This is my big old baby Harley… He is a big brother to Remi and loves to do his zippy runs across the yard and his favorite thing of all is to play fetch… he has this mastered better than he has his bladder mastered… he can catch the ball out of this air and bring it back asap…. He and remi are both on raw food and that gives him the energy to run and play and be the champ he is will always be the baby in my eyes… I 💗 my little man and he has the shiu tzu personality down to a tee… just love him to pieces….
Brutus loves party time , he loves treats, walks , car rides and he absolutely loves people !! He’s the biggest, sweetest baby ever !
Delilah is just not a dog she is our daughter. She has several tricks not a lot of hair and will never leave your side. She greets us upon arrival and loves to look out the window.
Seven is the most loving pup ever. She has yet to meet a stranger. She is a great companion to our family and loves to go on play dates with her friend, Sunday. She also loves to go for car rides, as long as she gets the front seat.
Nash is very energetic and very sweet He enjoys teasing the cat and enjoys snuggling under the blanket. He is such a good boy and deserves to win
What can we say about Rocky? Those that know him, Love him! Or maybe that's just me! My daughter saved him from a drainage ditch, it was cold and he weighed about 2.5 lbs., he was about 6 mos old at that time. We have had him for a year now, he weighs 5 lbs now, still spins in circles, but we love him and he has gotten better, he goes everywhere with us, he loves to go for car rides. I hope you all love him as much as we do! Please VOTE for him!
Bella is the princess of the house, she lives walks, being brushed and cuddles. She has all the personality and attitude of a husky.
Honey Rose
She is the happiest, smiliest girl who loves adventures and meeting new friends ❤️
His a ham lol thinks he a big dog he the alpha of two huge pitbulls lol he loves playing try to catch me
Diamond is almost 6 years old and she’s a very smart and sassy little one ✨ shes all about the out doors and loves people! Also loves her bacon 🥓
Miller is a big brother, to a 9month old little boy! He loves to eat his brothers snacks 😊
Max is a 7yr old basset. He is my husband’s absolute best friend. He loves to go swimming, running after sticks, sun bathing, and even tollerates mommy taking cute photos of his adorably long ears and face hes such a sweet boy
Gunther is a energetic, happy 1 and a half year old German Shepherd!
🤍💔🙏🥺My heart goes out to all those in Texas! So sorry this has happened to your families! Prayers to you all 🥺🙏💔🤍Hello everyone, I am not doing too many exchanging, all advances please ask first thank you. I can use advances that I can return starting august,just make sure I don’t owe you already from (xavior or Ariana) I cannot except advance for may, june, July as I’m now full. rocky loves playing with his human brothers and his big fur sister . He might be small but he protects his family and loves to play❤️
She’s a very loving, crazy dog. She’ll cuddle you till the end of time or steal your food. Just depends on how she’s feeling that day!
Ellie is literally the doggie version of the 7 dwarfs all combined haha! She never fails to make someone smile.
stella is very protected over our family she loves to play and follow where ever we go
Oakley is a very playful dog, he is about a year old. He loves chasing birds outside an going for car rides. He is very playful an happy. The best buddy to cuddle with at night
Shadow is a very loving dog. She makes my days brighter when my days are looking down. She loves to smack your arm with her paw when she wants a treat and smiles while she does it. She is one of the best dogs I have ever had.
Hi im paco i love to play and really love to snuggle and be loved on
Cena is a cuddling little guy that thinks he's a gaint. Extremely protective of what's his (house, yard,family). Loves to run and play.
Miley Mae
Miley Mae is a 5 year old shih tzu poodle mix. She loves going bye bye with her momma and knows the word treat very well, even when we spell it. Miley is the boss of the house and keeps everyone in line. She is the best and sweetest little girl, well most of the time lol.
Allison is my dogs full name we call her ally she is a husky/black lab she loves to play out side and loves the winter
So Trigger is a BIG boy who thinks he’s a lap dog, he’s definitely an A/C baby and HATES water for some reason😂 but other than that he loves his best friend Aries which he’s a puppy in this photo:)
Aries here is a Black Lab, Red Pit-bull mix, he is very loving and kind, loves to share his toys with the other three dogs we have, loves chasing butterfly’s but never hurts them and loves meeting people at our gate. He’s almost one and loves to cuddle, he also thinks he’s one of the big dogs like my Great Dane;)
Echo is a 3 month old Chocolate lab, he has multiple pet siblings, and 3 human brothers.
Whiskey is a loving dog that loves kids and is amazing
He love to play and treat
Bailee is the sweetest little girl ever! She has 5 siblings and loves them all! One cat, one turtle and two bunnies!
Tink meets us at the door to welcome us home every afternoon. He loves his belly rubbed and loves playing with my kitties.
Milo is the sweetest boy. Loves to cuddle and run like crazy. He's a toy Aussie. He has survived parvo as a puppy. He's the only one that made it out a 6 pups. He's my miracle baby.
shallow is a puppy who has helped me with anxiety! this is the sweetest loving dog you will ever meet! help my baby win ❤️
Princess Elsa
Princess Elsa is all heart, She loves to cuddle and is the first to offer her love when your having a hard day.
She likes being held
He’s a year old mountain cur catahoula leopard mix! He’s the sweetest most lovable and cutest dog you’ll ever meet! He’s never met a stranger! He also has a big personality!
Java likes catching snowballs, peanut butter, and the woods. A prodigy of sorts, this little angel started crushing agility training at 7 months.
Bella is an 11 year old Maltese Pomeranian mix. She loves her tribe fiercely and expects to be included all day every day. She loves long walks in the park, going to Barnes and nobles with her pawrents and massages.
Teddy is 2 year old miniature red poodle! He enjoys doing anything as long as his family is right there with him (Covid Pup lol). If you ever run into Teddy expect lots and lots of kissses !! Teddy is a very loving and loyal pup and is always excited to take on new adventures :)
Luna was adopted by us last fall. She absolutely loves the outdoors chasing rabbits and swimming in the pond. Luna adores kids but can be a klutz sometimes. She isn’t a full Husky she is mixed with an Akita.
Nola is a Miniature blue heeler who is super hyper and amazing to be around!
Buddy is a goofy lab, blue heeler, mountain curr mix, who just turned one and loves to eat loafs of bread when you take your eye off of him! He also loves to watch his uncle play 2K and trying to eat dandelions in the yard while running.
Bella is the smartest dog we have ever had. And she LOVES her treats!!
Tucker loves squeaky toys, he will take them from our other dogs and hide them under my bed!!!
Rocky is a balll of energy but takes time out to wash ears of his sister's. Loves squeaky toys and walks
Frankie loves to bury herself under blankets, kiss her baby brother and eat all the string cheese she can mooch off of you! She’s a snuggly, goofy, stubborn sausage filled with immense sass and unconditional love.
Loki loves... His littermate and best friend (they play weekly), his Paw Patrol toddler bed, car rides anywhere, and of course his Mommy.
Milton Hershey
Milton Hershey is a 3 month old aussiedoodle. He is a rascal, full of energy, keeps us laughing as he chases ice cubes!
Emmy Doodle
Emmy is a little Diva!!!! She loves warm baths and loves to cuddle!!! She will give you hugs and kisses to make you feel better sweetest doodle you’ll ever meet she loves everyone!!!! ♥️♥️