Ozzie And Angus
Ozzie and Angus are brothers and very bonded. Both are momma boys.
Hank the Tank, a little nickname we gave him. My boy is super smart, house broke or will go outside. And he LOVES to play outside. His favorite treats are pig ears and meat kabobs and he loves his bacon stick! He loves to chew on his ring toy and anything with cotton LOL.. his favorite thing to do is drink water from the toilet 🤦🏼‍♀️ even when he has it in his bowl 🤷🏼‍♀️. And he can’t stand when mom and dad cuddle, he has to be right between us getting all the attention 😂🥰 He is absolutely spoiled rotten and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!
Tucker is my aborably cuddly Bernedoodle who just turned 1 year old, he is definitely my comrade for life. Its good to know I always have him by my side and have someone to turn too when I need companionship. We learn new things about each other every single day. He makes me feel happy, relaxed, relieved and secure. What a great guy, I pray for many years together.
Miss Olive is a mischievous yet adorable miniature wiener dog with a face you just can’t stay mad at. She loves cuddling into moms neck, zoomies, and shredding any kind of paper she can find.
Max is a loving dog he likes long walks and his treats
April is a very sweet little girl and a very good listener. She loves her squeaky balls that have funny faces.
apollo is a crazy little guy, he just turned 6 months old, and he has SO much energy! he is a Labrador Pitbull. He has such a personality. Apollo LOVEES to play fetch and goes on walks. we cuddle everyday. He has learned so many things and is very smart!!🥰
Willow is a full spirit dog, she never meets a stranger and loves absolutely everyone, in her feee time she plays frisbee and likes to go swimming. She can put a smile on a weeping willow.
Enjoys walks everywhere from our neighborhood to the Los Angeles Crest. Loves to love and still has that puppy energy
George is amazing. He is 14 years old, I got him from a shelter. He loves to go on our fossil hunting trips and anywhere else we go.
Small but mighty! I love to cuddle and chase my big brother Spencer around! I am a rare breed and also known by “mini husky”. I love to cuddle and talk as much as possible.
Henry is currently 6 but still acts like a puppy. He loves to carry around his stuffed toys and show them to everyone in the room. He's very loving to every person he meets and is always happy to meet a new person. He is always wagging his tail even when no one is looking at him or talking to him. He's sassy but still ALWAYS happy.
Lil Lil
She is a miniature shih tzu miniature poodle and she is for PTSD she's very ambitious but very smart she fetches and brings back as well as when her master is having a bad day she seems very attentive and she loves her pacifier for teething
Hi I’m Perseus! I enjoy to eat, sleep, and show off my butt wiggles for pets. My favorite place to go is the beach and dig up as many holes as I can.
Hi I’m Apollo! I enjoy the outdoors especially playing frisbee with my mom. After a long day of play I enjoy cuddling with lots of head rubs.
Since the day I met her, she is loving and playful. She loves going on hikes with me and loves attention no matter what time it is! She is full of life and will put a smile on your face when you are having a bad day. She is my baby no matter how old she gets.
Weezey is a rescue from being dumped at her house. Shes no one persons dog but everybodys here. Her personality reminds me if fhat song your gonna love me! Cause shes the most hard headed pilferin nosey non minding dog ive ever encountered but at the end of the day YOUR GONNA LoVE HER! No doubt about it!
Lola is in 2024 calendar. She has so much sass. And attitude when she dont get her way. But she protects her little hairy from harm and knows how to detour a situation if shes getting in trouble to make it look like she was doing something totally different. Shes a smart cookie! I tell her i loved her first when she gets jelouse of hairy.
Hairy gets his name from his hair. He growls like a big dog but he's only 3lbs and is scared to death of anything bigger than him. He rides on my shoulder like a bird when im driving. I love him he's my little boy!
Mocha is a verry happy boy and has beautiful markings. He trots like a shetland pony, loves to play fetch and loves to jump around trying to catch his dog tags in his mouth. Its hilarious to watch. Please vote for him. Thank you
Willow loves cuddles, she is a very energetic little girl and loves to explore new things, very adventurous and outgoing.
Tony is teeny tiny, but has the biggest personality. He makes everyone laugh, and loves to show off how cute he is.
Loki loves to play with his much bigger brothers! Steals socks, barks at his brothers until he gets his toys
Ellie Mae
Ellie is so playful, she loves me and loves people. She is a joy for me and always sleeps beside me.
Bruce is a 3 year old Maltipoo. He loves playing with his toys & snuggling.
Very smart dog love to be around the family. Good with kids love to get on the treadmill
Jack is such the sweetest boy ever!!! we love playing outside, going for walks and runs, and we love cuddles!!🥰
Harley loves to play ball for hours but also loves just hang out and chill with her humans
Cinna is a golden retriever, Bernese mountain dog mix, he is 4 months old. he is a very sweet boy:)
She loves to take walks she full of happiness
Diesel loves to eat treats and loves snuggle up
He's so smart. He's got a personality like no others.
Biggie is our family pet. He loves people and loves to play but one thing is he is a good watch dog for our children, there like his babies. He is a big baby his self
He’s an Alaskan husky terrier mix 1 yr old very gentle dog loves to play thug of war with people and other dogs he loves eating his fresh pet wet food especially chicken recipe favorite treat almost anything except for peanut butter
Ms. Willow is such a joyful, playful, and a wonderful pup! Her favorite time of the year is summer. She enjoys the out doors and never fails to put a smile on your face! She loves loves loves water! Her favorite is her “brother” Theo. She will destroy every toy in sight! Everyone calls her “piggy” because she snorts just like one! She has learned how to sit, shake, and high-five. Believe me when I say she doesn’t care too much for tricks and treats! When she does, she doesn’t want to do them for very long because of how gentle and slow she is at eating the reward! The biggest, but smallest loving 60 pound pup ever!
Love Bug
Love bug is a sweet heart and she loves to snuggle and she loves to take walks .she is my baby and I love her .
Mr. Theo is a beagle, boxer, pit bull mix. Funny thing about his mixed breed is that he shows you each and every single one of them! His most favorite thing to do is run! He enjoys sun bathing wherever he can find sun! He gets annoyed sometimes with his “sister” Willow, but he knows he wouldn’t trade her for the world! He knows how to sit, shake, high-five, lay down, spin, stay and come on command! His favorite person is his mom, grandpa and grandma. He loves to give kisses every second he can get! His safe place is to be sitting in mom’s lap protecting her! He is the shortest, strongest, but most importantly sweetest 75 pound all muscle mixed breed you will ever meet entirely!
Runner is a very loving little fellow, loves meeting people, road trips. He was all alone on a dirt road, no one claimed him. So we brought him home and he has his forever home. Loves playing with his stuffed raccoon and lamb chops!
Nanny is an American Pit Bull Terrier she loves to play she knows how to pick up her toys she knows how to go and get her toys she's very well-rounded she's a very loving and well behaved dog and she loves her Mommy
Lady is very sweet loving she loves to prance around like a lil Babi loves to play with her ball 🏀 loves the kids very outgoing and most of all loves her Zoomies !!!
You can ask her to smile and she smiles at you! Check out her profile picture
Mercy is extremely hyper and funny dog she loves to snuggle under the covers and lean against anyone she can
She loves her rides.
Leo loves to snuggle with anyone that will let him in their lap. He is super smart. Loves the outside and snacks.
Chance is a fun loving dog. He almost died on us when he was 3 months old. We took him to 3 different vets and after 11 days of being sick and only weighing 11 pounds the vet was able to tell us that he had.a nerf ball lodged in his intestine. So they did surgery and removed it and here he is today healthy and happy