Melody is 6 months old and she is really good dog. Please vote for her. She loves to go out for a walk and riding to different places. Melody and her nickname is moo moo and diva
Meet paisley my 5 pound mini dachshund pure of love cuddles and craziness
Freya is a Great Pyrenees mix that we rescued. She's an absolute goof and this is her world we are just living in it. Her favorite thing to do is explore or as we call it "splorin"
Dinger enjoys barking at squirrels, watching baseball and the Chiefs, and snacking on mini hotdogs! 🐿️⚾️❤️💛🌭
Luna Boo Von Nightmare
Hello all! I'm Luna Boo Von Nightmare but you can call me Luna. I'm a sweet-ish and mostly fiesty PomChi (Pomeranian Chihuahua) from eastern Washington. I hate everyone except my pack people and will likely try to eat your face if you come near mom or dad. I love playing fetch with my many toys I love going on outings w/ my mum but I'm pretty over protective of her so if you wanna say hi do it from afar or im gonna show you my teeth. I could probably use some behavioral training tbh it's just not in the budget Everyone who meets me falls in love even when I'm a butthead! I'm just THAT CUTE!
Rocky is very happy and super entertaining, he loves his toys and to go outside and run around... he is a special boy to us and we love him so much.
Lulu is so cute! She loves to chew shoes and enjoys car rides. Lulu is 6 months old and got a second chance at life, she swallowed an open safety pin. It was stuck on a dangerous place in her esophagus, surgery was successful and she recuperated well.
My sweet babygirl is almost 3 years old and loves to run around and take her favorite blue toy everywhere she goes.
Geronimo Jack
Geronimo Jack is 8 years old. The 1st 3 years of his life he wouldn't eat on his own. He was spoon fed 2 times a day. Finally he started eating on his own. He goes everywhere with me. He really thinks he's human. He doesn't let any in touch me. Not even my kids. Did I say how smart he is? Well, he's very smart, so smart that when I've tried to teach him tricks he just looks at me with a look like he's thinking, "I'm not doing it, you do it". He's been through the good and bad times with me. I don't know what I'd do with him.
She is really sweet. She loves taking trips to the river and the car rides❤️
Jonny Cash
Jonny is 4 months old with lots of enery got him after i just lost my bear and dasiey its a good dog and smart he fetches and sits loves the water
Bruno loves to go hunting, especially pheasant and goose hunting. He’s like my emotional support animal, he’s my bestfriend.
Miss KoKo is a 4 year old Pomchi and she weighs about 7lbs. She is very loveable and loves to go out on rides and cuddle. We would like to thank every one in advance for voting ❤ Miss KoKo is our little princess 👸
Dakota's The Princess Of The House!!! She Loves To Play , Go Outside!!! Loves Her Humans ❤️
Boo is a little sassy drama king. He is very hyper and loves to eat.
Greetings all, my name is Buddy, I love to nap, to cuddle & to find the squeaker in my toys as soon as I can. I am very protective of my hoomans. I have a little brother who is very hyper.
Bitzy is a Maltese Chihuahua she is 11yrs old. enjoys her walks and playing with the fish in the pond that Is basically her giant pool. She’s a very happy go lucky Chihuahua loves also sun bathing not a fan of walks in the rain unless she’s in her Bitzy stroller
Daisy is only 1 YR old. She is very caring, super sweet and playful 💕 She loves being around people and shopping. And loves playing cars with her 5 yr old human brother.
I got her free from an unexpected litter in NC. Im in VA. A friend drove all way there for her after i seen the pics of the litter and mom n dad. And her eyes she was the only one out the litter with those eyes...i immediately named her Maxine. She is full of spunk my 13 month old adores her company its just what she needed. We are all a happy blessed furbaby family!
Lady is 11 months old. She is very curious, out going, her favorite activity is going for runs. Lady is super friendly w other animals and humans. Lady loves peanut butter and oats as a snack. #VOTELADY
Willow Grace
She’s our little (not so little @ 170 #) girl. She loves her family more than anything!
Phoenix loves to eat dandelions and see his favorite people 🥰🐦‍🔥
Lulu is such a sweet girl, so smart and so gentle. She loves to play fetch with her squeaky ball and toy tire. The best pup we could ask for ❤️
Max is the funniest dog you will meet he loves watching the grinch, playing fetch, laying in the hay field and being a farm dog!
Henny is a angel doggie
Cami is my lazy little snuggle bug
Little Howie loves to play, swim, and eat!
Diesel is spunky, he loves playing ball and just having fun with his family. He’s the best puppy ever
Ari is very playful, loving, and she loves to cuddle and hops like a little bunny
Ash loves to catch her Frisbee, she loves her mom, grandmas, and brothers. She is the leader of the pack who has a awesome personality.
Playful, Smart loves kids and he loves to chase anything and of course he’s my fat boy
Roscoe loves to be outside. He likes to sit outside and listen to the birds. He enjoys long walks and playing in his pool on hot days. He loves to snuggle and he always wants to be covered with a blanket. His favorite treat is duck jerky and he loves cheese! He loves the sound of the rain and i often turn on rain storm videos for us to sleep at night. He is my best friend and the light of my life.
Benji is my loyal and playful Labrador Retriever, he has a passion for playing fetch in the backyard and taking long walks at the park. His eyes light up with excitement and his tail wags furiously whenever I reach for his favorite tennis ball. Benji's love for the outdoors and his boundless energy never fail to put a smile on my face. He embodies the spirit of adventure and joy, bringing happiness to everyone he meets. Benji's playful nature and unwavering loyalty make him one of a kind.
Honey is the ultimate cuddle bear . She’s a sweet heart. Well behaved and is the cutest 😍
Lady is the most laid back dog I’ve ever seen. She is lazy when she’s inside but when she goes outside she is so playful, loves playing with my kiddos. Lady is what completes our family. She has healed our broken hearts of the loss of our other two labs. She is definitely a winner in our eyes already! Please vote for Lady
Mellow is full of energy, but when not scampering about, She likes being a snuggle bug. Always right on a hip. Mellow listens well.
Hi I’m Ben! I’m about 2 years old and I have crackhead energy but my mama loves me anyway!
Jango Nagy
Jango, loves to have center of attention. He will lay with you in bed like a human. If he dont get attention he will paw at you until he does. Hes very energetic and loves to be around people. He loves playing around with his fur friend cat brothers.
Buzzy loves to run and play with his toys and he loves when someone will chase after him
Togo Nagy
Togo, is a very loving and talkative boy. He loves to be around everyone and his fut friend brothers as cats. For a husky he is more tamed and settled but will keep his brother Jango in line.
Tater Tot
Tater Tot is the most loving , fun dog you will ever meet. He came into our life when we lost someone so dear to us an and he helped us deal with our grief by loving us unconditionally. He also is a top notch lizard hunter. Without Tater I don’t know what we would do. And that face who couldn’t love that sweet face!
Im a pup myself, but im already a protector of the house and I'm a father to 3 chicks 🤣
Mia Ann
My Miss Mia Ann is a Shih Tzu mixed with a toy poodle she is so kind and loving and she loves to play with her toys and she has a older sister my other loving animal Lola Lynn is her kitten sister and they both are loving and playful Mia is almost a year old and is doing a fantastic job at living a little young puppy life she is also a emotional support animal she is perfect to me.💕
Miss Lulu Ling
As a disabled Army Veteran I really needed this dog as much as she needed me. ❤️ God knew what I needed. Little Lulu is a smart, sassy, sweet and goofy little dog who loves everyone, snores louder than any grown man 😆 and snorts like a little piggy when happy and makes me laugh. "Lu" as I like to call her, really makes me forget that I'm sometimes depressed and have PTSD. I hope you love her half as much as I do.... 🫶💯❤️
He loves babies my 9 months old is his favorite thing in the world!!
Loves going for long run at the dog park!