Hey guys! I’m a Goldendoodle that loves taking long walks with my human outdoors, eating lots of food, and pup cups. Everyday is an adventure and I document it on my instagram and TikTok: lifeofpretzel. Please vote for me if you think I deserve it. Thanks for stopping by!
Rocky is a loving, caring dog.He loves to be with the children.He cries every day when they have to go to school but when they come home and Is excited running around the whole house?And he loves to play in the yard loves to with sticks He wants you to throw the sticks to him.But he won't bring it back to you because he wants you to chase him.Around in the yard
Maxwell wonders if he’s been naughty or nice?
I'm Leo and I love, love, love when mom throws the ball and plays with me. I get treats often but only because I'm a really good boy. I love long walks and cuddling with everyone. I'm the center of attention and if you didn't know that, you do now! Vote for me!!
I’m an old man (almost 10 years old) i absolutely love being vocal and saying i love you to my mom and dad! i also love running at the dog park with my brother and sister😝
I’m a little princess who loves cuddling up to mom and dad, i love standing outside and smelling alllll the smells😊
Sweet Potato
I’m a little rescue dog who absolutely loves chewing on bones, bottles and mom and dad’s fingers! i am 33 weeks old and love going to the dog park🙈
Wanted to show everyone scout she means the world to me, I know she loves me cause whenever I come home she howls I love you and she smirks. She is my little princess.
I love my family! I love chasing my cat siblings! I love pouncing in the snow… I love to eat pinecones and sticks and cuddling is my favorite! I’m a super friendly and happy boy!
Mac is a pomapoo who loves to play. He is such a joy to have. Very energetic and love cuddles.
Kodaak loves fetch, going for walks and hikes and playing with his friends! He spends a lot of time with his good buddy Brutus, Mae, Dory and Archie. He is a rescue from Arkansas, and just a playful boy. He loves people, other animals and kids.
Rocky is 6mnths old loves his 10 year old kid loves to play and sleep he will.howl.with tou or when a train goes by
Loki is just a gorgeous boy who is intelligent, affectionate, bold while still showing the people loving caregiving personality Staff's are known for.
Teeter is a sweet and friendly and loving dog she loves walks and being outside.
He’s literally like a Sour Patch. A true Yorkie. Small in size but has a big personality. He loves to play in his room, car rides, walks , cuddles and belly rubs. But his absolute favorite is to play with Water Bottles.
Bossy Boy
We rescued Bossy Boy from an unhealthy environment. We just love him. He was taken from his mommy at weeks old and he thinks our Bernese mountain dog is his mommy and she accepts that. He’s very smart and knows sit,shake,down,and roll over at 4 months. Very proud of him for having such a tough start in life. Nothing but love for him!
Stella is a rescue dog. She’s a husky/shepherd mix. She loves playing with squeaky balls and eating peanut butter from her Kong. She’s very sweet and loving and wants everyone to give her attention. People always say her eyes are her most prominent feature.
This big girl loves to play tug of war. She would play 24-7 if she could! She rules the roost and is a sweetheart. She loves to be loved!
Stewie Metzgar
He’s a very smart loving guy he’s very respectful to his family and he listens o. Command
Page is a very inquisitive dog whenever feeling down she always there with love and kisses
Bailey is an energetic, water loving, goofball and a huge cuddle bug. Shes a rescue who refuses to let her past control her life and has finally learned that it’s okay to be a dog.
Maggie is a 15 year old princess that wants to be everyone’s friend. Despite her age she is still a pup who loves to have fun and go on hikes.
Charlie Siminoe
Charlie is a Chiweenie boy 💙 He's my best friend and i dont know what id do without him. He can do most tricks and if he knows you well he loves you.
Lil Feet
She is the most mellow, loving dog. She’s truly a best friend. Lil Feet is one of the greatest loves!
Samson Lee
Samson loves to play he’s a very lovable and he listen on command he’s a very Intelligent puppy he’s a AKC registered Shih Tzu his mom’s baby
He is well behaved loves to run and play very loving and caring….
Very loveable
He will be 1 years old on Monday. He love to play tug and watch tv. He is very smart, when we say ride he is ready, he runs to the door with his leash. Very sweet and playful.
She loves to play, talk to you, she gives tons of kisses and is the best cuddle bug
Bailey loves to cuddle, loves going for rides, and loves playing with her toys! Help us win! ❤️
Miika Mckinney
Miika is my bestest of friend he is always upbeat an always there to show us happiness, I want to give him recognition for his doggosness lol he is awesome!
Hi, My name is Teal! My family rescued me and has had me ever since. I am only a year and 5 months old but I love to play with other dogs, swim, get ducks, to play with my toys! I love my baby sister and I am a hand full and I know it!
He is 6 months old he loves to play a chase u around. He loves to kisses an he loves yo cuddle.
George Washington Thompson
George loves frolicking through the Forrest. He's 2 and half years old and loves pizza
Hank Williams
Best way to describe Hank is he's loved by the community, he gets loved on by almost everyone that walks by him. He is 7 years old and kind of a dert ta dert, but you will never meet a more loyal dog.
Rocky Sanchez
Rocky es un perrito muy juguetón le gusta q lo acaricien cuando le dises rocky siéntate y dame la mano lo ase es un amor mi rocky
Hes so sweet and calm. Luvvvvs belly rubs!
I love playing outside. Meeting new friends to play with. I love playing with kids. My favorite thing is my mama and trying to run between her legs. My favorite other 2 humans are my big sisters there 3 and 1 they love playing with me and throwing me my play snack and rope. I hope yall love me as much as my family does 💙
Ayla can be described as a goofy girl who loves any bit of attention.
Hurt Lovely
He's extremely smart loves to be spoiled and is good around children and everyone
Woof. My name is Birdie .. woof i am 5 years old and I am a Princess. Woof hehe just kidding kids. I am a Beagle.. woof i love to play outside. I love woof chhasing cats and squirrels but they always run from me. Woof i dont know why im cute and playful. Woof. I also like to sit in the recliner and watch out yhe window. As you see in my picture i also love sitting by my fireplace. Woof i love being warm and cozy woof i love to eat my bacon strips. Woof i love barking at people. I jisy wanna know if yku have any treats. Woof. Most of all i love being my mommys fut baby. ..
Little Apple
Little apple is a very energetic long-haired Chihuahua he's very cuddly very sweet little man
If "happy go lucky" was a dog, it would be Darla! Nothing gets her down and she loves everyone she meets.
Loves his dog biscuits ❤️very loving dog , so sweet
Dana is my soul dog. She's such a sweet Mama's girl and so eager to please. She loves her little sister so much. She's super smart and will do anything for a treat.
Zippy Zap Lawson
He loving smart caring cuddles plays and stays by my side completely devoted to me
Cash is a rescue from Mississippi. His interests include: protecting his mom from all living beings, being tucked in, car rides, running directly in front of my mom on our runs so that she trips.