Baby Stories - 15


Fergus is a fun lovable pup. Loves the outdoors and fun adventures! Loves attention and loves to cuddle.
Day Way
Hi this is my dog day way she likes to have spa days and she acts like a cat in disguise
Daisy is a lazy girl that loves to cuddle and chase leafs ❤️❤️❤️
Bentley is such a sweet gentle love bug. He is so intune with the emotions of his humans. He is laid back and loves to be loved on.
Binx is a big ole dopey, happy go lucky lap dog. His favorite thing is getting snackies and lounging around. He's a big marshmallow with legs. Sweet and layed back.
Buddy absolutely loves playing fetch and destroying all his toys. He is so smart and is just perfect. I found him at the perfect time and just had to have him even though I was in a nursing home rehabilitation facility it he would come visit and it made me push harder to get home because I couldn't be without his beautiful face I mean really just look at him. Every vote counts and we would be grateful for your vote. Thanks in advance
My name is Prince and I love being in the water at the beach and playing with my brother. I am the goodest boy.
Little Boogie
Boogie is a rescue pup she's a good girl now that she has a loving home we are not sure of her age because she was so tiny our other fur baby passed away 7/2/21 and this little angel popped up a few days later. We were not looking for a new pup but our Stormi girl knew she needed our help some lady from the neighborhood knocked on our door asking for crack in exchange for the puppy we asked her to leave and offered to take the dog in so she could be cared for she said not unless we got her crack, a few days later as i was driving home i saw this sweet angel walking towards a very busy street, i feared she would be hit by a car so i pulled over and opened my door and she hopped right in. I believe that our baby that crossed the rainbow bridge knew this baby needed a good safe home and we were just the right people to give her that. She has been with us a few months and is finally putting on some weight and is learning that not everyone is this world is bad. She loves to snuggle and chew on slippers. She is adjusting well and has found a safe forever home where she will never be abused again.We named her Little Boogie because when she walks or runs she looks like she is dancing.
Rufus is a super sweet pittie who loves everyone and everything ❤. He is the biggest dog of his pack, but that doesn’t stop him from thinking he's a tiny lap dog 🤣 just like them. 🥰 He loves to give hugs and talk.. (he sounds like Chewbacca lol 🤣 ). He loves to run and chase after the laser light and play on his rope swing. 💙
Ruby And Pearl
Ruby and Pearl are sisters and best friends. They are full of energy and love everyone. They haven’t found a toy that isn’t destroyed within an hour. Lol
Bentley is so sweet. He is very smart, curious and very loving 🥰
Marlow is almost 5 but acts like a puppy when it comes to playing. Go go go.. she is ready to go. Also ready to do anything HER humans are about to do. Being outside, camping, hiking and riding in the side by side is some off her favorite things to do.
Bernie is a huge boy but his heart and kindness is even bigger. Such a gentle giant. About to turn 14, still young at ❤. Loves to play with his toys every day and his favorite passtime is to go for bye bye rides and go camping.
Kooper is very vocal but loves everyone! He’s a rescue and the best friend we could have asked for!!
Mocha was the the "Starbucks" 5:00 am poster pup. She would run down the hallway an leap onto the bed with a teeth grinning smile an land like a semi truck on top of you! So funny.
Cheatoe is my "buttcheek" biter! She welcomes me home that way or anytime she thinks I'm leaving, that's every time I stand up.
Mazikeen, or Maze is an amazing dog! She’s loves to play with her toys, go in the side by side and for car rides. At 55lbs, she is such a cuddle bug. She can be shy, and a little timid when she doesn’t know you, but as soon as she warms up to you, you’re her best friend. Loves giving kisses and showing affection.
Brownie is an 11 year young pomapoo, he loves helping on the garden, Brownie says to always stop and smell the flowers 🌸
Rosie is a true 3 year old diva, or some would say, threenager. This teenybopper’s love life is probably better than all of yours, as she owns the streets of Delco strutting her stuff with her side chics. Rosie is a loveable and cuddly queen, who loves to go with the flow 24/7. Oh word! Vote for Rose Turd!
My name is Barkley, I’m the cutest puppy around. I love playing with my toys, running wild, cuddles, and car rides. My mom and I live in Dallas, I’m a city pup!
She loves her humans and here little stuff toys that squicks loves pup a chinos
King likes to play fetch, go on runs off leash and chasing his tail.
Hi I’m Ollie and my favorite thing in the world is SNOW! It’s winter where I live right now and I am having the best time. My favorite toy is my stuffed tie dye caterpillar which I got to pick out myself for being a good boy during bath time. I love going on runs and hiking because I always have so much energy. I love my humans and I keep them safe!
Hi, my name is Lily! I’m a fluffy Scottish terrier. I LOVE to go to the beach and play! I am BFFs with my kitty sissies! Mommy calls me a “Mockingdog” I copy my mommy and I follow her everywhere ❤️!!! I love allll animals and I get along with everyone that I meet 😸🐶🐰 Please hit tha like button on my page and vote for me 👍.The link to my kitty sissies contest is below in the comments 😉
I got Jasmine from a lady that said she and the dog were being abused. Jasmine is very loving and loves to chase rocks. Carries them, digs for them, even throws them for herself. She will scratch at the door to show me her rock. We find them all over the house.
3 mouths old Adorable cuddly fur baby
He Loves Playing Basketball & Fetch Ball😘
He Likes Belly Rubs And Loves Car Riding🥰
Bella is a pure Daddys girl. She was rescued after spending 3 months in the pound. Her and 5 other dogs were taken by their original owner for neglect and starvation. She was skinny and timid when we rescued her. Now she's lively and part of the family!
Princess Sweetie
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Mighty Joe Young
™️Mighty Joe Young™️🎗
Post Malone
Raider Chincx
🔥👑™️Raider Chincx™️🔥🐾
KoKo is an 8 year old Chihuahua. She loves her mommy. She likes going bye bye in her bag, & loves getting Scooby Snacks for being a good girl. She loves cats & being next to mommy 24/7. She howls for Taco Bell.
Cooper is the sweatest little man. He’s the quiet type to lay one the couch next to fire all day and watch movies with. You never hear him bark unless it’s for protecting his sister Mazikeen or a knock at the door. He’s a gentleman and understands the assignment. He waits for his sister and she always goes first. When she decides to go he follows.
This is Harley, a 6 month old long haired dachshund. He loves to play with his toys and chewing everything in sight. Harley was recently given this cute door stop daschund and immediately kissed and placed his head on its back and feel asleep. Harley is an amazing puppy and a really smart boy. He likes working on his doggy puzzles and can figure them out within 5 minutes of seeing them. His favorite food is cheese of all kinds. He likes being around people and other dogs even if they are complete strangers. Recently Harley has found a love for being in the snow. He loves to jump and run and try to catch the snowballs that are thrown around by my self and my husband. He is a working on learning that car rides are fun, even when in the back in his car seat, and that load noises are nothing to be afraid of.
Miss Fufi is always doing cute things like this. She was not put in this basket, she just didn't want Mommy to crochet anymore. She wanted the attention. She is the most photogenic dog I have ever met, as you can see from her other pictures. She may be small in size but not in personality and attitude.
Lucy Lou
Lucy is royalty. She is currently fulfilling her bucket list of doggie dreams as she was diagnosed with Lymphoma.
Remy for short but his full name is Remington. Remy is a cuddlebug. Hes not very bright but he makes up for it in love. He has a sister cat who rules the house and they together are sneaky team if trouble. Remy is gentle and kind. He loves everyone. Remy is a licker. He doesnt believe in personal space. He thinks everyone should share because hes that kind of guy. U can never have a bad day when Remy is in the room. He knows just how to turn frowns upside down. Hes not an adventurous but prefers to watch bouncing balls on tv. He enjoys a natural scent which is why when he lifts his leg to relieve himself he then tends to roll around in his glory of stream. Then as i said because he is a sharer he goes to his fur sister and rubs himself all over her. Shes not into this natural smell so she then begins her bathing ritual for herself and then Remy.
Amethyst is a outgoing dog. Love to play with other dogs all the time. She is almost two years old and love to suck on her favorite toy sloth.
Cooper is a rescue. We saved each other in so many ways. He is my best friend❤ he just turned 5 on Oct 19th. He loves my 2 cats and other dogs. He is so special I love him so much❤ he is my snuggle bug😊🐶
Bear is a lovable 5 month old husky mix, he loves making new friends going for walks and playing at the park. he is sweet friendly and loves playing with his 2 year old friend and his big brother
Sysco Has Been By My Side For 10 Years being a Great dog along with helping me through great times and not so great times. I love him Dearly!
He thinks he is a lap dog! No matter where you sit he will sit on you!