Koda is a 3 month old Aussie who is so loving, playful and energetic. He loves his toy moose. He always gets the zoomies at the most random times. He is very goofy. He is currently being trained to be a service animal for me. I love this lil guy so much. He is such a sweet sweet boy and is my rock.
Bella is just like her name a beautiful little yorkie who is a magical princess 👑 with the cutest little paws 🐾 that look like she is wearing 🩰 ballet slippers
Milo loves watcing animal shows and movies. Milo will stand up and bark at the dogs on television:; however he is playful with all dogs he comes in contact with in person.
Hank is a White Swiss Shepherd X Poodle mix. He is the sweetest boy who loves sunbathing and playing with his friends!
Odie is a very smart, cuddly and playful puppy, great new addition to our family!
Baxter is a very loving Yellow Lab that loves to play and swim all day and you can always find him at our feet!
Harley is a survivor from being attacked by a pitbull.
Bitsy loves to give kisses love car ride love camping and playing with her sister maggie
💖💖💖 I am not in contest at the moment but I am offering ADVANCES on all platforms to prepare for Kiki's return!!😊 Thank you all for your continued support!!💖💖💖 🚨🚨🚨Please be honest with your votes and post them after you have completed them, as I do check them daily as part of the contest🚨🚨🚨💖💖💖 Thank you again for all of your continued support for my sweet Max!! ❤️ Please help support Max and Kiki from kingpet!! I always return votes and am a very loyal voter!! Max is such a kind hearted dog who loves everyone he meets. He loves to play and does very well with small children ! Max is such a smart boy!! His favorite day would include riding on the back of our golf cart through the neighborhood so he could say hi to everyone we see. He also enjoys running the private beach we have here in our community while being able to run and play in the river with his buddies. Max loves being outside and just being sociable with you. He is a very athletic boy and will outrun most,lol...he loves playing with balls and playing fetch (even though sometimes he wont give it back,lol...its almost like he wants us to chase him).He is always so gentle and loves to play with children. He grew up with our 3 girls and never left their side when they were playing in the yard.He is such an amazing dog and we are so thankful we were chosen by this sweet boy to be family. Please vote for our beautiful boy!!
Letty Mae (aka - Stinky Butt, Letty-Beans and Letty-Bug, our land seal and couch hippo) is a beautiful, sweet, kind, super intelligent, loveable lil snuggle bug, who lives up to the "Nanny Dog" breed. She is a 3 year old American Staffordshire Terrier and she's helping and hoping to change the stereotype on the Bully Breeds every day. She loves to talk and go on walks and rides. She loves carrying around her stuffies and is a wonderful service dog as well. She is wonderful and very intuitive with those who have Seizure disorders, Diabetes or Hypoglycemia and anxiety and depression. I wouldn't know what I'd do without her. She's my furbaby and every day I get up and work and do what I have to do, for her. 💕
Boone is our two year dog that brings light into our house. He was going to be our breeding dog until we found out he only dropped one ball. So now his lover sadly is pregnant with another man, but still lives her just as much
Gracie Lucy
Both are rescue dogs they are beagle hound mixes rescued a year apart but both act like they are sisters very kind and family friendly dogs but protective of needed
Rippin' Abby Jean
Abby Jean is the happiest, smartest and sassy little girl we've ever had! Her nickname is "squiggle bum" for a reason! She has an amazing little personality and fills our hearts with love everyday!
Sarge is such a love bug. He is very smart show him once and he can do it from there. His personality is so uplifting. He’s lucky to be alive so he makes the most of every day. Loyal, loving,listen’s great. Look at that face how could you not love him!!!!!
Ranger is our Resuce Pup, and Is Archie’s little brother. We knew we wanted to adopt our next dog and give him a loving safe home. He’s very special & such a good boy🩵 They play and keep each other busy. Our family is complete with my little “big” baby.🐾
Louie loves to go for walks and love to play with his toys
Athena loves tug of war, fetch with her tennis ball, and going to visit her puppy friends!! She loves cuddle time and going to work with mom on calm days.
Copper is the sweetest, kindest, most gentle soul you will ever meet. He’s my favorite person. Don’t let him around your girlfriends, he will steal them. And especially don’t let him around babies or little kids or puppies, he will kiss them and love them and not want to give them back!
Sissy is a sweet girl…She loves to play and lay in the sun
Kodi is a registered therapy dog who loves kids and visiting nursing homes. He has earned titles in AKC’s Fast CATS and is an all around good boy! To know him is to love him!
Boss lives up to his name. Even sometimes on a stubborn side. Loves all animals, children and adults.
Dookie, aka, Duke is a pure bred Boxer. He is very loyal, and super smart. He cannot stand to be cooped up in the house for too long. Loves swimming with his girlfriends and chasing the frisbee. (He brings it back everytime) we love our Duke Dog! 🐕💙
Willow is the sweetest little girl ever! She loves to play and loves attention. She’s like a little baby 🤭!
PLEASE vote‼️🤞Boomer is the sweetest 1️⃣1️⃣ year old boy ever. I love him so so so much. He loves and deserves all the treats and attention!! Boomers the best dog you could ever ask for. Playing fetch is the the most fun times with him!!🤍🐶
She love to play in the snow and she love her mom Janie and her dad Gary and she loves dog to have
Diamond is 10- years old now. I rescued her at 6- months. Diamond loves playing with her toys and she has never shown any aggression towards anyone. A wonderful pet! 🐾 ❤️
Luna just turned a year old! she is so smart and has such a high spirit. she is extremely loyal and attentively listens. I couldn't ask for a better dog 🐕
Marshall is not just a golden retriever; he's a furry diplomat, with a wagging tail for every occasion. He's known for his irresistible charm, whether it's greeting strangers with a sloppy kiss or comforting a friend in need. Marshall's love for everyone, coupled with his unwavering loyalty, makes him the paw-fect candidate for any vote. After all, who wouldn't want a mayor who brings joy wherever he goes?
Zoey is a good dog
Prissey Loves Spending Time Outdoors Playing Or Just Laying On Our Deck Soaking Up the Sunshine!!! She's Absolutely Spoiled Rotten & So Smart❣️ We Rescued Her From A Puppy Mill😢 We Adopted Her From Hands Of Hope Rescue in Kansas!!! Please Vote For Prissey Everyday, She's So Beautiful & Deserving of This Award🥰 Thank You & God Bless. 🌿🌾🐾💖🐾💝🐾💖🐾🌾🌿
Mocha is a smart, happy and energetic 3 month old puppy who thinks everyone is her BFF!
Lumi is a Samoyed and Husky mix. She’s smart, loving and overall just an amazing puppy. She loves her toys and really enjoys going to the beach and digging in the sand!
Kiki is the sweetest lil guy loves running back and forth in his huge yard also enjoys walks and the dog park but dont get it twisted he is a lil ancle biter 🐩☺😂💜
Vernon is a spunky 9 week old Great Pyrenees/Bernese Mt. Dog. He loves sticks, grass, and to cuddle!
Theo my Cavapoo looks sweet but will bite your fingers and ankles. He loves sea creature toys the most!
My name is Mylo im a pug/long haired chihuahua I love to steal socks and like to run around.I also love to cuddle and be held like a baby.My favorite thing ever is to get tummy rubs.😁I have a sister lilly and i love messing with her/playing with her💗
He is a very cute little boy
Peanut is my pride and joy it took me over a year to find her, she is a pocket american bully. She is just shy of a year old, she loves to go on walks play in the water and above all loves to see people and kiss them to death.
Sunflower 🌻 loves her family, she loves to climb trees after squirrels. Sunflower 🌻 is a very happy dog. She is 8 years old I have had her since she was 8 days old. I have found that Sunflower has a natural instinct to detect people that are going to have seizures. Sunflower is an amazing companion.
9 week old pup who is just a little crazy
Briar Rose
She’s a lovely, happy puppy. Although she acts like a cat she loves playing with her sisters
Tito Is A Playfull Chihuahua , Love His Toys And Always Take Care Of His Mommy , Never Leave Her Alone And Love Watching Over Her ❤️
Oscar is my 1 year old fur baby that’s so high level and energetic. He has attitude problems and will give you the look of death if you tell him no. If you don’t vote he will throw a temper tantrum.
⚠️⚠️⚠️☑️☑️☑️☑️Well I didn't do as well as Mom hoped so she took me out for now. Please vote for Shadow. ☑️☑️☑️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Please contact me before you start voting. We will exchange if you ask, but ask on Shadow's wall. Please give her a like. She loved to be by our side. We miss our Sandi a lot.
Norbert is a quiet elegant dog. He is the adopted father of two other dogs, and he is always there to endure silly costumes. He is a big fan of belly rubs and likes to sleep half way on the wall and half way on his back. He is a beautiful dog and I hope you will share that with the rest of the voters.
Vito is a Yorkie-Bischon Mix, We adopted him when he was 5yo.
Very sophisticated dog. Very french... (definitely not german)
Teddy is a very sassy dog but very nice He loves to snuggle