Chloe is 1 1/2 years old and loves posing with her kitty sister Mia on a daily basis. Shes love chasing squirrels and birds. She gets so excited when her teenage human comes and goes has to watch her out the window.
Loves to sleep and food is her weakness. If it belongs to you, it now belongs to her and she will share with you. A ham for a blanky and soft cushion.
Roxy is the sweetest baby girl! Her momma calls her “ Momma’s little princess” she came to use at 8 weeks after she was left in a ditch with her siblings and she has been nothing but loving, extremely happy and playful!! She is absolutely wonderful with our 3 kids and has made her place not just in our home but hearts too❤️❤️❤️
Penelope is a 6 week old Chiweenie, shes full of spunk, love to play and very adventurous.
Big fan of naps
Liberty is a 6 year old corgi mix, who has a lot of energy and loves her momma. Please vote for her, just look at how cute she is wrapped like a doggie burrito.
dakota loved to play! she also loves chasing squirrels lol.
Hi I’m Titus. I am 2 years old and my favorite thing to do is play fetch. Also to hang out with my sister and dad on the couch. I just had a litter of 9 pups who are 2 weeks old. I come from the gotti/razors edge blood line. I’m very sweet and cuddly. I sleep with mom and dad every night. I just had a litter of 9 puppies that are the greatest thing ever.
Gotham is a playful pup who loves to play frisbee in his free time when he is not training to be a therapy dog! He loves to give lots to kisses to!!
Hades is a Christmas baby who so happens to be the biggest love bug you would ever meet. He absolutely adores people, lighting up everything in his path❤️
Ghost is a cute energetic bundle of joy. He’s extremely fast, plays with anyone and will love you to the moon and back. This little guy loves car rides, bike rides and chewing sticks in the park. If you loves dogs, he will love you! If you have treats, you’ll be his best friend.
Freyja is a Cane Corso. She enjoys naps, cuddles, Bark Boxes, and playing with her sister pups!
Josie is a rescue and my emotional support animal. She has more love than she knows what to do with
Mishka is a landshark. She loves to bite grandma, she love to chase her ball , jump in and out from her pool.she obey to her moms commans. She loves stake and ice cream but her veggies as well. She just a big luv bug and she thinks she owns the universe ❤️❤️❤️
Kai is a very smart Boston. She loves to play ball, take walks, stay up late and sleep in. She is a fast learner and can learn new commands fast. She is a very happy girl as Dr Hall would say, “You can never have a bad day with Kai.”
storm is a 1 year old australian shepherd lab mix, he LOVES playing fetch and face/chest rubs and would really appreciate your votes!
Lucky is a very happy, calm puppo. He loves everyone! ❤️ I adopted him in december and he is a mix of chihuahua and cocker spaniel.
Nova is a very spunky eight-week-old American Staffordshire Terrier puppy. She is adjusting very well to her new home.
Troy Hancock
Troy is a very loving puppy he has been for the 3 year we have had him in our family he isn't just our pet but he is our fer baby he loves ice cream and treats and cat food when he is at his grandmas he love playing ball or any toy that moves he will always make u smile even on the worse days he is a true blessing in my husband and i life everyone one always aaked us stuff about him he is always cashing someones eye he is a true sweet heart full of love and always happy to see his mom and dad aka my husbend zach and i he is the most esest dog to train always comes when called and most inporten loves to suggle up at night nothing but love
Hes funny, unique personality. Loves to be outdoors. Swimming, chasing butterflies, then at night wants to cuddle.
Lucky Star
Lucky 🍀 is a fun, outdoor, loving dog, who enjoys cheesy snacks and time alone to take naps.
Kovo is a pup who loves to play and has such a spunky personality!
This is my baby Star. She had been my dream dog for years. I could ask for a better puppy/dog. We also have a 1 year old that she adores and is so attentive with. She loves all her kids from ages 12 to 1. Her brother axel loves having a playmate. Her 2 brother cats like to tease her, but she loves to give them kisses. All around i couldn't ask for a more precious, kind caring dog from such a young age. She is our everything.
Ammo is a good boy who loves chewing on shoes, playing in the water and has an obsession with shadows
Harley is an energetic, loyal puppy. She loves to play with other dogs and sometimes cats. She definitely has a nose to sniff out anything and everything that is food related. Loves to play fetch and loves to be loved.
Nala is a very friendly and loving dog! She loves the new baby and loves to give kisses.
Loki has been an amazing addition to our family. Im a cat person, but this guy has me thinking otherwise lol. His favorite activities are chasing birds and rabbits, and eating toast. Hes going to be training to be a service dog for my wife in the future.
Hi, my name is Lemon! I am a 4mo pit bull/dachshund mix. My mommy and daddy say I'm a spoiled puppy. I'm a high spirited, kid loving puppers. I loves me some squeaky balls and squirrels! But I really love a yummy pup cup from bubba's work(Whitey's Ice Cream).
Pepper is a super sweet girl. She loves to snuggle, nap and play with her pull rope. She loves peanut butter cookie snacks and is so aware of thr emotions of people who are around her. She is a good dog. Very protective and knows the sound of her mamas car. Pepper is an amazing girl!
Nova Skye
Hi, friend! My name is Nova but you can call me Nova Bear since my hoomans call me that all the time. I’m 4 months old and 37lbs. I know how to sit, lay down, roll over, high-five, and I even know how to ring a bell with my nose to let my hoomans know i need to potty! I know, I know… i’m pretty smart 🤪. I’m a very loving and affectionate puppers especially if you rub my belly. Ugh, i just adore belly rubs. My hobbies include playing with my siblings, catching lightning bugs with my mouth (I’m a pro), begging for hooman food, taking at least 10 naps a day, and playing with my many, many toys. R.I.P to the ones i’ve played with a little too hard… they will be missed! It would make my hooman’s day if you could vote for me and if they win they would be able to buy me even more toys, treats, and accessories since I am growing every single day. 😊
Lieutenant Dan
Lieutenant Dan loves playing with his best friend Jersey. He has 3 legs. His front left leg quit growing but has a paw pad. He loves naps and car rides but only when he gets to lay in moms lap. He loves to run outside.
She is my emotional support dog and she is the sweetest thing,
Bubba Jr
Bubba loves everyone, with big sloppy kisses, dont let’s his looks deceive you
She loves to sleep
Lilith Jane
Lilith aka my baby boogus bear is wild and if you need a buddy to play fetch known to her as playing 1,2,3 shes definitely your girl , but shes also the biggest cuddle bug who without fail will brighten your morning when she literally tells you good morning its the husky in her shes got her opinions and shes not afraid to tell you about them . If your a frog beware she might try to catch you and bring you home to play with her 🤣
I am the most lovable goofy dog you should vote for me!! Woof woof
loving caring dog that plays with injured dogs and loves peanut butter. Loyal to owner guards his owner and loves to cuddle very well behaved.
Hi I’m Boomer! I love to play with my big brother and tug his ears. I also love cuddles and chewing on my frozen bone.
Ponyo is always Super happy. She loves treats and toys
Maverick is a very loving boy and he loves to play in water ! He loves to play ball! He is very loyal !
Coco Crash
CoCo is a 4month old silver lab. CoCo is very calm and pretty lazy for a lab. But she loves to play with her 3 human kids and her puppy friends. She really loves jeep rides and camping at the river.
Walter was adopted in August 2021. He loves being lazy, eating, and being outside soaking up the Hawaiian sun.
Eerie is a loveable rescue dog . Loves cuddles and protecting his people.
Bruce is a out going little pup who loves to play and snuggle during nap time he adores his human 1 year old brother
Cooper loves to stand guard of the house. He is obsessed with food. Always reminds you it’s great time. Likes being outside as long as he can bark at everything 😁 he really has a great personality for a little dog.
She loves to play and love to cuddle with everyone when their having a bad day
Blue is our 11 week old Yellow Lab pup. He's a bundle of puppy love