Baby Stories - 18


Loves to play
Molly is a fluffy very loving Bichon frise her favorite activities include, playing basket ball, going on drives, and begging for more when you first meet molly she might be a little shy at first(As she suffers with anxiety) but it will take no time for you to win her heart and be loved forever by her she’s so sweet!
Miss Magnolia is as brilliant and beautiful as she is sassy. She loves to talk up a storm, go for long walks, and get belly rubs.
Chloe' Breeland
Chloé smiles for pictures. She wants to work on tv, so she can buy different vehicles because she loves to drive. Chloé is the bestest friend anyone could have!! I think I need her as much as she needs me. Chloé snuggles in my blankie when it's time to go night night.
Sookie likes to spend her day eating and sleeping. She occasionally likes to go on walks but when she decides she is done, then she is done. I’ve had to carry her like a baby many times back to the house!
Merle is a very social little boy. He lives to go out to eat. He loves bunnies and car rides the most!
I got deno from a home that fighting dogs and he always getting attacked. Now me and boyfriend are giving him a loving home and he so happy and loves to play with his toys and cuddle in bed with us
Mocha is a very energetic pup who LOVES attention and to be cuddled!
Harley very loveable & gives tons of kisses. He also likes to argue with daddy for his treats.
She is a shichi mix. Lovees to play
Tiny is 2 years old hyper dog he loves to be outside and he can do flips
Zeus is my Bestfriend he just passed away 10/27/2020. He wasn’t even one years old yet he passed away due to cardiac arrest. He was such a good Boy. Forever in my heart ❤️
Charlie is an energy filled pup. He loves to play fretch and pretty much anything that involves running. He loves to bring you his toys to play with him. But under all that energy charlie is the BIGGEST snuggle bug. Everytime someone curls up charlie is there. Youre never alone with this dog and he alwayd wants you to be apart of what hes doing.
Dutch is new to the family, he’s very sweet and energetic!
Grace is a sweet dog, But does not care for strangers. She loves her family and is very well trained. She brings much joy to our lives.
Hi I’m chaos I’m very spoiled by my parents! I still live at home with my mom and dad because I have lung problems I wasn’t able to find another home because I had problems. But my mom and dad love me and I love it here! I can sing and I love to play outside!!
Penny is a miniature Australian Shepard who is a red Merle bi which means she had no tan points. Like her coat she is a Rare gem and is loving and sweet! She loves the water and loves to snuggle on the couch come nap time. Looking into her eyes you will be lost in the blue marble of her left eye and the canyon of her right. She is a unique one of kind girl!
Niko is very playful 4 months and growing fast he likes chasing balls, walks,and water.
This is Lucca! He is a 2 year old standard poodle and loves to be outside and chase squirrels. He is super cuddly and will sleep on top of you all day!
“Animals have come to mean so much in our lives. We live in a fragmented and disconnected culture. Politics are ugly, religion is struggling, technology is stressful, and the economy is unfortunate. What’s one thing that we have in our lives that we can depend on? A dog or a cat loving us unconditionally, every day, very faithfully.” – Jon Katz
Brody Mecklenburg
Brody is almost 1 year old! He’s a rescue too! When we first met Brody he had a major infection throughout his body, his foot was swollen to the size of a grapefruit and was missing hair all over his body. We cared for him and removed the splinter (yes a literal splinter almost killed him) in his foot causing this infection gave him antibiotics for a looooong time and he has finally regained his health! His parents are blue ribbon winners in the Best Of Breed Class for American Pitbull Terriors, however, you May have noticed, Brody although has a very rare and desirable color has drawn the short straw..... very very short straw (he has dwarfism). He’s full grown and is about half the size of the standards for the “Pocket Pit” classifications. So our little peanut will not be for showing (not really our thing anyway). Not to worry though he’s loved and spoiled! He gets really excited over toys and food but nothing beats his favorite thing in the world, sharing a string cheese with momma! He doesn’t particularly act like other pooches as he sincerely over exaggerates everything he does. When he turns his head to look at you he makes sure you know it was done with every intention. When he runs, he winds himself up to do so by throwing his big head around in a very large circle before take off (maybe gaining momentum...?). He loves loves loves kids.
Mooji loves playing ball and chasing his girlfriend from next door all around the yard!
Princess Jolie
Princess Jolie looks out for others and really cares about making you feel loved all the time
Omg what can i say.... Sheba is absolutely the best dog in the 🌎... She's Friendly, lovable, very smart and just all aroubd FANTASTIC dog....#myshebabutt
Cooper is the most playful pup ever, as you can see in the photo! His first time seeing snow and he loved it!
She’s very sweet, kind, loves to play fetch. She will kiss you a trillion times. She can say I love you clearly.
A Silly pup who likes to play, run and cuddle! Talks and howels until he gets cuddles or his toys
I might be a a shiba but I love cuddles! Let go hiking
She love to play. Go to the beach. And she love kids.
Handsome is the sweetest most energetic pup I ever had. The best companion after losing my mom ❤️❤️
He LOVES car rides and walks. He’s a big cuddler and his favorite toy is a squeaky chicken. He treats it is his baby.
She is the sweetest little girl. Loves everyone!
Koda Bay
Koda is the sweetest,messiest,hyper dog you have ever met. He loves to play outside, show off his tricks and to have your attention at all times.
She likes to sleep, play a lot, and she's friendly and loves playing with toys
Isabella Grace
This is Isabella grace! She was very tiny when we got her! She is now going on 4 months an weighs about 2 pounds! She’s just a little ball of fur!
Nik Jones
He is such a ham and he is a lover that loves ro be loved on
Lobo is a 12 year young husky with the personality of an angel. He loves going for rides in his Jeep, chicken treats and taking long naps in the sun. He’s also a gentle giant who prefers the company of small dogs
Daisy Mae
Daisy has had a tough road already as a puppy. She had to undergo heart surgery at around 3 months old. Now she’s four months, almost five, and going strong! She’s so full of energy and is so loving.❤️ Thank you for voting!
wesley is a 1 year old cocker spaniel, lab mix! he loves to play fetch and cuddle with his humans. ❤️
Milo Perez Chiu
Hello my name is Milo and I am a 8 month old Border Collie/Lab. I am energetic, playful and love to cuddle. I like to play with my toys, take mom for walks and chew on my mom’s and dad’s hands. I also love people and all the attention must be on me!
Nino Prince
Hi my name is Nino I am 12 weeks old, I love to eat, sleep 💤 and cuddle. I’m the baby in the family I weight 3 pounds check me out on Instagram Nino_Prince
Daxton is an adorable chipoo who loves to hop not run. He may only be 3lbs, but do not let his size fool you. He thinks he’s a Doberman stuck in a tiny little body. He loves to cuddle, run wild, and give lots of kisses ❤️
Charlie is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd pup 💙 he loves to play fetch and gives the BEST snuggles & kisses. Charlie is very special because he came into our lives during a tough time but being around him you can't help but smile🥰
Miracle is just simply one of the best Pitbull bully dogs around she loves kids , and is very playful and full of energy .. She loves to follow you around and keep you company or if your sick will stay by your side until your better .