Phoebe is a 4 month old lab/husky mix. She loves anything that squeaks. Her favorite activity is playing with her brother, Koda
Maggie is my best friend she is loving and caring and very playful! She loves to cuddle and go outside! I never have a bad day when I’m around her. She’s been my best friend since we got her when I’m having bad moments it’s like she can tell I love her so much!
This is buddy hes 7 month old Australian cattle dog. His favorite thing is to make everyone laugh when he puts his head under water to blow bubbles and dig in his little pool in the summer. Winter is here so he mostly like to play with his toys and cuddle .. please vote if you think hes cute like we do
Riley is a beautiful European German Shepherd. She loves to play tug of war, fetch, and loves to play with her little friends..
My name is Zuzu and im the goofiest dogo argentino, i always have to be touching my mama when i sleep. Im pregnant now and will be the best mama. I want to win some money to care for my little pups, and help my mama feed my big goofy self.
Beau is such a handsome boy! He loves to run and play! And he loves our daughter, they will forever be friends growing up together. Beau is such a sweet pup and such a lover! He deserves all of the votes!! 💙🐾🦴
Layla is Sweet , playful , has the personality of a human ! Everyone that meets her LOVES her . She’s clumsy , and gives the best cuddles . She’s my real life stuffed animal 💖
He’s a ridgeback mix with lots of engery and plenty of play loves outdoors as well as playing with the kids. He’s five mons old and very protective of those he loves . He is a friend that everyone should have in their world he has five brothers and one sister. They were about 1.5 lbs each at birth.
Teddy Bear
He does hi fives sits and sings. He does love to cuddle
We rescued Sissy 6 years ago. She had been mistreated severely. After a few vet visits and lots of love and reassurance she settled in with us. She brings lots of smiles and so much personality 😂 Check out her pics!
Luna is 16 weeks old, loves to play with her brother and lobes cuddles from her mama ❤️
We adopted balu 4 months ago, he is a rescue he was abuse in the past we love him so much, he is such a good boy.
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Winn Dixie
Winn Dixie is doesn’t even know she is a dog. She loves her family, siblings and the great outdoors.
Gizmo loves to play fetch, and he is very smart. He has learned how to say I love you and other words.He is very sweet and well mannered. He would love to win so let’s give him some love and vote for him.
Chloe is the youngest in our family, such a very sweet one. She’s very curious about everything, loves to play with her brother, Chase (another golden love) and sits on your lap at the end of the day. We love her so much 🥰
Chase is our eldest and we’re so lucky to have him. He’s very expressive especially his eyes. He’s kind and considerate to his younger sister, Chloe (an explorer, lol!). He loves the beach and is always ready to give you his toy for a fetch. We love him so much 🥰
Bailey is a half Bichon, half Chihuahua who loves to play fetch, chew on bones and is a snuggle monster! Bailey is a rescue who lived out of a van until we were able to find him. Bailey is very smart, curious and energetic puppy who loves to lay on his parents clothes and shoes! 🐶
Hello my name is Gelai I am 2 years old.
Bruce is a shar pei mix and the happiest boy around! He loves going to daycare, his momma, and cat brother! Everyone loves his squishy little face!
Harley is 16 weeks old, very playful and loving. He loves to snuggle and play with the kids. He also loves getting new toys.
Satchel passed away in August. We miss him so much. He had such a sweet soul. He left behind 3 brothers and 2 humans. He got his name from the “Get Fuzzy” comic strip and it couldn’t have fit him more. He suffered through seizures and Cushing’s disease without once loosing his goofiness. He never did pull up that front sock to match the other no matter how much we asked him about it. 15 years were not enough.
Jellybean is a sweet and loving baby that follows me around like she’s my shadow! She is protective but would just lick you to death.
Fiji is a loving pitbull/black lab mix puppy full of energy! She absolutely loves to play but also give you cuddles. Her favorite toy (in the picture) is her vanilla ball but also enjoys her cow stuffed animal! She’s a sweet baby with huge puppy eyes that just makes everyone fall in love with her🥰.
Friday is a beautiful full breed beagle who lives in Pennsylvania with her Mama and Daddy.. She has that delightful appearance that brings a smile to your face immediately! Just look at her... She's absolutely perfect! She has those soft ears, pretty eyes and a personality that'll make you fall head over heel's! She love's cats and children. She is truly the sweetest girl you'll ever meet! Let's not forget smart! She catches on to things quickly and knows a lot of tricks. She even knows how to dance on command! With the encouragement of treat's of course! She is a very shy girl at first but once she warms up to you she'll be your most faithful friend. There aren't enough words to describe this amazing pup! Friday ask's that you please take the time to vote for her. She will be so appreciative! Thank you for taking the time to get to know my girl! ❤️❤️❤️
I was a rescue at three weeks out from a non-loving family when my mommy got me she spoiled me and I am a spoiled pup. I get what I want. I do love giving kisses I like to walk my cell and I bark at people that don’t belong near me or my family.. I had a little brother, but a mean person got rid of him. They poisoned him so now I am doing the job for Two.
Hello! I am miss River Mei Thomas! My mommy and daddy rescued me back in March and I love my new home. I have an older sister, Bella Rose, and an older brother, Dodge. I love them to pieces and have to be by their sides all day long! I LOVE to chase my brother in our fenced in yard. Mommy will forever be my favorite human. We cuddle ALL the time. I may be 54 pounds but I still belong on mommy’s lap! Please vote for me! Thank you! *Puppy kisses*
Willow is a 5 month old Shepsky. She loves destorying toys, running around, and wrestling with her big sister!
I’ve always been a big dog kinda guy, and was skeptical about getting him and the price tag didn’t help. But I can say he surprised me and now we are inseparable. I got him March of his year smallest thing I’d ever seen, he turns 1 this coming January. It was really for my wife, but I know when I met little man he liked his dad (me) right away. ** note** I am not the one that puts bows on him.! Had to throw that out there.
Hollie his girl is definitely one of a kind. We also got her as a puppy. She was the first of the two. So she thinks she runs the house since she’s been there longer. I believe we got her around this time last year. Fall is her favorite time of the year, well I’m assuming that she never really told me. Be when we go on walks around the time of season she love playing in piles of leaves, she will literally hide until we find her. Really don’t know where that came from but it’s funny to watch. And since I have Bentley the wife has Hollie, couldn’t ask for it any other way.
Bullet was actually sent to me from heaven. Because my first chi-weenie Gizmo was killed when he jumped out of the backseat window. I cried so hard for many days. We called our friends that had given Gizmo to us and cried to her what had happened to Gizmo. We had hung up the phone. In less than an hour went by and we got a call from our friends telling us that 2 of their other chi-weenies mated. And that's how I got Bullet. He was 3 weeks old when she brought him to me. That's why I tell everyone he is literally sent to me from heaven.
Bullet is a chi-weenie. Half Chihuahua half Dashund. He's my 2nd chi-weenie. He's actually a blessing from GOD. I had Gizmo my first chi-weenie and he was killed when he jumped out the back window of our car. I cried so hard for many days we called our close friends that we had gotten Gizmo from and told them what had happened. She said as soon as she got off of the phone when I was crying and telling her about Gizmo. They had about 4 or 5 chi-weenies. She told me that two of their chi-weenies mated and bullet's Mom had 3. He had a brother and a sister. And then my friend brought Bullet to me when he was 3 weeks old. I fed him with a little syringe. And he slept right between me and my husband. And like I said he was a blessing from God. God gave him to me because I was so upset about loosing Gizmo.
Zoe is a gentle giant. She is 120 lbs and can smell food a mile an away. Her favorite activities include running in nature , playing with her toys, and using her big brown eyes to pursue you out of her favorite snacks. She loves making new friends and going on little adventures.
Lola was born during the Covid-19 pandemic, and she has a twin brother. She is definitely everyones SPOILED princess 👑.
Lovey came into my life at a very vernable time, he absolutely brought the sunshine back in my life.. Lovey loves his mommy and daddy, he loves to play outside, go to the dog park to meet new doggy friends, loves chew toys, loves to play fetch but he doesnt always play far.
I love cuddles from my mama and dad but mostly my big brother Runner. He is my best friend. I can’t sleep unless I’m next to him or laying on my dads head of course. I also love my stuffed animals only so I can make it look like it snowed inside with the stuffing. My mama still loves me though! I absolutely love bath’s but my brother hates them!
I’m definitely a daddy’s boy 24/7 and only a mama’s boy when she has a treat in her hand or rubs my head! I like to annoy my little sister and take long naps during the day. My sister loves bath’s but I absolutely hate them! Also, I don’t share my toys. They are mine and mine only.
This is Duke. He’s 5 months old. He loves cuddles, car rides, smiling, and showing off his tricks. He is the sweetest boy <3
Leo enjoys playing with his stuffed animals and cuddling! He is a ball of energy that is always on the go and absolutely loves everyone he meets. If he were to win he would get tons of new toys to play with!
My name is Mya and I am 12years old! I love lakes and car rides! My mommy says I'm spoiled more than my two sisters but I don't believe her
My name is Chevelle Rae, but they call me Chev, Chevy, and baby! I like to spend my day cuddling with my sister, the human children or my momma! My dane sister is a week older than me and we come from the same home!
Hello! Im a velociraptor! I am 7 months old, I listen very well and love my human siblings very much! I have two dog sisters a cat sister and a cat brother but I like to try chasing those cats. I am the middle child of my dog sisters, the oldest is 12 yo and the youngest is only a week younger than me!
He loves to try to talk to the cows out in the field while he lays on his big German shepherd sister to watch the MooMoos
She is the sweetest and smartest puppy. She is learning potty training fast. She loves to snuggle alot. Her and our car are best friends.
Oak (Short for Oaklynn) is a mess. She loves getting Zoomies after she wakes me up at 4 am to go pee. She has her favorite toys since I got her. Her turlte (above) and a unicorn. She LOVES going everywhere with her momma (myself) and screams bloody murder if momma leaves her for two seconds. Shes a Red Heeler x Red Border Collie x Aussie
Loves sticks, the outdoors, and playing keep-away. Has intense separation anxiety. Loves people.