Buster is lab and husky. He is 15 yrs.old. He acts like he is still a pup running and jumping around, unless he is relaxing. He loves attention.
Basia is a good girl she loves to give love boops with her nose. She love to be with me all the time. She is such a good girl did great in training class.
Lily Bugg
Lily Bugg, a lover not a fighter! Her daddy is what she loves most in this world! Her favorite thing is to get her butt scratched and have you hold her paw like you’re holding hands!
Ace is the happiest kid on earth. He is always smiling and always looking for a human to cuddle with. Ace is albino which gives him multitude of health problems, but he never lets that stop him from simply loving life.
Lady Fifi
FiFi is a playful girl-she’s only 2! She loves he buddy Fozzy Bear, but she is definitely the boss!💕
Fozzy Bear
Fozzy is a fun loving dog and it was so hard to pick a photo because he has so many! Especially with our cat and Fifi- his girlfriend!
She’s a pure bred Siberian Husky. She’s 5 months old. She loves her toys and being outside.
Shelby is a 1 1/2 year old English Cream Golden Retriever, she’s the funniest puppy ever, she loves to grab something and put it in her mouth anytime someone shows up, she loves trying to take blankets, and loves cuddles In bed with momma with her belly being rubbed.
Bella Bella
Bella is Trinity’s puppy of almost 5yrs now! I rescued her for Trinity when Bella was only 4 weeks old for Christmas! She has stayed by Trinity’s side ever since! They go from room to room together and neither one of them can go to bed without the other. I always find them in the weirdest positions! Trinity is high functioning autistic and tends to bounce off the walls sometimes as I call it and Bella has the exact same personality for sure! If we win, every penny would go to Bella & give her the pampering she desperately deserves!
Oscar is half Shar Pei and half long hair miniature Dachshund he was born September 15 2010 , I owned his mom and dad and I was there when Oscar was born, took the bag off of him and warmed him up and I’ve had him ever since he is small, but mighty💙
Idgie is half miniature Dapple Dashund and half shihtzu she was born February 9 2022 her nickname is Squirrel she has the funniest cutest personality she is a little dog with a big dog attitude
We adopted Bruce from a local shelter. He is learning more every day. He loves playing in the snow and chewing on his favorite tire toy.
She like going to nursing home
Scooby is 13 weeks, He is very active, loves kisses, and very loving, he loves to go on runs and walks, loves to play with everyone and gives the best cuddles and knows how to cheer you up when you’ve had a bad day
Joelle is 10 weeks,loves watching t.v she love Dora the explorer. She loves to play very loving dog
Emma is a 4 yr old , 4th generation pedigree, Long Coat German Shepherd. Her blood lines have been bred for Temperament, which has aided her in becoming an Awesome Emotional Support Animal for the past 3 yrs. Emma’s favorite toy is any small stuffed animal that Flys Through The Air ❣️❣️She sleeps with them, eats with them and will carry one around with her, just for the heck of it 😉Emma’s favorite treat is Peanut Butter ❣️Lots & Lots of creamy peanut butter on anything and everything ❣️Emma loves people , especially children & seniors and would really appreciate your vote 💞
Skylar Noel
Skylar Noel LOVES to play ball! We have the tennis ball nerf gun and she has almost learned to load it herself! Skylar loves the little stuff toys, especially when someone walks in the door she walks around with one in her mouth wiggling her butt! And if you aren’t paying attention to her and she wants to play she will throw the toy at you!
This is Burr, He is a loving pitbull and he is also available at Chautauqua County Humane Society! Burr has been in the shelter for over “Two years” looking for his forever home and he would love for everyone to vote for him! He loves playing with tennis balls and running in the snowy months! And if you have treats he would be your friend forever !!! #VoteForBurr If Burr wins we will have a “Burr Day” filled with treats, toys and everything he enjoys! The rest of the proceeds will be donated to the Chautauqua County Humane Society!
Ava is a sweet Australian Shepherd that loves hugs and kisses. She’s very playful and she loves to play catch. She’s a protector, she will use her herding instincts to watch over children and smaller pets. She’s a great dog with the sweetest personality. You would instantly love her!
Ralph is a fun fast lovable small dog. That love to run run and run. He love to cuddle and sleep sitting up in your arms. He like to play tricks and he love his dad (which is a five year old) they share the same bday month and acted very much alike.
Kyle , is a 1 year old tiny morkie 3.3lbs (Yorkie mixed with a Maltese) who's has the personality of a firecracker loves doing zoomies,toys, getting attention but mostly loves his dog siblings he's very loving and playful and a natural when it comes to the camera he might be tiny but has the biggest heart he's honestly the goof ball of the family he's listens aslong as there's treats around but overall he's just a joy to have .
Boo is a very playful and loving dog. He is a very impressionable dog and loves to be around people and other pets. I fell in love with him from the very beginning. He's also highly intelligent and learns fairly quickly. He loves chicken jerky and enjoys running around.
I got her when she was 4 weeks old, she has been the most loyal & Best friend I've ever had... she's 2 year's old now
Mia is the sweetest girl! She’s a 1yr old shepsky and loves playing outside, watching tv, digging holes in the backyard, chewing her bones, and playing with our toddlers. We adopted her several months ago and she has been the best addition to our family!
Lucy is a mini schnauzer shitzu. We got her when she was 9 weeks old and she just turned 10. She’s a very sweet girl who loves to be around her people. She goes camping with us and loves to be in the water and play fetch. She was just diagnosed with early doggie dementia. So nighttime is a little rough. But we love her so much.
Berkeley is a chocolate lab husky mix! He is 4years old, has a pretty bad heart murmur, but is a full puppy at heart. He's a ball of energy, with a big heart. He loves to sleep, in the most uncomfortable positions, and play. He might love his toys more then he loves us. He’s an attention nut, but so sweet and loves to give cuddles. He also thinks he’s a lap dog when in reality he’s almost 100 pounds! He loves his toys, going to the dog park, and sniffing the crap outta you. He is terrified of cars, running away by himself, loud sounds, THE BROOM, the groomer and pretty much everything else. For no reason either, he’s simply a scary dog! But he makes us laugh and although he might not know what’s wrong he’ll be there for you always.
Marshall is a pure bred German Shepard, hes smart, protective and a great dog. He loves running real fast in laps right before bedtime, playing Tarzan by chewing on the hanging palm frawns, he loves to play fetch especially when i need to use the bathroom, but most importantly he loves spending time with his mama
Nova is truly the light of my life ! She’s so smart and very treat motivated. She loves to cuddle with her bunny sister and her mama. Her favorite thing to do is play fetch !
Cece is an amazing beagle that we recused from Envigo. She’s been such an amazing dog full of life and joy since we’ve had her.
He loves Balls any and every kind! He loves to snuggle go for walks gives human like hugs by putting his front legs on your shoulders and head against your! He a fluffy soon to be 3 yrs old Golden Doodle silly playful smart and loves unconditionally! Give him a like and he thanks you all in advance!! Ruff Ruff says Nebula ( Nebbie Nebbie)
Ricky Bobby professional soccer player along with part time nanny and healer just a bundle of joy and love
He's Very Cute & Very Good He Always Likes To Play Especially With His Big Brother He's 1 Year Old
I love to take my car rides and play outside I'm more laid back now cause I'm getting older I'm almost 3 so I stay on guard and watch the house while mom& dad goes to work I've been diagnosed with autoimmune disease but my mom makes sure I live everyday to it's fullest I know I only have a short time with my mom and it makes her so sad but she makes sure we go to the Dr and I get my meds every day so while I'm here I'll soak up sun and keep making my mom smile cause we love each other and God loves you too
Queen is such a sweet girl she will love you with her whole heart she is a protector and she loves to play and run she just loves to be loved she wants to be near people she loves
Luna is the most sensitive, loving dog I have ever met. She is a protector but most importantly, she is family.
Buddy is a pure bred German Shepard. He is still a puppy and weighs 65 lbs, he’s gonna be big! His favorite things to do is run across our pool cover and get wet and chew any kind of shoes. Our Buddy, our Baby 💕
Representing Texas is Mr. Tobin. Tobin loves long walks, the wind in his face and barking at strangers. His hobbies include, eating cookies, tearing up toys, and hiding bones in unusual places. Tobin is 2 years old and dreams of living on a ranch. He is proud to represent the great state of Texas and if he wins , has no problem wearing a tiara.
Sig is a akc registered chocolate harlequin he’s a big big boy for a puppy and super playful and the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet
Teddy Is 5yrs old and Still acts like a Puppy, He Loves going to the park and playing....His favorite snacks are Pepperoni and Cheese, he's my Bestfriend and Yes, he is spoiled rotten 😍
Hi my name is Mollie Mae but i just go by Mollie. Im a very energetic puppy that loves so much attention and TOYS! I have a favorite movie and its called “ SCOOB “ yeah if you know scooby dooby doo 💗 i also have a bestfriend and his name is Zeus “hes a serious but lovable dog”
Dabo is a show stopper everywhere he goes! His favorite treats are well any treat. He loves taking walks and sleeping.
Hi my name is ember I am a pit bull and bulldog mixed and I love playing with my toys and being a goof ball I don't really like walks and I love being held pls vote for me
Bobby Lee Swagger
Bobby Lee is a very happy he is a four-year-old Pitbull he loves to play and he loved flowers especially dandelions!! he is a very loving dog and funny my little big boy is my handsome bsbe...
Her mom is 100% Yellow Lab with papers. Her dad is 100% Rottweiler. Mom dove under a fence to get to Dad and made some beautiful puppies! We were lucky enough to get one. Shes going to be loved by 3 big brothers (1 dog 2 cats) and a big human sister.
Conner is a sweet boy who loves fetching the ball, chewing on his bone, and as you can see from the picture, loves chewing just about anything, including my winter boots! He's full of energy and full of love and always by my side.
Elliott is my lil old man, he was raised with a Rotweiler and is a bit more buff than most Jack Russells . He's my snuggle buddy and totally spoiled rotten ❤
Hi my name is Sophie I'm 10 months old in February & I'm a Chug-Tzu. I love my housemate Rosey she's a German shepherd cattle dog I love going to the dog park People say I look like the flying dog in the movie The never ending story. I'm sweet with people & other dogs. I am fully house broken And learning tricks and of course moms training me obedience too.