Baby Stories - 26


Lucy Lou
Hi my name is Lucy but my parents call my Lucy Lou!! I’m very vocal and have an opinion on everything! Besides being vocal I love to be center of attention of EVERYTHING!! I love my family sometimes I get jealous of my parents when they love on my siblings and not me 24/7! You should vote for me so then I can help my mom with getting some of her grooming tools so she can groom me! :)
Adonis is my 4 month old Rottweiler puppy, he enjoys Jeep rides, walks, meeting ppl everyday. Adonis is gods blessing, he was sent to me the exact same day (born) the day I lost my 7 year old Rottweiler. He just loves everyone!
Loves to snuggle!
Vega is a pit, beagle, lab mix. She was rescued from Tennessee and is 6months old🐾🐶She loves to play with anything that makes noise, chasing the kitties, and she loves her humans ❤️
he loves playing in leaves and snow .. hes so loveable and just adorable hes only 9 months old
We adopted Bogey in 2019 and been having a blast since. He is a Dalmatian mix (he has a little Australian Cattle Dog and Treeing Walker Coonhound in him according to his DNA test). He is just like me, he loves running, food, and attention!
Sunny is a smart sweet 4 month old mix breed. Sunny loves to show off her born talents from listening and following everything you say. She loves to play fetch, go for walks and enjoy kids getting off the bus to pet her. She loves her sleep time from 9pm to morning till We get up. Sunny also sometimes wants to play catch me or catch her.
Angel is 1 years old. She came to us a few days after my nanny passed away lastyear at 2 months old. She has definitely been an angel to the whole family. She loves to bark, chew on things and she loves to give kisses. When you are sick or not feeling good she will give you kisses and lay with you. Her name suits her well.
Arlo is my first and new pup! She is a crazy playful beautiful girl! Vote for Arlo!
Crystal was rescued on March 10, 2015. She was left on the side of the road in a crate, ate up in fleas and her nails were so long they were curled under. I took her home and after several flea baths and treatments, and nail grooming she was perfect. She is the sweetest most precious thing that I have ever had walk into my life. Crystal is just absolutely amazing.
This is Gracie the German Shepherd. Her favorite toy is for sure her goose. :) help me by voting for her and I will help you. Thank you!
He loves to protect his home, livestock and best friend!!!!! Loyal and so loving!
Dixi is 9 months old she loves toys she is/thinks shes a lap dog. she loves to run and play. she is very friendly girl. she love to go on car rides and loves to stick her head out the window and she loves snuggle time at night
Sweet loving rescue foster fail :) she loves to cuddle under blankets and get treats.
Sedona is my service dog she is an amazing animal and also love kids.
He is a purebred 5 year old and the father to my daughter's dog "Zorro" who is also on this pageant. He is very loveable and likes to sleep curled up on your lap
Tux is a rescue, new to the family and fitting in quite well. He loves to go to the dog park, chew toys and sleep!
Maverick is a silver lab who loves bird hunting, food, and swimming.
Lucky is a sibling to gold and was found in the woods staving, they looked to be only a few weeks old and no mother was in sight. We adopted them late july
Rosie is a cuddle bug that also enjoys running around with her best friend Freddie!
A fetching machine, he's bonkers for balls. A natural at barn hunt, too! My stubborn, smart, loveable boy.
Cooper is a sweet loving puppy. He loves to run around and play. He loves playing with toes and shoes! He loves attention. But when he is tired, he will pass out anywhere! 🤣
This is just the sweetest girl ever! She’s also a goofball 😊
Homer is my Dad’s medical assistance dog. He is a lovable and devoted parter to my Dad. I feel Service Animals are sometimes under appreciated and I think the world should know what a difference they make in people’s lives and just how amazing they really are.
Emmy is 10 months old & full of life!!! All winnings are going to Em's agility training!!!!
Roscoe is my sweet little baby!!! He likes to steal my socks to get me to chase him. He thinks it’s a fun game. He likes to cuddle with his mom. 💕
Murphy is a Cairn Terrier Mix. He was a rescue and he is a furball of joy. He enjoys car rides especially when there to McDonalds. He will shower you with kisses and cuddles. Murphy is always taking naps his brother which who is a a cat.
Calvin James
Calvin is my 3 year old. He loves playing with all his toys, loves the outdoors and most of all he loves to cuddle with mommy.
Dinky Andrew Allen Alexander
Dinky is the best 13 year old Chizu dog you could ever ask for he loves ❤ walks with GiGi. He enjoys barking at my neighbors dogs and laying on the porch watching and barking at people. Dinky loves getting attention and his back rubbed. He is currently registered as my emotional support dog I miss him very much Rip buddy 11/1/2021 @1pm Best friend I love you Dinky
Meatball is a 5 month old pug who loves to play and snuggle. And of course cheer on the Buffalo Bills
This little guy is an angel. He just showed up at our house one day and never left. He is is such a sweetheart.. he has become a special member of our family, im so glad he chose us...
Baloo our rescue malamute is living his best life and being sassy at daycare! He loves his sister Bella the husky and all his kitties.
Sadie May
Sadie was the first dog, pet really, that my husband and I got after getting married, like the day after. While she is no longer with us 😢 physically she is always with us. We believe she was a black mouth cur, and possibly the greatest hound dog ever. A great protector and best friend.
Farley is 3/4 pittie and 1/4 Boston terrier red brindle boy! Adopted him last September at two years old. Loves his new life with his sister Gemma Stone, two cat brothers Tuxedo Jack and Diesel Power, and our newest addition a baby girl who was born this September that he just adores!
Zeke is a mixed breed. Previous owner unsure of what all he has in him. He is a big baby and needs attention 24/4.
Brutus is a pittbull boxer mix. He has the funniest old man personality. He LOVES getting ice cubes for a treat.
My names mac and about 4 months ago I was diagnosed with IVDD and had a back incident and was bed bound for a month. I had a 2% chance of living. But that didn’t stop me from being the best service dog for my mom. I LOVE protecting my mom and I also would do anything for my treats. I love adventure and the beach. I’d do anything to go on a walk. I love when people throw my toys I just never bring them back:) my favorite hobby is barking as loud as I can and at everyone ! I turn 3 in a couple months !
Hi I’m helix and I’m the crazies dog anyone will ever meet! I love chewing everything up that smells like food. My parents call me Houdini because I can get out of cage when they’re gone and chew up everything in sight, I love food if I forgot to mention. I like my toys but all my interest goes towards food. And my treats.
Kaloni is my best friend. I suffer from chronic PTSD & she has allowed me to get out and enjoy life again. She is an Angel.
He loves to play ball and frisbee. Very active and loving dog.
Skeeter is around 15 weeks old he is a giant standard poodle puppy. He loves to take baths and run and play!!
Coconut is a 8 year old American pitbull terrier. He is the sweetest with kids and he is like a nanny. We love him so much 💗
Buky is a pomchi, im very energetic and like play to much. He so adorable 😍 he is my Babe 💕
Daisy is our sweet 3 month old puppy. She is very clever and has quite an attitude. Mostly, Daisy is a walking ball of fluff, just waiting for a pet or a tummy rub.