Rex is a cute mamas boy. He’s a great guard dog letting me know when he sees anything, literally anything he doesn’t approve of 😂. He is 3 yrs old. He is full of energy and the sweetest thing around. He loves to play with all toys, tease his 2 older sisters at home, and take naps of course.
Sadie is a good natured sweetheart she loves her grandma and loves to guard the house
Trixie is a 2 year old Schnoodle that loves to survey her domain from the top of the steps to the front door.
This was taken on his adoption day! Loki is an angel puppy 🙏 his mama was hit by a car when pregnant and she still delivered a beautiful healthy litter 😍 Puppies & Mama are all doing great!!
Booger Jones
Booger Jones is my heart ❤️ I can't imagine a life without him. I rescued him in 2009. He also rescued me. We have been inseparable since then. He will be 15 years old this year 💙 Mr Boogers loves everybody. Human and all animals. Please vote for him. 💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙 This baby is my world ❤️ Just look into his big moon eyes and you'll fall in love🩵💕
She likes her squeaky toys, but doesn't like her sister ruby, the cat. She like to go on long walks. She likes playing in the snow
His a very good dod let's us know when he has to go out do his business and when someone out there he can say our we love our dog 🐕
Triumph The Tripod
Hello! My name is Triumph...Triumph the Tripod! My dad rescued me from a bad place and had to get my leg amputated. I may have 3 legs but move and groove like my 4 legged friends! I drag my dad out to hikes and trails whenever I can. Since dad doesn't allow me to have squirrels, he feeds me cheese and puppicinos instead.
Squid is a 8 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, he loves playing with his brothers and eating food. His favorite activities to do with us include going to horse shows, and going to the dog park.
Mia is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. She has a big personality with a big heart! Her favorite thing to do just like many of us is to sit on a beach chair, people watch and enjoy the good weather. Mia sometimes think she’s human and not a dog.
My name is Bandit I am a sweet handsome boy. I loves to sit pretty, and loves to play tug of war. I is very good with giving hugs, and showing affection. My favorite thing to do is go swimming and getting to play with other kids and animals. 🐾🤍
Hey Everyone my name is: Big Brutus but my mom calls me Brutus or when I do something I’m not supposed to it’s Brutus lei. Hobbies would probably be fetch and cuddles with mom, she says I’m cutest boy ever so hopefully you guys feel same way 🐾🐶
Flint is a mini aussie who is always happy. He is 3 but turns 4 this October 24! Flint also loves cuddles, playing chase the dog, going on walks, and he loves food! He is always happy!
Honey is so out going! She loves getting rubs and playing with the kiddos! She is so smart at only 9 weeks old she already knows how to sit and stay! She truly deserves your vote because she’s such a good puppy and so cute!!
Oso is a maltipoo mix with lots of energy and love ❤️ He loves to go on car rides and jump around the grass to play catch
Kane is a very fine gentlemen that loves sun bathing and chewing on his favorite toys. Super lovable and enjoys everyone and everything!
Luka is an extremely adventurous and highly energetic puppy. He loves splashing in his pool on a nice sunny day and playing with his older siblings. LUKA loves having FUN!
This is Kevin. Kevin is a goofy puppers. He loves to eat everything and he is the best boy at finding good sticks.
he will grab ahold of your socks, dirty or clean and he loves his sunlight outside. such a cuddle bug as well. he is a rescue.
Reece is a sweer and funny energetic pup. She loves playing with 4 year old 100 pound sister Maggie. She always has a toy in her mouth and travels 2 hours to Phoenix on my dr appts for a rare disease sleeps with me and loves super long walks with Maggie going to parl spending alot of time chasing balls!
cooper loves to play, be with his mommy and daddy and play with socks! he does not like being in his kennel!
Earl is the best puppy ever! He is a happy love-bug and loves to make everyone smile!
He was abandonded and I started caring for him 4/6. He is very friendly and so loveable.
I have had her since she was three months old. She love going to the park and running around with her sister
Madame (black lab mix) is a sweet girl i took in as a foster. She was sadly abused by a man in her time at the humane society but over a few weeks has grown to loving my husband. Madame is available for adoption. She will need someone who is patient as she comes out of her shell. Once she does, she will give lots of kisses but is not the overbearing type. She is completely content chilling on the other side of the couch or at the foot of your bed at night. She has some seperation anxiety but once she is familiar with the home and you she is much better (only took a few days). If interested in possibly adopting, please reach out in comments. ❤️
Nyra is a silver lab she is the smallest of her litter mates, she loves cuddles and to play in water, her favorite toy is a purple and pink duck, her favorite place to sleep is under her blanket next to the entertainment center, she will also be getting trained to be a service dog for my autistic daughter when she becomes 12 weeks old!
Nyx is a shy girl but her eyes can pierce your soul. She loves digging in dirt and hiding her brothers and sisters toys.
What up dudes and dudettes! I may have came from the shelter, but I’m smarter than a whip and keep my humans on their toes. In this house, I’m Sir Bozleton. My humans are merely here to provide my every need (hence the contest entry 🙃)
Him and his brother Nugget love whip cream
I got Shadow when he was 1yrs old. He is the sweetest, most loveable dog I've ever had. He loves laying in the sunshine and going for walks. He expects treats every time he comes on from outside, though he does not get them that frequently. 🥰
Champ is a sweet old man, turning 11 this month, snagged this photo of him on a hike with our other dogs, his back legs are going out but he still trucks it to the top of the hill!
Dovelyn Rose Love
The baby of the bunch, my Silver Tri-Parti Merle baby. She’s a mix of the two older siblings, sweet yet rowdy! She’s the biggest personality of the group. So confident for a little pup! And that little partial blue eye just adds to her beautiful uniqueness!
Nurys Soleil Love
My sweet Red Parti Sable girl. She is the calming spirit of the pack. So gentle and serene, she’s the big cuddle bear of the bunch.
Bellatrix loves walks. She enjoys the outdoors and playing with her Harry Potter squishmallow. Her favorite thing to do is chew her bones and try to play with the cat.
Heidi Vonderalps
Heidi may look like a husky but is only 6 pounds! Her Pomeranian side keeps her tiny and so cute. She loves to sleep and play and that is all!
Hazey is thr toddler I never had, literally my human pup. She's hazey crazy, loves playing with her fur cousins, climbing trees and swimming in all water and especially loves swimming to chase boats or a duck. My best girl.
Luna is a 9 week lab. Her personality is very sweet and gentle. She enjoys playing with her sister and snuggling with mom and dad.
Bayley is a active 9 week old lab. She loves fetch. Has already learned to sit, potty, and lay. She has a huge personality refusing to be ignored!
Chopper loves to run and chase and catch balls, and Frisbees. But his ultimate is chewing on all his toys (and sometimes catches a toe)!
vote for Ginger. She is amazing 18 year old Chihuahua who just passed away a month ago. She was strong and she was a fighter to the end. She lost her sight two months ago and still was a blessing and a joy to be around. She loved being held and just loved being loved, so vote for her cause she deserves it
The things that she loves the most is kissed, being a bed hog, and being clingy.
Rocky is a Jelly Head never food food he didn't like. Loves his humans
He’s a grumpy old boy who loves kisses, treats, being groomed, and the color pink (a real princess of a guy) he’s also actually an Australian shepherd/timber wolf mix but it wasn’t an option._.
He’s great with kids and loves to play fetch he loves to shake hands sit and lay down and roll over
Mochi is a very smart dog he’s such a sweet boy and loves to play with kids. He is very energetic and such a cute pup. I love him very much ❤️
Mister Taylor
Mister is the best part of my day everyday ! He is always doing something that makes me laugh. His favorite thing to do is chasing the squirrels out of the yard or back up the tree, yet he's still never caught one yet ! He is 3 1/2 yrs old. He is also very polite and gentle. And he does not like to be left alone at all, so if I have to go somewhere with no dogs allowed ( which is not very often ) then I have to leave him with a specific babysitter, or he will cry like a baby !