Baby Stories - 15


Dunkin was born with Congestive Heart Failure. He is a fun loving, silly puppy!
Little Sebastian just loves being outside, lounging by the pool or on the dock, his favorite thing to go is going fishing as he has to lick every fish we catch 🤷🏼‍♀️
Oliver is the happiest love bug, he loves to get out of the yard, roam the neighborhood and visit all the neighbors! Everyone around knows Oliver 💙
Dilly is a two year old Cavapoo. He’s definitely a Mommas boy! He truly is a member of our family. We love him dearly. For fun he enjoys eating cheese, napping, chasing the cat, and playing with his human brother Warren
Simon is deaf and partially blind. He is 12 weeks old and loves exploring just like any other pup. His start in life was rough, but heres hoping for a bright future for him!!
Luna Rose
Luna Rose is a Royal Canine food lover! She is spoiled and loves to play ball everyday!
Appa loves everyone he meets and believes that absolutely everything is either a toy or food!! 💙
She’s 12 weeks old, super hyper and loves to play with every dog she sees! Loves chewing up mommy’s chargers. 💗
Toby loves to play and eats and loves to be lazy a lot when hes dune eating. Hes about 4 to 5 mouths now. Hes a Australian shephrd mix with German Shepherd mixed with beagle.
Thor is a 3 year old german shepherd. Love toys and treats. Very loving and sweet.
Hes my baby smart an spoiled has graduated puppy an intermediate school training!
She is a sweet rescue dog very protective of us an very smart!
Jack is an Alaskan malamute whose 5’8 on his hind legs, loves pets and scares people while running up to them, is a good boy and always comes home when called, and is a great guard dog who chases off coyotes and bears!
Gizmo is a fuzzy goofball of energy 💙 but the most sweetest loving pup 💙
He’s full of energy and always wanting to play 💙 he’s a sweet boy and loves attention 🐾🐶 5 months old
Lucifer, is a very loving dog. He is a labraweenie (Labrador and dachshund mix). He loves running around outside, and also just laying around being lazy.
Blue loves being outdoors and loves to play with his fur brother and sisters. He loves chicken too😋
Loki is a red Golden. He is addicted to fetch and hot dogs. He loves kids, swimming and camping
Jolee is a fun loving beagle that has a lot to say! She is sassy and loves to play!
Farley is a cute “teddy bear” of a pup-15weeks old. He likes attention and will go up to anyone for some lovins💕 some people say he looks fake some people say He looks like fried chicken🤭 Follow his Instagram for more adorable pictures Farleybo20
This beautiful rescue is Rhodesian Ridgeback and Pit mix. He loves belly rubs, long walks on the beach, his peanut butter treats and playing at the dog park! He looks fierce but is a big baby dog who loves to cuddle and play all the time! In his spare time he is a model dog with a large following of people who have female dogs because he is so handsome…. He loves his bully toys as he destroys them- doesn’t care for broccoli but will slam a cheeseburger in 6 seconds. So vote for Thor because you can he’s throw you a paw or two as he is fully trained hand signals and English plus he gives kisses with NO tongue that’s a bonus!
Bella’s the cutest and best new mommy there is!! she absolutely adores people and loves cuddle time!
Sweetie is the sweetest there is! A friend to all!
Silas was rescued from the California fires 2 years ago. Due to that, he looks tough but is a scaredy-cat, which also makes him big and cuddly! He loves to give hugs. He likes to dive for rocks in the doggie pool. He’s just a tender, sweet boy!
He dog
Lilo's nickname is "HotMess." She is an Aussie/Husky mix who loves to bump her toys into our knees and catch flies in mid air!
Mr. Handsome loves all of the ladies (human) and has always made silly sounds like groaning and sighing!
Maya is a hound/Aussie mix. She loves to have her tummy rubbed and is so sad when people ignore her! Her nickname is Noodle because she slides out of the car and off of the couch!
Mischief is a boxer mixed with we believe hound. He loves camping and hiking with us and he especially loves searching for the biggest stick he can while we are camping in the woods.He’s the goofiest and sweetest puppy you’ll ever meet 💕
Kopper is a Fun, Loving, Cuddle Baby who we adore! He loves road trips, boating, hiking, and of course his three children!
Hi my name is Oakleigh! I am almost a year old and a couple things that I really enjoy are playing fetch, traveling with my mom and dad, and lastly my favorite….SWIMMING!
Little Boogie
Boogie is a rescue pup we recently got we are not exactly sure of her age because she is so tiny our fur baby passed away 7/2/21 and this little angel popped up a few days later. We were not looking for a new pup but some lady from the neighborhood knocked on our door asking for crack in exchange for the puppy we asked her to leave and offered to take the dog in so she could be cared for she said not unless we got her crack, a few days later as i was driving home i saw this sweet angel walking towards a very busy street, i feared she would be hit by a car so i pulled over and opened my door and she hopped right in. I believe that our baby that crossed the rainbow bridge knew this baby needed a good safe home and we were just the right people to give her that. She has been with us a few weeks and is finally putting on some weight and is learning that not everyone is this world is bad. She loves to snuggle and chew on slippers. She is adjusting well and has found a safe forever home where she will never be abused again.We named her Little Boogie because when she walks or runs she looks like she is dancing.
Gidget is now 15 weeks old.very fun and playful. She enjoys chewing on her chew toys and bones. Her favorite toys are her green hippo and her chicken.she loves going and playing with my granddaughter willow. She is my little fluff ball.
Sir Prince
I am a rescue dog i came into my mom's life to make her feel safe. She tells me everyday that I was the best dog for her i am so happy she choose me to love
Obi always loves to play and wrestle. Obi loves to get pets hugs and kisses
Meatball loves everyone. He plays soccer better than the pros- Even can balance the ball on his nose. He runs and swims. Eating meatballs is his favorite thing to do.
Dingo pit bull with the most personality he’s a sweet lil guy and he knows he’s the shit🤣💯🙌🏼
This little girl is a fighter. Small but fierce in so many ways. 1st week home after being born was congested to the point of having to be bottle fed because she could no longer nurse. Continued to fight and grow only 1/3 the size of her litter mates. When introduced to soft puppy food she was so excited to eat she took too big of a bite and almost choked because she was still congested. Scarest moment of my life. This little girl means the world to me..loves giving the best cuddles and all around spunky attitude.
Hi I’m Komichi the Tiny Pomeranian known for my rare brindle coloring . I love jumping off of things and giving my mum anxiety attacks . I’m very adventurous and loves hanging upside down . I’m The baby of the bunch with lots of energy. I’m a sucker for cheese and blueberries. I work at a vet hospital as a guard dog I make sure to keep everyone in the hospital safe. My favorite past time is going for walks with my mum , terrorizing my big sis Eru 🐩, humping my favorite green 🐍& taking naps . Follow me & my sis on IG eru_komichi 🐺
Miss Viola
Miss Viola loves her life !! She loves her fur friends …love to eat ice cream and peoples food !!! Shows her teeth when she wants to eat !! She loves picking out her dresses !!! She’s spoiled.. has more toys and clothes then most people and has her own bedroom !!’
Allie is full of sass and grit! Born with a cleft lip and had to be tube fed. She endured three major surgeries in her first 8 months of life. A near death experience and seizures! She’s overcome so much in her short life. She LOVES to play with her fur brother Otis. Loves her puppy pool, daily treats, and her chew bones are her favorite. She loves to cuddle and give kisses.
Maisie Grace
Maisie is a toy Aussie who loves to play fetch with her frisbee.
He is so funny and cute Very intelligent I love him with all my heart He loves to wrestle with his brother Maple and loves his toys.
Vyolet Raeann
Vy is a 10 month old pure breed French Mastiff. Currently toping the scale at 90lbs she is also a 'little' sister a 18lb 8 year old Oscar Meyer.