Jaxson is a faithful pup! He loves his owner and loves to cuddle. He follows me everywhere.
My name is Lily! I LOVE cuddling and lots of hooman food! I am very smart and know how to do lots of tricks! I don’t play much with other animals, I’d rather cuddle with them instead
My name is Taz! I am SUPER playful and stubborn when I’m told to calm down. My energy is never ending, I could run around the whole world in 1 day if I wanted to. All I want is affection! Pets on my nose are my favorite thing in the whole wide world.
Hi! My name is Leo! My mom chose this name because my zodiac sign is a Leo! I’m very playful and energetic, and love chewing on moms favorite items!
Bella is boxer and husky mix. She loves to play and get snuggles.
Ninja Monster
I love to play with my dad and go run all the time I also love to annoy my uncle
Honey is a Brindle, she is 5 years old. Enjoys to go outside and loves to play ball.
Will exchange votes ... Without Brutus, I would not be alive today. Brutus has been clinging to my side like glue ever since I rescued him from the streets almost 4 years ago. I don't know how to give him back with my life because he stood by me. He loves to cuddle and, despite his size, he considers himself a lap dog. He enjoys playing with his squeaky toys, riding in the car, taking walks, and, of course, cuddling up next to me.
Luna is 11 weeks old, she loves to cuddle and play. She’s spoiled rotten and the cutest princess ever!
New pup. Just born in July. I’m very energetic and playful.
She loves to play fetch.
Nala is 1 nala is super sweet she loves to hop lol 😆 💕 shes got some silliness in her super laid back loves attention and kids .
Wilbur loves hiking, sleeping, and cuddling, he spends most of his time napping. He loves his stuffed animals and baseballs.
Aurora is a beautiful 1 yo pit bull !! her tiktok is @aurorathepit !! go show her some love 💛
Daisy is 5 months loves to play and sleep
Canela is a sweet spoiled little girl. She loves kids and anyone who pets her and get all the attention
Oliver is a spunky 4 month old chihuahua! He loves to cuddle and play with his toys! He is very outgoing!
Biggest, most lovable and affectionate dog I have ever had. Listens well and such a sweet baby. He is clumsy and the dirpiest dog but I love him to death
Shes very sweet,playful and also loves to snuggle
Gidge The Tripawd
Gidge had a 'ruff' start in life - he was the last dog at the shelter to be adopted after he lost his leg and his first family abandoned him. Now he's Missoula County's inaugural Pet Commissioner, a volunteer therapy dog at the University of Montana, and a veteran at Nosework and Agility. He enjoys backpacking, paddle boarding, and herding bears while out on adventures in Montana's big sky country. Follow Gidge the Tripawd on Facebook, and @seegidgerun on Instagram & TikTok.
Ozlyn is a one of a kind Chihuahua she is so affectionate and lives everyone! She loves to be held and to tell you it's time to hold her she kicks you with her back leg . Vote for Ozlyn she's adorable and acts the same way🙂
Princess Mystic
She is the best spooner
Brutus came to me right before Covid as a much needed Christmas present. We drove 2 hours just to reach his birth place. We bonded immediately and he’s been my sweet baby ever since. He has saved my life numerous times and brought my family so much joy. He’s everything a dog should be. He loves to “skull” which is where he presses his forehead into whoever he is loving on at the moment. He’s always cold so cuddling under blankets and snoozing in the sunlight are a couple of his favorite activities. He’s got some kind of hound in him and his howl is the most adorable thing that brings a smile or laugh to those who hear it. He loves to play rope and fetch, although he’s not that great at playing fetch because he refuses to give the ball back. Where his nose leads, he follows. He’s a sucker for a taste of gravy.
Tobias enjoys chasing his RC car in the backyard, snuggling with his poppa, and snoozing...
Muffin came from Connecticut her birthday is March 28. She is a very caring, loyal dog she understands English and Spanish she loves to play with children and loves to get her belly rubbed she’s a comedian. Vote for Muffin.
She is almost human. She is so smart. Spoiled and rotten. She will lick you death cuddle you at your worst and always love you no matter what. Great with kids she saved my life.
An old English bulldog 7 years old A very friendly loyal dog loves everybody and we love him
Buddy is a very energetic and loving dog. He makes friends with everyone he comes into contact with.
Pearl loves the outdoors being in Alaska makes it easy for us to play in the snow, build snow forts and more. During the summer she loves to camp by the ocean and meet tons of campground buddies !
Mr Toe B Styles
Mr Toe B Styles is a 3 year old male miniature dachshund. He is very playful and very vocal! He is loyal to his people and he has made the past three years better for all of us! Thanx for your time and votes!
Bullet is a good boy, he loves to play, go riding in my truck, loves to sit in that chair lol and New Years he had to wear a hat . :)
Ruger loves to fetch, sit, run and play with his crinkle toys. He is such a lovebug.
Addy Tuti
Her name speaks for it all lol attitude lol she keeps me on my toes, u never know what she is gonna do next, she is sweet tho :)
I may be small in stature but my personality is larger than an Irish Wolfhound! My mom says I'm very inquisitive ☺️
Arubis is a big teddy bear 🐻 His nick name is BooBoo because he is so sensitive. He is also a social butterfly. Roaming the farm he meets workers and their pals and begs to go outside to play every day. He also thinks all kids are his 😂 he will hold them tight. Arubis also loves any water whether it be playing with the hose at home or a paddle around the lake. This big guy is hard not to love!
Roscoe is a male Shepard from Scranton, Pa . He is a sweet, loving, protecting baby. Roscoe loves to be outside playing with his toys, he loves going for rides.
Trixie is 6 year old Chihuahua. She loves running in the yard and playing with her baebae. Trixie likes giving hugs and kisses to her momma when she comes home. Her favorite relaxing time when she's getting her belly rubs which always put a smile on her face.
Hazel is another rescue , she was going to be sent to pound to be out down ... here we have so many strays Nd this breed is so judge 😔 they said she was aggressive but someone lied on my baby b/c she doesnt even bark and never has growled dont think she even KNOWS shes. Pitbull lol 😆 shes so sweet ,gentle , and an angel 😇
Mochi was adopted from All Fur One Pet Rescue and Adoptions. She is a Valentines Day girl having been born on February 14, 2022. Right now, she enjoys her morning walks by the duck pond and her trips to the dog park. Much loved by her parents and furry brother, Noodles the cat.
Bijou loves to play, eat treats, and model her bandanas! You can see her silliness all over Instagram and TikTok @Bijou_lissylou!
Bear is my big baby! Shes the sweetest,smartest,and most well behaved dog 🐕 she did look just like a little bear when she was a puppy and then she changed over to white. She the bestest puppy i could ever ask for ❤️
Love running and playing
Mazie Mae
She is the sweetest girl, she loves to snuggle, give tons of kisses, and her favorite game to play is chase, no matter what it is. Her spunky attitude makes us smile/laugh every day! She definitely is a princess.
Our sweet Max is a tea cup poodle. He is 2 yrs old and he loves his people. He is so sweet and kind and loves all the grandkids. He greats all his people and makes sure everyone knows they are loved. He truly knows how to make ur gloomy day and always makes us smile and laugh.
Jaxson loves attention and to play with his toys! He's very affectionate and super smart.
Ralphy is the most calmest dog and has an awesome personality.He loves to give hugs and kisses.
Charlee is a chipin she 4 months old she very smart puppy she’s a pleasure to have around
Juno B is a 10 month old AKC golden retriever. She loves to snuggles, rain/ snow, and playing at the creek! She is spoiled by her dad and now thinks that she is the worlds lap dog. She loves to play fight with anyone that will do so! a party dog that wags her tail back and forth, wags her tail back and forth. 🥰😝