Baby Stories - 24


Brandi was my heart and soul. Lost her 2 weeks after my husband. I am lost without her. The other furbabies look up to her. She love treats of all kinds. And chasing rabbits and cats out of the yard.
Loves to play in water and dirt.
Oscar is full of energy and loves going to doggy daycare to play with his other four-legged friends. He also loves to play fetch and never seems to get tired, you tire before he does. He also loves playing with his other toys and getting you to throw them just so he can go and retrieve them.
Roxy is very energetic, always curious. Loves snacks, loves to roll in the dirt. No matter how clean I get her, how many cute bows I put in her hair. You can always count on her looking lime her picture in about 5 minutes. Always a crazy hair day for Roxy and she likes it like that. She loves to play and snuggle. She's also the smallest of 4 and she definitely the boss. We love her...
Luca Ahuja Miranda
Hi, my name is Luca Ahuja Miranda and I am almost 5 months old. Mama calls me squirrel (that's how my body looks when I sleep) and papa calls me his cow belly (I have lots of black and tan spots on my belly. My nani & nanu (moms mom & moms dad) call me bhoolu (innocent angel) and my grandma (papa's mom) calls me chikiyo (shorty). I love to play with everyone especially my grandma, Uncle Juan, Uncle Lalo, uncle dagrl (Luis) and my Tia pepe(Jhoana). I enjoy giving lots of kisses to everyone... I am a picky eater but my favorite food is steak but sometimes I like eating chicken too and the Mac and cheese balls with kale that mama makes. I really wish mama would allow me to eat more human food but she is quiet strict, don't tell her but my aunty Jhoana, aunty Eva, aunty Lupe and My cousins Luna, Peanut, nana, Ivin, Arjun, David, Oyuki, Andy & Jason spoil me quiet a bit😉. My parents say I sleep like my Tia Silvia who sleeps with her partial Eyelids closed. I hate wearing puppy shoes or socks.... I want to run and feel the ground. I am very confident and will let you know when I don't like something or want something, I also, love to bark (talk). I am really smart as well, mama says she only showed me poopy pad once and I learned right away. I like to give high 5's especially if you bring me a treat or I will sit next to you when I am tired. I like going to the doggy parks, love to run and making new friends, papa says I am a very fast runner. As of now I am the youngest at the park and the shortest but a feisty one... Good luck catching me when I am on the run. I love playing with my dental ball everyday and don't mind getting my teeth brushed... I like the flavor of the toothpaste mama/papa get for me and the gel paste. Enough info about me for today, it's hard being so cute and keeping people interested, until next time toodles...I also would like to thank you all for all your votes and appreciate them a lot.
She is very sweet but skiddish! She loves to play fetch, she can sit and shake, she likes to run and play outside, she loves all kids and other animals. She is very smart!
He is our happiness ambassador as he makes everyone who meets him smile. He’s our super Cooper dog and loves to just hang out with us (bonus points of you throw a ball for 4-5 hours).
Energetic ⚡️ Loving 💕 Stubborn 😈
Papaya is an amazing friend and companion. She loves to yodel; she’s a great singer! Her favorite foods are bacon and string cheese
Buddy is a year and 5 months old he loves to play with other dogs and always rolls over on his belly when you pet him he is 1 goofy dog
Bartolo is my name. Service is my game. Started off being rejected to finally getting my forever home. I love to play and goof off, but when it's time to work I'm all in helping pull my dad.
Zeus is a fun, loving, dog who spent half his life as a shelter pup, however we rescued him and now he is the most spoiled pup you'll ever meet!
Murphy came into our life unexpectedly. We did not plan and we’re not ready but he stole our hearts. He loves all people and all dogs he meets, he loves to steal toys. When I ask him “where is daddy?” He goes and finds my husband to show me where he is! He just understands everything:)
Blu is a unique little weasel. His favorite things are kids, small rodents, going to Nana’s house, and off leash hiking in the canyon by our home. He’ll whine if you don’t snuggle him, or pick him up. “Love me, just love me!” -Blu
Chloe Hemp
Hi, my name is Chloe. I am a little puppy who is a little mischief.I have a twin sister Missy. We run and play all day. We go for walks with my mom. She is the best. She makes all my food daily and plays fetch with us too. We play in the dirt then look out it's bath time. Once a week we get a bath and it is wonderful🥰 I like chasing butterflies and squirrels. We sleep in the bed with my mom and watch t.v. and sometimes we get doggie ice cream. Who could ask for anything more. I have the best world.If you could like my page that would be great.I will like your page also. Thank you in advance for your support.
Mommy says I’m the bestest boy ever. I love my rope, giving kisses & most of all taking pictures 😎
Bruno is a sweet baby boy Doberman Pitbull mix. He loves to cuddle with his little brother Blu and sleep. His favorite thing to do is go to the dog park and play with his brother and friends. He absolutely loves meeting new people and will not let you stop petting him once you started.
Blu💙is the sweetest blue eyed deaf Pitbull puppy you will ever meet. He loves to cuddle and sleep…..all day. His best friend is his older Doberman brother Bruno. He likes to go to the dog park with his brother and play with their friends. His favorite snack is a puppuccino.
We adopted Kobe when he was 8 weeks! He loves being around kids. He’s a cuddler and loves taking naps! And playing with his friend Gigi🐶❤️
The sweetest little paw love.. Yogi Bear is lab/boxer/mastiff mix. She loves to chew, run, play and lots of belly rubs!
Our Lexi girl loves to run and when she is ready to nap, she grabs a blanket and sucks on it and falls asleep!
Reuben is full of snorts and smiles! He loves traveling and sleeping on your feet!
The sweetest pup I know. He’s so cuddly and loves to play with his sister, Sadie. Very energetic and the biggest mom momma’s boy ever. Definitely keeps us on our toes!
Very loving and loves to be anywhere you are. Lillie loves to play fetch and getting a treat after she does her business.
Puddle loves to milk his blanket before he falls asleep, its so cute.
Ella is 11 y.o who is still a puppy at spirit, she makes ever bad day better I mean look at that face !
Tommy is 18 months old, he came from a very neglect home, but somehow is still full of spirt. Tommy loves anything squeaky or anything he can tear into pieces. His favorite food is cheese and I think he’s pretty darn adorable 🥰
Angel is a out going dog she loves to go to parks and run she loves new people she is 7 months old she loves taking showers she loves cuddling with me she is such a amazing puppy she knows how to stay she knows how to shake hands she stands up she's a very loving dog you mean so much to me she's going to learn a lot more stuff
Hello, my name is Sandy. I love running on mountain bike trails with my mom and dad. I love to play in my doggy pool.
Molly Jean
Molly is considered a rescue but really she rescued us. She loves her clothes and has a closet full. She can't get enough of pizza crust and her favorite toy is a raccoon! Her best friend is named Sherman. She loves to spin in circles and getting belly rubs from her dad. But she's mom's shadow.
Jax is a very spunky and loving pet. He has made our family complete
Hello! I am Delilah, however my 3 year old brother calls me DD Puppy. I love to stand on my momma’s face to get kisses & lay with my best friend, Chubby. She is a pit bull! Everyone says we’re two peas in a pod when we play.. she lays down and I bite at her lips, or I’ll hide under chairs and try biting her as she runs by. Thanks for the vote!
Ruger is a 1 year old springer spaniel! He loves sticks and is slowly starting to love water. He is a bird dog in training also. Despite his size, he has more snuggles to give than a newborn baby! He is a love everyone type of dog and a little bit of a Ferdinand the bull because he doesn’t know his own size at times. But we love him for all his quirks ❤️
Bleu loves spending time with his family and going on long hikes. He also likes going to doggy daycare to see his friends.
Mud loves to play in the water, love on human sisters and play in the mud.
Stella is a sweet, loving, funny dog! She loves to play with bubbles, climb on rocks while hiking, chase squirrels of course, meet new friends, and spend family time!! She’s very loyal and never wants to leave anyone behind. She has such a funny unique personality and is so smart!! She’s our biggest joy and best friend and we hope she can become your friend too!
My name is odie and my favorite thing to do is go to grammas house! My back end doesn’t work the best from being abused but that doesn’t stop me from running! I’m the best cuddler ❤️
My name is Rex and my favorite thing to do is try to give my mom grey hairs… needless to say I have more lives than most cats 🐈 but none of my medical problems have kept me down for long! You’d never guess I’m 14❤️
Axel is a golden retriever and is 13 weeks old! He knows how to give good high fives and knows how to sit:) He is always smiling and loves sticking his tongue out!
I wear my heart on my head
Hi, my name is Tanger. I am a 2 years old Frenchie who loves to cuddle with momma. My name comes from Pens hockey player Kris Letang... but you can call me TanTan. You also can follow me @lifeoftanger on Instagram for more cute Pictures. Thank you.
I wear my heart on my head
Rusty knows his toys by type (pig, cow, snake, monkey, etc.) and will retrieve the one asked for every time. He's very smart, loving, cuddly and oh such a ham for the camera. A bit stubborn, but has a great disposition. Never met a stranger.
Samantha Jo
Loves to cuddle, taking up the bed at nights, and she one big baby when she doesn’t have her way.
My baby, who is the sweetest, most loving pup ever! All she wants is losts of snuggles and kisses 💕
Loves to sleep is her favorite hobby lol
He loves to cuddle and play ball