Baby Stories - 31


Diamond is legit just like a human. She is so smart and she is so loving!
Hi Im otis and i like to play fetch and run around crazy. I love to eat treats and play with my family.
Petunia Mae is the sweetest sidekick anyone could ask for! She enjoys long naps, cuddles and AC.
Bazil or bean is a 5 month old pitbull. She is the sweetest thing ever but she also loooves to play with her sister charlie. Bazil was rescued from La Grande oregon and we love her so much.
Hewwo! Im a 14 week old Lab Mix Rescue, i love belly rubs and kisses!! Pls vote for me💜
Princess is an 11 year old Pomchi who loves to spread the love between her cuddles and kisses. She may not be able to bark anymore due to a permanent trach, but she still is one happy and sweet dog (who loves to go shopping)! Got to love her adorable face ♥️
Hi guys I’m Arlo! I’m four months old! I love cuddling, playing and wrestling with my two sisters and big brudder and I LOVE ALL THE TREATS!
Remi is such a kind and fun dog. She’s so loving and loves to play!🐶🐶🐶
Cooper is the kindest of German Shepherds, very much like Ferdinand the Bull, he get his feeling hirt really easily and pouts. This big baby now is such a perfect sweetheart
Ziggy is a fluff ball he’s loving and caring he like his soccer ball and lamb chop toys
Ruger is 1 year old pup . He is a golden retriver mix .He is very energetic and playful
Bowie is 4 year old French bulldog who loves napping, pizza and playing with her yorkie brothers. She loves everyone she meets and wiggles her whole body in excitement! Make her day and give her a vote! ♥️🐾
Hades is 11 weeks old and loves the fall in Alaska! He loves to run and roll through the leaves and frost, he loves to stare the moose down cause he thinks they are friends! His hobbies include chasing his tail, watching movies with mom and napping
This is Harley our Doberman Rottweiler mix. She is 2 years old , loves cuddles, and loves food. Vote for her!!!
Snowball is 10 years old but you can not tell it at times. She loves to sleep a
He is small but has the biggest heart. He loves to cuddle!!
My name is Lucy and I love to be pampered and being spoiled! I am 7 yrs old. I love to snuggle 🥰
Finn is an 8 week old Lab pup. He’s very outgoing, playful, and clumsy.
Hi I’m stormy I’m 6 months old very playful and loves to give my mommy and daddy lots of kisses then off to sleep I go
Gracie is an Australian labradoodle. She is 10 months old. Gracie loves cuddles, belly rubs and play dates with her dog besties! We love our girl Gracie ❤️
Hey furry friends my names Harley. I love playing with balls and getting all the kisses. I like lots of treatos too.
Bravo Sniper
My big baby goes by Bo, hes a big big baby, my husband said should have been named Scooby lol, hes goofy and will lay on the bed and watch Scooby Doo! His one ear gives him a cute look while adding to his personality. Bo just turned 2 in July.
Koa is almost 9 months old and is a mischief maker. He likes to pull his sister's collar off of her and play tug-of-war with it. He is also the best snuggler and prefers to sleep on his mom's head at night.
Joshlyn is a charcoal lab whose name means gift from God.. and she and all dogs are 💜
Jaxx is a crazy fun little Keeshond who loves to snuggle 🥰
He loves to play, loves other dogs, cats or in general every creature. Happiest when he's beside me no matter where I go and loves to cuddle.
Auggie is a golden retriever and boxer mix. His best friend his our newest addition, Hazel the kitten. He loves his squeaky toys and follow you around wherever you go. He is the sweetest and loves everyone! He is our best friend and the best snuggler!
Ellie is our 5 month old chocolate lab. She loves to play with sticks and her best cat friend Ember. She also loves being chased around the yard. Ellie is our big baby 💗
He is such a sweet and playful dog. He loves kids, and his toys! 😄
Waylon is nothing but a ball of energy but we wouldn’t have it any other way!! He loves to play with people and other dogs and is friendly to everyone and everything he meets he also loves to nap and cuddle and he is what we call a stage 5 clinger and we love every minute of it!!!
Evelyn might be small but she’s mighty. Her favorite things to do are to chase after her older brothers tails and roll around the fresh cut grass. In her down time she prefers to snuggle with those that love her while watching a rom-com and eating treats. But watch out, she gets extra feisty when it comes to chasing those sneaky cats.
Teal is a Charcoal Labrador Retriever and LOVES to play. He loves anything and everything, especially leaves :)
Nina N G
Hi guys! Our names are Nina & G and we are brothers and sisters, we even look like twins right? We are pit bull mixed with American bulldog puppies and we are 2 months old and we are full of energy. We love getting belly rubs and we love playing with our brother Gordo, you guys might know him actually, he’s in this competition too. We want to see who’s cuter, him or us? We think us but I’ll let you guys be the judge. We love eating treats and just eating in general lol. Vote for us guys!
Hi! My name is Gordo and I’m a pit bull mix. Many people say I look scary or mean but I promise I’m not, I just want to give you kisses and play. My mom tells me I’m handsome but I don’t know, what do you guys think? Ohhhh.....Do I smell bacon? Oh my, I think I do! I have to go guys because bacon is my weakness, that’s how I got my name cause I’m a little Gordo when it comes to food 🐶. Vote for me please! ❤️
Boomer doesn’t know he is a dog shhhhhh. He loves to play ball and go swimming . He is the most loyal dog ever and loves to give a high five and smile for the camera ! =)
Nova is a whole attitude! Spoiled little princess!
Lilly And Daisy
They love to cuddle and give kisses!!
Smalls is a Aussie/Pit/Coonhound that LOVES to be a barn dog. You can't have a visit without Smalls giving you hugs and kisses. His favorite hobbies are destroying his toys, herding the chickens, and playing with his buddies Toby, Boomer, and Lancer.
I'm Jäeger, my mom got me as a puppy and ive been with her since i was 12 weeks old. She takes me everywhere and is currently training me for a working k9. I love squeaky toys and jolly balls to chew on. I love to be with my mom and eat treats. My favorite stop is McDonald's where i get 2 hamburgers.
Chappie is 5 months, loves to play fetch and is will instantly give you love as soon as you meet :)!
Bear Bear
Bear bear is a lovable puppy one morning sometime before 4am she started whinning/barking until i got up, once I woke up I noticed something was wrong with me. I checked my blood sugar it was 48 (I have type 1 diabetes ) on that morning she literally saved my life
Toby is currently 12 weeks old, loves snuggles and licking peanut butter!
Hi I’m Forrest! Yes like Forrest Gump! I LOVE sticks, cuddles, snacks and my mommy&daddy. Most people are afraid of me because they think I’m “aggressive” but in reality I love everyone I meet! (so long as your not a stick!)
My name is Bubba and I love my family! Especially my new baby sister. My favorite hobby is playing fetch with mama and I also love walking on our land and exploring. Please vote for me and I promise I'll give you ALL the kisses!
Laney Jane
Laney, (we call her Laney Bug) is a future leader dog! She is working hard on basic obedience so she can someday be a guide dog for the visually impaired. She loves her fur sister and loves chasing her tail most of all!
Koda Qing
Hi 👋🏾 Guys I’m Koda, I’m A Pomchi, I’m about 3.84lb & a ball of fun! My parents rescued me. I was found in an abandoned basement at 5 weeks old. I was in bad shape, full of fleas and ticks, I thought I wouldn’t make it. Now at 14 weeks, I’m Loving, Playful, Very Energetic Will Play Fetch All Day, And Love Me Some Tummy Time. I chew up all my toys 🧸 and on other things that don’t belong to me 🤷🏾‍♀️ but I blame my parents I’ve been SPOILED since they’ve brought me home . They call me fur ball because of my long coat but boy I tell you I’m more handsome when I’m playing dress up. Let me show you guys how handsome I can be 😊
Bailey is a sweet ole baby girl! She loves everyone and will lick you to show you just that. This was her 1st birthday party!!
Canon is just an amazing dog. He’s so playful and loving. He loves to be right by mommy and daddy side at all times. Whenever we take car rides Canon always has to held. He’s like a crying baby in a car seat lol!