Baby Stories - 25


Lulu is a 1 year old Cavadoodle. She loves the camera and is a fashion diva! Lulu’s favorite thing to do is giving hugs and kisses 💜 Vote for Miss Lulu 🐾🐶🙏💓
Skipper absolutely loves playing with balls 10x bigger than him. He enjoys running around and playing with pincones and sticks!
Pixie is a seeetheart. Very smart, loves tennis balls. She can catch food with her mouth. and gives hugs and kisses. She loves to chase squirrels and sleeps with me every night
Kato loves playing tug of war with his cousin Bourbon and playing fetch with his dad. Along with sitting on the porch and watching cars driving by and spending the evening snoozing on his dad.
Swimming, Sunbathing and fitting as many tennis balls as he can in his mouth. His favorite food is Blueberries specially in pancakes.
Lucy And Bella
Lucy on the left is 2 and Bella on the right is 6. They are sisters as well as best friends!! Gorgeous and sweet as can be, these two share everything including a love of chasing balls and protecting our 20 year old kitty! ❤️
Theodore, Theo for short is our 12 week old Boxer Shepard (German Shepard, boxer mix 50/50). He LOVES to cuddle, playing with his squeek toys are a MUST and bedtime is DEFINITELY his favorite he will sleep through the whole night! His specialty is to show his love by staring into your soul ♥
Trump is a 5 year old blue heeler border collie mix. His favorite things to do is go on walks in the woods, going for rides in the car, and sleeping. Trumps favorite food is venison and he goes crazy for it!
Stella is a Irish wolfhound and german shepherd mix! She loves to play ball and loves to catch food and shake your hand!
Mocha is our 10 week old Dachshund girl. She loves running (but it looks more like hopping lol), sleeping, and chewing everything. She's so sweet and silly and so much fun. We love her!
Winnie is a crazy 5 year old wheaten that loves to meet new people
Jordan is a 6 month old merle frenchie. He LOVES to cuddle and he’s obsessed with cat toys. He’s such a sweetheart and anyone who encounters him, falls in love instantly. Please vote for Jordan❤️❤️ follow me on insta @jordanthefrenchiee
Hi I’m banjo. I’m a rott mix. I love all toys, but anything with fluff is not safe as I chew them apart and fluff is everywhere. I’m not a big dog but a little to big to be a lap dog (as my mom says) I disagree
Hi i'm Moira and i love to play with my brothers and show off to be people when i walk around town. I have a goofy soul who just can't stop the fun.
she was born 10/2/21 shes so loveable and playful
He thinks hes a vicious gangsta puppy. He loves chew toys and running out in a nice open field and nature walks
Grace is a sweet, fun loving little ball of energetic border collie who just loves life!!! She lives for agility...performing tricks for her "fans" and just over all being a sweet companion and friend to anyone who needs it!
She is 8 yrs old and is retired as my service dog, she loves fishing being with her friend koda and tullah
He is super friendly, he loves children and helps people when they are sad he has a big heart. he likes run the park every day and enjoy his life.
Hi, my name is Scott. I’m an American Bulldog. I love to hang out with moms, my brother (Tyler, the pekinese),my sister (Tallulla, the Chihuahua mix) and take a nap 💤
River is a Border collie, Mini Aussie, and Catahoula mix. River is a sweet and energetic pup. Everyone is a friend to him! His favorite thing to do is train with me and build our bond!
Karma is one of the most sweetest living animals on this planet. Her first love is giving and getting attention. She's a social butterfly. Her 2nd favorite thing is to playing Frisbee, she can't get enough of it. She loves riding in the car shotgun most of the time with her head out the window. She adores pepperoni sticks and begging strips. I raised her since she was 3 weeks old my first time raising an animal. I couldn't imagine my life without her. I have 3 boys and I always wanted a girl. Karma is my girl that I've always wanted but with fur LOL
Gemma Stone
Gemma Stone is a hound mix of some kind. The shelter listed her as a lab mix, if she is it really only shows in her personality and behavior, looks wise is all hound! She is 8 years young, as she acts younger than her brother who just turned three!
Buttercup loves to play with her stuffed stuffed toy. She loves to walk with her sister miracle and wear outfits
Puddin is 4 years old and loves the outdoors. She enjoys finding the squeaky toys and taking the squeakers out.🥰
Hi! I’m Sterling! I’m a 1 year old sheepadoodle! My favorite things to do is swim (even tho mommy makes me wear a life jacket) & eat hot cheetos!
Sasha Blue
Sasha loves humans in general! She will snuggle up to you and just put out her arms to give you a hug. She’s kind and she loves her treats every morning. After losing her brother few months ago all she really wants to do is snuggle up and watch a movie and hang out. She’s just the best dog 🐕 I could ever ask for!
Tank is a 6 month old big baby who loves pup cups, walks, and hanging out with his friends at school where he works as an emotional support animal. ❤️
Indigo loves to cuddle and play fetch. Indi watches his people like a true herding dog would watch their sheep 🐑 he is the best dog ever 🥰
Griffin the rodeo dog, who loves horses and the wind on his face and is our best friend ❤️
Zoom is a loving dog that loves to go swimming and go on hikes. She’s 11 years old and if she won we would use the money to spoile her more
Enjoying the country air
She is a 2 year old spaz monkey. She loves her human little sister. She loves people and wants all the attention and don’t underestimate her. She will protect her family.
Charlie bear is a 10 week old cockapoo! He is a loving dog that likes human interactions more than treats!! He is such a pure happy dog♡
Tucker is 13 years old. He is a fat dog who loves to eat and sleep. His favorite person is his momma. He loves his squeakies the most.
Rabbit is named after eminem. She loves attention. She gives warm hugs and lots of kisses. She chases squirrels down our fence. She loves being loved.
Fenrir Loki
Fenrir Loki's name is from Norse mythology Fenrir is the giant wolf god who swallowed Odin during Ragnarok and also son of Loki the god of mischief. He loves cuddles, his teether bone, and squeaky donut toy.
He's a great dog! We rescued him a few yrs ago and he's the best dog ever!! He's lovable, fun, energetic, loves socializing and being around people and pets alike! He's a rescue but I think, really, he rescued us!! 😊❤️
My Jax is a sweet 5 month old pup that LOVES to cuddle! Saved from a bad situation, he can be a little timid and yet is as rambunctious as pup should be! He’s Bruno’s lil brother from the same mother❤️
Tank is the sweetest boy. He loves to sunbathe, lay by warm fires and sit under trees for hours as the squirrels taunt him. He moves at the same pace as Eeyore most of the day, unless a squirrel runs from tree to tree then his 140lbs turns into a cheetah! He has never been successful in getting his squirrel for his whole 6 years of life though!😂
Charley Chan
Charley is a "Happy-Go-Lucky" rescue and loves to make new friends (humans and canines alike) and always looking for new playmates. He is always eager to please and has a great disposition. We are blessed he chose us to be part of his family.