Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn, a 7 year old Golden Retriever, is living the best of what remains of her life. She was recently diagnosed with cancer, while having fluid leak around her heart and into her abdomen. She was told she would only have 2 days to live, but after emergency surgery, we are working on 3 months! She loves attention, chasing after squirrels, hitting you with her paw and peanut butter. Harley has tons of character and has no problem telling you what to do! She says to vote for her!
Hello I am Dax I am a service animal for epilepsy I am very loving and love to play with my best friend Kitty!
Hi my name is Tippy im 7 weeks old. I love my mommy and daddy. And i love to play with all my toys and i like to sleep on daddys head at night.
Hello my name is cassius and I’m a pitbull . I love my mommy and cuddles and to chew things . I can sit shake and roll over on command and I’m a rescue 😍 I’m mommy’s big baby and dads cuddle buddie (; please vote for me
Chevy is the sweetest most goofy dog around she loves sun bathing and cuddles 🥰 she can never pass up a good milk bone or any treats for that matter and loves long naps 😴
The Goodest boy with a strong side of spunk. Living his best life in the woods & by the water. Swipe -> for all the pics :)
Izzy is a feisty chihuahua who is very territorial she loves her toys, dancing to get a treat, and walking on her back legs. She enjoys rides to grandmas house. She Also loves being under the blankets and staying warm she DOESNT like cats or strangers
Anastasia is One of a kind she is happiest when she is outside or carrying around one of her many stuffed animals. She has a personality that is sure to make you laugh, with her part boxer her tail never stops and when super excited she has to go in the infamous boxer U. She never leaves moms side she’s the definition of a true best friend.
nyla is a pitbull and her favorite thing to do is play fetch and give high fives ! she loves doing tricks and running.
She’s a cuddle baby, She’s my child! She loves herding! Even people! She is everyone’s favorite!❤️
Hello I’m Jade. I’m a German Shepherd that’s a mother of 6 puppies and I am pregnant at the moment again! I am loving towards my owners and am there when they need me. I love to snuggle, play, and follow my loved ones everywhere. Sometimes they take me to the park and let me off my leash to roam! I love to help my owners by improving their mental state, and stay by there side. I don’t let anyone come near us unless they show me it’s okay. I am the protector and leader!
Willow Louise
She’s a pitbull & she has one green eye and one blue eye
Hi, I’m Loki, my parents call me Lulu. Let's see where to start? Food! Let's start there! I really love food, like I Really, REALLY love food. I eat breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and some nights when I'm Feeling Lucky, I'll help myself to a bedtime snack. Just living my best dog life. My favorite things to do is to run to my neighbors and visit my friends. It’s kind of a game to me because I hear my parents call my name, but I either pretend I don’t hear them or quickly sneak back into the backyard like I was never gone. I also love to annoy my big sister Jade, who is also a Shepard, but I’d say she tolerates my antics like a champ… even when I know she shouldn’t. I love socks and toys that make noise. Television is another favorite of mine. Especially when it’s an animal of some kind. I’ll watch it and talk back, but can never figure out why they aren’t responding to my conversations correctly. Well, that about sums up the day in the life of me! Have a good day, all!
This is Diesel D, he’s 4 years old. He’s very intelligent, sweet and loves his humans.
This is Toby. He’s turning 2 in June. He’s sweet and has the biggest heart and one of the biggest personalities in a dog.
Reggie is such a sweet puppy he loves going on adventures and plopping into leaf piles.
Jax is a very loveable fun dog he likes to play fetch and play with his sister and cousin.
Maddie Gurl
Maddie Gurl Loves All people, other animals and life in general, happy go lucky, loyal and just adorable
We rescued Finn from the spca in olean before that he was in South Carolina at a kill shelter.The kill shelter found him and his siblings as strays on the street.He is a spunky funny little dude.He loves cuddles playing and running around.
We rescued Sheba from the spca before the spca she was in an abusive home abused by a man it took her a while to over come her fear of men but with a lot of love she over came her fear.Sheba has gotten older but she loves swimming walks snuggles and getting lots of attention.She is a smart girl who knows many tricks and how to get her way!
Elmer Fudd
He loves people and to be adventurous. He is a happy puppy. He is my little shadow, loves to go outside and explore and occasionally will try to play with the cat. He will melt your heart!
He is very vocal on his growling...even though he doesnt mean anything 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤣 Very playful and loves kids...💙❤💙 Hes also Tik Tok famous with 65k views and likes on his video of him doing what he does best with his Simba stuffed animal🤦‍♀️(adult humor only)🤣
Lil guy is about 3 1/2 months old sits shakes lays down already loves to be out side plays fetch very well just an all around amazing little pup absolutely could not ask for a better dog he is glued to my hip If I move he moves.
Woody is a dachshund who loves bacon treats and toys !
Chloe loves to walk her human, she always enjoys taking pictures and smiling.
This is Rooster, she a red heeler/pitbull mix. She’s sweet and she’s very playful and energetic. She loves chewing up everything, but she loves her naps more.
Koda is a sable hes 9 months old.very loyal pup.he loves to play fetch and go on walks
Sophie is a very active girl. She loves running and playing with her frisbee for hours. She also loves to give kisses.
She likes being outside side chasing squirrels and playing fetch
Willow is a wonderful Aussie who loves the outdoors, naps, and car rides! Hiking with her parents and sneaking treats from her grandparents are her specialty!
She is very playful and loving and she is the light of my life.
Howard is a lover and a cuddler. Loves his sister so much and follows her around all day. His cat brothers don’t bother him so much but will chase them when his sister does.
My little Luna is a sassy pants who loves her family so much! Her brother is her best friend and she loves chasing her cat brothers!
I love to spend time with my mommy and go for rides and long adventures walks with her as well. I am a very spoiled pup with a bunch on energy and loves to tell my mom a bunch of stories.
This boy doesn’t leave ur side he loves to run and jump he’s a Character and if he wants ur attention he will get it he barks like a alarm clock but only when I walk away he hates water But his love and loyalty is one of a kind this pic is him at 5 weeks he is now 2
Indica is a crazy pup that loves life. She likes anything outdoors, she loves to cuddle under the blanket at night. Her love is for toys, food, and her parents. But she knows hers the best girls.
Princess is a sweet little beagle puppy I got from a local breeder.! She is such a cute character.! She loves play time with her favorite sheep toy, she loves long walks with her sister and absolutley adores other puppies.!
My name is Myya I am a 6 month old German Shepherd. I love to talk and play. I am very active and love to work. My favorite treats are munchkins from DD. I would sell my soul for food. Vote for me today :)
He likes outside and toys
Lily is 9 weeks old, full of energy and loves to snuggle. She’s a spunky little girl who loves to play. But most importantly sleep with her face on your face.
Hi, this is Ozzie. Newly to our family. He is very calm. He really loves to cuddle and be with us. Learns very well. Ozzie is also very well mannered. He loves to run out side and play with his brothers toys and not his own.
My little man loves the outdoors hiking camping razor riding anything outdoors he loves being with his people and snuggling in bed hes an all around good dog and loves others
Daisy Mae
This is Daisy Mae, she is partially blind but is full of personality. She loves to play with rocks, pine cones, and any dog toy. Her favorite toy is her octopus that she can’t go anywhere without.
Turning 3 years old in July, Nova is honestly the biggest lover and sweetheart! She is mixed with Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd. We love her so much and am so thankful she came into our lives 💜 Nova loves going on hikes and playing in the creeks and all our road trips. She also loves playing fetch in the yard and snuggling up to her humans 🥰 She was unfortunately diagnosed with two tumors a year ago that are inoperable and will not respond to chemo, we were devasted to hear the news but she is still living her best life and getting spoiled to the max!
Bailey is SUPER loving with a very exciting, sometimes crazy personality. He loves being outside in the car, pulling us down the street, or just sitting outside for hours. More than anything he LOVES his treats begging from everyone in the house if one doesn’t have any, he’ll move right onto the next!
Hi everyone! My name is Luna and I am 3 years old. I’m a pitty mixed with some bulldog; that’s where my pouty face comes from. My favorite things in the world is taking naps, eating and taking the white stuff out of those soft toys! Mom doesn’t seem too happy when I do it, but she keeps buying them so she must not care that much! My favorite time of the year is summer because I love the water and I LOVE to swim!