Baby Stories - 14


Nipper was found almost dead, mangled by dogs and hit by a car. Everyone told me to put him down, i fought for Nipper and now he reminds me everyday why i fought so hard. Because he fought hard! Follow us on facebook. We are a 501c3 non profit and your votes gelp us save more dogs like Nipper. South Georgia Equine Rescue Inc
Sadie Bug
Sadie was found at 4 weeks, unable to walk on her own due to a Birth defect. She is finally big enough to wear her wheels and she couldnt be happier! We are a 501c3 non profit and your votes help us help more puppies like Sadie! Find us on Facebook and follow her journey! South Georgia Equine Rescue Inc
Hes a character, smart always getting himself into mischief too cute u just melt. Best part is @ night, he loves cuddle time.
She is the sweetheart loves to play with other dogs and our cats, go to restaurants, play catch and chase her tail
Rosie is a very energetic sweet dog. She is in training to be a therapy dog. She is my gold award project for girl scouts and my project is called, Retrieving a Smile. Rosie and I hope that one day we can go to nursing homes and visit elders with dementia. She also love flipping over on her back for belly rubs and showing off her beautiful smile.
Mojo was born on the Fourth of July 2021 which speaks wonders to his personality. He is definitely full of sparks! Keeping up with this little guy has been hard!
King Kye
We rescued Kye at 8 weeks old from someone who chopped his tail too short with a pair of scissors. Even though this dog had been through the worst hell, he had turned out to be the most amazing dog anyone could ask for. He’s very intelligent, to the point I think he understands everything I say. His personality is bubbly and playful but also the worlds biggest cuddle bug. His favorite thing to do is to pull squeakers out of toys and hold them in his mouth, without squeaking it 😝. He truly is like having another kid.
Loki is extremely playful, he loves nibbling on fingers and toes. He loves to meet new people! He loves his play toys and extremely loves his treats! He’s the sweetest puppy!
Sir Winston Ray Thomas
Winston is a young pup who absolutely loves his squeaky toys and his mama. His personality is as big as Texas. And he is extremely loving.. My sidekick at my boutique, he greets everyone who stops in and is already a big hit in our small town..
Ralphie Boy
Ralphie boy aka ralphie for short is fun and 5 weeks old who loves to play in flowers and cute on feet and CROCS 🤣😂🌈
Sweet girl with a ton of personality! She loves to run and play with the cows, lambs, chickens and donkey. Her beautiful blue eyes get her pretty much whatever her heart desires!
Chloe is a love able teddy! She’s always wanting to give hisses , hugs, and plays with toys as well as with you😊
Tyson was such a lover and he was a huge part of our family. We recently just had to put him to sleep because of congestive heart failure! He melted the hearts of anyone who got to meet him. He was so playful and so full of life.
He is a funny dog who likes to do somersaults!
Baby has allot of energy. She is also very loving and lives for attention.
Jessy is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is a kind gentle soul.
Domingo is such a lover. He is for sure a mamas boy. He loves playing with his siblings. But as soon as he sees his Mama off he goes being he shadow.
Lluvya is the definition of Chihuahua. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to show it. She is also the sweetest to those who know her.
He is such a tender soul. He loves counting laps as well as groom his bother Domingo.
Nala Roo
Nala roo is a ham. Scared of nothing and will eat anything! She is a love bug and a bully all in one! She is our beautiful mess!
Arson is the goodest boy. He loves to meet new people and pups. He spends his free time at the firehouse teaching the guys how to have fun.
Riley is a crazy blue healer. She would rather play with the basket her toys are in other than her toys. She’s such a sweet heart and a quick learner.
Hello I’m Eru the 11yr old toy poodle. I absolutely love dressing up I’m definitely more fashion forward then my sibling Komichi . I love hanging out at home watching TV, my fav movie of all times is Avatar I’ll watch it all day if my mum would let me. I’m very affectionate and love to snuggle. Please follow me & my sis on IG eru_komichi 💋🐩
Moose is 8 year old mixed breed, not sure what. Beautiful lovey dog. Hates water loves people and the zoomies
He was rescued from underneath a trailer in Alabama with his sister. I was supposed to foster him for three days. He was a foster failure. When I fist got him he and his sister were in death’s door. They were too young to be away from there mother. I knew as soon as I saw them they were very very sick. I rushed them to the vet. He was dehydrated, malnourished, and full of every kind of worm imaginable. After fluids and meds, I took them home and didn’t expect them to make it through the night. I got up every two hours to give them Gatorade and Pedialyte. A few days later they were much better. My fiancé, an Afghanistan and Iraqi war veteran fell in love with him. I had no intention of keeping him because I had two rescues already, but I came home one afternoon and my fiancé said “I made him an appointment”! I asked an appointment for what? He said he just couldn’t let him go, that he wanted to make sure he had a good life. So here we are! Greatest decision ever! I can’t imagine our lives without him!!! He has the sweetest nature of any dog I have ever had. He loves to stand on his hind legs and for you to hug him! He sleeps in his back with all four feet in the air. He is a complete snuggle bug!!! He was supposed to be small but he weighs 33 pounds already! We don’t care, he gets in our laps just like he was the 5 pound runt we fell in love with.
Nyley loves to keep his lips pressed to yours for as long as possible. He is a very sweet lover boy!
Rocky greets and brings his Daddy whatever is in site every morning..a pillow, blanket or his dog bed.
Broncs is a 7 year old originally from Texas and moved to Alabama almost three years ago! He loves playing with his toys, his little chihauhau brother Max, and his Mini pig sister Penelope. He loves playing hide & seek, and chasing Cheerios with Penelope :) he is the most lovable boy ever!
Luna was born on March 21st. She’s loves the snow, playing around and just being silly with her humans. She loves meeting new people as well as new animals. She adores the outdoors and loud sounds such as derby cars and snowmobiles don’t phase this beauty.
Rosie loves to spend time with the kids. She loves to run up and down the stairs and frequently gets cases of the zoomies. She's a rescue and the best decision i ever made.
AcKley is a very outgoing senior puppy. He loves to cuddle on his mommy's lap.
She is a mini doxie who loves to snuggle and play hard with her sister and true blessing to our home. She loves to dress up and go on car rides and her ears are just a gorgeous feature besides her eyes. A beautiful little girl ❤️
Lobo Esquivel
Lobo is a special, loving, pampered pooch! He loves walking, running, strolling, going to the beach, basically, everywhere! He eats anything from mexican to chinese to Italian food! His fave is ice-cream, filet mignon, hot dogs, whip cream and chicken! He has a huge stuffed animal and blanket collection. He may be a dog but he is a little boy to the soul. Tough guy and protector. Playful, loving and grateful. If you ever feel sad or sick, he is there to kiss you and make you feel better. He is faithful and simply the smartest, most lovable little munchkin anyone could ask for.
Lil'Bit Bolt
♥️🐾🐾Rescued dog 🐕Bolt⚡ is fast 40 miles an hour quick. He makes me laugh especially when he goes in circles trying to catch his tail. He loves to chase cats. He is a rescue pup❣️🔩Bolt⚡🐾🐾is little but has a huge ❤️ heart full of great love 💗 and ✨life❤️‍🔥💓💘❣️‼️He is also a registered companion 💞🌟💫But because Bolt has super powers that information is classified ‼️
Scout is extremely playful! He loves other dogs and cats! He just learned how to jump on the bed and is very proud of himself. He can also give high 5's!
Lola Grace
Lola was rescued from Louisiana in October 2020. She is an invader of personal space. She is notorious for always having her tongue 👅 out.
This sweet child of mine fills my ♥️. She is funny, cute, sweet, loving, and is a sassy little girl. She can drive me crazy barking anytime I pick up my phone, though stops and smiles when I put it down. She plays fetch with herself. 🤷‍♀️Self taught, I might add. 😊 Lacey is my bundle of joy, full of life and spice!! Vote please!!💕🐾❤️💕🐾❤️
Dolly Ann
Dolly Ann loves to play with her toys that make noise,,i shut them off and she turns the switch back on...She also loves to Kiss us all the time,and bite at her brothers legs from behind!
My names Loki and i live up to it! Im a very good boy but once u turn around im a sneaky boy. Im also a gryffindor which makes me a very brave boy and i am very proud like the protector i am.
Lexi loves getting dirty at the dog park and digs trenches on the beach. She is everyone’s friend.
Loves people esp. Children, eating,walking,sleeping and peeing on beds🤦🏽‍♀🤷🏽‍♀😆
Mugsy loves playing with his toys, loves being outside and loves his momma Cassie!
Hi, my name is Lily! I’m a fluffy Scottish terrier. I LOVE to go to the beach and play! I am an adorable little couch potato!!! I am BFFs with my kitty sissies! Mommy calls me a “Mockingdog” I copy my mommy and I follow her everywhere ❤️!!! I love allll animals and I get along with everyone that I meet 😸🐶🐰 Please hit tha like button on my page and vote for me 👍.The link to my kitty sissies contest is below in the comments 😉
Nori is a Mix of Aussie, Collie, and a perfectly good boi. He is such an affectionate, loyal dog and is always smiling. 11/10, bestest boi.
He’s such a sweet boy. He loves other dogs and everyone else. He’s a happy dog and loves playing and sleeping