Baby Stories - 16


scamp is full of life and has been through so much and yet somehow is the happiest pup ever! He thinks he is human as he thinks he is supposed to take a shower with you he will jump right in and just sit there! He is very very vocal and will let you know what he wants if it’s to play he brings his toys to you and drops them At your feet and will sit stare ignore him he growls not viciously of course more so trying to talk like hey mom play with me! He loves all animals and loves kids! As you can See he is ready to Go fishing like I said he is full of life and such a good boy if your wondering his breed well scamp is 25% rat terrier and the rest American pitbull terrier and American staffordshire terrier!! Although he seems to think he is a little pup and will try to climb on your neck and curl up to go to sleep! He is a bit of a baby as he has to be with mama or it’s the end of the world he loves to ride in cars if I had a chance for him to make a movie of him self he would honestly be a star he is just so much wrapped into one!! WE LOVE YOU SCAMPAROO!!
My handsome sweet boy.❤️Pretty sure this is rigged, prove me wrong :)
Scrappy Doo
Scrappy Doo is a momma's boy and I love it. He loves to cuddle and play in the snow. His favorite thing is to grab his leash in his mouth and take me for a walk.
Hi my name is TJ I love to play all day. I’m cute and cuddlie... I’m the apple of my parents life and they spoil me rotten🤪
I love to sleep and eat
My mom rescued me from her neighbor and I love to play and I like treat
Little Mia is full of spunk and sweetness!
Inko loves to eat and play
Sadie is 8 weeks old and a very smart puppy she is a Boykin spaniel
Drake is a springer spaniel and a lab mix he’s a very loving and out going puppy!
Coco is a 1 year old teacup yorkie she is sweet loving and has been in our family for a year now and she is the sweetest dog every she she is a spoiled little cuddle puppy
Willow Jade
Willow Jade is our spunky full of life bluetick coon hound she loves everyone she meets
Hoss is an energetic mini Australian Shepard! He loves kids and treats!
Diesel is an out going Great Dane! He weighs around 75-100 pounds but thinks he’s a lap dog.
Sally Mae
She’s such a baby loves to cuddle and take walks ❣️🥰
My name is Teddy🧸 , I am a 5 month old bichon frise - poodle mix. I like running and being active, and playing with my sisters Sasha and Dior. My favorite toy to play with is a reindeer toy my mommy got me when I was adopted🥰. I may be sweet but I sure am spicy 🔥😉✨I hope you guys vote for me 😊
Stormi is a crazy, loving animal! She is my best friend who gives the best cuddles! She is loyal and even MORE loyal if you give her her most favorite treats... Carrots!
Best Dog Ever 💙
Hi I’m Kovu! I love cold weather, playing in the dirt, and TREATS!!!!!!!!!
Chakra was added to our family March 2, 2021 and we’ve never been so complete. She loves to play with her favorite fox head squeaky toy! When’s she’s not trying to eat acorns or leaves she’s showering you with puppy love. Want to be her best friend? Flip her over and rub her belly she’ll love you forever.
Franks cuteness is to hide the evil he can be sweet loves his uncle grandma and dad the most! Has a bf named Kai and his fave color is purple
Hemi loves running after our chickens and doing chores with me!
Chanel is a 9 month old pitty. She is a ball of energy with such a sassy personality
Pebbles is a spoiled, almost 2 year old Shiba baby! His hobbies include playing with his kitty sister, giving kisses to momma, and rough housing with dad. He spends his free time running zoomies and tearing as much fluffing out of toys as he possibly can. He’s a little snuggle bug and would love a vote!
Tucker is 3 years old. He is a very social dog. In our neighborhood, he is considered the "Official Greeter" of all. He loves treats, balls and sleeping on his "Mom's" lap.
Jagger is a mommas boy. He loves to cuddle but also pick on his older brother. He’s set in his way and is not afraid to give attitude to his mom.
Hercules Aka Boobala
Hercules is a doggie who does what he wants, when he wants. He will come to you when he wants attention or to play, he has his own bedroom and enjoys sunny days looking out his window waiting for the mailman to arrive so he can bark at them.
Titan is Australian shepherd and Bernese mountain dog mix. He’s a sweet boy who spends his days with mom (the Australian) and dad( the Bernese).
Remington is the sweetest boy ever. He loves to play with his toys and cuddle up and night. He is a 4lb bundle of joy.
Yuki is a 6 month old sassy, spunky, sweet American Akita/Husky mix. She loves playing with toys, especially tennis balls! And she absolutely LOVES the snow!!
He is very friendly and a big baby
Ginger is a 19 week old red fox lab. She is super smart and loves to play tug-of-war. She loves to do tricks such as wave, roll over, and sit pretty.
Chevy is a senior and has been My faithful BFF for going on 15 yrs strong! So sweet n smart and loved by so many! My travel buddy! He’s getting old tho y’all! Give him some love!❤️
He loves to open doors and windows to our rv and run into the casino to find us
Mia is the cutest little girl.She is a barrel of fun. At 1lb 11oz she believes she is in charge.She plays with Charlie 14lb cat brother biting his ankles and pulling his tail Charlie allows her to bounce all over him.PeeWee 6lb 14 yr old chihuahua is another story. As a grandpa he try’s to keep Mia in check but she won’t have that.She walks on top of him too, biting his ears, ankles and tail.She’s figured out PeeWee doesn’t have much of a bite since he’s an old boy and rocks his world. When she finally tires, which isn’t very long, she wants to lay on my shoulder and fall fast asleep.
You would think he was straight out of a comic funny and loves all
loves her toys and running and playing
He is my unexpected furry super hero! See photos below for more about our story.
She’s very energetic and will stomp on you to get you to play catch with her for hours
We recently rescued her from an animal shelter. She loves running around and playing with her brother and sister
Coyote is a very spunky, loving puppy. He loves to cuddle. He loves car rides.
He’s a fun loving dog who always has a smile on his face.
Bella is a long haired Chichi mix, she loves making friends everywhere we go she’ll try to meet everyone that’s around while wagging her tail. There isn’t one person that doesn’t smile and pet her. Bella loves to swim, cuddle, play, and have her groom time. She’s my first dog, and I couldn’t be anymore happier with her. She is absolutely an all around loving pup. Please vote for Bella
Penny is a mini dachshund that makes this family’s heart happy with her never ending energy and lovable snuggles please vote for her
Diesel is a sweet, loving boy that loves being with his humans. He hasn’t met a snack he doesn’t like. 😊
She loves to chase a rope ball and snuggle on the couch.
Benny is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. He loves to go on hikes and car rides! Every time their is someone new to meet he is so excited! Please vote for Benny he would really appreciate it!!!!
Princess Belle
Princess Belle loves snuggles, pasta noodles and chasing bouncy balls.