A true helper, Alice is available 24/7 to assist her hooman. She is giving, gives up the toy she’s playing with to the older dog who just has to have it now. Cuddles, kisses, an outing, the beach or an afternoon snooze, this sweetheart is with you all the way. Her total happiness increases ours immensely.
Saber.....well, at 4 mths. old, swallowed his 9" rope toy and got really sick.😨 When we found out, he had surgery to get the rope back. The picture where he is lying down, shows his scar. It looks like a zipper! Now, he just has hard balls and toys. He also has a sucky blanket and stuffed toy that he loves! Saber was born with a few missing teeth.😁 You can see this in one of his pictures!
She loves playing in the snow. She loves everybody she meets. Loves her toys and loves sleeping in bed next to mom
Sassie loves to sleep on comfy blankets, take long walks and follow her mom around!!!
Baron likes to smile! Just ask him! He loves chicken flavored toothpaste! He loves his stuffed green platypus. His ears turn inside out when he runs! He gives great kisses! When you ask him, he will sit pretty and tell you what's on top of the house!
Zeus is almost 1 year old and still acts like a puppy, he loves this cold weather would be out all day if I allowed it lol,Zeus loves pizza he thinks he has to eat everything I do ,Zeus is a loveable big baby, but Zeus protects me that is his nature
Remy is the sweetest little chihuahua/pug mix around! He is tiny with a huge personality and loves to play just as much as he loves to snuggle 🥰 Remy is only a few months old and working on training currently to be the best boy ever!
Lily is a 6 month old Purebred Newfoundland Puppy!! Lily loves to play with her friends and splash in the water! Lily also enjoys cuddle time in bed in the mornings and at night. Lily loves the outdoors as well as going to dog day camp where she can play with other dogs for hours!! She is very loyal and knows when you are happy sad or in pain. Lily loves going for car rides and going to the dog park and literally anywhere she is allowed to go with us. Lily loves meeting new people and giving kisses and snuggles. Lily loves children she sees a little one she likes to go up to them and sit and wait for them to pet or hug her. Lily also enjoys going in to the nursing home and getting hugs and giving kisses!
Marty is the most handsome rat terrier. He has so much energy and loves to play with a big ball. Jumps on it and rolls it around. Pretty entertaining to watch. He’s the best!
Star is a 7 month old German Shepherd/Standard Poodle. She’s very playful and loving. Although she may be hyper, she’s protective and loves treats. She has a sister named Lola who she loves to mess with when she’s bored.
River is a silly little puppy that loves her cuddles. She looks just like a teddy bear!
Teagan Rose
Teagan loves to spend her days on my kitchen table ( it is a husky thing) looking out my big picture window watching the squirrels playing in the yard wondering why she cannot play with them.
Bear is my beat friend. When i set down with and start talking he looks at me like he understands me. And when i have him on his leash for a walk he takes his leash in his mouth and walks him self.
Sadie is very special. She like to talk alot. She likes most is her fav ball.
Life is ruff, for me! 🐶
Attention attention attention! I know I’m cute, and it makes my owner a huge softy!
Gigi is the sweetest and prettiest dog ever❤️ She loves people, cuddles, treats, and playing fetch! She loves to pose for pictures and can definitely be a drama queen
Mack is both a protector and scared of his own shadow. Fetch is favorite activity until his sister wants to play. He will cuddle, but he’d rather play. Loves to give high fours. So excited when his daddy gets home from work.
Arya is the most cuddly little girl I ever met. She will run up her stairs (too small to jump on couch) and jump right to your chest and snuggle. She also loves playing with her brother. She doesn’t bark often, but when she does you know she’s there.
Shes a people person she loves company but not too fond of the 4 legged ones she loves carrots and bananas and loves to bark at anything she 6yrs old .
Say hi to Lily! Lily is a sweet girl who loves peoples! When she’s not visiting her friends at the nursing home, she’s cuddling with her pawrents watching movies. Vote for Lily!
Milan is a cuddle bug and the biggest mama’s boy. Milan is very shy but is slowly coming out of his shell and showing everyone around his beautiful personality. ❤️
My favorite thing to do is steal my dads socks and toss them around the room
Theodore enjoys hiking adventures, cabin trips, and lots of food! His spunky personality, cuddles, and loyalty are just a few of the amazing qualities this mischievous puggle has!
The mailman knows my name, and I get free nuggets in every drive thru I go in. Older brothers rule 🤘
What he likes the most?…Me and food. Not in any particular order.
This is Buddy, found him on a dirt road around Sarben Nebraska, after a couple weeks of getting him I was able to walk again. He is a miracle dog and he is a cute little guy. The biggest heart ever and not a mean bone in him
Ariah is 13 years special to me she got clothes she acts human
Derby is a 9years old Chihuahua he waves he dresses up he very sweet and special
Taz Corral
Hi all, I am Taz corral i love milk bones, my owners tell me that I have such a heartwarming soul who is super good with children. I listen and always obey, i love head scratches and my two best friends whom are two goats aka dae dae and doe doe!
Buddy is a 8yr. old mixed breed who loves to be loved. Loves to play with his sisters and brother.
She loves to run around the farm and play with all the farm cats. Loves her humans even more!
Buster is lab and husky. He is 15 yrs.old. He acts like he is still a pup running and jumping around, unless he is relaxing. He loves attention.
Basia is a good girl she loves to give love boops with her nose. She love to be with me all the time. She is such a good girl did great in training class.
Lily Bugg
Lily Bugg, a lover not a fighter! Her daddy is what she loves most in this world! Her favorite thing is to get her butt scratched and have you hold her paw like you’re holding hands!
Ace is the happiest kid on earth. He is always smiling and always looking for a human to cuddle with. Ace is albino which gives him multitude of health problems, but he never lets that stop him from simply loving life.
Lady Fifi
FiFi is a playful girl-she’s only 2! She loves he buddy Fozzy Bear, but she is definitely the boss!💕
Fozzy Bear
Fozzy is a fun loving dog and it was so hard to pick a photo because he has so many! Especially with our cat and Fifi- his girlfriend!
She’s a pure bred Siberian Husky. She’s 5 months old. She loves her toys and being outside.
Shelby is a 1 1/2 year old English Cream Golden Retriever, she’s the funniest puppy ever, she loves to grab something and put it in her mouth anytime someone shows up, she loves trying to take blankets, and loves cuddles In bed with momma with her belly being rubbed.
Bella Bella
Bella is Trinity’s puppy of almost 5yrs now! I rescued her for Trinity when Bella was only 4 weeks old for Christmas! She has stayed by Trinity’s side ever since! They go from room to room together and neither one of them can go to bed without the other. I always find them in the weirdest positions! Trinity is high functioning autistic and tends to bounce off the walls sometimes as I call it and Bella has the exact same personality for sure! If we win, every penny would go to Bella & give her the pampering she desperately deserves!
Oscar is half Shar Pei and half long hair miniature Dachshund he was born September 15 2010 , I owned his mom and dad and I was there when Oscar was born, took the bag off of him and warmed him up and I’ve had him ever since he is small, but mighty💙
Idgie is half miniature Dapple Dashund and half shihtzu she was born February 9 2022 her nickname is Squirrel she has the funniest cutest personality she is a little dog with a big dog attitude
We adopted Bruce from a local shelter. He is learning more every day. He loves playing in the snow and chewing on his favorite tire toy.
She like going to nursing home
Scooby is 13 weeks, He is very active, loves kisses, and very loving, he loves to go on runs and walks, loves to play with everyone and gives the best cuddles and knows how to cheer you up when you’ve had a bad day
Joelle is 10 weeks,loves watching t.v she love Dora the explorer. She loves to play very loving dog
Emma is a 4 yr old , 4th generation pedigree, Long Coat German Shepherd. Her blood lines have been bred for Temperament, which has aided her in becoming an Awesome Emotional Support Animal for the past 3 yrs. Emma’s favorite toy is any small stuffed animal that Flys Through The Air ❣️❣️She sleeps with them, eats with them and will carry one around with her, just for the heck of it 😉Emma’s favorite treat is Peanut Butter ❣️Lots & Lots of creamy peanut butter on anything and everything ❣️Emma loves people , especially children & seniors and would really appreciate your vote 💞