Baby Stories - 21


Violet is my fluffy demon, trickster, and con-artist. She’s too smart for her own good and too cute to ever get caught! Her favorite thing is off leash runs with her mom and dried liver treats! Violet was adopted two years ago, due to hyperactivity she was in four different homes before she turned 1. But now Violet loves life and can’t wait for her daily training and runs! My favorite feature is her one floppy ear- which bounces as she runs!
Chloe is “all-girl” ... she communicates very well & always has a smile! She “knows” she’s pretty! 🐾💐🐾
Power Stroking Diesel
Diesel is an alaskan malamute
Suki Bear
Suki is 3 and a half. She has was 1.of 12 puppies. Loves being the center of attention.
My name is Tippy and my favorite thing to do is play with my friends and destroy toys that my dad buys believing they are “indestructible!!”
Dallas is a F1 Pomsky, his mom is a husky and dad is a pomeranian. He LOVES going for walks, to the dog park, and anywhere that has water for him to jump and play in. He has sired 3 litters! We like to call him Hufflepuff because he huffs when he wants attention or doesn’t get his way! He finally learned how to howl like a husky when we brought in our female Kali! However, his is VERY high pitched and makes us laugh!!
Jennie is my 4yr. Old rescue from Las Vegas. She loves to eat anything we eat plus her food. She has lots of toys but her braided rope is her favorite. You dont want to be close to her when she's playing. She knows no personal space. It all belongs to her ecpecially my lap and chair.
Harley is 9 weeks old. She is full of energy. She loves her older brother Honda(lab) and loves her humans.
Togiak (Togi for short) is a fluffy pomsky that LOVES being cheered for; he also loves belly rubs, squeaky toys, and playing catch!
He's is an extremely loveable and talented dog. Out of all of my dogs he is the only one that loves riding on my quad. He is definitely a mommas boy. He looks like a purebred but he's actually a mix. Very loyal.
He's is an extremely loveable and talented dog. Out of all of my dogs he is the only one that loves riding on my quad. He is definitely a mommas boy. He looks like a purebred but he's actually a mix. Very loyal.
Daisy is a 17 week old CKC registered Toy Schnoodle 1/2 Schnauzer 1/2 Toy Poodle with a great personality that’s full of life, energy, and love . She enjoys playing with her toys and is always up for a game of catch me if you can. She loves taking naps and is currently practicing walking on her back legs for treats.
Rocky is a love able Pitbull. He's a sweetheart. Never met a Pitbull that was so loveable. It helps he grew up with Border Collie Aussie Mixes.
Athena is a little warrior. She is playful, very independent and very loveable.
Tater And Sugar Bear
Our mission is to make you laugh and smile.
Roscoe is the sweetest puppy you would ever meet! Very, very smart! He loves to chews his bones and play outside
Chase is lovable, soft, cuddly and a joy to be around. Love to go on walks. Love playing catch and just running the backyard. Loves to watch movies!!
Sully love to play and take naps. He is a professional paw shaker. He loves to play fetch and spend time with his mom (me!)
Hero loves biting! He is a puppy going thru the stages of wanting to bite everything! He also loves sprinting thru the house from the back room ALL the way to the front, running over his dog food and water bowl and spills it everywhere. He is a handful but I wouldn't trade him for the world, he's my hero💙
I love being outdoors in nature. Where I can play frisbee or go for a walk. (My Momma has to use a code word for that “walk” word, since I love it so much 🤪) I love playing and climbing up to “The TREEHOUSE”. I love my belly and ears rubbed. Cuddling with momma and watching DogTV. Just living a dogs life❣️
Bear loves playing fetch and dedicates his life to his handler going to car meets and taking photos for his Instagram. Any profits won will be used to rescue kill pen horses. His insta is big.bearshepherd
Jackson Oliver is super sweet and loves to cuddle. He loves to lay out in the sun. Always styling with his mohawk.
Zsasz his a 3 month old Merle Chow Chow who recently learned to hike his leg when going number 1. He loves walks at the local nature parks looking for rabbits or pine cones falling from the trees. He enjoys rolling in the grass and tracking in wet footprints on mom’s clean floor. His favorite thing to do is take mom’s socks and hide them throughout the house from her.
Hi! My name is Xander and I’m just a small town boy! My squeaky binky toy is my favorite and I really love to nap and lay on my mom! I’m currently 11 weeks old and weigh in at 20lbs. My moms picked my name because it means “Defender of my people” I am a little spoiled and VERY loved!
Hi, my name is jager I’m a boxer pit bull mix I love company and love people. When you get to petting me I love to wiggle my butt everywhere to show I love it. My favorite out door activity is chase squirrels and birds. My owners love to buy me toys and spoil me. I’m very well groomed and taken care of. What can I say I’m loved! I love my humans!
Kacey Jo
Im almost 1yr old I am a emotional support dog for my human mommy. I love to play with my little sister and eat and I love to cuddle and give kisses to my human daddy...
Rocky is a very smart intelligent dog! He loves to go on car rides! He is very friendly and loves anyone. He isn’t like most dogs because he rarely barks!
Bella Marie
Bella Marie is so sweet and kind loves to snuggle and go on walks
Hercules is a big teddy bear. He loves to go for walks and loves to ho to his Aunts house. She has 4 small children and bunches of animals. He likes to go there and play. He loves people he gets so excited to have visitors that he almost knocks you down. His best friend is Damon(a pitbull greyhound mix). He loves to play in the water.
Damon is a pit bull greyhound mix. He is a sweetheart. He loves his young neices and nephews. He loves cats he thinks he is the mother of all cats. . He loves going to my parents and just runs and runs around the property. He runs like a greyhound. He will just like your face and likes to cuddle.
I rescued Roscoe in 2011 and the best thing that happened to me. His also my ESA. He is a brave dog! He had 2 major surgeries one in December of 2020 for foreign body obstruction and in January 2021 for Bilateral Perenial Hernia. His been through a lot and were taking it day by day. He loves car rides. Make sure you vote for him. Thank you!
He’s got quite the personality, has a green eye and a blue eye, likes to bark at inadament objects, eats everything in sight, and is crazy busy. He’s also the smartest, cutest, and snuggliest doggo ever. Give him all the love for my best bud!
Bella is my gorgeous chocolate brindle boxer who is full of spunk and sass! She is energetic, but loves a good nap that leaves drool on her doggy bed. She enjoys watching the birds outside and taking in the sunshine and Carolina breeze. She enjoys being the firecracker in the house with her loud barks and playful bites.
Aussie is a fun loving puppy! He runs like a bullet and is so good at learning new tricks! He is mixed breed lol
Akirah Samara
Meet Miss Akirah.. A little bit stubborn but the most loving, protective, playful companion anyone could ask for. She is absolutely the most sweetest girl in the world! She loves her treats, loves to chase the squirrels and kiddos and is so super energetic! She says give her a thumbs up 👍🏽❤
Mylough is a 9 weeks old Shichon! He has the sweetest personality and loves to play.
Rebel is a puppy mill dog. He was lucky that this mill was busted. 234 dogs were saved during this seizure. Any winnings would be donated to Northwoods Animal Shelter!
Nanook is a 3 month old Golden retrier/Siberian husky mix, shes very smart and loves ice cubes and peanut butter. She can do lots of tricks and loves to play. She’s very goofy in her own way and enjoys her naps big time.
Mateo Amir
Meet Mateo Amir... A fluffy, energetic, fun-loving, playful, friendly puppy and so much fun!! He loves to run around the yard, play with the kids and very talkative. He said to say give him a thumbs up 👍🏽💙☺
I'm a very good boy. I love to be outside to play and explore. I enjoy being around my family. I love play with my human siblings.
Titan has came a long way. He was a miracle puppy . It was meant for him to be in my life our Birthdays are a day apart . He is full of life he loves to play and cuddle . He especially loves playing with his sister who is about 8 months old . He has more personality than he knows what to do with .
Sweet Pea
I have owned 4 toy poodles in my 60 years of life and swore i wouldnt have anything else. That is until this sweet, loving, whimsical Chiweenie (a mix between Chihuahua and Dachshund) came into my life 8 months ago. She loves playing with her toys, eating crushed ice and getting a massage before I can be talking to her and she will sit down, look at me and cock that little head from side to side taking in every word I'm saying. She won't move until i stop talking. And the most precious thing of all that touches my heart...if she senses that I'm sad she will bring me her favorite toy, lay it in my lap, give me lots of kisses and then lay down next to me. She just has too many characteristics to her personality for me to tell you about them all. I could go on all day just on the comedian in her, but wont keep yall reading for an I will just ask that you please vote for this precious girl that has made this old lady smile! 😊 Thank you...
Hi my name is nala, I’m an escape artist I love to run,dig,and play! My owner loves to take me to get groomed and loves to do my nails I’m her baby! I love my toys I have a toy named carrot and he’s a carrot! I eat a lot I’m a growing girl! My owner put me through off Lesh training I know all my commands so I’m a better family memeber to my human!
Meet DeMatteo.. A Super Playful, Fluffy, Fun, Loving Puppy. He Loves His Toys Almost As Much As He Loves Chewing On My Dresser Drawers 🤣 He Is Very Vocal And Loves To Talk And Says, Give Him A Vote!!! 💙
My name is Millie and I am approx. 6 months old! I LOVE being outside, tearing up stuffed animals and biting toes!
I am a little ball of energy that loves getting on moms nerves in every way, but will make up for it by giving her cuddles! When mom and I watch tv I like sitting on the window sill to watch the cars drive by instead. I have an older brother who I play with and he gets a little bit annoyed with me but I don’t care. Now that the weather is warming up I’ve been on a couple boat rides and was fearless and decided to jump straight into the water, but it’s okay because swimming was natural to me!!