Scooby is a 3 year old pit mix he is a 1 of a kind you will never find one like him the truth is we saved each other i took him out of A abusive home Without all the details it was really bad form but now you can never tell and return he helps me with my depression my seizures my physical disabilities never a lick of training he just knows hes hyper loving and he loves to give kisses he is amazing with ALL animals kids and well every one he is the best thing in my life
Oakley loves to be outside and just run free. His favorite it the snow. He will just run and jump in the snow all day if you would let him!
Oakley is a 7 month old yellow lab loves all the cuddles, playing in the woods, swimming, riding the kayak and car rides, loving on his sisters and best friend Zeus everyone needs an Oakley in their life
Hazel is a sweet, loving, playful dog.
Hi, I'm Ruger I love going on car rides, playing with my brother Remi, roaming around on the farm and meeting new people and pups.I also love to post content on my Instagram and Facebook.
Stormy is a Siberian Husky she is a great dog she listens well and is very smart and she loves to play and go on runs and walks.
She the most sweetest little thang❤️ She never meets a stranger she loves making friends her favorite hangout and everybody knows her there every Friday she goes tractor supply she visits her friends there and meet new ones and off to the toy isile and she loves her golf cart loves riding in the cattle fields in the evening with her daddy❤️
Storm is a Siberian husky she is very playful , loves car rides , loves to eat all day if she could lol loves swimming but not baths storm loves running around in the snow and loves people very friendly with kids and other pets
beast is a husky pit, very playful and loves hugs and blueberries 🫐
Hi, I’m Roman! I’m a very happy, loving, sweet boy & also very protective! I love being outside, chasing squirrels, having yummy treats & being with Mom! I hope you think I’m as cool as my mom does! She just thinks I’m the best 🥰
He is a toy addict. He LOVES to run in the back yard with his brother. He loves to chase bees no matter how much his pawrents tell him its not smart or safe. His all time favorite thing is fetch though. And his all time favorite toys are his tire his had since a puppy and a squeeky banana his grandma got him for Christmas. And cuddling with mom and dad
Stella Luna
She’s a black lab/German Shepard/ Great Dane mix.. she just turned 2! My baby girl is the sweetest, goofiest dog. She loves snow, swimming, playing with other dogs, of course her sticks, and rolling on her back constantly for belly rubs🥰 my silly goose 🐾
Waylon Jennings
Waylon is a very protective dog. He loves his people.
Tonka loves to play with water bottles. He likes to play a game called “where’s Tonka” where he hides and I find him. He is very much loved and loves me back. He has a big bed but sleeps on mine but most of all, he loves my son and misses him a lot. They grew up together and were never apart until my son joined the Marines. He waits for him everyday but it’s been a long time.
Precious is a husky who loves her momma and bully rubs
Moose is a sweet loving boy! He loves going on car rides and to his favorite stores! His favorite is the farmers market, he makes friends everywhere!
Bandit is a chug (chihuahua pug). He loves to pose for attention! He is adored by all that meet him. He is so smart and full of love. Spoiled is an understatement for this little wild furbaby. He is full of confidence and sass. He loves playing tug of war, playing with his tennis ball launcher, teasing his mommy and daddy with not giving up his toys but acting as if he is going to, and burrying bones! This little stud muffin is definitely a cutie pie but his huge personality is even cuter!!
Luke was brought to NJ from Ga by Animal Aid USA. He enjoys snuggling on the couch, playing with his brother and sister, and eating.
Misty is energetic and loving, she loves walks and cuddles! To me she’s the cutest even if she doesn’t win🥰
Bandit is a chug (chihuahua pug) and every person he has ever met has fallen in love with him💗, not just because he's a total stud muffin and cutie pie 🥧, but also because he is such a sweet, loving, free and wild spirited pup!💫 Bandit loves posing, shaking paw & high fiving, rolling over & playing dead for treats🥓. He also loves bouncy balls and especially playing with his tennis ball launcher🥎! But most of all, Bandit loves being the center of attention🤩, he always finds a way to make himself known💁‍♀️, although attention comes easy with a face like his - trust and believe he knows it too 😉. Whatever Bandit wants, he gets it 😜! He is so full of personality. Spoiled and sassy!👑 Confident and proud! He is both a mommy and daddy's boy!💙
Freya is a fun energetic and loving. Loves to eat and dress up play in mud and cuddle
Winston is a golden lab mixed with a red fox lab. He enjoys hunting pheasant and being outdoors. You can find him outside trying to find the biggest stick he can possibly find to bring in the house.
Dunkin is a St. Bernard, Mastiff, White lab, and boxer mix. He loves to play with his rope and loves running around outside. And is definitely a man’s best friend ❤️
She killed 2 of my sisters dogs ate 4 fat bunnies,1 chicken,her previous owners farm,snakes,birds,and 2 cats but is super sweet to ppl
This is my mom’s tiny goblin and I f you’re wondering, yes he is full grown😂. He’s also the definition of big dog syndrome because he’s a tiny bully
Bella Rose
VOTE for Bella Rose 💑 She is an 8 year old Lhasa Apso beauty that knows her tricks ... Sit, lay, speak, shake a right, give me five, stand on two, and dance. She is the best companion, loves people. Children are her favorite💖 Please give her your votes, she deserves to win💘
Lucy loves to run, play ball, water sports, she is a great cuddler and very loving to her playmate cats
Zeus is almost 7 months old. He loves people and loves to go swimming! He absolutely adores being able to play with his doggy friends!!
She is a very beautiful ball of excitement and she’s a big cuddle bug
Loves watching volleyball, insists on stealing all the pillows, loves playing with treats
loves waffles, insists on sun bathing every chance he gets, loves toys and treats
Ruby is the sweetest girl! She will get you with a sneaky kiss like a loving angel
Stella is our 4 month old baby who loves food, especially cheese! She loves to play all day, then cuddle on a fuzzy blanket at nap times!
Paisley is a Merle chocolate yorkie puppy who plays non stop until she crashes with her sister. She loves to give kisses, especially behind your ears, and loves to snuggle up next to you!
Bella is 7 years old, is food motivated, the goodest girl, her favorite pastimes are to lay in the sun, guarding the front door, sleeping, and eating!
Louie is a one year old goldendoodle who’s hobbies include napping, barking at anything that moves, and eating grass. He loves showing off his underbite. He also loves watching golf with his best friend, Dad.
Gibbs is a Staffy/Heeler mix that loves the water and getting filthy. He's super active during the day watching over the chickens, playing with the cats and the neighbor dog, so when 8pm gets here he's ready to Sleep! He's jealous, fast, loves climbing trees and jumping on the dining room table. Dislikes are someone being disappointed in him, getting caught tearing up stuff, and not being beside mom 24hrs a day.
She loves the snow. It's so fun to watch her play in it. She became attached to her daddy even though she was suppose to be my dog. He loves her so it's ok
Lyla Bean
Lyla bean is a spunky Babygirl with the best personality and the sweetest smile!!! She’s a little over 1 and is the bestest little girl🥰
He has 3 brothers who he thinks he is bigger than them. Loves chasing grasshopper and butterflies!! Sweet and a cuddle buddy.
He’s the most loving, caring puppy ever. He’s very affectionate and very sensitive to other dogs and people’s emotions and feelings. He’s also OBSESSED with his tennis balls and other toy balls. He will play ball all day everyday! He enjoys going to the dog park and playing with his dog friends.
Tank is 6 weeks old he love his treats and cuddles !
She loves wearing her clothes. She must sleep with a stuffed animal at all times. Not any particular one. She's deemed herself the neighborhood greeter. The mail lady is her favorite person.
Rocky is the sweetest loving gental giant! He weighs almost 100lbs but your lap is right where he will sit! Loves children and everyone around him! We got him when the pandemic started and he changed our lives the moment we met him! We were sad and felt defeated as a family just like many others but when he entered our lives we felt a happiness that needed filled. We are so in love with our Rocky boy!
PokerFace is 3 years old and was born in Portugal and came to the states at 8 weeks and has blessed us everyday since day 1! He has the sweetest and oldest soul ever. Hims so perfect❤️🥰