Piper loves everyone, she loves showing off her toys and shaking her tail while groaning like a Wookiee
I love to snuggle and I’m the most hyper pup you’ll meet, I love everyone and everything
Bailee Mae
Bailee will be back in OCTOBER. NEED AN ADVANCE? We are giving them. Bailee Mae is a rescue pup from a puppy mill. She is actually a Yorkie /Dachshaund mix. 8 yo Queen of the house. Thank you to everyone who has exchanged or advanced votes. You are greatly appreciated! Love, Bailee🐕‍🦺
Pooh Bear
Poohs a year and eight-month-old American Bulldog who loves to play with her toys, go for walks along the dirt roads and she especially loves her treats along with her love of being weird.
Mary Jane
I love to train with mom in hopes of becoming her helper at work!
Sunny loves getting her belly rubbed and playing tug-of-war
rex loves playing with his sister jada and playing with his toys he’s a very loyal and honest boy
Dante’s favorite things are his squeaky toys, treats, and digging holes. He is a pure bred good boy.
Hello!! My name is Bear. I am a Giant Schnauzer. I am the worst dog my parents have ever had, but I am so cute! I take up lots of space, eat a lot and give you no time alone! My mommy is my BFF and my daddy is pretty cool too. I have a human big sissy, but she scares me. I love to track mud in the house, eat out of the sink and mess up the bed. Please vote for me! My momma would be so happy!!
Apollo is a year and a couple months old, he was either born in the pound or was surrendered to the pound when he was just born, I have had him since October and I’m his 3rd owner ever. He loves to run cuddle and hug you. He has one blue eye and one brown eye! He always has a smile!
Droopy is a service dog he loves pulling me on the rollerblades . Loves the beach
Sweetest baby ever! Will always sleep with someone. Favorite toys are bones and tuggys. Loves belly rubs and for you to get her toy when she drops it off a bed or couch. Might be mistaken for a rabbit or horse as she hops and prances around. Will always try to play with a cat.
Buddy is a country dog Lab Pointer..he was dumped off 8 months ago and starving to death..he wouldnt let you pet him and was very afraid of he is healthy , happy and full of energy and loved. He is approximatly 1 year old
Lucy is a fun loving, snuggle bug. She loves to swim and play fetch.
Hi my name is winnie! I’m 11 months old I may be just a little spoiled 😂. My mom is my best friend I take her everywhere. She gives me belly rubs and lots of treats. She also takes me on car rides I LOVE car rides. I have lots of toys of my own but i would rather play with the cats toys. I like to think I’m a big dog and Heard all my cousins where they are supposed to go. I would rather be outside especially in the snow! My mom tells me to come in it’s to cold and I always talk back. I love snuggles with mom and playing with my favorite cousins peach and Alfie. I love all kinds of animals especially chickens 🐓 chickens are fun 😂
Jack loves to dig, play, and cuddle. He is only a year old and is super smart.
My name is piglet I am 6 weeks old I am a Chorkie I am very hyper love puppy food and love going to the dirt track and love cuddling
A born hunter who loves socks.
Frankie Marie
Our little Frankie Dankie is the princess in our house! We all have chapped lips and faces from all the kisses she gives us🥰🥰
luck is So sweet he likes to play outside and the backyard
Just a fun 5 month old that loves to play all day!!! I love my family, going on walks and recently discovered I love the lake 😊
Straight Sassi❤️. Sasha loves to play with babies. and pull you by ur pants leg🥹. I had her from one of my own litters! She’s the sweetest thing!
Mia is our sweet Labrador. She is so full of energy & so smart. She already knows how to sit on command. She loves to chew on things & hates being left alone. We adore her so much!
Zeus is a rescue. I rescued him almost 6 months ago. He's my baby boy and I love him so much. He's my shadow. I rescued him from the humane society here where they got him from a home where he was neglected. He loves going outside and going on walks. He loves following me around and walking beside me. He will use his paw to get your attention to rub his belly. He will sit when you tell him to. He loves when people visit here. He's just a big and lovable baby boy. He has made my life so much happier since he came into it.
Teddy is a cockapoo. I love to bark at myself in the mirror and running
Diesel motive is sleep, eat, repeat. I love playing in water.
Anabel is the baby, yet is the queen of our pug grumble. She's also the smartest and funniest of our 3 gals, with her antics, like a cute toddler! 😍
Pepper is the sweetest and most lovable of our pug grumble. She'll jump on your back to give you kisses 💋
Sweet lovable quiet loves to cuddle and enjoys going for rides i could do anything with her she will let me especially when im ready to take her pic i could dress her up shes very funny and fun but could be shy at times
I am Princess, and loves cuddles, car rides, and naps. I am the boss of my home. I am brave, and I'm not afraid of anything, except the vacuum cleaner!
Luna turned 3 months old May 8th. She's very smart and a people person. Loves to play, cuddle, and take naps. Also loves chasing leaves and grabbing sticks. Found her forever home with us.
My Babyboy is a Kooikerhondje, origin Netherlands. He's keeshond,kerry blue terrier from Holland. My doggie is original bred for hunting purposes. Hes two years old & he's very active & energetic. He loves sneakig off with your socks but also loves to play tug a war with you&your sock. But hide your shoes or else... Once he gets a hold of your shoe, he play fight with it, its very cute. He love playing catch with you with a tennis ball. And he also dances with me. Since Ive had him from a baby till now, Ive always carried him like a litle baby & put him 2sleep like that. I love my babyboy, he's my 🌎 & has my ❤.
I am a corgi from the great state of Texas! I like roadtrips, long walks, and lots of treats. I know how to give a high-five!
Another rescue that just was an amazing soldier
Dino is 9 weeks. He is so smart and loves his mama. (My 11 year old daughter) they are already the best of friends and I can’t wait to see their bond grow
Taz is the most amazing animal. He always is ther with a smile when i need it makes me laugh when im sad cleans my tears away loves me when im sick he is playful yet such a kind soul.He deserves to win .I beleive he is more human than most of us .
Jethro is an almost 2 year old Newfie/Great Pyrenees mix. He spends a lot of his time playing in the gym, while mom is coaching volleyball and basketball. He also likes to spend time at grandma’s house, protecting the horses and playing with his cousins. He is very snuggly and will drool all over.
Hello! My names Remi! I am 5 months old and I’m a labradoodle. My favorite things involve eating hot dogs, playing with my squeaky sheep, and snuggling with my mama❤️ Please vote for me! I woof you 🐶
Cooper is a fool blooded chocolate lab. He loved his cuddles with his dad. My fiancé was adopted and this has been his best friend through his adoption path. He’s a family dog. Nick name is big bear. Or meatball. He is a love at first sight kind of dog.
Bentley loves cuddles with his humans, short walks, and LOTS of treats! He is soaking up the love since he’s been brought home from the shelter recently!
KD is a 12 year old Aussie. She is shy but loves to play and cuddle.
Zoey likes to be with her mom and dad anywhere they go. She likes to go ice fishing and camping with them. Zoey is a huge mamas girl. She likes to go running with the four wheelers when mom and dad go riding. She’s a very happy girl. Zoey also likes hanging out with her doggy friends and her cat siblings.
I love to play ball, and cuddle my mom and my dad! I’m such a big people lover I always have to try and say hi to everyone.
Callie Rose
She’s a friendly loving puppy she loves being outside she loves other animals she loves playing around
She’s a 9 week old husky she’s a very loveable, smart. She loves her treats and she likes to give paw and sit and likes to talk to you
Hi!! My name is Finn I am 7 years old. I am part Brussels griffon mixed with shitzu. I love to run around the beach, snuggle up with my humans, and eat my favorite treats! Vote for me ☺️
Definitely a goofball. Socks and paper towel rolls are her favorite. Loves her mommy and daddy. She always has to be with us, if not she’ll cry for hours 😭. She’s my little stinky butt, and bumpkin. My first fur baby ♥️🐶🥹
My name is Ginger I'm 5 years I like to sleep under the covers with my mom n dad I love when they give me a lot loves n treats.