Baby Stories - 11


Hi guys! My names Kora I just turned one 2 months ago. I’m a pit bull mix, and my parents rescued me from a kill shelter in texas back in February. I love going on walks, playing ball, and learning new tricks.
My name is Blair! Mom calls me bear. I’m a Pomeranian chihuahua mix. I love cuddles & love to give kisses. I love playing with my big sister (even tho she’s old and cranky). I always make mom laugh & smile. She said if I win I can have chicken nuggets for dinner, so please vote for me!
Luther Vandrools
Luther is a Beabull (Beagle/English Bulldog mix), and he is 1 year and 3 months old. He is the sweetest and most gentle 75 lb. boy you'll ever meet! He absolutely loves playing with his sister's (Libby & Modelo), but his cousin Ben is his favorite playmate. No one could ever ask for a better boy dog. He always minds his manners, but he drools, especially when he really wants something. Therefore, Luther Vandrools
Brody is a 5 year old mix breed. I recently rescued him fro. A not so great life. But hes the sweetest most loving and happy dog you will ever meet! He LOVES chasing squirls and loves his fuzzy monster toy and he loves to go on hikes. He lives nice naps in the sun and is the biggest cuddle bug. He has yhe best personaality!
Lola was adopted in April. I think she is the most loving dog you will meet. She loves cuddles and car rides.
Mr. Sauce
Mr. sauce is silly little rascal who loves to bathe in the sun. His favorite food is dried spaghetti. He doesn’t bark well but he’s got the spirit.
Sakari is a Novice Trick Puppy and has her Level 1 Canine Fitness Dog
Hogarth is a lovely old gal with a heart of gold! Born and raised in Nebraska, she is responsible for three major natural disasters as well as the 2000 presidential election. We think she may actually be the reincarnation of Zachary Taylor. She has a few birth defects so please be kind! God Bless America.
Nala is a playful, most nicest dog you have ever met! She loves being carried around and being cuddled. Thank you if you voted! ❤️
Rocky is a Bluetick Coonhound. An ESA for my husbands PTSD. Cuddles shouldve been his name.
Apollo is a very LARGE baby..very strong yet gentle.
MIA is loving and very tender.
Dexter is so loving and full of energy! And he loves being decked out in his bow ties looking like a dapper little man!
Coco likes to be snuggled up like a baby and from time to time likes to chew on rocks. She’s very loving and playful.
Boston is a beautiful big baby. He loves everyone but can be loud and back talk sometimes. He was recently hit by a truck after getting loose on Halloween. He has a long recovery road ahead of him. But we appreciate all the love he can get!❤️ Car rides are his favorite! He’s been getting a lot more recently. And he loves his fur girlfriend Milli! He also claims a 4 year old little boy (my son) whom he loves very much!
Hi fellow dogs I love seeing all you other friends look very cute hope you win and get a prize ❤️ Phoenix
My name is Gracie im 3 years old love attention but if you don't give me love as soon as you walk in the door I'll keep Whinning til i get my ways. I love going out on the lake with my mom, i got so many toys i cant pick which one is my favorite.
Presley is the sweetest little puppy who is happy and learns so quickly! She’s a snuggler, avid tv watcher and a protector from weird sounds in the night! We love her so❣️
Flash is my first ever dog! 🥺💕 I love her so much! She loves to go on walks and is supper fast😊 and she’s super funny to! She loves belly rubs And loves her treats 😂💕 she will do anything just for a treat and she loves to cuddle🥺
Hi my name is Sabian! I love being cuddled & enjoy car rides with the windows down. I love playing fetch outside and squeaky toys!
Loki is my little man. A mama's boy. Maltese/ Yorkie mix. That loves to do tricks for treat's. He loves his sister's and crazy brother cat and his favorite Bunny long legs toy. , You have to spell out walk, beach, and car ride or he goes nuts. Anytime you put on shoes he thinks he's going with you.
Nah-nah is the sweetest puppy human ever!!! She’s full of so much personality and loves taking pictures. Vote for Nah-nah!!!!
Bentley is a 5 year old Pom/chi mix, he is very bossy and usually gets his way. He injured his back 2 years ago and has some issues with his back legs still.
Nala is a very loving and special lady, she loves to be outside, and go for rides!!
Ajax is a 14 week old GSD pup! He’s very brave and courageous as a Shepherd should be. He loves playing with his brother the Shepsky Max.
Hi my name is Blitz! I’m an adopted baby from the SPCA! I’m spoiled rotten, and I have an amazing personality. I could never hurt a fly but I could tear up this plant!
Inez is an 8 month old Doberman mix! She loves chasing her own tail, Starbucks, and dinnertime!
Hi my name is Abby, I am three years old and love to give lots of kisses. My favorite part of the day is when my mom takes me to the park and I get to play with my friends. I tend to jump on people because I just get so excited and just want to say hi ❤️ Love to cuddle my mom at night and take lots of naps during the day
Hi my names penny and I’m a spoiled rotten brat! Let me tell ya! I LOVE treats and I HATE going on walks and when it rains outside sometimes I pee on the porch because I don’t wanna get rained on...whoops but I have a cute makes up for everything.
Mazie is 3 year old sweetie pie that loves to cuddle and always wants to go for a walk. Loves the attention and always rolls over for everyone to scratch her belly.
Sweetie is a mix of a dachshund and jack russel terrier. She loves to play with her toys (especially squeaky ones) She also enjoys rolling in the dirt right after she gets water on herself😂
Hi friends!!! I’m a toy Aussie and mini red heeler. I love lots of attention and love to play with my squeaky toys! I love new friends💝
Hi guys! I’m a little shih tzu who loves to play with any toy bigger then I am! I’m a cuddler boy around my mom , and a big tough boy around my dad!
Remy is a 3 month old Texas heeler mixed with Australian Shepard. She loves her family and anyone she meets. Remy couldn’t have come into our lives at a better time I couldn’t imagine life with out her.❤️
His names Ace, he’s a little over 6 months old, he’s a goofy little guy with a one of a kind personality!
Dixie is a Great Pyrenees mixed with golden retriever.Dixie is 9 months old born on February 8th 2020. She likes to run outside and play with the other dogs. She sleeps a lot and like to give hugs and cuddles. She cuddles her teddy bear or her chew toy when she goes to sleep. She’s a crazy doggo.
He’s loving, he loves to eat, and he pleases everyone. Also, adorable in so many ways
Remi Grace
Remi Grace is the tiniest little guard dog on the farm. She loves to snuggle in blankets and take trips in the car. She’s so sassy but can be sweet when she wants to be.
Jax is a very lovable dog , has separation anxiety when it comes to being away from his momma ( me ) and he loves his baby brother that will be here in a few weeks 💙 he’s super shy but you will easily fall in love with him
I’m almost 3 months old and I drive mommy nuts. I sleep all day and run around play nipping at her legs. I love to pounce, run, hide, sleep and FOOOOOOOODD!!!!!!!!
Arley is 11 months old. She loves her older brother Rex. She’s very hyper and loves water. She’s a red Husky with a big attitude, and she always wants the attention on her.
Wobbles loves attention, Cheese sticks and his human best friend Ari! He thinks he is a lap dog, and is afraid of his own shadow, but it’s doesn’t stop him from chasing a rabbit (well until he gets tired). He loves going with Ari and his dog best friend to PetSmart and running around the whole store once it’s closed.
Izzy Lou Lamke
Izzy lou lamke is a toy poodle very spoiled to her daddyand loves to play
Charles the stud
Ellen is very lovable and loves to snuggle and join us in bed. Loves to go for car rides and go to parks for walks. She not a picky dog loves to eat all her food. She’s so scared of rain and thunderstorms not a fan at all and not taking baths. She loves kids and kittens and to play with everyone! And she listens very well and love us very much ❤️