Baby Stories


Hazel is a sweet pocket bully that loves cuddles and playing ghost with daddy.
Sasha Fierce
MY TINY HUMAN, MISS ADDYSON DREW IS IN CONTEST IN BIDABOO! IF YOU OWE RETURNS PLEASE DO SO FOR HER OR I THERE PLEASE AND THANKYOU! Thankyou for understanding, and Thankyou to everyone that has supported Sasha please keep voting we really appreciate it!💛 Hey There! My name is Sasha Fierce! I love watching tv and listening to music, especially,Beyonce with my mommy, after all I am named after her infamous alter ego, and I am FIERCEly loyal to my family! I am an emotional support dog and an epileptic service dog in training!🐕‍🦺 I love belly rubs from daddy and annoying my tiny human Little Miss Addyson Drew! If I see a good stick, its coming with me ! I love my Flossy Ropes and tennis balls, and my favorite treats are Snaps, pupperoni, Scooby snacks, ICE CUBES, Popsicles, and rasberries and blueberries are always a nice treat too! 😋 my favorite place to sleep is between mommy and daddy or in mommys leg cubby! I do lots of tricks and love highfives! My mommy is a full-blooded coon hound and my Daddy is a rott/pitt! I am very friendly and energetic, and im constantly up my human daddys butt! I also really enjoy wrestling with Beaux ,my dad, who is also competing👑! I love riding in the truck and boy oh boy do I love to smile! My humans say I make their world a whole lot brighter, hope my happy face could shed some light on your day too!🥰🐕‍🦺👑💛💫🥰 Please vote for me Sasha Fierce, also please like and share my page! My fur momma is more than happy to exchange votes with your beautiful fur babies as well!👑🐕‍🦺🌻
Daisy is a very lovable baby.. She is so kind but of course very protective.. She loves attention.. Vote for DAISY
Hi Im Leslie ! I’m a 2 year old mixed corgi yorki ! I guess you could call me a Korky! I love playing tug a war , spinning , and peanut butter ! I take pride in being my homes little guardian ♥️
Rebel Pebble
First name Rebel, Last name Pebble. His bandana says it all, as he loves Tito’s Vodka—only on Tuesday. The only thing he’s missing is a “ I ♥️ MOM” tattoo on his arm. He’s got more personality than most and he’s just here for shits and giggles.
Red merle aussie puppy, who is very playful, obedient, and adorable
This here is Hennessy! He is a 2 year old pup and he loves anything and everything that will get him outdoors! He loves playing with his best friend, a black lab who is about 5 times his size. His favorite snack is anything and everything that is bacon related and one of his most favorite activities is taking a nap in his most comfortable position!
Bones was dumped at my home in a crate. Sick with parvo and septic from worms. When the vets gave up, i broght him home. He has been my constant companion now for 5 years.Bones is in need of bilateral hip replacements. While he is able to move around at the moment, he is already showing signs of weakness, and has had to be on meds for pain relief and joint support. He is only 5!!
This is Junior, he is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. He enjoys to be around people, he is very social & loves to have attention especially if it comes from kids. Junior was rescued from a shelter three years ago, now he has a very nice family that loves him. He eats a lot, has a very kind heart & he is a really lazy boy!🤍🤍
She is nice she's lovable she loves to cuddle and she loves to play fetch like loves
Blue is a Jack Russell Aussie Mix. He is just over a year old and has the most adorable markings!
Her high energy makes her a great running partner! She loves a soccer ball and daily fetch!
Baxter is a rescue dog who was very shy and fearful of certain people. Now he is the most loving, joyful dog around thanks to the love and support from others!
Daisy is a whopping 1.5lb tea cup yorkshire terrier. She loves her mama and loves to snuggle and give kisses. She loves to play with other dogs.
Hello I’m Graycie, and I’m a spunky blue Merle cocker spaniel. My mom says I’m beautiful. I love ice, blowing bubbles in the water bowl and getting water all over my moms floor and playing slip n slide. I have 2 sisters, I’m mom’s favorite but don’t tell anyone. I hope you enjoy my pictures my mom gets of me. 🥰☺️🐾💓
Sonny Boy
Sonny has one of the most loving dispositions. He is a snuggler.
Raven is 3 1/2 months old.. Her favorite snack food is bananas and peanut butter.. She is a sweet baby! When she's not chewing her favorite toys she loves cuddling most of all!!
Freya is almost 6 and has been with our family for 3 years. She is super loveable and loves to Barrruuu at all people and things to say hello! Her intrests are digging in moms yard to make dirt beds and eating her sisters cat poop.
Bono is a Credential Pet Assistant Therapy Dog who loves to visit with his friends . Bono loves his brother Rudy , and his ball, loves to sit with mom, and walks with the family.
Rudy is a Credentialed Pet Assistant Therapy Dog, Who loves playing with his ball, Rudy loves to carry his baby ,he watches t.v.and sleeps with baby. Taking long walks with his family, rides in the car and stealing mom’s slippers. Then sitting on my lap giving hug’s & kisses.
Lola is love bug! She loves to play with her ball from the time she wakes up until she is asleep. Lola is so loving!! She is only 1 1/2 years old!
Skyes favorite food is sweets, lemon pie specifically, she loves walks and she’s very sweet but she has anxiety, and when playing she uses her paws instead of her teeth :)
Cosette is a service puppy in training for her mum with an autoimmune disease who also has seizures. She’s her Mum’s world and brings meaning and compassion with her unconditional love to her life. Cozi’s favorite thing is sitting on her mum’s feet so she has to give her all her attention ☺️
He’s very playful! Some May think he’s vicious but he’s such a baby, when you meet him!
Lolita is a rescue. The smallest of 4 furrkids, but the boss of all of them at 5 lb. She has had only one toy that she loves all 9 years she has been here. She is very popular in the local businesses , especially those who have her treats behind the counter. She also has over 6,000 facebook friends on her page. Any winnings go to @Santa Cruz Animal Services and @CAPE rescue.
Reese is the best dog and mommy to her babies. She loves to go in the car and loves people!
Zeke is a very playful loving dog he may look tough but he’s the best dog in town I hope y’all think he has what it takes to win 🏆
Barkley 🐶 15 weeks 🐾 Humans tell me I’m the cutest pupper around 🐾 I enjoy my toys, cuddles, and walks.
Big Mack
Big Mack is a 10’week old English Black lab who loves to swim,boat, eat, nap and Travels extremely well. We love our “lil Mack !”
Marlowe Eve
A friendly 10 month old Red Merle Aussie. Loves to shred anything she finds, play with her best friend, Tucker (an 8lb. Yorkie) , play outside, and give lots of kisses and snuggles.
This is my best friend angel she is a pitbull and she is a very loving well behaved dog! Loves to lick you to death and cuddle and loved people expecally kids! Show this sweetheart some love!
Lilo is a english bulldog,she is our pride and joy, playful loving shes sure to make you smile:)
Chevelle Noodle
Noodle is by far the most animated pup I have ever seen! I call him Flopsy Jones because he comes running through the yard like the waving inflatable arm man at the car lot. He loves to play. Noodle is German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees. At 5 months old, he was larger than both my Bulldog and my Pitbull/Great Dane mix. He talks all the time and is just so lovable. He loves to swim in the pond. Oh and he thinks he's a lapdog! LMAO 🤣
Champagne Nova
Nova loves to play and doesn't care what the game is. She has been the most patient and attentive teacher to her younger brothers. This is the most loyal and protective friend you could ever ask for. I could hold Nova in the palm of my hand the day I got her. She was kidnapped when she was 2. When I found her a year later, she had been starved, beaten and used as fighting bait. She had a crushed foot, a shattered ankle, and more wounds than I could count. Today, if it weren't for the scars, you would never know that she had been thru hell just to find her way back home. She returned the favor a few months later when my fiance Josh passed away and she saved me
Beauregard Chevrolet
Beauregard was our rescue baby. He is a young pup with an old soul. He loves to cuddle. And naps more than he plays. But he loves tug-o-war and frisbee. He will eat anything anything made with peanut butter. Doggy TV is his new obsession.
This almost 1 year old, he’s the best, his spirit, his love, his concern for you and others, his playfulness, and facial expressions are the best! He loves his family and he is adored by us! This boy is Collins the Great! He’s a loves the bank drive thru and going to work with his mommy and loves playing in the Fort Morgan sands and Gulf waters! He’s brought our family so much joy!
Mylee is a sweet little girl, who cannot bark, but she will go through the motions and give it all she has. She has a pretty mean Chewbacca impression as you can see by the picture. Mylee loves napping with her brother Bear, but today he went missing. He disappeared without a trace. We are all just heartbroken 🥺😢💔. Mylee is so sad. She loves playing with her 4 siblings, now 3 😔. She loves to be the boss. She is such a princess and she knows it. We absolutely love this little girl. She just turned 6. She's the baby.
Juneau is a special girl who loves her human, she would do anything to be with her momma 🤍 she loves to play fetch and show off with all her cool tricks 😎 she’s the biggest cuddle bug, she’s a one of a kind cattle dog 🐄
I am the most loyal dog on Earth! I was rescued when I was eight months old and my Mom tells me I’m smart too!
Stitch is a Havapoo who loves naps, toys, playing with her family, and TREATS!!
My name is Luna! I’m a very loving girl, I love to play & cuddle with my family.
Chewy is a great companion. He will follow my dad around all day just to keep him company.
Sugar was abandoned in Jackson. A friend took her in and we just fell in love with her.
Nemo has already received his puppy achievement award from akc. And is the sweetest boy you will ever meet
This is Gizmo. He LOVES food, bike rides, and adventures! He also enjoys traveling the world with his owners. VOTE FOR GIZMO!
Gunner is a 9 year old cuddle bug! He spends most of his day sleeping, and he loves cuddles and hugs!