Baby Stories


Hi my name is Hank! I am a keeshond and am 1 years old. I love to play tug a war, play in the snow, go on walks and steal Mom and Dad's socks. I absolutely love to chew on sticks. I am full of energy and lots of it :) Please vote for me. Thanks for visiting my page 🐾
Super crazy, loves playing, hops around like a little bunny most the time, super sweet pup, smaller than most his toys.
Eat bones, play outside, sleep, repeat.
Reese is the most lovable happy dog. He is full of energy and love to play and be loved. Hes spoiled he just turned one April 19th I found him at 2 months straving and living under a step and I couldnt leave him.
Breezy is a momma's boy and he loves playing. He gives unconditional love and you wouldn't regret it if you ever met him! 💖
Suki is a lover, her favorite thing is to be playing ball or sleeping with her human girls.
Love Of My Life
Thank you for any votes. I will try my best not to let you down. Be well.
Hi I’m Tobias! I’m 7 weeks old, and I’m a little monster. I enjoy chewing on toes and sleeping. I have a boxer sister and husky brother. I love to play with them and chase my 2 kitty brothers. I love to stare at the TV and play with my toys. Please vote for me, I won’t let you down
Two is an absolute sweet heart to those she knows and trust, but she isn’t hard to win over. She loves cuddling on the couch or in bed and rough housing with her mom or dad :) With prize money she’ll get a new harness, leash and more flea, tick, and heart worm prevention
Ryan just absolutely loves his sister! He loves to cuddle, be pet and loved on! He also loves sweet peppers and every other veggie! They both get fed chicken and rice a couple times a week mixed in with their dry food! He’s is just a little teddy bear!
Remmy is a fun loving goofball who loves a snowy day and playing with his toys. He loves to snuggle and jump on the trampoline. He is unique because his eyes are blue but one of them is half brown. Vote for Remmy!
CiCi loves to play fetch and is absolutely obsessed with her “baby” it’s an orange wombat LOL. She carries it everywhere! She loves walks and loves treats. She’s is spoiled rotten and her favorite Human food is mini sweet peppers!
Thank you to everyone that has voted for SIoan. These contests have helped keep him and the other 17 rescues fed. I am giving Sloan a break while I pay back some advance votes but I have entered Zoey on KingPet. I do these contests to help feed and care for all the strays and rescues I have taken in. I am not an organization, just an animal lover that can’t stand by while a dog is mistreated or hungry. Please don’t agree to exchange votes if you don’t plan to honor it. Sloan is a happy boy and an oversized lap dog. He loves to chase balls and chew everything in site🤦🏼‍♀️ He gets along well with other dogs and loves children. He enjoys car rides and sleeping in his human’s bed❤️He is a gentle giant that is scared of his shadow 😊
Full of energy and loves all the attention you will not regret voting for her 💗
Bandit is a lab/shiba mix. He’s 9 months old and he’s my world. He is funny, bossy, and overall the perfect dog. Everyone says he looks like scooby doo!
Daisy loves car rides, playing outside, her momma most of all (me) and she would love to win!
Captain is a 4 yr old border collie. He’s is ball obsessed and lives for dock dogs.
Penny is a year old border/aussie mix. She’s a high energy pup from WV. She loves kids, swimming, playing ball, chase games, and other dogs.
Widget is a foxy russell, jack russell smoth fox terrier mix. She is a cuddle bug, she always barks and runs in her sleep between her snoring.
Grey is a fun, hyper, loving pup. She is very smart and loves to play. She loves food and her own pup ice cream. She is insanely spoiled and loved beyond words.
He loves playing ball and well with any toys even ones that aren’t his. And his best buddy is his human baby brother leelon
Hello, mi name is Romeo Valentino. I’m a playful and lovely puppy. I am super friendly and I love cuddles.
Porkchop is my name because I am mama’s little ham! Cheese is life y’all.
My name is Ellie and my favorite things to do are watch my sissy j play softball and chase things through the woods!!!
Picasso is a 9 month old Border Collie that loves learning new tricks every day. He has a best kitty friend that helps him get into trouble and keeps us entertained. Picasso has been training hard and is turning into a very nice sheep herding dog. When he is not working sheep or ducks, he is a goofy puppy that will keep us smiling and laughing for days.
Elsa is such a sweet heart she loves to play and sleep. She loves all her sibblings
Roxy is a blue pitty. She loves to run and jump around.
Dixie was born alityle differnt she is the runt and was born with a hair lip. But that dosent slow her down. She loves to cuddle and being the center of of whats going on she is a real diva
Hi! My name is Nevado, I am an American Eskimo, I love to cuddle and play. I am very protective with my owner and very alert! They call me the neighborhood watch dog😂 I have lots of energy all the time!😄 I love treats and do tricks. 💎😘🐕
Thank you for coming to our wall
Chubbs is absolutely the biggest baby you’ll meet. He loves belly rubs, sleeping, treats and playing with his bone. Chubbs is 3 years old and is one of the sweetest dogs
Ollie is a maltipoo- he is sweet , fun and full of life !
Tevye is a "padded" dachshund pomeranian, and chihuahua with extra padding. He's a sweet, cowardly, needy little bugger who swears (says the F word VERY clearly) when his mom leaves the house. He has no idea what he is and is terrified of everything. Tevye was placed in 3 homes before the age of 1 and found his forever home 4 years ago, where he was immediately dubbed "the golden child". Super sweet and only barks at the people he knows and loves. Never, EVER at strangers, he's a little bit of an opposite boy but he's loved ALOT!
I’m Buddy! I snore, slobber, and have a lot of gas. I love to play fetch and play in the water hose. I love my family and like to lick my fur brother cat.
King is our 3year old Saint he loves play time but hates being outside for longer than doing his business . He is his grammas best friend and u should vote for him because... well just look how perfect he is!!! His favorite things treats when hes been good and cuddling in bed. King is absolutely the most spoiled grandpup in America!! He cannot get enough of his best friend Nala our 11 mth old saint. His favorite song is 🎶 People let me tell u bout my best friend 🎶. He absolutely loves food his food ur food fresh food leftovers snacks they are all amongst his favs... but he loves nothing more than he loves his peanut butter and bacon!!!
Ellasky Vigo
She likes to go on her sunny day walks and on cold days she loves to just rest ,play and always giving lots of love🥰
Felix came into our lives about 2 months ago! He loves his new home and is a very energetic pup! Please vote for him!
Miss Snickerdoodle
Miss snickerdoodle; aka Snickers, loves to dig, and run. She is very playful and loves other dogs and kids! She is about 6 months old, and she is almost 40 pounds!
Nala is 11 mths old full of life loves to wrestle/ play tug of war with her best friend King our 3yr old saint. Her favorite thing is face kisses and butt rubs/ scratches. She is the protector of the house and she dont miss a beat... she is her grammas girl grammas girl!!! If u leave home for more than 3min she thinks u were gone a year.... her favorite song is 🎶 my girl wants to potty all the time potty all the time potty all tiiiiiiime 🎶
Kylo is an f1b mini golden doodle just over 18 weeks and idek lbs he loves to go on walks, go on car rides, play, eat things he’s not suppose to, and chase anything that moves
Bella loves everyone. When someone comes to the house she must be the first one to jump up and kiss them. She loves our two indoor cats. They lovd to play and cuddle with each other. She is the most loving girl ive ever met. She is a chocolate lab pit mix
He loves to be outside..
Drake is the life of the party. He gets all of the attention and loves every minute of it! Definitely my best friend and never leaves my side. He is Momma's bubba's. Love him so much!❤️
Hello my name ia Ares. Im 9 weeks old. I love playing with my human brothers and my step sister Athena. Being out side is the best. But even better is being able to sleep all day long. If you ever meet ne my eyes would be the girst thing you notice..
Phoebe is my English Creme Golden Retriever who is filled with joy, love, and energy! She is someone who has been there for her family when they’re sad, mad, sick, and when they’re feeling not their best. She is such a happy dog who just wants to make those around, happy!