Blackie Princess And Tilianna
They are so funny and talk about being made for each other. Blackie & Princess were match made in Heaven. I have been so blessed to raise their pups and find them great homes. They continue to bring so much joy and laughter that is hard to express in words. They are peas and carrots.
My Casper loves chicken going out for walks and playing with me all day my Casper<3 aka piglet
She is so special. She has helped me emotionally. I dont know what I would do without her
Kriket loves love and loves to love! The sweetest kisses and her smile always lightened the day.
Diamond Payne
Diamond Payne loves her naps, squeaky toys and all of her warm blankets. Diamond and her mom are inseparable, the only thing that can break their bond is a juicy piece of chicken! Mom who?
Duke is a big 6 month old sable Rough Collie boy
Sweetest boy in the world. Kind and gentle spirit. No matter what’s going on he remains calm and content. Mama’s boy. He loves to meet and greet with everyone. His hugs and kisses are the best.
Lassie is a sweet 6 month Sable Merle Rough Collie puppy. She loves toys.
Ms Vixen is such a sweet loving dog to people and animals! But EVERY day she wakes up and says " Today is the day I'm gonna prove to mom that I am the alpha !"
The sweetest pup! She loves to play with her toys and run around with the zoomies! My best friend!
Blueberry was pulled out of a high-kill shelter on his last day just moments before death! He was on doggie death row and the rescue I worked with got him out! Then he became my best friend and has destroyed my door frame, eaten through 6 crates, mistakenly eaten all of my gummy vitamins when I wasn’t looking, and has been expelled from 4 doggie day cares because of his high energy. Yet, he remains the best decision I have made in my life and I want to get him a sister husky! Would love all the votes to help raise money for me to rescue another husky on death row!
His name is Zebby he just turn 1 year old love alot of attention!
She loves the water and hiking.
My daughter gave us Sage she 4 years old likes alot of attention
Well hello my name is diesel and I’m 9 months old… I love to go to work with my dad and love being in his way ask the time!! Love road trips and love sleeping bed with daddy when he lets me because I’m so heavy he says!!!!! But thanks for viewing my profile and god bless
She super spunky she my dream come true and my emotional support she is one of a kind 10 weeks old only 3 pounds but loves cuddles and barely wines shes unique with her one solid green eye and her other half crystal blue and green i just lost my best friend and have another on hospice and shes helped me so much with coping through this along with my mental health issues
Scoobie Doo
Scoobie Doo will do something he shouldn't and then turn around and give you this innocent look. He just melts your heart..
Levi is 4 years old. We like to call him “Snuggle Bunny” because he lovesss to cuddle anywhere on you. He’s an attention seeker because he will tap his paw on you every time to rub him. He’s loves to play and do zoomies around the house. Levi is the sweetest cuddle baby you could ever want.
Buddy is 15 years old. He loves to sleep all day and go outside to walk around the house. He loves attention and belly rubs but really loves to rub his face on your leg to itch it lol. He’s the sweetest old man i could ever have.
She’s my first ChiWeenie . Precious definitely knows she’s “precious” She Hibernates 23 hrs a day . She sleeps with her tongue sticking out and requires a blanket at all times . She runs my home . She was the runt of her litter she weighs 4 pounds .. she’s my lil Spanish hotdog ..
Im Jolene im a very happy girl i love giving kisses please vote for me
Foxy Baby
she rescued me when I was not in a good place in life she brought me back to reality and my self and learned to love my self again
I rescued her from our state park near Miller Island she had been in the woods for 2 weeks she now lives the life of a queen! All safe and warm I’ve had her for 7 years !
Bow Baggins
Bow is a Shitzu/Yorkshire mix. She is ten years old and looks like a forever puppy! She is a master at cuddling and naps. She is only 5.8 lbs and has a beautiful coat to keep her warm 💛
Aspen is a complete joy to our family. Shes a very loveable dog and very loyal. She loves her squeaky toys and her treats. Vote for my girl!!!
Bling Bling Bebe
She is a hero as shes deaf but proves daily it doesnt hold her back loves visitation at nursing homes and state school.
Max is the goodest of boys. Born with short legs but at least he’s got socks on.
Honey Bunches Of Oats
Honey is a Norwegian ridgeback a African lion hunter. She gets a ridge strip all the way down her back. She's has a bond with my oldest son that was why she's always with him.
Cookie loves walks playing with other dogs, loves playing in water and toy balls, and squeaky toys and digging chasing birds and rabbits, love cats. Love bird feathers.
Bamm Bamm
Hes a 8 year old sweet fur baby that is living his best life.He loves to play dress up to get his picture taken and watch t.v.
Zeus is just 2 months old and so ornery loves to cuddle when sleeping
Herbee Bumble
He’s a very handsome little man. Who loves his big sister momma, Honora…He’s growing into his cute lil roooo. He full of energy and very spunky. His markings are so unique, he is adored by everyone who sees him…
He loves to play in the snow an hes very nosey. His favorite sport is playing catch.
Smokey think he human he understands very well he is smart crazy and bad but he is a good boy he thinks he knows it all he can be very well behaved when he wants but he can be bad than ever to
Gracie is my furbaby, she is 8 years old, a spoiled 4 lb chihuahua and loves to play with her toys. She doesn’t know shes little, she loves to cuddle and loves to wake you up with hugs around the neck. She loves all other furbabies. Gracie is very emotional and is not scared of anything!!
Hank is 7 years old he likes playing in the water, playing tug a war with his sister, chasing squirrels taking naps and guarding our home.
Little Man
He is so sweet and so loving he is the best dog ever he so smart
Zaharah is a rescue, She & her Brother wer found as babys running the streets of Detroit. I adopted Zara since she was 12 weeks old .Zara is a true diva as she loves dressing up in pretty dresses, loves rides in the truck & going with me to Home depot, Walmarts , and other stores she loves people & loves to give free kisses , is her fur Mommy's biggest protector. We hope you vote for Zaharah, Thank you in advance
Dusty loves to play out side with his toys
Zeke loves to play ball
Chewy is a very sweet loving girl and is always so kind and gentle
She likes her toys she likes snuggling with mommy and daddy n she likes her cheese n she has such a cute smile n an amazing service dog for her mommy who has health problems n she always follows her mommy around n she loves her back scratches from mommy n daddy every morning and night
Hi, I'm Hachi, the Shiba Inu mix! I'm a loving pup who has been in and out of the shelter multiple times after being abandoned at an airport before finding my furver home. I love playing fetch, going for walks and car rides. I also loveee treats, my favorite is a pup cup from Starbucks and my favorite show is Bluey. My family means the world to me and I will always be here to protect and cuddle them.
Bella is sweet and loving, very smart! Oct 26 3 coyotes grabbed her and ran! RiP Bella
Luna is a proud mom of 5 puppies, loves to cuddle and playing out in the snow.
Bella came into my life at the right time. Abandoned and a day away from being euthanized I picked Bella up from the local police department. From that day she has grown with me and become my ESA, even attending university with me.