We adopted Sasha from a rescue!!! She had two babies and needed a c section and was the best mama!!! Sasha loves to play and gets the zoomies constantly!!! She is 60 lbs and loves to sit on your lap!!!! She gives you the biggest kisses and loves hugs!!!! She deserves the world!!!
Willow is the sweetest girl. She loves to cuddle and lay under the blankets anywhere she can fit closest to you! Willow loves to sing and play with her sisters!!! She loves to kayak with us and swim!!!!
Molly is a pure white German Shepherd!!! She was a search and rescue dog until about 5 years ago and is now retired! Molly is the best dog, she loves walks and toys that she can tear up (which is almost anything to her). She loves to play fetch and let you chase her around the yard. Molly deserves the world. Please vote for her!!!💓
Lolas a fun, energetic, and kind dog! She cant stand to be away from her family if shes not sleeping shes ready to play!
Mocha is a sweet girl, who loves her human's very much. Mocha enjoys holding long conversations and being outside. She will be 11 in August and her health has recently started to decline. We've always wanted her to be a pet model, so winning this contest is the next best thing!
Axe goes crazy over the water coming out of our house....he wants it all in his mouth and jumps very high trying to catch it.
River is a 3 year old Bernedoodle, weighing in at a whopping 105 lbs! He is all love and cuddles and is so sweet with his 1 1/2 year old human brother, Hayes. Vote for River!
Zoe And Chickie Wing
Zoe and Chickie Wing are both adopted from a rescue and Wing only has 3 legs due to a deformed leg(her “wing”!) They love long walks in their stroller and getting dressed up! You can catch them suntanning or mooching for food!
Andy loves to be outside. If he’s outside, he’s happy! He loves walks and hikes and he loves to snuggle when he’s tired. 🥰
Tokyo Is the best Love bug ever. And cuddler loves water..
Little fluffy Niylah- bear looooves car rides and people. She’s very energetic and gives the best cuddles 🖤
Brooklyn loves to fetch ! Shes so happy all the time ,she just about jumps out of her skin when you come home shes so excited to see you and you could of been gone 1 minute and she thinks its been forever ❤
Ziggy is not just fun to play fetch with but he is fun to look at with his unique markings he is a fun camo brown. He is quite the fast little guy who thinks he is as big as his big Rottweiler brother but at only 25lbs he can keep up.
My name is Gypsy and I am a rescue and i am a happy a healthy and vary loveing i am now a service dog for my mom for her epilepsy and i love to snuggle and do zoomys and ride in car with daddy but mostly i love just laying around getting belly rubs from all our friends
Sally is a two year old Cocker Spaniel and Chihuahua. She is a little love bug and comes to ask for love and cuddles all the time, she is super smart and loves to all her tricks. Her favorite past time is to play fetch at all hours of the day.
We adopted him in April. He was 3 months old. He was born on my birthday (1/8/1988.) He's SO spoiled. He loves to fetch and play with his toys. He also loves his treats.
Tommy is a 10 months husky-doodle who loves being outside and loving his momma. he is over 50lbs but loves to sit right in the middle of your lap. he enjoys fetch and swimming in the pond. he hates showers and getting fussed by his dad.
I love to sniffs, sleeps and snuggles with my pawrents. I love to roll around the grass and stalks my friends. I can speak more than 30 words as long as you hab snaks. I have 1.3 million views on my tiktok account :)
Hello my name is Loki! I am 2 years old and my favorite thing to do is sing! Me and my mom put on concerts for the rest of the family! I also love treats and little kids. And I like to annoy my older sister Ash (I think she secretly loves me). You should vote for me because I’m the most handsomest, silliest, goodest boy you’d ever meet!
Teddy is a really sweet and good boy. He loves to cuddle and play ball.
Bear is a very sweet Boy who loves his walks and treats.
Apollo is a big baby, he loves to snuggle with his 5 year old human and take up half the bed at night time. He also enjoys playing with his kitty fur siblings and going to the dog park 🤍
I am a 13 yr old senior girl 🐾❤️ I am such a sweetheart who loves to be with my people! I love my bed!
Hi I’m Althea🐾❤️ I love to rip up socks and am a huge foodie!! I’m only 6 months right now! I am poodle schnauzer
Beebs loves to snuggle on the couch. She loves to beg for snacks. And she loves herding kids and babies. Also, even though the mailman comes everyday she still loves to bark and protect her hoomans.
Our girl Roxie is an 8 week old little beauty. She’s playful, adorable, and LOVES to snuggle!!!
Oliver Ollie
He is a yorkie puppy ❤️ He loves attention and treats! He is a good boy!
Emma is the sweetest, funniest, most lovable and most adorable little dog!...She is smart and can be a bit stubborn at times...she loves her walks and loves her treats!...she is small but she has the biggest personality..she loves to play with her 2 cat sisters and she loves to chase birds and rabbits...and she has her mommy wrapped around her little paw!!
Cooper is a super sweet guy, he likes all people and pets. Loves laying in the sun.
Nina Rose
She is definitely a Velcro dog. She loves to play with her toys and go for walks outside
Chi Chi
I LOVE to jump really high, and chase the other two dogs everyday! If you feel like you need a tune or a song sang I am your gal. 😉 My hobbies include going on walks with the humans, running, playing with my favorite stuffy and squeaky toy I call Mr. Bear 🐻 and running through the garden hose!
Bella loves to be dressed and is a huge lover, she gives hugs and loves to snuggle
Hi everyone! I am a husky-akita mix aka Huskita who was rescued a few years ago! I can't get enough of my squeeky toys, they're my favorite! Some of my hobbies include jogging with mom, car rides, getting treats through the coffee drive thru, barking at the garbage truck and napping on the couch.
Sansa is a very playful, smart, energetic 9 month old aussie. She loves toys, treats, blankets and her humans. She is extremely lovable and absolutely gorgeous.
Astro Loves to play ball. He is full of energy but very sweet and friendly
Onyx is the sweetest puppy... He's all about playing and treats...He means business... You can't stop loving him...and what's not to love...
Kirby is a 6 yr old mixed breed. He loves tennis balls, agility, swimming and his 7 year old human side kick.
Rufus is a fun loving 3 year old Hound Mix!!! He thinks he is a lap dog and loves to cuddle!!!
I am a very sassy and snoby girl but love my mommy very much. I love to play with hair bows and tennis balls. I take naps in my mommys housecoat.
He likes to Flip and chew brushes
Ludo is a big boy with an even bigger heart and puppy dog eyes that just make it hard to say no. He loves playing fetch with sticks and giving kisses any chance he gets.
Gunner absolutely loves the water and going on hikes .For being 10 years old he is still able to keep up with the young dogs and loves the outdoors
Camo is a 1 yr old doberman mix he likes camping walking and is very funny and lovable
Bella is a very funny, loving, kind, playful, very outgoing baby girl. She is so playful and loves to play with anyone or any animal. She constantly loves to be outside playing out there. She loves to swim n the pool and play dress up there is so much more I could say about our little princess but I’ll be here all day.
Ace loves to sleep and be goofy🤪