Baby Stories - 29


Fat Boy
Fat boy is a mommas baby! He loves going anywhere and every where with his momma. He loves his Daddy and his back scratches and belly rubs!! He absolutely loves his squeaky toys and his sisters…. Even tho he annoys them to death licking them. He isn’t afraid of anyone and will give anyone he sees sugars! He is the best at giving lovies!
I am a Golden doodle chow, and I love my family and playing with stuffed animals!! My real name is Frozone like the super hero! But my family likes calling me "Fro Fro the Chow Chow"
She’s an Aussiedor and full of fun with enough energy to keep a small town lit up at night. Super smart with so much personality. She even does this Chewbacca yawn while stretching every morning… Always up for the daily adventures with lots of love to share
Popcorn is loving dog, very friendly he and my cat are bbf there inseparable
Theo is the sweetest, most courageous dog. He only has three legs and takes life head-on. Lovable and goofy, he also LOVES cheeseburgers more than most anything in the world.
Hi i'm Kiwi, i'm gonna tell you a little bit about me! I can be sweet and sour like the sauce! I don't like strangers and bark a lot to alert my family that someone or something is around. I also know the trick shake paw and high five! I like to throw my ball toys up into the air for fun, I love to go for walks, and I also love to show love to our other family dog Elvis by licking him affectionately. In the summer I love to jump into my small mini pool to cool off, I can be a little bit grumpy. I am a senior dog but I still play a whole lot like a puppy! And even though I can't see that good I still use my other senses great enough to know when people and other animals are around! My dislikes are: Cats, Baths (even though I like water) the dog park, (I am anti social with other dogs, which is why the dog park didn't work out) getting groomed, and thats about it. I am very very very brave and strong because even through tough times I always get through it strong! I am also on youtube! I prefer the videos much rather than the photoshoots, because I have trouble staying still sometimes. Please be sure to check me out there at: The Adorable Duo. I also love to eat! I love it so much that sometimes I don't know how, but Elvis's food ends up in my own tummy! You all helped me get my very first certificate in pageant dog ever!! Please continue to vote for me whenever you can and also you can see Elvis here to! Thank you, Bye!
Hello my name is Maxx i am 2 years old i love to play and cuddle i also love long car rides and enjoy playing with kids i am a bundel of joy💚
Maggie Mae
Maggie is my 5lb chihuahua. She is a real little sweetie She very timid and shy but she is a cuddles and a sweet sweet little delicate dog. She is very spoiled and loves bacon
Lucy Lou
Lucy Lou is a funny loving caring bestie We go everywhee together She has a cute and unique bark Love her wrinkly butt when on 2 legs Loves fetch and her baby a lil spotted cat She sleeps me every nite and sings with me on radio
just a little puppy growing by the day <3 He has so much energy and loves to play with sqeaky toys and balls! His favorite thing is to go on walks to starbucks for a puppachino!
A man’s best friend and the most faithful animal, a dog. We got him when he was a little baby and have watched him grow into a beautiful dog. All my family members love him with all their heart. We love his silly antics and cannot imagine our lives without him. We named him Marshall
Demi is my friendly 1 year old Yorkshire terrier. 💕She’s a world of fun and literally the nicest puppy you’ll ever meet. She loves to kiss and cuddle and is there whenever you need her. Soooo easily trained, my big girl is the BEST yorkie a dog mom could ever ask for.🥰🤞🏽VOTE DEMI 🗣😘thanks in advance.
Decorating with a German shepherd
Gabe is just the happiest American Eskimo who sure loves his belly rubs 🥰
Gotti got his name because we were watching Mr. John Gotti documentary! His name really suits him: he is a real gangster, only does what he wants and eats what he wants! Very protective of his Famiglia! The whole neighborhood knows: don’t mess with Mr. Gotti
Bella is 9 years old! She is a mix breed. Me and my mom seen her and her sister for sale in a bad area so we both decided to take them in because we didn’t want them to get hurt💖
Hank is a southern boy that loves protecting our chickens and riding on the golf cart.
Meet Buckley! He’s a blue Merle cocker spaniel and he loves the outdoors. He loves to spend his time at the dog park, playing with goats, playing ball or getting attention from kids or adults.
N.J is a 6 month old long coat black and red German Shepherd ! With an Amazing temperament !
Nina is amazing black and red German shepherd ! Smart and loyal ! She will be 2 next month !
Slick loves to go for rides, chew old shoes and lick you until you laugh. He loves kids, he loves playing, and he loves his mom and dad. Such a good boy!
Luna is 3 years old, she is the sweetest baby you’ll ever meet. She is also a big sister to her baby brother they are like two peas in a pod.
💥🚨PLEASE LIKE MY PAGE 🚨💥Luna is a lovable puppy who loves her mommy and sister. She is like my daughter. She thinks she is a human. She likes to walk around free outside.
Hi I’m Mosess I’m a St. Bernard puppy I can be crazy sometimes but I also love to sleep! I love the water and my chew toys!
Cleo at only 13 weeks is showing a true protector of her human mama, by sitting infront of my feet when we are outside or standing directly between my legs. She loves my pit Coco and loves to be around kids.
Sadie is 12 years old and the love of my life, she loves getting dressed up and playing with her babies (especially her moose) she is energetic and a little diva at times but always loves her momma.
Piper is a 3 year old Australian shepherd, Australian cattle dog mix. She likes to play in the water, hang with her tiny humans, and go for hikes. Vote for Piper to help her win and make her tiny humans super happy!!
I’m buck I love water and baths and sleeping i love cuddling up with my owners and love playing outside and going on walks....
Hi I’m Zoe, I’m a crazy little pup if energy I love playing chasing and running...
Trump is very protective. He is cuddly with Mom & Dad, and he's very territorial. He loves to walk the park and will carry his Slim Jim home from the store with his mouth; too cute. He is all muscle with a touch of Dachshund and Red- nosed Pitt.
She loves to cuddle
The goodest girl.
Vincenzo is a Yorkiepoo. He likes to play fight with other pups at the dog park. He wants to meet everyone and loves birds.
Leo was born in the sign of Leo and being half shihtzu that translates as “little lion”. I love his yawn and his kisses. His hair is curly and cute and I am so grateful to be his fur mom. Money earned from the contest will keep go towards Leo's vet visit and toys. ❤️ Thank you 🙏 Leo is as 4 month bundle of joy. His energy and heart caught my eye at the store. My life has forever been changed for good. He loves everyone he meets. He reminds me to go with the flow and to find the joy in life no matter how small the moment may be. Vote for Leo!
Diego is a loyal friend that loves cuddles and playing ball. He’s a sweet boy that loves his family
Jade loves to play in the leaves. She loves to snuggle. Always has to have a bone and loves larger dogs. Be careful she will lick your face and feet lol. She is a Brindle and Blue Bully Pit mix. Very playful I am one blessed dog mom.🥰
We found Phoenix in our family’s field and knew he had to come home with us! He has been our perfect addition, and doesn’t ever meet a stranger. He will lick your face off and always wants to play!
I look scary people say but I'm harmless and my bark is worse than my bite. I'm 13 and missing some toofs🙂 But I always have this big smile/grin for my mom and dad. Please vote for me and my brother (Jax) and baby sister (Maise-Grace)
Cammie is the absolute cutest☺️
#maisegracegrin #holyterror
Maxwell is a 9 year old loving and protective boy. He love to sun bathe and play ball
She loves to cuddle, give kisses and go camping. She is a special needs rescue