Hi! My name is Bocephus but you can call me Beau! I am a fun loving boy with lots of energy and would do anything for snuggles. My favorite activities include, but are not limited to, sleeping in weird positions and licking excessively. I love my parents, strangers and siblings more than anything! ✨💖✨
E.T is my baby puppy, he acts likes a baby he loves being held and wrapped up in his blanket he loves giving lots of kisses and definitely makes you happy
Hi I am Tasha I love my mommy so much she takes me shopping and I go to school in Boston on of leash hikes. I get to meet my friends for a doggy ice cream and I also get hang out at auntie Ngoc hair salon ❤️
Hi I eat juicy the Jew. I just heard 12 years old this month I love to see my friends and I love to bark drive my mom crazy. Fun fact about me my mom is Millennium and named be after juicy couture bag
She loves playing with little kids she’s the best dog I have ever owned she loves playing fetch playing with her spring pile and chasing it around everywhere she also likes to go out and have other play dates with dogs
Rylee just turned 1 in March and has been such a joy in our lives! She loves to explore our yard, play fetch, catch and most of all she loves to snuggle and cuddle. She has definitely been a bight light in our lives.
A cute, loving, vocal husky from Kansas. Who loves Sonic pup cups!
Romeo is a fun loving Great Dane pup Who enjoys running around and playing with his Great Dane siblings snuggling with Mommy and Daddy and going for rides in the Jeep! He loves to also go shopping with us and get all kinds of love from so many people he was the best Valentine’s Day gift a Girl could ever get 💙🐾💙
Snoopy loves to cuddle and play!
Sadie loves cuddles, her toys and any food 🥰
She is a very playful baby and loves giving kisses and laying in your lap! Rika as a pup had surgery on her shoulder but has recovered beautifully and acts like nothing happened to her! She is a protector of the family and so very smart!
He is very smart for 5 months old he is house broken and can sit, stay ,fetch, lay, rollover and shake already as well as speak. He is a tiny Bernedoodle.
Oakley loves anyone and anything 🥰🥰
Leelo is a loveble family dog and is very playful and loves spending cold nights all cuddled up in blankets on a couch or bed and she loves hur treats and toys
My Nala girl loves to play! She’s so energetic and has the personality of a human! She is very protective over the ones she loves and also has the goofiest side to her.❤️💯 With this money We are going to put it towards nalas new food, toys, bowls and definitely some other things she needs! Vote if you can! ❤️
wilson is a black and white french bulldog, constantly dressed in his fine tuxedo, as we say. he is very sweet and energetic, a bowling ball of happiness. when not running around, he loves to take many naps, especially laying on his back with us.
Gidget Noel
Gidget is the newest member of our family. She loves playing and getting lots of love.
Lucy, our almost 3 year old Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog is a great listener and a playful thing. She loves nothing more than a long belly rub, a car ride to school and her humans by her side. Playing and getting Head- butted with our pet goats is a daily thing!
Stella loves treats, playing ball, and chasing birds!
Ponyo is such a sweetheart! He’s a Pomeranian, Poodle, Chihuahua. He loves everyone and everything! He loves to play, get belly rubs and meet other dogs. He was also the ring bearer at my wedding 💕
Peanut is a Pomeranian, Poodle, Dachshund. He’s very quiet and looks so innocent but he’s a feisty little boy! He’s super energetic and loves to play!
Kai is a huge baby, always up for absolutely anything. He’s up for curling up to watch a movie or go for a hike, as long as he’s with his people 🧡
Moose is a great dog. He is a snuggler. Loves laying in Laps. Loves car rides. And loves to run around in the snow
Milo is a loveable baby, protective of his family ESPECIALLY his lol sister Lucy ❤️ he loves to eat EVERYTHING and loves being on the road with his family in the semi.
Mazikeen (maze) is definitely a wild child that loves to hike and be outside! Over all goofball with such a big personality 🐾💕
She is such a loving pup- loves to snuggle,and was the last in her litter to find a home. Super excitable! Her ears are her beat feature
He loves his sister so much and he loves to be outside and play
She is a crazy girl she loves outside very playful and a snuggle bug for sure !
Sunshine was rescued from an animal shelter two days before she was going to be put down, she’s so so sweet and loving. she loves to take naps and cuddle with her mom💓 she also loves to play outside and run around in circles. she is currently fighting bone cancer, the money would go towards her medical bills. your votes would be very appreciated ❤️
Miss fire is a rescue, mixed breed. She is a crazy wild child who loves to play and cuddle!
Aspen is a 3 month old chocolate lab who loves outdoors, water, and playing with kids. She is very cuddly and loves to lounge in your lap to take naps
Winnie is a one year old pure breed dachshund. She is always bouncing around for love & attention. Her favorite thing to do is chew on her toy chicken that is the size of her!! She loves to climb in the bathtub & play with her sister chihuahua.
Look at his face … that’s why we named him BULLY VOTE FOR ME
She loves to smile at people when she’s excited!
Laika wiggles her butt when she gets excited or when she sees her pawrents❤️. Laika loves her guinea pig sisters and is very sweet to them, but overall Laika loooves loves her Dad (even MORE than her mom 🤣)
This is Vada she’s a toy Pomeranian just 4Lbs of fluff! She’s very sassy and is a princess. She gets very annoyed with her brother because she wants all the attention.
Tucker is 11 weeks old and loves to be held and cuddled.
Blue is the sweetest , most playful hair ball you will ever see , lovesss car rides anytime , blue’s mother is a full blood rough collie and his pops is a full blood Rottweiler
Diesel loves sweaters and taught himself how to sit in a chair like a human. His best friend is strike his kitty. If strike accidentally gets outside Diesel rescues him.
Kevin is a hunting dog and he is really good at it. Kevin is loving and is loves to play. He does really funny stuff all the time. Kevin HATES WATER. Kevin is a unique name!!
Max loves snuggles and playing in the backyard with his squeaky toys. He is so sweet to my senior chiwawa. Goofy and sweet please vote for my Max ❤️
Blu is a terrier mix who is extremely energetic and loving, captures the heart of everyone fur or human that he meets and is always ready to play and explore! He loves everybody and absolutely hates it when mama has to go to work but watches dog tv and is always eager to learn more tricks. We absolutely refuse to eat our pup cup from DQ unless we get whipped cream.
Sir. Oliver
Sir.Oliver is a mini schnauzer He loves to play with his toys (specially his monkey 🐒) he loves taking pictures and going for car rides with his daddy. Loves snuggling with his momma and Loves playing outside.
She loves to play with anything and anyone that will let her. She is very very energetic and will love to play catch
Bubba is very energetic and loves to play. He is very loving and loves to cuddle with his boy (our son)
Lucy is our boss lady even tho she is not but 5 pounds she bosses her brothers around n they protect her to no end