Biscuit is a very energetic and playful Beabull ( beagal bulldog mix). He loves chasing my kiddos around the house and playing fetch with a ball.
This is Bruce.He’s is now 4 months and always chewing up his toys.He’s LOVES baths “literally falls asleep in the tub” . Vote for Bruce so he can get more Toys😂🥹❤️
Bear is the most affectionate dog I have ever owned! His sweet nature and playfulness warms my heart everyday! He's only 4 months old and already knows how to sit, speak, give paw, lay down and roll over! He's a super smart pup!
Graham was born in Tennessee then brought to NJ through rescue where I adopted him. He’s a mommy’s boy and enjoys hanging out with mom and dad, relaxing at the farm, eating, and going to work with his parents. Graham has his own funny personality. If your ever looking for him just look for his mom and he’s usually right by her side or within sight distance to her.
This is diesel he is full blooded pembroke welsh corgi. His birthday is christmas day. He is full of energy he loves going outside and playing with other dogs. He thinks he is a big dog :) He loves going out and meeting new people and especially going to the drive thru.
Rouge is a absolutely sweetheart. She is a gentle loving girl, who loves to play fight then cuddle you afterwards. She is an amazing emotional support dog and always knows what to do to cheer you up when you are feeling down.
Bourbon is a sweet boy. Loves to cuddle and get lots of lovings. He is a pure bred German shepherd, known as a panda German shepherd. Bourbon is a very big boy for being 10 months old.
Lucky was one of 6 pups unfortunately he was the only survivor of the puppies he is very smart when he wants something he gets up on his Hind and legs and sit stairs and stares at you sometimes he will have his tongue out sometimes he won't he loves his teddy bear and he loves being outside he is an absolute major cuddler he would really appreciate it iifvypu voted for him and we thank you have a beautiful day
Koda is a 9 week lab mix, she absolutely loves walks through the woods and any toy that squeaks!
Rip is a 4 month old pit bull/ lab mix, he enjoys going to the farm everyday playing with the calves. He is the protector of my daughter, he’s a sweet boy.
Reaper is my special boy! He is a pitsky! He was bottle fed due to loosing his mommy when he was born, he’s super spunky, full of energy, an very vocal! He enjoys giving hugs, an playing with his older dog brother bandit, an cat sister Kiki! Full of life, an lots an lots love!!!
Rex is a happy puppy who absolutely adores his kids. Hes loving and sweet and loves to give kisses
Lil Man
This lil guy is only 4lbs, he very old, poor guy is death and blind, he loves to sleep all day in his bed, Lil Man has one best friend and that's Molly they been together for a long time,
Dory is a crazy chihuahua mix who loves to cuddle and play! She loves to steal socks and run around the house with them. She also thinks she's a herding dog when it comes to our goats lol
Gunnar is a Australian shepherd mixed with a blue healer. He was 1 of 2 out of the litter that was deaf. He love to go hiking and going on walks.
Luna is a Chi - Weenie and I can promise you that she's as sassy as she looks! She's a travel dog with her mom and she loves to go on adventures! She loves to cuddle and wants all the attention! She has a cute little shark that she carries around, and I can promise you that she isn't going to give it to you lol
Duke is a four year old Great Dane, German Shepherd, Lab mix. He loves to play, run and cuddle. Most spoiled pup I have ever met.
Goose just arrived to us this past weekend. He is from AZ. He loves to chew on bones and his toys. He loves to be snuggled and he loves puppy treats. He loves car rides. He loves to play with my grand- dog Luna.
Axel Nolan
Axel is a few months old, he loves to chase the kiddos around out side, loves when I call his name he looks right at me, he’s just a very loving puppy and can’t wait to watch him grow to be a big boy, he is a black lab with gorgeous Carmel markings on each of his paws. He loves his baby yoda toys, especially his goose and rabbit.
This bowen Aka B Dubs Aka mr jangles aka moose man. Hes a 4 year old bloodhound and love to sleep!
Luna Rae
She's a siberian husky full breed. She loves to talk and make noise, and to take walks. Shes a very friendly dog good with kids of any ages.
He loves to play ball and argue a lot
She loves to play ball and frisbee
Sadie Rose
Sadie Rose is a very active puppy that is 18wks old. She is full of energy & loves to play with her toys & loves snacks, car rides & everyone she meets. She also has to be the center of attention
He's a fun loving energetic handsome little boy and newest member of our family.
Princess Tilly
Tilly is my ESA dog and helps me through many challenges. She's a huge fan of tennis balls and socks!!
Joker is a very energetic Jack Russel. He’s almost 2 years old and loves to play until he has to protect the baby bump at all costs when we lay down
Zeus is a 6 month old purebred German Shepard who loves running around and playing. He also has to be right by the baby bump at all times. He’s going to be very protective of his human brother in July!
Shela is 16 months old and loves to play, chew on things, and go for walks!
She loves her laser pointer!! She goes crazy chasing it! I believe she would run herself to death if I let her.
Maggie is a very Lovable and love’s to play ball and eat her treats
Jimbo is 13 years old and has a large tumor on his shoulder we are looking to get removed so he can get around better. But he still loves to run around and play with his two favorite toys, his green squeaky and his football. Hes a sweetheart despite his size and looks. Jimbos favorite snacks are carrots and cheese even though he eats just about everything. He also loves his truck rides and bathing out in the sun, that is when hes not scaring off squirrels. Lastly jimbo loves snuggling up at night...and of course you cant forget his belly rubs.
Kali is amazing there are no words to define her love and loyalty. She truly saved me.
Blue is 4 months old and loves cuddles, baths, and ice cream
Duke loves to run and play! He loves kids and other dogs! He is super active and spoiled!
My big baby 🥰
Hi daddy calls me Tiger, but I like good boy. He takes me to dog park and I love that too.
Walter loves to play catch and cuddle after.
Duke is a Basset Hound and Golden Retriever mix. He loves table foods and fetching. He also loves people and will do anything for someone to rub his belly.
Apollo is a cuddly little boy! He loves playing and the snow and cuddling with mom on the couch! His favorite toys are anything squeaky!
A beautiful energetic rescue who loves to play and run.
Theo loves to play ball and loves to go for walks, car rides and play with his other two doggie sister and brother he loves to play with his doggie cousin also loves to go see is pawpaw 💗
Maycee W. Neico is a very smart dog. He’s been through at least 3 families. He loves outside and he also loves doing tricks. If you tell Neico to hold your foot he will. Please Vote for this baby. He’s mommas good boy🐶🐾
Jacoby is 3 1/2 years old. Half Husky and half German Shepard. He is most definately a momma' s boy but also loves going to work with dad. His favorite things are walks, running and playing at the dog parks, snuggling and chewing his favorite treats, raw beef bones. He is never left behind and is included with all that the family does,Jacoby loves everyone along with as much attention as possible.Best boy ever!!!
Minnie is a tea cup chihuahua she loves to play and run :) she loves her stuffed animals and going “bye bye” ❤️
Sampson is a rescue lab, chow chow mix. He is a HUGE cuddler. His favorite activities include swimming, diving for fish, and tracking the trails of bunny rabbits, although his sniffer doesn’t work that well sometimes. He is the sweetest boy!
We did a thing and surprised the kids on our way home from Disney on Sunday! Introducing our new family member, Nutella!🤎🐾🐾🥰 After losing our 12 year old English Bulldog, Ace in June, our hearts were left broken. When we arrived home with Nutella the flowers we planted in Fall 2021 had bloomed on Ace's burial. We felt that was Ace's way of telling us that he was happy for our family to be growing and that his approval and love was being sent in support!❤🙏🏻🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
Murphy loves people, he loves cats and other dogs, he loves sleeping under the covers at night and cuddling all day, his favorite food is anything I eat.