Baby Stories - 3


This jack russel mix is so smart...i dont have children but this is my baby...i love her so much...she loves to give high fives ..and she is just beautiful
Cobalt is a rescue puppy. Who in 2 weeks will be searching for his forever home! Please follow us on facebook at South Georgia Equine Rescue Inc to watch his journey!
This is cooper he is my every thing and my baby boy
Marley has a great personality. Shes funny and very smart. She’s lovable and likes to play. She plays well with other dogs. She loves her belly rubbed and lots of cuddles. She likes to run but really looks like she hops like a bunny rabbit. She will make your heart melt as soon as you meet her!
Scout is my girl goes every with me and is very loving
Kirby is a sweet old man that is very protective of his yard.
Myra has saved me when I was at my lowest, so she holds a special place in my heart. She is now in training to be a therapy dog. She is the sweetest and happiest girl I know!!
Bella Baby
My little gentle Giant
My Best Friend!
Raider Chincx
🔥👑™️Raider Chincx™️🔥🐾 The Identical Twin to Sis" 💞👑™️Prncess Sweetie™️ Litter of 11Healthy PittPups" 🌤™️Born July 11,2016" The Best Breed of Dog ♡ My First Am Staff "Damien" He Was my 18th Birthday Gift From Boyfriend ❤ Feb 21"1982 SO EXCITED♡My 1st Am Staff™️ 👣👱‍♀️❤🐾🐶 JOURNEY BEGINS Feb 21"1982💘 🍁Sept'20 2021 👍💘💋💘 🍁👻🍂🍊 Please LIKE👍 And SHARE 🌎👍>> for me this is my first chance in a competition so do as much as YOU can to HELP Now 🐶🙏🐾™️ WE will HELP you in Return 🙏 "♡THANK YOU♡™️ Good Luck 🍀
Charlotte is a border collie boxer, pit bull mix and she loves to cuddle sleep and eat at the table and always acts like puppy
Buddy is a rescue about 2 years old loves cuddling his blankie and is super friendly
Bubba is a rescue who is approx 2 years old. He is a good boy! Loves to give kisses!
Floki is 13 weeks old. He is a playful lil guy who loves his big brother and all the toys!
🐾❤️🐕‍🦺 Hank 🐾❤️🐕‍🦺 is a 4 year old Husky/Shepard mix who was one of our foster failures for Last Call K9’s rescue. He is my 1 yr old sons Best friend and has been through professional police training. He loves to accompany us on trail rides and do anything that keeps him active. He’s kind of the oddball in our pack of five as we have two Dobermans, two Great Danes (all rescues and foster failures!) and then you have Hanky. We are very lucky to have such an amazing dog for our family and especially our youngest son.
Rocky The Rockstar
Had him since he was a baby he is 14 now and still my world
Lobo is a six year old Siberian Husky who loves lettuce and green beans! His favorite plaything is daddy
Shes a diva her name fits her to a t she even back talks but shes also the bestfriend of a few boys who she loves being around.
Willow Rose
Willow rose. Loves tacos.riding the golf cart.going to the creek and getting rocks out of the water..
Fuzz is a 6 y.o. Daschund/Beagle mix. He was adopted at age froma local shelter. He loves chasing squirrels, stealing socks, and sunbathing.
Ava is a 4 month old Rottweiler puppy that loves enjoying the outdoors. She is is eager to learn and has brought much joy to all those she meets on her daily adventures.
Izzy loves going camping and getting dressed up to go shopping. She loves playing with her squeeker toys and being in dog pageants.
Colt is very playful, loves kid's, and loves to be center of attention.
Micco, Native American for Chief, was found on the side of the road on Memorial Day, half starved. He's been part of our family since 💙He loves to play with his brother, play fetch, chew on shoes 🙄 and sleep.
🐾Kane is a super loving, caring, sensitive, energetic dog. He loves his family and of course his mommy and daddy 💕. He loves to play fetch 🎾especially frisbee- He will play frisbee from sunrise to sunset, if he could! Kane loves to snuggle, eat treats 🦴 nap 💤&& give kisses 💋. He absolutely loves car rides 🚙- he’s always hanging out the window, with the wind blowing around his cute floppy ears 🐶 He’s always happy 😋and loves to play around with the kids. Kane knows how amazing and spoiled he is. He knows his mommy ALWAYS caves to that adorable face🐾
Myron a quite big boy loved to play with his kongs and indestructible jolly roger balls he’s a dutch belgian mix
Harriet loves the water and being outside.
Nipper was found almost dead, mangled by dogs and hit by a car. Everyone told me to put him down, i fought for Nipper and now he reminds me everyday why i fought so hard. Because he fought hard! Follow us on facebook. We are a 501c3 non profit and your votes gelp us save more dogs like Nipper. South Georgia Equine Rescue Inc
Sadie Bug
Sadie was found at 4 weeks, unable to walk on her own due to a Birth defect. She is finally big enough to wear her wheels and she couldnt be happier! We are a 501c3 non profit and your votes help us help more puppies like Sadie! Find us on Facebook and follow her journey! South Georgia Equine Rescue Inc
Hes a character, smart always getting himself into mischief too cute u just melt. Best part is @ night, he loves cuddle time.
Lilo has had a rough first 9 months of life. She has been really sick and could barely walk for almost 2 months. She is now on the mend!! She is a rescue and we love her to pieces!!!
She is the sweetheart loves to play with other dogs and our cats, go to restaurants, play catch and chase her tail
Rosie is a very energetic sweet dog. She is in training to be a therapy dog. She is my gold award project for girl scouts and my project is called, Retrieving a Smile. Rosie and I hope that one day we can go to nursing homes and visit elders with dementia. She also love flipping over on her back for belly rubs and showing off her beautiful smile.
Mojo was born on the Fourth of July 2021 which speaks wonders to his personality. He is definitely full of sparks! Keeping up with this little guy has been hard!
King Kye
We rescued Kye at 8 weeks old from someone who chopped his tail too short with a pair of scissors. Even though this dog had been through the worst hell, he had turned out to be the most amazing dog anyone could ask for. He’s very intelligent, to the point I think he understands everything I say. His personality is bubbly and playful but also the worlds biggest cuddle bug. His favorite thing to do is to pull squeakers out of toys and hold them in his mouth, without squeaking it 😝. He truly is like having another kid.
Loki is extremely playful, he loves nibbling on fingers and toes. He loves to meet new people! He loves his play toys and extremely loves his treats! He’s the sweetest puppy!
Sir Winston Ray Thomas
Winston is a young pup who absolutely loves his squeaky toys and his mama. His personality is as big as Texas. And he is extremely loving.. My sidekick at my boutique, he greets everyone who stops in and is already a big hit in our small town..
Ralphie Boy
Ralphie boy aka ralphie for short is fun and 5 weeks old who loves to play in flowers and cute on feet and CROCS 🤣😂🌈
Sweet girl with a ton of personality! She loves to run and play with the cows, lambs, chickens and donkey. Her beautiful blue eyes get her pretty much whatever her heart desires!
Chloe is a love able teddy! She’s always wanting to give hisses , hugs, and plays with toys as well as with you😊
Tyson was such a lover and he was a huge part of our family. We recently just had to put him to sleep because of congestive heart failure! He melted the hearts of anyone who got to meet him. He was so playful and so full of life.
He is a funny dog who likes to do somersaults!
Baby has allot of energy. She is also very loving and lives for attention.
Jessy is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is a kind gentle soul.
Domingo is such a lover. He is for sure a mamas boy. He loves playing with his siblings. But as soon as he sees his Mama off he goes being he shadow.
Lluvya is the definition of Chihuahua. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to show it. She is also the sweetest to those who know her.
He is such a tender soul. He loves counting laps as well as groom his bother Domingo.