Baby Stories - 16


Cannon is 14 years old! My fiancé has had him since he was a two week old puppy and they are attached at the hip!
Shweetie is an insanely cute and loving now nine year old female Blue Queensland Heeler. Shweetie is so cuteifull (a blend of cute and beautiful) and precious that I often ask her if she is going to the salon while I am gone? She is classic and enjoys sticks, balls, sunbathing, and unlimited pink belly pets with super big doggy smiles. I did not think I could love shweetie any more than I did when I first met her eating acorns with her brothers and sisters in the dirt, but I love my little shweet peets with scratchy feets more and more each day!!!!
Chance Ritch
Chance is a rescue fur baby, He was left for dead at a park I took him home and God joined my Husbands heart to Chances as well as Chances to My husbands Tim Ritch. They left him blind and he was only 2 months old. Scared and helpless. He now is spoiled rotten and is part of our life as our little boy. He is still blind but you would never know it. He is my husbands heart.They are inseparable. Love our little Boog
Zoey is a kind loving dog I found her on the rode when I was 9 and now I’m ten and right now I think she is going to be turning 1 in November 💞
Our silly Saddles is the most beautiful pain in the butt that i have ever met. She is a 1 1/2 year old German Shorthair Pointer that has a personality of her very own and does the cutest and silliest things, literally all day long❣ Just last Tuesday night she started whimpering in the middle of the night, waking me up to alert me that my mom's oxygen machine was acting up, allowing me to be able to correct it, and what i believe saving my mom. She is our superhero, no matter what. ❤
Hello, I'm Felix! I am a very lovable and spunky boy. I have a never ending supply of kisses when I am not carrying my toy around. I love cuddles but also love to play and go for adventures outside!
Lola is 8 weeks old and is a half short haired and half long haired chihuahua.. she is very playful and has a great bouncy personality.
Teddy Rion
We got him when he was 8 weeks old. He loves to play outside and meeting new people. He’s also ¾ Aussie and ¼ Bernese mountain dog.
Luna And Lizzy
Lizzy is our Corgi and she was born August 6, 2020 and she is a spit fire. Luna is our French Bulldog and she was born on October 22, 2019. She is our sweetheart. They are the best of friends and they are our lives! ❤
we had her since she was 6 weeks old
Toby is such a loveable boy. He's friendly, loves attention, and wants to be with anyone who pets him. He's a true sweetheart!!!
Fat, but energetic.
Enzo is a very mellow puppy that loves to snuggle and play. He is a beagle/lab mix and was born in august 2020, he was adopted from a shelter and is living life now
We got Sasha & her JRT sister 2 years ago. Sasha is the sweetest most caring dog ive every had. She loves all her her brothers and sisters and her two-legged sisters she's. Very protective over all of them. We call her mother hen. She loves to cuddles and play ball.
Hello my name is tri I’m new to this world but I act like a human I can swim and open the refrigerator door to get me something to eat when I was 5 months this loving family came to get me from a banned house where me and my sister was save I was living at a banned house for almost 2 months with nothing to eat but now I’m living my best life swimming , gym working some more
Breezy is a very sweet and energetic puppy. She loves to walk outside and play outside. She is a very happy dog 😊
Flash is a high energetic dog with lost of love and goof to him. He is a healer mix with great Pyrenees, and smiles when he is happy. His best friend is a big tom cat. He loves to play soccer and fetch! Everyone who meets him tends to smile and laugh due to his personality.
Nala is 3 years old. She is super sweet and has helped me in so many ways. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes when I was 12 it’s been rough but 3 years ago nala came into my life and has helped me with it. When I’m low she wakes me up and doesn’t leave my side. She is full of energy and loves to give kisses. If nala were to win we would donate this money to my husbands mom who is battling breast cancer.
Max is a busy puppy, he likes to play with his toys ,and his sister Zoe.
When we went to see Chipper at the shelter he was a lot smaller dog than we expected or typically would rescue/adopt but he looked so much like our Storm (a mini me version) we just had to get him. He wouldn’t come near us the entire 1st week he followed Storm around (we only had her 8 months) he soon realized this was a real home (despite him chewing up every stuffy he could & furniture) he fast became a best buddy to our 15yr old cat Miss Priss. Loves to mix it up with our 10yr old cat Spit “Fire”. He taught Storm to find her true “BARK” (voice) he’s now learning that daddy isn’t to be feared & will play with him and looks to him for attention & loving. ( he’s showing Storm that you can play with daddy not just other doggies & daddy can be suckered into giving doggie cookies) he would run & jump off the back deck after Storm with his legs all out like Rocky the flying squirrel. But he has put on a few pounds so those landings are a little harder. We’re working on slimming him back down now that he knows he is fed regularly. We believe he may he belonged originally to an elderly person who mostly used an indoor turf & deck for potty’s. And that either they either were separated due to hurricane evacuation, from assisted living to nursing or passing & family or others just dumped him not wanting to deal with his not being completely outside potty trained. He’s learning the schedule slowly & slowly learning to give us a sign that he is wants outside either to potty or play. Yes we’re still working on fully potty training even after a year. We know Spitz can be stubborn, but I think he’s had hard enough life to earn our patience.
She was a shy feral that spent 6 months of her 1st 9 months on the run in the woods just weeks before we got her. Within less than a week she decided she liked my side of the bed vs her dog bed. She had just dropped having my CPAP hose in her mouth prior to my snapping this pic. She was originally laying full head up with my CPAP mask hose in mouth looking lat me like “ look mom I’m you!” She dropped it and thought I was going to scold her or something while I was grabbing my phone to snap pic. Yes this horse of a pup was less than a year old she weighed 68lbs we were originally told by shelter she was 18 months 1st vet check up of teeth confirmed that was wrong she’s now 100+ lbs! She has found her voice from a quiet yip-yelp to full on bark! Daddy may have pulled her from shelter but she latched onto mom inside 24 hrs to the point of low growling at dad in 2 days if he came near. (he was able bribe that out of her with cheese in about a month’s time). She now looks to him for treats & petting. Her best buddies are the Spitz Chipper we rescued because he looked exactly like her mini, and our 15yr old cat Miss Priss. She’s still trying to win our 10yr old cat Spit”Fire” over.
Sadie is a very sweet, smart, and talkative baby. She loves anything she can chew. She REALLY loves snow! She knows she is pretty and will even pose for you! Lastly she tells you when she wants cuddles!
Karma 10 months Tom boy super cuddles when u lay with her love playing and chewing literally everything lol
Hello everyone! This is to honor my beautiful sweet babygirl Alayna she is a blue fawn Amstaff mix. Since the day I came into her life she instantly chose me to be her mommy and bestie. She came from neglectful drunk that bearly fed her and locked her up constantly and he was bad to the both of us. Alayna and I rescued eachother in a dark time in both our lives and our love for eachother got us through all together. She loves every day of her new super spoiled happy life! She gets all the treats bones toys beds walks attention and love she deserves! We both instantly became eachothers emotional support buddy! She is my best friend! She is such a sweet lovey. This sweetheart absolutely loves getting all the attention and loves cuddling and loves giving kisses. She hates to see me upset or sick she tries to cure me immediately with her loving. She takes pride in being mommys number one and in being a great big sister. She is such a good girl. She just recently passed and I'm truly devastated!! I miss her with all of me!
Dexter loves to cuddle, play, & eat!! He loves to learn new things about the big world he lives in.
Nala Jade
Nala is a very sweet baby, she’s loved by mostly everyone! She loves playing with toys and going outside! She especially loves food! She also loves cuddles from mom and dad (really anyone) and loves blankets!
I rescued chocolate from an abusive household she has a deformed paw from not healing back properly, but she is the sweetest most loving dog I've ever seen!
Lady May
Lady May loves car rides and people. She has never met a stranger. Addicted to Starbucks Pupachino
Oliver is a 4 year old, standard poodle. He enjoys playing with toys (lots of toys) giving hugs, dancing with his humans and lots of love and attention
9 week old fila brasiliero puppy.
Delilah is an 11 year old, redbone coon hound and Rhodesian ridgeback mix. She enjoys treats, cuddling her family and howling at sirens
He’s a sweet lovable dog. Full of energy and loves to play!
Roxie is a 7 month old rescue who is deaf and partially blind, but she doesn't let it get her down. She's crazy, lovable, and a pain in the butt sometimes but we love her to death
Joy is a sweet loving girl that lives up to her name, as she brings joy to everyone that she meets. She loves car rides and loving on others. She is full of personality and doesn't know that she isn't a person!!
Sassy is very loving and sweet girl. She's defintely spoiled and she knows it with her sassy self. Very gentle and spunky old girl. She love's her pet skunk skunky. She love's the outside and she's a runner.
Romeo is 12weeks old, he enjoys active playing and love children.
After a very long anticipated wait we found the perfect match for our family, he is so smart and even though he’s young he picks up tricks that I teach him quickly. Ashes very sociable with dogs cats and other people and it’s never boring he keeps the day exciting.
This is Louie! He is my precious baby. He loves shoes, and food. He loves to play, play, play all day. He loves giving kisses! He is a cutie but he is a naughty boy, and also a tank of a dog. At the end of the day, we couldnt live without this baby! ❤
Duke is a 10 year old beagle/dachshund mix. We adopted him about 4 years ago from a local rescue and he's been glued to our laps ever since. He is TRULY the definition of a lap dog
He loves to play ball and he is a ladies dog ;)
Quinn Is An Orphan Puppy Who Has Came A Long Way Since Got Her!! She Loves Cuddling With Her Humans n Her Stuffed LambChop!! She Also Loves Playing With Her Cat Siblings!!!!
Kingsley Oliver
Kingsley is such a playful little boy. He loves to bite his mommy and daddys pigies and loves to cuddle. He is such a sweet little boy.
Six is a rescue from an ex marine, hence his name. He is definitely one to watch your back although he’d rather be playing or swimming. He loves his toys and carries one with him wherever he goes, brings you one if he thinks you’re sad, happy, tired...any excuse really! Loves the company of children And his best friend, a 10lb maltypoo! Ever seen the movie Twins? That’s them! Please vote for our handsome sweet boy.
Hello, this is Tybo. He was rescued from the humane society by me on Jan 2019 after his owners surrender him because he was to energetic for them. I instantly fell in love with this big boy and haven’t looked back ever since. Tyman loves playing fetch, sleeping/cuddling (he snores like he works 12 hrs a day), car rides, and eating! i was so lucky to stumble across him that day and he has made my life so much better! He’s always so happy and has so much energy which i think is amazing! He’s always down to hike with me! Tybo did have a hard time warming up to me at first and every time i left the house he got super sad bc i think he thought i wasn’t coming back. I hated that feeling so now he goes literally every where i go! Please vote for my Tyman, because he deserve to have more happy endings!
Minka is a 10 week old english white labrador. She loves to stick her tongue out at us when we tell her no.
Willy is actually Blue Heeler & Black Lab Mix! He loves his big brother, Murphy (golden retriever/lab mix)! He loves going for jeep rides! Not sure about water yet! He can sit, lay down! Working on shaking!