Baby Stories - 19


Annie is an Australian Shepherd, who loves to spend her day on the farm. Chasing cats, rounding up cows, taking care of calves, riding in the tractor and the gator in the fields and finding all the mud puddles she can.
Duke is white and black. He is pit bull and hound dog. He is very goofy, loves to play. He also really likes to snuggle up and be a lazy dog.
This little man is a huge lover! He is so calm and good temperament.
Meeka is a bundle of joy. She lights up the room with her cuteness. Meeka loves wearing dresses and bows. She is super sassy and a beautiful little princess. She loves to get rubies in her belly. She is very friendly and kinda. Super well trained and well behaved.
Byson is an energetic dog that loves playing with toys. Very kind and super loving. Well trained & well behaved. Byson has a big heart that can give so much love! He is also the cutest pitty ever!
Love's to play with other dogs
He will be anyone's best friend!!
Gizmo loves people and dogs! Very lovable 💖
My favorite pastime would be running around like bat out of hell! But stopping occasionally to munch on a leaf.. okay.. all the leaves ;) and when not running about the leaves I nap and play with friends!!
Squeaky toys and mum's bed. I love broccoli for my lunch 😍
The silliest and most savage little boy. I love cuddles with mommy, sleeping like a baby & getting treats for being a good boy.
Hi my name is ezra i love going for long car rides with my mom and chases squirrels. Id say my favorite season is winter because i love winter. Im also a mom i had 8 puppies in apiril.
Nala Marie
Nala is going to be 17 weeks tomorrow, she is the love of our family and are only fur baby. She loves playing with her toys, loves watch the TV show Cops, and loves belly rubs. Please vote for this beautiful little gem❤
Bug was born the "runt" of the litter and she was born with deformed legs and a misalligned back. An even through all of that she has overcame it all and is the happiest girl. She is the sweetest girl in the world and loves her snuggles. She also snorts like a pig to say she loves you.
I love chasing crickets and playing with my favorite toy, ROCKS!
Mr. Obbie
Hi, I’m Mr.Obbie I’m a 120 pound pitty! I love to shake people’s hand and I’m always a happy fella and love to jump around like a rabbit! My mom gets mad at me when I ruin the Hay Bales but she don’t understand how much I love to jump around and toss it everywhere! I also love opening doors and scaring my mom I scare her at least once a week. I have a new baby sister that I am scared of because she is very little and little thing freak me out! My mom keep recording me running from my little sister likes it funny but I’m truest freaked out
I’m Roxy but when I’m in trouble my mom calls me Roxann! I love playing in the grass and bugging my big brother and sister! I love to sleep on my moms head at night, I know she doesn’t get a lot of rest because of me always needing to go outside to use it but she loves me! I’m learning to sit because my mom tricks me with beggin bits but as long as she feeding me I’ll sit
Hi i am Sakura, i am a very playful shiba inu. I love to judge my human parents all the time. I also love hanging out and running around the dog park with my other shoba friends that live near me. I get asked quite often if im a fox, and i like to think i am foxy looking.
Eros loves to gives kisses and make new friends. Barbie hair Is his favorite past time now that he is officially locked out of sisters room!
I love long walks and chewing up couches and looking out the window barking at everything and everyone that moves outside 😊 I also enjoy snuggling with my humans and getting into the kitchen garbage when nobody is looking. My favorite thing to watch on tv is animal planet’s pit bulls and parolees ❤️❤️I’m a very lovable guy so vote for me
She is lovable adorable and clingy
Meet Memphis!! I love to play ball 24 hours a day. I flunked out of obedience school lol. I love my family.
Leilani is a husky pitbull. She is 11 weeks old. She was born deaf but that doesn’t slow her down one bit. She is the sassiest little girl. She loves playing in the pool lounging around the house and playing with her big siblings.She is full of personality. And she loves snuggling with her gammy❤️
Hi my name is Gunner! I’m a black lab German Shepard mix. I’ll be a year old in January. My mom and dad got me in Las Vegas while they were driving truck and took me back home to Michigan. I love trucks. Playing fetch.
My name is Moon, I am a staffy and dogo argentino mix. I love going on car rides. I love pup cups and heated blankets. I’ll walk with you through a nature trail any day of the week. Mediation music puts me right to sleep. Kong balls are my absolute favorite, I play fetch & yes I will bring the ball right back. I’d love your vote 😊
Kamara is very adventurous and lovable! She loves to play and make lots of noises!
Little Rg
This is Rg!! The cutest little frenchie baby! He is just a little ball of energy who loves to go crazy and do zoomies up and down the couch all day long!
Hercules was adopted. Unfortunately his original family wasn’t being to good to him so i had to go and scoop him up! He is the silliest, clumsiest frenchie ever lol.
Tillie is 12years old. She loves slides and walks, she has 3 littles kids to play with that keep her young, Tillie is a very happy loving babygirl with two younger sisters (11) and (6) 🥰
My name is Mya and I am 11 years old! I love lakes and car rides! My mommy says I'm spoiled more than my two sisters but I don't believe her
Kilo loves cuddles and kisses. He was abused by his previous owners but that won’t stop him from being loving towards everyone he meets.
Benji is a Husky/Border Collie mix. He is super sweet and caring. We just adopted him from the shelter 2 weeks ago! Hes had a rough life, but things are much better for him now! We are loving life with him!
Bayley is a 9 week old, blue eyed beauty, boxer mix. When we first got her she was living as an outdoor puppy freezing cold, sick, and with lots of fleas. Now bayley is a happy pup that loves running around and playing with toys and chewing shoes. She also loves to sleep so vote for bayley and give her some attention please and thanks !!!
Sonny is a lovable golden doodle who loves to cuddle with his family! He loves to play fetch and chew his bones. If you vote for Sonny he will give you a virtual warm hug!❤️🐶
Bleu Ann
Bleu is a heeler mix. Bleu was adopted at 10 months old. She is now two years old. She is full of sass! Bleu loves to be outside listening to the birds and playing with her sister Belle.
Belle May
Belle May is two years old. She is a Lab mix. Belle is a spoiled dog who loves to go on car rides and adventures through the woods.
Dottie Jo
Dottie jo is the best momma girl. She mommas everyone if you sneeze she runs over to you to make sure you are ok. She is a good girl til the cows are in the back field. Then she doesnt listen. Lol
This is Zoot! A pretty big pain in my butt, but he sure is the best dog! All he wants to do is love on ya and lick ya to death!
Bane love playing in the leaves. He chases then every time the fall to the ground or the wind blows. He also loves playing get me if you can, and running with my mothers husky puppy. He loves cuddling and giving puppy kisses. His favorite toy is a little green squeaky monster. His favorite bones are the busy bone twists, jerky, and soup bones! He is definitely the sweetest most loving dog I could ask for!
Nova is a very sweet girl loves everybody loves to play with other dogs and gets along very well with cats..She sweet all away around!!.😊
Sandy is very smart intelligent and playful loves people likes to play with cats n other dogs if there not to hyper very close to me but loves her whole family likes to be the leader pulls on her leash if the kids get ahead loves to go for walks go fishing lol she’s great
Ace is about 6 months old ♥️ He is a handsome loose skin teddy bear 🧸 Ace loves sun ☀️ bathing, baths 🛁, treats and long naps 😅 This boy is a sweetheart!! He knows how to sit, down, stay and catch 🥰 Fun Fact: He was given the name “tear drop” at birth due to the black mark by his left eye.
Quincy is an angel. He loves getting dressed, playing with anything fluffy, being held, and sleeping under the blankets at night. He is slow to warm up to strangers, but once you win his heart, he is undeniably the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet. He has been very photogenic ever since I got him as a baby, and seems to always pose for the camera. He goes anywhere I go, from stores, to parks, to visits with friends and family. He is a joy to be around and the light of my life :)
This is Bella, she is 10 months old, Bella is a loving, playful dog. She loves to go on walks with me. Bella brightens my day hope she can for you too.
Josey Wales
Josey Wales or should I say “Outlaw” Josey Wales 💙 I adore him so much 🥰
Coco is a part pup part human. She knows when dinner is ready and no matter where she is comes running to the kitchen. Coco also picks up new tricks quickly with The help of the mighty peanut butter. If you could describe your pup how would you describe them cocos words are Chubby,fluffy and cuddly