Loves to be pet, go for walks and loves to eat
Scarlett was born July 4th so she entered the world with a spark and that spark has been with her since day 1. She loves to make you smile even when you only feel like crying. She is still very young but has nothing but love for everyone
Hazel is 8 weeks old. Shes been very sick lately but doing so much better since her sugar is under control. Shes so sweet. And the best dog ever. 😊 thanks for voting for Hazel.
Minnie just turned two years old recently! She loves her baby sister Bailey and absolutely loves to play with her tennis balls! She’s such a cuddle bug too.❤️
Taz is an energetic boy who loves his family! He loves to play with his other siblings and enjoys being outside and playing fetch. He is very photogenic! He is simply the sweetest most handsome boy around!
Hes just a funny little guy he is 3 mobths old just learned how to walk up and down stairs he gallops hes a bully always sneaking my other dogs food
Fatboy is a little over a year old, he’s my big baby. He likes to play, run, and just be wherever i’m at. He has to be always touching me and he likes to sleep on my back with his head on mine.
Layla is a beautiful, crazy entergetic pitbull boxer mix who just wants to play with everyone she meets. She always makes everyone feel better and is always there for everybody. She always puts a smile on my face. Please vote for Layla
Tonka he’s a little over a year old, he’s a wild one. He gets the zoomies a lot and just runs in a circle. He likes to make his brother mad by taking his toys all the time.
Skybaby is a little older but she still plays like a puppy. Picks on her brothers still their toys, an she loves car rides. She goes everywhere I go besides work.
Arlo is a Scnoxie, that is a Schnauzer Dashound mix. He is a very funny silly puppy who is a rescue. He "throws a tantrum" in a way by lying on his back and kangaroo kicking when he doesn't get his way. He came from the Humane Society. He likes running around the house with his toys and loves cuddles. He was bought for me as consolement after my old dog passed away. I have had him for 4 months now and i love him very much. His favorite toy is Flounder from The Little Mermaid. Please vote for my little boy
Wesson is a loving, energetic puppy! He loves to be by his parents side and go everywhere with them. He loves to chase squirrel and bunnies when he’s outside. His favorite snack is frosty paws ice cream.
Gunner loves to be right next to his dad he also loves to lay next to the or vent to keep cool and he loves his cookie treats
Coco is a friendly energetic dog. She loves to enter act with children. Coco is a very smart dog she knows when something is wrong with someone. Please vote for Coco.
Ace-a-base, or Ace, is a big cuddle bug. When he hears his name, he comes running, ready to give out kisses! Acey boy is a one of a kind!!
Winston loves his family. He loves to play ball and swim.
Loves to Play Outside , Loves Kids , My favorite things to do are cuddling with mommy & Daddy & I like playing with my little sister , I like sleeping upside down I also love wearing clothes Vote For Me Pweaseeee..🐾🐾🥰
Monty is a 1yr old Pitbull cocker spaniel mix. He loves to hand me my slippers when I come home, carry his leash in his mouth and walk inside on his own and lots of cuddles. He is my emotional support dog and my sweet baby boy. Any vote would be appreciated.
Gemma is a very hyper pup who loves people... She wants attention and will make sure she gets it
Nova is a very sweet dog.... She loves to snuggle.... She doesn't seem to understand that she is a bigger dog and walks or lays on you like she is only 5 pounds instead of 60 pounds
Casey is a very old dog that loves people and still tries to play like a puppy.... She always has a smile
Winchester is the biggest goofiest dog that's just so funny to watch.... He loves to dig and chase the dirt he throws behind himself
Tuesday Tue is a very sweet dog that thinks she rules the house
She loves to terrorize her brother.
Hi there! Jefferson is almost 4 months old and is a Mini Swiss Doodle (our little oreo milkshake)! We just made him a part of our family a little over a week ago and he was the best addition. He loves his fur friends, pawrents, walks and all of his toys so much!!! All votes are sincerely appreciated ♥️🐾
He is the best snuggles when you have had a bad day.
Cato is a fun dog that loves to jump at his own shadow
Mr. Todd is a rescue and i don't know how anyone couldn't want to keep him. He the sweetest most affectionate little guy. Loves to cuddle, loves kids and adults alike. He's an all around wonderful little soul. He's been a blessing to me and I just wanted to share him.
Odie is a 3 month old Cane corso, Pitbull mix. He loves car rides, going on walks, and every person he comes across. 🥰🐾
Maya is very active loves to play. Has lots of energy but very sweet nature. Loves to pesture her little sister my Shih Tzu Schnauzer. But they are best friends. She will be a year on 11-5-22
Klaus is one giant baby. He loves to sleep on top of his mom and dad and always needs cuddles and to be under your blanket
Hi I am a 6 month old German Shepard Basset Hound mix. I am obsessed with dinosaurs and have a ton of Dinosaur toys. My favorite thing to do is cuddle with my moms and take all their blanket. I also love to bark at my fish siblings.
Cricket is a very vocal baby, shes spoiled rotten. Very playful, loves puppies and meeting new people. She loves to cuddle and sleep. She likes to think she a big dog lol. She has her own little closet of clothes and a bunch of bows. Shes a mamas girl.
She likes to chew on everything, very sweet and cuddly. Vote for Ruby!
John J Rambo
Rambo is a rambunctious baby. He loves to sleep right up on you and LOVES cuddles. Hes a biggo baby. Rambo will follow you anywhere you go and you have to hold his tail so he can lead the way. He loves playing and go on car rides. He literally just loves anything, any animal, kids. He loves to give everyone kisses. He lives meeting new people. Rambo is a goofy boy.
Miss Dixie loves to nap, or bully her siblings 🤷🏼‍♀️
Dozer is a lil funny about meetin new ppl he usually gets scared n pees! He loves playin wit his lil humans n his mom & dad n the back yard! Althought him n his dad had a disagreement they still play together all the time! When he walks he carries himself like a lion trotting across an open field! Hes silly n likes to chase bumble bees!
Diesel loves to run n play in the backyard wit his lil humans! He thinks hes human when he sleeps in our bed he thinks his head needs to be on the pillow! He loves his woman Malexia he will start pawing & talkin too her its quite adorable! He loves givin high fives n hugs!
Rosie is a very loving Girl she is around 3 years of age loves to play chase balls play Frisby anything that involves the outside and defiantly a big cuddle bug a great addition to our family 🥰
This is our little girl annabelle....we found her and it was love at first sight...she gives our big boy oakley a run for his money...she is fearless but a chicken at the same time...she loves her toys and is obsessed with water!!!
She is a rescue dog. She thinks she is a lap dog. She love to snuggle and give kisses. Loves to play with her toys.
Cow is a 7 week old pitbull, lab, border collie mix. She just got home today after battling with parvo AND WINNING! 🥰
Turbo is a 2 year old human toddler stuck in a 80lb English bulldogs body. He is super energetic, LOVESS to play with his owners, his fellow dog brothers, or even your feet as your walking.🤣 never a dull moment with this guy and he would love to win this so he can start building his dog house and have his puppy friends come over for a poker night ♣️ ♦️ 😜
Hes just a pup but boy is he ful of joy and spunk
Bella loves to run around and play with other dogs...