Baby Stories - 20


Chet is a Saint Dane mix. He is a couch potato. Loves to watch tv with Mom and Dad.
I am Lady, named after the cute dog in the movie “Lady and the Tramp” because my parents are a huge Disney movie fans. I am 4 months old🐶 and I love going on hikes with my mom and dad. After all I am a Colorado girl🐾
Named after Teddy Roosevelt a great American.
Ollie is the sweetest and funniest doggo. He loves to cuddle, play with his toys, go for car rides and play fetch. He loves people and cats he’s really friendly.
Monroe is the sweetest little monster you will ever meet! She may only be 9lbs but she loves to play with the big dogs. She is super social and even more loyal. Truely one of a kind.
Snickers loves to play his ball, and his rope he loves family, and protects his family.
Sweetest boy until 9pm, then he turns into a demon dog!
Dior Roxxi
Dior is a fiesty Diva that loves adventure,smooches,spa days,car rides and....Naps A Diva needs her beauty Sleep!!
I’m cheif! I love my boats rides and my dads crocs. I get my morning cuddles with my mom. I get to go on kayak adventures to night fishin!
Whiskey is smart and sweet, loves to cuddle and spending time with his human brother. He has his own child like attitude when he wants, teen years and all!
Loves people, is very friendly to everybody, loves the beach so adorable!!
Cute puppy
Scrapperton-doo I
Scrapperton-doo the first is the regal pet of a wild, 5 y/o. He loves being outdoors, smelling flowers and barking out orders to the neighbors. When he’s not fighting crime with his boy-o and the Paw Patrolers, he enjoys long naps with snuggly blankets, binge watching Bones and his Auntie Brittany. Life’s good.
Perkins is the sweetest girl. She loves morning snuggles, going to work with me in my home office, playing with tennis balls, and watching Disney’s original Lion King film - and Netflix’s The Witcher. 😉🐾
Gemma is The Boss in our house. She’s fully of fire and sass and has more nicknames than I have shoes. My personal favorite is “Righteous Gem-Stone”.
Sullivan is a spunky, fast, loving, curious, and loyal Pugster. He is 1 years old and fills our days with love and purpose. Winning this contest would be great because then we could pay down some of his vet bills.
Callie Rae
Callie loves car rides and treats and tubby time and playing with her two sisters 🥰
Winston is my emotional support animal. I have never met a dog so in tune to my emotions. I would have died last year with out my bestest boi ! Please vote for Winston.
Skye is a Rhodesian ridgeback aka the Lion hunter. She and her siblings were rescued from a junk yard. When we saw her we knew she was the missing piece to our family. She is the sweetest girl that can make any bad day better. She was diagnosed with valley fever a little over a year ago and we have been battling it daily. Most days you would never know there was anything wrong with her.
Sally Mae
Sally Mae is the sweetest dog!! She loves to lick cuddle and play fetch !! She is also very protective and lets us when someone is around
Alfie is a fun loving little guy! He loves to cuddle and get ALL the pets! He stole our heart the moment we saw him!
She's adventurous and loves meeting new animal friends!
Millie Mae
Meet Miss Millie Mae, Millie for short. Millie is a seven month old, black lab mix and is the sweetest little lady. She adores her Momma, her Daddy and her big brother Joe (the cat). Millie loves to go on walks, and be with her humans!! Millie hopes to be a therapy dog for children one day ❤️
She is a sweet loving girl. Loves to play with other dogs and kids. Gives lots of kisses. She can be extra snugly. I was fortunate to find her 6 months after I had to put my 1st Rottie Deja down. She has been my saving grace. Because of them I'm able to live a life of comfort and safety. Couldn't ask for a better baby girl. She loves kids and other fur babies. She is my gentle giant. Her heart is full of love and happiness. She is my shoulder when Im sad. She is my favorite hello and hardest goodbye.
💙Alpha puppy 💙Big personality 💙Expert Marker
Comet loves to dig and jump fences.
Hi I’m remi, I am the little girl I just love to cuddle and give kisses. I love to roll over my back for lovings on my tummy and I just get along with everyone and anything. More pictures below to get to know me
Hi I’m ru and I’m tell you a little about me. I love my mommy and daddy more than anything, ill go to war for them . I’m very intelligent yet so goofy all in one and I’m also like a grandpa if I’m not sleeping im taking things way to serious . I’ll be posting more pics down below for you to understand his personality more .
Love my family and friends! I love walks on the beach and around my house. Also, I love to play with new toys and have treats!
Gabe The Babe
Gracie loves to snuggle and stays right by my side. She’s a true companion! She loves wearing clothes and going places. She’s very sweet and brings our family so much joy ♥️
Prince is a very energetic 2.05lbs boy. He loves his toys & food but when he sees anyone putting pants on the leave he tries to take them away and hide them under the bed. He’s very loyal everywhere his owner goes he’s right behind her at all times.
Boo Bear
Just a bottle fed baby.... Born on September 5th 2020..... His mommy Bella Bea Passed away after give c-section.... 😢 he loves to suck on his blanket n babies and he love to play with his daddy Mojo..!! 🐾🐾🐾
Cashew; cash for short born Christmas day, Besides a natural born pup model, cashew is an extreme athlete who is relentless in the game of catch. He is a beast, And a baby. Like his mama lol. And his favorite food of all time is pepperoni pizza.
Hi, my name is Bella and I love to go on walks, and I love to play with ice cubes and chase birds.
Hennessy is loving, playful puppy, that loves to play fetch already ( at 8 weeks old ). He does nothing but show you how much he loves you. He loves to cuddle. Please vote for Hennessy so everyone else other me can see how loving he is… As you see some of the pictures he’s being a cuddle buddy/love bug
Princess is the most affectionate cuddle bug ever!! She loves eating and can never sleep without a blanket over her whole body nor can she sleep without her favorite hoomans cuddling her:) the best thing she’s known for is growling when she’s excited
Cooper is a 6 month old lab/Shepard mix. He loves to eat the couches and loves his mommy!!! He's hitting 80 lbs at 6 months old! He loves his stuffed animals and his gf Toaster. And we love this giant baby!!!
Kaia is a pug/Chihuahua mix. She always wants to be close to someone and loves to cuddle with us and our 5 month old daughter.
I’m Charlie I’m a crazy boy that loves running around , chewing up all my toys and playing with friends! 🐶
Brooklyn loves to play, he’s very affectionate. He loves to stand on his two feet, he’s such a great addition to the family, we all love him so much
Nellie Rain
Nellie Rain is just another beautiful pup from my home town Cordova, AK. She is a silver lab and is as sweet as she is cute! Her personality is the best! She has never met a stranger and is such a spunky goofy girl. We love her.
This is my 6 month old puppy cooper! He’s a crazy puppy who loves running around and chasing his tail!
Foxxee is a super fun loveable girl! She loves to play, give kisses, go check her flower pots every morning, shes super photogenic and extremely loveable.
Very wild crazy girl! Loves to run the yard, play with kiddos and other animals ❤🐕
My name is Axel, my favorite activities consist of sleeping, chewing on my teether toys, howling and yipping at my owners, attempting to play with my older cat brother, and following them everywhere. I love to nibble on fingers and love those belly rubs.
Magic is a year and a half old. He is sweet, sensitive and loves to run, play and swim! He loves people and is always up to meeting new friends at the dog park! He is the best playmate to my 2 children and he is truly my husbands best friend! He loves peanut butter snacks and cuddles at the end of the day. We are so lucky he is part of our family!