Ditzy loves everyone, and gets her name honest! She’s a little ditz, and makes me laugh everyday!
I am a mama’s boy who loves long walks, playing catch, and a daily bone.
Adonis is a beautiful goofy boy who loves to make you laugh. His favorite thing is cuddles, going on runs, fetch, and a good game of hide and go seek with the kids. He's a lover not a fighter even though he is named Adonis from the movie Creed.
Luka is a German Shepherd/Husky mix. He loves walks and playing in water.
Lilly is a 4 month old pit bull who is a ball of energy! she loves her toys and being dressed up! she loves cuddles and my favorite part is that she sleeps with a pillow and blanket like humans do!
She is my most wild child! She is super feisty and loooves to talk back! She’s loud and in charge!!
Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton is beautifully sweet, but as high maintenance as a basset hound can be. She is an air condition loving, dog park going, daddy's girl. She both babysitts her baby brother and steals his toys. Her favorite activity is going anywhere in the car, particularly HomeDepot (the orange place, as she calls it) and getting dog treats. She also enjoys guilt tripping her mommy into giving her her favorite food: any food.
Ellie loves to be silly. She is a fun loving pup with a big personality. She love to run in the backyard and chase squirrels and chipmunks.
Ryder Mapps
I love Ryder because he brings me joy and somehow knows how to help ease the pain and put a smile on my face . He’s a very upbeat always happy dog and greets you at the door with so much energy like it’s his first time meeting you! He loves people he loves rolling in the grass he loves to jump from couch to couch and he loves to cuddle ! He likes chasing you through the house, playing fetch and he loves the smell of flowers he also loves to do tricks ! He would be a great candidate and you wouldn’t be wasting a vote !
Tinker likes playing with tennis balls, sleeping with me and my boyfriend. She also likes to lick you in your nose when she gets excited.
Bear is sweetest most loving doggie that I’ve ever known. He is extremely loyal and loves his mama unconditionally 🙂 Bear does his best to be the protector of the house despite his small size. He loves to cuddle and play with his stuffed animals and balls. Bear likes his pupperoni treats and his doggie ice cream cups. His nicknames are Bearsky & pupster ❤️ Bear has an awesome warm and loving personality & owns his mamas heart!
Straight out of the tub:) We traveled through 3 Arizona fires to get to him, and he was absolutely worth every mile! Such a love bug!❣️
Maverick is a young pupper who loves to wave at people.
This rowdy bucktooth sheriff has won the hearts of many❤️
Nellie loves chewing on her big sister Belle’s ears. She loves to chase rabbits(even though she only has 3 legs, she can fly!) and attack everybody’s pants leg. She’s the best snuggle buddy ever!
Harmony is a beautiful 8 week female Border Collie!💕 She loves chasing her older brother Tender around the back yard and absolutely loves ❤ belly rubs! Please vote for her so that i can spoil her with puppy🐶 treats🦴!
Jolene is another one of my fluffy butts, that loves to grab at her sister, Dolly, ears and tackle her when they play! She loves going outside and just sun bathe, but she also will not waste anytime jumping up to cuddle you on the couch or give you a bunch of kisses.❤️
Harley is the sweetest little ball of fluff around! She enjoys puppy bones and playing outside in the yard!
Dolly is now 3 years old! She LOVES to go outside and play with her squeaky ball, but can also snuggle up on the couch with you and take a nap! She loves to be in front of the camera, especially if you have treats!😉 She also loves to play with her little sister, Jolene, and go on long hikes as well ❤️
Belle loves to chase and wrestle her little buddy Nellie. She’s a big softie. She enjoys chewing on water bottles and saying hi to everybody she meets.
Thor is a very loving boy who just loves to play.
Koda is a 14 week old Belgian Malinois. She is fully of energy, loves to play ball and splash around in her pool.
Brutus is a 2 year old Bulldog. His dad is a Frenchie and his mom is an old English. He loves attention and is a ham for the camera. Good protector of his home and family. He is also a certified service dog for me. Love him to death!!!
Daisy is the sweetest little purple dog you’ll ever meet. She loves taking naps, walks, and car rides. She’s currently waiting to meet her brother, Oakley, who will be her mom’s service dog. She would love for you to vote for her so she could win the prize money to help her mom pay for Oakley!
Tonks is five months old such a great friend and those ears love them and the brindle color fits him perfectly tonks is a corgibull
Ophelia is such a sweet girl, her name trasnlates to "help" and I honestly could not have asked for a better time to join our lives together. She loves to herd the cats around the property. Rope toys are her favorites and thunderstorms mean playing in the rain. She was born April 1st. Born from a line of pedegrees. Her coat is considered a Blue Meryl with brown points. The best Miniature Australian Shepherd my heart ever knew.
Cooper Rose-rolnick
He is 8 weeks old and loves to cuddle ! He is the most loving and playful fur baby !!
Jack Jack
Jack Jack loves his stuffies and would carry them in his mouth every place he went if he could! He loves to swim in Lake Champlain, go for leisurely walks and lots of cuddles! He may just be a cat in a pups body
Dozer Marquis
Dozer is a Good Boy , He is 12 weeks old , He loves to snuggle , Loves other animals , has the biggest heart ! This sweet Boy deserves lots of votes.
Luna is 7 months old! Luna loves to play! She loves to cuddle and sleep with you. She loves to play with other dogs. She has such a personality! She knows how to give you her paw, sit, lay down, and give kisses.
Hello my name is rue, I am a Choclate lab who loves to be outside and especially play in the water. I love being with my family and snuggling with my little boy. Rue is my absolute best friend I got her when I was a senior in high school she has always been such a good girl, she’s the sweetest and has the best personality. I am beyond grateful she ran to me when I was picking out a puppy and we automatically just connected among the first meeting. I love this dog with all of my heart ❤️❤️
Meet Harley, aka SunDog. He loves life and other animals, including his own shadow! Here he is sitting with Loki, his African Cape
Hi, my name is Apollo! I’m young and energetic, I love getting into things and playing with my toys. I also enjoy swimming and getting brushed!
This is my first baby Kilo. He is Riley's daddy. Kilo is the smartest fur baby I have ever had. Kilo loves his babies, he runs and plays with them, and when it's time for them to eat, he let's his puppies eat before himself, he is so big hearted. Kilo can also talk, he can say no no momma. When he was younger, I constantly played with Kilo with his toys, and when he got mad one day it just came out, and now he can say no no without the momma on the end, so he tells his puppies, no no, and he back talks me, when I get on him, he tells me and his daddy, no no. He is just so special, and I thank God everyday for him.
Jessette loves to play. She's a pit lab husky mix. She's also a service dog. She's sweet to everyone she meets. She loves playing with her sister and other dogs. She's 13 weeks old and super clever... and dramatic 😅.
Blue loves to explore new things and has a lot of energy. He is friendly and loves to play with his best friend Mr. Bun Bun a lionhead rabbit. He cuddles and loves long walks in the neighborhood and parks.
My name is Lilly. I have had a rough 6 months of life but I am with some new owners that adore me. Life is finally good!
Milo is my name and frisbee is my game!
Stella is a 10 year old dachshund beagle mix. Her birthday is June 14th. I adopted her from Great Plains SPCA when she was 3. She came from a hoarding situation, and had awful territorial issues. Now she's a chill girl who loves kids and other animals, just don't let her near rabbits. Rabbits are her enemy. Above all else she's not just a dog, she's my daughter💜
Loves playing in water
Hes a very happy dog loves playing fetch
Hello my name is Chloe I have a boyfriend named teddy bear ! He is very cute like me ! Anyways I am a maltipoo and I am very soft and fluffy I will not get any bigger because I am a toy! I am also very playful! Please vote for me!Thank you !!!
Noah loves car rides, bully sticks and constant attention. He’s also very quick so never take your eyes off of your food
Benji is my best friend who is full of life, energy, a lifetime of smiles, and enough kisses for everybody. He’s funny as hell, smart, amazing with kids and other dogs, and very protective over everybody in our home. He definitely keeps our family on their toes as he follows everyone around the house and is very lovable and hugs are his favorite
Rolo is a full blood Siberian husky, she loves to explore, play with her big brother, and talk when she doesn’t get her way or when her food bowl is empty. She also has started to think she is part goat
Very smart,sweet and sassy little girl
Luca loves to play all day. Very lovable and loves to snuggle. His favorite place to go is PetSmart and he loves to go on car rides with his mama