Baby Stories


Karma is an amazing fur baby. She loves her people. Karma and her brother Canaille are great pyr/collie mix. Awesome combination of the two breeds.
I adopted Pretty 2 weeks ago. She was at the shelter since 2020, after being adopted twice and returned??!!. She loves car rides, walks, pillows and blankies, plus is a great snuggler.
Pig is just full of life! And had been said to be ADD a little bit at times! He loves to play and usually wears himself out completely !!
Huck is just a big babydoll and he thinks he's a little lap dog! Gets beside me on couch and had to put head on my pillow and nudges off he's so big! Lol
Tsuki is 9 wks old weighs 1.8 lbs. She is a very smart lil puppy, she loves to cuddle, play and be the boss.
Ramzee is the sweetest boy but is scared of everything! He gives kisses, hugs, five and ten
Daisy is 3 months old. She very loving, caring,friendly and playful. She is a special puppy to our family. Daisy is suffering seizures but she fights them everytime she has one. She a beautiful baby girl! We love her and would never trade her for the world!♥️
Broly loves to run and play! He loves his kitty brother Nova, but hates when Nova chases him. Broly is named after a character in the anime Dragonball Z. He’s super cute and lovable and was such a great addition to our little family. ❤️
She loves to smile
Scooby Doo
Loves to take my granddaughters slippers so she will run after him
Moses Lee Smith
He is very playful he loves kids and try’s real hard to get the cats to play with him he just loves everyone and loves being out side
Spencer is my rescue who in the last three weeks has brought nothing but love and chaos into my life. Although Spencer has a bad ear cropping job he is the sweetest boy you could ever meet. He might not get many votes but I still want people to see him.
Hi, I’m Bowie… my kid named me that because I joined my family 3 years ago with a bow on my little collar on Christmas ❤️ I loooove car rides, well, really just sticking my head out the window on car rides, playing fetch, SWIMMING!!!!, playing with my adopted sister, and my humans ❤️
Handsom boy is 4 yrs old. Super loyal and lovable. Loves to run with his 2 favorite kiddos and squirrel watch with mom. He also loves curling up in my lap like a big ole baby 💙
karma is the most loving dog ever, she is obsessed with kids. she is an amazing dog. if you even look at her she smile and wag her tail. people say pitbulls are the most vicious dogs. thats a lie. 😍🥺
Perpetual puppy, absolute sweetheart, loves belly rubs and car rides
She is an adorable rescued pup.
This is Beaux! He loves his treats, to cuddle and is very protective of his baby human sister and his human family! We love him and he loves us very much!
Pocahontas or (phooca ) for short she is a very smart girl she is a very happy girl she love to always be a part of what ur doing she loves going for walks and she loves climbing tress I love my baby girl and want to show her cause she picks me up with this covid thing . Thank you
Mini Me
Good luck everyone Our team returns @ 10 thank you.
Bellah is the world's best sister to me! She was there through all my trauma and kissed my tears away! She is the best auntie to my little girl as well! Always cuddling her and soothing her during autism moments! Vite for my sweet love! She deserves it!
Patches is a long haired Miniature Dachshund. Patches loves her Bellyrubs and loves to snuggle. She loves to go for rides.
hunter is a 1 yr old AKC american cocker spaniel he loves kids and is becoming a daddys boy , he favorite thing to do is climb over the fence to look for mom when ever shes out of his sight
Baby Jay
Hello this is baby j he is 5 months old, he is pitbull mix, he loves to play in the snow and go on long walks .....
She likes to play with her favorite dog toy and throw it up in the air, and for my dad to throw and her fetch it. Also she likes to get a few morsels of food out of her dish and bring them to the living room floor to eat them.
Canela is the sweetest, snuggly pup ever! She is a blue fawn French Bulldog but we think she is more lilac than blue. Sweet Canela is only a lil pup, born on 6/20/21. While she struggled with an upper respiratory infection from only 3 months old, she fought hard and prevailed! Canela has gone through multiple rounds of antibiotics, suffering and having to be separated from her new big sister. This pup takes the cake when it comes to beating obstacles! She loves playing and snuggling with her big sister Brindley, also a frenchie, with all the toys. Her spunky personality and abundance of love she gives, makes her an all around wonderful companion. She is also an emotional support animal that really does ease stress and anxiety!
She is also part german shepard and loves the snow.
Baby Gurl
Baby Gurl is 10 years old and she is a daddy’s girl!!!! She is the queen of the house 💕
Woof, my name is Hunter! I am 11 weeks old. I am a tri-color border collie. I love chasing my two human brothers around the house and in the yard. I love playing, digging, and laying in the snow. I love chewing on everything!
Chase is a very crazy yet lazy snd loving dog who loves to play outside in the summer!
Coconut is a sweet loving spoiled baby…
Sadie is a 1 year old german pointer lab. Her favorite toy is her laser pointer. Her favorite snack is animal crackers. She loves to outside and go on walks. She loves car rides to. If sadie were to win i would give some of the money to our local aspca.
Buster is 12 and is a stage five clinger. He was running the streets in Georgia when i took him in. I was not really planning to keep him, but he has seizures and i didnt want to chance hom never leavi g a shelter, so he stayed on. It was for the best, i cant imagine getting along without him!
Copper loves his chew ropes and bones. Loves warm cuddles and car rides with dad
She loves to run and play and even fetch a tennis ball. Lastly, our cat and her have a special bond where they will play together. She is just a ball full of energy.
Willow Rose
She is stunning!! Loves the snow and loves to dig! Her best friend is a Manx cat!
Hi I'm Milo! I'll be 2 soon and my favorite hobby is to go to the dog park or on a hike with my mom and dad!
Who is it
Brownie is death, best cuddler, my shadow. Everywhere I go, he goes and even sleeps with his head on my pillow next to mine!
Bear B
I was looking for you
She loves to play shes spolt she all ways fighting with buck but they love one another she loves to sleep and eat and she loves her mommy
Tenshi is a male dog and is my ESA. He helps me out alot and is very sociable. He loves his picture taken and was posing like a good boy. He weighs 4lbs and wont get any bigger.
Lil Booger
She is the sweetest silliest dog and lives with her best friend bit
Luke Skywalker
He is a three year old cattle dog I rescued as a pup.
Buck Creek
Buck is a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. He loves going to the creek and playing with squeaky balls.
Molly is a 2 year old Pit/lab mix. She loves to eat, play and go for car rides. She is very loyal and protective. She is super sweet!!
everyone is her friend shes very affectionate