Baby Stories - 26


Vada Blu
Miss Vada Blu is a year old Alaskan malamute German shepherd mix. She loves paddle boarding, camping, sleeping and playing with her sisters
Hebe is a 10 week old German shepherd. She’s a super smart pup, loves training with her mama and loves to annoy her sisters.
Enyo is a 8 week old shiba inu, she’s a very playful, sassy pup❤️ She loves her sisters and cuddles
Hey! In Harley! I am 3 years old. My absolute favorite thing to do is chase birds and rabbits and to sleep! My son Butch and I love to play tug-of-war but I always let him win😉. I am hoping to win so my mom and dad can spoil me👸🏼
Harley was born on christmas eve of 2018. He knows lots of tricks and loves to play ball!! 🎾 He also is the best at sitting pretty for pictures 📷
Django is a good boy and we want him to win to get toys for him.
Xuxa Guzman
Help support my small business for pet bandanas! Xuxa loves people! People votee
Bosco is now a 14 year old retired service dog, who had a very rough start to life. Bosco and his mommy met when he was only months old and had been through FIVE other familys. He was adopted by his forever home over 13 years ago now. He has been on tv four times in his life. Won two different trick competitions, both while still a puppy. Before he started going blind, deaf and had his ACL replaced, he was able to preform 30+ ticks! His favorites included sneezing, saluting, Army crawling, high-fiving, whispering and jumping rope! Bosco has also been the ring barer at his mommy's wedding. He took his job very joyfully and seriously as he carried the "Just Wait 'Till You See Her..." sign down the isle. This little guy is a mix of Cocker Spaniel and Welsh Springer Spaniel.
My name is Butch! I am 6 months old! I love to pick on my mom but we also love to cuddle. I love being the center of attention 🤴🏻 I’m hoping to win so I can get more toys so my mom can play with me more!
Benelli is a Welsh Springer Spaniel, a breed that is thought to be one of the oldest. Once popular, this breed has sadly started to become forgotten, putting them at risk for going extinct. The Kennel Club has them listed on their vulnerable nreed list. Please help save this historic breed. Benelli is sweet, sassy, humorous, brave, cuddly and has the biggest heart. She is so full of character and constantly reminds us to make time to play and laugh. She is content having her own joyous "parties" alone with her toys, but prefers to include others. She will happily share her stuffed toys with people or dogs. She will often bring them to someone and gently push the toy into them to initiate play.
Fox is a rescue who spent his entire life in a cage with loud dogs all around him. He was moved around from family to family, he got his hopes up leaving the shelter only to be returned FIVE Times, after falling in love with FIVE different families! Fox has cancer, and deserves a chance to live a long, happy life full of love. winning cutest dog would help get the treatment he needs! ❣️
Hi my name is Pepper. I am 11 months old, i LOVE to be outside, i don't really like when my mum keeps me inside on days when the sky is dripping. I don't mind being wet.. I can't wait for the first snow fall this year, i love the snow and the cold weather. Please vite for me!!!
Louie is 11 weeks old, and so playful! He loves playing fetch during the day, and cuddling with you during the night!
Scooby is the bee’s knees. He loves sticks and his humans. He is ultimately the goodest boy.
Fifi is a rescue that has the biggest heart, lots of cuddles and loves to sleep! She is very sassy, loves going on walks and dressing up!
Case is very outgoing and energetic. He was a bottle baby. Loves his lightning McQueen toy, loves car rides, and loves cuddles!
she is the destroyer of toys and loves to snuggle under the blanket. her favorite toy is a slipper.
Gizmo is an Norwegian Elkhound that is so funny, smart and super playful! He is full of energy and personality. You can find him playing with his octopus, running laps around the pool in the backyard or digging holes, he loves cuddles and toys
He's a chihuahua/poodle.. and my only boy
Hello everyone. Moxie here. She is 8 months old. She is a mix breed and Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd. She loves to run, jump and chew anything and everything. She is smart, intelligent and knows to sit, stay, shake and lay down. She loves the water and going to the beach. 🐾♥️🐾
Nova is a 4 month old bluenose pit, lab & beagle mix puppy❤️Nova is such a sweetheart, she is in loveee with tummy rubs and kisses❤️her favorite toy is her stuffed animal Simba from Lion King and her favorite treat is banana's🥰🍌she has such a great personality, everyone loves her❤️
After we lost 2 dogs this summer this little love bug came into our lives .
Drake is the sweetest boy you will ever meet! He LOVES cuddling, going on walks, playing with his bffs Cash & Izzy, and zoomies around the yard!
I’d buy so many toys if I win!
Beau is a handsome little dude who knows it. He is very lovable and very protective of his humans. He is also very smart and knows how to get what he wants.
Olive is my goofy girl and her wiggle butt can’t be stopped.
Lola is a mixed breed who is such a goofball. She loves the outdoors and belly rubs. In her free time she enjoys cuddling and sleeping. Vote for Lola so we can get her some new toys!!
Nova is the most loyal, sassy, sweet natured pup I’ve ever had in my life. She has so much spunk and attitude. I adopted her 3 years ago, but she is the one who ultimately rescued me. I love her with all my heart and soul!
Lilly is a 7 weeks old puppy. She loves to play and eat and sleep. She loves to cuddle and she a lovable puppy.
Finn is a rescue dog from Kentucky. He loves to snuggle, walk on the beach, and play at the dog park with his friends! Finn loves his chew toys. His favorite treats are peanut butter dog cookies!
She’s definitely a wiggle butt. Doesn’t know how to control her excitement yet. So cute! Loves to lick all of anybody’s face. Full of love ❤️❤️
She is 6 months old and the smartest puppers. She’s also my emotional support animal and does an amazing job.
Chanel is a 3 month old dogo argentino puppy who is deaf.. even tho she is deaf, she doesn’t let it phase her. She’s super energetic & just has a big personality. She loves to do zoomies all day everyday & play with her brother and sister (Floyd & Penelope )
Rambunctious and loving little furball, steals hearts of many and such a great conversation starter. She loves sweet potatoes and pumpkin 🎃
Jake is a 7 year old JRT mix Jake Jakes favorite thing to do is to run in the backyard and hunt squirrels Jake is also on TikTok @Jake_the_mutt all of the money will be donated to are local animal shelter and charity's
From rescue to pageants, Ariel is living her best life!! Every day is a play day, and every dog she meets is a playmate. Likes: Sunbathing, Stuffed Animals, Gospel Music, and Car Rides.
Cash Spivey
Cash has an outgoing spirit who loves to play and most of all cuddle!
Flint is a rescue, she was abandoned! She is now a healthy dog thats knows alot of tricks and LOVES treats!🥰
Paisley is a very playful and loving 4 month old French Brittany who can light up your whole day❤️
It’s hard to describe words for Elvis, you will never in your life find a dog like him. He is 140bls. Elvis is a therapy and service dog. He works as a therapy dog at my husband clinic. I will tell you this, I have never trusted any dog, including mine, 100% around people, always nice, sweet dogs but sometimes you just never know. I can tell you right now, I have trusted Elvis 100% around anyone and anything, even new borns. I have never met a dog like Elvis. He is truly one in a million.
Murry is a 5 year old Golden Retriever mixed with Chow and Border Collie. Murry was returned by his first owner to the shelter in Phoenix, AZ. He was very sad and depressed until he was adopted Feburary of 2017. Murry has since found true happiness with the Steele family and never hesitates to show his appreciation. He now lives in Wilmington, OH and enjoys chasing squirrels and saying hello to all the farm animals. Murry currently works as an emotional support animal for his owner Anna after she lost her entire family. Murry is very calm, understanding, and so loving to all around him. Please help us vote for Murry so we can give back all the love he has given others!
Albus Dumbledog
Albus Dumbledog is a magical boy, named after the amazing Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Albus was adopted from Dakin Humane society on July, 12, 2019. Albus or Albie as he is affectionately called is a sweet, funny and weirdo dog. Albie loves all toys, snacks and most of all he loves rubbing his whole body on freshly worn stinky shoes. Albie has helped me greatly in my personal battles with Anxiety and Depression. In my book there is no better boy than Albus Dumbledog
Samson Parker
Food is my love language 🤩 Food and physical attention. Am cool and kind and adore my humans 🥰
Gypsy is seven weeks old, she loves to play outside, and whipped cream makes her crazy!🥰
Rebecca The Golden Husky
Rebecca is 3 months old , she is a red/golden Siberian husky. She is a sweet and very intelligent little girl. She has a 5 years old brother called Logan and they love each other . Logan lost her sister 1 year go so Rebecca makes him so happy. She already learned how to open doors lol and she love veggies 😘