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3618th World and 131st Texas ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 11 days ago.

Introducing the fluffy ray of sunshine, Cookie! With a heart as golden as her fur, Cookie is the epitome of adorable and sweet. Her boundless energy and love for sprinting make every day an adventure filled with joy and wagging tails.


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Plant, Flower, Dog, Carnivore, Liver, Fawn, Companion dog, Dog breed, Grass, Working Animal, Groundcover, Petal, Terrestrial Animal, Herbaceous Plant, Bluebonnet, Snout, Retriever, Annual Plant, Electric Blue, Texas Bluebonnet
Plant, Flower, Dog, Carnivore, Dog breed, Fawn, Companion dog, Grass, Gun Dog, Tree, Retriever, Working Animal, Whiskers, Canidae, Furry friends, Liver, Golden Retriever, Groundcover, Working Dog
Sky, Plant, Dog, Flower, Carnivore, Dog breed, Tree, Fawn, Grass, Companion dog, Snout, Grassland, Happy, Landscape, Wilderness, Prairie, Spring, Herbaceous Plant, Furry friends


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