Baby Stories


She’s a snuggle bug with lots of personality and a passion for leaves!
I am a 3 month old Labsky. I am a mix of a siberian husky and a labrador retriever. It is said that I am one of the newest kinds of breeds and that i'm supposed to be very smart, playful and protective and well so far those have all turned out to be true. I love to learn tricks and pose for pictures as long as snacks are involved and playing in the grass with kids.
He's such a ball of fun. Super sweet and so full of love.
Millie is a 2 1/2 year old basset hound, she loves naps and eating anything in sight!
Full of personality!! Loves to run play and fight with his sister.
Flash is a very lovable pup he always wants to be cuddled and wants attention he is our baby
My girl loves her ducks to play with and her favorite treat is a slice of cheese :)
Ace is a loving cuddly red nose chocolate lab mix. From the beginning he’s been such a goof. He’s such a free spirit. He loves to cuddle mommy and play fetch with daddy.
Molley enjoys playing with all of her toys an being my lap buddy! I love my baby girl my ❤️
Milo is the sweetest and playful dog I’ve ever had. I have a 3 year old that is his best friend and we just add a new baby to the family he gets to meet tomorrow. He always laid with mom to make sure the baby was okay at all times. He’s runs up to people to say hi but sometimes there scared because his a pit bull and border collie mix’s. But biggest baby ever. ❤️
My name is Marigold. I loves being outside enjoying the weather, occasionally smelling my favorite flower, Marigolds. I love giving as well as receiving affection. When friends of mine pet me, I always show a smile and even gives hugs, because you never know when someone really needs one. Ive been told that I snore loud when I take my naps. I have a huge heart and still growing into it. Vote for me please.
Waylon is a new little brother and full of puppy energy. He LOVES to kiss you nonstop he can't get enough lovin and snuggles.
Sadie is a sassy girl who loves getting into the water, eating treaties, and doing zoomies. Shes a smart girl and likes to open her dog food bucket and eat it to the bottom, get pupcups and go for hikes. I am a rescue puppy and im a triplet. Im also a parvo survivor❤ i also love to play and destroy my toys in 5 minutes
Isabella is my rescue from oklahoma, she was left in abandoned house😪 I got a call from ruff start rescue about her and headed to oklahoma. Best decision I ever made! Love my furbaby so much!❤
I’m Penelope aka Penny, I’m a 1.5 year old red nose pitbull. My mom got blessed with my unique, silly, quirky, and goofy self when I was six months old. This month we celebrate a year together!
Ripley Aussiedoodle
The most humble, sweetest dog you could meet.
I bite.. I chew.. but most of all I poo.. where mommy and daddy do not like it.
Hoosier is definitely one of a kind. He loves to be held and wrapped up in his blanket. He loves to play fetch with his duck and sneak our shoes out of the closet. We love our sometimes hardheaded, playful, lovable baby boy💙
Eloise is the sweetest lil queen ever
Rookie is a sweet, sassy and energetic Merle Great Dane! He got his name from his daddy’s MLB career, he has a momma who loves to spoil him and everyone he meets, he loves! ❤️🐾
Mazie is a firecracker! She sleeps on her back and loves her puppy toys.
A ball of energy and a great snuggler is how you’d want to describe Vegas. He’s a total mommas boy but loves waiting for dad to come home to play.
She loves running around on the farm and riding the tractor
Sofi is very spunky, she is full of energy. She loves to run & jump. She loves to go on walks with mom. She’s an absolute sweetheart. ❤️ It’s Sofi’s world & we are just all living in it
Nala Fish
Nala is a very playful little girl. She loves car rides and going to the dog park. Nala also is very friendly and sweet. She is also a cuddle bug. She is literally is the best dog i have ever had.
Maurice is a very sweet boy! His favorite thing in the world is going on walks! Well maybe treats are his favorite especially chimkin.
Juno has an amazing story! She was seized from a hoarder who had over 300 animals. She was malnourished and afraid of men upon finding her way to a rescue in Southern Indiana. I adopted her and poured so much love into her. I am proud to say she is now a comfort dog for the Police Officers of Louisville. She is my best friend and life certainly Is sweeter with her companionship!
Rousey aka Rhonda Rousey loves to play with her tire swing long walks with her mom n dad cuddling on the couch and goingfor car rides to grama n grandpa house
My fiancé and I adopted Luna from the shelter for Valentine’s Day. She’s originally from Texas but loves adventuring around Washington!
Tess is a fun loving 11 yr. old she loves to steal her Momma 's treat from her by butt heading her and hiding them for a later time. We call her messy Tessy and pork chop she loves to eat🤗🐾
She a fun loving Momma of four 11yr. old babies, she's my loving Care Bear always there to watch out for her human aka (Me)... always there to lend her paw🐾❣
Merida is super feisty and LOVES to play. She also has a softer side and makes the BEST cuddle buddy. She is the most loveable puppy I know. She always puts a smile on everyone’s face and is great with kids adults elderly and other animals.
My name is Petee im 9 yrs old & im full of energy. I love to play im really good at doing tricks like roll over, sit, speak, shake, catch & sometimes i play dead but my most favorite trick i just learned is high five. Im a mix breed of boston terrier, jack russell, weiner. The sad part of my story is i became paralyzed not only once but twice & i had two back surgeries from herniated discs. To top that off I had bladder stones that i had to get surgery for as well. They removed 25 stones from my bladder. Im small but im fierce & determined to never give up. The surgeries i have had hasent stoped me from living my best life, running and playing like theres no tomorrow. Mommy & daddy call me their strong million dollar dog. With everything i have been through with doctors poking and proding at me i havent been much of a cuddler. But my most absolute favorite thing is belly rubs so i can cuddle all day if i get belly rubs♡
Miss Ava Belle
Hello...My name is Miss Ava Belle. I'm a Sweet Little Girl...My Favorite Passion is People. I LOVE to LOVE with folks more than my toys. I Love to go shopping with my Momma. I am 3 yrs old..We lost our home to Hurricane (tornado) Laura so for now i hang out on a porch at our temporary home, which are Apartments. One day Momma says I'll be back chasing Squirrels, cats and raccoons again. I'll also be able to go back down to our boat dock and Roo Roo at the fishermen. If you cast a Vote for me, Thank you in advance. Good Luck to everyone that is in the Contest. May Everones Day be Blessed!! #Alwaysbekind💜💛
Lola is a nice, cute, loving dog who is very crazy. This year will be Lola's first Christmas 🎄. She wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Remmy is a mix we are not really sure what breed he is but he is a very active dog he loves running around and going on walks. He always love to cuddle up with u and he lovesss playing dress up
Ivy love people and belly rubs. She also likes to howl for no reason.
Niko is one of a kind. He is a lazy boy but occasionally has his spurts of excitement. He especially loves going to daycare because everyone loves him there! He also enjoys swimming and once he starts he does not stop. Basically, if you meet him he will steel your heart as he has of so many already! We saved each other and for that I am so thankful.
hi ! My names harper and i’m 1 year old. i absolutely love the snow and swimming during the summer. i am very shy though, but i’m getting better with meeting new people !
Thor is a 8 month old dachshund/Pitt mix. He’s full of energy and loves to run and play with his Dad.
Mia Nicole
Mia Nicole is a Maltese born in El Salvador who I brought to NY with me. She’s so cute and loves to cuddle. She’s very playful and loves to eat! She also get along with big dogs and somehow scared of little chihuahuas.
Bella is an alaskan Malamute
Lord Lucious Malachi Rowe
Hi, I’m Lucious! I have 2 pit bull sisters & 4 cat siblings. I LOVE to jump in my dads big chair and tip it over! I love eating steak & chicken, and cuddling on the couch with mom. I back talk ALOT, and I’m super smart yet stubborn! I love kids, and sometimes get too excited when we play. Thanks for voting!
Meet Jambi 🐾 She is a 1 year old Purebred GSD and she is as rare in beauty as she is personality. This beautiful girl loves her pack to pieces. She might even love them more than she loves belly rubs and scratches on her back side. She is playful, loyal and can't wait for the holiday season to be dashing through the snow ❄
Gunner Beau
Gunner is a loving and energetic dog, he always has to be by my side and loves to follow me everywhere. He has the cutest snore ever. He’ll be a year old on December 5th and he is fully akc registered
Don’t mistaken his cute face for kindness he’s actually a butt hole. but we still love our duker boy :) pls vote for him. (Bullmastiff//pit bull)