Buster loves playing with kids and his brother rex. He loves to sleep under the blanket next to his mom and loves treat time
Princess Elsa Mari'E
Elsa is an 8 yr old pitt mix resusce dog, very lovable and well behave. She loves being around people. She'll cuddle and sleep all day.
Maci Moo
Maci Moo is a loving girl who enjoys walks, and loves to play with her dinosaurs 🦕
Gunner is a 4 year old Chocolate Lab. He loves to swim and play ball. He loves his family and friends and going to the beach!
Triton is my pound puppy who was sent to us by Midas after he passed. Triton just turned 2 and thinks he is still a 5lb puppy.
Chloe is a sweet an adorable girl! She loves get lovelys an loves go on walks
Bubba is a loving fun smart dog, he loves to play outdoors and indoors.
I love sleeping, barking, and peeing in the house 😁
I love my belly rubs and playing with my sisters 🥰
Blaze is the sweetest 11 month old puppy you’ll ever meet. He loves the snow, long hikes, training class, shopping at pet friendly stores, and so much more. His first birthday is on February 8th! He wants to win in order to get lots of great training and maybe even become a therapy dog 🐶🐾
I love eating and taking naps. Oh, did I mention I LOVE eating ??? 🥰🍽️ (Yes, I have a underbite… That’s what makes me special 😁)
I love giving kisses and playing with my sisters 🥰 I love to give cuddles
Rex loves to cuddle and play. He loves to chew on his toys and play with his brother buster and sister cat lucky.
Cuba loves adventures and meeting new people! She likes going to the beach, the park, the mountains, but what she likes the most is to spend time with her cat buddies. Her name is Cuba because we found her on one of the streets of the small town of Cuba, Alabama.
The moment I met her, she went into my arms and instantly became mine. She’s friendly, loving, funny, playful, a guard dog, and an angel. Her barks sound like a squeaky toy. She is not a dog, but family.
Arie is a fun, loving, energetic pup. She loves spending time with her big sister and brother. Her favorite activities to keep her occupied are chewing her antlers, wrestling her sister, and cuddles.
J J is a cute rat terrier who loves playing with toys and cats and loves his walks and play time with his sister lab/hound Minerva
Mercy is snuggly and playful. She enjoys playing tug-of-war and stealing people’s food. You should vote for her because she’s such a pretty girl!
Stashu is a Polish Lowland Sheepdog (breed not listed!). He is incredibly smart, sweet, and funny. He loves to play soccer, sniff everything in the park, and get belly rubs.
Hi, my name is Keiko I love naps, my chew toys and chasing birds. Im super sweet and lovable and love posing.
Bruiser loves to eat & sleep. He is very protective of his owner & his house! Small but mighty :)
Scout is the wiggle butt of the family!! It’s like he’s doing a dance! He Loves to snuggle!
Auggie loves his toys almost as much as he loves his family. ☺️ He’s a good boy with the sweetest and most loving personality!
Sweet Maggie! She's a 1 yr old mini goldendoodle who loves to play! Her favorite thing is her deer antler and her sister Oakley!
Stella is a rescue puppy from Mexico and loves treats and attention
Maxamillion came to us just at the right time. Max loves to pose to take pictures, loves to play in the snow, and loves to cuddle with momma.
Obi is a chawinny 6 months old a true gift from God funny personality very smart.
DD is also a rescue I found in an animal shelter. She loves to play with all kinds of toys. She is so loved.
Zeva is a20 yo long hair chihuahua, she loves snuggles, playing w/her younger rescue sisters. Sometimes she forgets she is much older than a puppy & does some dangerous jumps lol!
Spike is mixed with a black mouth cur so he does not bark except when he needs to go outside!!! He is spoiled rotten and likes to watch television, especially cartoons. He likes to chase squirrels but doesn’t catch them only chases them and never bothers the birds not even the doves that feed on the ground. he loves car rides and to get baths and to pampered at the salon where they also brush his teeth and trim his nails . He is a real gentleman and love to give kisses to the ladies!! Since my husband passed away two years ago, Spike is my Valentine !!!!!!
Sky is such a good girl she knows many tricks and love attention
She gained fame in my small town by breaking into my neighbors house through their upstairs bedroom window to see their Collie
Salmon is an akc trick dog! he loves learning new things and is the perfect dog.
Maci Mae
Little miss Maci Mae is the newest additing to our home she is a amazing fit. Sweet and energetic.
Bella is a Chiwinnie( half Dashund and half Chihuahua) She is 10 months old and a resue since she was 3 months old . ( i adopted her when she was 3 months old.) SHe is so sweet. We taught her to dance on her hind legs ( incredible balance) and gives " high fives too and much more. She broke her back leg by missing a jump and landed on her side. She recently broke her femur bone and the vet changes weekly. She never let bother her. She is pretty fast for a three -legged dog.She is too shy to look directly at the camera.
Willow is a cane corse she may look scary but she loves everyone Willow loves to give kisses and go for car rides
This is my sweet and sassy Leia! She’s a ball of energy, she loves to play all day long! She also loves to give kisses and cuddles! She’s the unique breed of Dachshund and Poodle! 🖤
She loves cats because she don’t know how big she really is! She loves peanut butter and loves to cuddle she likes to chase flashlights! She’s a lab mix and she’s 3 years old
Georgie is three years old and you may think the pictures upside down but no he’s actually running on the ceiling
He loves to bark when he doesnt get attention. Hes very werid dog you can do anything funny to him as long as he gets his treats!! Hes loving and caring. He nver fails to make someone fall in love with him and feel loved. He is very sassy he will sass you back. Hes very overprotective of me and my mom. Hes Alaskan husky and lab. We got him from a spca my bother went over to go pet him but my grandma moved him and said dont go by him bc of how mean his bark was and him trying to jump over but i felt bad bc he was overwhelmed and wanted attention. And the lady said well do you want to see pip and my mom and grandma were like whos pip and they said the loud one at the end and they both said no but then i was like please please i wanna see him and then we saw him and we fell in love. And to see him smile with his toung out knowing he was getting adoptive was the best feeling ever. He came in to the spca from a very abusive home. They would nalrey feed him show him love they would full on abusive him and yell at him. The spca told us. And that is what made me want him more. At that point i knew he deserved a home who would love him
Very sweet boy. He's my white wolf. Very vocal. Loves his treats and squeaky toys. Didn't have a very good life before me and now is so spoiled!
He loves wearing his sweater and going on car rides!
Komi is an energetic golden shepherd pup who is eager to learn and grow up to be the best friend ever. She has an older brother, Lupin, that she is desperate to please and play with. Komi loves to carry around her full water bowl, throw her body at her humans for love, and also is very afraid of cats.
Kobe Bryant Lewis
Kobe is named after the greatest basketball player Kobe Bryant Kobe is almost 2 years old he is a hyper fun little dog he is mixed with Jack Russell his dad is full Jack Russell breed his mom is Chihuahua breed and Beagle breed he's fun loving he loves to cuddle he loves to play with his toys he loves to run outside he's a fast runner Kobe has a whole bunch of toys but his favorite toy to play with is socks so hide your socks
Luna Hall
Luna is a sweetheart she love’s attention and loves to play with her toys also loves to lay beside ya or on ya lap.
She LOVES her Lambie-never without it!
Venus is a feisty frenchie with a ton of personality. She loves to run in the yard with her pig brother and sister, and she’s also is a huge cuddle bug!