Baby Stories - 12


Hey I’m branchi . i Like To Play .. Run And Eat I’m very Kind And Friendly And I Like Kisses
Ace is a wild a hyper crazy good boy!!
Luna is very adventurous she’s sweet and cuddly but always full off energy and ready to play!! Luna is Deaf but is very smart and learned hand signals very fast!
Lady Luna
Luna loves walks with friends and she especially love cuddles and kisses!
Hello all I’m Wesley. I love snuggles, naps, and treats. Woof woof 🐶
She is my grandkids first family dog. She acts like a human and has to sleep in the bed with her human mom and dad under the blankets.
Lover, snuggler, chewer&teaser
Jake was a rescue found on the side of the road, he is 9 weeks old and weighing 12.5 pounds. He has been a big part of my family since we found him.
Koda is a husky malamute mixed. He was born in Alaska and he is the most stubborn child ever. He is 6 years old, he enjoys long walks, hiking and swimming.
Hey there, I'm Luna. I am 2 years old, i am a new mother to a litter of 7. I am very shy at first but once i bust out of my shell im a whole new gal! I love walks, my favorite toys & ofcourse anything tasty.
Hi there, I'm Maxx. Im 5 years old, very playful & friendly. My favorite people are children and other animals (even ones that might not like me).
Juno is our beloved little tripod! We had her shipped via plane from Oklahoma to California right after her front right leg had to be amputated. Little “Bug” or “June” is the sweetest little trooper. Her original owners left her on the streets of Oklahoma City after she needed orthopedic surgery and they didn’t either want to pay for orthopedic surgery or just couldn’t. Regardless, we’re so glad she’s ours. Juno loves her big sister and the beach! She’s a little lover and will greet you with a big wet kiss. She’s become quite the Therapy dog to her mom aka me after a spinal surgery left me paralyzed from the waist down. We’re on the mend together! Some of Bug’s favorite activities include chasing squirrels, playing on the beach and snuggling super hard! We love her so much!
King likes to play fetch, go on runs off leash and chasing his tail.
This is Athenas first time entering in a contest! Her favorite treat is peanut butter in her kong toy! She’s 13 weeks old and loves to play! She’s very sweet and energetic
Bindi loves people and animals. She's a big kisser, loves walks and squeaky toys.
Blu is a 17 week old Pomskey!! He loves to play, go outside and chase after leaves. 💙🐾
Lady Bug
Lady Bug is at the Pender County Animal Shelter in Burgaw, NC looking for her forever home! She is a senior chihuahua that is hearing and vision impaired but still has a lot of love to give!
She only wants to get her way she won’t listen to any other reasoning
Gracie is a natural born comedian. In addition to her walks, she gets her energy out by doing “zoomies” a couple times each day, racing from room to room. She chases squirrels and bunnies in our back yard, (without success)..
This is Charlie. He’s my 1 year old rescue. I got him when he was about 9 months old. He comes from an abused home. But now has a loving one. He’s is spunky and kind of a spAzz. He loves new toys. And to cuddle. He sleeps as my little spoon on a pillow under the covers because he’s spoiled. But he’s full of love.
She’s a 12 week old beagle rescue and 8.1 lbs of sweetness!
She is a blue brindle baby cane corso. Her momma is next to her in the picture she is such the cuddle bug and wants all the love and attention.
He loves to play, he loves to play with his squeaky toy, he loves to go for walks, he love to run around, he loves kids!!!!
Roxy Popsie
Roxy is like a human! We love her so much and she is the best dog ever! She is such a loving dog!
Gambler is a rescue dog. He got his name because he was found in a dumpster outside of a casino. We are unsure of his age but think he is about 12 years old. Gambler is a spoiled dog who loves to relax so he is representing all of our lazy puppies!
Cleo is the sweetest little girl. She is a 12 week old chocolate dapple, miniature dachshund. She loves to cuddle and lay with you. She loves to chew on her toys and steal the cats food lol. She likes to play fetch and tug-of-war. She likes to be wherever Mommy is and loves to lay on your feet when you’re up. She has the prettiest ice blue eye and has a super soft coat. We are in love with her and how adorable and lovey she is. Give little Cleo a vote to support her in being the goodest girl!😇
Jax is king of the castle but is a true gentleman and bows to his Queen. Quite and tender Dobe that is a gentle giant to his human family
Bailey is a stubborn princess, who gets what she wants when she wants!
Hola soy Prince un Red Nose Pit tengo 5 años , Vivo con mi linda familia lo mas que me gusta son mis juegos que me regalan tambien me gustan mis meriendas y mis bizcochos cuando cumplo años . Soy muy jugueton me gusta cuando me hacen caricias y me rascan ♥
My name is Koko 💜! I am a puppy , my birthday is January 25 2021 😇. I love to cuddle and play ! My mommy loves to dress me up even though I don’t like it but I’ll get used to it🥰💜
Remi is not only the best Pomeranian in the world with the biggest personality, but she also is very helpful to her owner when having an anxiety attack. She is 8 months old, already very intelligent and obviously super cute! Please vote for her, she deserves it. ❤️🥺
Mowgli is a crazy energetic boy, he loves running around and playing with anything he can find. He is the happiest most loving dog anyone could ask for!
Kash is a French bulldog puppy who is only 9 weeks old. He loves to sit in the sun, chew on bottles, and he loves cuddling up for naps!
Sadie is a nine month old Bernedoodle puppy. She is extremely sweet, smart, loving, and full of puppy energy.
Loves his milk and squeaky toys. He is a good boy and loves life!
Hi I’m Capone Woof! I am always happy! I love to play with my bones and toys and I am the biggest hog for attention. Whenever my mom does her makeup I can’t help but to push her out of the way until she does mine. I love my mom and dad it is my job to protect them. ❤️ When I let my mom and dad know there are strange people around they give me milkbones and tell me I am a good boy.
Puppy is the love of my life ..she is the sweetest baby that loves to play with her toys .. She make me smile when im down..i love my little girl..
This is Louie! He is the sweetest and funniest little Frenchie you will ever meet. Louie loves to dress up and do fun tricks. He loves going on walks and playing with kids.
Taz is one of kind! He has brought joy to our family! He is a hot mess lol
Blue Loves to play with his monkey & he loves cuddles. He loves digging in the mud and getting all muddy ☺️
Teddy Graham
Teddy Graham is a rescued Lab Mix. He is 11weeks old. He is a ladies man and very sweet. He enjoys playful strolls, a good handshake, and wants to change the world one smile at a time ☺️❤️
Kook is the most loveable playfull dog . loves squeekie toys and his mr frog that he has to have to sleep
Judge is 3 months old. He loves shoes, apples and being outside. His favorite thing to do is chew on momma. He's a spoiled little boy and he knows it.
Meet Shadow! He LOVES pup cups and long walks on the beach! He HATES baths and having his hair brushed! He LOVES antlers and stuffed animals, he also loves to tear apart anything with stuffing. Mom hates stuffed aninals and stuffed dog beds 😐😂!
This is Zelda, my 3 year old baby. She loves eating & playing with snow & swimming in rivers :)
He is a rescue dog he is so sweet kind and loving he’s scared of loud noises like thunder but he’s so pretty and he’s one of the best dogs I’ve ever met!