Diabla is an American bully. She loves to play and she is perfect with other animals and with kids ❤️ She’s a special Girl
He is a very happy mini dachshund he is 3 months old and his mommy’s world and he loves his mommy so much and his squeaky toys!!!
Zoey Kasser
Zoey is a 10 year old maltipoo who will be 11 in November ! She’s such a loveable dog who loves the beach and loves running into the small waves and loves to roll in the sand! She’s a Cali girl for sure and loves to eat in n outs dog patties and fries! She’s the oldest of the pack of 4 and is a caretaker for her blind brother named Dexter. She’s very protective of her siblings and her mommas! She loves car rides and loves exploring with both her mommas and always sticks by their side no matter what! She’s the best pup you could ever get a chance to meet! She’s amazing with kids and other pets and is the star that could brighten anyone’s darkest days! All votes will definitely be appreciated!!
💚NO ADVANCES 💙Micco was found on the side of the road on Memorial Day, half starved. He's been part of our family since 💙He loves to play with his brother, play fetch, chew on shoes 🙄 and sleep.
Duke is a special dog with a personality that makes him the best dog ever! He loves popcorn, treats and chewing the lids off of water bottles( it’s one of his many quirks)!
This is Sky she is 6 months old an she has one personality! She loves playing in her water bowl an just loves playing in the water she’s very friendly an loves to howl at you if you aren’t paying attention to her !
He's a sweetheart boy 🐶
Carol really likes swimming and she loves caring around rocks. She is a rescue dog that really had a bad life until we got her.
It is like 2 pds he like to play with cat toys a little mouse he a brother buster si peanut butter like to sleep and he barks alot when people show up but very adorable dog
Apollo is my 7 month old chow chow. He loves playing outside, his chew toys and snuggling with me!
Sir Boisterous Beauregard fits him perfectly. Loves chasing the ball and chewing on everything.
She never met a biscuit she didn’t like
Vivian is a registered therapy dog and spends her days providing pug hugs and snuggles to our pediatric patients. This photo was taken at the end of her 5th Birthday celebration. She is truly bringing joy and happiness to our community. Please show her some Love in return.
Maverick is a Belgian Melinois he is smart, funny, lovable and full of energy.
Raven is a blue heeler/border collie! She loves walking with our horses and playing in the creek! Also she loves grabbing rocks from underwater and making her own little tower!!!!
He is almost 3 he is very sweet he loves everyone he loves to play with dad cuddle with mom and love relax time with the family
We originally got Chip to be a service dog for my daughter. Even though he hasn’t been trained he has been more of a service dog for me alerting my wife when I am about to have a seizure.
He is a Morkie and he is the only one of our furbabies that can tell us when he is feeling bad and don't want to play with the cats. He is our best friend and i don't know what i would do without his handsome self running to me when i get out of bed in the morning he love daddy's pizza and mommies hambuger .
Loves to have Fun❤
Hudson is a goofy boy who loves to spend his time outdoors.
Shenna is a pomsky, which is a mix between a pomeranian and a husky. She is 8 months old. She was born on Valentines Day. We live in Indiana, so we cant wait until she get to play in the snow. She loves to play with our pitbull, Grizz. She get lots of attention and love from everyone in the family. She will melt your heart with just one look, couldn't ask for a better dog!!
Sophie is perfectly rotten and definitely a Momma’s baby.
Little Man
He is just an amazing little man!
Brody Cope
Brody is so sweet he loves everyone. He loves getting toys ever friday he looks forward to it. He is the sweetest boy, he loves to play and sleep underneath the blankets ever night. Follows me and his dad around. Car rides are his favorite.
Millie has been with us since the moment she was born. She has been our right hand since. “Moo Moo” is one of the most loyal, loving, and affectionate dogs we’ve owned, she’s always eager to please and can’t wait for the next adventure.
Lola is a purebred chocolate lab who is almost one year old. She loves to greet you with lots of kisses. Lola also loves to snuggle and is great with her big sister Harley Girl.
Stagger is 2 years old and he LOVES to snuggle and chew on bones. He also enjoys the swimming pool and going to the race track. (Sprint Cars) He has many fans at the races. He loves ice cubes and PUP CUPS!
Princess is a 4 year old spoiled baby. She loves to go for car rides and to the dog park. She loves cuddling with her mommy (me) and getting belly rubs.
Playful, cute, energetic
We adopted Jukebox during the Pandemic. She was very timid and shy. She is now a fun loving, silly, playful, and all around great pet. A big part of our family. She loves a good play date with a friend who can run! She also just loves to snuggle and often takes over my bed... We Love Jukebox. FYI..we named her this because her butt wiggles likes she dancing to music when she's Happy❤️
Duke is a very playful puppy 🐶 who loves everyone and loves playing fetch. He enjoys being around kids and playing with his toys 🧸. He is just the sweetest fur baby.
Gus is big sweet boy and will be 1 on Halloween! He loves going on walks and going for car rides! He loves all people and animals. Be careful with doors though because he’s a great escape artist!
Cinnamon Star
She has 2 different color eyes she loves treats toys bananas cuddling sleeping in the same bed as us loves to sunbath bark. She can shake
Bear is quite the character. Mind of his own, he knows how to manipulate you with his big brown eyes!
Titan is the sweetest boy around, he does have an attitude sometimes though 💁🏼‍♀️ He likes to huff when he doesn’t get his way 😤. But titan doesn’t only have a huge head, but a huge personality ❤️
Gumbo is a Black and Tan hound. A new recent member of the family. He was found alone In the woods and was very skinny to where you can see his bones. Now he is a big goofball that loves to play and give you hugs.
Daisy is a sweet girl that loves to lay in the sun and taking lots of naps. She also enjoys meeting new furry friends to play with!
Keefer is a hyper, fun, and loving boy. He lives for his tennis balls and flying insects.
Jewelz Marie
Jewelz is very good girl!! She loves to go by juju. She is an avid player and loves to go on walks and to the dog park! She is extremely friendly and good with all ages and dogs! She just turned 1 year old and is still growing more and more each day! She loves to cuddle up next to you and take a nap, she could sleep all day long!! She loves her people❤️ She is always excited to meet new doggies wherever we go, she even tends to score free doggie treats/pup cups when we go out!! She loves car rides and playing with her bones!! All around JuJu is a very good girl!
Millie loves being outside, she adores kids and wants to play with them all day everyday. She’s the best!
Ryder Jd Lee
Ryder loves to show anyone how fast he can run, is a good competitor in tug of war, he enjoys a nice warm swim, and if you give him a treat outside he will bury it for later. Pup cups and car rides are his favorite.
adorable, sweet, loves affection and also giving it
Rambo is my psychiatrist service dog hes my hero he goes erywhere with me when im anxious he snuggles me when i get really nervous he circles around me and calms me when hes not on duty hes spoiled as can be hes my baby his personality is out of this world hes so spunky yet so loving hes a lover he loves everyone and anyone
Brody loves to snuggle, give kisses, and eat!
His friendly knows when I'm feeling sad. Loving the water since I got him.
Piper Jo Beatty
Hi! I'm Piper Jo ! My mom calls me her little miracle, I was born with a heart defect but thanks to her, my bio mom and our local Humane Society I was able to have open heart surgery and now I have a new chance at life! I love to pick on my kitty sister Libby. I have a new sister named Indie, Im not fond of her yet but when she learns I am the boss of the house I think we will get along just fine! My favorite thing to do is lay on top of my mom and watch Netflix! Please vote for me!!
Zoe Nevaeh Borne
Sweet calm precious all the time.