Baby Stories - 2


He is a rescue dog he is so sweet kind and loving he’s scared of loud noises like thunder but he’s so pretty and he’s one of the best dogs I’ve ever met!
Levi Ackerman
The most spoiled dog with a unique character. Thinks he’s human and will certainly voice his opinion 🥰
Chloe Alexandra Brittain
Chloe is a very spunky brown and white parti schnauzer. She is currently 9 weeks old.
Zumi Angel
Zumi is my sweet Angel 😇 . She loves to play with sticks and eat ice cubes. Born in May of 2020 during a pandemic. She is an amazing pup with a huge heart. She loves everypawdy.🐾🦴🐶💕 Zumipuppy2020 🐾🐶🦴💜
Hi my name is Vader! 🙂I’m an 11-month old pitbull terrier. I like barking at birds and chasing my tail. My ears are always up because they’re like satellites to protect my pack.
Peanut is a dachshund/pappalin mix and is 3 months old. He is our baby. He is the lil brother to two cats CeCe and DirtyFace.
Thor is a male purebred Shih Tzu and is 9 weeks old. He loves to bark at our cat and run circles in the living room. We would love to have your vote!
This is Bailey our little chocolate miniature dachshund. She is 3 months old and loves to snuggle. She is very smart and has already learned new tricks like, sit, roll over, lay down and she will even play dead but with a wagging tail. Going through her teething stage is a challenge. She loves shoes but only if feet are in them, so walking can be difficult. She's such a little character with a lot of energy.
Milo is a year and a half and is such a cuddle bug. Loves his treats and has so much energy to play with children.
Hank is a 6 year old boxer! Who loves to play, and has the most goofiest personality. he loves surrounding himself around people he loves and cares about . He may look mean but in reality he is the most sweetest boy ever! Vote Hank!
Paisley is a 2 year old Golden Doodle who loves to be goofy and have fun. She loves to play ball and snuggle with whomever she can climb on top of.She sure is a Sweet and attentive girl.
Smoochie is a 12 year old pug who loves to nap and eat treats
Miller is a 5 month old puppy who loves her the outdoors and her big sister, Smoochie
Diamond Is A Very Sweet Girl! She’s Full Of Life And Very Smart. She Love Playing With Other Dogs, The Doggie Park Is By Far Her Favorite Place To Visit.
I have several nicknames:Little Man Max, The Bone Collector, The Max Factor, and gentle giant. I am a European Doberman and I weigh 125 lbs. I love my humans and my sissy Cleo so much. I also have lots of babies(stuffed animals) and my mom is so proud of me because I do not rip them to shreds.
Hi i’m Cookie! I am a Bagel-Hound (basset/beagle) and i love to take long naps, meet new people & run around with my brother Archer! I make sure to greet all humans & animals alike every time i see them, and love to bask in the sun on bright warm days!
A playful puppy rescued from Alabama she’s so smart and is a great jumper! She’s fearless
Holly is a 7th month old blue heeler. She loves chewing on any toys, sticks, ect. She loves people and loves going on walks or to the dog park.
Love when people come to my home! 💟💟
Sweet and playful. Follow her Instagram Rescue🐾
I took Archie in on January 31st 2019 after I received a message from a girl I went to school with about a puppy that had been left on the side of the road. It was love at first site and he has become such a huge pet of my life! A cute fun fact about him is that he wont eat a bone whole, you have to break it in half for him.🥺🥰
Bella And Babies
Bella is a beautiful 4 year old cream golden and her babies are 3 month old cream and golden goldens. They are all 3 so sweet and loving.
Was a stray in Texas and now loving his new home with us since Christmas Eve. He has never been happier.
Bailey is a short haired miniature dachshund. She is living her best life, sleeping on soft blankets, and sharing joy with her best friend Dutches(our other dachshund). She is a cuddle bug, wants to be tucked into bed with you. She likes to act like a big show at first, but knows deep down she the little dog. She loves to chase lasers, and lights reflecting off your phone. She loves to spend time outside, especially when other animals are out. She has one crazy personality for sure!
Dutches is a long haired miniature dachshund. She will be 3 in July this year! She is a sweet, and silly dog. She will let you dress her up, and pose her for pictures. She loves everyone, and she shows that by licking you to death. She is our most energetic dog, and will run you to death. She loves playing outside, going for car rides, and going for walks. She loves lasers and soft squeaky toys. She howls for someone if they aren’t close by, or when we “leave”. She is living a happy life with her best friend Bailey(our other dachshund).
There is NEVER a dull moment with her she brightens up your day with her funny personality! Boy is she spoiled too 😁
JIG-SAW is a rescue he loves to kayak and spend the day at the beach enjoying some fun in the sun. In his down time he loves to listen to music and take lots of rides. Most of all he has a big heart and loves to give his mommy kisses and cuddle. 🐾💜
Tootsie Lou
Hello, my name is Tootsie lou and I'm a 2 year old she bully, I love to go for walks with my mommy to the mailbox, cuddles on the sofa, and water bottles! I have other toys but water bottles are my favorite! I can't run outside because I don't have any front paws, I was born that way, but it doesn't stop me from playing with my little brother and getting his ball away from him. I'm super fast! Please vote for me, I know how to rock a fancy dress, always on my best behavior, and always friendly to anyone I meet. Snuggles and kisses are what I do the best! Mommy says I can make anyone sad, feel better❤️
Marshall is a quiet, loving, old soul. He loves his family and is always walking behind the kids making sure they are safe. He also LOVES to chase RC cars :) Vote for "Macho"!
Nova is a rambunctious, loving, mischievous olde english bulldog who's best friend is a rabbit names Jar Jar Buns. She loves sleeping with her bunny, playing tuf of war, and harassing the other dogs. Vote for Nova!
Keely is an eight year old golden retriever. She loves has endless love. She may be one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.
Tucker is the biggest baby he’s really like a toddler, he hates being alone and I’m pretty sure he’s scared of the dark... he LOVES jumping on the trampoline with you, he doesn’t like any green vegetables, he loves to snuggle and be carried around like a toddler he’s a fanatic for car rides but only wants to sit in the front seat in someone’s lap. He trusts his family with everything cause no matter what he’ll always rest his full weight on you. Tucker is literally the biggest baby you could ever meet but he can be very intimidating to someone who’s never met him but once you do you can never fall out of love with him
Honey is 10 years old. She is actually my grandmas dog that was originally mine. Found her back when i was in middle school. She was left on my neighbors porch in a shoe box. I had to bottle feed her she was so little. So very spoiled by grandma.
Abby is just the sweetest baby in the world🥰 she was the smallest pup of the litter and she is just so lovely to everyone❤️She also has cherry eye but she handles it great😍🐾
Juno is going on 16 years old. He is a husky coyote mix. One of the sweetest dogs even having coyote in him. Hes very small and sheds double the amount of fur. Dont ever make a sound no barking or howling.
Sunnny is a pit lab mix. Shes a really good girl. Was also a drop found in the country with nothing but a flea collar on. Shes 90lbs of muscle and is a scared of everything. She is going on 5yrs old.
Benito, aka Bad Bunny, is a 3 month old Mini Aussiedoodle. He’s so unique! He has one black leg and half of his eye is blue! He loves when mommy cleans so he can try to play with the mop.
Scooby is a rescue that i got 2 years ago. Found him in the country he was a drop off. He is jack russell and chichuaua. Hes very smart and loves treats. Gets away with alot with his grandma.
Hi, my name is Ben! I'm a Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix. I'll be 3 yrs old on April 20th. I love going on walks & playing ball with my humans, but my favorite thing to do is cuddles with my mom. My favorite treats are puppachino's & string cheese. Please vote for me!! Puppy kisses from Ben. 🐾🐕🐶
Freya is a 5 month old yorkiepoo. She loves to play ball and ride in car on our shoulders with window open.
Hi, I’m Duke. I am 1 1/2 years old. I was found under a bridge about 4 months ago and now I’m living a good life. I love giving cuddles and being outside. I have vary bad separation anxiety and I would greatly appreciate your vote
Ronin is a two year old Boxer mix who loves to get his picture taken and to play outside.
Chloie is a rescue. She was saved from an abusive household. She is a very loving little girl. She follows me everywhere I go. A grateful little girl. I’m so glad to have her.
Judas Kane
Judas Kane is a bicolored Aussie with ticking! He also has a rare marbled eye! He is smart as a whip and incredibly loving.