Bella Wella
She loves to play in water she would play in the bath all day if I let her lol she is the sweetest babygirl ever sheโ€™s so smart she loves to play with her toys I got her when she was 7 weeks old she is now 8 months old sheโ€™s gotten so big lol she has a thing with babies she loves them she will lay down and cuddle the little kids
Disable German Shepherd, who is four years old, very smart and has entered between dog showing trick titles, bite working, weight pulling, and dog diving
Brizo is a special girl who has had every genetic condition you can think of. Her first of many surgeries was at an early age of 8 months old, limiting her activity to minimal for the next 18 months while she recovered and prepared for her next surgery. At almost 7 years old Brizo hobble's around like a 12 year old dog with a mind of a puppy eager to greet everyone and fetch her tennis ball. Anyone that has had the pleasure of meeting Brizo has seen just how special she is.
A show dog who has a champion and multiple trick dog titles, a black German Shepherd, who is two years old, very playful and energetic!
Long-haired German Shepherd, who is very fluffy and cuddling, knows a lot of tricks and is three years old!
She loves to seal. But today she loves to lie on her back.
HARLO IS SO LOVING. He is deaf so requires alot more attention but is so smart!!
Hello my name is Arlo
milo has a very outgoing personality. he loves to bark at birds and the tv. he is a very high energy dog and loves being outside. he also loves pup cups and new toys.
Diesal has been such a blessing to our family he's so full of energy and is a big fur ball.Like a teddy bear he's learning so fast for an 8 week old at 23lbs he's going to be one big boy
He is playful and affectionate. When he sees people and animals he dances. He gets happy. He also loves watching dog tv. He loves to watch the birds and the squirrels and interacts with them.
Maybelle just turned 5 years old. Maybelle's ears are a little big, but we think they are perfect. Ever since she was a baby, Maybelle straddles the arm of the chair like she is riding a horse. Maybelle loves to eat! She is a very sweet girl and we love her very much!
Bailey will be 5 years old in May. She makes us laugh so many times a day, and we love her so much! Bailey's favorite toy is her fox, and her favorite thing to eat is cheese.
Trup'r is truly a 1 of a kind kid. He is German Shepard and Pittie cross. And is the most active kid I have out of 5. His story is 1 that I will never want to any furbaby to experience. I met him laying in a yard in 100 degree weather, no food, no water and no shelter. The poor baby was so limp and fighting with everything in him to keep going. I picked him up and began giving him water and cooling him down. I took this baby from the owner as I was not going to throw him away like they dis. It was a rough couple days but i have the most grateful, loyal and protective kiddo. never has he believed he was a K9 American...He believes he is human. He has saved me from self harm so many times and been my inspiration and reason to continue life. He loves to chase cats lol and bark at birds. He has people fooled by playing he doesn't know much but he proves it wrong by removing his harness everytime without my help. He saves me everyday for the 1 day I saved him. I am blessed he came into my life!
Loves his ring. Nickname is snuglas
Teddy is the sweetest boy who has brought so much joy back in my life and he deserves to be recognized. He may be small pup but his spirit is huge. Vote for Teddy today ๐Ÿ˜
She loves people,and loves sleeping in her chair in the den with her mama
Kimber was a amish pup i just had to save he was put in a stall in the barn with no contact till i let him out and he ran and jumped into my truck at 9 weeks old. Love him to death.
Pico Frederico Kennedy
Pico showed up on our 2nd floor apt doorstep with this look on his face (photo) and we couldn't say no! He has been a loving member of our family ever since and his bouncy trot shows his pride for his new family when we go for walks!
He loves people and he loves to give kisses and he loves his belly rubbed.
Boo Boo
Loves to play outside
The cutest, best dog that has ever lived!!
Athena is the biggest cuddle bug she loves blankets.
Harley is my emotional support dog. Such a swetheart and snugglebug. Still barks at everything. She rides motorcycles with me has to be ontop of me evertime she is around me. I try to take her everywhere with me. Loves to climb but is a little clumsy like her momma.
Henry is a rescue and loves attention!!! As with all pitties... his tail is always wagging in perfect rhythm with his entire body when hes happy!!!
Willow is very active.She loves to play with her squeaky toys.At 7 weeks old she knows to go to door and whine to go out.walks by my side.Go to porch when i tell her porch.Shes an amazing addition to my family.
Milo enjoys playing ball hanging out at the dog park, and snuggling with his family.
Bruno is a happy boy who loves playing ball and being outside. Loves pushing between legs and cuddles.๐Ÿฅฐ
Athena Rose
Athena is a 5 month old Cane Corso that loves to sleep with her tongue out. Her best friend is a goat named Grace.
Chance is the best and the smartest fur baby that ive ever had. He loves chasing ball n going for walks and rides.
Chico is a service dog for my son. We've had him since he was 3 weeks old. He's an amazing dog. He loves to be cuddled. He loves to play high ball. He also loves for my son to hug them as much as possible
Taz likes to run. He likes to play ball. He likes to catch. He likes to run after birds. Most of all he loves to be cuddled
He loves his stuffed animals, blankets and having all the attention!!! He is the sweetest thing u will ever meet he love hugs and to play!! He is four months old. Heโ€™s our little bestie ๐Ÿ’™.
Timis is a Doberman. He is the most friendly dog, and thinks everyone is his friend. He loves to birdwatch and play with other dogs. He is so cute and he deserves to win the pageant.
Favorites: Ducky, my blue crinkle toy, Lamb Chop, my squeaker toy, and Jambones. Milestones: I'm potty-trained and crate-trained. I've learned to "sit & stay & fetch." My sniffer has REALLY gotten good too! I love my Snuffle Mat, and the smell of Enchiladas!
Leo is a big flexing toy addict with a bark bigger than his bite !! He is the best big dog to help teach any new puppers where the doggy door is and the best way to get loving!! A little neurotic and anxious , but his emotional support human is there for him !! And don't play when it comes to walks that's his time to strut ๐Ÿ’œ
Sasha is a 106 lb rottie mix. Although her breed, size and bark make her look a bit intimidating, she is actually sweet, calm, loving and gentle. She is a rescue dog that loves all people and animals. If she's outside neighborhood kids will come to pet her. She loves to sleep with me, although she's a bit of a bed hog!
Chloe Rose
This sweetie loves scrumptious soft treats and nonnas saucy delicious meatballs. Sitting in the front window waiting for the mailman, and watching all her buddys walk by while mommy and daddy are not home. Shes a wondeful big sister and takes her little brother under her wings. She truly is an angel, Chloe is a blessing to everyone she connects with!
Hello my name is Trypp! I love naps! My mom is my best friend ๐Ÿงก. I love all my squeaky toys and i love treats and food all shapes n sizes. I am a lover of everyone. I also love my back scratched and my feet rubbed. I am a sweety please vote for me! I also love spending time with grammy n gampy!
Panda is a half dachund and half Japanese spitz. She is a very clingy dog, I miss her, Right now shes not with me shes there in the Philippines hopefully i can save money to get her and be with me here in the US.
Angel is Sweet friendly loves playing with her toys and likes other dogs and kids
Stormy is a wild frenchy that likes to run around and fight with other dogs
Shes a inside dog that loves to go outside and play with the big dogs
Shes a french bulldog mixed with boxer,she loves her toys and playing tug a war with her brothers.
Archie is a fun loving dog who loves kids loves to play catch he will jump for the ball and bring it back to you