Sasha is 8 years old, shes a Beagle Dotson, she is such a sweet girl, she loves to go bye byes, she loves her two daddys so much! She loves to go for walks, she loves her treats and she loves play, she acts like a little kid instead a dog lol. She loves to be spoiled by her two daddys. She loves chicken nuggets from McDonald's, she loves funnel cakes, she loves slim jims and vienna sausages, she is such a bed hog by taking up a king size bed. Shes a very good Companion. We would trade her for anything.
Khloe is the sweetest girl in the world! She’s never met a stranger! She loves snacks and walks and being with her momma! She was diagnosed with liver cancer in May, so every day we have left together is cherished. She’s my absolute best friend! I love her more than anything.
She is 4 months old she is smart and very outgoing she loves to play and cuddle
Bentley is very smart , fun loves to play , loves to run, very energetic, loves going for walks, learning new tricks , playing in water
Gracie Lou
We adopted Gracie 10 months ago after my girl of 14 years passed! Shes amazing! She is so loving and fun and deserves the best!!
Joey is always camera ready and loves to play fetch but knows when i need him most he gives the best hugs out of all my fur babies he is like a real lil boy sometimes 💙
Bella is a Pit Bull/German shepherd mix. Bella's favorite treats are blueberries. She loves to chomp on squeakers in toys. In 2015 she saved her owner from a house fire by waking her up. She was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy in Feb. 2021. She loves car rides and walks.
Jeff doesn't really care if you vote for him. He knows he's handsome and doesn't really need validation. However, his owner is in need of validation and hopes you’ll vote for his puppy and share this page with your friends.
She is full of energy and very sweet..she loves her walks and being pushwd in her stroller
Ace is full of energy. He loves to play but will entertain himself by racing around the room and around obstacles as though training for the Olympics. What he loves most is to snuggle with his owner as close as he can get. He's extremely curious and loves to tear things apart to see what's inside. Never a dull moment wit Ace.
Shiloh is a rescue. I’ve had her since she was 9 mths old. She is blind but plays fetch with a giggle ball. Her favorite thing to do. She has a box of toys that she picks out by names. She knows tricks and is the most loveable dog I’ve ever known or had. She’s my baby and support animal. She’s just the best.
Blanche came to us as a rescue. After being home with us for two days we almost lost her due to parvo. She was the missing link in our family.
My bear bear is a great service dog he is trained for emotional support and he absolutely loves his 1a day apple
Hes a super sweet boy who loves cuddles
My name is deku. Outside is my favorite. I enjoy chasing my little brother 🐈‍⬛and barking at the neighbors🗣. I love watching anime with my daddy waiting for mommy to come home. I am protective over my hoomans so don’t even try coming near them 🐕🐾
Bear is a very energetic and loving 3 year old lab, golden retriever and husky mix. Bear was abused at 10 weeks old and I have had him ever since and he is the bestest friend I could have asked for!
Max is my big furry baby. He follows me everywhere, is scared of everything, and loves to be loved on! He enjoys sitting on the loveseat and watching the National Geographic Channel or movies with dogs. I’m his person and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! ❤️
Hank is about the month old and very adorable. He loves adventures and crinkly stuffed animals
Naomi Jo
Naomi Jo was born on the day I stopped smoking and found out I have a heart condition so she keeps me busy and my heart rate at a normal rate otherwise it is below 40 beats a minute she keeps me going everyday.
A Malchi weighing in at a whopping 2 and half pounds, hailing from Cincinnati Ohio,....... Queso!!!
Lilly Mae
Lilly Mae is 6 months old and loves her favorite time of the day!! Treat time!!! I know a few tricks and impress momma everyday😊 I love you swim and play fetch but only hardly bring back the ball
Puppies middle name is gene . Puppy gene
Torch is a smart, mischievous timber/lab. He is 10 yrs old. Loves his people and loves to play and run. He loves splashing around in his pool in the summer. He always thinks he’s a puppy still and will want to sit on your lap every chance he gets.
Rocky is chihuahua/miniature pincher. He loves chasing squirrels and loves the outdoors. Rocky spends most of his time making hoomans laugh and taking continuous naps 🙂
Gunner learning to Smile! He was rescued from a box on the side of the road and has been with us ever since. He is 3. He’s been through training twice. He failed the first time. lol. He’s lovable, loyal, and loves his daddy more than anyone. Obsessed with cats, skunks, lizards & birds.
Zeus is an active and incredibly smart boy who likes nothing more than to stretch his legs at the beach or the park. Zeus loves long walks and car rides. Playing with his humans and and taking naps are his favorite things. He enjoys chewing his bones after a long day of play. He’ll do anything for a cookie although he is a wonderful boy, his favorite dog treat is everything. He is a heartthrob and his two different colored eyes always catches attention 🤍He appreciates your votes!
Lexi is an English Bulldog and will be 3 years old on October 10th. Shes very loveable and loves everyone. Loves to play tug of war and loves my grandsons. She has her baby she needs to sleep with
This is my moms dog Bailey. He is a very hyperactive 10 month old golden retriever. He loves people, supporting his sister (me), loves driving his mom nuts. 😂 He loves treats and shredding up everything he gets ahold of. 😂 He is such a goof that he always makes us smile especially if we are having a bad day. He also LOVES car rides.
We rescued her when she was 6 weeks old and couldn’t ask for a better girl. She just turned 3 in May and she loves her sister Mj. She loves everyone,loves to play and long walks.
We rescued Mj and she’s an amazing girl. She loves her big sister Peaches,loves to play and is a very loving fur baby. She’ll be 2 this October.
Duke is 8 months old. Very goofy loving puppy He loves balls!! Hates being alone.
Nova is my 3 month old Siberian Husky. I’ve had her since she was 7 weeks old. She is currently finishing her house training, so she can start her service dog training to be my care animal for my seizures. She’s a very loving and argumentative pup who speaks her mind and loves attention.
A very sweet dog very funny personality
Midge is a rescue. That won my heart. She thinks she’s a big dog lol but man has she stolen my heart.
Max is 2 years old. He likes to run and play all day and night. He loves treats!
Maggie loves her toys, playing with empty water bottles in a sock. She’s a drama queen. Brings so much joy to the world
Lila is a sweet girl. She loves people and other dogs. She loves kisses and gives lots of licks. Big cuddle buddy.
Roscoe is the sweetest Bullie dog. He loves to sit on your lap, he thinks he is a lap dog. He loves going camping .
Ava is smart and funny. She carries her food bowl and throws it at your feet when she is hungry.she lives to play ball.
Hes very silly ,he keeps me laughing all day ,he is smart and sweet ,the best dog
Panda has always been mommy and daddy’s little man , i was blessed to get him when I did when I was getting out of a bad situation 8 years my ex wouldn’t let me bring my dog back to Vegas with me I was heart broken and panda filled that void in my heart again. He loves to give face baths to his dad and loves to snuggle on mommy’s lap all the time
She loves playing and is very lovable and she is so so so so smart
Coco Moe Little
He love to walk outside and snuggles play with his toys and very friendly with people
She is sweet and full of love and kisses!!
Bosley Oswald
Bosley is my "rainbow baby" born after the death of my "heart dog" of 15yrs (Brodie) He is a fawn Boston Terrier but we refer to him as a Boston Terrorist lol. He's smart but stubborn and ridiculously funny. He's braver than he should be at just 12lbs and LOVES to snuggle (once he's done harassing the other critters in the house)
She is a red nose brindle pit and loving caring baby girl love her family
Brutus is a sweet family boy he loves he’s family!! He loves rides in the car and he loves to go swimming