Printz is a big goofy lover but he's a werewolf after dark and goes into protect mode. He loves to play with paper plates and dance with me. His herd consists of myself and 5 kitties.
Rocko is a 1 year old Hound/Pitt mix. He loves children and very playful. Rocko loves the outside running around, playing catch, and playing with his brother Bully.
Zoe is a goofball. She's sassy and loves to be the center of attention.
Charlie was mean when she came to me-she must’ve been abused. 😞. Now (12 years later) she’s the most lovable dogs you’ll ever meet. She likes it when it’s just her and her Daddy. She perched on his shoulder and looks out the window. He calls her his parrot🤣 She loves to bark and does it often. I guess she’s just the cutest little Chiweenie ever🐾❤️🐾
Floki is the most amazing little 8 month old ball of wrinkles and love we've ever known. 55lbs and "rambunctious" (as the kids say), and has never met a stranger. This picture was taken just before going into the vet with a sniffly nose, (poor baby) but I just thought it was so cute that I had to post the pic. Hope you love him as much as my wife and I do.
Marley is very energetic and loves the sun
Titan is a big ole lovebug who loves to cuddle, play, eat and sleep! He's a boxer heeler mix and a total Mama's boy!
Vespa is a service dog through CCI. She loves to play tug and hide-and-seek.
Spot is a three year old mixed breed, super sweet and amazing with kids. When we seen him he picked us, instantly clicked all thanks to the KHS. He loves walks and cuddling with his daddy and mommy. His favorite treats are any treats your willing to give him. He loves any stuffed animals as long as he can get the squeaky out.
Oreo is american bully that just turned 10 months old and she loves to play with her toys
Iris Rose
Iris is training to be a service dog! Please follow her journey @irisrosetheaussie and don’t forget to vote for her! She absolutely loves the beach, sailing, hiking, golfing, kayaking and exploring
Tia Sonjia
Tia is cousin of Keiko and Tee Jay🐾🐕
Kash is a toy poodle who is very energetic. He has brought so much joy into our lives. He likes to chew on just about everything and loves to eat my food and everyone else's food.. we absolutely adore his cute face. 🐾🐾
He loves to cuddle loves people and is so sweet
Nova is the best cuddle bug and a fur ball of zoomies. Shes the sunshine that brings a smile to my face as soon as I walk in the door.
Minnie Pearl
Minnie has been coming to work with me since she was 8 week old at my Assisted Living Community. She looks forward to bringing smiles and joy to all her senior humans everyday. Will twirl over and over again for treats! 💕 Follow her on Insta @minnie_blueeyes
Lloyd is now 6 months cancer free living his best life as a tripod
Simba is a 3 year old lab, he loves his squeaky toys, and to cuddle, he loves the snow but hates the rain.
Ruger loves to play ball and be with his people. Loves to run and climb
Bailey is one of Nick and Kellie’s pups. He is Americas top dog model. Please vote for him 👍👍👍
This is my 4 year old baby, Kimber! She is a German Shepherd & probably part horse 😂. She is obnoxiously sweet. I adopted her right as the United States was declaring a nation shut down to COVID-19. I was fortunate enough to be able to be with her everyday for over a year. Kimber has saved me from a lowest & darkest times. I truly wish there was a pause button on her so I don’t ever have to fear her not being by my side.
Nala is an all black German Shepherd and a very important part of our family she is 5 years old and she is a service animal and she is a great companion
Teddy Bear
Teddy bear is a very strong and courageous girl. She has a fatal disease like lymphoma cancer but is a fighter and has outlived the others that only made it to 2-3yrs old. She is in a pack of 7 other dogs and runs with the best of them. She is a teddy bear
Doll Baby
Doll baby is the runt of her bullboxer liter. She’s a little over 3 and the smallest of her pack of 7 including her terminally ill sister. She loves getting dirty and giving kisses.
She’s a 2 year old Doberman pure breed, My dog enjoys being outdoor she loves to play, walk and run. She’s gets along pretty well with other dogs
Jasmine is a 3 month old puppy. Loves to play and cuddle.
A cold weather foster, Rigatoni, “Rigs” is working hard to learn how to trust people after having a hard start to life. He’s all ready for Mardi Gras!
Keiko Saki Teru
She h Is Tia and Tee Jay’s cousin she’s the acting ( mother figure ) of the Shiba tribe
She is a good dog and love her
Hi my name is Duke I like my car ride snuggles walks in park and I am an service dog for my human
Misha is a 1 year old sweet boy! He loves being around other dogs and people He enjoys long walks/runs, going to the park, swimming and being with his 8 year old human brother!
This is Nina, she has the longest prettiest eyelashes. She loves her sister Lola & is super loving. She loves playing fetch
This is Lola, she is the sweetest little girl. She loves cuddles & is obsessed with cucumbers
Duke is a loving small creature who loves cuddles under warm blankets. He adores his toy fish that we play fetch with.
Molly Sue
Molly is literally the definition of pure joy! My sweet girl has been the missing piece in my life. From endless snuggles to uncontrollable kisses to play time 24/7 🤪 there is never a dull moment ❤️🐾🐶🐾❤️
Cash was adopted after being abandon, but this pup didn’t let that get him down! He is full of love and lots of energy. He’s always up for a walk or hike and then a snuggle on the couch next to mom and dad in the evenings. He’s also a doting big brother to our little girl, always making her giggle and smile.
This is Lucy, she likes running around, cuddles, walks, and watching me play video games
She hates rain and likes to eat apple sauce
Pedro loves everyone including cats he is the sweetest boy and I love him lots ❣️
Gizmo loves to play outside with other dogs and loves a nap afterwards. He is a playful ball of fluff.
Memphis is a 1 year old male Miniature Australian Shepherd. He loves playing with his toys & running outside with the big dogs.
Out going loves the outdoors, loves to play and chase the other big dogs. She doesn’t realize she is small, loves all her toys.
This is Amina she is a Rottweiler mix she's about 9 months old she loves cuddles she loves playing with her little brother rebel they love toys cuddles and loves to lay with me and watch every move I do
Rebel is a Chihuahua he loves playing wit his rottweiler sister amena they love cuddles they love toys he's smart he knows tricks he's a great dog he's 5 months old
He is playful With his sister Lucy and brother Bennie! Otherwise he loves to snuggle
Teddy loves to play with all of his siblings, dog, cat or human. he also just wants to be pet and given treats all day.
Oreo is a sweet and loyal dog who loves his people.
Luna Sofia
She is a mix chiguagua with shitzu. she is 1 year old. she likes to comb her hair and run in the yard.