Baby Stories - 28


Hello, I’m scrappy. I love cuddling and running around. I also love to nibble on everything!
Daje May
Hi my name is Daje May. I love to play, give lots of kisses and I love to cuddle. I help my mommy slot I'm a emotional support baby and I'm really good at it. I love to lay in some crazy positions too. And I can do lots of trick's... And I love the Kansas City chiefs...😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
I am a spoiled little girl who loves to play all day and cuddle up with my people at night!
Whiskey Foxtrot is a service dog. He loves to help his hoomans. He loves to play hard when off duty and loves his kitty sister, Luna Mahina. His favorite game to pull is tug-o-war and he loves car rides with his hoomans.
Hi my name is Morena. I was rescued at 4 weeks old & I am now a happy sassy spoiled babygirl ❣️
My name is Bella! I’m 2 1/2 months & I was recently rescued ❣️
Hi my name is Blue. I love to play and chew on bones! I love meeting new friends & love attention ❣️
Royal loves to cuddle & dance on her 2 feet
Named for my favorite actor James Dean ~ she went on her 1st cross country trip at just 2 months old. She is my little sweetheart ~ very curious if her surroundings ~ and lives to snuggle ~ but also loves to rough house with her brother Jovi.
Bungalow loves to play with ropes and his kong. He loves the water. He really likes to chase the laser too.
Brutus (we call him Moosey) is a giant goofball who loves his mama more than anything! He is a big snuggle bug and loves his doggo brothers and sisters! He even had his own photo shoot recently!
He loves to chew on sticks and eat bugs 🐜 He hates water and snores like a pig!
I love going on long walks, getting puppachinos and car rides
He loves long daily hikes. Swimming and just being loved on....
Coco is 8yrs old, the picture in front of her is when she was a puppy. Coco loves to cuddle ❤️
Milo is a very sweet boy. He loves playing outside, snuggling and learning new tricks. He loves his family and we absolutely adore him.
Copper loves being outside playing but inside he’s a big teddy bear
Cona is a very energetic but such loving girl ❤️
The most loving, loyal puppy ever. And those eyes!!!
Roxie loves cuddling & exploring!
Scout was the sweetest goof ball of a dog you’d ever know. He loved to play ball and he loved to give kisses. He is a Pomsky who was full of energy all the time
A ball of energy that loves being outside and visiting dog friends!
She loves sleeping and playing
Mowgli is 13 weeks old! He is GS & was a gift to me! He loves playing at daycare with his pals! He absolutely loves being outside and active & he would love if y’all voted for him 💕
Mingo takes care of four goats and five pigs. He loves to chase rabbits and playing with our other dogs. I couldn’t ask for a more loyal friend than Mingo. 🐶🐶🥰🥰
Murphy likes to relax and enjoy nice weather. When in water he swims like a fish. He will gladly greet you at the door with a stuffed animal!
Chester Copperpot
Chester copperpot loves boating , swimming and driving his brother crazy! Why wouldn’t u vote for this fluffy labradoodle!!!!
Bubba Gousha
he’s been there for me when no one was, he’s my absolute best friend. He’s such a water pup! loves to go for a swim and he ends the day with cuddles!!!
Just an energetic puppy that loves exploring outside and getting all the cuddles.
This is tucker, and he’s a really good boy. This little guy brings so much joy into my life. He already knows how to sit, stay, leave it, come, and paw at 9 weeks old🙂He’s a rescue and just found his forever home. He’s a tough little guy and loves his family❤️ See other pics! Who rescued who?
I am a 13 week old pomsky who is full of energy. I live to play with my family and i love my toys. Especially my stuffed monkey.
Drawger is very playful loves going for walks loves everyone he has 5 brothers very gentle and will talk to you when he wants to go for a walk has to sleep right by my head he is my biggest boy he is almost 3 years old very spoiled by everyone that comes over an by mommy an daddy plz voit for my baby everyone loves his eyes one gold an 1 blue i even have had people stop me just because of his eyes an his looks
She loves to play with other animals and people. She is a very happy dog and very Hyper. She is sweet and just wants attention.
Rusty is a 4 pound bundle of joy. Rusty love to play with his toy and love to go riding in the car. He is such a smart baby boy. Rusty is also a emotional support animal. Rusty helps me though my day.
Xena Rose
I'm a blue nose pitt bull. I love my family very much
He is a mutt. We think of a lab/jack russell mix. He loves to play ball and run around. He is a snuggle bug and doesn’t like being alone.
She is a lazy husky. she loves being outside and chasing animals. She is very food driven.
Rizzo loves her tennis ball and swimming in the pool on her floaty,energetic and full of ❤️
Wrigley is an athletic pup, he loves to play catch and run at squirrels. He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. He’s a photogenic pup 🥺
He loves being outside with kids, blueberries are his favorite.
Marley Noelle
Loves to spend her days chewing on her stuffed candy corn, looking out the window and getting cuddled. Her favourite pastime is jumping in the bean fields and searching for her antler 🦌
Tux is 12 weeks old he loves to play and is full of energy ❤️
Severide Kelley
Severide Kelley is the big softy of the house he loves alot of attention cuddling and loves to play.he is what we call our gentle giant or a mini horse for babies lol
Paris is a loving doggy. She loves to play catch and she loves to dress up. She loves going on car rides and rode trips. She loves to cuddle with socks.
Sky Gallegos
Sky is such a active puppy she loves to play with any person and any animal ❤️ She has a grate big heart 🥰she loves taking naps with mommy and daddy 💕 and she’s also a teacup golden retriever 👌🏻
This is Louie! He is a cockapoo pup and loves to run outside and chew on everything🤣. He’s 12 weeks old and the sweetest little guy ever!