Baby Stories - 12


no daily exchanges doing advanced votes April 2022
The best doggo in the whole wide world without a thought in his mind.
My first Pound Hound and we couldn't be happier!
Lucy is a very sweet snugle bug and loves to cuddle. This chihuahua is like no other she loves everyone. She loves to play chew her bully stick and she loves her duckie the kost thing is she loves giving kisses she can not hold her licker lol
Daisy is a spunky 12 year old she loves her toys and she loves sleeping. She likes to go on walks ans car rides she is always happy as long as she is with me or her dad we love this little sweetie
Junior is a 3 year old boxer that loves to play with his toys he loves to camp he loves to go to bluegrass festival and meet new people he loves his family..Junior can count to 10 he can sit roll over stay he can crawl he can open door and drawers and Cabinets he is very smart… I love life and most of all He loves my momma 🥰
Finn is a 4 month old puppy. He loves to sleep!
Mocha is the happiest dog out there with her happy feet dance she sometimes goofy to the point she makes the other dogs stare at her hehehe
Dexter loves his family! Dexter also loves cuddle with his brother Finn!
Dakota was a puggle. She had to be put down in Sept 2017 due to lung cancer. She was the best buddy a gal could have. She went every were with us. I swear she knew so much english it was amazing, so much fun, but had to have been a puppy mill dog as she had so many health issues it was unbeleivable. Vet said it was all from bad breeding. But we did all we could for her in her 11 years. Miss her everyday!! I swear this dog could smile as she was alway so happy even after she lost an eye and went totally blind in the other one. She always reminded us that no matter how bad our day was, we always had things to be thankful for. ♡
very good doggo 10/10 much nice
Dobby is a mixed breed, he half Bichon & half Yorkie. He loves to play, he love kids, he likes to cuddle.
Bat dog loving the beach
Fun-loving beautiful little girl!
Toby loves to play, sleep, and eat dinner.
Snow was gotten misrepresented as an Arctic Wolf as a puppy. She is mostly German Shepherd with a mix of Husky, Malamute, Samoyed and a tiny bit (7%) of wolf.
Hunter is a pure beagle . He is a fast learner but as most beagles is very stubborn lol. He loves food , playtime and most of all he loves our family . He is still learning and is a troublemaker but who can stay mad at that adorable face 🥰
this cute boy is on the cusp of death. vote for him so i can treat him with a nice day with the prize money before his impending doom.
She’s a bítch
Friendly escape artist!
Lady is an energetic GSP who loves her momma and loves to hunt. She has mastered pointing and retrieving and enjoys hunting turtles in our pond when she's not hunting with mum.
Oreo is 10 months old and a Miniature Parti poodle. He sweet and very playful. He does like to steal things and chase toys.
Hank’s full name is Prince Henry William Clarence Leavitt the 5th. He loves to swim, fetch and sleep in our beds. Vote Hank!!
Indie sadly passed away February 24 2018 along with my mom.. It was tragic boating accident and it devastated my whole family. I would love to win to keep Indie and my Moms spirit alive!!
Biscuit is cool and smells bad
Bayley loves duck hunting and swimming. She enjoys the beach life!!
Oscar likes to chase bugs and sleep in his back:)
Zulu is a loving sweet dog he very photogenic stay camera ready loves playing with kids and enjoy spending time with our new bundle of joy. Please like and share his page.Thank You In Advance 😉
Oakley is a 4 month old golden retriever puppy. He loves to play, bite, eat and nap. He loves attention and does not enjoy sharing the attention. He loves to get belly rubbed he enjoys going to the beach and anything with water.
Aphrodite is such a sweet loving girl who gets excited when she sees me and shakes her while butt its so cute 😍
I Rescued Lucky, He's Been A Great Dog! He's Very Smart! He knows How To Sit Shake & To Do Some Other Commands . He loves Treats Walks.
Frijda is a Brussels Griffon. She is 8 months old now & is the sweetest little girl. She loves to go for walks & play with her toys.♥️
Life with Gunner — he’s like a box of chocolates in that you never know what you’re gonna get. He’s sweet and spicy - we are blessed to call him ours!
Bentleys loves everyone. All he wants to do all day long is play. Bentleys favorite trick is to give a high five🖐️.... He's so cute when he does it. He's the sweetest pittie ever! Follow Bentley on his Instagram page BentleyBeans_Mitchell or tiktok @Bentley_Beans
Cassius loves to squeak his toys non stop. 💕
Lucy is just a sweet lazy pupper 💕
Bear is a rescue from South Korea! He & his siblings were on a dog meat truck & was the absolute sweetest puppy. He enjoys cuddling, rubbing all over carpets, having the zoomies, & smiling as you can see in his photo! His one floppy ear gives him so much personality & i couldn’t see my life without this bundle of joy!
Teddy is a fun loving dog that absolutely loves the snow! Winter is his favorite he likes to face dive right into the snow piles. Teddy also loves stuffed toys although he shreds them to pieces he’s still like a puppy and likes to play a lot! Loves his belly rubbed but his most favorite thing to do is go for his daily car ride and let the wind blow through his hair. So come on y’all Vote for Teddy! He’s a winner for sure!
Leyla is the most loving and sweetest dog there is. Her playful side always has everyone laughing with all the tricks she can do. She loves to play fetch or tug of war with her boyfriend (next door neighbors dog). Cuddles with this one are a MUST the little drama Queen has to be getting all the love and attention
Chief is a Border Collie, Australian Shepard mix. He was born in August of 2020 and he’s the best dog! He knows many tricks and is very well mannered!♥️ He’s the greatest dog a girl could have.🥰🥰
Leona is the sweetest girl. She loves her family and taking road trips! She was diagnosed last year with double hip dysplasia, but that does not slow my girl down one bit!
Hi! My name is Charlie! I am a Yorkiepoo and I am almost 4 years old! I love to play tug of war with my family, cuddle with them, and talk to other dogs and neighbors! Thank you for visiting my page !!
Chloe is a Bloodhounds/Plott Hound mix who always has that, ”I did something that you haven’t figured out yet,” look. She gets the Zoomies every night at 7 and she proudly dipsplays drool, “shoelaces “. Anytime someone comes to the house she searches for one of her toys to greet them with!
Mando is a rescue dog we adopted. He is full of energy and loves to play tug of war and chew balls. He’s very protective over my kiddos. He has a great personality and heart. He has definitely found his forever home.