Baby Stories - 30


He might look kinda scary when the UPS man shows up, but hes really 125lbs of big baby.
Mason is a rescue with a heart of gold. He loves Kongs and going to his agility classes. He has no sense of personal space and won’t go to bed until mom comes and cuddles with him.
Petite but feisty!! Been a fighter since day 1!
Brodie is a blue merral australian shepherd.he is the brother of the beautiful miss kora! He likes telling you how it is.😋
Thor is a very good boy, Hes very fun to run around with in the snow! Thor knows how to lay, sit, and, shake, and we are still working on some new tricks! These are some pictures of Thor from when he was younger and as in right now. ❤️
He’s an amazing one of a kind dog. Loves naps his mama and annoying cats. I love him with all my heart!!😍😍
My name is RoRo, I got my name from my older brother (pup). His name was Oreo, he passed away in March of 2020. So now I’m helping my mom recover from the lost of my older brother & im here to love her furever. I like to go for rides, go for a swim in the bath tub, & I love to cuddle with my mommy. I’m one year old but I act like I’m 4. I get away with it because I’m cute & plus my mommy adores my puppy eyes.
Dotti is a two year old purebred American pitbull terrier who is comfort 👑. She honestly believes she is some form of teacup puppy and loves to sit on everyone’s laps and give obsessive amounts of kisses! She loves being cuddled although she is not actually she is a very good emotional support pup she crawls up in your lap and over loads anyone with kisses when she senses you need it. She’s most definitely a Daddy’s girl. She loves sleeping between the pillows at the top of the bed. She also really enjoys taking all her brother (Bear) toys and just running away with them.
Beary Bear is the most loving sweetest baby ever even though he is 2. He loves playing fetch and is really good at catching the ball straight into his mouth. He is a Mommys boy and follows me EVERYWHERE. Although he is 70 pounds he thinks he is a lapdog and loves cuddles and giving kisses! ♥️
Haven is the sweetest, kindest girl you will ever meet! She loves playing in the snow, running outside, and wrestling with her brother Thor!
Loves to play and sleep and her favorite person is her mama
Hi my name is Milo. I am 2yrs old I love to eat sleep go for walks and play alot. I love treats my favs are beef. I am very loved 💛
Smoke loves to explore and sunbathe. He will give you all the kisses and cuddles
Levi loves to chase frisbee and go to the lake
Rosie loves playing ball she will do anything for the ball! She love swimming she’s a water dog! ❤️❤️
Remii love her baby “human” brother, she loves to run, go to the park, play with whoever she can. She is very loving & sweet. She is abkc registered and loved deeply by us. Spoiled rotten. She cries and whines like a real child when she wants something its the cutest.
Sammy is a rescue and should be the mascot for adopt don’t shop. He came out of his shell and is the goofiest happiest puppet! When he gets excited bubba does a little hop skip and wave of both paws!
Django The Gent
Django is a 140 lb lap dog to his mommy. He talks every time you hug him. ❤️
Sailor Oliver Scout
Sailor is a fun loving Cavachon that enjoys sailing and long naps.
I’m wowry, I wike to go for runs and chase sticks with my mom and dad. I wuvs this stuffs they call “snow” it tastes delicious! 🥰
he help with my epic seizure .his loves to cuddle. and play ball. he loves to jump high. he has bring so much joy to my life
Crosby is a Border Collie/Lab mix rescue who loves meeting new creatures, playing fetch, and all the snuggles. At 9 weeks old, he is already mastering "sit" and "down."
Kora is a blue merle australian shepherd with two different eyes going to be 4️⃣ months in 2️⃣ weeks. She is extremely energetic, loves belly rubs, and will give you endless smooches💋❣
Marvin is the most lovable and playful boy🐾 he loves to play fetch and often has the zoomies!
Our beautiful Wyatt is 13 weeks old. Is so lovable and smart. He knows how to unzipp his cage at 10 weeks. He is adorable when he lays on his back to sleep and belly rubs.
Loves beating up her big brother Zeus
Hi everyone! Malcolm came into my life a few days ago and has stolen my heart. He is a very laid back pup, but loves to play, explore his surroundings and get lots of kisses. Thanks for the love ❤️
Marsie Mars
Meet Miss Marsie Mars💗 She’s an 8 month old Siberian Husky and she is a bundle of energy & joy!! She LOVES peanut butter, to talk, her car rides and will always find the biggest stick to run with :) It would mean the world to us if we got your vote!!💗
Hi im Hazel and im a English Mastiff x Chocolate Lab and American Pitty Mix 🐾im 4months old and full of energy and love❤ i love my mom and dad and live in a big house that is full of love and affection ❤ vote for me🎀
Peyton is the sweetest most loving little thing! She loves to cuddle and absolutely loves sunbathing! He favorite food is chicken nuggets! She looks just like a baby deer and she has the cutest ears!! She well spoiled and most loved 🥰!
Hims a good boi
Milo is so full of life. He loves sniffing every pair of pants you put on, he’s a squeaky toy enthusiast and gets more excited about going for a walk than any dog I know. This boy is so smart and learns very quickly. He has grown so close to our hearts and brings a lot of joy to our little family. We hope to bring home a sister for him soon as well!
Cooper is a very spunky, energetic, and silly pup. He loves to cuddle but he definitely always keeps you entertained! 😂💛 He always loves his little brother and tries to act like he’s his dad. 😅
Hi I'm Rocky! I love being outside in the sun or riding in the car with mommy. Sometimes I still think I'm a lap dog and fall asleep in mommy's lap. Please vote for me. Me and Mommy could really use the votes. Thank you!
He loves everyone: people and other animals. He runs up to you and just happy to see or meet you. He is playful and have enough energy to make 3 new puppies.
Hi Im Buddy (also known as Bucky, Budrick..). I am a Lab/Bully/Australian Shepard Mix! My favorite activities include: going for walks, snoozing on the couch, and sun bathing. Help me get to #1 in PA.!
Steele loves to be outside! Loves to run, play with sticks and go for rides.
Diesel is named after a truck He is loved and wild and likes to have fun
Colt, aka Colt Bird, loves swimming, playing fetch, car rides, and chewing on sticks.