Brooklyn is an American bully who is the sweetest and most loveable dog ever. She is smart and listenes very well. She is fear with kids💜
Ginger is very loving and loves to cuddle . She is picky for foods and is nice to other animals
Sugarplum Princess
She is the most loving and outgoing baby ever! She is always by my side helping me with my anxiety and depression! She loves playing with her bother and sister! Sugarplum loves being with me everywhere I go! Her favorite thing to do is snuggle up close to her mommy and get belly rubbing!
This is one handsome boy ! He’s super friendly likes to cuddle, he loves to be chased ( I think we all do in life) He’s got a few tricks up his fur , if you come with treats he will show you what he can do !
Peaches is 10 months old. She loves to run around in the yard and chase birds.
Zoey is a happy dog. She loves to play with her toys and go for long walks. She loves people and other dogs. Loves to go for rides in the car.
Mia is a 2 yr old Shepsky. She loves to run and meet new friends. She enjoys walks, chasing squirrels and rabbits, rolling around in anything smelly and trying new treats.
I think Leo is a mixed Chihuahua with Jack Russel Terrier pup & likes to play A LOT! He loves to ride in the the car too. He likes to go outside! He just turned 6 months. He is a very rotten pup. He is a very energetic pup. He also loves to sleep with me. He loves his mama & his brother Kyle. I had to help Leo when he was just a small thing because his mama got into rat poison which she is ok now but Leo and his sister's had to be taken away from their mother. Leo has to get neutered this month (September 26th) trying to get up the money to get that done
She is a rescue Red Nose Pit with the funniest disposition and is so loving. She makes my day brighter every day and I'm so blessed to have found her!
Ghost is a4th of July baby he's the sweetest dog I've had. Hes a cuddler and loves kids, but doesn't like peanut butter lol, he like his stuffed animals an his fan the water give him his bully sticks and hes there for a while chewing on it . If it wasnt for him i wouldnt be losing weight He is the best walking companion.i could not of done it without him . Thank you
Hiro is a shy, but very sweet Husky. I got him when he was only 5 months. He loves eating, playing and he's very hyper active.
Bernie is a lovable friendly dog who loves everyone.
Ash is 4 years old we rescued him from the shelter. He is the most loving animal ever he loves plush toys and treats he also loves going for car rides and walks
Webbie is my baby she is my kid I love her so much she is a sweet girl who loves people and she loves for me to rock her in the chair
Lillian is a fun loving dog. She always brings a smile to everyone that has met her. She likes to dress up and take rides and walks.
Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson is a loving best friend he is so funny he brightens my day he loves his toys and he prances around like a Tennessee walking horse he walks like he knows he is cute
He is a chihuahua and yorkie mixed and is spoiled rotten. He lost his sister to parvovirus on Thursday September 22. He had parvo but went to vet and went under treatment and is doing good. He is a very sweet little man and loves his mommy as much as i love him. Please take the time to go vote for him.
Bailey Grace
Bailey grace is a 3 year old spunky girl. She’ll tell you whose boss but also be your big snuggle buddy when you need it. She’ll be by your side through thick and thin.
Wrigley has been such a wonderful addition in both of our lives she has both of our hearts wholeheartedly she is very smart and her face and those eyes are the sweetest thank you all for your votes they are very much appreciated ❤️
Faye Faye is my first pup! She is a blue tick hound and Rottie mix. She got rescued from a farm down in Kentucky as a “mistake puppy.” She is a bubbly, wild pup who loves to do zoomies all around the house. She has such an amazing personality, is a vacuum cleaner and I couldn’t have asked for a better doggie!
Remi is a Lab/Border Collie mix. She loves going for a ride in the truck and looking out the front window!
This big blockhead is a certified, DOJ ADA registered service angel that loves his snacks & stuffed toy “babies.” He lets his humans sleep in bed with him as they please and likes his breakfast served in bed. He is pure magic.
Jack love to play with his tennis balls, watch the rabbits in the yard and protect his family.
Tee Tee
Shes allways happy and playful very much loved
I am a 1 1/2 year old Bully Pit. I love my human family who include me in their outings to the beach, park, camping and family parties.. I’m pretty mello, so I get along with everyone human and my fur friends. My dad says I’m very docile and smile a lot. I have a favorite puppy store we visit where model for picture when I get a new hat or shirt. I’d say I have a pretty good dogs life.
Fritz is a loyal, loving GSD that enjoys swimming in the pool, playing with his variety of balls, and chewing on his antlers.
Freddie Meatball is a lover,a sleeper,a great eater and NEVER meets a stranger. His bark is cute and kisses are soft and Slobbery💦🤷🏼‍♀️ He loves long kwool walks and snores like your grandpa! He’s on TikTok @freddiethebully after a year has alot of followers!
Bleu is my emotional support dog! He loves to run as fast as he can around trees, corners,etc. He is a VERY good listener and LOVES cuddles all night long!
Sammy loves playing in the water, loves to snuggle and go on car rides
She is 1 year old. She is rotten to the core. She is lovely.
Loves to play ball and loves to snuggle an give kisses loves to be outside and loves children
Lucy Lou
Lucy Lou is a happy funny little girl who loves to play frizbee and she is spoiled , she will not sleep without me and she has the funniest little bark. She is shy sometimes but loves most people. She is a southern fur baby. Thanks 🙏 🥰
Louis is a sweet fur baby he loves cuddles and play time!!! 🤍 he is my best companion!!!
Cruz is older but plays with others like he’s still young! He’s my first dog love and so special to me! ❤️
Capone is the smartest, sweetest puppy who loves to give his big brother a hard time (our older dog who is more than patient with him) My first puppy love right here ❤️
Brody is a min pin full of energy, he loves to play run outside he’s a little stubborn and thinks he’s a big dog he loves going bye bye …
Cassius is a handsome, loving, pit! He loves to run around outside and fetch sticks! He loves his mommy and daddy the most! He can sit and shake and do many more tricks! He loves to go for car rides! Vote for me!
Sky is crazy and energetic. She is still very much a puppy. Her favorite toy is her alligator and she will be a year old October 8/th
This is Molly she is a very hyper dog and love the attentions. she loves to run outside and love every food you give her. she listen very well the best dog we have. she loves kids and other dogs.
My family rescued Mowgli from a neglectful home. He is so happy here with us and it shows in those big brown eyes. He is the most loving best buddy anyone could ask for. His favorite thing to do is give hugs! ❤️
Baby Shadow
Shadow is my heart, my ride or die, my special little fur baby. She’s so spoiled and loved! ❤️ She has to have her special toy at bedtime or no one sleeps. She’s been through it all with me and I couldn’t thank her enough for all the tears kissed away and all the cuddles!! ❤️
Bear loves to ride with me on my motorcycle! He doesnt have to be leashed,he stays right bye me .hes my best friend. He lives everyone!!
Billy Bones
We rescued Billy Bones last year! He's a handsome fella and loves his family both furr and people!
This is Reese Cup. We call her itty bitty too. She is only 2.5# at 2 years old. She always has her tongue out. She loves to cuddle and she loves cookies
LoBeau is 8 years old and loves to lounge around and be with people!
Casey is a very fun and loving dog. She is crazy but everyone who sees her automatically loves her.
Aspen is 1 and a half years old, she loves everyone and everything and is the happiest dog!