Hello my name is Alli! I was a rescue pup! I am now loved by an amazing momma and she works in animal rescue now! I help be an advocate for all the Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes out there! Hope you vote for me!
Mimi loves walks and observing all the wild animals. She loves to talk to me as much as she can and show her love by always being cuddled up next to my face. She’s honestly the sweetest little pup.
She’s super sweet,playful,and hyper! She loves cuddles and to sleep under blankets!
Phantom is a blue heeler mixed with a husky,he's very silly he loves to run and play. We have a game of "tag" we play in the backyard. He loves going outside but hated birds. Phantom is playful and very lovable.
Diesel loves cuddles and watching TV. He also likes taking walks outside!
I am a 3 year old Auggie, I love long walks on the beach, tennis balls and food. Nice to meet you
Sergeant Major
Sergeant is the most sweetest outgoing & friendliest pup you’ll ever meet! He loves his squeaky toys and lots of treats! He also loves walks and absolutely loves going to the dog park to meet some friends! Sarge is a yellow English lab and his personality definitely shows it❤️!
Ebbonie Starr
She's a sweetheart, loves to eat.
He’s such a happy boy. He loves to play and cuddles. He’s a true big baby
Chloe Mae
She's a big ham.
Minnie is a 4 month old rescue pup she was days from being put down. She loves to play and most of all loves to snuggle she loves every single person she meets
Allie is the sweetest and smartest pup I have ever had! Her favorite thing is to give hugs when we come home. She really is my best friend!
Abby M.
Hello my names Abby. I’m friendly dog. I love my mommies love and attentions. I sweet and I love people. ❤️ I’m my mommies service pup I’m here for everything she needs
Hello! I’m homer the big cuddly St. Weiler and I love belly rubs!!! I’m a mix between St Bernard and Rottweiler. My favorite thing to do is go on car rides to the dog park. Im 10 months old so you could say I’m just a baby!
Mac Cain
Mac is 16 years old and loves to ride in the car. He’s the boss. He also likes snuggling with his human brother.
Dolly is 8 weeks old, she is my absolute best friend and we do everything together! She loves being outside and playing with other dogs. 😊
Dax loves to work cattle, he also enjoys riding on the four wheeler with me! He is very sweet and loving dog!
Obadiah is 13 years old and loves following his momma around from room to room and he really likes napping with momma.
Sweetest dog and loves to play with kittens. He loves to cuddle
Bully is very energetic and loves to play. Not only does he love attention, he loves to give it because he loves to make people smile.
Herc is 7 months old and full of energy. He loves his squeaky toys, doing the zoomies and snuggling with momma.
Memphis absolutely loves to play fetch
Lucy is my little love bug. She loves to held when she sleeps (as the picture shows).
Her name is Bailey. She is about 6 weeks old. She's has a very good personality. Very loving and laid back.
Hi I’m winter rose, I love playing, treats but most importantly my momma. I’m spoiled rotten and I have my momma wrapped around my paws❄️
Ladybug is a pretty princess filled with joy (over filled with joy!) She loves to play with her brother and snuggle with her dad. Just a happy soul that deserves your vote!
He’s very friendly, loves to go outside and play and loves playing fetch!!❤️
Clyde Harris
He is a lil boy full of energy loves his toys and is a momma's boy he smiles and plays a lot he looking forward to all your votes
Bailey loves running and playing with the cat and grandkids
She's a beautiful baby girl born in the world with the worlds brightest blue eyes and a huge personality. Love her kiddos aka my kids she runs and plays with them sometimes she jumps on my other dog Jada's head she loves the fact she's the baby of the house she think she can get away with it all...
She is a german shepherd lab, she’s 110 lbs! she is 2 years old. she’s such a sweet girl.
Hi! I’m Elvis! I’m a young playful lab black mouth cur mixed puppy yet very loyal to my hooman mama! I love to run and play with other dogs and I love kids! They are so fun! Please vote for me so my mama can be better off when she brings another little hooman into the world in a few months! I can’t wait to meet my wittle hooman sis or bro!!!!!!!🐶🐶🐶🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐾🐾🐾
Hi, my name’s Scout because I like to adventure. My favorite toy is my stuffed dog I cuddle with or a plastic coke bottle!
Sadie loves her toys and long walks. She's a playful girl and is very loving.
Dolly is 11 years old and nice and Friendly!!! She's like to sleep and likes food, likes to dress-up, she like to lay on Grandpa lap
Maggie Mae
Maggie is a tiny 2.5lb fierce little girl :) total love bug and super loud lol
Mocha is a therapy poodle. She works with children by comforting them. Mocha is a loving girl that just adores children and her job. Thanks for voting
He likes snuggles and snaks
I’m lovable.. and I love to play with my toys 🧸 and I love to give out kisses
Shadow has saved me and I saved her. She had a rough start in life. Shadow is very loyal to me and my partner in crime. She loves to play with her fur sibling and her human family. She loves her car rides and is very protective of me when we are out. Shadow appreciates all votes and would love for you to share her page.
Hello my name is Blu im going to be 2 in January. Im the best little boy. My family loves me so much im a little crazy but gotta love me ❤️
Nova is the sweetest little girl! she’s 50 pounds of sheer excitement and happiness. i got her when she was 6 weeks old, and her birthday is Dec. 8th! She was entered in a dog calendar a couple months ago, and she will be featured in a dog calendar! winning this would mean so much to me and little Nova!
Princess is very old with the spirit of a young puppy and has been a member of our family for 14 yrs.
Woodstock loves her babies and her bones! She runs around the living room and throws them around! She also picks on her big 70 pound sister Eunice! She loves to play in the back yard but also cuddle on the couch!
VOTE FOR COOPER!! Cooper likes to be rewarded with treats if he's being a good boy. He likes his dog food the most but what dog doesnt, right? Lol.. Cooper, is a very protective dog. Cooper loves the outdoors, he will run laps around the house but the minute be sees a stranger walking by he will sit there in bark. The reason you all should vote for coop, is because he's all around playful that runs his little heart out. Show cooper some love.
Josey is so smart loving and playful. She loves doing anything we are doing. Traveling. Kayaking. Tubing. Swimming. Walks. Eating. Taking 4 wheeler rides. Camping. Playing with her toys. Cuddling. She is just the best companion all around.
This is diesel he loves picking on his big sister and making her chase him he loves cuddling mommy and chewing on my fingers
This is honey she’s a German short haired pointer she loves cuddling and putting her head under mommy’s chin she loves playing with her little brother