Molly Mae
Molly is a very lovable baby girl she is amazing with other people and kids she loves to play and she often gets the zoomies she is also a registered emotional support dog she loves to cuddles and she loves her french fries and pup cups from sonic she is a big baby and she know how to sit, lay, shake, and she will walk in between my legs and stop and turn when i do.she loves playing with her best friends which is her sisters she is the momma of the house and she doesnt bark nor grawl she howls like a wolf she is our lovable baby
Ari is a smart loving dog. She likes to play with kids, our other house dog Sassy & her toys. Ari loves her doggie treats & to be petted by my family & friends.
Koda is a service dog in training! He loves to herd (horses, goats, chickens, donkeys, and people too)! He’s the biggest snuggle bug you’ll ever meet! His favorite things to do consist of going to the park, meeting new people, and showing off his wiggle butt!
Rowdy Roo
This little angel makes it easy to fall in love with..He's a joy, a real gentle soul, smart , loyal , very layed back. He loves to cudle, play ,walk ,sleep, belly rubs, whatever we do he loves to be part of..a true gentleman.Adorable,witty ,smart kind ,,adventurous, one of a kind and he always aims to please .. everyday you never know whats next with him..never bored when this little guys around..
Im a fun, loving ,adorable ,funny ,busy ,trouble making,problem solving little guy.. who wouldnt want to vote for me? Im charming and full of life, most of all i am a very loyal little guy.. . i can teach you new meanings of love and life..
Pretty Boi
If you love bulldogs then you will love this little fella he is full of joy and energy and I can say out of all the bulldogs me and family have had over the years this little fella Pretty Boi is like no other he jumps and run and play like he is full of love and joy, we call him Pretty Boi because 99% of female dogs love him so he gives them the little smile you see in the picture like most pretty boys do.
We have availability on Miss Princesse, KingPet French and Little Miss Beauty only!!I will only vote 1 day if I don’t see any return votes. Post your votes on my wall. ANY VOTES MADE PRIOR TO OR EXCEEDING AN EXCHANGE AGREEMENT WILL BE CONSIDERED GIFTS!!! Hank is my 5th and favorite son❤️❤️❤️He was also Sloans dad. He was my 3rd rescue. I’m unsure of his actual birthday so he celebrates mine on January 11th but his “Gotcha” date is 05/04/19. Hank is absolutely the best boy in the world. He’s smart and listens to everything I say to him and is very protective over me.
Very playful and athletic for her size and I can say this is the most lovable dog you can have as a pet very playful with the kids and grandkids we all love her as an addition to the family she is a one of a kind Miss Luna.
Susie enjoys rides in the vehicle, she knows when I say certain words, like treat, outside, go, bed. She’s a smart lil girl.
Bongo loves herding the cat He also gives his humans love nips to continuously give him a job. More motivated by good belly rubs than food. Loves long runs with the bicycle and pup cups
Zoey is an amazing loving pug, who loves to play and have all the attention. She is great with kids, cats ,other dogs you name it she loves it! Give her the attention she desires!
Freya The Huntress
ANY $$ WILL GO TO MAUI HUMANE SOCIETY AFTER HAWAII'S TERRIBLE FIRE! Freya is from Crystal Valley Chihuahuas in Sterling,Ma! Their Chihuahuas have the BEST dispositions (and are gorgeous!) My 2 pound Freya is pure joy and has never met a stranger! She loves all kids and visits sick people and the elderly in homes to cheer them up! She is working on her Canine Good Citizen and just finished Obedience Class at Petco in Pittsfield, MA with her fantastic trainer Heather! She is loved by all who meet her!!! If she didn't think she was a lab and ate everything in sight then I would think she was perfect!
⚠️❌⚠️❌⚠️❌⚠️❌⚠️❌⚠️❌⚠️❌⚠️ Remi IS NOT IN CONTEST!!! PLEASE GO VOTE FOR INDIE!!
She likes to play at bedtime. She goes under the covers and messes up my side of the bed.
Nova is the nicest most cutest dog you'll ever come in contact with. She loves animals, and loves trying to chase them as well. She can be a bit skittish when you first meet her but once she knows you, she makes you part of the family. Her favorite thing is food, right behind that would have to be water. Only up to her belly though. Any further then that she becomes afraid of. If you want to play though, her go to is her rope being she's part Pit, she loves to pull on things. Overall, Nova is just the best pup in the whole world.
Harley Quinn
She loves to play and be loved on.
Athena loves to run in the back yard and explore. She wiggles her tail when you enter the room. She enjoys going for a run every morning with her momma. Loves playing with her brother, the beach, and bunnies!
Armani is the most loyal and loveable dog ever. he love cheering people up and playing with children.he stays right by my side and loves his pup cups from Starbucks
Dank spends his days playing hard and resting even harder lol !!!
So what I have here is my second American bully of the day I have piglet also known as Buddha she's a 4-year-old micro exotic bully she's on a little more calmer than the Ben Bella but they love each other they just drive me crazy but they're both sweetheart and let's hope that one of them
No Bell is my first American bully she really is my first dog of my husband she's an energetic 19th month old baby girl who just loves to get herself in the trouble she's funny as hell she was a rescue dog but not really thanks to the people that gave it to us and thanks for her choosing us because we all know that people don't choose dogs dogs and this one was a good winner thank you
Hi! I’m Burt, an 12 year old pit. I enjoy play tug of war with my rope and burying my bones all over the yard. I also love snuggling up on the couch with my mom, dad, brother and baby sisters!
Me and my family were on a road trip and we found him on the side of the highway . It had looked like someone had throw him out the window. When we took him in we instantly loved him . He is a mamas boy and he is a very happy and lovable dog. He loves playing games and he even watches movies wit us 🤣💗his favorite game is hide and seek . He always wins 😭
He's loves chew toys,sleeping on his back, Mommy's baby boy, his breed is pitbull/dachshund but his short legs will runs circles around ya he doesn't let that stop he's 1 amazing furry friend that every person should have hes got the greatest personality n love!!
Johannes loves to play, he has made the instagram page for Dog Dayze Daycare in Bolingbrook, where he has made new friends and is considered a Leader! Only one thing; he loves to Chew our shoes and whenever he can find an unconnected power cord, he’ll leave you a gift by seperating the cord from the plug!! Being rescued from a man tying this puppy to a light pole with his paperwork and belongings, you would never know his past life, looking at his photos, we are ever grateful, God has placed this gift into our hands!
Ollie paddle boards daily when the weather permits.
We adopted Tasha a year ago. She was from a Kennel and was still with her mother when we got her. We think she was abused by her owners. Tasha learned to potty outside, which was a hard one. She has lots of toys to play with, one in particular is her Monkey. She loves other dogs and plays with them well. She is sweet, has a good natured heart. She likes to be close to me a lot. She loves to camp, fish and go on long rides with us Up North. She has turned out to be a great dog after all she's been through.
Hello, my name is Tyson, Tyty, boo and boo-man. I am a fawn male boxer. My mom tells me I'm spoiled all the time but im her baby. I love to go on walks, bye-bye rides really anywhere I can go with my mom. I use to love playing soccer, but as I've gotten older it hurts for me to get around now. My doctor said I have nerve damage in my back hips along with arthritis. When I walk, I tend to drag my back legs with each step I take. My doctor has me on medication and every two weeks I get an injection on my back leg. To make me feel better, I love going to get pup cups from drive throughs and peanut butter vanilla ice cream! I love to wiggle my butt around when I'm happy to see my mom or anyone that I meet. If I win, I want to donate the money to a animal shelter or a non-profit organization to help dogs that aren't as fortunate as I am. Good luck to everyone. Woof! woof! 🐾🐾
I am a new dad of five , and I like to play and hang out. Dedicated to protecting my home, and I really love my human dad.
🐾Bandit is a crazy sweet Pom!! He has so much SASS and so much love... He keeps us on ours toes!! This little boy is always getting into trouble, which is so fitting for his name!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR HIM!!!
Havi loves cuddling with Granma-Mama, chasing butterflies and playing tag with her adopted kitty brother Mr. Meowgli.
Miss Daisy
She my best friend don’t know what I would do without her she knows when u need a hug or she will be silly 🙃 for u to snails she love her to unicorns and chicken in a stick…
He is a rescue doggie. He’s sweet and loving.
Daisy is the most loving dog ever! She loves her stuffed animals and giving sugar! She leads her deaf brother poppy by pulling his leg when called! She literally understands everything you say to her! She will be 5 in march. She is mama's baby 🩷
Well, after having a heart attack and a tumor removed from my heart now I have Covid. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve this but poor Gus just doesn’t understand why I am not up playing with him
Jack is a Jack Russell, Italian Greyhound. Sweetest, quick little boy. He is lovable and loves belly rubs at bedtime.
Tamara loves hair ties.
Kaleah is a sweet girl , she loves everyone she meets and she’s very playful …. She does have a bad attitude sometimes … she loves her momma and daddy .. she’s very jealous of her brother … lol full of energy and she’s just an all around good puppy
Sergeant Grunt
Sergeant Grunt is a majestic Cane Corso born in March 17th of this year. He makes the perfect lap dog. He's 70 lbs of pure love 😘
Buddy is a very friendly dog , he loves everyone he meets , he loves to play and he’s just full of life … he’s a joy in my life
Tinkerbell is a perfect little princess!
Sophie is a fun-loving pitbull. She loves snacks, cuddles, and walks. She is also super sweet and friendly!
Poppy is the sweetest dog, he is deaf but he don't care! He loves chasing shadows and playing with his sister Daisy. He will be 8years old in November. He shares a special bond with my deaf son. 💙 he knows sign language and is super smart!
Reddog's friend Fred was sick and you can see his concern!
Charlie is very good dog and he likes to play with dogs and he likes to chase u around the house and bark at u give hand shake to u and he likes to be cuddled up next to