He loves to pose for his picture to be taken
Duffy is the sweetest cuddle buddy and is my best friend.💕 My husband and i adopted Duffy from a rescue 4 years ago and he is the light of our lives. He is 4 years old and loves to play, cuddle and go on walks. Please vote for Duffy to help with his vet bills. 😊
Rip is a Bluetick Coonhound and Australian Shepherd mix! He loves being outside in the sun and is very loveable! He loves playing with other dogs and is loved by all who meet him!
Rocks And Pebbles
Rocks is a rescued Australian cattle dog from North Carolina who is one of the most laid back cattle dogs ever ( he has what we call a lab personality lol) he is always chill even when he's zooming all over. Pebbles is from Alabama and is ALLL cattle dog lol she's always on alert and always following her people to make sure no harm comes to us. She's almost always doing some type of work or playing but when she does settle down she curls up like a little fox and burries her face under her tail and curls as tight as she can. Both are amazing members of our family pack
Dusty is a 4 month old Corgi Poodle. He is from Dusty Washington. Full of energy but loves to cuddle. He lifts my husband's spirits who's battling cancer.
Melody is a 9 month old German Shepard/ Husky mix. She loves going for walks and playing with all her toys. She also looks after her big brother when he is having seizures.
Nibblit is a baby even though she is 14 years old she loves to play with her human daddy and cuddle with mommy she has a very strong personality gets what she wants everytime
Lucky is such a sweetheart he is a protector and he loves to play rough
Ace is the most sweetest, loving pup ever! He loves to play fetch, he loves to shake “hands” with you when you ask him, he loves to check on his human family & he adores his new human baby sister & his toddler human sister! He is so smart & likes to talk back to people!! Oh & he’s VERY photogenic❤️
Dini is a sweet and lovable boy, he loves anybody he meets. He’s currently in training to be my service dog.
Tiny 3 1/2 months old small but, she has a BIG attitude and personality but still small enough to put her in your pocket! She would really appreciate your vote
Millie girl loves playing outside, meeting new people, cuddling, car rides and of course treats. 🥰🤍
She is very protective of me she loves playing with her stuffed animals if she wants to be petted she will come up and give you some love by laying her head on your chest
She just turned 16 a couple weeks ago, my little old lady <3
Anjel loves to go on car rides fed her favorite treat Wagon Train and cuddle with her mommy and daddy!
Duncan And Crimson
Duncan and crimson are both rescues who are bonded .adopted 5yrs ago these 2senior boys are just so smart Duncan atv25 loves life and crimson demands belly rubs and is baby like these boys brought so much joy into my life
Hi I'm Snoopie. I am a blue heeler english setter mix, i am 9 months old and was just recently adopted from the Humane Society. I love running around in the backyard, being mischevious, taking naps, going on car rides and playing with my favorite toy Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I don't like baths, following directions, being left alone (as i have severe separation anxiety) or wearing clothes. If you vote for me it would go to buying me more toys and treats😁.
Kyah Jean
Kyah is a spoiled princess! But adores her fur baby brother Kobi
This is Baine. He is a 6month old German Shepard Rottweiler currently weighing in at 75lbs. He thinks he is a lap dog and has no sense of his size. He also love to race in and jump in the tub every time he hears the water turn on regardless of who is already in there.
Kobi has officially joinded our family he is amazing loves is sister Kyah but trying to be the boss lol hes perfect!
He thinks he has to be included in everything, he loves everybody, gets along well qith other animals and lives his treats.
Koda is the sweetest "little" girl. She is such a love bug. She has been through a lot in life. We have had two ACL surgeries and now we are fighting lymphoma cancer. Koda is such a fighter.
Niko is the sweetest dood i’ve ever met!! His favorite thing to do is play ball and go get pup cups! He loves beef liver treats!!
Oakley Mae
Oakley is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. She would make friends with a stranger, she sleeps all the time and lives outside
Emma is a very nice dog she loves to share her toys and loves going outside!!❤️
She sit like a person and sleep like a person she eat at the table she very smart and she loves to play and she love to go by by and she loves every body
Hi!! My name is Flynn. I am 9 weeks old I am a red heeler and pit Bull mix. I love to play soccer and go on jeep rides! I love to play with my brother Dexter! He is a cat! I am super fun and loving. I am so smart too! I know how to sit, lay down, roll over, sit pretty, boop, & fetch! I love learning it’s so much fun! I hope to get your vote!
She loves to cuddle as much as possible and loves to be spoiled.
Milo And Teddy
Milk and Teddy love going on car rides and letting the wind in the fur!
Teddy Bear And Milo
Two brothers that love being outside and playing.
Oscar is so amazing. He is a trucking dog but is also a certified service dog. He’s very smart and loves people!
Presley is a half wolf and Siberian husky mix. He is the most sweetest, loveable, loyal, and best of friend to know. He loves to dress up, act silly and be himself! Presley will be by your side at all times, even when sleeping, he will be there to protect. 🥰🤎💙
Gizmo is a very loving dog more human the dog does not like meat but he will grab all the snacks and hide
Kayla loves walks bones and food
Loves treats, taking walks, cuddles, loves to play with his sister and his favorite toy.
Loves to chase squirrels
Bluey the newest member to our family he is the sweetie thing ever! We are so blessed to have him apart of the family..
He likes to chew on his lamb chop.
Paris is a 1 year old Yorkie she loves the water and loves to play with all of her toys💗
Bolt is 9 weeks old and very feisty. He lives to chase his ball and cuddle with his people pets. His best friend is or cat kisses.
Bella likes rolling in fresh cut grass, long walks and going to people parks aka stores which are much more fun than dog parks. You can follow her and her brother at Bella__Benji on Instagram.
Churro is a pocket bullchizer she is one of 4
Benji likes bugging his big sister, taking lots of naps and backyard zoomies. Nicknames include Benney, Benito, Benitos. You can follow Benji and his sister on Instagram Bella__Benji
Hunter loves his daddy, car rides, tug of war, and eating anything that doesn’t try to eat him first. He is a character for sure
He loves playing fetch, and he loves his people. Opie is a wonderful representative of the bully breed
Buddy is the most loving dog. He has so many health issues but still doesnt let it get him down. Loves attention LOVES food, and loves to chew up things. He is a rescue but he rescued me 100%. Hes my everything. And everyday he makes me laugh. One of the sioest dogs ive ever met.
He’s a rescue dog. We believe we got him from a puppy mill he’s the cutest dog I’ve ever owned. He’s an English Black Lab he’s so full of energy and a great pup
Chance loves to play he loves to watch the kids play and he loves to protect the kids as well hes a very good dog when it comes to people being sensitive and he sure is such a mama's boy.💙