Baby Stories - 15


Blu loves car rides and beach walks with her family, she is a big fan of cuddle time, super vocal with I love yous (awooos)
River loves to be outside and swim in his pool. He also loves to sit at your feet while you cook and he’s the perfect co chef. His favorite snacks are frozen bananas and sugar snap peas. River is a lover of all people!!!
He’s a little mischievous and smart boy. We call him ‘the child’. We loves to smother us in kisses. He likes to go for walks in the park and to get a thousand pets. 😆🐶❤️
Hadleigh Willow
Little miss Hadliegh is the most spunkiest girl! Shes the absolute sweetest and loves to annoy her older fur sister Anna.. Haddie is 7 weeks old! Her and her fur sister are such a blessing to my life!
Kota is a chihuahua jack Russell mix. He loves his treats and loves staying by his momma
Snow Ball
she is a loving dog she is trained to do a lot of tricks and loves to cuttle and she likes to play outside and play with the kids in our naberhood she gets along with other dogs very well
Rosie is a runt of a litter. she is a chihuahua, yorkie mix. She’s very hoppy, and loves to play with her older brother🙂 her favorite food is warm puppy milk and puppy soft food🙂
Pepper is the strongest little puppy I know, who has been though so much and still manage to stand strong and be the best big brother in the whole world, his favorite food is chicken or whatever mommy cooks. He loves to play tug of war and sleep right next to mommy and daddy🙂
Kodi loves to play fetch and Burry his treats outside ❤️
My mom just got this little girl about 2 weeks ago. Shes the sweetest puppy. But when you tell her no maam she talks back. She loves her big brother crash, they play all day long. She loves face hugs and giving kisses which turn into her biting your face cause shes a goofball.
Bonnie is a chihuahua that has a cleft lip! You will hear her snort once in a while 😂
Bella is a chihuahua that loves to ride horses!
Foxy is a pomeranian chihuahua thats like having her fur in your food.
Ruby loves food, blankets, cuddles, and babies of any kind.
Dobby is a chihuahua that likes to go to the barn to ride horses.
Frannie Mae
Frannie is a shy puppy but she has a loving heart. She is 2 years old and a golden retriever, she is also very silly!
Lilly is a rare German Shepard color who loves to play and run. She gets a little jealous sometimes.Lilly is more of a guard dog.
Molly Is a Rottweiler mixed with a Husky. She is such a sweet dog and loves to cuddle. She loves when we have guests over she is so friendly!
Sammy is a great Pyrenees mix she is so sweet and she loves to give hugs.
10 weeks old and super stubborn & loved! <3
Ceasar Churchill
100% Bully beefcake.
Freya is an absolute sweetheart! She loves all humans and tries to be friends with every animal she meets, no matter what kind. She will lather you with kisses and she can be too smart for her own good sometimes but she is truly a great dog to have around.
Max loves the outdoors, and his dog friends too! He loves treats and cuddles!
She is feisty but also super sweet, LOVES sleeping, she always wants cuddles, and one of her good traits are being able to look cute and adorable
Malakai is a 4 (almost 5) year old husky loves to sleep and relax. When he isn’t relaxing, he is wrestling with his younger brother Milo. Malakai is such a great dog and is so fluffy and cuddly!
Winnie is amazing. She loves to play, go outside, take car rides and she even enjoys an occasional puppachino.
Amadeo is a funny, outgoing, dramatic, and cute mini Australian Shepard. He loves the attention that you give him. If you lay down with him at night, he’ll give you a bunch of cuddles. And on one of his paws, it is half black and half pink.
Koa(Koko) LOVES playing fetch with his blue whistle ball, sleeping like a king in his big doggie bed, and making those irresistible puppy dog eyes for a bite for his favorite treat, chicken.
Bear And Owen
Bear and Owen bring happiness to the family and are definitely the smile of my day! Please vote for my fur babies 😊
Charlie is a sweet and smart girl... She loves to run and play, all day!
Nova is a big baby loves attention and loves to be with her human friends ! Greets us every day at the door and sleeps with us every night ! She is the perfect best friend !
Hi I’m Akira I’m turning 3 this week! I love to run and love other dogs and I may only have one eye but I enjoy seeing the world every day❤️☺️❤️
Trixie is a 10 week old rescue puppy. Trixie is very energetic and loves to play, but the second you hold her she’s ready for a nap in your arms.
Chloe Davidson
Chloe is a loving new member to our family. We adopted her from the SPCA and since day one she has held a very special place in our hearts. She is our sweet, loving and playful girl who absolutely loves getting all the attention.
Boston is a 3 year old cuddle bug who loves going on walks around the neighborhood and playing tug of war. He gives the most loving hugs and lots of kisses.
Ruby is such a sweety, she loves to play and run free.
Gunner loves playing frisbee and ball! He would play for hours straight if he could. Don't let his size fool you, he's a gentle baby. He loves snuggles.
Just a crazy husky, that loves to play catch with himself and always has the zoomies🥰
Bella Drouilhet
Bella is a beautiful, very active new member to our family. We adopted her from the SPCA and our love for her has exploded! She joins her two older brothers, Lou and Wes.
Lou is a happy energetic funny boy. He loves to chase balls & lay in the bathtub.
Saint is my sweet big baby. He’s so lovable and full of energy. All he wants to do is play with his toys and go swimming at the beach. He very much likes cuddling and opening the doors in the house. He’s goes pretty much everywhere with me.
Bogie Chase
Bogie loves kisses and jumping! He is my son's puppy they love each other, Bogie is very driven and annoying but we love him! He is just full of energy! Very cute getting to experience him! Our puppy is also AKC registered!
Bella is the most talkative dog ever. she is a ball of energy always wanting to play. Her favorite thing to do is go on walks her bestfriend is my cat bb. Also she can say “ I love you “ she wants all the love and attention she can get!
Brudder is a shitzu mix, hes very loving, loyal and was only boy of four dogs. Which is why his name is "Brudder!" Hes funny and has a huge heart and is always by my side. But at times he will go hang out wit the guys, getting his Dude card. 🥰 we love him❤🥰💞
Marley is an outgoing Shiba who likes to speak his mind he will tell you everything he wants and loves to cuddle he wants all the attention on him especially when there’s multiple people in the room he is very friendly and loves to be playing outside He also enjoys going to the beach
Hi, I’m Jessa! My mom adopted me at 4 years old and I love to get treats for my two tricks- high-five and roll over!