Daisy is a courageous and funny little girl. She love snuggles and bath time. She is very smart and likes to play tricks.
Trixiek Abagaba
This was my first dog, who has now passed on, she was the most lovable, intelligent pet that I have ever had. She could cross the street, ( after I taught her) she could pero on her hind legs, liked birds, and she SMILED, she autually curved her mouth upwards. Trixie had many talents, all of which I miss physically, but my memories are VIVID. XOXOXXOXO
Riley is a huge love bug, he loves to corn cobb, love bites, weighing in at 100 lb at 8 months, he loves his green tennis ball. His favorite, takes it with him everywhere. Any kisses and loves are mandatory. Loves to roll and have that tummy rubbed.
Malai is very loving, loyal, sweet. She loves to play and do tricks. She gives high fives and she loves to talk. Malani love’s adventures and going for car rides. She loves little kids and new friends. She loves wearing clothes and getting her nails painted. She’s a year old. She’s named after my grandmother whom passed away 2 years ago, she has her middle name. She loves to sit pretty. And she knows she’s too cute!
Mr. Benji is the most laid-back coolest dog ever
Mya is 13 weeks old and likes to play outside she is from Ohio Landcaster puppies
Future agility champion
A little bit about Mr. King. He is a very energetic. He has a huge personality wants to speak so bad will communicate in anyway he can will get your attention no matter loves to give Kisses is a very protective of his mamas he’s just a fun ball of fur
Rhett is a full blooded AKC registered silver lab! Absolutely loves being outside, he loves water mainly to swim and splash in! He loves going out on the boat or going bye bye! He loves chasing leaves and playing fetch! Super cuddly and sweet, no mean bone in his body! Never met a stranger is doesn’t turn into a friend!❤️
Zoie is such a Diva. She has a personality like a teenager and she knows she can get by with so much because of those beautiful blue eyes but she is also so full of love and is very sweet and very well behaved. She is my very best friend. ❤️
Daisy loves going to parks, she’s a very serious little lady, her favorite treat is Barkey Jerky 😃
Pookie is my baby girl!!❤️ She is blind caused by an attack on her from a boxer. But she has adapted and is very happy...and also became a mom of 4 litters ❤️
Dallas was born March 10th 2018! So Dallas is a momma's boy, he loves to play with his toy puppy or blue monkey.
Jax is a spunky little boy loves to play with the big dogs and cats loves cuddles and being held when he’s done playing
Mush is such a sweet boy. He loves to play with his sister Mulan, and all their toys. He loves to give me kisses and he has learned to give me high fives.
Clyde is 9 years old he loves playing outside an with his foot ball and tire this will be his last contests because hes a old man an has heath issues so inhave to pit him down so any votes help im trying to win this money to help with expenses
Charlie is a sweetheart, he loves to play outside and is big snuggle bug 🐾
bubba likes to ride his golf cart and run and play! He would never bite
Taking a long break on this platform Ty for all your support
River is wild but he’s smart. He knows how to sit and he loves to play around. Sometimes I’ll chase him and “tag” him, and then I’ll turn around and he chases me. River likes everybody, and he always happy (especially when he gets attention). River likes treats, he also likes carrots, ice, frozen foods (pizza rolls, bagel bites, anything frozen really). 💜
Mongo expresses himself on a daily basis with his facial expressions 🥰 His motivation comes from any food that is waved near his nose! He loves taking naps and being anywhere his Mommie is. He’s great at zummies and rolling downhills 🥰
Oogie boogie got his name from nightmare before Christmas. Oogie has these beautiful long eye lashes and big puppy dog eyes. When oogie barks it sounds like he loves you and that's when you give in to him. A few things oogie loves to do is play with his stuffy and his rope he also loves playing in leaves outside and playing with little sticks. One last thing he is a hand hugger. I believe if my dog wins the prize will go to a bigger bed for him and some other important assesories he needs. So please vote for my baby he deserves it.
Hello, My name is Moose. I am 10 weeks old, I was born on 9/11/2022. I found my furever family recently and I fit right in. The cat? Well I’m still working on him. I am a purebred Blue Tick Beagle (hound) My rare colors are unique for beagles. I love to play tug of war and fetch although I’m still working on bringing the ball back. I’m most happy when my parents and human siblings cuddle me as I am a cuddle monster. My giraffe is my favorite toy. I love to play outside, The scents for a hound out there is astounding. Well, I better go cause I need to potty.
she is full of energy and she loves to agrevate her older brother
Cicada is a wild and spunky puppy, very playful and loves to agitate our cats lol, she is very smart and minds most time, her dad is a bull dog and her mother a German shepherd;that’s where she gets her intelligence from, she is in teething mode and steals and tries chew everything,her favorite thing to steal is remote controls and our cell phones and have keep the shoes out of site. Thanks in advance for all votes, happy thanksgiving 🍁
Shiloh is nicked named “Papa Dog” as he moved up to alpha when we lost his big brother. He’s a picky eater and gets easily annoyed by his baby brother Jet. Though he loves to come out on top in their game of tug o war.
Jet is a character for sure. He loves our pet Guinea Pig Oreo because they have the same markings. He loves to eat! He loves to play tug o war with his big brother Shiloh.
King Bek
King Bek is a one ye old Chihuahua/dashund. He likes playing hide and seek, he likes running really fast though the house, and he likes cheese. Oh, and he also loves bedroom slippers.
My big boy, Koda, just turned 1 today!! Koda loves everyone & is always ready with kisses! He's very confident & full of himself ("he's sexy 🎶& he knows it!!" 🎶), just like the song! Koda loves playing with his many toys, spending time in his swimming pool, doing serious zoomies in his backyard & going for daily car rides to go for walkies in different parks!!❤❤❤
When you say kissie to him he will give you kissies
Sweet boy, very obedient and well trained. Loves doggy day care and meeting new friends
Chloe is our 2year old part Shar-Pai part German Shorthair..she is so loveable she’ll walk up to you and get as close as she can and Bow her head for a hug..she’ll sit and watch the squirls and chase them as they come down the tree but she won’t harm them she just plays with them..she’s the most amazing dog in the world
She's an 8 year old chihuahua who loves to chase her fur sisters threw the house, loves to sleep and play with her rope
Gorda is friendly with human and animals. She love bee’s. Her favorite to be loved and plays nonstop.
LILIe sweet girl she loves outdoor and long walks playing with my girls!! Let not forget she love food!!
He is 11 years old, loves to play in the snow
Aspen Rose
Aspen is the sweetest pup. She’s so protective of her master
This is my baby no matter what we’ve been through she’s been here through thick n thin. She’s the true meaning of loyalty. I’ve had her since she was a baby and she always stays by my side my heart ♥️
This is Stivee she is named after Stevie Nicks she sure loves that woman no matter how much she’s been through she’s always got a smile and she’s always playful she’s always got a forgiving heart 💜 he’s a big inspiration to me and many that know her. Her love is pure n she loves the window seat
Silly girl she’s always getting caught up in stuff cuz she barrels through whatever is in front of her to get to her destination she doesn’t care what is in her way😂
Bay is super sweet pitbull who loves to play and cuddle.
This is maverick he’s are newest baby 💕 he loves cuddles and playing. Loves his big sisters n playing in the leaves 🍁
Boo loves everyone. Hes curious about everything. He has a vengeance against anything on a stick. Including vacuums, brooms, grabbers and dusters. Boo is my sunshine
Love her belly rubbed and spending time with mommy
Jazzy loves to give kisses & very playful 💙💙
Bear is a American Leopard Hound he is my hunting dog he is a hard working dog and has been my companion for ten years he is a very humble well behaved dog who listens well and very intelligent