He was a pup ee rescued. We gave a good home, he loves us & we love him
Abagail is 8 years old and 6 pounds.I call her my little Princess… she is my little Velcro girl. She enjoys wearing clothes. She loves her dad and I, but has no use for anyone else. She makes friends very slowly. Once she knows you she will let you pet her a little bit, but that’s about it.she likes to play throwing a stuffed animal up in the air, then rolls all over it once it is on the ground, then does it again! Don’t know what I would do without her.she is my tiny bundle of love❣️
She is a beautiful power puffŷ and has been a great companion
A very laid back babygirl i have had her since she was 4weeks
Buttercup is a chihuahua mix. She is 8 years old and weighs 8 pounds.She is a bit shy and takes her time to warm up to people, but when she does you will get lots of kisses.She loves to play with her 3 dog sisters..especially doing zoomies all around the house.Her favorite treats are homemade dehydrated sweet potato chips. Don’t know what we would do without her❣️
Rico Aka Richard
Our sweet man is the best around he’s the best brother and protector he loves his sisters and brother we are so blessed to have our man Iv never seen a dog like him he is just a pure soul he’s all out the best boy around
Sallie is an 18 year old Chihuahua that is loved by many and even has her own Facebook page with over 1,000 fans!
Samantha Vosburgh
She lovely playing with you she something else she smile at you
Samantha Vosburgh
Lovely she played with a ball and smiled at you she something else
This fun loving boy loves to play ball, All day ,every day!!!
Suki is a survival dog all her sibling died of the deadly virus. She fight for her life for a week at hospital. Shes so sweet dog and crazy sometimes😁
Jeter is the most lovable dog you can ever ask for. He loves cuddling, car rides, hanging out with all his members of his family.Loves chasing squirrels 🐿️. Loves bed time. Love playing rough with his brother. Loves hanging out with mommy and daddy on Saturday mornings and going for car rides. Best doggie ever! Goes by love bug, Bug, Jetz , Jeter bug all know as Jeter ❤️🐾🐾
Brewtis is excellent with people, especially children, he listens very well, he is a very pretty male...
Likes treats and to go bye bye is a very loving happy dog
Gee Gee
She loves to play with her red ball and her big stuffed dog
meet chewy! he won’t go anywhere without a toy or a pair of socks in his mouth :) we rescued chewy in 2020. before adopting him, he had a rough and abusive past. it took a lot for this little snowball to gain trust; to understand that he was finally in his forever home, finally safe, and was finally being shown love. after 3 years of showing him the patience and kindness that he deserves, chewy has grown into such a loving, happy, and quirky boy. he’s brought so much light into our lives with his little underbite and silly antics!! ( will go towards getting him doggy stairs so he no longer has issues jumping on the bed!) <3
Indica is a beautiful unique sweet girl, she loves playing with anyone & she full of energy💕 we love her so much! Oh yea… she also thinks she’s human😂 lol
Ava is super tiny weighing in at 1.45lbs. She is tiny but fierce and louder than her other siblings. Her favorite thing to do is to eat. She has a big appetite and smells everything. She small. She's fierce. She's loud with a big appetite. She is Ava!!
He like surfing on coffee tables, Parker luvs snow, mud & hiding in the leaves.
She loves people, she talks when she wants to play ,she gets funny when you throw her toy she has no brakes when she chases after it and when shes hungry shes my baby
Alee is a 6 month old Blue Heeler. She loves to play ball & take naps. She hides her toys under the recliner. She is a pure bred going back 4 generations. She makes my day, everyday!
Lex is super adventurous. Loves to cuddle and outdoors.
Tiny had a rough start as a rescue that was returned twice within a month. He was "to much dog" the shelter kept asking if we were sure but as soon as we met him we knew he needed to come home with us. We've had him 2 years now and he's the best 100lb. Chihuahua I've ever had. My gentle giant. 🥰
I would love to say she’s my dog, but it’s more like she’s my boss and I am her assistant. Occasionally will play fetch with me, but mostly just wants treats. Is literally the best travel buddy and helps me navigate on road trips.
Thor is a happy young man from the Czech Republic. He loves to run, play games, has an excellent nose and loves his pack of German Shepherds he lives with. He loves toys and love so much!
She loves to run and play and does well on her commands and we take her walking on leash . She love to fetch her tennis ball and bring it back to me . She’s so sweet and love to cuddle . Shes very smart pup and she does a lot of activities outside(ride back of the truck ,ride on gator)
Sadie Nicole
Sadie is a sweet loving pup. She went through hell in a puppy mill until she was rescued. Her home is now with us and we love her very much !
Chip Lèscar
ChipLèScar is a seven week old blue tri colored merle bully XL....He is a handful and very loving....He brings so much joy to my elderly mother...
Drake is a 2 year old chocolate lab that’s full of engery and has a one of a kind personality.
Luna is so smart. I swear she understands everything I say. Learns tricks super fast and super loyal. I love her cuddles and her eyes. It’s like she is a little human l. She loves her food and begs for second lunch and treats.
She is the spunky and a diva to the max. The most lovable and the best cuddle buddy ever. She is even friendly to our chickens.
Hi! I’m Reba! Im a year and 4 months old! My mommy and daddy rescued me and gave me a permanent home when i was 6 months old! i LOVE cuddling with my mama and playing with my dad! i have a little brother named buddy and we love to play together
Hi I’m buddy! I’m 3 months old! I love cuddling with my mom and dad. Playing with my toys and bullying my older sister Reba!
Petey Pablo
Herrooo 🐶🤗Petey Pablo here👋🏻 I’m a Rescue turned Emotional Support Animal❤️‍🩹 I am a Chorkie (chihuahua/yorkie mix) with da cutest lil underbite, which is one reason why you’ll always see me smilin 😁👍🏻 My favorite things to do are playing fetch (constantly) getting crazyyy cuddles, dressing up and takin cute pics (bc treaties 🦴😋), going to da beach and goin on nature walks!! I also enjoy trying to do yoga wit mommy 🧘🏻‍♀️🤣 but I get bored with that very easily and end up playing with my toys on the mat🙃 Im an energetic, healthy, happy lil fashionista! I do have PTSD and anxieties due to my past ❤️‍🩹 but it’s gotten a lot better the past few years due to the love, care & support from my fam✨🤗 Catch me living my best/spoiled life! #inmyretirementera 🥰
Brooklyn is a purebred German Shepherd from a breeder in Kentucky. She was adopted as a puppy and has lived in New Jersey with her adopted family ever since. She enjoys playing with squeaky balls and chewing bones. Brooklyn is very calm and protective of her owner.
Angel, is a rescue and lives up to her name. 🤗
He is a 6 months old chiweenie and like to play he is friendly most of the time and a very good watch dog
A well trained city dog turned country. Denali was raised in suburbs protecting her family and playing with other dogs on the block. Now she moved out to the country where she protects all the exotics, checking fence lines making sure all the squirrels stay in trees out of bird feeders. Checking on the fish making sure the lake water is the perfect temperature, assisting in mechanic repairs and the truck rides looking for animals!
This little lady is 17 years old! She was born with one eye, and 7 nipples... She is as stubborn as a mule. Being the little old lady that she is, she just wants to curl up in a blanket and sleep all day. But dont let that age fool you, every night before bed, she gets the zoomies, she will run all over the house, and then into her crate, wait for her night time snack, and off to night night land she goes.
Riley loves to play but she has really bad arthritis. Winning this contest would help us be able to get her something to help with the arthritis so she can go back to doing easy she loves!
Lucy loves playing with her brother and loves getting new toys! Winning this money would make her so happy because she would be able to get whatever toys she wants for her and her brother. Please vote for her!
Loves food and is crazy about toys
Meet Max aka Mac Mac, born in the heart of SC! He is the definition of cuteness overload, and is filled with a ton of spunk! Max is the best little Shih Tzu Chihuahua on this side of town, filled with love and spunk he is surely not one to disappoint! Vote Max!
Daphne has the sweetest heart! She will lay behind you and rest her head on your shoulder. She loves to play with her sister Dixie. She always tells you when something is wrong. She has the prettiest eyes!