Nova is very photogenic
Mylah Mae
Mylah is a fun loving little girl who loves to use her 90lb German Shepard friend as a chew toy. She can sit, shake, lay down and is only 3 months old.
I love all things food. I enjoy long relaxing scratches and rubbings. Also, I like to talk to crap to the neighbors dog every chance I get! When I get really excited I sound like a horse.
He is so loveable, friendly and very spoiled!
Hi my name is Braylee. I am six months old. My breed is a cane Corso. Also known as Italian mastiff. I live in North Carolina. I have two moms. They love me so much. I am very spoiled. I love to play outside and run around. I love the sun. Suntanning at the door is my thing. Please vote for me.
Zeppelin is absolutely full of energy. He is a wonderful loving dog. He loves attention and giving his all every single day. He needs training and this would help!
Zoey is a Blue tick- coonhound
She is also one spoiled little girl! She likes to copy her sister Gigi! What ever she does Bella has her do it first and when it turns out ok then Bella will then do it to! She is my little chicken who is scared of everything! But I don’t mind because I get more cuddles that way!! She says ruff! Ruff! Ruff! (Vote for me)
Gigi is one spoiled little girl! She loves playing with her toy balls and going outside! I think if we had an automatic throwing she would run and get her toy balls for 24 hour and never sleep if we let her! She loves her sister Bella they run around playing all day! She says ruff! Ruff! Ruff!(vote for me)
Stellllllaaaaaa! Enjoys her kid pool, playing with her brother, Max, and being center of attention.
Max is a very special dog to our family. Max loves squeaky toys, loves our cat, and enjoys swimming. He loves rolling in the grass and laying in the sun.
Jack loves his peanut butter and bones! He’ll snuggle every night with his family and play all day long with all his toys!
Kona is a 3 month old Husky. She loves to play with her toys and loves to be held while giving so many kisses.
zeus is an energetic, yet shy pup. he loves long car rides and swimming in the lake. he loves to play with all of his toys… he has three big toy bins full and he knows exactly which one he wants every morning! he wakes up and gives big cuddles all around. he loves to sleep right next to me, his sissy, in bed every night. his favorite TV show to watch is america’s funniest home videos, especially the dog park segment! he protects his family from the scary amazon man and is overall just a cute mix of Boarder collie, German Shepard, Australian Shepard, and golden retriever! please vote zeus! he would give you hugs!!
Gunner is a 10 month old pit/cane corso mix! He’s very shy and timid and frankly scared of everything. But he is a sweet boy who loves cuddles! He likes to destuff any fluffy toy!
This is my boy Nico. He loves playing fetch and giving kisses ❤️ I take him everywhere I can! I keep calling him my mud dog lol
Lila is a spicy Scottie Terrier. She can be a little mouthy, but love to play and snuggle. She's our first little girl but plays tough with her brothers.
Harley is a fun, loving, and chill puppy with a whole lot of personality.
She is sweet
Cannoli is the most sweet goofy girl. She loves playing on her splash pad and digging holes.
Angel Baby
Angel Baby is the sweetest, most loving, beautiful puppy and she's pregnant, we're not sure when she's due yet, but if anyone wants a puppy, please feel free to message us on facebook for more info! 😊 (fb: Dustin Taylor Hill)
Beau is 5 months old and is a German Shorthair Pointer/ Husky mix. He loves macaroni, chew toys, and giving cuddles!
Hugo loves to play ball. He love his treats he love playing with his kitty sisters. He’s a cuddle bug. He loves his mommy and daddy.
Hi I am Gunner, I am 6 months old. I Love to play with my ball and my duck! When I run I hop like a bunny! I haven’t learned my vocals but I am getting there. When I am being bad I give mama and dad my sad puppy eyes so I don’t get in serious trouble but I do it so I can get a treat! I love playing outside with every animal that I can find except I hop away and chase bugs until I get it.. Then I eat it. When it’s bed time I hop in bed and sleep right on mama and dads head. 🐶🐾
Eli is a sweet spoiled fur baby. He loves his papaw and spends most of his day waiting for him to get back from work. He loves snacks and naps and will take any blanket and claim it as his own.
Hi my name is Edward, I am named after a great man that pasted away before I was born. I'm 9 years old. I like to go for walks and play fetch, but I never bring the toy back. My best friend is Colbin, and I love when mom comes home and lets me nap on her.
Rosie is a fun, loving pittie with boundless energy and happiness. When she’s not busy sleeping, she’s wagging her tail and waiting to give BIG kisses! She’s my first baby and a cutie 🐶💕
Oliver loves to play with his Newfoundland family and snuggle with his humans. He has many favorite toys.
Kevin is a rescue pup who was taken away from mother at 3 weeks old . He is the sweetest boy. He now loves on a beautiful lake and gets to go swimming and boating every day
Hi! My names Tank 💙( My mom also calls me Tinky ) I really enjoy walks with my mom, trips to the dog park and trips to the store to pick out new toys! But I don’t think anything beats napping with mom except maybe when she lets me chase the lazer light I have yet to catch. 🤷‍♀️
Spunky girl who just wants to play for hours. Will keep you on your toes for sure
This crazy girl right here is the light of my life and my little tornado!
Sophie Hope
Sophie loves to sit at the screen door and barks whenever the neighborhood’s children come down the road. She loves treats and sweet potatoes. She LOVES little kids!
Koda is loved so much. He's very energetic always loves to play and meet everyone and anyone! He loves attention (attention always has to be on him) he also looooves food and to Cuddle! Just look at him isn't he the Cutest!!
Nash is a 6 month old pomsky who is basically a mini husky! He’s a mamas boy and loves everyone and everything. His favorite activity is howling or playing with his brother who is a cat!
Archey likes to stuff as many toys in his mouth as he can at once. He loves to snuggle and he is such a good boy💙
She loves being outside running around in our big yard. She loves it so much she made her own race track in our grass that she runs every day. She is a big girl but she thinks that she's a lap dog as has to lay on you. She loves cuddling and playing with the family.she carries our kids puppy from childhood around like it's her puppy. It's funny she cleans it and puts it next to when sleeping to keep an eye on it.
He loves being with people and getting their attention. He will lay on you and everyone. He loves being in the sun on the deck just chilling outside with his family.
Malibu is a energetic pupper, she loves her treats, she loves kids, she gets the zoomies at night when i take her out before bed!! Vote for malibu
Sunny is a crazy goofball! she loves to play and eat anything that is hair or socks. she is 10 weeks old and is growing bigger and cuter every day!
Sadie May
Sadie is a lab mixed with pit she is about 8 weeks old and she is very playful 💕
He is such a fun and energetic pup! He gets the grumpy and lazy dogs to play. Dakota even smiles when he’s excited!
The sweetest, dopiest boy you’ll ever meet! “Hi I’m Tito! I may be a big pup weighing in at 52lbs already but i’m a cuddle bug. My older brother beats me up even though he’s ancient 🙄. I hate baths so mom has to carry me into the tub (maybe I just like the lovins😉), PB is my favorite, and my favorite activity is picking on my 10lb mutt of a sister (even if she hangs off my ear sometimes). My dream is to be a therapy dog when I grow up & visit hospitals! Thank you for voting 🙂🖤”.
Karen Elizabeth
Karen Elizabeth is named after my mom that passed away! She is so smart, funny and just all around a great dog! She loves to snuggle and play!
Rip’s a seven month old Berner and Ranch dog.
Roxie was found at a graveyard covered in ticks and fleas. Now look at her so spoiled rotten. We love her so much. Such a good girl
bluey is almost 2 years old. He loves outdoors but can’t go a second without me or my mom with him 😂