Baby Stories - 11


Hi i'm Kiwi, i'm gonna tell you a little bit about me! I don't like strangers and bark a lot to alert my family that someone or something is around. I like to throw my ball toys up into the air for fun, I love to go for walks, and I also love to show love to our other family dog Elvis by licking him affectionately. In the summer I love to jump into my small mini pool to cool off, I can be a little bit grumpy. I am a senior dog but I still play a whole lot like a puppy! My dislikes are: Cats, Baths (even though I like water) the dog park, (I am anti social with other dogs, which is why the dog park didn't work out) getting groomed, and thats about it. I am very very very brave and strong because even through tough times I always get through it strong! I am also on youtube! I prefer the videos much rather than the photoshoots, because I have trouble staying still sometimes. Please be sure to check me out there at: The Adorable Duo. I also love to eat! I love it so much that sometimes I don't know how, but Elvis's food ends up in my own tummy so than he gets another piece. And if your wondering, well my old account was accidentally deleted so all of my other pictures and votes are gone! Oh and by the way, thank you all so much for all of your votes last time! You all helped me get my very first certificate in pageant dog ever!! Please continue to vote for me whenever you can and also you can see Elvis here to! Thank you, Bye!
Harlee is an extremely active, healthy & happy pup!! She’s also the biggest snuggler you will ever meet! 🥺🤍 Her favorite things to do are snuggle, play fetch, and go swimming!
Feebee is a talented, amazing, adorable rescue dog that is up for any adventure!
Waylon loves antlers and treats! Not only does he love being outside he is a loving dog! He likes his daily cuddles and daily walks! Waylon is about 6 and 1/2 months and weighs about 70 pounds! He loves taking selfie’s with me!
Walker is about 8 months, goofiest little man, loves everyone and every dog, can’t get enough of squeaky toys.
Chesney is a great swimmer and dock diver!
Coco is 6 yrs old, most loving baby ever... One of3 pieces of our hearts, she'll steal yours too..
Lady N Pip
Lady bugg and pippa are the most loving babies everrrr!! They are our heart and they will steal yours too ..
Luna is the Queen of the house shes very playful loves to chase squarrels and hogging the bed at night
Hi everyone! My name is tucker And I’m 2 1/2 months old. I love to cuddle and play. I’m training to be my mommy’s emotional support dog. My favorite thing to chew on my bear and daddy
Milo is no joke in the snuggle department. He has equal parts energy and patience. He’s bilingual too 😉
Magnus Cain
He is an 8 month old. American Bully and American Bulldog mix. He is currently teething. Instagram: MagnusCain
Tank loves to go on car rides and go to the groomers they love him at the groomers
Emerald is an amazingly sensitive dog. She was born on May 31, 2016 and kept my Mom, a stroke survivor, company day and night until my Mom passed away on May 31, 2020, around 3:04 am, during a storm (heavy rain, thunder, lightening, and wind). My sister said the storm angels took her to heaven. Now ...if any kind of weather turns up Emerald paces, wines, and keeps me awake all night long. She really loved my Mom and remembers her, especially during stormy nights.
Milo Blue
Milo Blue is our beloved Pandemic Puppy! He is energetic, loving, and his eyes say it all.
Sandy is a miniature long hair dachshund with beautiful green eyes. She loves playing with her toys! Her favorite is a stuffed frog with long legs that she can drag around. She loves snuggling and taking naps.
Buddy is an extremely hyper dog, he loves people and is very vocal when not receiving attention.
Lil Mama
She fun silly and caring she my emotional support puppy
Bluey is a 7 month old blue nose pitbull! He is full of energy and loves to cuddle!
He likes the best duck treats and he loves to cuddle and sleep with the cheesiest grin!
Nevada is a husky/pitbull mix. She is super energetic and loves to play. She is an awesome puppy💜
Ringo loves taking naps and playing with other animals. He loves to cuddle & also watch TV. His favorite tv channel is animal planet!
Peaches hobbies include eating, sleeping and releasing gas. She loves to go for rides to check out new sites.
The Queen loves to have her belly rubbed any time you happen to walk by her. Oh, and don’t forget to bring her a delicious Milk Bone or Beggin’ Strip.
Beau knows his left and his right, he loves to play tug of war and fetch, and he loves to do tricks for treats.💕
He loves vegetables and shredded wheat, and sticks his nose in the fridge every time someone opens the door.
Marlee Jade
Marlee loves her sister, playing fetch and enjoys playing out side and going for hikes with my mom and dad and sister. I love to snuggle and playing with my dog friends
Buddy Bear
My name is buddy bear and I love to sleep and eat . I really don’t do much of anything else! Oh! My favorite place to sleep is in a car ride right under my owners feet!
Bully loves to cuddle and run around playing with all animals both dogs and cats
Maci Elizabeth
Maci is the sweetest most cuddly 10week old yellow lab who is super curious about all things outdoors.
Paisley is crazy for water, if there’s a body of water she’s in it no matter the temp. She loves playing and anything outside. Her latest trick is smile and it’s hilarious!
She has sass in spades and never fails to give her sweet woos if she has an opinion. She is a rescue, but never let it get her down. She loves her kitties and helps get the ducks and chickens in order when she can. Xena is the best protector and big sister to our newborn that we could ask for
 Winnie is a shy young lady but loves to cuddle. She is super friendly and has a calm personality.
4 year old rescue, sweet as can be but she wants love her way. Boda gives hugs and always wants to turn love into playing
She is very active, loves to play, cuddle, and gives lots of kisses!
Hank loves being outside and playing in water! He thinks everyone is his friend!
Teddy is super sweet and loving. He is training to be a therapy service dog to work with his owner and students at his owner's elementary school who are underrepresented, underserved, or have disabilities. Teddy is a snuggle bug who is curious about the world around him and loves to explore.
Fendi is 12 weeks old loves to cuddle an very playful
Ok, so she looks a little weird, and her ears are kinda long, but she thinks she is a dog.
Cocoa is a spazz! She likes to chill on her mom or dads shoulders!
9 month old squirrel 🐿 hater. Lover of cuddles ❤, snacking 🥓, and all things squeaky! 😌 Check out my baby photos down below! 🔽
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Duke is the most loveable pup! He is very laid back and loves to cuddle with mama and daddy. His favorite spot is curled up in the bed or on the couch with his favorite toy. Wherever we go, he stays by our side, no leash needed<3 He is the sweetest boy in the world
Bash is a service dog to be! He's a lover and enjoys naps and play dates with his puppy friends!
My name is Riley and I’m a rescued service dog. I LOVE my red ball and I take it EVERYWHERE I go! I have a very big personality and I always have to be the center of attention.
She is a lovely puppy, she loves to walk , play with the sister ovayli and sleep with mommy
Francesca loves play outside and play with her brothers and sisters. She loves to sit in her dad's race car. I believe if dogs we're able to race she would be out there doing it.