Baby Stories - 26


Pecan loves her toys and to play, play, PLAY! She jumps around like a baby goat when she’s excited. And her favorite place to nap is wherever the coolest spot in the house is!
Ellie is all about her humans. She is the definition of a Velcro dog and never leaves my side. Truly the most loyal and comforting companion!
Jayce is a Siberian Husky who was adopted in 2018 and is approximately 7 years young. He obviously loves the snow but even more than that he loves people!
Gigi is a free spirit girl who loves big! She is always happy (except when I have work) and is pretty and she knows it! She has the biggest personality!
Shadow is a sweet loving girl! Who loves giving kisses and receiving cuddles, she enjoys long walks and playing with her other puppy friends! Most times calm but when she sees a kid she’s always at their side wanting to play or give them kisses.
Benny is an energetic, lovable puppy. He loves meeting new people and loves giving kisses. He also loves hanging out with his brother, George.
Liz is just georgous as you can see & loves all the attention she can get & She is always on the go from the time she gets up until bedtime..But, don't let all 4 pounds of her fool you bc she can be really fiesty when she wants to be.. She's very friendly with all humans & loves to give kisses & take walks..She also likes to complete in these contests so that's why you should all vote for her!! ❣️
Red is a silly pup, learning the ranch life. Being a pup. Running chases leaves. And destroys ever blankets and cushions possible. Full of life.
Zena is a lover… she loves running in the yard and playing with her brother.. and loves to hide in my flowers as u can see.. lol.. she is definitely a sweet heart!!! She is way more then just a dog in r house!!
Leyla is a fun, loving, family dog. She loves affection and attention! She has to snuggle up under the covers at night to sleep and thinks she's a lap dog! 😂 she is a lover and protector and would never hurt a fly. She is by far, the most loving and compassionate dog i have ever owned! She will keep you on your toes for sure!! Lol everytime we walk in from work, leyla jumps up on us and gives hugs!! 🥰
Diesel Hart
He’s adorable and when he was even younger before he grow a 100 times bigger everyone was amazed of how adorable he is!
Oakley is very sweet and patient. He gets a loo to happy when people come over and he’s so big
Luna is a spunky pup who loves to lounge around. She is a family oriented dog who loves my little guy who is 2. They play together and drag each other around. She’s full of love and loves to think she’s a lap dog, when she’s definitely not. She is about 5’2” on her hind legs and about 80 pounds 😮. We have welcomed her with open arms and cannot wait to watch her grow and protect our little guy 🧡
Winston is too smart, he loves to play (especially if you are chasing him), and gives hugs and cuddles. He’s a fast little man, who loves sleeping in the sun, and begging. He’s mouthy if he doesn’t get what he wants but he’s a little heart breaker !
My name is Lobo. My nickname is El Gordo. My hobbies include watching “Pup Academy” on Netflix, eating, destroying, and sleeping. I'm not too fond of any physical activities. My owner also talks a lot, and that gets on my nerves. I'm not trying to flex but I know Spanish and English. Let’s be friends?
Diesel loves his family loves playing with his sister and brother he has helped me through everything he is completely my savior he is the best dog in the hole world and the sweetest doesn’t have a mean bone in his body
I will not be entering Baby in the next contest 09/04/21. I will enter again after I am caught up on the return of advances. Baby is the sweetest and gentlest fur baby I have. She was 4 June 28th.She loves to play with squeaky toys, ropes and puppies. She loves to ride in the car and go out for ice cream treats. She absolutely loves children and people but hates other dominant female dogs. So often this breed is misunderstood. Let’s show Baby Girl the love she deserves.
Snow is very lovable Maltese. She likes playing with her toys and she loves sleeping and sometimes she even snore softly. She cries whenever anyone in my family is going out of the house and even when a visitor is leaving.. She always sit beside us and watch tv in the living room with us
Paisley is the sweetest little love of my life. She’s 14 years old (don’t tell her, she doesn’t know) but she doesn’t act like it. Her favorite thing to do is chase grasshoppers in our backyard. It’s the funniest thing to watch.
Marley is the sweetest dog ever!! She loves to go on walks at the beach and see her squirrel friends. She is a snuggle bug and loves her family and friends. Marley thinks all humans are here to pet and love on her.
Emma Sue
This is my Emma Sue. We have had her the longest! She has lots of seizures but continues to play all the time. She is literally like a baby to me. Very spoiled! 😊. She is a full blooded toy shih tzu!
We just got Willow! She is a full blooded pit. She was the only blue one they had so we took her right away and she has been an amazing addition to our family!!
Lola is a rescue from a puppy mill. She was a very sick puppy. She is a pit-husky mix and we couldn’t ask for a better dog.
Very sweet lovable dog loves her daddy always need to be underneath the blanket loves to eat everything
I will be three in October, I love playing fetch with my momma and playing with my sister Bailey the cat. I am a pure bred black lab don’t let my status fool you as I am one of the most clumsiest dog you’d ever meet. I love the water once I see it you can’t keep me out of it, I also think it’s funny to chase all the geese. A fun fact about me is I have webbed paw pads on my back two paws, but that doesn’t stop me from being active outside every day!
Tyson is the most people loving puppy anyone has ever met. Sweetest and cutest dog. He loves attention and he loves kids!🥰
We rescued Bailey a couple months ago from a shelter and she is the silliest, goofiest pup ever! Her long legs make her super clumsy and awkward 😅 Sweetest pup!
We rescued kobe when he was 8 weeks old he’s now 1! He loves kids and cuddling & taking long naps!! he loves meeting new people!🐶❤️
Winston is a year old he is so charming and loves cuddles he is our first puppy we adopted/rescued. Life's not ruff when you're around Winston ☀️
I love to snuggle and play all day! I love when mom brings me to go on hikes and swim! ❤️
Simba is my best friend! He’s silly in every way and has the biggest heart I’ve ever known. ❤️
I am 5years old and am a mama’s girl! I love to swim, go for walks and meeting new doggy friends:) plz vote for me💖
Fiona is fun loving pup! Extremely gentle and playful with all shapes and sizes of living things. She loves to chase soccer balls ⚽️ and does forward flips when she gets excited!
Hi! I’m Remington James but my moms call me Remy. I am a goofy, playful pup who loves to run around with my sister, snuggle with my moms, and munch on popcorn & frozen blueberry yogurt pops. My favorite thing to do is scavenging for cool, new sticks and show them off to everyone.
Saint is a Berner puppy who is full of love and licks. He likes to explore on walks before plopping down under some shade and taking in the sights around him. He especially loves his cousin Brooklyn (pictured above).
Hi! I’m Riley Josephine but my moms call me Ry. My favorite things to do are running around the beach with my twin brother, playing soccer with my mom, and snuggling with my family on a cozy, rainy day. Some of my absolute favorite foods are chicken jerky, sweet potatoes, and popcorn.
She is a fisty little girl love to watch baseball big giants fan as u can see in the picture
As an almost 2 year old phantom cockapoo, Hesch identifies as human. Loves his Mama and h8s favorite food is Challah bread!
Dior likes to yodel in the mornings to make sure we know he’s awake, he loves to stand on our back when we are laying down, & he gets very offended if you kiss him before he kisses you. He offers everyone his tummy to rub because of course,it’s an honor to do so! He loves to high 5 his friends & he is a very smart & good boy. His nickname is “Dude”, he answers to both!
Poppy is a 10 week old chocolate Merle purebred Yorkshire terrier! She has gorgeous light green eyes, speckled ears, a white streak between her ears, white feet and a white belly! She loves to snuggle, play chase outside, and climb on places she shouldn’t ;)
Lilo is the most social, sweet, funny, lovable olde English bulldog. She loves to go on walks, play frisbee, play with her friends, and loves to give all humans kisses. She is a 10 lb dog stuck in an 82 lb body. Haha. Her facial expressions and diva like attitude will crack you up and instantly make you fall in love with her.
Lou is a mixed breed that looks like a miniature Burmese Mountain dog! That’s right we created this breed. No but he is One of A Kind for sure! He is named after Lou Dog which is Bradley Nowell lead singer from Sublime’s famous Dalmatian. Louie has grown to have a crazy ball obsession. Badly obsessed! He will die for his ball. He he has non stop energy all day and night when it comes to his ball. He is a very smart buddy! He learned all his tricks after one week of training him! He likes to run faster than hell in his dirt circles. He definitely has an obsessive-compulsive disorder. However this is what makes him special and very athletic. He is a bad ass at playing catch. He has a 6 foot high jump record when catching a high ball. We will add photos of this achievement. Besides his obsession, Lou loves to eat and be the pack leader of the whole family! He looks mean as hell but he is really loving and smart! He is definitely affectionate! He is just like a kid a lot of the times. When he thinks we’ve gone to sleep he will sneakily tip paw almost next to us and grab our left out food and then he bolts it out of there faster than heck! He is smart he understands when we tell him something. He talks to us a lot I swear he is trying to speak to us it just doesn’t come out yet to where we can understand him. Some day I swear he will start taking it’s about ready to come out I can feel it. Either way we get him and he gets us. He is a spoiled dog, and is overall a happy dog despite his obsession sometimes, it can cause him a lot of anxiety. Each day we work on it with him and try to stimulate other activities into his daily routine such as carrying materials in his little backpack carrier to help us around the yard and other useful chores that makes him feel very productive. So please vote for Lou, we know he would be very appreciative! This money would go to purchasing items to help his productiveness and getting him less anxious with his obsession! TY!
Maisie is an energetic and fiesty little girl. This 14 week old 1/2 Border Collie, 1/4 Mini Australian Shepherd, 1/4 Rat Terrier gives her mom plenty of exercise and sass. When she's not chasing a random fuzzy thing or eating a bug that got too close, she's letting out her zoomies anywhere she sees fit. At home, she fulfills her role as Mom's ESA very enthusiastically.
I’m a 6 month old 5lb mixed breed rescue from Tijuana named Star. I was rescued from an abusive/neglected situation by an animal rescue company. I came to LA on August 8th and my foster parents fell head over heels in love with me and adopted me. I was the runt of the litter and my sister was twice my size but unfortunately didn’t make it. I’m happy and on my way to getting healthy, super smart an incredibly sweet little cuddle bug and am now happily living life in LA with my adoptive parents. Oh, and I also love snuggling inside my Moms sweaters 🐶🐾♥️ Every penny I win will go to my pet insurance and prescription food to get me back to my full health and the remainder will be donated to the company that rescued me so they can rescue other pups! 🐶
She is very dedicated to her owner. Very playful and love attention. She loves to snuggle up to you and have her favorite toy in her mouth when she goes to bed LOL. Sometime she'll look at you and has her top lip curled up and is really adorable.She gets some funny expressions on her face and you can't help but laugh. She is on my heels every step I make .She is alot of company.Love her to pieces
Reagan is the most mild tempered dog I have ever had; until someone tries to mess with me. Then she becomes very protective. She and I have a special connection. She’s the only dog that I have had from the moment she was born. She’s my love 😍 🐾♥️
D' Bo is EIGHTEEN years old and still feisty ever. He loves to chase all the big dogs in the neighborhood. Loves traveling and long walk in the beach. We are grateful for how long we've had him. He is our Baby and our Son. ❤
Rylo is a new addition to my family. It’s been just over two weeks since I’ve adopted him and feels like I’ve had him a lifetime! 💕 He is 11 weeks, a fluffy ball of energy, and just as clingy as I am. Perfect match’