2 yrs old momma's mom. Loves baths & toys. Everyone is his least he thinks.
she’s excited
Bow is a year old Silver Lab. He loves playing fetch in the yard and cuddling up on the couch with his momma. He also is almost fully trained to go duck hunting with his daddy.
Hi my name is Roxie i like to run a play around and i like to chew on my toy
Bandit is 8 weeks old! So far his favorite toy is his bunny, socks, and ankles! He absolutely loves getting the zoomies after breakfast.
Hi my name is Gunner i like to chew on sticks and play outside
Cade is an active little guy who has a personality bigger than his size! He’s a Mama’s boy and she adores him right back!
Doug Jonas
Dj, loves to cuddle and protect his little humans. ❤ he loves meat and treats and hes very well behaved and adorable .
Admiral Jameson
He loves tacos caribenos without tge tortillas
Camber is a 9 year old Bernese Mountain Dog! In the summer she loves boat rides and cooling off in the lake, and in the winter she enjoys spending her days laying in the snow! Her favorite trick is “pretty feet” where she balances on her back legs and begs for a treat!
Hey my name is Zues im a happy dog , energetic with our Santos family zues is very uniquely loves grass loves baths loves to eat an entire time he mostly loves to play .He is 5 months an how such a joy he is if you ever meet him .
Hi I’m kapone, probably the biggest baby ever! I love sticks and running in the field with my mama! I am a year and 4 months old!
Athena was found as a stray out in the desert in apple valley calif. She was taken in and fostered by a local rescue, until we adopted her. She now has her forever home, living her best life.
He loves snuggles, loves people and attention. Just started playing and he loves it. But also loves nap time💙
Remington is a mini Australian Shepherd! he is now two years old with green eyes and little spots! He loves to play in the pool and play fetch! We are absolutely obsessed with him! he is the sweetest!❤️
Hi, My name is Ace and i’m 1 year old. i like to play with my toys and listen to myself talk (bark for no reason). my favorite toy is my teddy bear and i don’t like when other dogs play with him
Diesel is 3 months old, loves to chew and play. Always getting into things. Loves to bathe in the sun. When he sleeps he snores.
Koa loves to meet new people and give out kisses. His favorite game is tug of war. Koa is great to go shopping with, go on car rides with and cuddle with! Koa loves football games and every time there’s a touchdown we do a high paw❤️💛
Puff is a very loving cane corso/presa canario pup. He is very athletic and will do absolutely anything for you too play soccer with him! It’s the only thing he loves more then cuddling his mommy.
Chevy is a 3 yr old German shepherd , who love running around our 2 acers .. he loves anything that has squeakers and his favorite past time is barking lol .. he is a rescue and the love of our lives , he’s our baby !
Hercules is an eight year old American bull dog sweet and protective boy !
Diesel is a 11 week old puppy that we just saved from the pound, Diesel is very energetic and goofy. He loves to be outside and play with his siblings (cats). His favorite toy is a Gatorade bottle and he loves to give hugs.
He is a service dog 🐕‍🦺 he very loving and very caring likes a lot of attention will give you lots of kisses
Little Bit
See comments for Runt Returns Schedule. 🥂🐾 Adopted in 2017 as a bonded pair with his (assumed) brother, Runt. Elderly owner surrendered them upon going into hospice.
Moose is a 3 year old Pit mix, he loves frolicking in the stuffing from his toys after he rips them up! He loves to cuddle and has never met a stranger! He is the happiest boy in the world!
My name is Maria and i am 4 months old. I am a teacup Chihuahua Mal-Shi mix and will get no bigger then 5 pounds. I love to play with my brother Elvis and steal all his treats. I love squeaky toys, chasing my brother around and i love lap time and taking rides with my moms. I am a very playful and energetic little girl. Most people day i resemble Chewbacca, what do you think?
Apachi is an amazing juliana pig who is sertified and has made it to every east coast state meeting na dgreeting and tending to peoples issues and malingnpeople feel better. She is taight many many things ans has a beautiful outllok towards people
He’s very cuddly and lives attention! He always has energy to play!
Hello, my name is Draco and right now my favorite things to do are get treats and chew up everything.
He’s a wonderful kind dog although sometimes he can be a little timid but hey what dog insnt vote for bozo
Bull-itt is a 1 yr old active fun loving bundle of energy. He loves to play in the water and run around like a crazy dawg. He loves belly rubs, jumping.on all furniture and being worlds best lap dog. You can catch him with a pup cup at our nearest Starbucks
Shiner is very sweet and lovable. He is very playful. When I come home I can always look forward to playing with him. All in all he is a great dog!!
Miss Hazel
I’m Miss Hazel, a Labrabull, that’s a mix between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Labrador Retriever dog breeds. I love playing fetch with anything especially my different balls and sticks. I also love playing with my different toys and the neighborhood kids who also love playing with me in my doggie pool. I also love going for rides in momma’s Jeep and exploring new places. I’d love it if you voted for me please ❤️. Thank you ❤️💜🐾
Star is an emotional support dog she is my best friend she helps me through bad days I have bipolar manic depressive and she helps me through bad days and she's there for me when I'm having good days and I just need a hug she is my best friend and my familiar
Spike is a rescue dog. Our family has had him for about a year already. He loves attention, he’s very laid-back & he’s scared of the water (except for outside bath time) but always fights us for the shower time inside 😂
So start as an emotional support dog she has been with us since she was a baby and I have bipolar so she knows when I'm having a really bad day and she is the biggest saver I have so she is a very awesome fur baby and we love her very much
Ben loves to play with his toys and sticks He also loves treats but most of all people food! He is very energetic. He gets so excited when we come home from work and greets us with a toy. He is a spoiled boy!! We would appreciate your vote, thank you!
Magnum is a trained and certified therapy dog who was originally my mothers dog and provided her love and support during her treatment for ovarian cancer..He is a big boy with a heart of gold and is the friendliest most loving boy in the world and he absolutely loves when I tell him he's the most handsome thing on 4 legs..
Luna Fea
Luna Fea is a year old emotional support animal and she is my best friend.
I rescued Spike & his sister khloe from the animal pound. Together they were only $10. Unfortunately his sister passed away but he lives on in her memory. That was the best $5 I've ever spent. He is such a good dog. He is very protective of his family & our property. He stands his ground even if it means getting himself hurt by another dog. He comes back better than ever & even more protective. He had 3 kids of his own but 1 passed away so he was left with his twin sons oreo & chip. I don't know who the mom could be but hes fine being a single dad caring for his kids 😁
Brutus is a crazy dog he loves to play around and loves eating socks
Teddy Bear
Teddy loves to cuddle with mommy❤️ He is very playful and always wants to be around someone. He will bark so we will come pick him up. He loves chewing on bacon wrapped treats.
BB is a hoot she was a small is one of the litter but she is the face is a personality all her own as you can tell by the picture she’s a little goofball but it just 10 weeks old she has her little personality is shining she’s very vocal with what she wants I won’t stop till she gets it it’s actually kind of cool she communicates on what she wants and where she wants to go she loves her mama though she’s a mamas girl they play tug-of-war a lot. She’s just an all-around sweetheart with a silly big heart
Bobo is a 5 year old Parsons Jack Russell he loves everyone good nature and loves to strut when he walks he has very good posture he's my show dog lol he stands at 16"tall and about 15 pounds
Ollie is a really big cuddle bug he loves belly rubs he is the best dog anyone could ever ask for!!!
Meet Kodak this was him 3 days after we rescued him he was left tied to a pole with an extension cord last year during the Texas Freeze
Skylar is a very sweet and loving 4 month baby girl! She is adorable and her favorite thing to do is to chase balls and she is very good at bringing them back. She loves to play with her toys and her cousin Charlie. She loves her popa Scott piveral. She is very loved from her momma friends and family. She is also in a puppy trainers class and is learning a lot and is very good at it!! She went from hiding under the chair on the first day to going to trainer and going to other puppies in the class. Please vote for Skylar
He is very active. He loves splashing, and trying to eat water. He also LOVES his stuffed animal babies 🧸