Sadie Mae
Sadie Mae is a cute and lovable little miss. She loves her Daddy.. cookies and going bye-bye.she even will sit pretty and say please for a cookie when daddy asks her to be a pretty girl.
Zues is fun loving dog. He forgets his size when he wants to cuddle on your lap or in bed with us.
Tito is a rescue dog that had a rough beginning to life…. He is very afraid of men but after some work & a lot of love he & I are buddies for life
This sweet boy loves playing with his twin human friends the most. But he regularly enjoys fetch, playing in the mud, and growling at pigeons. He’s loved immediately by everyone who meets him and looks into his eyes!
I am a Chow/Retriever. I am new to my family. I love to cuddle with my mom and my fur brother's and sisters. I am very sweet but love to pick on my brother.
Little Max is a German Shepherd and is very lovable, adorable, cute, cuddly and intelligent! He has learned many, many tricks at a young age, including a one eye wink and he loves treats.
Lillie has been abused extensively and for a pit she is the sweetest little thing!!! She loves to talk to us and is very passionate about what she says. I just wish I could understand what she is saying but all I understand is wuu wuu.
Ghost Lee
Ghost just loves to lay his head on anything and such a fun loving faithful puppy
Cinnamon is a Liver Shepherd, Full of spunk and loves to play ball.
Zeke is a 3 year old rescue he loves car rides he loves to be petted and a lot of attention
I adopted Sydeny in February and it was one of the best decisions in my life. She loves to play outside and snuggle! Edit: her papers from BRAWA says she’s an australian cattle dog but she’s mixed with multiple breeds
I got Rivia in March. She’s very calm and quiet but loves cuddles and loves to run around outside and play with Sydney! Edit : she’s a german shepard pittie mix
Cali is probably one of the most excited dogs you’ve ever met. Now, I assume you just told yourself “every owner things that about their dog” but I don’t think you understand. This dog LOVES everyone and everything. Doesn’t matter who you are. Cali loves you!
Odin is a super happy dog thats even had his picture downloaded by buzzfeed! Hope you enjoy him as much as them!
Finnley is a husky-shepherd. He is a “mind your own business” type doggo loves his people and you’ve gotta go through his selection process to be one of his people 😂
Sheriff is a fun loving one of a kind pup! Always wants to be on your lap and to throw her whole body into you first thing in the morning!
Gatsby was rescued from a hoarding situation. He is the sweetest pup and acts like an awkward teenage boy. He is full of love and is finally learning how to play. Watching him blossom out of the shy pup that he was into Mr Personality has made my heart sing
Pablo Escopug
Pablo Escopug or Smug Pug as he is lovingly called was found in the middle of nowhere in the bitter cold and sleet with no microchip or collar. After searching for an owner that was non existent I decided to make him part of my family. He has literally saved my life and brought me out of a very dark place with all his antics. He is my hero.
Journey likes to play ..peek a boo
My lil baby is an esa for both my daughter and I. He’s such a lover that will woo you to get your attention so you pet him. We go to coffee shop everyday and they all know him that’s where this pic is taken he’s waiting for his pupachino. Anywhere we go he gets so much love and attention. He’s truly a lover not a fighter he even loves the squirrels 🐿 and birds that come to our balcony won’t go after them and they aren’t scared of him either it’s quite hilarious. Hope y’all vote for my baby boy he’s the greatest.
Clyde’s a fun loving go with the flow type dog!! He loves sunbathing on the back of my couch, and car rides to anywhere! He’s all about giving love to anyone around him! I know his breed says boxer but he’s a boxer hound !!
Waffles is a huge cuddler and big protector. She does believe she is smaller than she is so be prepared to be sat on!
He is silly,playful and loves to get dirty
She loves her kids.. she’s in training for a service dog…loves walks, stroller rides, and playing outside…
Paisley is a golden retriever/blood hound!! She loves to chase deer and have her crackhead moments!!
Cooper is a full blue heeler! He loves to stalk baby chickens and cuddle with his mom!!
Lassie is a Blue heeler that just turned a year old!! She’s loves playing with her rope and running sideways!
Tessa is a mini golden doodle who loves spending time with her mommy and running around like crazy. She also likes to steal all her family members clothes.
Onyx is a lovable Cocker Spaniel who’s protective of our entire street! He loves to be rubbed and as you see, he loves ice cream! His bark is loud because he thinks he’s a big dog but once you give him a rub, you’re family!
Demi loves following your every step to see if food gonna hit the floor. She also loves running around the house when she gets the zoomies.
Miles Otis
Miles is a big playful guy he plays with all his toys still. His favorite is his pig. He loves to snuggle and he snores like a grown man.
As a typical lab, loves to play ball
Hank is a loving pit bull mastiff mix. His favorite things to do are cuddle and wag his tail! You will always find him walking around with a toy in his mouth and annoying his three sisters!
She is a very lovable energetic dog and very smart. She loves to play Frisbee and play and chase a ball. Loves to bring sticks to the front door dailey
Sanderson Lowman
Sanderson is a very friendly and outgoing dog. He loves playing fetch, and getting himself into trouble. Although he doesn’t know what’s going on half the time! Sanderson has a defect (seizures). But you wouldn’t even realize that looking at his big smile!☺️
This spoiled little guy is a big mamas boy he loves going on car rides and knows when he’s headed to his papas house lol he loves riding on lawn mower to help his mama mow. He throws a fit like a little kid when he know I’m leaving it’s funny lol how if I’m putting my hair up in pony tail he has a cow thinks I’m leaving throws a fit if I’m flat ironing my hair he doesn’t bother me at all lol. He’s full of love and life loves and gives affection
Liberandum (Latin for rescued)"Libby" was abandoned at a shelter pregnant with 8 puppies. She's a real Heinz 57 girl, pitt/boxer/Beagle mix plus. She's the sweetest girl who loves her pack, but is still apprehensive sometimes. After we got her brother Luther she really opened up. She went from 24lbs to a happy and healthy 40lbs. She really is the sweetest most loving girl who only wants love and snuggles.
Tink is such a sweet yet hyper little girl. She loves running around, cuddling, and playing with Max ( my moms German Shepard) she is a mini chocolate Doberman/terroir. She is very friendly 💖
Sullivan is almost 4 years old. He’s a fun, crazy, lazy boy at times, and loves to be outside playing with either his soccer ball or frisbee. I love having him in my life. He makes everyday the best!
Hello my name is Rowen, and I am the most handsome, active and intelligent dog! I’m currently 9 months old, and I love to spend time outdoors playing with sticks and a basketball. I am a friendly dog and will run right up to you and wiggle my butt, which earned me the nickname of “wigglebutt”!
Belle is our sweet girl. You can’t go anywhere without her
Harry is all about his style. He won’t go for a walk without his jackets
Red is a energetic cuddly pup, he loves running in fields and yelling at squirrels! lol his favorite snack is peanut butter and bits of carrot! he’s the sweetest boy who has nothing but love to give ❤️
Cash is An Aussiedoodle, he loves playing outside and eating lots of treats! He spends most of his time hanging out with his favorite humans, his mom & dad! Cash is super friendly and loves everyone❤️
Hello! My name is: ryah My nickname is: fatty, baby girl My breed is: pitt My favorite human food: gummy bears My biggest fear: the baby gate My favorite thing to do: sleep and go outside My favorite toy: my stuffed pig Do I love car rides? yes!! Do I snore? sometimes Where do I sleep? in between moms legs
Sully is a snuggler and lazy laid back pup! He loves to chew on his bones and play fetch. We rescued him when he just just 8 weeks. He picked us!
Storm loves to snuggle and play! She had a bad start in life and when we rescued her, all she wanted was love! Now she’s spoiled with it!
Queen B
Queen B is a husky, German Shepherd mix. She has the most amazing blue eye and is the sweetest baby girl. Her name is Queen after the band and the B is for Bear. Bear was her fur brother who passed away just 4 days before she was born. She is spoiled rotten and a big Momma’s girl. Her favorite things to do is sit on the steps watching the neighborhood and playing in water.