She is such a loving and outgoing companion who brings so much joy into my life. She absolutely adores car rides, exploring the park with her furry friends, and the beach is her ultimate happy place. It's the cutest thing ever when she cuddles up with me every night.
Adventurous Nala loves to play with our cats and interact with our children and watch Korean soap operas. Shes a Golden German sheperd mix.
Hes mommys baby and such a daddys boy he loves chips and can talk he says i love u and of corse he says momma .loves going on walks and loves his pink blankie ..
Champa or chomps loves to play tug a war, his favorite past time is chewing on anything that has a zipper!! He is definitely a mommas boy and he’s spoiled rotten!
Theo is a catahoula leopard he is a very sweet cute little boy and full of energy and loves to play
Always curiouse what his peoole are up to, this guy melts the heart of a few that has met him, vote this baby so he can shine bright like a dimand..
Baby Girl
Baby Girl is Pitbull and Sharpie mix. She loves her toys and playing with water hose. Loves going on walks. When she gets the zoomies watch out…… That Face !!! Looove her!!!!!
Scooby is my grandson Charlie is his daddy he is so precious and has the cutest lil howl
She loves going on boat rides any sun bathing. She loves swimming and being with her parents. She loves people and all animals. She has never met anyone who hasn't fallen in love with her. She has always been everyone's favorite little buddy.
He opens front door by himself,so cute 🥰 smart boy..he has to be right by us all the time ...
Jimmy Chew
Jimmy is a 1 1/2 yr old cocker spaniel that loves playing hide cans seek and playing in the snow!
This is Hazel she loves taking pictures she has so much energy.
Grazie is called Grazie because she is a little nut,always with a smile on her face. She is miniature pincher, cocker spaniel, and seven other breeds. Born handicapped with deformed feet and legs, but it doesn’t hold her back. She loves playing with our cats and sleeping with them.
His tug rope, He is a survivor ,was lost for 10 Days back in January and we found him he was pretty ruff but we got blessed that he's back
Kylo LOVES long walks, jogs on the beach, throwing a ball at the park, and meeting new friends. He is just so full of love and life ☺️
He’s so handsome!
My name is Jules and am the most loving, affectionate 8 week old little girl you will ever come across. At times I can be a little sassy girl up to no good when I’m following my sister / best friend, Ava’s lead which leads me in times into a bit of mischief. Even though I sneak in some mischief here and there, I am absolutely adorable when doing so. I love to spend time playing / roughhousing with my siblings, playing with my human mom, chewing on bones, and playing tug of war. If I’m not busy terrorizing my siblings you can find me snuggled up to my mom, napping, or both. I love to cuddle as I am extremely loving and affectionate with my mom, most often laying across her lap or offering her hugs and kisses. I am adventurous, smart, attentive, and for the most part fearless. I pick up on things very quickly and am easily redirected. I am almost potty trained, my only drawback is that I get cold too fast. I respond to my name, the word no (which mom seems to say an awful lot) and sit when asked to as I look forward to me reward which is a yummy treat. I am most often independent, sometimes like to nap to myself. I do an amazing job of communicating my needs and when I want attention and when I am ready, I am expecting you to be ready too! I am full of energy with equal parts of love and I steal the hearts of all of those around me.
Bernie loves to play and in true beagle fashion just learned the art of counter surfing!
My name is Ava and I am a sassy 8 week old little girl who loves to be the leader of my 6 siblings. I spend the majority of my day playing, roughhousing with my siblings, spending 1:1 time with my human mom, and napping. I like to chew on bones, play tug of war, earn treats, and chew on my squeaky toys. I am curious and adventurous, I most often show no fear and am always the first of my litter to try new things. I love to snuggle with my mom by laying on their chest, curling up beside her, or nestling up by her neck. I love kisses, especially if my mom cries as I am right there to smooch all over her face, always a guarantee to make her smile. Sometimes I like to nap by myself, in my puppy bed. I am very smart, a quick learner, and I pick up on everything right away that my mom teaches me. I listen very well and my mom is most often able to redirect me right away. Sometimes my sass comes out when my mom gets on to me for something I shouldn’t be doing as I will sass back at her with my cute little barks. Doesn’t last long though as Mom always wins! At 8 weeks, I am the only one of my siblings to be fully potty trained, respond to the word no, and follow simple commands. I am adorable as can be, but I’m not even close to kidding when I say I can be sassy, just ask my mom who always says that sometimes I’m almost like a little human.
She's a sweet little girl full of love n kisses.
Talk to her m she turns her head away from you like you talking to me. Sweet baby girl
Loveable n gentle very smart
Curly is a Shiloh Shepard, that's a mix between a Chow and a German Shepard and is the ultimate guard dog, as he is usually guarding the entire block. He loves my two little boys and of course his momma too.... (Me...) Lol. His favorite activity though is taking a ride somewhere, and ordering something from the drive thru , woof woof woof ..., or getting a chew treat , or a new scruffy stuffie toy to play with.
Patches loves to run around has a lot of energy what is a good boy
Koko loves the outdoors and playing w every kind of living creature except other dogs she enjoys playing or j7st lounging or cuddling
When she gets excited she jumps straight up,over and over again
River recently joined our family . He is so happy to be learning the ropes from his older sisters. He loves his fish toy. This is our first contest ❤️
Kiko is a 1 year old Yorie mixed chihuahua. He loves to play around our backyard with his human parents. He loves to sleep with us and waited until his human parents awakes before he does his business, he feels us when we are not feeling good and behaving himself like a human. I can’t wait what are other developments of his behavior while he is getting older.
Lola Peach
The most Amazing Golden Doodle, she very smart , great company for little ones , loves to run with me in the morning, very playful ❤️ So sweet loves to cuddle.
#1 butter eater/Americas sweetheart
Rosie is sweet and loving and really loves her hotdogs and sleeping
Rosie is a full blooded red and white border collie and loves the water and her frisbees
He just turned 1 February 7 2024. He has loved pouncing on dandelions since he could walk, he may be 50 + lbs but he is scared of mud, doorways, and tiny dogs.
Hi I am Cookie, I am very calm, subtle and nice, I love playing outside with me friends and chewing on bones and biting my little brother in the butt woof woof 😄 Hope you vote for me :)
Hi I'm Chappie !! I love to run around and chew my tail !! And my big sisters ears ! I love love love attention and people, people rock ! I get very excited, and love to play with my toys but I am a great listener, I know many tricks like, shake, sit, high five, sit pretty and many more. I even know spanish !! I hope you vote for me ❤️
She is a baby. and lap dog. wants to go wherever i go
Karma says "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" Evil Grin
Stella Mae
Stella is a wonderful Golden doodle. She's 1.5 years old and is the love of our lives.
He likes car rides, loves to cuddle. He really loves getting a message from his favorite person
Mj loves to ride and play, she's really just a big baby.
Stormi has the craziest wigglebutt you will ever see. She is a bursting ball of energy and fun.
Chocolate just in time for Valentine’s Day anyone? This sweet boy is Dallas Archer! He’s 8 weeks and the best little guy a girl could ask for! P.S. He does have shark teeth!
Mama’s girl 🥹 Loves her big sister Stella. Sassy.
Nala is a bundle of energy! She loves to run around and go for long walks. Tiring her out is a very difficult task. :) please vote for her! she wants to be famous!! 😁
Hazel Mae
hazel mae is a mini dachshund. she is a little cuddle bug who loves all the attention. she enjoys running around and playing ! hazel mae absolutely loves being outside.
Buddy is the raptor of puppies!!! Stomping around and chewing up everything in his path❤️❤️❤️
Ollie loves playing fetch, knows how to give high fives and sits when asked. He smiles when happy and he’s the biggest cuddle bug around.