Baby Stories - 27


Akio Star
Akio’s name means “bright boy” in Japanese! He is the most playful, sweet clumsy pup I’ve ever met! ☺️ Babe loves car rides, his sister buddy, cuddling with mom and going for walkies, oh he loves stickies the most!!! He gibs the best kisses ever and he likes to eat peanut butter all day every day. 🥰
Gracie is a 15 week old Tibetan Terrier She is the sweetest loving puppy. She loves to play,snuggle,and give kisses .
Winston is a teddybear dog! He is half shihtzu, 1/4 bichon, and 1/4 poodle! He iis able to sense my blood sugars and wakes me up at night if they go low! He has one sister, Merit and they both were named after cigarette brands as i am a respiratory therapist!
Sophea loves to eat, and play hide and seek. She was the smallest from her litter. She enjoys kisses and playing dress up.
He loves to be outside and always getting into stuff he’s not supposed too.
Precious is my baby Siberian husky. She is very energetic and love to talk of play chase. I love it when she has her zoomies, she can really wear you out.
This good boy is a Dutch Shepherd. Rescued him a while back from a shelter. He's very loyal, protective, and vigilant but at the same time he's lovable, playful, and filled with tons of energy! I would do anything for this dog. He's my ride and die.
Semper Pie
This is Semper. Goes by Semp, Semper Pie, Semper Pup or Dingbat. He is a 70lbs of muscle puppy who has convinced himself he is a lap dog and loves to cuddle... even if you don’t want to. Also, he is the king of his kingdom and loves to climb the furniture just like his kitty cat sister. He enjoys tug of war, keep away and going into open fields to run around like a mad man!! He also loves playing with other pups at the dog park! He is one of a kind and although his energy is excessively high, it’s hard not to fall in love with his crazy personality!
Lola has no clue that she's a dog. Loves to cuddle, go on golf cart rides and her absolute favorite is going out on the boat with us. She's knows when the boat bag has towels put in it that it's time to go.
She is my best friend, that knows I need her company. She is loyal, loves to play and be with her family. Her favorite toys are her stuffed animals.
Ash is super spoiled. he loves cuddles and being outside
Sir Georgi is a 3 month old fun loving, energetic, fluffy corgi boy who loves chew toys and sleeping. He is a parvo survivor after a couple scary days in the hospital but hes a fighter and pulled through to show the everyone how strong and determined he is. He is smart, funny, and loves everything and everyone (except the brush, he hates that 😄)
Mamas is a very happy and outgoing dog. She loves playing with her human baby , going to the park , eating snacks & playing with other dogs.
Pip Squeak
Pip squeak blue 💙 is a blue meral Pomeranian we got him last year he will be a year old in sept. He is sweet loving and loves to give kisses. He loves all of his toys .
Yola because YOLO! ❤️
Máximo came to my life when I was in a dark place now he is my whole world he doesn't like when im sad he can be all night trying to make feel better I love him and he loves to cuddle
Zeus is a 4 month old black lab. His favorite things are playing fetch, swimming in his pool, snuggling with his dad and enjoying his treats.
Gunner is the most laid back, slowest eating Lab puppy we have ever met! His personality is so HUGE! He has even warmed hearts of non dog lovers (gasp). Sticks and ice cubes are his favorites but his stuffed ducks are a close second. Hope you find him as funny and adorable as we do.
Finn is a furry friend to everyone and he loves to roll around happily in the wet grass!
Ozzie is a 3 1/2 month old German Shepard. He has a lot of energy and for sure has a great personality and so smart already
Bandit was already one years old when we first meet him. We saw him at petco where a local pet shelter came up and was selling their dogs. And when my husband and I saw bandit we knew we had to get him. He is very spunky, energetic, protective, and loving. However, he is very shy towards other people. We believe he was most like abused before he was at the shelter because when we first got him he had scaring on his legs and sides. But as time has gone by he is getting better with it. He loves to walk and play with his toys and loves his sister Roxie.
Loki is the most Low-key dog you’ll ever meet. He loves leaves (actually doesn’t use toys) just leaves. Loki is 8 weeks old. Vote, vote, vote!!!!
Neziah is a long coat German Shepherd. He just had his 1st birthday. His nickname is Bubba and he is also known as the clown dog. He is the sunshine in everyday. He loves treats and understands basic commands and some in German. His favorite toys are Chuck it flyers and he absolutely loves to play. He loves to find as well and hopes to be a therapy dog and thinks about Search and Rescue!
Pc Barnes
PC is a blessing to me. He was named PC in honor of a dear friend of mine who died in Dec 2019 of a massive heart attack. He loved me and he loved dogs. He was my true friend and when he passed my daughters wanted me to have a friend so they purchased this beautiful golden doodle for me. They said mom , here’s your néw PC that will forever be in your heart and your new PC will love you like our family friend “Paul Christian” did! I love my néw PC , he is so loving and he hugs me when I’m sad or thinking about my PC that passed.
Whiskey Blu is 4 months old. He is full of Energy & Love. Whiskey is a Toy Australian Shepherd. His colors are called Blu Merle! He is such a good boy, brings cuteness & happiness to Everyone he meets! Such a lil smartie too! ♡♡♡
I’m still a baby, but I want to learn how to retrieve ducks to make mommy and daddy proud!! ❤️
Luna is full of sass and sweetness. She curently loves walks, naps and chasing ants. Luna is working hard in doggie school learning the ins and the outs of this world!
Maddie loves everyone and loves all animals.She’s loves to play with balls and to sleep and car rides 🤣..She’s got a heart of gold and has a heart like a child
Rowan is a very lovable 1 year old Australian Sheppard. He loves playing fetch in the backyard with mom and going to the dog park to meet with his best friends. He loves learning new things and going new places with his mom and dad.
Toby is my side kick. We got him when he was 7 weeks old. He is now 4. He loves kids very laid back so sweet. Goes every where I go yes that includes laying out side the bathroom dr. My grandkids call him a potato because he is just a lil bit round in the middle.
My little Bambi girl is a firecracker! 🧨She loves to play and wrestle with her siblings and getting silly bouncing around like a little bunny 🐇 her favorite thing to do is give mommy kisses and cuddle 🥰
King is an 2yr old American Staffordshire Terrier/ American Boxer Mix….. He loves children, the park, and sun baths.
My name is Bear, I just turned 2 and I love fetch , and chewing on anything I can. I love everybody and I will give my paw to anyone who pets me!
Josie is what we call a 'Dog Scarf'. She's not being herself, unless she's cuddled around your neck. She cares about all lives, even squirrels. She has ears that can hear your thoughts and a soul capable of loving everything and everyone.
Mattie Lou
She is the sweetest girl for the fact that they have a bad rap 🥰
Rin's full name is RinTinTin and is from Houston, Texas. Rin loves playing frisbee in the park with his dog dad, running on trails with his humans, snuggling on the couch/bed (and my humans' feet and arms), and playing fetch with his favorite stuffed raccoon (or stick)! His favorite snacks are bacon, steak, pizza and peanut butter. His ears perk up when he hears “toy”, “ready”, “park”! He is a very well behaved, loving & happy dog :)
Nova is my name, fashion is my game. Modeling helps pay the bills, at least that’s what my mom says. Things I love: x-small tennis balls, my crazy grandpa and chicken flavored treats.
Knox has the best story...he was born and bred for service, but low and behold he couldn’t pass the final test to become a police dog. Twice he failed and so he remained in a rescue for two years, basically his whole life. When Joshua went to meet him in hopes to adopt, he behaved as if he were going to rip his head off! He scared him and thought twice about adopting, but he took him home for a 2 week trial basically. He ended up falling in love with him because he’s so loving, loyal and protective, it’s hard to believe how perfect a match he was for his human! He gets really scared with thunderstorms, he sometimes falls over when he lifts his leg to go potty (it’s really cute), and he absolutely loves this purple toy. He is extremely lovable and while Joshua rescued him, I’m pretty sure Knox rescued him in many ways. A perfect partnership!
Sylvia was just picked up yesterday. She is 10wks old. She is super smart and just wants all the cuddles. She already loves her human sisters 11yo, 2yo and 1yo. She is a gentle soul with a lot to say.
Ever since we got her, she has been a sweet heart. She love everyone and everything. She wants to become best friends with everyone she meets. She love toys and she loves her brother bandit. She is almost the same height as me and I’m 5’7.she loves her cuddles, and I don’t believe she has an ounce of meanest in her bone because she is always full of joy.
Tina is a silly little basset hound who is sassy and energetic. She loves everyone and gets easily excited. She loves lounging around the house and playing with her sister. Did I mention she loves cheese??
Alice is a smart girl who loves cuddles!! You can always find her snuggled in bed. Her favorite snack is cheebs and she loves going for walks and swimming!!
She loves Belly scratches,her Nylabone,going on walks & lots of Cuddles. She gets her name due to her smooth,colorful coat...just like a chocolate 🍫 bar. Her favorite people are her mom,Jojo,Steph,Chris & her dog cousin Tillie 🐾. Please vote for my beautiful girl! 😊
Giovanna is a perfect little girl who will ask you to pick her up for some snuggles (in dog speak of course) She is a girly girl but loves to wrestle with her betrothed Jaxon!
Dahlia is a laid back sweet girl who loves belly rubs and cuddling. She is also a great mommy!
Bless was injured at 5 weeks by his litter mate's causing a fracture in his back making him handicapped. He has no idea that he is different than other pups. He just wants love. I am presently trying to teach him how to walk with a rear leg wheelchair but it has been very challenging.
Pippa is like a ball of sunshine. She makes everyone happy that meets her. She also had an uncontrollable licker so she will shower you with love and kisses!
Zeeba loves people and other animals. She sleeps in bed all day and loves hanging out with her family in the evenings.