Baby Stories - 10


Grover is an 8yo chihuahua who just completed radiation for a brain tumor! Please pray that the radiation works - my sweet boy is such a fighter and deserves a long happy life!
Mambo likes long walks in the park, picking up chick's at the dog beach n just about anything with peanut butter on it! He's training for his future job in nose work! Xoxo Give him your vote❤️💙❤️💙
Mollie is blind and deaf and has epilepsy. we rescued her this way about 6 years ago
Bosley is full of personality and himself! He’s very mischievous and loves to run when he gets called to go in his crate, or just lay down since he’s too heavy to move. He loves to play hide and seek and find you. He loves water and the cold and chewing everything up. He is very gentle and loves people.
Trooper is my best friend! He is the biggest cuddler and loves to sit in your lap! He loves to go for rides in the car and get pup cups from Starbucks. He is the most loyal, sweetest companion! Hands down, couldn’t ask for a better dog.
Willow Gayle
Meet Willow she is the 3 S's of the Weims, sweet, smart, and shy..she is a very intelligent pup and gives new meaning to the velcro dog 🤣 but i definitely wouldnt have her any other way! She loves to play ball and chase her stuffed duck!
Ellie Mae
Ellie mae is a 1 yr old labradoodle that loves going on boat rides,going to the lake, cuddling with her momma and playing with sister!🤍
Snacks are priority. Apollo loves to try new foods. He likes long walks and jogs just about any where. Cuddles and long naps are must. He is a boating dog, and the best travel companion.
Terri is a stray that won our hearts. My husband found her under his truck and she looked hungry … all he had with him was a breakfast bar - and he shared it with Terri. She’s been one of our fur babies ever since.
Simba is such a happy calm husky. He loves to talk in order for him to get a new squeaky toy. Such a good boy.
Gibson is a very sweet but shy boy. He loves his treats, soft food and hanging out with his kitty roommates.
Roxy is 7 months old . Very loving dog and loves to play catch and if your watching tv she will sit next to you and watch the television with you .
Kenna is the princess of the house. She loves to stay perched above her siblings on the couch and demands all the pets! If you have a water hose or a ball…she will plow you down!
Nova is a sweet rescue that was dumped by someone in a truck in our backyard. She loves to play with her brother Tucker and can scale any fence you try to keep her in! She is the best rescue ever!
Tucker is all Golden! He loves to run, play, and chase balls! His motto is…”I is Golden! I has all the toys!”
Goose is a Saint Bernard and Labrador retriever mix. His favorite activity is going for car rides. He loves hanging his head out the car window, he constantly makes people smile as we drive by them. He also enjoys visiting the local horse barn
Active, vocal, playful
My pebbles loves to give high fives she loves treats...i dont have children but she is my baby...she is so smart and loves to get dresses up...she loves chasing lizards
My name is wiskey I was born on Christmas!! my mom was dashhound and my dad was Australian cattle dog some things about me are I sleep on my back, I love to go on car rides with mom and dad. I also loveee to go to Dunkin’ Donuts and get this cup of liquid gold. I like going to Henry creek and playing in the water. I love anything and everything but I’m also scared of everything, my girlfriend rue is the only one I’m really allowed to hangout with unless we go to the beach and meet other friends. We really wanna win so we can do more things I like and less what mom and dad like. Please vote for me🐶
What can I say about Ruford? He’s an outdoorsy kinda guy who loves long walks on a mild day. He is a ball playing fool. He takes it very serious!! He is his dad’s shadow and loves to relax after a hard day at playing ball. We appreciate every vote we get and we will be voting for everyone we can. Thank you Ruford’s Mom.
Hendricks The Rare Rottie
Hendricks is the little Rottweiler you see in the left corner but WAIT!! he’s not just a regular Rottweiler he’s a special Rottweiler, Hendricks is a black and white Rottweiler (mix) he is a rescue from detroit Michigan we had adopted him from capital area humane society and is now being rehabilitated into a service dog for my disabilities unfortunately Hendricks has some skin issues and tears himself up otherwise he loves to sleep and go outside
King is also a rescue he was rescued at 6 months what is interesting about king is he has 6 toes on both of his back paws, king absolutely loves car rides and hanging out with his family and doggie n cat siblings
I rescued Cinnamon last year. She was 6 mo old. She was being kept in a kennel cage outside always, with no food or water. Her collar was so tight and she had had a broken paw which was never treated. She was skin and bones. When I took her to vet they said her paw will never be the same but it was healing and she wasn't suffering. She weighed only 20 lbs. She is a Red Nose Pit/American Boxer mix. I have a Red Nose Pit at home 8 yrs old. I was worried at first but they took well to each other. My girl has been like a mother to her and it's been wonderful. She's proof of the love in her heart that she's given and shown unconditionally. I wouldn't change anything. She shows me each day. She has learned a lot and keeps learning everyday. God has blessed me with her as an addition to my family.
Sylvie is a full blood Great Dane. She loves her bugs bunny toy and long walks. She likes to go play disc golf with mom and dad and go play at the dog parks
Mr. Oreo
Oreo is a 1.5yo border-collie/Labrador mix aka a Borador! Full of boops, love and a ambition to create smiles. A true adventure dog; hikes, river dips and backroad exploring. He loves his sticks, bones and “stuffies”. Sharing is his favorite too(but only with other dogs). Oreos neighborhood best friends are a miniature schnauzer and a giant Newfoundland….clearly he doesn’t judge. Oreo came to us at 8months after being rehomed twice. We quickly learned why…he just needed to be in a home he felt included in: Oreo was just looking for his own “sheep” to protect and love and heck, I’m glad he chose us for that. Oreo is hands down, the dogs dog.
Kane is amazing to say the least. He stops on a dime when his ball goes into the street, he won’t touch a steak when left with one, and he loves to catch a football!
Brooklyn is a 5 year old reverse brindle boxer. She loves to play with her cousin in the back yard. Loves toys and playing fetch. She loves people and other animals. She has the kindness, caring heart ❤️
Milo loves his squeaky toys. Every time he goes outside he has to run and grab a toy to take out with him. And when he comes back in he’ll run in the backyard and bring one in.
Fen is a rescue that I’ve had for over a month now. He is German Shepard/Golden Retriever mix. He is a lovable, clumsy & playful pup with much, much energy! ❤️
Boomer is my comfort dog he calms me down when im feeling sad and is always keeping tabs on me. He has a pretty good sense of humor and is very playful
Hooch is 6 months old! He loves his big brother Boudreaux and is his mommas shadow! He loves to go to the camp and to play with his toys!!
Gabby was from a really bad home. We took her in and gave her lot's of love and she is slowly coming out of the shy stage. She loves playing with toys and she loves her treat time. Please vote for her.
Mitzi Mae Mae
Mitzi is an amazing fur baby with only 3 useful legs she is my sunshine and always up for some play time and loves. She is an awesome sissy to her 7 fur siblings.
Joy loves to play in the snow.
Triumph was the best friend any person could have. He loved cookies and rolling over. He would meet me at the door everyday and follow me around. He was always polite and would say please before you gave him anything. He is the dog love of my life and is greatly missed.
Jack is very talkative, and loves to play with all of his toys. He also loves to give me hugs! ❤️ 💜 💖
Bullet is 2 pounds and full grown. She loves to chase lizards and sun bath.
SPOILED ROTTEN & She is the Boss!
Faith Hope
She is not only one of the best family members but she’s also certified as her momma’s service dog!
Rico does not like when anyone sits on the couch watching TV or looking at their phone. He feels that if you’re sitting on the couch, then you have plenty of time to play with him. He will bark and bark and bark in your face until you get the ball or his stuffed animal or whatever it is he wants to play with, and you continuously throw it for him. I truly believe that this little boy never gets tired😴
Hi! My name is Reese! I love to sit in the sunshine and smell the fresh air!! I chase frogs, butterflies and even leaves as they blow through the air! My favorite toy is my monkey and I love it when my humans give me snuggles and treats! 🐾♥️🐾
TaterSalad loves kisses and cuddles 😍😘
JohnSnow is a funny loving white labador. He loves his red ball and will play fetch for hours. He loves his sisters and protects his momma. He is definitely a one of a kind dog.