Baby Stories - 31


Raven is such a lady! (As the way she’s sitting) LOL she always sunbathes on her back … raven loves smelling flowers!!! Don’t get her wrong though, she would rip someone’s head off 😂
He’s my man!!!!
Milo, was a little man… every time we take him to get him hair cut…they say “he’s such a man” he loves way to much… following me everywhere, I sware you just look in his eyes , you just fall In love
Remi is a rescue girl that is super sweet and playful! She loves to give kisses and cuddles and chase sticks. She loves to explore and swim. She is a great addition to our family.
Hey!! My name is Sadie and I’m a Texas Heeler! To sum it up, I have the good and bad qualities of an Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog 🤎 I like to swim, do tricks, and most importantly… RUN! My fav thing to do is give sass to anyone I come in contact with 😉 if I won, you’d be helping us get a HUGE backyard! Yay!!!
Rosa is the sweetest dog out there! She loves watching tv, playing in snow, and swimming. She always knows how to make you smile
Lily’s an very active puppy. She keeps me running lol....right now she try’s to put anything in her mouth so I keep an eye on her. She loves running through the grass and playing with sticks
Loki is a family dog who enjoys running outside through the grass and hunting for bones
Bailey squeaky toys, playing with her brother ,car rides, whip cream, and cuddles with mom.
Murphy loves to play fetch and he's an excellent dancing partner.
Pippa Pom Pom Jones
Pippa Pom Pom is the sweetest Girlie ever ! She loves to play with the Ball and loves playing with Her Best friend Witty Kitty !
He loves his treats. He will pretend to go potty to get one.
We didn’t find Champy, he found us! Champy is a sleepy pup! Loves treats and cuddles. Very intelligent and eager to explore! Loves to play with his sister Dixie. He is VERY old, so please vote for him while you can!
She is a service dog in training and she loves hugs and plays with toys and loves going to the dog park
Maxx is an amazing dog! He loves snow, watching his human babies, and playing with his fur brother Charlie!
Groot is a 4 month old puppy. He loves getting into everything he sees. Loves being around humans. Likes to go on late night walks. Groot was rescued from the shelter.
Cosmo is an Australian Shepherd & Rottweiler mix. He is a cheese connoisseur, snow lover, and terrified of rabbits.
Kira is a quiet very calm and pretty girl who loves her family she's very outgoing loves to play she's 8 years old
Hershey was born with his brother in our home to his Mom & Dad and our fur babies! From the minute he was born he has loved food! Our son, 10 years old at a time, made a song about him… My best friend, never on a diet always drinking milk! Hershey is full of personality and always up for sharing whatever you’re eating!
Nala is very hyper but very sweet who ever votes for me will vote back😀
Remy loves to play and loves to run. He loves to chew all of his toys up. He loves his mommma and is a mommas boy. He loves cuddles and naps. Super sweet and shy at first but then once you pet him you’ll be his best friend
Hutch loves to play outside! He loves spending time with his family & visiting his grandparents! He loves going on rides & hunting with dad! But don’t let him fool you, this pup is a mamas boy all around!
This is Rosie she is a rescue dog or should I say she actually rescued me when I needed her the most an she has saved my life for sure. Rosie is the most lovable, happiest girl, she lovea her food for sure an don’t let her size fool you she can pretty eat any one out of the house for sure. Her favorite special snack is low sodium Ham cut up. Rosie loves everyone she meets but her favorite friend is the bunnies outside she is my “nature dog for sure” . Rosie is smart, loves cuddling, napping her nickname is wiggle butts or noisy Rosie. “Who rescued who “ everyone who meets Rosie wants to take her. I don’t think life could of went on if I didn’t find Rosie at the time I did She is my best friend my life.
Oakley is a very well puppy, he loves running in front of the four wheeler he maxes out at about 24 miles per hour. He loves stuff toys, holding his moms hand, kayaking and leaves blowing in the wind. Dislikes bath and getting his nails trimmed.
Kovu loves his stuffies. He is a 98lb gental giant. He will lay on the floor to play with puppies. He is a Labradoodle Rottweiler mix
He’s always been a really calm boy. Never getting into things he’s not supposed to. Very smart. A great outdoorsman lol. And loves his cuddles! Soda for president
Daisy is a 7 month old bloodhound/ walker coon... she is the sweetest girl and she makes the goodies faces!
Duncan is my best buddy, he loves to do play with his cat brother Boomer and he snores insanely loud.
Lola is a Pomeranian mix! She is such a sweet girl very gentle
Teddy is an 11 month old golden retriever who loves car rides, cuddling with his momma, and anything that has to do with MUD !
Peanut is such a sweet and loving boy but he has a lot of spunk too. He is a great little companion who loves to play and go for walks.
Bailey came to us from a animal shelter a year ago. He was very timid and scared of everything when we first got him. He’s now a happy playful dog that loves chasing balls. He’s the best dog and he saved us as well as we saved him!
Harper is an emotional support dog. She is a one-year-old black lab & she loves playing ball, learning new tricks, and swimming!
Casper is in training to be a cardiac alert dog. He is a husky German Shepard malamute mix and is only 4 months old and weighs in at 50 pounds. He loves to howl to squeaky toys
Yoda. Well he's alot to handle he's wicked hyper all the time. But he's a love bug he will cuddle you all day long he needs you all the time no matter what. He loves his toys and his humans and he loves playing around he loves tug awar and so much more! He's my Yoda boy.
Taz is a sweet loving caring dog. He is my daughters emotional support animal. He does very well. He's so shy but so happy too. He's shy of the camera he's loves Bacon treats and he loves his humans
He loves his momma, his toy squirrel, and to eat 🐾
Elsa Lynn
Elsa is a Goberian (half golden retriever half husky). She is featured in a trivia book and 2022 calendar of the “most loyal dogs”. She is the best dog ever.
Daisy is very smart. She loves kids very playful shes very vocal loves to back talk . she knows sit, lay hugs kisses, she dances she loves going on car rides she knows stay
River is our 2nd rescue. He loves going to the dog park or playing tug of war. He's very vocal and loves to bark
Hope is our 1st rescue. She is Pitt and Black Lab. Playing with balloons or bubbles are two of her favorite things to do. She's spunky and brings such joy to our house
Macey is a rescue girl that is super sweet and loves to explore and give cuddles. She underwent multiple orthopedic surgeries in her first few years of life due to conditions common with her breed, but she gets around no problem now days! She is a very special girl!
Honzo is almost 5 years old. He is full of energy and loves to keep momma on her toes. He was rescued from a terrible situation. He has overcome fear and anxiety like a champ. He loves his momma, brothers, arguing, food and running as fast as he can!
Raven is such a sweet little girl 💝 she loves her brother and sister Hank and Molly 💝
Nova Jean
Nova Jean is the most sweetest baby ever, she gives out the most love you could ever need. She loves her mama and she also loves snacks 🤍
Thor is the most loving baby boy you’ll ever meet. He loves to cuddle all day long and be by your side no matter what. Thor is always there to give you loving when you need it. He loves eating chips and playing outside in the water!