Pluto is a lover of his many toys, watching birds, squirrels and butterflies, as well as swimming at the river.
Buddy just turned 6 on june 20th.. and is my big baby and loves to be where ever i am thats why he was named buddy cause he is my little buddy🙂
Tessie is a sweet cuddle buddy couch potato who loves playing with her friend Gibbs and car rides!!
Daisy May
So my sister surprised me with Daisy after I lost my Sadie Lee she was 12 love of my life. Now I've been blessed with this tiny soft super sweet furball. She uses her front legs and paws to hold on and hug you and shes only 4 months old. She lights up when i get home from work. She runs the house sleeps where ever she wans but mostly with me and now my bed is hers... She melts my heart and i can't wait to see how her personality gets has she gets older. 💕 She also smiles and gives kisses...
Rocky is filled with life love and energy. Think more energy than anything. We adopted him right after our wedding!
Name primo 3 yrs old Couch potato, night owl, likes to howl when hearing his favorite people name.
Finn is a sweet loving dog who is always there for you. He is always by your side and loves sun bathing in the sun.
Bella loves everyone one she meets. She loves her tennis balls and playing fetch. She is a very silly dog who can always make you laugh.
Molly is seven years old she loves squeaky toys she loves to go on car rides and walks. She recently beat Heartworms and is recovering. She is a joy and is very loving of her sibling cats Xavier and Mika.
Jasper is an Australia shepherd mix he is very lovable and enjoys playing outside and going for walks
Leo is a very lovable and snuggly pit bull boxer mix He loves to play outside and go for walks .
Diva is a 2 month old chihuahua she loves to play with her squeaky toys and keep mommy up all night with it and love to snuggle and eat and sleep all day long she is big love bug won’t give her up for anything
He is a rescue and has anxiety. He has been through a hard time and rough life, so I rescued him. He’s 11 years old and is very sweet and loving!
Gunner even though is just 6 months he is a bundle of energy and demands all the attention
Hello, my name is Wolf and I am almost 4 months old. My human parents wanted a dog for the longest now I am here so we can make each other happy ;) I am curious, strong and lovable.
Kaya is a lovely pup! She cares for and loves everyone no matter if they’ve got 4 paws or two feet. Kaya is very found of watching tennis and sci-fi on the big screen. Long walks, spending time together as a family, and playing with her favorite tennis ball, Bounce, are her favorite things to do! Kaya would love to get to know everyone!
Lucy is a fun loving wild child. She loves to play with all her toys. Lucy goosey can sit and lay down shes very smart so I need to teach her more. She can jump super high and is getting good at frisbee. Lucy is the sweetest, cutest, and most mischievous little dog ive ever had.
Brandy thinks she is half human/half cat/half dog. No other dog like her. She hates when her humans are sad and can play catch for hours. Most loving and caring dog.
Beau loves to play with his sister and swim!
Romeo is a 6 month old pup who loves to play with his brother, give hugs, and kisses..he is his mommas baby and knows it..
Ralph is one of a kind. He opens doors, goes swimming by himself, and is super loving. He just really loves to eat shoes.
Gracie Mae
Gracie is a very smart and fast learning dog. She is considered my child, and she is a very weird child. She will scare off any stranger with his hound howl, and won't hesitate to chase your car. She is more bark than bite, but she is very protective for being a shorter but large dog. She is an inbred black and toon coonhound, that is why i do not label her as one. She loves to run, wear bandanas, howl at basically anything that touches our property, and has no sense of boundaries !
Reven is a 2 year old German shorthaired pointer/blue heeler mix that I adopted February of this year. He loves squeaky toys, chasing birds, bacon treats and loves meeting people. When he first meets you, he will smell you and will quickly jump up and hug you.
Reven is a 2 year old German short haired pointer/ blue heeler mix. I adopted him in February of this year. He loves to chase birds, bacon treats, and loves every person he meets. He will greet you by first smelling you and then jumping up and hugging you.
An Aussie shepherd/poodle mix, this little ball of energy loves to run, fetch, and chew on anything he can get his teeth into and he is quite an amazing pup!
Reese love going outside she loves her mom and dad very much you can catch Reese sneaking around want wanting to play and she Reese is a one of a kind dog spends most of her days thinking she is a lap dog we also have to guinea pigs that she adores
Nola Bean
Nola is currently being trained as a Service Dog and is 5 Months old.
Brooklyn is still young but a quick learner and loves people and other dogs. She's super loving, always giving kisses, hyper at times esp when people visit.
This little doggy loves his human kids loves people all the way around !! If and when you need or want a hug he will be the first in line to accommodate your needs big or small short or tall he loves you all if your down and feeling blue he will find you ! His best friend is his girl Samiah you will always find the two giving each other a look a look I adore it says I love you through and through ! And believe me he loves you all too!!
Ranger is legit the best dog an owner could have. Smart, friendly, caring (when anyone's sick), loving, great with everyone (adults, kids, other dogs), listens to commands. He's just one of those perfect dogs 💖
Esme Boujee Bulldog
Hello im Esme, as you can see by my name i own the world. Im the center of attention and wouldnt have it any other way. I love to jump in my pool to spash and play with my toys in the water. Every morning i get a treat and get to eat eggs or blueberrys. I love to take walks and play with the other kids in the neighborhood. I approved this message and would appreciate your vote.
He loves to play and loves his walks…big lovable baby…
Duke is an amazing dog, he is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix and loves to hunt and frolic in the back yard, he also know a lot of tricks and commands and even made one up on his own, he’s very smart and funny. He loves car rides, walks and playing, he’s full of energy but he also likes to nap or sleep in like a human, he’ll usually be all groggy in the morning from waking up but he’s always ready to go outside
This my 5 month old Callie❤️she's a loving and cuddly puppy who loves snacks!
Lok-dog here is just the sweetest baby. He loves all people and animals, maybe a little too much. Definitely his dad's baby even though he's obsessed with hiding his socks.
Lilly has a big heart and thinks she gets a treat everytime she does something good,she is a people person as well. Couldn't ask for a better companion 💕
Hi fur friends My name Is Snickerz' but my mom calls me her Doodle Bug. I love to play fetch well tug once I have the toy I'm probably not gonna let it's to much fun and I love it! I'm a happy happy girl, I'm a happy happy happy happy girl. My favorite thing to do is to play outside esp with my fur family I run so fast and I love being chased or I chase them. As for my favorite thing to eat that's everything there isn't much I don't like. Please vote for me so I can be the pageant princess, and the deal is sealed and then I'm a real queen 🐾
Hi fellow fur friends my name is Paco. And I'm a love'a love'a boy I'm sweet as sweet can be . My one true love in this life is my daddy, he says I'm his bestest friend in the whole wide world ❤️ please vote for me and my girlfriend Snickerz' 🐾🐾
Ella may be small but she is full with sass and a little velociraptor but she is very loveable
Dutchess is a 13 week old Great Dane! She’s such a lover but such a goofball every minute she’s awake!
Bailey is a Brittany Spaniel she loves to point quail. She loves to cuddle, and she loves to fish.
Above and beyond the best dog ever.
Amethyst Marie Rose Rudnick
Amethyst is a blue nose pit mixed with lab (mom is a lab and pit mix and dad is a full bred blue nose pit) she loves to play with all of her toys, especially the loud squeaky ones, she is very energetic and playful, she loves her human mom and her human dad, she is three years old and she loves tormenting her sister who is a cat, who is six years old, they love chasing each other and antagonizing each other, she loves the outdoors and she loves camping, but she does not like water, she is also a big baby even though she knows she’s not allowed on the furniture she still loves getting on her human moms lap, (she is definitely not a lap dog but she don't care) if her human mom is working a lot and is not able to be home all day, when her mom gets home she acts like she has not seen her in days, Please vote for my beautiful loving fur baby, so I can spoil her with new stuff she needs.
Rocco is the sweetest 107lb lap dog! He loves and protects his family! He loves playing with chewy toys that squeak and is loved so much by his hoomans!
Hi my name is Tippy im 3 months old. I love my mommy and daddy. And i love to play with all my toys and i like to sleep on daddys head at night. Dad also has me so spoiled i have sit on his lap while hes driving
Jemma is a springer poodle mix. She is such a smart, sweet lovable girl who just loves to give kisses😊
kong loves the river, baths, & his momma!