Baby Stories - 28


Titan loves to be with his people. He’s happiest sleeping all day in the house. He has been known to fling his drool onto the walls.
Moose is the best companion. Always a good listener and loves to be in charge of the other dogs he lives with.
Julius is full of energy and such a cutie
Leonardo is the best dog he is such a goofy boy loves everyone he meets except cats lol I am so lucky to have found him.
Cali is a friendly, loving pup and is always protecting me 😊 she’s the best friend I could ask for.
Oakley does not have a mean bone in his body. He can be a little crazy when he gets company. But it’s only because he’s dooo happy
Skye is a mini Husky and is such a loveable girl, she loves her bones and loves running around with her big brother Jr the German Shepard and her sister Angel the Maltese.
Rosco is a great companion. He loves the beach and camping. He gets excited when he gets a new toy. His best friend is a cat named Katza. They love chasing each other.
I’m very Energetic! Love to play in the rain! Super lovable!!!❤️
Hi my name is Titan James and I'm a big lover boy! I'm half Australian Shepherd and half German shepherd. I love cuddles with mom, belly scratches, playing outside and going for Jeep rides! I'm a natural at taking pictures and I would love your vote. Thankyou!
A sweet little pup who loves to swim ❤️
Sweet and handsome boy ❤️! He loves to play catch and is pretty good at it. He loves to pose for pics as you can see. He is also great at following commands.
My rescue Bernie…. He was returned by his first family and I wasn’t sure about him. I ended up taking him the day I met him. Favorite things are car rides, chewy’s, his stuffed bunny, and giving hugs. I take him to the hospital to visit the nurses and just makes everyone happy, especially during the pandemic.
Princess Lola
Princess Lola is a fashionista that loves to dress up and strike a pose!
Denny is a Golden Retriever who spends lots of his time playing with his toys and other dogs! He loves life especially when it’s muddy outside.
Piper is a Black Lab who enjoys her time hiking and loves her picture being taken!
Henny is the sweetest Cavapoo (king charles cavalier + poodle). He likes to cuddle and play with his toys! He is a ball of energy that looooves treats and his pawrents 🐾
Hi my name is zak i love bacon i love to play fetch with my mommy an daddy
Sweet, friendly, cute loves to play and chew her chew toys, cuddle
Moose is 5lbs of sassy chocolate potato. He loves playing with your sock (yes, just one) and already knows 5 commands including giving kisses 😘
Skylar is the sweetest pup! Despite her size (70 pounds at 7 months), she is convinced that she’s the best lap dog in the world. She loves helping clean up after dinner, aka licking everyone’s plates. She LOVES her big brother, Cupid (a silver tabby). She’s gorgeous inside and out!
Tucker loves to cuddle! He always has to be right on top of someone!
Milo is super outgoing and loving! He loves to play!
I’m kirby and I’m the best good boy! I like tennis balls and chewing my mama’s shoes!
Tennessee Woodbury aka Woody is the sweetest corgi who makes me smile every day
👑 Reina is 6 weeks old. 2.5 pounds of fiesty- bossy - Queen attitude ! Her favorite toy is her COOKIE MONSTER, AND SHE LOVES TO take long naps. 💕
Gizzy is a Chaweenie, who loves playing chase with his friends and with his toys. He likes to toss his own toys when get them when he plays by himself. Tricks for treats or his toys, he observes the situation before attempting to do so. If he realizes he can’t he is vocal about it and tells you. Gizzy is very lovable with people and very mellow tempered. He is alpha of the pack and takes care of the puppies when the mother wasn’t around. So when the puppies gets in trouble, don’t be surprised, he will tell them about it. Gizzy has been an amazing little dog since the day he was born. He was born in Easter Sunday in 2020. We had to revive him and he tends to have a human personality. Gizzy is the sweetest and friendliest pup you could ever meet!
He is super duper smart. Already knows how to sit and knows what outside means. My pup rock he awesome ❤️ But don’t leave him alone 🧐🤣
Bean is the sweetest little corgi out there. He loves food and his favorite activities include eating, sleeping, chasing critters at the farm, stealing shoes, and getting attention from all the people at his mom’s work (Laure Park Animal Hospital). 🥰
Hi my names bell I’m a Pitbull St. Bernard mix.. i love to be outside and carry my babies (stuffed animals) around with me, I’m the most loving and playful pup around🐶
Sophia is very spoiled she has a million toys and she knows if one is missing. She got a twitch she does to bully you into playing with her. If she hurts her foot she is OMG dramatic. Lol
After my mothers funeral we were traveling back home, exhausted we pulled over in a abandon orchard. Sleeping by a rusty old water tank we heard a little puppy. Investigating further we found the mother beside the tank dead you could tell she had been there for a while. We ended up luring her out with a cheese burger. Even though we had full house with 4 dogs at home we knew that this was no coincidence. What are the chances? We Called her Zena warrior princess for surviving by herself. I believe things happen for a reason. Zena has been the best companion. She is such a family dog and brought us together and made us a pack. We are forever grateful that god has graced us with Zena. Unfortunately my friends time is near and we are greatly saddened. She's my best friend, what I will do without this dog I do not know.
Sloan is named after Greys Anatomy. He is the sweetest lil puppy but also has a personality all his own. He can be spunky but also loves to snuggle. Show Sloan some love and vote for him 🐾💕
Dresden is a smart 17 month old Sable German Shepherd. He loves playing fetch with any toy you will throw for him. He is a super cuddlebug and enjoys playing in the leaves, water and with all his puppy friends at the dog park.
Roo loves to cuddle momma, have play dates with her pup friends, chase after her kitty siblings and she loves playing in water 🐾🐾
Chevy James
Full name is Chevrolet James. He enjoys sleeping, car rides, the dog park, and chasing squirrels! Favorite food is french fries. He is the goodest, most sweetest boy
Jasper is a one yr old shiba inu who has personality for days. He is always smiling and just a happy boy. He loves the dog park and making new friends. Please vote for this amazing little boy!
Riggs loves spending his time on his boat in Northern Michigan! He loves swimming, playing with his friends, and kicking around his soccer ball. Show him some love!
Sophie Maria
Sophie has a lot to say for a little girl, but is very cuddly when you get to know her well. She was a rescue from a kill shelter in Alabama. I adopted her on July 24th and she is my emotional support dog. I saved her life and shes saving mine. <3
Cash is an 8 Week old Great Pyrenees, Lab mix! He is a whopping 18lbs already and is working on managing those massive paws! He LOVES to play, sleep and most importantly EAT haha. at 8 Weeks, Cash can, Sit, Shake, Lay Down, Leave It, Fetch and use the jingle bells on the door to let us know when he has to go potty! He's one smart cookie! We named him Cash because of our love for the Man in Black himself Mr. Johnny Cash. We can't wait to watch him grow up, He also LOVES playing with his sisters, Lola and Addie! Thanks for stopping by!
Lily loves cuddling on the couch with her humans. On hot summer days she loves to go for a swim in her pool and to lounge on the deck. She loves giving kisses and is as sassy as they come.
Princess is the most beautiful loving and loyal pug there can be. She is known to be a couch potato but she is also known to be fast and furious for like 2 minutes until she’s out of breath. She’s traveled to many different places on all sorts of terrain. She’s a traveler and a loyal puggie ❤️ Vote for Princess!
Teddy is a big ol' mama's boy and is my shadow. He loves playing with his little sister (even when she doesn't know they are playing). He loves hiding his bones and toys outside then coming back in to try and steal his sisters. He is a very loving and protective little boy who just enjoys being on mama's lap.
My lil girl is very sassy. She spends the day talking to the cat and trying to hide her bones from her brother. She absolutely loves belly rubs and and lovins! She is definitely the true meaning of lap dog!
Steals socks!
Eats & Sleeps
Velvet is cuteness overload. She is the new light in my life 🐾 I wake up to her sweet little face and right away it’s snuggles and love!! Corgis are so unique in their personalities and Velvet is no different. She is so self assured and confident!! Velvet has already become part of the family and she knows she’s special!! I can’t wait to see what is Paws-ible with her at my side. 💫
Lilo loves belly rubs, tug of war, fetch, naps, and lots of cuddles. She also spends lots of time with mom playing with kids at the preschool.