Baby Stories


She is so stinking rotten. She knows how to manipulate anything she wants from you. She is a wonderful dog
She was the most wonderful dog a girl could have. She saved me from being brutally abused by a man. And she loved all animals and people. She was awesome
This is Athena. Athena was my beloved baby. Unfortunately she has passed away, but she is forever in our hearts and her memory lives on!
Hi, I’m Zeus! I absolutely love cuddles and kisses! I might look intimidating in this photo, but I’m just a big softy!
She is a rescue, she was horribly abused and breeded so her babies could be used as fight dogs. She is my ESA and the sweetest dog ever, she takes good care of me. She loves cuddles and is a mamas girl.
She does this adorable sigh/growl/hum whenever she is comfortable. She is so energetic and likes to run really fast around the house especially after bath time! She goes on her hind leggs a lot so I call her my little T-rex
Bailey Bee
My world in one big girl!!💜 The bestest friend this girl has ever had. She my k9 snuggle. She makes the bad days go away.
Leo is the sweetest boy who loves going on adventures and cuddling.
Her new toy 😍 she loves it
Bubba loves to be with me always. He won’t leave my side. But once in a while he gets a little crazy and runs around chasing his brother. He is truly a mommas boy!
Zeke is an almost 3 month malamute husky! He is the most vocal, lovable, wild baby boy we’ve ever had! he’s also extremely smart and already potty trained! He’s the absolute cutest pup
I am 3 years young, weighing 100lbs. I am a big cuddle bug that loves to run and play, tennis balls are my favorite. I love to talk, my mommies say they love my weird noises...whatever that means.
After losing our faithful boy Tank to anemia, my daughter thought the best way to heal our hearts was to bring joy back into our home! Let me introduce you to Hoss; he is a bullmastiff mixed with lab, AKA Mastador. He is the life of the home right now! He loves the snow almost as much as he loves his family! Hoss is one smart cookie! We are learning new commands, to include telling mommy “I need to go out” by using the potty door bell! Hoss is still a little shy but he will let us know when something needs our attention! I’m grateful for Hoss companionship and continue to learn more about him everyday!
Hes 8 weeks, very lovable, sweet and takes care of his sister quite well
I’m deuce I’m a bully. I have my human that loves me dear. I am happy and love my life. I play and snack and nap and play and eat and nap again. Loving bully life
This dog has a personality of her own I’ve not quite seen before. She’s literally my bestfriend. She almost acts like she’s human at times. She’s so very smart I was able too teach this dog 4 major tricks within 4 months, and I’m no dog trainer lol 😂 i like too believe she’s just extra smart. She’s barely 2 years old. I don’t know what I’ve do without my patty girl. 🥰🤞🏼💗 please vote for her!
Remi is a 10 week old yellow lab queen that enjoys the finer things in life...eating and napping! When she isn’t doing those things she loves to play (eat alive) her toys and getting prepared for a long career of hunting ducks. This super smart pup has stolen our hearts and some of our finger tips!
Anamais' is a big baby who thinks he's a lap dog. Kisses and cuddles is what he's known for and always putting a smile on anyone's face! His favorite "bad snack" is cheeto puffs, and strawberries with peanut butter!! No squeeky toys are safe around him, he loves chewing them up and making a messs with all the stuffing that comes out of them!
Millie Rose
Millie Rose is super energetic, loves to give kisses 24/7, and has the cutest butt wiggles when she gets excited!
Bella Renae
Bella is a very special baby. She has over come so much in her life. She had a ruptured disc on her spinal cord 2years ago and it paralyzed her back end. I did therapy with her and after awhile she started back walking. She had emergency surgery. Ive had her since she was 5 weeks old and she is now 5 years old. She loves her toys and especially her mommy. She very spoiled.
First Lionels sour, then hes sweet! Biggest cuddle bug you’ll ever meet but also a rebel and trouble maker at heart. He loves catch and playing dead is his best trick, but dont be fooled thats not all hes got. We high five, shake hands, spin around, and much more 😍 just your everyday smarty pants! Vote for me, please 🤞🏻
Hi I’m Nash and I am a silver lab! I’m learning new things each day. I love my older fur siblings and my bones. I love to cuddle and have lots of energy!!
He is a playful,cuddly,and goofy King Charles cavalier spaniel (and tries to act like the king of the house)
Koda Bear loves to romp around in the snow, follow his mommy around and snacking on celery. He is a huge love bug! Koda likes to think he’s is a small pup, but at 8 months old he is 120 lbs of dopey dog❤️
He is not my pet but my son, he loves car rides and his tug rope, he loves when the geese fly overhead and true to his name he understands the dutch language, he also loves snugtime .
Elsa May
Elsa May is a rescue dog. She had lost her back since she was about 1 year old. No one knows why I got her back in September. She loves kids and especially babies. She will give babies kisses. And she also loves her stuffed animals and she sleeps with them.
Meet Rabbit, the fun loving, adventure seeking Yorkiepoo! He loves to ride the Harley and 4 Wheeler or anything else with a motor!
Saban Dale loves to work and he enjoys his time outside catching frisbees, retrieving the ball and swimming in his pool.
Hi my name is Bentley. I'm a Parti Yorkie. 8 weeks old is all I have of this world and I'm loving it! I have my family on there toes all day. Lots of love with kisses and cubles to make there day.
Luca loves to play and run around but also loves to cuddle up in bed
Sophia is a good girl who enjoys her treats and playing with friends.
Unfortunately, Coco passed away on Jan. 15th. She was such an amazing, loyal friend who loved me unconditionally. I miss her everyday and thought this was an amazing way to share my sweet girl with other fur baby families who love their babies like I loved mine ❤️
Cooper is a two year old rescue. Cooper loves to play and cuddle and spend time with his parents.
Fitz is a fun loving rambunctious little boy who is OBSESSED with playing fetch and being up under his momma. He is a 7 month old yorkie-pom. Half yorkie and half pomeranian and he's 5.7 lbs of pure sweetness! He also wears clothes like a champ! All i have to say is come on Fitz, let's get dressed. He knows this means we're getting ready to go somewhere 💗
Draco loves to play fetch, swim, give lots of kisses and play with other dogs. Goodest doggo everrrrrr
Koal is 125 pounds and enjoys anything to do with eating, sleeping, and cuddles
Ellorie is a year old and she’s full of herself. By far the most interesting dog.
I love long walks on the beach
Titan is adorable and loves to make us laugh
Harley is a fun,loving fur baby. Harley will be 12 years old this summer and still plays like a puppy. Harley also loves giving kisses and being a bed hog as little as he is. Lol Harley also has a bad habit of barking at ALL animals on tv. Lol
Ellie loves to play fetch and swim! Doesn’t matter what the temperature is, she loves diving for a tennis ball or a duck.
Rosie was found just 5 months ago chained up at an abandoned house without food/water. She was fostered by an amazing couple who helped her recover from the many health issues she faced. She weighed a mere 34 pounds when she was rescued, was heartworm positive, had malignant tumors, and was so weak she was unable to walk. Today, she weighs 65 pounds, is heartworm negative, and cancer free!! She has been with me for a little over a month now and after one more surgery to remove a couple of tumors i can officially adopt her. She is the absolute sweetest girl ever and has so much love to give and is getting more personality by the day!
Brinleigh is the sweetest pup in the whole world. She loves to cuddle and play! She loves wearing clothes she takes a shirt out of her basket and brings it to me all the time so she can wear it. She has to be wrapped in her blankey to sleep, it’s the cutest thing ever.
I’m Titan and I like to eat
HI Im Tucker 🤩Im Very smart adorable little boy loves outdoors, was potty trained in 1 day. Yes i love my doggie door . In and out as i please. I love my fur ever home.
Harley is a rough and tough kinda dog that likes to do search and rescue and make games outta everything. She’s one seriously fun police but don’t let that fool you as she has a wild fun side
Izzy is the sweetest girl you will ever meet! She gives you the paw whenever she wants attention and loves cuddle. Izzy's nickname is Izzaboo or boo bear.