Hazel Jane
Hazel Jane spends all of her energy being cute and spoiled. She most enjoys being hand fed her breakfast and dinner by her Mommy on her favorite pillow looking out the window and waiting for her labradoodle boyfriend to come outside next door.
Blue is a 3 month old rescue pup💙 he loves cuddles , belly rubs and playing with his best friend Zeus🖤
Izzy is the sweetest dog I have ever owned, more like she owns me! She has a heart of gold and loves everyone she comes in contact with. She is best friends with her cat, Jinx and she loves her two brothers WeeWee and Max. Please vote for her!
Maximus is such a loving Goober!!! His favorite toy is a ball... Him and my daughter Harley has such a bond!!! He loves to swim and play in the water!!
She a beautiful dog. Tht llike to play
Emi is momma’s girl. She loves to cuddle & be the center of attention. Nothing motivates her more then little snack❤️ Blessed to have this princess 👑🐾
Chanel was the only survivor of her litter of 4! She is a fighter and has a special spark! She is such a little lover and will prance and dance on her toes for treats!
Diesel Allen Jones
This is Diesel aka pumpkin! He is only 9 weeks old and loves to run around outside! His favorite thing to do is nap! His two favorite toys is a sock monkey and a deer antlers! He absolutely loves eating! Goes crazy every time he hears his food bag. Pumpkin already knows how to sit, shake, and bow. He’s very friendly and loves to play with kids!
Bella Mae
Spoiled but loves people and kids she has a kind soul and she loves my momma
My baby deano is so loving.he hugs he smiles.he is caring to other pets even cats.and loves his family! He products some adorable pups! He was a rescue from the woods! He watches over us every nite
Luna is 5 months old.she loves to play with her toys .She very smart learning her basic commands.
Cliff is a rescue dog who is very well behaved and loves everyone he meets. He enjoys going outside to the breeze and getting pets from people. Cliff says hi and hope he wins some money.
Sadie Mae
Hello! My name is Sadie Mae! I love playing outside and cuddling with my family! I promise to never miss meal time!
Winnie loves to play outside with her very loud squeaker toys. She enjoys drinking from the hose and swimming in the pool. She is a snuggle monster and will be your little shadow all day, everyday! ❤️
Miss Petunia is our newest adopted dog. Guardians of Florida Animal Rescue (GOFAR) saved her when she was hungry and needed medical help. She was our first foster fail due to us falling in love with her. She's a little on the shy side but warms up quickly and is a really sweet but wild child! She is a beagle/hound mix and full of love!
Molly is the sweetest dog in the whole wide world! Her love for apples and her family is an adorable trait, and she loves to sunbathe behind the curtains 😋 She has a great personality and can always brighten your day with a smooch!
Tracker loves keeping his dad company. He will share a crate with dad, clean his ears, and play with his friend Penelope. They love to chase and wrestle.
Named after my childhood apricot mini poodle. Full name Bowinkle. Loves trying to catch lizards, belly rubs and cuddles.
She is an Australian shepherd 6weeks and so loveable and loves snuggles
Esperanza means hope in Spanish. She is a hope in our lives. She loves to play and is very sweet
You could find him napping under my bed. He was very independent but would check in for loves several times a day. Loved playing with toys and could chase a ball even when exhausted. Sadly he was lost to cancer in March.
My now passed soul dog who is the greatest love of my life.
Hi my name is luna i like to play in the water and like to chew on stick and i like to play with my cats
He is a whimsical goofball, Love him so much. And he's so freaking cute!!!!
Dexter is the biggest goofball and the sweetest boy!
Tootsie is a maltipoo and will always be a baby ♥️ He is a smart dog that loves to play. He's your cuddle buddy.
Cannon loves people, and his little sister Cleo even when she sits on his head, he loves trying human food and will eat just about anything. And will hug you and give gentle kisses
Archie loves playing fetch, swimming in the grown up pool and daily walks
Hi my name is Bella, I am a beautiful purebred Golden Retriever. I love cuddling with my pawrents, playing with my older brother and getting into everything I’m not supposed to. My favorite snack is pb&j bites and love playing outside.
Sadie is a blue merle toy Aussie, she is a lovable puppy that loves everyone. She love playing fetch and she loves playing with children.
Brick is our beautiful purebred German Shepard, but don’t let his appearance fool you he is actually a big baby at heart. He loves playing ball, splashing in his pool and playing with his sister Bella.
Tech Barsness
26 generations of full pit don’t let that intimidate you! He’s the sweetest, watermelon loving, good boy. He’s 8 years old yet he still acts like a puppy. He loves going to to river and fishing with his Pops. And going on long runs!!!
Freya Lynn Poopy
Freya is a super protective Red Heeler mix, absolutely crazy high energy girl but the sweetest most loyal dog I’ve known in my life. She is very well trained off leash and will not stray more than a couple yards from us. She loves every kind of animal, especially her cat siblings and if you can’t find her running around, she’s probably cuddled up with one of her cats.
Roamy was adopted at the age of 2 and now resides in Brooklyn, NYC. His ears are almost as big as his desire to roam around and explore - which is why his name is Roamy! Roamy loves to go on hikes, play with other dogs, and cuddle with his newly found family.
Trooper is the sweetest rescue boy, we found him at 4 months old and he went from being scared of everything to having so much confidence (most of the time) he loves every person he meets and will likely jump right in your car if you have the door open when he runs up
Bailey is full of joy and a great part of the family.. She lives playing hude and seek with Mocha are cat
Athena is a gentle sweet loving fuzz ball of love and energy. She loves to cuddle and run around the yard until she can’t no more. She loves to throw her favorite yellow ducky around l.
Hi! My name is Cali! I’m a Boxer and Alaskan Malamute mix. I have big ears and a loving heart. I love to give kisses and chase my tail. Thank you for your votes! 🐾🥰 I love to cuddle and be outside ! Hiking is my favorite !! I love my momma’s, they love spoiling me with pup cups 😋🍦
henlo friend! Im Thumper! Im a 6 year old rescue who found his forever home. March 24th 2022 from The Animal Foundation in Nevada! I enjoy walks, treats, and fighting my human Rosie! Im a little dog reactive and im learning how to be a dog and like other dogs so i need training with some tools! I really like strawberries and water melon!
Hi! I am a super hyper, fun loving pup! I live with my mama and her friends at college. I am super spoiled and need ALL of the attention!
Ophelia is a rescue from a native american reservation. she started as a little shy dog but had grown into the most outgoing, loving little puppy!
Ava Gretchen Von Boor
Ava is a sweet and sassy girl with a big personality and heart. She doesn't even think about going potty until she has a stick in her mouth and has a profound love for swimming!
At 14 weeks she can shake both paws,high 5 both paws,sit,lay, crawl,speak,and speak that sounds like she says i love you
Chow chow mix
Jade is a fun loving energetic little girl who loves everyone and wants to be friends with everything and everyone!
Cali was rescued from a kill shelter in Aruba. She loves to chase flying bugs, dig holes, and give kisses! She is the sweetest puppy ever!!!
Hank is a sweet and energetic dog. He loves car rides, vanilla ice cream & wearing cool bandanas. He’s always the first to say hi and loves making new friends.