Baby Stories - 11


Sully was adopted when he was 2 years old he is now 7 . He was abused and we resused him . He is a sweet loving ❤ big boy . He loves to sleep 💤😴 . And loves food lol. And when he sleeps he snores like a mad trucker.
Wrigley is my service dog and we do go to food store, Fidos, plays, and many things like what Service/Hearing dogs does.. She alert me with my cell phone, fetch my keys, credit card and touch my leg to sounds and show me where the sound is.. She is great Service/Hearing dog … Love her in pieces!
Hello! I'm Lokey, I'm a very special pup, I was rescued from SPCA. I'm half Pit Bull and half Husky, I have one blue eye and one brown. My hobby is chewing on my parents shoes, but don't tell them its our secret!
Knox is a huge Mama’s boy. His mama and toys mean the world to him. He’s smart, friendly, playful, and very energetic.
We adopted Wrangler for my son’s 16th birthday to be his little buddy. Wrangler is an Auggie, which is a cross between a corgi and an Australian Shepard. He choose him out of the litter for his one blue eye, but don’t let his cuteness fool you, he is as mischievous as they come! Wrangler is so full of personality, is very head strong, and likes to put on a big front but is just super cuddly and a big baby underneath it all. He loves to play fetch and herd his kitty siblings but loves his family with his whole heart just as we love him and couldn’t imagine life without him now!
Maggie is a Lab Pitbull mix. She is such a sweetheart. she's had two pregnancies and had 8 babies both times and she loves to cuddle and loves going on walks to take you on the walk. She is so protective and makes the perfect guard dog for her baby
Mylee is a sweet little girl, who cannot bark, but she will go through the motions and give it all she has. She has a pretty mean Chewbacca impression as you can see by the picture. Mylee loves napping with her brother Bear, but today he went missing. He disappeared without a trace. We are all just heartbroken 🥺😢💔. Mylee is so sad. She loves playing with her 4 siblings, now 3 😔. She loves to be the boss. She is such a princess and she knows it. We absolutely love this little girl. She just turned 6. She's the baby.
Parker enjoys watching the salmon jump at the dam and kids holding him.
Fynn is a snuggle bug. He loves Laing in bed with all kinds of blankets and pillows. He lives to protect his mom at all cost. He also loves walks playing ball with his fur brother and helping him make sure the yard hasn’t been invaded by squirrels. All votes will be appreciated and we will be voting for as many of you as possible.
Blue gets to travel the country with her human hauling horses from state to state, meeting new friends along the way!
Rex is the youngest dog in the crew, and loves to play with anything that will let him chase it!
Sage Mariee
She loves to cuddle!! She sleeps under the blanket ALL night long head and all! She Loves Deer,Baby Cats,Her Babies “toys”, and everyone who looks at her:))
Rip is a big spoiled baby. He went on his first hunt in his picture and did amazing. Of course his name is inspired from Yellowstone. Vote for my not so little baby🤎🤎
Cora is the best Great Dane rescue anyone could ask for in a dog. She loves to be pet 24/7 but still loves to play especially in puddles. Her one vice is she loves to bark at anything and everything but that is her just letting me know new person she doesn’t know or something about to happen. Love her more than anything and so many other people feel the same.
Super sweet baby girl full of energy who loves cuddles and belly rubs.
King Kong
King Kong is 6 months old and quite the ladies man. He loves new people and new people love him. He loves to go and pick out new toys and treats and always picks the largest toy in the store. He also loves his friend my 71 lb pit bull who he wrestled with on the daily.
Post Malone
" VOTE 👍LIKE 👍👍 👑™️POST MALONE™️♥️ ™️Big Daddy™️P '4 Life ™️ ®️™️Registered Am Staff ™️ 🎼Pure Passion 4 Fashion 🎼 🐾 Made in The USA 🇺🇲 " God is Dog"🔸️Dog is God " 👑™️POST MALONE'™️ 👣🐾👅 3 Year's " Many Times " And Top Ranked " Holds His Title 3" Years on Top Of The World ™️"P.DM.™️ People's Choice 🍇The New Dog" God" 2021" 👀 A New Chapter✍ New Page✍ 🎼™️POST MALONE ™️🎼 Never settle" Always Strategize To Make The Best of the Best Just That Good Dog A Natural Statewide" USA Dog's Born #1 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ Pay $$ Before Play "POST IN WINNER CIRCLE" 🐾™️💰🎶💎🐕👑💲🎶🐾 THANK YOU,, BARK YOU! 🕶🩸Hollywood's Bleeding🩸🩸 📀 Run away🎼🎵 📀 Rock Star 🎶🎼 📀 Circles 🎼🎶 👑™️Post Malone™️ 🐶™️2021
Hoss is Lagertha's sister, they were parvo survivors. Grey wolf/husky mix and a giant baby.💙
Lagertha is a wolf hybrid - part grey wolf and husky. She is a rescue and my emotional support girl. 💚
Hudson loves his treats! He likes to chase them before he eats them. He is 5 months old and very curious about his world. He loves walks and his humans, his best friend is a cat!
Give my sassy, personality filled escape artist a vote! She likes to run off in her free time and find neighborhood dogs to play with. Wants nothing more then lots of attention, love and pampering (after coming home full of Cockleburs 😅) She favors laying in the sun just as much as much as a big ole’ pile of snow! She’s my fur baby and I wouldn’t trade her for the world ❤️
Wini loves spending time with her mamas 🌈, snacks, car rides, and naps! I also have longgggg eyelashes ☺️
Mojo is a built in door bell lol he loves to run n play with his son Boo Bear and bark at everything!!🐾🐾🐾
Marli is the sweetest but wild soul, her one year old birthday is coming up! She was diagnosed with being deaf whenever we first got her but this does not stop her from doing all of the things she enjoys.
Milo came from a shelter back in March of 2021. He is a dachshund mix. He is about 8 months old now. Super active and very playful. Definitely spoiled. He LOVES beggin strips. Loves tennis balls and to run in the grass and sun bathe! Vote for my boy ‼️
The most anxious pup you’ll meet, Georgia like most of us loves a good nap. An absolute maniac for cheese, this talented pup is truly the best.
Tank came from Alabama. His litter was rescued on Thanksgiving. We fostered him and fell in love with his charm and goofiness. We found out through a DNA kit that Tank is a Lab/Great Dane. He is the sweetest and biggest dog we have ever had. He loves to run outside and play fetch.
Scout is our 6 month old Maltese long haired chihuahua mix. We were visiting Scout once a week since the day he was born.l until we finally got to bring him home. He’s become such a huge part of our little family. He loves car rides, to gives kisses, playing with his sissy, spending outside with the wind blowing in his fur… etc. he’s the best little boy anyone could ever ask for. Please take time to vote for him 😊
Baby G is my sweet lil tripod who loves to hangout with his sissys! His favorite thing to do is watch the cows graze through the grass and snuggle with dad. He is a lil spit fire who runs our household!
Snuffy And Sasha
These two play hard and love harder! The best cuddles ever!
Hello my name is Ranger David and I love to swim as you can tell by my pretty pink pool! I also love to go for car rides especially when it’s to go get ice cream!!
Bella is a unique baby girl who actually is both female and male. She is 9 months old and he favorite pass time is playing with her humpy monkey toy. She is a mommas girl through and through but her daddy is also wrapped around her little paws ❤❤❤
Sango is a ray of sunshine. The perfect family dog one might say. She loves running around in the backyard or snuggled up on the couch waiting for pets.
We saved Marley from a high kill shelter by adopting him when he was around a year old. He only knew shelter life so living in a home with a family was all new to him and a struggle for us. Hence the name Marley. He has been quite the handful, but we refused to give up on this adorable mischievous guy that we are convinced has thumbs. Here we are eleven years later and while he still wreaks havoc, we love him just the same. Recently, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and although he still acts the same, we know our time is limited.
Bella is a Catahoula Hound Mix we adopted almost 4 years ago. She is a very protective but sweet girl that loves her family and definitely shows her breed instincts of wanting to herd everything with a nudge of her nose. She keeps us entertained for sure!
Our sweet Kane boy was adopted this year after getting him out of an awful place. Kane was abused when he was a pup but doesn’t let that affect him in the slightest. He is the happiest most loving dog we have ever had and loves to play. He snores like a freight train and always keeps us on our toes ❤️
Dolce loves playing with his toys. He loves watermelon 😋Going for walks. He loves playing in streams. And he loves his nana🥰
Stella loves camping and the beach. She also stretches like a kitty cat. And she loves going places with her Daddy😍
He is such a loving and loyal dog. So smart sometimes he drives me nuts
Ryder is the sweetest goofiest dog ever. No matter how bad of a day your having he can always make you smile.
Baxter came to me when he was six months old he'd been left in the house all day while these kids work two jobs so he was just craving attention. He is very protective. He loves his brother Sammy the beagle and all the cats. When I was fostering kittens in my bathroom he sat vigil outside the door to guard them. He is not full blooded but a mix.
Bruin is a little chubby man! He LOVES food and begs and begs tell he gets some! He loves to play with toys and picking up anything he sees he can fit in his mouth! He can be a naughty boy! He loves getting his ears clean by his big sis!
Evey girl is the best baby in the world! She loves to play with her toys A LOT! She can be a little sassy pants a lot of the time too! She loves to bundle up into your arms and make you feel happy! She loves to take of her baby brother Bruin!
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