Delta is a 9 month old mal, she loves working with dad, and playing with her brother and sisters, Delta is very protective over her family and will do anything to protect them
Sally loves EVERYONE and people love her too! She makes it a point to make sure everyone acknowledges her no matter if at a red light or in any public place! And she always makes people smile!
Hey, I'm a Cattlejack. I love people and making new friends. My mommy & daddy take me for drives and take me fishing, which are both my favorite things to do. I was abandoned and abused as a puppy but mommy & daddy found me and rescued me. Now I'm loved and spoiled.
Shes half German shepherd (dad) half German Rottweiler (mom)
He’s a pure bread German shepherd🤍 he’s cuddly and lovable.
This is my coco! i call him my moe. he’s the sweetest boy around and would never hurt anybody. hes super cuddly and he follows me around EVERYWHERE! he’s my little shadow. i wouldn’t trade this guy for the world, i love him so much!!🥰🥰🥰
Meet Tchalla our sweet baby fur boy. Tchalla is a active puppy he loves to play around with his toys and his brothers. He love to cuddle with his owner a lot. Tchalla is a very protective dog especially with his mom. He loves to have his walks in the mornings, and afternoons. And he enjoys he healthy cook home meals that his moms prepares for him.
Bear is great dog she is going through heart problems and she is so little and strong girl. She has her moments but i love when she does happy laps
She is a year old border collie mix. And very vocal and loves her kitty sister
Fun and sweet
Shes great dog. She wants something or happy to see you she grabs her bone. She once fell asleep with her bone.
Cari is an adorable Rottweiler and Golden Retriever mix. She loves playing with toys and she especially loves food and treats. Please vote for Cari
Mac spent the first months of his life living in a crate with his mother due to overcrowding at a shelter. While he was quite skittish at first, he’s become one of the most loving and affectionate dogs. His favorite activities are playing hide-n-seek, running sprints and cuddling.
The sweetest rescue girl with the best ears
Everyday Bennett shows me how to take time and enjoy the good in life, love and happiness💗
Mufasa is a German Sheppard / Akita mix dog. He is rescue dog (was maybe 5 year old ) when we got him. first he was very shy, and ran away a lot when he got the chance , now after 2 years he loves to be around my kids and others kids . Loves other dogs especially small dogs . He loves to dump over our fence and roam the neighborhood and swim in lake water. ( he comes back home). He loves to be pet and played with , and when he does he will not leave you alone. He’s all around a good boy and wants to be around people.
Lacee loves everyone. She thinks when company comes they're here to see her.
Lilly is very loving and sensitive ❤️ She's been sad lately 😔 She had a litter of 11 puppies that recently went to there forever homes. Lilly misses them so much. She lays in bed depressed most of the time now. But , each day she seems to be getting a little better ❤️ 🙏
Lily loves to snuggle!
Mr. Boots
He likes to eat anything and everything. He loves playing
Hi I'm Raider here's a little bit about myself. I'm very energetic, protective and lovable but uh lil shy. I love when my parents chest scratch i end up falling a sleep a lot lol o ooo and I absolutely love when I go for my walks. No love interest yet hopefully that will change soon Lol. p.s. I hope y'all vote for me 😊🐶
Hes a big teddy bear loves going for walks with his brothers and sister loves playing and being himself .he has his freedom to do as he wants as like my other dogs.he will give u a kiss if u walk in the door.
Prince was a charming boy, alway protective of mommy. He love kisses and cuddling. He gone to rainbow bridge now but he always in my heart
Buddy is my Angel boy dog. He is a rescue dog who was hard to get close to in the beginning. I went to meet him at the Oklahoma Humane Society Adoption Center. He really had no trust in people including me, but the moment I saw him I wanted him. It's been 3 years together now and he has been à precious dog. I thank the Lord for my Buddy Boy! Buddy is the most loving dog I have ever had. When I ask him, " do you love your momma," he lays the side of his head on my shoulder to say he loves me. It's adorable. Buddy loves to run and he is fast. His back legs when he is walking do the funniest thing it's like he is kicking his legs up like doing the plunge from behind, it's hilarious to watch. He is a very beautiful dog inside and out. He loves to bark he genuinely loves to hear himself bark. Buddy was 4 Years old when I got him and he is now about 7 years old. He shakes hands and he tap dances when he is excited. We love one another and I can't imagine my life without this adorable 6 lb white deer head Chihuahua. He is a true blessing from above! Please vote for Buddy Boy! Thank you!
Callie is a lil love bug.. she is very protective of her family. She is so smart she potty trained herself wàtching her kitty siblings. She wakes up ready to go and play . She has so much energy. Her favorite song is the cuppy cake song. She loves when I tell her she has the cutest lil belly in the whole wide world. She can't wait to drop what she doing and lie on her back to show me her belly. She is a complete ball of love love love. We love you Callie Girl..
Daisy was a happy girl, she was helping mommy sewing mask during Covid
Mabel absolutely loves her kitty brother! They are always playing and dont seem to notice they're any different! Mabel even learned how to use the litter box from him for the times I'm too slow to take her outside!
He is 2 years old as of Nov the 1 this month,a rat terrior very good squirrel 🐿️ Hunter,chased a rat up our basketball goal one night till I went out knocked it down for him to kill and he did.loves coffee and sprite,loves playing in his kiddy pool during the summer love's walkies.well trained very active loves playing fetch his favorite toy is a water bottle.
Dixie Roo
She is a natural born bobtail rat terrier,shi is 13 years old loves squirrel 🐿️ hunting,rats don't have a chance moles anything burrows or whatever if she can get her head in it there is no quit to her.
The sweetest little guy you would want to meet. He has so much personality
Tobi is the sweetest boy I have ever had.He listen very well, and does all kinds of cool tricks. He loves to "box" He never wants to leave my side, especially when i am sick. Also he has never run off from me. He loves his Momma to death. Please vote for me. Doggie love 🩷
Jack is a rescue dog from Spain we are so happy to have him he give us so much love
IG: Ollieboi.corgi 35lbs of treats and booty🐶 I like to be derpy and have my tongue out . 👁️👅👁️
Kyro loves to smile and be such a goofball! He loves sleeping, getting snacks, and playing with toys!
Nilla Bean
Nilla Bean is the smartest lab I've ever owned! She loves to fetch and she loves her little buddy Bruno!
Lucy Lu
This little girl survived living in a hoarding situation with rats and roaches for over 6 years that no one even knew she was there. When she was rescued she had to have all of her teeth removed and part of her bone due to the infection. That caused a ruptured infection on her throat they had to be taken care of. I was lucky enough to be able to adopt her after that and 6 months later a lobe of her lung torsioned and it had to be removed. She was on life support for 2 days as she developed double pneumonia but she is a fighter and she came home to us. 6 months later she went in for her post-op and when they did an ultrasound of her chest cavity to make sure the area had all filled in where the lung used to be thank God the vet was very thorough and scanned her entire chest and abdomen when they found a cancerous mass on her uterine stump even though she had been spayed. She then had to go in for another emergency surgery to have that removed at the hands of the same talented surgeon who removed the lung and she is still here blessing our lives every single day. She is the true meaning of a miracle
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate milk is her full name chocolate is what we call her . She got her full name from my nephew when he was a baby he would say hi chocolate milk . It was the cutest thing . Chocolate milk loves kids . I don’t have children so she is my child. She had cancer a couple of years ago . She has been cancer free for five years now . I’m so thankful for this little girl that made me a mom . She truly is the greatest. She loves to eat she hates baths which is weird I thought labs loved the water . Not this little girl lol . She lives for naps . The picture you see is her saying mom are we going back to bed or what ?? Lol it was seven in the morning . Everywhere I go she follows she is my tail . The word outside can’t come enough for this little girl . She love love loves going outside. Oh she does not like male doggie one time I told her . Mama are you a lesbian it’s okay if you are mommy loves you anyway. And she gave me her big oh belly . I said mommy knew you where . You should have told me lol. She snores loud. Lol but it’s so cute that i can’t get enough of it . Sometimes she runs in her sleep and I’ll whisper you get them mama you get it . Lol she thinks she’s chasing something for me haha . I love her . She’s my old lady now been together through it all . She loves people I think she will go with anyone lol . Big oh smile ready to see the whole world. Wish I could give her the world if I could. Wish people could meet her then they would know why she is my whole world. She is the best part me . I’m so thankful that god placed this little girl in my life so long ago . She truly is my good girl chocolate milk . I love her
Lil Marsh
Lil marsh was rescued from a drug house March of 2020. She was in critical health condition. Byt through love, patience and Consistency and persistency she was nursed back to health. Today Marsh is incredibly happy, and healthy and just darn awesome!
Sonny is a Morkiepoo and is 4 months old. He is such a loveable dog and friendly to everyone he meets. He is an exceptionally smart dog. At 8 weeks he slept in my bed and has slept through the night ever since. Sonny rings a warning bell to go potty and another bell at the door to go out. He fetches toys, gives high fives and gives paw on command. He’s completely potty trained, is crate trained only when we are gone for a couple hours and never has any accidents in his crate or in the house. Sonny loves his neighborhood friend who picks him up for walks 3 times a week. He has been walking really well on a leash since he was 2 months old. I am so amazed how quickly he learns and of all my dogs he’s definitely the smartest dog I’ve ever had. I just adore him!!
He is the sweetest and gentlest dog I’ve ever known. He’s awesome with any kind of animal. But he enjoys jumping in frogs at night down by the pond. Or catching night crawlers he will spend forever outside. He’s my best friend and makes any bad day turn around cause he’s just happy to see me.
He is named for Sam Elliott, he was born on his birthday. He loves to play ball and howl at a commerial with an emu in it.
Holly Wood
Named after the City of Angeles in which I rescued her , poor dog had been through the ringer when I got her , she had been abused and was totally non -socialized! within the short 3 months that we lived in Hollywood , I lost my apartment and we had to live out of my car in Venice Beach , we ended up getting attacked at knife point by gang members and narrowly escaped with our lives , we meandered up the West Coast and eventually made it to Portland Oregon where we caught a break , we now live in a quaint little camper , staying on someone’s property and I have found work , this dog has been a real trouper and I would never have felt safe sleeping in my car for the two years that I did , she was by my side 24/7 and gave me total security , I feel like we rescued each other !
Dominator loves spending time with his dad and goes everywhere even to the race track. This is where he said I needed to be charged. My battery was low.
Beautiful Bella
Bella likes carrots 🥕 she likes dressing 👗 up. Wears bows, she so obedient and give lots of kisses.
London is a sweet little girl who loves belly rubs and loves playing fetch
Misha was a rescue who just turned one. She doesn’t like people but doing everything in our power to give her the life she deserves! Loves water playing with her sisters!
Bailey is a therapy pet. She and I are a volunteer team who visit schools, nursing homes where she brings love, cuddles and received kisses, hugs, words and songs.
My Bentley Boo-boo!!!