Demon a vary special. He help me all.
Jax is a Chorkie witch wasnt an option on here he is a chihwaha and a yorkie mix so a chorkie!! He is a 1 1/2 yrs old born on April 9th 2021
Mylee is a 4 month old German Shepard/Great Pyrenees! She loves to be outside playing with her toys!
Elsa Puppy
She is a good girl and very smart she is the best dog and i love her so much and she is 8 years old
Ellie is a 10 month old golden retriever who loves to play, especially with socks! She is so sweet and loves to spend time with her family.
Very dosile and seal like feet
I love living with my humans and at bed time sucking on my pacifier playing tug of war and popping bubbles
Axel Maddox
Axel (AKA AXELMAN) loves to be with his Mommy & his Mommy loves to be with him even more. Axel goes wherever she goes. He loves going in the car, shopping, restaurants and to amusement parks (Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure). He loves treats & toys…but he really loves burgers! Axel is ALWAYS the very best “numero uno” boy. Everyone loves Axel. He’s handsome but his personality outshines his handsomeness (he’s humble too). Axel was born perfect in every way. There’s just something about Axel… (AXELMAN, Axel Maddox, Handsome, AxeyWaxey)
Daisy is a Chihuahua Min Pin on her mom's side her dad is a full breed Maltese she is fun she is fun loving and sweet and she loves to play n loves to go for a ride n so sweet
Love to ride in the car she very protective of me she bust ur ears drums lol
Love to ride in the back seat love playing with cats n dogs she sweet n lovable
She’s a Daniff (50%Great Dane/50%English Mastiff) Very friendly and well behaved, loves everyone
He is my support baby 🥰🥰 when anxiety, COPD , asthma or whatever else is bad ...he knows exactly when to come love on me 🥰🥰 he sleeps in my arms on my pillow and all ...just like a baby 😂🤷🥰 and I carry him around just like one too 😂😂🥰🥰
Loki is 7 months old and full of energy. He’s super loving and loves playing with his toys as well as the other dogs in our house.
Daphne is a sweet saint-Bernard who loves food and sleeping in my bed! Vote if you want!
Koda is a handsome boy that loves walks, all his toys, tortilla chips, yoga, and of course Mom! He’s 6 months old and so much fun! Definitely a very good boy❤️🐾
He loves toys! He is an adorable little crazy boy! Loves running around and of course he always looks like he is smiling
Ziggy loves traveling, going for walks and his human grandma. He does not allow her to get out of his site. Anything that is hers ends up being his 😊 and that's okay with her.
Axle loves the cold weather, and loves to play in the Rain. He is 1 years old, and very energetic and smart
Ian is a joyful and playful pup. He loves to run laps around the yard and he’s quite the jumper. Long walks are his favorite, but snuggles and kisses come first!! Kindest, love ably little man!
She loves to give kisses.
Lily is very loving and affectionate. She is very determined to steal your attention. She is energetic and playful. Always on high alert looking for someone to play with.
Balto loves to chase his brother, Reece, play with kids, and chew on everything. ❤️
Jupiter is a special case. See she thinks shes a cat sometimes when climbing on the sofa and then laying down on the top of the couch. Just as well as doing acrobatics off of the couch when she hears "SQUIRREL!" or "o.u.t.s.i.d.e." She will tell you what she wants and we often wonder if we trained her or she trained us? 🤔
Maya loves to play with other pups and swim & of course cuddle with her parents🥰❤️
Leia Marie
Leia is the sweetest dog she loves her daddies and loves to eat pizza crust and go for walks and rides on the car. She is the princess of the family
My name is Opal and I am a 6 month old bloodhound! My favorite thing to do is chase my brother and sister around and steal socks. I do occasionally love to have french fries with my mom though and take a nap on her whenever my belly is full. Although I am growing quickly and weigh almost 60 pounds I love to cuddle with her and watch movies in bed together after a long day of stealing socks from everyone in the house.
Hi, my name is Copper! I’m an 8 year old bloodhound on the outside but a puppy at heart. My mom calls me Big Mama because I am about 100 pounds and I love to eat. My favorite thing to do is sneak snacks when my mom isn’t looking and to take naps.
Bobo be getting all the bitches, even if he got doodoo breath. Vote beau!!
He loves to be at home
Zeke is a little love bug and loves unconditionally. He has the sweetest disposition and has been by my side through the worst of times. He is my best friend and loves his little sister, Paislee, who is a Shitzu
She started out as the runt that we called our peanut, 80# later not so wittle anymore but still our sweet peanut who is absolutely a love!!!
Barney is a big mush who loves to give kisses and loves his butt scratches. He loves to sleep with me at night and every morning I wake up almost off the bed lol. He loves to take his two front paws and put them on my shoulders and he looks like a little person sitting up.
Miss Moneypenny Lane
Penny is actually a Shichon (shih tzu/bichon frise). She loves to go on walks and meet people and other pups and rings her doorbell 100 times a day to do that 🤣
Hi my names Diablo I’m a central Asian shepherd (aka alabai) guardian breed I currently live in anchorage Alaska and im 120 pounds at just 7 months and I grow till I am 2 years old ! Although I’m a very big dog I’m a very big baby too as I love cuddles and kisses! I love being outside just lounging and or guarding going for walks and occasionally running around like the big goof I am ✨🤪 I also love protecting my family as it is in my genetics to do so ! I’d love it if you voted for me🐶
Im bruce and im the man of the house when daddy isent home. Im going on 11 years old and set in my ways after all just look at me they dont call me bruce for nothing
Hi im mia also known as baby girl or princess i have 2 brothers who mommy says i have to keep in line. Im aloud to do anything i want because my mommy has me spoiled because after all i am the baby princess
Charlie Ann (CA) loves her mama most of all we spend alot of time together,wherever I go she is sure to follow. She loves rolling in grass,playing fetch with her red ball,& digging a hole in my flower garden to lay in and cool down from playing. At night she has to have her security blanket and her favorite sidekick our Cat cowboy before she will settle down to sleep for the night they have never slept separately its the sweet how much they love each other. Charlie is gentle, laid back full of love I cant imagine life without my sweet girl.
Hi Im Winston and im the apple of my daddys eye. I love pizza crust and playing with my favorite toy Mr.squishy and carrying around my blanket.
Fiona is my 4-month old baby. She loves to cuddle, her treats and playing with her toys. You’ll find her digging holes and carrying her favorite toy, her elephant.
This is my little boy Toby. He loves playing with his ball and just started throwing it to us. Toby loves when my granddaughter is here. They do everything together. The best part of Toby is the morning wake up kisses. He is the smartest guy!
He loves long walks,beach. And most of all people he is the most caring dog I know .
Ray Ray
RayRay loves to make people smile and he is a ball of energy all the time and he loves long car rides and he loves to give kisses all of the time, and RayRay loves to snuggle really close when he sleeps he has to be touching you when he sleeps.
Baby Girl
She is a very smart dog and loves spending time with her mommy and daddy
When Archie isn’t chasing his older sister (our cat) he loves to play ball, go for walks and give lots of kisses. Archie is a loyal boy who loves treats and spending time with his family. ❤️
Hanky Panky
Hey there Im Hanky Panky but my mommy and daddy call me Hanky! Im full of life! Love to play with all my toys, go for rides in the car, take walks and most of all go to get ice cream! A pup cup! Im just a all around happy 8lb bundle of joy! Vote me please!💛
Buddy is a love button and is very social. He really enjoys long walks on the beach and fetching sticks that are thrown into the ocean. He also likes a good cheeseburger every once in awhile at Mc'Donalds. He is the best watchdog and is very much a family dog