Meet Gianni he’s just shy of six months! This little man is a mini bernadoddle. He is beginning to learn new tricks! He knows knuckles and is currently learning how to twirl. Gianni is a little sassy and enjoys long walks. He is very treat motivated and will do just about anything to get his num nums!
Copper is a very smart Family member He knows where his bedroom is he helps take stuff out to the fire pit he also knows how to pick things up and bring them to me most of all he loves going outside and running around and playing like any young family member would do as a young child he is almost a year and 8 months old I couldn't ask for a better young family member to do some of the things that he actually does along with protecting my home and my 14 year old daughter with severe disevere disabilities
She loves her ball,and playing with the kids she's very protective of the family
Zeus is a energetic little pup. I found him in a bad part of town in bad shape. He’s recovered and is the happiest playful little pup.
Tarly is a sweetheart, but can also be mischievous and naughty. He is 12 weeks old and seems to really enjoy learning about life. When he sees something new he wants to explore it, but he always makes sure he is by his people. He has the personality of a little old man, and can be very stubborn. We love him because he has so much character for a tiny dog, it is comical. Tarly is a great puppy and loves his family!
Nemo is a fun loving big softie!! He loves chewing bones and snuggling with our 7 yr old son. He is 5yrs old and loves to play fetch 👍
So far at 8 weeks he is the biggest of the bunch loveable going to v a great family protector
For Mr. Buckley, ball is life. This boy never stops going and will find someone to play fetch if you try to get him to take a break or aren’t throwing to his standards. Hard working and hates PDA 😂
He is a adoption puppy. Very playful personalities, loves sticks and squeeky toys. And he loves his naps
Serenity Ann
Serenity is her name she is pit bull mastiff. Her nickname is Ren she is very playful, loving, loves to snuggle and she has one sassy personality!!
Finn will protect any women or kid from anything. He will stare and jump at flash lights for hours. He loves cuddles and human food.
He loves to chew on shoes but the thing he has to love most is curling up in a ball under my chin and go to sleep. He sits in the sun like he’s tanning😂 the last thing I will say about my little pup is he eats any bug you can think of
don’t get him too excited he might pee on you favorite toy- shoes
We rescued Jameson when he was a little pup and he has grown into such a love bug! He loves to run, cuddle, and I’ve kisses.
Bailey loves to swim, eat, and give lots of kisses!
Hi!!! My name is Kodak Ray an I am a very outgoing, happy an very sweet pitbull! Who loves going to parks an taking pictures with my momma 😂 an I enjoy all your comments an votes ! An if you like my pictures please vote for me an I'll do the same for you !!! Good luck to all of us & see you at the finish line !!!! Paw love to all of you pup pals !!!
Copenhagen is almost 2 years old, he loves new toys, Watching Tv, and listening to old country music
Cleo is a 4 month old Ole English Bulldog. She loves cuddling and sleeping on the bed with Mommy and Daddy. Squeaky toys and scrunchies r her favorite things to play with. She loves playing with her 4 legged brothers and sisters (human siblings too). Cleo is a spoiled little girl who hates being hot and left alone in a room. She is her Mommy's girl and loves talking.
Diesel is the most loyal boi ever. He was a throw away dog that I took in. He’s a real ham!
Benny is just plain cute. If you tell him he’s cute, he rolls over for a belly rub.
He looks like a loaf of bread and is the smartest dog I’ve ever had
She loves her squeaker and playing fetch. She always wants to be on a lap
This 16lb little girl will melt any heart with her soulful eyes, soft fur, and hugs. She tries to keep the peace with her 3 dog siblings, is the fastest treat thief, and will happily fall asleep on any lap. She is a gooey girl, and is often referred to as Gooey. Her favorite food is chicken in any form, and favorite treat is chicken disks. At 1.5 years old, her intuition is uncanny, and she knows that I'm planning on leaving the house even before I do.
Daisy is a precious Chihuahua who loves to cuddle and give kisses. She loves to eat cheese and play with her toys.
Champ loves to snuggle under the covers. He loves everyone. Hegets really excited when mamaw visits.
Dixie Rose Smitha
She loves to play and eat snacks. She pouts when she don't get her way as in the picture. She is a Chug.
Jurnee is the most gentle, smartest dog i know. She loves to cuddle on the couch and play fetch. She also like to watch tv especially a good dog show.
Otis is a 13 month old Jack Russell Terrier. He loves cuddles with mommy. Getting excited when daddy comes home from work. He absolutely loves his Yummus! And just being the best fur baby! Otis favorite things to do are playing with his little brother (bestfriend), and lounging around!
Bud is the Dad to Sadie and Pearl. Hes had litters with 2 different dogs. He is overall just a sweetheart. He loves to cuddle and just have attention. He's also scared of nerf Guns 🤣 Bud also likes biting tires and chasing cars in his free time
Sadie is Buds daughter from his first litter. She is an absolute poop head and has one short ear. She now lives with another family
Moose is a rambunctious, loving & smart big boy!! He’s working on training & catches on very quickly to commands. We’re hoping he’ll get to hunt some day with his Papa! Moose will play fetch until he drops & loves to follow his Mom everywhere.
Dollie is so sweet, sassy, and loves everyone. Hugs are better than treats. 🫶🏽 Her name fits her personality to a tee…
Pearl is a 8 week old mutt puppy! She has a very mixed personality, she can be very spunky and very chill. She is 90% house trianed and knows almost all dog commands. She also loves going to work! She goes to work with her grandpa eveyday!
She has more personality than 100 people together . She truly saved my life
Primo is 10 years old about to be 11 in July. Show him some love by voting for him♥️ Primo enjoys playing with his favorite squeaky toy and loves to play outside.
Ronnie has a huge personality, she loves to play and sleep! Ronnie also has a very strict routine and if you mess with it she will let you know!
Braxton is the funniest, happiest Pomeranian, Chihuahua and Shiz Zu I have met. My baby was born April 4 and has been the light of our family. He loves Starbucks puppy treats, his fur toy named Mr. President and hitting flips off the couch. He is no stranger to anyone and loves making new friends.
Nellie Mae
Nellie Mae is a fun loving pup ready for hunting season
Hope loves agility, swimming, and sleeping in the sun. She unfortunately had an infection in her eye when she was little that caused her to lose it before she even opened her eyes. Not only this but she was born prematurely and had a cleft palate. She was tube fed for the first 10 weeks of her life. But she made it! She's a survivor and she "hopes" you'll vote for her!!
Rizzo loves long hikes, peanut butter, cheese, and barking at nothing out the living room window. He hopes you’ll vote for him!!!
Millie is a 3 month old golden doodle who loves playing outside & hanging out with her human sibilngsz
He loves to be outside running around or digging. He is a very happy boy with gorgeous blue eyes
Fun-loving active protective obedient and loved to death
Odin Windham
Sir Odin Windham has the cuteness of Gizmo and the craziness of a gremlin. He growls and chatters a lot. Odin has a big sister named Echo Marie who is 4 years old.
He’s very affectionate, and loves to play! He’s are sweet handsome boy!!