Dace is cuddly, loving and hyper!
Chip loves going on car rides, long walks, and eating mommy’s ice cream anytime he gets a chance! He just turned 1 in October!! He also loves taking naps!
Toby loves adventures almost as much as he loves his mama and dad. Toby has helped his mama fight PTSD and Anxiety. She wouldn’t be where she is without Toby. Vote for Toby because he is the best boy!
Stella is a sweet little puppy, who has had a rough start. Diagnosed with a permanent and life-threatening disease (Megaesophagus) at just 10 weeks, somehow she is still so full of joy and love, it amazes us everyday!
Fido is my little pound puppy born in pound and I adopted him when he was 4 months old he collects socks and plants them in his brother malaki cage
Luna is a sweet, smart, and super athletic Aussie. The only thing she loves more than playing catch or dock diving, is snuggling up with her pack.
Lucy always greets everyone with kisses. She is very loving and goofy and loves attention. She makes everyone smile.
How do you explain malaki let’s see he’s not smart at all his brain is the only muscle he doesn’t know what to do with he’s very athletic and love fetching sticks,frisbee, and even pine cones if it fits in his mouth and can pick it up he’s bringing it to you even if you can’t pick it up he loves his 2 month old baby human even tries to bring him stuff to throw (like I said he’s not the brightest crayon in crayon box) 😂❤️
He lives his cat Donatello. He is his best friend and he sings the songs of his people!
Tito has eye blue eyes and an amazing personality! He turns 1 on December 9th 🐶
Travis has the cutest little face ever he cheers you up when you’re feeling down he loves playing in the snow and with stuffed animal he loves to cuddle and that’s why i think he should get votes so please vote for Travis
Barley is such a sweet girl who has pushed through incredible things. She has fought through Parvo and a broken leg. She loves everybody she sees and she is an attention hog. I call her my child because I love her like she’s my bio daughter.
Bass is the son of David and Lele Cornelius. He is full of energy and loves his family, the pool and his squeaky ball. He gives the best hugs and kiss. He completes our family. He has multiple trophies in duck hunting competitions.
She’s a wrinkley lover. Love to play in the snow and go on walk’s
Our Nika girl is a rescue pup! Unfortunately Nika was abused as a pup and when the opportunity arose we took her in and gave her the happiest and healthiest life possible. After many vet appointments and treatments our girl is thriving! Nika loves cuddles, belly rubs and cookies.
Nova Sky
This is Nova Sky ! She is a Shar-pei & Husky mix! She absolutely loves cold weather and leaves ! She’s also the best cuddle buddy❤️🍁
Calypso is a player. She loves to flaunt her fluffy bootie at everyone who walks by, she’s the best duster you can get and she even mops the kitchen floor when you drop chicken, she’s such a package deal!
Agnes the Aggie - loves road trips as much as being home on the farm, Busch Lattes, and her fighting Texas Aggies. Will make you say “what an athlete” when watching her play fetch and then steal your tacos. Has a brother and a sister but considers herself an only child. Not spoiled at all.
Lokie is 8 months old loves to shake my slipper and smack his mommy with that slipper got to love him.He throws the slipper or any of his baby's in the air and jumps to catch them. He's very protective of me as when I broke my ankle when I got him in May he attached himself to me big time. He's very very smart took him 30 minutes to learn how to give five and give ten. I think lokie should win for being a loyal protector of me.
Jada loves kids and if your sad she's the kind of dog to make you smile. She very outgoing and happy go lucky. She loves her bones and the great outdoors.
Tt is a loving baby
Chevy Nova
Chevy loves to play with his toys and his kitty bestie Chevette 💕 he loves the outdoors, backroading, walks, treats and hugging us! Mr paws can sit, shake, lay, roll over, high five and be a crybaby hahaha he looks like an old man but hes only 2 years old.
Athena Night Walker
Athena is not only my fur baby, shes my best friend. Shes loyal. Caring, and a great service dog. She gets along with everyone. She can steal ur heart...
Bandit is a crazy sweet Pom!! His nickname is FURR-missile !! The minute he learned to jump on the couch .. no one is safe ! This Pom has brought us so much joy 😍😍😍even though we got him on a whim cuz the kid left for college 🤣🤣🤣
Teddybear is a lovable dog that loves people like playing with his toy’s and sleeping
Hank loves to go on rides. He loves to play with other dogs. And he absolutely loves his family.
Zeus is a year old. He’s a spunky little guy. Loves swimming but is not a big fan of baths😂 loves going on walks in the woods. Soon as he sees water he’s jumping right in.
chanel (coco) is the most happy and silly little pup ever! she’s the smallest but the sassiest puppy ever! and she’s a licker 😂❤️
La Lei
La-la is a mommy’s baby, she loves to cuddle and sleep close to me. She loves to play fetch and she loves hair ties to play with. She is very lovable and fun.
Daisy likes her cat friends,she is a very kind dog.She likes to play with her pink frisbee,and cuddle her family!
Loves playing tug a war barks an growls like hes talking cuddles an kisses very smart
Hi im Keia. My mom and dad got me when I was just 6 weeks old and I have been living every pups dream ever since. My best friend is a 2 year old boy and we have been growing up and conquering life together. I love to run, swim, play ball, and chew bones, but my favorite thing to do is to snuggle up next to my best friend and cuddle all night long.
Trigger loves his people more than anything. This was his "Heh, all my people have to stay home with me now" smile after COVID shut the world down in March 2020. lol
She was very big put of my life she past in 2021 that was so hard for me I had her cremated she was the cutest little girl and I always dressed her up like a baby doll
Ariel is a registered service animal, loves children, her toys and doing her job. She loves peanut butter treats. Has a calm temperament.
Hi... My name is Nova I am a full bred pit bull, I Love to cuddle and give kisses, I love having snacks, I am very obedient and love meeting new people and playing with my doggie friends ❤️
Miss Gemma is a spontaneous loving pup. She loves swimming and playing outdoors. Balls and stuffed animals are her favorite toys to play with. Even though sometimes they don’t last long.
Finnegan is a giant, clumsy, doof. He doesn’t know how to walk around with the clodhoppers god gave him which is why he has a bump on his head from banging it on everything and anything he finds. He is 10 months old and over 70lbs , the biggest of our 3 dogs, he’s the sweetest giant who doesn’t know his own strength when playing tug of war and yanks your arm just about out of socket 🤣 he is FULL of energy and zoomies and matches that with his heart and how much he loves people and attention ( but we hate how much of an escape artist he is 🥲 ) by the 4th week of having him ; he knew he belonged in the bed with his brother and sister instead of in the crate for training 😂💓
Holly is best dog she service dog to help with anxty and panic acts she licks sadness away lost my mom to cancer she was last thing my mom got me
Ariel is a seven month old min pinn/ boxer that loves to run and play, she love's to go for walks and scatters her toy's from one end of the house to the other
He loves playing with puppies. Will carry stuffed animals around like they’re his own pups. He is a giant 90 pound half pitbull half Great Dane, rescued from New Mexico as a puppy. Almost 2 years old! He loves to hoard his toys and will sit there and chew on them for hours on end!
Nellie is a good girl who loves alllll the attention! She’s a sassy girl too! Nellie loves her mommas baby who is 6 months old and won’t leave her side!
💕🌬Bella likes to run like the wind!🌬💕
Axell Rose
Axell is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had she literally is a sweetheart and loves everyone ❤️
Salem is a pitbull/lab mix and is only 4 months old. Salem knows a couple tricks like sit and roll over and is still learning more. She's super hyper and demands attention all the time. She loves to Run around and play with her brother, Keanu. Salem also loves her nap time and is a huge cuddler.
Keanu is a year old Miniature Australian Shepherd. He loves to lay around and enjoy his free time. He also loves to run around and play fetch outside. He is also very protective of what's his. Keanu will be 2 in May. He is one the most gentlest and sweetest dogs you could meet. His personality is amazing.