Baby Stories - 31


Nash loves to meet new people and make them smile and as you can see he loves to smile in return ❤️🐶 He’s such a lover!
I’m just a pup all about adventuring, getting the snacks and all the attention. I know commands in English, French and Sign Language. The more I learn, the more fun and snacks I have! Dad loves sneaking me tasty table treats when Mom’s not looking! Don’t tell her that! 🤫 Mom is training me to be a Search and Rescue K-9 when I get big enough. These big ears never know what they’re doing, but I think they make me pretty cute. Most people think I’m a husky with my white coat, but really I’m 100% German Shepherd.
Agni is a silly Willy, 8 month old German Shepherd. He travels with me across the US, loves playing with his plushy toys, snuggling, and is super curious. And handsome AF, frankly.
Bella Eckerty
She is a very smart and loving dog She is so much fun and puts a smile on peoples face
Remmey loves to dig, play with his cousin, sun bathe🌞, and explore on the beach!
Hi! My name is Henry! I am a 2 year old golden boy who lives in upstate NY with my pawrents and my kitty brother! I love to snuggle, play outside, chase my brother, and go for walks. Mommy and daddy think that since I have been such a good boy with my kitty brother, that I will be soon promoted to big brother to a human. I am one lucky boy.
She's yellow like butterz
Lilly Anne
I love going on road trips with mom but I have to have my sister Daisy May will me ALL THE TIME! I like to swim but my specialty is stealing collars off other dogs!
Msdee Blue Hines
MsDee Blue is 8 months old. She is black and gradually adding blue and brown. I little dominant pistol and snuggle bunny. She loves admiring herself in the mirror!
Kadee Hines
KaDee is a 4 year old Strawberry Blonde Schnoodle. She loves her daddy so much even though HE DIDN'T WANT a dog. Meek as a lamb and sharp as a tack! Love this baby girl!
Daisy May
I love to steal Chloe’s toys from her but I LOVE swimming more! I’m a big snuggle bug and always have my sister Lilly Anne by my side!
She loves anything soft and warm.. she loves to bark at birds. She loveeessss babies and human food 😂
Rocky is a 5 year old Saint Bernard/Heeler with a huge heart. While my human is attending vet school we still go and do my favorite job which is visiting the local schools and hospitals because I am a therapy dog. I also love to play ball and will do anything my mom asks of me. I love people the most then toys then treats.
Rocky is an easy going, loving, energetic, timid but full of life kind of dog! His personality never fails to make someone smile. He was found in Tennessee and transferred to “Orphans of the Storm,” here in Chicago IL after Tennessee experience severe flooding back in 2019. He loves to go outside, come for car rides, destroy ALL his toys, sleep/take naps and of course EAT! Rocky also experienced living in Texas for a while since my fiancé is in the Army. Overall Rocky is just the best friend to have!
Roo Roo
Roo Roo is 3 months old and loves to play, eat, and sleep.
Shadow is a German shepherd/Golden retriever mix. He loves to play and is so incredibly smart! He recently hurt his leg but that doesn’t stop him from being the most amazing puppy in the world!
Maddie is pit/lab loves to play with her toys...and take walks and just cuddle...such a love ❤🐕
Hi world, I'm nova the handsome pup. I love playing with my toys, hanging out with my big sister and taking a lot of naps since I'am still a growing pup. You guys are welcome to check out my pix and watch me grow in my journey of life . Until then I'll smell you later 🐾
Rhett enjoys chewing on water bottles and smiling at anyone who pets him! He's the biggest sweetheart.
Sophia is the sweetest and smartest dog in the world! She is amazing with kids and has brought much so joy to our family.
This blue eyed beautiful is Aspen. Her original owners moved away and decide to leave her behind. We are blessed to have her and show her what love really is and what a forever home is like. She loves going on adventures. Her favorite words are always Starbucks or Jeep. Days with her are never boring 💛
Cricket is the best puppy friend I’ve had. She’s wild and doesn’t listen half of the time, but man is she cute
Kuuvviaq’s name is Yugtun for “coffee.” I call him Goo for short! He is obsessed with the snow. He likes to bury his face into it, giving him the cutest snow mustache and beard. He’s the sweetest little puppy.
Maggie is an almost 5 month old German shepherd/lab/ and husky mix. She is very playful, and loves to smile. She has a huge personality, and loves spending time with the elderly people at my job. She’s very smart, knows how to do several different tricks including paw, high five, lay down, play dead, and paw. She brings everyone joy
I believe you should vote for my girl, because she is the goofiest, cutest pup. She has the best personality a dog could have!
Sampson Willard
I love to play fetch, swim, walks with my human. My favorite treat is a milk bone, my favorite thing to do is steal my owners socks I am very loyal and loving.
Skye is a purebred siberian husky! She was being abused and dumped in my hometown and as soon as I heard i drove 10 hours to go and pick her up and she turned into scared and skinny to my loyal (slowly starting to get chunky) love bug🥰 (She’s also a huge bed hog!!) I can’t imagine someone treating such a perfect baby so poorly but i’m so thankful to be able to give her the home she needed and deserved💖
Cherokee loves playing with her younger siblings, walks on the beach and of course car rides in both of her parents Jeep Cherokees😉
Oxen is a mix of bull mastiff and pitty. He has the puppy dog eyes to die for. He is a big love bug. Loves his food. He is my chunky boy!
Rosie is a rescue an she is the most sweetest, lovable puppy you could imagine having! She loves to cuddle next too you as close as she can get. She is my best friend she saved me that’s for sure 💕🐶 ** she’s my life** she’s just the most sweetest dog you’ll ever meet an now the most stylish dog as well “just a bit spoil”
Punky Brewster
Punky Brewster is her name for a reason. Shes the most loveable dog with hazel little eyes that look right through you
Zeus is a very energetic and happy pup! He loves to chew on his favorite bones, take naps with his family, and zoom all around the house like a zip of lighting! ⚡️We think you should vote for him because of his overly adorable face and amazing personality.
Zeus is a sweet lovable Siberian husky boy who loves to cuddle and be lazy but also loves to go on hikes and be very vocal
Charlotte has a personality that you can’t forget. She loves putting on a show for everyone to get attention. She loves to give kisses so you will know that she loves you. She loves to go for walks and see what everyone is up to that is around her.
Fynn is the most loving fur baby, he never runs out of energy, he loves to nature walk, play catch and snuggle on my pillow❤️ He is a bed hog as well!! 🥰❤️ He is 80lbs of huggable, loveable, and he is the sweetest fur baby in the world.
Nina is a sassy loving puppy! She loves to play with her toys! Her favorite toy is her bubble bee! She also adores her sister Ava!
Im Bowser. Im the cutest & lovable you’ll ever meet. But i am sure lazy
Ava is a schnauzer with a loving and outgoing personality! She loves her little sister Nina & her family. She is also the worlds best cuddle buddy! Give her a vote so she can spoil herself with lots of toys which are her favorite!
Hi! I’m Storm, I’m almost 2 years old and i have lots of energy. I love to play fetch and tug o war but my favorite is when my mom takes me to the park and throws the ball for me. My mom is my favorite person and my best friends name is Guinness.
Ash is a fun, loving pup. He loves going to puppy class, meeting new friends both humans and critters of all kinds. He looks forward to playing ball and loves his squeeky toys.
Earl was found in a parking lot in Vegas as a lil pup now he is living his best life in the Wyoming mountains. He loves to mountain bike and fly fish.
Beary is a 4 year old black lab mix who loves water and cuddles
Lola is a 2 year old playful poodle that can run as fast as a cheetah.
Sweet cuddley baby.... She loves her toys and nap time
Loves to cuddle. Great with everyone lol. Plays fetch. A great best friend
parker is a super cuddly dog, and loves loves loves too run with his siblings