Mobile is 50% American stafforshire and 50% Belgian Malinois! She is the most precious baby with the biggest radar ears. She loves to cuddle and watch X-Files!
Sasha is in training to be a search and rescue dog when older .
She’s so loving. Absolutely my best friend. A paw reaches out for me when I’m in need.
If I win I’m gonna buy all the toys and treats from the store🐶
Daisy’s a 3.3 feisty Yorkie mix who loves her ball, snuggles and her mama.
He is the most loving and friendliest pit you could ever encounter
Romeo loves all of the attention, pets, treats and adventures life has to offer. His favorite pastime is sitting on the window sill people watching and protecting. His second favorite pastime is leading the way into mischief with our 4 other dogs. To meet Romeo is to love him ❤️
Niko is a sweet baby boy at only 8 weeks and very smart. He loves to play tug of war and loves playing with all of his toys. He’s very sweet and funny and brings warmth to my heart. Please vote for Niko
Moana is the sweetest puppy. She is 6 months old. She is the most relaxed and cuddly girl. She loves everyone she meets.
Harley is a 5 month old spoiled little girl who loves all other animals and people. She also love to play with cat toys, ropes, etc. Her favorit toy is her big red suff teddy bear she carries it with her every where.
She was the best little lap dog and under the cover foot warmer.
Mason loved being held like a baby. Hence his nickname was Baby Mason, even at 50 lbs. However, he despised raspberry zerberts.
The bestest goodest dog is Urthrid. He keeps all the other dogs in line.
He loves to wear clothes and plays with yarn and loves to run
Keko loves going for a swim whenever possible. Loves the park, trying to chase squirrels and rabbits. His favorite is cuddling with mom ❤️
Turbo is a 3 year old boy who is the light of my life! He’s a mommas boy for sure! He loves going for rides and his favorite toys! Though he’s only 3 pounds he makes up for it with his huge personality!
Ozzy Moose Dundee
Ozzy is a beautiful red Merle miniature Australian Shepherd. He loves to ride in the truck as we take him camping throughout the Southwest. When we’re home, he enjoys his puppy training (especially the treats) and running at full speed amongst the pine trees.
Casper is a fun loving dog, full of energy and playfulness. He loves to chew on shoes, furniture and your fingers. He keeps you always on the go of finding what hes getting into. My grandaughters called him a ball of white fur.
This handsome guy is part husky mixed with lab. He adores love & attention, cuddling is always essential and gives the biggest hugs! #Vote for Pluto
Vote for Bella because she’s the perfect dog to lead example through love! She is very strong minded but she is patient & kind. Very loving. She loves car rides but her hobby is cuddling. She is amazing with kids. She loves everyone she encounters. She loves her doggie sibling as well. She loves to chew all her toys in minutes but she is very well trained and can do tricks for treats. She loves going everywhere you go she can not be without you. She is also perfect for an emotional support dog. Vote Bella because she wants to be loved by all!❤️
Hi, I’m Jack 😎 I love to play outside and bring my mommy random things I find, and I love to run in circles like something is chasing me to get my energy out ! I LOVE cuddles and being held more than anything 🐶 I’d say i’m a good boy 😁
Rush is an adorable French bulldog puppy. He is a lavender brindle loves to play and sleep
Maya Sue Smith
She loves the outdoors , chasing squirrels and playing with her big husky brothers
Hello everyone I’m Scarlett. I’m very energetic, love to play with toys, go for rides, and to play with my sisters Layla and Nova.
He’s handsome and sweet!
Hi everyone I’m Rip, yesss like Rip off of Yellowstone my human loves that show. I guess my mom wanted me in this contest to show everyone how pawfect I am. Let me tell you a few things about me!! Well for starters MUDDDD I luv it I will drag my mom through it just so I can play in it, it’s amazing. I love the walks at the parks because I get to see other little humans and they pet me and tell me I’m a good boy. I especially love my little humans they give me treats when mom isn’t looking. Let’s seeee, I love fetch but I don’t really understand why I have to bring my ball back to the humans. Ouuu and laying under the blankets at bedtime it’s the best, now I see why my human is so happy for bedtime. I love a lot of things but we would be sitting here forever talking about them. Well, thank you for looking at my profile I hope my human doesn’t put any embarrassing photos of me. ~Wuvvv Rip🐶
Maggie was born a natural model, she loves photography and posing for the photos. She’s very friendly & smart. Maggie was rescued from another home that was abusing her, payed $1000 just to save her. She has trust issues with men and is scared of kids but she grew to love my son, she also loves to play with the cat. She loves the outdoors and sun bathing in it.
Kamus loves car rides, giving mom the side eye, and going places with mom! i am his favorite person and he is very protective over me, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. you should vote for him, i mean come on look at him. <3
Remi is 9 months old
Zelda is a year old full blooded beagle! She loves to play fetch and play with her favorite human! Vote Zelda!
Rownan is very out going with lots of energy. His bark is terrifying, but he is the most loving dog you’ll ever meet. Cuddles, fetch, and running around in the backyard with his mom & dad are his favorite things.
My Indi girl is a very happy playful 🐶she loves hiking on trails.
Kodas a little rebel and loves to cuddles an love to play alot
Kallika loves everyone but especially her mama and daddy. She loves playing fetch and rolling in the grass. She is a true blessing in my life. All I have to do is sniff and she comes to check on me. I couldn't ask for a better dog
Bella is a 3 month old, sweet girl who loves attention. She loves the dog park, running around and playing with the other dogs.
Blue Sky
Blue is a happy boy that loves chasing sticks and.running in wide open spaces.
Cooter had defied the vets diagnose they gave him a max of 3 months to live that was 3 yrs ago next month.. he was disgnosed with congestive heart failure and I was told to have him put to sleep. I told the vet I needed to think about this over the weekend and decided to keep him alive and try some alternative approaches. We switched to a all meat raw diet with free kibble if he wanted it and here we are.. Cooter has been my emotional support pup and can feel when I’m upset he comes over and cuddles with me. He also loves the opera version of the JG wentworth commercial and doesn’t matter if he is sound asleep he jumps up and sings with it.. Cooter is the happiest little guy and honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen him mad…
Smokey is the most cuddly and loving pup ever. His blue eyes will have you in heaven. My baby's BFF 💙 🙏🏽 💙
Pebbles is a Great Dane given to me when my heart dog, a Great Dane named Kallie passed. She's brought so much joy to my life
He is most empathetic and playful
Ivy is a loving girl who is energetic, LOVES giving kisses and is a sucker for belly rubs. She loves to snuggle and is so fun without being aggressive
Her name, Rokkit, says it all! She is an energetic, silly, unpredictable love bug! She loves running and hopping in the country fields! She is an aggressive wiggle butt greeter! You know she loves you because she won’t stop licking you!
Groucho is the sweetest dog ever. He loves everyone except the mailman
I’ve had Marley since she was two days old. Her mother and father were attacked by coyotes, killing the mother and severely injuring the father. Her and her brother Milo were the only two survivors. Unfortunately, Milo did not make it. Marley is now 7 months old and it BIGGER and better than ever! She is the sweetest pup and goes out of her way to protect us and others. We appreciate you’re vote!
She loves to play with her ball likes to go outside and all around shes a loveable dog who loves to give kisses and loves to cuddle
My Boy is really just like a normal little person just covered in fur. He’s Thoughtful, Intuitive, Kind, Curious. He loves to just look out into the distant with his ears and tongue in the wind enjoying life.
She LOVES being under a weighted blanket , being pet on her stomach , and playing outside !