Baby Stories - 10


Kona is full of energy and always wants to play. She'll have one or two balls in her mouth and be kicking another around.
Sniffing everything sweet baby boy that acts like I never feed him!
Rico like to sun bathe, treats and grandmas rubs.
Ruby Sue
Ruby is a one year old Labradoodle. She LOVES the dog park, eggs, and romping around with her little brother.
Diamond is the runt of her litter and has multiple personalities..She is the honorary mascot of UPS Menlo Park ( to some of us anyway ;) She loves people and dogs and cats ... Loves to play . loves taking walks but hate the leash. She's a biker dog at heart and loves to ride on the motorcycle.
Binky is my sweet girl who helps me cope with my empty nest!! My baby boy is a missionary in another country!! And my sweet daughter lives a few hours away! I do still have my oldest son at home again... but he just doesn’t need his mommy anymore... but Binky does!! Thank you for your votes!
Opal is a pitbull and xlbully going to be 2 in april high energetic dog.,.. it has been a clear joy raising opal , loves water, walks , playing, training school. She is my best friend and support dog and 85lbs of muscle
Sadie loves grabbing a sock out of everybody’s room and putting them in her bed. She also loves her little two year old brother.
Mika is a super silly dog who loves laying under blankets. She will use her head to lift the blanket while she scoots under it. She will climb up your chest, when sitting or laying, and press her cheeks against yours. She just melts my heart.
Bleu is a 7 week old Australian Shepherd. He loves running and chasing after his little buddy, Braden.
Speedway Lucie
Speedway Lucie is mixed breed (lab beagle pit )she’s a goofy soul who loves to be lazy most days, and other days she loves chasing after the four wheeler! Couldn’t ask for a better puppy ❤️
Hercules is an old style Alaskan Husky sled dog. He was born in Whitehorse, Y.T., Canada and has run the Yukon Quest 3 times as well as many other mid distance and long distance races. He is retired now, but still likes to run with the other dogs on the sled, and has learned how to play and get snuggles like the other guys. Truly an incredible dog.
Josie is a little sweetheart who with her little self takes care of big ol me ❤️ She loves everyone she encounters and leaves an impact on all who know her ❤️ She’s got a whole lot to say, very talkative so it’s always a good day spent with her. She loves sun bathing & carrots more than anything else 🥕 She my angel and she brought light to my life when I needed it most and continues to do it every single day. She’s 10 years old and still such a youngster 😃 She loves nothing more besides me, carrots & her family then being on the go!! She loves the airplane, NY, Z Minnesota $ Wisconsin are her favorite places to be ❤️ & she loves her carry on bag because she associates it with going somewhere, anywhere. She loves car rides and she loves to drive lol She sits on her aunties & uncles lap while they’re driving. She just wants to go go go go go non stop She’s sooo easy to love with her amazing personality and character. She keeps everyone laughing. She’s so funny and so spoiled. She’s amazing and that’s all I can say to sum her up... Amazing!! What would we do without our dogs, our kids. She keeps me going and I thank God for her because he sure made her special. I’ve been through so much and she’s seen me through it all. The true meaning of a best friend. She loves me so much and there’s no feeling like it. I love her more than anything in the world. She’s the biggest flirt!! You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it yourself. She’s so funny!! Pure joy ❤️ I’d be lost without her. She’s one of my best supporters. God bless her!! I want to thank her for all she’s done for me.. Thank you babygirl Josie. Mommy loves you! ❤️
Benji is a one year old mini schnauzer! He loves going on long walks, eating a lot of chicken, playing with all his doggy friends, and being with his mommy.
Mr. Malachi
Mr. Malachi is a happy energetic puppy. He loves meeting new people and animals. He is affectionate while also being a bit dramatic. He would love yalls votes
Hi everyone! I am Maizie! My favorite thing to do is go on long walks with my mom. I am the sweetest girl ever and love me some belly rubs. My mom adopted me from a vet clinic because my last family dumped me on the side of the road. A kind man brought me to a vet clinic and that is how I met my new family:)
Toby is a good ol boy that is happiest in the bed of the truck, swimming in the lake, or getting his butt scratched. He’s the gentlest dog with such a loving and wild spirit
Cuddly, Love To Play With My Whale Toy, I Hop Around Like A Bunny, I Love To Play With Other Dogs And I Love Sleeping Above Mommy And Daddies Head.I Am Spoiled Rotten.
Raven is a 5 month old super mut training to be my medical service dog! She is a Blackmouth cur/boxer/lab/pitty
Ruger is a solid 8 weeks old! He loves to chew on his duck, cuddle with momma, and bark at his big sister Letti. He is super smart also! He already knows how to sit and to walk on a leash!
Michonne is very curious as she is learning everything new! She loves meal time and when she hears the egg cracking to go in her food she dances and barks! She is also a cuddle bug and loves to be under blankets. Her favorite toy is a lion!
Hello everyone, my name is Alfi and i’m a 3 month old Terri-Poo and i love my chew toys, tug-o-war and chasing the cats! My favorite hobbies are eating, sleeping, and pooping!
Thumper says, It's my Birthday, I'm having a Birthday Party!!!
Peanut is a very energetic little dog. She's always ready for new adventure, with her dog friends. Her favorite hobbies are long walks, chasing squirrels and cats, and loves playing with her squeaky ball. She loves cuddling in bed and nap with her owners. Who needs a best friend when you can have peanut as a 4 legged best friend❤
Choppy bean is our favorite old man! He still acts like he’s a pup but he will be 11 this year!
Please vote for my baby
Luna is our family dog. She is feisty and sweet.
Newborns were born on March 10th and 11th, 8pmish she first gave labor to 3 pupps 2 black and 1 white with blk spot on tail, then about 3am she went into labor again she had 2 more sad part was the pup she was trying hard pushing it out, it wasnt in its sac he passed away inside i think it front paw came out first it was white with blk spots around eyes and tail. Then she had 1 black one, 1 boy 3 girls. Mommy cali loves them and all they do is eat eat sleep sleep
Lucy is a mini daschound they didn’t have it on there so I just put mixed breed but I’m sure Lucy would love to win this conpetition she is the cutest dog I’ve seen I hope to spend the money on getting Lucy more stuff
Allie loves laying in the sun all day and giving her infamous puppy dog eyes anytime you’re not giving her butt scratches!
Violet is my fluffy demon, trickster, and con-artist. She’s too smart for her own good and too cute to ever get caught! Her favorite thing is off leash runs with her mom and dried liver treats! Violet was adopted two years ago, due to hyperactivity she was in four different homes before she turned 1. But now Violet loves life and can’t wait for her daily training and runs! My favorite feature is her one floppy ear- which bounces as she runs!
Chloe is “all-girl” ... she communicates very well & always has a smile! She “knows” she’s pretty! 🐾💐🐾
Power Stroking Diesel
Diesel is an alaskan malamute
Suki Bear
Suki is 3 and a half. She has was 1.of 12 puppies. Loves being the center of attention.
My name is Tippy and my favorite thing to do is play with my friends and destroy toys that my dad buys believing they are “indestructible!!”
Dallas is a F1 Pomsky, his mom is a husky and dad is a pomeranian. He LOVES going for walks, to the dog park, and anywhere that has water for him to jump and play in. He has sired 3 litters! We like to call him Hufflepuff because he huffs when he wants attention or doesn’t get his way! He finally learned how to howl like a husky when we brought in our female Kali! However, his is VERY high pitched and makes us laugh!!
Jennie is my 4yr. Old rescue from Las Vegas. She loves to eat anything we eat plus her food. She has lots of toys but her braided rope is her favorite. You dont want to be close to her when she's playing. She knows no personal space. It all belongs to her ecpecially my lap and chair.
Harley is 9 weeks old. She is full of energy. She loves her older brother Honda(lab) and loves her humans.
Togiak (Togi for short) is a fluffy pomsky that LOVES being cheered for; he also loves belly rubs, squeaky toys, and playing catch!
He's is an extremely loveable and talented dog. Out of all of my dogs he is the only one that loves riding on my quad. He is definitely a mommas boy. He looks like a purebred but he's actually a mix. Very loyal.
He's is an extremely loveable and talented dog. Out of all of my dogs he is the only one that loves riding on my quad. He is definitely a mommas boy. He looks like a purebred but he's actually a mix. Very loyal.