Baby Stories - 32


I adopted Chance in Feb 2020 after fostering him, We bonded right away. He was thrown over a lumberyard fence in GA by someone, so it took time for him to warm up to anyone. He loves to go on adventures like running and hiking, he also LOVES to cuddle. He loves to play with his blue Chuck it ball, and just soak in any attention he can get.
I adopted Atlas from Louie’s Legacy Rescue in March 2020. He was my quarantine buddy and quickly became my very best friend. He is the sweetest boy, great with kids, friends with everyone, and a gentle protector. He loves car rides, squeaky balls, and going to the dog park. He can’t wait to see Tony, the mail carrier, everyday. He will play fetch for hours, then come inside for cuddles.
Mayas favorite thing is watching fireworks and chewing on sticks.
Diva was a rescue a couple months ago. Her favorite toy is her tennis ball!
Mac is a very playful dog and funny. He loves to jump up on the counter and eat our food! Once he eat a whole watermelon!!!
Luna is a 4 year old pure bred female German Shepard. Luna was born on a goat farm in a small town in Missouri. Luna is very obedient and is known for being very gentle despite her looks.
Abby was 12 weeks old when we adopted her from a rescue. She was sick. We wish we could have saved her whole litter. The best thing we did was take her out of that situation. She is now 2 years old. Has a 14 yr old Springer Spaniel brother, and a 13 yr old Coonhound sister. Abby loves to swim, hunt, snuggle, and most of all, EAT!
Miyah knows how to make people feel loved. She”s is an expert licker and she is a very good listener.
The sweetest little boy, that was rescued at just four weeks old. Living his best life going on tons of adventures with his Mom & Dad.
He's very humble and the Alpha. He's a softee when it comes to play time, that is his passion his drive. He just loves his younger Bro fur Kitaii
He thinks he's the king of the house, but he's not. His other brothers let him think he is since he's the oldest... He's a meanie, but loves cuddles and play time... Not as much anymore since he's getting older 11 next yr.
Rue is a 20lb Toy Australian Shepherd who loves snuggling any chance she can get. Mostly sweet but a little bit spicy. Her favorite thing is when her dad gives her popcorn! She is the queen of our hearts and the funniest girl.
My name is Mia! I love snuggling with my momma. I’m a super sweet girl!
Dax is a sweetheart. He loves to cuddle and he loves to give kisses.
Maggie loves to snuggle and has to be touching you in some way or form at all times. She loves her squeaky toys and runs around the house when the zoomies kick in and she leaps over the couch in a single jump like a superhero. She is so loving and affectionate and has the best personality. Sometimes she has these “derpy” moments where she does things that are so silly. She also loves to lay her head on your neck so her face is right beside yours. She is almost 2 and is a rescue. I couldn’t have chosen a better dog.
Carter is 5 years old and is a shepador ( shepard and lab ) both of his parents were the same. Carter enjoys eating veggies, watermelon chips and salsa. Pretty much loves eating. He has a personality i have never seen in a dog he is very calm very lovable a true best friend for sure. He is protective Carter is a part of my family since he was 7 weeks old. He is just BEAUTIFUL inside and out. I love this Dog with all my heart. Please Vote Carter!!!
Blue is half husky and half pitbull! Loves to run but is also ok with sleeping all day. He will not come inside if there is snow. One on the most expressive pups, definitely a big weirdo, so he is basically a husky. Super sweet mamas boy💖
Hello my name is frejya. But mom and dad calls me fluffy butt. I love to swim, give wet kisses after i drink water, i love to play in the leaves when dad piles it up. I Especially love to pick on my big brother rufus. Ha he hates it but i do it anyway. Mom hates it when we go on walks because i love to be in the lead and i pull alot haha, what can i say im a husky.
Glizzy is very loving dog loves to cuddle and go on long walks in woods love the beach and playing with her other doggie friends there isn’t time in the day when she not trying to make everyone smile and she great at helping my girlfriend with anxiety when she picks up the anxiety she goes over to her and lays with her till it goes away
He gets what he wants he’s spoiled and he LOVES HIS SQUEAKY TOYS
Violet is a true miracle pup , she had a injury when she was 6 weeks old which left her unable to walk with physical therapy and her incredible determination she is now able to run walk and play she is a true warrior ❤
I came across Jinx unexpectedly when she was just 12 weeks old. She is a purebred Australian Shepherd. Now this beauty queen is my very best friend who loves all things shaped like donuts! And yes, she is as soft as she looks! ❤️
He’s just about as socially awkward as they get.
Roxy Ann
Roxy Ann is the perfect companion. We are together 24/7. She is the star of the show with whoever she is around. Her favorite place to be is in the beauty salon with me and giving hugs to all the clients!
King is a 6mo old Chiweenie. He saved me! He is my emotional support dog, my best friend and a little lover
Bentley is a rescue from the Waycross, GA Humane Society. He just turned 1 in July and is the sweetest little man anybody could ever ask for!! He is my first dog ever and has brought so much love and happiness into my life!!
Cobain is Chihuahua named after the lead singer of nirvana which is Kurt Cobain he is 3 years old !
Bailey is 8 weeks and is a mixed breed Of a Belgian malinois and German shepherd mixed !
Roscoe is a loyal companion and a best friend he will follow you to the ends of the earth especially if you have cheese
She’s a beautiful little baby. Super photogenic and a sweet and a kind dog. She’s energetic and silly. You come visit and she greets you at the door with love and kisses
Snoopy is a very loving and caring dog, he loves to go on walks and snuggle with his best friend simba who is a 2 year old cat. Snoopy is a 1 year old Biewer Terrier and would love the votes and attention.
Fiona is a loving and caring service dog. She knows when I am hurting, low on oxygen and having seizures. I first got her while dog sitting for my son but we had a special connection and she has been with me ever since.
He loves to play around. Loves to tugg on daddies shirts and pants. He's such a clown but the love he has for his older BRO-FUR is just priceless.
Diego likes to give lots of kisses and is very clingy to his human. He loves fetching balls and playing tug a war. He’s a very loving sweet boy.
Coco Bear Carter
She loves her sisters and brothers. We call her goofy Newfie because she’s into everything and she’s funny. She’s a lover.
Boone is a Dudley lab that just turned 2 years old on 11/14. He is the sweetest dog I have ever met and is truly my best friend. While I do spend more time home with him, he absolutely adores my husband. Swimming and playing with his dog friends are his favorite activities, next to begging for treats of course!😉
Dakota is a 3 year old Silver Lab. She is full of energy and loves kids ❤️
Dolly Parton
Dolly is a rescue, but she actually rescued me.
Delilah was brought to us by Santa four years ago for our kiddos. She loves attention especially when she gets belly rubs and treats. She likes to play football with her son and as you can tell she is a Steeler fan. For bedtime she loves to sneak upstairs to our daughters room and sleep in her bed to get cuddles. Her best friend is Harley a great Dane that is also part of our family. Their two favorite games are tug-of-war and wrestling. Hi Delilah loves us with all her heart and we love her just as much with all of ours!!!!
Esme is energetic and adorable! She is a huge cuddler and being around her is therapeutic! I love her so much and she is the sweetest! You won’t be disappointed if you vote for her! ❤️
Daisy is a shitzu mixed with a chihuahua, her favorite thing to do is sleep! But she can never sleep unless her body is pressed up against yours! As you can guess she loves snuggles and cuddles! And If we win any money we’ll be using the money for new gear for Daisy and her uncle, Jax!
Gracie Mae
Gracie Mae was there for me when I hit rock bottom. I will be forever blessed that I got chosen to be her humin
Goku like to take walks, play with his owner, travel to new places or just lay around the house and sleep
This is in memory of my sweet boy taken from us way to soon! But boy the joy he brought to our home! This pup was something else and had the best personality you could find in a dog. Always thought everything was a game and was always ready to go for a ride. In his short life he always spent time at the lake on sundays with the family and rode on the kayak with anyone willing to let him ride. When I brought him into our family he was tiny weighing in at .5oz(hint the name WeeWa) at 5 weeks old his head was bigger than his body. He fit right in watched over the kids chased chickens and ran from them when they had enough of him. When we lost him it broke more than just our families hearts it broke the hearts of everyone that knew him outside of our family. He touched so many people and helped me through a dark time. I like to think god put him in my path for that reason even though it was a short time i will forever cherish every memory with my sweet weewa.
Sweet hossi boy.... spends his days watching cows graze and guarding his home. (Even though hes a big chicken) he loves scratches and being loved on. Hes a lad great dane mix so hes got a great disposition lazy but protective and playful but gentle. Hes such a good boy and his day is totally made when everyonebgets home from work and school and he has everyones complete attention.
My baby girl rona. Named after the carona virus no i did not name her she was given to me that way. Never the less she is my sweetheart. Always there for a snuggle and kisses. And always has to be right under my feet. She lives for attention and will paw at you until she gets what she wants. And she loves goldfish crackers. She also has big dog syndrome so she likes to voss everyone around.
Cass is my lazy old man. Spends his days treeing the cat or playing keep away with his toy. He has it made!
Angus Hayes
Angus is a christmas miracle! He was born on Christmas Eve, 2020 with a deformation where most puppies are euthanized. His upper palate was not developed so he couldn't feed from his mother. A decision was made to save his life. He had to be separated from his mother and was hand fed for the next 3 months. His growth was still stunted. This condition makes it so he can't eat properly which caused severe sinus infections. After many Drs visits and consults, he had a successful cleft palate surgery when he was 5 months. Unfortunately during the 3 weeks recovery with tube feeding, he had a eye condition where his tear ducts protruded out. After 4 surgeries, Angus, is now a healthy happy puppy! He will turn 1 year old this Christmas Eve.