Winston is a 2 year old dog who loves to chase balls and he is the best at ripping anything that has a squeaker toy
John was one of the best flea market finds we have ever made. He enjoys long walks in the woods and going camping. His dreams are to one day own a cow.
Kamakoa loves to cuddle especially your neck lol. He does a happy dance when he sees places he knows. He knows how to melt your heart to get what he wants. Loves every person and animal he meets.
Rosie is a pit bull, Rottweiler, pug mix and she is the most photogenic pup I’ve ever seen! She is so sweet and very well loved!
No animal I know of can consistently be more of a friend and companion than my Muffie.
Lily is my baby girl she is 5 years old and full of love when she wants the attention lol other times she just likes lounging on the couch lol
Teddy is a beautiful friendly giant teddy bear at just 9 months old and over 80 lbs . He is extremely energetic and full of love . He loves eating ice and playing in the pool and also just hangin out with you on the couch even though he takes up most of the couch lol . He is my giant furbaby ❤
Boomer is a Boxer , German Shepherd , Hound Dog mix . He likes soccer balls. He likes to lick you in the mouth . I think you should vote for him cause he is a good dog ,and he is cute.
He loves dog toys that sqeek.. very smart he loves car rides. Loves outside.. very playful
hela is a big dopey dog and she loves to be outside in all elements, she has 2 other dogs that she loves to ruff and tumble with
Copper is a German Shepherd mix, he loves squeaky toys and he is 2 years old
Wylie is a Morkie, Maltese and Yorkie mix. He is the happiest Boy who just wants to play and give everyone kisses!! His favorite place to be is at the campground, he loves all of his camping friends. He loves golf cart rides and walkies. Wylie’s most prized possession is his ball. Wylie is 2 years old.
Gentle ,bedhog ,loves walks and sunning
Milo is a sweet playful lil bunch of energy! He loves playing fetch and hide and seek with his big brother and sister!! He loves car rides and going on walks !! Everyday is an adventure for Milo
Hi my name is unique I’m a month old I love to play and cuddle a lot I may be different from my other brothers and sisters but they love me no matter what . Will you vote for me
Loki is a very lovable dog and extremely smart and was easy to house train and loves winter and he loves all animals and his best friend is a cat. He sits and shakes paw when commanded.
Ava is a sweet GSD puppy. She loves to go on long walks, she is potty trained, gets along well with other dogs! She was a rescue.
Hey my names Rosie! I’m a mini poodle! Loves to snuggle and be with you every moment. I constantly love attention and butt rubs ❤️
Gilligan is a mama's boy,he loves to play and cuddle and even enjoys his time going to the lake.he even loves his toys and is ready to get him some new ones
Bailey is the most loving goofball who snores like a grown man. She is my world, my heart, and my soul. Please vote for her!
Pancho is 2 year old miniature schnauzer, I rescued him from a shelter almost a year ago and what he likes most is his brother Oso
Hi, I’m Scout! 🐶 I’m an 11 month old “mixed breed” pup. My mom says that means I have a bunch of different doggy super powers inside me! I love sunshine, couch cuddles, and outdoor adventures.
I will snuggle after i steal all my sister's toys!!
I will play soccer all day!! And i am darn good!! Lets play ball!!
Maxx doesn't like to share lol
Jaxon is a golden doodle. Very smart. Loves his McDonald’s and loves to play! He is such a good big brother to his sister Gracie. Very protective.
Donald John
Tim's dog
Zeus is a fun loving puppy who loves to cuddle . He thinks he’s a lap dog lol . He loves to play catch and absolutely adores baby’s !!!
She loves to give kisses
He's my emotional support dog. He's very loving, caring and loves to play
Abby is a sheltie terrier Corgi mix she is a happy baby an love to play with her stuffed monkey before going to sleep at night. Abby loves going bye bye an spending time with mom an dad
Uptup(Pup's) most favorite thing to do is play w a red laser light. No matter where or what shes doing if u yell, (red dot, red dot) she will instantly appear & will even get it off the table and bring it to u when she wants to play. So red dot & then sleeping upside down on my pillow w me in the bed stretching & kicking me in the ribs all night
Josie is 5 months old. She is the sweetest puppy you will ever meet. She loves people and her toys.
Aurora loves to be around people...lisyens very well...overall a sweet loving dog💜❤
Samson loves loves jumping in the water to get his ball...loves to cuddle with his dad and going in the truck to go tovthe beach❤💜
Freddy Mack
My partner in crime!
Lotto is just so loving...she plays with an outside cat i call Halo...Lotto is a bundle of joy
Spike loves to prance in the backyard..she always protects babies as if they were her own..very protective over me..loves car rides...ohhh and loves attention ❤💜
Bentley is my little side kick and my heart. He loves to go outside and help me with my plants. If I leave he thinks he is suppose to go every single time, he gets so excited if he gets to go bye bye. He’s fun, loving and the sweetest baby ever!
Koa is a handsome black Great Dane who has such a huge heart and an amazing personality. Koa loves to go to work with his dad at the barbershop and greet everyone who comes in the shop
Alani is such a beautiful blue Merle, who loves to play with all the squeaky toys, loves long walks and most of all cuddles
he is pitt bull/ bull massaff he is a beast and he loves to hunt anythijg he sees moving
Dash is a very active 6 month old pup. He loves playing with his squeaky chicken and chewing on anything he can get his teeth on!
I’m a rescue. I was so abused when I got saved that the vet said it was the worst case he saw in 20 years . The people caged me up and beat me and bite my ears . But with a lot of hard work and a wonderful vet . We over came that . Mack loves to cuddle, play with toys and hunt . Mack tracked his first deer. Mack gives unconditional love .
I love to cuddle and play with toys . I’m very smart and cute as can be .
I’m 7 years old I was a kennel dog and mom all my life . Until I got rescued. Now I get to live inside play with toys , cuddle and feel what true love is . I get plain burgers and pup chinos . I never knew how wonderful life was till I got her .
Blitz is not like any other pitbull, she is just an awesome dog. Everyone that knows her loves her even people she don't know does
My name is Piper I am 14 weeks old. I love giving kisses and doing super fly snooka’s toward my mommy and daddy. I love playing with my big sister Tobi who is 26 weeks old.