Hi my name is Leo and I am a Yorkie Poo mix and I am 1 1/2 years old. I love when my family makes me scrambled eggs, but i get very impatient waiting on them to cool. I take my favorite red frisbee with me everywhere I go. I love taking walks, sticking my head out the car window on car rides, swimming, playing with bubbles and barking at the sun!
Logan is the most curious, cautious, nosy pup. He’s the center of attention of every room and everyone’s heart. Most of the time he forgets he’s a dog. His favorite person is grandma, especially when she brings him treats. He loves the water, but hates big pools. He’s a loud boy but also calmest & best cuddler. The only place he’ll sleep is in your lap or in mom and dad’s bed. Vote for Logan! It’ll make his day!
Sophie - my discount puppy 💜
Scooby enjoys being outside and running around he also enjoys swimming and playing and also enjoys treats
Chillin like a Villan, always on Gaurd for mom
Oaklee was born January of 2021. She loves to cuddle, show off her tricks, play 24/7, and loves to make new doggie friends. Her favorite toy is her ball and scrunchies. She loves to swim and is very photogenic. She also loves to talk!
Cooper is a german shepherd/rottweiler mix. the most loving dog you could ever meet. He loves cuddles and playing with his bestfriend luna who is a cat. Cooper is the most gentle boy around town. He LOVES car rides and vanilla icecream.
A little about huckleberry we call him our moose he is a lovable bug who likes to eat play go for walks and he also loves his daddy but don't mess with his two girls or you will see the Cane Corso come out in him
Cyrus is a 7yr old puppy! He loves his humans, especially his ten month old brother! And is one hell of a dog. This old boy came from nothing and is now living his best life.❤️
Cash is the best snuggler and bubba. He loves his mommy and his hedgehog toy. Vote for cash ❤️
Kai is a pitbull Rottweiler mix who is always energetic and loves to play but don’t let that fool you because he’s a big mommas boy and loves to snuggle.
Duke is a mini Aussie and a Anatolian shepherd mix he is almost 6 months he is so sweet and kind and fluffy everyone loves him!❤️🥺
Hi, my name is Nala! I am an 8 month old Doberman Shepherd, I am very high strung with lots of energy. I have a little brother, although he only has 2 legs and he’s a wild human being, but don’t get me wrong i love him dearly! Me and My little human brother, have created a very special bond. I love to run and play, a lot!
Kona Moon
Kona loves everything and everyone-At 5 months old she is a mixed breed rescued from a shelter-her best friend is a draft horse-enjoy her pictures
Ziva is very hyper and loves to play fetch and lovesssssss her carrot toys! She also loves to run around
Gunner William
Im a 9mo redbone coonhound. I LOVE to steal socks and shoes, counter surf and LOVE my brother Andrew Thomas.
She is so beautiful and sweet she a bull mastiff mix pitbull she loves to play with her toys and likes to go on walks in the yard and likes to play with me and other dogs at our house she is just a sweet girl to everyone please help vote for rose our puppy she is too cute we love her 🥰🐕
Bella is a sweet dog! She has lots of energy and plays well with others. She loves her mommy!
Hi my name is Kilo Thomas I love to go out side and I love to play with my sister Coco I also love to give kisses and I love to sleep
Sammy is a pit mix who loves walks & playing with hims toys!!
Moose is likes to play and chase him tail and loves to snuggle up with his little human
Tablo loves his walks and loves to go on car rides!!
Brownie is a big baby and loves to snuggle.
Bella loves to play fetch, go for long walks , her daddy and most of all her food and treats and cuddling
Hes spunky ,sassy loyal,loving couch potato,wild onehes my mushmush , cuddle bugg
Cappuccino and Sugar are the sweetest girls on the block, if they're not cuddling with daddy, you can catch them outside in a bed of flowers or at our local Quiktrip putting a smile on everyone's face!
Kenai is a 5 month old chihuahua. Very beautiful blue eyes. He is the sweetest baby i have met yet. He has the biggest personality in such a small dog. The reason you should choose him is because he is such a unique special baby to our family.
Max is a border collie and retriever mix! Him loves the snow and being outside in general! Max is such a good boy and loving boy! Any votes will be truly great full❤️
Little miss Dixie is 110% the light of my life. She looked the snow and enjoys playing with the pitcher animals that I have (chickens, ducks, and cats). She loves car rides and playing with little kids!!
Bella Rue
Bella loves to snuggle and play fetch
Cookie is a blue tick hound she loves cats and her family.
Never a boring moment.He runs the household.Spoiled rotten.Loves swimming in his pool and acts like he is a mexican Rottweiler. Lol.
Mommas boy, a real stinker.
She is 4 months old not to sure her breed exactly but she is very playful but loves to cuddle and sleep behind your head at night.
Calm, quiet
Tinkerbell is a little beautiful sleeve pekingese 8 months old .mommas baby
Hes a pit lab mix, his favorite treat is boiled chicken ,his hobbies are watching the tv show cops, watching wild life through the window during the day,and walking the property
Porsche is a tiny sleeve pekingese 9 years old.please vote for her
This is my handsome Chow Chow/ Labrador retriever mix, Bear. He goes by bub, bearbear, or oso. He’s the most spunkiest dog I’ve ever seen along with an attitude! He looooveees chewing on dads shoes and baby sisters toys. He’s such a hunk! Vote Bear!! 💗
Bayleigh is a two year old American Cocker Spaniel, a true blessing in disguise. She loves Mommy, Daddy and most of all her brother Buster. She entertains herself for hours by watching birds in the front window. She is truly the most loving little girl.
Piper is definitely an outdoors dog for sure, she loves running all around the yard and doesn’t ever seem to run out of energy no matter how long she runs/plays outside. She absolutely loves her squeaker toys and as much energy as she has she does like taking her short little naps in the day
Mickey is the sweetest and most cuddly pup. She loves her human siblings and her bed 💕
Timber is a down to do anything/go anywhere type of dog. He loves hiking and obedience training.
Chewy is a sweet, loving dog who loves to sleep and play!
Her names on my passenger seat, she’s been with me since I was 4. You’ll find her laying in the sun or begging for food lol. She makes me feel so special when I see her get ecstatic when I walk through the door after a hard day. One of the main reasons why I’m who I am today is because of her.❤️Poochie takes up my whole heart.❤️