Baby Stories - 29


Ezekiel isn't the most forthcoming with his affection, but the occasions where he decides to get super affectionate mean just so much more. He's a sweet pup with a troubled past, unfortunately the shelter didn't have much information on him, but like any husky he will be over the top dramatic when he doesn't like something.
Nala is without a doubt the most loyal dog. She can be a big goof and just run around the house playing with her toys all by herself, or the biggest cuddler refusing to leave your side. She's a bit shy at first but once she's warmed up to you you'll have a friend for life. I really couldn't ask for a better companion.
Full of energy and love attention ❤️
She loved everyone she met, she loved cuddling she was my little follower but that’s why I loved her, she was the best hunting partner and my best friend. She helped me through so much as a little girl and as I grew up. She recently had to be put down because she had a very rough night the night before. I am having her cremated so she will always be with me and she will always be in her favorite spot in my room. She was the best dog I’ve ever had.
Bear loves camping, chasing bugs and flattening boxes. He loves kids, squirrels and long walks at the lake!
Kisland (black) kahari(white&black) keela (brown&black) these 3 Bestfriends are big teddy bears 🧸 and love to play and chase eachother through the house with joy, snoring 💤 at bed time and snuggling close
This sweet baby loves to cuddle, loves her momma and her treats❤️ you won't let you breath sometimes with all of her licks and her little legs always need a break so she wants to be held ❤️ Shes super protective and let's the world know when Shes made her arrival with her cute calm bark
Teddy says hi! He loves people especially children, he loves running, chasing his own tail & he recently learned that good behavior will be rewarded in treats!
Loki is my world, my baby. He loves to play. Loves car rides. Is very attached and protective of his momma. He loves to play with other dogs. Loves his fruits and veggis. He is my rescue i took him in 2018 best choice ever
Colby Jack
Hello All my name is Colby Jack ...Yes like the cheese.. I am 2 years old love walks Playing (destroying) my toys and a bunch of Treats... I am a very playful dog and would love for all the votes.. If I still appreciate being a part of the Journey... Thank you Woof 2 times... Colby Jack
Rook is a pittie mix who is full of energy. She loves to play with her ball and taking a bath every chance she gets. She has stolen the hearts of so many, and hopes to steal yours too!💗
Touka is named after the main female character in Tokyo Ghoul. It's one of my favorite anime shows. Touka is the sweetest, most caring pup. I was so lucky when my Mom rescued her and thought she would be perfect for me. She is ALWAYS there to lick my tears when I'm sad (or happy). She just loves EVERYONE and LOVES giving kisses and cuddles! I couldn't imagine my life without her. She is very tiny. I've always wanted a permanent puppy and somehow, I got her and so much more. :)
Please vote for our spunky, sassy, loving, chocolate girl. She is a bundle of love, and loves everyone 💕
"Ferd" as we call her is the boss of everyone! She also(at 12 lbs) thinks she's a cow dog. She loves her family with all she has to give! She was supposed to be around 20 lbs but as you can tell she is not.
Croissant is the cutest little 3lb English cream dachshund. He loves food, cuddles and his mommy. Napping on his back and going to new restaurants are his favorite hobbies.
My name is bacon. I was just adopted about a month ago. I have two brothers their names are lettuce and tomato. My favorite things to do are sleep and play with my chipmunk.
He loves to cuddle, and is very curious about the world! He love to play with his sister Lena as well as eat everything in sight!
Hi my name is Luna and I have the prettiest and kind eyes you’ll ever see. Im a registered emotional support dog. I love to make my human happy 😊
Diana Ross
Diana Ross is a Cockapoo who loves everyone!
This crazy girl has full of energy and will keep you busy through out the day. Rosé loves hugs. She is an awesome guard dog💕 Her favorite toy at the moment is a stuffed hedge hog!
He's a great travel companion and emotional support!! He keeps me sane!!
Layla is 15 weeks loves her BFF Tubby the cat and her zoomies are out of control
Luna loves to play but has lots of anxiety. Dressing pretty makes her happy
Kira is a released guide dog who was recently adopted. She is so gentle that a butterfly landed on her and she didn’t move.
Zoey LOVES playing fetch and going on long walks and can’t forget about water, It’s impossible trying to get her out!! She is an absolute sweetheart. She loves attention 💗
Willow is a chihuahua mix she loves sitting on outside chairs and stealing napkins. She is a ball of energy but loves to cuddle and lay under the blankets! ❤️
Coco is a German short haired pointer mix. She was rescued from a shelter and she is the sweetest puppy ever! She is full of energy and loves to play with squeaky toys. She loves the outdoors and is always ready for an adventure. This girl loves to run as she plays and she is the fastest dog I ever seen! Coco is super smart and very loyal. I am lucky to find such an amazing buddy to always be by my side!
Lilly Rose
Lilly is the most lovable dog. She loves kids but she gets a little too excited. When its just me and her she just loves to cuddle up. She likes to play ball and tug. She wouldnt hurt a soul.
I love playing in the river and playing with my sister Lola, a German Shepherd/Husky. I also love chewing on sticks, grass, shoes, or anything that gets in my way. I love being outside running freely because I tend to get the zoomies a lot! I’m the sweetest dog and i’m obsessed with my baby brother Easton. If cuddles are involved i’m excited!
Osito is a very loveable and curious six month puppy. He loves all people and dogs. He enjoys playing catch and tag. He spends his time chewing and playing with toys. He loves toys and gets super excited when it comes to a new one. He likes wearing clothes, believes it makes him more handsome. Osito is learning right and wrong when it comes to chewing on things. He has the bad habit of chewing on wood. Osito enjoys cuddling and always wants to know what you're up to at all times. Specially when it comes to food. You will feel him leak your hands to make sure there is definitely no food there. Osito is very energetic and friendly. He knows how to sit, stay, lay down, and shake your hand. He will do it all if you have a treat in return. Osito is just a happy playful dog.
Hulk is a pitbull/mastiff mix he is 3 months old and full of energy he loves to play with his toys and most of all he loves to chew on everything and anything.
Mabel is a catahoula leopard dog rescue pup who’s best trick is playing dead when say “bang”!
Ozzie is a fun loving fluffy boy who loves food and his family more than anything! His hobbies include stealing food and hearts 😉 and he would prefer to sleep outside in the snow if we would let him!
Shadow is a sweet girl that loves attention. Her favorite things are walks, playing catch, camping and laying on her family.
Hi! This is Smokey he has your typical husky attitude and he loves to talk. As long as you have a ball or a treat you can be his best friend!
Flako is a sweet boy who loves nothing more than playing fetch. When no one plays with him he will sit and stare at it until someone notices. He’s nothing more than a sweet big baby❤️
I am a German Shepherd/Husky mix who loves long walks, eating snacks, snuggling and being dramatic 😇
Hi guys my name is Grams and i am 4 months old and im from Los Angeles California. Im super friendly i love everyone! I love toes and socks ! I also love sleeping cuddling and eating what I do best ! I love playing outside and swimming. I sometimes like to give my mommy a hard time 🤣 Vote for me pleasee ill love you forever !
Hi! My name is Ranger. My favorite activity is playing outside with my ball. I always have to have my ball!
Hi I’m Bucky! I love to kayak, hike, and go on adventures with my mom. Ice cream and peanut butter are my favorite things, and I just started an Instagram page so you can come along on all of my adventures too! Vote for me and I hope I get to meet you soon!
Gizmo loves everyone! Very playful and loves bully sticks. He also enjoys nap time.
Benny is a Boston Terrier who loves to snuggle, fetch plushies, and go on boat rides! His adorable snorts, big eyes, and tall ears perfectly match his bubbly and sweet personality. To Benny, there’s nothing better than spending time with his family!
Bailey is a sassy-sweet Shih Tzu from New Jersey living in North Carolina! Her favorite hobbies are traveling, hiking, yoga and sticking her tongue out 😝 Follow me @baileytheboobear
SUPER SWEET BUT ALSO EVIL !!! I love to rip up anything insight…I also like to give hugs and kisses and cuddling is my favorite activity!
Loves napping and finding new sticks in the backyard. Her ears go for a swim whenever she drinks water. Loves her cat nephew and has an Instagram @Pennytheirishpup