He's feisty and loving all at the same time and he has his tongue out most of the time. He loves to lick with no liquor license. Gotta love Felix ❤️
Sammy is a 12 year old Yorkshire terrier. He is wonderful with children and loves to play. Sam can do all kinds of tricks,he also likes to play fetch with his whale
Hello, my name is Mazzie! I just turned 4 years old. My favorite things to do are play with my stuffed animal babies and chase squirrels out of my yard. I also love eating pupperoni treats and taking naps under my blankey.
🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑PLEASE DON'T VOTE TOMORROW 2/3/23.!!!!! I AM GOING TO BE IN THE HOSPITAL 🚑🚑🚑AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN VOTES!! I WILL RETURN ON 2/6/23. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND! THANK YOU AND HAPPY FRIDAY FROM CHANCE AND MYSELF!!🥴🥴🥴🤕🤕 STILL IN THE HOSPITAL WORKING ON VOTES, BUT HAVING A HARD TIME VOTING**Votes given without me knowing are considered gifts**** **********ADVANCED VOTES******* ******EXCHANGE VOTES***** Everyone welcome *** I keep detailed notes on who is voting and who I'm voting for** ***If you don't receive your VOTE message me below!*** *** I'm human and doing all the votes myself!!*** LET ME KNOW ON MY PAGE!!! Chance loves the outdoors. He likes to run and play. He also kicks back in the bathtub. My buddy is so funny. He is so helpful. Goes everywhere with me. Chance is also a support dog. He has been trained by me to help me when I am ill. Thank you to all that continue to support Chance and I. We look forward to see all are furry friends win!!!!
This Sweet boy.. is the BEST of the best! Spud L❤️VES hangin’ out with 13 Grandkids he has 💋for them ALL!! I couldn’t have asked for a better Best Friend ❣️
Hi I’m Willow, I am an ESP (Emotional Support Pet) almost 9 months old February 8th, Loves to play and nibble on you. I am in training right now, to keep my owner calm and feel safe, my sister is blind in one eye the other eye is getting bad too being pretty old in age. I’m learning to take over, I hope that won’t be anytime soon, and hopes she can teach me so much to help my owner.
Lexi loves to learn new tricks, she is so smart and beautiful.
Millie is a blue Merle Aussidor (Australian Shepherd and Labrador). She is such a loving pup and has been so easy to train. Just a bundle of love and loves to be loved.
I adopted skye 4 months ago and she is the most affectionate and cuddly dog. She loves to snuggle with her astronaut stuffed animal.
Rescued Anna at 3 months old from box set out with trash, she is one the best dogs ever, her personality is unique, she started sitting pretty 5 days after I got her and does many other actions that keep me laughing and loving her more than you could know. My baby
Hey guys! I mean WOOF!! My name is Murray and I’m just a wee baby Dane! I love to play with my 2 siblings and get warm snuggles from mom and Oma 🐶 I will never say no to treats and pup cups 🦴☕️ YOU should vote for ME so I can buy all da treats and all da warm weather! ❤️‍🔥🌞
Everyone needs a little kryptonite in there lives! He's survived the evil box on the side road we found him in as pup. He survived his first runaway. He survived his house fire in 2021 and has survived choosing me as his pup mom while still maintaining his energetic hijinx with the comedy and undeniable love he brings into my life and everyone he meets everyday. He really is my kryptonite.
He is my baby loves attention
Sadie is a minn pin and winne dog mixed we call her a Minnie Winnie she was the runt of the bunch momma didn't want to feed her so we took her raised her on a dropper first and then a bottle I was going to raise her enough to get rid of her and that was 13 years ago she's part of our Family now
Zeba was born on my friends birthday in 2017 and gave birth to 2 litters the picture was taken outside but she didn't stay outside all the time
Hi I'm Blaze! I'm a purebreed dalmatian! My favorite thing is chasing a ball and running around! I also love getting getting treats and lots of belly rubs!
Mitzi is a little rescue who had been badly abused and neglected. She was all skin and bone when I got her. She has health issues and had to have most of her teeth removed. She has very bad cataracts and is almost blind. Please vote for Mitzi
Trigger is a friendly and loving dog, he just gets in the trash sometimes 😂
Boo loves to climb, just like a goat!
She loves to sleep, cuddle, eat and she’s definitely one of a kind. ❤️ she’s my sweet baby for life
Beaux is a big ole fur baby that will protect you at any cost.
Zuofu is a protector and a fierce ball driven psycho.
Chapo is one sweetheart, he loves to play around and especially with balls. Also his mother is actually one of my sisters dog so he is one of a kind
Patches loves the outdoors she is a very happy girl.
Jake is very vocal- loves to sing especially Irish music
Macy knows many things. How to roll over, sit pretty, stay, shake hands, lay down, and to leave a snack until you tell her its ok to take it. She is very lovable and a master at begging.
Boe is very goofy and hes huge! He doesn't know his own strength but he's a big baby!
Luna is super sweet and loves to cuddle. She enjoys the snow and loves jumping in it. She is learning quickly and at 10 weeks scratches at the back door to go outside! She is my whole heart ♥️
We will not chase your votes. We watch everyday for a long time. With that said you need to prove yourself for our votes no questions asked will not tolerate non returns we would like to be recognized too we are here all 2023 with free votes and trying hard for trophy 🏆
Dixie is the biggest goofball ever and can be very sassy. Overall she’s a very good dog 🐶
Im a sweetheart and loves snuggles! I also have a great personality! My momma and Daddy just adopted me! I'm still a puppy! I'm really good at being potty trained and if you call my name I come running up wagging my tail full of smiles!!! I love my Momma,she's so good to me and always compliments me everyday and tells me all the time how much she's loves me ❤️
I am 9 years old turning 10 this year! I'm very loyal and loving! Also love snuggles and cuddles and enjoy my bed my daddy made me ❤️I love my daddy!He's my best Friend!
Forrest is 8 weeks old and he is the sweetest puppy i’ve ever met. He loves to cuddle, play with the “big dogs”, go on many walks, and he especially loves to snuggle in his doggy blanket.
A hour old
Shes a loving loyal little dog with a personality of her own. Loves to play ball pitch it up in the air with her nose! Very happy and playful
Rocco loves to plays, he loves to be spoiled, and sleep with mom and dad
Rowdy is a rescue dog. He's a Jack Russell terrier mix. So affectionate yet wild when he lights up. Loves his play balls.
Bandit is a 2 year old Mixed breed puppie. Most people tell me he is a Maltese/poodle mix. He loves to play with his toy. And is still very playful but getting more love able as he gets older. He has brought lots of laughter to are home. We love him very much!!
Puddles is unique . He loves to watch tv and bark at the puppies. He turns his head side to side when U speak to him . When I put hands my over my face and pretend I’m crying he will get on my lap he whimper and give kisses . Puddles is so playful and loving
Lucy is such a lover...always ready for pets & snuggles. She absolutely loves her lazer light, chasing it & jumping like a rabbit to capture it.She loves her treats and will do anything to get She loves going to the creek, playing in the water & exploring the area . Give little Miss Lucy some love & Vote, Vote, Vote 😊 ❤️
Ozzy loves attention loves to play ,listens good knows his name very well potty trained and jerky is his favorite treat
Kingsley Vole
Roxi loves to play outside she likes going on car rides she love to play with her toys and. She likes eating pasto peanuts . shes a very loving dog she likes giving kisses and getting petted.
Phoenix is a Aussie, lab mix. She is about to be 3 years old! She is very talkative and just a wild girl. She has so much personality! She is also a diabetic alert service dog, and a very good one at that. She is obsessed with toys, especially her hot dog one! And she loves her brother(Pegasus) more than anything on this planet!
Pegasus goes by many names, mainly his middle name Phoster. But he is a very courageous, spunky dog with a personality I’ve never seen in a dog. He loves noodles like no other and will go crazy over his Dad(my partner)! He is almost 4 years old and a multi purpose service dog! He has been a service dog since he was 4 months old and he is amazing at it!
Smokey loves to cuddle and play with his toys with you he loves to run and play ball and play tug of war he loves everyone
Milo is our first Pomeranian/dog. He is a smart and energetic boy. He loves jumping up and down his beanbag, that’s why he learns his agility course training fast.