Baby Stories - 24


Lil Bit Of Cotton
Cotton loves to go for car rides and staying under my feet she is a extremely happy baby bouncing all the time
Jake is Sweet as pie! He loves EVERYONE and it’s almost impossible to say no to them baby blues..
Where to start?? She’s our keep us on our toes forever kind of girl. She’s fun, sweet, loving. She’s the kind of dog that you have to earn her love and trust I always say that she’s our biggest cat because she’s a lot like that attitude wise. She’s also a survivor she was a victim of a hit and run lost her leg because of it but it’s never slowed her down.
Gracie is an adventurous, sweet soul that is always ready to explore the beauty of CO!
Wes is a puppy I rescued from the airport I work at . Poor guy was left at departures and I was lucky enough to get to take him home . He is definitely growing like a weed. He enjoys playing with other dogs along with playing around in the yard with his soccer ball. He is such a joy to have around.
She loves to snuggle, and communicates with vocal sounds not just barking. She is excited for dressing up and going for walks to show off her new outfits. She is in puppy training school and gets along with all her dog friends. She is the best thing to happen to me as she is training to be a service dog! Vote for lilith because she loves everyone and her favorite thing is getting hugs and kisses.
Acadia is the sweetest dog that I have ever met. She is the only thing that makes me happy most days, and she is my forever best friend. She loves everyone she meets, and she loves making everyone feel loved ❤️
Im 5 months old. I live on a small farm That has a flock of 15 chickens and 6 ducks which are all girls. Im a very special Addition to my family . every morning at 6:00 a.m. my dad and i wake up and get The girls up for the day. We check their water and food. I help by checking for eggs. If my dad accidentally forgets me in the house I cry. But that's OK I can Always count on Spending time with my K9 sister Dixie or my brother Rudder.. i almost forgot to tell you my favorite thing to do. I love to eat . Im mommy's little Piggy.
Mack is an 8 week old Golden Retriever. He loves to play tug of war and to make tiktoks! Mack also does this really funny thing where if you jump, he also jumps like a bunny! Check out his tiktok! @mackthegolden
Clover is the sweetest puppy around. She loves to snuggle and give kisses. She’s the best at naps and loves to play with her siblings.
Ruger Redhawk
Hi, my name is Ruger Redhawk. I was born June 10th 2020 in oklahoma. I am a 4 1/2 month old boston who loves to run, play, sleep and eat. I have 2 colored eyes & ears that both flip over. I am also the youngest out of all my other siblings. Jasper is 10 years old, Dutch is 4 years old & charlee/carlee is 3 years old. please vote for me so my mommy can get me all the toys and treats I want🐶🤎
Very sweet dog, was a rescue, loves everybody she meets
Spotty is a well rounded pup. She loves to run around, play fetch, go for walks, roll in the grass. And is just as happy watching her family play. Her favorite toys are the orphan socks I give to her.
Fiona was bought at 8 weeks old where i potty trained her, we bought a rescue dog named Leo and they get along great playing tug a war with toys.Fiona loves squeaky toys and squeezes them all day and when we play with her shed get her toy and take the squeaker and cotton out and itll be spread everywhere.
Leo was rescued from a shelter and brought home where he got along with an aussie. Leo chases the birds when they would land hes too spoiled and has chicken and rice .
Bear was the runt of the litter. She is playful and sweet. Has the attitude of a teenager. Likes to only get her feet wet nothing else. Shes a great cuddle buddy but she likes to take up my space till i move.
I got tiger from the pound as a puppy. Honestly he wasnt my 1st choice but not because of what breed he was. I got tiger because i was afraid that he would be killed for the type of dog he is or be used as a fighting dog. Tiger was named because of the pattern on his fur. He loves walks and water. One time we were walking and he got tired and laid in the neighbors pond smiling the entire time. He is the sweetest dog ive ever owned.
Sammy was born July 4, 2017, he was one out of 10 babies... Sammy is my ride or die buddy, I have horrible car anxiety and he really helps me stay claim.....
Nova loves to show off her toys when you first meet her. Personality is one of a kind. Whether it’s her pig noises, pterodactyl noises or bird calls haha. She will make you laugh no matter what.
Major is a very sweet dog! He loves laying on your lap and getting all the attention. He brings all the happiness in the room and that’s why you should vote for him! It would make him happy 💖
King is very playful and sweet. He always wants to be by his human parents and loves his dog friends.
Bailee loves to snuggle in bed with mom and dad. She loves to play and run around the house. She such a good dog and gives all the kisses to everyone.
This is our sweet little Abigail. She loves the outdoors and is super hyper! She keeps us on our toes! She loves to play and eat treats for positive behaviors. She also enjoys playing with her food bowl and bringing it to us to let us know shes hungry (she acts hungry all the time and we find this quite funny when she has already ate). It is super adorable just like her! Her personality is one of a kind! She has been having some issues lately but shes a strong girl and continues to brighten our days! We love her so much and can't wait to watch her grow!!
She’s sweet and loves everyone. Training now to be a hunting dog and doing g field trials.. sleeps on my pillow ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rudder is 16 years old. . He has lurnd over 50 tricks and commands throughout his life.he Enjoy spending time with this New 5 month old k9 brother Tucker and his sister Dixie . Rudder like to dress up . But most off all he loves just spending time with his mom. He is truly the world best dog.
Duke was found in a bag on the side of the road but now he’s in his furrrever home! He loves the tennis ball and watching chipmunks and squirrels and loves to cuddle❤️
He is so full of life and mischief!! We love him more than life itself:)
Bentley is a fun loving dog who likes to play and cuddle
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy is a 2 month old Boxer with a lot of spunk. He loves to run, play, and jump! He’s learning how to potty outside and how to sit and stay. He’s going to grow up to be a very handsome pup.
Hi, my name is Ford! I am a 1 year old Shepard/Husky mix. I have so much energy and love talking to people. My three favorite things in life is chicken, my stuffed sloth and my family! Vote for me so I can get spoiled some more by my owner! 💜
Fiona is currently 3 months she is a mix of a Poodle and Bichon Frise. We got her recently because our Pomerianian passed away at the end of July and we were uncomplete without a loving dog, Fiona brought back our happiness and is filled with love❤️.
Thor is a fun and energetic pomeranian/husky mix. He loves running and rolling in the yard. He also loves tossing leaves and sticks and chasing them down.
My name is Miss Dixie. Im three years old .i was Rescued last year by my new mom and dad. This picture was taken right after I got a bath and a new haircut . MY MOMMY tried to do a good job. I like going for car rides with my mom. I have two dog brothers that i love very much. And i love love my new home.
Thor What can I say his name suits him he will kill you with kisses and bring you all the love and joy that any pupper could
Charly is a spunky border collie mix. We rescued her and it was the best decision of our life💖 Charly has 2 kitty siblings whom she takes very good care of. She loves giving cuddles and kisses
A feisty little momma with LOTS of fun energy! She LOVES tackling her big brother Ax the Doberman and chasing around her cat brothers!
Pilot loves to play fetch and cuddle with his mom! He is a very energetic and outgoing dog. One of his best features is his signature fluffy corgi butt :)))
Puddles is a Parti Cream/White pomeranian that is 8 months. He loves gentle scratches and strokes against his fluffy fur. He loves anything scented with his dad's scent (especially his dad's socks). He values and treasures the sock hanging from his mouth in the pciture, he does not chew it, but sniffs and sleeps with it.
Chloe is a 4 year old pure bred chihuahua. She loves playing with her 4 kitty siblings and stealing mommy’s food. She likes to snort like a piggy 🐷 and loves playing with her lamb chop. Chloe likes floating in her fishy float in the pool with her momma while sun bathing. Chloes favorite treat is dehydrated homemade chicken treats.
Reece is lovable ..Reece thinks he always needs to be held...he loves toys ...always wanting to play..
Tech Santiago
Always friendly loves to play and likes all the attention for him
Heeey there! My name is Echo. I love to play catch and tug-a-war. My favorite food is steak and my bestfriend is a jack russell named jack. I am 10 months old and I have ALOT of energy. I can be very stubborn & my nose gets me in a lot of trouble. I'm a very curious girl and love to be outside
Reesey loves to lay on your feet, she loves to play with her squeaky toy kangaroo 🦘 and loves being with people.
My little Izabella! She’s a rough little pit mix. She was rescued from being tied to a tree with no shelter, water nor food. She didn’t handle the shelter life very well. And was labeled dog aggressive, men aggressive and child aggressive. I started working at the shelter and something just pulled me to her and her to me. I started working with her spending as much time with her as possible. She started to calm down and not focus on the other dogs anymore. So one day I brought my two dogs to the shelter to meet her. She wasn’t aggressive she just didn’t know how to react or play. My other dog Panda taught her. So I couldn’t say no when the manager asked if I wanted to adopt her. She loves other dogs and children. She can be very protective of me now but never towards kids. She’s been spoiled and so happy. Unfortunately she did have an accident where she completely severed her Achilles’ tendon on her back right leg. She had to have 2 surgeries to get it to reconnect. She’s now doing really good. And she is happily playing with her sisters again. And being my little cuddle bug!
Willow is my 2 year old boxer/pit mix. She’s the sweetest and most gentle sweetheart. She loves to play, cuddle, give lots of kisses. Children are her favorite people!!
Cutter loves to be a lake dog! She enjoys time on her boat and in the water!
Louie is such a happy dog, he loves to play all the time. He loves long walks and making friends on the way. He enjoys hugs and kisses and lots of belly rubs. VOTE FOR LOUIE he’s our next president!