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Beagle · Bristol

299th World and 7th Tennessee ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 2 days ago.
7 €

Harley is my emotional support dog. Such a swetheart and snugglebug. Still barks at everything. She rides motorcycles with me has to be ontop of me evertime she is around me. I try to take her everywhere with me. Loves to climb but is a little clumsy like her momma.



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Lori F. R.
Lori F. R. Trade votes? Candy
Lori F. R.
Lori F. R. Done ✔️ 05/08 😍
Dianna M.
Dianna M. I'm glad you got up there keep eye on your dog behind you cuz that one likes to jump
Nathalie C.
Nathalie C. Mikado hello, exchange sérious 10 votes/days. Link please for return votes
Michael P.
Michael P. What a cutie! I love her eyeliner