Baby Stories - 11


Emersyn Rose
Emersyn Rose loves all things in life and being outdoors. She acts exactly like a human.
Hi im Bandit I am Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix. I was born in 2020. I am a working Service Animal for my Dad. I help him with his PTSD. I am so loving and I keep my dad going on his day to day life. I go to work with him sometimes on after hr calls.
Wednesday is a 2 year old Pitsky🖤
I love when mom dresses me up its fun
I love to sit in mom lap, but im a big boy
I love to do zoomies. I love my family
Zuko is 1years old. His birthday is January 5th I got him cause the home he was living in was neglecting him and abusing him since he was 6weeks old! Give him some love we would appreciate it!
Beauty loves catching snowballs in her mouth.
Hi my name is Candy & i am an emotional support dog for my owner(mommy). I am almost 4 yrs old, i love my blankies & my stuffie unicorn. My mommy dresses me in the warmest, cutest clothes. I help my mommy get me dressed every day & i love to cuddle up next to my mommies heart when we go to sleep @ night. I have so much fun playing with my sister, lola. Once in a while we get to eat a little bit of vanilla bean ice cream & i eat off of a spoon really good. My mommy says that god sent me to her, just in time , my mommy was really sad & cried almost every day bc life had been so cruel to her since she was 7 yrs old. God gave me a special job to do & that is to make sure my mommy Finds her happy place so she can smile again & to end her sadness. My mommy & i have each other now & she does not feel so bad now, seizures & anxiety attacks went away since.the day she adopted me. Keeping my mommy happy makes me so very happy & we love life now.
Jenny Ferencz
Jenny is .jy loca..adorable
This is my gorgeous year and a half now Dachshund/Australian Mix! My Nash is playful and sweet but also stubborn! Id say he has the best of both breeds! ❤️❤️❤️
Wednesday is a 2 year old Pitsky, her husky breed shines through with all of her energy!
Colby is great dog hes great with kids loves to play and pottys out side he has his moments where he's a lil hyper but it's cute
I rescued this loveable puppy from a abusive home. He has a big bark but no bit! The sweetest dog you'll ever meet!
Roxy is a friendly and loveable Service Dog. She trained for a year and has been a big help. I rescued her from the pound!
We usually call her ‘soup’. She’s a very loving and sweet girl, loves life and everything she sees.
He loves to catch snow flakes
Bodi is such a sweetheart! Full of energy and tries to hold his own with his much larger DDB siblings. He loves stealing my shoes and giving snuggles.
Oliver loves belly rubs
Pippi is a career changed guide dog! She loves the outdoors and people! Her favorite kinds of toys are nylabones and they have to be pink! She loves to cuddle and her birthday is on Halloween!
Lex is my friends dog, he’s a very sweet 10 month old Pitty puppy
Cadhla is a service dog, also has a baby sister she plays with, very sweet and very loyal. She is still a baby over 110lbs. She loves her toys and loves to run.
Joey loves to watch out the window and knows to go into protect mode when he hears “is somebody here?” His favorite treats are Dingos knows what the word means. We have to be careful what we say around him! He is so smart and practically invincible with a big personality.
I am Bailey. My mom says that i am very smart and a good girl. This is a photo of me when I joined my family.
Honey Aka Butterscotch
Honey is PREGNANT and will have puppies February 10th 2022. She is an AKC registered dog. Honey loves to roll over so you can rub her belly. She loves when someone gives her attention. She loves to sleep or cuddle. Sometimes she get jealous if you give another dog attention but she is a sweetheart❤ She also loves the water.
Niklaus is my PTSD service dog. He is also the character of the bunch, the class clown.
Cooper is an all around fun loving dog who has springs for legs. He is a Parson/JRT mix and is learning to do agility courses. He loves everyone especially his mama. He is a complete snuggle bug and a good big brother to a grumpy 10 year old chihuahua Look at those eyes..... he really wants your vote!
Peanut is my 6yr old daughters best friend. She likes to play with her toys and annoy our cat by chasing her around lol she is full of energy but also loves her sleep
I am just a month old😊❤My mom gave me these really delicious things to eat this morning OH BOY!! are they good!! She gives them to me and calls me a "good girl" afterwards. I am exploring everything today, because I came to my forever home today. EAT. PLAY. SLEEP. REPEAT ❤
Hi my name is Brody. I like eating/playing with leaves, rocks and rugs! Please vote for me, they don’t come much cuter than me!!!!
Name pronounced: May-may
Nickname: Sissy
He is a mamas boy a sweetheart... A strange dog but unique thats for sure... But i wouldn't trade him for the world....
Nanuq Amaqjuaq
We found nanuq on Christmas Day in 2016 while out in the wilderness when he was about a month old - just a tiny thing all by himself way back off out of cell service!
My name is Bella and no I’m not a white pug.. I’m a purebred Pomeranian Pekingese Chihuahua Shih Tzu! A vote for me, is a vote for all the mixed breeds out there💜
Pixie Of Rosebriar
My name is Pixie of Rosebriar💜 and I am an Emotional Support Animal🏥 in Alaska! I love fashion and playing in the snow❄️ A vote for Pixie is a shoutout to all the mini ESAs!😊
Biscuit is a 3 year old Jack Russel/Beagle mix who is also a rescue pup. He's very outgoing with a larger-than-life personality and enjoys being spoiled with new toys and treats.
Poncho was found tied to a tree in Puerto Rico by a homeless man. Poncho was completely emaciated, had mange, a broken hip, broken tail, and broken shoulder. He was left for dead by whoever had him previously. The homeless man cut him free and brought him to the Humane Society where he was rehabilitated and sent to the U.S for adoption. This all happened before he was 7 months old. We adopted him his first day on the floor at the Waterville Humane Society. I’ve heard people say that the dog, “chooses you,” not the other way around. I didn’t believe it until that day. You see, Poncho was terrified and was shaking in the back of his kennel and wouldn’t greet anyone until my 8 year old son walked by and stopped at his door. Poncho ran to him and began licking him through the chain link door. He stole our hearts immediately. It took a long time to get him to trust adults again but slowly he let us in and is now a Service Dog who loves without end! Poncho is a Red Lacy which is a subtype of the Blue Lacy (the official dog of Texas). He will now live the rest of his life with a full belly, a warm bed, an endless supply of tennis balls, and most importantly the love he deserves! Truthfully, he saved us just as much as we saved him. Probably more!
Ryan K
Ryan k ,,she loves long walks on the beach. She loves chasing balls.
Julio is a goofy 2 yr old doberman pinscher that loves to cuddle
Nalla is an amazing, loving, protective puppy. She’s very energetic and loves the camera. She’s outgoing and has such a great personality. Not to mention she’s so beautiful 😍❤️
loves the beach
Buc loves swimming in the wrapping paper on Christmas Day!
Pippin is a Tri-Color Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He's full of personality with his one ear up and one ear down. He loves to talk and cuddle up in your lap 💗🐾