Baby Stories - 27


Jake is a 7 year old JRT mix Jake Jakes favorite thing to do is to run in the backyard and hunt squirrels Jake is also on TikTok @Jake_the_mutt all of the money will be donated to are local animal shelter and charity's
From rescue to pageants, Ariel is living her best life!! Every day is a play day, and every dog she meets is a playmate. Likes: Sunbathing, Stuffed Animals, Gospel Music, and Car Rides.
Cash Spivey
Cash has an outgoing spirit who loves to play and most of all cuddle!
Flint is a rescue, she was abandoned! She is now a healthy dog thats knows alot of tricks and LOVES treats!🥰
Paisley is a very playful and loving 4 month old French Brittany who can light up your whole day❤️
It’s hard to describe words for Elvis, you will never in your life find a dog like him. He is 140bls. Elvis is a therapy and service dog. He works as a therapy dog at my husband clinic. I will tell you this, I have never trusted any dog, including mine, 100% around people, always nice, sweet dogs but sometimes you just never know. I can tell you right now, I have trusted Elvis 100% around anyone and anything, even new borns. I have never met a dog like Elvis. He is truly one in a million.
Murry is a 5 year old Golden Retriever mixed with Chow and Border Collie. Murry was returned by his first owner to the shelter in Phoenix, AZ. He was very sad and depressed until he was adopted Feburary of 2017. Murry has since found true happiness with the Steele family and never hesitates to show his appreciation. He now lives in Wilmington, OH and enjoys chasing squirrels and saying hello to all the farm animals. Murry currently works as an emotional support animal for his owner Anna after she lost her entire family. Murry is very calm, understanding, and so loving to all around him. Please help us vote for Murry so we can give back all the love he has given others!
Albus Dumbledog
Albus Dumbledog is a magical boy, named after the amazing Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Albus was adopted from Dakin Humane society on July, 12, 2019. Albus or Albie as he is affectionately called is a sweet, funny and weirdo dog. Albie loves all toys, snacks and most of all he loves rubbing his whole body on freshly worn stinky shoes. Albie has helped me greatly in my personal battles with Anxiety and Depression. In my book there is no better boy than Albus Dumbledog
Samson Parker
Food is my love language 🤩 Food and physical attention. Am cool and kind and adore my humans 🥰
Gypsy is seven weeks old, she loves to play outside, and whipped cream makes her crazy!🥰
Rebecca The Golden Husky
Rebecca is 3 months old , she is a red/golden Siberian husky. She is a sweet and very intelligent little girl. She has a 5 years old brother called Logan and they love each other . Logan lost her sister 1 year go so Rebecca makes him so happy. She already learned how to open doors lol and she love veggies 😘
Mikey is one of our doggie children. He’s been part of our family for over 10years, coming to us as a rescue. He has been undergoing treatments this week for an autoimmune disorder and is continuing to fight through this. He’s quite a trooper and has a very unique personality.
Bolt loves anything outside or Water . He has such a unique personality and fits right into our adventures 🥰
alpha loves belly rubs , I love to play with plastic bottles and be spoiled, he thinks that he’s brave when he sees the neighbors but goes behind daddy’s legs
Miss Bella
Miss Bella is not bad but she sure is Bougie
I love ball! And play and cuddles. When I was just a pup my past owner threw me on the street, but that didn't stop me from always smiling especially now that I found my forever home. Swimming is by far one of my favorite activities tied with licking faces!
Peeka says, Remember to wipe your paws !
Sooie is a fun loveable pup, she's hyper and she loves leaves!!!
Hello, my name is Oz and I am a chunky 5 year old man who loves naps and cuddles!
I am a carefree girl who loves attention and ALL the love!
Nueva Luna
My world is brighter with her. She is a care free, fun loving girl. She’s mommy’s best friend <3 and beloved by all especially puppies
Izzy is 6lbs of fluff! She loves chicken and naps. Loves walks and cuddles with her mom❤️
Tucker is a mini Aussie with a BIG heart. He takes the hearts of everyone he meets! His favorite toy is an orange Dino!
Dash is a cavapoo born in Indiana but pure New Yorker now! He sleeps probably 22 hours of the day and spends the other hours begging for belly rubs. Don’t let the puppy face fool you, he’s actually a grandpa at heart!
Ambrosius is my emotional support baby . He is 7 years old . Just adopted him two weeks ago and the light of my life . He loves his toys . Whenever I ask him to go get his toy , he goes to look for it and brings it so we can play . He has this toy plastic chili pepper . He took it outside to his pee pad ,set it down next to him while he peed and started to come back inside almost forgetting his toy ! “Don’t forget your chili pepper !” I gasped . He had this “oh yeah !” Look on his face as he turned around , picked it up and brought it back inside .
Bronx , my bronkalina , a big teddy bear that keeps you safe
Barbara Jean
My BJ Girl saved my life with her sweet soul , I got her shortly after my mom passed and without BJ I wouldn’t be here , she is named after my mom and they are my angels , BJ recently tore both her ACLS and we have been heartbroken, but we will keep trying to get her better
Hi my name is Bubba Binxs i luv to snuggle and eating snacks
Hi my name is Brady i luv to snuggle and go for long car rides and being with my mommy's
Gizmo is a 6 year old little boy who still acts like he is 2!! He is now living the college life with me and he absolutely loves it 😍
Prince is a labrador retriever mix we dont have him anymore but i thought u could enter him in this pageant it'd mean the world if u could vote for both my accounts night n baby -girl- thats the name of my other one
Night Night N Baby-girl
Baby and night night are chihuahuas sadly baby passed away i would use the money for my house as the roof fell in because we were getting a addition and they didnt tarp it right and my tetes baby who was finna turn 7 months (she was still in the womb) passed away😕 so it owuld make my day if i could also give her some of the money
I love jumping on the trampoline and spending time with my baby sister violet💜
We adopted our sweet Jethro from an animal shelter when he was 8 years old. We were in a really bad place, we just put our 8 year old dog down. We thought because he was the same age and breed of our dog who had just passed this was fate. We could not picture our lives without him! He completed our home.
We actually found our precious baby in our backyard when he was two years old. He is now 17 years old living his best life in a good home. He is the most loving dog ever.
Grant has such a unique character. He has anxiety which makes him an extreme lover of blankets and pillows. He has to suck on a blanket or pillow and must have his pillow to lay his head on ... ANYWHERE! He loves to cuddle and give kisses. Grant also thinks he is part human and sits just like one! He is an amazing dog and I believe in my heart he would be happy if you voted ❤️🥺
Sadie Mae
She is a beautiful little golden nugget that reminds me of a puppy version of Puss in Boots. She's a beagle, border collie, bull terrier mix.
Ellie Mae
Ellie is a 1 year old lab husky mix, who was adopted from a shelter when she was 8 weeks old. She loves exploring the outdoors, (especially playing in the snow/rain), going on car rides and chasing rabbits and squirrels. She absolutely loves her momma and her daddy. (She’s a daddy’s girl) She loves attention from any and everybody, the loudest squeaky toys and of course, yummy treats.
Hi I’m Sunny and I live in Orlando, Florida! My favorite things include my sister MJ, treats, car rides, and naps. I have the brightest personality and love to make my humans laugh 🤩
This is Daisy, just like the flower she can brighten your day in an instant. Super full of life and energy.
Groot came from a litter of puppies my grandmothers dog had and came all the way up to PA from TN to come live with me 😊 he is only 4lbs, but still has some growing to do, as hes only 2 months old!
Neiko The Rescue
Neiko the rescue pup! I came all the way from Kentucky to Michigan from a horrible situation, I was only half the weight I was supposed to be and almost died. But now I’m almost 4 months old, know at least 20 fun tricks, digging in the dirt is seriously the best, and I loveee flying around my big yard at full-speed! No living tied to a tree for me!
Bean was adopted by our family we were explained that he was coming from a abusive situation, Bean over came his fears and is now a fun outgoing puppy living life to the fullist he has learned to sit and lay down and has became such a loving dog💜🖤
Aspen is a spunky 8 month old Great Dane pup!!! She’s bigger than my old man Zeus. She is very clumsy in the cutest way. Loves to chase her tail and never fails at catching it after she flops on her side. She’s smart and learning fast. She’s definitely an amazing couch potato!! She has heterochromia and that meaning she has one blue eye and one green eye!! Most people don’t notice this at first and they fall in love even more!
Hi world my names Bandit! My mom named me this cause I steal peoples hearts. I wuv playing with people and pups sometimes I’m a little naughty but only when I want to play! I try to sneak human food sometimes but it’s not so good for my tummy. I hope you guys vote for me! I promise I won’t let you down. ❤️❤️😘
Luna, a Silver Labrador Retriever, is a fun loving, playful bundle of cuteness! She loves being pet and snuggling!! She is very smart and loves to do training exercises!
Max is a very loving, energetic dog! He loves being outdoors with his family enjoying the fresh air! He has the purest soul and loves to snuggle!