Baby Stories - 20


A Silly pup who likes to play, run and cuddle! Talks and howels until he gets cuddles or his toys
I might be a a shiba but I love cuddles! Let go hiking
She love to play. Go to the beach. And she love kids.
Handsome is the sweetest most energetic pup I ever had. The best companion after losing my mom ❤️❤️
He LOVES car rides and walks. He’s a big cuddler and his favorite toy is a squeaky chicken. He treats it is his baby.
She is the sweetest little girl. Loves everyone!
Koda Bay
Koda is the sweetest,messiest,hyper dog you have ever met. He loves to play outside, show off his tricks and to have your attention at all times.
She likes to sleep, play a lot, and she's friendly and loves playing with toys
Isabella Grace
This is Isabella grace! She was very tiny when we got her! She is now going on 4 months an weighs about 2 pounds! She’s just a little ball of fur!
Nik Jones
He is such a ham and he is a lover that loves ro be loved on
Lobo is a 12 year young husky with the personality of an angel. He loves going for rides in his Jeep, chicken treats and taking long naps in the sun. He’s also a gentle giant who prefers the company of small dogs
Daisy Mae
Daisy has had a tough road already as a puppy. She had to undergo heart surgery at around 3 months old. Now she’s four months, almost five, and going strong! She’s so full of energy and is so loving.❤️ Thank you for voting!
wesley is a 1 year old cocker spaniel, lab mix! he loves to play fetch and cuddle with his humans. ❤️
Milo Perez Chiu
Hello my name is Milo and I am a 8 month old Border Collie/Lab. I am energetic, playful and love to cuddle. I like to play with my toys, take mom for walks and chew on my mom’s and dad’s hands. I also love people and all the attention must be on me!
Nino Prince
Hi my name is Nino I am 12 weeks old, I love to eat, sleep 💤 and cuddle. I’m the baby in the family I weight 3 pounds check me out on Instagram Nino_Prince
Daxton is an adorable chipoo who loves to hop not run. He may only be 3lbs, but do not let his size fool you. He thinks he’s a Doberman stuck in a tiny little body. He loves to cuddle, run wild, and give lots of kisses ❤️
Charlie is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd pup 💙 he loves to play fetch and gives the BEST snuggles & kisses. Charlie is very special because he came into our lives during a tough time but being around him you can't help but smile🥰
Miracle is just simply one of the best Pitbull bully dogs around she loves kids , and is very playful and full of energy .. She loves to follow you around and keep you company or if your sick will stay by your side until your better .
My breed is a Great DaNoodle. I’m a goof who turns upside down when I get excited! I love everyone I meet! I’m the best girl you’ll ever get licked by! 103 pounds of pure joy and playfulness! Instagram Pookie_the_great_danoodle
My name is DIVA & my name certainly fits me. Lol I’m sooo spoiled. Very friendly loves to loved. It’s my way or no way. Very energetic and ohhh so smart.💕
Pumpkin loves naps and treats!! She’s the bestest girl ever and is so loving.
Penny Lynn
Penny Lynn is a spunky little girl. She just learned to sit for a treat!!!
He is a 4 month old American bully I’ve had him since he was 5 weeks He’s a very loving gentle dog love attention an people
King Louie
Diamond Bowen
Diamond is 4 yrs old. She is known to be a little feisty but has a big heart. She loves a lot of attention and loves to play..and is definitley no slouch when it comes to going outside. She is full of love and fun
My name is Bandit. I’m 5 months old. I am the biggest couch potato you will ever meet and the best cuddle buddy to my human parents! I love playing at the park with friends and going for walks. Chasing my cat brothers around the house is my favorite!
He is very sweet, energetic and playful amd he loves to make new friends.
Shadow is the name, swimming is my game. If I’m left outside in the backyard for more than a couple of seconds you know where I’ll be the swimming pool. I’m really loyal to my mom I even sit at every door so that they get opened for me. I love when I get to go to the dog park and try to flirt with all the lady dogs. Wherever we go I always follow my mom around and she never has to control me because I listen to her so well. I’m such a happy fur baby.
Nala Girl
She is a big loveable silly girl.
She a very hyper 5 month yorkie. Nova loves to cuddle and is very friendly
Lil bit is a small chihuahua who has been through a lot in his life. Hes very comforting on hard days and loves to cuddle. He would love to win this contest for his mama and friends and to help with big brothers hair cuts and vet visits.
Biscuit is a pitbull/mastiff mix. He's a very lovable baby who loves to play with his little humans, and he's the world's biggest couch potato and the world's biggest cuddle bug to his little humans. Also he loves to run around and play tug of war.
Hello my name is Sauske I am a 1yr German shepherd.I love to play with my favorite toy 🧸 teddy. I am a big goofball,friendly,and loyal.
Delilah is a fun, loving 9 week old puppy and she loves to nap! She loves spending time with her mom and dad playing with her favorite squeaky toy Bunny!
Hi my name is Gracie! I am 9 months old and full of energy! My favorite activity is to play fetch with my hooman. I’m currently in training to be a therapy dog! I love belly rubs and cuddling with my mom! Please share and vote for me!
Hi I’m Dunder I was adopted in April. I love toys and snuggling with my dad. As well as wearing bandanas. I enjoy long walks. I love spending time with my cousins
Kenai is around 5 months old! His first owners were abusive. He was really skinny and was left outside in the cold for the most part. Now he’s with me and my boyfriend and he’s so happy! He’s getting bigger day by day! He loves naps, kisses, and has a heart for babies! He’s been training with my boyfriend and now knows how to sit, lay down, roll over and paw! He loves tug toys and will always sleep next to me when lights are out.
Hi i'm apollo i like playing fetch and playing in the snow my favourite season is fall i like to pick up leaves and give them to people i also like getting treats and spending time with my humans
Kyber Krystal
Hi! My name is Kyber Krystal! I’m the sweetest German Shepherd, and I’m only one year old! I love playing with my frisbees and my hoomans!
I like long naps, squeaky toys, cookies and spending time with my family
I'm Zeus, a 14 month old mutt! My mom was found on the side of the road, and she was brought into my owner's workplace where she had me and my siblings! She lost use of her back legs, so my mom wasn't able to care for us. My owner has had me since day one! I'm a reminder of a patient she loved, and she loves me just as much. I love chasing after tennis balls and rolling all over the couch. I love popping bubbles and I jump super high!
Hi 🐾 My name is Maisy! I just turned 2 but don’t let that fool you because I still have the energy of a puppy. In my free time I like going to the dog park and cuddles with my mom.
Pudge is the warrior of our pack and hes very peotective of our property and small dogs. He has the best nature and extremely smart! Toys are his favorite things!
My Benji is a rescue dog his past owner left him all alone starving and not sure if he was gonna survive. I adopted him and got him back healthy and he is so lovable and loves to cuddle and give kisses