Lilly is very playful. She can literally can do the moonwalk when she is nervous or very happy. Very loving especially towards her Mommy ❤
Odin is a Husky/Pit mix, he's about 10 weeks old and loves his bones! He is the silliest & most lovable pup. Please vote for Baby Odin!🖤
Loki is 8 to 9 yrs old and loves to cuddle and. Play loves to go on car rides
Amber Sage
I’m amber sage, I’m almost a year old and I’m a husky border collie mix, I have 2 sisters not the same blood tho. I love walks, playing, and crawling under the bed lmao.
Foster fail, his mom had 10 pups. He is smart, playful and loving.
Abby lost her eyes due to glaucoma 2 yrs ago. She adjusted well. Most people don't know she's blind.
She is a very active loving dog she is only 7 months old she is very friendly she is an adopted baby who has been through a lot and became very strong
Liam was the sweetest pal ever. A man’s best friend some may say. He loved cuddling with everyone in the family, and waking them up with his licks! He loved playing with his son. He has passed away, but he is still a cute dog. No one should have to go through life without a Liam- a kind hearted, loyal companion.
Demi likes cuddling, playing with toys and the other dogs! She loves being outside and running e the yard. Please vote for her cause she's a beautiful girl with blue eyes and is very loving!
Taco loves being outside, playing with his toys and his big brother, Cain. Please vote for him, cause he's an adorable little guy!
Zeus is a big ball of energy and LOVES his sticks.
Rebel is a big ole lover! He loves lakes, ponds, creeks, basically anywhere he can get his paws wet 💜
Stella is very loving and wants to be center of attention. She like to cuddle and play with her toys.
Magic is a rescue dog and she will even give you hugs! She is incredibly intelligent and loves to run around, be lazy, and compete in staring competitions. She is the most loving and loyal girl.
Nala love car rides and love to play with other dogs and kittens
Drake loves to be outside. His favorite activity is swimming. Drake loves being with his family. He is a big baby with lots of love in him!
Dogs are better than people! Zayda is my best friend. She is extremely loyal and protective. She loves to go to the park and swim, but her favorite is coming home to take a bath and then nap!
Brandy And Molly
We love peanut butter!
Sadie loves dressing up, her favorite thing to do is jump in the pool.
This is Snoopy 1 year 2 weeks old Shiz Tzu - jack Russell mix . . Snoopy loves to play and loves to do zoomies (runs really fast and crazy 😆) Snoopy does the funniest things ever makes me laugh
Ruthie Ann’s first birthday is coming up. Ruthie loves walking with her leash and having bows in her hair. She loves playing in water and her duck stuffed animal!❤️❤️
Toby loves his squeaky balls and playing with his fur brothers and fur sisters. He loves to eat anything. He is a mama's boy for sure and loves giving hugs and kisses.
My name is Tuff Hughes. My favorite things to do are duck hunt or any kind of hunting to be honest and farming with my dad while looking for turtles. I love to snuggles my dad while making my mom jealous. Playing with my toys and for heaven sakes I can’t go without my sweet potatoe treats..
Prince Charming
HI I’m Prince Charming,I’m 1 1/2 year old, and I love to play with my toys, cuddles, being outside, and I like to wake momma up with kisses, I also like to play with my owner and my girlfriend jazzy! (Aka mrs.kitty!)
Mya is 13.5 years old and is a cockapoo. She loves being outside and sleeping
Star is a 9 week old german short-haired pointer who loves to play with our other dog. Snuggle her humans and is just a sweet loveable baby 😍.
Check this guy out over here with those brown eye brows, overloaded with cuteness! He loves his bones, car rides and his walks but is absolutely afraid of the rain. He’s a very loyal companion, and shows us his love with hugs and kisses everyday, He definitely has an attitude though and shows us through his funny facial expressions. This is our boy Buddy
Cecil Malone
Hello! My name is Cecil and I am a 9 year old Jack Russell mix. I am a momma's boy and need to be by her side AT ALL TIMES! ❤️ My kid humans try to get me to play but I am just a lazy old man and would rather sleep in my spot on the couch. Why play with squeaky toys when you can dream about them?!
Maverick is a soon to be 6 month old rescue. He loves naps, hiking, and attention from everywhere he can get it.
Copper was adopted and has been the perfect addition to our family! He is so sweet, loves to play fetch and go for long walks. He gets super excited to go to the dog park or for puppy play dates with our friends!
Karen Kay
Karen Kay loves to play and be around people, especially children. Every kid is considered her baby!!
Oakley is a 2 yr old Boxweiler. She is a very loving dog and loves to eat ice
Finley is a pure bred good boy! He loves the beach, snow storms, rides, walks, and snugging with his big brother peanut! He also loves to carry around socks, wood, shirts, and his toys! Dislikes: all delivery drivers, loud noises, packaging in boxes, the leaf blower, and when dad accidentally mows his toys over. Some of his nicknames are: Finn, Finny, wiggle butt, Finnegan, and poop butt.
Rambo the rambunctious!
Rover is a full blooded beagle with snout that can smell out anything ! especially treats! He loves the outdoors and is full of energy.. he’s the boss !
🐾Clyde love riding in trucks, chewing on shoes and throwing all his toys everywhere in the house 🐾
Barrett loves being outside and chewing sticks. We call him wiggle butt cause he’s always so happy and his tail wags 24/7
Jr is absolutely obsessed with the camera the minute it’s pointed at him he’s all action!! Loves toys specially toy ducks!!
Hi - I’m Zoie! I love to travel and have already been to 7 states in the few months I’ve been here. I also love other dogs and all people! I keep trying to be friends with cats but so far none of them seem to like my energy.
This is Dory and she is a Teddy bear. She may be a mix breed but she’s pure sweetheart.💕She gets her name from you guessed it! Finding Nemo! She loves to swim, play with her siblings and eat treats!
Tucker loves being outside, barking at anything and everything and snuggling with his people.
EmmyLou is a Golden English Labradoodle she is very playful and very friendly, she loves going on walks, playing with toys, and her family. EmmyLou also has a boyfriend named Dale that’s a Bulldog. EmmyLou also likes piggyback rides, giving hugs, going on motorcycle rides, and going to the river!
Marble is my christmas elf. She was another one of our rescue dogs.
Oakley is a black Labrador Retriever. My two sons are his best pals. He is a sweet boy and loves to cuddle with the boys!
Sadie May
Sadie May is one crazy Golden Retriever. She like to play with her sister Harley Quinn and lick anything and everything she can. She is so smart that she can tell time. She will wake you up minutes before your alarm, jump on you at 6pm for dinner, and bark when it's time for treats. She will also cuddle in bed and sleep like a human....heck, Sadie doesn't even know she is a dog!
Buddy is an 11 week old rescue who is very friendly and lovable!