Loves to lay like a person next to you on his back, is a complete goofball, very clumsy, and loves everyone and everything!!
Bruce is a super sweet certified lover dog. He loves everyone but one thing he doesn’t mess with us thunderstorms. He is a master escape artist and can break out of any cage to destroy the house.
Oreo is 5 years old. He loves toys. Every new toy becomes his favorite toy, and he will bring it into bed with him. Oreo loves attention and is very clingy. He loves belly rubs, cuddles, and walks. French fries are Oreo's favorite food, he's loves them. He's the sweetest boy.
Bluey has a HUGE personality and VERY smart! He lets you know what he wants. He enjoys playing with the kids and going everywhere with us! He is a German Heeler (German shepherd/Blue Heeler) and very vocal. Every time he yawns, he lets it be known and makes the cutest noise! He loves to play fetch and go on adventures/walks. His head tilts get me every time. He is very loved and spoiled. 💙🐾 So sweet and cuddly!
He’s a golden retriever/lab mix. He loves cuddles with mommy, and playing with other dogs. He likes chewing up toys, and tug of war. He thinks he’s a pro wrestler. He has the cutest floppy ears when he runs.
Lucky was a rescue dog and we got him for my niece she was in love with him but then one day he got out and ran away and we haven’t seen him since.
I adopted him not to long ago. He’s very sweet and loves people but very picky on food. But he’s the sweetest pup I ever had!! He’s my one and only best friend!! He also loves cuddles and gives a lot of kisses and he loves hugs as well. Going on walks is he’s favorite. He also loves taking selfies!
Archie is super playful and loves kids, he has a unique personality.hes super kind to everyone, hes got really soft hair, with some scrunched up ears lol.
Pepper is a miniature blue fawn dachshund,is the love of my life, he is full grown weighs 9lb 7 oz with an extra roll on his neck . Spoiled rotten!
Marmaduke, AKA "Dukey boy" is a big ole love bug, who loves to cuddle, especially with his kitty brother. He is a rescue from Memphis Animal Services, and is the best boy.
My name is crimson(yes for the football team) I absolutely love to run around and go to the dog park! I love love love my toy squirrel I got when I was a baby. Roll tide
Ms. Penny Sneakers
In pennys world everyone is tolerated and usually in her way . She loves to come and join the conversation, the tv show even if we didnt ask her. She also never misses a dinner
A super sweet fun girl.
Bridget just celebrated her first birthday. She is very much a Virgo, and consequently she is a perfectionist chewer. Ferocious huntress of small toys and squirrels, Bridget’s favorite thing to do after tearing up a squeaky toy is snuggles and kisses with her humans.
She loves to go on car rides, loves her cuddles, and her family, loves when my daughter(her sister) comes to see her , gets so excited to see my son(her brother) when he comes home from work. She loves little kids when she sees them she wants to run and give them kisses. She likes her attention and dressing up. And loves her walks and loves to run threw the sand at the beach and will run right into the water with us . And every one loves her green eyes they always say they look like human eyes.
Waylon is the biggest goofball. He loves playing with his brother and running around!
Ruger is the sweetest boy you will meet. He is always happy with his tail wagging. He’s a very good boy who loves to cuddle and get belly rubs!
Gunner is sush a funny dog i love him ❤
She’s just a sweet girl. She don’t really like strangers. Very aware of her surroundings at all times. She can be very shy. She loves cuddles the most. She all around a great dog!
Dulce is a Puerto Rican street dog rescue and is a mix of 15 breeds.
Chloe loves to cuddle and get massages. She loves to shake her blankets out and position them for a soft and relaxing sleep.
Sadie Wabie Da Baby
sadie is unkown breed she also is missing a chromosome so she’s extra special <3 she loves peanut butter and to spin lol
Heidi is full of energy..loves her human mama and daddy..loves playing ball..loves to herd her duck sisters..sweet and cuddle when she wants to..she loves her charlie brother
Gurl is a chorkie. She is fun, and sweet natured. She is so goofy she makes me smile at least once a day.
He was named Dozer because when he was a puppy and nursing, he would Bulldoze his way through his siblings to get to the milk.
Max is a crazy pup! He loves to antagonize the cats. He’s been doing great with training and most of all loves to cuddle!
My puppy is a very energetic ball of life he loves to play tug and cuddle under the blankets.
Miss Dixie
Miss Dixie loves her humans. She is a fighter, she is in 1/2 remission of intestinal cancer and she lets her humans know that she will not give up. She has 4 other fur siblings and 2 human siblings along with her mama, pappy and mammy humans. Miss Dixie appreciates all her votes and ask that everyone shares this to help her be a winner. Thanks, Miss Dixie
Darby Gibby Torgo Gibson
Please click the link and vote for Darby Gibby Torgo Gibson is a Cockalier and the sweetest most loving puppy you ever met. I want to thank you all in advance for your votes. He’s truly such a remarkable puppy. If he wins the contest, it will go into the service dog training fund as Darby will be training to be a diabetic alert dog. He’s 10 months old and has already displayed his alerts for my high and low sugar. Dr. Trealor says he has the perfect temperament and all hands are on deck to help him become certified. It’s expensive to do but this prize would help so much! I know the odds are slim but I have faith ♥️🙏🏻
Daisy May
Daisy May is 11 years old and has been the light of my life for 6 glorious years so far. She is warm and tender, loves to cuddle and play, and even though she is a small dog, she's mommy's best little guard dog always alerting me if someone is here. She is the best dog she can be, is very intelligent, and is just wonderful with everyone she meets! Your votes really would mean the world to the both of us! Thanks!
Polar Horan
Polar is very smart for being just about 2 months old. He goes outside to potty. He loves to play and give lots of kisses. And let’s not forget them blue eyes he has, he is the cutest puppy.
Rowdy is a great hunting buddy and companion he really a man’s best friend
Buster is belly rub lover who is more concerned with your wellbeing and will do ABSOLUTELY anything to turn your day around!
Sir Rico
So his full name is Sir Rico Voncutie Pants. He is a major sweetie,and loves playing with his best buddy Sophie. When he isn't being a crazy pup he is enjoying belly rubs and homemade puppy treats.
Lucy loves playing ball, eating kitty food and snuggling with her family. She gives the best kisses
Nala is a black lab that is just over a year old! She’s hilarious when she gets the zoomies and love to meet new people! Nala is the biggest love bug around! She loves her rubber bones! She is the best dog we could ask for!
Bruno is an amazing dog! Loves his sister dog Kimber and his sister cats Chloe and Cici
Nellie Ray
Nellie Ray is quite the stinker. Sometimes she looks like a dirty sock, but when she’s bathed and groomed she is a fluffy cutie 🥰 She likes to attack water that comes out of any hose or faucet, cause she thinks she’s fierce. Nellie is a Velcro dog, but that’s ok with me ❤️
Roxy is an American micro pocket bully! She is VERY spoiled and loved! 💕 Roxy loves being outside with everyone and playing! She is three years old and is a cute little mess!
Ally Mae
I’m a One eared German Shepard. I love going on walks, going to training class & playing with my fur friends 🐾🐾
Dobby Doo
Dobby loves to zoom zoom zoomie around all over the place. He also bounces up and down like Tigger! He hasnt quite figured out catch yet but he loves chasing the ball lol just doesnt know to bring it back. He loves to snuggle up and gets lots of pets!! And car rides!! And comes right away to the word TREAT!
Salem, aka Salami, is the best girl. Her hobbies include chewing here bene bones and chasing her chuck it balls. She loves everyone she meets!
Loki is a year old American field lab. Loki enjoys hunting, cuddles, and of course treats.
LunA is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. She was born in February. She is so full of energy and definitely has her own personality. She loves to play and loves children. When she hears children’s voices she gets so excited. And this beautiful girl can chew on her bones all day long.
Lilo is a very loving and caring dog. She’s loves to cuddle and sleep with people. She’s a very calm and gentle. She like to play sometimes but most of the time she’s always sleeping
Loui York
Loui loves to cuddle with his mommy and play with his daddy. Loui is not a normal Chihuahua he loves kids and loves everybody he meets.