Baby Stories - 3


Hi, Zuko here. I am a 7 month old Shiba Inu who loves going on walks and playing all day. I enjoy stealing my moms food and getting lots of treats from my grandparents. I know lots of tricks and am currently learning how to roll over.
I am a rescue and total mommas girl! I love the water!! And I love sticks!! I have my own Facebook (Aspen Puppers) and Instagram (aspenpuppers)
Hi! My name is Ruby, and I am an almost 2 year old beagle wire-haired terrier, coonhound mix. I am super friendly and playful, and a total love bug😍. My coolest trick is giving double pawed high fives!
Hi! My name is Archer, but I also answer to Archie! I am an 11 week old Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) & I love running around with my sister Cookie (Baglehound) and chasing around the pesky cat!
Maisley is a Texas born California raised English Springer Spaniel. She LOVES to learn new tricks and play fetch! Her favorite treat is apples 🥰
Lady May is one of the most cutest dogs! she loves to rough house, take walks, run after birds. she is definitely a clown but is the most amazing dog that we have had :)
Reba loves to cuddle and loves to lay in the sun with her humans
Kaneki is 1/4th Alaskan Husky and 3/4th Siberian Husky. He wiggles his way into an activity he wants to get into! He is a cuddler and such a sweetheart! ❤ Any winnings we ever earn would go towards future obidience training services we would like to get for him! Thank you.
Indy is a sweet and loyal girl to her family. She is 7 months old and has a sweet living personality. She loves running around playing with her brothers, chickens and ducks. She loves helping in the garden when we till up the dirt she's always there to help dig and move the dirt. She is an amazing member of our family and we love her so much.
I’m very smart and love my humans💙
Zaileya Rose
Zaileya loves to destroy squeak toys and loves to take long walks. Kisses are a must.
Zoey is a Papillon breed. It’s a French word for butterfly....when their ears are up they look like butterfly wings. 🦋❤️
Natty Girl
Natty is a 40 pound lap dog 🤣 she loves to cuddle, play and be the center of attention
Saige loves to chase squirrels and run around the yard, but she can sometimes be a couch potato too!
This little boy is 3 months old and weighs 3 lbs. He's a great little dog with a big personality. He loves my grandkids and rough housing with his brother and sister also rat terriers
Hi, I’m Peanut.. I love to sleep a lot, eat and play with my big sister, Chloe. My favorite treat is peanut butter 🥜
He his very loveable likes to cuddle .he my adorable furbavy.he likesvto take his walks and be out side
Angel is sweet, and is in training to be a service dog. She loves everyone and will die for her family. She likes bone marrow treats, and rubber balls.
Riggalees favorite pastime is destroying squeaky toys.. and playing in mud!!!
Mookie is a laid back all about rubs he is a big talker and knows 30 tricks very very smart fur fur baby every...
Mooni is a rescue she loves blueberries more than she loves me
June; sweet, caring, funny, playful, energetic, loving. June’s favorite thing to do would definitely be outside playing fetch! This young but fast girl is so quick on her feet! She loves being awarded by love or treats.
Cutest yet feistiest 5lb cocoa puff you’ve ever seen!
Im in my element,I’m bird watching right now
Angel Rose
Angel Rose is a 14 week old very beautiful rare blonde parti yorkshire terrier with tan markings I rescued from my breeder that likes to get dressed up & pose as you can see..She reminds me of a little white lamb..She loves to play & Is a typical puppy which means she's very active through out the day,takes frequent naps,& loves to chew on thing's..She loves all humans & dogs & cats alike & She is the sweetest as they come which is why you should vote for her!! ❣️❣️
Mocha loves chewing ice cubes, taking naps, and squeaking her doggy toys
Future’s favorite thing to do is eat lol. His nickname is chunky butt. He also loves going on walk on the trails by our house but he gets tired fast.
Shadow G
I like to wear my hat 'cause, 🎵"I'm too sexy for my hat' 🎵
Dexter the Doodle Dog is a Divo who loves playing in his waterfall, running the trails with his Doodle Dad and playing ball
This sweet, big-eared girl came to us homeless all the way from Montana🏔. One year later, she is the happiest, healthiest, and silliest girl! 🐶 We can’t imagine life without our adventures, the endless cuddles, and her playful heart 💜 She deserves the world 🌎 (& endless peanut butter treats!!)
Baxter came to me when he was six months old he'd been left in the house all day while these kids work two jobs so he was just craving attention. He is very protective and wants to eat anybody that comes to the front door. He jumps at the fence but he jumps straight up like he's on a pogo stick and doesn't know to go forward thank goodness.. He loves his brother Sammy the beagle and all the cats and Henry who won the cat competition last time he loved Baxter so much they slept together every night. When I was fostering kittens in my bathroom he sat vigil outside the door to guard them. He is not full blooded but a mix of something else.
He is my baby boy! He has hip dysphasia but that doesn’t stop him from acting like a puppy. He’s my cuddle bug and loves loving
Cooper is such a sweet, loving boy! He’s a Mama’s boy and he is always up for our next adventure! He loves his daily two-mile walks and going to the dog park to play! His personality is like no other! 🐾❤️🐾
Angelika Von Becker
I am 7mons and my mom thinks i am a little monster.. I love to play fetch and lay on mommy's lay.
Dixie Lynn
Dixie is our princess and she loves to be snuggled. She is a shepsky (german shepherd- husky) and has the most beautiful blue eyes! She loves her daddy more than anyone else and waits for him each night to give him kisses. Dixie had her first birthday in February and we through her a party!
Hiya! I'm Bear and I love meeting new people, can we have a play date soon?
Coaly is a Portuguese Water Dog! She loves playing with her family and snuggling. She is the best!
Miso is a bright, sweet, and sassy little girl. She loves to go on hikes and play in the snow. Her favorite treat is frozen cherries 🍒
Hi my name is Oakley! I am an aussiedoodle. I love riding on mom’s shoulders in the car, tummy rubs, and playing with my toys🐾
Finn loves to go on long walks. He is very protective of his family.
Brin is all most a 1 year old lab she lovble abd lovea belly rubs she loves her toys and ofcours her mommy
Bandit is a sweet little boy who love to play and run after his brother and sister he also likes to cuddle and stay between your legs he’s super clumsy and just a cute baby
Ember is a huge diva that loves dressing up and going to Starbucks