Baby Stories - 32


Maggie is an almost 5 month old German shepherd/lab/ and husky mix. She is very playful, and loves to smile. She has a huge personality, and loves spending time with the elderly people at my job. She’s very smart, knows how to do several different tricks including paw, high five, lay down, play dead, and paw. She brings everyone joy
I believe you should vote for my girl, because she is the goofiest, cutest pup. She has the best personality a dog could have!
Sampson Willard
I love to play fetch, swim, walks with my human. My favorite treat is a milk bone, my favorite thing to do is steal my owners socks I am very loyal and loving.
Skye is a purebred siberian husky! She was being abused and dumped in my hometown and as soon as I heard i drove 10 hours to go and pick her up and she turned into scared and skinny to my loyal (slowly starting to get chunky) love bug🥰 (She’s also a huge bed hog!!) I can’t imagine someone treating such a perfect baby so poorly but i’m so thankful to be able to give her the home she needed and deserved💖
Cherokee loves playing with her younger siblings, walks on the beach and of course car rides in both of her parents Jeep Cherokees😉
Oxen is a mix of bull mastiff and pitty. He has the puppy dog eyes to die for. He is a big love bug. Loves his food. He is my chunky boy!
Rosie is a rescue an she is the most sweetest, lovable puppy you could imagine having! She loves to cuddle next too you as close as she can get. She is my best friend she saved me that’s for sure 💕🐶 ** she’s my life** she’s just the most sweetest dog you’ll ever meet an now the most stylish dog as well “just a bit spoil”
Punky Brewster
Punky Brewster is her name for a reason. Shes the most loveable dog with hazel little eyes that look right through you
Zeus is a very energetic and happy pup! He loves to chew on his favorite bones, take naps with his family, and zoom all around the house like a zip of lighting! ⚡️We think you should vote for him because of his overly adorable face and amazing personality.
Zeus is a sweet lovable Siberian husky boy who loves to cuddle and be lazy but also loves to go on hikes and be very vocal
Charlotte has a personality that you can’t forget. She loves putting on a show for everyone to get attention. She loves to give kisses so you will know that she loves you. She loves to go for walks and see what everyone is up to that is around her.
Fynn is the most loving fur baby, he never runs out of energy, he loves to nature walk, play catch and snuggle on my pillow❤️ He is a bed hog as well!! 🥰❤️ He is 80lbs of huggable, loveable, and he is the sweetest fur baby in the world.
Nina is a sassy loving puppy! She loves to play with her toys! Her favorite toy is her bubble bee! She also adores her sister Ava!
Im Bowser. Im the cutest & lovable you’ll ever meet. But i am sure lazy
Ava is a schnauzer with a loving and outgoing personality! She loves her little sister Nina & her family. She is also the worlds best cuddle buddy! Give her a vote so she can spoil herself with lots of toys which are her favorite!
Hi! I’m Storm, I’m almost 2 years old and i have lots of energy. I love to play fetch and tug o war but my favorite is when my mom takes me to the park and throws the ball for me. My mom is my favorite person and my best friends name is Guinness.
Ash is a fun, loving pup. He loves going to puppy class, meeting new friends both humans and critters of all kinds. He looks forward to playing ball and loves his squeeky toys.
Earl was found in a parking lot in Vegas as a lil pup now he is living his best life in the Wyoming mountains. He loves to mountain bike and fly fish.
Beary is a 4 year old black lab mix who loves water and cuddles
Lola is a 2 year old playful poodle that can run as fast as a cheetah.
Sweet cuddley baby.... She loves her toys and nap time
Loves to cuddle. Great with everyone lol. Plays fetch. A great best friend
parker is a super cuddly dog, and loves loves loves too run with his siblings
Stella is a trained ptsd service dog. She is 4 almost 5 and works hard every day to stay sharp! We are literally inseparable. If Stella wins she will be getting her teeth fixed 🥰
Opie is a very fun pup! He may be 5 years old but he still acts like a puppy. He loves his orange stick and chasing the squirrels. Opie also is a very photogenic dog( if u couldn’t tell). He absolutely loves meeting new people and furry friends to play with!
Odin is such a kind, gentle pup with a heart made of gold. He is extremely photogenic and very protective over his (our) 3 kids ♥️
Lincoln is a black lab who I adopted last year. He is the absolute sweetest dog ever. He likes to snuggle his family and be lazy some days. He loves to go swimming and play outside with his brother. He is crazy for TREATS!! 🐶 ♥️
This is beetle, he’s a rescue dog. He’s 3 years old, and an amazing dog. He loves cuddles and his little sister Bella, he’s also a trained emotional support animal. He knows how to smile , just by when you say “Say cheese”
Daisy is my photographer dog she is also 4 years old, she loves giving hugs, she is also my emotional support dog. She loves people, she is a hound dog ofc, she also loves hunting but can never catch any squirrels but she keeps trying too. I am Daisy's Mom, Sarah. I love photography. Daisy is a very sweet dog, very nice to other dogs and people. When I am in a mood she gives me hugs or puts her paw on my lap to let me know she is with me. Daisy, she most definitely loves attention though. She is a very wonderful dog.
Im absolutely crazy and I like to eat shoes 👟🐶
Cash is a spunky playful puppy with LOTS of energy! He is a pit bull and border collie mix. He came from New Jersey humane Society. Cash just turned 2 on December 20, he is our Christmas puppy! Cash has an older brother (a dog) Cajun, they love wrestling together.... and are always getting themselves is trouble.. but we love them anyways!🐶🐶
Duchess Sindi
She's the light and joy of everyone she meets. She can fetch, sit and dance pretty. She barks only when needed. She loves all other animals, especially cats. She listens very well. Always there when needed too.
Allie is a 12 year old Collie mix. She is the oldest in her "pack" of 3. She got diagnosed with cancer last year, but hasn't changed a bit! I swear she is a human in a dog's body, I've always expected her to literally speak back to me sometimes. She loves to ride in or on anything, pillows and blankets, and her Mama💓
Hi I am Dodger. I was was dumped in the middle of a grove one Winter storm, but luckily my parents came to the rescue... i was told i am a Corgi Sheppard mix but who knows my parents haven’t done a DNA test on me yet.. I love being in charge and bulling my little brother (Big). I love to bury All my treats no matter how expensive they are. ( my mom gets mad and I know she spys on me to find where I put things). I don’t really like to play sports like my brother but I do love to watch a baseball game. If I could be inside all day and sleep I would or sleep on my hammock. I love looking out the window and I LOVE to Bark for no reason.. But most importantly I love to cuddle and wake up the whole house every morning with my beautiful singing and kisses.
Hi I’m Kobe i am 3 years old. I’m a big fluffy goof ball. I love Playing Football and Soccer with my family, and i also enjoy messing with my big brother (small) and drag him around. I love playing catch too.. not the catch you think, more like catch me if you can!!(sometimes i get in trouble playing this game) apparently my humans don’t think it’s funny to chase me down the street😆 But the one thing I enjoy the most is giving my humans big hugs when they come home and hogging the bed!😍
Raven is 4 months old and full of life. Adopted after being found in a box, she now has a place in my heart forever. She loves chewing on things but gets annoyed with her baby teeth falling out! She loves attention and giving puppy dog eyes to get whatever she wants. Thank you for voting! 🥰🤍
I am a playful 3 month old, I love to chase cars as my humans walk me along with snuggling in anyone’s lap!
Waylon was brought home to my boyfriend and I on July 3rd of 2020 he’s super energetic and i love him with all my heart
Fuji Blue
My name is Fuji Blue! I am a Long Haired German Shepherd Dog! I am currently in training to be my owners little lifesaver! I one day hope to be a fully fledged service dog. For now I love going to the lake and working on all kinds of new tricks! 💕🐾
Dallas Ann Friend
Dallas loves her Mommy and brothers And sister. She is a great dog. She loves attention and to be petted. If Mommies not around she goes and finds her.
Loki is a 12 week old Bloodhound pup. His favorite things to do include playing with his toys, romping in the snow, napping on my lap, and of course...looking for mischief.
Jinx is a very fun outliving puppy he is 4 months old and full of energy
Honey is a lovable Malshipoo and she likes short walks in the yard, chewing on everything but her chew toys, and eating.
Archie is Adventurous! Always ready to tackle the next obstacle, and never failing to surprise me. His attitude towards life gives me hope. He’s always happy no matter why.
Belle is a beauty, that is why I named her Belle. She loves to bark at everything but loves her daddy more than anything. She gets excited and runs around when she sees him. She loves to hide herself under her multitude of blankets. She sits for her treats and is absolutely spoiled but is loved by many.
Huey is a full blood blue nose Pitt bull and is a super active puppy! Loves to eat and poop in the house and bark at the wall. Thank you for voting!
I’m the biggest sweetest boy you’ll ever meet 🐶
Kane is a Toy Maltese with the biggest attitude. He is only 5 pounds full grown. He loves all his toys and can’t be 5 feet away from his mommy. His favorite show is family guy and his favorite person is mommy but he loves everyone. He is extremely spoiled and just loves to play. In his mind, what is mommy’s is his also his 🤦🏼‍♀️