Baby Stories - 18


Juda is a very good boy he loves to lay at the foot of the bed. He enjoys licking the babies feet, running around the house after he pooped in the backyard. Juda loves to kiss everyone! Too much love is what I tell him.
Charlie is the BEST he’s never bit anyone and is always friendly! He’s always there for me when I need him and he always knows how to cheer me up! He’s also extremely funny! As soon as I met him my life got so much better!
Little Bit
Little bit just had surgery although it was tough on her she made it through. She really likes ham and is really gentle towards everyone! Please help us win and give us some support!
Sarge loves to give hugs and kisses he also loves any toy that squeaky, he likes to go for walks,car rides ,he loves to talk and howl he is so lovable
Molly is a party animal, loves to have a good time with everyone and loves a comfy lap 😊 💕
Nala is just a love bug. She loves going on adventures and dressing up to show mommy. Happy Holidays!!🎉🎉🎉
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae is my 4 year old princess. She has a bad liver which causes her to have seizures. She loves her stuffed animals and snuggling in my pockets 💝
Coco is our lil Princess in our Castle and loves to be the babied. Coco loves to chillax and snuggle with mom. 💕🐶
Coconut is the goodest girl! She’s a rescue from North Carolina :) She’s a lab pitbull mix and she loves literally everyone!
2 year old, fun, loving, active shih tzu, always lookin for new furry friends 😁
Lulu is 4 and she is still very crazy. she loves to play at the dog beach
This is Shyla, she sadly passed away but she was the most loving dog :)
Bõnita is the lil Queen of our Castle and loves to visit, loves to sit with mom as she works... and loves to cuddle💜🐶
I found Binky in a pet store (that never before had puppies) on my birthday. She was a terrified little puppy who walked funny and was particularly afraid of men. The vet said her walk was probably from being from a puppy mill. She was a terrified little puppy who needed a ton of reassurance. While her life started roughly, she found her furever loving home with us and has come to be like a mother hen to our other two dogs. One day our dachshund managed to get his head stuck in something and Binky alerted us and took us to him. She circled around him anxiously until we were able to free him. Binky loves her family and we love her!
Nugget is full of energy she's loving and caring puppy. She loves everyone she sees. She loves her squeaky toy so much.
She is a Tamaskan that loves her baby brother!
Lilly is an outgoing, spunky jack Russell Terrier that is super loving and very loyal! She loves being outside and mommy is her favorite person!
Bennie is a 8 month old goldendoodle who loves car rides, playing fetch, bedtime cuddles and pup cups from his favorite place, Dunkin Donuts! He enjoys playing with his brothers, Simon and Edward in the backyard. Make his Christmas extra special by giving him a vote in his first pageant ever! ❤️🥰
Chewie is a one year old bundle of joy as she is named after Chewbacca due to her long brown fur, we were blessed with her love a year ago on Christmas! She enjoys running around, playing catch, CHEWIEing on toys and catching blueberries! She loves all people and enjoys giving lots of kisses! <3
Edna is a rescue from the Ukraine. She’s been through a lot but still happy! She had to have an ear removed but loves her hats to keep her head warm and questions at bay.
Fiona is 13 years old. She loves to rip the squeaker out of toys. Fiona also loves to dance, the conga is absolute favorite! She is the most loving dog and will always be there to cuddle you after a bad day.
Dobby is almost 2 years old. He is half pitbull terrier and half puggle = Pugglebull!. He loves his toys, but is a big snuggler. High energy like a small tornado. Always trying to kiss you, even when being disciplined. Loves car rides and meeting new people.
Layla Mae
Layla Mae is a happy go lucky girl! Loves to give unlimited hugs and cuddle and cant wait to go on another car ride! This is Layla's first pageant ever make her Christmas and VOTE FOR LAYLA MAE!!🥰🥰
Brookes loves to go on walks with his mommy and daddy, has the perfect little personality and lovesss to play with toys! He also gets along really well with new people, other dogs and loves kids. He’s just the sweetest, biggest ball of fur you’ve ever met!!! Plus…look at how handsome!!! 🥰😍
Rescue pup from a garbage container w 9 sibs. All adopted. He is the laziest dog, he has a bad wheel on right front. He is easily, the BEST DOG EVER, as his colar reads.
Nyah is 10month old beautiful blue (grey) pit bull pup with endless energy! She loves to run and play with everyone and anyone but is a sucker for a good cuddle 🥰 She’s sure to put a smile on your face
He likes long walks on the beach, running and chasing things. Also, the flavor of flesh!!!!
Jack is an 11 month old Husky/Great Pyrenees mix! He’s the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet but he can be a drama queen sometimes! He loves being outside and snuggling up to you at night when it’s time for bed. He’ll melt your heart with the sweetest puppy dog eyes.
He likes being naked!
Nova is a very smart Huskie. Loves to run and hide things. Great with kids and other animals. Her eyes change from brown to red. She is always ready to play and get some attention. This is our Nova
She loves her blankie and following mommy around, very cuddly and plays hard when a wake.
I'm a very anxious baby. But i try not to let that stop me as i go about my day. I love the outdoors and playing with mommy and daddy. Loves car rides even though its scary sometimes. I'm very loving pup
She is the most amazing dog ever she is like my daughter since I’m unable to have kids she is spoiled rotten she loves her small toys and she loves to speak her mind!!!!!
Luther Vandrools is the world's biggest lover. He's a 2 year old Beabull (Beagle+English bulldog). He adores both of his doggy sisters and everyone he meets. Extremely loving, gentle and kind. He is a sweet lil chunk (70 lbs) of joy who just wants love and happiness.
Jazper is just a sweet love! He loves to cuddle and lounge in his bed!
Paris Faith
Paris Faith is sweet little girl! She loves absolutely everyone. If you want to snuggle she’s a love bug!😍🐾🐾
I am peaches, full of love, anxiety and energy, with a dash of fear of everything. But mainly full of love❤
My name is boomer i am a full boxer! I am a ladys dog as well as a lazy one! I was saved by my parents who found me. I was tied up to a tree and left! I cannot keep my tongue in my mouth due to chewing on a chain to get free from the tree. Now i am spoiled and loved on everyday and happier then ever!
My name is Elle i am a boxer beagle mix! I was born in a human society where my mom adopted me. I am full of energy and very outgoing.
My name is kavik im a bully pup and i love my humans ♥️ . I love to play and cuddle. Vote for me
Hi all! I'm Cujo! I was born a very tiny little man, only weighing 3 ozs! I'm a mess cause I'm stuck in this little bitty body but I'm sure that I'm just as tough as that fat American bulldog that runs around my house! She lets me sit on her back to watch out for her while she sleeps! I try to be sweet and loving at times when my person is near but mischievous when their not looking. Overall I'm now the protector of the house, except when I go to Memaw's to visit.That's my day off! So beware if you ever try to enter when I'm at home! Merry Christmas to all! Cujo
Dallas is a peanut butter, ball loving snuggler, who has a personality like none other. He leaves his paw print on the heart of everyone he encounters.
Hello my name is Beast! Momma can not figure out what happened to my profile on her personal phone. For now going to use this profile till get answers. We love participating in pageant dog and love all our friends here that have become family to us.
Sadie is a very sweet energetic girl who can not control her licker.
Peanut is a 3yr old, 4# Chihuahua, that was rescued from a shelter in Texas. We adopted him knowing he was shut down, completely broken spirited, abused, starving and near death. He was so frightened from touch that we had to keep him on a leash for weeks, just so we could pick him up. He wouldn't come near us, let us him nor attempt to play. It took numerous months for him to heal emotionally! But Frankie, his brother... Peanut mimicked everything Frankie did. I give all credit that Peanut is alive to Frankie. Frankie taught him what a good dog is, but also the life Peanut would have with us. Peanut now does dog fashion shows. These fashion shows, raise money for dog rescue, so that dogs like him, can live out the rest of their life in a happy, healthy and safe home. Peanut is a true missionary 🐾🥜 follow Peanut on instagram @Peanut0926