Bentley is a feisty furball of energy, she definitely has a personality on her and all she loves to do is play and bark for attention. The spotlight always has to be on her.
Sir Gunner
Loves his little big smile sister Greta and his own tail.
Duke is a funny, crazy, and energetic goldendoodle that loves attention!
Peaches is a sassy Dachshund Pitbull mix. She has a funny personality and is always up to something!
Cheerio is the queen of the house👑💗
King Dallas
King is truly the King of his castle He is Very Loving and Super Smart He Loves his little brother and as well Loves going to daycare to play with his friends
Creed Moxley
He is Spoiled rotten but he is smart knows commands Loves going to daycare and playing with his friends
Honey loves to play outside with her friends she loves kids and she has a big personality
Starr Rae
Starr Rae is our emotional support dog she loves to play cuddle and give hugs. She also likes it when we do the star ship with her or go outside to get her exercise.
Lola is a Very Sweet girl.She Loves Belly Rubs and giving you hugs, she will be 6yrs in December. She is just a Love Bug.
Goliath is a big lover he always wants to be with you he loves to give kisses
Liccie is 2 months old. Liccie is my emotional support puppy, i found myself going into a bad depression since i have been on dialysis. Liccie changed my depression into love and happiness! She is playful, loving, and fun.
This little morkie loves to sleep with her toys
A wonderful, silly girl, who has over come being a terrified,single mom with 7 puppies after being abandoned on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico . She is now a very confident, vibrant, amazing best friend.
Winter is a sweet love bug that lives to cuddle with kid
Stormy is 8 weeks old. Her name is stormy Rayne marmol. She loves playing with her humans. She’s loves her treats.
She has her bestie who is a stray cat we took in. They are inseparable
Benelli loves to play and when she isn’t she always cuddles up for a nap
I’m cute butt aka mamas favorite shhh don’t tell Lillie but I am the first dog mama ever got I think I’m human sometimes tho Bc when I try to give her a hug I knock her over sorry mama my mom is my bestie tho I been there for her when she needed me and she always there for me especially when I’m sick mamas baby 💕
Pebbles is an Australian Shepherd/Beagle mix that is currently works as an ESA. She also loves playing with the baby chickens that her mom brings home. She is always there to give the kids kisses and knows many tricks that she performed in nursing homes for the alzheimers residents to brighten their day before COVID.
Zoe is the most patient pup I’ve ever been around💕 she loves being outside,playing 🎾 & giving kisses💕 She absolutely makes everyday a good day!!
She is amazing she loves playing with her brother and sister take that back she likes being the boss of them lol but she loves to play and run she is a mommy’s girl she thinks she is mommy’s favorite but she is not
Spartacus is three years old. He is the perfect companion. He is very intelligent. He is very friendly and fiercely loyal. He likes everyone human, canine, or feline. My daughter says he saved my life and I truly believe he has. And he is so cute I can’t stand it. He is perfect.
CeeCee is my best friend. She is very protective but harmless. She makes noises to intimidate and try and scare. She loves to go for walks that is until she gets tired then I carry her.
Peanut is a 7 month old chihuahua, he is very spunky and definitely has his own attitude about everything, he loves doing his morning and night zoomies! His favorite toy is a stuffed hot dog and his favorite snack is chicken. He is the most cuddly dog you’ll ever meet! Please vote for him to make our day!
Pippy is an energetic loving playful little puppy .. he loves his toys & cuddles . He’s just a perfect little one , he is the best weiner dog ever 🥹❣️
Willow Pearl
She loves everyone and loves to ride and loves playing ball .She is precious to me .She loves to go out and buy new toys 💕💕💕
Max loves to listen to music and chill out, he’s super lovable and will give anyone big kisses he loves his paws being kissed and his a big baby
She is so playful and has the cutest little bark.
Zoe is the loving and caring. Loves playing and loves kids.
Jersey is such a sweet girl with a quirky personality. She is such a burst of energy and is so loving and always happy.
Bailey is a 7 week old fur baby that loves running and playing. Shes potty training and learning to sit. She has two eye colors and the cutest 2 tone nose! 😍 shes a blue merle so she has amazingly beautiful markings and features! Shes my little Tennessean bundle of fur🧡
Taz is my best friend, he loves to watch TV with me, his favorite shows are Law & Order, and he also likes to watch the Kitty channels on YouTube....Taz love long walks and BBQ rib-tips(no bones or seasonings), he is very smart and understands what a person is saying or asking him to do, he likes to dance to old school music with me, TAZ has an Old soul, I am so thankful for being able to share life with him.
Aussie doodle
Sakiri loves playing with diamond 💎 outside she loves the snow ❄️ she is a love bug
Diamond 💎 loves playing with her tire & her loves meeting new friends she has a big heart
Fate is the daughter of Freya the floof. She is 6 weeks old super easy going and loves to play and pose! Any winnings i get will go to geting my vaccinations!just one more photo before going to the vet for her fist visit
My new rescue girl! The shelter said she was a corgi…but I’m thinking, not even close. Long legs and bushy tail. I wuvs her🥰
Buddy is a sweet, playful pup that loves children! Buddy also likes to play basketball and watch tv
Carmella is a 3 year old German shepherd that loves ice and playing
Baxter loves camping and the outdoors. He loves chasing squirrels. He is so loving and snuggly. He is my best friend for sure. I always call him my son and people are like you dont have a son. Well i beg to differ.
Lola Madrid
Lolita loves to play, eat and sleep!
KeevaEire is a little cuddle bug! She loves to play and is training for adjility. She loves her veggies and walking in the Disney parks with her Mummy.
Harley is a sport. Loves beating up her big brother and sister. Loves playing and hiding. Harley is 7 weeks old.
I’m 2 year old Sparrow! I was adopted last May from Wayside Waifs animal shelter and was one of the longest staying residents. I was a stray before that but now I live with my dad and his best friend who love me dearly and give me so many hugs and kisses. I am spoiled rotten and get all the treats and toys I could ever want.
Bella Marie
Well bella is a very energetic dog with so much attitude and personality.she gets your attention when she wants it and when she wants to play you’ll know because she will come over to you in part you and tell you she wants to play. She gets the Zumiez and runs like a crazy person through the house and thinks that she can run with the big dogs, but she looks like a tiny little teddy bear next to them.
Sierra is a wolf dod/hybrid. She's very smart and loves to play. Already housebroken and only have had her for a week and a half.
I'm Buster!! Just like the name says... I'm a Isabella Tan Piebald and the girls Love me. I love my chewy bones and bacon before bed.