Baby Stories - 2


The K in Kchuck is silent. I love boots and outdoor play.
Unique Maximus
He is our Russian Imported stud boy he is silly and smart so well loved and all mine to snuggle.
Fiona is super sweet, and learning to do things. She’s 4 months old, let’s help her win!
Hi I’m ace I love being held, you could say I’m clingy lol 🐶
Loves giving and receiving hugs and kisses❤️Very sweet lil baby but don’t try and take her treats she shows you who’s boss then lol
Coco loves to cuddle and like a earm fire, she loves watching the ID Channel.
Naveen loves to snuggle and get kisses. He also loves to play dress up and currently has more outfits then momma
Buddy loves to swim can’t keep him out of the water he is a grandmas boy definitely a Marley dog acts just like him he eats socks he’s had gorilla glue he gets into everything but he is a lover
Hi I’m Blaze! I like treats, squirrels, and zoomies! Everyone always tells me I’m beautiful so here I am!
Hi im Luna 🌜 I'm a Shihtzuyorkie mix 🐶🐾 I love outdoors🍃🍂🥎, kisses 😘, and cuddling 🫂
Charlee is a 19 week old Blue Heeler. She loves to play with her big fur brother! She has a ton of energy and enjoys playing in her pool! She loves all kinds of treats especially doggy ice-cream!
I'm very cuddly i love my mama i absolutely love belly scratches and i always give you a smile
Sasha Bella
She is a sweet dog who loves to go for long walks and playing with other dogs,and digging.Sasha also likes her squeak toys.Please vote for her.thank you
Moxi loves to play in the snow in the winter and in the summer loves to play fetch in a swimming pool. She loves the water and will try to jump in any type of water or mud puddle. I try to keep her from doing this because she is a white ball of floof. The hair never ends.
Sassy is so sweet, adorable and well love by her family. She loves playing with the kids and loves it when they hold her and rub her belly. She likes to chase the kids and jump in their lap. She just love to be spoiled and also to be the center of attention. She stands up on them leg for the longest when she notices that all eyes are on her. Sassy is our little bundle of blessings.
Bailey May
Bailey is such a sweet girl. She’s mixed with Coonhound and English Mastiff. She loves all people and all animals. Sweetest girl around. She’s also very protective of her home when she knows someone doesn’t belong there.
The whole family loves me I am very calm and affectionate
Bennie belongs to a friend.... Just thought he was the cutest dog...and a great photo....Was hoping to surprise him if Bennie wins...
Hobbs is a snuggler and when he ia not snuggling he is wrestling with his brothers! Big wet kisses and little puppy ruff housing.
Shes a playfull bloodhound pup.
Leo Birthday falls on Valentines day he is friendly he has a sweetheart very playful he loves to do lots of tricks
Nita loves long naps and just being in the middle of it all. She wants all the attention when she wants it; any other time she just let you pet her and she’ll walk away for a nice nap or snack 😂.
Cypress is a long haired registered mini Dachshund. He loves playing with his big brother gunner and being a spoiled boy 🥰
Mya is a mouthy siberian husky, who is a big cuddle bug and bullheaded
Madeline is 5 months old, the sweetest big puppy you will ever meet. Super cuddly, loves hugs and her family 😍
Good ol Fred here we rescued him from a kill shelter in Southern California back in June of this year ! He is a big boy who doesn’t know his own strength sometimes! He sure is a lover though
I wish I could sleep as much as this guy does !! He may be completely blind but that doesn’t stop him from living his best life ! He is 17 years old and still acts like he is a pup ! He thinks he is a tough guy when he barks at the wind or grass !
He loves sun bathing and playing with his kid ! He still thinks he is a lap dog and he can’t tell him he is not
i am Oreo. i love to give hugs and sleep next to my human at night. i love to run. i bark at deer to say hello. when i dont get attention i like to paw my humans hand to get her to pet me. i am super energetic and just look at me i am so dang cute.
I am very naughty and I love to play, run, search and discover new things
Don't be fooled by her cuteness, she's and absolute Gremlin! #dontfeedheraftermidnight
Honey is a 3 month old Maltipoo. She is playful and sassy and loving. She loves her toys and treats. She is spoiled but how can you not? She is well behaved when we go into stores and loves belly rubs
I’m a Border Collie And Lab Mix. Stella means star and I really do think I’m a star ⭐️ I need all the attention 💫🐕
Ratchet loves to cuddle and LOVES to give kisses 😘 he’s such a good role model and idle very loyal
Murphy is the cutest puppy ever! He knows how to make anyone smile and loves everyone.
Aero likes to play, hide under the bed and chew on everything!
Luke is a sweet 5 month old puppy. Loves to cuddle and bother his big cat sister 😂
Frida is a whooly Siberian husky, which means she has an extra layer of fluffy fur. It’s a recessive gene from both her mom and dad. Frida loves to play with her toys, she loves all dogs of every shape and size. She’s very social. At the end of the day, she likes to cuddle and fall asleep with her parents!
Micah is my sweet little man, he loves traveling, and the ocean.
Kloe is a 5month pitbull princess, yet a queen in training. LOVES, LOVES PEOPLE AND OTHER ANIMALS!! Is subborn, funny clumsy, combine.
Hey everybody! My name’s Memphis and I LOVE making new friends. If you want, we can hang out by the food bowl and fill our bellies. Then, when Dad and Mom aren’t looking, we can run outside, SUPER fast, and dig in the cold dirt. It’s my favorite game. Mommy calls it “Memphis! Stop digging!” Once we do that, we can play with my five brothers and sisters. Their names are Maverick, Millie, Mylo, Marlie and Mowgli. They’ll love you too. Well anyway, thanks for coming by! Maybe we’ll be friends soon🥰
Hi! My name is Alice, Al for short but my mom likes to call me stinky cause i don’t like to have my teefs brushed. I was recently adopted by some chick who was VERY adamant about adopting ME from the CNYSPCA due to my upbringing; you see my old family didn’t love me... they left me outside my whole life tied to a tree. But my new family loves me so much i get all the booty scratches and belly rubs i want!
My name is Gunnar and I am THE best boy! My favorite hobbies are going hiking, fetch, swimming, and sniffing EVERYTHING. I love belly scratches, training, and spending time with my mom and dad. I am very very spoiled with lots of toys, belly rubs, and going to doggy daycare to play with my best friends.
I’m moe and I will eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on the floor , I love jolting out the door when my mom comes home so she chase me for 2 miles while the neighbors wonder why she is running and I will share my favorite toy with you all the time I just want to be ✨appreciated✨
Stinky and afraid of water but she sweet tho
Oakley loves doing her zoomies around the house and playing with her favorite monster inc toy also loves to be rocked to sleep like the cute fur baby she is
Sunday Rain
ALL VOTES WILL BE RETURNED 💕 Cute and cuddly! She loves to be under blankets and trips to the beach. ☀️🌧 Let’s exchange! We will gladly accept advanced votes 💕 💕 💕Thank you! 💕💕
Frankie is a one year olde pitbull/husky mix (aka pitsky). She is super athletic and loves to be active, but is also one of the biggest cuddle bugs around. She also embraces her husky side, howling is kind of her thing.