Charlie loves snuggles and to run around and play rough. Charlie is also very smart and knows how to be extremely gently with young children. He learns very fast and knows a lot of tricks.
Hi! I’m Jaxon Phive but everyone calls me “Jaxon or Jack Jack” for short. I’m a cocker spaniel/ shih tzu mix who loves LSU and the New Orleans Saints. When I’m not sleeping, I love doing zoomies outside with my dad, raising my paw for treats with my brothers, and sampling my moms recipes when she cooks. I’m super friendly, extra cuddly and always enjoys meeting new humans and fur friends. It’s no wonder they call me the “King of Pup”. 🐶
Snowball and her sister Myra waiting on the night time treat.
Chase is a mountain fiest he almost 11 weeks old he very active he finally learn to let us know when he has to go outside he loves his toys he is very spoiled
My two beautiful girls . Myra & Snowball. Just waiting for there treats.
Conrad is actually a standard poodle/German shepherd mix… Making him a Shepadoodle. He is nine months old and weighs 62 pounds. His favorite thing is playing fetch with a stick and also playing with his big cockatiel stuffed animal. He attends doggy daycare two days a week and is excited to go. He also loves pup cups from the coffee shop and gets excited when we drive up. He is the biggest, sweetest gentlest giant ever.
Ace loves to play in the snow and catch snow balls thrown by his two human siblings.
Hayzle is a wild little girl that is full of fun and sass. Each day I’m not sure If she grows smarter or sassier.. she loves hugs & of course her momma ❤️❤️
Vote for sissy’s fat girls
Matilda Mae the Menace! Gotta love her, she’s brand spanking new to the world and she’s such a sour patch kid! But she is oh so intelligent and loves the dog park.
I am a curious one, I love sniffing everything on my walks with mom, I love spending time with my grandma who gives me extra treats! I enjoy socializing with other dogs and playing with my toys 😌🦮🐾
Bambam is so loving. He loves to cuddle, fetch, eat, and play.He gives the best kisses. He will be 6 months on Feb. 4th. Please Vote & show your love to him as he does to me every min. Of the day..THANK YOU
Sky is a playful English Bulldog/Shar Pei mix who loves chasing her big sister Bella (Bassett Hound) and two cats. She also enjoys mommy’s slippers and flip flops 😁
hi i’m blue, i’m terrified of everything and I love to pretend i’m a scarf
Toby love to snuggle up against you where its nice and warm, he loves to play and do his little cha cha dance. He is my pride and joy ❤
Winston loves to cuddle and play. He loves all other dogs. Winston is a chocolate maltipoo that weighs 8 pounds and is 5 and 1/2 months. He is super friendly. VOTE FOR WINSTON🤎
Hi! My name is Mayzee, but you can call lazy Mayzee. I love to lay around all day and snuggle up next to anyone around. I love ear scratches and treats, LOTS of treats. I have an obnoxious brother and sister who always interrupt my naps, but when we all sing together it sounds great! I love my family and new friends!!
Frat Boy Kevin
Hi! My name is Frat Boy Kevin, and I was rescued from the Humane Society just 3 months ago! I spent most of my life in and out of shelters until then, but I found my forever home!! I love taking walks and stealing my sister’s food. My favorite little trick to do is to chase my tail while jumping in circles, and barking loud enough to wake the neighbors. I love back scratches, tummy rubs and snuggles with my mommy💕
He acts like a clown he loves to sunbathing and back scratches we saved him from abuse case along with Vegas
Born on Friday the 13th, Winks is the runt of her litter. Just a wee little thing with a big personality. She was one of the first to open her eyes and walk, rather than squirm. Little bit angel. Little bit devil. Winks is going to take this world by storm.
Toby is my little buddy. He’s my emotional support dog He loves being with me. You should vote for him because he’s 3 pounds of cuteness
Trixie is a 8 month old shih tzu x Chihuahua. She is very fun and energetic. She loves to play. She loves to cuddle. Very friendly.
hi humans 🥰 i love attention, playing and chewing 😈
She always makes people feel better. Morkie breed.
He loves to go on walks and watch tv
Hey you all vote for lady bug she has been through so much the past year with loosing her eyeball but she is doing better now!!
Miss Daisy
My little Twirly Bird , since this is what she does when she wants attention or a treat!!
I love to snuggle and run and my favorite snacks are broccoli and salmon!
My puppy Roxy like the snow she also is ver active and she enjoys laying upside-down when sleeping as u can see she is a total goof ball. My puppy Roxy is also a loveable and well trained beagle mut mix.
Jade Hicks
Jade is my baby i had her since she was 2an half months old she's now 2 years old Jade is very smart she loves me dearly she loves kids always under me Jade loves ❤️ socks always stealing them from me one thing I can say about jade she's very happy pup
Melro… 2 month old Labradoodle with an outgoing and charming personality!
He loves everyone..he is the most snuggling boy you would ever meet ..he loves to run really fast and wants you to run with him...but most of all is his eyes they will melt your heart ❤️
Miss Saddie
Miss Saddie looks so cute n cuddly, but as soon as her brother n sis come around watch out she loves playing with them!
Maggie Mae
Maggie loves people and playing with her toys she helps her mommy with her sugar lows and highs. She has a lot of Love for everyone.
Kite "Bite" May is a purebred Nebraska Jack from Minatare Ne. He is a "Shorty" smooth coat Jack Russell. He lives on a boat 🚢 and he loves to watch the otters 🦭 and harbor seal. Vote for kite because he is sooo "Stinking" cute!!!
Runt Runt
Hence my name, I was the runt of my litter. My mommy had to bottle feed me so I'm lucky to be alive and breathing. Unlike my sister KTwo who loves da rope, I love sticks!! Anything outside I love doing but throw a stick and I'm on it!!
Enya is a bubbly and sweet dog. She loves to eat and play🥰
How do I put this in words. Mateo is my best friend. He’s an amazing adventure buddy, one hell of an ESA dog, and the best big brother to his sister! He is the happiest, goodest boi in the whole world. In fact he is my whole world! The most loyal and cutest furbaby ever in my humbled opinion. But I am his mom after all. 😌😉 On a side note that’s particularly funny, he has alopecia which the vet explained is like male patterned baldness. So we call him our bald boi. Or potato because he’s brown.
Honey is three and a half months, sits, goes outside to pee, poo, and she goes to her bed when told. She is a real poi dog puppy..loves chewing rubber slippers!
Bella is the most out going fun loving little puppy. She loves to play cat&mouse under the covers.
Luna is spoiled rotton. She loves car rides. Chick fl a and Vienna sausages
Nala is very active and playful. She loves playing with our kids and she's super smart. We have been training for for just a few days, and has already learned to sit, do her business in the puppy pad, and walk beside us outside!
Pay Pay
This is paysley, she loves to play just as much as she loves to sleep!
Princess Buttercup (Aka Butter) is a dachshund/mini Aussie/border collie mix! She gets her beautiful gold coat from her grandma. Her favorite activity is meeting new people and going on walks💕
She came to us after my first rescue was ran over tragically and she had big puppy footsteps to fill. She has been a blessing. She loves to wake up and let’s out these cute puppy coos. We are not exactly sure what she is as we haven’t done the dna test but she is for sure a gift from God.
She is the best girl ever!!! Definitely a mama’s girl!
Dub loves everyone! And has a very humorous personality ! Always ready for anything and always puts his best face forward. His favorite thing is kids. He is always up for chasing and playing. But, as all bulldogs do, he gets tired really early then you can see him in his bed, snoring so loud that no one else can sleep in the house! Dub is loved big!
Mickey is a very lovable pup. He likes toys. He is a working dog for stress. He has the cutest snaggle tooth.