Just a couple months over 1 years old Dash loves cuddles and playing with his brother Duke. Nicest Doberman there is.
Tito is the sweetest little boy ever! His favorite things to do include taking off with your socks, shirts, or pillow, just what ever he can find! He loves to be outside and sit in the sun; when I want him back inside I have to run around the yard and chase him! We have matching jackets that we like to wear out in public when it’s cold. I don’t know what I would do without my little boy he makes life fun!
Nicky is a very special little guy, he loves kids and know what his meals on time, he loves to watch TV,, love to go for rides, and shopping for a new outfit, he's very friendly with everyone.
Ace is a old English bulldog that’s 8 year old! He’s a couch potato but can be silly and fun when his puppy side comes out! He’s known for his wiggle butt and tiny nub.
Daisy is a sweet and loving dog and she is very athletic!! She love to play fetch and go on walks. She snuggles with our whole family every night and does not like to be left out!! She is 6 years old but doesn’t seem like it! When she was a puppy we taught her lots of commands and how to do a bunch of things for her to then be the dog she is today!! She is the best and you should definitely vote for her!!!
Ozzy loves hanging out with his great grandpa and definitely loves hanging with his bestie Marley.
Marley loves his play time with Daddy. So lovable and quiet. Loves his bestie Ozzy.
Coby is very sweet and full of personality he loves to play, he loves kids and he loves to get rubbed all day. He is very spoiled.
Bear is an energetic and full of life 12 year old pure bred Pomeranian. He loves to travel. He’s been to several different states and Canada. He spends his days relaxing with mom or sunbathing in his yard
Koda is 10 weeks old. I rescued him a few weeks ago, his favorite thing to do is chew on his toys and play with the kids. Loves naps and being outdoors.
Leo is a vibrant 2 yr old who is more than happy to spread joy to others!
Marley is a 7month old Shih Tzu. Her trick (that she taught herself) is to “groundhog”. She will sit up on her back feet and she looks like a groundhog. No one taught her, she started doing it when she was little.
Moomoo loves to be outside, shes got a 6' vertical leap so shes got to be on a leash, shes Australian shepard husky mix, 10 years old and still has the energy of a puppy. She starts bunny hoping when she knows shes going outside and shes a love bug. Be careful if you have bojangles near her, shes a sneaky one.
Hi! I’m Draco im 2 months and I love playing with my dad, going on walks, and playing with the neighbor dog obi!
Gunner, is a momma’s boy for sure. Sweet, loves cuddles and loves to sleep under the covers!
Indiana Bones
Indy loves to snuggle, eat treatos, play with his kittty, and play at the dog park!! Vote for Indy!!!
I've had Tyson every since he wss 8 weeks old. My mom bought him home for me. When i tell you he brings so much life in my home. He loves long walks, he loves protecting my mom from everyone. He love beggin strips. He also love to hide my socks
Hi My Name Is Princeston I’m Loving I’m A Humans Best friend. I Love To Cuddle Roll Around Meet New People. My Personality Is So Much To Die For You Have A Bad Day He Will Love On You. He Is Smart Intelligent Very Obedient. He Gets Along With EveryOne. He Is & Amazing Support & Service Dog. He Is Very Versatile. He Got A Smile That Will Make Your Day. He Likes To Flip,Roll , Go To The Dog Park, Bow & Pray Before He Eats. He Like To Dance. He Should Have Been A Runner Lol When He Run Its So Fast It Will Amaze You & When He Run He Leg Goes Out Like A Bird Flying Lol It’s So Cute. He Is 3 In A Half Will Be 4 July 5th Thanks Soo Much
Peanut Or Lil Nut
She’s just the sweetest little girl ever she love’s snuggles and kisses. But when she’s outside she’s trying to climb trees, and chase anything that moves. Peanut loves to eat bugs and her favorite toy is an empty water bottle and she does the same thing with every one of them the top comes off first, and then the safety ring under the cap and then the label and then she crushes the bottle.
Mika is a beautiful Pomeranian/Chihuahua. She is full of energy and loves her belly rubs!
Honey is always up for an adventure and has many furry friends in the valley, as we do a lot of Pet Sitting in the Community. No one really knows my name in Towne, I'm just known S "Honey's Mom"; which is also the name of her own FB Group. Honey is more human than dog, with her very special and sweet demeanor. Honey loves exploring, belly rubs and ice cream! She belonged to my brother who was killed in a car accident, so I am very Blessed to be her human. 😇💞
She is very very intelligent. She wants to know where everybody is at all the time and wants people together. She barks at everything that moves but if a feather or pencil or anything falls bar she will run. She never walks she's always tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip. Before her brother passed away she loved him to death and waiting for him to do everything but yet she was as mean as hell with him she's 25 lb and he was 70 lb but they loved each other dearly she has saved me and my heart from totally breaking after my boy was gone. She is a ray of sunshine just like he was just in a different way but to see the lease she is the boss of the house we do what she wants when she wants how she wants but life without her is completely unthinkable she is a princess my princess. How
Dennis is a very shy dog but he would love to show off if a visitor asked him how elephant dance. He would lifted his arm up ❣️
Jenny is the most sweetest and a guard dog throughout my life while I was living alone. She love dancing to any kind of music. She would just moved her butt and start dancing.
Mr. Nitty
Hes actually a micro bully Hes such a lover, loves to cuddle hes very human like and smart & funny.
She came to me at one year old she is fun and such a happy dog she’s my princess I needed her as much as she needed me since I lost my Husband she cuddles with me to make me feel better
Charlie is 7 years old he weighs six and a half pounds he's just a Charlie he has a personality that's bigger than anything he likes to bark at nothing and he likes to play games and play ball and I just love him to death
Holly was a rescue pup! She loves to play with her brother & sisters, go for walks, and shop! She loves TJ Maxx! She enjoys going to work with her owners- she has worked as a real estate assistant and CNA pup! After a long hard day, Holly enjoys getting a pup cup with her owner!
Burt Reynolds
He is such a soft hearted doggie, a huge snuggler and mamas boy, you can leave for 5 minutes and come back to him wagging his tail doing little spins as if we were gone for weeks.
We are a family of 5 & Beau is the 6th member of our family! Beau is a very loving dog. He loves his humans. He loves cuddling, playing ball & duck hunting. When my life 360° app notification goes off on my phone, he automatically goes to the back door because he knows that one of his favorite humans will be coming thru that door very soon!! It's Beau's world, we're just living in it!!🤎🐾
Rudy loves everyone, and he shows it by standing on his hind legs and waving his front paws at you.
Charlie is a spunky, rambunctious 7 month old Jack Russell… he has a larger than life personality that keeps everyone smiling and on their toes! From his love of chasing deer and turkeys to his love of kissing you all over your face and falling asleep in his mama’s lap at night, he is our family’s “rotten little stink” and we wouldn’t trade him for the world!
She is a very loyal dog.
She is a very well behaved puppy. Very playful. She is training to be my service animal.
Pebbles is a sweet but spunky little girl. She likes things done her way and she thinks she’s the boss of our other 4 dogs. At the end of the day though she’s the best little snuggler
Sky Boo
A friend was giving away some puppies she happened to message me on messenger so she sent me pictures of her.her name was willow didnt know until we naned het her Sky.She loves sitting and sleeping with me.she very good with small kids she 4 yrs.old if we hsdnt git Sky she would have been put in a shelter. One shelter near us is a kill shelter. And shes in a loving home .
Very friendly and sweet , always playful . Very good with kids . Loves water . Very good dog to have .
Hello! My name is Angel and I am 12 years old. I am a very vocal women and love spending time with my dad. I also love to eat snow!
Hi there! My name is Royal, also known as Roy-lee and I am 6 year's young. I am a Jack Russell mix and love to run around and play with my tennis ball. I also love begging for food!
Snoopy loves watch TV specifically National Geographic, he's very passionate with everyone specially with kids, he loved sleeping in my office where the sun got through the window. He love the outdoors.
She is my service dog and loves to go to assisted living house
Theodore is a playful and adorable dachshund! He loves playing with his cousin!!
He love people and love playing with his brother
Riley is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I love him so much and want to continue to make his days as special as he’s made my mine.
Velvet is a almost 14 week old puppy that loves to play and chew on bones she loves the outdoors and she’s so caring and loving
Persnipity loving crazy but will dab you up and give kisses like 🤪
Piper is a young toy yorkie, that loves to play with her brother on play dates. She is very tiny and very smart. Vote for the littlest member of our home, and her big brother Jackson!