Baby Stories - 22


Herro! Im Mikho! Yes like the raccoon from Pocahontas! My name was chosen by my hoomans! They spoil me very much and i kiss them every chance I get! I love car rides. Walks. Playing with my rope and my fav ball. I love my other fur sisters. (Pug-Bella Boo- my doggie mom. Josie-Pittbull terrier- my sister and Gizmo-cat- my baby sister) I love kids. I love food and I really love kids! Most of all I love my mommy. Shes hooman. But she loves on me and rubs me and walks me all that good stuff! I love my daddy too. Hes a good hooman. He takes me for car rides and long walks. I love my hoomans. I hope you vote for me!!
Hello! My name is Mylo, I love to play fetch and model with mommy! And I’m actually one classy mother pupper who loves treats!
Koda is a 9 month old mini aussie with a heart of gold. she is the sweetest baby and loves everyone!
Ryleigh is 6 months old lab/hound mix. She's very energetic and attention lover. She like going out in our backyard to run, play with any size dogs and still learning how to play fetch. She enjoy by surrounding herself with family and dogs while chewing her toys, getting belly rub & napping. She get along great with everybody especially kids! Most of all, she loveeeee her mommy and grandma by her side. - If she win 1st place, it will go all toward for her new toys and foods! 💕
Fancy is a poodle that is a free spirited, she runs the house at her young 4 months old age... She loves to play with the leaves the blow across the yard.. biting your shoe laces is a game to her.. and last she loves to cuddle.
Bella Boo
Bella is so sweet, loving, loyal, funny as ever, loves cuddles, kisses and hugs. Loves kids and her momma.
Dallas is my 4 year old party yorkie. He recently started having seizures lasting 10 minutes and every couple of days. I am trying to come up with funds to help with his vet bills. He is a big cuddle bum and shows nothing but love. He is smart and knows where his cheweys and favorite toys are, all I have to do is ask him to show me. Please help us.I would love to exchange votes for your fur baby!
Zed is as awesome as they come, very strong athletic dog that loves retrieving but is also great with the kiddos at home! Loyal to the core and truly mans best friend! He just recently became a father and he was as beaming proud of it as any dog I’ve ever seen!
Roxy is a 9 year of pit/boxer mix! She LOVES to play fetch and be lazy. She is a foodie like her mommy and will eat almost anything. She’s a gentle lady with some major sass and personality!!! If she wasn’t a dog I’d say she was a fish because I call her my mermaid!
Flynn is a very lovable dog. He greets anyone coming in with a hug. He loves the pool and baths. He also loves car rides. His favorite movie is UP. He sits and watches most of the movie. We just recently had a new addition to the family another golden names Leo. He loves his brother and watches out for him every minute of the day and loves to play with him!
Hi! My name is Liberandum aka Libby. I was rescued after I was left at a shelter pregnant with 8 puppies. I still have PTSD issues, even after 2 years of living my humans. I want everyone that I like to rub my belly, because it reminds me of my puppies nursing. I mother my siblings, 13 yr old Modelo and 1 yr old Luther. Im a super sweet girl who just wants love and so happy for the chance. From 24 lbs to a healthy fat and sassy 45 lbs, I'm very happy to be alive. Some people say that i look like Dobby the house elf from harry potter, i guess we'll see
Bella is 6 months old. She’s really playful and likes to bite bones and take walks.
Peachie is 10 yrs old.
Fatty And Kk
They like to cuddle and they also love to play a lot. They are very loving and sweet. They love to greet everyone thst comes over.
Hemi Crawford
Hemi the heroic! Hemi buoys running around the woods of Jackson. Chewing on sticks and his chew toys. He enjoys cuddling when dad leaves for work in the morning and he loves playing with friends!
Ivy loves to play with her toys, she loves to give out kisses and loves to sleep on our lap , very very sleepy baby she’s 9weeks 💗
Chester is a 10 year old chihuahua with heart disease. Chester lost his sister this on september 23rd 2020 due to heart failure he misses her very much . when autumn was alive we did so much together . phillies games, dog contests, fashion shows. We continue to do all the dog stuff with him he is a very photogenic dog and always has been since he was 2 years old. He is so lovable and is our little heart warrior ❤
Capone is a little over a year now. He loves to explore and go on adventures especially to the water and mountains. He is a big time momma’s boy and just loves to play but yet snuggle like crazy! He’s overall a once in a life time pup!
He is a loving bullpug he has that geourgise brindle color he is a fun loving dog that isnt quite a year old yet he will turn a year on the 29th of october
We were offered Stella a few weeks after our German shepherd died of cancer. We can’t wait to add her to the family! She’s a Great Dane/Labrador/pit
Marley is approximately 4 and a half years old we adopted her in August of 2019. She was abused and had her puppies taken from her and returned to the shelter. She had been returned to the shelter 3 times before finding her forever with us. She is a Daddy's girl and loves her bones.
Bleu is 7 months old he is an American Bully. He is so spoiled and loves the beach and loves to play ball. He loves to hold the handle of his leash and to walk himself.
Storm is a love bug! He is truly a gentle giant. He loves to play, snuggle and a good brush! Hes definitely a mommas boy!
Happy little beagle puppy who loves to play. With one big Brown eye and one beautiful Blue eye! Always happy no matter what. Favorite thing is to chew up mama socks!
Ruby is such a happy playful 8 week old puppy that absolutely loves all of her toys! and taking naps of course!
My names Pepe and I'm a pitbull pug mix. I'm such a happy, playful pup! ☺️ I love eating and sleeping and I'm best at begging for food from my family members (mmmm steak! 😄) I am temporarily staying with my daddy’s friend (and get to hang out with my friends Alexia & Chico for a bit!) until he can come back home and we get to move into a bigger “dog house” with much more space outside for me to run and play like the playful doggy That I am! 😍 The first thing I’m buying if my cute butt wins this contest is a new extra fluffy bed! (And all the treats a pup can buy, of course! 😝 Thank you everyone, Pepe is awesome and we are so happy to have her here with us for a few months.. she just has a VERY big appetite so we thought this contest could help with that 😊 any votes are VERY much appreciated!!! 🥰❤️
Mac is a registered ESA companion, and he does so well at his job 🤍 he is the light of his parents lives and loves everyone and everything. biggest lover boy around!
Jack is lovable, always ready to play ball. Protective of his family when hiking in the woods !
August 27,2020 is when this little guy entered the world along with his 9 siblings. Griffin Loves the fall so that he can chase all the leaves around. He loves to go for rides in the car because he doesn’t like his brand new $60 crate and he is unable to be left alone out of his crate just yet as he thinks everything belongs to him, especially shoes. Can’t wait to watch this little guy grow up to see what kind of trouble he can get in to
Logan loves balls, anything that squeaks. Loves everyone and will kill you with slobbery kisses. Oh and don't say "Squirrel" around him... Lol
Hi! I’m Manning Majors, a sheepadoodle. I’m named after 2 big time football players at University of Tennessee! I am 13 weeks old! I can do many tricks! I can give my paw, speak, sit, and stay! I love other animals, especially bunnies! I also sleep really weird. Woof💙🐾🐶 check out my other photos below!
Kokeshi is 6 years old. He loves the ladies. He will stop in the middle of a walk just to say hi! He has the best personality ever. 🐕 Thank you everyone for voting for our silly kokeshi.
This is my baby Baxley,Baxley is a unique dog, he is yorkie and shih Tzu mixed with cotton de Tulear. He is 9 months old. Baxley is such a playful, caring dog. He puts a smile on my face everyday, hope can to you too.
My baby girl is 13 years old, loves to travel, loves walks and bike rides. She is the best of friend anyone can ask for. People who are scared of chihuahuas meet her and fall in love.
Kuma is a 4 month old American bulldog who loves to play just as much as he does sleep. His name means bear which suits him because he’s so big. He’s my best friend and I couldn’t ask for a better one.
Oden Ray
Oden is a very loving hound dog. He loves to play with his stuffed animals and he loves to dig holes to hide his bones. He’s is a fast learner with plenty of love to share.
Ace Mead Ziegler
Ace is a full breed American pit bull mixed with bull mastiff. He a emotional support dog. I got him in a bad time of my life after my grandmother passed away. He is rescue dog I had saved him he was a abandoned dog tied to a tree. Now he eats 3 times a day and has treat when ever he wants. Child friendly he watches the kids every move. He is very protective. Has a great personality. Always happy to meet new people as long as I interduce him. He has a wild personality, full of love and conversations he says mom in his chewbacca voice does tricks and he had just had his brother shadow pass away yesterday the collar he is wearing is shadows . He loved him very much he has been grieving more than anyone i know. he also follows whistle, spanish, and german. he loves his dog treats I only buy the best milk bone large biscuits for 50lb dogs I buy 4 boxes of 200 a month. He eats purina large dog food beef and chicken mixed. He goes thru 100lb of dog food a month. He gets his teeth brushed once a day. He hates water so we bought a dog bath for him. He is only off leash in the wood when were camping. He thinks he's a lap dog.he loves ice cream and coca puffs. He loves to tear apart all of his toys. He is trained to only ruff house with them. He gets new toys anytime I leave the house. He loves going on car rides.
Leia loves to give hugs and jump on the bed in the morning to give you kisses. She’s very energetic and playful.
Ruger is a 13 week golden retriever! He is full of energy and loves to play outside and go swimming.
Gus is a pit-lab mix. He loves being outside and he is super loving. He’s also very photogenic! He’s my best friend and we are two peas in a pod! He would truly appreciate you’re vote!
Bam Bamm
Bam Bam loves to play sing and stand. He will sing along to song w you while howling and trying to keep up beat. He likes to go on walks and run with his little legs. He is the best little cuddler and loves to be loved.
Bailey is full of energy always looking for something to do she knows her commands and loves riding in the truck to go hunting
Lil Bit Of Cotton
Cotton loves to go for car rides and staying under my feet she is a extremely happy baby bouncing all the time
Jake is Sweet as pie! He loves EVERYONE and it’s almost impossible to say no to them baby blues..
Where to start?? She’s our keep us on our toes forever kind of girl. She’s fun, sweet, loving. She’s the kind of dog that you have to earn her love and trust I always say that she’s our biggest cat because she’s a lot like that attitude wise. She’s also a survivor she was a victim of a hit and run lost her leg because of it but it’s never slowed her down.
Gracie is an adventurous, sweet soul that is always ready to explore the beauty of CO!