Shes very loveable,smart caring an great nurse.loves ppl.
Serenity is a Australian shepherd and yorkie mix. She loves running outside and playing fetch.She was born with a disabled leg but she gets around just as well as other pups.
Snow is the biggest goofball ever! He runs super fast and looooooves and goes crazy for his ball! He will continue to play for hours! He will literally make anything a “ball” he thinks everything is a ball 😂 and a toy haha
Ghost likes to pretend he hates everyone but wants the attention from everyone too 😂 he looooves going on walks and loves when I sing to him 😂❤️
She's a beautiful wonderful loving smart 7 year old who loves to talk.
Bella Grace
Shes a rescue we got her about 3 months ago.shes a daddys girls.shes is full chihuahua an is about 8 years old..she has finally found her voice an uses it alot.shes very ❤️. Vote for our baby bella
Willow is a sweet playful girl. She loves walks, playing outside and squeaking her toys. I think she’s a cutie hopefully you do too !
Lucy is a very sweet and loyal old girl she likes to sit by the bonfires, and just lay outside on nice summer a good car rides when ever she gets a chance to get one🥰.
Coco is a playful dog who likes to cuddle and she likes to get belly rubs. She also likes to watch tv and play with her toys
Sweetheart and He likes is belly rubbed
This is Furgus. He loves to cuddle and his squeaky toys. He loves the outdoors.
Bella is Jubilee's one and only baby. She is such a smart little girl. Very active and so much fun.
Lily is my surviver dog. She was very sick and almost died of Parvo when she was a puppy. She is extremely smart and tough. Very lovable though.
I want to Thank Everyone from my heart that has taken the time to vote for my baby Nevaeh. Best wishes everyone 🌺💕🌺🌺💕Meet Nevaeh. She will be 9 yrs.old this February ❤️ Nevaeh is Maltese & SHIH TZU mix She is full of personality for sure. Nevaeh,walks around like she is miss Boss 🙂 I got Nevaeh when I was going through a divorce. She was my comforter. She loves kids,going bye bye and she knows those words to,when she hears my keys rattle she knows I’m going somewhere and most times gets to go with me🙂 unless it’s an appointment I have.She loves tearing up paper and stealing my socks lol.Nevaeh is one of the sweetest dogs you would meet.she barks a lot .she is my door bell when someone knocks on the door and I’m upstairs and can’t hear the knock.I think life would be empty without her. She is my baby💕Best wishes to all the wonderful dogs in the contest .💕❤️
Jubilee is a wire hair Chiweenie. She has a sweet disposition and she loves to play. Jubilee is also a momma now. She had 1 puppy a year ago this past November. Her baby keeps her busy.
Our Darling Darla💕 She’s sugar and spice and everything nice!
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae love's the water going for long walks, car rides, giving hugs,playing with other puppies.
Odin loves to grab his record toy and bring it to his humans when he’s ready to play. He will chase it all day long! He’s a curious and energetic boy.
Maize is a Heeler/Corgi. Greatest personality and loves her walks to the boardwalks of historic Allen Street to visit the tourists and her friends. A very happy pup, for sure.
Worcestershire Sauce
Worcestershire Sauce is a nice "dog" (if this wins I'll drink entire bottle of Worcestershire Sauce)
I got Buddy 3 months after I lost my other 13 year old beagle from kidney failure. He has been the perfect fit. Loves his daily walks, trips to Petco, the beach and getting spoiled.
Yohooo! My name is KoA. Like cola, except with the L. I was rescued by my momma. And I am her emotional support❤️ My favorite hoppy is to sleep and snore. I like to eat so much yum yums and I love to play with my sister Coco. Last but not least, I can NEVER say no to Love’Ns☺️
Smokey Bear
Hi, Smokey Bear is a German Shepherd, Pitbull, and Akita mix! He is very playful, smart, curious, and has a lot of personality! He loves to play in the water and give kisses! And for some reason this 90lb pup thinks he’s still a lap dog!
BUBBA loves to play and cuddle,he sleeps with his ball cant sleep without it he is also very protective of me and my husband he loves the cape likes walking on the canal he brings me his bowl when its time to eat he loves to sit outside on the front stoop ,he just a sweet boy .he loves kids and just likes to play.
Nothing stops charlie from running walking jumping and having a great day minus one of his legs amputated from a accident. He's a happy dog and everyone loves and knows him. He's my miracle pup mama loves him so much.
Marshmallow is the best dog you’ll ever see. She’s so cute isn’t she?
Noodles is a 9 year old red daschund that loves barking at anything ,lol and also loves sleeping under a blanket whether its cold or hot and her favorite thing is riding in my truck looking out the window and barking at anything and everything.
Hi I’m Luna, I love being outside playing with my mommy and daddy. I love to take naps and play with all my toys.
He loves cuddles wherever you are. He will take cuddles anytime of the day. He loves car rides and walks.
Buddy is a crazy ball of energy, goofy, and loves cuddles. He is very smart and has already learned several tricks, but still very much in the wild puppy stage. He will chew on any toy you give him, but his favorite thing to chew on is me 😂.
Mr Boston
Mr Boston he's a lover he's not a fighter he loves to give kisses and he's such a gentleman he will let other dogs eat before him and have treats he wait until the other dogs have their stuff he loves to go outside no matter what the weather is besides rain and he loves to cuddle with you and he's a playful dog I'm so glad I rescued him he is my best friend I would not know what I would do without him
We call Sammy our wild child. He is a busy little boy that loves his mommy and loves dragging his toys out of his toy box and play catch
Lola is kind lola is a ninja .. lola loves the beach walks lola is diva ... she also great bed buddy ...
Ellie Rose
She is a great mommy that has had 5 batches of puppies which went to forever homes and made many families happy. She loves following us around the house and even has to follow us into the bathroom while taking our showers into
Mia likes to cuddle and shes so silly, shes such a diva and a spoiled little gal. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE
S is for strength, there when needed. A is for admirers, and all that you have! C is for confident, no doubts here! C is for compatible, a friend's friend. O is for outlook, pleasing to all. R is for responsible, honoring your obligations A is for approachable, constantly meeting new people
Daisy is a sweet heart! She is a bull hua hua, 75% French bulldog and 25% chihuahua. She loves meeting new people! She is a very smart dog! And she absolutely loves all her outfits! ♥️
Whiskey River
Whiskey River is a Rescue Dog 🥰 Very Friendly looks after his dog friends that live with him ! Loves his toys and Meal times are the favorite part of the day along with as much outdoor playtime he can get with his buddies!
Hi I’m Hershey I’m a Pomsky I’m a year old ! I love to play and run and I love lots of attention and being up my moms rump ! I love playing ropey and I love veggies ! I like being outside and love to talk
Dusty and Sandy are brother and sister sable Merles . They will be 2 on may 5. Dusty is a sweetheart. He's naturally cute and if you come near him he rolls over for a belly rub if he knows you.
God created dogs as an expression of his love because he wanted us to live an impactful life while on earth 🌍 My boy Charlie is a outstanding example of what God intended him to be. 🤍✨
He loves being outside and soaking up the sun and loves cuddles and lots of lovins as well as playing with his siblings
Ozzie is a sweetheart fe loves to play fetch sometimes he brings the tennis ball back but sometimes he wants me to chase him
Chromia is a beautiful and happy pup. She loves pictures, kids, and toys.
Teddy loves to go for walks, play frisbee, his favorite toy is stuffed toy Lamb-chop, but best of all he loves to be petted by his people.
She is the most sweetest, loyal, loving, and spoiled rotten baby girl I've ever known. She shows you her love more than any other dog that I've ever had or seen.
Mr Jack here has a habit of surprising me in the shower, and seeing what tiny spaces he can squeeze his butt into. His name is very common but very popular. You can find it at every restaurant and store. Mr Jack Daniels is very loved :)