Baby Stories - 27


Ruby is such a sweety, she loves to play and run free.
Gunner loves playing frisbee and ball! He would play for hours straight if he could. Don't let his size fool you, he's a gentle baby. He loves snuggles.
Just a crazy husky, that loves to play catch with himself and always has the zoomies🥰
Bella Drouilhet
Bella is a beautiful, very active new member to our family. We adopted her from the SPCA and our love for her has exploded! She joins her two older brothers, Lou and Wes.
Lou is a happy energetic funny boy. He loves to chase balls & lay in the bathtub.
Saint is my sweet big baby. He’s so lovable and full of energy. All he wants to do is play with his toys and go swimming at the beach. He very much likes cuddling and opening the doors in the house. He’s goes pretty much everywhere with me.
Bogie Chase
Bogie loves kisses and jumping! He is my son's puppy they love each other, Bogie is very driven and annoying but we love him! He is just full of energy! Very cute getting to experience him! Our puppy is also AKC registered!
Bella is the most talkative dog ever. she is a ball of energy always wanting to play. Her favorite thing to do is go on walks her bestfriend is my cat bb. Also she can say “ I love you “ she wants all the love and attention she can get!
Brudder is a shitzu mix, hes very loving, loyal and was only boy of four dogs. Which is why his name is "Brudder!" Hes funny and has a huge heart and is always by my side. But at times he will go hang out wit the guys, getting his Dude card. 🥰 we love him❤🥰💞
Marley is an outgoing Shiba who likes to speak his mind he will tell you everything he wants and loves to cuddle he wants all the attention on him especially when there’s multiple people in the room he is very friendly and loves to be playing outside He also enjoys going to the beach
Hi, I’m Jessa! My mom adopted me at 4 years old and I love to get treats for my two tricks- high-five and roll over!
I’m Kobe.! Almost 2. I know lots of tricks like sit, stay, speak, spin, rollover, and more.! I love to play with my toys and make Dunkin’ trips w my mom because they give me munchkins.
He loves to lick windows:)
Max is a Happy boy and loves his time with his mom. He's quickly becoming a great big brother to his human sister after being mildly scared of children for years. He's learned some kids can be full of love.
Tiny Dog
Im an 8 yr old teacup diva. I love my mommy and i don't like wet grass. My best friend is Rayford, he lives with my grandmomma.
Leo is lovable kind and playful he loves to play ball and loves to run!!!
Kuzy Byrd
Hi, I am Kuzy I am a very loving playful 6 month old Lab. I do have a heart defect but that doesn’t hold me back any.
Cocoa is the sweetest girl she loves to give hugs and loves to play fetch and when it snows she loves to play in the snow
Cocoa loves snuggles, playing with a tennis ball, and kisses. She is a sweet and perky puppy. Little Cocoa-bean has furry and floppy ears, and is very inquisitive and curious about new things. Cocoa also enjoys lots of attention and pampering, and would be filled with such joy if you would vote for her.
Icee is 7 months old. Loves to play fetch with her squeaky tennis balls. Loves Dunkin’ Donuts whipped cream.
Milli is a very active and sassy little girl! We found her on a gravel road just before Christmas. She’s constantly finding things she isn’t supposed to have and chewing them to pieces. Mills can sit, shake and lay down. She loves hugs and cuddles when we come home, even if we were only gone for a second. Milli was the perfect addition to our home after our mother/nana passed away and our family dog passed away.
Behr Jones
Hi I’m Behr Jones & I love to play fetch ☺️ I can sit on my hind legs for such a long time ! I love when my mommies give me treats ❤️ I love my dead squirrel toy and I love cuddling & giving kisses 🥰
Cadence aka Ladybug is the sweetest dog in the world. Shes never met a stranger with her loveable licks. She sounds like Chewbacca when she plays. She just celebrated her 15th birthday!!! Shes brave and stubborn and strong! We've had a heck of a year but she lets nothing get her down. Show her some love 💘
Baxter likes to chew on shoes and his blanket he got with his mommas scent on it when we bought him. He is a very active puppy, and loves to play.
Shes a sweet girl with a ton of happiness
I love fingers, toes, ankles, anything that’ll hurt mommy and daddy! Even though I have a million and one toys to chew on! I love to voice my opinion, when my mean parents tell me no, I make sure to let them know how I feel! I also love sticks and leaves they’re the best!!
He loves running around in the dog park and wrestling with his siblings. He’s small, but he thinks he’s such a big dog.
James is just a happy boy. He loves his toys and playing in the snow with his brother.
Bailey is the light of our lives, she is so smart and animated that she makes us smile all the time, Everyone that meets her loves her, she also knows how to sit, shake, lay down, roll over (both ways) and Crawl. She loves to play in the snow, she is such a little princess.
Ava is a 2 yr old husky who loves to be adventurous meet new people and make new friends
I am a pit mix rescued in 2012. Mommy always says, you are so spoiled. Daddy says, as he should be. I love tennis balls, Mommie's belly rubs, Daddy's wrestling, long walks in the park or where ever, snacks all the time and long uninterrupted naps. I'm older now so I need my me time. Life is GREAT!
He is so fun and playful.
Cove it is a bundle of love and laughter! Less than 2 pounds, she think she’s a giant! And her personality is, you can’t be around her very long without smiling! She loves kissing and snuggle buggles.
Hi I’m Nala! I just turned a year old. I’m a spit fire that loves to run, jump, play with my brothers , and go for walks. I love my little brothers, but I think they think I’m annoying. I love to chew up my toys and get my photo taken. I’m an attention hog, and I can be a little bit of a princess. I’m spoiled rotten just like my brothers. Mommy and Daddy love me so much.
Ruby Rose
Hi my names ruby! I am a German shepherd Rottweiler and Pitbull mix! I absolutely love to play tug of war with my brother Max! Love to go for car rides and walks! I love my little humans as well and my favorite treat is bacon❤️
2 years old, 130 pounds solid muscle, loves to play frisbee.
Jerry Lee
Jerry Lee loves to spread love! He may be getting older, but he has a puppy soul. His favorite games are hide and seek and tug of war. He thinks he is part human, and loves to give high fives. He loves every person he meets, and can make your day with his smile!
Olivia the red-nose pit is the happiest lil gal when you come to greet her, loves playing with squeaky mini tennis balls, and is intelligent and a quick learner. As you can see, she loves to snuggle! She has a runt sister named Zeta.
T’Challa is a Labradoodle named after the Black Panther. He is very energetic, very smart , and super cuddly
I’m Kaillou, I’m half blind but that doesn’t stop me from going on adventures. I’m 2 years old, mommy and daddy rescued me from a mean family. I love to get treats when I do my tricks. I love getting my picture taken. I like my sleep but when I’m awake I like to eat, run, and give lots of kisses. My little sister is a pest but she’s my best friend. I am the most handsomest boy, and a lot of my friends say I’m chill for a husky.
Hi I’m Azula! I just turned a year old. I’m a spit fire that loves to run, jump, play with my frisbee, and go for walks. I love my big brother, but I think he thinks I’m annoying. I love to squeak my toys and get my photo taken. I’m an attention hog, and I can be a little bit of a princess. I’m spoiled rotten just like my brother. Mommy and Daddy say I’m a goofball but I’m beautiful. What do you think?
A cute old man. Age is just a number, I’m 11 but act like I’m one.
Hii, I’m Husmo, a Siberian Husky! I was found enjoy swim by myself in a river when I was rescued.
Brownie E. Sims
Brownie is a really funny goofy acting dog is very loving and loves to be out and about
Oakley is a character, has a mind of his own, loves to chew on my toes!!!! Loves to cuddle. Very energetic, always on the move! Talks back!
My name is Katie I was born on January 19,2021 I am a little sunky and full of energy, I love playing and sitting on my dad's shoulder
Chubby is playful and loves to cuddle! He loves to eat, sleep, and cuddles! 🥰
My 14 year old baby still loves going on walks, taking long siestas, treat time, and playing with her brother Raskal.