Allie loves being outside. Running and playing frisbee. Anything that keeps her mind working. She is also loving having a new sister to play with.
Sky loves to play outside and loves to explore. She loves her splash pad and playing with her big sister.
He is my angel my little baby boy my new beginning on life he is an amazing American Bulldog he loves to be right by his mama size always except for you love to eat Mama's ankles LOL!! He loves to take bath he left to go to the park he's just full of energy and excitement I love them dearly!
He enjoys tummy rubs, peanut butter, and fruits! Don’t let this angel fool you he can be clumsy.
At 15 she’s still as sweet as the day she was born
Whiskey is 8 weeks old! Full of energy always wanting to play! Loves playing with he’s big brother and stealing he’s toys!
Affectionate passionate caring. Loves being around people, swimming and being held
Bella loves to snuggle. Very affectionate. Loves swimming and playing fetch but most of all a people person
Ace Phillips
Me and my significant other was recently in a terrifying accident we are trying to say but it is a struggle I am out of work so now I am home with him 24/7 even when a is at work ❤️💯🤲🏻🙏🏻
He is such a sweet boy! Loves to play, loves his little baby sister, loves road trips and plenty of treats!
Very hyper smart loving and loves too jump and chase balls
Oreo is a mini schnauzer. He loves to play and he is perfect companion dog. He is extremely active, curious and smart.
Jupiter Stone
Stone is a newborn, when he came out he wasn’t breathing, my son gave him mouth to mouth and saved my babies life
She’s a sweet dog but can be antisocial to strangers
Kiara is the sweetest girl ever! She loves playing with toys, going on adventures, and swimming! She’s also the best ESA ever & never fails to give the best kisses❤️
Sochi Pie
Sochi Pie is the most sweetest little black rescue baby in the world. I do want to bring awareness to black dog syndrome. Black dogs are absolutely gorgeous but are overlooked every day. Let's help stop the stigma. Thank you for voting for my baby
Atlas loves cuddles, smiling for pictures, and talking to everyone he sees! He’s a very good boy ❤️
My names Scooby! I live in PA with my new Mommy,Daddy & sister. I love playing outside and digging in the sand. I’m 3 months old and weight 50lbs already!
Chase is a German Shepard/Australian Shepard mix .His mom is a K9 police dog .He’s very Intergenic and a fun loving puppy.we got him at 12 weeks old .We recued him from a not so nice family who didn’t take much care of him .He’s doing so much better now and love his new home and now is a part of our family .
Lefty was born with a blind left eye. He chose us, as did the breeder. He is one of 5 snow dogs that we’ve had, currently have 4. He’s a crazy malamute and nothing slows him down
Daisy is a 1.5yr old lab. Loves play time at my in-laws farm. Loves to chase cows 😂 and go swimming in the pond!
River Ward
River is a energetic boy that loves the water!!! Treats and momma are he’s favorite! He’s loves to watch he’s daddy shoot. He is very smart. He can be told to hunt and he will find antlers! Vote for RIVER!!🐶
Willow is a mischievous little sweetheart! She loves her big sister Aspen and her humans. She’s up for any adventure and especially loves belly rubs and treats :-)
Denver is an 11 month old Lab! 🐾 He loves to play in the water, and play with balls! He loves getting all the treats and attention he can get! 💙
Energetic little 12 week old puppy that can’t walk past anyone without greeting them with kisses, especially babies!
🗣Support your local shelters * 1/2 my winnings will go to Haywood County Spay & Nueter, & Brother Wolf Asheville! My names Douja!! I love going hiking, playing in the waterfalls 🦄 Snuggles with my human and terrorizing my brother Meow Meow.😈I like to be silly and lay down in the middle of my walks when I get tired 💩 Vote for me so my mommy can spoil other puppies in shelters with new/toys & treats🧁 The truck is to demolish my new toy in one day, so mommy has to get me a knew one 🙊
Malcolm is an outrageously goofy pup who’s love for the beach is only outweighed by his love for herding and the occasional watermelon cube! He knows just about 25 tricks, Some of them being, roll over, leg weaves, high fives, and he can even push buttons
Momma to Shaymin. Shiloh is loved by everyone who meets her and she loves to hike and adventure.
Yag is a very happy dog he is amazing with other dogs but he can be protective to much some times
Gypsy Rose Teeter
Gypsy is Husky/Besenji mix...So what we get is a dog with one blue eye and the other one is half blue and brown that yodles at us when she wants attention, which is not stop!!lol She has the most beautiful personality and loves everything that moves! Humans and animals of any kind!! She's extremely intelligent! I can teach her a command in 5 minutes and she never forgets it..And actually she will just do the command over and over on her own because she knows it's associated with mommy saying good girl Gyps and a treat to Vote for my sweet girl
Ace loves to swim, can’t keep him out of the water. He’s my best friend and has saved me more than he will ever know!!!!
Daisy is my son's E.S.A dog. She is a rescue dog. She is very sweet and lovable. She is always doing her job, looking out for our son. She loves to run and play chase. She loves to cuddle. She is my cuddle bug!
Dakota is very lovable, loyal, and a protector of his momma. He loves to play fetch and loves the water. Also he loves to chase down bubbles...that' s right, bubbles! He is a very sweet giant bear.
Wookie is a Northfolk terrier, he is 13 years old💕 he loves playing with the kids, protecting the kids & he loves going for rides, especially when we go to camp. He is a gentle man, when it comes to feeling time, he waits until everyone starts eating before he will he. He is very cuddly & enjoys sleeping with my son at night. He also enjoys his walks, four wheeler rides & swimming in the lake or creeks. Wookie is very special to our family & we wouldn’t want it another way💕💕♾
Beau is a St. Berdoodle St. Bernard and Poodle He is a gentle giant and lives to be loved. ❤
My name is zoey but my mommy’s call me zozo. My favorite thing to do is sunbathing. I am mommy’s favorite model :) she catches the pawfect picture at the most pawfect time! Just a rescued pup livin the Florida dream 🐾
Kain is an almost 8 yr old pit bull who thinks he’s still 2. He thinks he’s a lap dog! He loves to chase his ball and sun bathe! He’s the most pathetic excuse for a pit bull! But he’s the baby!
My name is Speckle! My favorite things to do are walk to the mailbox and play with squeaky toys and my cousins. My favorite treats are chicken hearts and jerky. I love racing in dachshund races and am always the star of the show wherever I go!
Agnes is such a sweet girl and way too smart for her own good. She loves the snow in the winter and her pool in the summer. She’s great with the kids and is my bed time snuggle buddy.
Oakley is training to become a service dog to assist her boy Carson who has autism. Any winnings will go towards furthering her service dog training. Go follow her on Instagram or Facebook @oakleythesuperdog
Corbyn Aries
Corbyn is 1 year old 5/25. She is the friendliest, loving and most pleasing dog I have ever had. She loves to walk around with socks or toys in her mouth 24/7. Corb loves to lay on you and be by her humans family and everyone❤️
Shadow is a spitfire who loves to herd. He is incredibly brilliant and knows how to work those puppy dog eyes just as well as he works sheep. He’s such a mama's boy but will gladly trade her for a Cheeto. This pup loves to swim but would rather hunt crabs than take a dip in the ocean.
This is Riley, my baby. Riley was born with a few disabilities. He was the smallest of a litter of 6. He was born with only one eye and a cleft pallet, so we thought we might lose him, but Riley is a fighter. We bottle fed him, and showered him with love and affection, and this is him today. Riley does not know he is a dog, because we treat him like a child, our baby, and he is super smart, he surprises me every single day, with something new that he has learned, or picked up from me or my husband, that I had no idea about. The good Lord blessed us with Riley, and that's why I wanted to enter him, maybe not to win, but just to brag on what a special creature God created just for me to love, love love. He is such a blessing in my life.