Semi is such a loving dog ! She loves hunting, fishing, laying around, fetch, swimming, traveling, and just being with her family! Semi smiles when she thinks she’s in trouble ( which she never is ). She is very sassy ! Semi’s favorite food is anything you give her but her favorite is Slim Jim’s and Chicken strips ( preferably Raisin Cains)
Leon is a very sweet and friendly dog. He loves people and attracts the attention of everybody who sees him. He is currently in dog training and doing very well. He can be hyper, but what puppy is not?
River loves to play with her kids and is working on learning to retrieve for duck and dove hunting
Max is the chillest dog around. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. Why wouldn’t they?? There’s no shame in this dawg’s game.
Ted E Bear
He is a 2 month old teacup Pomeranian. He is a loving member of our family. He isn’t just a one person dog he goes to everyone snd he is emotional support for everyone in our family. He’s four inches tall and riles the house filled with two other doges snd four cats: he fears nothing
Harley loves her Pupachino’s
She's tiny like a peanut 🥜♥️:)
My name is koda. I love the outdoors and love nipping at my mommy and daddy’s ankles. I love belly rubs and my treats.
Kong is one of a kind. Very smart, loving, loyal. My best friend 💪😎
Shadow is a mommas boy ! He loves to play and have fun he loves to run . He loves kids and other animals
Meet Lilly! She’s such a ham. She loves long walks on the grass, food twice a day with treats, playing football, Netflix & cuddles. It’s hard not to fall in love with her big smile.
Bradie loves sun bathing and lots of cuddles!!! But also makes sure no one comes on his property unless he allows😂. Best bud and guard dog I could ever ask for. Loves pup cups
Loves to go for runs and loves to fetch footballs!🥰hes a great lizard hunter and has got the energy of a puppy!!
Axel is a very full of life and happy pup! He loves to play and run outside. He loves everyone, animal or human.
Roscoe has a very funny personality that we can't help but love .
Hanson is a very smart 9 week old puppy that I'm working with to become a support dog .
He’s 10 weeks old, he’s great with kids and very hyper, sweetest dog in the world!
This is my baby boy!!! He’s 4 months and old! Love to cuddle and chew things he’s not supposed to! 🥰
Spencer Frankie
Spencer Frankie loves to play and go on walks.
Hes the sweetest, bravest, happiest forever puppy ever!
Finn is a mini aussie! He loves running, playing, riding in the jeep, and being crazy! He loves getting new toys so we could love to win to get him more!
Lovable and stubborn
Just 3 months old and all paws
Funny and clingy makes u laugh
Lily is a very loving 10 month old Pomsky that loves to go on car rides, snuggle with her mom, and play with her 5 month old best friend. She is so friendly with humans and other dogs, and is also down to meet new people and new dogs.
Remi Kate
Remi is a mini goldendoodle. She loves to play fetch, play with other pups, and get into things she is not supposed to get into! Remi loves giving high-fives and shaking hands! But most of all she loves people!!
Moose is a Golden Retriever/ Pyrenees mix, so his name is fitting! He loves going for walks and lots of belly rubs!
Tucker is so silly and knows no stranger! He’s the first to greet you as soon as he lays eyes on you! He loves to play with deer antlers, go on car rides, and cuddle with his mom and dad!
Koda Bear is a Papillon chihuahua. He is so enthusiastic and happy all the time. I lost two of my previous puppies so this little man saved my heart ❤️ He means everything to me and is so spoiled. He knows JUST how to make your heart melt from the first time you hold him. He is 4 months as of now. I cannot wait to have a forever with him 💙
Kovi is one of the best and prettiest labs we’ve ever owned. She is the most outgoing, caring, and friendly dog. I know she would love your vote as much as she loves treats!☺️
Rayjean is awesome! He's well behaved and very loving! He loves running and playing! And I think he has a girlfriend in the neighborhood!! Lol
Battle loves his brother Shield. He absolutely LOVES taking joy rides in the truck. He has the biggest smile in the world when he is excited especially for “snackie time”.
Shes a beautiful loyal baby girl. She loves rides slim jims and her momma ♥︎♡
Smoke has a heart of gold but is very protective of me , he always wants to be beside me
She passed away unfortunately feburary 13 ): I dont care if i win or not i just wanna show off my henny girl. Loved her to peices. She passed in a hit in run so justice for my baby ): miss her so fuckin much. She was a pit mix. She was the best puppy in all of puppys <3 just wanted to show off the bestest girl in the entire world
Tanner is an affectionate, animated, playful Chigi that likes to give hugs and kisses, snugglin, soft blankies, squeaky toys and going for rides in dad's pickup truck!
She is so protective, but gentle. Not much for other dogs but loves kids. She never wants to be away from her mother. She follows me everywhere and whines when I come home. Very smart! She can even open up the back door when it isn’t locked.
Nala is a young fox red lab. She is very active loves being outside from chasing the cows to going hunting in winter with dad. She also loves cuddling and going on car rides with mom.
Rook was my shelter find. He is a survivor of puppy parvo. He went from shelter to home to hospital and back home finally. He is a gritty little fireball. Loves to play and snuggle. He loves to play with one toy in his mouth and roll a tennis ball at the same time. My little soccer star. My Rook star.
Kirby Lou
Kirby Lou is a standard golden doodle that loves to sleep and play, She is 7 weeks old and would love to have a bunch of new toys!!
Daisy May
Daisy is a fun energetic 4 month old puppy, her best friend is her 4yr old owner my son! They love playing together and getting into trouble together!
Thank you for viewing my profile💗Hi! My name is Draco. I am 9 weeks old. I love getting into everything I can, cuddling with my sister, and playing with my friends. My favorite snack is cheese. I like to follow my mommy around and try to get her feet while she’s walking. I’m a handful of cuteness but my mommy thinks I’m just a handful💗
Thank you for checking my profile💗Hi! My name is Skye. I am 9 months old. I love peanut butter, cheese and anything I can eat. I get very excited when I hear the word “hungry”. I like to play with my daddy and my little brother. I am full of energy 24/7 but I think that’s okay. I like to swim in the water and take baths, playing outside and sleeping.
He is a 8 month old English Bulldog!! Being trained as my service dog!!! He loves squeaky toys and peanut butter!!!!! He snores louder then me and loves to tackle my 25 year old son to the ground to play with him!!!!
Nala is the sweetest puppy! She loves running, playing with sticks, and cuddling! She’s the most playful thing ever!
Rocco is a very rambunctious and loveable Shepherd hound mix who we adopted at the Maricopa animal shelter.
Taco is 10 years old a very loving dog. She loves to sun bathe and lay under the blankets.
My baby girl is DEAF . She knows 12 different signs ! Drove 600 miles for my baby girl. Has 1 blue ocean waved eye and 1 Brown eye. My 😇