Baby Stories - 24


Maple is very inquisitive & has to know everything I'm doing
Maple likes to dunk her beard in her water dish. She also likes to put her face in it & blow bubbles.
Pirnce is a rescue puppy I recently adopted. He is sweet and quick to learn new tricks! he has a big personality considering his size. And knows how to get to your heart. He will jump into your arms and even twist and flip just to make you laugh he is a chihuahua mix breed only 4 months. With his sad puppy eyes and handsome features who wouldnt love him.
This is Saber. He is almost 4 months old and already weighs over 55lbs. He’s an all white German shepherd with one brown eye, and one blue. He loves meeting new people and other dogs. Dunkin’ Pup cups are his favorite treat.
August is a sweet Cavapoo who has an amazing temperament! He is blind in his left eye but proves to be a brilliant puppy who loves people and other puppies! Photo credits to @whatsupdogphotography on Instagram!
Magnum loves to play and he also loves to run thru tunnels and sleep with him dog mom
Luna Bean
I'm only 7 weeks old in this photo. I was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico on November 27th. I was put on a plane to USA and I'm now in my forever home!
Eden is a very playful active lovable lil guy......there's never a dull moment with him around.
Hi, I'm Carley. I love playing rock fetch and exploring my favorite place, Goforth Creek in Tennessee. Vote for me
Hello my name is "Beast". Thank you all so much this is like being in a family of animal lovers. ( babies and adorable toddlers on the other sites). I am so grateful for the wonderful friends made here for us both. Beast has more friends that look so much like each other. WHAT a great photo shoot they would make for advertising, tv commercials. Even made friends with one that looks a lot Beast aa well but a curly version of his other twin. Make you do a double.. thank you for being here.
Cherokee is a mini Australian Shepard, the sweetest puppy ever!
Ollie is very much so a people lover! He loves to chill out, snuggle, and sleep. His favorite toy is a little stuffed ducky that has a squeaker in it. He is very quirky and i wouldn't have it any other way❤
Apollo is a sweet loving dog and loves to cuddle loves walks and running and playing with his little brother. He absolutely loves people and being around them he loves playing fetch and tug-of-war. Apollo is a very outgoing lovable cuddly husky who is super well behaved! Vote for Apollo because he’ll love you forever
King is as unique as they come! He is our little model and loves to show people his poses!
Hey Guys my name is Louie!! I’m a shar pei mixed with a beagle I love to lay down in my cozy couch while I get some well deserved beauty sleep I enjoy going on walks and playing with my younger sisters. 🤍
Dottie Mae
This beautiful girl is Dottie Mae. She is currently almost 2 years old. We rescued her from our local shelter when she was just a wee pup. She is a beautiful pit, boxer mix who is full of sass. Thanks. ❤️
FitzSimmons, or Fitz as we call him, is a Fluffy Pembroke Corgi who loves to play with his sissy, tear hair through the back yard, and ride in mom's Jeep. He's also a coffee connoisseur to the fullest extent! ;)
Ryka was in training to be my service dog, but is taking a break. She’s happy, playful and VERY cuddly. Nothing makes her happier than cuddles with her human. She’s a gentle giant and loves the goats on the farm she protects.
Zar’s happy, and loves to learn. He’s training to be my service dog and absolutely loves his job.
Remi is an outgoing, energetic, 7 month old golden doodle! He loves belly rubs, the snow, and following mom around the house. When he is being naughty and get caught, he quick rolls over on his back for belly rubs and pretend he wasn’t being naughty.
Kato is an outgoing dog who loves belly rubs, ear massages and of course butt scratches. He’s got the zoomies whenever he comes in from outside, has a bath or sometimes they just come randomly. He is just a big, sweet baby! So, go vote for this blue eyed beauty!
He’s an old dog but he still likes to have a little bit of fun playing with his brothers he likes to bark he likes to cuddle with one of his stuffed animals he loves going to dog parks
Rusty is the perfect companion anyone could ask for. He loves to people/dog watch! He’s the cutest Cavapoo you’ll ever meet. Rusty can brighten up a room within seconds and loves to be around people.
Rocky is still a puppy he has lots of energy he likes to play with his other brothers. He loves going to the dog park and playing with new friends he loves his toys he loves his water he loves his pool he loves to snuggle and get hair all over you.
So this is Teddy he has two other brothers. Teddy likes to be cuddles he likes to play. Is personalities funny he loves lots of toys. He loves to play with his brothers.
Remi is a fun loving pup that loves A good nap after having the zoomies. He also loves everyone he meets and is obsessed with water! His unique trick is giving kisses, along with many other tricks.
He is a total diva loves the camera and getting dressed up
Pongo loves table food, loud toys, and running in the park. Extremely loving and amazing family dog. Enjoys children company and being the center of attention
Tundra is a 10 year old rescued husky who is a huge goofball! She loves to play, bark at me and demand treatsies all the time, and she is very derpy and clumsy :) she loves the snow and her little brother Thor!
Thor is a 9 year old Siberian husky! He loves pizza, naps, and then going on adventures! He likes to talk sometimes but will argue with you for your pizza anyway!!!
Momo she is 6 years old she like dressing she is sweetheart playing everybody
Bruno is full of the zoomies, but also the biggest cuddle bug! He’s a huge fan of tug of war with his favorite duck toy!
TrixZee is A very smart, beautiful, loving,and caring puppy. She loves to play and loves her family.
Murphy Lee
Murphy Lee is the sweetest boy in the world. He is currently training to be a ptsd service dog!! He’s so gentle and loves all people and other animals!!!:)
Numosh & Ann Green is also on the US contest and Muggzy in Michihan gets all the posts .. I will come if you call me Newie but my real name is Numosh ~ It's Potowanomi for dog. I give out kisses to all the Kool Kats in the neighborhood. I hoard balls and I love playing the biscuit game where I act tough, I get down on my haunches and wag my tail with my cute little butt up in the air if you even cast one eye toward MY biscuit. I also likes going to the pet store and looking at turtles, rabbits and birds. I also love wearing clothes and if someone shows me clothes I will prance over to you to get dressed. I especially like wearing my favorite Sports Team's jerseys while my dad, brother , and I watch them play on tv. I often wear hats, sunglasses and pretty much anything you put on me. I still drink out of a baby bottle and I usually won't eat unless I'm hand feed. I can't get my whiskers muddied up in case I hook up with with any of my Kool Kat felines. I love all cheeses and I like the cheeseburgers at Wendy's but I like Arby's also. I also love Panera's bread; the kind that comes with their soups, yummy!!!. Anyone that I see eating bread I will get humble and come up to you wagging my tail ~ and if that doesn't work I'll bark at you to give me some. My Dad, Mom, and big bro say that I'm a funny little dog.
Teddy is a Yorkie with a attitude lol he loves to be under the blankets and to go for car rides.
chewy just turned 1, he is the sweetest most loving smartest dog!!!! He keeps me laughing non stop and just amazes me everyday! He loves his toys, esp his lambies. His favorite part of the day is his walk, and being glued to his mamas. Chewy is my heart. He loves to fetch, give kisses and lay in your lap and chew his bone.
Hes very energetic great personality loves hid momma
His real name is tank and he is cute and he loves pup cups and I’m sorry please forgive me
Lucky is half Dalmatian and half English Bulldog mix. Truly one of a kind dog who loves to run and trot outside for new adventures.
Pepper Potts Lombardo
Pepper Potts was named after IronMan’s girlfriend/wife. And in true Avenger fashion…she saved me by bringing love & joy to mine & my families life. Whenever we go out people go wild to pet her and Pepper is quick to give them attention and puppy kisses. Pepper loves her kitty sister and her favorite thing is to play with her kitty sister Luna and their toys. Oh and to go through the drive-thru of Chick Fil A and get a puppy biscuit.
Dozer is an oversized lapdog. He’s the best boy filled with zoomies and cuddles.🥰
Leonardo Khai
Leo is a very spunky loving boy who is a big baby and loves to cuddle. He’s known for his Rottie grumble even while he’s getting all the love in the world. ❤️ To know him is to love him. He truly is the sweetest boy.
Kota Dagley
Kota is the most outgoing, precious husky you will ever meet. Along with his big personality. He loves to talk to you and tell you how he’s feeling. He also has the most beautiful markings for a husky!
Buffy is the sweetest Chihuahua, she loves everybody. She likes to sleep under blankets, and is the boss of the dog pack. Buffy loves to cuddle, and give kisses. She is a rescue, and is very smart. Buffy does not liike getting her paws wet, and she is 15 years old.
Cody was one in a million ❤️ Sadly Cody passed away this month at 14 years old 😢