Baby Stories - 22


Hello, my name is Trapper! I am 6 weeks old as of two days ago! I love my new home and my parents and my cat sister, Nala. My favorite thing to do is sleep!🐶
Camry is a big spoiled rotten baby in our house. She still thinks she is a lap dog. Love's to shred any paper product, grab your sock and take off running, dig for moles, and play fetch with her favorite balls from Chuckit. Shes is also such a lover, cuddler and my co pilot through this here thing called "Life".
Roxanne is new to this beautiful world and she has a love for life! You can find her on Instagram and follow her as she grows. her username is
Husky-catahoula mix that loves to hike, run, swim, and hurdle 6 foot privacy fences!!
Monster is a rescued little boy. We lived in SanAntonio and got him as just a tiny puppy only 6 weeks old. Someone threw him in a ditch becauase he was different then the rest. He has 1 ear that is a little bent but is the most loveable, fun, playful little boy. He is definatley a mamas boy.
Tesla Reese
Tesla is our third Labrador Retriever and she is fitting right into our family. My 11 year old son wanted a puppy to play with because our 14 year old lab is too old now. My son picked her out and chose her name. She loves squeaky toys, her big brother (Zeus-14 year old black lab), water, and puppy cuddles.
Littles is a Pekingese who likes to stay introverted, he likes barking at 3am and likes being annoying. He’s the only one who can’t tolerate anything. He loves treats and barking randomly. He does have an insta @littlesthepeke
Kiki is a mutt, she loves her sister, her owner, and her toys the most. She’s sometimes loud but also sometimes quiet. The thing she wants most is a pup.
Zoe is a golden retriever who loves to go to work during the day and loves the simple things like car rides and treats.
Talk about the best Hugs and kisses ever an all time Bestfriend that anyone could ever ask for! No need to feel unsafe he always got my back, he very strong,brave,outgoing,& loves loves loves chips ❤️
Vader is a happy little guy. He loves attention, long walks (he insists on holding the leash and walking himself) Beggin strips and Frosty Paws.He LOVES going camping with the family. He has 3 kids in his home and he loves to play with them. Vader is a Bills fan and was a Koopa Shell for his first Halloween. But most of all Vader loves to cuddle with his family ❤️
Rocky loved laying and sitting next to you. He honestly thought he was human. He just recently past at being 12 years old. Love him dearly. Such a great animal he was.
Someone was very mean to this sweet old man. He was saved out of a 20 plus ft drainage ditch. He was taped up. Poor baby. But now he is fat and happy living the rest of his years pain free.
Tulah Belle
Tulah is my 2nd rescue and she is the apple of her Daddy's eye and a Demon to her fur siblings...
Hi, I’m Bentley! I’m a labradoodle from Alabama and I was just adopted a few days ago! I love my new home and my little 4 month old brother is my favorite! Throw me the ball and you have my heart and loyalty forever!
Stella Blu
Hi! I’m Stella Blu! I love my family and lots of treats. I’m a spunky little thing and I like to protect my mama and my baby nephew’s from all the other dogs! The favorite will ALWAYS be me🐾😉
Lexi is a rescue dog that came all the way from Taiwan. She's the sweetest and most cuddly cutie. Lexi came from a puppy mill in Taiwan where she was neglected, mistreated and abandoned on the side of the road along with several other dogs. When the international rescue found her, she was stuck in a ditch with a severely broken leg. The international rescue was able to revive her leg with 4 surgeries and Lexi came out a warrior given such horrible conditions. Three years ago, we welcomed Lexi to her furever home where she gets to have a better life everyday. She is so happy, healthy and the sweetest angel 🐶🐾💗
Cooper is very vocal according to his groomer! He loved stuffed animals and loved to hide his toys!
Brooke is a pit mix who likes to tear up any toy given to her within minutes. She is well known to get the zoomies when she can’t contain her excitement.
Kai is a Mini blue red healer aussie. He’s so energetic and loves to play. He’s the sweetest puppy and loves to cuddle.
I’m Jaina, I love adventures. Mom takes me camping, kayaking, and traveling to see the world. If we win, moms gonna put the money towards taking me on my next adventure! I’m a sweet girl, I used to be very timid and shy. Mom taught me to be brave, and that people are nice. I still stick by her side though. I love playing in my pool, jumping in the bath tub with mom, playing in my water bowl, and swimming. My brother is a parrot, and my best doggo friend is named Joey. He lives down the road.
Izzy is a female Toy Poodle (parti) who has a very outgoing personality! She is very active but loves to cuddle! She loves her squeak toys and playing fetch while spending time with her family.
Avah N Bella
Avah N Bella are Mom And dads babies they love to go on adventures and meet new friends. Sweet as buttons but fierce as Lions 🤣
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae came into our home this tiny ball of fire!! She quickly claimed her spot of queen of the house. She loves snuggles and kisses. And of course treats!!
This crazy boy is my best friend, sidekick, keeper of all the secrets, bed hog, and protector of all the toys. I didn’t realize how much I needed him until he became a part of our little family, he is one in a million.
Jazzy was a rescue we found her running on the interstate. She is the best dog ever. She's a black mouth ker. Fully trained we couldn't have been more blessed. She loves to dress up and loves her kid. She always knows when school is over and waits for the bus everyday when three fifteen hits she's searching the windows. She loves all people. Literally a blessing in our lives.
Buxton is sensitive and loves kids! He would spend all day in the sun if he could. He is a rescue and had whipworms, hookworms and heartworms when he found his owner. He is happy and healthy and enjoys playing ball and taking the squeak out of the squeaky toy.
Capone Moore
Capone M like to cuddle with me and he love to give me kisses and take my mind off of me Grieving over my mother. . I just love him so much for coming into my Life!
I’m a playful , curious, handsome puppo. At almost a year old , I can say fall is the best season for me. I love collecting leaves and sticks inside - if mommy or daddy allows. I love to give kisses and play with my BeneBone and blue rope! Blue is my favorite color , as my blankets are blue. I love to run errands w/ mom and dad or run around in my yard. I always keep my tail wagging , and love to sunbathe . Love when my parents wrestle with me , especially daddy, and let me climb on them, they smell nice . I sniff mama’s armpits all the time, after she sprays her light perfume. Mommy always says I’m handsome so , I made an agreement to paw-ticpate . I hope I earn the vote!! I love all the other doggies in the paw-gent too!
Milo is a loyal and loving pup who enjoys time in the water! He was born on Christmas and is about 7 months old!
Wookie would love your vote 🐾🐶💕
Loki is a fun little puppy. He loves to play. His favirite thing to play with is my favorite dish towel. When he wants to nap, he loves to cuddle either on your lap or in your arms. He is very curious and absolutely loves to run around outside. He loves people and is happy to show affection to everyone he meets.
I’m Chloe and I love food and playing with my favorite toy and mostly love barking at people I’m a happy puppy and love my family!!
Stormy likes standing on his hind legs and doing a little dancey dance to start his mornings! He likes to fetch, and if you don’t want to play with him he’ll be sure to put the toy in your face until you do. The word “treats” needs to be spelled around him or he just might lose his mind at the thought of a bone! My little cuddle bud.
I’m Ryder Lynn and I love water and my mom and dad I’m just a baby and playing with other puppies. I like to shake people hands! Im a sweet baby and love toys! I also like to ride on my moms kayak and swim and jump in every mud puddle I see!
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty is a full mess!!! He likes people and he likes treats!!
Miss Salem is a sweet, toy loving pup with ALL the energy. She is the biggest lover/snuggler and at times, to smart for her own good. 😉 hobbies include: fetch, zoomies and dog park extraordinaire.
Hi everyone my name is Lola! I really like my new home and all of my new toys! I play for HOURS! Playing soccer with my metal bowls is one of my favorite but very noisy toys but i dont mind. I am also very upset with the broom and mop as my people say. Please vote for me 💖🐾🐾
Ruby Rae
Ruby Rae is almost 2 and a half years old. She is a boxer/redbone coonhound mix and that bark shows it. More like a howl, it’s so deep it hurts her ears she shakes her head after! She loves everyone she doesn’t know a stranger, she loves to snuggle under the blanket at all times while she’s asleep! She’s learning how to catch and play ball, she doesn’t understand that you have to bring the ball back to keep playing, we’re working on it though! Ruby is the best dog I’ve ever had, she’s been a family dog since day one! “Everyone loves Rubes” is her jingle ☺️
Torvi loves playing with her German Shepherd sister! She is fearless
Auggie Doggie
I am a sweet and calm boy. I am actually a Great Dane / Poodle mix! I love to go camping and run in my backyard. My favorite person is my Dad and I live to play with kids and eat lots of treats! Vote for me and I’ll give you a big hug.
Benji is six month German Shepard, a very smart boy and have great manners to!! Is very active, loves too play ball
Pepper likes naps, snacks and her sister Lennon!
Hi I’m Bella, I grew up bouncing shelter to shelter praying I’d be loved. Till I found my mommy and I’ve never been happier! I love treats and play time! Cuddles are the best !!! I love photo time too!!!
I’m deaf but I don’t let it hold me back! I love snuggling with my hoomans and chasing around my big bro❤️
John Henry
After putting my only fire survivor dog to sleep from cancer, this boy Doc John Henry was brought into my life. I took one look like everyone else and laughed. His mustache brought me from tears into full joy and having to hold him. Blessings come in a dog shaped form.
After losing my 20 loved animals, home, and training facility in fire. Spirit was ready to pickup two days after. All hope restore. All love lifted. I owe dogs my life.