She’s the sweetest fiesty lil girl. She’s AKC registered crazy dna and an absolute joy to our family. She’s going on 8 weeks old and she’s smart learns quickly and she’s mommy’s baby and daddy’s little princess ❤️❤️
Addy is such a sweet little companion and a huge mama’s girl! She loves snuggling under the covers and giving kisses!
Henry was rescued at 8 weeks, he has thrived. He loves playing with his sister Ginger and eating chips.
Lilly is a very rambunctious, yet sweet, Maltese. We love to spoil her and she enjoys every minute of it. Lilly also enjoys walks, playing with her favorite stuffed toy and barking a hello to all who walk by our house. Thanks for your vote!!☀️💝☀️
Max Zeus
Max the pit is a full blooded beautiful female blue and white gotti she is amazing with people and other animals. Zeus is a full blooded border collie who always makes friends. He loves to herd and work hard.
King is so loving and playful. He loves walks, playing with other animals and great with kids. He loves his treats and does tricks such as sit, lay and give paw. He follows me everywhere and if he sleeping. And he is a good snuggle buddy and emotional support dog.
Puddles is a shipoo. Poodle and shitzu mix. He is extremely energetic, loves people and loves his other animal friends and loves to car ride
I love my chewier n my sisters❤️
🖤🌻🖤🌻My name is Lucille, but my owners call me Lucy or “Cille” for short. I’m 3 years old… I love playing with toys & other dogs. I’m not really good at meeting new people, but once I get to know you I am the sweetest baby. I love spending time with my human’s babies! 🖤🌻🖤🌻 Vote for us on Bidiboo (Rylee) & Kingpet (Lucy) 🥰
I love car rides!!
Halo is a gentle soul loves walks, belly rubs and his treats.
Cannoli is the GENTLE giant of dogs .He loves to lay out in the yard, cuddle with his human siblings and get belly rubs . He also likes to make sure nobody unfriendly creature or humans go near his family . Truly the best Fluffer
Lilly likes to play fetch, go for car rides, likes to smile, hangs out with my grandma next door, because she feeds her, sleeps underneath the blanket.
Paisley Ann
She is a spunky Boston terrier Chihuahua mix. She thinks she is a big dog. She is 3 lbs and full of love and kisses. She loves to play with her bones. She is almost 4 months Her favorite color is blue just like her dad. She loves kids as well. She likes to think she is big dog
Loves snackin n sun bathing
allie loves to eat apples ,walks in the park ,and her doggie ice cream
He's a lover boy that loves his treats and likes to play,he gets excited when i get home from work and he loves everyone
Mitzi Moo Moo
Mitzi Moo Moo is as sweet as can be. She's my best friend.
Morty is a sweet lovable boy who loves his family and will protect them at all costs. He loves his other dogs in the house so much as well! He love his Tennis ball and loves playing catch. Morty likes to run and play outside and roll around in the dirt. He enjoys taking naps on his “Place” bed. Morty is the very best boy!
She loves to go for walks and watch the squirrels play. She stands on her back legs and waves with her front paws. She has her own bedroom and queen size bed. She loves going to Dairy Queen to get grilled chicken patties. 😊
Woofy loves toys and most and foremost loves people!
Minnie is the sweetest little energetic puppy 💕 She’s a mini golden doodle but her all black fur makes her special 😊
Jett is the Coolest Little Guy Ever!!!!!
Luther Vandrools
Im sorry but my eldest dog isn't doing well. Ive decided to discontinue with the contest. I will vote for 9/20. Im sorry, please discontinue votes. I will return votes 9/20 thank you for your understanding
Sadie May
Sadie May is no "spring chicken" but she is a young girl at heart... She gets so happy she talks her language & runs around like shes in an arena... She's a love bug 💜
Conan is an almost 200 lb dog. He’s one of the sweetest most caring pups there is. He thinks he’s a lap dog. He protects his humans as his own. He loves babies and smaller pups. He’s full of energy and is a sleepy dog ❤️ He also has a brother named Thor that looks just like him 😊
Marley is a bundle of energy she seems to keep the zoomies running at top speed chasing her bestie her cat sibling Denis and will jump like a kangaroo onto high objects to reach hidden snacks a feat we still scratch our heads about we think she has gotten the hang of it from the cat .she is a true joy and causes our hearts to smile
Remi Jo
Remi Jo, A border Collie/Red Heller Pitt mix. She’s very outgoing, she loves her sticks, she LOVES THE RIVER. Her favorite human is my daughter who she protects at all cost. She knows sit, lay, paw/shake, stay, and talk. Please Vote For Remi Jo!
Gunner, a mini Aussie. He’s very spectacular of some things. He’s very out going. Hates water. Lives playing fetch. He’s learning sit and stay!
When this picture was taken we were so happy to find out she was gunna be ok, just a few days before this we thought we were going to lose her. She is the absolute sweetest and is such a fighter. We love her so much and thankful to have her in our lives.
She's an 8 year old Chihuahua, who loves to chase her fur sister around the house, and she loves treats
She's a 1 year old German Shepherd, she loves to play fetch and go for walks
Nina is a beautiful Red merle pure breed Australian Shepard. She is a farm puppy, she loves chasing horses and chickens, and is the biggest cuddle bug, loyal as can be. Her favorite is to cuddle with her sister and my daughter Nevaeh.
This is my boy. I adopted and trained him to be my service dog. He loves to play with all kind of toys and loves to give you kisses. He thinks that he is a lap dog. He is like my kid. I dont really know his background as to how and why he was droped off at a shelter. This is a very good boy and gets along with cats and is just a very loving dog. He is more of a human then most humans. He knows when your sad and upset and will try to make you feel better.
Hunter John
Loves to give kisses
Lucy is a ball of loving energy. Her current favorite items are remotes.
Zeus is a 2 year old German Shepherd mix. He loves to play ball. He loves to eat lots of snacks. He is loving and so kind. He gives hugs! Zeus is great with his commands and loves to shake and roll over. He was surrendered to a Dog training business and now is living his best life! Vote for Zeus 😃
Hyper happy dog 🐶
Merle poodle, she is a little livewire!!
Full of life and energy!!
cooper is a yorkie poo. very loving and protective over me, he is my absolute bestfriend and i couldn’t do life without him. no one has to vote it’s all for fun for me!! ❤️
Mia is a ray of sunshine, she will greet people with a hug! She deserves all the votes!
She’s my fur baby my joy in Life! She’s very sweet and loving! She mostly communicate with her eyes. Loves walks in the park.
He was named Scout because my son really wanted a dog and the only way I said yes is if he finished his Eagle Scout so he did. Now scout is loved by his family and is a really great fur baby
My names king! I love cuddles, tug of war, treats, and my humans!
Charlie is a spunky toddler that loves to do zoomies and play with his raccoon. He loves all squeaky toys and tormenting anyone he can get to play with him.
Chloe Mae
Chloe Mae is my sweet, loving, and hyper Pomsky! She is one years old but will be 2 December 26th! She has two older brothers (different breeds) and love to play with them and keep them on their toes. She loves to run very very fast and loves to swim and run in the water 🐾