Baby Stories - 2


WASN'T ME?!?!?! So hard to get mad with Angel when she looks up at me like this...
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Ziggy love lounging around, smiling, and of course cuddles! He is a rescue and has been through a tough time so i just want him to live his best and happiest life <3
Roscoe Joe Simpson
Roscoe loves bring me all of his toys while im taking a bath. He drops them into the bath so I can play!
Max is the Alpha!!! He loves his mama n daddy!! He is the best protector n friend any human could ask for!! He loves his pool and trampoline and his ropes!!
Bear is an American pit.. who has a lot of energy!!! Loves playing with his brother n his mom!! He also loves the trampoline and keeping watch out the window!!
Dixie is a pit-shepherd.. she is a awesome mom n protector!!! She loves her babies n food!!! Dixie is a good girl and very loved
Hera is a wonderful dog, she loves to play ball, play with her toy monkey. She knows her commands very well. One of the best things I love about her breed is she is very protective, and looks out for her sisters in the household. She knows when and where they are at all times..
Hoss is a Tri-color bully.. Hoss loves the trampoline and stealing shoes.. Hoss also loves playing with his mom n Brother and showing his Alfa side!!!
Ruby is so sweet and loving. The biggest baby with the scariest bark! She is super welcoming and wants to be by your side 24/7. She loves the attention and is a complete diva at times. Vote for this baby because she's beautiful!
Sampson is a 12 week old Great Pyrenees Mastiff . He is as soft as he looks and has 2 extra toes ( 6 toes on both back paws ) His breed is known for having an extra du claw on the hind legs for walking in snow .Sampson was rescued at 3 weeks old with no mom . Now he has a mom , a dad and 2 human brothers along with an extended group of human family that helped him survive and have a loving home . He is a bigger than life puppy with big puppy paws and a big puppy heart . He is extremely intelligent as is all Great Pyrenees breeds . I can’t believe he close us to be his . ❤️
Hi I’m cooper! I’m a 7 month old Saint Bernard! I love to play fetch and chase my tail!! Please vote for me!! And go follow Mo’hog farm on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll see me on there!!
Lilli Mae
Miss Lilli Mae, was such a sweet hugger, lover, and beat friend. She loved playing, her frisbee was her favorite toy, or her balls. She loved everyone, but grandpa was her favorite. My sweet babygirl ❤
Maggie is a pit mix pup with attitude. As you can see she is beautiful. She is 7months old and full of energy and sass. She loves tug of war and chewing on everything. We love her and her sass.
Diesel is a year and half years old, he's a German Shepherd/Husky. He loves to go on walks, he loves to play with the grand babies.
Hi I’m Hurley. I’m a Frenchie Chihuahua Mix and nothing but Love. Please vote for me! Please note we do not agree with cheating and bargaining Votes. So don’t ask and people make this fair.
Diamond is a 10 year old lady who loves to sun bathe, Her favorite thing to do these days as a senior dog is to lay in bed while her mom works in the office, She still loves to run around and play on occasion but she prefers treat time !! Vote for DIAMOND
Sasha is a rescue from the Dallas Animal shelter, She loves running around with her human siblings, trotting around the house with socks and playing tug a war! She is full of energy and loves to snuggles when she has had enough for the day!! Vote for SASHA!!!
Archer was brought into our family, as a companion for our Husky mix, Lapua. He is a gentle giant, full of snuggles & slobber. His eyes are so inquisitive as he wants to be right in the middle of everything going on!
Spice is a perfect example of a snuggle bug couch potato lap pup; her favorite activities are chasing outside cats, barking at strangers and demanding her treats. She has endured a lot in her little life; but overcame it all and is cancer free today alive and living life to the fullest--beat the odds!
Lapua is a compete goofball. He loves to play with his toys, eat treats, & be spoiled rotten day. As you can see in the photo, he is a very happy boy!
Hello everyone my name is zeus! I love to meet new people esp children and make friends. I’m super sweet and love my daily hugs from my mom! Vote for me!
Baby is the sweetest and gentlest fur baby I have. She was 4 June 28th.She loves to play with squeaky toys, ropes and puppies. She loves to ride in the car and go out for ice cream treats. She absolutely loves children and people but hates other dominant female dogs. So often this breed is misunderstood. Let’s show Baby Girl the love she deserves.
The most beautiful Bloodhound her mom has ever seen
Toby is 13 he love to play with his squeaky toys! He loves to follow my hubby around the house, Toby is his shadow! Toby is well loved by his family ❤️
Hello, I’m Allie and I’m 5 months old. I am a miniature golden doodle and I weight 9lbs! I love to greet everyone I see with kisses and tail wags. Tricks are my favorite!! I love to sit, beg, shake, lay down and I’m learning to spin!!
Hi, I’m Ginger and I’m 4 months old!! I love all kids, squeaking my toys, snuggling with my humans and eating!!
Hi, I am Dozer, I am almost 8 years young. I’ve been through a lot, but that won’t stop me from being one of the best doggo in town. I love rides, treats, cuddles and hikes with mom.
Jack is very photogenic don’t let the innocent look fool you Just kidding he’s a lover and a cuddler and really the perfect pet
She is a loving outgoing puppy who loves to play with her ropes and tennis balls very loving and Cuddly when she wants lol
Zaagiin is full of energy and loves to play fetch and get snuggles!
Sullivan is 2 years old! He loves to play with his kitty sister and other puppy friends!
Bailey Button is a 12 week old German Shepard-PitBull mix. She came into our lives at 6 weeks, and has been stealing people’s ♥️ ever since. She is extremely lovable, loves to cuddle with her mommy and daddy, loves to play with her toys, her favorite toy Gumby. She loves to take naps with her mommy. Ever since we got her she’s been such a blessing in our lives, she has been the easiest dog that I’ve ever owned, she was house trained by the time she was 7 weeks old. Her favorite thing to do is sleep, and when she’s not sleeping she’s running laps around our house. She loves to eat, especially the roommates cat food. She was a little scared of just about everything, but she’s broken that cycle and loves everything and everyone. She’s just our little baby, since I am unable to have kids of my own. I love this little baby to pieces
Ellie Elizabeth
Ellie is a 10 pound toy Aussie who loves her mama , her daddy and all of her toys she loves getting in the swimming pool during the summer and loves to play in the snow during the winter ! This will be Ellie’s first pageant and she is super excited about it🐾💖
She loves people more than anything, loves to play, super active.
I’m named after the famous Portuguese Explorer: Vasco da Gama. I absolutely love cheese, and am heavily motivated by food!! My best dog friend is a Husky named Titus!
Ruby is 1 year old. She is goofy, loves to play, and she runs her laps everyday. She loves to snuggle 💕 and give kisses.
Peaches is a one of kind dog and once in a lifetime dog. She's a best friend to me and a protector to my children.
Nova loves to hunt and play with his little brother Jax!
Jax loves to be around his big brother Nova and big sister Brooke! He loves to pheasant hunt and run!
Fred is a fun loving, silly dog he thinks he's human & plays like a puppy. Fred is 10 years and 7 months old. he loves to hide under the covers and he loves pickles! He is a mix dachshund and beagle.... a doxle if you will .... I've had him my entire adult life... he loves me and i love him more than anything in the world!
She's a happy cute puppy that loves peppers.
Helurrr! I’m Izzy and mommy says I’m the sweetest baby girl ever! Im 9 months old now and I'm living my best life!! I love squeak toys, I love people and other dogs too! I just want all the lovins all the time! I'm very protective of my mommy though, she's my best friend! Please vote for me, I’m the cutest! 🐾♥️
Jagger is the sweetest dog, with. BIG personality! He’s very talkative and loves his family and beef jerky is his favorite snack!
Hello Im Loki, I love being close to mom. I know how to sit when told too. I spin in circles when I hear the food bag. I want to be every dogs friend.
CheeseCake is a Formosan Mountian dog that I rescued almost four years ago. She came home with me the day i lost my grandpa and we became each others safe place. She is a smart, loving, and sweet baby.
Kc is a 10 month old American pitbull terrier, who loves his family. Loves yoys hut chews them up quicky he is our sweet boi. But our protector too.
Sweet and fun loving, brings smiles to people’s faces every day.