Baby Stories - 23


Reesey loves to lay on your feet, she loves to play with her squeaky toy kangaroo 🦘 and loves being with people.
My little Izabella! She’s a rough little pit mix. She was rescued from being tied to a tree with no shelter, water nor food. She didn’t handle the shelter life very well. And was labeled dog aggressive, men aggressive and child aggressive. I started working at the shelter and something just pulled me to her and her to me. I started working with her spending as much time with her as possible. She started to calm down and not focus on the other dogs anymore. So one day I brought my two dogs to the shelter to meet her. She wasn’t aggressive she just didn’t know how to react or play. My other dog Panda taught her. So I couldn’t say no when the manager asked if I wanted to adopt her. She loves other dogs and children. She can be very protective of me now but never towards kids. She’s been spoiled and so happy. Unfortunately she did have an accident where she completely severed her Achilles’ tendon on her back right leg. She had to have 2 surgeries to get it to reconnect. She’s now doing really good. And she is happily playing with her sisters again. And being my little cuddle bug!
Willow is my 2 year old boxer/pit mix. She’s the sweetest and most gentle sweetheart. She loves to play, cuddle, give lots of kisses. Children are her favorite people!!
Cutter loves to be a lake dog! She enjoys time on her boat and in the water!
Louie is such a happy dog, he loves to play all the time. He loves long walks and making friends on the way. He enjoys hugs and kisses and lots of belly rubs. VOTE FOR LOUIE he’s our next president!
He loves treats and to sit on everyone’s feet, loves to play with his sister and his rope ball.
Lola is an 8 month old shih tzu who loves to play fetch and go on long car rides.
Barkley is super hyper and has an awesome personality! He’s spoiled rotten and sleeps on my pillow every night!
She’s a big baby rescued from a Oklahoma kill shelter.... when she meets you she goes on her belly for some Scratchies..... she’s just the most best cutest puppy in the world she had a rough start for 4 months but now she knows she is in the best forever home with her mom dad grandma and grandpa..... she’s the best doghter anyone can ask for!!!!
Meet Octavia! Tavia is her super cute nickname. Tavia LOVES the dog park & playing w big & small dogs. She is the best at cuddling and the cutest/weirdest sleeper. Tavia is 3 months old and is learning new tricks everyday! She is also the most spoiled lil pup!
Brutus is the weirdest dog you’ll ever meet. He is sweet but only to me. Super quirky, loves water and his toys. He is a rescue, he’s been with me since he was 6 weeks old. He is my best friend.
Cleo was rescued off a sidewalk along with all of her other siblings by some friends. She also has a tik tok @icleothehusky. She has multiple breeds in her!
I’m petunia and I’m completely blind! That doesn’t slow me down though. I am super spunky and catch onto things very quickly! I love playing with my big brother Brutus.
Rosie passed away on 08/21/20. She was the sweetest girl with the sweetest smile! She lit up every room she walked into.
Sebastian is a 5 month old Great Dane puppy. He is currently being trained to become a service dog for his mommy who is paralyzed. His favorite things are his mommy, toys that crinkle and treats especially bacon.
Geno is a friendly, smart dog who has a striking resemblance to the Tramp from Lady and the Tramp! He loves to play, make friends with new humans, and wear Christmas sweaters.
Zoeh loves to be babied, especially when I say Jooooeyyyyyyy lol...she is so loving and smart! She loves to be scratched ♥️
Dexter is the highlight of our lives! He is the most gentle, cuddly, loving dog on this planet and we couldn’t imagine life without him! He loves nap time, but can be silly and wild whenever the zoomies strike! He’s also a seasoned dog model for multiple well known, dog-ware companies! We hope you love him just as much as we do, and will give him a vote! ❤️
Sarge is an 11 month old German Sheperd that loves to give out high fives and will follow you where ever you go. Very playful and loving❤️
Oakley is a big talker, he loves to dig holes and howl obnoxiously as people walk by the house 😅💗
Gizmo is 16 weeks old and such a joy to have in our family. He is sweet, smart and loving and will stand up for belly rubs.
Bear is a extremely loving lap dog. He loves to play fetch, swim, go on car rides and eat treats❤️
Khalil loves the farm life. He loves telling cows where to go and keeping chickens in line. He runs the farm pretty much. But he is very spoiled also he loves his belly rubbed and treats (some times, he is picky) he loves to come inside and sleep next to my bed on his two big blankets. He is well behaved and so sweet. Yes he even were sweaters when he leaves the farm 🤣🥰💙
Doolittle loves to be outdoors in the sunshine. He enjoys a good hamburger and being around his sisters. VOTE FOR DOO!! **all proceeds will contribute to doo's hamburger treats**
Ollie is a standard poodle who LOVES to dress up, play with all toys, run in circles in the yard, go for car rides, and play with his best friend (who is a cat)
Very sweet extremely lovable and he loves momma and pawpaw alot
Roxy is an 8 year old mix breed that means the world to us! She saved my life in more ways than one and I couldn't ask for a better best friend! She loves to play and protect her tiny humans!
Rosie enjoys playing with tennis balls, eating treats & cuddling with her humans ❤️
Roux is a splash Boston Terrier. Her best friend is a 3 year old.
Mochi enjoys silently judging you and escaping any fenced in area you try to keep him in.
Kobe is a Maltipoo . He loves playing and cuddling 🥰
This is Beanie Baby. She is 8 years young. I adopted her from my sister inlaw when she moved to Alaska. She is super loving and loves to nap and snore 😋
Baby Girl
Baby Girl is a Chaweenie who loves to play outdoors and chase squirrels!
Bo Bo
Bo Bo is a sweet boy who loves his family and loves to play ball!
Drako is a 9 month old GSD. He is the most independent, intelligent, and nurturing pup. His favorite thing to do is play ball-- especially when mom throws it straight up in the air so he can jump and catch it! He is either outside playing ball or snuggled up on the couch; there's no in between for him! He constantly has his tongue hanging out of his mouth-- his newest trait is letting it hang sideways with his mouth closed. He is an absolute goofball!
Armani is a ball of energy and love. With eyes that melt your heart.
Sherman loves popcorn, playing outside and spending quality time with his humans. He's always such a happy boy, and he would love to win this contest!
Deke is a beautiful ball of fire! He loves to hunt and give kisses.
Boost the energetic loving American bully will only be 2 in December! He is most excited when playing fetch and tug of war. When boost winds down he is the BEST cuddle buddy. He loves his humans very much!! Boost has a personality of his own and of course stubbornness comes along with that. Just look at his face how could you not adore him ?!
Caesar is loved by all who meets him very loveable and loves to drop down and roll for his bellies rubs and always ready for the camera to snap.
Hi my name is Jewels. I’m 2 year old long haired chihuahua. I love to chase squirrels and lay on mommy’s lap. I also like to tag along on car rides and go shopping with mommy.
Cheeto is a rescue. He was 1 yrs old and had 4 different homes, he was in bad shape when I got him. He's 9 yrs old now and is a happy healthy boy ❤️🐾
She is a beautiful, sweet and smart girl She can play all day long 🐶she loves kids also she loves to dance and seat outside to watch the sunset .
Bandit loves to chase rabbits and car rides she always down to take a trip with you.
Chienne is very outgoing loves to cuddle and loves her momma (me) extremely friendly
Vada Blu
Miss Vada Blu is a year old Alaskan malamute German shepherd mix. She loves paddle boarding, camping, sleeping and playing with her sisters
Hebe is a 10 week old German shepherd. She’s a super smart pup, loves training with her mama and loves to annoy her sisters.