Baby Stories - 12


Remi Grace
Remi Grace is the tiniest little guard dog on the farm. She loves to snuggle in blankets and take trips in the car. She’s so sassy but can be sweet when she wants to be.
Jax is a very lovable dog , has separation anxiety when it comes to being away from his momma ( me ) and he loves his baby brother that will be here in a few weeks 💙 he’s super shy but you will easily fall in love with him
I’m almost 3 months old and I drive mommy nuts. I sleep all day and run around play nipping at her legs. I love to pounce, run, hide, sleep and FOOOOOOOODD!!!!!!!!
Arley is 11 months old. She loves her older brother Rex. She’s very hyper and loves water. She’s a red Husky with a big attitude, and she always wants the attention on her.
Wobbles loves attention, Cheese sticks and his human best friend Ari! He thinks he is a lap dog, and is afraid of his own shadow, but it’s doesn’t stop him from chasing a rabbit (well until he gets tired). He loves going with Ari and his dog best friend to PetSmart and running around the whole store once it’s closed.
Izzy Lou Lamke
Izzy lou lamke is a toy poodle very spoiled to her daddyand loves to play
Charles the stud
Ellen is very lovable and loves to snuggle and join us in bed. Loves to go for car rides and go to parks for walks. She not a picky dog loves to eat all her food. She’s so scared of rain and thunderstorms not a fan at all and not taking baths. She loves kids and kittens and to play with everyone! And she listens very well and love us very much ❤️
Rocky is 8 weeks old he’s like my best friend We sleep together, eat together, play together and also go shopping together. He is not just my dog or best friend he’s like my kid and an important member of my family we would really appreciate your vote🐾🐾
LeBron is a cuddly, loving, all around good boy! LeBron has gotten me through the hardest times in my life. He’s the best dog and companion I’ve ever had. He deserves a vote!
Jax is an emotional support dog. He is kind, loving, cares more about people than himself. He recently got sick and couldn’t even move and still cared more about his family than himself- giving us kisses to comfort us. Jax passed Friday night but I still he is the cutest pet and deserves all the love and kisses also, through votes. ❤️💔 He will never be forgotten
Mickey Amir
Mickey loves naps with mommy. He loves playing and pretending he is a cat. When mommy goes for a ride he tries to ride mommy's shoulder. He weights only 2 pounds. He is 12 weeks. He also loves eggs mixed with his kibbles and can food!!! Also loves playing with mommy and barking at her to feed and let him out🤣!!! Mickey amir also thinks he is a great dane at heart and loves trying to guard mommy already!!!
bristol is full of life and spunk. she keeps her two mommas on their toes. shes always ready to chase a squirrel or tear apart a stuffed duck. belly rubs are her favorite, she will guide your hand with her paw to her tummy for the scritches. theres no telling what shed do for anything chicken. this crazy girl is always up for an adventure & will stop at nothing to get what she wants. her mommas spoil her to no end. she deserves the world 💕
Willow is the sweetest girl! She loves fetch and playing tag with her kitty brothers! Her favorite treat is big bones! Vote her for cutest Nola pup!
Zola is a Chihuahua/Corgi/Basset Hound mix. She enjoys long walks and an occasional chew on a slipper. Hey she’s still a puppy. She is also a huge fan of snuggling.
Lzzy Smith
This sweet girl loves to cuddle with her mother and father at night and play with her best friend during the day and she also loves to play with her tennis balls her stuffies and she likes to eat her treats
Hi I’m Shiloh! I’m so playful & happy all the time. I’m a Velcro puppy so I follow mommy every where she goes! 1 vote=1 pet on my tiny head! Thanks everyone 🐾
Hazel Newbury
Hazel loves carrots, snuggles, and swimming!🥰
River is a sweet and shy 3 year old boy that loves to cuddle at night but run all day.
Major Payne
Major is the best family dog and is verry protective. His favorite hobbies are running away, making deer friends, and riding quads or in mud trucks, he also loves to chew my socks, and act like a baby when he dont get attention.
Maggie is an 8 week old bundle of joy! She is curious and loves to explore her home. She loves to chew on anything including her big sister’s fluffy poodle tail. Vote for Maggie thanks!🥰😍🐶🐶
I got Hope in sisters from a family. She is definitely my best friend she has gotten me through most of everything in my life for the two years I’ve had her! She is amazing and loving and the best dog I have ever owned. She’s always cheering me up.
Nino is a purebred Pomarenian male pup He is sweetheart the most kindest and smart pupy Loves doing tricks and loves people, all people
Echo is a crazy mischievous sweetheart who loves her momma and adores her family and friends. She loves going to the dog park and meeting friends. She also loves cuddling with her mom at night.
Brownie tries to act tougher than she is in reality but she’s super sweet and loving, she communicates by grunting and growling at you and she lovesss going for hikes and rides. She likes squeaky toys and playing with hands, doesn’t like doggy collars too much and lives to protect me and my belongings. 10/10 best companion dog🤎
Nala loves cheeseballs and has a TON of energy. She loves to instigate her brother Koda and you will never NOT see her eating...she loves affection and thinks she will die without it.
Willie is a rescue that was about to be put down that I had got I'm glad I got him we get a long together really well he also gets along with my cat and her with him and that's strange Willie is a good dog I'm proud to have him in my life ❤️
Sadie is miniature schnauzer! She is three years old and loves attention. Wonderful with kids and is the best dog ever! #voteforsadie
Abbie is a Italiano cane corso, she is the sweetest dog ever! She’s definitely a big girl and one of the reasons I’m putting her in the contest is to help pay her surgery, both her ACLS in her back legs are blown and her surgery is $5000 and anything would help my family and I out! She has been there for me with all my ups and downs
Rocie And Pepper
This is rocie and pepper there about 4 months i adopt them so they wouldnt keep being in the same mistreated home there super active and so sweet
Jantsen was born February 17, 2019. He is 100% a goofy goober. He really loves to play fetch and loves the sound water bottles make when he chews on them. He lives in the New Orleans area & really likes going on car rides around the city. He loves playing with other dogs and loves when it’s bed time and he gets to sleep with his Hooman, Kayleigh.
Mary Jane D.
Mary Jane loves to play in the water and loves her snuggles she's very energetic
This is Nalla she is the sweetest dog ever she’s only 8 months old she has had a rough child hood she broke her leg when she was 4 months old and is still getting used to her longer legs she tries to jump from the ground to the porch with out touching the steps
My name is moo! I’m very playful and energetic but sometimes I can stay still so mom can take pictures of me
Abby is a 6 month old long haired chihuahua. She was rescued from a ruff situation. She was born in a van where she was expected to live. Now she’s a happy little pup with two shih tzu sisters!
I’m approximately 4 years old, I live in Garland & I love mommy soooo much. I like to dig holes and pretend I didn’t do it, making mommy hold me as if 54lbs of muscles is the easiest thing to do, I really love jumping on the trampoline, sun bathing, screaming at mommy because I can’t talk of course, but I love hoomans the MOSTEST!!!!!!!!!!!
Twilight loves cuddles and her treats
Im Agalia. My momma named me that for my beauty. Im often called crazy because i run around like a goofball. I love my stuffed toys. I love kids. I love my mom so much that i keep her up some nights.
My name is whiskey. I love my mom. Im good with kids. I love giving kisses. I love people.
My name is Lucas i just turned a year a few days ago. I love people. I have no mean bone in my body because im a big baby. Im great with kids. I have a cat sibling but she dont like me much because I chase her. I adore my mom.
Fendi is a miniature Pomeranian, weighing only 3 pounds! His hobbies are throwing his ball for himself, shaking hands, and getting all the ladies. Help him win so his mom can take him to petco and he can get his achievement framed above his bed!
Everly Rose
Everly enjoys bully sticks, chew toys, going for rides in the car & picking on her older brother.
Jynx is a very loving dog, who loves to snuggle & give kisses.
Molly is super fun and loves playing ball and frisbee on the beach! She enjoys walks and she has to have her belly rubs every morning!
Brooklyn is such a sweet girl and loves to cuddle. She loves to play hide-and-seek in the blankets before bed time. She wakes me up every morning with tons of kisses. She's my little shining star and the love of my life. Life is always better with my dog!
Daisy is an American Bulldog/Lab mix. She LOVES to get treats from tractor supply and to play with her dog friend Logan! Shes friendly, loved to play, and has a ton of energy!