She thinks she’s human and so kind and lovable and always checks on someone when they sneeze!
Kavik is such a cuddle bug who loves to play in the snow.
Athena is a almost 9 months now and she wondering why no one vote for her but her momma she love playing tug war and going on bike rides and long walks
Ratchet is foxie, and Banjo’s puppy ratchet is one year old loves to play extremely smart, and he is a very good boy
Nova is a big baby that’s loves playing and loves stuffed animals!
Chloe is 11 and she still plays like a puppy. She is sassy and so sweet. We got her and it took her time to learn how to play, how to be kind to us but in an environment of love we give her she is all kind and loving now. Please give me a vote!
This is river she is a excellent out going dog she is about 4 months, river is a pure bred Great Pyrenees, river is always picture ready lol 😂 ❤️
Captain is quite possibly the sweetest boy ever and is so eager to please and love. His quirks include sleeping on his back with his mouth open, steeling shoes and attempting to swim in his water bowl after getting the zoomies. Captain also has an instagram! @captain.corg
This is De-O-GEE in her first snow storm. She will bark “I Love You” and is right by your side especially when you’re sick. She is always sassy and will yell at you. She'll yell at you to hurry up the stairs and sasses you when you question her. She is so handsome and the nicknames of: Harry, Squeegee, and Handsome Nuggie
Elsa loves to run and play, she also loves to be cuddled up by her momma! We love her so much, she’s such a big baby & such a good girl!
Boo is a blue heeler/ border collie mix that loves going to the river and loves to join us when we go on horse trail rides. Her by far favorite things to do is to go car rides and cuddling with her teddy bears!!
Jack is a very lazy,sweet,caring boy he loves his brother Tito and loves giving you his stomper loves cuddles and just to lay around his mom all day 💞
Tito is a very sweet boy with a very crazy personality his favorite thing to do is annoy and play with his brother Jack he’s a very loving dog with a great personality 💞
Bentley is a rescue pup. His before and after is amazing!
Big lap dog, cuddly rescue ❤️
Millie is our super hyper attention hog over affectionate loving dog.Our 11 year old daughters partner in crime .
Lola is a Cavachon. She is a spunky, lovable & playful girl. Along with her good looks, she is very intelligent. She rings a bell when she needs to go outside, she sits, gives each paw, a high five paw and will bring me her toys that I request by name. Lola likes to try to chew furniture and shoes. If she wins, she will use the winnings to enroll in Obedience School to receive her certificate in Behavioral Management. 😉 Look at that face! How can anyone not fall in love with her? 🐶💖
Nov. 4, 2021 - Oct. 27, 2023 I was born November 4, 2021 and I am the most lovable boxer ever. I love climbing up on top of you just to hug you. I am always smiling, wiggling my bum, and doing something to make you laugh. I love my toys and my big sister Layla & I am always sitting on her. I love to jump in to the pool and swim but mom has to fight with me to get me out every time but it’s fun. I love running, playing catch, and annoying my sister Layla. I also love annoying my mommy when she tried to relax and take a bubble bath. I love trying to eat all those bubbles. I am just always happy, energetic, and just straight up fun to be around cuz I’ll make you laugh with something dumb I have done. Usually my sleeping positions. Please vote for me so me & my sisters can get more spoiled than we already are. Thank you, Bailey Girl Edit*** I was hit & killed by a speeding driver doing 70mph in a 30 mph zone on October 27th, just 8 days shy of my 2nd birthday. The driver drove off the road into my yard & hit me so hard she ripped out the entire braking system in her pickup truck. But mom & dad found me and I passed away in momma lap on the way to the hospital, knowing I was loved beyond anything else in this world. This contest is helping her cope cuz she still cries & misses me so much. Mom didn’t write this for votes or sympathy, but just wanted to share my story. God bless and keep your babies close.
He Love to play with mide night my daughter's cat. He loves to play and loves to eat popcorn 🍿 and loves ❤️ kids. Loves to watch TV .
Prince is a shitzu mix hes 5yrs old.hes a loveing fun care free dog.he loves kids and family.he gets along great with other dogs.he loves his belly rubs.hes active and loves to take naps with his daddy and grand pa.please cote.for him hes a jewel.
Bear loves people and loves to play in the water!
Lily May
Lily May is a 1 year old Cur .. she is very smart and inquisitive. Lily enjoys chasing squirrels and watching movies in her free time!
My protector - she never leaves my side … promise that no one will ever be able to harm me or my family with this smart, loyal, and fast gaurd dog around ….
Sassy, secure, and spoiled … this princess has my heart wrapped up in her paws and she knows it…. Best blessing our family has ever Received…. A rescue that is as happy as any dog could ever be to give us her love
Our newest member to our family.. this puppy is a rescue that is 1/2 Husky 1/2 shepherd…. She is the biggest player in our house, with more energy than any puppy I’ve ever owned .. cuddles are important to her and playing tug o war is a 20 hour a day job
He is a pure bred Shar Pei, with the qualities of the breed before the Chinese bred them to be wrinkly fighting breed... He is loyal very intelligent and my guardian ...
Gino is outgoing ,loves his toys, bones, binky loves his brother very hyper and active most of the day
This is Paisley Jaxel. She is 5 months old Silver Lab. She is full of energy as you can see from this picture. Please vote for her🐾
He’s such a joyful full of joy always happy sweetheart he absolutely loves traveling and loves everyone he greets everyone with excitement a huge smile and his tail wagging now stop he loves to play and to play with anything everything and everyone he brightens up anyones day when they walk up
DUCKEY is a legal service dog for me (a disabled veteran) he is trained to alert for anxiety and ptsd. He loves going everywhere with me and is my right hand man. He was a rescue and now he has a forever home. Please vote for him. And make himmthe happoest dog in carter lake.
He's a sweetheart who loves his cats and has the skill to turn his tail into a helicopter when excited.
✨Little bit about bear!✨ ⚠️UPDATED⚠️ •Bear is 2 years old! Born on July 19th. •Bear is an attention hog, absolute best snuggler. •His favorite toy is a destroyed triceratops and his lamb chop ! •He loves to take on trails and go to the dog park! Bear has been trained for the following: -crowd control tasks (orbit, block, Middle/watch) -Medical alert and psychiatric tasks: •Deep Pressure Therapy •Brace (Seizure) •Roll (seizure) •Boop (high/low sugar) •Paw (Heart rate/PTSD/Anxiety) •Jump ( low sugar) • “Check”(high/low sugar check) •nudge arm/hand (seizure alert) •touch (grounding) • interruption (Habit/PTSD) •cushion my head (seizure) •find exit (guide) •find help-(ONLY AT HOME, NOT IN PUBLIC). He is scent-trained to pick up on changes in my glucose. -Basic Obedience •Sit, Stay, Down, Tuck, Place, Back up, Heel, focus, leave it, go potty, Turn, spin CURRENTLY TRAINING: Bark for help, retrieval of dropped items, button press, off-leash recall He is trained for Diabetic Alert, PTSD & Anxiety Response, and Seizure Alert & Response.
She loves squeaky and krinkle toys.
Ashe is an incredibly loving, smart, and active dog. She loves to visit the goats and cows, her favorite toy is any stick she can find that she loves to play fetch with! She enjoys learning new things and environments, and catches on super quickly to obedience commands.
Zoe my chocolate little girl. Zoe is very smart at 6 months old. She's a very picky eater and love chicken. Zoe love to walk the trails or rather walk me but she love her toys and anything she can fetch. She's my chocolate girl!
Finn loves being outside and going on hikes
Spot is definitely a very sweet mini ozzy, he loves cuddles and loves his stuffed animals!
Hi my name is Snow and I’m an 8 year old Maltese/Shih Tzu. I enjoy long walks and sun bathing on the deck with my little brother Loki. I am also the ESA at my mommies children’s dental office. I love helping the kids with their dental anxiety by sitting on their laps or just being near them to assure them everything is going to be ok.
Nyla is the sweetest old baby ever! She listens on command and is always ready to be your big lap dog!
Loki is a 2 year old “Morkie” Maltese/Yorkie. He is the little brother to his 8yr old brother Snow and the apple of mommies eye/ and also the thorn(sometimes) in Snow side. Lol
My daughter and I found this sweet little boy in a grave yard no houses near by. He was a little scared at first but we both sat down with him until we could get him to come to us he is now part of our family and we couldn't be more blessed that we got sent a very little angel!!! ❤️
Penny is 2 and half years old. She is an amazing dog. We just adopted her 2 weeks ago and she is already part of the family and cant imagine life without her now. She fit in great and we love her so much....
I’m Bandit,I love life,& all my toys,taking walks,my snacks,car rides,&big brother.I don’t know why ,but momma says I’m spoiled rotten,maybe it’s because I don’t like to share my toys or momma.
Fun loving highly energetic 7 month old.. Her favorite toy is her lambchop. She even carries lambchop outside to use the bathroom.
Lyla was rescued from a bad situation. These days shes living her best life. She loves going for rides, playing in her creek and helping her dad tend to the cows !
She's a good momma ! Loyal and loving! Show her some love!
Hi, my name is Colt I am a very loving boy. I am a seven-year-old lab and I am my mom's best friend. I love long walks down by the river. I also enjoy watching Bluey while I play with my stuffed animal. I am always happy to see anyone and would love it if you voted for me.❤️❤️❤️
She is my Love Love. She came to us during Covid when our other Love passed away. She always has a ball in her mouth ready to play. She wipes her back feet on the floor to get our attention to throw the ball. She’s a little beauty and a huge blessing!! She knows when I’m not well and sniffs my breath and will not leave me. She’s as fussy as they can come about her food though. It has taken over two years to find food she will eat. She is a little buggar that way. Lol.