Duke is about 11 years old is a big goofball and a huge baby. He loves to snuggle (prefers to be big spoon). He also likes to aggressively suck on the heads of his teddy bears. And prefers to be call duke-apook-ases. But sadly has no thoughts behind his eyes.
Phantom is my little sidekick. She does everything, including opening the fridge to get a drink. She loves all day hikes, cuddling, meat, cheese, and bread, but no veggies. Yuck! But most of all, she loves her people. So much so that when she sees them again after a long 10 minutes apart, she must scream in excitement.
Carson Norman
Carson is my Moms best buddy. He likes to play fetch but refuses to share it to play more. He's got a big bark but but would never hurt a fly. Plays well with Daisy and Roo (cats) .
I love playing with all my toys and eating my favorite cookies. I love to go to the dog park and make new friends
Penny is my lucky penny! She’s a girls best friend and partner in crime! She loves all animals and is the sweetest dog. She enjoys running in the park and chasing pigeons.
Sydney loves her frisbee more than any toy .
Lily is a 3 month old yorkiepoo, she has stolen our hearts and would like to steal your vote! TIA
Danni ,a short gor Danielle is the best friend ever ! She just loves everyone ! And can make anyone smile !
Raven is such a sweet pup. She loves to play catch with her toys and learning new tricks. So far Raven can sit, shake, lay down, speak, spin, and stand.
We picked DJ out of a litter of 11 from an adoption site on the internet we had no idea at the time that DJ was being puppy milled until we pick them up when he was 5 weeks old four or five months later we've seen the same lady posting another litter of puppies from DJ's mama and daddy real mom and daddy besides us we have give DJ most loving and caring home that we could he is a very loyal dog he helps his aunt she live with her Parkinson's keeping her busy and keeping her on her toes everyone vote for DJ he's a beautiful American Stratford loves to play and chew toys loves the bark at squirrels and loves to play with his cousin Winnie
Nafda is an American Corgi. She is sassy, smart and stubborn. She comes to work with me everyday and she loves to visit the residents.
80lb cavalier Bernese mix. Loves to cuddle, eat treats, and to be a big goofball. Never fails to make me laugh. He’s also great at making silly faces
Dakota Loves to tease his brother German Shepherd, Rommel, by stealing his frisbee or other toys while he is playing wit them. He takes them and runs away with them.
Miley is very playful,smart and loves to watch TV shes a terrier mix, she was adopted from the shelter,she is full of energy and loves to play.💕
Moxie loves everything and everyone. She's also an emotional support dog. Moxie's very intelligent. She sings to the " Happy Birthday" song. She was rescued as puppy and I've had her since she was 9 weeks old. Moxie will be 10years old this March.
Beefy Boy
Beefy Boy is a lovable Teddy Bear, he loves to play with other dogs, he loves to sit in your lap, a get lots of hugs and kisses.
Scrappy loves to run, and be a nutjob as much as possible, he loves his toy's and has such a goofy personality. During the summer he loves creek walking and playing at the beach but he doesnt mind if its cold or hot either way hes the sweetest boy ever
Leo Peele
Leo is such a sweet noble spirit. He is a very loving playful dog, with the ability to make anyone around him feel very special. He can’t get enough love and attention and in return loves to give the same to others. He is 5 months old and extremely smart!!
Maddie is a good dog but has a flaw of licking toes in the middle of the night. (So understandable if you don’t vote I wouldn’t either) I also have no evidence of her addiction because she is very persistent on not being seen in action. But I swear this is a daily occurrence.
She is the biggest Goofball! She loves playing in the snow! We rescued her when she was a pup on Craigslist.
Merlin likes chasing the cats having a hard time teaching him not to do that but he loves his mini Kong ball. He is a corgi mini Ozzy mix, and he’s just the sweetest little young man with the most beautiful merle markings. No red on him at all.
Tebow helps make cancer bearable
Whisper is an emotional support pet and we adopted each other from The Heart Of Rescue (THOR) She’s my furry 4-legged baby girl…. I couldn’t have ordered a more perfect pet, although she’s so much more; She’s my family!
Chief is a big floofy goof. He sleeps often and in the funniest positions. He has a black lab brother who is his best fur-friend. His voice comes out when someone comes home - he'll give out all the little howls. He's very affectionate and likes to sleep on his dad's head at night. He also has a strong fascination with the shower, especially when someone is in there showering. For a husky, he has many velcro dog moments. And we love showing him off! His name is paw-fect, because it's part of the word "mischief" and he's our sweet, mischievous boy. Please follow his Instagram if you want to see more @_chief_thehusky
Tucker loves car rides, running with the horses and water! He also loves to cuddle and sleep on our pillows! He’s the Best Dog with a silly personality!
Zoey is 6 years old. She loves to play outside when its warm. But when its cold she's my little snuggle bug. She loves attention!
Rascal is a 4 yr old Chorkie. He adopted me 3 yrs ago, and I am so happy to have him in my life!
Obi Woof Coonobi loves cheese and her pizza blanket. You can usually find her at the dog park. Be careful, she’ll steal your shoes and your heart.
Snow White
She luvs sleeping on squishmellows!!!
Enjoys long sits in the yard especially when it’s snowing. Mr.Moeseph has no love greater than running through tall piles of snow and playing with his brother Mickey. Very talkative boy.
Mickey Mouse, Little Mouse, Little Man is a never ending ball of energy that spends his whole day in zoomie mode, when not chewing on his favorite ball he prefers to chase his slower big brother Moeseph. Small in stature but has a huge personality, very talkative boy.
Baby girl she is also my best friend she will go to the end of the earth to find me she is a akc registered dog that is 3 years old she comes from a great bloodline
Haydes aka and he loves to have fun in water he loves bite work and he is my emotional support animal he loves his job
King is such a handsome boy so respectful. Smart and obedient. Loveable and playful he loves to play with his best friend/cousin Kiko
Scooby loved to play with any toy that made noise, ( especially at 5 am lol) but mostly he loved to cuddle. Always by my side. He was my soulmate.
Gunner is 9 years old loves to play in the river, ride Jet Skis' and his squeaky toys.
Averiee is a very unique little gal likes to hide her treats she's a pouter and loves to play dress up!
Our adorable Zoey recently turned 15yrs old. We rescued her from an abusive home 10yrs ago and she's been the most loving, sweet and loyal dog ever!
Cosmo love squeaky and chewy toys! Loves to play with my little sister, loves to ran around, dig holes, and loves to give his grandpa and my whole family kisses. Cosmo would be the happiest cattle dog in California if he wins ❤️
Scrappy is the most amazing little dog as I bring him to my job at the retirement home and he literally takes over like a caretaker. He checks up on the residence waits until they go to bed, and he also loves to put his mouth up to your mouth and listen to you talk sweet nothings to him. He is 7 pounds but made of so much love and has two sisters which are cats and he just loves to play with them and they all get along so well.
He's just a lil love bug. He loves to snuggle. He loves his squishy he throws it in the air and does zoomies...
Daisy is a beagle and chihuahua mix. She is nine weeks old and very playful. She loves lots of attention and to play with her toys. She is very friendly and loves meeting new people.
Roxi for shorter is my BFF and she loves me too. Always by my side. I've had her sense she was nine weeks old. She has taken me on many journeys and know that there are more to come.
Oreo is a wire hair Jack Russell. He's full of life and energy. He likes to chase anything and play all day. He has a personality like no other dog.
Molly Lou
Molly Lou loves to dress up and do photo shoots.
Ozzy Pawsbourne
Introducing Ozzy Pawsbourne, Prince of Barkness! Can’t slow Oz down! Whether we are hitting the trails, jumping in the river, or just out for a ride, you can bet he’s got lots to talk about!
Her eyes say it all. She loves to show her affection. Pass life beleave was in the circus. Always doing new tricks.And her smile says it all.
Harley is my rescue pup! She was found in Washington state, made it to texas, then to MD through a really good rescue. She is a plott hound/lab/pit/ random mix… She is a 40lb zoomies filled dog. She loves going on hikes with her Mom and loves car rides the most!!