Baby Stories - 14


Nala loves cheeseballs and has a TON of energy. She loves to instigate her brother Koda and you will never NOT see her eating...she loves affection and thinks she will die without it.
Willie is a rescue that was about to be put down that I had got I'm glad I got him we get a long together really well he also gets along with my cat and her with him and that's strange Willie is a good dog I'm proud to have him in my life ❤️
Sadie is miniature schnauzer! She is three years old and loves attention. Wonderful with kids and is the best dog ever! #voteforsadie
Abbie is a Italiano cane corso, she is the sweetest dog ever! She’s definitely a big girl and one of the reasons I’m putting her in the contest is to help pay her surgery, both her ACLS in her back legs are blown and her surgery is $5000 and anything would help my family and I out! She has been there for me with all my ups and downs
Rocie And Pepper
This is rocie and pepper there about 4 months i adopt them so they wouldnt keep being in the same mistreated home there super active and so sweet
Jantsen was born February 17, 2019. He is 100% a goofy goober. He really loves to play fetch and loves the sound water bottles make when he chews on them. He lives in the New Orleans area & really likes going on car rides around the city. He loves playing with other dogs and loves when it’s bed time and he gets to sleep with his Hooman, Kayleigh.
Mary Jane D.
Mary Jane loves to play in the water and loves her snuggles she's very energetic
This is Nalla she is the sweetest dog ever she’s only 8 months old she has had a rough child hood she broke her leg when she was 4 months old and is still getting used to her longer legs she tries to jump from the ground to the porch with out touching the steps
My name is moo! I’m very playful and energetic but sometimes I can stay still so mom can take pictures of me
Abby is a 6 month old long haired chihuahua. She was rescued from a ruff situation. She was born in a van where she was expected to live. Now she’s a happy little pup with two shih tzu sisters!
I’m approximately 4 years old, I live in Garland & I love mommy soooo much. I like to dig holes and pretend I didn’t do it, making mommy hold me as if 54lbs of muscles is the easiest thing to do, I really love jumping on the trampoline, sun bathing, screaming at mommy because I can’t talk of course, but I love hoomans the MOSTEST!!!!!!!!!!!
Twilight loves cuddles and her treats
Im Agalia. My momma named me that for my beauty. Im often called crazy because i run around like a goofball. I love my stuffed toys. I love kids. I love my mom so much that i keep her up some nights.
My name is whiskey. I love my mom. Im good with kids. I love giving kisses. I love people.
My name is Lucas i just turned a year a few days ago. I love people. I have no mean bone in my body because im a big baby. Im great with kids. I have a cat sibling but she dont like me much because I chase her. I adore my mom.
Fendi is a miniature Pomeranian, weighing only 3 pounds! His hobbies are throwing his ball for himself, shaking hands, and getting all the ladies. Help him win so his mom can take him to petco and he can get his achievement framed above his bed!
Everly Rose
Everly enjoys bully sticks, chew toys, going for rides in the car & picking on her older brother.
Jynx is a very loving dog, who loves to snuggle & give kisses.
Molly is super fun and loves playing ball and frisbee on the beach! She enjoys walks and she has to have her belly rubs every morning!
Brooklyn is such a sweet girl and loves to cuddle. She loves to play hide-and-seek in the blankets before bed time. She wakes me up every morning with tons of kisses. She's my little shining star and the love of my life. Life is always better with my dog!
Daisy is an American Bulldog/Lab mix. She LOVES to get treats from tractor supply and to play with her dog friend Logan! Shes friendly, loved to play, and has a ton of energy!
Apollo is the most sweet and loving dog ever. He loves to howl with me every morning, he has such a beautiful singing voice. Apollo is energetic and loves Frisbee and ball. He is absolutely terrified of loud noises and always tries to jump in my lap. He is my whole world and makes my life so much brighter. Life is better with my dog
Roscoe is such a smart puppy! He’s so loving and loves to snuggle with his family and best friend! ❤️
Baxter is as playful as can be and he’s great at protecting the ones he loves ❤️
Copper Blu
Copper loves to give kisses. He is gentle and sweet to all who meet him. He has a sweet temperament and loves to snuggle!
Lexi is a crazy, energetic pomeranian-husky. She is a Cali puppy that loves the snow and keeps her pawrents busy being a troublemaker 24/7
Marsh is the sweetest little soul. But don’t let those puppy eyes fool you. He’s quite the little trouble maker😈
Thor Asgard is a powerful Puppy doodles(his nickname). He’s my super hero. He is a fun loving 8 year old man who has a pure heart of gold.
Milo is my soul dog. He is so playful and very clumsy. His favorite thing to do is play frisbee, ball, chasing cows, meetup with his friends, and he ABSOLUTELY loves to compete in disc(frisbee).I love him so much and if something happened to him I would probably loose myself. Milo is my whole family’s least favorite dog but I love him more than anything. This pageant I have entered is just to show off my beautiful puppy. Love you Milo( b-ball his nick name )
Boomer passed away two weeks ago. He was the best dog. He followed us around everywhere we went, and never failed to make us smile when we needed it and when we didn’t. I chose this picture because it’s what i think he looks like now, in heaven. :)
luna and ivy are not only mother daughter they are the best of friends. ivy loves to cuddle and does not know personal space 🤪
Bud is the newest member of our family, he’s a lab and red nose Doberman mix. He’s extremely smart and handsome, very very sweet and playful. He has a bright personality and is never in a bad mood.
Marlee is a Boston terrier and pug mix, she is the most energetic, feisty, funny, sweet, and loving dog. She loves car rides, sleeping, and playing with the big dogs. She absolutely loves meeting new people and eating popcorn! vote for Marlee!
Sigmund is a German Shepherd. He loves being outside and he is super loving. He’s also very photogenic! He’s my best friend and we are two peas in a pod! He would truly appreciate you’re vote!
Kora is a 7 Month Old Australian Shepherd who is super intelligent, loving, and VERY active. Kora was inherited as a “last of the bunch” baby, she was unwanted due to her lack of color like all the other Aussies. To me and my family, she is the most BEAUTIFUL aussie we have ever laid eyes on. Voting for Kora would mean the world to us! Thank You For All Of Your Love & Support!🤍
Playful & Loving 🥰 . she always wants to cuddle and go for walks ! Who rescued who? 🐾❤️ Beside my minor hip issue which doesn’t keep me too far behind 😉 I’m in tip too shape 👌🏼 be taking care of well spoiled by my absolutely pawfect humans I wouldn’t trade for the world 🌎🥰😊
Ava is the calmest, loving, and compassionate dog I’ve ever met. She loves to snuggle. She is also one of the smartest dogs I know. She lives to live others, and I love to love her.
Ashton is the sweetest most playful puppy you’ll meet. He loves his dog park friends, and is so so so well behaved. Anyone who comes in contact with his is sure to get some kisses.
Nila is almost 1, she’s the most playful, dramatic puppy I’ve ever seen lol, she loves playing with her little brother Zeus.
Hi my name is Ava i am 1 and a half years old... Things i love are : People, kids,other animals, cookies/treats... Things i like to do: Play with water,play with kids and other dogs... Tricks i can do: Sit, paw, lay down...
Ruby is a rescue dog and the bestest friend I’ve ever had. She loved sticking her entire body out of the window. The dog park, and pup cups from Dunkin doughnuts. She knows so many tricks and is very talented! She’s a very goofy doggy. She loves chasing after squirrels and birds.
She’s , fun , energetic , sweet and loving. She has three other dog bother and sister, and one bother cat. She’s great with children and other animals.
Cindy Lou
Hi, My name is Cindy Lou!! I am very active and fun, I love to chase my toys and give all my kisses and love to my little owners. I’m a beautiful Poodle with a wonderful personality. I can be shy meeting new people but I’ll kiss you after 😊
Gunner is a fun loving blue heeler mix. He loves to do tricks and play with the other dogs.
He is a full blood pit, with the most goofy attitude. He loves playing fetch, tug of war or with anything that makes noise. I believe he deserves to win because I’ve never met a dog so spastic but collective and most importantly adorable.