Nautica is a five year old Border Collie blue heeler mix. Her two favorite things to do are sleeping, and eating.
Scheba is a good listener and very friendly she likes to go for car rides
Sophie is a crazy, sweet puppy. She loves playing with her siblings and loves tennis balls.
Loving, caring. Found our home as a rescue dog. She helps us with our good and bad days. We love Bella very much.
Roxy is an 18 month old German Shepherd Pitbull mix. She was locked in a cage in a dark room for the first month of her life before I brought her home. Despite this, she loves people, until she feels I am threatened in anyway, then stands between me and what she feels is threatening.
Ruthie is a sweet, loving female who enjoys playing outside and also loves people a lot. She enjoys playing with dog toys and even enjoys running outside as well. Ruthie is mostly dog-trained and follows directions fairly well. The most favorite thing that Ruthie loves to do is sleep for hours. Otherwise; she is an adorable pitbull!!
Daisy is a Australian Shepard mix, and is 3 years old and has the most loving and goofy personality, and loves being outside❤️
Dutton is an Aussiedoodle. He’s a puppy school graduate who loves food, toys, his sister, Salem and his mom.
Teddy is such a loveable fluffy doggo! He loves running around outside and playing with his neighbor dog, Bailey!
Elijah is a pomchi.He loves to play and be fiesty.Hes such an adorable little boy.He weighs 2 pounds and is almost 3 months old.He has a few favorite toys but one very special one and thats his lambchops
My baby Wolfe is a sweetie. My baby loves to be kissed and hugged. He loves just hugging around with his mom. Does not leave her side.
She is a spunky sassy little lady who enjoys her walks and snacks.
Octavia is full of energy and LOVE! She loves swimming, giving kisses and running around with her tiny humans. She knows how to turn anyones frown upside down with her fun, caring personality.
Cash is very calm very sweet but also loves playing
Hi my name is gidget I’m a couch potato I love to be lazy and get all the love and belly rubs 💜
Hi my name is Posie and I don’t meet a stranger I love everybody and all my pup friends and family 💗
Hi my name is duke and I love my sisters and love my family! 💙
Bailey Mae
Bailey Mae is her mommy’s baby. She loves to play with the other dogs older or younger. She loves to snuggle with the cats. Bailey Mae id the sweetest, gentlest dog you will ever meet !!
Ares is a 5 month old German Shepherd mix who loves cuddling with his mama, playing with his dad, and chasing his sister when he has the zoomies! He is a rescue pup who was officially adopted on May 25, 2022.
Rue is 5lbs of sass. She loves going on walks and playing in water. She never meets a stranger and is the best cuddle buddy.
She's a German Shepherd/black lab mix and she's so full of energy. Her favorite toy she loves playing with is her fish taco. She is very affectionate and absolutely loves meeting new people. She's usually sleeping on the couch in her spot since that's what she likes doing 😅 She's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet
She loves squirrels 🐿
Grace is a 9 week old CHIWEENIE. Who loves playing with her toys and being outside..
Hi! My name is sheba and im 6months old! I love being outside, playing with my toys and loving on mommy and daddy! Im spoiled but very well taken care of! Im a Lab mixed with chow :)
Libby Rae
Libby Rae is a German Shepard lab mix she’s super talkative she’ll have a whole conversation with you she loves to play outside her favorite toy is her monkey Libby loves learning new tricks her favorite trick is shake.. Libby is the biggest lap dog I’ve met
Saint can set pretty, then give you a high five and then lay down. He is 2 half yrs old.
he’s 9 months loves his 2 cat brothers, his favorite thing to do is go outside and chase bees or anything that flies and loves his favorite dinner from Jerrys Curb Service
Coconut loves to play with his toys, loves going on car rides and especially loves to play with his humans socks. He's the best furry companion you can ask for ❤️
Introducing Millie: from day one she has been the sweetest, most playful, darling girl ever. She goes everywhere with me and loves to sleep 😴. She’s just the best girl ever
Nippy loves to play with other dogs and people. She’s a little spitfire and the sweetest little Deerhead Chihuahua! She is very smart, sweet, and fun. She is on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and has a Facebook page. She also LOVES to watch TV and spend time being a snuggle puppy with her Mommy! Thank you In advance for voting for Ms. Nippy May ❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️💕💕💕
Snacks and friends. That’s Connie.
Milo is a very energetic lab/husky, he loves to play in my backyard, do his zoomies, and play fetch.
She shakes , sits, lays down, retrieves, is house broke, takes treats from your mouth without hitting your lips, loves to cuddle and give kisses. She is so playful as well. Not bad for 4.5 months
We call her dumpster doggy because she will get into anything that’s in a trash bag . She will find the highest point and take a dump right at the peak . A real couch potato and a big pain in the ass but her big eyes are worth it 😂
Jax is a Shepard husky mix. He is notorious for being a spaze. His ears kinda remind of of bat ears 😂. He is a crazy, fun loving dog
Finn is just a happy go lucky year old pup that loves anything to do with being outside. There is no puddle he will not lay in and no stick left behind. Did you say ball?
She loves to play with her squeaky toys she gets from bark box every month! Her best friend is a feline!!
Wrigley was abandoned on the side of the road when he was just a puppy, he’s come so far and is now a one year old full of love and joy.
Gizmo is a shorkie. He is so sweet and loves everyone. His best friend is my cat named River.
Tallulah is a 1 year old boxer. She loves napping, car rides and pestering her “hood rat” friends. She is the absolute best begger! Knows just how to get you to hand over the food!
Loki is a EuropeanGerman Shepard and Siberian Huskey mix, he is 135 pounds, he loves to be outside running around and just observing nature, he loves swimming, hanging out, and play with sticks he is all around a big baby at the end of the day
Milo is a one year old German Shepard who loves to play. His favorite thing to do is go see Grandma.
Nejie Naruto Uzumaki
Hi my name is Nejie i am a wonderful family dog, i am calm and protective to all the people around me. My mom says im super handsome and have eyes to die for.
She claimed the recliner as a pup and still maintains that its hers!
Rubs is the craziest, cutest, most attitude filled pup youd ever meet. Shes so sweet and she loves to cuddle and watching out the window is her absolute favorite thing to do. She is very smart and knows exactly what your saying to her. shes also very scared of new people loves to act all big and tough but all she does it come up and lick your hand and run away when you go to pet her😂 rub is the cutest lil shit youd ever meet anyone who meets her loves her!
Zero is so sweet with her kindness. She’s very lovable and outgoing!