Reign is my esa pup! She’s my best friend joining me on hikes beach trips and sunset watching!
Mr. Bentley was named Bent Bent because when he was born he had a bend in tail!
Lily is a people person, loves to dress up for any occasion! Very loyal!
Maggie Pie
Maggie is the boss around the house, she prances her little toe beans with her head held high, she protects us from squirrels, sniffs all the pee-mail on walks & always replies to her messages! She loves dressing up for special occasions & playing in the park with her friends & especially grandpa!
Duke loves to play wants to be touched almost all Day, wants hugs too. OMG he's growing fast.
Nala May
Nala May is my ptsd attack alert dog. Shes a chihuahua pug, terrier mix. Shes the sweetest and such a smart dog! Please vote for us. It would be much appreciated.
He loves water, hiking, everything outdoors, and all the toys! He’s definitely got all the energy and he’s been living it up with all the trips to the moutains
Spaz, a five year old pitbull loves to have zoomies, treats, and snuggles. He loves to be outdoors and especially loves going camping. Spaz would woof you if you voted for him! Thanks!
Hi I’m Dior I am the sweetest most silliest boy ever. My mommy tells me all the time that I am a goofball I always do something to make her laugh. My favorite color is Neon green, My favorite foods are anything my mommy is having Lol
Buster is a daddy's boy no questions. He gets so excited when I come home and he's crated that it sounds like he talking, crying and yelling all at once. I can swear it sounds like he's saying "I love you Dad" but my wife just laughs. He's super loving and enjoys playing and barking at people, or anything for that matter. As we know Pugs, they shed unbelievably and he's no different. Between his sister and him, it's almost like having another dog after swept up. All around he's a great boy and we are lucky to have him.
Loves to go for rides, park to jog lol and is only 4.5 months. Would be outside all day, if you would let her.
Coco like to run and play with his sister nilla at the dog park, likes to chase his own tail when he has a lot of energy
Hi I’m Roscoe an American Cocker Spaniel,I love being outside going on walks,playing fetch with my brother Bandit,I’m fast as the wind.We enjoy making mommy chase us too,I especially love car rides so I can hang my head out the window,Mommy loves me n bandit sooo much.I even help her when she gets hurt ,I bark for help an lick lick her face till she says hers ok,boy that’s scary too.
Gus is a 2 year old chihuahua. He loves mostly everyone and is very food motivated. He’s sweet and very playful. Hes a really good boy 💗 He’s SUPER photogenic no matter what i try to do to take an ugly photo of him it just doesn’t work.
Aries loves sleeping, laying in the sun and playing with her toys. She's adopted and the best little girl!!
Olimar is the goofiest dude, loves giving hugs and getting booty scratches! Nickname boots 😂 cause he likes to toot!
Eevee loves to run and make new friends, comes off a little loud but we are working on our introduction. She is our first rescue 🐾💓
Found him as a stray love at first sight.
Luna is a pomsky she is mixed Siberian husky and Pomeranian! She is such a cuddle bug she loves cuddle very clingy loves all the love in the word she’s a very hygienic dog and just such a sweetheart over all !!! ❤️❤️❤️
Chicken Boy
He is allergic to Chicken.
Buster is an adventure dog and loves being outside and loves being in car rides he hates baths although he likes to jump into mud
Axel love to play with his big sister Roxy. He lights up every room he walks in.
She smiles on command and struts like she’s strutting down 5th Ave!
Magic is such a sweet baby. He lives playing with his toys, snacks, and riding in the car. His favorite snack is Cheerios and apples. Magic doesn’t like being cold! Every morning he watches t v with me!
Murphys a two and half year old Great Pyrenees. He adores going on hikes and adventures. He is the most precious (and fluffiest) boy ever.
Hewwo I’m opal, I’m a German Shepard husky pit bull mix! I love to go to parks but boy if there’s water you bet ya I’m jumping in! My favorite activity is to go swimming! I love to play fetch and then cuddle up in my pawents bed and snooze for hours. I love to watch tv especially pet collective. I love to travel,my pawents are trying to save up money for me and my sister to go see snow for the first time! I love going on car rides because I usually get special treats too and there’s nothing like sticking my face out the window riding down the beach road watching the sunset getting smacked in the face with high speed winds.😂😂 I love my family furever and always. Last thing if you want to see more of me and my sissy please follow us on tiktok! @opalhoney4 I hope y’all have a wooftastic day! 💜💜
Angel is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had, she loves squeaky toys, playing tug of war and eating boiled eggs, (yes, boiled eggs)!
Chester is active from the time he wakes up burning more calories in 10 minutes than I do in a week...he cries when he is best friend
Ella Marie
Why hello, my name is Ella Marie and Im a chocolate and blue merle toy poodle. My favorite thing to do is chase the neighborhood cats! My mom doesnt like it very much, so I mostly resist the urge but sometimes I just cant help myself! Im super sneaky and fast! I love taking mommys socks and hiding them under the bed, its probably my favorite game. I also love when mommy brushes me.. it puts me right to sleep. I am extra fancy when I wear clothes, I feel like a runway model!! I can jump superrr high too! I can jump all the way to my mommys face and give her lots of kisses! My favorite thing to do is cuddle with my little girl Aleena. I also have a super annoying sister... her name is Nala. She likes to sit on me but I show her whos really the boss around here!
Daisy Mei
Shes an absolute sweetheart, loves cuddles and going under warm blankets. She loves to watch her grandpa work on his rc cars sitting under the table supervising. Fun fact shes a Norwegian elkhound and black lab cross
Lady Gigi
Lady GiGi is a loving well behaved puppy. When we poor her water in her bowl she drinks like it is a water fountain. Very loving.
T Bone
T bone loves to eat and spend time with his family
T Bone
T bone loves to eat and loves to spend time with family
Nala Bear
Hi! Im Nala Bear, but mommy mostly refers to me as a good girl, well, until I dig a massive trench in the backyard... Then I'm a not so good girl! I love swimming and howling at owls and my best friend is a 8 pound toy poodle. Mommy yells at me when I sit on her, but i just love it soo much! We go to the creek and play together and my number one most favorite toy in the world, is a ball! Big or small, i will fetch them all!
I’m a 12 year old beagle who was an orphan pup who had to be bottle fed from the beginning the vet said I wouldn’t make it but here I am 12 years later. I love attention taking pictures, playing in water, exploring, car rides, play with balls I love spending time with my sister dog coco, and taking long naps and spending time with my family.
Peppy little pippa loves everyone and everything!
He is super happy and he loves cuddles and wrestling
Kobie S. Rosser
Kobie is a 7 months born March 29th,2023. He is playful and loving 🥰. He loves to do zoomies around the house. In he loves to get picked up like a baby to give you big hugs 🤗. Kobie is the sweetest dog you ever met.
she’s such a ball of sunshine!! loves the outdoors and loves to chew on leaves lol
My name’s Neko “Nee-Ko”, I love playing with my stuffed toys! I like to do tricks I even give high 5’s! I love a soft chewy treat! I am the best boy My fur parents could ask for even when I’m naughty, so don’t drop my leash unless you want to play a game of chase.
Bandit is such a happy, loving, cuddly furbabie, who is still learning the way of the world! The smile he brings to our faces and how much he loves his big furbrother makes my heart warm
Bentley is the sweetest, smartest, puppers around. Oh how he loves to learn new tricks with the smile on his face. I can count on him for anything, he knows my soul better than I know it. He is genuinely my best friend
Ellie May
I'm fun and loving adorable pup and you will love me too
Sophia Lorraine
Sophie loves to play roll over and gives high fives she also loves walks and lots and lots of treats..she love snuggles and kisses..she is a sweetheart.
Grim Barrera
Grim loves his carrots 🥕 and going on walks and hanging out with his cat sister Salem he's definitely a mama’s boy 💕