Baby Stories - 15


Thor Asgard is a powerful Puppy doodles(his nickname). He’s my super hero. He is a fun loving 8 year old man who has a pure heart of gold.
Milo is my soul dog. He is so playful and very clumsy. His favorite thing to do is play frisbee, ball, chasing cows, meetup with his friends, and he ABSOLUTELY loves to compete in disc(frisbee).I love him so much and if something happened to him I would probably loose myself. Milo is my whole family’s least favorite dog but I love him more than anything. This pageant I have entered is just to show off my beautiful puppy. Love you Milo( b-ball his nick name )
Boomer passed away two weeks ago. He was the best dog. He followed us around everywhere we went, and never failed to make us smile when we needed it and when we didn’t. I chose this picture because it’s what i think he looks like now, in heaven. :)
luna and ivy are not only mother daughter they are the best of friends. ivy loves to cuddle and does not know personal space 🤪
Bud is the newest member of our family, he’s a lab and red nose Doberman mix. He’s extremely smart and handsome, very very sweet and playful. He has a bright personality and is never in a bad mood.
Marlee is a Boston terrier and pug mix, she is the most energetic, feisty, funny, sweet, and loving dog. She loves car rides, sleeping, and playing with the big dogs. She absolutely loves meeting new people and eating popcorn! vote for Marlee!
Sigmund is a German Shepherd. He loves being outside and he is super loving. He’s also very photogenic! He’s my best friend and we are two peas in a pod! He would truly appreciate you’re vote!
Kora is a 7 Month Old Australian Shepherd who is super intelligent, loving, and VERY active. Kora was inherited as a “last of the bunch” baby, she was unwanted due to her lack of color like all the other Aussies. To me and my family, she is the most BEAUTIFUL aussie we have ever laid eyes on. Voting for Kora would mean the world to us! Thank You For All Of Your Love & Support!🤍
Playful & Loving 🥰 . she always wants to cuddle and go for walks ! Who rescued who? 🐾❤️ Beside my minor hip issue which doesn’t keep me too far behind 😉 I’m in tip too shape 👌🏼 be taking care of well spoiled by my absolutely pawfect humans I wouldn’t trade for the world 🌎🥰😊
Ava is the calmest, loving, and compassionate dog I’ve ever met. She loves to snuggle. She is also one of the smartest dogs I know. She lives to live others, and I love to love her.
Ashton is the sweetest most playful puppy you’ll meet. He loves his dog park friends, and is so so so well behaved. Anyone who comes in contact with his is sure to get some kisses.
Nila is almost 1, she’s the most playful, dramatic puppy I’ve ever seen lol, she loves playing with her little brother Zeus.
Hi my name is Ava i am 1 and a half years old... Things i love are : People, kids,other animals, cookies/treats... Things i like to do: Play with water,play with kids and other dogs... Tricks i can do: Sit, paw, lay down...
Ruby is a rescue dog and the bestest friend I’ve ever had. She loved sticking her entire body out of the window. The dog park, and pup cups from Dunkin doughnuts. She knows so many tricks and is very talented! She’s a very goofy doggy. She loves chasing after squirrels and birds.
She’s , fun , energetic , sweet and loving. She has three other dog bother and sister, and one bother cat. She’s great with children and other animals.
Cindy Lou
Hi, My name is Cindy Lou!! I am very active and fun, I love to chase my toys and give all my kisses and love to my little owners. I’m a beautiful Poodle with a wonderful personality. I can be shy meeting new people but I’ll kiss you after 😊
Gunner is a fun loving blue heeler mix. He loves to do tricks and play with the other dogs.
He is a full blood pit, with the most goofy attitude. He loves playing fetch, tug of war or with anything that makes noise. I believe he deserves to win because I’ve never met a dog so spastic but collective and most importantly adorable.
Brindle is a pit beagle mix.she turned a year on the tenth she is so loving and know lots of tricks
Hi, My name id Diesel. I am a 6 month old pitbull and boxer mix puppy. I have a major attitude and talk back when I get yelled at but I 5 minutes later I want to cuddle and suck up for being bad. Car rides are the bomb but dad hates how I slobber all over the car. My favorite toy is a tiny stuffed koala bear, I have to have it when I go on long trips or I'm away from my mom and dad. I like to bark at the mail man so he knows I'm home and I get a treat, then I sniff the packages he brings to make sure they are safe. When its bed time I like to crawl between mom and dad and push them apart because I have to be in the middle or no one sleeps. Kids are my favorite thing in the world, they are closer to my size and they giggle so much when I chase them and give them kisses. I hope you will still consider voting for me, a lot of people won't play with me because I have pitbull in me.
Hi, my name is boomer, i like to sneak out side when mom and dad aren’t paying attention to chase rabbits. mom brings me home a new toy everday that i can eat. I love when she shares her food with me. I like going for car rides and cuddling my grandmaw & watching tv with her. I get treats when mom tells me to sit, lay down, or kiss. playing fetch is my favorite thing to do and i love watching secret life of pets!!
Hi! My names Miley, I am 11 years old but still act like a puppy! Car rides with Danielle are my favorite, I also love walks around my street! Vote for me, in need of doggy treats 🐶❤️
Bradford was the sweetest, most happy boy I've ever known. He loved cuddles, car rides, beach trips, bottle caps, bones, ice cream, slim jims, and his humans. We miss you more than you could imagine. Rest easy my sweet angel🐾😇
Luna, Sasha, and Loki all german shepherds. They're Super playful, love swimming, fetch and being with their family. They love kids!
Laney is a very smart & super loving Standard Poodle. Laney joined our family two years ago. We wanted her to grow up with our grandson that would be coming into the world very soon. Laney loves her family and children very much! She enjoys playing games, eating her fave snacks, taking car rides, and everything outdoors.. She is a great cuddle buddy! Laney has been the best addition to our family.❤️
Hi! My name is Kolten and I am 1 years old. I love squeaky toys, water bottles and socks. I was adopted by a loving family and I still get to see some of my brothers and sisters and play with them! Please vote for me 💕
Remington Cowboy Blue
Remington is a super sweet, smart Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Labrador Retriever, Bernese Mtn Dog....and has a bit of Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Collie, and Smooth Haired Terrier!!! He's a Supermutt in the best way!. He is a Blue Merle Tri, who can be an Ausshole at times, but also gives the best hugs! He loves the water, swimming, and running around peeping his ball like a crazy auss! He's a sucker for treats, and I have taught him to sit, lay down, high five, shake, roll over, crawl, shut the door, figure 8, weave, walk between my legs, spin and heel to both sides, touch, hug, bite a toy, sit pretty, and we're working on more! He is now 5 months old, and very eager to learn! He can even go through tunnels and jump through hula hoops (low to the ground, of course). He loves digging up worms and eating them, and really loves eating cicadas. 🙄 He loves meeting new people and dogs. He's an all around amazing pup! Oh, and he has one partial blue eye, and a pink heart on his nose, which makes him even cuter in my opinion! He also has his own instagram account! @remingtoncowboyblue
I love to play and run! I love food and squeaky toys! I'm very loving and hyper
Hi I’m Zoe. I’m 2 years old and I’m just a silly girl! I love to play with my stuff toys and just goof around. I enjoy spending my time with my sister. She’s definitely my human & She totally gets me! I have two adopted siblings but they are too small 🙄 so, most of The time they aren’t to happy about it when I try to hang around with them. I guess because I’m bigger then them they think I’ll be no fun.. welp it’s okay I’ll still try until they get to know me.
Luna is a new addition to our family. She gets along great with her older brother Jack. She thinks she’s the boss & loves to steal everything from Jack. She is tiny but has a large personality. She is one feisty little girl and gives us lots of love and affection. She has fit in with our family perfectly.
I’m 6 months old! Everyone saids I’m too small because I weigh 2.9lbs but I’m a strong and feisty girl too! I love to play with my favorite red ball and play tug a war with mom. I have a brother whose 5 and a sister whose 2. They’re both wayyy bigger then me but I can run with the best of them! Oh and cuddles 🥰 I loveee them!! I’m told I’m the best cuddler ever!
Hi my name is Chance. I have a new mom & boy do I love her! I love my new home too but most of all my mom is the best part of my new life! She toke this photo of me one day as she caught me sitting there looking at her so adoring. I’m a laid back kinda guy and prefer hugs and attention. I’m also a mommas boy but I guess you figured out that one 🥰
I am a Mama's baby 100% spoiled and I love belly rubs. I love to play with my family and guard them with all Bark. Mom saved me just in time as where I was born burned down and I lost my mom and dad and siblings. That is one of the reasons I love her so much.
Chi-Chi is the sweetest, lovable, adorable little girl. She loves to snuggle and cuddle all the time, and she loves to give kisses. Lots of them!
I just was so heavenly blessed with my precious gift, Jade 💚. I recently lost my bestest friend carter who was a jack russell and he was more than just my companion. He was my family. I lost him to a tragic accident just two days after my brothers funeral. So it was hard not to drown myself in my own melancholy especially when I came home knowing that he would be the only one to cheer me up just to hear the worst news. Carter saved me on days I couldn’t save myself, shout out to #Mentalhealth gotta love it right guys? So anyways, I’ve always had an obsession with the moon and other worldly experiences and stumbled upon my new favorite movie “over the moon” on Netflix (definitely check it out!) it’s a story about a young woman who found her true love along with two immortality pills well, she took both. In result of that she was sent to the moon only to wait for the day he comes back to her but her love died while she stayed there for thousands of moons. The only one who kept her company when she was lonely was her jade rabbit when she cried her tears turned into stardust and with his magic he helped turn her build and empire by birthing little space being just from her tears. So , that is why jade is so precious to me because she now is the only one who keeps me company now. I miss carter and my brother Chris Tran so much but everytime I watch over the moon it encourages me to keep going .. it was like everything I needed to hear from them was in that movie .. if you are experiencing the loss of a loved one please check it out! Peace and love, Stellah & jade 💚🌌🌟
Bradford was a sweet sweet boy. Now he is my angel boy as he past away 2 weeks ago after he was hit by a vehicle. He was the most loving, affectionate, smart boy I've ever known. I swear he could tell what you were saying, I always used to talk to him and say, "what are we going to do tomorrow?" Or "wheres mummas mom and otis?" And he would always cock his head to the side. He loved to cuddle his mom, loved car rides, swimming, bottle caps, and ice cream. He loved to ride in the car with the window down, he actually knew how to role it down himself! One time he ditched the car cause he could see the beach, and I completely panicked! He could definitely be a handful as he had a little of the beagle personality and he was very very stubborn!! He loved his fur sister, marley, and mommas mum, and his fur friend, otis. Everyone that met him fell in love with him, he just had the biggest personality. You will forever be missed baby boy, I love you more than you'll ever know. Rest easy my handsome boy. Till we meet again Mr. Sweet Face💖
The sweetest little thing ever
Harley actually died last year in September, he was 13 he died September 1, 2019. I knew him since I was 3 or 4, he loved playing in the creek and protecting me. He also liked to run a lot!
She is the sweetest dog ever. The reason her name is D.j is for Dixie jr we got her when our pit we saved 11 yrs ago passed away. D.j reminds me so much of her and when your having a bad day she will do something to make you smile. She loves playing with my kids and going on car rides to the local ice cream shop to get a pup cup. She is so spoiled and would love your vote
Ruby Raye is toy yorkie. She’s tiny, but feisty! She loves to play, but she also loves to snuggle!
She is a very small dog, she’s only 2 pounds. She like to play and run. She has a small body but her personality is huge. She like taking things that doesn’t belong to her. She like to cuddle.
He is a 8 week old pitsky who is shy and loving I don't know much else hope to learn alot more about him.
This is lzzy, shes very playful and when she gets really hyper she will pounce and do her little bark. Her most favorite thing to do throughout the day is roll around playing with her rope, balls and stuffies.
Maximus is a 1 year old German Shepherd who is a SdiT. He loves to go on hikes, play tug, play ball and yummy treats. He doesn’t go any where without his momma and he sure loves his Great Grandpa.
Nialls is a 4 year old Jack Russel Mix. He is the boss of the house and loves to play ball. He keeps to himself for the most part but still loves company. He likes going on hikes and taking walks.
My beloved midgie no words can tell how much i miss you midgie was lost in my house fire along with my sweet puppet an charlie dog
Luna is a Great Pyrenees mix. She is as loveable as she is goofy!