Luna loves to play in the water and hang out with her cat friends. She also loves people and the mail lady who gives her treats.🐶🐾
Willow is the best dog around! she’s the cutest, sweetest thing! she loves to swim and go on car rides. she is 4 months old. she’s super goofy and fun! please vote willow!
Teddy is a very adorable high energy mix of Australian Sheperd, Cattle Dog, Pitbull and a little bit of Retriever! He loves car rides and very loud toys :)
Fluffy is the biggest sweetheart and loves peanut butter sandwiches and loves being outside and just lounging around
Romeo is 5 years old & loves to spend his time napping along side his momma. He enjoys going to his mawmaw’s house whenever he can & he loves treats with his whole being!
Loves to give kisses and loves to be spoiled
Lap dog loves to cuddle and loves to play outside
Henry is 9 pounds of love. His day consists of snuggling in blankets and playing with his bigger pomsky sister. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body.
Bella has her favorite toy she likes it’s her bear if she running around she will go find it and take a nap she knows not to scratch on anything and she’s a chaweenie
Zayda is a spunky 1 1/2 year old energetic girl. She loves to dig, swim and tease her chihuahua brother.
Shirley’s nickname is Shirley Woo Bear as she loves to Woo/sass her friends and family! Any funds won will be donated to 4 Paws for Ability a service dog facility for children & veterans in Ohio!
This is buddy! He is a Shorkie who is 13 years old and loves to go on walks and is very lovable!
Athena Bella Marie is an 8 month old American Bully she is very curious and has to be into everything I do and she loves to steal my glasses from the top of my head when I am asleep and chews them up. She is an amazing cuddler.
Charlie is (almost) 3! He is a husky/lab mix from a rescue. He is initially from Alabama! He really loves his mom, dad, nana, and papa!
This is squirt!!! Say hi buddy!!
Tuukka was named after his dads favorite Hockey Goalie Tuukka Rask who played for the Boston Bruins. Tuukka is a 1 year and 3 month old Pure bred Pug dog. More like pure bread good boy!! He loves snackies an walks with mommy and daddy. His favorite toy is a Mac an cheese toy and also a Kong teddy bear that reminds him of his fur momma. He knows sit an stay. As well as doing fancy dances for his dinner. Oh an last but not least he is very photogenic at any moment can strike a pose lol.
River is a Mini Aussiedoodle. 25% Aussie, 75% mini poodle, and 100% sassy. The teddy bear in the photo has been her favorite ever since I got her ❤️ She knows sit, lay down, roll over, touch, kiss, and shake already! A proud mom to say the least
I entered Jada into this contest to help with the food she’s on I almost lost her about 2 years ago she was running 105 temp come to find out she had bladder stones and uti lucky I caught it in time so now she has to be on a special food so it will break down the stones so she don’t have to have surgery any votes will help. She’s so smart so loving loves playing with kids.
Bruno Lausana
He is out going and caring and loving baby puppy who loves to play and be around people.
Jackson is the most human like pup that I’ve ever met :) he is the best companion when I’m sad and he loves to play any time of the day! He loves to fetch, swim in the pool or the lake and he loves people! Vote for Jackson 🙂
Sokka is named after a character from Avatar the Last Airbender! He loves his bones, walks, and lick you forever!!
Bella is a fun and loving dog who loves frisbee she was a shelter dog and my best friend
Shaymin named after the Pokémon. The perfect pup who loves to adventure and look cute doing it ! DOB is 12/13/21 Vote for him and any earnings will be used for local TNR!
Drake is a five year old American bulldog Chinese Shar-Pei mix he was a rescue from our local shelter he is the biggest lovable baby, Drake loves to play with footballs swimming in the pool and he loves to cuddle. He loves car rides because he knows that he’s gonna get some kind of ice cream treat
Yarrow is a German shepherd pitbull mix he's a very good boy who loves to go swimming and play in the mud he also enjoys being told he stinks and going for car rides he loves his toys and usually takes very good care of them and even brings them to bed with him every night
Loki is a 8 month old alusky Siberian husky and Alaskan malamute, he literally loves everyone and every animal. He plays and works hard. He makes everyone smile. Very gentle with toddlers. At night he curls up next to my son.
She is the sweetest little girl and loves to cuddle. She will always make you smiles.
I got Tank at 6 weeks old. He was the biggest out the bunch. He is absolutely the sweetest puppy I could have ever asked for. It took him a little bit of time, getting use to me…. But he did. He favorite hobby as of now is sleeping. He is also very active outdoors when he see flying insects. He is absolutely amazing with children. When people are not having the best of days, he will make you feel better by tilting his head with a sparkling eye. He also loves going out on fishing trips. I couldn’t have found a better furry puppy dog pal. Love him so much.
Buddy is my Puppy that I have had for 8 years. One of the things he loves the most are belly rubs and to give kisses to everyone. He is very friendly and will always be happy especially when someone gives him a treat. Buddy can sit, dance, and knows when you say the word treat he will be excited!
Kingston is a hyperactive goofball that has the most loving personality he full sprints to you and jumps into your arms and he makes you feel like your his favorite person each and everytime.
Molly is one of the biggest, cuddly-est and most loving dogs you will ever meet. There is not a single mean bone in her 57 pound body. Not only that, but she will give you all the cuddles and kisses you want when you’re going to work- just make sure to schedule those cuddles into your morning routine or you might be late for work! LOL. She also is obsessed with her toy balls and playing tug, and will want to play with you all day!
Ditzy loves everyone, and gets her name honest! She’s a little ditz, and makes me laugh everyday!
I am a mama’s boy who loves long walks, playing catch, and a daily bone.
Adonis is a beautiful goofy boy who loves to make you laugh. His favorite thing is cuddles, going on runs, fetch, and a good game of hide and go seek with the kids. He's a lover not a fighter even though he is named Adonis from the movie Creed.
Luka is a German Shepherd/Husky mix. He loves walks and playing in water.
Lilly is a 4 month old pit bull who is a ball of energy! she loves her toys and being dressed up! she loves cuddles and my favorite part is that she sleeps with a pillow and blanket like humans do!
She is my most wild child! She is super feisty and loooves to talk back! She’s loud and in charge!!
Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton is beautifully sweet, but as high maintenance as a basset hound can be. She is an air condition loving, dog park going, daddy's girl. She both babysitts her baby brother and steals his toys. Her favorite activity is going anywhere in the car, particularly HomeDepot (the orange place, as she calls it) and getting dog treats. She also enjoys guilt tripping her mommy into giving her her favorite food: any food.
Ellie loves to be silly. She is a fun loving pup with a big personality. She love to run in the backyard and chase squirrels and chipmunks.
Ryder Mapps
I love Ryder because he brings me joy and somehow knows how to help ease the pain and put a smile on my face . He’s a very upbeat always happy dog and greets you at the door with so much energy like it’s his first time meeting you! He loves people he loves rolling in the grass he loves to jump from couch to couch and he loves to cuddle ! He likes chasing you through the house, playing fetch and he loves the smell of flowers he also loves to do tricks ! He would be a great candidate and you wouldn’t be wasting a vote !
Tinker likes playing with tennis balls, sleeping with me and my boyfriend. She also likes to lick you in your nose when she gets excited.
Bear is sweetest most loving doggie that I’ve ever known. He is extremely loyal and loves his mama unconditionally 🙂 Bear does his best to be the protector of the house despite his small size. He loves to cuddle and play with his stuffed animals and balls. Bear likes his pupperoni treats and his doggie ice cream cups. His nicknames are Bearsky & pupster ❤️ Bear has an awesome warm and loving personality & owns his mamas heart!
Straight out of the tub:) We traveled through 3 Arizona fires to get to him, and he was absolutely worth every mile! Such a love bug!❣️
Maverick is a young pupper who loves to wave at people.
This rowdy bucktooth sheriff has won the hearts of many❤️
Nellie loves chewing on her big sister Belle’s ears. She loves to chase rabbits(even though she only has 3 legs, she can fly!) and attack everybody’s pants leg. She’s the best snuggle buddy ever!
Harmony is a beautiful 8 week female Border Collie!💕 She loves chasing her older brother Tender around the back yard and absolutely loves ❤ belly rubs! Please vote for her so that i can spoil her with puppy🐶 treats🦴!