Baby Stories - 22


Long coat German Shepherd🤎
Bia is the sweetest girl who loves being outdoors as well as snuggling up on the couch! She’s very well mannered as she is deaf too!
He’s a very happy pup. Always ready to play w/ any dog he comes in contact with. he loves to cuddle & go for walks.
Toby is a protective smart and emotional little baby. He’s so loving as is my best friend. He’s pulled me through everything in my life and i think that’s amazing❤️
⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ OLIVER IS DOING ADVANCES FOR HIS JUNE CONTEST, LEAVE A COMMENT ON HIS WALL IF YOUR INTERESTED 🥰 💜💙💚OLIVER FAIT AVANCER POUR SON CONCOURS DE JUIN, LAISSEZ UN COMMENTAIRE SUR SON MUR SI VOUS ÊTES INTÉRESSÉ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️Oliver is 8 pounds of pure trouble! He spends his time chasing the cat, chewing on anything and everything, and creating complete chaous! He is enjoying being a puppy to the fullest! Oliver is also 8 pounds of pure joy🐾❤
Sahala is a rescue pup so we aren’t too sure about her breed. She absolutely loves cuddles and wouldn’t survive without them.
Baby is a pitsky (pit Bull husky). She is two years old and love to hog all the attention. She could play tug o war for days!
Dixie thinks it’s time to retire and sleep all the time she is old and still loves to get out and about.
Zoie is very laid back, sweet and she is always waiting for something to eat. She also thinks she has to sit at the kitchen table.
Dash is very energetic he loves to run and play. He is so love able and he pretends he is always innocent.
Maiky is a Rescue. Shepherd Mix. Very playful loving and caring and a good boy ❤️ Always listen at the first time. We are doing great with potty training
Peanut is a fun loving dachshund that loves everyone. She is full of energy and loves to play. She loves being in pool sun bathing
Julisa is SO full of life. Only 4 months old & highly intelligent. She is a deer head chihuahua that enjoys playtime & sunbathing.
Peaches is a 10 week old Bernedoodle from SomedayDoodles, GA. She loves to play outside and snuggle with family. She enjoys playing with our Goldendoodle, Teddy!
Hi my name is Coco 🥥, I’m a Christmas baby. ... My daddy was more interested in my sister because I was shy but my mommy knew we were meant to be together. So now I’m in a loving home where pretty much I own everything, anything and every one. I love going to the park and running, I love playing and I love chewing on my Daddy’s shoes. ... But most of all I love my Mommy and Daddy. Vote for me and I’ll love you too
Itty Bitty Happy Feet
She loves going everywhere with me, no matter where we go she is always the center of attention regardless if we are at Longhorn steakhouse, the mall, taking a walk or at her Vet's for a check-up. Not only is she absolutely adorable, her personality is is is cuter than her appearance! She gettso excited she has her own little "happy dance", that's where her nickname Happy Feet came in. One of her favorite snacks is beef jerky and she dislikes wearing socks.
A 3-month old happy pooch! Who loves cuddles and snuggles. She’s really wacky and adorable at the same time. Please help her get to TOP 10. We accept vote exchanges. 🥰
Nyx is going through her terrible twos she likes to steal food and jump on mom while she is working and play with a lazor pointer all day every day!
Lady is a Catalouha with two breeds of heeler and australian shepherd
Athena is currently in training to be a search and rescue tracking dog as well as being trained to be a protection dog. She is super playful and loves water. I can wait to see how she does and grows into an amazing dog that helps saves lives and find those who are lost😍
Loves to shop/ accessorize 😁🤣 or just tolerates it Follow on Instagram *pippinthebulldog*
We brought Harley home from Georgia she was 6 weeks old and could barley stand, she was pretty weak and we were told she was a runt? As you can see at 11 months old she is strong and healthy ❤️❤️
Japer Buddy
He is a very loveable an loves to cuddle. He is a big baby he is only 4 months old
John Wayne Chisum
Chisum loves his Momma! He is my Mastercard, I don't leave home without him! He is spoiled rotten! Chisum loves me & I love him! He loves squeaky toys. Chuisum loves dairy products, along with cornbread & buttermilk. Oranges are his favorite fruit to eat. Chisum was born 3/3/2013!!! He is half Shih-tzu and half Poodle!!!
Wynnie is an english cream golden retriever who loves going on hikes, walks, and going for a swim.
Leo is a red heeler who lovesss his jollyball. He will do anything for food and is my little horse show buddy. 🥰
Raven is currently 7 months old, loves her sister Doodle, the cat. Loves cuddling and going for car rides and also Protects her family from the wind 🥴
Kadee had 4 litters of puppies before she was 5yrs old. After that they was tryin to find her a new home. As soon as I found out about her, we were headed to get her the next day. She’s the only girl in the house which makes her out spoiled princess lol
Rocky had 5 homes within 5yrs. He wasn’t potty trained n he’s a drama queen. But he’s also the friendliest n most comical lil guy. He’s my shadow, anywhere I go, he goes. What he lacks in size he def makes up for with personality n love
Ben had been looking for a home for almost a yr. nobody wanted this baby because he was fixed n his tail wasn’t docked. Everyone who passed on this Lil guy totally missed out. Ben is the sweetest, most loyal n smart baby with the biggest ❤️
Smokey was adopted in December. He is 3 years old and the most playful and energetic pup. He loves to get his zoomies out at the dog park and take a big nap right after. He is obsessed with his toys and tries hide them all from mom.
Nacho loves going on car rides and enjoying the outdoors. He loves his ducky toy very much he play with it everyday He loves to snuggle up in a nice Cozy blanket and sit right next to you on his favorite chair next to you. He also loves his human very much
He’s a good boy who smiles for his tummy rubs and also gives kisses as a big thank you!
Ryder is very energetic and playful, he's so sweet, loving, loyal and alot of fun to watch grow. He and his older brother, Koop, are best friends and enjoy being outdoors.
Koop is very loving, caring, loyal, thoughtful and selfless. He loves his younger brother, Ryder, so much they are best friends til the end! He's definently a momma's boy and very much spoiled but worth it all!
Beau is very outgoing and brave! He loves going to the creek and playing in the water 🤍🌊
Tinkerbell Perez
I adopted Tinkerbell a year ago and my life has felt complete ever since. She is a sweetheart and loving pup. Tinkerbell loves to watch Little monsters it’s her favorite movie and loves cucumbers as a treat. She loves to be wrapped in her blanky and held until she falls asleep . My sweet girl ❣️
Kiki is a beautiful,smart and loving girl! She loves to play and give kisses. @kikilove7784 instagram
Drax is an German Shepard mix he loves to play and run around the house has ton of energy!! His favorite toy is his blue pig and loves to mess with his Dad and to take naps with his mom!!!
This is Sadie she is 7 months old German shorthair pointer with a ton of energy. She loves to run, play, snuggle and loves to play with our granddaughter, most of all she loves her belly rubs!
Bella is a 2 year old corgi mixed breed. She loves going out for car rides, walks, and she loves to talk. Her favorite toys are her spunk ball and her bumper toy to play tug. She also loves eating blueberries, sweet potatoes and bananas.
This is Jayda! Jayda is a 14 year old Chihuahua Yorkie mix who loves to just cuddle up with you all day! Jayda loves treats and would prefer your lap over any other seat 🥰
This is Dierks! Dierks is a pointer and hound mix who is a little over a year old and absolutely loves running out all of his energy with tennis balls and other dogs:) Dierks is super lovable as he will nonchalantly sit on you as if he not 75 pounds❤️
This is Jasper! He loves playing with tennis balls and other dogs :) Jasper is almost a year old and about 60 pounds. Jasper is definitely a cuddler and has no problem laying right on you as if he’s a lap dog❤️
Bella is 6 month old , she’s such a sweet girl!
Raymer Louis Cookson
Raymer Louis Cookson loves to love ,play,eat loves walking.
Jasmine is an adorable spoiled,playful,sweet ,energetic chorkie.she loves to cuddle and play with shoes of course. Shes still learning as shes only 11 weeks old