Shelby is a spunky 18 week old Boxer who loves to play with squeaky toys and her fur sister.
Rocky is a mixed bread. He is very smart knows a ton of tricks. His favorite thing to do is lay in the yard and watch the birds.
Just a pup loving life!
Maple is a sweet and playful little miss. She is the youngest of 7 pups and the ONLY girl. She loves to tug on her brothers' ears. She looks out for her oldest brother Gizmo who was born with limited use of one hind leg.
Tobi is my handsome four month old energetic cuddling four legged baby. He loves running around playing, tummy and ear rubs, and lots of cuddles he is sooo sweet and my family and i are so blessed to have him.
Nova is such a funny, crazy, loving pup with such a huge personality!
Prince is a very sweet loving puppy, he loves to cuddle and he loves being outdoors. He is a very quiet chihuahua for the most part. He loves babies and playing with his doggy toys.
Loki is our new family member. He is a spunky 9 week old Australian Shepherd. If we win he will get a lot more squeaky toys!!!
Teddy is a Standard Poodle and loves going on walks in the park.
Lyric is a sweet little girl who loves to play and is very curious. She has a big personality!
Lobo is a very lovable big baby. He loves to play with kids and likes to talk back. He never lets you down when you get home and he greets you everytime weather your go check the mail for two seconds or you are gone for 8 hours.
VOTE FOR WILLOW PLEASE 🥺❤️🫶🏼🙏Willow is an Australian Shepherd puppy that is full of joy and excitement. She is always happy and loves to play and of course take pictures like the beautiful girl she is. She likes to play tug of war and chase me around the house and play outside with the farm animals. She is just a beautiful dog that catches everyone’s attention everywhere she goes with her beautiful hazel green eyes and soft coat that is tangle free. She should be voted on because she displays happiness and has a big personality to her character she likes to make you laugh and be the star of the show and do little things to make people laugh at her nonstop. VOTE FOR WILLOW PLEASE🥺🙏❤️ #TEAMWILLOW
Bane is a sweet, crazy, loving boy. He loves to attack the vacuum, broom, and carpet shampooer! He loves playing with his big brother JoJo, and will do anything to have all the attention on him!
Very smart and sensible. He loves peanut butter chips and a small bit from my pizza. Bashful at first but warms up.
Hi my name is Tank! I am the sweetest bud. I am 10 months old, and a full blooded American bully. I love chewing on bones and chasing after balls! Vote for me please ! ❤️
I’m Zeke!! Or Zeke-leek.. or Geekers.. or fat boy, which ever you prefer I answer to all of them. I’m here to show you how cute I am! I heard you wanna know what I like the most… welllll I absolutely love going on hikes with mom and dad, I really like it when we go fishing! It’s so fun watching the fishies, not only that I get to play in the water!! I love love lovvvveeee playing in the water, I love it so much I try to get into the bath with mom all the time! Mom says I’m the bestest most handsomest boy ever and we needed to show everyone!
He is a loveable dog good with kids and he protects the kids for danger
Hi! I’m max and I love rolling around in the cool grass and playing fetch! I am almost 3 years old and I am a full blooded German Shepard. I am a snuggle bug and love people! Vote for me ! ❤️
Tank is a black german shepherd. He loves to howl when he hears fire trucks. He’s very loveeble
Penny is the sweetest puppy you'll ever meet! But also pretty fiesty after a nap. She loves giving kisses and loves her purple hipo squeaky toy! We're still getting to know her❤️
He is the sweetest most loving baby!! Very smart and is my best friend ❤️
My name is Astrid. I’m an 8 month old German Shepherd and I’m afraid of large cats.
He loves to run in circles ,we call it zoomies ,he is so sweet we named him after my father
Charlie happy and funny and like to run and play with he brothers and sister
Maui loves the beach, going on walks, and eating strawberries! He was born in Florida and now lives in Michigan!
Remy loves to play, she is rambunctious and never leaves someone without lots of love and smiles
Oakley loves sunbathing, going on car rides and naps! He was born in Texas and was adopted in Michigan!
Zoey is a 2 pound tea cup Chihuahua, who loves to play & thinks she’s a baby… zoey loves to go on car rides & running around our property ❤️
Evie is a year old. She came into my life just when I needed her the most. She loves to play. She likes to cuddle. She is my companion an best friend. With out her I have no clue where I would be. She is with me at all time. She is a great protector. Love kids an other dogs. She's very hyper. She loves to go to the water. Even though she's afraid to swim. Couldn't imagine my life with out her.
Bobo loves to play in Water
Butterscotch loves being Lazy some day he loves playing and taking pictures
Sheba is a loving puppy she love to play and hate be home alone so she gose ever where with us she is a husky puppy
This is Sophie, she is a super energetic toy fox terrier. Her favorite things are eating ice cream and running crazy fast around the yard so nobody can catch her! She also love digging holes and exploring new places.🐶
Hello friends, I am Redford Hawk, however, you can just call me Red. Nobody knows what breed I am, all they know is I was rescued from Alabama. I lost my mom early on and as a result, I suckle on my stuffed animals for comfort. I recently earned my Novice Trick Dog certificate. I am a traveler! I’ve hiked in so many beautiful places already such as Utah and Michigan. Sometimes I need a calming treat because I get anxious; I think this comes from childhood. love the outdoors, giving kisses, my sherpa blankets, and snuggling under the sheets. Most importantly, I love my human parents. ♥️
River is the most lovely dog and smartest dog anyone can ask for she loves her toys and her human and loves to play with toys and loves water and swimming
Bodie is Leslie Ann crazy little brother. He love playing with his big sister (or should I say bullying his sister… sometimes). He love to jump up and put his head on your shoulder and given hugs.
Bella is a old dog that doesn’t play with toy and would rather lay down and sleep but she loves to dress up
Snoopy like to play and loves her kid she likes the bed and her toys she loves people and has to say hi to everyone
Blue likes to give five and play with her toys. She give paw and will do anything for a dog bone
Cookie likes to run around with her ferret siblings. She’s a pomsky with an attitude but also the sweetest dog you can ever meet.
Rooster love to give hugs
Very excited and happy
Leslie Ann
Leslie Ann is a great Emotional support dog, loves playing and being with her brother Bodie. Love to cuddle and lay on your lap (she thinks she a little dog sometimes). Love sitting out side by the pool; laying on the lounger or in the couch out there (she thinks she too good for the ground).
Leo is a Chihuahua pup & likes to play A LOT! He loves to ride in the the car too. He likes to go outside but I can't let him down just yet because he has to get the rest of his Parvo shots....he has already had 2 shots done...he has 1 more Parvo shot to go...then he will be able to be on the ground! He is just 11 weeks which makes him 3 months old. He is a very rotten pup. He likes to sleep too. He likes to play fetch also. He likes to squeak his toy and teeth on his teething bones. He is a very energetic pup. He also loves to sleep with me. He loves his mama & his brother Kyle
Minnie Min
Minnie is a rescue & has the most loving personality. She gives kisses, loves to be held like a baby & cant ever get enough sunshine in her life. She loves green beans, sweet potatoes and blueberry treats. She is definitely one of a kind, proud to be her momma.
Hi! I enjoy long walks to the dog food bowl, 17 naps a day, poking my moms nose in the morning to wake her up so she feeds me breakfast and giving the best hugs ever… or so my mom says.
She is as sweet as a angel. But mess with her mom. And bella becomes shedevil
He’s is a great retired K-9 unit, that has become a service dog and a sweet gentle baby when it comes to family. Will stay by your side when you are hurt and will also help you get up. Something he likes is his bandanna