets. His most favorite thing in the word is food of any kind preferably at any time in a constant amount. I don’t think he knows the meaning of the word full. We were able to rescue him from the shelter when he was 9 months old. He was beaten and starved to nearly death. It was horrific and heartbreaking. He got accustomed to us extremely fast and gained weight immediately. He currently weighs 100lbs. I have never loved a dog as much as I love him. He is truly my soulmate. I consider it an incredible privilege to be able to spoil him in every way possible until he takes his last breath.
Tino was a very well behaved and obedient dog. He loved to cuddle, loved to play with his rubber duck and enjoyed following me everywhere. Tino crossed over to the Rainbow Beidge December 7,2023. A day before his 13th birthday. I miss him with all my heart and I just want to honor his memory by entering him in this contest
Oak is a hound dog that is energetic and loves to run and play
He loves to pounce, play, and snuggle !
Norman is the most stubborn dog I have ever owned.He has a mind of his own and it’s hard to get him to do things that he doesn’t want to.He’s also the sweetest and most loyal dog I’ve ever owned.Normy stormy is his nickname ❤️
Eva is a two year old Yorkshire Terrier. She hates to get dressed up and hair combed pretty. She loves to take out hair and leave wild as a jungle queen! She also thinks she’s a pit bull and needs to protect her older brother that’s is a Doberman from anything that flies by or makes noise!
Cora loves to pick up anything near her to hold in her mouth. She loves to play fetch with the biggest stick she can find. She loves everyone she meets and loves to play at doggy daycare
Maynard Newman
Maynard Newman loves everyone he meets. He is a dapper, charismatic and cat-loving boy. He makea us laugh everyday
Chewy is a fun loving puppy that is always happy to see us. He loves running around the backyard and going on long walks.
In our canine domain, we revel in the thrill of chasing squirrels, engaging in synchronized zoomies, and mastering the art of the "Treat Tango" for delicious rewards. Exploring scents together, our barks harmonize into a symphony of joy, and our days unfold as one continuous playdate—a tapestry woven with friendship and furry enjoyment.
In our doggy realm, chasing squirrels, synchronized zoomies, and perfecting the "Treat Tango" are our daily delights. Together, we embark on sniffing adventures, creating a harmonious symphony of barks and enjoying the simple joy of being dogs. Life's a perpetual playdate, woven with the shared threads of friendship and furry fun.
Lola’s favorite thing to do is snuggle in a cozy blanket. She knows it’s treat time after she goes potty and gets so excited! She loves to sprint down the hallway to chase after her favorite tennis ball. 🎾 she also absolutely loves to rip squeakers out of her toys! 😂🩷