Baby Stories - 33


Roman Reigns
Roman is 2 yrs old.He loves his chewys,frisbee and his mommy.
General Lee
He was born here,Novi Sad, Serbia .He was brought here to the US and delivered to me Sept 4 2020. He loves food ,chewys,frisbee,his momma.He is mommas hip baby.
Hi! My name is Mason! I love snuggles in bed, adventures to the park, and lots of snackies. Thanks for voting! 💛🐾
Everyone loves Claire~ she is a very special puppy. She loves every animal- her favorite stuffed animal, Papi the hedgehog 🦔 , the neighborhood cats, turtles 🐢 and frogs. They come out to greet her. She gives the best hugs, and most of all she gives love when she knows someone is in need of it. Claire is the sweetest puppy ever, and I am lucky to be the one chosen to raise her❤️
Scout is 9 months old, loves to play, is very compassionate with kids and newborn babies, Scott and my 4 year old autistic son are best of friends. He is a attention seeker, very loyal.
Marley loves her ball and she loves to tell us about it via all kinds of different noises.
Delilah is the a cuddle bug and spends most of her time upside down.
She’s the sweetest little girl ever 🖤
Just a (now) 80lbs big ole mutt (pyrenees, german shepherd, presa canario & lab) who loves lounging around.
Ollie the Snowbeast loves hamming it up for the camera! This sweet girl and her 8 brothers and sisters were left in a field in Tennessee (by who, I can only assume, was the Devil) at only a few weeks old! Scrappy little fighter that she is, she persevered, and I was lucky enough to tag along on the rescue mission. I knew the moment we locked eyes - this was my baby. She loves to play with her big brother Theodore, and her favorite game is “gnaw on big brother til he gets annoyed.” And watch out for the attitude if she doesn’t get her Solid 18 in daily!
Leo is 14 weeks old. Plays allday and then wants to cuddle like a baby. He loves his humans and we live him too
Bartles loves to explore the outdoors. He spends most of his day watching birds and airplanes from the windows. His favorite toy is Ham and chuck-it.
The cuddliest little buddy who has all the energy in the world. He loves destuffing his toys, chasing cats, and stealing toys from the dog park. He is a goofball and is always seeking attention.
Hi Im Spencer Boy! Im a cute old man! I love my dad and being manly but also having a sweet soft side with my momma! ❤️
Lincoln is 4 months old. He loves chewing on sticks, playing fetch, and chasing squirrels.
Brownie loves his toy box, he sleeps in there as he pleases and he is possessive about his toys!
Milo loves to cuddle and play all day.
Thank you in advance for voting!! Winston is a young dog who loves to run, and play in the pool at the dog park. Wherever his owners are, he is right there with them to be apart of their lives. He loves to love, and cannot get enough cuddles. He has an amazing, happy, go-lucky spirit. He has my whole heart! If you want to, you can use my code: BLIKEWINSTON to get 20-30% off a collar, leash, or accessory on Pack Leashes!
Ronan loves to play ball! I even bought a ball launcher, taught him to drop it in, so he can play while I work!
Butch is a farm dog. When he's not at home he is usually hanging out with the farmers on our neighboring farm.
I love to snuggle and playing with my brother Benji. I really love to chew Mom’s decorative pillows! I’m small but I have a big personality!
Hi im Rebel! Im a very sweet energetic playful girl! I love my mommy and grandpa! ❤️
Duke is our 3 1/2 month old Labrador Retriever. He absolutely loves spending time outside, but the lake is his favorite place.
Hi I’m Boof! I’m just a pupper now, but someday, I’ll be the biggest golden you’ve ever seen! I love to sleep on air vents, I love sitting for treats, I love to eat flowers and I hate being put in my crate for nap time 💤
Bear is a real life teddy bear who loves to snuggle his family. He is not very active but once he gets going, be sure to step aside because he is nearing 110 pounds! Bear loves frozen raspberries and sausage in the morning and at night his choice of dinner will always be chicken. His favorite thing is to smoosh his nose on EVERYTHING! He is also quite the gardener 😊
Bronson is such a crazy boy who loves loves loves to play! He’s always going a 100 miles an hour until he’s tired then he just plops down where ever he can and is out for a few hours! And when he’s tired he doesn’t move!
Zeke Otis
Zeke Otis is a playful stubborn puppy He loves cuddles and food! He also loves to run and play
One of Harley's favorite thing is cuddling.
Benny (AKA: Mr. Wiggles) likes car rides and walks, but especially likes chicken nuggies and socks. He also enjoys watching TV. He also talks to you when he is trying to do something or wants attention. His lip gets stuck a lot but he doesn’t care.
“That’s jus my baby doggy!”….She is awesome and sooo playful!!…she tosses her own toys to play with when no ones paying attention, to get attention…tooo funny!…She’s also a great guard doggy!!…🥰🥰
Bella loves to run and play she like to attach herself to mommy’s hip lol literally she’s a cuddler even if you don’t want to cuddle she’s the type of pup that will let you cry on her then kiss you to know your ok vote for her she’s my whole heart!
Bella came home when she was 8 weeks old. She was a present from my mom after going through a super bad part of our lives to help with my depression and anxiety. I wanted a husky but my mom saw husky/labs for sale and thought it’d be better to start with a mixed breed. Since the moment we met we’ve had a super strong bond. The moment she got home she potty trained her self. At about 10 weeks she learned how to climb fences. Bella’s helped me with some of the worst times and I could never repay her for for everything she’s done for me but I try with cuddles, toys and treats. Bella love to go on hikes, car rides and play in the water. Bella loves bandanas so much that if she’s not wearing one she’ll throw a tantrum.
Benjamin Franklin
Benji for short, love playing with my sister Briella and all the toys Mom buys! I make cute little howling bark noises that Mom loves! I love to snuggle with my Mama!
Darla is very sassy.. definitely thinks she’s a big dog. She is also such a lover. She loves kisses and to snuggle up under the blankets.
Mufasa loves to play ball, it is his favorite. He loves his family and protects us all so good.
She is the sweetest, most loving pup ever! Loves to ride shotgun in my jeep, run alongside the 4 wheeler & chase rabbits! She loves her family & her treats!!
Daisy May Amore
She was abandoned at our beach underneath the Bush in the cold weather it was so sad we rescued her and she has been attached to my youngest daughter Savanah ever since
Bax is very friendly, loves everyone and other animals. He loves the outdoors and is a big cuddle bug.
Hi! My name is lyla, I love snow, jet-skiing, swimming, cuddling, long walks in the woods, and of course people! I will lean up against you for tons of petting while I kiss you to the moon and back!
Hi! I’m Willow I am an outdoors loving dog who loves to protect her livestock but is very lovable to anyone I meet! I enjoy going on walks with mom and dad in the evening and coming home to a big dinner!
Hello, I’m Winston! I’m a hundred pounds of nothing but love! I protect my heard on a daily basis and enjoy spending the night with my parents!
Remus Lupin
Hello! My name is Remus Lupin⚡ Ravenclaw💙 I enjoy long walks, throwing frisbees at the park, and eating as many treats I can get my paws on.
Chubbs is a very chill relaxed puppy. He loves playing with his brothers and watching Spongebob.
My name is sephy! I am a sweet girl who really enjoys picking on my other litter mates because I’m the smallest of the bunch but still the boss.. show me love!!
Loretta Lynn
loretta is my absolute bestie, she’s been there for me through many life changing and life shattering events. I trained her to be a waterfowl retriever But when she was three years old I suffered a GSW and became paralyzed and she transformed into a service dog and honestly I don’t know where I’d be without her. She’s amazing, sassy, lazy, But she’s perfect for me
Hi friends!!! My name is Cato!!! I am a cane Corso and I’m not afraid to say I am LAZZZZY but it’s okay because my parents don’t mind and they cater to me!! Some may say I’m spoiled but I prefer to say I am loved! I have two sisters now and they are so silly and fun! Ps they even sneak me treats! Don’t tell mom! Give me a vote and help me get my big break!
Spirit is an absolutely sweetie pie and loves to give kisses and hugs. He is also independent and has moments where he likes doing his own thing. He loves colors and everything bright especially things that are blue.
She likes long runs by the lake, in the park, or off trail. She loves treats, pets, and howling with affection. She is a loyal and trusted companion as well as missing her big brother dearly. She’s a spitfire with a cuddly soft side. So vote for her sparkling personality and gorgeous face!🥰