Stella is the most lovable dog, she loves all the attention on her, but the one thing she loves the most is a ball 🎾
Hazel loves to play with our chickens, she enjoys car rides and being in my bed, and she loves her toys!
Loves to play !
Oscar is a rescue! He’s 5 years old and loves to cuddle ♥️
I am ziggy,I love taking walks ,playing with my dog friends,sleeping with mommy and daddy and eating!!!
Bentley is my ten year old Harley riding service dog. He is the love ❤️ of my love and helps me with my diabetes!!
This is Reba she’s super sweet loves kids wants to lick and love everyone
Hello everyone, this is Blue. He’s a Dalmatian puppy who is unfortunately deaf. He loves to snuggle at night, in the early morning, and right after he’s done playing. But when he’s not napping he loves to play outside in the sun with sticks and leaves. Inside he loves to play with his chew toys and his cat best friend, Milo. Blue loves taking walks, and playing with other puppy pals.
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I love to be around my dad and aunt. I’m learning from them on what to do to get a snack.
I love to cuddle and play with my best friend preacher. I am 11 years old.
Nola is a Australian shepherd. She loves to play. She is deaf but she doesn’t let that stop her from anything!♥️
He’s a sweet dog who likes to play a lot and cuddle.
Louie loves car rides and stuffed animals. His favorite people are his mom and dad. Please vote for Louie!!!
This is Top Gun fighter Goose! He’s an F1B golden doodle! He loves to take pictures, snuggle, bunny hop in the grass and chew on his favorite monkey toy! Goose is asking for your votes because it would be PAWtastic! 🐾
Hi, I’m Nala! Little self, BIIIIG personality hehe. I like socks & treats… that I sometimes hide in socks 😍 my human gives me lotssss of kisses!!
Hello everyone this is sugar!! She is a blue nose pit, she loves to snuggle and play!! She loves kids also !!
Hi everyone my name is Luke and i am a rescue dog my human daddy (Glen) found me laying in his yard watching him work in his backyard one day he would talk to me but i didn't want him to touch me because i was scared of humans because the people that was my humans first was mean to me and didn't love me anymore so they dropped me off beside of the road and i found my way to my Daddy Glen So everyday my dad would come outside and and bring me stuff to eat i would not come to dad for a little while but daddy would still talk to me and leave me stuff to eat. And one day he sit down on the ground and was talking to me and he gave me some puppy bits to eat BUT i saw him with something in his hand that looked better than what he was feeding me and i watched him take a bit and i was thinking boy i wish i had some of that and GUESS WHAT!!!! My dad gave it to me and boy i was happy. Now I have a forever HOME with my Mommy and my Daddy and little Brother Chance..
Flora is my psychiatrist service dog When she came to my life from a shelter My life changed now my live is happier I didn’t save her she saved me We are a team and family
Finnley Grace
Finnley Grace is 5 1/2 months. She is sassy, smart, mischievous, and loves to chew on socks, drywall, and play with her BearBear. She loves her furbrother Hank-dog and fursister Peyton Manning.
Sunshine dog, always ready to brighten up your day :) Loves fetch and being outdoors!
Hi, I’m Fifi! I love spending time cuddling on the couch with my feline sister, Luna. I would do anything for a bite of beef jerky. I love being the center of attention! I also really enjoy traveling and have been to 10 states so far.
Luna has a big heart and loves her family . She can since when your not feeling good and will comfort you . Shes like a second mom . Full of life loves to play loves doing tricks for treats . She knows when its bed time and will tell ya its time for bed and cuddled up to ya all threw the night .
Meet my son Foe he is 9months ! He Is An Pitbull Massive ! Active, Cuddly, Very Spoiled ! He loves to play and meet new people ! he loves too talk back
dash/dashy will be 1 this sept! he loves; being outdoors, naps 💤, playing with other animals 🐾, cuddles, squeaky toys, taking up your spots on the couch 🛋️, & doggy ice cream 🍦 he is so sweet! he is very loved! we are so lucky to have dashy in our lives 🤍 🐾
Gunner Remington
Gunner Remington is the sheriff of the neighborhood! He will alter when a car drives down the road - fed ex / ups/usps arrives . If there is a new leaf on the ground or even when a bird or squirrel comes just to say hello ! He is a celebration gift after getting cleared as a survivor of cancer the first time ! After being diagnosed a second time with aggressive cancer he stayed by my side while recovering and resting. He pushed me to walk and get up even when I didn’t feel or think I could . Gunner is loving and cares deeply for us !! We play chase and on warm days we sit on our bench . I know exactly when it is time for bed and tell my humans it is time ! I hope to get a lot of votes !!
Mini is a puppy full of life. She is the runt of the littler with the biggest personality. She loves to get in her pillowcase and sleep
Phoenix loves to ride in his wagon with my.toddler grand kids,they take turnes pulling phoenix all around in the yard.
Bo Bo
She’s a loving little dog she loves everyone
Bennett is very intelligent he loves to play fetch play outside in the water and loves to take a bath his favorite place to sleep is on top of moms head when it’s time to go to bed!!
Roussi is very smart, she puts branches in the fire pit on her very own, without being told to.
Athena is a border collie, pit mix. She’s very energetic, loves playing with the kids, and being outside! She loves to cuddle and watch movies with us. She’s the most loving, caring dog I’ve met. 🤍
CANELA is such a good girl she is very stubborn sometimes and wants to do what she wants she loves treats loves going outside on walks with her brother and sister. She sleeps all night in her kennel which she loves❤️🐾
Luna De Paula
Luna currently lives in NYC-Brooklyn, she came from Texas, when I got her she was 1 month and 3 weeks, (the beautiful thing in Earth 🌍) she loves to play ball, well literally she loves to play anything. Luna is a very friendly dog, but also very protective. She also love teddy bears 🧸, i had to donate mines to her couples of times 🤣. One thing i can say is that she loves to go out, love car rides and love the water. She is soon making 3 years old and all i can say she is my world in form of 4 🐾
Amy Rose
I'm a spiritual puppy. I came into the world to flood it with love.
Tucker just loves people. Very friendly and laid back. Tucker loves car rides and his favorite dog park.
She is very playful and such a sweetheart. Loves to be cuddled. She is 5lbs of love.
Clifford is the sweetest puppy but the biggest troublemaker 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 he loves to play with his sister's also loves to fight with them he is the biggest cuddler and biggest cry baby 🐾❤️ he loves food and loves to go outside and play.
Bruce is a fat headed pitbull bully mix. so fully of energy and loves snuggles, drools everywhere and barks at stupid times.
Chloe is a very talkative dog she is the sweetest she loves her belly rubs loves to cuddle outside running is her favorite activity to do. She can be so stubborn sometimes 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 but she is a great dog 🐾❤️
Sawyer is a momas boy..loves his tennis balls ad gettig in his pool ! I love him so !
She’s very playful and friendly likes to do tricks love tummy rubs she’s just my baby
Little Dan
Little Dan is our first baby, bought for my husband's birthday by his daughter! Hes a mess,taught him to sit up for treats and hes taken it to heart! Will sit in same position for20 -30 minutes, however long it takes us to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner! So adorable, we have to give him bites!
Dexter is 2years old and wild as ever loves jumping around and “dancing” loves to snuggle and he just might eat every piece of furniture you own
Chewy is about 9 weeks old she’s wild and loves to chew! What puppy doesn’t she’s a German Shepard pit mix and not 100% on just how she will turn out
Muddy Girl
Muddy Girl is a Chocolate Dapple Mini, so full of energy! Absolutely loves her farm life, chasing ducks, chickens, and most of all her playmates Dan,and Buddy
Scrappy is pure hearted love. He loves to chew his toys, play his puzzle games, sleep and push me out of bed. He always has my back(my way back) lol. He protects our home while with is mighty bark and growl, but he is shaking and standing behind me shaking it is cutest and funniest thing you have ever seen. He is my best friend and is always chewing, running and playing with everything and of course me. He jumps on my chest to wake me up in morning to play and runs back and forth from our bed to wherever I am at night to tell me it is bedtime. He is my loving, playful and loyal fur baby
Can exchange votes daily hes the best