Copper is a Cavapoo! He is so much fun. He is full of energy. He has a great personality and always is making me laugh! He is so sweet and a great dog!
Brody loves to go on walks he loves his daily exercise ! Brody loves to swim 🐾.He loves to eat ! Brody doesn’t like bathes Brody also doesn’t like vegetables !
Hazel Bear Harris
Hazel is as EXTRA as a dog can get! Fun loving, full of energy and spunk!
Apollo is a mix of Rottweiler, Pitbull and Dalmatian. He loves going for car rides and walks as well as throwing his toys in the air and napping. Apollo is such a sweet boy... hes been such a blessing to me, im lucky to have him as my best bud!
Lara is such a wonderful girl! She is so gentle and loving ❤️
Nova is 6 months old and is the most perfect girl you could ask for. Nova loves playing fetch and eating duck feet. Nova is her humans best friend.
Izzy is a one year old Alaskan Malamute/German Sheppard. She loves life and everyone she meets. She's silly, stubborn, smart and I adore her.
Beaufort is my grumpy old man, he loves to sleep, play with his toys and chasing all the wild animals.
Hello, I’m Moose a chocolate lab. I’m almost a year old. My ears are only for decoration, never listening. I love toys, my favorite are 🎾🎾🎾. I love going on big adventures with my family, and hate being left alone. If you think I’m the most handsome boy please vote, thank you!
Daisy is a very energetic dog . That wants to play ball all the time. She’s sweet and cuddling . And she loves her daddy very much . She’s a very loyal and loving dog .
Lily is a very energetic, sweet, loving dog. She's a great snuggler. Lily loves playing with her ball, long car rides and going for walks.
This is moose he is a rescue that came from a very bad situation but now he is living his best life he loves to run and play but he like going out on the trail for long walks
Boone was abandoned with 3 other siblings in a dumpster around 4 months old. He is now a 1 year old having the time of his life! He loves to play ball and take car rides.
Sussy Barka Ohio Skibidi
Sussy Barka Ohio Skibidi lives in a cave near a lake. He used to have a twin but he consumed him outside of the womb. He isn’t a very interesting thing but his favorite food is the feet of babies. He also won an award for his gorges face. Please vote for Sussy Barka Ohio Skibidi so he can afford to move into a bigger cave so he can store more babies in his toes.
Honey is a very sweet and caring dog that knows how to do many dog tricks and is friendly to all ages. She loves to play and fills the place up with joy. She is a true buddy. She is super kind to others and intelligent. I hope to win this contest to keep her due to certain circumstances, thank you kindly to all who support much love‼️😊💗
Rosie is a 3 yr old min pin.
Kylo is a sweetheart, full of energy and loves people. Enjoys being outside and mostly riding the excavator with his daddy. Kylo also enjoys putting smiles on the faces of the residents at our local nursing home and sharing his hugs and kisses.
Cricket was given to me as a gift for my 21st birthday. I had a Dalmatian who I believed was my “soul” dog who passed away a couple months before cricket came. Instantly cricket was attached to me, and seemed to subdue all of my anxiety and stress I was dealing with on a daily basis. She has always had my back and been by my side through alot. While doing so she she would show nothing but unconditional love for me (and food lol). This dog has saved me in many ways, I do not deserve to have her in my life but am so blessed and grateful to.
I am Bandit i loves to nap & go on walks...thanks for your vote.
Thor is a sweet baby. He loves loves lovesss his toys. Cuddles are his favorite. He will smile for anyone.
Bailey is very active and loves to watch the birdies outside but never far from her humans side.
Cute dog
She will always be missed.
Jaher is almost 2 ys old black lab. He came in to my life when i lost my chocolate lab. He keeps me on my toes for sure. He loves to play ball trys to catch birds, loves to swim and play with his buddy sunny. He is a bundle of joy
Diesel is a very energetic and sweet boy . He loves playing with his sister and older brother. His favorite thing is to play tug of war with his brother.
Toby is a very well behaved boy, he loves playing with his toys and puppies
Sunshine is my service dog and best friend ,she is always happy ,and ready to make me laugh
Millie is the happiest and friendliest puppy. She loves everyone she sees. She is training to be a psychiatric service dog. Give us a vote.
Scout is full of energy loves the outdoors and a ball is his best friend he will play for hours chasing it. He definitely has his own attitude and is a cuddler when he wants to.
Winston’s a big cuddle bug loves to go on rides and loves his people and is full of energy.
He’s a big baby loves his mom, treats and loves to run and play he’s full of energy and a big cuddle bug.
Sadie Mai
“I’m just a baby” I enjoy living with my humans and playing with my toys. I am spoiled for sure as I always get a pup cup when we go to town. I love car 🚘 rides.
12 year old pitbull loves people being out side toys and just being a dog hes a friend and most of all family
Hawkeye is a sweet boy. A true gentleman. My service dog. He loves carrying everything. Loves retrieving the king or balls. Loves swimming. He is a Grand Champion has many obedience titles as well as hunting and working titles. He has his CGC which stands for Canine Good Citizen. I love him so much.
Jada loves riding in the car with the windows down. Will do anything for a treat, but who wouldnt. She loves her cuddles and snores like a grown man lol but wouldnt have it any other way. Shes been through alot with me and I love her like shes my kid.
He is the goofiest dog and loves to cuddle and is a shark dog loves to play in the water
He is super sweet
Everyone meet Lady pooh! Shes the sweetest and most adorable when she wants to be cuddled or loved. She likes to play and run around the yard as fast as she can. She always wants to greet anyone who comes by and the first to greet me after a long day of work. Shes the best when it comes to hugs! Please vote fir Lady pooh 😘
Dixie is the sweetest thing ever, she has a great loving personality and shes very smart, shes definitely a mama's girl and she loves a good hotdog, if shes not so hungry at the time she'll go bury it for later!
Hi! My name is Peanut or as my Mom likes to call me Chubbs of love! 🩷Maybe because I love to eat! My favorite thing to do is go on cruises in the 🛻truck in my booster seat. Safety first! Thanks for the vote! 🩷/Peanut aka Chubbs 🐶
Gabanna is the Mama Bear, she is a loving charming Frenchie, also carries an Exotic Chocolate Brown Color
Papi an Exotic Lilac XL French Bulldog who loves playing with baseballs ⚾️ He is also named after Big Pappi( Boston Red Sox) player!
Chapito is an Exotic Chocolate Brown Frenchie, that loves pictures and always looking clean and cute!
Papi is named after David Ortiz “Boston” Red Sox baseball player, because a XL Frenchie and he loves baseball’s and always has one in his mouth wanting to play all times.