Hi my name is Patches I love to run and play and deafiantly eat. I love other dogs . I am very beautiful
She is 8weeks old can sit shake or paw when asked goes to door when needs to go out protective over the baby Nephew
Yogi is very pet friendly and also loves to be around other Animals as well. My favorite part about him is he's still a baby so he comes with that Energy and I love it .
Nova loves to lay around and be goofy. She loves being outside and playing with her mom and dad. Nova also gives hugs out for free and would rather be carried like a baby than walk
Gracie Mae
Gracie Mae is a precious goldendoodle/labordoodle. She is a double doodle that is absolutely precious.
Annie is a tiny bundle of joy with a heart as big as her fluffy coat. She's a constant source of smiles and cuddles. Whether she's playing with her 100+ toys or snuggling up for a nap, Annie fills every moment with love and laughter. With her playful spirit and endless affection, she's more than just a pet – she's my best friend.
Mason is a 4 year old deer head Chihuahua. He loves spending time with his mom outside. One of his favorite games to play is the chase me game after he steals my sock off my foot and the chase is on. Around and around the coffee table.
Lou Griffin
Hi! I am Lewis Griffin. I was adopted by my loving family when I was a baby. I am very spoiled and have a good life surrounded with positive people and plenty of love! ❤️
Pebbles would love to be a star ✨ She is very well behaved & makes friends quickly. (people or other animals) She loves to cuddle & sleeps on my shoulder every night
popcorn is my emotional support animal. She goes with me everywhere she loves barking her head off she loves going for a walk. She loves destroying the animals and then she also goes to UNH every year for Special Olympics track meet.
Dexter loves going for car rides, playing fetch, and with his siblings. Dexter loves playing tug of war.
Boujie, and loving. She gives the best pup kisses. Love to bounce around in her best outfit, shining like a diamond.
Moxie is a young girl full of life and loves adventures. She is a highly trained bird dog and absolutely loves jumping off the dock to swim. She gives so much love and brings a smile to everyone around her.
Nova is now 1 years old years old. She loves to play ball going for car rides and being outside. She loves being with her human family members and thrives attention, she can sit, lay, stay and will give you high five, and when she wants to go outside for potty, she makes a cute but loud yawn. She loves chasing the Sandhill cranes and Deer that try to get into our garden. She also loves her best friend Bella a 9 yr. old silver lab.
Meet dexter!!! Dexter loves to play fetch, tug a war! He is the most outgoing puppy you ever met!! He loves to go bye bye.. I hope dexter gets uour vote!!
Tango is my lovable 1 year old Rottweiler. He loves to play with his toys an his Daddy😍. You can find Tango playing in the yard with a big stick , looking for something to play tug of war with or simply just chilling in the yard enjoying some sunshine. Vote for my big boy❤️
Dallas loves to go on walks and go to the park. He is the best boy to cuddle with. He is super playful and so affectionate. He is also the best big brother to his little sister! Dallas also enjoys days running in his great grandmas backyard! He also knows how to do tricks, like sitting, dancing, rolling over, and spinning.
Uncle Paul
Uncle Paul is a very cuddly dog who loves to play with his toys
Breed Isn't Listed, She Is A Carolina Dog Or The American Dingo, She Is A Dog Rescue,I Rescued Her In 2019, She Is Very Smart Loves Running And Posing For The Camera And Meeting New Friends Everywhere We Go Super Loveable
Kache love to play with his toys and go for car ride and go for walks in his stroller and loves to be with his mama
Scrappy loves to play sleep and run with his best friend Stormy the cat, he’s a great puppy and loves his humans.
Kage just recently got a new stuffed animal and whenever we bring it out he gets the zoomies
Hi I’m CECE! I’m 3 years old and I love walks and being outdoors. Please vote for me!
Isabelle is my sweet, loving, protective, outgoing fur baby! If you need a good laugh or some cuddles to make you feel better she has your back! Isabelle is very photogenic but sometimes with throw some crazy funny pictures!
Hi I’m daisy. I just turned 1 years old. I love playing with my sister Cece and playing outside. I’m expecting a little brother in August, and I’m so excited to meet him. Mom thinks I could really win this thing, so here I am. Please vote for me!
Myka is a 7 week old puppy and very loving and caring she will make your day so much better with her little wiggles and she will not leave you alone she loves to stay by your side also loves to cuddle and watch movies with you she really does know how to brighten your day and put a smile on your face even if you don't want to smile but just with her by you just know you will smile and laugh out of no where
Sallie just turned 7. She’s my baby, she may be a full blooded pit bull but there is not a mean bone in her body! She’s very playful even at her age. She loves to sun bathe and always wants to play fetch, but likes to play keep away at the same time.
Ice just celebrated his 2nd birthday & all he wants this year is to win the dog pageant;) Help make his bday wish come true!!🩵
Meet August (AKA king of head tilts) You’ll never catch him relaxing as this man is non stop chaos! His favorite activities include bike rides, chasing his herding ball around, & eavesdropping on your conversations!🩵
Miller is an English cream Golden Retriever! He loves playing with a cat laser and, of course, he loves toys more than anything!
Dexter a 170lb baby! He’s a big goofball who loves to plop down in the middle of his walks & refuse to get up! His favorite pass time is sun tanning outside & sleeping in my bath tub. Believe or not his personality is even bigger than his size🩷
Very smart, friendly & never meets a stranger, loves attention
Whitley is a German Wirehaired pointer he loves to swim, chase bees & hang with his daycare friends 🐶🤍
Once abused, he overcame obstacles and went from not being able to walk to enjoying runs! He's a sucker for anything with Salmon and Barkbox! He's the sweetest boy and adores kids!
Just a golden girl living her best life at the beach.
Honey is a corgi & mountain feist mix. She is super sweet and loves cuddles and playing at the barn! Her favorite snack is fruit loops and her favorite thing to do is sleep!
Taking walks
Murphy Moo
Murphy Moo is the most loving, caring, crazy dog. He loves to steal people’s socks from right off their feet. He loves to bird watch and try to get the squirrels when they come on our deck. He has such a big personality, everyone absolutely loves murphy. He is the biggest most lovable baby boy in the world💗
Ollie is the funniest most quirky pup I've ever had. He makes me laugh everyday! He is going to be on the cover of a calendar starting in june.
Anna Marie
ANNA IS amazing pup learning to be my service dog for walking exercises after losing 7 inches of my left leg . Shes an angel.
nala is one of the sassiest pups around. she lovesss food and play time. she’s my little social butterfly🦋
She loves squeaky toys , loves to dress up loves the park
Ivy is a 5 month old puppy. Who loves the getting into mischief,her balls and stuffed animals. She absolutely loves people and is always told how she brightens up people’s day.
Remi was a rescue, the owner of his mother had an accidental litter, and was going to take them to the pound, and I couldn’t stand the thought of that, we helped find homes for all the puppies. Remi is a Husky and Great Pyrenees mix. He’s goofy and likes hiking and chasing things.
Ruger is an Australian Shepherd mixed with a Great Pyrenees, he is the sweetest pup, he loves to be in your lap, we don’t tell him he to big now, and can’t really be a lap dog.
Izzy loves the frisbee and is very very photogenic
Kaneq loves all toys! He will surround himself with a whole bunch and take turns playing with all of them! He also loves to run around outside, he runs so fast he leaves dust trails! Kaneq is a bit shy at first but once he warms up to you he will not leave you alone!
Sadie was born on October 31st I call her my halloween baby🧡 The day sadie came into my life was at a pet smart where I saw a lady with puppies. I asked her about sadie and she said that she was rejected 3 times. Out of the blue she decided to give me a dog for free and told me to think as it as a christmas gift. Sadie loves spike balls, she will play with them all day and loves for me to throw it over and over again. She also loves water she like a water baby