Zoey Claire
Hi, I’m Zoey! I enjoy sitting in the back yard feeling the wind blow through my hair. Sometimes it makes me so happy that I get uncontrollable zoomies. When I go back inside my mom gives me my favorite cookies and bones, I could chew on them forever! But my all time favorite thing to do is meet other animals and humans. I love making new friends and going for rides!!
Zeus is an energetic, lovable, crazy dog, he loves to run all the time, and give a bunch of kisses
dexter was born under a deck. dexter is a great dane mastiff mix. dexter is 6’0 on his hine legs. dexter is cool. vote dexter
My momma got me for her birthday. I am so happy to have her as a mom because, she loves me a whole lot. I love to hang out on her shoulder and hate to get down. I have lots and lots of energy and can drive momma crazy but I just wag my tail and jump up and down and she loves me all over again. ❤️
Akima is 10 weeks old and already has an adorable and sweet personality. She loves to be loved and is so full of energy and very fun to be around.
Hi, I’m Koe Ruston. I like snuggles, treats, my unicorn, ducky, and bone.
Hi, I’m Steelie Grey. I love frisbee, treats, piggy ears, and belly scratches.
Mr. Gus is between 10-13 years old we rescued him from a bad situation. He’s is the most protective boy of his new baby brother his favorite thing to do is chase dirt bikes and try to bite the tires but we don’t allow it. He loves food and snuggles he’s the goodest boy
Romeo will be 6 years old this year he is a service dog for high functioning anxiety but when he’s not working he’s the most goofiest boy who loves to play ball chase you around the yard and eat good boys (treats) he is 130 lb’s of pure love and cuddles
Marshall is a 1 year old Bulldog/Pitbull Mix. He is a super goofy boy with a BIG personality. He can be a little on the shy side at times, but never in front of the camera! This is my absolute favorite picture of him. He LOVES his "siblings" and playing with his toys. Its a never a dull moment here with them lol. Hope you all enjoy this photo of my sweet handsome man!
The sweetest most loving puppy!😁❤️
Max is 2 months old, mixed Malamute. Hes had a rough go at life in the short 8 weeks. But giving it his all to have a great full life!
She loves her momma and her daddy , and playing with every pup at dog parks🥰
Nash is a very quirky little nut case! His favorite activity is chasing birds and fun fact, hes terrified of hot air balloons
I'm Akira. I love to be by my mom's side no matter what she is doing. I really enjoy playing ball. And I love being the center of attention.
Hi I’m Romeo I’m just a baby but my favorite things are going outside to play with my human big sister and brother. I learned how to play fetch it’s my favorite game! We used to go on a lot of walks but I recently broke my paw it’s almost healed though! I also love cuddling on the couch with my mommy.
Just gave birth to. 4 beautiful bulldog lab chow mixes
Maverick is a 4 month old Australian Shepherd! His favorite activities include playing in mud puddles, hiding cat toys, and burying sticks!
Tiny was the runt of the litter. Her mother is Chloe who is a 3 year old full blooded Australian Shepard that birthed 10 healthy puppies and we kept Tiny and her brother Sam. Tiny loves herding the chickens, pigs and cattle up. She is a cuddle bug and her favorite spot to lay is on the back of the couch. Her and her brother Sam keep each other entertained.
Sherman is 7 months old and loves to hike! He is so sweet and very smart.
We adopted klaus about 2 months ago. He is smart, silly, loves to play with his toys and cuddle, cuddle, cuddle!!
Hi, I am Daisy & love my mommy & snacks, hope all is well with you & thanks for the votes, I really hope I can win so I can get a bathtub full of snacks...
She loves to play with her Lamb Chop toy
I’m Rory! I’m a 3 month old golden, and my favorite thing to do is play with my mom and Great Dane sister, Tiny! I also love when mom teaches me new tricks; I can sit, lay, and roll over already! If I won this contest, my riches would show in plentiful treats and toys for my sister and I!
Max loves my grandson Hunter....two peas in a pod ...makes me smile❤
Callie is the sweetest! She loves attention and to pick on the little dog…nonstop
I’m max! I will be 2 years old in august. I like to aggravate my sister and like to dig holes in the yard.. I am playful but I also protect my household. I love eating pig ears and like chasing birds in the yard
Bertie is the best pup I’ve had so far she’s quiet , sweet , cuddly , and also likes to relax she came from a big litter and now adjusting Bertie is also mix breed Lab/shep
Loves cuddles 🥰 and to be held like a baby while sleeping all snug and tight
Buddy is 14 years old, and hes my service dog soon to be retired! He has one eye due to a dog attacking him but that was 2 years ago! Now all healthy and doing great
Patty loves her nap time. Likes to go for rides.
She skips when she is walking. She loves her carrots.
Sam is an Australian Shepard and blue heeler. He is 1 of a litter of 10. I own his mother who is full blooded Australian Shepard. Sam likes to howl, chase toys, chickens, pigs, cattle and his sister Tiny. He will be trained as a tracking dog for hunting season. How can you not vote for this cutie?
Trinity was born jan. 28th 2022 she like chasing us and us chasing her loves her toys a carrot monkey and bone. Loves laying on porch in sun
Hi my name is Chapo and I’m sweet and so much energy breed I got adopted 2 weeks ago I love to investigate everything and go everywhere as car rides too
Snoopy is the baby of the family he is loving fun and full of energy
Rowdy Roo
Rowdy is a kind ol big teddybear that loves everybody and every animal he meets
She loves to play fetch with her ball and go on truck rides.
Rocket is 2 years old. He’s a male. He loves playing outside. Loving, playful, protective, etc.
This is Marlo he is a 4th of July baby.He love belly rubs and ear scratches. He also loves to play in the mud.
Bruno is very energetic. Loves his Balls and other toys. And loves hanging out and snuggling.
This is Rex. He's the definition of loyalty, love and crazy. Of course I wouldn't have it any other way. If he's not following me around everywhere then he's following me around everywhere with a ball in his mouth. He has absolutely no chill and somehow it keeps me focused. My best friend.
! Bisous----💕💕💕-----merci .....Slick is just that. Slick in nature, grouchy , very jealous. Lives in Alabama, country dog. Thinks he is big but maybe 15 pounds. Daddy was Luke a Roosevelt terrier, mamma is Sissy C chihuahua. Has a big family of 7 other dogs. 1 horse and 1 cat.❤✅👀🤗Nous venons de découvrir que SLICK a une empreinte de CHAT BLANC sur le côté ! il est donc choisi pour aider les chats ! donc très spécial. 💕💕💕
Shes a loving house dog but also a great hunter !
Daisy is very loving and loves to cuddle! She is a rabbit hunting dog and loves the outdoors when the weather is permitting. She loves to learn new tricks and has accomplished many tricks! Daisy would love to win because she is absolutely adorable!!!
Italia Blosson
Sibling to Valentino she is the spunky big sister while Tino is the runt of the crew! Always making you laugh this pup
Absolutely Has to be touching you or leaning on you or tucked away in a coat…. no matter where he is as long as he is near you he won’t necessarily need a lap Chews on anything in sight! Never quits eating why I called him polpetta aka meatball in Italian Sicilian! Always stealing hearts
Tarrao loves to sleep and eat! She is so smart and will play heart out until she’s ready to go back inside. (she’s to pretty to be outside for too long in her eyes). Fun fact about Tarrao is, she saved us from a house fire!