Minnie Trujillo
She loves to go shopping loves kisses and going to places Minnie goes everywhere restaurant, Walmart, the Our local Casino events enjoy listening to are local radio station 950 am KDCE loves Spanish music she attends events she a special furry baby and loved from her community
Meet Oreo! The cutest and cuddliest pug you'll ever meet. This little mama's boy loves nothing more than snuggling up with his favorite human all day long. He's very specific on who he trusts and opens up to. Can be a snob to others. But that’s just my boy and I adore him all the same. Oreo's favorite treat is carrots, which is a great alternative to traditional dog treats. He also has the most adorable zoomies when he's feeling happy and playful. Oreo is not just a dog but my baby. He brings so much joy in our daily lives with his silly antics and sweet personality. He is the best companion that I could have asked for. #snugglebuddy #pugforlife
Simba is a very good and sweet boy and absolutely loves his toy gorilla!!
Duke is a loving little puppy! He loves his squeaky tennis balls and to run and play outside!
Excellent guard dog. Well known in neighborhood as Lion king.
Miss Stella is a sassy little girl, with a classy attitude! She loves her family and wants be wherever we are. She loves her dog relatives as long as she’s the boss!
Pooh is my sweet little companion and she is my sleep buddy and protector...
Dolly Monroe Pawton
Dolly Monroe Pawton came to us on December 19th and she has been both a joy and puppy terror! However she is so sweet, playful and funny! She is whip smart too and picks up on tricks very quickly and easily! She enjoys puppy classes, fetch, tug of war, and the dog park! She is by far the most friendly dog we have ever had and just wants to love every living creature including cats! We are training her up to be a certified ESA (Emotional Support Animal) for me as I suffer from severe depression, OCD and anxiety. However, she is a family dog and will be helpful to my sister as well who also suffers from anxiety! Dolly lives up to her name of being named after two icons, Dolly Parton and Marilyn Monroe with her matching beauty marks! Dolly is also a Libra sun, Virgo rising and Aries moon! Thank you for taking the time to read about our girl and feel free to follow Dolly on instagram @DollyMonroePawton
Chewie Armenta
Chewie is so loving and he is my world. When I rescued him he actually rescued me. He keeps me motivated when I feel like giving up. He never leaves my side. He is my sunshine on a gloomy day 💛
Codigo is a Sunday,Cadillacin,healthcare worker. He proudly visits with his residents and walks the halls with pride for his job on Sunday's. He a mellow kind of guy, super shy but is a lover and can sometimes be a bit nippy.
Kilo is a little over a year old, he is a huge sweet heart and cuddle bug! He is goofy, and very energetic
Wallace James
My walle came to me when he was just 4wks , and he was part husky the best dog i ever hoped for. I love him & miss him everyday, my boy was lured away from home and my baby boy was hit by the train. My heart crys for him everyday
Rebel is a fun, loving pup! She loves her stuffies!
Kobie is not only a dog. He is our baby fur. We consider him as one of the member of the family. One of his eye is blue. If we are eating he will come besides you and squeezes his nose in our armpit to tell us he likes to eat too. He is a spoiled dog but lovable. He wants to play with us especially to his dad ( my son). Pla follow my reels in facebook almost all about him.
Cooper recently passed away he was my baby for 16 yrs. Cooper was very much my best little friend, he knew when I was happy or sad and wouldnt leave my side when I was emotional or depressed. I will forever have this sweet boy in my ❤️
Lita is a 5 week old puppy. She is full of life and personality. Named her lita after the wrestler due to she wore sleeves on her arms and Lita has a white sleeve. She loves to play with her 6 other siblings.
Lollipop is a rescue and was rescued when she was 1 year and 9 months old. She is a very sweet and gentle little girl. She was very nervous at first when we adopted her but has opened up now and is the best little pup . She loves car rides and cuddling up anytime she gets the chance. She is the absolute best at traveling or going out shopping and is the perfect companion. Anyone who knows her can tell you she is just about the cutest little girl due to her Miniature size (only 9lbs) but such a big heart
Colt is 12 years old
Adorable and friendly pup who think he’s a human.
Casper is a shaman in a doc suit. He is definitely the helper dog with anything from tears to laughter.
Smokey is very loving and affection he loves to play alot he chases my 4 year old they are best friends but most of all he favors my husband he is very spunky and full of energy we had alot of losses and he brings joy and happiness to our family.
At 4.5 lbs. Nina looks sweet and innocent, but leave any socks on the floor and they belong to her. Try to get them away and she turns into a Tasmanian devil.
Mia is our little princess! She’s a huge cuddle bug, loves everyone and is always the center of attention. loves playing with all her toys & her puppy friends! She’s the happiest girl, enjoys lots of treats!
Lola is the best she has been by my side since the day I brought her home, I love her so much
Loves to eat socks 👍🏼
Nymeria is an incredible retired Service Dog that has saved my life on so many occasions. I adopted her as a young puppy to train as my new service dog, after years of grieving my former companion. A month after adopting Nymeria, I was robbed and they took her as well. I spent a month and a half walking the streets and putting up posters. I was told repeatedly to just get a new dog; to move on. I refused. Now it’s been a year, Nymeria is home and finally in a place where she is loved and cared for. Even through all of her hardships, she remains loving and happy. My little miracle 💙
Nessa is a year and 4 months and learning obedience training, and starting her work in cattle.
Biscuit is a 3 year old lab mix. He is a foster from the Austin Animal Shelter. He is a great, super, friendly and funny dog. He is lovely, loves to plsy and takes walks snd loves to fetch. Buscuit is very intelligent and loves to learn new tricks
My fun loving pit bull. She loves to cuddle and loves children. Not a fan of pickles but loves treats. She’s great at doing tricks, her favorite is a high five! Vote for my girl!
Just a Blue Nose, living in the Blue Ridge Mtns. Protector of the realm, destroyer of carpets, professor of stick identification...I also like tennis
Hello My name is Pluto Eugene! I adopted Pluto back in March of 2022 from a shelter in Lynchburg,TN. It’s almost been a year since I got him. He’s an incredible addition to the family! He’s came a long way and has learned so much in the short amount of time I’ve had him. He likes to play with ropes, he enjoys walks, the doggie daycare is his favorite place to be with all of his friends, the dog park he loves too, and he likes his treats all the time! Pluto is such a good dog. Oh his hair is soo soft! Not sure what breed he is but hoping to do a DNA test soon!!
Nala Bee
Hi, I’m Nala Bee, an energetic puppy always looking for a good time and new friends. Humans normally say to me “ What big ears you have”.
In 2021 my daughter passed away and Bella is the one constant in my life. We're connected in away only a pet lover would understand. She's registered as an ESA ~ Emotional Support Animal and I would be lost without her.
Dixie Belle
Wild and crazy, super loving all around good girl!
He is an amazing little guy.He has seizures. He’s had them since we got him when he was 5wks old. He has to take med daily. He knows when it’s time to take it and goes to the kitchen and sits by the sink waiting for me to get it out of cabinet. He has his days but he is a fun very loving little guy..❤️and and amazing little brother to our other little guy that’s 10 now..don’t know what I’d do without them.
Sweet 12 week old lil boykin spaniel. He is going to be trained to duck hunt. Loves to play and sleep.
She love's to play with her toy's and love's long walks in the Park. Also rides in the car just looking at the scenery. Likes going into store's she is very well mannered the management told me. 💞 🐾🐾
Tiny loves to run outside and play. Tiny will always play the cute card especially if he gets in trouble.
Loca Pandora
Loca is not just a dog but she is my best friend she is loving and always there for me when im down she has been by my side going on 4 years she has a little sister name luna that some times can be a pain but she loves her anyway
Lucy is HIGH ENERGY beam of light inside and outside . She’s a sweet, beautiful, loving little girl and deserves a Win!
Lily is 6 months old and is always having fun. She loves her snuggles almost as much as her treats.
Luna Paige
Luna gets called loonie cause she is crazy she loves her big sister loca she will steal ur heart when u meet her
His nickname is Mr. Bumbum. He's so sweet and gentle. He loves everyone! He's my best friend!
Romeo is the Protector of our home he loves to go to Groomer and be pampered but he hates to be held lol the Unique thing about Romeo he loves to Pray and His favorite toy is his Stuffed animal Lucy!!!!
Apollo is a very cute dog and loves watermelon and peanut butter. He loves playing with his bro Brody.