Baby Stories - 29


GG is a very loving dog! He loves me and my boyfriend so much he follows us around everywhere we go! Sleeps right up n the bed between us! He is obsessed with chasing any kinda flashlight/laser pointer(just like a cat) its hilarious! He loves going to the dog park, and doggie daycare to be able to play with other dog's! Ive also registered him as an ESA Pet(Emotional Support Animal). Thats how attached he is to us, and us to him! We love being able to take him anywhere we go! Overall, he's the most lovably, happy, big teddy bear of a dog ive ever seen in my life!!
Very smart and loves to play. She’s so spoiled.
Einstein is an adorable sweetheart who loves to rest his head on your lap and does tricks for anyone without a treat! He definitely likes his alone time and to chill on couch by his self, just don’t leave the house or you’ll have to deal with so much excitement like he hasn’t seen you in awhile!
Such a fun happy pup who loves cookies and all the cuddles
Salvador is the full of energy and personality. He will play with you at anytime. He loves to meet new people, especially kids. He is only 3.5 pounds and he can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Salvador even goes to see elderly & handicap people for visits to bring smiles to them. He’s not a barker so he tends to just stare to get his way. He doesn’t like to have his bed and toys washed so he will stand on the laundry hamper to try and stop the laundry from being done.
Delilah has the biggest brown eyes that are hard to say no to. She loves belly rubs so much that she will randomly just lay there for you to rub her belly. She does this even on walks. She lives to play. She is a snuggle bug and wants to be held all the time. Her favorite is to be held like a child holds a stuffed animal at bed time to go to sleep. She likes to give kisses and she is always trying to make someone happy.
Patron is an English bulldog the runt of the liter but the best dog he can be. His personality is amazing and he loves everyone he comes in contact with and everyone loves him. People can't help but take pictures of him because he is so cute. We love him so much and I think anybody body would look at that face
Ok made this by accident..but anyway Jupiter is a 1yo husky and a helper for anxiety and other mental illnesses! Tiktok is @jupiter.the.husky also go vote for Bear not me!!
She loved walks she will pull wagons and sleads she is the best
Buddy is 14 he was adopted at 5 months and we have no clue what his real bday is but he is such a playful dog but mostly lazy.
Ziggy is the most loyal and sweetest boy out there. He would follow me to the end of the Earth.
She loves her toys and cuddles!
Bear is a psychiatric and medical alert service dog! He loves to play and cuddle! he has such a personality!
Hello I am 4 years old and my dad became my dad after his motorcycle accident, I was Destin to protect him and keep him safe while he was healing.I love zoomies and it makes my mom laugh. I think it is fun to chase my tail until I give up chasing it and I also love to play with my dog brother.
Hi my name is Hazel! I am a spunky little pug. I like to eat and get the zoomies!!! I also love to cuddle, go on walks, play with toys, and of course eat again.
Hello, I am a Rottweiler/Chihuahua mix. Weird I know. I love my momma very much and she would be so happy if I won this pageant. & I would give her all the kisses if I win.
Pibis is a Lynx point siamese cat. We got him in October, and he was pretty much scared when we got him. Now he is 2 years old. He loves to snuggle, but he is a little vicious. He likes to sleep in a basket, likes rubbing his face on your clothes, and likes his bee toy. He hates his mouse toy, he also hates guests. He will hide under the bed until the people leave.
Trixie is a 1 year old Mini Australian Shepherd. She loves playing with her new sister, sticking her head out the car window and being around everyone. She’s had a tough first year, she went into acute kidney failure a month before her first birthday. We weren’t sure if she was going to make it but she fought so hard and now she’s doing amazing!
Zero is a very special dog.he He sweetheart loves to play in the snow and with his tennis balls. Loves his car rides and always has a smile on his face.
Gizmo, recently passed away and he was my best friend. He never believed me when he had fresh water, he would have to see it with his eyes, if he didn’t then he would bark angrily until I poured again. He always told me it was bedtime, and had to be my snuggle buddy
Romeo is a small breed yorkie pug mix. He's sweet & playful lap dog who loves to cuddle and chase his tail.
Raiden loves sleeping, cuddling & playing with his toys! He’s the biggest sweetheart & gives nothing but kisses & love !
Luna is a 3 month Blue Heeler/ Boxer mixed. She loves to play, she’s loving and full of personality.
She is playful and funny. We just got her a few weeks ago. She is fluffy and soft. She is very small and sweet she is a shih tzu yorkie poodle mix and she is a cute puppy! She is 12 weeks old please vote! She also has a YouTube channel called “Chloe the Shorkie poo” please go check it out and subscribe!!!
Hes adorable very cuddly playfull and love to lay around
Khloé Nicole Mendez
She loves to dance when I come home
This little handsome guy is name Kobe , He is a tea cup yorkie! He loves to play with his toys and loves cuddles !!!
Diamond is a 2 year old pitbull rottweiler mix. Constantly full of energy! Loves hiding her bones in the couch. She’s very friendly and always loves to meet new people! She likes to sit in the window and watch the kids in the neighborhood play and definitely loves to harass the squirrels that run by in the morning ❤️
Otis is a rescue we’ve had since he was 12 weeks old, we were told he was a lab/hound mix but now that he’s gotten older we think he may have some pit in him! He’s so sweet, loyal and protective over his family! He loves begging for food and annoying his dog/cat siblings!
Heinz namesake is from the ketchup of 57 different flavors because like the ketchup he to is 57 diffrent flavors of dog! A wonderful concoction of breeds! A long boi! My best bud and such a handsome doggo! he loves his red ball and showing off his fancy bandanas. He likes giving people his paws for kisses and gets excited at the word "snack"
Riley is a hard working service dog and she’s getting ready to retire!
Hello! my name is Tugboat, my momma called me a big dork! my favorite thing is chew on is socks!! i’m lovin the puppy life! vote me so mom can get more socks!!
Loki is training to be a service dog so that he can help protect his new mommy!
Trixie my new baby I’ve had her since she was six weeks old, She is so smart she is already wee wee pad trained plays fetch doesn’t chew (yet)any of my things she’s such a sweet girl she can lay on your lap and get rub down for hours she loves to lick your face and chew on your ears she’s brought me so much joy I don’t have any children but she’s like my little baby
Samson is awkward af. He is challenged by the fusion of his jaw bones. He is also orthopedically mishapen. It makes for his personality to really pop, loo
This is her 1 st litter an she’ 💕 Love s cats & cat food 🤗& we love Luna 🎈💕
Benny is a total goof ball! He’s always doing something to make us laugh!
the happiest dog ever !
I am a rambunctious little guy! I love cuddling with mommy and playing with daddy! I love the outside and getting into whatever I can find.
Midnight is just lovable and playful She loves the attention shes friendly with everyone, & every dog she meets
Seger is the sweetwst beagle. He loves to go for walks and play with his older brother Heinz. He is a tough little guy. Even though he is a beagle, he cant howl, although he tries.
Heinz loves to go for walks, go for car rides, and play keep the ball away from his human. He loves to be with his mommy and daddy and do whatever they are doing. He is very intelligent and loyal.
Bella is very playful and full of life. She loves to cuddle both her fur parents, and is very smart.
Gucci is my little Prince 👑 Charming. He’s very hyper and fun to be around. With a beautiful smile and amazing personality. He especially love his cookies.
My coco loves to play with her toys!!! Her favorite thing to do is sleep in my blanket❤️
Toby is a fun energetic puppy who loves kids and having his belly rubbed !!!