Baby Stories - 32


He is so fluffy and loveable he likes to sleep and eat and loves to lick u to death
Atlas just loves life! He’s so playful and loves everyone he meets. His bright blue eyes will melt your heart 💜 He loves playing fetch, going on car rides, and playing with our family cat.
Kovu is a sweet and playful boy. He loves to go on long adventures, climb rocks, swim and play fetch with his ball. Puppy ice cream is his favorite food. He loves to sleep in bed with his mom and snuggle. 🐾💙
Sampson is a very large breed, but he’s afraid of everything. He loves to play and carry sticks around, his bark can be intimidating, but he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.
4 month old puppy, loves to run around and play, super cuddly
Adventure seeker, runner, swimmer, and snuggler. So curious, loves peanut butter, and is always stealing slippers. Loves belly scratches!
Charlie loves chasing squirrels, giving kisses, catching balls, snuggling, and hunting for his toy’s squeakers. So cuddly but will run for miles. Loyal and SO smart!
My name is Leo! I’m such a sweet boy with a huge personality. I love car rides cuddling with my mom. Pls vote for me!💜
Copito Chanel
Copito Chanel is a loving Friendly dog.he is a big boy with a dominant Attitude Inside a little body! He bring A lot of joy to my family ❤️
Allen is a very big joyful puppy!! He enjoys car rides and long walks on the grass 😂.
Rooster is a Texas Heeler. He acts like he is human. Always smiles. He is a calm dog, always has been. Gets along with all animals, loves his family and makes a point to make sure he is in bed by 9pm every night. Befofe he goes to his bed he mLes sure to see where everyone in his family is located. Such a good boy!
Hennie is a loveable little girl. She loves her family and her brother dog named Rooster. She is a ball of energy and loves her treats!
Hi! My name is Ramzi and I’m 5 months old! I love to go swimming and eat everything off the floor. Some of my hobbies include going for runs, throwing my toys around the room, and eating socks. I like to watch KUWTK and getting cuddles. My Favorite things of all time is when dad gets home from work and when mommy calls me handsome☺️
Hi, my name is Sugar, I am a rescued 7 month puppy, I am happy with my new home where I am loved.
He’s a toy chihuahua, he’s adorable & specially because he’s death, love him to pieces 🥰 loves to play with kids, truly a one of a kind
Hi! I’m Hannah i am a 10 year old mutt, I'm an American bulldog, black lab, and German Shepherd. I’m the sweetest dog anyone will ever meet. I love car rides, naps, cuddles, toys and playing with other dogs.
This little girl is such a ham! She loves attention and does her best to keep the cats in check. Although, they don't listen at all. She loves people and other dogs. Ms Bella is also bilinqual. Vote for her because she is the sweetest little pittie you will ever meet!
Pepé Le Pew
Pepé is a 2 year old rescue from a puppy mil! He single handily brought down the mil and they were charge with felony dog abuse! He is my little hero and is such a sweet dog that had to learn how to run and play! He brightens up my world!
Such a kind soul! He has a big heart. His eyes speak to you. He is the happiest guy. We love Tank!!!!
Getting loved and pampered by my humans is what I do best!
Rocky Boy
I’m rocky boy I love car rides and the park. I run everyday with mom I love to hop like a bunny as well. I’m very smart I always listen
Hi, I'm Harley. I was rescued from an abandoned house when my family took me in. I love to play fetch (even though im not very good at it) and I like to boss by little brother around when he isnt following the rules.
Hi Everyone!!!! My name is Nico and I’m a 2 year old American bulldog. I love to run and jump off off anything actually. I love my dad but I love my mom even more, she lets me get away with things dad wouldn’t let me do. I love to play with my 2 year old human cousin and has been a part of my pack for as long as I can remember. I’m the biggest scaredy-cat even if I look like a scary doggy to others. I love to eat Ice cream and my delicious dog treats.
Hi my name is yura. I am almost 1 year old. I love to eat and i let my mommy know every time i smell her cooking. I love to watch deer in my back yard. I sometimes wonder why they won't play with me so i just talk to them.
Hello darling, I’m Lexi a fabulous 10 years young Maltés. I was adopted into an awesome family to a comic/ Pageant Queen. I only have 5 teeth and I enjoy eating applesauce mixed with blueberries. When I’m not enjoying a healthy snack I can be found scooting across the carpet. My family says I look like a furry chicken or found lounging around the house on one of my many beds.
Hi!! My name is Benji and I’m an American Bulldog/Mastiff mix rescue. I love belly rubs and going for walks with my pawrents!🐾 please vote for me!❤️
Mochi Bean
Hi I’m Mochi Bean, I love adventuring and exploring! My parents and I love basketball so much my middle name is the same as Kobe’s!
Bella is almost 4 months old. She loves to go on long walks with her mommy.
Catfish lives with her mom and her five other dog friends. Catfish loves to swim, play with other dogs, and chase her moms ball.
Cayde is outgoing and loves to protect little kids. Cayde’s favorite thing is to play with his girlfriend and son in the snow, or sleep.
Sophia is our baby princess. She loves to cuddle, and play tug of war!
Ruby is very energetic. She loves her mom very much. Any time I step outside or leave she sits at the door and cry’s till I get back. She loves to cuddle. She’s becoming very protective of people she loves. She and her sister love to play fight all the time.
This little mama have eight puppies growing and her tiny little belly. She is 49 days and her pregnancy. Second litter! great mommy to her first one.
Morticia is hands down the goofiest, sweetest little Dachshund in the world! With so much spunk and cuteness what’s not to love!
Ocean has been a blessing since we brought him home for Christmas in 2019! He is always smiling & puts smiles on everyone else’s he meets. Never meets a stranger, best personality ever. Poses for pics and listens very well! Super smart too! Let’s just say, he is VERY 🥰 LOVED!
We have to put on “sounds for your dog to sleep” on YouTube in order for him to sleep throughout the night :)
Oni Dior Haile
Oni Dior is a Purebred South African Mastiff. She is 8 weeks old and weighs in at 21 pounds. She’s such a beauty, sweet and lovey. And potty trained herself. She’s truly amazing. She is a Diva for sure. She’s our princess
Our Duke boy he loves to play with the grandkids, loves truck rides, he loves water and of course dinner!!😆
Hiiiii, this is mikey!! He is a very loveable dog although he tends to have his guard up because he was abused before I got him but once you earn his trust he will kiss your face all over. He loves to run, he loves his treats, and most of all he loves to sleep in my bed. Mikey loves other doggies his size or small but nothing bigger then him because he knows the big doggies will win. Mikey isn't just a dog but also a bestfriend. Vote for mikey💛
Hi! My name is daisy. I enjoy eating, sleeping (snoring) and playing with my friends at the dog park. Sometimes, I forget how big I really am and jump on people when I get excited to see them. And I love car rides, especially to Petsmart!
Milo is the most loving adorable mini chihuahua you could ever get. Milo loves his bed and he definitely loves his time to play. Milo loves kids and all new people he meets he gets so excited to meet new people! Milo is certified as an emotional support animal and will be that for me. Milo is not only a dog but my bestfriend. Milo loves his treats along with his tug a war ropes
Diamond is legit just like a human. She is so smart and she is so loving!
Hi Im otis and i like to play fetch and run around crazy. I love to eat treats and play with my family.
Petunia Mae is the sweetest sidekick anyone could ask for! She enjoys long naps, cuddles and AC.
Bazil or bean is a 5 month old pitbull. She is the sweetest thing ever but she also loooves to play with her sister charlie. Bazil was rescued from La Grande oregon and we love her so much.
Hewwo! Im a 14 week old Lab Mix Rescue, i love belly rubs and kisses!! Pls vote for me💜