Baby Stories - 30


Zoka is a sweet service dog. Loves to work and play with her human daddy.
Hi!! I’m Luna. I’m a 4 month old labrador. I absolutely LOVE to nap and go on walks with my family. Dinner time is probably my favorite time of day because I get to eat and my whole family is home. Please vote for me! <3
Willow is a beautiful, and small Yorkiepoo with a big personality! Weighing just 3.2 pounds at 8 weeks old she has already learned to climb stairs, and play with dogs almost 10 times her size! She is fearless, funny, and so so loving! Please vote for Willow!
Sambuca is a you poodle who born in Shangay and came to miami when he was 2 month
Ace is a very loving pup, he loves treats, absolutely loves cuddles and belly kisses, he loves playing with hair ties and his favorite stuffed animal called kitty ❤️
He likes to sneak a sip of my drink and he "wiggles" when he gets excited. He loves to give kisses.
Teddy has a HUGE personality in a tiny, 2 pound body. He thinks everyone is his best friend and loves to be around animals of all kinds (except Alpacas for some reason 🤷‍♀️)
Summer is an AMAZING girl. She loves to snuggle, play, swim and do just about anything life offers. She is always a happy upbeat pup who is ready to be at your side for the next adventure or even just to lay in bed with her humans. She has her humans well trained to give her lots of love and attention in exchange for the love she gives. She shines when her mom takes her to dog shows, and really just everywhere they go! She is the best companion!!!!
This guy is 67 pounds of love and affection, especially if you have food in your hands.
Ms. Honee is happy, very protective, loves to go anywhere as long as she can set on the console. I adopted Honee and she took it upon herself to be my service animal! I really think I’m her service animal!!
72lbs of cuddles. Big baby who is bossed around by a 7lb yorkie everyday.
Bossy, Sassy..a big dog in a 7lb body (who doesn’t know she’s a dog.
Hi my name is chewy. I was rescued at 4 yrs old and now am living the best life ever. I love playing at the beach and my all time favorite is watching my humans bbq, then I usually get to share what they make mmmm. I’m a huge foodie. Now that I’m 12yrs young I’m happy lounging on the couch watching people and cars go by.
Malaya is an amazing and smart husky puppy. She’s got an outstanding personality and always willing to learn new things. She loves to chase our cats and is more than happy sleeping on our bed. Absolutely loves all her daily walks and being active and playful at the dog park.
Willow is a energetic baby girl who loves to play but also loves to snuggle🐾🐶
Lyric Forester
Lyric is a persons dog. Where ever we are she follows. She is protective and loyal. Her favorite thing is to summersault and put her nose up against your face, her version of kisses.
Violet loves to cuddle and loves people. She is a super sweet dog and has such a kind/soft personality. She truly is a great puppy who is 6 months old. I think you should vote for Violet because she is cute and super photo generic and loves her picture to be taken even if she has to wear funny things. I also own horses so I tried to turn her into a cowgirl lol. Love her a lot 🥰
Rescue came from the streets of Arkansas. Roughly around 3 years old never had a home until this year.
Kylo is an f1b mini golden doodle almost 8 months and 25ish lbs he loves to go on walks, go on car rides, play, eat things he’s not suppose to, and chase anything that moves
Sky is a 4-month-old blue eyed sweetheart. Those puppy eyes get me all the time 💗
Lilly’s a touch of sassy and a whole lot of sweet! Loves her cuddles & morning walks too. A little poem to describe her L is for Lovable I Is for irresistible L is for lots of licks and kisses L is for lots of laughter given Y is for Y is she so cute!?! Her Instagram is @lillythemultipoo if you want to see more of her on a daily basis!
I’m sweet and love to cuddle! But I’m wild and love to have fun!
She loves to play with her toys! She’s loves to dance for her treats. Please vote for me.
Very smart pup. He's 3 and a half months old, loves to run and chew. Already has learned to; sit, lay down, and shake.. He's just perfect 🥰
Sadie is a 3 month old Shorkie. She loves to cuddle and makes friend every where she goes.
Zoey loves cuddling and fetching her red ball!
Max is a Newfoundland Border Collie mix and he is the best dog ever! We rescued him when he was just 10 weeks old and he is the smartest, sweetest best friend and family member. Everyone that meets him loves him. He's pictured here wearing a tie for his sister's (my daughter's) 13th birthday 🥰
Tank is the protector. Thinks he weighs 50 pounds when he barely weighs 10. He is a cuddle bug though and he has that one spot that he loves to have scratched.
Hydro is your best friend. Like your bff you can tell all your secrets to. He loves to nap. And would be really grateful for a cookie and a vote please.
Sa'raigh is a spunky puppy that luvz to ZOOMIE for hours
Part time comedian, Full time bulldog.
Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown is a sweet little girl who loves to be with you everywhere you go. She cries tears if you leave her alone. She's a sweetheart ❤️
a wild crazy looking fool who loves his sisters & dad, i like to bark & bark some more. catch me barking… always!
Mia is a sassy little sweetheart who loves nothing more than to be cradled in your arms cuddling up with her fur brother MJ
MJ is my little sidekick who never leaves my side. A true mommy’s boy at heart.
what’s it like in new york city
Loki is a funny, lovable cuddable playful pup who loves every dog he meets! He loves treats and will do all the tricks he knows for them. How can you resist this adorable face!
Ro is quite a special little guy... He actually picks up on everyones emotions and can change those if sad, into a happy smile.. Hes a ham and a super sweet boy. He loves to ride in my truck on the console where he can see the world as we travel.. He has the best manners and has brought me the most love while healing from lifes tragedies...Hes a total blessing and quite the looker when sporting his clothes.. Loves cute girls, kids, duck treats and traveling...Give us a vote, we appreciate you all..🐶
Diamond is a 8 year old, foster fail. She loves all things big and small. She's an ambassador for her breed, and loves to model in her spare time. Her giant ears and goofy smile capture your heart when you meet her. Please vote for us!
Oso anxious loves long walks no matter where, ear rubs and just being home with mom, sister, and his fur brodder, and cat siblings. He’s a big chicken but his bark is that of a titan. He’s the sweetest and most loving, but all on his terms.
Beast is a sweet very loved boy. I lost my youngest son February 2017, to rare Neurological disorder. Beast was 8 months old at that time. All I remember for next 6 months is my babyboy "Beast ", never left me ever. Bathroom couch bed he was right there. Still till this day same way. He has kissed my face with tears streaming like a flood diwn my face. I would appreciate your help in recognizing my Beast for his beauty inside and out. Thank you My doctor did help me register for a emotional support dog.
German shepherd mix shadow is a dog that loves to run play swim and laze around. She will hunt squirrels and she is also a hero blood donor trying to save other dogs.
She was found with two broken legs on a beach in Puerto Rico-she is the sweetest dog you’d love her.
Rider Rider Rider! He's is a mix of Lab and Buply Terrier. Hes is so fun and VERY energetic!! Love loves to chew on stuff. Loves fetch and hide n seek!
Temari is a high spirited dog who loves to steal her “big sister’s” toys and hide them. She will then go into the basement and squeak them until her big sister comes down and chases her. This can go on for hours as they run through the house.
Bear loves playing catch with his toys, and he loves to take long naps right after!
Cyrus is an American Eskimo/Keeshond mix. He loves sleeping and going to the farm with his momma.
I'm cutti boy